SEAlang Library - Burmese Wild Thing Help
Wild Things
These specialized wildcard characters represent lists of words.  They are extremely helpful for teaching and research applications.  The predefined wild things are listed below; they can be modified on (reasonable) request.
Note that these are only preliminary entries are meant to test search functions.
N : numbers, including roman and Burmese digits, and Burmese numerals (၁, ၂, ၃, ၄, ၅, ၆, ၇, ၈, ၉, ၀, တစ္‌, န္ဟစ္, သုံး, လေး, ငား, ခ္ရောက္‌, ခုနစ္‌, ရ္ဟစ္‌, ကုိး, တစ္‌ဆယ္‌) and partitives (နည္‌းနည္‌း, မ္ယားမ္ယား, မ္ယား, အနည္‌းငယ္‌, ခပ္‌မ္ယားမ္ယား, ခပ္‌နည္‌းနည္‌း).
D : demonstratives, including ဤ, ထုိ, ဟုိ, ဒာ, ဒီ, အဲဒီ, အဲသည္‌, သည္‌
Q : questions (interrogatives), including ဘယ္‌, ဘာ, မည္‌သည္‌့အရာ, ဘယ္‌မ္ဟာ, မည္‌သည္‌့နေရာ, ဘယ္‌သူ, မည္‌သူ, ဘယ္‌လောက္‌, ဘာဖ္ရစ္‌လုိ့, ဘာလုပ္‌ဖုိ့, ဘယ္‌အခ္ယိန္‌, လဲ, လား, ဘယ္‌မ္ဟာလဲ.
    Wild things can be used in conjuction with required collocates.  For example, the query: N < things > D matches many formulations of these N things.