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. to walk very slowly. (v)ទទ្រឹបtɔtrɨpKhmerHea1997:C:5273
(1) abbreviation for ពុទ្ឋសករាជ Buddhist Era (2) abbreviation for ពុទ្ឋសាសនា Buddhismព.ស.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:8612
15 day period of the waning moon, period of 15 days in the lunar calendar counting from the day after the full moon back to the new moon (i.e. complete darkness) (see: ខ្នើត ) (n)រនោចrɔnoucKhmerHea1997:C:10824
24th letter of the Cambodian alphabetphɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:9334
25th letter of the Cambodian alphabetmɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:9639
26th letter of the Cambodian alphabetjɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:10322
27th letter of the Cambodian alphabetrɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:10513
29th letter of the Cambodian alphabetvɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:12062
30th letter of the Cambodian alphabetsɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:12796
31st letter of the Cambodian alphabethɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:15357
60-litre basketកញ្ជើkɔɲcɤ̀ːKhmerSho2006:C:53-1
= the Surin var. of ស្អីស្តឺយsdəɨjKhmerHea1997:C:14690
[clothing] to trailស្លុយslojKhmerSho2006:C:1528-1
[e.g. woodpecker] to make hole in [tree]coḥcɔhKhmerSho2006:C:1987-1
[elephants] to stand in shadeស្រប់srɔpKhmerSho2006:C:1273-16
[flower] to close; to stop up, cover with handក្ដោបkdaopKhmerSho2006:C:1261-43
[horns etc.] branching widelāslìːəhKhmerSho2006:C:191-13
[illness inter alia] to abateស្បើយsbaəjKhmerSho2006:C:1493-1
[land] under cultivationស្លាយslaːjKhmerSho2006:C:1521-3
[mat] to get ragged at the edgesពព្រូយ??babrūjKhmerSho2006:C:1509-4
[moon] to waneរោចròːcKhmerSho2006:C:842-7
[petals] to fall, drop off; to sprinkle, sow, spray, winnow by letting fall from a heightរោយròːjKhmerSho2006:C:1504-4
[scent etc.] to be diffusedត្រឡប់??trəlɔpKhmerSho2006:C:1287-12
[teeth] to chatterdadărtətɔ̀əKhmerSho2006:C:1623-8
[tiger] to growlគ្រហឹមkrəhɯ̀mKhmerSho2006:C:1429-2
a Cambodian, Khmer (n)កម្ពោជិកkampoucɨkKhmerHea1997:C:393
a chart / grid containing 36 animal pictures used in the Chinese gambling game called ហួយ (n)ផូយphoojKhmerHea1997:C:8352
a diacritical mark (់) placed over a final consonant of a syllable to indicate that the preceding vowel is shortened (in syllables with no written vowel, it indicates that the inherent vowel is pronounced as ɑ following an A-Series consonant and as ʊə or [u] (before a labial consonant) following an O-Series consonant; in syllables containing the vowel a it indicates that the a is pronounced as [a] following an A-Series consonant and as oa or ea (before a velar consonant) following an O-Series consonant) (n)បន្តក់bɑntɑkKhmerHea1997:C:
a disinherited person (n)និរមត៌កniʔreaʔmɔɔrədɑkKhmerHea1997:C:6190
A Grák (name of a malevolent spirit believed to be the spirit of a corrupt old woman named យាយប្លង់ who was in charge of preparing food for the royal family and for monks in temples near the royal palace during the reign of King Monivong, 1927-1941)គ្រក់krʊəkKhmerHea1997:C:2224
a hooked stick (esp. one used for picking fruit) (n)តំពក់tɑmpʊəkKhmerHea1997:C:4727
a Jain; Jainism (name of a religion in India) (n)ជេនceinKhmerHea1997:C:3663
a kind of large earthenware vessel (n)ធ្នល់tnʊəlKhmerHea1997:C:5921
a layman who lives at a temple, shaves his head and observes all the rules and precepts of a monk (esp. one who takes care of temple grounds; they are not ordained, but may assist the monks) (n)តាជីtaa ciiKhmerHea1997:C:4495
a little, a little bit, in small amounts; rather, slightly, just barely; in a little while. (adv)បន្តិចbɑntəcKhmerHea1997:C:6701
a little[តិច]-តួច[tec]-tuːəcKhmerSho2006:C:817-7
a littletictecKhmerSho2006:C:816-4
a loud noise, bang (i)ផូងphooŋKhmerHea1997:C:8349
A Mi – A Thoṅ (names of two servants in a popular Cambodian folktale; in the col. language used to mean `servants' or `underlings' in general); entourage (n)អាម៉ីអាថោងʔaa məj ʔaa thaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:17039
a reduplication of ណា which occurs in the form ... ណា(ជា) ... ណី​ in certain stereotyped negative expressionsណីnəjKhmerHea1997:C:4375
a section of water surface cleared of floating plants which serves as a fishing spot; open spot on the surface of a body of water where fish come up for air (n)បង្ហែបbɑŋhaepKhmerHea1997:C:6432
a sour ingredient (e.g. tamarinds); food products that are sour to the taste (n)ម្ជូរmcuuKhmerHea1997:C:10235
a subdivision of the zodiac, 1/3 of a ត្រយ៉ាង (n)ឆ្វាងcvaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:3401
(a turn) roundjuṁcùmKhmerSho2006:C:1333-1
a while, moment; leap, bound, burst, spurt (n)សន្ទុះsɑntuhKhmerHea1997:C:13100
(a) to know (how to do something) be able to (b) to be used to, accustomed to; to keep on doing something; constantly, always, incessantly (initverb)ចេះcehKhmerHea1997:C:3019
(a) ស្ញុកsɲokKhmerHea1997:C:14658
abacus (n)សណ្ដរក្បាលសរសរsɑndɑɑ kbaal sɑsɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:13012
abandoning passions and engaging in meditation (n)និក្ខម៍ធ្យានnikkhamtjienKhmerHea1997:C:6099
abandoning, throwing away (n)ឌេបនាការdeipaʔnaakaaKhmerHea1997:C:4350
abbreviation for ក្រមព្រហ្មទណ្ឌ (penal code)ក.ព.ទ.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:383
abbreviation for មហាសករាជម. ស.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:9836
abbreviation for សតវត្សរ៍ `century'ស. ត. វ.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:12797
abbreviation for សតវត្សរ៍ `century'ស.វ.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:13413
abbreviation for សហរដ្ឋអាមេរិក `the United States of America'ស. រ. អា.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:13391
abbreviation for សុត `to listen,' ចិន្ត `to think,' បុច្ឆ `to question,' លិខ `to take notes;' it is a popular piece of advice or recommendation from teachers to students; any student should have all these four capacities otherwise school will be a waste of timeសុ. ចិ. បុ. លិ.soʔ-ceʔ-poʔ-liʔKhmerHea1997:C:13912
abbreviation for អង្គការសហប្រជាជាតិ​ U.N. Organizationអ. ស. ប.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:15782
abbreviation for ឧត្តមសេនីយ៍ generalឧ. ស.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:17757
abbreviation for ឧទាហរណ៍ `(for) example'ឧ.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:17530
abbreviation of millimeter, mm.ម. ម.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:9784
abbreviation of គីឡូក្រាម kilogramគ. ក.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:1925
abbreviation of គីឡូម៉ែត្រ kilometerគ. ម.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:2028
abbreviation of គ្រិស្តសករាជ Christian Eraគ. ស.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:2045
