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IPA for Thai

Just six characters from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) are used to show Thai vowels and consonants that don't have regular correspondents in English. They can be entered in the IPA dictionary search below using either the pushbuttons, or capital letters A, E, O, U, N, or H.

IPA shortcut Thai sound comment ə A เ-อ, เอิ- a in about often used for English "-er" sound ɛ E แ- a in man ofen mistaken for e sound ɔ O a in raw this sound is added to letters when spelling out loud ʉ U -ึ, -ื u in French dur often mistaken for ə sound ŋ N ng in sing sometime mistaken for n sound ʰ in kʰ kH ค, ข c in can ... but not c in scan ... pʰ pH พ, ผ p in pan ... but not p in span ... tʰ tH ท, ฐ, etc. t in tan ... but not t in stan ... cʰ cH ช, ฉ ch in chest ... but not j in jest