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Dictionary Search Help

The dictionary can be searched for one or more targets.

Target meaning Thai / Lao / Burmese / Khmer looks for the local spelling of headwords or compounds. IPA seeks phonetic equivalents. Tones are ignored in Thai and Lao. In Burmese, "T" can be used as a wildcard to match tone or final nasalization. Text searches for words that appear in definitions

Wildcards are allowed inside targets. You'll get an error message if the target is too wild, and would return more than 1,000 hits.

Symbol meaning C matches any consonant (only in IPA) V matches any vowel (only in IPA) T (Burmese only) matches any tone or final nasal (only in IPA) . matches any single character ? (except Lao IPA) matches zero or one of the preceeding character + matches one or more of the preceeding character * matches zero or more of the preceeding character .* matches any series of characters [abc] matches single letters a, b, or c. For example, [rl]ook matches rook or look. (abc|def) matches multi-letter targets abc or def. For example, r(oo|aa)k matches rook or raak.