abbreviation of រៀល the basic Cambodian monetary unitNOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:10514
abbreviation of សហភាពសូវៀត Soviet Unionស. ភ. ស. វ.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:13176
abbreviation of ឯកឧត្តមឯ. ឧ.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:17852
abdomen, belly (n)ពុងpuŋKhmerHea1997:C:9016
ability to do something, skill; profession (n)កោសល្លkaosɑlKhmerHea1997:C:751
ability, power, faculty (n)សត្តិsatteʔKhmerHea1997:C:13042
abode of the gods, paradise; stupa (n)អមរាគារʔaʔmaʔraakieKhmerHea1997:C:16590
abolition (n)និរាក្រឹតិniʔriekrətKhmerHea1997:C:6196
about to, on the point of; almost, nearly (initverb)ប៊ិះbihKhmerHea1997:C:7659
about, concerning, relative to; from, out of eg. អំពីថ្ងៃនេះទៅ from this day on (prenp)អំពីʔɑmpiiKhmerHea1997:C:17394
abrasion, scratch (n)ថ្នស់tnɑhKhmerHea1997:C:5148
abrogation, repeal, annulment (n)និរាករណ៍niʔriekɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:6195
abruptly and swiftly, headlong (adv)វ៉េវveivKhmerHea1997:C:12746
abruptly, sharply, cleanly, completely. (adv)ក្បិលkbəlKhmerHea1997:C:1099
abscissa (n)ភុជតាphuʔceaʔtaaKhmerHea1997:C:9473
absence / lack of passion (n)និរតណ្ហាniereaʔtɑnnaʔhaaKhmerHea1997:C:6176
absence of suffering (n)និរទុក្ខាniereaʔtukkhaaKhmerHea1997:C:6179
absolute / unconditioned Dharma (Dharma which does not proceed from a cause; often an epithet of Nirvana) (n)អសង្ខតធម៌ʔaʔsɑŋkhaʔtaʔthoaKhmerHea1997:C:16769
absolute monarchy (n)សម្បូណ៌ាជ្ញាសិទ្ឋិរាជ្យsɑmboonaacɲaa-setthiʔriecKhmerHea1997:C:13301
absolutely, utterly, perfectly, completely (adv)ណិលnəlKhmerHea1997:C:4374
absolutism (n)សម្បូណ៌ាជ្ញានិយមsɑmboonaacɲaaniʔjumKhmerHea1997:C:13300
absorption, suction; sip(ping); draught (n)កំរេបkɑmreepKhmerHea1997:C:951
abstention, self-denial; temperance; fast(ing); regimen; diet; rules (e.g. of a diet or ascetic way of life) (n)ត្រណមtrɑnɑɑmKhmerHea1997:C:4847
abstract, summary (n)សំរង់sɑmrɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:14468
abundantly (of rain falling) (adv)ខ្ជុកខ្ជាំkcuk - kcoamKhmerHea1997:C:1669
accessory, replacement, spare part (n)ឧបសាធនʔuʔpaʔsaatheaʔneaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17701
accident, chance, coincidence; hazard, risk, peril, danger. (n)ចៃដន្យcajdɑnKhmerHea1997:C:2852
accompany; by reason of, by means of, -lyដោយ??daoj-saːKhmerSho2006:C:1463-11
accompanying, going and coming together; intercommunication (n)សហគមនាគមន៍saʔhaʔkumniekumKhmerHea1997:C:13485
accomplished fact; conclusion, completion (n)និដ្ឋិតកម្មnitthetkamKhmerHea1997:C:6118
according to hearsay (adv)រឆៀបរញេញrɔchiep rɔɲɨɲKhmerHea1997:C:10643
according to the age, appropriate to one's age (adv)វយានុរូបveaʔjienuʔruupKhmerHea1997:C:12147
according toតាមtaːmKhmerSho2006:C:1346-2
accounting (as a study) (n)តុល្យាសាស្ត្រtoljaasaahKhmerHea1997:C:4615
accounts, accounting, bookkeeping (n)គណនេយ្យkʊənnaʔnej, keaʔnaʔnəjKhmerHea1997:C:1995
accumulation of negative karma (n)អបុញ្ញាភិសង្ខារʔaʔpoɲɲaaphiʔsɑŋkhaaKhmerHea1997:C:16509
accurately, correctly (adv)ម៉កៗmɑɑk - mɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:9645
achievement, output, attainment, legacy; success (n)បំណាច់bɑmnacKhmerHea1997:C:7524
acid (n)ក្រុតkrotKhmerHea1997:C:1384
acquisition; gain, profit, benefit (n)បំណានbɑmnaanKhmerHea1997:C:7526
acre (n)អេគ្ហើʔeekəəKhmerHea1997:C:17310
act of disobedience / violation of monastic rules by a monk that results in his punishment (n)នាសនង្គniesaʔnaŋ, niesaʔnaŋkeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6078
act of giving something away; act of quitting (a job or other activity) (n)ល្បះlbahKhmerHea1997:C:11958
act of pulling out or extracting, removal, eradication (n)ដំណកdɑmnɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:4216
act of wishing; wish; prayer (esp. one in which a vow is made to repay a favor granted); vow, oath (n)បំណន់bɑmnɑnKhmerHea1997:C:7521
(act of) digging; hole, pit, excavation. (n)ជំនីកcumniikKhmerHea1997:C:3712
act, action, deed, effect, result; practice, duty; often used as a nominalizing element (n)អំពើʔɑmpəəKhmerHea1997:C:17398
act, deed; duty; matter (n)ករណីយkɑɑrnəj, kaʔraʔnəjKhmerHea1997:C:401
act, scene; set, stage, arena; scenario; section (of a story); artist's room; theatrical dressing room; studio (n)ឆាកchaakKhmerHea1997:C:3222
act; plan, program (n)ពិធានpiʔthienKhmerHea1997:C:8926
action of awakening someone (n)ដំណាស់dɑmnahKhmerHea1997:C:4227
action of dusting something with flour (esp. flour made from popped rice grains) / powdered sugar. (n)ស្បាត់sbatKhmerHea1997:C:14824
action of falling; fall, drop (n)ដំណួលdɑmnuəlKhmerHea1997:C:4236
action of opening / driving / sailing / piloting (n)បំណើកbɑmnaəkKhmerHea1997:C:7532
action of punting / poling a boat (n)ដំណោលdɑmnaolKhmerHea1997:C:4250
action of washing (n)បំណោកbɑmnaokKhmerHea1997:C:7537
action or art of sewing (n)ដំណេរdɑmneeKhmerHea1997:C:4244
action, act, deed, will, wish (n)សំណេះsɑmnehKhmerHea1997:C:14383
action, duty. (n)វត្តិvoatteʔKhmerHea1997:C:12110
acutely pointedរលែមrəlɛ̀ːmKhmerSho2006:C:1413-7
adapting, accommodating; adjustment; accommodation (of the eye) (n)សុវិធាsoʔviʔthieKhmerHea1997:C:14043
addition to a house, wing of a house used for storage; deck / porch (often used for cooking or for drying) (n)តាកtaakKhmerHea1997:C:4515
administration (n)គំរប់គំរងkumrup - kumrɔɔŋKhmerHea1997:C:2190
admire, respectkoorupKhmerHuf1971:C:377-45-1
admissibility (n)ប្រវេសនីយភាពprɑveesaʔniijeaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:8061
admission, acceptance; migration, resettlement, immigration, emigration (n)ប្រវេសន៍prɑveehKhmerHea1997:C:8060
advice or teachings that vanish after a person's death, teachings that are ephemeral (n)ធូមកាលិកthuumeaʔkaalɨkKhmerHea1997:C:5895
advice, admonition, warning; directions, instructions (n)បណ្ដិបbɑndəpKhmerHea1997:C:6632
advice, guidance, counsel; instruction, training, teaching; self-control (n)ដំបូន្មានdɑmboon mienKhmerHea1997:C:4268
aerolite, meteorite (n)អគ្នន្យុត្បាតʔaknoanjutbaatKhmerHea1997:C:15847
affair, case, matter; argument, debate, complaint; court action; trial, legal proceeding, lawsuit, litigation (n)ក្តីkdəjKhmerHea1997:C:1045
affair, matter, case; contents (e.g. of a book), story, composition (n)សេចក្តីsəckdəjKhmerHea1997:C:14152
affirmation, guarantee, assurance (n)អំណះអំណាងʔɑmnah - ʔɑmnaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:17360
after (space)kraojKhmerHuf1971:C:396-48-1
after (time)kraojKhmerHuf1971:C:386-46-1
afternoon (n)រសៀលrɔsielKhmerHea1997:C:11128
afternoon, dusk, evening (n)សាយណ្ហៈsaajan, saajanhaʔKhmerHea1997:C:13645
again, anew, back; instead, on the other hand (OK and MidK var. of វិញ ) (adv)វឹងvɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:12656
again, back, instead, conversely. (fp)វិញvɨɲKhmerHea1997:C:12378
