SEAlang Library Ahom Dictionary
About the SEAlang Library Ahom Dictionary Resources 
These resources are based on Ahom texts transcribed, transliterated, and translated by the Ahom Dictionary Resource Project (funded by CRCL and DoBeS / Volkswagen Stiftung).
   The dictionary includes nearly 5,000 entries. and is the most extensive collection of Ahom vocabulary available.  References to the 18th Century Ahom-Assamese Lexicon known as the Bar Amra, and/or full-sentence examples, are provided for all entries.  These are linked to photographs of source manuscript pages, and may be searched independently as part of the SEAlang Ahom bitext corpus.
   Please see the Features for Teachers and Features for Students sections at the SEAlang Library for tips on using the dictionary and corpus tools.
   This website reflects active research, and is regularly extended.  When citing data, please include the date of website access.
Font requirements
Ahom orthography requires the Ahom Manuscript font (download ahom-ms.ttf).  The font will download automatically when using Firefox 3.5 or greater. IPA input and display prefers Charis SIL or Doulos SIL for proper rendering.