Writing (and vocabulary) Tools:   Change language with the switch on the left.
  - English sentences: click on a sentence, then cloze or jumble.
  - Thai sentences: click on a sentence, then translate or write (write uses the whole text).
Action Type Gap/Rank Entry hint Hover hint List hint
cloze test
jumble sentence   hunk size =   hover hint =
translate / rephrase / dictation Show hint using jumble hunk-size (above)                                
write sentences using all ...   level            
Just open a text box and type.                                    

The Writer's Helper presents exercises in composition at all levels of difficulty, including:
  -   reordering pre-built text segments;
  -   completing individual words, with or without various hinting mechanisms;
  -   rewriting or paraphrasing L2 texts, or
  -   translating L1 to L2 or vice versa.

Additional tools aid in new composition.  These include the auto-completion tool, which accepts either phonetic or native orthography input, and the SEAlang reference resources for definitions, and corpus-based contextual examples.