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About the Chuon Nath 1966 Khmer Dictioanary
Chuon Nath's Dictionary of the Cambodian Language was first published by the Buddhist Institute in Phnom Penh in 1938, and most recently published in a fifth edition in 1966.  For almost a century been the ultimate reference for the Cambodian language. 
    More than a dictionary, Chuon 1966 is a powerful statement regarding language growth and development via classical compounding and derivation, rather than by simple nativization of modern loanwords. 
    Nearly lost during the Khmer Rouge years -- the Buddhist Institute library did not even own a copy of the dictionary when we began this projct -- the Chuoa Nath dictionary is now being revised and extended by the B.I.
About this site
This site contains:
 -  A complete digitized copy of the Khmer text.
 -  A dictionary interface to the Khmer headwords and text. 
 -  A corpus interface to the full text of the work.
 -  The original text in DjVu format.
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