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(2 or more people) to carrykraaŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~127-2
3rd person singular pronounʔanBruSho2006:C:1115-1
a bamboo-rat (Nyctocleptes cinereus)kapi̤iBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~520-1
a banglekɑŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1062-3
a beekahialBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~789-3
a boil, swollenʔajhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~313-2
a carpbɔɔjʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1314-1
a ChinesecɛkBru [TS]The1980:C:224
a climber belonging to the yam family (Dioscorea doemona)pri̤aŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~821-2
a coldprṳalBru [TS]The1980:C:2583
a deerjʌʌtBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~393-2
a dense jungle, a virgin foresttrɨ̤ŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~545-1
(a fan, a windmill) to spin, to twirlwilBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~868-1
a fish that looks like an eel but shorter(ʔəkaa) cuurBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1135-2
a floatpɒːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2080
a flyruajBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~908-4
a flyrṳajBru [TS]The1980:C:2961
a flyrṳajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~908-3
a groupcṳmBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1376-2
a jarcɛ̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~618-1
a kind of bamboo flutetriilBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~773-1
a kind of bamboo that has long segments between jointsʔali̤aBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~567-1
a kind of bambooʔaboŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1378-1
a kind of big toadʔarɑ̤ʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1046-1
a kind of frogʔakṳatBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1274-3
a kind of small squirrelkraajhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~158-3
a kind of small,wild mangopriəlBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~771-1
a kind of tall, perennial grass or Johnson grass (Sorghum balapense)trɛɛŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~603-1
a kind of tree (its bark can be chewed with betel)thrɑɑjBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~919-2
a littlebeaʔ, beiʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~490-4
a littlebiiʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~490-3
a malevolent demon sent by a sorcerer to devour the entrails of one to whom harm is desiredmana̤ahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~199-2
a mansion, a castlemro̤oŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1127-1
a mannlawBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~345-1
a mealpe̤elBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~653-1
a measure of length equal to two metresʔacɑ̤ŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~423-2
a minebɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:1
a nameramɯ̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~508-3
a pigeoncɛɛm plɨ̤ʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~519-1
a place to which the sun cannot shinetṳupBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1257-1
a rodki̤rBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~559-1
a small bamboo tube for sucking water or liquorntro̤ojʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1077-1
a small knifempiətBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~500-3
a small soft shell on the crab's breast (on the female, it works as a shield to protect the eggs.)nsʌʌʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~82-2
a talking mina birdcɛɛm jɑɑŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~967-1
a title for menʔacuajhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1268-2
a wasphɑ̃ɑŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~966-3
a while agoʔanṳaBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1306-2
a wild lycheekapɛhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~833-1
a younger brotherʔami̤aŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~737-1
abandon, throw away, divorcetahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~218-3
abdomenthɒːŋ-nɒ̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3813
able (used in the context of ""unable to do something"")hatBru [TS]The1980:C:427
able to contain a lot; full of flesh (of fruit)sapɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3216
able to enter; able to get alongsalʌmBru [TS]The1980:C:3108
able to, capable ofca̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:178
able to, capable ofca̤mBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~411-1
about this bigkhanaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:919
abovepʌːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2663
abundant (of fruit)bɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:9
abusive termphoːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2436
accurately (to throw, to shoot)dɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:364
accuse, to speak incorrectlytuunBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1120-1
accusepɔ̀ʔ pùaŋBruHuf1971:C:369-43-9
accustomed tosinBru [TS]The1980:C:3368
ace in a set of cardsʔamɒkBru [TS]The1980:C:4212
acquaintance, to recognize, well known and relativesBruSid2005:C:253-2
acquaintance; used to do something togetherrakɤ̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2749
acquaintanceraka̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:2738
across one's shoulderbiaŋ-baːjBru [TS]The1980:C:47
act of sitting and standing alternativelyradajʔ-radawBru [TS]The1980:C:2706
action of a hand that is nudging gentlywɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:4023
action of insect (like a bee but smaller) when it is going to stingkatialBru [TS]The1980:C:830
addicted to; attached totɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:3803
admire, respectŋkɔhBruHuf1971:C:382-45-8
afraid of doing something (because one has had a previous bad experience)lɔpBru [TS]The1980:C:1429
after (space)krɔŋBruHuf1971:C:400-48-7
after (time)ntùunBruHuf1971:C:390-46-5
afternoon (from 3.00 p.m. until dark)tabʌːwBru [TS]The1980:C:3479
afternoontabɯːBru [TS]The1980:C:3475
afternoonwi̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4071
ageʔaɲṳʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4239
agitated into waves (while carrying)blaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:66
agitated, uncertainraŋɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2816
aimlessly (to wander)ti̤ǝwBru [TS]The1980:C:3896
ajar; slightly openedhʌːp-mhʌːpBru [TS]The1980:C:510
align edge to edgepariəpBruSho2006:C:1269a-5
alive (people)nɔ̀ŋ ʔaamɔ̀ŋBruHuf1971:C:440-55-9
alive, fresh, rawʔamɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4214
all (at the same time)kariapBru [TS]The1980:C:768
all (out of)ɲɛʔBruHuf1971:C:454-58-10
all gone; cleaned outsaliǝhBru [TS]The1980:C:3093
all gonepasuajhBru [TS]The1980:C:2212
all nightpo̤ːŋ-praːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2538
all used up; to have nothing remainingɲɲɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1898
almost (happens) (something bad)ma̤n tarɯ̤əʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1583
almostkɯǝpBru [TS]The1980:C:1082
alonemanna̤ʔ ~ mana̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1602
along the side of; besidebraːnBru [TS]The1980:C:85
aluminium drinking vesselcoːkBru [TS]The1980:C:279
aluminium or plastic basinci̤amBru [TS]The1980:C:239
ambitioussandoːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3161
Amen!satṳʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3296
an aunt (younger sister of either the father or the mother)ʔawi̤aBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~4-1
an open space under a housentro̤omBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1237-2
ancestortaŋʔaːhBru [TS]The1980:C:3655
ancient, originaltìaʔBruHuf1971:C:496-62-6
angry; to reproachɲo̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1910
angrykhajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:911
annual religious festival, following the rainy seasonkathinBru [TS]The1980:C:823
answer a calltaʔʌʌjBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~359-1
ant (small)səmuucBruHuf1971:C:519-65-9
anthillʔabuːrBru [TS]The1980:C:4110
Anthracoceros albirostrisrakɛːŋBruSho2006:C:495-3
antsamuːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3137
anviltanṳʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3634
apart, section, portionsuǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:3397
aperture with terraced entracelɤːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1456
aphid, plant-lousepri̤ǝBru [TS]The1980:C:2575
appealing (to the listener); to turn's face suddenly (hearing something interesting)ma̤jʔ ma̤rBru [TS]The1980:C:1577
apt to make a false claimŋi̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2025
arbor; an archwayʔatṳʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4315
area of deep waterpɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:2268
area under the house where it is muddysana̤h daːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3151
area underneath bamboo bed where a woman lies while giving birthnlɯ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1874
areakhɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:949
areathɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:3840
arm (from the shoulder to the fingertips), animal's front legspaːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2078
armfulraʔʌwBru [TS]The1980:C:2918
armpitklaːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1040
armbɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:36
armmblɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1641
aroundrṳapBru [TS]The1980:C:2966
arousing to, attracting tomanaːBru [TS]The1980:C:1585
arrogantʔɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4341
arrow container made of bamboo sectiontarṳanBru [TS]The1980:C:3714
arrowkam sənaaBruHuf1971:C:597-73-10
arrowkamBru [TS]The1980:C:710
artificial, falsepɒːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2081
artisan; good atci̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:241
as soft as one wants (of sticky rice soaked before steaming)diəjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:377
ask for, askʔamɑ̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1041-3
ask forsɛiʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~782-2
ask forsɛɛʔBruHuf1971:C:619-76-12
assuming that (something will happen)ki̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1019
asthmahɛ̃ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:444
astringentɲcikBru [TS]The1980:C:1781
asli̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1480
at cost (to sell)cup tṳnBru [TS]The1980:C:311
at somebody's side all the time (indicating possessiveness)khare̤ː ~ kare̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:937
at the same time, togethermprṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:1704
attracted (to the opposite sex)ʔɛ̃ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4359
aunt (younger sister of either the father or the mother)ʔawi̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:4322
auntɲcajhBru [TS]The1980:C:1774
availablennɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1894
away from the source of the riverkadʌːpBru [TS]The1980:C:632
awkward, clumsysɤː-lɤːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3344
awkwardly (to climb a tree)tapɤ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3677
axecuaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:296
bachelorphaluǝʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2319
back (person)krɔŋBruHuf1971:C:671-82-9
back of knifekourBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1301-2
back side of something that has a sharp edgekuːrBru [TS]The1980:C:1317
back, behind; classifier for houseskrɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1113
back, behindkrɑŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1063-2
backwards (to fall over)tali̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3563
bag, satchel (with shoulder strap), pocketkatuːjBru [TS]The1980:C:850
bagkatɛpBru [TS]The1980:C:815
bagthuŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3871
balconykɤːjBru [TS]The1980:C:890
bald (because the hair is shaved)loːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1508
bald, receding (hair line)la̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1344
balustradephanakBru [TS]The1980:C:2326
bamboo basket (several sizes, used to carry chickens while traveling)pɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2246
bamboo basket, divided into four sections to contain water bottleskasawBru [TS]The1980:C:779
bamboo bench used by a woman during her confinement after delivering a babykre̤ː ʔʌːt ʔuːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:1121
bamboo jointkutɔːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1299
bamboo place mat used for drying foodkataːtBru [TS]The1980:C:793
bamboo section where skin has been cut off (used to make large bamboo strips)pɤːBru [TS]The1980:C:2275
bamboo shootʔabaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4105
bamboo shootʔabaŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~286-2
bamboo steamer; to in steamerhuatBru [TS]The1980:C:488
bamboo utensil looking like a bow, used to gin cotton; to ginkanta̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:742
bamboo woven container used to place a meal set on, instead of on a traykapʌwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:761
bamboo-rat (Nyctocleptes cinereus)kupi̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1277
bamboos used to make a ladder for climbing a tall tree or a cluster of bambooskɤːnBru [TS]The1980:C:893
bambooʔaaluaŋ sərɔŋBruHuf1971:C:692-84-10
banana (cl.)klɔɔŋBruHuf1971:C:707-86-8
banana blossommpɔɔŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~957-2
bananapri̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:2573
band (made of rattan, rope, bamboo strip, etc. for holding a cracked object)pɒːkBru [TS]The1980:C:2077
banglekɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:751
bank, the edge (of a waterway)pɯ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2525
banyan treeʔari̤iBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~698-3
banyan treeʔari̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:4275
bar, railri̤awBru [TS]The1980:C:2939
barb of a hook or an arrowŋkʌːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2055
barbed spikes (placed on the ground to discourage trespassers)surɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3414
bare area in the foresttiahBru [TS]The1980:C:3881
bark (n.)sərnɔɔBruHuf1971:C:731-89-10
bark (of dog)krɔɔhBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1170-2
bark (v.)krʉ̀hBruHuf1971:C:722-88-8
bark of a dead tree; bark of tree peeled off to lay on ground (as a mat)ranɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2781
barking deerpoojhBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~996-4
barking deerpɔɔjhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~996-3
barking deerpɔːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:2238
barking deerpɔːjhBruSho2006:C:1911-8
barnla̤wBru [TS]The1980:C:1418
base (of a creeping vine)pharcoːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2340
base of a tree, stem, branch of rhizomeklṳːBru [TS]The1980:C:1076
basket (back)ʔəpɔɔBruHuf1971:C:771-94-8
basket (general)kətaaBruHuf1971:C:748-91-7
basket (square)k'at'ooBruHuf1971:C:763-93-6
bat (large)ʔaajuupBruHuf1971:C:788-96-2
bat (small)ʔaajiəlBruHuf1971:C:781-95-9
batten of a loom; a weaver's rollerpɯ̤ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2529
batkuwi̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1332
be able to hold or catch sth. that wrigglesri̤apBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~145-3
be near an edgetɑɑrBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~988-1
beachhaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:417
beakrabɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:2666
beam supporting the floor of a housekhaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:901
beamish (smiling with contentment, see buujʔ)rabuːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2680
bean vermicellisɛnBru [TS]The1980:C:3337
beansatɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3273
bearsakawBru [TS]The1980:C:3052
beat (with stick); threshpṳhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1031-2
beautiful (of music)rṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2967
because, because ofjṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:569
become numbsapɨ̤ɨnBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~460-2
bedbugnsʌŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1920
bedrock in a brook or rapidstalaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3542
bedtiǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3893
bedtiəŋ beʔBruHuf1971:C:829-102-9
bee (honey)ʔaakan kəhealBruHuf1971:C:843-104-8
bees that build their hive in a hollow of a treentrṳatBru [TS]The1980:C:1961
bees waxmantri̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1615
bees waxntri̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1954
beekahialBru [TS]The1980:C:640
before, aheadɲo̤oŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1255-2
before; then; formerɲo̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1909
beg, ask (for sth.)sɛɛʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~782-1
beginning, source; top (of plants)kɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:861
being upside downtatɨ̤pBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1131-2
being upside downtatɯ̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:3737
belch, burpkalʔʌʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~354-3
belonging to the same groupratṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2893
belonging toŋanBru [TS]The1980:C:2002
below, downstreamkadʌʌpBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~470-3
belowʔati̤apBru [TS]The1980:C:4309
bend of a watercoursebuŋBru [TS]The1980:C:122
bend over, bowpùupBruHuf1971:C:882-108-10
bending down (from carrying something heavy)sale̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3087
bendingŋɔk-ŋɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:2011
best, topmost (quality)dɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:369
betel (a combination of betel leaf, lime and areca nut for chewing)maːkBru [TS]The1980:C:1552
betel (leaf)ləbaaʔBruHuf1971:C:890-109-9
betel leafmənlṳəBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1304-3
betelmanlṳəBru [TS]The1980:C:1601
betterji̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:555
bewilderedsɤːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3348
big (extraordinarily large)ʔahãkBru [TS]The1980:C:4133
big (of a plant root); a lot (of ants or termites in hills)caʔBru [TS]The1980:C:194
big (of the vagina)krʌjh ~ ʔakrʌjhBru [TS]The1980:C:1146
big bamboo basket in a form of a cylinderʔapɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4244
big end of a pestle for pounding ricepa̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2117
big hammer (for making knives)phanɤːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2327
big hole caused by burning a stump down to the rootsplṳǝʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2515
big hole, cavity (in a tree)rampo̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2774
big holepɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2090
big jar for drinking waterʔuʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4402
big knife, choppermpri̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:1702
big metal or gilded tray supported on a pedestal used for holding flowersphaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2292
big rock (cannot be lifted up by one person)ko̤ːlBru [TS]The1980:C:1094
big snake (a name to fool children)satṳːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3294
big, grown uppɯ̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2531
big, large (of long or narrow objects)kri̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1133
big, large (of long or narrow objects)kri̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~714-1
big, large (of something flat)pɯ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2532
biggest fingerŋkɯ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:2044
bird; chicken (evasive term)cɛːmBru [TS]The1980:C:213
birthmarkpaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2083
bitch! (cursing word)thaŋ-ʔathaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3824
bite (dog)kapBruHuf1971:C:900-111-9
biting tastesaŋʔɒːr ~ saʔɒːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3204
bitter melon (Momordica charantia [cucurbitaceae])para̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2198
bitterntaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1924
black (of a buffalo)pariǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2203
black magic item that comes out of the body by using a magic spellranɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2790
black spots on a decayed tooth, or bamboomɛ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1655
blackkoːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1095
blade bent along its length (instead of being chipped when cutting something hard)biːpBru [TS]The1980:C:53
bladecaʔ ntrìamBruHuf1971:C:927-115-10
bland, tasteless; have no sense of tastenti̤ahBru [TS]The1980:C:1931
bland, tastelesssiahBru [TS]The1980:C:3350
blanketʔajʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:4162
blockeddaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:353
bloodʔahaːmBru [TS]The1980:C:4131
blow (of the fist)matBru [TS]The1980:C:1628
blow nosekaseirBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~670-3
blow nosekasiirBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~670-2
blow, play (wind instrument)plɔŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1195-3
bluntly, knavish, roguish, waywardtarṳːBru [TS]The1980:C:3715
blunttuːBru [TS]The1980:C:4005
blushing; half ripeŋɯ̤ːrBru [TS]The1980:C:2060
boarʔaaliiʔ kruaŋBruHuf1971:C:973-121-9
boastful; to. speak thoughtlesslypalɔːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2155
boastfulkhiː-khujBru [TS]The1980:C:966
boat, feeding trough for pigstapùaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3690
boattṳǝʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3988
bobby pinkipBru [TS]The1980:C:1033
body lousentri̤nBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~421-3
bodycaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:195
boil (water)ʔəpBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~431-2
bolt (movable bar)la̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:1361
booknaŋ-sɯːBru [TS]The1980:C:1758
borrow (+return)lapBruHuf1971:C:1003-126-6
borrow without planning ahead (money, rice,etc.)wa̤ʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~188-1
bossni̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:1807
bottle gourdʔaluɔjBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1221-2
bottle gourdʔalṳəjBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1221-1
bottlekuatBru [TS]The1980:C:1157
bottlekɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:884
bottom (inner part) of somethingklɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1059
bottom (of something)prṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2590
bottom (outer part) of a tall-shaped bamboo containertalɔːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3549
bottom of a chickenkhano̤ːn ntrṳǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:932
bound element placed before verbs to form nounspharnʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2370
boundarynla̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:1842
bowing one's headcuːr-muːrBru [TS]The1980:C:318
bowl (other)kəbaanBruHuf1971:C:1035-132-5
bowl, can (of something)phɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2296
bowl; classifier for bowlsʔɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:4334
bowŋki̤amBru [TS]The1980:C:2038
boxing glovesnṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:1972
boxingmṳajBru [TS]The1980:C:1709
boxhiːpBru [TS]The1980:C:465
bract, spathe; fragment (of coconut husk)kaːpBru [TS]The1980:C:595
braid, plaitklaanBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~105-1
brainkubɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1166
brainkumbɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1235
branch (of plants of the bamboo family)dajBru [TS]The1980:C:337
branch (of tree), twigmbɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1639
branch (of tree), twigʔabɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4106
branch, twigmbɛɛŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~589-2
branch, twigʔabɛiŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~589-3
branched screw-pine (Pandanus tectorius [Pandanaceae])rancianBru [TS]The1980:C:2788
branching outni̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1811
brand newrajɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:2726
break (intr. stick)təkɛhBruHuf1971:C:1074-138-8
break (intr. string)təʔɔhBruHuf1971:C:1069-137-7
break (intr.)plahBruHuf1971:C:1060-136-8
breakfast, the first meal of the dayplɯ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:2506
breast (of poultry)kumpɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1244
breast (woman's)ʔalṳǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:4204
breasttati̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:3729
breed, specieskumploːʔ ~ kuploːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1247
breedne̤ːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1801
bridgeradɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2704
bright (at night)braːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:87
bright, luminoushuŋBru [TS]The1980:C:499
brightly (to burn)hũanBru [TS]The1980:C:484
bring it here.ʔama̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4209
bristle (of porcupine)cɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:206
broad (of an opening of a container)tawa̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3750
broadcast (seed)trɨ̀hBruHuf1971:C:1120-145-9
broken (because of the weight)joːtBru [TS]The1980:C:567
broken (in to pieces)plahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~198-1
broken (into pieces)plahBru [TS]The1980:C:2485
broken into fine piecesmṳnBru [TS]The1980:C:1726
broken into small pieces (of something solid)phiajBru [TS]The1980:C:2411
broken into small piecesdiəjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:378
broken into small piecesdiəjʔBruSho2006:C:818-5
broken milled riceʔamṳːjBru [TS]The1980:C:4224
brokentakɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3531
brook, stream, creektoːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3923
broomphɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2290
broomʔaaluaŋ gɛɛhBruHuf1971:C:1133-147-8
brother (older)ʔaajBruHuf1971:C:121-20-9
brother (younger)ʔəəjBruHuf1971:C:136-21-10
brother-in-law (older)ʔaaʔoŋBruHuf1971:C:270-33-9
brother-in-law (younger)lɤj ŋɔ̀ʔBruHuf1971:C:285-34-9
brother-in-law or son-in-lawkhʌːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1004
bruised; to have a hematomasaliːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3094
bruisedsamBru [TS]The1980:C:3114
brushprɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2563
bubbles, foampupɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2634
bubblesrṳǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:2970
Buddha imagephaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2386
Buddhist monk's alms bowlbaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:12
budding, being in budcuːmBru [TS]The1980:C:315
buffalo (an evasive term used for cursing)ʔahũərBru [TS]The1980:C:4143
buffalo intrudes into the garden; very bold action of (figurative)suǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:3398
buffalotariaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3704
bulbous rootstiŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3911
bulging out and crackedprɤ̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2567
bump into, to run intotəmBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~415-2
bumptumBru [TS]The1980:C:3991
bunch (classifier for flowers)pṳǝBru [TS]The1980:C:2617
bunch (of fruit)taŋkɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3647
bunch of fastened bamboo used as a buoy or post to hole a fish netco̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:276
bunch, cluster (coconut, etc.)sɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3330
bunchtanṳarBru [TS]The1980:C:3633
bundle (of faggots)mpɔulBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1329-2
burnt completelyklɒːjʔBruSho2006:C:858a-3
bush, shrubphumBru [TS]The1980:C:2446
bush, shrubpṳːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2656
bushel basket with a square bottom and a circular openingkabuŋBru [TS]The1980:C:599
busywi̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:4078
butterflyta̤ŋ ʔati̤rBru [TS]The1980:C:3637
buttock (of men or animals)talɔːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3550
buttonʔari̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4277
cabinet, cupboardtuːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4014
calf of the legpalaj saŋkɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2151
calm and quietbublihBru [TS]The1980:C:105
calyx (of fruits and vegetables)tambʌːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3595
candleti̤anBru [TS]The1980:C:3883
canned milknɔ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:1783
cannot be wounded by weaponskɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:870
capable of crying easily, sensitivemahi̤ːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1569
capable; good atkeːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:881
capsize, sinksli̤mBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~535-2
carapace, shell (of crustaceans)ndɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:1791
careless; to insultpamaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2169
carelessphamaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2324
carpenter's planekɔp sɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:872
carpbɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:29
carry (on back)doolBruHuf1971:C:1215-159-9
carry (on shoulder pole)mprèeʔBruHuf1971:C:1221-160-10
carry (transport)ʔaasuajBruHuf1971:C:1229-162-6
carry at waistklɛiwBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~848-2
carry on shoulder polempre̤eʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~646-3
carry on shoulderdɔulBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1331-4
carry on shoulderdɔɔlBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1331-3
carry on shoulderdɔːlBruSho2006:C:1742-8
carry, hold in handtajɛɛʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~652-1
cartkiǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:1016
cast-off skinsarɔːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3238
casting net, fish netsamblan ~ sumblanBru [TS]The1980:C:3124
catch, hold, graspkɔupBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~982-4
catch, hold, graspkɔɔpBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~982-3
caterpillarparɯ̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2206
catmɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1657
cave (underwater)sapɛːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3218
cave, denrɯ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2952
ceaselessly (to talk)wɛ̤ʔ-wɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4058
ceaselesslyciːmBru [TS]The1980:C:253
center (of a hand or foot)lṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:1517
center, middleli̤ː-mṳːlBru [TS]The1980:C:1485
centipedekahiːpBru [TS]The1980:C:642
ceremony of delivering bride to chamber after weddingsamuːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3138
ceremony to inform the house spirits when baby is bornsamuːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3139
chaff, husks of paddysakaamBruSho2006:C:1313-1
chameleonkɔːjBru [TS]The1980:C:860
channelrṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2965
chapel in temple compoundsimBru [TS]The1980:C:3367
charcoalkucahBru [TS]The1980:C:1175
charge, an accusationto̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3929
charms (to protect the wearer against injury and evil)kṳtBru [TS]The1980:C:1295
chasm, an abysslɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1446
cheapthɯːkBru [TS]The1980:C:3851
cheekstamɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3599
cheerful, full of life, livelyrṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2968
chest, heartpahʌʌmBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~370-3
chest, heartpahʌːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2122
chicken louselamaːBru [TS]The1980:C:1380
chicken's stomachpiəmBru [TS]The1980:C:2470
chickenntrṳəjBru [TS]The1980:C:1962
child (youth)rənɛɛnBruHuf1971:C:1302-173-9
child, childrenranɛːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2795
child, offspringʔakajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~225-1
chili (an evasive term, the actual word is tiəw)ʔahɛrBru [TS]The1980:C:4138
chili peppertiǝwBru [TS]The1980:C:3895
chilli peppertiəwBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~764-1
Chinese dateʔarɯ̤ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:4280
Chinese hatkupBru [TS]The1980:C:1267
chinki̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1007
chipped (of a blade, tooth)klɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:1046
chipped; to be worn outhiənBru [TS]The1980:C:461
chisel outkaajBruHuf1971:C:1315-174-12
chisel outpacBruHuf1971:C:1309-174-11
chiselpanajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2174
choke on foodhɔɔkBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~925-4
choke on foodhɔɔʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~925-3
choose, selectri̤əhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~392-1
choosy with foodhiʔBru [TS]The1980:C:471
chop (with a spade)takahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~210-2
chop (with ax)təmɨɨBruHuf1971:C:1336-177-3
chop (with knife)kəkɔhBruHuf1971:C:1330-176-7
chopping boardkhiaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:963
chopsticksmaj thuːBru [TS]The1980:C:1575
chrysalisni̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1812
cicadatiǝrBru [TS]The1980:C:3894
cigarette (cl.)kɔɔʔBruHuf1971:C:1351-180-9
circle or whorl of hair on top of the head (on man or on a buffalo's back)wi̤alBru [TS]The1980:C:4064
circle; an archkɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:869
cl. for fields, leaves (except banana leaves)li̤aŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~128-1
cl. for sheetsplɔahBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~197-1
classifier for a breasttawBru [TS]The1980:C:3744
classifier for a kind of dessertkhoːmBru [TS]The1980:C:979
classifier for animals, coconuts, wooden bellslamBru [TS]The1980:C:1377
classifier for bamboo torchespɒːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2079
classifier for big bundleskhoːnBru [TS]The1980:C:982
classifier for boats, bamboo stems, sugar canela̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:1378
classifier for bundles or bunchestampa̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:3607
classifier for chili peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, melons, steaming baskets, water jarsnuǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:1982
classifier for fields, leaves (except banana leaves)li̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1463
classifier for fish nets, dipping nets and casting netsdaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:328
classifier for fishhooks and trapsplɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2496
classifier for gun firingnla̤jhBru [TS]The1980:C:1837
classifier for houses, fish trapslaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1398
classifier for knife, sword, spear, needleduəŋBru [TS]The1980:C:393
classifier for nailsdɒːkBru [TS]The1980:C:324
classifier for peoplenaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1767
classifier for religious festivalspaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2088
classifier for resin torches and arrowsntrɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1949
classifier for rice noodlescapBru [TS]The1980:C:188
classifier for tamarinds and beansrasɒːrBru [TS]The1980:C:2865
classifier for ten torches that are tied togetherlɯ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:1497
classifier for thin, flat objectsphɛːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2400
claws of crabŋko̤oŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1122-3
clawsŋko̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2047
clean (adj.)màcBruHuf1971:C:1365-183-9
clean, tidysiǝlBru [TS]The1980:C:3353
clean, tidysiəlBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~772-2
clean, tidysi̤ɛlBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~772-3
cleaned outlɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1345
clear (air)kràk lɨʔBruHuf1971:C:1379-184-10
clear (air)rəlaŋBruHuf1971:C:1380-184-11
clear landcahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~202-2
clear, transparentnla̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1844
clearly! surely! certainly!toː-tɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3931
clearly; distinctlycoː-koːBru [TS]The1980:C:281
clench the handkupɔɔtBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1351-2
clever, intelligentsalaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3074
clf. for peoplenaʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~242-3
clf. for peoplenɔaʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~242-4
cliff, bank of riverni̤alBru [TS]The1980:C:1809
cliffkɯ̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1086
climber belonging to the yam family (Dioscorea doemona [Dioscoraceae])puri̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2651
close (door)kətasBruHuf1971:C:1407-188-11
close (eyes)kaŋiitBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~758-3
close (together)nèetBruHuf1971:C:1420-189-10
close friendkalʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:708
close in successionthiːBru [TS]The1980:C:3847
close to the edge (to place something)kuminBru [TS]The1980:C:1240
close to the firetatɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:3725
close, connected, joined together; to stick something onto somethingpɛʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2272
closeratɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:2886
cloth bar made of wood or bamboolampɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1390
clothes-line made of ropepharjṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2351
clothʔarʌjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4287
cloudy, muddy (of water)takalBru [TS]The1980:C:3518
cloudy, overcast, shadybɔtBru [TS]The1980:C:32
cloudme̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:1651
clump of growing plants (e.g. bamboo, sugar cane, corn)wi̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4066
clumsily (to walk as a person who has a cut on the sole of his foot)tiːŋ-tiaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3901
clumsy (of a pregnant woman)paʔɯʔ-paʔaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2234
clumsy, awkward (e.g. as when somebody is carrying a heavy load)tatiŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3734
clumsyŋɤːk-ŋaːkBru [TS]The1980:C:2021
coals that have already caught fireraŋhɒ̃ʔ ʔuːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:2822
coarse hair at the upper part of a pig's neckkrṳːj-krɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1145
coarsesaŋkaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3193
coaxing words (to convince somebody to do something, see ɲaɲùǝʔ)raɲṳǝʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2811
cockroachsati̤ǝʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3284
coconut graterŋɒ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1994
coconut milkkathiʔBru [TS]The1980:C:824
coconut shellʔapṳʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4261
coconut wax (for rubbing the lips)nṳətBru [TS]The1980:C:1983
coconut-shell dipperbuəjBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1289-2
coconuttuǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3986
coffin; building, structurelo̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1510
coil (classifier for ropes, strings)rawaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2897
cold, coolsaŋɛitBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~842-4
cold, coolsaŋɛɛtBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~842-3
coldsaŋɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3186
collar bonelɒŋ-ŋkɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1402
color of the lips of a person who is seriously ill or dyinglɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1445
colorsiːBru [TS]The1980:C:3357
comb (of fowl)sambɛːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3123
combsaniǝtBru [TS]The1980:C:3165
come on! (give it to me); may I see it?mɛʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1658
come on! give it to mema̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1562
common Asiatic annual herb of the linden family (hemp)sumprṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3412
common green snake (Chrysopelea ornata)rakɑɑtBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1010-2
compatible, matchedrathɯːkBru [TS]The1980:C:2887
complete (generally of a stipulated quantity, set, cycle)kɔ̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:871
completed, complete (generally of a set, circle)khuǝpBru [TS]The1980:C:988
completely gone, done, finished (expression meaning dead)sɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:3341
conecṳajBru [TS]The1980:C:289
connected, joined togetherphartiiŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~664-1
connected; joined togetherphartiːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2375
consumed rapidlypliǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2501
container for something which is in the form of dust or small particlesro̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2958
container for strings used for weaving cast netskiːm-paːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1025
continuously (to talk)sabɛːl ~ sibɛːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3002
convenient; without an obstructionsanukBru [TS]The1980:C:3177
cook (v.)ʔɔŋBruHuf1971:C:1503-198-10
cooked, done (of rice)klumBru [TS]The1980:C:1072
cooking fire with tripodrawaːŋBruSho2006:C:775-4
cool, coldjɛnBru [TS]The1980:C:545
cooled ashesbɑhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1014-1
cooled ashesbɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:16
cooliekuli̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1224
core, center (e.g. of yam, tree, hand, foot, etc.)cajBru [TS]The1980:C:171
corekɛːnBru [TS]The1980:C:880
corn (callous growth, as on the toe)kadanBru [TS]The1980:C:625
corner; fold of trousers (at the front and back made by pressing or ironing)liǝmBru [TS]The1980:C:1474
cornercɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:210
cornsalʌjBru [TS]The1980:C:3107
corpse of a small animal killed by a big animal; leavings, left-overkumapBru [TS]The1980:C:1234
correct, rightkrʌjBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~232-3
cost; paymentki̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:1006
cotton (wool)prìajBruHuf1971:C:1546-205-9
cotton gin; to gin cottonʔiatBru [TS]The1980:C:4364
cotton ginraŋʔiatBru [TS]The1980:C:2830
cottonkupaːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:1268
cover (v.)kətɨ̀pBruHuf1971:C:1575-211-9
cover up; well hiddenklɨpBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~550-1
cow wooden bell made of wood (oval-shaped)khɛkBru [TS]The1980:C:957
cow, oxntrɔaʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1050-2
cowardly, timidklaaʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~30-1
cowardly, timidklaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1043
cowtakɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3530
crab fatnti̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:1933
crab louse, pubic lousentri̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:1955
crabʔari̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4272
crack (in metal)randanBru [TS]The1980:C:2791
crack with the teethkadahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~208-2
cracked (of the ground)phacahBru [TS]The1980:C:2301
crackedpra̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:2554
cradleɲcṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1788
crawl (child)kəkʉ̀ʉŋBruHuf1971:C:1586-213-6
crazy, madjuhBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1360-2
crazy, madjṳhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1360-1
creeper, creeping plant, vinewa̤rBru [TS]The1980:C:4039
cricketʔabriːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4109
crinkled; kinkyrahɔt-rahɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:2716
crocodilerabʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:2683
crooked, windingŋɔ̀ʔBruSho2006:C:286-2
crooked, windingŋɔ̤ʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1051-2
crooked; windingŋɔ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2016
cross (v.)jaaŋBruHuf1971:C:1596-215-8
crossbow string made of creeping vineplɒː sanaːBru [TS]The1980:C:2483
crossbowsanaːBru [TS]The1980:C:3143
crow (bird)kəʔaaʔBruHuf1971:C:1616-218-9
crowbarsalɛ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3091
crowded; stuffyraʔapBru [TS]The1980:C:2913
crowding aroundbuəlBru [TS]The1980:C:111
crown or pointed head-decorationkacoːmBru [TS]The1980:C:614
crowkaʔaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:854
crumbly, easily crushedtrah-traːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3935
crumblypuprɯǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:2647
crush (sth.) with the thumb nails of both handskəndɛhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~681-1
crushed; made into powderpriǝjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2577
cry of one or a few toadsʔɒːrBru [TS]The1980:C:4100
crying (part of a funeral ceremony)rɯ̤ːp nhaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2951
cubit from elbow to fingertips equivalent to about half a yardka̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:789
cup, plate, bowltaŋaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3638
Curcuma domestica [Zingiberac]pri̤aʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~81-2
cured but not completely (of a wound)raɲiːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2800
curedban cɤɤBruHuf1971:C:1621-221-9
curlykuːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1318
curryrakɔ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2744
curse (v.)cèeBruHuf1971:C:1631-222-10
curse, swear wordrampɛːhBru [TS]The1980:C:2772
cursemantaːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:1607
cursing word which is semi-politewe̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:4048
customriit kruaŋBruHuf1971:C:1656-224-10
cut (hack)kɔhBruHuf1971:C:1679-227-8
cut (hair)katBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~329-2
cut (scissors)racBruHuf1971:C:1682-228-6
cut (slice)cahBruHuf1971:C:1662-225-10
cut (with knife)pɑʌjʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~193-4
cut (wound)bʌwʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~513-3
cut in bamboo used to support the frame of roof or wallkoːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1098
cut meatkakɨtBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1395-1
cut notchesbaʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~239-1
cut, slashrɛɛhBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~631-1
cut, tornrahɛɛʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~583-3
cut; tornrahɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2717
cutch-tree (Acacia catechu [Leguminosae])kasiatBru [TS]The1980:C:782
cycloneʔawe̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4320
cylinder for blowing air into fire when forging iron or steelsaŋkuaBru [TS]The1980:C:3200
cylindrical-shapedklamBru [TS]The1980:C:1050
damaged (of plantation)rampɛːhBru [TS]The1980:C:2773
damp area of forest covered with big treesthaːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3809
damp, humidsumBru [TS]The1980:C:3409
damplahʌːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1360
dance (v.)làm mpùanBruHuf1971:C:1685-229-7
dandruffʔakɯ̤ːlBru [TS]The1980:C:4178
danglingrajuŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2729
darkkanamBru [TS]The1980:C:723
daughterkɔɔn mənsɛɛmBruHuf1971:C:87-17-9
day after Songkran dayna̤wBru [TS]The1980:C:1766
day after tomorrowntri̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:1952
day of the weekwa̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:4036
daytimetaŋajBru [TS]The1980:C:3641
daytaŋajBru [TS]The1980:C:3640
dayŋajBru [TS]The1980:C:1996
dead leaves and grass piled up togethersapBru [TS]The1980:C:3208
dead-enddɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:370
dear, expensivepe̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2264
dearest oneɲaːBru [TS]The1980:C:1738
debtranṳːBru [TS]The1980:C:2814
decayed, rotten (of wood)ʔabokBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1369-3
decayed, rotten (of wood)ʔabʌwʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1369-2
decayed, rotten of woodʔabəwʔBruSho2006:C:368-3
deep (of a hole)kalhuajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:694
deep (pool)klɔŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1191-1
deep coconut-shell ladle with long handle, used for dipping waterbuəjBru [TS]The1980:C:110
deep crack in the ground, aperture between two big rocksphaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2295
deepntrṳːBru [TS]The1980:C:1963
deerjʌːtBru [TS]The1980:C:579
