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rapam PA2843     definitions see: rapaṃ
rapaṃ ~ rapam ~ rpam /rᵊɓam/ PA2844     †[Mod. Khmer របាំ rapāṃ /rɔˈɓam/ ``n. dance, dancing; classical ballet; theatrical performance', < ifx /‑ɓ‑/ + raṃ /ram/]. definitions 1 n. Act, practice or art of dancing: dance, esp. the dance-drama. 2 n. (Conjecturally) troupe or corps of dancers. 3 n. A member of such a troupe: dancer.1 references rpam: K.155:9, 14 (A.D. 578-777, V:64); rapam: K.51:4 (A.D. 578-677, V:14); rapaṃ: K.137:8 (A.D. 578-677, II:115). citations pedānātaka rpam (K.155:9) ~ pedānātta rpam (K.155:13-4), `classical dancers'. □□□□□□□□ man mratāñ indradatta oy rapam ... (K.51:4), `........ to whom the lord Indradatta has given [the following] dancers: ... '. kñuṃ vraḥ rapaṃ (K.137:8), `sanctuary slaves for dancing, who are dancers'. notes 1 Pou, 409a (rpaṃ); LS, 486 (ramaṃ ~ rapaṃ), 493 (rpam).