again, backវឹងvɯ̀ŋKhmerSho2006:C:765-1
again, still, more, further, yet, additional (adv)ទៀតtietKhmerHea1997:C:5561
age, agedness, maturity, old age; ripeness; antiquity, ancient times; seniority. (n)ចំណាស់cɑmnahKhmerHea1997:C:2889
age, long period of time, eternity (n)កល្បkalKhmerHea1997:C:413
agent, deputy, official, person in charge; employee; agency; vector (of a disease) (n)ភ្នាក់ងារpneak ŋieKhmerHea1997:C:9573
agent, representative; marriage broker, go-between (n)ធ្មាយtmiejKhmerHea1997:C:5937
agentive noun (n)ការកនាមkaaraʔkaʔniemKhmerHea1997:C:504
aggravation (n)ពាឡ្នកម្មpielhaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:8902
aggregation (n)ខន្ឋប្បាទkhanthupbaatKhmerHea1997:C:1540
aggressive, threateningឈ្លាន-??chlìːən-pìːənKhmerSho2006:C:1204-4
agraphia, pathological loss of the ability to write (n)អលេខនាʔaʔleikhaʔnaaKhmerHea1997:C:16696
agree (together)prɔɔmKhmerHuf1971:C:413-50-1
agreeable thought or idea, common thought (n)សភាគារម្មណ៍saʔphiekierɑmKhmerHea1997:C:13180
agreeing, conforming (n)ឥដ្ឋានុលោមʔətthaanuʔloumKhmerHea1997:C:17465
agreeing; supporting argument / speech (n)វាទានុវាទvietienuʔvietKhmerHea1997:C:12224
agricultural exploitation (n)កសិការជីវកម្មkaʔseʔkaaciiveaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:427
agricultural implement(s) (n)ខេត្តុប្បករណ៍khaettoppaʔkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:1617
(agricultural) crop (n)កសិផលkaʔseʔphɑlKhmerHea1997:C:430
agriculture (n)កស្យាជីវកម្មkasjaaciiveaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:432
ah!, oh! (i)អ្ហាៈʔhaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17439
ah!, oh! intensifying exclamation (i)អ្ហាʔhaaKhmerHea1997:C:17437
ah, oh, exclamation of disagreement or admiration (i)អ្ហូះʔhoohKhmerHea1997:C:17455
aid / assistance from a friend (n)មិត្តូបត្ថម្ភmɨttoopatthɑmKhmerHea1997:C:9992
aid, help. (n)ជំនួយcumnuəjKhmerHea1997:C:3719
aimlessly, in a wandering manner, vagrantly. (adv)អ៊ែសមមែសʔɛɛh - mɔmɛɛhKhmerHea1997:C:17339
(air or water) pump, bellows, piston (n)ស្នប់snɑpKhmerHea1997:C:14783
air; airspace (n)ព្យោមាpjoumaaKhmerHea1997:C:9167
Aira arundinacea, used for mattingpaposbəboh, pəbohKhmerSho2006:C:2027-2
airplane; flying machine (n)វិហង្គយានviʔhɑŋkeaʔjienKhmerHea1997:C:12622
akimbo (adv)ជង្គ្រីមជង្គ្រាមcʊəŋkriim - cʊəŋkriemKhmerHea1997:C:3433
alarm, concern, uneasiness, anxiety; distress. (n)ក្រវល់ក្រវាយkrɑvɑl - krɑvaajKhmerHea1997:C:1249
alcohol (esp. rubbing alcohol) (n)អាល់កុលʔal kolKhmerHea1997:C:17100
alcohol, liquor, wine (n)ស្រាsraaKhmerHea1997:C:15145
algae, green scum that grows in bodies of water; oily scum that forms on water in which certain fish are being cooked; slime (n)ព្រាំproamKhmerHea1997:C:9324
algae, seaweed (n)សារាយsaaraajKhmerHea1997:C:13662
Algeria (n)អាល់ហ្សេរីʔalzeerii, ʔalzeeriiKhmerHea1997:C:17107
alignment; line, row (n)ជំនួរcumnuəKhmerHea1997:C:3720
alimentation, nourishment, feeding (n)អាហារូបត្ថម្ភʔaahaaruupatthɑmKhmerHea1997:C:17178
alive (people)ruəh nɨwKhmerHuf1971:C:434-55-1
alkalimetry (n)បាសមាត្រវិធីbaasaʔmietviʔthiiKhmerHea1997:C:7174
all (out of)ʔɑhKhmerHuf1971:C:448-58-1
all debts, different kinds of debts (n)បំណែbɑmnaeKhmerHea1997:C:7534
all kinds of property (n)ទ្រព្យាtroappjieKhmerHea1997:C:5735
all ofteəŋ ʔɑhKhmerHuf1971:C:461-59-1
all over, all around, among all (prenp)ទូទាំងtuu teaŋKhmerHea1997:C:5527
(all together) cheerfully / energetically / enthusiastically (adv)សស្រាញ់sɑsraɲKhmerHea1997:C:13449
all, the whole (postnp)ពួងpuəŋKhmerHea1997:C:9049
alloy (n)សំលោហៈsɑmlouhaʔKhmerHea1997:C:14519
almost (all), nearly, just a little, slightly (pvp)សឹងsəŋKhmerHea1997:C:13863
almost gone, only a little left (adv)កកាតkɑkaatKhmerHea1997:C:8
almost, about to (pvp)ថ្នះtnahKhmerHea1997:C:5161
almost, about to (pvp)អង្រៀតនឹងʔɑŋriet nɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:15946
almost, about to, nearly (pvp)ហៀបhiepKhmerHea1997:C:15546
almost, nearly (adv)ឆិតchətKhmerHea1997:C:3237
almost, nearly (pvp)វិះvihKhmerHea1997:C:12789
aloe wood (used in medicine) (n)ក្លាំពាក់klam peakKhmerHea1997:C:1468
aloe; the medicinal sap of the aloe (n)យ៉ាដាំjaadamKhmerHea1997:C:10376
alone, in a lonely / isolated manner in a corner; aside, off to the side (adv)សៀនមមៀនsien - mɔmienKhmerHea1997:C:14138
also, too, as well; even though (fp)ផងphɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:8295
also, too, in like manner, likewise, in the same way (adv)ដែរdaeKhmerHea1997:C:4196
altruism (n)បរទត្ថភាពpaʔratthaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:6934
altruism; pity (n)ការុញ្ញkaaroɲKhmerHea1997:C:525
aluminum (n)អាលុយមីញ៉ូមʔaalujmiiɲoomKhmerHea1997:C:17110
always, all the time, continually (esp. with reference to the future) (adv)ដរាបdɑraapKhmerHea1997:C:4117
always, constantly (esp. of worrying) (adv)ម្រឹកម្រៃmrɨk mrejKhmerHea1997:C:10275
always, continuously, habitually (adv)រមែងrɔmɛɛŋKhmerHea1997:C:10954
Amazon (River) (n)អាម៉ាហ្សូនʔaamaazoonKhmerHea1997:C:17035
ambiguously (adv)ក្រហៀនkrɑhienKhmerHea1997:C:1286
amelioration, improvement (n)បសិដ្ឋកម្មpaʔsətthaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:7056
amnesty, pardon (n)និទ្ទោសកម្មnittousaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:6129
Amomum cardamomumក្រវាញkrəvaːɲKhmerSho2006:C:935-2
among (prenp)ចំណោមcɑmnaomKhmerHea1997:C:2908
amount of something that can be held in the closed tips of all five fingers of one hand (n)ចំពិតcɑmpɨtKhmerHea1997:C:2946
amount, number, quantity; rhyme (n)ចំនួនcɑmnuənKhmerHea1997:C:2928
amputated, cut offកំបុតkambotKhmerSho2006:C:1028-7
an act, something done (n)ទំហើtumhəəKhmerHea1997:C:5692
an annual royal ceremony in which all of the government employees assemble and swear their loyalty by drinking water (n)ពិភទ្ទសច្ចាpiʔphoatteaʔsaccaaKhmerHea1997:C:8948
an device which fires small pellets of clay (n)កង្ហរkɑŋhɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:86
anarchy (n)អានាធិបតេយ្យʔaanaathiʔpattejKhmerHea1997:C:16984
anatomy (n)សារីរច្ឆេទនសាស្ត្រsaarəjraccheeteaʔneaʔsaahKhmerHea1997:C:13666
ancestor (respectful term of address) ជីcìːKhmerSho2006:C:151-12
ancestor of fourth generation[ជី]-លា[cìː]-lìːəKhmerSho2006:C:192-3
ancestor, grandfather, patriarch (n)កុងសែkoŋ saeKhmerHea1997:C:597
ancestor; family line, extended family; genealogy (n)ចំបួរcɑmbuəKhmerHea1997:C:2936
anchor (n)យុថ្កាjut tkaaKhmerHea1997:C:10433
ancient Cambodian military art which taught soldiers how to escape when caught and tied up (n)រមាំងបើកបាសrɔmeaŋ baək baahKhmerHea1997:C:10957
ancient Cambodian monetary unit (n)ពៃpejKhmerHea1997:C:9087
ancient Cambodian monetary unit (n)មាសកmiesɑk, miesaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:9966
ancient class of low-ranking officials (n)ស្មត់smɑtKhmerHea1997:C:14874
ancient form of អស់​ which appears in early manuscriptsឥសʔehKhmerHea1997:C:17506