defeatedpe̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:2256
deliciousʔɛ̃ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:4350
delightedsaʔʌːr ~ saŋʔʌːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3322
dense jungle, virgin foresttrɯ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3964
dentedsabɯpBru [TS]The1980:C:3005
desertedri̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2934
design of bamboo weaving; sign of six bamboo strips used to indicate dangertalɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:3556
dessert consisting of sticky rice banana and sugar offered to the spiritsphawaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2385
dessertkathiʔBru [TS]The1980:C:825
destroytham laajBruHuf1971:C:1771-239-7
device with thin blade in the middle used to slice starchy tuberous rootssanaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3148
Dharma (Buddhist teachings)thamBru [TS]The1980:C:3822
differenthəlooh həʔajBruHuf1971:C:1804-243-11
difficult to move (e.g. when one splits a bamboo section which is not fresh)katṳatBru [TS]The1980:C:848
difficult to movekumi̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:1241
difficult, miserableranṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:2812
difficultkrɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:1101
dikekhanBru [TS]The1980:C:912
dikekhuːBru [TS]The1980:C:994
diligent (sometimes, not habitually)thrɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3860
diligent; doing something consistentlyduʔBru [TS]The1980:C:399
dim, blurred (of leaves) to change colourssaalBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~90-2
dim, blurredsaːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2986
dip up (food)ʔɑ̃hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1013-2
direction, waycʌ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:320
dirt, soil, groundkatɛɛʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~781-3
dirt, soil, groundkutɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1302
dirty excretions from various parts of the bodysaluːBru [TS]The1980:C:3105
dirty, badɲəəpBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~385-1
dirty, obscene, morally disgustingprʌ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2600
dirty; covered with dirtmṳːm-ma̤wBru [TS]The1980:C:1731
disease or habit which cannot be curedpaji̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:2128
disgustedkanjʌːrBru [TS]The1980:C:738
dislocatedkuluʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1225
distant, far away in space (to shoot, to urinate, etc.)sadɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3012
distended; elevated and firmcɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:142
distendedkantɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:743
distortedbiǝwBru [TS]The1980:C:50
distortedrabitBru [TS]The1980:C:2677
district, district officermphɤːBru [TS]The1980:C:1694
divided portionpṳːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2660
dizzysawiːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3308
do not yetsapi̤awBru [TS]The1980:C:3220
do, maketaʔBruHuf1971:C:1879-253-11
doctormɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:1548
dogʔacɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:4112
dome-shaped bamboo cage for chickenssoːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3385
don'tcɔːjBru [TS]The1980:C:196
don'tɲcɔːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1776
done (cooked)ciinBruHuf1971:C:1887-255-10
doorlatɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1414
doorŋàh tʉ̀ŋBruHuf1971:C:1908-257-8
dorsal finkiːBru [TS]The1980:C:1017
dorsal part of a fish that is visible in waterkaci̤h krɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:611
dragging voicewi̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4079
dreampanawBru [TS]The1980:C:2176
dried and crisp (because of the heat from a fire)kriamBru [TS]The1980:C:1128
dried and crisp (because of the heat from a fire)kriamBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~806-2
dried fiber of the sponge or discloth gourdjɔ̤h-no̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:535
dried fibers (of the loufah gourd)ɲɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1779
drillsawanBru [TS]The1980:C:3302
drink, smellheitBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~477-2
dripping continuallyrajiahBru [TS]The1980:C:2727
droopingtuːpBru [TS]The1980:C:4009
drop into the water (of the moon) to setŋe̤etBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~846-2
drop the grain in the hole with one hand and cover hole with the othercacɑɑjBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~912-1
drumsaŋkɤ̤ːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3196
drumsəŋ kɨɨrBruHuf1971:C:1939-261-7
dry (in the sun)tiaŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~745-4
dry (in the sun)ti̤aŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~745-3
dry (of the face or skin)thaʔ-thaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3827
dry (of weather)puraŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2650
dry (season)praŋBruHuf1971:C:1963-264-8
dry (v.i . and adj.)rɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2713
dry (weather)puraŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~292-3
dry and crisp (of roast animal)kranBru [TS]The1980:C:1111
dry and crisp (something burnt by the sun)kadɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:626
dry and fluffy (of cooked rice)hoːj-haːjBru [TS]The1980:C:479
dry bambooʔaramBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~93-1
dry by firerɔɑhBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1035-1
dry dammerkhiː-le̤ː-luajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:967
dry sap used for making a torchkhiː-tɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:971
dry tree top (only the heart-wood is left)jɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:529
drylɛ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1439
duckti̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:3878
dull (edge)lùujBruHuf1971:C:1974-266-7
dull, drowsy, quiet, sad and lonelymɒ̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:1579
dumb, mutekɯːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1088
durable, enduringBruSid2005:C:258-2
dust particlesbrihBru [TS]The1980:C:97
dust particlesbrihBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~862-2
dust, fine particlessamuːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3136
dust, fine particlessamuːyBruSho2006:C:1483a-6
dysenterymo̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:1682
each other, one another, mutually (reciprocal pronoun)raʔaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2911
each otherraʔaːyBruSho2006:C:1435-3
ear (elsomebody)kutoːrBru [TS]The1980:C:1309
ear (of corn), flower cluster of the banana treempɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1684
ear ofraŋkɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2826
earthwormtalɔːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3548
eastcahBru [TS]The1980:C:167
eastmat mənaaŋ lɔhBruHuf1971:C:2003-270-9
easylambʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:1384
economical (with food)jɒːmBru [TS]The1980:C:516
edge (of a cliff, water)mpɛːrBru [TS]The1980:C:1689
edge, border (as of a plantation, village, etc.)ɲcɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:1773
edge, brink; the 1ips (of something)ri̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:2943
edge, the eavessɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2983
edgetiːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3900
eelʔiənBru [TS]The1980:C:4369
eggplant, aubergineŋkɯ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2045
eggplants that look like small, green berries (Solanum melongena)mbrɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1647
eggntre̤ːlBru [TS]The1980:C:1947
eighttakṳalBru [TS]The1980:C:3535
elbow[tɔːt] kɛːŋBruSho2006:C:891-10
elbowlakɛiŋ, kutkɛiŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~604-3
elder male siblingʔaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:4090
elephant (bull)kṳaŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1342-1
elephant tuskphalṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2318
elephantʔaciaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4118
emboldened, to became fascinatedɲaːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1740
emergency exit of an animal's hole (usually covered with dirt)hɒ̃ŋ phalṳǝjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:426
empty shells lying here and there on the groundntrɒ̤ŋ klɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:1941
empty-handedklɯːt ~ ʔaklɯːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1067
emptysanɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:3149
enameled basinsaːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2988
enclosure for confining animalslɔ̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:1427
enclosure, pasturekṳaʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~894-2
end (of a knife) that will be covered with a handlekasɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:780
end (point)koocBruHuf1971:C:2089-280-10
ended (to forget what's supposed to be told next)dɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:371
enduring, lasting, durable; to bear, to enduretɔ̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:3773
endsɔtBru [TS]The1980:C:3327
engrossed completelypumpi̤ǝBru [TS]The1980:C:2629
engrossed in doing somethingphɤːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2409
enough, sufficientphɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:2289
enough; to have a recess; to stop; to restca̤wBru [TS]The1980:C:193
entirely, complete1ycamBru [TS]The1980:C:177
equal; as asmaːhBru [TS]The1980:C:1549
equally set; to be neatly arrangedli̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1481
euphemism for a corpse, ghost, spirit, dangerous animalmbrawBru [TS]The1980:C:1645
evening, afternoontabəwBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~446-4
evening, afternoontabɨɨBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~446-3
everywhereraɲɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2782
evil spirit or demon that feeds on putrid meat and is reputed to inhabit mantajṳaBru [TS]The1980:C:3507
exactkràk lɨʔBruHuf1971:C:2145-286-9
excessively (as blood issuing)pṳakBru [TS]The1980:C:2607
excessively friendly, happy-go-luckyluəŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1525
exclamation expressing disagreement or displeasurembɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:1635
exclamation indicating contemptɲɔː ~ ʔaɲɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:1775
excrement; dung; waste; residuekrɛʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1123
exhausted, worn out (from being touched too much)jajhBru [TS]The1980:C:526
exhaustedʔitBru [TS]The1980:C:4378
existingnnɤ̤ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1899
explode, burstpadɑhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1032-2
expression requesting the medical man of the village to give treatmentwaj-saːBru [TS]The1980:C:4034
expression to hurt somebody who made a mistake (e.g. a boy who falls to the ground)kɛːhBru [TS]The1980:C:876
expression to tell a buffalo to stay stillkadɤːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:627
extending vertically to a height (of a stump, rock, bamboo shoot, etc.)pɔ̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:2245
extinguish (fire)patBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~332-2
extinguish, put out (fire)ʔapatBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~336-2
extinguished; to set (of sun, moon)patBru [TS]The1980:C:2215
extra finger (a sixth finger on the hand)taliwBru [TS]The1980:C:3566
extremely (slang)ʔidajʔ ~ ʔadajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4366
extremely bigkalɲɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:702
extremely energetic (of a child); very adroit (of a beau)blajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:63
extremely full (with food); fed up withpaʔiːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2233
extremely fullʔiaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4365
extremely lazypaŋaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2187
extremely naughtytathɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:3728
extremely redkalhɯːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:693
extremely stingykatikBru [TS]The1980:C:834
extremely tall and thin ghost that is always hungrypheːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2404
eye mucusphalṳh ma̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:2321
eye; the node or joint of a stemma̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1629
eyebrowkhiw ma̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:974
f1oatingdɔːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:355
faggot (classifier)randɔːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2793
faintingʔawi̤ːrBru [TS]The1980:C:4323
fall (from a high place)santrṳhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1363-3
family of small tuberous plants with large ornamental hastate-peltate leaves (Caladium [Araceae])ʔara̤wBru [TS]The1980:C:4263
familykrṳǝBru [TS]The1980:C:1142
familysakunBru [TS]The1980:C:3064
fang; toothklɔːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1054
fanrani̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2803
far apart (the space between bamboo strips in a woven container)haːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:411
far, remotejəə̤ŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~378-1
far, remotejɤ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:550
fart, pass windtihBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~648-3
fat (grease)nseeŋBruHuf1971:C:2220-298-9
fat and healthy (of a person)phacahBru [TS]The1980:C:2302
fat, chubby, well-rounded; healthyplṳǝBru [TS]The1980:C:2512
fat, grease, oilnsiiŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~590-3
fat, grease, oilnsiːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1918
father-in-lawkəjaa kuunBruHuf1971:C:220-29-9
father. daddy.pṳaBru [TS]The1980:C:2601
fatherkoːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1096
fathermpṳaBru [TS]The1980:C:1707
fatplɯ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:2505
fawning over a big animal (as small animal)nṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:1973
fear (v.)ŋkɔhBruHuf1971:C:2232-299-12
fearfulkaɲaːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:717
feel dizzysawiirBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~752-2
fellowkani̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:731
female (animal)ʔaakanBruHuf1971:C:2255-302-7
female in-lawkumanBru [TS]The1980:C:1233
female sex organsmɔʔBruHuf1971:C:2265-303-10
female sex organstìitBruHuf1971:C:2263-303-9
femalekanBru [TS]The1980:C:714
fencekrṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1138
festival; celebrationŋa̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:2003
fever (widely used among old people)ʔaʔiːBru [TS]The1980:C:4331
fever-nettle (Laportea crenulate [Urticaceae])ʔatɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:4300
feverishʔathriŋ ~ ʔathraŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4306
feverʔaa ʔiiʔBruHuf1971:C:2285-306-9
feverʔaʔʌjBru [TS]The1980:C:4332
few, few (of things)biǝʔBru [TS]The1980:C:51
few, few, little bitbiːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:55
few, littlebiəʔ biəʔBruHuf1971:C:2295-307-9
fiber; filamentɲa̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:1745
fiber; slender threads (found in tapioca)sɛnBru [TS]The1980:C:3338
fibrous covering of the coconutkhana̤n-tuəŋBru [TS]The1980:C:921
fibrous covering over the meat (of the jackfruit)buəBru [TS]The1980:C:108
field which is not ready for plantingtra̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:3941
field, plantationthrajBru [TS]The1980:C:3859
field, plot of landtɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3775
fieldthrɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:3863
fierce (of animals)rɛ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2930
fig treelawàhBruSho2006:C:241-5
figlawa̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1420
file (the tool)tabajBru [TS]The1980:C:3462
filled with (smoke or noxious vapors)klumBru [TS]The1980:C:1073
filled with (smoke or noxious vapours)klumBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1377-2
filledsaliːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3096
filling only the bottom of a containertalaːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3540
fine particles; pollensasaːBru [TS]The1980:C:3261
fine, soft (not rough)laŋṳatBru [TS]The1980:C:1403
fingerradɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2705
finished (complete)ɲɛʔBruHuf1971:C:2331-310-11
finished, done, ready; …and thencɤ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:232
fire, firewoodʔuːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:4400
fire, firewoodʔuːjhBruSho2006:C:1872-12
fireflymali̤ŋ lɒ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1582
fireflymalìŋ lɒ̀ʔBruSho2006:C:729-7
fireplace, stovetapɛhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~633-1
fireplacetapɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:3674
firm, stablethiaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3843
first branch growing from the trunkŋaː-khawʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1990
first person pronoun (usually used among men)raʔaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2912
fish (n.)ʔaakaaBruHuf1971:C:2352-313-10
fish (with line)coʔ rəbasBruHuf1971:C:2360-314-9
fish container made of rattan or bambookhɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:902
fish soaked with pineapple till fermentation takes placekhɛm-rana̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:959
fish spearsanɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3157
(fish) to tug at linebrùːnBruSho2006:C:914-6
fishhookrabajhBru [TS]The1980:C:2668
fishing netmṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1714
fishʔakaːBru [TS]The1980:C:4168
fist with closed thumbkupɔutBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1351-3
fist; handful (classifier)rapɔːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2841
fivesɤːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3347
flagthɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3835
flame upblɨɨBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~349-2
flamephalaː ʔuːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:2308
flash of fire coming out of the muzzle of a gunracaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2684
flashes of lightingbrialBru [TS]The1980:C:94
flashing (a light that can be seen at night)wa̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:4025
flat piece of metal covering the hammer of muzzle-loading guntaːt sani̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:3456
flat, become flatwɛ̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:4050
flatdaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:329
flatpɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:2258
flatsabɛːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3003
flatsuajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3389
fleampajBru [TS]The1980:C:1685
flesh (of a fruit)saluːBru [TS]The1980:C:3106
flesh on the breast (of a crab)mpɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1688
flickering lightblɯːpBru [TS]The1980:C:70
flint rockprialBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~796-2
float (stationary)dʉʉsBruHuf1971:C:2396-318-6
floating (of several things)latoːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1416
floating bamboo basket for keeping live fish in waterkasaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:778
floating up and down (of a boat or a log)pharcɯp ~ pacɯpBru [TS]The1980:C:2339
floats attached to a fishing net; an anchored buoypoːBru [TS]The1980:C:2533
(flowers, fruit, leaves) to drop off completelyrùːtBruSho2006:C:1059-2
flowerpear ʔaaluaŋBruHuf1971:C:2421-321-9
flowerpiarBru [TS]The1980:C:2465
flute, reed pipekhuːjBru [TS]The1980:C:996
fly (n.)rùajBruHuf1971:C:2428-323-9
fly (v.)parBruHuf1971:C:2425-322-9
fly's eggstamaːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3579
flying lemur (as big as a cat)tanjɯ̤ːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3630
flying lemurtanjɨɨ̤rBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~472-3
fog, misttalukBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1372-2
fog, misttalṳʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3574
fog, misttlṳʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1372-1
foggyplṳʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2519
folded back to one side (of legs)kalnuʔ-kalniapBru [TS]The1980:C:704
following with a slow jogging motionpharduːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2345
food (eaten with rice)sanaaBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~9-1
food from wild animal meatrawɛ̤h-rawi̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:2901
food made of ground meat (Lao laap)li̤apBru [TS]The1980:C:1466
foot, legʔajəɨŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~463-4
foot, stem, legʔajəəŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~463-3
foot; stem; legʔajɤːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4151
force or ram intocaci̤tBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~688-3
foreheadkali̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:697
forest, woodkrṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1139
forest; an area where one can find a large amount of somethingpaːBru [TS]The1980:C:2072
fork of a tree (that has been cut out)ŋaːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1992
fork of a treeŋki̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2039
four days from todayntro̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1959
fourth rank of royal officials under the absolute monarchypharɲi̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:2365
fourpoːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2536
fragile, upset easilyluŋkajhBru [TS]The1980:C:1531
fragments (of something broken)pharcɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2338
fragrant, sweet smellingmahṳəmBru [TS]The1980:C:1572
free of, avoidŋacBruHuf1971:C:2511-334-7
freezing coldsakɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3046
freewɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:4056
friable, loose, crumbling (of cooked potatoes or taros)phuʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2452
friend, fellowkani̤aBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~11-2
friendlytharBru [TS]The1980:C:3825
frightened, scared, startled; shocked, stunned with fearphiǝkBru [TS]The1980:C:2416
frightenedntro̤ːlBru [TS]The1980:C:1957
fringeɲṳajBru [TS]The1980:C:1970
frogʔacɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4115
frozen, congealkaamBruHuf1971:C:2538-337-6
frugal, stingykathiːBru [TS]The1980:C:821
fruit of the Indian beech (Pongamia glabra [Leguminosae])nlanBru [TS]The1980:C:1841
(fruit, leaves) to dropraplɛ̀hBruSho2006:C:2073-7
fruitpalajBru [TS]The1980:C:2150
frying pan with long handlekathaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:819
full (sated)pəsajBruHuf1971:C:2546-339-9
full of holesrahuaʔ-rahɯːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2720
fully developed; fatmṳkBru [TS]The1980:C:1723
fullpa̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:2171
funnytalɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:3552
further, onward, later, sometime in the futuremane̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1594
fussypumpe̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:2626
gablesanaŋ kaːBru [TS]The1980:C:3154
galangal (Alpinia galaga [Zingiberaceae])kurɯ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1287
gall bladdermi̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1670
gall bladdermi̤tBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~564-3
gall bladdermɨtBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~564-4
gallstoneniwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1825
garden, orchard, plantationsuǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:3399
gay, cheerful, lively; delightedsɯːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3379
gaze, stare atŋe̤eŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~662-2
geckorakajBru [TS]The1980:C:2735
generic term for fruitsmaːkBru [TS]The1980:C:1553
generic term for many creeping plantspɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2250
get, ablebəənBruHuf1971:C:2578-344-12
giant, an ogreɲa̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:1748
gibbonkuanBru [TS]The1980:C:1149
giftkrɨɨŋ naw ʔɔɔnBruHuf1971:C:2616-347-9
gill (of a fish)ŋɤ̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2023
ginger (Zingiber officinale)ʔasaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:4289
give birthbəən kɔɔnBruHuf1971:C:2626-349-9
gizzarddɛlBru [TS]The1980:C:366
gladʔɔːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4338
glands of the groinpanɛːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2178
glass, cupcɒːkBru [TS]The1980:C:134
gluteal portion of the thigh (of animals)kathoːjBru [TS]The1980:C:826
gnat, fruit-flypra̤ŋ-ʔapri̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:2558
gnatʔaɲɯ̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4236
gnaw; (of cattle) grazekrialBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~790-3
go a head! (to encourage someone to hurt a person or an animal)dɯŋ ni̤ʔ ʔɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:389
go away!jɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:547
goatpheʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2407
going up and down like a chicken's taildɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:348
goiterpadɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2098
goldjɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:544
gongkṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1151
good atkhɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:956
good luck, good fortunemaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1559
good, beautifulʔɑɑBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~876-3
good, beautifulʔɔɔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~876-4
good, fineʔɑ̃ːBruSho2006:C:193-4
good; beautiful; pretty; lovelyʔɒ̃ːBru [TS]The1980:C:4089
gooey, slimymblɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1642
goosehãːnBru [TS]The1980:C:407
gourd; gourd jug, kettleʔalṳǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:4205
gourddəəʔ ʔaaluəjBruHuf1971:C:2676-357-10
government check pointpɔtBru [TS]The1980:C:2251
gracefullythɯǝmBru [TS]The1980:C:3849
granarysuu doojBruHuf1971:C:2688-358-9
grandchildʔacawBru [TS]The1980:C:4114
grasshopperlaːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1342
gravepi̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2477
graveʔaacɛɛŋ tɨp kəmuucBruHuf1971:C:2702-360-9
great grandchildʔacɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:4116
greedy; to take advantagelo̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1511
greedykumpṳːrBru [TS]The1980:C:1251
green (unripe fruit)lamɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1381
greensiːwBru [TS]The1980:C:3363
grey (hair)plùaʔBruSho2006:C:436-5
grey hairedplṳaʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1230-3
groggy, numbmɯ̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:1677
group of people doing somethingraɲṳmBru [TS]The1980:C:2813
group, herdmṳːBru [TS]The1980:C:1729
groupcṳmBru [TS]The1980:C:310
guar, wild ox (Bos gaurus)saŋɔːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3184
guavasiː-daːBru [TS]The1980:C:3359
gulp (a noise made when drinking water)krṳatBru [TS]The1980:C:1140
gumsklɒːŋ sanBru [TS]The1980:C:1039
gun powder; saltpeterkaciəBru [TS]The1980:C:610
gunsani̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:3163
hail (precipitation)parɛːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2200
hair bunraɲṳǝm sɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2810
hair, fursasɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3264
hairsɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3328
half (of a round object); a piece, sectionsandahBru [TS]The1980:C:3159
half-digested grass in cattle intestinespri̤ǝBru [TS]The1980:C:2576
half-moon shaped cover for a boatpṳǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2621
half-moon shaped cover for a boatpṳəŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1249-2
half-ripehɤːmBru [TS]The1980:C:451
halfkhʌŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1001
hammerkṳanBru [TS]The1980:C:1150
hand (of bananas)talahBru [TS]The1980:C:3545
hand (of bananas)talahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~220-2
hand of bananas (cl.)təlahBruHuf1971:C:716-87-8
hand, armʔatejBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~694-4
hand, armʔatəjBruSho2006:C:66-6
hand, armʔatʌjBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~694-3
handful (of vegetables)saŋkam ~ sakamBru [TS]The1980:C:3194
handle of a big axe for cutting down big treesplṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2510
handle, strapŋṳǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2070
handletɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3450
handʔatʌjBru [TS]The1980:C:4316
hang on! hold it!tapi̤aw ~ sapi̤awBru [TS]The1980:C:3682
hang upʔabakBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~246-1
hard (not easy to break)le̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1436
hard; strong; stiffkɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:753
hardened by contractionkurɔːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1282
harrow; to harrowkri̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:1130
harvest (v.)kac sərɔɔBruHuf1971:C:2790-374-9
harvest rice (by stripping off grains)sɔɔtBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1009-2
has already been seen (something or somebody)tamɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:3597
hastily (to write)watBru [TS]The1980:C:4040
hastily and tactlesslyphuːt-phiːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2451
hatmṳəkBru [TS]The1980:C:1719
have no sense of tastenti̤ahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~493-2
have not done somethingɲjuahBru [TS]The1980:C:1830
have sexual intercoursetɛɛʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~613-3
have, existbəənBruHuf1971:C:2807-378-10
having a good flavornṳəBru [TS]The1980:C:1981
having a lot of round things everywhere (especially on the ground or the floor)raduːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2711
having a pattern like a hand-painted design (of plants of the bamboo family)tatɛːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3723
having a salty taste (of blood, sea water, nasal mucus, etc.)baʔBru [TS]The1980:C:24
having the abdominal cavity drawn inkhaniawBru [TS]The1980:C:925
having too much water (but a few pieces of meat)coːŋ-leːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:284
hawk upkarhaakBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~74-3
hawk upkharhaakBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~74-2
hawkkalaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:672
he, his, they, theirʔanBru [TS]The1980:C:4226
he, his, they, theirʔanBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~268-1
he, she; whonʌ̤wBru [TS]The1980:C:1988
he, shena̤wBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~346-2
he, sherabɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:2667
head (of something); the upper partphalʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:2322
head hairsɔʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1184-3
head, front, beginning, classifier for mountains or hillsplʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:2521
healed (of a wound)brɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:93
healthy, strong; strengthre̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2925
heart, centre (of wood)le̤eŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~599-2
heart, mindrəŋɨhBruHuf1971:C:2858-383-9
heart-wood (of a dead tree)le̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1437
hearthtaw ʔuusBruHuf1971:C:2866-384-9
heartpharcɛːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2337
heavily (of rain)ca̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:181
heavyntɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1925
heelkandʌːlBru [TS]The1980:C:728
helicopterhɯə-hɒ̃ʔ-me̤ŋ-pɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:472
hemorrhoidssaduǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3018
hemp ropepaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2084
here! there!ʔɯ̃hBru [TS]The1980:C:4383
here, she, whonə̀wBruSho2006:C:92-8
here, this placepanʌ̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:2184
herennʌ̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:1901
hereʔəət nnɤjBruHuf1971:C:2893-388-11
hiccoughssaŋʔʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3207
hide (tr.)pətʉ̀ʔBruHuf1971:C:2901-389-7
high (of a tree, house, post, etc.)ti̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:3899
high heelsjeːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:542
high pitch (someone is speaking or laughing)hɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:413
high pitchprɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2564
hill, mountain; land (as opposed to sea)kɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:866
hipkumpo̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1248
hit (with fists)cɔ̀kBruHuf1971:C:2954-395-10
hit (with stick)rəpiəsBruHuf1971:C:2941-394-8
hit with fisttəmBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~415-3
hive without larvae inside (of hornets, wasps and bees)hɔːtBru [TS]The1980:C:434
hoarse (of the voice)kro̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1136
hoarsesabaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3001
hoecɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:201
hold (in mouth)kuboomBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1108-2
hold (in mouth)kubuumBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1108-3
holding uprabɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2670
hole (cavity)hɔŋBruHuf1971:C:2974-398-10
hole (perforation)hɔŋBruHuf1971:C:2977-399-5
hole for sowing dry rice grainshɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:433
hole which is caused by rotten wood on top of a stalk of stumprambuaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2765
hole, pitpruŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1389-3
hole, pitprṳŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1389-4
hole, wall aperturepɒːŋBruSho2006:C:608a-1
holed (of a pot, frying pan, basket because of age)nlɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1854
holehɒ̃ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:425
hollow (from boring)prṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2591
hollow (under a big tree on a river bank caused by erosion)prɯ̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2580
hollow in a tree where animals, e.g. snails, monitors, etc. live during the dry seasonkani̤əŋBru [TS]The1980:C:733
hollow, hole, cavity (in a tree)tarɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3701
holy, sacred, potentkhɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:961
hone, whetstonerani̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2801
honeydəəʔ kəhealBruHuf1971:C:2987-400-9
hook (v.)səkɔɔŋBruHuf1971:C:2997-401-9
hook, barb, spinerambɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2764
hooksapiŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3222
hooktaŋkɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3646
horizontal piece of wood supporting parts of a roofkhɯːBru [TS]The1980:C:976
horn (animal)takɔɔjBruHuf1971:C:3006-402-9
horn, ornamental gable end for housestakɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3510
horn; a blowing pipe made of coconut leafkɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:873
hornettaʔuːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3761
horsefly; gadflycṳapBru [TS]The1980:C:297
horseʔasɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:4294
hot (from the sun or fire)haaŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~116-1
hot (from the sun or fire)haːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:412
hot (something that should be cold)kutawBru [TS]The1980:C:1298
hot (sth. that should be cold)katawBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~344-3
hot (weather)ʔɨkBruHuf1971:C:3018-406-1
hot tastinghərBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~306-3
hot, pepperyʔaharBruSho2006:C:1684-2
house (classifier)laŋBruHuf1971:C:3030-409-9
house in which someone dieshɯən-diːBru [TS]The1980:C:474
house lizardsatɛːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3278
housedɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:360
how manynseʔBruHuf1971:C:3066-413-8
how manynsʌjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1919
how much, how manynsiʔ~ɲchiʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~852-2
how muchməlɛʔBruHuf1971:C:3075-414-8
how, whyntrɤ̀wBruHuf1971:C:3039-410-9
howdah, the roof of a coupéjeːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:543
hownèew naʔBruHuf1971:C:3054-411-9
hownna̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1895
hownni̤ː na̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1900
humble (in words)rakʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:2760
humming (of insects)phɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:2389
hump on shoulder or back of cattlenɒːkBru [TS]The1980:C:1739
hunchbackedŋkiiŋ təkʉ̀ʉBruHuf1971:C:3093-416-9
hunt forcəcùaʔBruHuf1971:C:3120-419-6
hunter (professional)pri̤anBru [TS]The1980:C:2572
hurt, painfulti̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3915
husband's younger sisterʔadʌjhBru [TS]The1980:C:4127
husbandkajaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:644
husk, chaffsakaamBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~94-1
husk, chaffsakaːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3038
hut in foresttàpBruSho2006:C:1258-6
hut, shacksoːBru [TS]The1980:C:3383
hut, sheltersooBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1203-2
hutnlɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1835
I (polite)ʔasɔːlBru [TS]The1980:C:4292
I'm going. bye-bye then!coː ja̤wBru [TS]The1980:C:277
if…kumi̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1243
immediately swelling (e.g. when one hits a big snake)lakɔːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1368
immediatelyhɯʔ-haʔBru [TS]The1980:C:475
important person of the villageʔari̤ajhBru [TS]The1980:C:4271
in a glamorous wayradajʔ-radawBru [TS]The1980:C:2707
in a moment; to hurry, to hastenpi̤awBru [TS]The1980:C:2467
in a momentnnɛʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1897
in a vertical line (of a torn net or clothes, visual)lɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1438
in bloom; (of mushrooms) openbaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:6
in great quantity (of food collected)bɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:31
in heat (of animals)lapaːBru [TS]The1980:C:1406
in high mettlehaːwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:419
in love for a long timepajuːBru [TS]The1980:C:2133
in place of; instead of; on behalf ofte̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3787
in process ofkəmlaŋBruHuf1971:C:3156-424-9
in slivers, fine pieces (e.g. chopped green papaya, bamboo shoot, etc.)sampiətBru [TS]The1980:C:3133
incomplete; chipped; nickedsawɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:3300
inconvenient, unsmooth; to latchkhatBru [TS]The1980:C:942
inconvenient; with difficultykadiːtBru [TS]The1980:C:629
incorrectly (to weave)phitBru [TS]The1980:C:2424
increased action of the heart, indicating a condition of sicknessmahoːkBru [TS]The1980:C:1571
Indian gooseberrysalɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:3089
Indian pied hornbill (Anthracoceros albirostris)rakɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2747
indifferentsɤːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3342
indignantpharʔualBru [TS]The1980:C:2380
indigo (the substance)khaːmBru [TS]The1980:C:898
infectious form of polyneuritis, resulting in anesthesia of the skinpliǝBru [TS]The1980:C:2500
inguinal glandskhaj-laŋBru [TS]The1980:C:910
inner lining of barkmɒ̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:1554
inner part of a bamboo cylinder, or a kind of mushroomtati̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:3730
inner part of the prow of a boatkhɒː-cɒʔ tṳǝʔBru [TS]The1980:C:896
inner part, roomkhanɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:923
inner skin of plants of the bamboo familyduːlBru [TS]The1980:C:397
inner skin that covers the seeds of wild almond (Irvingia malayana [Simarubaceae])nlaːj-lakaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1833
insectʔakanBru [TS]The1980:C:4171
insufficientʔʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4407
integument, outer coveringntɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1922
intensifier for “to writhe”radajʔ-radawBru [TS]The1980:C:2708
intensifier used with to shake, to trembleŋi̤rBru [TS]The1980:C:2027
intensifier used with to wriggle (as of reptiles)ŋajʔ-ŋɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1999
interested (in the opposite sex)ʔɛːlBru [TS]The1980:C:4348
intestine, inside part, fillingrṳajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2963
intoxicatedbuːlBru [TS]The1980:C:124
iron bell for tying around cattle's neckphaŋ la̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2328
irontaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3457
island; a copse, thicket of treesdɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:327
it serves you alright!piajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2457
it serves you right!pakɒːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2141
it's better.khaj hɒ̃ːBru [TS]The1980:C:908
it's high time (that one must die or get sick, see krɒ̀ʔ)ki̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:1012
it's me. (used with peers)kɯ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1091
it's true, (this is normally used by women of the same age group)nti̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:1934
itch (n.)piihBruHuf1971:C:3239-434-10
itchy and sore; feel that something is prickingkankɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:739
itchynsɒːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1912
items that will be exchangedkumphaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1246
IkʌwBru [TS]The1980:C:1337
Iŋkɒ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2032
jackfruitpanajhBru [TS]The1980:C:2173
jar with a wide openingʔɛ̃ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4352
jarcɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:221
jerkingɲi̤k-ɲa̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:1821
jew's harpŋkṳajʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1312-1
Job's tears (Coix lachryma-jobi [Gramineae])sapṳaBru [TS]The1980:C:3226
Job's tearssapùaBruSho2006:C:122a-2
joinedracɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2686
joint (of the hand or foot)nlɔːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1853
jointtɔːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3767
just likekhɯːBru [TS]The1980:C:977
just right (i.e. not too dry)tramBru [TS]The1980:C:3939
just right (not too young or too old)phuǝmBru [TS]The1980:C:2441
just rightsam caːBru [TS]The1980:C:3116
just righttɒːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3440
just you wait!ʔajʌ̤ʔ nɛʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4165
justphujʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2444
justthujʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3868
jutting rocks or boulders forming tiers (an evasive term, meaning thekalɤːpBru [TS]The1980:C:690
kapok filamentskacṳarBru [TS]The1980:C:615
kapoknunBru [TS]The1980:C:1984
kapokŋi̤ːwBru [TS]The1980:C:2026
kettlekaː dʌːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:582
kettletaw kaːBru [TS]The1980:C:3748
kind of animal like a porcupine with soft spinessukaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3403
kind of bamboo basket which can contain 7 to 8 kgpṳamBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~944-1
kind of bamboo basketkataːBru [TS]The1980:C:790
kind of bamboo flutetariːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3707
kind of bamboo that has long segments between jointsʔali̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:4196
kind of bamboo with hairless stems and bamboo shootssurɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3415
kind of bamboo with hairy stems used for weaving rice boxesʔahɒ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:4130
kind of bamboo woven container big enough for a man to sit insana̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:3152
kind of bark which is chewed with betel nutnlɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:1831
kind of bean that looks like garden peas, but is somewhat white (Arachis hypoaeo)rapɛːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2844
kind of bean which looks like garden peas but somewhat white and has raw smellrapi̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:2848
kind of big chameleontrɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3933
kind of big fish looks like a snakehead mullet(ʔakaa) krɔ̤ŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1187-1
kind of big lizard with a green ring around the neckthrɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3855
kind of big round traykutɔːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1300
kind of big toadʔarɒ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4264
kind of big tree with scented yellow blooms and yellow fruit (Ochrocarpus siamensis [Gutlifarae])ro̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2957
kind of big tussock moth (mɛɛŋ man in Isan dialects)lamɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:1387
kind of big, reddish brown termitentra̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1943
kind of bird similar to a small pied hornbillkṳəʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1191
kind of black squirreltin-sɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3910
kind of brown ant as big as a termitetamɒːj kajBru [TS]The1980:C:3578
kind of bulbul (Pycnonotus blanfordi)pariawBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~849-1
kind of bulbul (Pycnonotus blanfordi)puriawBru [TS]The1980:C:2652
kind of bull-frogpruǝtBru [TS]The1980:C:2587
kind of carp with a red tailprɔ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2562
kind of children's game similar to sleddingsatṳutBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1281-1
kind of children's game similar to sleddingsatṳːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3295
kind of climber (the stem can be used for making rope to tielapɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1408
kind of climber vine (this can be used to drive water leeches away)pharsɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2372
kind of climber which looks like a rattan planttamaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3576
kind of cobrablaːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:58
kind of cone-shaped dipping net with a criscrossed handlecṳanBru [TS]The1980:C:295
kind of cone-shaped dipping net with diameter about 1 metercɒː-wɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:148
kind of creeping plant its tough bark is used to make crossbow stringklɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1041
kind of creeping plant, used in cookingpharji̤awBru [TS]The1980:C:2350
kind of creeping vine containing a lot of (drinkable) water in the stemsprṳm-prṳǝjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2589
kind of creeping vine with curly leaves, used in cookingpharcɔːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2336
kind of curry (chopped civet cat, squirrel, rabbit or eel is roasted with spices)ʔɒ̃ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:4094
kind of curryʔuʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4403
kind of cylindrical-shaped bamboo basket with a small openingʔaroːmBru [TS]The1980:C:4282
kind of dessert made of steamed sticky riceʔajʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:4163
kind of dessert made of sticky rice wrapped in banana leavestampɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3610
kind of dip-net with handlekatɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:803
kind of disease causing swollen body, yellow eyes and skinpɔ̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:2243
kind of dish (boiled eggplants mixed with preserved-fish sauce, green onion, mint)ca̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:175
kind of dish traplṳapBru [TS]The1980:C:1521
kind of earring with a setting like a ring and a bent stem like a hooktaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3448
kind of eatable green water-weed found in rice fields and streamsta̤wBru [TS]The1980:C:3745
kind of edible ground lizardɲɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:1794
kind of edible, thorny climber vinetra̤jhBru [TS]The1980:C:3937
kind of fireplace consisting of horizontal and vertical holes joining undergroundtaw haːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3747
kind of fish looks like a snakehead mulletʔakaa cɔ̤ŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1192-2
kind of fish trap looking like a fishing nettoːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3925
kind of fish trap that is set across a streamtanɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3627
kind of fish trap which looks like a cagecanBru [TS]The1980:C:180
kind of fish traptumBru [TS]The1980:C:3992
kind of fish trapʔarə̤əjhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~389-1
kind of fish trapʔarɤ̤ːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:4269
kind of fishtrapʔaruɔŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1248-2
