SEAlang Library -- Thai Corpus Help

Thai Bitext Corpus Searches

The bitext corpus supports searches in the original text language, the translation language, or both.   In all Thai searches, every context is segmented on the fly, and is only returned if both the left- and right-hand sides appear to be genuine Thai words (search raw contexts to override this).

   Most of the bitexts are Thai/English, but other Western languages are also represented.  English search queries are expanded to include deriviative forms by default; e.g. a search for smile will also search for smiles, smiling, and smiled.  This option can be turned off

The match options are very useful for finding alternative translations or word uses. 

Thai or Western  Return entries that include either the Thai or the Western target. Helpful for finding alternative translations.

Thai and Western  Return entries that include both targets.  Useful for checking the exact usage of a translation equivalent.

Thai and not Western  Return entries that use the Thai, but not the Western target.  Useful for finding alternative meanings of the Thai.

Western and not Thai  Return entries that use the Western term or phrase, but not a particular Thai target.  Also useful for finding alternative meaning.