ancient Indian unit of weight equal to about four ounces (n)អាឡ្នកʔaalhaʔkaʔ, ʔaalhɑkKhmerHea1997:C:17187
ancient kind of decorative head band worn especially by brides and dancers; ornament; garland of flowers; intricate / finely detailed work (e.g. engraving on gold). (n)របៃrɔbajKhmerHea1997:C:10892
ancient monetary unit (According to Tandart it was used in Battambang province where one piaster was equal to about 320 ប៉ែ ) (n)ប៉ែpaeKhmerHea1997:C:7464
ancient royal ceremony which took place during the third month of the lunar calendar ( មាឃ ). During this ceremony a pile of ashes was burned by Brahman priests and the ashes were sprinkled by dignitaries from the various provinces. It was believed that the provinces in the direction of which the ashes fell would have good harvests. (n)បរមាឃbɑɑ miekKhmerHea1997:C:6941
ancient silver coin (n)កហាបណៈkaʔhaapaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:433
ancient title or rank of the chief slave (n)ឧកហ្លួងʔok luəŋKhmerHea1997:C:17533
ancient unit of length equal to a little over 200 feet (n)ករីសkaʔriihKhmerHea1997:C:404
ancient, originaldaəmKhmerHuf1971:C:494-62-1
and (sometimes confused with នឹង ) (conj)និងnɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:6110
(and) then, next, then (and only then), only then; so, consequently (conj)ទើបtəəpKhmerHea1997:C:5554
anger, rage (n)កំហឹងkɑmhəŋKhmerHea1997:C:978
anger, rage; brutality. (n)កំហល់kɑmhɑlKhmerHea1997:C:970
angle, corner (n)មុមmumKhmerHea1997:C:10061
angle, corner (n)មុំmumKhmerHea1997:C:10202
angle; corner; edge; something angular (n)ជ្រុងcruŋKhmerHea1997:C:3818
Anglo-Saxon (n)អង់គ្លោសាក់សុងʔɑŋklousaksoŋKhmerHea1997:C:15859
angrily (adv)ក្រញើតkrɑɲaətKhmerHea1997:C:1172
angrily, fretfully (adv)រង៉ាប់រងួrɔŋap - rɔŋuəKhmerHea1997:C:10581
angrily, furiously (adv)តឺងtəɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:4585
angrily, in a glaring manner (refers to the look in the eyes of someone who is angry). (adv)ម៉ក់ៗmɑk - mɑkKhmerHea1997:C:9647
angry sound or noise; sound of a struggle (i)អ៊ឹះអ៊ះʔɨh - ʔeahKhmerHea1997:C:17424
animals that live in holes or burrows (n)ពិលាស័យpiʔliesajKhmerHea1997:C:8970
animatedly, in turmoil, in panic (adv)អ៊ុលអាល់ʔul - ʔalKhmerHea1997:C:17258
ankus, hooked stick used to guide an elephant (n)អង្កុសʔɑŋkohKhmerHea1997:C:15885
anode, positive pole (n)ឧទ្វារʔuttvieKhmerHea1997:C:17618
anomaly (n)អប្រក្រតីភាពʔaʔprɑkrɑdəjphiepKhmerHea1997:C:16523
answer, response, reply (n)ចំឡើយcɑmlaəjKhmerHea1997:C:2994
ant (n)ស្រមោចsrɑmaocKhmerHea1997:C:15049
ant (small)srɑmaocKhmerHuf1971:C:519-65-1
antithesis (n)បដិវិធីpaʔdeʔviʔthiiKhmerHea1997:C:6606
antonym (n)អវេវចនសព្ទʔaʔveivaccaʔnaʔsapKhmerHea1997:C:16766
antonymy (n)អវេវចនវាក្យʔaʔveivaccaʔnaʔviekKhmerHea1997:C:16765
anvil, thing that is placed underneath or that serves as support for a specific task (e.g. a cutting board); mat; lining (n)ទ្រនាប់trɔnoapKhmerHea1997:C:5721
anxiety. (n)កំពល់kɑmpʊəlKhmerHea1997:C:897
anxiously; broodingly (adv)ប៉ផ្អុកpɑpʔokKhmerHea1997:C:6895
any animals or objects that are paired and decorated for some specific purpose (e.g. a contest). (n)ខ្នានkaʔnaanKhmerHea1997:C:1748
any bird which has spurs on its legs (n)ចរណាវុធcaʔraʔnaavutKhmerHea1997:C:2692
any device for frightening animals or people away, scarecrow (n)ចំឡោងcɑmlaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:2997
any implement used to clean or scrape out a small opening or cavity, specif. a cotton swab (n)តំបារtɑmbaaKhmerHea1997:C:4724
any kind of floating debris; flotsam and jetsam; something that drifts, driftwood (n)សំណាត់sɑmnatKhmerHea1997:C:14355
any kind of food containing meat (n)ចំអាបcɑmʔaapKhmerHea1997:C:3001
any long weapon such as a saber or rifle (n)ទីឃាវុធtiikhievutKhmerHea1997:C:5435
any of various diseases, esp. smallpox, characterized by skin eruptions (n)អុតʔotKhmerHea1997:C:17249
any of various mange-like diseases of the scalp including dandruff and scabies (n)អង្គែʔɑŋkɛɛKhmerHea1997:C:15930
any of various plants with aromatic rhizomes (they are much used in traditional medicines and are widely believed to be inhabited by spirits and have specific magical properties) (n)ប្រទាលprɑtielKhmerHea1997:C:7902
any of various skin diseases including: dermatosis, ringworm, and mycosis (n)ស្រែងsraeŋKhmerHea1997:C:15219
aphorism (n)ខុទ្ទកភាសិតkhotteaʔkaʔphiesətKhmerHea1997:C:1592
apparatus consisting of a carrying pole and containers attached at either end for carrying loads resting on the two shoulders. (n)អំរែកʔɑmraekKhmerHea1997:C:17411
appearing and disappearing (describes the appearance of a person walking among trees who disappears behind a tree every so often) (adv)ប៉ប្លឺមpɑpləɨmKhmerHea1997:C:6862
appearing and disappearing frequently (esp. of a frequent visitor) (adv)ឡេមឡឺមleem - ləɨmKhmerHea1997:C:15752
appearing and disappearing frequently; in and out or up and down frequently (adv)រឡឺមrɔləɨmKhmerHea1997:C:11204
appendix, addition, supplementary part (n)បរិសិដ្ឋbɑɑreʔsətKhmerHea1997:C:7032
appointment; fixed period, limit, limitation; schedule; requirement, prerequisite; instruction; decision; propitious time (determined by an astrologer for beginning of various parts of the wedding ceremony); piece, section; note, memo; notice. (n)កំណត់kɑmnɑtKhmerHea1997:C:793
approximation (n)សមីបតាsaʔməjpaʔtaaKhmerHea1997:C:13255
Apsara; Apsaras (n)អប្សរាʔapsaʔraaKhmerHea1997:C:16529
arbitrage (n)មជ្ឈត្តកម្មmacchoattaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:9696
arbitration (n)មជ្ឈត្តវិនិច្ឆ័យmacchoattaʔviʔnicchajKhmerHea1997:C:9699
arch. form of ច្បាស់ស្ប័ស្តNOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:14822
arch. form of ពំនួតព្រនួតNOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:9183
arch. var. of ឪពុក​ជពុកNOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:3601
architect (n)និម្មាបនិកnimmiepaʔnɨkKhmerHea1997:C:6164
architect; founder, creator (n)ស្ថាបត្យករsthaaptaʔjaʔkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:14718
architecture (n)និម្មាបនកម្មnimmiepaʔnaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:6163
architecture (n)ស្ថាបត្យកម្មsthaaptaʔjaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:14717
areca (nut, palm)ស្លាslaːKhmerSho2006:C:230-4
areca nut (n)តំពុលtɑmpulKhmerHea1997:C:4728
areca shearsប្រណាកprənaːkKhmerSho2006:C:352-32
arena / pit for cock fights. (n)សង្វៀនsɑŋvienKhmerHea1997:C:12950
argument; evidence, proof; words of confirmation (n)ទឡ្នីករណៈtoalhəjkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:5345
argument; thesis, dissertation (n)និក្ខេបបទnikkheepaʔbɑtKhmerHea1997:C:6103
argumentation; reliability, dependability (n)ទឡ្នីកម្មtoalhəjkamKhmerHea1997:C:5344
arm joint (n)រំចីដៃrumcəj dajKhmerHea1997:C:11500
arm, hand; handle, lever, crank (compare dg which is usually a straight handle); branch (of a tree, bamboo, or a river), offshoot; tendril; trunk (of an elephant); sleeve; steering wheel (n)ដៃdajKhmerHea1997:C:4198