kind of froghiːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:464
kind of frogʔakṳatBru [TS]The1980:C:4180
kind of fruit with a thick and hairy skinkluŋ-klaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1074
kind of good spiritthajBru [TS]The1980:C:3819
kind of grasshopperlaŋ-ŋkaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1401
kind of green bamboo as big as an arm with short sectionssaŋphajBru [TS]The1980:C:3201
kind of harpoon made of bamboolɛːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1434
kind of herb (Curcuma domestica [Zingiberaceae])puri̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2653
kind of herb (Zingiber casumnar [Zingiberaceae])pla̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:2487
kind of holy plant used for driving out the evils possessing someone's bodyphalaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2309
kind of holy plant, used for driving the evils out of bodyphlaajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~51-2
kind of hot and sour dishkɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:584
kind of hot and spicy dipcɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:219
kind of hot and spicy dish having galangal or lime grass as a main ingredientmi̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1665
kind of hot dishpɔnBru [TS]The1980:C:2244
kind of insect looking like a horsefly with striped wings sucks human and animal bloodsaruajBru [TS]The1980:C:3254
kind of insect similar to a bee, but it doesn't sting; its nest contains waxpeːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2267
kind of insect similar to beepeetBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~674-1
kind of insect that builds its nest in the ground (often flies around faces)sataːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3272
kind of insect that is normally found in figscuǝBru [TS]The1980:C:303
kind of insect which looks like a beeratialBru [TS]The1980:C:2888
kind of insect, known for its distinctive odor when crushed (Pentatomidae)mpɛːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1687
kind of intestinal wormri̤ː-rṳaBru [TS]The1980:C:2942
kind of long cloth bagta̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:3497
kind of musical instrument like a gongpharnɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:2362
kind of musical instrumentkajap-piːBru [TS]The1980:C:646
kind of palm tree with edible young leavessanaːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3147
kind of parsleyrasʌmBru [TS]The1980:C:2870
kind of percussion instrument made of seven or nine pieces of woodtṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3977
kind of physical tension which usually happens during the night while one is sleepingsarɯ̤ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3249
kind of plant similar to pampas grass having grayish-white flowersla̤wBru [TS]The1980:C:1419
kind of plant that looks like a small bambooʔasʌŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4298
kind of plant used as medicinepadɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2105
kind of plant which has small long leaves like bamboo (Leucopogon species)ni̤əmBru [TS]The1980:C:1814
kind of plant with fragrant rootstock and leaves and purple flowers and leaves are edibleʔapṳːn ceːnBru [TS]The1980:C:4259
kind of plant with purple flowers can be used to cure skin disease also edible after being cookedʔalɒːkBru [TS]The1980:C:4185
kind of plant, which looks like bamboo but is smallercɛrBru [TS]The1980:C:228
kind of red insect that looks like a fruit-fly buta little bit biggerʔajuʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4160
kind of reddish brown insect as big as a hornet but does not stingnlɛːŋ-kṳːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1857
kind of reptile looking like a centipede (light at it's rear like a fire-fly)karɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:767
kind of round bamboo traytawi̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3757
kind of sensation which is a combination of fright and disgustʔaɲɯ̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4235
kind of serious bamboo diseasepi̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:2454
kind of skin disease, caused by dampsaro̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3251
kind of small bamboo basket which can contain seven to eight kilogramspṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:2608
kind of small bamboo basket which is usually hung from the waistkajaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:645
kind of small bat which eats house mosquitoesʔaji̤ǝlBru [TS]The1980:C:4154
kind of small cricketʔabraŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4108
kind of small dip-netʔanṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4238
kind of small flying squirreltaliaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3562
kind of small squirre1kraːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:1102
kind of small squirrel with black and white strips on the backtaliəBru [TS]The1980:C:3564
kind of small toadʔanɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4230
kind of small tussock mothlami̤ǝʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1388
kind of small, wild mangopriǝlBru [TS]The1980:C:2578
kind of stoveʔaŋloːBru [TS]The1980:C:4243
kind of sweet acidic, juicy fruit (Baccaurea sapida)phalṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2317
kind of sweet fruit which looks like a cock's spur, bird pepper (Capsicum frutescens [Solanaceae])rantiǝwBru [TS]The1980:C:2806
kind of tall grasstrɛːŋBruSho2006:C:693-4
kind of tall, perennial grass or Johnson grass (Sorghum halapense)trɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3947
kind of Thai dessertkhaw-paːtBru [TS]The1980:C:945
kind of thornless bamboo, widely used to make fences and floors; it usually grows on the slope of a hillrakaːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:2734
kind of thorny bamboo tree (it is called máj kasáʔ in Isan)tawi̤ǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3756
kind of thorny tree, with its trunk, leaves and fruit like a Chinese datecɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:207
kind of timber tree with hard reddish-brown wood (Xylia xylocarpa [Leguminosae])paraːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2196
kind of trap (usually for rabbits)sadɑɑŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~959-1
kind of trap (usually used for rabbits)sadɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3009
kind of trap about 4 meters long made of hard wood with pointed end like an arrowtaw hɒ̃ːBru [TS]The1980:C:3746
kind of trap made of bamboo for catching small fishli̤anBru [TS]The1980:C:1461
kind of tree (its bark can be chewed with betel)thrɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3853
kind of tree with black bark (its leaves are used to poison fish)lahaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1355
kind of tuberous plant similar to caladiumkhaw-mukBru [TS]The1980:C:944
kind of vine the leaves of look like betel vine but stems are scalyrapɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:2832
kind of wasp building its nest in a bamboo section or leavespadɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2099
kind of white worm about 7 cm longŋkṳaŋ-radiːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2053
kind of white worm with thin hair; it lives in soil mixed with chaffkalŋɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:705
kind of wild fruit (màak jaaŋ in Isan)ki̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1020
kind of wild mango having sort of pinkish skinphɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2403
kind of wild plant (Cycas cirinalis [Cycadeae])phɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2394
kind of wild plant looking like a tomato plant but having no hair on the leaves and stemstoːŋ ʔaloːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3928
kind of wild plant, its leaves are edibletapi̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:3684
kind of wild tree with tart leaves used for flavoring curry has flat pods about 50 centimeters longlampaːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1389
kind of worm with poisonous hairtapaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3663
kind of woven bamboo container with a cylindrical shapesarɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3242
kind of woven bamboo containerhi̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:463
kind of woven, bamboo instrument used for trapping fish or frogsŋɛ̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2019
knavish, roguishkukɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1205
kneerakɔːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2742
knife (small)mpiatBruHuf1971:C:3307-443-8
knifempiətBru [TS]The1980:C:1696
knock downkətɛlBruHuf1971:C:3320-445-8
knot (v.)koolBruHuf1971:C:3331-447-2
knot on the outfit inside which items are hiddenkanɔːlBru [TS]The1980:C:724
ladder, stairsntrṳaŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~956-3
ladder; stairs, stairway, stepntrṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1960
lake (pond)rəpàŋBruHuf1971:C:3362-453-9
lame (of a chicken)jɔːtBru [TS]The1980:C:534
lampshadepoʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2543
lamptakiǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3533
land (as opposed to sea)kɔhBruSho2006:C:23-7
land (as opposed to sea)kɔhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1167-3
land leechplaɨmBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~371-3
land leechplʌʌmBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~371-2
land leechplʌːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2522
languagepharnaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2360
langurtalɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3553
lantern used in huntingkhoːmBru [TS]The1980:C:980
Laosli̤awBru [TS]The1980:C:1468
Laotian (an evasive term)ʔatiahBru [TS]The1980:C:4307
large amount of something sticking to one thing (e.g. fish in a net or feeding puppies with a bitch)raɲɛːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2796
large fish trap, usually used in a river where the water is about 8-10 meters deepkhaːBru [TS]The1980:C:895
large hole in treerampòːŋBruSho2006:C:622-9
large hornbillkùəʔBruSho2006:C:284-2
large kind of toadʔarɒ̀ʔBruSho2006:C:393-1
large mortar for pounding ricetapalBru [TS]The1980:C:3666
large temple drumsaŋkəːrBruSho2006:C:1584-17
large, cultivated, climbing shrub with strong-scented yellow flowers (Artabotrys odoratissimus [Annonaceae])nluajBru [TS]The1980:C:1876
large-sized ladle or spoon made of coconut shellcɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:143
larva nest found in buffalo dungbawBru [TS]The1980:C:23
larvatri̤ǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:3957
lassorambaːŋ-raŋbaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2763
last day of a ceremony or festivalŋaːj kutɔːʔ dɔːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1989
last, just pasttɛɛ ʔaanuaBruHuf1971:C:3400-457-7
late at nightdɯkBru [TS]The1980:C:386
late morningsaliaʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~695-1
latesuli̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3408
laughing thrush, Garrulax speciesphalìaŋBruSho2006:C:754-5
laughkərcaŋ rəwiəjBruHuf1971:C:3411-458-10
lawsuit, case(legal)pharnaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2361
layer (e.g. of harvested rice is fastened and piled in a stack)lṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:1518
lazyʔala̤ːhBru [TS]The1980:C:4184
lead by handtʌwʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~651-3
leadsakuəBru [TS]The1980:C:3063
leafsulaːBru [TS]The1980:C:3405
leaky (of a roof)rɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2910
leaning againstʔiːŋBruSho2006:C:494-4
leave it alone! let it be!tamanBru [TS]The1980:C:3584
leave meat to ferment by mixing it with salt in a small jarnlɔʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1371-3
leaves and sticks drifting along the riverhɤʔBru [TS]The1980:C:456
leaves of a kind of a strong-scented herb (Ocimum basilicum [Labiatae])tawɛːl lṳjhBru [TS]The1980:C:3752
leech (land)pləəmBruHuf1971:C:3452-464-7
leech (water)tɛ̀ɛhBruHuf1971:C:3459-465-7
left overŋɯ̤ǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:2057
leg bones (of four-legged animals)kumpuanBru [TS]The1980:C:1249
legs (of a person)nlṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1879
legs of a crabŋkɒːj ʔari̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2028
legsaŋkɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3195
lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus [Gramineae])tawɛːl ʔatɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3753
length or space between two joints or knots (as of bamboo or sugar cane)li̤awBru [TS]The1980:C:1469
leprosybɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:27
leprosykhiː-hɯənBru [TS]The1980:C:965
leprosytṳːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4013
let it be!thɔːj hɒ̃ːBru [TS]The1980:C:3830
let it be!thɔːj thɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3831
let it be!thɔːj ʔanBru [TS]The1980:C:3832
level (flat)səmɛɛpBruHuf1971:C:3485-469-7
liceɲcʌjBru [TS]The1980:C:1789
lid made of wood or bambootuʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4015
lid of a small, round, woven bamboo container used for carrying cooked sticky ricentɯ̤p ŋkhawBru [TS]The1980:C:1936
lid, cover (of a container)nta̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:1923
lie downbeʔBruHuf1971:C:3504-471-9
lie on backlaliaŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~129-2
lieutenantmuətBru [TS]The1980:C:1720
life (in terms of reincarnation)ci̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:242
light (n.)paŋBruHuf1971:C:3537-475-8
light (v.)bohBruHuf1971:C:3520-473-11
light (v.)cɔŋBruHuf1971:C:3516-473-12
light (weight)ŋhɛɛlBruHuf1971:C:3526-474-10
light weighŋhɛilBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~85-3
light weighŋhɛɛlBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~85-2
light, bright; dawnpa̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2185
light, brightklaʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~31-1
lighter flintpri̤alBru [TS]The1980:C:2570
lightly, to drizzle (to rain)briʔBru [TS]The1980:C:98
lightningtari̤alBru [TS]The1980:C:3702
lightsɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3331
like a duckniŋ-niajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1824
like that; soŋki̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2043
like thisni̤ː-nɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1816
like, as asna̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1768
like, likelyli̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1490
lime containerbɒːk puːnBru [TS]The1980:C:5
lime neutralized by turmeric (used as betel spread for chewing with the areca nuts)kupoːrBru [TS]The1980:C:1278
limpingpheŋ-phewBru [TS]The1980:C:2406
line of fishhooksphiakBru [TS]The1980:C:2412
lineage, descendantcɯ̤ǝBru [TS]The1980:C:267
linemanthatBru [TS]The1980:C:1610
liptambɛr bɛɛʔBruSho2006:C:1648-9
liquid (from nose and eyes)li̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1464
liquorblɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:65
little for womanja̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:532
lively, cheerfulnla̤ŋ-nlo̤ːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1848
liver spots, chloasmaʔaki̤ǝrBru [TS]The1980:C:4176
liverlṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:1519
lizard (skink)talṳaʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1208-2
loaded almost to the point of sinkingcɛ̤ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:214
lock, tuft, bunchtambuǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3593
long (of a bamboo section, human or animal body)salaːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:3069
long (space)tìiBruHuf1971:C:3591-481-9
long (time)duunBruHuf1971:C:3581-480-10
long and stretchingʔikɤ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4375
long bag-net for catching fishkuatBru [TS]The1980:C:1158
long enough to reach both sidestakaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3520
long feathers on the head of a bird, looking like a comb on a fowlpo̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2534
long hook used by an elephant-driver to control an elephantkri̤awBru [TS]The1980:C:1131
long piece of wood on which vertical beams are placedkani̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:734
long pieces of wood on a roof to which thatch-grass or tiles are attached tocɔːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:197
long time ago, once upon a timembʌʔ ~ tambʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1648
long time agoduːnBru [TS]The1980:C:398
long timedounBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1246-4
long timeduunBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1246-3
long, joint-less, straight stem of the pampas grass, used as a blow pipephalṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:2320
long, jointless, straight stem of pampas grass, used as blowpipephlṳhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1362-2
longkuti̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1308
look after, guard, take care, watch overkiaʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~780-1
look at, watchsəleeʔBruHuf1971:C:3602-482-9
looking like layersmale̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1580
looking sad and lonelytuajʔ-muajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3975
looking tired and weakmahaːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1563
loomkiːBru [TS]The1980:C:1018
loose (of a spinning-wheel)lɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1340
loosesaluajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3102
lose way, forgetklʌʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~395-3
lose, disappearpìtBruHuf1971:C:3607-483-11
loud (gunfire)dɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:336
loufah gourd, sponge gourdno̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1908
lover (of somebody else)sampṳəʔ ~ sumpṳəʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3134
low and soft (of a voice)mɒːj-mɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1551
low fence made from twigs and leaves to prevent animals from enteringpanɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2179
low, flat areatapi̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:3685
lower end (of a sarong)tri̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3958
lower end of the breastbonerajuŋ kruhBru [TS]The1980:C:2730
lower; slopingsaŋkrṳajBru [TS]The1980:C:3199
lowland field, open fieldteahBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~219-1
lowti̤apBru [TS]The1980:C:3886
lucky; to organize a pool (for gambling)hɛŋBru [TS]The1980:C:448
lump (classifier of rice, soil after being molded)ramṳːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2777
lump (of soil), piece (of small stone)ŋo̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2064
lump, apiece (of excrement)nlṳanBru [TS]The1980:C:1878
lump, clodpɯkBru [TS]The1980:C:2526
lump, mass, tabletnlʌmBru [TS]The1980:C:1885
lungssɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:3021
lying (of round objects)ʔiduːpBru [TS]The1980:C:4368
lying here, there and everywhere (as of men, animals or plants)nla̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:1840
lying in an open space(of long objects)ʔakɤ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4175
mad (of a dog)wùaBru [TS]The1980:C:4084
mad, crazy (only with people)jṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:572
made blunt (the sharp end of something striking a stone)rati̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2889
magic spell to protect oneself from black magicrabaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2669
magic spellpharnanBru [TS]The1980:C:2363
magic spellʔakɔ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:4174
Malay spotted dove (Turtur tigrinus)taparBru [TS]The1980:C:3667
Malay wild dog (Cuon rutilons)sakɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3045
male (animal)troosBruHuf1971:C:3642-487-9
male (animals, plants)kɔːnBru [TS]The1980:C:863
male (chicken)to̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3927
male (pig)to̤ːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3922
male animaltaŋkahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~222-1
male sexual organ (an evasive term)klajBru [TS]The1980:C:1048
male sexual organɲuajBru [TS]The1980:C:1969
malevolent demon sent by a sorcerer to devour the entrails of one to whom harm is desiredmana̤ːhBru [TS]The1980:C:1586
malevolent ghostmare̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1623
mall bellʔari̤ːwBru [TS]The1980:C:4276
mall size fish net which can be operated by two peopleɲɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1799
mangoɲɔʔ parliawBruHuf1971:C:3654-488-9
mansion, castlemaro̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1625
many, lot ofsaʔɯjBru [TS]The1980:C:3317
mannlawBru [TS]The1980:C:1850
marian plum (Bouea burmanica [Anacardiaceae])rasʌːrBru [TS]The1980:C:2871
mark (looking like a line, see pharhɒ̃ɒr)pharkṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2356
mark (looking like a long line)pharhɒ̃ːrBru [TS]The1980:C:2346
markettalaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3543
marrowplṳǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2514
marsh, swamp, mire, bograpa̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2839
mat (woven)ʔaapiərBruHuf1971:C:3665-490-8
match (n.)dɛːkBru [TS]The1980:C:362
material for pressing gun powder (coconut fiber, dry bamboo skin, etc.)mɒ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1561
maternal grandfathermo̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1680
maternal grandfatherno̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1902
mating (of dogs)ratiŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2891
mating season (of squirrels)priahBru [TS]The1980:C:2568
mattresskaraːlBru [TS]The1980:C:763
matpupi̤arBru [TS]The1980:C:2637
may I see it?ʔamɛʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4216
meadow, an open-fieldko̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:1093
mealpe̤ːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2260
measure of length equal to two metersʔacɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4113
meat around the loins of animalslapɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1407
meatsajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3035
median linetataːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3716
medical doctor, physicianphɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2405
medicinerahawBru [TS]The1980:C:2715
melon, cucumberŋkɛɛlBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~785-3
melon; cucumberŋkɛːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2035
melt, dissolvejɑhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1166-1
meritbunBru [TS]The1980:C:121
messy, uncleanntraʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1945
metal beltkhɛm-khatBru [TS]The1980:C:958
metal nettaː khaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3437
metal traythaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3814
method of curing a disease or black magic inside the body of a sick person using clean betel leavesbɔʔ thɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:34
middlediːBru [TS]The1980:C:380
milk; breasttɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:3768
millipedeki̤ː-kṳaBru [TS]The1980:C:1023
mind; heart and soul; feelingmi̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1671
missing fromkhaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:904
missing, lost from sight (of something)pi̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:2480
moldyrapluaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2856
mongoose (Mongos siamensis)suan-pṳanBru [TS]The1980:C:3391
monitorbɔːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:28
monkeytami̤rBru [TS]The1980:C:3603
monthkasajBru [TS]The1980:C:775
moon, monthkasajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~230-3
moon, monthkasʌjBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~230-4
moonkasajBru [TS]The1980:C:776
more or less than it should bepo̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2541
more than half; almost (finish, full, dawn)khɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:900
more than, -erlɯ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1499
more thanlɨɨnBruHuf1971:C:3740-500-8
more the morehɛ̃ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:445
more; againʔanBru [TS]The1980:C:4227
mortar (a cooking utensil)saʔʌːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3321
mosquito netmṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1727
mosquitomṳajhBru [TS]The1980:C:1710
most of the most, best of the best (emphatic)nsɔtBru [TS]The1980:C:1915
moth-eatenkakiatBru [TS]The1980:C:657
mother (a word used for animals or items to reveal their importance)ʔakanBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~269-1
mother (used for animals or to reveal importance or greatness)ʔakanBru [TS]The1980:C:4172
mother, mummype̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2269
mother-in-lawkəjaa kanBruHuf1971:C:235-30-10
mothermpe̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1690
motionlesscul-kulBru [TS]The1980:C:309
motor boatkalɔtBru [TS]The1980:C:680
mould into a lumpmṳutBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1283-2
mountain goatkɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:886
mountain goatkɛhBruSho2006:C:1967-6
mountain goatkɛhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~624-1
mountain imperial pigeon (Ducula badia)rajaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2723
mountain, junglekɑhBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1167-4
mouse-deer, chevrotainsaŋkɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3191
mousetrap which looks like a cage and is made of woodŋkɯ̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:2046
mouth of a stream (the spot where a stream meets a river)baːŋ toːmBru [TS]The1980:C:10
mouth; an openingbɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:38
mouthful, a bitenlṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:1877
movable framework of bamboo strips wattled together with creeping vines for fish trapphɯǝkBru [TS]The1980:C:2428
move overdiiʔBruHuf1971:C:3814-507-7
movement of a dog's tail or of a forked pole (for breaking offwɛːl-wɒːlBru [TS]The1980:C:4047
movie, filmnaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1757
moving about restlessly; crawling here and therelṳt-la̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1535
moving action of a fan, leaves, paper, fish tail, etc.wi̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4080
moving action of fin, leaves, paper, fishtail, etc.wi̤ʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~685-1
moving quicklyweːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4052
moving up and down (as of the chest)ni̤wʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1826
moving up and down (under a piece of cloth or underground)radɯːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2710
moving with no difficultymɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1560
muddy placesalʌwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3112
mudnlo̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1875
mushroomtri̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3956
mushy, pulpy, soggyʔe̤ː-le̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:4349
musical instrument made of bamboo reeds, producing sounds similar to a mouth organke̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:879
musty odormahɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1564
mutually equal, equivalent, evenphiaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2414
mythical serpentŋɯ̤ǝkBru [TS]The1980:C:2056
nailntre̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1948
nailtapuːBru [TS]The1980:C:3691
nakedlalɯ̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1375
nameramɯ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2771
nape of neck, occiputtakɒːŋBruSho2006:C:505-2
nape of the neckʔakṳh takɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4181
narrow (of opening, the end of something)ɲɔh-ɲɔːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1780
narrow and shallow part of a stream (that is used as a ford)kana̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:722
narrow space between two forests (it is a good spot for trapping animals)kṳarBru [TS]The1980:C:1155
narrowke̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:882
nasal mucusʔahũərBru [TS]The1980:C:4144
natural pit (not a man-made one)soːkBru [TS]The1980:C:3384
navel, the belly buttontalùujhBru [TS]The1980:C:3572
near an edgetɒːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3454
near, closecɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:230
nearly, almostrṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:2964
neck; narrowest part of a streamtakɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3512
necklacesaj-sɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3032
needle, pinmanci̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:1587
neither more nor lesstṳkBru [TS]The1980:C:3990
nephew, niecekamɑɑnBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~951-2
nephew, nieceramɑɑnBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~951-3
nest (for a hen to lay eggs)kanɯ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:741
nestsanɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:3155
net (used for trapping birds or rabbits)ci̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:264
net for trapping fowlstaŋbaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3642
net scales; lines indicating weight on a scaletaː ci̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3436
nettle-rash (a skin disease)ʔawa̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:4319
newsci̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:236
newtamajBru [TS]The1980:C:3580
next to, attached toratiːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2890
nightsadawBru [TS]The1980:C:3013
ninetake̤ːhBru [TS]The1980:C:3528
no longer sleepyŋa̤jhBru [TS]The1980:C:1997
no longer sleepyŋàjhBruSho2006:C:1885-3
no, nothing, not at allntʌː lɤ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1966
node, knot, knobpuːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2659
noise (of rain, water and wind), heard from far awayhɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:431
noise made when one sniffs (e.g. from a cold or crying)thriwBru [TS]The1980:C:3865
noise of a knife hitting somethingtupBru [TS]The1980:C:3996
noise of bees flying out of the hive or the noise of a burning firewɯ̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:4081
noise of many people loudly expressing warm welcome, noise of several dogs barkingtre̤ːwBru [TS]The1980:C:3949
noise of somebody calling buffalosʔeːp-ʔeːpBru [TS]The1980:C:4355
noise of somebody paddling a boattrɔjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3944
noise of something falling downʔɯʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4386
noise of water flowing strongly, somebody vomitingtaʔuːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3762
noisy (as many infants are crying and screaming)raciajʔ-raŋaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2697
noisy, white-headed birdphali̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2314
noisyhɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:408
noisysaʔiːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3316
noonthiaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3844
northŋkàh pəəŋBruHuf1971:C:2025-272-9
nosemṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:1721
not fast in doing things; not smoothrakɔʔ-rakɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2745
not filling the lungs (e.g. when one has an attack of asthma)rahuahBru [TS]The1980:C:2719
not firmly closed (of a cork or a lid)tabʌːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3477
not free; busy oneself withmi̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1666
not hard, quite soft (of fruit that has started to ripe)thiwBru [TS]The1980:C:3848
not inflammable, easy to extinguishŋɒ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2009
not know, without one's knowledgendaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1792
not properly cookedkalɲɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:703
not solid, friable from dry-rotthuǝjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3867
not straight (when making bamboo strips)sɯǝkBru [TS]The1980:C:3372
not talk to each otherraʔɔtBru [TS]The1980:C:2914
not tasty (because it is too hard)maɲɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:1595
not very long (time)caj-raj-rajBru [TS]The1980:C:173
not, notʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:4018
notebooksamutBru [TS]The1980:C:3135
nowsanṳaBru [TS]The1980:C:3175
notɒːhBru [TS]The1980:C:3439
number; underground lotterybɤːBru [TS]The1980:C:43
numbŋkɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2034
obscene, indecent; in a sloppy, messy, uncouth mannermprʌ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1706
obscurely in the water (be seen)tadukBru [TS]The1980:C:3487
occipital portion of the skull, napeŋɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1993
odd (number)ki̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:1022
odour (bad)phooŋBruHuf1971:C:3968-526-5
odour of urinesɔɔŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~974-1
(of a baby) to turn overkrɨ̤pBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~552-1
(of a boat or container) leakyhɑ̃ɑjBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~914-2
(of a casting net) to spreadla̤ʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~185-2
(of a fire) to spreadhuarBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1345-2
(of an opening of a container) broadtawa̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~221-2
(of fruit) abundantbɑɑŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~958-1
(of leaving things) to lie face uptli̤aŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~129-1
(of rain) heavilyca̤nBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~419-1
(of skin, fruit) wrinkled, wiltedsasuatBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~639-2
(of wood) to break offslɑhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1027-3
offering to a molam (folk dance) teacherʔɒ̃ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4103
officer (e.g. soldiers, police, clerks, ctc.)ʔaɲaːBru [TS]The1980:C:4228
offspringkɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:590
ofkhɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:935
oh dear! (an exclamation indicating surprise)kuce̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1180
old (of a village, an engine)ti̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3890
old (of cloth, net, mat)ʔaɲɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:4231
old (thing)tìaʔBruHuf1971:C:3991-529-9
old (things)tiaʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~492-3
old (things)ti̤aʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~492-2
old onekati̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:832
old swiddenthrajBruSho2006:C:167-2
older female siblingʔʌːjBru [TS]The1980:C:4405
older male siblingʔacaajBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~46-2
older siblingʔaajBruHuf1971:C:100-18-13
older siblingʔəəjBruHuf1971:C:100-18-14
oldthawBru [TS]The1980:C:3826
omenphali̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2315
on duty; a deposit (given as security)pacamBru [TS]The1980:C:2095
on firekaatBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~166-3
on firekaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:596
on time; to be able to catch up withsatʌːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3297
on top oftɔŋBruHuf1971:C:4017-532-9
once in a whileci̤ak-kaci̤akBru [TS]The1980:C:238
one of a pairkiŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1031
one of a pairmaŋka̤h ~ maka̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1620
one who is deadpharBru [TS]The1980:C:2332
one who is pierced by a worm! (a mild scolding)tampajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3606
one's inheritance, wealth, property, treasuremṳːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1732
onemṳəjBru [TS]The1980:C:1718
onlymah kɤjBruHuf1971:C:4043-534-12
open (an umbrella), carry (leaf, piece of paper) to keep rain or the suntapɨ̤ɨŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~465-2
open (v.)pəhBruHuf1971:C:4049-535-9
open mouthkahaaBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~15-3
open mouthkahãaBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~15-2
open patio (adjoining the house)ci̤anBru [TS]The1980:C:240
open slightly (of fully developed potatoes, taros, fruit)phacahBru [TS]The1980:C:2303
open space (in a forest)lahɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1357
open space under a housentro̤ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1958
open, empty, clearedtatṳahBru [TS]The1980:C:3739
open, unlockpəhBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~358-2
open, wide level area such as a courtyard, lawn, terrace, fieldsaŋaːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3182
opening, narrow passagehɒ̃ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:406
opening, narrow passagesahɒ̃ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3023
openingŋa̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1995
openkalhɛʔBru [TS]The1980:C:692
openʔahɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:4132
opiumphinBru [TS]The1980:C:2422
opposedkhat ɲɛɛŋBruHuf1971:C:4057-536-10
organ on sides of tail of male monitor that helps to hold on to female when matingkri̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:1125
other, anotherkanɑhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1028-2
otherkanɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:719
otterphɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:2397
outside of the roompanṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2183
outside, a bare area (no big trees) in the foresttiahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~496-1
outsidenṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1980
outstanding thing in the middle (of the upper lip and the nose)raɲɔːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2787
over-ripethruːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3866
overripe that skin turns dark (said of all kinds of fruit except bananas and mangoes)ɲɯ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:1890
owlkurɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1284
owlʔakuːpBru [TS]The1980:C:4182
owlʔamiːmBru [TS]The1980:C:4219
pace, stepraŋjaːwBru [TS]The1980:C:2823
package, pack (of cigarettes), case (a pillow)sɔpBru [TS]The1980:C:3326
packageɲjɔːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1829
paddlepani̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:2180
paddy, unhusked ricethrɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:3852
pairbaar lamBruHuf1971:C:4140-546-9
pairkṳːBru [TS]The1980:C:1311
palatekaldʌːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:686
pale (e.g. a dead body, ctc.)talɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3544
pale, colorlessŋo̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2065
pale, colourlessŋo̤otBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1154-1
pale, faded (of color)li̤ahBru [TS]The1980:C:1457
palm (of the hand); the sole (of the foot)talaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3541
palm (of the hand)ʔakaːBru [TS]The1980:C:4169
palm civet (an evasive term, see sampiaʔ)ʔasimBru [TS]The1980:C:4295
palm civet (Viverra zibetha)sampiaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3132
palm civetsapiakBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~706-2
palm civetsəmpiaʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~706-1
palm, soletlaaŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~137-3
pangolin (Manis javanica)manjṳəlBru [TS]The1980:C:1598
panic (of a group of people)pharsʌːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2374
papayamahũŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1574
paperciəBru [TS]The1980:C:244
parcel wrapped in clothpharnṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2368
parched, scorched, singedprɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2565
parent's younger sisterʔawàBruSho2006:C:236-4
part (of an arm or leg)li̤awBru [TS]The1980:C:1470
part a little above the wrist or the ankletakɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3513
part of a bamboo fish trap which prevents the trapped fish or crab from escapingŋaː-khumBru [TS]The1980:C:1991
part of a big tree at the base (looking like a wing)phɯŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2432
part of a post (from the floor to the ceiling)duətBru [TS]The1980:C:394
part of a wedding ceremony (bumping the bridegroom's head against the bride's)maruːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1626
part of fish trap (its function is to prevent trapped fish from escaping)cɔːrBru [TS]The1980:C:198
particle used at the end of the clause to show that it is a command or entreatydɤːBru [TS]The1980:C:372
partly ripe paddyntɯpBru [TS]The1980:C:1935
pass byluatBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1003-1
pass windteihBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~648-4
passage, pathranaːBru [TS]The1980:C:2779
past, the old dayskrɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1114
patchtanaːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3619
pavilion, or temporary shelter, roofed with cloth, canvas, thatch or leavesphaːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2291
pavilion, wayside sheltersala̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:3067
pay (bill)ʔaalɔ̀h praʔBruHuf1971:C:4158-549-4
peacockri̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2940
pebbles, graveltɛːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3782
peel (with a knife)siilBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~728-2
pellet (of betel nut for chewing)me̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1654
pencilsɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:2981
pendulumkatoːnBru [TS]The1980:C:837
Pentace burmanicakasiatBruSho2006:C:1103-3
perchkṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1152
percussion capdɒːk kɛpBru [TS]The1980:C:325
perhaps (something bad may occur)cɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:231
person (n.)kənèaBruHuf1971:C:4210-558-12
person (n.)kʉajBruHuf1971:C:4209-558-11
person (used by a speaker who is older than the one who is referred to)mbɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:1636
person who is prone to homosexualitykathɤːnBru [TS]The1980:C:820
person who is skilful at doing somethingna̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:1747
person, human beingkoajBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1225-4
person, human beingkuajBru [TS]The1980:C:1148
person, human beingkuajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1225-3
pertaining to hearingtṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3995
pertaining to the wife's sidekajaaBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~14-1
pertaining to the wife's sidekujaːBru [TS]The1980:C:1193
pervertedʔali̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4197
pestle (for pounding rice)ntre̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1946
petal; a foldkiːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1027
petrified because of fearkadaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:622
pheasantkalʌŋBru [TS]The1980:C:707
phlegmrahaːkBru [TS]The1980:C:2714
pick liceboujʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1083-1
pick, dig outkaajBruHuf1971:C:4231-561-9
pickyʔahiʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4142
picture, photographrṳːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2979
piece (of split bamboo flooring)sandahBru [TS]The1980:C:3160
piece of a (bee wax)piaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2463
piece of firewoodnlṳːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1884
piece of iron for pushing gunpowder into the muzzle of a firearm, ramrodsamphuː sani̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:3131
piece of metal having many small holes, used to mince turmericrṳaBru [TS]The1980:C:2960
piece of metal propping up the triggerkadɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:618
piece of wood that is picked up to hit somethingrakalBru [TS]The1980:C:2736
piece of wood that latches a traplɛːŋ-kɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1440
piece of wood to wipe excrement (for both men and animals)ranuahBru [TS]The1980:C:2808
piece of wood used to make the rim of the lid of a rice containerrawiːBru [TS]The1980:C:2905
piece or length (of split bamboo)pharna̤ːhBru [TS]The1980:C:2358
piece or length of split wood (of the bamboo family)diwBru [TS]The1980:C:384
piece, segmenttṳanBru [TS]The1980:C:3976
piece; meat (in curry or soup)tɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3446
piercingblaːwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:61
pig (an evasive term used only for scolding)ʔacṳːjBru [TS]The1980:C:4121
pig troughtapuaŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1249-1
pig-tailed monkeykumi̤t ~ kami̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1242
pigeon pea, congo-bean (Cajanus indicus [Leguminosae])ntrɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1950
pigeon[cɛːm] plɯ̀ʔBruSho2006:C:448-3
pigʔali̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4200
pile of small pieces of wood or grasspeːBru [TS]The1980:C:2255
pile, heapkanɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:718
pilekɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:594
pillow, cushionkhaniəBru [TS]The1980:C:926
pimpleskasiːwBru [TS]The1980:C:785
pinch (classifier using 2 or 3 finger tips to pick up something)raŋjipBru [TS]The1980:C:2824
pinch of something (classifier, using 5 finger tips to pick up something)raŋjup ~ rajupBru [TS]The1980:C:2825
pinch off, plih nip off, to pinch offplɛhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~629-2
pinch, griptakapBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~147-1
pine treesəŋɔɔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~888-1
pineapplerana̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:2785
pipe, chimneytṳaBru [TS]The1980:C:3973
pit, big holeprṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2592
place for boats to approach the landti̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:3879
place mat for a pot or a jar (made of cloth or woven grass)rawialBru [TS]The1980:C:2903
place to set a fish trap; area where a certain kind of fish liveslṳəŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1527
place to which the sun cannot shinetṳːpBru [TS]The1980:C:4011
place where rice potatoes etc. are stored (looks like a water tank but made of bamboo)thɒːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3810
place; areakɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:885
placed in a rowlɛt-nlɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:1451
placed too close to the edgetaminBru [TS]The1980:C:3602
placenta (for human-beings)dɔŋ ranɛːnBru [TS]The1980:C:361
placenta (normally used with animals)rɔ̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:2921
placebɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:7
plague, rinderpest, anthraxpi̤akBru [TS]The1980:C:2459
plane (v.)sɔʔBruHuf1971:C:4294-570-7
plank of wood laid at the bottom of a boat, used as a benchsanɛ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3162
plank of wood nailed to the wall to support itkani̤ap dɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:732
plank of woodpɛːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2263
plant (v.)cohBruHuf1971:C:4305-571-11
plant louse, an aphidʔale̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4193
plate of glassnla̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1845
platecaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:137
play stringed instrumentʔɔɔtBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~997-1
playing cardsphajBru [TS]The1980:C:2306
pleasehɒ̃ːBru [TS]The1980:C:403
pleasing talk, mouth-honoringbɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:39
plenty, a lot of; encumbered (as by many small pieces of baggage)ratṳŋ-rate̤ːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2894
plenty, lot of; full ofʔɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:4340
pliers, pincerskhiːmBru [TS]The1980:C:968
pliers; pincerski̤ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1024
plow (n.)pənìaŋBruHuf1971:C:4324-574-2
pluck (leaves); cut grasskajʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~191-2
pod, earndɔhBruHuf1971:C:4334-575-8
pointed ends of an axe bladeŋe̤ː-cuaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2017
pointed stick used as a spadesaŋkaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3192
poison, venompiihBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~713-3
poison, venompi̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~713-2
poisonous snake having a triangular-shaped body with alternating black and yellow ringspharki̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2355
poisonphitBru [TS]The1980:C:2425
poisonsanɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3146
poke (with finger nail, stick, etc.)cootBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1152-2
pole used for carrying loads on the shouldertaŋkraːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3649
polite term used in calling young womenni̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1813
poortùh kədiitBruHuf1971:C:4349-577-4
poortṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:3989
porcupinesukʌːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:3404
porous, fluffy (used with sugar canes which have turned white and become dry)caːwBru [TS]The1980:C:147
