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IPA for Khmer

This is a placeholder. Ignore the Thai discussion ;-)

IPA shortcut Thai sound comment ə A เ-อ, เอิ- a in about often used for English "-er" sound ɛ E แ- a in man ofen mistaken for e sound ɔ O a in raw this sound is added to letters when spelling out loud ʉ U -ึ, -ื u in French dur often mistaken for ə sound ŋ N ng in sing sometime mistaken for n sound ʰ in kʰ kH ค, ข c in can ... but not c in scan ... pʰ pH พ, ผ p in pan ... but not p in span ... tʰ tH ท, ฐ, etc. t in tan ... but not t in stan ... cʰ cH ช, ฉ ch in chest ... but not j in jest