armor, armor plating (n)ក្រោះkrɑhKhmerHea1997:C:1430
armpit, under-arm (n)ក្លៀកkliekKhmerHea1997:C:1458
armrest, handrail (n)ភ្នាក់ដៃpneak dajKhmerHea1997:C:9574
army (n)ចមូcaʔmooKhmerHea1997:C:2684
(army) lieutenant (n)អនុសេនីយ៍ʔaʔnuʔseenəjKhmerHea1997:C:16384
arrival (n)ដំណល់dɑmnɑlKhmerHea1997:C:4219
arrogant / impudent / insolent person, scofflaw. (n)ថ្លើងtlaəŋKhmerHea1997:C:5187
arrow poison (n)រលៀបrɔliepKhmerHea1997:C:11039
arrow, dart (n)ព្រួញpruəɲKhmerHea1997:C:9295
arrow-root (Maranta arundinacea), kind of grass-like plant with a rhizome which is made into flour (n)សាគូsaakuuKhmerHea1997:C:13572
arsenal, armory, weapons storehouse (n)សស្ត្រាគារsahstraakieKhmerHea1997:C:13443
art studio (n)សិល្បាករsəlpaakɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:13809
artery (Tandart) (n)សួសsuəhKhmerHea1997:C:14105
article made of plaited bamboo strips (n)ផែងphaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:8366
article modeled from some plastic medium such as clay / wax; working in clay, pottery-making; craftsman who models objects in clay / wax (n)ស្មូនsmoonKhmerHea1997:C:14911
artificial poetic meters (n)កល្បបទkaləbɑtKhmerHea1997:C:414
Artiodactyla (n)សមង្គុលីsaʔmaŋkuʔliiKhmerHea1997:C:13188
Arum indicumក្ដាតkdaːtKhmerSho2006:C:1011-2
arundinaceous (reed-like) plants (n)ប្រនាលកូលprɑnaalaʔkoolKhmerHea1997:C:7925
Aryan (n)អារ្យ័នʔaarjanKhmerHea1997:C:17098
as for, concerning, with regard to; well then, now then (prenp)រីriiKhmerHea1997:C:11333
ascetic, hermit; Buddhist monk who spends most of his time living and meditating in the forest; zealous monk; asceticism; a section of the Dharma concerning asceticism (n)ធុតង្គthuʔdɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:5886
ash (esp. light fluffy ashes), fly ash (n)កំញមkɑmɲɑɑmKhmerHea1997:C:784
ashes, cinders. (n)ផេះphehKhmerHea1997:C:8381
Asian. (n)អាស្យាទិគʔaasjaatikKhmerHea1997:C:17165
ask forsomKhmerHuf1971:C:612-76-1
aspirant, officer candidate (n)បេក្ខសេនីយ៍paekkhaʔseenəj, peekkhaʔseenəjKhmerHea1997:C:7438
aspirin (n)អាស្ពីរីនʔaaspiiriinKhmerHea1997:C:17164
Asrikpurnahrada (hell for adulterers) (n)អស្រិក្បូណ៌ហ្រទʔaʔsreʔkboorənaʔhraʔteaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16826
assiduity, application, diligence, attention (n)បរក្រមpaʔraʔkrɑmKhmerHea1997:C:6928
assimilation (n)សមីករណ៍saʔməjkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:13253
assistant, helper (n)ឈ្មួយcmuəjKhmerHea1997:C:3912
associated / federated states (n)សមាគតរដ្ឋsaʔmaakeaʔtaʔroatKhmerHea1997:C:13215
Assuja (the eleventh month of the Cambodian lunar calendar corresponding to mid-September - mid-October) (n)អស្សុជʔahsocKhmerHea1997:C:16850
Astibhaṅga (the hell for those who destroy the property of others) (n)អស្ថិភង្គʔaʔstheʔphʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:16821
at / on one side; at the other side. (adv)ម្ខាងmkhaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:10223
at a run, running, in a trotting or loping manner (adv)ត្រាក់ៗtrak - trakKhmerHea1997:C:4952
at a slow pace (adv)ត្រប់ៗtrɑp - trɑpKhmerHea1997:C:4859
at once, immediately; simultaneously; too, also (adv)ភ្លាងplieŋKhmerHea1997:C:9599
at the same time (adv)បំភ្លាងbɑmplieŋKhmerHea1997:C:7630
at, by, on, in; close to, next (to), near; beyond eg. ឰដ៏អាកាស . in the sky (prenp)ឰដ៏ʔaj dɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:17856
at, in, on, under (of time or place); concerning, with regard to (prenp)នាnieKhmerHea1997:C:6042
Atharva Veda (the fourth of the Vedas which contains many incantations and magical texts dealing esp. with the curing of diseases) (n)អថព្វវេទʔaʔthappeaʔveitKhmerHea1997:C:16101
atheism (n)អទេវនិយមʔaʔteiveaʔniʔjumKhmerHea1997:C:16117
Atlantic (n)អាត្លង់ទិចʔaatlɑŋtɨcKhmerHea1997:C:16959
atrophy, stunted condition. (n)កំរិនkɑmrənKhmerHea1997:C:946
attach (n)អនុព័ន្ឋʔaʔnuʔpoanKhmerHea1997:C:16329
attachment (n)អំណូសʔɑmnoohKhmerHea1997:C:17358
attentively (of animals with the ears pricked up); still, unmoving (adv)ធ្មាំងtmeaŋKhmerHea1997:C:5946
attentively, in a concentrated manner (adv)ស្បឺតsbəɨtKhmerHea1997:C:14831
attribute, (physical) characteristic, distinctive feature; character, nature, quality; meaning; appearance; shape, form; condition; criterion, qualification; section (of a law text) (n)លក្ខណៈleakkhaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:11625
attribute; prerogative, privilege (n)កេតនភណ្ឌkeetaʔnaʔphoanKhmerHea1997:C:701
audience (with a dignitary); (court) hearing (n)សវនាការsaʔvaʔnaakaaKhmerHea1997:C:13417
August (eighth month of the solar calendar according to Western reckoning but fifth month according to Cambodian reckoning) (n)សីហាsəjhaaKhmerHea1997:C:13858
aunt (younger sister of either parent). (n)មីងmiiŋKhmerHea1997:C:10012
auspicious moment, proper time (esp. the proper time for a marriage) (n)ពេលាpeilieKhmerHea1997:C:9080
austerity which cleanses or purifies the mind (n)តបការវុឌ្ឍីtaʔpaʔkaavutthiiKhmerHea1997:C:4471
automobile, car (n)ឡានlaanKhmerHea1997:C:15704
availability, amount or quantity of something which is available (n)ទំហួនtumhuənKhmerHea1997:C:5691
Avalokiteshvara (one of the greatest of the `Enlightened beings' or Bodhisattivas according to Mahayana Buddhism) (n)អវលោកិតេស្វរៈʔaʔveaʔloukeʔteesvaʔreaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16726
Aviha (the 12th of the 16 Brahma-worlds) (n)អវិហាʔaʔviʔhaaKhmerHea1997:C:16760
avoiding, dodging; detour, way to avoid something (n)ចំណៀសcɑmniehKhmerHea1997:C:2900
awkwardly big or fatស្ពុយspùjKhmerSho2006:C:1490a-1
Aṅguttaranikāya (the fourth of the five sections of the Suttanta Pitaka) (n)អង្គុត្តរនិកាយʔɑŋkuttaʔreaʔniʔkaajKhmerHea1997:C:15922
Aṭānā (name of the protective prayers used in the annual royal ceremony called ពិធីបញ្ជាន់ត្រស្តិ់ contraction of អាដានាដិយៈ ) (n)អាដានាʔaadaanaaKhmerHea1997:C:16938
B-40 (= RPG - 2, antitank grenade launcher) (n)បេសែសិបbee sae səpKhmerHea1997:C:7433
babbling sounds made by a baby (i)យ៉េៈយ៉ុjeʔjoʔKhmerHea1997:C:10469
baccalaureate degree (n)បក្កវិញ្ញាប័ត្រpakkaʔviɲɲiebatKhmerHea1997:C:6305
back (again)viñvèɲKhmerSho2006:C:931-1
back (n)បិដ្ឋិbettheʔKhmerHea1997:C:7204
back (n)ប្រឹសា័ង្គprəhsthaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:8184
back (n)ប្រឹស័prəh, prəhs-KhmerHea1997:C:8183
back (person)knɑɑŋKhmerHuf1971:C:664-82-1
back part, hind part, stern (n)កន្សៃkɑnsajKhmerHea1997:C:369
back, dorsal ridge; back side, reverse side; front (of an envelope); surface (n)ខ្នងknɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:1740
back-rest; support, back (of a chair, sofa, etc.); leaning, propping; reliance, dependence (n)បង្អែកbɑŋʔaekKhmerHea1997:C:6459
bad action, sin; hostility, enmity; hatred, ill-will; grudge; vindictiveness, spite; punishment; retribution; suffering (n)ពៀរpieKhmerHea1997:C:9064