postlakBru [TS]The1980:C:1364
posttanɔːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3623
pot used for roasting rice or chilikakeːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:656
potʔadɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:4125
pound (hammer)tɛhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~619-3
pound (rice)klɔhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1169-2
powder; dustphɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2395
powdery residuerabuːn ~ rambuːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2682
pregnant; to set (ears of paddy); bulgingmpɒ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1686
preserved fish (fish preserved with salt and bran or roasted rice)pharhɒʔ ~ phahɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2348
preserved fishʔahɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4136
preserved for (as in case of need)phɯǝBru [TS]The1980:C:2427
pretty, goodʔɔɔBruHuf1971:C:4393-583-10
prey, baitɲɯ̤əBru [TS]The1980:C:1887
priceraki̤a ~ laki̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:2750
prints (of fingers and feet)lɨmBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~262-1
prints (of fingers and feet)lɯ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:1498
prison, jailkhukBru [TS]The1980:C:991
processionhɛ̃ːBru [TS]The1980:C:441
protruding edge (of a body organ or a container)tambɛrBru [TS]The1980:C:3591
protruding fleshsalɛːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3086
protruding lipstambuatBru [TS]The1980:C:3592
protruding, swollen, bluntracɤːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2696
pull (drag)hɔɔrBruHuf1971:C:4435-586-6
pull (lead)dɨʔBruHuf1971:C:4426-585-7
pull on, pull tight (rope, arm)ntɔ̤ŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1068-3
pull out (hair, feather)puajʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1081-2
pull outbɔʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1178-2
pull up a small plantpṳujʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1081-3
pull uprəəʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~448-1
pulp or pith of fruit; uterus, wombkulɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1220
pumpkinkadʌwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:633
punishmentto̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3930
puppethunBru [TS]The1980:C:497
pure; innocent; perfectpɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2093
pusmannṳŋ ~ manṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1604
put (a support) under head, prop uptakɯɯl~kɯɯlBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~456-1
put (in)coʔBruHuf1971:C:4464-590-9
put (place)ʔaacʉhBruHuf1971:C:4455-589-4
put (support) under headtakɯːlBruSho2006:C:1705-13
put on (pants)klaaj sʉŋBruHuf1971:C:4474-591-8
put on (shirt)coʔBruHuf1971:C:4488-592-11
put on (shirt)sɨpBruHuf1971:C:4489-592-10
put out tongueBruSid2005:C:725-1
Python reticulatusʔapɨ̤ɨtBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~475-3
question word for yes-no questionbɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:2
question wordmanlɛ̤ʔ ~ malɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1600
question wordʔɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:4128
quicklywa̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:4033
quicksandsanɔmBru [TS]The1980:C:3156
quiet; quietlyraʔiapBru [TS]The1980:C:2915
quietly (to hide)tratBru [TS]The1980:C:3942
quietly (to sob)siw-siwBru [TS]The1980:C:3371
quite drysaʔʌːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3323
quite pointed and short; cone-shaped (of a container)suajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3390
quite steepsaŋhaːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3189
quite, rather, hardlytadiʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3486
rabbitkataːjBru [TS]The1980:C:792
rabbittin-saːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3909
rafter, the side beams of a roofsaɲṳəBru [TS]The1980:C:3176
raftpe̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:2257
rail of a bridgesampɒːj radɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3128
rain (n.)mèaBruHuf1971:C:4515-595-10
rainbowmərèeŋ jɔŋBruHuf1971:C:4521-596-9
rainmi̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:1662
raise (pigs)siənBruHuf1971:C:4530-597-7
raise, liftʔajɯ̤ɯBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~447-2
raising too much trouble in doing somethingkɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:889
rake (v.)kaajBruHuf1971:C:4537-598-8
rambutanŋɒ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2010
rancid, spoiled; sullen, wrypaʔuːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:2236
rancid, spoiled; sullenpəʔuujhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1272-2
rancid, spoiledpaʔuːyhBruSho2006:C:1875-3
range (as of mountains)khuːjBru [TS]The1980:C:997
rank (in the military, police, etc.)ɲɔ̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1787
rapidly in successionbrialBru [TS]The1980:C:95
rapidlyphɯːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2431
rapidscṳarBru [TS]The1980:C:298
rash or skin disease caused by bad circulationpadɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2106
rat, mousekanajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~572-3
rat, mousekanʌjBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~572-4
rather fair (of complexion)brahBru [TS]The1980:C:88
rather, fairly, quiteʔarɯ̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:4278
rattankarajBru [TS]The1980:C:764
ratkunajBru [TS]The1980:C:1255
rays; radius (of a circle)sɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3333
ready to fall apart at a touch (as of cooked potato, yam, taro, etc)laʔʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:1426
rear of an arrow (with a leaf used as the flight)tampɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3605
reartri̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:3952
red (as the glowing embers of charcoal)rahɯːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2718
red antkraŋkrɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1116
red mark on the skin (indicating that one was hit or bitten)paduǝrBru [TS]The1980:C:2112
redkusawBru [TS]The1980:C:1293
reel; a tubelɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1351
refuse, leavings, residueɲjahBru [TS]The1980:C:1828
regimentkhaːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:897
relatively higherŋɤ̤ːrBru [TS]The1980:C:2024
relativessɛːm-saːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3329
religious ceremony to dedicate merit to those who have passed awayrapɤːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2847
reluctant to give up; possessivekarʌːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:772
remainder after rice is huskedntrɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1938
remaining poisoned fish (they are usually picked up the next morning)pharʔuːBru [TS]The1980:C:2381
remains (desiccated)ki̤apBru [TS]The1980:C:1009
remie; hemp; flaxtama̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:3581
repeatedly (to jerk), sharply (to pull)brɯʔBru [TS]The1980:C:100
resin of some particular kinds of trees; dammar pitchnlɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1856
resin, sap, slimesiǝtBru [TS]The1980:C:3356
resin, sapsiətBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~778-1
resin, sapsiɛtBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~778-2
resonant cylinder, made of bamboo, used as a drum for signalingkalɒ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:668
resources or wealth available for investment, capitaltṳnBru [TS]The1980:C:3994
restless, uneasy, anxious aboutmahujh-mahajhBru [TS]The1980:C:1573
restless, uneasy, nervoushũanBru [TS]The1980:C:485
restless; itchingsaŋhajBru [TS]The1980:C:3190
revolve (tr.)pinBruHuf1971:C:4619-607-7
revolving slowly (as a long piece of wood falling from a high place)maleːŋ-kheːŋ-khaːBru [TS]The1980:C:1581
rhinocerosrami̤ajhBru [TS]The1980:C:2769
rhythmically (beating of the heart); spasmodically (having a pain)dɯːtBru [TS]The1980:C:388
ribŋhaaŋ bəraanBruHuf1971:C:4631-609-9
rice (cooked)doojBruHuf1971:C:4642-610-9
rice (husked)ʔaasaʔBruHuf1971:C:4647-611-9
rice (plant)sarɑɑBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~889-4
rice (plant)thrɑɑBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~889-3
rice (unhusked)sərɔɔBruHuf1971:C:4649-612-10
rice bird, weaverbird (Ploceidae)pliːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2503
rice branʔalɯ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4202
rice branʔəlɯ̤ʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~511-2
rice cleaned of the husks and pounded flatmpɯ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:1700
rice noodles, usually eaten with curry or spicy saucekhaw-punBru [TS]The1980:C:946
rice strawnsɑɑʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~921-3
ricefield (dry)suənBruHuf1971:C:4681-615-10
ricefield (wet)nèaBruHuf1971:C:4670-614-11
ricedɔːjBru [TS]The1980:C:354
rich, lucky (getting many things or a lot of money)lṳajBru [TS]The1980:C:1515
riddle (a game usually played at night)mantiəjhBru [TS]The1980:C:1611
ride (v.)cìhBruHuf1971:C:4684-616-10
ridge (of the nose)ŋkṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2050
ridge of noseŋkùaŋBruSho2006:C:517-2
right (side)ʔaatɔ̀mBruHuf1971:C:4693-617-9
right sideʔatuamBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~481-2
right sideʔatɔamBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~481-3
right, correctkrajBru [TS]The1980:C:1105
rim of a woven container (edges tucked in)rawɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:2900
rim, edge, end (of a shirt or trousers)khɛːpBru [TS]The1980:C:952
rim, edge; to framekhɒːpBru [TS]The1980:C:903
ring of something; ring with a settingwɛːnBru [TS]The1980:C:4049
ringwormʔalaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4186
ringpɔɔk mɨɨBruHuf1971:C:4703-618-8
ripe, cookedceenBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~657-3
ripe, cookedceinBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~657-4
ripe, mature (of fruit)kraːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1103
ripe, mature (of vegetable or fruit)kri̤ǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1132
ripe; cookedceːnBru [TS]The1980:C:215
rise, get upjuɔrBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1300-3
river (large)təlèeBruHuf1971:C:4737-623-7
road, path, wayranaaBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~18-3
road, wayranaːBruSho2006:C:162-8
roast (in fire)ʔaŋBruHuf1971:C:4754-625-8
roast (over fire)cərɔ̀ŋBruHuf1971:C:4763-626-5
roasted rice grainsmantri̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1616
robber, thiefsawɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3304
rocky pit, pondnlɒ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1851
rod (used for whipping, beating)raŋwa̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:2828
rodki̤rBru [TS]The1980:C:1034
roll uppɔɔmBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~945-2
roof (v.)səpɔɔBruHuf1971:C:4773-628-10
roof with a high gablethrɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3862
roof with a low gablethɤːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3842
roots that are not under the groundca̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:184
rootre̤ːhBru [TS]The1980:C:2923
rope around the neck of cattleʔɒ̃ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4098
rope, stringnsajBru [TS]The1980:C:1914
rope, stringnsajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~227-3
rotten (of preserved pickled stuff)ʔoːBru [TS]The1980:C:4387
rotten (putrid)mənaʔBruHuf1971:C:4797-632-11
rotten (putrid)nsoʔBruHuf1971:C:4796-632-10
rotten (stale)pəʔuusBruHuf1971:C:4786-631-9
rotten wood wrapped in leaves and twigs used to smoke bees or mosquitoes (to chase them away)pṳǝkBru [TS]The1980:C:2619
rotten; to smell badnsɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1916
rottenʔabʌwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4111
round (ball)klamBruHuf1971:C:4803-633-7
round mat made of braided thatch-grass on which a pot or a water jar is placedsarwialBru [TS]The1980:C:3260
round piece of shell at the opening of a shellfish works as a valventrɒ̤ŋ klɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:1942
roundabout, walk the other way, swervewe̤erBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~830-1
roundish, somewhat roundmɔ̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:1649
row (loose oar)pìajBruHuf1971:C:4813-635-9
row of thatch that is used for making a roof (it must be already tied to the roof poles)thɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:3841
rub (eyes)kuteilBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~770-1
rub between handskutɔɔrBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~986-2
rudder (of a big boat)kuːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1319
ruddermaːk kalɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:1555
ruler, or a piece of wood, or a string, which is used for measuring lengthrane̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:2794
run into (butt)rəcìlBruHuf1971:C:4851-641-2
run intorəkluhBruHuf1971:C:4846-640-8
run, to run awayluhBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1365-2
run, to run awaytlṳhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1365-1
sack-tree (Antiaris toxicaria)pi̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2473
sack-tree (Antiaris toxicaria)pi̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~712-1
sackkapawBru [TS]The1980:C:757
saddleʔaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:4095
safe, safelylṳʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1547
saggingtṳarBru [TS]The1980:C:3981
sago palm with large pinnate leaves and a creeping or erect stem (Metroxylon sagus [Palmae])saŋkhuːBru [TS]The1980:C:3197
salivaracɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:2691
salted and driedʔaarèeŋBruHuf1971:C:4867-643-7
salty (earth) found in forestspɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2247
saltyʔare̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4268
saltbɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:4
sanctuary for worship in a Buddhist monasteryboːtBru [TS]The1980:C:83
sap mixed with dammar and simmered till stickyjaːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:514
sarongnlaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1832
sarongsaluŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3104
sarongsɛnBru [TS]The1980:C:3339
saying used when one is lifting a baby out of the waterjajh-jɒŋ-pɒŋ-lo̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:527
scabiesmpihBru [TS]The1980:C:1697
scale (of fish and reptile)nsɛɛl~sasɛɛlBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~786-3
scale (of fish, reptile)nsɛːlBru [TS]The1980:C:1917
scale (of fish, reptile)sasɛːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3265
scaleci̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:265
scaly or powdery residuesiǝjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3352
scared and leave someplace because of a loud noisena̤rBru [TS]The1980:C:1761
scarrapi̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2852
scattered (of fire sparks)phardɛhBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~322-1
scattered all overmajiajBru [TS]The1980:C:1576
scattered all oversaʔ-saːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3318
scattered all oversaʔ-saːjBruSho2006:C:1538-3
scattered in the air (of fiery particles)phardɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:2344
scattered, dispersedpuːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2654
scent, smell, odorphɔːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2391
scincoid lizardtalṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3569
scissorskantrajBru [TS]The1980:C:747
scoop up (with two hands)kadɑɑmBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~940-1
scorchedkuːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1314
scorpionkaliamBru [TS]The1980:C:695
scrape off, to wipe off (with a small stick)kuahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1348-1
scraped; scratchedtalɒkBru [TS]The1980:C:3546
scraps; residueskalɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:687
scratch (animal)kəkaarBruHuf1971:C:4963-654-9
scratch (itch)kəpiacBruHuf1971:C:4952-653-8
scratchsapṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3228
screw pine of the genus Pandanus usually used for making matsrancaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2786
screwciəwBru [TS]The1980:C:249
scumkumi̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:1239
seamduːkBru [TS]The1980:C:396
season when crabs have no fatsaruahBru [TS]The1980:C:3252
seat, stool, bench; to set something in an upright positiontaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3636
second year of cultivationlahaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1354
section in a boatnlaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1843
section of bamboo (container)ʔalɔ̀ʔBruSho2006:C:426-4
section of bambooʔalɔ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4192
see (watch)səleeʔBruHuf1971:C:5155-682-10
seed of Intsia bijuga (Laguminosae) used for shooting in playing a kind of gameʔikhɤːjBru [TS]The1980:C:4376
seedlingbiǝBru [TS]The1980:C:48
seedklɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1038
segment of paddy stemʔamɒːmBru [TS]The1980:C:4208
self-effacingciəmBru [TS]The1980:C:245
selfish; ungenerous; not tameraŋa̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2818
sensation in the mouth (as when chewing vegetables or rice containing some dirt)sarhanBru [TS]The1980:C:3245
sensation one gets when one falls down and knocks one's head on the floortatajBru [TS]The1980:C:3718
separated, scatteredprṳːBru [TS]The1980:C:2595
sesamelawɯ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1421
set (eggs)pənɨ̀mBruHuf1971:C:5025-663-9
set traptɔɔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~890-3
set uptaŋBruHuf1971:C:5029-664-9
seventapùulBru [TS]The1980:C:3692
several people or animals trying to get the same thing at the same timeraɲa̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:2783
shack (built temporarily in the forest)ta̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:3659
shadowmṳːlBru [TS]The1980:C:1730
shadyhɔmBru [TS]The1980:C:436
shaking, movingrajoːt-rajeːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2728
shaky (not firm)nlɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1846
shallow (of a hole)kalhɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:691
shallownti̤alBru [TS]The1980:C:1932
sharehunBru [TS]The1980:C:498
sharp (cuts)plaaBruHuf1971:C:5074-669-9
sharp (of a knife)plaːBru [TS]The1980:C:2482
sharp edge (of a split bamboo or leaf)paŋlaːBru [TS]The1980:C:2191
sharp edge (of wood)phaŋlaːBru [TS]The1980:C:2329
sharp edgeplaaBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~20-3
she's finished! (“she's dead!” or “she has lost her virginity”)lɛh lɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1448
sheaf of (thatch-grass)kɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:591
sheath, scabbardsɑɑrBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~987-2
sheathsɒːrBru [TS]The1980:C:2993
shelf (above the hearth)santrɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3171
shelf under rooftrɯ̀ːŋBruSho2006:C:683-3
shelf under the rooftrɯ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3963
shelfhiŋBru [TS]The1980:C:469
shell fishklɔɔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~886-4
shellfish, snailklɒːBruSho2006:C:199-2
shellfishklɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:1035
shirt; a blouseʔajɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4145
shoeskɤːpBru [TS]The1980:C:894
shoot, to firepanBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~279-3
short (length)ŋkɛhBruHuf1971:C:5111-676-10
short (low)tiapBruHuf1971:C:5114-677-6
short muscular contraction caused by coldness or holding urinationsaŋɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3187
short pieces of wood; short bamboo joints (can't be used for doing anything)kalkɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:700
short; to shortentadɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3483
shorttiǝBru [TS]The1980:C:3891
shortŋkɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:2037
should not have done something (to talk to oneself)kahãːwBru [TS]The1980:C:639
shoulderlam paaʔBruHuf1971:C:5128-680-9
shoulderlampaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1391
show (v.)sədɛɛŋBruHuf1971:C:5179-684-7
shrimp, prawnʔasuəmBruSho2006:C:1419a-3
shrimpʔasuǝmBru [TS]The1980:C:4297
shuttlekasuəj ~ kansuəjBru [TS]The1980:C:787
shy, embarrassedkumaːlBru [TS]The1980:C:1232
sick, to make a noise to encourage a dog to bite somebodyʔuhBru [TS]The1980:C:4398
sicklerawian ~ raŋwianBru [TS]The1980:C:2904
side by sidehiaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:458
sideburnswiːt sɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4076
sides of the thoraxbraːnBru [TS]The1980:C:86
sidejahBru [TS]The1980:C:523
sideka̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:635
sieve (a flat bamboo basket used to sift gun powder, bran, etc.)khʌŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1002
silkdaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:322
silver, moneypraʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~187-3
silver, moneyprɔaʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~187-4
silver; moneypraʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2559
similarmah kɤj teeʔBruHuf1971:C:5246-692-11
since; fromtɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:3780
sing at funeralʔaruajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~907-1
single, unmarried statetakɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3525
single, unmarried statetakɔŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1069-1
sister! (a word used for calling a young girl)ʔanaːŋ ~ naːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4229
sister, brother (younger than the speaker, affectionate)ʔaluǝʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4206
sister-in-law (older brother's wife)phiː ni̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2418
sister-in-law (older)ʔəəjBruHuf1971:C:300-35-9
sister-in-law (younger)ʔaadehBruHuf1971:C:311-36-7
sitting statekukṳːBru [TS]The1980:C:1215
sixtapa̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:3668
skeinpɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2075
skeleton, frameri̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2935
skin at the ears of a cocktaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3449
skin of plants of the bamboo familyrɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2815
skin of the head, scalpsakar plʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:3050
skinny (because of starvation or hard work)ʔɒ̃ːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4092
skinny (of a person)jɒːt-kajɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:521
skinny, thinsakṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:3060
skinŋkarBru [TS]The1980:C:2031
sky rocketbaŋ pa̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:20
skymanlɒ̤ŋ ~ malɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1599
slab (the outside cut when squaring a log)piːkBru [TS]The1980:C:2475
slacktṳarBru [TS]The1980:C:3982
slang term used among girls, meaning ""to go out and have funtalaːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3539
slant, leaning (caused by something)tre̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3950
slant, leaningtrèːʔBruSho2006:C:1069-3
slatekadaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:621
slavesuːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3424
sleep, lie downbeʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~857-4
sleep, lie downbʌjʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~857-3
sleepbeʔ ləŋeetBruHuf1971:C:5330-702-10
slender, tapering, to tapersuǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:3394
slice (into fine pieces)kakaatBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~167-1
slime formed on a big jar; film on tongue when a person is illlacɯ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1352
slimemɯ̤əkBru [TS]The1980:C:1674
slimyblajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:64
slingkathun ~ kanthunBru [TS]The1980:C:828
slipperysalaːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3070
slit animaltrɛɛhBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~635-2
slit opencɛhBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~767-2
slot on a crossbow where an arrow is placedsampɒːr sanaːBru [TS]The1980:C:3129
slow movement of a thread or roperuǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:2969
slow, lateŋkùajBruHuf1971:C:5346-704-7
slowly (descriptive of the motion of heavily laden boats)tatiŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3735
slowly; softly; quietlyŋkṳajBru [TS]The1980:C:2048
slushyɲɛʔ-ɲɛʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1804
small (of a person)til-milBru [TS]The1980:C:3907
small (of eyes)tiːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3902
small (of fish)mpri̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1703
small bamboo stick split at one end, it is used for barbecuing fish and chickennna̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1893
small bamboo tube for sucking water or liquor, its diameter is about 1 centimeterntro̤ːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1956
small bellʔariiwBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~779-1
small bellʔarìiwBruSho2006:C:1870-3
small bowl made of leaveskanto̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:746
small box, clf. for small boxesklapBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~301-2
small box; classifier for small boxesklapBru [TS]The1980:C:1052
small boxklapBruSho2006:C:1289-7
small boxʔɛ̃ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:4353
small capeɲo̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1911
small earthen potkapɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:758
small edible fish (Rasbora argyrotaenia [Cyprinidae])pasiwBru [TS]The1980:C:2211
small fish or tadpole curryʔɒ̃ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4329
small iron ring fastened around the end of a fish net to stretch the netjuǝŋ-mṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:570
small island in a riverbɔːtBru [TS]The1980:C:30
small kind of squirrelkraːjhBruSho2006:C:1934-4
small pied hornbill (Anthracoceros albirostris)tri̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3954
small pile of reaped rice heads that are dried in the sunphɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2294
small portion of meat from several parts of an animalrawi̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2907
small posts of wood erected in a line (used as a frame to build a wall)ci̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:263
small soft shell on the crab's breastnsʌːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1921
small stumps that are left after cutting, or a firetri̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3961
small unburnt stumps left in a plantationcɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:186
small wooden bell hung around a buffalo's necknlɑŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1125-1
small wooden bell hung around a buffalo's necknlɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1847
small; minor; unimportantŋkɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2036
small; slim; narrowed in the middlekiːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1030
smallcɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:211
smallkɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:883
smarting burning pain (as after a burn or scald)sarhaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3244
smell (v.)huunBruHuf1971:C:5374-706-13
smell badnsɔʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1159-3
smile, laughkacaŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~288-4
smile, laughracaŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~288-3
smoke (a squirrel's hole), singetahɔɔlBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1299-2
smoke (n.)pheaʔBruHuf1971:C:5395-708-9
smoke (v.)ŋuacBruHuf1971:C:5387-707-10
smoke; smokedpahiaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2119
smoke; smokedphahiaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2304
smoking tobaccohəətBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~477-1
smoking tobaccohɤːtBru [TS]The1980:C:453
smolderingbuəlBru [TS]The1980:C:112
smooth and cleantɔːjʔ-lɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3765
smooth, stony courtyardtataːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3717
snakekusanBru [TS]The1980:C:1292
snareranṳǝjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2809
so short (that one cannot carry on the shoulder)katɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:807
so skinny that one looks awkwardkraŋ-krɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1115
so worn out that it almost falls apart (of cloth or rope)phum-phuːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2447
soaking wetprɛ̤ʔ-prɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2566
soapsabuːBru [TS]The1980:C:3006
sodden; mushynlɛʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1867
soft (of a body)paʔuǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:2235
soft part around the edge of shell of soft-shelled tortoise or skatendirBru [TS]The1980:C:1793
soft part of a bamboo shoot (not the one at the top, or the joint)ʔabiːŋ ʔabaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4107
soft, lacking in firmness (of fruit, melons)mṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:1712
soft, light (of a scale); sweetly, gracefullylame̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1386
soft, pulpy (of fruit)li̤ajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1460
soft, pulpy (of over-ripe fruit)lɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1452
soft, squashy (of fully ripened fruit, swollen part, etc.)thiawBru [TS]The1980:C:3846
soft-shelled turtletapaaBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~23-3
soft-shelled turtletapaːBru [TS]The1980:C:3660
Solanum ferox (Solanaceae)kluŋ-kliŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1075
some day in the futurembiaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1640
some parts of the forest that have been cleared for plantingranaːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2780
something looking like flesh attaching to cattle's placentapadawBru [TS]The1980:C:2102
something prepared for fastening a faggot of firewood (it can be made of rattan, rope or climber vine)tre̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:3945
something that has been cut lengthwise and flattenedsampahBru [TS]The1980:C:3130
something that has been vowed to a godrabaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2672
something that has diverging partsŋam-ŋaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2001
something that looks like a bumprabɔːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2673
something to be placed underneath (e.g. wood, metal, stone, etc.)ranɯːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2804
something to prop another thing uprana̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:2784
son-in-lawʔaaləj mɔ̀ʔBruHuf1971:C:245-31-8
songpheːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2401
sonkɔɔn rəlawBruHuf1971:C:76-16-9
soonnɛʔ wiajBruHuf1971:C:5444-713-9
soot (on the wall)samaŋ ʔuːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:3120
sorghum, millettari̤amBru [TS]The1980:C:3703
sorghum, millettri̤amBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~733-2
sound a dog makes when it smells something unusualɲaɲɯːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1754
sound of a fish hitting its tail against the waterphuaBru [TS]The1980:C:2438
sound of a tree branch breakingbraʔBru [TS]The1980:C:90
sound of a twig that is about to crackrandanBru [TS]The1980:C:2792
sound of dropping watertɒːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3441
sound of food being chewedmblɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1643
sound of fruit falling when the tree is shaken (e.g. mangoes, tamarinds, etc.)bruːkBru [TS]The1980:C:101
sound of gun firepi̤ajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2458
sound of laughterʔɯək-ʔatBru [TS]The1980:C:4379
sound of loud callingwɤ̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:4061
sound of many people clappingbrɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:91
sound of many things falling, all at the same timebraːhBru [TS]The1980:C:84
sound of one fruit falling to the groundpukBru [TS]The1980:C:2623
sound of people doing something at the same timephɯpBru [TS]The1980:C:2434
sound of people doing something in unisonphɯǝpBru [TS]The1980:C:2429
sound of several wooden bellsbrɯːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:99
sound of shooting an arrow or throwing a lump of clay against somethingmukBru [TS]The1980:C:1722
sound of slapping someone's back or striking the waterdɔːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:357
sound of somebody beating a drumpuŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2631
sound of somebody chasing a dogtajhBru [TS]The1980:C:3504
sound of somebody shouting with great pleasure or excitementpiːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2478
sound of something falling into the waterpluːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2518
sound of something heavy falling to the groundprṳʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2597
sound of striking a section of slit bamboo, or somebody's headpɤːkBru [TS]The1980:C:2277
sound of tramping on dry leavesbriapBru [TS]The1980:C:96
sound of treading on overgrown grassthrɔːhBru [TS]The1980:C:3861
sound of trees rubbing against each otherpharki̤ǝtBru [TS]The1980:C:2353
sour sausagesʔuəBru [TS]The1980:C:4395
sour; hot and sour saladɲɲɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1896
sow (v.)trɨ̀hBruHuf1971:C:5467-716-10
spadentri̤amBru [TS]The1980:C:1953
span from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the middle finger when hand is spreadsati̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:3281
span measure from fingertips to underarm (approximately one yard)bɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:14
sparklingbublʌːwBru [TS]The1980:C:106
spatula, ʔawèːʔBruSho2006:C:456-3
spearhɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:420
species of reptile, looking like a pound lizard, but a little bit biggersatiǝjhBru [TS]The1980:C:3283
species of rodent resembling a chipmunk with dark green fursalṳəjBru [TS]The1980:C:3103
speedily (as somebody picking up something or eating very quickly)ɲar-ɲarBru [TS]The1980:C:1763
speedily (to fly)pṳrBru [TS]The1980:C:2649
spicy hotʔahɛrBru [TS]The1980:C:4139
spiderʔapi̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4251
spinning wheelraŋhatBru [TS]The1980:C:2821
spirit (in a man)rawi̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:2902
spirit (in a man)rawi̤ajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~67-3
spirit of a dead person not yet crematedtamɒ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3588
spirit of dead person not yet crematedtamɑ̤ʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1053-1
spirit please come back (when a person is frightened their spirit must be called back)kṳr cṳː jɤ̤ː rawi̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:1280
spirit, ghostkumṳːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1253
spirit, ghostkəmṳujʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1215-3
spirits of a stream (a chicken is used as an offering)phoːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2437
spirits of the forestji̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:553
spit (v.)kəcohBruHuf1971:C:5507-720-9
spitoon, chamber potkathoːnBru [TS]The1980:C:827
splash (water) onkasaajʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~38-3
spleenʔati̤ajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4308
splinterpalBru [TS]The1980:C:2148
splintstre̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:3946
splish-splash (onomatopoeia)caːkBru [TS]The1980:C:133
split bamboo flooringtapaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3662
sponge gourd, loufahno̤oŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1126-2
spoonbuəŋBru [TS]The1980:C:113
spots (as prickly heat), rashphɔtBru [TS]The1980:C:2396
spouse's younger siblingrlɛipBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~606-3
spread apartkuti̤aŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~121-2
spring (water)dəəʔ kɔhBruHuf1971:C:5533-724-9
spring trapʔakapBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~299-2
sprinkle (salt)prihBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~861-2
sprinkle (water)pri̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~861-1
spur (of a cock)krɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:1122
squash, gourdkadɨkBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~515-3
squash, gourdkədɨʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~515-2
squeeze outdʌjʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~853-1
squirrel (kind of)prɑɑʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~896-3
squirrelprɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2549
stabbing painkakiatBru [TS]The1980:C:658
stable; a sty; a coopkṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1161
stag, hartjəətBruHuf1971:C:5567-727-10
stage, platform (for sitting or putting things on)santri̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3172
stand on toeskanjʌʌrBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~367-2
stand upjṳərBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1300-2
starvedlahaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1356
starmantɔːrBru [TS]The1980:C:1609
state of being erectŋɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2005
statement made to buffalos when new ones join the herdrṳːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2978
statement used to stop somebody from doing or saying somethingɲiːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1817
steal (v.)tùəcBruHuf1971:C:5599-731-9
steam pushing up rhythmical1yhoːlBru [TS]The1980:C:480
steam, vapor; to sweat, to perspiresaŋaːj ~ sarŋaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3180
steam, vaporpahiaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2120
steam, vapourhoulBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1332-3
steam, vapourtahɔɔlBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1332-2
steam, vapourtahɔːlBruSho2006:C:1807-3
steamed coconut cream custardbuətBru [TS]The1980:C:114
steamed fish or bamboo currytambuːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3594
steamed sticky rice wrapped in leavesʔasɒːmBru [TS]The1980:C:4290
stem (of a banana or papaya tree)tṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3978
step (of stairs, see raŋkal)rakalBru [TS]The1980:C:2737
step onkəteenBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~658-4
stew (v.)taʔ caaBruHuf1971:C:5622-735-8
stick used as a trellis or scaffold for a creeping plantsaŋki̤rBru [TS]The1980:C:3198
stick, clubʔaaluaŋ kùanBruHuf1971:C:5634-737-9
sticklackra̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1112
sticky ricedeipBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~666-2
sticky ricediipBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~666-1
sticky, glutindiipBruHuf1971:C:5639-738-10
sticky, not slipperyrabatBru [TS]The1980:C:2671
stiff (of cloth)kakɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:655
stiltskhan-juaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:929
sting, stinger (of an insect)klaawBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~610-1
sting, stinger (of an insect)klaːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1042
stingykatiːBru [TS]The1980:C:833
stingykhiː-thiːBru [TS]The1980:C:972
stir upɲuʔBruHuf1971:C:5666-740-9
stomach (of man or animal)phoːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2435
stomachpṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2632
stomachʔɔːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4339
stone used as an anchor (instead of a post under water)samBru [TS]The1980:C:3115
stone used for striking firepri̤alBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~796-1
stone used fur striking firepri̤alBru [TS]The1980:C:2571
stone, rocktəmawBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~443-3
stones to make fish net stay vertically in the waterkatoːnBru [TS]The1980:C:838
stones used as sinkers (for a fishing net)maːk katoːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1556
stonetamawBru [TS]The1980:C:3587
stop! don't!hɛ̃ːBru [TS]The1980:C:442
stop!beːkBru [TS]The1980:C:35
straight aheadbɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:41
straight, direct; honesttanɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3622
strawnsɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1913
stream (small)rɔɔŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~973-2
stretch out (instransitive)kuniːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1259
stretching arm out to reach for something without letting anybody seewùu-wɤ̤ːrBru [TS]The1980:C:4087
strictkhɛŋ-khatBru [TS]The1980:C:960
strike (with long object)pra̤jhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~315-2
string of somethingphuǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2442
string, ropensajBruHuf1971:C:5745-750-10
stringed instrumentcṳaBru [TS]The1980:C:288
stringed instrumenttrṳaBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~883-3
strip of bamboolampɯ̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1393
strip, strandsɛnBru [TS]The1980:C:3340
stripe, designli̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:1458
strong (taste)ntaŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~285-4
strong enough to walk (of a new born baby animal)praŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2556
stub toekudohBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1361-4
stubble; a cobŋkṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2051
stumpy, stubbedraŋṳk-raŋṳlBru [TS]The1980:C:2827
stunt, not fully grown, abortive, undevelopedsakapBru [TS]The1980:C:3048
stunted (of a tree, animal)haːtBru [TS]The1980:C:418
stunted jackfruit that has no flesh insideham panajhBru [TS]The1980:C:424
sub-districttambɔnBru [TS]The1980:C:3590
suddenly (to flare up and go out)pharɲɯ̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:2366
suddenly, immediately (a fire breaks out)wɯ̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:4082
suddenly; quick movement or a quick changewa̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:4038
sugar canekataːwBru [TS]The1980:C:795
sultry, hotlaʔɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:1425
sultry, hotlaʔɔhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1161-2
sultryʔawʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4327
sunlight, sunshinephuaʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1307-3
sunshine, sunlightphuaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2439
sunmàt mənaaŋBruHuf1971:C:5778-756-10
support (with stick)tàlBruSho2006:C:1744-7
supra-pubic regionkhano̤ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:930
surprisedŋɯ̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:2061
surround; (to go) round-aboutʔɒːmBru [TS]The1980:C:4093
surrounded (by one's offspring or descendants)rapɔʔ-rpialBru [TS]The1980:C:2842
surrounded by, confronted with, to be in a bad positionkhaːmBru [TS]The1980:C:899
swarming, creepy-crawlyɲɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1777
swarming, creepy-crawlyɲɯ̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1891
swaying to and fro (the way a sleepy person or a drunkard sits)laŋṳʔ-laŋe̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1404
swaying, swinging (movements of the arms and body while walking)dajʔ-dawBru [TS]The1980:C:339
swear word (a mild one)salajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3076
swear word (commonly used)ʔacuːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4122
swear wordne̤ːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1802
sweat, perspiration; to perspirepahoːrBru [TS]The1980:C:2121
sweat; hot and muggyphahoːrBru [TS]The1980:C:2305
sweet potatoes growing from the joints of a stemtalɛh pɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3560
swell (v.)ʔasBruHuf1971:C:5806-762-8
swimlʉ̀ʉj dəəʔBruHuf1971:C:5815-763-8
swollen (of a dead animal)ʔidɯːrBru [TS]The1980:C:4367
swollen (of a dead body)ʔɯːŋ-lɯːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4384
swollen (of the body, caused by bad circulation of blood)puplo̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2640
swollen stomachpuujhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1302-1
swollen, a boilʔãjhBru [TS]The1980:C:4153
swollensɯːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3382
swollenthɯmBru [TS]The1980:C:3850
swollentuːpBru [TS]The1980:C:4010
sworddaːpBru [TS]The1980:C:332
synthetic rubberjaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:518
syringesali̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3099
tadpoleʔapi̤əʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4253
tag, labelsalaːkBru [TS]The1980:C:3071
tail (of a chicken)dɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:349
tail (of reptiles)kumpṳːBru [TS]The1980:C:1250
tail of fowldɒŋBruSho2006:C:585-3
tail, end (of a brook) the part near the mouth (of a stream)sɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2984
take offʔiit ʔaalɔ̀hBruHuf1971:C:5846-767-9
talismankathaːBru [TS]The1980:C:817
tall (of a person)trʌːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:3971
tamarindmpi̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:1699
tameʔiːrBru [TS]The1980:C:4372
tangledrakɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2741
tangledrapialBru [TS]The1980:C:2850
target (for shooting)tanamBru [TS]The1980:C:3621
teacher (a term used for somebody who has been a monk)caːnBru [TS]The1980:C:138
teacherkhuːBru [TS]The1980:C:995
tear (v.)hɛɛʔBruHuf1971:C:5871-770-8
technical term associated with the weaving design of a bamboobiːBru [TS]The1980:C:52
templewa̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:4041
tender (of meat), soft (of wood texture)rabuːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2681
tender, softləmèenBruHuf1971:C:5891-772-8
tendon at the heelsantra̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:3169
tendon sinew, gutʔɛnBru [TS]The1980:C:4362
tendon, sinew, gutsatiŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3286
tendons in the neck showing (an expression meaning, to argue seriously)phɯŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2433
tenmanci̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1588
term used by infants when asking for some water, or used by adults when encouraging an infant to drinkmaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1630
termite hillblʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:75
termite hillblʌwhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1084-2
termites, white antsntrṳunBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1245-3
termites, white antsntrṳːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1964
termitekumoar, kumɔurBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1346-2
terracespa̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:2139
terrible smell (as of rotten preserved fish, rotten bamboo soaked in water, etc.)mahiŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1570
terrific; beautiful; clear; sure (slang)kra̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:1110
territory, boundarykheːtBru [TS]The1980:C:954
testicleste̤ːl klaːBru [TS]The1980:C:3783
texturesarɔːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3239
Thaita̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:3498
that (adj., pron.)ʔakɤjBruHuf1971:C:5900-773-5
that one (used only among old people and Bruu in Laos)ʔakʌjBru [TS]The1980:C:4183
that one!mpṳr ki̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1708
that theretihBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~860-1
that's all right. never mindʔathɔːjBru [TS]The1980:C:4305
that's enough ! (an expression used by some older speakers)pɛʔ ʔɤːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2274
thatch grassplaŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~293-3
thatch of leaves; classifier for betel leaves placed togetherlɛːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1442
thatch-grassplaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2491
the back side of something that has a sharp edgekuurBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1301-1
the circle or whirl of hair on top of headwia̤lBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~783-1
the day after tomorrowntri̤aBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~5-2
the flower cluster of the banana treempɑɑŋ, mpɔɔŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~957-1
the heartpharcɛɛlBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~787-1
the male sexual organklajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~571-3
the mating seasonpriahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~716-1
the occipital portion of the scull, napeŋɑɑnBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~375-1
the openingŋa̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~214-2
the ridge (of the nose)ŋkṳaŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~972-1
the spirits of the forestjia̤ŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~117-1
the younger brother of the wifenlajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~231-1
there (far)tihBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~860-2
there (loc.)ŋkɤjBruHuf1971:C:5922-776-10
there (yonder)kɤjBruHuf1971:C:5934-777-8
there! see!ʔajʌ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:4161
there; thatki̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1021
they (impers.)lajBruHuf1971:C:5947-778-11
thick, densetɯpBru [TS]The1980:C:3920
thickkubɛnBru [TS]The1980:C:1168
