SEAlang Lab Reader's Helper
The Reader's Helper provides a variety of texts and tools for beginning, intermediate, and advanced readers.  Available texts include:
Graded bitexts have been assigned ILR difficulty ratings, and currently range from 0 through 3.  These tend to be relatively short.
Literary bitexts are mostly high-quality translations into Thai (prepared by the Wanakam World Classics in Thai project).  Some longer Thai originals are also provided. 
News bitexts are short, topical, and often difficult.
Thesis abstracts are short and very topic-specific.  The English translations are of mixed quality, and there may be some errors in precise sentence - by - sentence alignment. 
Academic Word List examples can also be used as a bitext corpus. 
Monolingual texts, including the text of audio samples, on-line texts, and locally provided files, can also be used. 
'Webcast walkthrough' documentation is being prepared.