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About the Dan Beach Bradley 1873 Thai Dictionary
This online resource begins a digital critical edition of Dan Beach Bradley's Dictionary of the Siamese Language, initially begun to be printed in 1861 (see below Feltus 1936, p 220), but not finished and published until after his death in Bangkok in 1873, by the American Missionary Association Press  (a facsimile edition was produced in Thailand by the Teachers' Institute Press in 1970). 
    An excellent discussion of Bradley 1873 is provided by Theraphan and Pranee (1991).  and may be read here.  The abridged edition of Bradley's diary they refer to (Feltus, 1936, unpublished) may be read in this searchable DjVu file
    Begun in 1838, and completed (according to Bradley's diary) by 1855, Bradley's dictionary ("defined in the Siamese language by Siamese scholars," Feltus p. 171, also 173, 183) is justly famous as the first monolingual Thai dictionary.  Like other early Thai dictionaries, however, it has not been widely used as a scholarly resource for a number of reasons, including:
 -  the (now) non-standard system of alphabetization,
 -  archaic spelling, particularly in regard to Indic loans,
 -  a tendancy to semantic grouping of subheads (i.e. entries unrelated to the head), and
 -  the lack of internal cross-reference, particularly to alternate heads and forms.
    Once these difficulties are overcome, Bradley reveals its true extent and value.  The dictionary contains more than 29,000 entries, including about 6,000 heads, and nearly 23,000 subentries. 
    Because of Bradley's practice of segmenting words with spaces, the dictionary itself forms a readily analyzed text corpus of some 600,000 words.  This corpus is able to reveal far more than the headwords alone in regard to collocation and usage in 19th century Thailand.
About this site
This site contains:
 -  The original manuscript in DjVu format.
 -  A complete digitized copy of the Thai text.
 -  A dictionary interface to the Thai headwords and text.  Heads may be searched in both the original and modern Thai spellings.
 -  A corpus interface to the full text of the work.
 -  A text listing of the complete work, both as it appears in the original book, and as sorted, item by item, in modern Thai alphabetical order.
The original manuscript contains many typographic and orthographic quirks, some of which are not readily rendered in modern Unicode typesetting.  To aid ongoing scholarship, each electronic entry is linked to the original source page. 
    Spelling is is also irregular from the modern point of view.  We are in the process of providing modern equivalents for headwords; this will allow consistent lookup across our complete collection of early Thai dictionaries. 
Numbering and corrections
In presenting the text we have preserving spelling and spacing.  We have, however, fixed clearly inadvertant typographical and layout errors.  Letters that could not be read or inferred from the original are marked as [...], and those about which there is still some uncertainty are asterisked. 
    Bradley frequently includes subentries that are phonologically similar, but etymologically unrelated, under a given head.  We have on occasion inserted and marked "dummy" heads to make these easier to see.  In other cases, large numbers of unrelated subentries appear under a sub-morphemic head (e.g. "kra-"); these have been broken out as full heads.  Finally, head/subhead status was sometimes confused at page breaks; these have been made consistent. 
    Items are numbered by page, head, and subentry.  When a head entry extends across more than one page (see, for example, the entry for /cay/, which begins at the bottom left of page 136 and extends to nearly the end of 137), the page count is incremented but the original head entry number is retained for all 52 compounds.  Note that this word has 266 entries in all. 
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Feltus, George H., Ed., (1936) Abstract of the Journal of Rev. Dan Beach Bradley, M.D. 1835-1873. In Dan Beach Bradley Family Papers (30/5), Subgroup I, Series 4, Box 8.