thighnlṳːBru [TS]The1980:C:1882
thin (thing)kədaaBruHuf1971:C:5974-784-10
thin and small, fine (of a bamboo strip, string, hair)le̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1441
thin wooden blade used to force water out of rush leaves in preparation for weaving a matpharnoːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:2367
thin-shelled seed core of papaya after the fruit has been grated offdɒːlBru [TS]The1980:C:326
thin; fragile; delicatekadaːBru [TS]The1980:C:617
things, itemsraŋʔɒ̃ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2829
thingskrɤ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1124
thingkrɨɨŋ krawBruHuf1971:C:5985-785-10
third stomach of cattle (the omasum)kṳarBru [TS]The1980:C:1156
third year of cultivationlahuːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1359
thirstyʔaariaŋ dəəʔBruHuf1971:C:6002-787-10
thirstyʔuarBru [TS]The1980:C:4394
this bigsam nʌ̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:3117
this morningtarɯ̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3710
this one (used among close girlfriends, meaning “you”)kupʌ̤h ʔanʌ̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:1279
this oneʔanʌ̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:4240
this thing here! this kind of thing!saŋhaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3188
this woman (impolite)ʔalɯ̤m ʔanʌ̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:4201
thisnʌ̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:1987
thorn-less bambooʔala̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:4189
thornless bambooʔalàyBruSho2006:C:201-8
threaddaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:323
three days from todayntra̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:1939
three-legged stand used as a stove in the kitchenrawaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2898
threepajBru [TS]The1980:C:2123
throat; Adam's appleʔakɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:4170
throattəjɔŋ ŋkrùhBruHuf1971:C:6049-795-9
throbbingdɒkBru [TS]The1980:C:342
thud (the sound of pounding something solid)bupBru [TS]The1980:C:123
thumbkɯ̤m-tʌjBru [TS]The1980:C:1087
thunder (sharp)krɨ̀mBruHuf1971:C:6084-798-9
thunderbolt (that does not hit anything)ta̤jhBru [TS]The1980:C:3505
tick (big kind)kupɛɛtBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~845-3
tickleradʌːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2712
tickkupɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1273
tie aroundpealBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~793-2
tie aroundpialBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~793-1
tiger cat; a fishing cat (Felis Viverrina)ʔakrṳːkBru [TS]The1980:C:4179
tigerkulaːBru [TS]The1980:C:1216
tight, firm (of a lid, cock, gun powder, etc.)nɛːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1796
tight; tightenkhaɲaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:922
tightkathatBru [TS]The1980:C:818
tilted (of something on a stove)saloːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3101
timber laid on its edge from wall to wall, for supporting ceiling laths or floor boardsprṳahBru [TS]The1980:C:2582
time (classifier for giving birth)lɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1399
time (classifier)tṳaBru [TS]The1980:C:3974
time between 11.00 a.m. and noonpe̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2262
time, round, trip (classifier)ti̤ǝwBru [TS]The1980:C:3897
timehɔ̃nBru [TS]The1980:C:439
tin cankapɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:755
tip (of something); young, not open (of mushroom)tabɔr ~ tambɔrBru [TS]The1980:C:3469
tip, endɲo̤ːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1904
tired (although one shouldn't be)hɔːhBru [TS]The1980:C:432
tired (of food)pɤːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2283
tired of somebody's facepasajBru [TS]The1980:C:2209
tired, weary, exhaustedmɯ̤əjBru [TS]The1980:C:1673
title (only for men)cṳajhBru [TS]The1980:C:291
title for womenʔaja̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4146
title used for menʔacṳajhBru [TS]The1980:C:4119
to 'lassokṳəjʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1286-2
to 'put up (the hair)ɲɲṳəmBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1239-3
to (say, think) thatpaajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~65-3
to (say, think) thatpaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2074
to 1ike; in love with somebodyma̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:1578
to abandon (a place)ri̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2936
to accuse, to speak incorrectly; to claimtuːnBru [TS]The1980:C:4008
to accuse, to tell on; to sue, to bring charges againstpṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2610
to act arrogantlyrɛŋ-rɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:2931
to act as if one is ready to attack with weapons (e.g. knives, sticks, etc.)dan-dɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:345
to act hastilykaɲa̤j-kaɲa̤rBru [TS]The1980:C:721
to act like a dandyrɔŋ-rɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:2922
to act like a fish that is swimminglṳː-lo̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1538
to act proud (of women)ŋɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2013
to add (more planks of wood onto both sides of a boat, to enlarge it)phiːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2420
to add on (to) for good measuretɯːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3916
to add some strands while making a string or ropenlɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1860
to adhereʔapɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:4249
to agreeɲɒ̤ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1741
to aim atɲe̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1797
to aimlɛ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1450
to alternatesalapBru [TS]The1980:C:3081
to angle for fishtabajhBru [TS]The1980:C:3463
to angle for fishtabajhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~314-3
to announce, to make known (a sarcastic saying)tɤːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3807
to announcepakaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2142
to announcepaːwBru [TS]The1980:C:2094
to annoy; to disturb; to posterkuənBru [TS]The1980:C:1189
to answer a calltaʔʌːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3763
to answertɒːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3453
to apologize formallysumma̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:3411
to appear suddenlykhʌːjʔ-lʌːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1005
to apply a hot poultice, pad, medicine bag (on a swelling)prṳatBru [TS]The1980:C:2585
to apply a magic spellkalṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:706
to apply heat and pressure (to cure stiffness)tabatBru [TS]The1980:C:3467
to apply plaster or cement over a surfaceboːkBru [TS]The1980:C:78
to appoint; to arrange; get dressedtɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3788
to argue over, to disagree as to who will do it (put it up to the other person)niŋ ~ raniŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1823
to argue over, to disagree as to who will do somethingraniŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2802
to arouse (a person or animal to do something violent)mantra̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:1614
to arrange bamboo strips (while one is weaving)kasanBru [TS]The1980:C:777
to arrange in order (while weaving)khasan ~ kasanBru [TS]The1980:C:940
to arrange in order (while weaving, planting, etc.)patɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2217
to arrange in ordermariaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1624
to arrange neatly and closely (long objects)pariːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2205
to arrange things in good ordertaliːBru [TS]The1980:C:3565
to arrange, to prepare (food, drinks, cigars) for the guestsʔacʌːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4123
to arrange, to put in linecatBru [TS]The1980:C:191
to arrange; to keep something in good ordermi̤ənBru [TS]The1980:C:1667
to arrest, catchkɔɔpBruSho2006:C:1237-12
to arrest, to catchkɔːpBru [TS]The1980:C:864
to ask for a girl in marriagesuːBru [TS]The1980:C:3419
to ask for a ridelṳapBru [TS]The1980:C:1522
to ask many people to do something at the same timewa̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:4024
to ask questions as to impute some guilt to the hearerthɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:3828
to ask, ask forʔamɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4210
to attach a handle (to a sharp instrument, e.g. a knife, etc.)kataːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:796
to attach something toʔapɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:4248
to avoidliːkBru [TS]The1980:C:1482
to avoidluajBru [TS]The1980:C:1513
to bail again and againsusaːhBru [TS]The1980:C:3416
to bailsaahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~44-2
to bailsaːhBru [TS]The1980:C:2982
to bailtṳaʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1310-2
to bait (with a lot of food)pumBru [TS]The1980:C:2625
to bake, to dry something with heatsarɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3237
to balance unequal weights on a pole across the shoulderssakɑɑŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~960-2
to balance unequal weights on a pole across the shouldersakɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3039
to bang, to hit, to strike (so that something becomes firm)katɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:813
to barbecuesara̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:3236
to bargaintɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:3432
to bark (a barking deer)wɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4045
to barrow without planning ahead (e.g. money, rice, salt, etc.)wa̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4044
to bathe (somebody else, see mpɤ̀ɤj)sapɤ̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3219
to be able to do something for a long timeɲɯ̤əBru [TS]The1980:C:1888
to be able to do somethingjʌhBru [TS]The1980:C:578
to be able to hold or catch something that wrigglesri̤apBru [TS]The1980:C:2937
to be able to stand; to make something standkɯ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1089
to be delicatesatayʔBruSho2006:C:816-3
to be liquidlɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1443
to be pointed; to sharpen (to a point)lɛːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1435
to be stuck; to latchklaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1051
to be thereŋki̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:2040
to be torn, have hole inluʔBruSho2006:C:430-2
to be uprootedbɔʔBruSho2006:C:354-4
to be; to stayʔʌːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4406
to beat (with the hand while playing a chasing game)peːkBru [TS]The1980:C:2259
to beat (with wood, stone, steel, etc.)kata̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:801
to beat something with twigs; to threshpṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:2622
to beat very fast (of the heart)paphat mi̤t rṳajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2193
to beat with a curved hand to make a loud noiseko̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1100
to beat, poketa̤nBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~870-2
to beat; to knock; to poundkatʌjhBru [TS]The1980:C:851
to beckonkuwɒːjʔBruSho2006:C:868-4
to become blunt, powerlesslṳːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1537
to become fierce (of wounded animals or men)tra̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:3936
to become flat (of something that has air inside)phiawBru [TS]The1980:C:2415
to become flatter (of the stomach, from hunger)tatiaw-tatiawBru [TS]The1980:C:3732
to become friable from dry-rot or from the ravages of timepupɯǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:2643
to become invisible by magiclɯ̤ǝmBru [TS]The1980:C:1495
to become loosehoːl-heːlBru [TS]The1980:C:481
to become moldypupluaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2641
to become more tangled after being untiedrasatBru [TS]The1980:C:2866
to become narrowsaliːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3097
to become numbsapɯ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3223
to become rotten (of an egg)padʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:2115
to become soft (of soaked rice)pɛːrBru [TS]The1980:C:2266
to become softened and expand (of a wart, scurf, flesh and gut on a hone, etc.)prṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:2588
to become tender (from boiling); (of fallen fruit) to become softpɯǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:2524
to become thickrakualBru [TS]The1980:C:2758
to become wild, fierce (of a buffalo)prʌhBru [TS]The1980:C:2598
to beg again and againsusɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3417
to beg, to ask (for something, see susɛɛʔ)sɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3336
to begin to be moldy (black spots can be noticed)lamɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1385
to begin, to start (to make something)kɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:581
to begin, to starttabʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3480
to behave like an insane personpuǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2620
to belchsantrɯ̤əʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3173
to believe indɤːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:373
to believecɯ̤ǝBru [TS]The1980:C:268
to bend (because of high tension or contraction)caŋBru [TS]The1980:C:182
to bend (e.g. leaves or freshly sawed planks that are dried by the sun)kadɒːmBru [TS]The1980:C:620
to bend (intransitive)dɛŋBru [TS]The1980:C:367
to bend (something flat)kato̤ːŋ ~ kanto̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:839
to bend down (of a branch)sakṳːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3066
to bend downkṳutBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1278-1
to bend downkṳːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1320
to bend the kneescoːŋ-coʔBru [TS]The1980:C:283
to bend upwardŋɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2014
to bend, fold, curl by itself (e.g. leaf, bamboo strip, see pɒɒm)rapɒːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2834
to bend, to cockwi̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:4067
to bend; to lift upkudɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1184
to bendkṳʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1334
to bendkṳʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1179-3
to betrapa̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:2837
to bekʌːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1336
to bite (of a snake), sting (of an insect)suːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3423
to bite (of a snake)tabʌːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3478
to bite (until something is torn)kiatBru [TS]The1980:C:1011
to bite each otherrakapBru [TS]The1980:C:2739
to bite, pinch, take the baitkapBru [TS]The1980:C:754
to bleed heavilyrṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:2971
to bleedʔahaamBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~92-3
to blinkkubɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:1167
to block, to barkataŋBru [TS]The1980:C:802
to block, to barkataŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~289-1
to blow (of the wind)phatBru [TS]The1980:C:2382
to blow (the nose)kasiːrBru [TS]The1980:C:784
to blow a leaf to imitate the cry of a squirrel or chipmunkciakBru [TS]The1980:C:237
to blow one's noseksiːrBruSho2006:C:1680-5
to blow something outkhasiːr ~ kasiːrBru [TS]The1980:C:941
to blow up (a toy balloon)plṳːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2517
to blow, to fanʔapɯʔBruSho2006:C:345-6
to blowplṳǝʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2516
to boil (bolls of cotton plants to make cotton yarn)paceːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2096
to boil (intransitive)nlʌ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1886
to boil; boiled (rice)ʔɒ̃ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4242
to boiltɔmBru [TS]The1980:C:3771
to boisterously quarrel, to quarrel loudlyracualBru [TS]The1980:C:2702
to bore, to pierce (e.g. some kinds of insects boring the ground)tɯːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3917
to bore; to dig (a log); to punchcɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:169
to borrow; to receive; to admit; to pick upla̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:1405
to borrowmi̤anBru [TS]The1980:C:1664
to bother, to annoyʔatoːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:4312
to bounce up and down on somethingntɤ̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1928
to bounce up and down, to swingɲoːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1906
to bounceʔarṳːnBru [TS]The1980:C:4285
to bow (the head)poopBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1130-1
to bow (the head)poːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2539
to bragkuklṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:1210
to braidklaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1037
to break (an egg)kacʌjhBru [TS]The1980:C:616
to break (banana leaves, sugar cane, bamboo) by pulling downdɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:359
to break (banana leaves, sugarcane, bamboo) by pulling downdɔhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1022-1
to break (caused by strong wind)sakɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3053
to break (from overloading); to eat (vulgar)sapi̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3221
to break (only the outer part)padiajhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~484-1
to break (outer part of a tree or wood)padiajhBru [TS]The1980:C:2108
to break (the lower jaw of a lizard to prevent it from biting)tɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3796
to break (transitive)dɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:365
to break and fall (of a banana bunch)salʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:3109
to break into a hole (e.g. a pot because of heat or heavy weight)luʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1543
to break into; to wade throughmunBru [TS]The1980:C:1724
to break off (of wood)salɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:3075
to break off with one's fingers, to pinch offpihBru [TS]The1980:C:2472
to break the bones by biting; eat a fruit by clenching it with teeth till the flesh and seeds come offkubamBru [TS]The1980:C:1164
to break through (a crowd, jungle), to break down (obstruction)buʔBru [TS]The1980:C:125
to break up (of 1overs)rṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2975
to break upprṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2593
to break wind, to farttatihBru [TS]The1980:C:3733
to breast feedsaɲɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3158
to breathe shallowlyrahuahBruSho2006:C:1958-18
to breathe, suck in, inhalesiːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3361
to breathetaŋɯ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3650
to bring back (a trap, fishing rod, etc.)mɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1659
to bring back to life, to resurrectʔamo̤ːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:4223
to bring bad luck; mean, badkhuǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:986
to bring down; to reduceʔasɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4293
to bring up; to raiseʔasɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:4291
to brood; to stay in to look after a placekatawBru [TS]The1980:C:805
to brush, to scrubʔarṳkBru [TS]The1980:C:4284
to bud (of leaves)bajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:17
to build (a residence); to lift up (a bottle)patɯ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2225
to bulge (of the skin)tadukBru [TS]The1980:C:3488
to bulge out (skin, bark of a tree)thuːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3874
to bulgeʔɔŋ-lɔjBru [TS]The1980:C:4342
to bump against, to strike forciblykhɯʔBru [TS]The1980:C:978
to bump into, to run intotamBru [TS]The1980:C:3575
to bump the bridegroom's head against the bride's (when the bride and groom are in bedroom)paruːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2207
to bump, to collide (with the head)ci̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:262
to burn completelyklɑɑjʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~901-1
to burn completelyklɒːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1036
to burn, light, set firecɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:185
to burst out laughingtaŋʔaːhBru [TS]The1980:C:3656
to burytɯ̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:3921
to buy something on creditcɯ̤ǝBru [TS]The1980:C:269
to buycʌːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:321
to call for (a traditional medicine man)kanɯ̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:740
to call somebody far somebody elsesabaːwBru [TS]The1980:C:3000
to callkoːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1099
to cancelŋɔ̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:2015
to capsize; to sinksali̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:3098
to caress, stroke gently, gropepupɤ̤ːrBru [TS]The1980:C:2636
to carry (a baby)kaʔʌwBru [TS]The1980:C:858
to carry (a leaf or a piece of paper) to keep away from the rain or the suntapɯ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3686
to carry (by using a stretcher made of sticks and climbing vine)re̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2928
to carry (one's child) at the waistpɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2273
to carry (something against one's shoulder)mʌ̤ʔ ~ mɤ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1737
to carry (two or more people)kraːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1104
to carry a container (that has handle)taɲɛːkBru [TS]The1980:C:3624
to carry awkwardlyrapɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2845
to carry hanging from the hand (something without a handle)tajɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3502
to carry on the headtṳǝlBru [TS]The1980:C:3984
to carry on the shoulderdɔːlBru [TS]The1980:C:356
to carry something at both ends of a pole placed on one's shoulder; a unit of capacitympre̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1701
to carry with both arms, gather up with both handshɒːpBru [TS]The1980:C:415
to carryhiwBru [TS]The1980:C:470
to carryŋkɔːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2033
to carve around a tree trunk (and leave it so that the tree will die)ra̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:2778
to cast (a net)mbɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1637
to cast (to the front)sawirBru [TS]The1980:C:3309
to castrate; to propagate by layeragetɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3447
to catch (small insects) by pulling, probe (with the beak)ɲcoːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:1784
to catch firerakatBru [TS]The1980:C:2740
to catch fish by poisoningntra̤wBru [TS]The1980:C:1944
to catch fish by using a hand netkhaj-cṳanBru [TS]The1980:C:909
to catch something and strike it against something elsepraːhBru [TS]The1980:C:2544
to caulkjaːBru [TS]The1980:C:512
to cause (a boat) to tiltli̤k-lṳakBru [TS]The1980:C:1489
to cause an allergy (of fruit, tree)la̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1409
to cause indecent movements of the buttocks (holding a child's head then push the child's bottom back and forth)lanthoːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1396
to cause something boil slowlyʔɯŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4385
to cause to sinkʔapi̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4254
to certify that somebody has finished a course in black magicmansɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:1606
to challenge, to tease (with words to induce someone to come so that he is obliged to show up)tatɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:3721
to change colors (of leaves)saːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2987
to change, to exchangepiənBru [TS]The1980:C:2471
to changethaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3808
to chase awaymprṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:1705
to chase by making noise and gestureskhanaːpBru [TS]The1980:C:918
to chase, to chase awaypṳajBru [TS]The1980:C:2603
to chase, to repel (with magic)samhaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3126
to chase, to run after anotherrapṳajBru [TS]The1980:C:2857
to chasela̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1410
to cheattɔmBru [TS]The1980:C:3772
to check; to examinekuatBru [TS]The1980:C:1159
to chew and swallow only the water that comes offkujapBru [TS]The1980:C:1198
to chewbubaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:103
to chewkubaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1163
to chewkubaːtBruSho2006:C:1041-5
to chip off lengthwise (as with an axe)caŋBru [TS]The1980:C:183
to chip off the sidesbaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:25
to chiselpajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2135
to chiselpajʔBruSho2006:C:824-2
to chiselpajʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~193-3
to chokesantɯ̀ʔBruSho2006:C:338-6
to chokesantɯ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3168
to choose, to selectri̤ǝhBru [TS]The1980:C:2941
to chop (to destroy); to cut into halftrɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3951
to chop (to destroy); to cut into halftrʌjhBru [TS]The1980:C:3969
to chop (to destroy)trɛ̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~635-1
to chop (vertically)sapṳarBru [TS]The1980:C:3227
to chop (with a spade)takahBru [TS]The1980:C:3516
to chop (with an axe or a spade)tapʌ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3694
to chop into small pieceskakɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:653
to chop several times (e.g. to chop green papaya, cucumber, eggplants, etc.)cacɛnBru [TS]The1980:C:155
to chop; to drill (with the tip of a sharp instrument); to peck a holekacɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:602
to circlewiɛlBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~783-2
to claim that one possesses something importantʔãːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4097
to clap with the hand (as when trying to catch something)sapɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:3214
to clasp with a hand or a clawkucɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1177
to clean (one's feet by rubbing them against something)kusirBru [TS]The1980:C:1294
to clear (land)taːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3442
to clear a path (by cutting small trees and pushing them out of the way with the arm or a knife)bʌːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:127
to clear landtaalBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~91-1
to clear the land for planting riceci̤aw thrɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:243
to clench the handkapɔːt ~ kupɔːtBru [TS]The1980:C:759
to clench the handkupɔːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1272
to climb or creep with the aid of the hands (as up a steep mountain)tapi̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:3679
to climbtajBru [TS]The1980:C:3496
to cling (as a large number of things)rabiːwBru [TS]The1980:C:2676
to cling (of a reptile)satikBru [TS]The1980:C:3285
to clip (two things together)sakapBru [TS]The1980:C:3049
to close (a door); to fold (a knife)ŋa̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:2006
to close (a hole by hand, see kupaŋ)kupatBru [TS]The1980:C:1271
to close (a hole with something flat)pɤʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2286
to close a hole with dirt (of an animal)kumbuːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1236
to close the eyeskaɲiːtBru [TS]The1980:C:735
to closehupBru [TS]The1980:C:500
to closekata̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:800
to coat, to platekhɯǝpBru [TS]The1980:C:975
to cock (one's gun)wi̤atBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~173-1
to coil (something)kuluʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1226
to coilkawaaŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~124-1
to coilkuwaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1322
to coilwi̤anBru [TS]The1980:C:4065
to coilwi̤anBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~734-1
to collapse, to fall apart, to breaknlṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:1881
to collect (liquid); to collect a liquid in a container by allowing it to fill from abovetoːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3926
to collect (money or items) from the other peoplekɛpBru [TS]The1980:C:888
to collect (rainwater)toːŋBruSho2006:C:573-4
to collect (the things that have been exchanged)nlɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:1862
to collect (things that have been left)ji̤alBru [TS]The1980:C:552
to collect contributionsri̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:2944
to collect money or gifts from public or members of a community for charityphɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:2398
to collect things obtained from barter or exchangeri̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:2945
to collectjia̤lBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~788-1
to collide, to crash, to hitratɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2884
to combine, to detainkakBru [TS]The1980:C:649
to combsasiətBru [TS]The1980:C:3266
to come across something pleasant (slang, meaning “to have a hard time”)tamṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3614
to come back (to do something before getting to the place one wants)lɔpBru [TS]The1980:C:1430
to come backlala̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1372
to come close (bamboo strips)tiːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3903
to come close to the surfaceŋo̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2063
to come off (a piece of wood that leans on something else)nli̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1873
to come off (because the knot becomes loose)nlɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1863
to come off (from the main part, see kah)sakahBru [TS]The1980:C:3041
to come off (of a garment)sarʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:3258
to come off (of a piece of a cracked article, or a bamboo strip while weaving)philBru [TS]The1980:C:2421
to come off (of a rope)nluǝtBru [TS]The1980:C:1880
to come off (of ashes)satɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:3276
to come off (of flesh, when pulling out a fishhook or a fish spine)poːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2540
to come off (of paint, bark, dammer, etc.); to peel off in chipsphɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2388
to come off (the stick that props up something)lutBru [TS]The1980:C:1534
to come off, slip out (from being pressed etc.)tri̤ajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3953
to come out (after being pulled out or plucked)rabɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2675
to come out (of a bamboo cylinder)salʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:3110
to come out after being pulledrapuajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2858
to come out by the other end, appear in another areaphalɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2313
to come out of a hole at high speedphulBru [TS]The1980:C:2445
to come out; to appear; to growtamɔlBru [TS]The1980:C:3598
to come out; to appear; to leavelɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1353
to come so close to the surface (of water) that it becomes visibledɔːrBru [TS]The1980:C:358
to come up (a skirt, curtain, fishing net, etc. as when the wind blows)phɤːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2410
to come up and strike the tail against water (of a fish)pṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2614
to come up to breathe (of a fish)bujʔBru [TS]The1980:C:117
to come up to the surface of the water to breathe (of fish, only the mouth is seen)tupBru [TS]The1980:C:3997
to cometə̀ʔBruSho2006:C:334-6
to cometʌ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4022
to cometʌ̤ʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~409-2
to commit suicidejaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:531
to compete (in speed), to race, to surpasssuǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3401
to competepharsingBru [TS]The1980:C:2373
to complain ceaselesslysapɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3217
to complaincɔmBru [TS]The1980:C:203
to compress (the lips)kumupBru [TS]The1980:C:1252
to conceal; to close (with hands)kapaŋ ~ kupaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:756
to concentrate on one thing and ignore the restpharŋɯ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2371
to confinekhaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:934
to confiscatejɯtBru [TS]The1980:C:563
to connect (a vessel to one side of another for towing)phuǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2443
to conquer; to suppresspaːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2092
to consoleʔɒ̃ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:4091
to contestpakuatBru [TS]The1980:C:2147
to continue, to succeedsɯːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3380
to controldɤːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:374
to conversekhujBru [TS]The1980:C:990
to coo (of a baby); (of speech) unclear, indistinctkukla̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:1208
to coo (of a dove)kukruːBru [TS]The1980:C:1213
to coo (when a hen is looking for a place to lay eggs)kakɒːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:650
to core of a banana trunkʔajuǝʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4159
to corrode; have a wound or a bump in the mouth caused by body heatlo̤ːʔ bɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1512
to cough (of a dog)krɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1120
to countna̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:1759
to cover (a hole, see kabil, kubuŋ)kubilBru [TS]The1980:C:1171
to cover (something with a container, see sakrùaʔ)krṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1141
to cover (with a cloth sack)katṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:849
to cover (with clothing)ŋkṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:2049
to cover in layerspɔ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2254
to cover something (with a blanket)sakṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:3061
to cover the top of a roof where sheets of thatch-grass or galvanized iron meetkakṳmBru [TS]The1980:C:665
to cover up (a hole as in the ground, pit, see kabuŋ)kabil ~ kubilBru [TS]The1980:C:598
to cover upkabuŋBru [TS]The1980:C:600
to cover upkalɯpBru [TS]The1980:C:701
to cover, to camouflagecɨ̤mBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~533-1
to cover, to copulate (of animals)tapɤ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3678
to cover; to camouflagecɯ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:273
to cover; to surroundkuəmBru [TS]The1980:C:1187
to coverhumBru [TS]The1980:C:496
to coversakrṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3059
to coverŋamBru [TS]The1980:C:2000
to coverŋkṳamBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1337-1
to crack one end of a length of bamboo (in order to make bamboo strips)capBru [TS]The1980:C:189
to crack with the teethkadahBru [TS]The1980:C:623
to crack, to split (only at the top, the lower parts are still attached to each other)ɲa̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1769
to cram (food into the mouth)talṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:3567
to cram (food into the mouth)talṳamBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1238-2
to crash, to bump against each otherratamBru [TS]The1980:C:2880
to crave for, to want badlyjɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:522
to crawl (on the body) and cause some annoyancetatajBru [TS]The1980:C:3719
to crawl along a branch, to creepjajBru [TS]The1980:C:525
to crawlkako̤ːŋ ~ kuko̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:660
to criticizetiʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3914
to croon, to crow (of a chicken, cock)katrukBru [TS]The1980:C:845
to cross (arms) at the backkadaajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~57-1
to cross (arms) at the backkadaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:619
to crosska̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:648
to crouchmuːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1733
to crouchpɤ̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2282
to crowd around to bitepranBru [TS]The1980:C:2555
to crowd aroundboːmBru [TS]The1980:C:80
to crowd aroundrṳmBru [TS]The1980:C:2974
to crowtakaarBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~312-3
to crowtakaːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3514
to crush (something) with the thumb nails of both handskandɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:726
to crush; to rub; to scrubɲɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1742
to crushʔapriəjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4257
to cry (while searching for others) (of a buffalo)kuŋaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1266
to cry noisily (of any kind of frogs)mɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1618
to cry outʔaròBruSho2006:C:161-16
to cry outʔaròBruSho2006:C:161-3
to cry, to singʔaro̤oBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1070-2
to cry; to singʔaro̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:4281
to cryɲi̤amBru [TS]The1980:C:1810
to cuddle (a child) by holding in the arms against the breastpana̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:2175
to cure by casting a spell onhuarBru [TS]The1980:C:486
to cure; to look after (a sick person or animal)puǝBru [TS]The1980:C:2616
to curl; to coilkhɔtBru [TS]The1980:C:950
to cursesatɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:3271
to cut (a cylindrical object standing in upright position)pɛːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2261
to cut (a large portion)sawaːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3299
to cut (hair)katBru [TS]The1980:C:788
to cut (long objects)kɑhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1026-3
to cut (long objects)kɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:636
to cut (of a blade of grass or bamboo)sɔɔtBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1353-2
to cut (something by hitting a hammer or iron club on a knife or a chisel)tapBru [TS]The1980:C:3658
to cut (the middle of a fish) in order to make it cook quickerrara̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:2860
to cut (with a knife)pa̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2138
to cut (wood)kɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:867
to cut (wood)kɔ̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1165-2
to cut a hand of bananas from a bunchklahBru [TS]The1980:C:1045
to cut dorm (a tree of which one has already chopped an indentation in one side)padɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:2104
to cut down (a tree that somebody chipped off the sides, see padɔh)padʌmBru [TS]The1980:C:2114
to cut downtamɯ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:3604
to cut into half (from the head to the tail)mantraahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~45-1
to cut into half (from the head to the tail)mantraːhBru [TS]The1980:C:1613
to cut into piecesrara̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2859
to cut off (of trees or branches) by holding the knife at an anglerapajhBru [TS]The1980:C:2835
to cut open (a stomach)wɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4030
to cut open (with a sharp instrument)hɛ̃ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:443
to cut openrɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2929
to cut or to squeeze until something inside comes outsatɛːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3279
to cut several times (with a sharp knife, see ciǝt)caciǝtBru [TS]The1980:C:157
to cut somebody's body organ with a magic spellbaŋ pa̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:21
to cut tall grass that blocks the way by slashing up with the knife to either siderasaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2867
to cut very shortpluǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:2513
to cut with a back and forth motion, as with a blunt knifera̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:2761
to cut with a two-bladed cutting implementciːpBru [TS]The1980:C:257
to cut, cut offtɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:3794
to cut, to slice (esp. meat)krṳǝBru [TS]The1980:C:1143
to cut, trimkatraːjBru [TS]The1980:C:841
to cut; to carve; to slicelɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:1433
to cut; to split (with an axe)tadahBru [TS]The1980:C:3482
to cuttrṳajBru [TS]The1980:C:3966
to dancepṳanBru [TS]The1980:C:2609
to dare to do somethingɲa̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:1752
to darn (a net)phuːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2450
to dart into (a room, hole, etc.)bliapBru [TS]The1980:C:68
to dash (in order to pick up something)tarṳalBru [TS]The1980:C:3713
to dash against; to erodekacɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:603
to dash ahead (e.g. running from a high place)duanBru [TS]The1980:C:392
to dash out of a hiding placekhaːt-la̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:907
to daub, to smeartɛːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3784
to decrease, diminish in size (a swelling)thrɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3864
to defecate (a term used with children)ʔɛ̃hBru [TS]The1980:C:4361
to defecate (a term used with children)ʔɛ̃hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~617-2
to defecatekakrɛʔBru [TS]The1980:C:661
to depend on (for help, for a living)pʌ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2662
to destroy by gnawingtaːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3443
to detach (a trap)palajhBru [TS]The1980:C:2152
to die by poisoning (of fish)rabuːBru [TS]The1980:C:2679
to diedapBru [TS]The1980:C:350
to diekuceːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1179
to differ; to changemphaːBru [TS]The1980:C:1693
to dig (into a bag, etc.) many timescacuajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:163
to dig (so as to be able to lift something up in large pieces)cuǝkBru [TS]The1980:C:306
to dig (with an instrument)pi̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2481
to dig and scrape aroundkukri̤ajhBru [TS]The1980:C:1211
to dig deeply (in order to search for something)ti̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:3908
to dig horizontally towards a goaltapi̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:3680
to dig repeatedly (with hands or claws, see kaaj)kukaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1204
to dig up (soil); to force up (water)kudɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:1183
to dig up (with a bowl, etc.), to gather up with both handsʔɔɔjʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1311-2
to dilutephaːBru [TS]The1980:C:2287
to diminish in sizepṳajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2606
to dip (a lump of sticky rice into the other dishes)tabaːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3460
to dip into, immerse (briefly) in (a liquid)ʔapṳːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4260
to dip intotuʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4016
to dip intotuʔBruSho2006:C:315-7
to dip up (e.g. rice, soil, etc. with a dipper)lɯ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1496
to dip up (e.g. with a bowl, etc.)ʔɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4335
to dip up (food)ʔɒ̃hBru [TS]The1980:C:4129
to dip up (water)jɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:548
to dip up (with a dip-net)tatuaʔ ~ tutuaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3740
to dip up (with a small container)takɒːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3511
to dip up something out of the water by using both handsrasʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2872
to disappear (of a voice)satuajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3290
to disappear and stay quietly somewheremi̤t raʔiapBru [TS]The1980:C:1672
to disappear immediatelypajɯ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2129
to discussrasɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:2868
to disgorgeʔãːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4102
to disgustkarɛːhBru [TS]The1980:C:766
to dislodge somethingsuʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3427
to dispute, to argueraci̤ǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:2698
to distribute, to receive (something distributed); to request (payment)bɤːkBru [TS]The1980:C:44
to distributejaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:513
to divide a piece of split bamboo into two small piecessarɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3241
to divide a piece of split bamboo into two small piecessrɛɛʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~582-2
to divide equallympɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1691
to divide, part (the hair)bɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:37
to divide; to sharetampɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3609
to do a somersaultcɔh-bɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:200
to do alone, to solodiəwBru [TS]The1980:C:379
to do an opposite thingcɛrBru [TS]The1980:C:229
to do one's dirty job (euphemism for excreting)pṳǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:2618
to do something againca̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:179
to do something that has been prohibitedrɯ̤h-ri̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:2949
to do something through something elsekadamBru [TS]The1980:C:624
to do something to annoy other peoplephalo̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:2316
to do something to fulfill a requestte̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3792
to double, to fold one layer over anotherthɔpBru [TS]The1980:C:3836
to drag (a cone-shaped net)kɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:874
to draghɒ̃ːrBru [TS]The1980:C:416
to drain water out; drainedsajʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3034
to drain, to let out (water)pɛŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2271
to draw (limbs) backkuruʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1291
to draw (something towards oneself) with a stickkri̤ajhBru [TS]The1980:C:1126
to draw incuːpBru [TS]The1980:C:317
to draw the heads of bride and groom close together (part of wedding ceremony)ramuːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2775
to drawwa̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4027
to dread (to do something), to be afraid (esp. because of a previous bad experience)khɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:962
to dread to do somethinglaːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1347
to dreamlampaw ~ mpawBru [TS]The1980:C:1392
to dreammpawBruSho2006:C:105-4
to drillsawanBru [TS]The1980:C:3303
to drink (something hot from a cup)huːpBru [TS]The1980:C:505
to drink, smokeŋṳajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2068
to drive (an animal) into an enclosurepɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2091
to drive animals into a net by encircling thempɒh naːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2118
to drizzlebriʔBruSho2006:C:180-3
to drizzletɯ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3919
to drop a few paddy grains into a holemarʌːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1627
to drop into the water; (of the moon) to setŋe̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2020
to drop off completely (as fruit, leaves and flowers from a tree)rṳːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2980
to drop the grain in the hole with one hand and cover the hole with another (planting dry rice)cucɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:301
to dropjɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:520
to dropjɒːtBruSho2006:C:996-5
to droptajɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3501
to dry (in the open)ʔiːrBru [TS]The1980:C:4373
to dry (in the sun)ti̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3885
to duck in order to escape from dangerŋa̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1998
to duck; to move back suddenlyblɯpBru [TS]The1980:C:71
to dump; to throw awaysakɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:3042
to dusttapoːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:3689
to dyeɲṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:1974
to eat (impolite); bring food or things to gravephartṳːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2377
to eat (impolite)cɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:223
to eat (used among close friends instead of ""caa"")cɛl-dɛlBru [TS]The1980:C:226
to eat in an impolite mannerblaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:59
to eat irregularlysaʔiaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3315
to eatcaːBru [TS]The1980:C:130
to eatkunuːm-kuniamBru [TS]The1980:C:1262
to effect (of overdosed medicine)kumBru [TS]The1980:C:1227
to eject (liquid) from the mouthkubuajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1173
to elevate (one's face)bɤːtBru [TS]The1980:C:46
to embrace with strong affectionrawi̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:2908
to embracekiawBru [TS]The1980:C:1013
to emerge (from the water)ŋɯ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2059
to emerge; to show up; to come upblɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:67
to employcaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:141