bad luck, lack of success (n)ចំណែងcɑmnaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:2904
bad luck, misfortune, danger. (n)ចង្រៃcɑŋrajKhmerHea1997:C:2599
bad smell, stench; ferment(ation) (n)កំហុលkɑmholKhmerHea1997:C:979
bad, evil, cruelកាចkaːcKhmerSho2006:C:801-4
bag, bundle, carried slung from shoulderសម្ពាយsɔmpìːəyKhmerSho2006:C:1486-6
bag, pouch, small sack, shoulder bag, purse; vesicle (n)ថង់thɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:5046
bag, pouch, wallet, sack; (swim) bladder; scrotum (n)ប្លោកplaokKhmerHea1997:C:8283
bait, decoy, lure (esp. for catching fish) (n)នុយnujKhmerHea1997:C:6250
balance (of an account); clearance sale items, remnants (n)សមតុល្យsaʔmaʔtolKhmerHea1997:C:13201
balance, scale, platform scale (n)ជញ្ជីងcʊəɲciiŋKhmerHea1997:C:3457
ball-point pen, Bic pen (n)ប៊ិចbicKhmerHea1997:C:7200
ballast (n)និច្ចាលnɨccaalKhmerHea1997:C:6114
bamboo or rattan ring / hoop / splint used to strengthen or support something. (n)ច្បោសcbaohKhmerHea1997:C:3042
(bamboo) shootsទំពាំងtùmpɛ̀əŋKhmerSho2006:C:636-12
bamboo-twill floor of cartphiərphniəKhmerSho2006:C:1632-3
ban, prohibition; dissuasion; intervention, interruption (n)គំហាត់kumhoatKhmerHea1997:C:2208
banana (cl.)plaeKhmerHuf1971:C:703-86-1
banana (Musa sp.) (n)ចេកceek, ceecKhmerHea1997:C:2819
banana (n)កន្ទន់បាក់កkantʊən bak kɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:286
bang bang. (i)ផូងៗphooŋ - phooŋKhmerHea1997:C:8350
Bangkok (n)បាងកកbaaŋ kɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:7078
bank, embankment (esp. around houses to keep out water); terrace, veranda (n)ខឿនkhɨənKhmerHea1997:C:1611
bank, shore, beach; slope (n)ច្រាំងcraŋKhmerHea1997:C:3192
banked / covered fire; bonfire, camp fire; mound of earth or leaves put over a fire to create clouds of smoke and drive insects away (n)ភ្នក់pnʊəkKhmerHea1997:C:9571
banner, flag (n)ទង់tʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:5220
banquet, party. (n)អាំងអួងʔaŋ - ʔuəŋKhmerHea1997:C:17419
bar the wayទល់tùp tùəlKhmerSho2006:C:1739-11
bar, bolt, catch, latchរនុកrənùkKhmerSho2006:C:395-8
barb (of certain fish) (n)ធ្មុងtmuŋKhmerHea1997:C:5939
(bare) bonesឆ្អែង[chʔɤŋ] chʔaeŋKhmerSho2006:C:488-13
barge with a cabin at the stern (n)ថ្វែtvaeKhmerHea1997:C:5202
bark (n.)sɑmbɑɑʔKhmerHuf1971:C:726-89-1
bark (v.)pruhKhmerHuf1971:C:718-88-1
barren soil, infertile land; fallow land. (n)ដឺdəɨKhmerHea1997:C:4147
barrier of branches used to keep fish from swimming into certain areas and to funnel them into a selected spot where they may be caught (n)ធ្នស់tnʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:5922
barrier, obstacle, stalemate, stoppage, block (n)ទំនាល់tumnoalKhmerHea1997:C:5644
barrier, obstacle; fence, hedge; partition, screen; backing, support; shelter; protective device (e.g. a shield), cover (n)របាំងrɔbaŋKhmerHea1997:C:10901
base (of a tree), stump; cause, reason, basis; floating tree trunk; crocodile (n)គល់kʊəlKhmerHea1997:C:2043
bashfully and awkwardly, hesitantly and timidly, shyly; modestly (adv)ណិមណុមnəm - nomKhmerHea1997:C:4373
basket (back)ciəl prɔnɔɔKhmerHuf1971:C:764-94-1
basket (general)kaɲcəəKhmerHuf1971:C:743-91-1
basket (round)lʔəjKhmerHuf1971:C:736-90-1
basket (round)tawKhmerHuf1971:C:737-90-2
basket (square)kaɲcheiKhmerHuf1971:C:759-93-1
basket (wide, flat)kaɲcraeŋKhmerHuf1971:C:754-92-1
basket for crockery, fish, etc.រាវrìːəvKhmerSho2006:C:1842-2
bat (large)crɨŋKhmerHuf1971:C:787-96-1
bat (small)prɑciəwKhmerHuf1971:C:776-95-1
bat (the mammal) (when a person is compared to a bat it suggests that that person is wishy-washy or double-crossing both sides) (n)ប្រចៀវprɑcievKhmerHea1997:C:7739
bat, club (n)គ្រទាkrɔtieKhmerHea1997:C:2237
bathing water (n)នហានោទកneaʔhaanouteaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6039
battery (n)សមាច័យករsaʔmaacajjeaʔkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:13217
baulk, flat sheet of wood forming part of structure of housebɔŋkɔŋKhmerSho2006:C:518-2
bay (the space in a building between two rows of columns), compartment, section, partitioned-off section of a room; apartment, row house. (n)ល្វែងlvɛɛŋKhmerHea1997:C:12005
bay, gulf (n)បាងbaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:7077
bay, gulf, seaportបាងbaːŋKhmerSho2006:C:605-3
Bayon (name of a monument at Angkor Thom) (n)បាយ័នbaajoanKhmerHea1997:C:7142
bead (n)អង្កាំʔɑŋkamKhmerHea1997:C:15896
beak, bill (n)ចំពុះcɑmpuhKhmerHea1997:C:2951
beam / head of a roof (n)ប្រមេprɑmeeKhmerHea1997:C:8009
(beam of) light (n)អង្សុʔɑŋsoʔKhmerHea1997:C:15957
beam with a counterweight to give stability to a boat, outrigger (n)ខ្ជាងkcieŋKhmerHea1997:C:1659
beam, cross-beam; fret; rib (of a boat, cart etc.); section, row, column, part; alignment. (n)ខ្ទង់ktʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:1706
beam, prop, scaffolding, poleបង្គងbɔŋkɔ̀ːŋKhmerSho2006:C:518-5
beardpuk cɑŋkaəKhmerHuf1971:C:816-101-1
bearklaa kmumKhmerHuf1971:C:810-100-1
bearghmuṁ[khlaː] khmùmKhmerSho2006:C:1380-3
beating about the head, striking on the head (n)សិរោឃាតseeraokhietKhmerHea1997:C:13797
beating, striking (n)គំនប់kumnupKhmerHea1997:C:2170
beating, striking; laundering, washing clothes (n)គំនក់kumnʊəkKhmerHea1997:C:2166
beautiful / handsome figure. (n)សុរូបsoʔruupKhmerHea1997:C:14026
beautiful woman (n)សោភិនីsaophiʔniiKhmerHea1997:C:14260
beauty, charm (n)សិរិseʔrəjKhmerHea1997:C:13793
beauty, charm, grace; gait (n)លីឡ្នាliilhaaKhmerHea1997:C:11755
beauty, charm, nice personality, good manners; virtue, goodness, decency; adornment (n)លំអlumʔɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:11893
because, because of, since, although (conj)ដ្បិតdbətKhmerHea1997:C:4314
because, since (conj)ព្រោះprʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:9327
becoming a monk because of the knowledge that monks have an easy life (n)ឧបជីវិកាបព្វជ្ជាʔuʔpaʔciiviʔkaabappeaccieKhmerHea1997:C:17638
bed and seat (place to lie down and place to sit) (n)សយនាសនៈsaʔjaʔnaasaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:13366
bed; stand (on the sidewalk where goods are sold), hawker's tray; platform,stage; (n)រានrienKhmerHea1997:C:11293
bedbug (n)សង្កើចsɑŋkaəcKhmerHea1997:C:12875
bee (n)ឃ្មុំkmumKhmerHea1997:C:2419
bee (small)kmumKhmerHuf1971:C:836-103-1
beggar, supplicant (n)ស្មូមsmoomKhmerHea1997:C:14912
beggar; begging. (n)ស្មុំsmomKhmerHea1997:C:14928
beginning of a sentence / phrase; conjunction (n)វាក្យារម្ភviekjaarɑm, viekjaarampheaʔKhmerHea1997:C:12192
behind, afterក្រោយkraoyKhmerSho2006:C:1505-4
Beijing (capital of the People's Republic of China, formerly Peking) (n)ប៉េកាំងpeekaŋKhmerHea1997:C:7439
belief, faith; conviction (n)ជំនឿcumnɨəKhmerHea1997:C:3723
bellowing (of animals) (i)ប៉ឺបpəɨpKhmerHea1997:C:7254
belly flesh [of centain fish]ទុលtùlKhmerSho2006:C:1743-1