to empty (a container)sanɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:3150
to encircle; aroundparɒːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2197
to encourage (a dog to bite)mancupBru [TS]The1980:C:1590
to encourage somebody to do something badmandawBru [TS]The1980:C:1592
to encourage; to persuadeɲa̤ɲuə̀ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1756
to enlarge (a snare)baːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:8
to enter a place of confinementlṳəŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1528
to enter the priesthoodbuətBru [TS]The1980:C:115
to entermṳːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1734
to entice (animals) from their hiding placejɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:533
to envybuahBru [TS]The1980:C:102
to eradicate, to uprootraplɤ̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2853
to erase; unclear (of a letter, track)lɯ̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:1503
to eraselùpBruSho2006:C:1288-3
to erect (something pointed) to trap a person or an animaltabɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3465
to escape, to flee, to run awayni̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1820
to escapelṳənBru [TS]The1980:C:1524
to escapepɤːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2284
to escort; to watch overkare̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:765
to estimate; aboutpama̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2168
to estimatekaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:852
to estimatekhane̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:924
to evaporatehʌːjBru [TS]The1980:C:509
to evapouratekhɒːtBruSho2006:C:1106a-3
to exaggeratentɤ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1927
to exchange (items)le̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1444
to exchangerapiǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:2851
to explode, break something with a lot of noisepadɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:2100
to exploit; to mix; to take a savory along with (a drink)kɛːmBru [TS]The1980:C:877
to expose (to the sun, the air)ʔaarBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~148-1
to expose (to the sun, the air)ʔaːrBru [TS]The1980:C:4099
to expose a part of one's body that should be coveredsalɯǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:3100
to expose breasts; have no blanket onlaluǝjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1376
to expose the breastslalṳəjʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1317-1
to extinguish by pressing (e.g. cigarettes or torches)ʔati̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4310
to extinguish, to eliminaterṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:2972
to extinguishʔapatBru [TS]The1980:C:4247
to extract (by pulling or cutting)sabɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:3004
to face (e.g. when two persons are talking to each other)tamatBru [TS]The1980:C:3586
to fall (from a high place)santrṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:3174
to fall (from the hand)sulɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:3407
to fall (into a fire)sapṳʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3230
to fall (of an item)saruəjBru [TS]The1980:C:3256
to fall (of banana, leaves)rapli̤h ~ raplɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:2855
to fall (of flowers and fruit of all kinds)lɔ̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:1428
to fall asleeplaŋe̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1400
to fall downpatuǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:2227
to fall forward (because of tripping on something)tɛh-bɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3798
to fall forwardscaco̤ːp ~ canco̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:161
to fall from the tree (of fruit)thrɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3854
to fall in great quantityɲɯəjBru [TS]The1980:C:1889
to fall off (after being pulled, see buət and pùət)rabuətBru [TS]The1980:C:2678
to fall off (broken knife or sword when it is held up)pharheːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2349
to fall off, come off, ship out (of a living thing)ro̤ːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:2955
to fall on one's knees (e.g. when one sees a horrifying sight)rato̤ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2892
to fall overkatɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:812
to fall; to lose balance and step one's feet into somethingsalʌwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3113
to falldʌmBru [TS]The1980:C:400
to fallŋoːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2062
to fan, (of wind) to blowtati̤ʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~708-1
to fan; (of wind) to blowtati̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3736
to fanʔapɯkBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~518-3
to fanʔapɯʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~518-2
to fart, to break windtihBru [TS]The1980:C:3898
to fasten an animal's four feet togetherkujɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1200
to fasten tightly (with a string by using both hands)ɲa̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:1749
to fasten tightly; to grit (the teeth)katatBru [TS]The1980:C:804
to fasten tightlykatajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:798
to fasten, to tiesatBru [TS]The1980:C:3270
to fasten, to tiesətBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~440-2
to fasten; to stranglesarɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:3243
to fear; to be afraid ofŋkɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:2030
to feedʔacɛɛmBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~804-3
to feedʔacɛːmBru [TS]The1980:C:4117
to feel a physical irritation (from walking barefoot or lying on a rough floor)rakɔːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2743
to feel as though one's heart has stoppedhiawBru [TS]The1980:C:460
to feel bloated and sick (after eating too much)cɯǝm-kɯǝmBru [TS]The1980:C:270
to feel difficulty in swallowingpaʔihBru [TS]The1980:C:2232
to feel full frompasajBru [TS]The1980:C:2210
to feel fullpasajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~236-3
to feel fullpasʌjBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~236-4
to feel grateful, make a vownɔ̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:1785
to feel hurt; to habour feelings of angerʔuanBru [TS]The1980:C:4393
to feel like biting into something (used esp. when seeing the chubby cheeks of a child)baːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3
to feel nauseatedkaʔuːtBru [TS]The1980:C:857
to feel pain at the joints or boneskakrialBru [TS]The1980:C:662
to feel sick, to feel like vomiting (from eating too much)sʌhBru [TS]The1980:C:3430
to feel sorry for oneself (for having to do something against one's will)salɤ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3092
to feel sorry; to regret after (when missing a chance)pasʌjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2214
to feel stifflɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1341
to feel terrifiedkahiəlBru [TS]The1980:C:641
to feel uncomfortable (as when one is very angry or cannot breathe well)mahiən-manɒ̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:1568
to feel uncomfortable because the body is dirtymut-matBru [TS]The1980:C:1728
to feign or pretend in mannerpadarBru [TS]The1980:C:2101
to fermentʔɯəpBru [TS]The1980:C:4381
to fight (of certain animals, esp. oxen, buffalos, insects)raci̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:2700
to fight (of cocks)tamprɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:3612
to fight fortampɔːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3608
to fight to get somethingrari̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:2863
to fight verbally; blasphemyrawe̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2899
to fight with each otherrata̤ːhBru [TS]The1980:C:2876
to fight with fistsracɔ̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:2692
to fight with swordsrapa̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2836
to fight with wordsrace̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:2693
to fight, to quarrelrapi̤ajhBru [TS]The1980:C:2849
to fightnle̤ːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1859
to fightsuːBru [TS]The1980:C:3420
to fill (a big pit)kubuŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1174
to fill (the container) until (the contents) heapingphuːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2449
to fill a hole; to make a damli̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1487
to filter; to straintɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3451
to finepapBru [TS]The1980:C:2192
to finetɒːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3444
to finish (urinating or defecating)jɔtBru [TS]The1980:C:538
to fish (at night)taŋɯ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3652
to fix the eyes in an angry, fierce starekalɒ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:677
to fix the rim (of a round tray or a strainer made of bamboo)lṳːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1539
to flare upblaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:60
to flee from a trapraklaːhBru [TS]The1980:C:2754
to flip; to tapkalajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:674
to float and get stuck (of long objects)pi̤anBru [TS]The1980:C:2462
to floatsalɔɔjBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1089-2
to floatsalɔːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3083
to floatsalɔːyBruSho2006:C:1516-16
to flock together (of fish)boːmBru [TS]The1980:C:81
to floodlɯ̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:1504
to floodlɯ̤pBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~553-1
to flourish, to grow rapidlyrɯ̤h-ri̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:2950
to flow continually (of saliva)ro̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2954
to flow, to leak (because of pressure)bliːpBru [TS]The1980:C:69
to flow; to moveplɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:2495
to flutter, to flap (e.g. wings, towel, etc.)wa̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:4026
to fly off, to be thrown offkaldajhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~316-2
to fly off; to be thrown offkaldajhBru [TS]The1980:C:681
to flyparBru [TS]The1980:C:2194
to fold (a bamboo strip) to start the next row (as when weaving a bamboo steamer)pajɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2126
to fold (a vegetable) in order to put it into one's mouthmṳalBru [TS]The1980:C:1711
to fold (bamboo strips that are still pointed to make a woven bamboo container look neat)kuwɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:1328
to fold in the form of a ballkutuːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1310
to fold one layer over another (e.g. a rope, net or bamboo strip)tɔ̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:3776
to fold one layer over anothertɔ̀p, thɔpBruSho2006:C:1257-10
to foldphapBru [TS]The1980:C:2330
to follow a scent (of a dog)bɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:42
to follow one's heart; to let someone have his own wayciːwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:260
to follow the edge or shorehɛ̃ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:450
to follow, to come afterntṳːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1965
to follow; to call fortapùunBru [TS]The1980:C:3693
to followntùːnBruSho2006:C:1156-4
to forbid (a sick person to take a certain kind of food or to take a bath)mantanBru [TS]The1980:C:1608
to forbid, to prohibit, to stop (somebody from doing something)kaʔɛ̃hBru [TS]The1980:C:856
to force (water, saliva) to come out through the teethkatritBru [TS]The1980:C:842
to force one's way contrary to somethingsuːBru [TS]The1980:C:3421
to force open (something that bends)ki̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1015
to force open (with both hands)kahBru [TS]The1980:C:634
to force or ram intocaci̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:160
to force up; to raise by using a leverŋa̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:2007
to forget (something)sareːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3240
to forget; to get lostklʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1079
to form a group, assemble, gather into a groupro̤ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2956
to form into heads or earsphalɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2310
to freeze (of itself, to harden, to solidify)kaːmBru [TS]The1980:C:588
to frighten somebody (with word or ugly animals)palɯːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2163
to fry; make grease by frying fat; to melt (metal)cɯːnBru [TS]The1980:C:274
to frythɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3815
to fuckraciːwBru [TS]The1980:C:2699
to garglerabɔk bɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2674
to gather togetherhũatBru [TS]The1980:C:489
to gather up with both handsʔɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4336
to gaze, to stare atɲe̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1798
to get a sharp sudden sensationsakiːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3057
to get angry easily, to give up something easilymahɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1567
to get down under; to burrowsilBru [TS]The1980:C:3366
to get ready to attacksɯːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3376
to get readyprṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:2584
to get rid of somebody (by killing)mi̤ənBru [TS]The1980:C:1668
to get rid of somebody or somethingparɔːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2199
to get scared and fly in a confused manner (of insects)phɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:2390
to get separated from, to go in different directions, to scatterratah-rataːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2879
to get something out by magicsadɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3014
to get stuck at the bottomkaduutBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1275-1
to get stuck at the bottomkaduːtBru [TS]The1980:C:630
to get stuck in the throathɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:421
to get stuckkalBru [TS]The1980:C:666
to get stuckkalBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~251-1
to get stuckkrajBru [TS]The1980:C:1106
to get through, survive somethingwɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:4057
to get worsemɯ̤ʔ ~ mɯ̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:1679
to gild, to plate, to temperjuʔBru [TS]The1980:C:575
to girdle, to cut into rings, to make a ring around something and break it laterre̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2926
to give a forceful shove with the footkacɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:607
to give a forceful shove with the footkacɛ̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~682-2
to give a treat, to make offerings to the spiritsli̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1465
to give almsti̤anBru [TS]The1980:C:3884
to give backthɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3811
to give somebody a hard timesana̤ːhBru [TS]The1980:C:3144
to give, to present, to submitmṳapBru [TS]The1980:C:1715
to give; to allow somebody to do somethingʔɔ̃ɔnBru [TS]The1980:C:4337
to giveʔɔ̃ːnBruSho2006:C:1119-4
to glancekali̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:696
to glancesɯǝkBru [TS]The1980:C:3373
to glide (a bird, plane)wɤːnBru [TS]The1980:C:4059
to glittercaːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:132
to gnaw (grains or seeds)ntrɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1951
to gnaw (grains or seeds)ntrɛ̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~615-2
to gnaw (of termite)li̤anBru [TS]The1980:C:1462
to gnaw unevenlykakrialBru [TS]The1980:C:663
to gnaw, graze (of cattle)krialBru [TS]The1980:C:1127
to go along the edge of, to skirtli̤apBru [TS]The1980:C:1467
to go around (within an area); to wander aimlesslymaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1550
to go around, spinwi̤ǝlBru [TS]The1980:C:4069
to go away, to leave (that one does not have to witness something)prɔːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2560
to go back, to returncṳːBru [TS]The1980:C:312
to go down quicklydakBru [TS]The1980:C:340
to go downsɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3332
to go out to have fun (used among young girls)pɤːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2279
to go outlɑ̀hBruSho2006:C:2068-2
to go round and round (between two or more subjects)kulajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1218
to go throughphaːBru [TS]The1980:C:2288
to go to change baitpla̤j rabajhBru [TS]The1980:C:2488
to go upsɑhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1037-3
to go upsɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:3022
to gore (of a pig)tapɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3672
to gore, to butt (of pigs)rapɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2843
to gore, to buttkuwɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1329
to gore, to buttsitBru [TS]The1980:C:3369
to goretapɛːŋBruSho2006:C:603-5
to gossiptamʌːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:3616
to gopɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2229
to grab, seize with the teeth (of a dog), snatch (of a fish)suǝpBru [TS]The1980:C:3402
to grasp (small animals) with five fingersɲupBru [TS]The1980:C:1985
to grasp and pull downwardhuːtBru [TS]The1980:C:508
to grasp with one hand and pull with the other (as when separating leaves from the stems)prɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2548
to grasp with one hand and pull with the otherprɑɑtBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1008-1
to grasp with the five fingerskupa̤ːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1269
to grasp with the five fingerskuɲa̤wBru [TS]The1980:C:1256
to grasp; to gather togetherro̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2959
to grasproːpBruSho2006:C:1275-4
to graspsakamBruSho2006:C:1312-7
to graze, to herdkuwìalBruSho2006:C:1797-6
to graze; to return to gradually finish the worklɛ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:1449
to grill; grilledʔaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4241
to grillʔaŋBruSho2006:C:487-3
to grip firmly, to hold tightlysakuŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3065
to grip, to catch (with fingers or wooden pincers)takiapBru [TS]The1980:C:3532
to grope for something hidden (under a cover, or under the water)ŋɔ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:2012
to grow (from a stump)pɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2248
to grow (plants)cacɔh ~ cucɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:153
to growlkri̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1134
to growhɒ̃ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:409
to guarantee, to insurepakanBru [TS]The1980:C:2143
to guessdawBru [TS]The1980:C:352
to gulp, to swallow with difficultyraŋɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2817
to halt (as with children playing a game of chasing each)bɯːBru [TS]The1980:C:76
to hammer (e.g. a stake)pɒːhBru [TS]The1980:C:2073
to hand something to somebody (receiver at the same level or lower position)ʔawʌːjBru [TS]The1980:C:4326
to hand something to somebodyʔawʌ̤ʌjBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~360-1
to hang (something around the waist)klɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1061
to hang (something with a rope)tajɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3500
to hang (something)tabɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3470
to hang (sth. around the waist)klɛɛwBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~848-1
to hang uptajɒŋBruSho2006:C:648-4
to hang, to clingsajuŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1383-2
to hang; to clingsajuŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3033
to harvestri̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2946
to harvestrìʔBruSho2006:C:1058-46
to harvestrìʔBruSho2006:C:390-7
to hatchpanɯ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:2181
to hate, to despisesaʔarBru [TS]The1980:C:3313
to hauntlɯ̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1501
to have (bone) stuck in throat hɑːʔBruSho2006:C:471-12
to have (bone) stuck in throat hɑːʔBruSho2006:C:471-9
to have a bird's eye viewŋṳajBru [TS]The1980:C:2067
to have a break; an intermissioncoʔBru [TS]The1980:C:287
to have a certain amount left after a divisionraki̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2751
to have a congested feeling in the breast (after giving birth)cɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:149
to have a cracked voice, to have an unclear soundrṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2976
to have a dizzy spell (from losing too much blood or seeing blood flowing)pri̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:2569
to have a knife madedɛːrBru [TS]The1980:C:363
to have a mealcul-dulBru [TS]The1980:C:308
to have a meetingpasumBru [TS]The1980:C:2213
to have a queasy feelingsaruahBru [TS]The1980:C:3253
to have a speech defectplɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2494
to have a stomach achekaːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:586
to have a strong smell (of tobacco)pukBru [TS]The1980:C:2624
to have a swelling, to raise a lump (as from a bump on the head)no̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1903
to have convulsions (as when a baby has a high temperature)sadɤːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3016
to have convulsions (when having a high temperature)sakBru [TS]The1980:C:3036
to have no unity (in a family)maŋʔɛ̃hBru [TS]The1980:C:1622
to have nothing leftpalɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2156
to have one's heart quiver (as when one is very tired)phaphat mi̤t rṳajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2331
to have same left or remainingklʌːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1077
to have sexual intercourse (cursing)tɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3793
to have sexual intercourse (slang)rataʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2882
to have sexual intercourse (slang)ʔeːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4356
to have sexual intercourseciːwBru [TS]The1980:C:259
to have, get, can, ablebɤːnBru [TS]The1980:C:45
to havebəənBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~373-3
to havebəɨnBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~373-4
to heap uppṳːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2658
to hearsɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3179
to heat (dry meat) over an open flamekuruanBru [TS]The1980:C:1289
to heat, to warm upkatawBru [TS]The1980:C:806
to help somebody get upʔajṳǝrBru [TS]The1980:C:4157
to helpcṳajBru [TS]The1980:C:290
to herdkuwi̤alBru [TS]The1980:C:1330
to hesitate; indecisivekatɤ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:816
to hew; to slice (with an instrument) into thin piecessaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2999
to hide (in order to attack)phɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:2393
to hide (oneself)tɔ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3778
to hide behind somethingkapiːt ~ kupiːtBru [TS]The1980:C:760
to hide, to concealpatɔ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2219
to hint (the answer to a riddle)phartṳajBru [TS]The1980:C:2376
to hit (as a target)krajBru [TS]The1980:C:1107
to hit (as a target)krajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~232-2
to hit (in order to cure stiff body parts or to make something soft)thupBru [TS]The1980:C:3872
to hit (of a chicken)prɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2561
to hit (of a thunderbolt)hɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:447
to hit (wild jute to peel the bark to make a rope)tɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3458
to hit (with a stick or a stone)ko̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1097
to hit (with a stick)pi̤ajhBru [TS]The1980:C:2456
to hit (with the hand), to play (percussion instruments)ta̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:3618
to hit a spot which is lower than the target (of a bullet)sajɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:3029
to hit forcibly (of the buttocks)latajh ~ latʌjhBru [TS]The1980:C:1413
to hit so that something will come off (e.g. blade of a spade out of the handle)tapɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3673
to hit the water to make a loud noisetampluːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3611
to hit with a stickpiajhBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~754-1
to hit with the elbowsɒːkBru [TS]The1980:C:2985
to hit with the elbowthɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3812
to hit with the kneephawBru [TS]The1980:C:2384
to hit, attacktàːhBruSho2006:C:2010-5
to hit; to have a cuttuːlBru [TS]The1980:C:4007
to hit; to touchʔatoːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:4313
to hold a gun close to somebody and shoottamiːr ~ ʔamiːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3601
to hold an insect nest with hands or clothra̤wBru [TS]The1980:C:2896
to hold close toʔamiːrBru [TS]The1980:C:4220
to hold firmlysamamBru [TS]The1980:C:3119
to hold in esteem; to worshiptajɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3503
to hold in mouthkuboːmBruSho2006:C:1375-15
to hold on (to something loosely and nearly fall down)tabiwBru [TS]The1980:C:3474
to hold on tightlysatiŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3287
to hold on to something tightly (with arms and legs, for fear of falling)takuŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3536
to hold something above the steam (in order to reduce pain)hɔmBru [TS]The1980:C:437
to hold something in the mouthkubɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:1165
to hold tightly in the hand; to grasp; to clenchsakamBru [TS]The1980:C:3044
to hold tightlyhatBru [TS]The1980:C:428
to hold; to damki̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1026
to hold; to touchjɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:536
to holddɤːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:375
to hook (bait)tabiːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3472
to hookkɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:853
to hooktakɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3523
to hop on one legtɛh-ɲjɔlBru [TS]The1980:C:3799
to howlluːBru [TS]The1980:C:1536
to howlluːBruSho2006:C:196a-3
to huddle (people, animals)ɲɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1803
to huddle close together, to crowd togetherʔãʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4328
to huddle; packedrane̤ːt ~ ranɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2798
to hunt by intimidating the animals with loud noises and shooting them from a hiding glacehoːBru [TS]The1980:C:476
to hurl (long pointed weapons)blɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:62
to igniteblʌːwBru [TS]The1980:C:74
to illuminate, to shine light onpali̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2160
to imitate somebody's speechdiː-duəjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:381
to imitate the cry of a squirrel (when trapping one)pɔːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2240
to imitate the cry of hen which has just laid an egg (when trapping wild fowls)kɒːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:587
to imitate the sound of a small green frog (in order to attract a hawk)ʔɛ̃ːwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4358
to immerse (briefly) in (a liquid), to dip intotaluʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3573
to improve, to embellishʔatɯ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4311
to incite (somebody to have a desire for something)patɯːrBru [TS]The1980:C:2224
to incline (the head to one side)saŋɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3185
to incline (with the flow of water)lṳːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1542
to increase (intermittently)mɯ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1676
to inform (after having done something)kṳapBru [TS]The1980:C:1154
to inform man's family about a romantic relationship to remind them to ask for the woman's hand in marriagesatʌ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3298
to inform, to notifycɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:217
to informsadaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3011
to inject into the anus (as an enema)suǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:3400
to injectsiːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3362
to insert (a string or a bamboo strip) through a hole (to tie an article to the wall or the floor)tarɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:3700
to insert a stick to tighten up somethingcɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:150
to insert or pass something through somethingpaluajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2164
to insert, to wear (a ring)supBru [TS]The1980:C:3413
to insertsɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2995
to inserttaluatBru [TS]The1980:C:3568
to insist firmly, to urge emphatically and persistentlypatapBru [TS]The1980:C:2218
to intrude (in somebody's area)ɲamBru [TS]The1980:C:1751
to intrude, to trespassluəŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1526
to invade; to attackbukBru [TS]The1980:C:119
to investigate (to find facts)sɯːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3381
to invite (a priest)mɔ̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:1650
to invite (one's relatives to perform meritorious deeds)lawBru [TS]The1980:C:1417
to invitesɤːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3345
to ironli̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1488
to jerk, pull sharply (many times)tatuṳjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3741
to jerk, to jump uphiːwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:468
to join (ropes, bamboo strips, etc.) by fasteningtabɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3466
to join handsramuːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2776
to join insumBru [TS]The1980:C:3410
to join, to combinecɑɑtBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~998-2
to join, to combinecɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:145
to join; to continuetɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:3433
to jump (animals)joːpBru [TS]The1980:C:565
to jump (from a high place, see pɒŋ)toːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3924
to jump downpɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2186
to jump into, to dash intoluːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1540
to jump ontodoːtBru [TS]The1980:C:391
to jump up and down (e.g. baby jumping joyously or a fish jumping)tantɔːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3632
to jump up and snatch, seize with the teeth, jump up and peck (of animals)suahBru [TS]The1980:C:3388
to jump up, to jump forwardkhaɲo̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:931
to jump upsajɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:3030
to jump wildlysuːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3425
to jump with frightsantarBru [TS]The1980:C:3167
to jumpkhanjɔh ~ khajɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:928
to jumpsadajhBru [TS]The1980:C:3010
to keep adding color here and theretatɛːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3724
to keep coolthunBru [TS]The1980:C:3869
to keep coolʔɔtBru [TS]The1980:C:4345
to keep in the mouth (e.g. a baby doesn't suck, but keeps his mother's nipple in the mouth)taɲɛːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3626
to keep one's eyes on somebody or somethingne̤ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1795
to keep one's eyes on something; to observecṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:294
to keep something in the mouthkuboːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1172
to keep something without cleaningtrʌːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3972
to keep warmsaʔuʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3320
to keep, to put, to place (on the shelf)dɑɑʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~924-4
to keep, to put, to place (on the shelf)dɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:334
to keepʔadɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4124
to kick (slang)pɤːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2280
to kick the mouth (an evasive term used by women)teːw-beːwBru [TS]The1980:C:3790
to kick, to give a forcefu1 shove with the footjanBru [TS]The1980:C:528
to kickteːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3791
to kill (evasive term)kaciːtBru [TS]The1980:C:612
to kill each otherraceːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2694
to killkaceːtBru [TS]The1980:C:606
to knock (so that something inside will come off)satɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:3277
to knock against (with a long object)klɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1057
to knock something so that an item comes offkatɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:810
to knock; to tapkakɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:654
to knockkatɔːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:809
to know each otherradaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2709
to knowdaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:347
to lacksatajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3274
to lassokṳəjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1186
to laugh with satisfactionkharhɒːhBru [TS]The1980:C:938
to launchʔalɔːjBru [TS]The1980:C:4190
to lay (an egg); to bear, to give birthcʌjhBru [TS]The1980:C:319
to lay (egg), give birthcʌjhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~679-3
to lay an article on top of anothertɛŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3800
to lay down (casually)saduhBru [TS]The1980:C:3019
to lay downʔacṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:4120
to lay somebody down (so that he/she will sleep)ʔatʌjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4317
to lay something on somethingtaka̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:3519
to lay something out (in order to dry)paraːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2195
to laypadihBru [TS]The1980:C:2109
to laysɤːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3346
to leadtʌwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4021
to leak out (a secret)na̤rBru [TS]The1980:C:1762
to lean against each other's backraʔiːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2916
to lean againstsanBru [TS]The1980:C:3141
to lean horizontallyʔakɯːlBru [TS]The1980:C:4177
to lean something against something elsekṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1153
to leannɤ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1805
to leanpaceeŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~659-1
to leansani̤ǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:3164
to leansani̤ənBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~774-1
to leanʔiːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4371
to learn (to do something bad)hãtBru [TS]The1980:C:429
to leave (because of feeling uneasy)kaldʌːhBru [TS]The1980:C:685
to leave something with somebody; to entrust to anotherphaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2299
to leave the handraklaːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2755
to leave the monkhoodsikBru [TS]The1980:C:3365
to leave, to let growcɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:204
to lessen by degrees; to evaporate; to devotekhɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:905
to lessen, to reduce (speed)paːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2085
to let (the hair) downsaraːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3233
to let in waterrɒʔBruSho2006:C:406-4
to let loose (from the hand)tahBru [TS]The1980:C:3491
to lever upkɯːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1085
to lickjɛːlBru [TS]The1980:C:541
to lickli̤ǝtBru [TS]The1980:C:1477
to licklìətBruSho2006:C:1075-5
to lie downpadʌjhBru [TS]The1980:C:2113
to lie face up (of living things)lali̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1374
to lie on top of each other in good ordertani̤apBru [TS]The1980:C:3628
to lie on topkatɛŋBru [TS]The1980:C:814
to lie sick in bed (as when having a fever)mɛ̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1656
to lie, to bragtambarBru [TS]The1980:C:3589
to lieʔaphiʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4250
to lift (e.g. a pot or something that is burning on the fire) out of the fireplaceʔajṳǝtBru [TS]The1980:C:4158
to lift (hand, foot, knife) to show off strength or to harmlahaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1358
to lift (something burning on the fire) out of the fireplaceʔajṳətBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1303-1
to lift something up with both hands and raise it up highjo̤ːlBru [TS]The1980:C:564
to lift something up with both handsjòːlBruSho2006:C:1781-3
to lift up (a lying person) with both handskujɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1201
to lift up (e.g. a torch, candle, lamp, etc.)pajɯ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:2130
to lift up (e.g. corner of cloth to look for something); to open (a book)tapɤːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3676
to lift up (e.g. the chin, the head, coconut-shell ladle, etc.)tapɔːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3669
to lift up (something that is not very heavy) in order to show it to somebodyʔajʌ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4164
to lift up (the tail)kadɤːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:628
to lift up (with both hands)sarʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3259
to lift up a light so that it shines brightlyʔajɯ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:4155
to lift up loosely in the fingers (so that water can fall through)ʔarʌ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4288
to lift up quickly (a pert of the body)dɛŋBru [TS]The1980:C:368
to lift up something with handscoːmBru [TS]The1980:C:282
to lift upʔajɤ̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4152
to lift, raiseʔajə̀ʔBruSho2006:C:385-10
to lift; to carry (somebody from one place to another)ʔajɔːrBru [TS]The1980:C:4148
to light (a cigarette from another cigarette)tɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:3434
to light, set firecɑŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1056-3
to lighttakatBru [TS]The1980:C:3522
to lighttɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:3795
to line, to provide with an inside coveringsadaːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3008
to listen; it sounds likesaŋatBru [TS]The1980:C:3183
to listensaŋatBruSho2006:C:942-5
to litigate; to plead a case in courtrapaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2833
to loitersaweːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3305
to long for, to crave something badŋɛ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2018
to look after carefullyphianBru [TS]The1980:C:2413
to look after, to (keep) watchŋkùaŋBruSho2006:C:771-6
to look after; to adopt (a child)ʔami̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:4217
to look alarmedtarɯ̤ːl-tari̤alBru [TS]The1980:C:3709
to look at something from a high placetalɛːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3554
to look like white dotsracaːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2685
to look likepheːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2402
to look up, to turn the face uptaŋɤ̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3643
to look up, turn face uptaŋɤ̀ːʔBruSho2006:C:288-7
to look, to watchnleːʔ ~ saleːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1861
to looklo̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1509
to loose (of a tooth)pharle̤ːʔ ~ phalle̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2357
to loosen (tangled hair)talɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:3557
to lose consciousnesspra̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2553
to love (children, family, animals, etc.)ʔajɔ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4149
to lower something up (as when entering a door or a cave)pati̤apBru [TS]The1980:C:2222
to lower, place lower downtìapBruSho2006:C:1259-3
to lower, to put down, to slackenjɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:517
to lurk (of a person or animal hiding)biǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:49
to make a buffalo walk in desired direction by hitting with a rope or stickphatBru [TS]The1980:C:2383
to make a candle by rolling wax with both hands until it is roundla̤n ti̤anBru [TS]The1980:C:1394
to make a clicking sound (in order to call a chicken)katrukBru [TS]The1980:C:846
to make a hole (by boring)kurɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1281
to make a hole in the ground (in order to plant the rice grain, see càt)cuca̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:302
to make a hole or passage throughklɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1058
to make a kind of hot and spicy food wrapped in leavesmṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1716
to make a knife (to do it oneself, see dɛɛr)dan-dɛːrBru [TS]The1980:C:346
to make a laud noise while breathing; to snoresarŋuaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3250
to make a layout (by using a string)khʌŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1003
to make a loud noise (of a gun)lṳəŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1529
to make a loud noise to relieve tensiontri̤awBru [TS]The1980:C:3955
to make a loud noisesuǝlBru [TS]The1980:C:3395
to make a sharp weapon become blunt by magictṳapBru [TS]The1980:C:3979
to make a slip of the tonguebralBru [TS]The1980:C:89
to make a string or rope by twisting strands on the thighnlɛnBru [TS]The1980:C:1865
to make a vowbaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:26
to make a wide sweep on the water with paddle in order to turn boatwa̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4028
to make an appointment, to make a datena̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1764
to make blunt blade sharp again by burning and beating with hammerpalaːBru [TS]The1980:C:2149
to make currytakɔ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3526
to make gestures or to utter sarcastic words so as to hurt the underdograkɛːhBru [TS]The1980:C:2746
to make higher by adding more soilpaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2086
to make hissing sound through the teeth (to chase chickens away)kasiaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:783
to make indecent movements with the buttocks or rumpkhaniːwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:927
to make loud noise to repel a thiefcɤːpBru [TS]The1980:C:235
to make love (used in teasing)ɲiːwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1819
to make noise to force a buffalo to walkkahɯ̃jBru [TS]The1980:C:643
to make noise to indicate that there is something wrongtrʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:3970
to make noisehɛːrBru [TS]The1980:C:446
to make offerings of food to the spirit possessing somebody (to beg the spirit to leave the person)pṳajhBru [TS]The1980:C:2604
to make offerings of food to the spirits, contribute to a funeralsatɯ̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3288
to make offerings of food to the spiritsʔalɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4187
to make offerings to the spiritssalɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:3085
to make offeringspɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2249
to make somebody go crazypajṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:2132
to make somebody hungrypajɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2124
to make something become smallertṳapBru [TS]The1980:C:3980
to make something hold on tightly by jostlingkantɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:745
to make something round and slim (by rolling)kalɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:671
to make something round by hewing, chopping or chipping off lengthwisekalamBru [TS]The1980:C:675
to make something stand uprightpajɯ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2131
to make something tear (of a bullet, an arrow)krajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1109
to make something thinlɒːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1349
to make sth. round and slim (by rolling)klɑɑnBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~952-2
to make use of; to send (sb, to do something)prʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:2599
to make use of; to send s.o. to doʌʌBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~353-2
to make, dotaʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~245-3
to make, dotəʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~245-2
to make, to buildpi̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2474
to make, to dotaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3759
to makesaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2989
to mark the ground of a templekhɒːt-biː-simBru [TS]The1980:C:906
to mark, to tattookhiːtBru [TS]The1980:C:970
to massage with a circular motion (with one hand); to rub (with one hand or both hands)tutɒːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3999
to massage; to kneadnṳatBru [TS]The1980:C:1978
to mate by riding on the back (for Amphibia)rapɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2846
to matetiː-sɤːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3904
to measure (as by quantity) liquid or small articlesphɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2297
to measure (length, height)te̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:3781
to measure by stretching a stringniŋ ~ nsajBru [TS]The1980:C:1822
to measure the depth of the water (with a stick)cɛlBru [TS]The1980:C:225
to measurewa̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:4042
to meditate (in order to find out whether a person possesses magica1 power)pɤ̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:2278
to meditatepariǝjhBru [TS]The1980:C:2202
to meet at one point (as people clearing land or placing a line of fishhooks)pharcuǝpBru [TS]The1980:C:2341
to meet at one point (as people clearing land or placing a line of fishhooks)pharcɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2334
to meet in secret (young man and young woman)nla̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1849
to melt, to dissolvejɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:524
to meltca̤rBru [TS]The1980:C:190
to mill (grain)siːBru [TS]The1980:C:3358
to miscarryluʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1544
to miss, to think ofsaʔɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:3314
to mix (by hand)kɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:585
to mix (e.g. rice with sugar, sticky rice with ordinary rice, etc.)pi̤əBru [TS]The1980:C:2468
to mix something by kneading with the fingers or handsɲa̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1746
to mixluʔBruSho2006:C:423-14
to moancacɔːrBru [TS]The1980:C:152
to mold (a pot), cast in a mold (e.g. lead, bullets, etc.)lɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:1339
to mould (into a lump)mṳːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1735
to mould clay into a lump (with one hand)palumBru [TS]The1980:C:2166
to move (backward)hɔnBru [TS]The1980:C:438
to move (by itself)tuːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4012
to move (of grass or twigs because a person or animal is moving)kṳːj-ki̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:1313
to move (one's place of residence)lɤ̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:1454
to move a little to put into place (e.g. a mortar, trivet, etc.)wi̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4072
to move ahead without paying attention to the barricadethuːBru [TS]The1980:C:3873
to move along obliquely (of something sharp)pɤːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2281
to move along the current (in dry season)lɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1346
to move asidepaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2089
to move asidephiːkBru [TS]The1980:C:2419
to move at high speed onto somethingpiə cɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2469
to move at high speed, to rush, to barge; to throwsarualBru [TS]The1980:C:3255
to move closerɲapBru [TS]The1980:C:1760
to move from a spot (e.g. bamboo strips which are being woven)rasiːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2869
to move in a confused manner (of insects)prṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2594
to move in a direction slanted from the perpendicular; to slice slantwisecɯǝtBru [TS]The1980:C:271
to move in a disorderly fashionpharwakBru [TS]The1980:C:2379
to move in a disorderly fashionpharwaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2378
to move one end up or downŋɤ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2022
to move oneself or something to a good positioncɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:139
to move something to a good positionrajʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:2731
to move the bodycaciǝjhBru [TS]The1980:C:156
to move up and down (of a big summer hat or an umbrella)phɤːm-wɤːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2408
to moveracawBru [TS]The1980:C:2689
to movesiːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3364
to movesuːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3426
to moveɲi̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:1808
to mowcahBru [TS]The1980:C:168
to mowwi̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:4062
to mumblebubɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:104
to munch, to chew (something hard such as cartilage, bamboo shoots, etc.)ŋa̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:2004
to neglect; to ignorela̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1422
to nibble many times (of fish)tatuṳjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3742
to nibble; to peck (once)tɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3455
to nip off, to pinch off (e.g. eggplant and chili stems, leaves, etc.)plihBru [TS]The1980:C:2502
to not blinkraklɔ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2756
to obstruct one's viewbaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:19
to obstruct, to blockrakiːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2753
to obstruct, to hinderkhuaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:984
to obstruct; to blockkiːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1028
to offer food and liquor to the spirits of the house (for a sick person)panɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2177
to open (a full sack)wɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4031
to open (a lid, bottle etc.)sapʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:3231
to open (a lid, bottle,etc.)səpʌwhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~358-3
to open (an umbrella, see phɯɯ)tapɯ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3687
to open (e.g. a bag) in order to take out what is insideʔari̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4274
to open (e.g. a door); to lift up (e.g. a lid)pʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:2664
to open (intransitive), to show (fangs and teeth)kaɲɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:730
to open (the eyes)kuti̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1307
to open (the mouth)kahãːBru [TS]The1980:C:637
to open something in publicʔahiajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4141
to open, to lift up (to look for something)pɤːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2276
to open; to unfold; to spread outkuti̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1305
to openkaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:749
to oppose, to be against, to refusekhiːnBru [TS]The1980:C:969
to ordersaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3178
to overflow (of boiling water)puːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2657
to overflowsalaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3068
to overlaplɯǝmBru [TS]The1980:C:1494
to overturn (a container)katrɯ̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:844
to owe; to get stuck; to remainki̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1008
to paddlepi̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:2455
to pan-fry (as meat)khuǝBru [TS]The1980:C:985
to panthalBru [TS]The1980:C:423
to park; to landcɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:146
to part (anus, joint)wi̤ajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4063
to part, to be openednlahBru [TS]The1980:C:1834
to part; to push aside; to break throughŋkaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2029
to pass a rope through the nostrils of an animalklʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:1078
to pass into, to reach intobɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:15
to pass through (as an archway)lṳajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1516
to pass too close; to almost grazekacatBru [TS]The1980:C:604
to pass too closesariatBru [TS]The1980:C:3248
to pass, to go beyondplɯːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2507
to passphaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2293
to pat stronglylṳːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1541
to patchtaːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3452
to pawnsaprɤ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:3225
to peck (food, see tɒɒt)tutɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4000
to peck each otherratɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2877
to peel (the outer layers of a banana trunk to get the bole)tɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3459
to peel (the skin of bananas and bamboo shoots)li̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1471
to peel (with a knife)siːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3360
to peel off (of the skin of the hand)sapɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3213
to peel with knifesiːlBruSho2006:C:1799-2
to peel, to planesɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3312
to peella̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1411
to peellìaʔBruSho2006:C:421-17
to peellɒ̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:1365
to peellɔʌtBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1352-2
to peelsɒʔBruSho2006:C:466-4
to peep through (a hole)sɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2992
to penetrate, to piercerɯ̤ʔ pɯ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2953
to perchpɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:2242
to persuade somebody to sneak outkalɒːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:670
to pick (by pulling out)platBru [TS]The1980:C:2493
to pick (fruit, flowers) by means of a long pole with a prong at the endmɛːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1653
to pick (fruit, flowers) by using a long pole with a basket or prong on the endcṳajhBru [TS]The1980:C:292
to pick (something by breaking)ʔɒ̃ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4104
to pick all of the rootstocks from the ground by pulling them uprɯ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2948
to pick all of the rootstocks from the groundrɨ̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~506-1
to pick all the fruit on a treeri̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:2932
to pick out (bones)palɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2157
to pick out (with a pointed object)sakɯːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3058
to pick out (with fingers from a tree)pɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2239
to pick out, to remove (tiny objects with the tip of the finger)kucajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1176
to pick outpalihBru [TS]The1980:C:2161
to pick outtakajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3517
to pick up (several pieces of something small)kujupBru [TS]The1980:C:1203
to pick up (something in order to carry it)sawajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3301
to pick up (things that are scattered)tutɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4001
to pick up something with a foot or sticktawajhBru [TS]The1980:C:3751
to pick up something with the thumb and the index fingertarikBru [TS]The1980:C:3708
to pick up; to pinch offkajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:647
to pick uptɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3764
to pick; to poketɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:3770
to pickledɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:330
to picktrajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3938
to pierce (of worms)pajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2136
to pierce (the ears), pass a rope through nostrils of animalsalʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:3111
to pierce (the ears)slʌwhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1086-2
to pierce through (and come out the other side)sarhuǝtBru [TS]The1980:C:3246
to pierce throughnla̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1839
to pierce throughrahuǝtBru [TS]The1980:C:2721
to pierce throughtalɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3551
to pierce; to thrust in, to strike downwards (of a stick)klɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1047
to pile into a heap, to assemble (of relatives)tarɔːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3699
to pile up (dirt or soil)kṳːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1316
to pile; a pilekrɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:1119
to pince, to griptakapBru [TS]The1980:C:3521
to pinch (e.g. powder with two fingers)kujipBru [TS]The1980:C:1202
to pinch offplɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:2499
to pinch with the fingerstawiatBru [TS]The1980:C:3755
to pinchkatiapBru [TS]The1980:C:831
to pinchsadɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3015
to place (a body part) on somethingtakɯːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3534
to place (e.g. a fish trap)kaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:592
to place (e.g. a pot on a stove)takɔ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3527
to place (e.g. the hand, container, etc.) undertadʌːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3490
to place (thorns and branches) in layers (as an obstruction or barrier)kri̤amBru [TS]The1980:C:1129
to place (twigs, leaves, straws, etc.) in layers (as an obstruction orcɛːnBru [TS]The1980:C:216
to place branches and twigs (to trap animals)pɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2270
to place on, to lean onpi̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:2466
to place something by piling instead of folding it nicelykuɲṳʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1263
to place something on a timberkhanaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:916
to place things (wood, dirt, stone) on top of each otherkaliːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:699
to place things on top of each othertarapBru [TS]The1980:C:3697
to place underneath, to cover overpaʔuʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2237
to place undersɯːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3378
to place, to set, to cock (a trap, gun)sɯːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3377
to plant; to buildcɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:199
to plantcucɒːyBruSho2006:C:1457a-7
to plantcɔhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1164-3
to plantkaːBru [TS]The1980:C:580
to play (a string musical instrument)tapajhBru [TS]The1980:C:3664
to play (a stringed instrument)bɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:13
to play a kind of percussion instrument which looks like xylophonela̤n tṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1395
to play with a small child or dog or cat with affection by holding under the armpitslantiŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1397
to play with tools and food as if they were toysrakɛnBru [TS]The1980:C:2748
to playracɒ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2690
to ploughthajBru [TS]The1980:C:3820
to pluck (hair, feathers)tʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:4020
to plug a hole or crack (by using coconut fiber, small pieces of cloth or kapok)cikBru [TS]The1980:C:261
to plug upbalBru [TS]The1980:C:18
to point with fingersadɒːyBruSho2006:C:1830-5
to pointsadɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3007
to poison (fish)ntràwBruSho2006:C:1846-5
to poison by letting the poisonous substance float with the tidesalɔːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3084
to poke (into a hole or a hollow so that something will come out)tatɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:3722
to poke (liquid) many timescaca̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:151
to poke (with a stick)ʔatoːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:4314
to poke (with chili)ʔapriaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4256
to poke (with finger nail, stick, etc.)coːtBru [TS]The1980:C:286
to poke repeatedly (with a knife or a stick)khaɲɒːkBru [TS]The1980:C:915
to poke several times with a small stick or a tubecɛnBru [TS]The1980:C:227
to poke something into hot ashesrarɔ̤ʔ ~ rurɔ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2862
to poke the fire with a piece of wood so burnt wood splits into small pieces of charcoalracɛ̤h ʔuːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:2695
to poke with a finger (to scare somebody)kathiːwBru [TS]The1980:C:822
to poke with a piece of burning firewood or a burning torchthuʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3876
to poke, to tickle several timeskuklɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1207
to poketaɲṳʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3635
to polish (a utensil)pṳatBru [TS]The1980:C:2613
to pop one's head (through something)tamɒkBru [TS]The1980:C:3583
to pound (in order to soften something)kɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:752
to pound (paddy, preserved fish)trṳahBru [TS]The1980:C:3965
to pound (rice paddy)trṳahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1320-2
to pound ricekuklɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:1209
to pound slightly by moving the pestle right and left (esp. something watery)ɲṳakBru [TS]The1980:C:1971
to pound softly (the final state of pounding rice)cɛːlBru [TS]The1980:C:212
to poundklɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:1055
to poundkʌ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1338
to pour (water) on (as a token of blessing or consecration)kuatBru [TS]The1980:C:1160
to pour down upon or overla̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1350
to pour hot water back and forth from one container to the other to cool it downcoːkBru [TS]The1980:C:280
to pour into narrow-necked vesseltrɒːʔBruSho2006:C:395-16
to pour inhuːBru [TS]The1980:C:501
to pour liquid into the mouthsaŋɒːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3181
to pour on tophũatBru [TS]The1980:C:490
to pour outhãːjBruSho2006:C:1544-5
to pour outsaliːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3095
to pour water into a holetrɑɑʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~897-2
to pour water or grains into a holetrɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3934
to pourhãːjBru [TS]The1980:C:405
to pourtadiːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3485
to pourthɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3818
to pourthɒːʔBruSho2006:C:480a-2
to pourʔali̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4199
to pourʔalìːŋBruSho2006:C:710-2
to pourʔalìːŋBruSho2006:C:710-4
to practice, to learn (something bad)ʔɛ̃ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:4354
to praiseɲṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1977
to pray for the soulʔarṳajBru [TS]The1980:C:4283
to praysuatBru [TS]The1980:C:3392
to preachtute̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4002
to preparetiǝmBru [TS]The1980:C:3892
to present something to somebody unwillinglypakheːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2145
to preserve meat by mixing it with salt in a small jarnlɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1855
to press (with both hands)ʔami̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:4222
to press downʔami̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4221
to press hard (a way of ploughing)dakBru [TS]The1980:C:341
to press in order to check wether something is in good conditionʔaninBru [TS]The1980:C:4234
to press something downɲɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1744
to press the tip or the end of something (e.g. of a plough)mandakBru [TS]The1980:C:1591
to press till something lays flatʔamɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:4215
to press with wood (to make something soft and smooth)ʔuətBru [TS]The1980:C:4396
to press with wood (to make sth. soft and smooth)ʔuətBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1273-2
to presskaliǝtBru [TS]The1980:C:698
to presspadɯpBru [TS]The1980:C:2110
to presstamɛt ~ ʔamɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:3600
to prevent access (because of possessiveness; used only when a male buffalo is jealous)khanaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:917
to prick (horizontally)sarɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3234
to pricktatɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:3726
to proffer (something to a priest) with both handskheːnBru [TS]The1980:C:951
to prohibit, to control a situation (by using a tone of voice or a special kind of look)na̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1743
to prop temporarilydalBru [TS]The1980:C:343
to prop up (with the hand)tra̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3943
to prop upkɯːlBru [TS]The1980:C:1084
to prophesy (by meditation)pupuǝlBru [TS]The1980:C:2648
to prophesy by meditationpapuəlBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1292-2
to protectkanBru [TS]The1980:C:715
to protectkumBru [TS]The1980:C:1228
to protectkumBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1375-2
to protrude (from a limited space)talɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:3547
to protrude (of a body part)suatBru [TS]The1980:C:3393
to protrude the lower lipkuɲɯǝr bɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1260
to protrude, to bulge, to popklo̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1069
to provoke; to equivocatekɛkBru [TS]The1980:C:887
to pucker (the neck); to shortentrinBru [TS]The1980:C:3960
to puckerciːpBru [TS]The1980:C:258
to puff outplo̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2509
to puff smoke out slowly and rhythmically (as when smoking)paluǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:2165
to pull (a body organ) uptaɲɛːkBru [TS]The1980:C:3625
to pull (a feeling)trṳːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3968
to pull (a string) to give a signaltṳːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4006
to pull (louse eggs or tiny particles from the hair)sakɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3055
to pull (something) apartkutɛ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1303
to pull (tiny objects); to squeeze (animal's dung from the intestines)salɛːt-sakɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3088
to pull a container to one side in order to have a look insidetawʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:3758
to pull backli̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1491
to pull down (something long, see ntɔ̀ŋ)ʔarɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4266
to pull down (to make something tilt)kuwɯ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1333
to pull down, tear downjìahBruSho2006:C:2048-5
to pull down, to tear downjia̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~42-1
to pull down, to tear downji̤ahBru [TS]The1980:C:551
to pull downɲɒ̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:1750
to pull insaːwBru [TS]The1980:C:2996
to pull itself up above the water (of fish)lakɔːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1369
to pull out (e.g. a nail, post, tooth, etc.)bɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:33
to pull out (e.g. fingers, piece of wood for barbecuing chicken, etc.)ŋa̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2008
to pull out (hair etc.)təwhBruSho2006:C:1904a-2
to pull out (hair, feather)puajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2605
to pull out (hair, feather)pùːjʔBruSho2006:C:831-4
to pull out of shapekubiəwBruSho2006:C:1764-5
to pull out, take off (a knife, shoes, hat, ring)thɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3816
to pull outthɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:3834
to pull sharplypharɲaːhBru [TS]The1980:C:2359
to pull the triggerkala̤jhBru [TS]The1980:C:673
to pull together (e.g. a sack)kuɲuːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1261
to pull twigs and shells from a fishing netsaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2990
to pull up (a small plant)pṳːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2655
to pull upcɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:140
to pull, to draw back (a ladder)li̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1479
to pull; to snatchdʌwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:402
to pullthaːwBru [TS]The1980:C:3817
to punch (with a fist), to boxcɔ̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:202
to punch, to drill (with hot iron)thɔːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3833
to push back (with the hand)sɤːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3343
to push hard with the abdominal muscles (while delivering a baby)bɛŋBru [TS]The1980:C:40
to push in, to cram inkluat cɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1070
to push out, knock (e.g. fruit) down with a polesuʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3428
to push up (e.g. a pig pushing the soil up when it is searching for food)tɯːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3918
to push up (with the head or the back, see kɯɯŋ)klɯːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1066
to push updanBru [TS]The1980:C:344
to pushcṳkBru [TS]The1980:C:307
to pushkuci̤anBru [TS]The1980:C:1181
to put (a rope) around; to loopsakṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3062
to put (one's hand) incuajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:293
to put (one's hand) incuajʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1315-2
to put a handful of something into one's mouthmɒ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1632
to put an end to (e.g. to help a dying man die faster)katajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:799
to put aside, to savecɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:205
to put forth (flowers, fruit)cɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:131
to put forth its spadix or flower cluster (a plant)tɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3769
to put in orderli̤ǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:1476
to put in; to narrow downʔamṳːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4225
to put into the mouth (used when joking meaning to eat)bluapBru [TS]The1980:C:73
to put into; to put on; to place (a trap)cɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:208
to put on in large quantitiesʔoːpBru [TS]The1980:C:4391
to put on the backkuujBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1367-3
to put on the backkuːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1312
to put on, to wearkaklaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:659
to put out the fire (with water)coojhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1143-1
to put out the fire (with water)coːjh ʔuːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:278
to put several parts of wood together (to make a utensil)pharkhapBru [TS]The1980:C:2352
to put something around the neckŋkṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2054
to put something in between a pincer-shaped sticksakiapBru [TS]The1980:C:3056
to put something in waterʔapri̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4258
to put something out of shapekubiǝwBru [TS]The1980:C:1169
to put the arms around; to encirclesaʔuːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3319
to put the blame on (others)plɑhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~400-1
to put the blame on (others)plɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:2486
to put the hands together in salutenɔ̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:1786
to put up (cloth)kaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:750
to put up a partitiontatɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3720
to put up a sign of prohibition, reservation, ownershipkubaːn ~ kumbaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1162
to put up something in betweenklatBru [TS]The1980:C:1053
to put up the hairɲa̤ɲṳəm sɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1755
to quarrel, to disputerataʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2883
to quarrelnlɔːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:1852
to quarrelnlɛh-nlɔːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:1864
to quit, give up, restrain, stand, tolerateʔɔtBru [TS]The1980:C:4346
to raise (animals)sianBru [TS]The1980:C:3351
to raise (something in order to hurt somebody)ʔajɯ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:4156
to raise (the hand, weapon) in a threatening mannerŋɯ̤ǝtBru [TS]The1980:C:2058
to raise something up (so that other people can see)pate̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2220
to raise something up (with one hand)pati̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:2223
to raise the tip or end of something up (e.g. of a plough)mandʌːrBru [TS]The1980:C:1593
to raise to a higher level (as water by means of a dam)thɔtBru [TS]The1980:C:3837
to raise, liftʔajɤ̀ːʔBruSho2006:C:385-17
to ransackkhɔnBru [TS]The1980:C:948
to reach conclusion quickly (e.g. when courting a woman or playing cards)kuruːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1290
to reach down and dip up (e.g. water in a jar, with a bowl)tapi̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3683
to reach for somethingjɯːBru [TS]The1980:C:559
to reach, to arrivetaŋʌːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3654
to readʔaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:4096
to reboundkaldɔːtBru [TS]The1980:C:683
to receive (by hand delivery)ra̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:2831
to recoverpraːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2546
to recruitkeːnBru [TS]The1980:C:878
to redeemthajBru [TS]The1980:C:3821
to reducejuʔBru [TS]The1980:C:576
to refrain from anything harmful to one's health or the magical power that one possessestanBru [TS]The1980:C:3617
to refrain from doing anything that is harmful to one's health or the magicaltanBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~276-2
to regain consciousnesskhuː-mɯ̤ǝBru [TS]The1980:C:999
to release (from confinement)tarɔːjh ~ ʔarɔːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:3698
to release to; come off (after finishing sucking blood, e.g. leech)lɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1447
to release, to let go, to abandon (living things)phɔːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2392
to release, to let goʔarɔːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:4265
to relieve temporarily (of pain)taŋi̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:3644
to remaintraːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3932
to remember, to recognisesaka̤lBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~252-2
to remember, to recognizesaka̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:3043
to remembercɯːBru [TS]The1980:C:272
to remove (small objects with the tip of the finger)kʌ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1335
to repair by means of weavingcuːnBru [TS]The1980:C:316
to repair, to mend (a roof)salɒkBru [TS]The1980:C:3078
to repel animals with noisekatɯ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:835
to replace a dead plant by growing a new onesalaːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3072
to rest once in a while (of a sick person or animal)pṳːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2661
to rest one's head on somethingtakɔːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3524
to restrainkabʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:601
to restnlṳːBru [TS]The1980:C:1883
to restnlùBruSho2006:C:226-6
to retort (using the same wording as once one was scolded)kalɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:688
to return (after a long absence)lɔpBru [TS]The1980:C:1431
to return (something)kulahBru [TS]The1980:C:1217
to return, come backcṳuBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1071-3
to revivemo̤ːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:1681
to rideci̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:250
to ridicule (with words or manners)takɛːhBru [TS]The1980:C:3529
to ring (a bell), to beat (a drum)thaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3823
to rinse; to sway back and forth in waterʔaraːBru [TS]The1980:C:4262
to rinsekalaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:669
to ripen (fruits normally picked green)pajuːBru [TS]The1980:C:2134
to risksiǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3354
to roarʔarɯ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:4279
to roast (by wrapping vegetables in a leaf and putting it in a fire)kuni̤apBru [TS]The1980:C:1258
to roast (e.g. dry mat) in hot ashkaruanBru [TS]The1980:C:770
to roast a bamboo canteen that has something stuffed insidehoːrBru [TS]The1980:C:482
to roast again and again (open fire, see bʌwh)bubʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:107
to roast; to crematebʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:128
to roastʔɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:4360
to roastʔɛhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~831-1
to robpunBru [TS]The1980:C:2630
to rock (a boat) to the bow and the rear alternately to let out the watercɤ̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:233
to roll (in something)li̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1472
to roll (something big and flat); a rollpanɒːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2172
to roll (something flat)pɒːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2082
to roll into a ballkalɒːnBruSho2006:C:1201a-12
to roll up (a garment)kasɤːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:781
to roll, to toss about (of a boat)ŋṳanBru [TS]The1980:C:2069
to roll; to wallowklɯǝkBru [TS]The1980:C:1065
to rollkiŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1032
to rollplanBru [TS]The1980:C:2489
to roof, to thatchsapɑɑBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~880-2
to roof, to thatchsapɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:3209
to root (of pig)tɨɨkBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~454-2
to root (of pig)tɨɨʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~454-1
to root up, lever uptɯʔBruSho2006:C:315-11
to rotate (of a windmill)phinBru [TS]The1980:C:2423
to row with all one's strengthdɯkBru [TS]The1980:C:387
to rowcɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:220
to rub (because of an itchy feeling)tutiːr ~ tutiːlBru [TS]The1980:C:4003
to rub (e.g. a string, stick) against something; to pretend to cut with a sharp instrumentpharhɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2347
to rub (of an article that is in a form of a string)haʔBru [TS]The1980:C:430
to rub (the body) against a treeŋki̤ilBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~723-1
to rub (the body) against a treeŋki̤ːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2041
to rub (with hands)tətɑɑrBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~986-3
to rub against each other (of trees)pharki̤ǝtBru [TS]The1980:C:2354
to rub off (the hair or skin of fruit)pupriːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2645
to rub off the hair or skin of fruitpapriilBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~727-1
to rub or apply with the handsti̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:3880
to rub something on something again and againhuhaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:494
to rub, back and forth in order to make a holeʔadilBru [TS]The1980:C:4126
to run aground, to beachcɤ̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:234
to run aroundkṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1264
to run into, to come acrossramɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:2767
to run over; to presskhoːmBru [TS]The1980:C:981
to run, run awaytalṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:3570
to sacrificesala̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3082
to salute by bringing the hands together to the face (only old people use this word)samba̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3122
to saw into pieces; to cut (anything except hair, arms and legs)ra̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2733
to saw; a sawlɯǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:1493
to scald; to burn; to cook brieflykluaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1071
to scalecacɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:154
to scare with noisekantṳːh ~ katṳːhBru [TS]The1980:C:748
to scatter, to strewjɯːjBru [TS]The1980:C:560
to scent; to cureʔɔpBru [TS]The1980:C:4344
to scoop out (with the fingers); to pick outkaraːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:762
to scoop up; handful (of rice etc.)mɒ̀ʔBruSho2006:C:380-4
to scoop water up with both handstapaːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3661
to scoot along on the buttockssusɛnBru [TS]The1980:C:3418
to scrape (with the fingers)karuahBru [TS]The1980:C:769
to scrape awaykuri̤ajhBru [TS]The1980:C:1285
to scrape off (with a spoon)kɔːrBru [TS]The1980:C:865
to scrape off, to gratekhuːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1000
to scrape off; to wipe off (with a small stick)kuahBru [TS]The1980:C:1147
to scrape or hew lightly (when finishing a piece of woodwork)sasɒʔ ~ susɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3262
to scrape with spoonkɔːrBruSho2006:C:1564-2
to scratch dirt or ashes onto itself (of a chicken)mpilBru [TS]The1980:C:1698
to scratch gent1y (with something pointed)kurikBru [TS]The1980:C:1286
to scratch on (with claws, nails, thorns, etc.)kuwɒʔBruSho2006:C:460-4
to scratch on (with claws, nails, thorns, etc.)kuwɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1326
to scratch, scrape (as with claws); to scoop (with both hands); to dig (with claws)kaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:583
to scratch, scrapekaːjBruSho2006:C:1442-2
to scratchkakaːrBru [TS]The1980:C:651
to search (for something in a container)tɔːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3766
to search for each otherracṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2703
to search for something by gropingcacuarBru [TS]The1980:C:164
to search, to look for; to findcṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:300
to seep (thick liquid)caci̤ːrBru [TS]The1980:C:159
to seep, to drip gentlypupri̤ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2646
to seepsɯmBru [TS]The1980:C:3375
to seehɤːmBru [TS]The1980:C:452
to seize in the hands, (of dogs) in the clawskhupBru [TS]The1980:C:993
to seize quickly, to snatchkhuaBru [TS]The1980:C:983
to seize with the teethkuɲa̤wBru [TS]The1980:C:1257
to seize; to pull sharply; to jerksatṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:3293
to sellciʔBru [TS]The1980:C:266
to send something uppɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2087
to send up (shoots)plʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:2523
to send upsawʌːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3310
to send; to dispatch; to see somebody offʔasuǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:4296
to separate (e.g. grains)pajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2137
to separate fine bran from rough bran by jerking the winnowing basket rhythmicallynthikBru [TS]The1980:C:1930
to separate rice grains from chaff by means of swinging the winnowing basketntrɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1937
to separate, take off, remove (vertically)rṳhBru [TS]The1980:C:2973
to separate, to become divorcedratahBru [TS]The1980:C:2878
to separatemaŋkahBru [TS]The1980:C:1619
to sew roughly (to mend a torn part)kaɲiːw ~ kuɲiːwBru [TS]The1980:C:736
to sewjihBru [TS]The1980:C:556
to sewjihBruSho2006:C:1897-2
to sewtɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:3435
to shake (cloth)tatʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:3743
to shake (hands or feet in water)kato̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:840
to shake (so that something falls down)ʔarṳːnBru [TS]The1980:C:4286
to shake (that more things can be put in a container)taŋki̤ːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3648
to shake, to vibratesanɯ̤ǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:3166
to shake; to sprinklekatrʌjh ~ kantrʌjhBru [TS]The1980:C:847
to shakeɲo̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:1905
to shakeʔajɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4150
to shakeʔawi̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:4324
to shakeʔawi̤tBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~873-1
to shape (wood)laːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1348
to sharpen something by rubbing it on a vessel of rock or chinahũhãnBru [TS]The1980:C:493
to sharpen to a pointpuajBru [TS]The1980:C:2602
to sharpen with a knife; to parecɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:222
to sharpenjaːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:515
to sharpenki̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1029
to shavethɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:3838
to shine light onpalìaŋBruSho2006:C:750-7
to shoot at each otherrapanBru [TS]The1980:C:2838
to shoot, to fire, spring (a trap)la̤jhBru [TS]The1980:C:1363
to shoot, to firela̤jhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~320-2
to shoot, to firepanBru [TS]The1980:C:2170
to shootpʌɲBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~279-4
to shove away with the footkujanBru [TS]The1980:C:1196
to show delight in the return of a beloved onetaro̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3712
to show off; to display (parts of the body)ʔãːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4101
to show offsamʔãaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3140
to show uppaŋɒːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2188
to shrink; to contract, to retract, to draw backmaɲɔjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1589
to shrinkhɔtBru [TS]The1980:C:440
to shuffle, to switchraklʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2757
to sift (with one hand)je̤ː ~ jaje̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:540
to sift, to winnow (with a basket held in one hand)saje̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:3031
to sifthɒ̃ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:410
to simmer, to boil downkhiǝwBru [TS]The1980:C:964
to sing (of some kinds of animal)suəlBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1293-2
to sing, to cry (of some kinds of animal)suǝlBru [TS]The1980:C:3396
to singe with fireʔahɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4137
to singe; to smoke (e.g. a squirrel's hole)tahɔːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3493
to singehoːtBru [TS]The1980:C:483
to singesahɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3024
to singtakaːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3515
to sink (of earth)sambuəjʔ ~ sumbuəjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3125
to sink (onto the ground)huːpBru [TS]The1980:C:506
to sink; dimpledhʌwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:511
to sinkdɯpBru [TS]The1980:C:390
to sip (from a spoon)huːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:503
to sip (water) by sucking water through the teethtriːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3959
to siphuujʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1214-2
to sit (so as to block a way)tabɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:3468
to sit in a group to do somethingkhuǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:987
to sit quietly (instead of participating in a conversation)paci̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:2097
to sittakṳːBru [TS]The1980:C:3537
to sittakùːBruSho2006:C:1818-2
to skin (a snake, monitor, chicken, etc.)buətBru [TS]The1980:C:116
to slacken or play out a little at a timela̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:1362
to slackenmantṳarBru [TS]The1980:C:1617
to slamkatajhBru [TS]The1980:C:797
to slap with one hand or clawkupi̤ajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1275
to slaptapahBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~215-1
to slapta̤ahBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~205-3
to slapta̤ːhBru [TS]The1980:C:3438
to sleep soundlysalakBru [TS]The1980:C:3077
to sleep; to lie downbʌjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:126
to slice (into fine pieces)kakaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:652
to slice (several times)sasɔːt ~ susɔːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3263
to slice and mix together (salad or relish of vegetables, meat or fish)cɯ̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:275
to slice, to cut (of a blade of grass or bamboo)sɔːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3324
to sliceciətBru [TS]The1980:C:248
to sliceciətBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~841-2
to slide finelykakaːtBruSho2006:C:958-7
to slip awaypaduajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2111
to slip out (edge of sarong); foreskin drawn backnlɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:1866
to slip out from a hiding placekhɛːt-lɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:955
to slip, to err; a gun to fire on its ownre̤ːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2924
to slow downmanjṳarBru [TS]The1980:C:1597
to smear (water on the head or body of a person who has a high temperature)tapɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:3670
to smear around (with finger or cotton bud)ʔapiaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4252
to smell again and again (e.g. flowers, see hũun)hũhũːnBru [TS]The1980:C:495
to smell badkhiwBru [TS]The1980:C:973
to smellcuǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:305
to smellhounBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1247-4
to smellhũunBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1247-3
to smellhũːnBru [TS]The1980:C:504
to smile (like a buffalo when it smells something it likes)ɲɯːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1892
to smile; to laughracaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2687
to smilebujʔBru [TS]The1980:C:118
to smoke (a small quantity)thɔːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3829
to smoke a hollow in a tree (so that an animal staying inside will come out)sahuərBru [TS]The1980:C:3027
to smoke v.t.ʔuːtBruSho2006:C:945-5
to smokeʔuːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4401
to smooth off, to level downkupi̤ǝrBru [TS]The1980:C:1276
to smooth the end of a stick with a knifetrɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3948
to smooth; to filekhuːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:998
to smoothkhɛːpBru [TS]The1980:C:953
to snap at somebodykuthɛːkBru [TS]The1980:C:1304
to snap at somebodykuɲɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:1254
to snap, flipkaldayʔBruSho2006:C:1014-6
to snap; to flipkaldajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:682
to snatch (from the hand or the mouth)ri̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:2938
to snatch (somebody's belonging)luajBru [TS]The1980:C:1514
to snatch or to pull downntɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1926
to snatchkhaɲuahBru [TS]The1980:C:933
to snatchrìatBruSho2006:C:1058-33
to snatchwɛkBru [TS]The1980:C:4055
to sneezeca̤jhBru [TS]The1980:C:172
to sneezecàjhBruSho2006:C:1894-2
to sniff idly and walk away (of a dog)hɤʔ ~ hʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:457
to sniffhɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:449
to sniffhɛtBruSho2006:C:1104-10
to soak (with oil)lala̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:1373
to soak something in the waterjɛrBru [TS]The1980:C:546
to soaktramBru [TS]The1980:C:3940
to soaktramBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~267-3
to soap down (the body), to lather up, wash (clothes etc.)suʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3429
to sobʔajʌ̤ʔ-ʔahiǝnBru [TS]The1980:C:4166
to solve; to remedykɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:875
to sound of shooting many guns at the same timebrɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:92
to sowprɒ̤ːhBru [TS]The1980:C:2545
to sowprɯ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2579
to spade or loosen up the soilcacuǝkBru [TS]The1980:C:166
to speak, say, tell, scoldwa̤ːwBru [TS]The1980:C:4029
to speed up, to hastenkhumBru [TS]The1980:C:992
to spend too much time (doing something)mṳəBru [TS]The1980:C:1717
to spill (because the container falls or turns upside down)tahɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3494
to spin (cotton filaments) with a bamboo polepialBru [TS]The1980:C:2460
to spin, to twirl (a fan, windmill)wilBru [TS]The1980:C:4077
to spinrawi̤iBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~702-3
to spinrawi̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:2906
to spitkacɔhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1168-3
to spitkharhaːkBru [TS]The1980:C:939
to spitkucɔhBru [TS]The1980:C:1178
to splash (of rain or water while a boat is running)phaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2387
to splash (of water or oil)phardajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2343
to splash (water) onkasaːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:773
to splash uppharca̤jʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2335
to splash water on each other (e.g. during the Songkran)rarɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2861
to splash water onto each other (game played when many people are swimming)tampri̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:3613
to splash, to dousesaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2994
to splashhiatBru [TS]The1980:C:459
to splice a ropetabirBru [TS]The1980:C:3473
to split, to cut (with a knife)pahBru [TS]The1980:C:2116
to splittʌ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4017
to sponsor; to start (a design)ka̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:711
to spray water from the mouthphiwBru [TS]The1980:C:2426
to sprayprṳːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:2596
to spread (of a casting net)la̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1423
to spread (of a fire)huarBru [TS]The1980:C:487
to spread (of a fire)thrɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:3856
to spread (the legs)tɛ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3801
to spread (transitive)kaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:593
to spread about (of water that springs up from a whirlpool)kɯǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:1080
to spread open, to make a hole (on the wall)wɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4032
to spread openʔahɛʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4140
to spread out, to stretch outphɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:2399
to spread out, to stretch outphɯːBru [TS]The1980:C:2430
to spread the legs; to straddlekudaːŋ daːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1182
to spreadla̤ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1343
to spring back, to kick backwardskujɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1197
to spring out, bounce updiːtBru [TS]The1980:C:383
to spring up; to burst forth fromkatritBru [TS]The1980:C:843
to sprinkle (with hand, leaves, etc.)sitBru [TS]The1980:C:3370
to sprinkle water; (to rain) continuously but gentlypari̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2204
to sprinklehoːjBru [TS]The1980:C:478
to sprinkletati̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:3731
to sprout (bamboo shoots after the plants have been burnt down)thrɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:3857
to sprout (used when speaker knows seeds have already sprouted)phardahBru [TS]The1980:C:2342
to sproutdahBru [TS]The1980:C:335
to squeeze (so that something comes out)hiːtBru [TS]The1980:C:466
to squeeze a fish caught in a net so that it slips looseli̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1492
to squeeze with both thumb nails (e.g. to squeeze lice or fleas)kandɛh ~ ndɛh ~ kadɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:727
to squeeze; to compresskumiːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1238
to squeeze; to press in place (as in basket weaving)biːpBru [TS]The1980:C:54
to squeezesalanBru [TS]The1980:C:3079
to squeezesatiatBru [TS]The1980:C:3282
to squeezesatiatBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~844-2
to stab each otherraca̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:2688
to stab violentlysatɯ̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:3289
to stabca̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:192
to stack firewood at the base of a tree (so that the tree will fall down)sahuərBru [TS]The1980:C:3028
to stamp (with the foot)katɨ̤ɨpBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~468-3
to stamp (with the foot)katɯ̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:836
to stamp with the foottrṳːhBru [TS]The1980:C:3967
to stand and look at others eatingtaɲɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3620
to stand on end (of the hair)prṳǝBru [TS]The1980:C:2586
to stand on its end (hair, the beam of a spring trap)dajhBru [TS]The1980:C:338
to stand upjṳǝrBru [TS]The1980:C:571
to standtajɯ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3506
to stare, to open the eyes wideklɤ̤ːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1063
to stare; to look at something eagerlysala̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3080
to start (an engine)tɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:3804
to start (an engine, piece of electrical equipment)pɤːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2285
to start a fireti̤ah ʔuːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:3882
to start, to build (a fire)ti̤ah (ʔuujh)BruThe1980:C:Sid2005~718-3
to starve (transitive)ʔaʔʌʔ ~ saʔʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4333
to stay away; to have no contactpraːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:2547
to stay still (because one does not want to get involved)dukBru [TS]The1980:C:395
to stay up later than usualtaŋṳǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:3653
to steal; to kidnaptṳǝjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3983
to stealtutṳǝjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4004
to stealtuɔjʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1287-3
to stealtṳəjʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1287-2
to steer (a boat by making a wide sweep on the water with a paddle)kuwaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1323
to steerkhatBru [TS]The1980:C:943