belly, stomach; pregnancy (n)ផ្ទៃptejKhmerHea1997:C:8494
bellyband, cinch, girth (of a harness) (n)អុកʔokKhmerHea1997:C:17237
bend over, bowʔaonKhmerHuf1971:C:875-108-1
bend, curve; handle (esp. of a saber) (n)ឆែងchaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:3273
bend, fold, wrinkle (n)ជំនច់cumnʊəcKhmerHea1997:C:3700
bending (n)ពំនត់pumnʊətKhmerHea1997:C:9110
bending down, going down, descending (n)ឱរោហន្តʔaoraohɑnKhmerHea1997:C:17898
bending, huddled up…កោនkaonKhmerSho2006:C:892-10
beneficiary (n)អត្ថាគាហកʔatthaakiehaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16090
benefit (in general) (n)ហិតានុហិតប្រយោជន៍heʔtaanuʔheʔtaʔprɑjaocKhmerHea1997:C:15460
benefit, gain, profit; income. (n)ចំណេញcɑmnəɲKhmerHea1997:C:2901
benefits / results of hearing (n)សវនានិសង្សsaʔvaʔnaaniʔsɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:13418
betel (leaf)mluuKhmerHuf1971:C:889-109-1
betel plant (Piper betel) (n)ម្លូmluuKhmerHea1997:C:10298
between, among; during; approximately, about (prenp)រវាងrɔvieŋKhmerHea1997:C:11062
beverage, drink ; (liquid) medicine (n)ភេសជ្ជpheisacceaʔKhmerHea1997:C:9521
bezoar (concretion found in the bodies of certain animals, including the elephant); pearl; pebble (n)គជ់kʊəcKhmerHea1997:C:1985
big and tallចង្គ្រុងcùŋkrùŋKhmerSho2006:C:690-5
big and tallចង្គ្រុងcɔŋkrùŋKhmerSho2006:C:690-4
bigot (n)អាធានគ្គហីʔaathieneakkeaʔhiiKhmerHea1997:C:16976
bigotry (n)អាធានគ្គហិភាពʔaathieneakkeaʔhiʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:16975
Bimbisāra (king of Magadha during the time of Gautama Buddha; he became a devout Buddhist and supporter of the Buddha) (n)ពិម្ពិសារpimpiʔsaaKhmerHea1997:C:8958
bin (for storing rice); the low, box-like structure on an oxcart where freight is carried (n)ក្រង់krɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:1133
bin (usually under the house) for storing grain, granary; storeroom, grange, storehouse, warehouse, supply point, loft; reserve (n)ជង្រុកcʊəŋrukKhmerHea1997:C:3436
bindweed / water convolvulus (Ipomoea aquatica); much used as a vegetable (n)ត្រកួនtrɑkuənKhmerHea1997:C:4801
bingo (n)ឡូតូlootooKhmerHea1997:C:15743
bird (n)វិហង្គសត្វviʔhɑŋkeaʔsatKhmerHea1997:C:12623
bird hunter (n)សាកុណិកsaakoʔnəkKhmerHea1997:C:13565
bird's nest, roost, perch; place where one is content; refuge; residence, home (n)ទ្រនំtrɔnumKhmerHea1997:C:5731
bird-lime, kind of sticky resin used to catch small birds (n)សំអិតsɑmʔətKhmerHea1997:C:14567
birds of prey, rapacious birds (n)អជ្ឈុប្បាតបក្សីʔacchuppaataʔbaksəjKhmerHea1997:C:16004
birdsat haəKhmerHuf1971:C:892-110-1
birth, beginning, source, origin; profit; utility; success. (n)កំណើតkɑmnaətKhmerHea1997:C:807
birth, origin (n)កំណកំណើតkɑmnɑɑ - kɑmnaətKhmerHea1997:C:791
bisected straight line (n)អឌ្ឍោជុតាʔatthoucuʔtaaKhmerHea1997:C:16055
bisector (n)សមឌ្ឍមុមsaʔmattheaʔmumKhmerHea1997:C:13193
bite (dog)katKhmerHuf1971:C:896-111-1
bite (snake)cəkKhmerHuf1971:C:902-112-1
biting; bite mark (n)ចំណឹកcɑmnəkKhmerHea1997:C:2892
bitter gourdរនោងrənòːŋKhmerSho2006:C:748-8
bitter melon (Momordica Charantia). (n)ម្រះmreahKhmerHea1997:C:10290
bitter taste, tartness; bitter stuff (n)ចំណត់cɑmnɑtKhmerHea1997:C:2877
(bitter) coldraṅārəŋìːəKhmerSho2006:C:1589a-2
bitter, listlessល្វីងlvìːŋKhmerSho2006:C:773-4
bitterness; repulsion, aversion, disgust; anger; grief; anxiety (n)បដិឃៈpaʔdeʔkheaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6577
black-collared starling, Gracupeia nigricollisគ្រលីង-, គ្រលេង-[គ្រលូង]??krəlìːŋ-, krəlèːŋ-[krəlòːŋ]KhmerSho2006:C:757-4
bladder; kidney (n)ទាចtiecKhmerHea1997:C:5352
blame, criticism; mockery, insult (by mocking); scorn, cynical or obscene words (n)ដំណៀលdɑmnielKhmerHea1997:C:4241
blaming; censure, rebuke; insult (n)ជំនេរcumneiKhmerHea1997:C:3725
(blank) check, money order (n)មូលប្បទានប័ត្រmuulappaʔtieneaʔbatKhmerHea1997:C:10098
blanket, quilt (n)ភួយphuəjKhmerHea1997:C:9506
blepharitis (kind of eye disease) (n)អៀʔieKhmerHea1997:C:17301
blind anger. (n)មោហោទោសោmouhao - tousaoKhmerHea1997:C:10197
blind man (n)អន្ឋោʔɑnthouKhmerHea1997:C:16469
block, beam, log; lump, mass (n)ដុលdolKhmerHea1997:C:4156
blockade, blockage, barricade (n)បារ៉ាស់paarahKhmerHea1997:C:7155
blocked [road]ទាល់tɔ̀əlKhmerSho2006:C:1739-5
blocking, obstructing, impeding (n)ចំណាល់cɑmnalKhmerHea1997:C:2888
blood bank (n)លោហិតាគារlouheʔtaakieKhmerHea1997:C:11854
blood. (n)ឈាមchiemKhmerHea1997:C:3865
blow (e.g. with a fist, stick, etc.) (n)កំហោកkɑmhaokKhmerHea1997:C:986
blowgun, peashooter; air gun; sprayer; hand water-pump (n)កាំភ្លោះkamplʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:1003
blue lotusលំចង់lùmcɔŋKhmerSho2006:C:534-2
blue-grey paint or dye; kind of plant used in dyeing (n)ធ្លះtleahKhmerHea1997:C:5967
board, plank; floor(ing) (n)ក្តារkdaaKhmerHea1997:C:1042
boarcruuk prɨjKhmerHuf1971:C:970-121-1
boasting, bragging; pride, braggadocio, bluster (n)អំនួតʔɑmnuətKhmerHea1997:C:17363
boat (esp. boats without motors), sampan, canoe (n)ទូកtuukKhmerHea1997:C:5515
bobbin, spool (n)ត្រសាល់trɑsalKhmerHea1997:C:4909
bodily hair, fur (n)សរីរាការsaʔrəjraakaaKhmerHea1997:C:13394
body (human or animal); individual, self (n)សរិលsaʔrəl, saʔrelKhmerHea1997:C:13392
body (n)កាយាkaajaaKhmerHea1997:C:501
body hair (esp. pubic and under-arm hair) (cf. សក់​ `head hair' and រោម​ `hair of the arms, legs, chest, and nose') (n)មមីសmɔmiihKhmerHea1997:C:9798
body, chassis; matter, substance; base, foundation; character / part (in a play); actor, performer (n)តួtuəKhmerHea1997:C:4625
body, soul, heart; (one)self (n)ខ្លួនkluənKhmerHea1997:C:1834
boil, abscess (n)កណ្ដុំkɑndomKhmerHea1997:C:212
boil, furuncle; pimple; abscess (n)បូសboohKhmerHea1997:C:7405
boiling or bubbling sound (i)គ្រុកៗkruk - krukKhmerHea1997:C:2318
(boiling or flowing) slowly, unhurriedly; (working) lazily (adv)រ៉ែងៗraeŋ - raeŋKhmerHea1997:C:11451
boiling time, boiling point; time it takes for water to begin to boil (n)អំពុះʔɑmpuhKhmerHea1997:C:17403
boldly, loudly (of speaking) (adv)ចច្រែតcɑcraetKhmerHea1997:C:2651
boldly; loudly, shrilly, in a shrieking manner (esp. of angry women shouting) (adv)ខ្ញែតៗkɲaet - kɲaetKhmerHea1997:C:1699
bolt (of a door); stopper, plug; diaphragm, membrane (anything that is used to plug, stop or close); valve; blockage (n)សន្ទះsɑnteahKhmerHea1997:C:13098
bolt, (cross)bar (for locking), lock (n)ចន្ទាស់cɑntoahKhmerHea1997:C:2670
bond, knot, tie; ligature; strap; (literary) composition (n)ចំណងcɑmnɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:2874
bone; skeleton; framework (n)ឆ្អឹងcʔəŋKhmerHea1997:C:3418
Boraginaceae (n)សោណ្ឌកូលsaondeaʔkoolKhmerHea1997:C:14242
border / edge (of a forest) (n)សំយាយsɑmjaajKhmerHea1997:C:14458
border, edge; edging, binding (n)ឆ្នំcnɑmKhmerHea1997:C:3348
Borneo. (n)ប័រណេអូbəəneeʔooKhmerHea1997:C:6931
Borobodur (ancient city in Indonesia) (n)បូរូបូឌួbooroobooduəKhmerHea1997:C:7397