to step forwardkujaːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1195
to step onkateːnBru [TS]The1980:C:811
to step onkati̤ajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:829
to stick (a fishing-rod into the ground)cɒːmBru [TS]The1980:C:135
to stick (transitive)tapɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:3675
to stick between the teethcal kanɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:176
to stick into; to thrust intotɛŋ-bɛŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3802
to stick leaves into a woven bamboo structure (to make a boat hood, wall, etc.)dapBru [TS]The1980:C:351
to stick on thickly (of scurf, soot, etc.)pɯkBru [TS]The1980:C:2527
to stick on, affixtapɛtBruSho2006:C:1040-7
to stick out (the tongue)kalɛ̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:689
to stick out, to protrude (from a limited space)cuː-luːBru [TS]The1980:C:314
to stick to the shell (from being over cooked)katɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:808
to sticktiːw-biːwBru [TS]The1980:C:3906
to stiffen (e.g. as when an animal is ready to fight)kurɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1283
to stiffen (of muscles)plɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:2497
to sting with pain, to feel sharp painntranBru [TS]The1980:C:1940
to stinkʔahɒ̃ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4134
to stir (as with a spoon)kuənBru [TS]The1980:C:1190
to stir (e.g. with a spatula)kuwarBru [TS]The1980:C:1325
to stir, to mixluʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1545
to stirkuwarBruSho2006:C:1669-39
to stoop low; to bend the bodykubiːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1170
to stop (a boat)tunBru [TS]The1980:C:3993
to stop (bleeding), to stop (a vehicle)tutBru [TS]The1980:C:3998
to stop abruptly (as when stunned)paŋaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2190
to straighten, stretch, twist, shake (in order to get rid of stiffness)pa̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:2216
to strain or exert force in trying to expelkhanajBru [TS]The1980:C:920
to stream out, to spout forth, to gush (of liquid)kaciŋBru [TS]The1980:C:613
to stretch (a string)tɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3774
to stretch (e.g. the hook stretches when the fish has taken the bait)raki̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2752
to stretch (something)ti̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3912
to stretch one's arm in the air trying to reach for somethingtawɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3749
to stretch one's neck out to seetaŋɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3639
to stretch out before a fire, warm by barbecuingpadɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2107
to stretch somethingti̤ŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~686-1
to stretchjiatBru [TS]The1980:C:554
to stretchjɯːtBru [TS]The1980:C:562
to strike (of a snake)tapʌ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3695
to strike (with the tail)pa̤jhBru [TS]The1980:C:2127
to strike softly (with the fists)nuanBru [TS]The1980:C:1976
to string (at the end of a net)suːBru [TS]The1980:C:3422
to string together; to weavepra̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:2551
to string togetherkasiːʔBruSho2006:C:246-15
to string, insert thread or string through sthkasiiʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~650-3
to string; to insert thread or string through somethingkasiːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:786
to stroke, to patpupiːrBru [TS]The1980:C:2638
to stroke, to patsapoːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3224
to strolllɒ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1424
to struggle to be free from a narrow placethuː-tharBru [TS]The1980:C:3875
to struggle, to strivebɯːnBru [TS]The1980:C:77
to studyri̤anBru [TS]The1980:C:2933
to studyri̤anBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~812-3
to stuff with woodciːmBru [TS]The1980:C:254
to stuffkasɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:774
to stuffɲa̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1765
to stuffɲa̤tBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~331-2
to stumble; to trip over somethingrapa̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:2840
to stumblekutɔ̀hBruSho2006:C:2013a-2
to stumblekutɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1301
to submerge entirelylupBru [TS]The1980:C:1533
to submerge entirelylupBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~553-2
to subside; to diminish (in force)ʔɯənBru [TS]The1980:C:4380
to suck (blood, or juice from flowers)jiːpBru [TS]The1980:C:557
to suck for funpupluːBru [TS]The1980:C:2642
to suck noisilyjɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:539
to suck noisilyjɔʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1181-2
to suckjiipBruSho2006:C:1294-7
to suckjiipBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~667-1
to suckjuupBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1258-2
to suckjuːpBru [TS]The1980:C:574
to suckɲɔ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1790
to suffer from a feeling of tightness; unable to breathe wellpaʔatBru [TS]The1980:C:2230
to suitmɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1631
to summon by waving one's handkuwɒːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1321
to support (by holding gently)soːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3386
to support (with a stick)ta̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:3538
to support (with a stick)ta̤lBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~248-2
to suppress (one's feeling); to press something downkhɔmBru [TS]The1980:C:947
to swallowlɯ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1500
to swarm (of insects)boːmBru [TS]The1980:C:82
to sway, to swervewi̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4073
to sway; to swingʔoːnBru [TS]The1980:C:4389
to swear by means of drinking the oath of allegiancesambaːn dʌːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3121
to sweatpahoorBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1134-3
to sweep (with hands or feet)kɯǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:1081
to sweeppoojhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1149-3
to sweeppoːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:2535
to swell in blisters (caused by a fire or hot water)pro̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2581
to swerve quickly in one directionwe̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:4046
to swerve; to turn somethingʔuajBru [TS]The1980:C:4392
to swimlo̤ːj dʌːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1505
to swimlòːjBruSho2006:C:1516-6
to swing something back and forth, turn something up and downsawi̤ǝBru [TS]The1980:C:3307
to swoop down on and snatch awaysɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:3335
to swoop downsoːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3387
to take (fish) without permissionlòːjʔBruSho2006:C:856-4
to take a bathmpɤ̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1692
to take a napsɯǝpBru [TS]The1980:C:3374
to take a naptaŋi̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:3645
to take away fish (from the hook, net, trap) that belongs to someone else without telling the ownerlo̤ːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1507
to take away plants in a field or garden after burning themruraːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2977
to take awayplants in a field or garden after burning thereraːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2665
to take awayʔani̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4233
to take care; to look aftersaleːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3090
to take floating bait (of a fish)pṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2615
to take just enough to be able to keep goingthunBru [TS]The1980:C:3870
to take off (e.g. fish, thorns, etc.), to pick up one by onetalɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:3558
to take off (something that has been placed)ʔali̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4198
to take off (upper garments)tuǝtBru [TS]The1980:C:3987
to take offpɔtBru [TS]The1980:C:2252
to take out (something sticky)kuwɒ̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:1324
to take out firewood (to reduce the heat)ɲi̤ʔ ʔuːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:1827
to take out; to turn in side outkulajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1219
to take sheltersaduuBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1206-1
to take sheltersaduːBru [TS]The1980:C:3020
to take someone out, to bring someone to a place; to holddɤɤŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~377-3
to take someone out, to bring someone to a placedɤːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:376
to take something outʔalɒ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4188
to take unfair advantage of others (in a subtle way)plɯpBru [TS]The1980:C:2508
to takeʔeːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4357
to talk (in one's sleep)liǝʔ-mpiǝʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1478
to talk (used only when one is angry)sasuəlBru [TS]The1980:C:3268
to talk about (somebody or something)mɤ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1661
to talk, to speaktabɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3471
to taperpɑɑjʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1076-1
to taperpɒːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2076
to tasteci̤ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:255
to tattoosaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3311
to teach; to warn; to advisesaŋsɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3202
to teachsarianBru [TS]The1980:C:3247
to teachsrianBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~812-2
to tear down (e.g. a mound, an anthill)tapi̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:3681
to tear downmunBru [TS]The1980:C:1725
to tear into piecescaciːk ~ cuciːkBru [TS]The1980:C:158
to tear something by handciːkBru [TS]The1980:C:252
to tease, to kid; to poke several timescacoːt ~ cucoːtBru [TS]The1980:C:162
to tease; to annoy; to irritatetatoːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:3738
to teaserajɒːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2722
to tell (a story)pupɯ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2644
to tell a liembaːrBru [TS]The1980:C:1634
to tell a liepaŋajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2189
to tell a lieʔalɔːkBru [TS]The1980:C:4191
to tell animals in the stable to love and welcome newcomersparuːmBru [TS]The1980:C:2208
to tellntʌːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1967
to tellʔatʌːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4318
to tellʔətʌ̤ʌŋ, ntʌ̤ʌŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~384-1
to tend to be more than or less than, halftadiːBru [TS]The1980:C:3484
to thinkkɯ̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1090
to thrash (with the feet)teːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3785
to throw (a top to defeat an opponent)pɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2265
to throw (dust, powder, grains, seeds from the hand)pɒ̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:2140
to throw (with both hands)sapɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3215
to throw away; to leave; to forsake; to deserttahBru [TS]The1980:C:3492
to throw downʔapɑŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~427-2
to throw downʔapɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4246
to throw its body down (of a snake)mbɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1638
to throw mud (on sb, as a punishment, while swimming)pɯ̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:2528
to throw mud on somebody while swimming as a punishment for leaving earlypo̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2542
to throw something down (in order to break it)lato̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1415
to throw something up high; to go up highjɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:537
to throw, to castɲo̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1907
to throw; to lash to one sidesaɲaːhBru [TS]The1980:C:3145
to throwhiːtBru [TS]The1980:C:467
to throwklɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1060
to throwtawe̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3754
to throwtawèːŋBruSho2006:C:776b-5
to thrustplɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2484
to thunderkrɯ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:1135
to ticklekadʌːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:631
to tie (cloth, thread, rope, etc.) around (a piece of wood)pialBru [TS]The1980:C:2461
to tie (in a knot)kɔɔlBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1334-1
to tie (in a knot)kɔːlBru [TS]The1980:C:862
to tighten (a rope)ʔiːwBru [TS]The1980:C:4374
to tighten (with a long object)ri̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2947
to tighten by turning or windingkhanBru [TS]The1980:C:913
to tightenra̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:2874
to tiltsake̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3054
to tiptoetanjɤːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3629
to tipkaldɯːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:684
to to feed (child)ʔacɛːmBruSho2006:C:1327-24
to touch (something slimy) for funpuplajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2639
to touch (with the finger tips)sata̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3275
to touch (with the whole hand)sapa̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3212
to touch slightly with a finger (in order to taste)tabajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3464
to touch slightlyratuːlBru [TS]The1980:C:2895
to touch; to hold; to feelkɔmBru [TS]The1980:C:868
to trade, to sellkuki̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:1206
to transfer (a right license, title)ʔoːnBru [TS]The1980:C:4390
to translateplɛːBru [TS]The1980:C:2498
to transplant (rice)satṳǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3292
to trap, to catch (e.g. insects, birds, etc.)tɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:3805
to treadkateːnBruSho2006:C:1153a-2
to trespassbukBru [TS]The1980:C:120
to trick by making somebody eat or drink an excessive mount of somethingmaŋkɯəBru [TS]The1980:C:1621
to trick somebody with an excessive amount of food or drinkpakɯǝBru [TS]The1980:C:2146
to trim (bamboo to make a way to climb up)saːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2991
to trim (leaves and branches with a knife)talɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:3559
to trim (with scissors), to make something smoothciənBru [TS]The1980:C:246
to trim, to cutkatraajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~69-1
to try to do something although one does not have any skillkaɲilBru [TS]The1980:C:737
to try to rapetrɯ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:3962
to try; to experimentlṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1520
to tuck in (at the waist)klɛːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1062
to tuckkacatBru [TS]The1980:C:605
to tumble, to crumble (intransitive)tali̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:3561
to turn (e.g. a gun) totamɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3585
to turn (guns, crossbows) towardsʔamɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4213
to turn around (of a snake)kuŋɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1265
to turn aroundpinBru [TS]The1980:C:2479
to turn back or sideways (in order to bite)kuliawBru [TS]The1980:C:1222
to turn one's face back and forth (e.g. when one is stealing)lɯ̤ːt li̤aw-lɯ̤ːt li̤awBru [TS]The1980:C:1502
to turn over (of a baby)kurɯ̤pBru [TS]The1980:C:1288
to turn overpli̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:2504
to turn something upside down (so that things in the container will come out)tɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3777
to turn something uppaliaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2159
to turn sth. uppliaŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~130-1
to turn the facekuli̤anBru [TS]The1980:C:1221
to turn to the opposite; to turn inside outpiːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2476
to turn topalɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2153
to turn upside down (in rice steamer)rajʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:2732
to turn upside down (while barbecuing)palʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2167
to twist strands into a string or rope by fastening one end at a high levelnliawBru [TS]The1980:C:1872
to twist together (horizontally)wa̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:4037
to twitch (of muscles)saminBru [TS]The1980:C:3127
to undo, stop doing something to quit, to give uplɤ̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:1455
to unfold (e.g. banana leaves wrapping food)li̤ǝBru [TS]The1980:C:1473
to unfoldte̤ːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3789
to unite or join together by splicing (as by overlapping or beveling)ki̤apBru [TS]The1980:C:1010
to unload a gunkhar kɒːn sani̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:936
to unravel (e.g. a rope, fishing net, etc.)mi̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:1663
to unravel (grass)saːwBru [TS]The1980:C:2997
to unrollpate̤ːrBru [TS]The1980:C:2221
to untieʔalɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4194
to untieʔalɛ̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~683-1
to untwistrami̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:2768
to unwrapphiːBru [TS]The1980:C:2417
to urge somebody to do somethingpatɯ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2226
to urinatekakrua ~ kukruaBru [TS]The1980:C:664
to urinatekukruaBru [TS]The1980:C:1212
to utter a magic incantationrṳajh ʔakɔ̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:2962
to vanish, to disappear immediatelyjɯ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:558
to visit (a sick person)kahãːnBru [TS]The1980:C:638
to visit; to stop atwɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4054
to visitcàwBruSho2006:C:1994-6
to visitmɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1660
to visittalɛːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3555
to volunteer; to applysamakBru [TS]The1980:C:3118
to vomitkalʔʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:709
to vomitkutaːBru [TS]The1980:C:1296
to vomitkəlʔʌʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~354-2
to wadejaŋ dʌːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:530
to wag (a tail), to swing (a piece of wood)wùu-wajhBru [TS]The1980:C:4086
to wait (in order to meet or to hurt someone)la̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1412
to wait (somebody else is waiting); will never come (something)ŋkṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2052
to wait in order to shoot (fowls late in the evening while they are sleeping)taraːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3696
to waitkrɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1117
to waitʔapa̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:4245
to waitʔapa̤nBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~420-1
to waitʔapɔanBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~420-2
to wake uptamajh-tamʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:3582
to wake uptamʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:3615
to wakeʔama̤jhBru [TS]The1980:C:4211
to walk acrossjaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:519
to walk away (of fowl)taduːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3489
to walk awaypajɔjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2125
to walk carefully (as over a precarious bridge)tadɒːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3481
to walk or tread upon (method of massaging)teːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3786
to walk quietlycɒːpBru [TS]The1980:C:144
to walk the other way aroundwe̤ːrBru [TS]The1980:C:4051
to walktajahBru [TS]The1980:C:3499
to wallowklɯəkBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~480-1
to want (to get things, or go out)puatBru [TS]The1980:C:2612
to wash (by shaking something in the water)kalɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:679
to wash (clothes, nets)pɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2241
to wash a woundca̤h bʌwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:170
to wash away somethingrɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2919
to wash facekuliaʔ ma̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1223
to wash hairthrah-thraːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3858
to wash thoroughly with watersaːwBru [TS]The1980:C:2998
to wash; to cleanʔari̤awBru [TS]The1980:C:4273
to wash; to rinse (by shaking something in the water)saraːBru [TS]The1980:C:3232
to washʔarìawBruSho2006:C:1841-2
to waste timekɤ̤ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:892
to wastesɤʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3349
to watch over; to take care of; to guardkṳmBru [TS]The1980:C:1229
to watch, to look after, to take care ofkiaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1014
to watch, to take care of, to guardkṳmBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1375-3
to waterrɔ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:2920
to wave (the hand)boːkBru [TS]The1980:C:79
to wear (a hat)tapɯ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3688
to wear (lower garments)klaklaːj ~ kaklaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1049
to wear over the shoulderpa̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2228
to wear something around the neckkalɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:676
to wear, to put on (a sarong)sakatBru [TS]The1980:C:3051
to wear, to put on (a shirt, shoes)sʌpBru [TS]The1980:C:3431
to wear, to put on (clothes, shoes)saruəʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3257
to wear, to put on (clothes, shoes)sruəʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1232-1
to weave (cloth)tantaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3631
to weave (mats, containers and nets)taːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3445
to weave into a piece; classifier for rolled matkanɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:716
to weavetaanBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~107-3
to weightɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:3806
to weightɛtBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~640-1
to welcome, to treatʔata̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4302
to whine, to whimper (of a child)paʔianBru [TS]The1980:C:2231
to whip rapidly (only the end of the whip touches the victim)pra̤jhBru [TS]The1980:C:2552
to whip; to slash or strikehũatBru [TS]The1980:C:491
to whipwa̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:4043
to whisperraŋhajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2820
to whistlekuhɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1192
to wigglewi̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:4068
to wilt, to witherhiəwBru [TS]The1980:C:462
to win all (an expression used in gambling and courting)karuːp ɲɲɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:771
to wind around (a pole, stump, etc.)pumpi̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:2628
to wind around (in water)pumpi̤alBru [TS]The1980:C:2627
to winnowʔoːmBru [TS]The1980:C:4388
to wipe (something) offtapajhBru [TS]The1980:C:3665
to wipe (the remaining food from a container with a finger or a ball of sticky rice)kuwɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1327
to wipe off (by rubbing the anus on the ground or wood)nthiːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1929
to wipe offtapajhBruSho2006:C:1916-18
to wipe outcṳatBru [TS]The1980:C:299
to wipe sth. offtapajhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~840-2
to wipecùatBruSho2006:C:994-6
to wrap (e.g. to wrap a vegetable in a banana leaf to prevent it from becoming withered)tṳǝmBru [TS]The1980:C:3985
to wrap (esp. around the head)tatɤ̤ːjʔ ~ tatɤ̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3727
to wrap (food in a banana leaf)tabuːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3476
to wrap around (a wound)kṳəmBru [TS]The1980:C:1188
to wrap in clothpṳŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1381-1
to wrapkujɔːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1199
to wrapkuwiǝlBru [TS]The1980:C:1331
to wrapplanBru [TS]The1980:C:2490
to wriggle away from captivityraja̤jhBru [TS]The1980:C:2724
to wrigglediːnBru [TS]The1980:C:382
to wriggleʔʌːh-ʔʌːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4404
to wring; to twist (e. g. the arm, the neck, bamboo strips, etc.)bitBru [TS]The1980:C:56
to wrinklehuːBru [TS]The1980:C:502
to writhe frantically (of small babies)diw-daːwBru [TS]The1980:C:385
to yawnsaŋʔaːp ~ saʔaːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3203
to yearn for, to rave forcacṳaʔ ~ cucṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:165
tobacco pipe; classifier for cigaretteskɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:597
together, with one anothermanɤ̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1596
together, with one anotherpharnɤ̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2364
tomorrowpharnʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:2369
tomorrowtarɯ̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3711
tongueli̤ajhBru [TS]The1980:C:1459
too quickly or too early (to do something)caj-ti̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:174
too, alsote̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:3779
tool for spinning threadʔãkBru [TS]The1980:C:4167
toothkanɛːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:729
toohɒ̃ːBru [TS]The1980:C:404
top (a toy)maːk khaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1557
top (of a banana tree or sugar cane)ɲṳatBru [TS]The1980:C:1979
top of the tallest treeʔawiʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4325
top part of an axesapa̤r-cuaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3211
top, summit, peakcɒːmBru [TS]The1980:C:136
torch (a mixture of rotten wood and resin wrapped in a leaf or bamboo section)tabɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3461
torn (of a bamboo strip)satuajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3291
torn (of an old rope)phuǝjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2440
torn (of net, cloth, because of a heavy weight)luʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1546
torn (with a loud noise)sapṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3229
torn, pulled apartsrajʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~194-3
torn; cuttaʔɒ̃hBru [TS]The1980:C:3760
torn; pulled apartsarajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3235
tortoise shell used for dipping up rice grains; a measurekamɔːmBru [TS]The1980:C:713
tottering, unsteadyŋo̤ːʔ-ŋe̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2066
touch slightly with a finger (in order to taste)təbajʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~189-1
touched by something unpleasantdaːtBru [TS]The1980:C:333
tough (of meat)ɲaɲi̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1753
tough (of wood)niəwBru [TS]The1980:C:1815
town, citymɯ̤əŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1675
tract of men or animals making their way thought a dense forest or fieldphɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2298
trap (v.)rèewBruHuf1971:C:6234-815-10
trap for small animalsʔatajhBru [TS]The1980:C:4301
trap made of a bamboo section for catching small animalskutɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1297
(trap) to be sprung, (gun) to go offlàyhBruSho2006:C:2064-18
trappedtitBru [TS]The1980:C:3913
trapre̤ːwBru [TS]The1980:C:2927
trapwe̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4053
trapʔakapBru [TS]The1980:C:4173
tray for the betel-nut and all accessorieskaci̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:608
tree (cl.)kàlBruHuf1971:C:6258-819-9
tree bearing three-petaled, strongly scented blossoms (Sphaerocoryne clavipes [Annonaceae])rantualBru [TS]The1980:C:2807
tree in the family of Lagerstoremia flos-reginae.taŋʔɛ̃hBru [TS]The1980:C:3657
tree of the family Parkiaʔatɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4304
tree trunknaɨmBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~372-1
tree with plum-like fruit (the kernel of tee seed is edible) (Irvingia malayana [Simarubaceae])lakaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1366
treekàl ʔaaluaŋBruHuf1971:C:6252-818-10
trickliǝmBru [TS]The1980:C:1475
triggerci̤ənBru [TS]The1980:C:247
triggernɔ̤kBru [TS]The1980:C:1782
trousers, pantssɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3325
true (correct)meenBruHuf1971:C:6273-821-12
true (truthful)kràkBruHuf1971:C:6288-822-11
true, real, seriousli̤ː-lɤ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1483
true, real, seriousnlɤ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1869
trunk (of animals)rawɯ̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2909
trunk (of the body)la̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:1379
trunk of elephantrawɨ̤ɨjBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~451-3
trunk, stalk; classifier for trees and plantska̤lBru [TS]The1980:C:667
tuber (generic)pɔ̤ŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1193-3
tumor at the bottom of a hen which prevents it from laying eggskɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:859
tumultuous; disorderly; in commotionracɯːl-racialBru [TS]The1980:C:2701
turban (of women)ranɤ̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2799
turmeric (a tree)rami̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:2770
turn overpalɔhBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1033-3
turning mouldylamɔ̀hBruSho2006:C:138-5
turning mouldylamɔ̀hBruSho2006:C:138-8
turtle, tortoise; the female sexual organ (slang)tamɔːmBru [TS]The1980:C:3596
turtle, tortoisetamɔɔmBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1114-3
tusk of elephantpalṳakBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~893-4
tusk of elephantphalṳaʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~893-3
tweezersnɛːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1800
twig to which is fastened bait for animals that live in holesrajɒʔ ~ raŋjɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2725
twig with leavespɔ̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:2253
twigs or trees floating along the riverka̤mBru [TS]The1980:C:712
twist (body)taveatBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~847-1
twisted (of wood, iron bars, etc.)rapliaŋ ~ raplaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2854
twisted, crooked (of a plank of wood)sakBru [TS]The1980:C:3037
twobaːrBru [TS]The1980:C:11
um!ho̤ːhBru [TS]The1980:C:477
unable to competetape̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:3671
unable to hold back one's excrementsadiajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3017
unable to sleep (from excitement)sahɛːlBru [TS]The1980:C:3025
unable to spring back (e.g. a trap)ko̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:1092
unbleached cotton thread monks pass around things to prevent evil influencespari̤ajBru [TS]The1980:C:2201
uncle (parents older brother)ʔaaluuŋBruHuf1971:C:145-22-10
uncle (parents younger brother)ɲcasBruHuf1971:C:164-23-12
uncle (younger brother of father or mother)ʔaɲi̤iBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~693-2
uncle (younger brother of father or mother)ʔaɲi̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:4232
unclear noise (e.g. when people are chatting far away)raʔɯːt-raʔɯːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2917
uncleʔalṳːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4207
uncooked rice for mixing with currymantɯ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:1612
uncooked riceʔasʌʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4299
uncooked, rawʔamɔ̤ŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1197-2
under, underneathkaroumBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1237-3
understandcɨɨ cɤɤBruHuf1971:C:6336-828-5
underpɯ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2530
undevelopedli̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1486
unevenjut-ɲjɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:573
unfaithfulpalɯːjBru [TS]The1980:C:2162
unfilled; loose; hollowhɔːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:435
unfortunate, unluckykrɒ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1118
unlucky, unfortunatekliatBru [TS]The1980:C:1064
unpleasant taste, ill-flavoured, pickeryʔaharBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~306-2
unpleasant taste; ill-flavored; puckeryʔaharBru [TS]The1980:C:4135
unstable; unreliable; changeable in characterpalat-palɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2154
unsteadily (from weakness)hɯəlBru [TS]The1980:C:473
untamed, easily frightened (of a buffalo)prɒhBru [TS]The1980:C:2550
untidy, messyrasʌʔ-rasɯǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2873
up and down (of the tide)taŋɯ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3651
up and down (to float)ʔɔŋ-lɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4343
up and downŋṳp-ŋɤ̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2071
up to a levelpi̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2464
upland fieldsarajBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~578-4
upland fieldthrajBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~578-3
urinate, urinekakloomBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1109-3
urinekruaBru [TS]The1980:C:1137
urnti̤atBru [TS]The1980:C:3888
used tokɤ̤ːjBru [TS]The1980:C:891
usefulness, benefit, advantagephaɲoːt ~ paɲoːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2182
utmost; of the highest degree or the largest amountpri̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2574
v.t. to tiltsakèːŋBruSho2006:C:504-12
vagina (an evasive term used among unmarried girls)ɲiːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1818
vagina (an evasive term, used with a little girl)kudɛtBru [TS]The1980:C:1185
vaginati̤ːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3905
vaguely, indistinctlypakɔtBru [TS]The1980:C:2144
vegetable (used only when followed by the names of vegetables)phakBru [TS]The1980:C:2307
vegetable, grassbatBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~327-3
vegetable; grassbatBru [TS]The1980:C:22
vegetables that grow together without preparing a plot of landwi̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:4075
(vegetables, fruit) ripe, maturekri̤əŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~776-2
vehicleslɔ̤tBru [TS]The1980:C:1432
vengefulkanɒh ʔadɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:720
very (heavy)ʔɯhBru [TS]The1980:C:4382
very (to modify the degree of disorder)huːpBru [TS]The1980:C:507
very bitterʔarɤ̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4270
very coldsakɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3040
very delighted, greatly pleasedsaŋʔʌːrBru [TS]The1980:C:3206
very rude blasphemy which can be classified according to two levels:ce̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:209
very short (of several pieces of wood)rakuk-rakulBru [TS]The1980:C:2759
very smallkɯjʔ-kɯːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1083
very steepsanBru [TS]The1980:C:3142
VietnamesejṳanBru [TS]The1980:C:568
vigorously (as water boiling)bluaBru [TS]The1980:C:72
village headmanphabaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2300
village headmanphuː baːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2448
villagewi̤ːlBru [TS]The1980:C:4074
visible at a distance (e.g. someone is rawing a boat)wɒk-wɒkBru [TS]The1980:C:4035
visible, can be seen clearly (as of lines, designs, framework, letters)rate̤ːhBru [TS]The1980:C:2885
visitor, guesttamɒːjBru [TS]The1980:C:3577
visitor, guesttamɔɔjBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~917-3
visitor, guesttəmɑɑjBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~917-2
voice, noise, soundsiǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3355
vomit (n.)rataːBru [TS]The1980:C:2875
vomit (v.)kətaaBruHuf1971:C:6429-837-9
vulturemi̤ətBru [TS]The1980:C:1669
waistŋkiːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2042
wake somebodyʔama̤jhBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~321-2
walk acrossjaaŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~118-2
walking sticktʌːŋ-lʌːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4019
wall (woven with bamboo strips and lined with paper or leaves)thɛːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3839
wall of a hollow in a treekupa̤rBru [TS]The1980:C:1270
wall of bamboo twillsulɛːʔBruSho2006:C:440-4
wallratɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2881
war, battlejṳʔBru [TS]The1980:C:577
ward used to ask a younger person to come, or to persuade himjɤ̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:549
warm and sweating (of hands, feet, head, after having a fever)lṳəŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1530
warm by fireŋhɛiŋBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~116-2
warmsaŋʔamBru [TS]The1980:C:3205
wartkatɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:794
wash (a wound)ca̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~201-1
wash (clothes)pɔɔhBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~495-1
wash, to cleanʔari̤awBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~175-3
washing bowlɟìamBruSho2006:C:1331-5
wasphɒ̃ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:414
water hole, a channel (deeper part of a waterway)klɔŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1056
water leechtɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:3797
water leechtɛ̤hBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~678-1
water monitortari̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:3706
water monitortriiBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~705-2
water monitortri̤iBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~705-1
water springing up after having been sucked down (at a whirlpool)phuʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2453
water stain (on a post); spots on a dog's bodykaːnBru [TS]The1980:C:589
water-hole, deep-water channelklɔŋBruSho2006:C:733-4
watering canbuəBru [TS]The1980:C:109
waterdʌːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:401
wavepṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2611
waving (trying to get fruit down with a long stick)wuː wɒk ~ wuː wɒːrBru [TS]The1980:C:4085
wax charm which Bru women hide in a knot in their hairraɲe̤ːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2797
waxing period of the moon (from the 10th to the 15th of the lunar month)nli̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1871
way a baby or young animal pulls the mother's nipple while being fedɲɔːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1778
way of playing with a small child (adult lies flat on back lifts legs rhythmically while reciting a rhyme)kukruːBru [TS]The1980:C:1214
we (dual)hajBruHuf1971:C:6513-848-4
we (pl.)jaw hajBruHuf1971:C:6506-847-12
weakʔilɛ̤hBru [TS]The1980:C:4377
wear over the shoulderpa̤ʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~238-3
wear over the shoulderpɔaʔBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~238-4
wear, put onsəpBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~556-2
wear, put onsʌpBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~556-1
weaverbird (Plocidae); rice birdpliiŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~775-1
weddingdɒːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:331
wedge or a piece of wood put into something loose to make it firmliːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1484
weevillamɒːtBru [TS]The1980:C:1382
weird, eccentrictahɔʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3495
well (water)daaʔ kɔ̀hBruHuf1971:C:6528-851-8
well hiddenklɯpBru [TS]The1980:C:1068
well, since (I) have already …satɤ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:3280
well-ordered, well-arrangedcɛːpBru [TS]The1980:C:218
well-rounded, healthy-lookingplɒŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2492
westerner (evasive term)kaʔaːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:855
westernerphalaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2312
westmat mənaaŋ patBruHuf1971:C:2014-271-9
wet, waterypupɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2635
wetjoːrBru [TS]The1980:C:566
wehajBru [TS]The1980:C:422
wemahajBru [TS]The1980:C:1565
what an ache on my body!lakɒːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1367
what is left after burningtalujʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3571
what's the answer? what's the result?na̤ʔ paːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1771
what's the answer? what's the result?na̤ʔ wa̤ːwBru [TS]The1980:C:1772
what? (say it again)na̤ʔ kɒʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1770
what?lɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1453
whatntʌ̤wBru [TS]The1980:C:1968
wheel (of a vehicle)maːk khiŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1558
when?təŋaj lɛʔBruHuf1971:C:6561-854-8
where? which one?palɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2158
where?, which one?plɛ̤ʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~611-1
where?ʔəət lɛʔBruHuf1971:C:6577-855-10
wherenlɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1868
which? (group of people, place)ʔalɛ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4195
while agoʔanṳaBru [TS]The1980:C:4237
whirlpool along a curved bankwɤ̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:4060
whirlpoolkhanBru [TS]The1980:C:914
whistle (of a ship or train), toy whistlewoːtBru [TS]The1980:C:4083
white (animals)klɑɑʔBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~929-1
white (animals)klɔɔkBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~929-2
white (of an animal)plṳʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2520
white mulberry tree; the leaves are eaten by silkworms (Morus alba)mṳanBru [TS]The1980:C:1713
whiteblaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:57
whiteklɒːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1044
whitish (of siblings); to turn gray (of hair)plṳaʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2511
whitlowphamBru [TS]The1980:C:2323
why?taʔ ntrɤ̀wBruHuf1971:C:6627-859-9
why…so ?kala̤ʔ kaːBru [TS]The1980:C:678
wide; bigluŋʔaːBru [TS]The1980:C:1532
widowedkumaːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1231
wife (evasive term)kandɛːl ~ kadɛːl ~ ndɛːlBru [TS]The1980:C:725
wifekandɛɛl, kadɛɛl, ndɛɛlBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~791-3
wifelakṳǝjBru [TS]The1980:C:1371
wild animalsantra̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:3170
wild lime treetari̤əjhBru [TS]The1980:C:3705
wild lycheekruǝlBru [TS]The1980:C:1144
wild lycheekupɛhBru [TS]The1980:C:1274
wild mangoesrambuːBru [TS]The1980:C:2766
wild o1iveʔapo̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:4255
wild oliveʔapo̤onBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1116-2
wild tree with astringent normally chewed with betel (Zizyphus cambodiana [Rhamnaceae])nli̤a-cɔ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1870
wild vine with small trifurcated leaves and long white flat fruit (both are edible)kutiaŋ kɔːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1306
will (modal)ʔɛɛBruHuf1971:C:6666-864-10
will, shallʔiːBru [TS]The1980:C:4370
willʔaːBru [TS]The1980:C:4088
wind (n.)kəjaalBruHuf1971:C:6679-866-9
wind instrumenttarealBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~773-2
wind, airkujaalBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~88-3
winding; crookedraŋɔk-raŋɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:2819
windowmənak dəjBruHuf1971:C:6688-868-8
windpipe, the tracheaʔarɔ̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4267
windkujaːlBru [TS]The1980:C:1194
wings (of a live chicken)sanaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3153
wings (of a live chicken)sanaŋBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~295-2
wingsalaːpBru [TS]The1980:C:3073
winnow (fan)ʔuumBruHuf1971:C:6697-870-6
wirelṳatBru [TS]The1980:C:1523
wish tojɔɔʔBruHuf1971:C:6711-872-9
with (and)kəətBruHuf1971:C:6726-873-7
with legs widespreadcaŋ-caʔBru [TS]The1980:C:187
with no exceptionsawiǝBru [TS]The1980:C:3306
withered (of a bamboo shoot, bulbous root)sakɒ̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:3047
withered and faded (as of vegetable, leaves, grass, etc.)ɲṳpBru [TS]The1980:C:1986
withered and spongy (e.g. dry melons)sasʌwhBru [TS]The1980:C:3269
without enthusiasmkaci̤amBru [TS]The1980:C:609
without paying attention to anything (walking)co̤ːpBru [TS]The1980:C:285
witnessphaɲa̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2325
woman (maiden)kəmuurBruHuf1971:C:6761-877-9
womanmansɛːmBru [TS]The1980:C:1605
woo! yeah! (an answer to a call)kṳːkBru [TS]The1980:C:1315
wood that is used to poke into a hole so that animals will come outranɔkBru [TS]The1980:C:2789
wood with a soft textureʔuəʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4397
wooden bell (used in a monastery)poːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2537
wooden sheathkumpɔ̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1245
wooden spatula used as cooking utensilʔawe̤ːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4321
woodpeckerti̤arBru [TS]The1980:C:3887
woodʔalṳaŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4203
word used by a son-in-low to call or refer to relatives on his wife's sideɲi̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:1806
word used in waking up a sound sleeper or an unconscious personthiarBru [TS]The1980:C:3845
word used in waking up a sound sleeper or to call an unconscious manthʌːBru [TS]The1980:C:3877
word used to call an ordained person (not certain whether he is a monk or a novice)sahuəBru [TS]The1980:C:3026
word used to call one's small child or a close friend to show affectionmphɤːBru [TS]The1980:C:1695
word used to call the child of an elder brother/sister and that of an uncle/aunt (mother's side)ramɒːnBru [TS]The1980:C:2762
word used to indicate a directionpharBru [TS]The1980:C:2333
word used to scold somebody (comparing a person to an animal)mbrawBru [TS]The1980:C:1646
word uttered when one is chasing a pigcṳːjBru [TS]The1980:C:313
word uttered when one is chasing the buffalos into the stablelak-lakBru [TS]The1980:C:1370
wordphalajhBru [TS]The1980:C:2311
workwi̤ǝʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4070
worm (earthworm)təloojBruHuf1971:C:6785-880-5
worm (intestinal)phəɲiatBruHuf1971:C:6790-881-5
worm (maggot)mpaaŋBruHuf1971:C:6780-879-10
wormmpaːŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1683
worn out; without leaves (a tree attacked by caterpillars or a disease)kra̤jh-taŋkra̤jhBru [TS]The1980:C:1108
worried abouthuǝŋBru [TS]The1980:C:492
worryʔukBru [TS]The1980:C:4399
wound, cut; to prickbʌwʔBru [TS]The1980:C:129
woven bamboo wallsulɛːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:3406
woven rattan ballkatɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:791
wow! oh dear!mboːj-mbuːjBru [TS]The1980:C:1644
wrap (in cloth)pṳŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2633
wrap around, wind aroundpɔarBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~483-2
wrinkled, wilted (of skin, fruit)sasuatBru [TS]The1980:C:3267
wrinkledraɲoːtBru [TS]The1980:C:2805
wronglo̤ːjhBru [TS]The1980:C:1506
yam-like plant (evasive term)ʔaja̤ʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4147
yaws (tropical skin-disease)ciːnBru [TS]The1980:C:256
ye1lowish brownpra̤ŋBru [TS]The1980:C:2557
yeahʔɤːʔBru [TS]The1980:C:4363
year (for children and chickens)khuǝpBru [TS]The1980:C:989
yearkumɒːBru [TS]The1980:C:1230
yeast used in the fermentation of arrackpadawBru [TS]The1980:C:2103
yellow feversɛːtBru [TS]The1980:C:3334
yellow metal (not gold)sapa̤nBru [TS]The1980:C:3210
yellow termiteskantɔːjʔBru [TS]The1980:C:744
yellow thin film caused by the burned resinci̤ːBru [TS]The1980:C:251
yellowrari̤aʔBru [TS]The1980:C:2864
yes (impolite); final sentence particlehɤh ~ hɤːhBru [TS]The1980:C:454
yes (it's so.)me̤ːnBru [TS]The1980:C:1652
yesterdaymahajBru [TS]The1980:C:1566
yet, stilltajuahBru [TS]The1980:C:3508
yokeʔɛ̃ːkBru [TS]The1980:C:4347
you (plural)manɲi̤a ~ maɲi̤aBru [TS]The1980:C:1603
you (polite)mɤjBruHuf1971:C:6869-892-9
you (used both for men and women)ʔatɔːBru [TS]The1980:C:4303
you (used to call peers and inferiors)mʌ̤jBru [TS]The1980:C:1736
you (used with friends)ti̤awBru [TS]The1980:C:3889
you (used with someone younger or between husband and wife)hɤj ~ hʌjBru [TS]The1980:C:455
you always criticize other people, you're the same way, yourselfmbaːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1633
you'd better be careful!mɯ̤ŋ dɤːBru [TS]The1980:C:1678
you're so diligent! (a sarcastic remark)man taʔ dɤːBru [TS]The1980:C:1584
you, the crazy one!nlajʔBru [TS]The1980:C:1838
young (bamboo)lambuŋBruSho2006:C:629a-2
young (fruit)ɲṳamBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~943-3
young (of bamboo)lambuŋBru [TS]The1980:C:1383
young animaljɯ̤ːlBru [TS]The1980:C:561
young novice in the Buddhist priesthoodcuǝBru [TS]The1980:C:304
young rice plant (for transplanting)takaːBru [TS]The1980:C:3509
young womankumɔɔrBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~1138-3
young womankumɔːrBru [TS]The1980:C:1237
young womankumʌurBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~1138-4
young, green (of plants)ɲṳamBru [TS]The1980:C:1975
younger brother of the husbandnlɛɛpBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~606-2
younger brother of the husbandnlɛːpBru [TS]The1980:C:1858
younger brother of the wifenlajBru [TS]The1980:C:1836
younger brotherʔami̤aŋBru [TS]The1980:C:4218
younger siblingʔaaj ʔaaʔɛɛmBruHuf1971:C:112-19-10
younger siblingʔaʔɛːmBru [TS]The1980:C:4330
younger siblingʔɛimBruMil1976:C:Sid2005~587-3
younger siblingʔɛɛmBruThe1980:C:Sid2005~587-2
younger siblingʔɛ̃ːmBru [TS]The1980:C:4351
younger siblingʔɛ̃ːmBruSho2006:C:1306-2
Zinziber cassumunarplàjBruSho2006:C:216-4