borrow (+return)kcəjKhmerHuf1971:C:1000-126-1
boss, owner, master. (n)ម្ចាស់mcahKhmerHea1997:C:10233
(both) eyes (n)នេត្រាneitraaKhmerHea1997:C:6261
bottle caps used as chips or markers in a Cambodian children's game (n)គលាំងបៀងkɔleaŋ bieŋKhmerHea1997:C:2044
bottle, jar, pitcher, flask (n)ដបdɑɑpKhmerHea1997:C:4112
bottom land, soil on the bottom of a body of water (n)ផ្ទាptieKhmerHea1997:C:8473
bottom; foundation, base, bottom part (of body of water, pan, etc.), bottomland, basin (n)បាតbaatKhmerHea1997:C:7105
bouncer (e.g. in a bar), guard (n)ប៉ាវបារpaav baaKhmerHea1997:C:7169
bouncing along without stopping (adv)អង្កឹកʔɑŋkəkKhmerHea1997:C:15880
bound, leap, jump (n)លង្ឃនៈleaŋkheaʔneaʔKhmerHea1997:C:11642
bound, leapsɔmtùh, sɔntùhKhmerSho2006:C:2016-2
boundary marker; sign, marker (n)ចារិកcaarəkKhmerHea1997:C:2743
boundary stake / marker (n)កិលkəlKhmerHea1997:C:575
boundary, line (n)ខ្នៅknavKhmerHea1997:C:1773
bovines (n)គោណសត្វkounaʔsatKhmerHea1997:C:2146
bow (esp. the bow used by a reigning king); eyebrow (n)កៅទណ្ឌkavtoanKhmerHea1997:C:757
bow (n.)tnuuKhmerHuf1971:C:1017-129-1
bow (the weapon); the month of December (the more common var. is ធ្នូ ) (n)ធនុtheaʔnuʔKhmerHea1997:C:5846
bow for beating cottonផ្នោះphnɔhKhmerSho2006:C:2024-6
bowl (drinking)ptəlKhmerHuf1971:C:1029-131-1
bowl (other)trɑlaokKhmerHuf1971:C:1033-132-1
box (large)həpKhmerHuf1971:C:1036-133-1
box (small)prəʔɑpKhmerHuf1971:C:1039-134-1
box in which betel is kept ; sack or bag for betel or areca (n)លួមluəmKhmerHea1997:C:11783
boxing, fighting with the fists (n)ដំណាល់dɑmnalKhmerHea1997:C:4226
boycotting, proscription (n)ពហិការpeaʔheʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:8841
bracelet (of gold or silver) (n)ណែវnaevKhmerHea1997:C:4398
bracelet, anklet, circle, ring; to make a circleកងkɔːŋKhmerSho2006:C:498-7
braces ( ). (n)រ៉ាត់ratKhmerHea1997:C:11289
bragging, self-glorification (n)អត្តុក្កង្សនកថាʔattokkaŋsaʔnaʔkaʔthaaKhmerHea1997:C:16087
Brahma (n)ព្រហ្ម័នpreaʔmanKhmerHea1997:C:9231
Brahman (`one who says Bho;' Tandart explains that Buddhists used this for Brahmans as a reproach or rebuke because the Brahmans often used the familiar term bho to address the Buddha. The use of bho by the Brahmans implied equality with or superiority to the Buddha.) (n)ភោរវាទីphouvietiiKhmerHea1997:C:9537
braid, braiding, plait, plaiting, garland; specif. skein of yarn containing 80 strands. (n)កំរងkɑmrɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:939
brain; bone-marrow (n)ខួរkhuəKhmerHea1997:C:1608
branch, bough (n)មែកmɛɛkKhmerHea1997:C:10165
branching / fork (of a tree), crotch (n)ប្រគាបprɑkiepKhmerHea1997:C:7718
Brazil (n)ប្រេស៊ីលpreesiilKhmerHea1997:C:8222
break (intr. stick)baʔKhmerHuf1971:C:1071-138-1
break (intr. string)dəcKhmerHuf1971:C:1067-137-1
break (intr.)baekKhmerHuf1971:C:1056-136-1
break (tr. stick)kacKhmerHuf1971:C:1088-140-1
break (tr.)bɑmbaekKhmerHuf1971:C:1079-139-1
break period, vacation, rest, leisure, free time. (n)រហែrɔhaeKhmerHea1997:C:11185
break, gap, separation; tearing; end (of a period of time), conclusion (n)ដំណាច់dɑmnacKhmerHea1997:C:4222
break, to breakdacKhmerSho2006:C:812-2
breakfast (n)បាតរាសpaataʔraahKhmerHea1997:C:7107
breaking of voice, mew; hoarseគ្រាវkrìːəvKhmerSho2006:C:1840-11
breaking-in (of an engine) (n)សម្និទ្ឋsɑmnɨtKhmerHea1997:C:13280
breast (n)សុដន់soʔdɑnKhmerHea1997:C:13925
breast collar; rope encircling the breast of an elephant and attached to either side of the palanquin (n)ឆ្នាក់cnakKhmerHea1997:C:3329
breast(s), udder (n)ដោះdɑhKhmerHea1997:C:4313
breast, chest (of a quadruped) (n)ឆ្ងកcŋɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:3309
breath; breathing, respiration (n)ដង្ហើមdɑŋhaəmKhmerHea1997:C:4095
breathedaaʔ dɑŋhaəmKhmerHuf1971:C:1096-142-1
(breathing) in a gasping manner; opening and closing slightly (as a door blown by the wind) (adv)ម្ហើបៗmhaəp - mhaəpKhmerHea1997:C:10313
breeze, wind (n)វាតាvietaaKhmerHea1997:C:12216
bribe, graft, corruption (n)សំណូកsɑmnookKhmerHea1997:C:14365
bride price (symbolic price paid during the wedding ceremony by the groom's parents to the bride's parents); gifts from a man to his fiance (n)ខាន់ស្លាkhan slaaKhmerHea1997:C:1560
bridge, causewayស្ពានspìːənKhmerSho2006:C:1174-2
bridge; gangplank. (n)ស្ពានspienKhmerHea1997:C:14851
bright (light)plɨɨKhmerHuf1971:C:1108-144-1
bright, twinklingផ្លេកphleːkKhmerSho2006:C:444a-1
bristle (e.g. of a hog); coarse hairs on the back of an animal; eyelashes (the stiff ones that cause itchy eyes); kind of brush made of hog bristles used to comb cotton threads (n)ប្រែងpraeŋKhmerHea1997:C:8226
brittle kind of rattanរពាក់rəpɛ̀əkKhmerSho2006:C:366-1
broadcast (gravel)saapKhmerHuf1971:C:1127-146-1
broadcast (seed)pruəhKhmerHuf1971:C:1119-145-1
brocade, kind of bright-colored imported fabric with a flowery design (n)សង្កិមsɑŋkəmKhmerHea1997:C:12868
broken / collapsed section of a river bank or mountainside, landslide, cave in; cascade; waterfall (n)ល្បាក់lbakKhmerHea1997:C:11938
broken object; breakage, breaking; spot where a break has occurred, break, crack (n)បំណាក់bɑmnakKhmerHea1997:C:7522
broken pieces or sections (of long thin objects such as sticks, branches, or string) (n)កំណាច់kɑmnacKhmerHea1997:C:797
brood / litter / flock (esp. all the offspring of a single female animal), band. (n)គ្រកkrɔɔkKhmerHea1997:C:2222
broom, whiskbroom (n)អំបោសʔɑmbaohKhmerHea1997:C:17376
brother-in-law (older)bɑɑŋ tlajKhmerHuf1971:C:265-33-1
brother-in-law (younger)pʔoun tlajKhmerHuf1971:C:278-34-1
Brunei (n)ប្រ៊ូនីយ៍bruuniiKhmerHea1997:C:8196
Brussels (Belgium) (n)ប្រ៊ុចសែលbrucsaelKhmerHea1997:C:8186
bubbling or gurgling sound (i)គ្រក់ៗkrʊək - krʊəkKhmerHea1997:C:2225
bubbling or gurgling sound of boiling water (i)គគ្រាក់kɔkreakKhmerHea1997:C:1944
bud, (to be) in budkrabuṁkrəpùmKhmerSho2006:C:1377-1
bud, shoot, sprout (may occur as the second member in a compound word in which case the initial អ is lost; e.g. វេឡុរង្កូរ `bamboo shoot') (n)អង្កូរʔɑŋkooKhmerHea1997:C:15886
bud. (n)នោបnoupKhmerHea1997:C:6279
bud; bunch of flowers (which have not yet opened, esp. of the sugar-palm or banana). (n)ទមtɔɔmKhmerHea1997:C:5319
Buddhist ecclesiastical district corresponding to a province; diocese (n)គណkʊənKhmerHea1997:C:1989
Buddhist ecclesiastical district corresponding to a ស្រុក់ title of the Buddhist monk in charge of such a district (n)អនុគណʔaʔnuʔkʊən, ʔaʔnuʔkeaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16264
Buddhist monk's skirt-like lower garment (one of the three items of clothing worn by a Buddhist monk, see also ចីពរ and សង្ឃាដី ) (n)ស្បង់sbɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:14818
Buddhist. (n)ពុទ្ឋិកputthɨk, putthiʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:9024
buffalo ; Dūbhī (name of a magically created buffalo in the Ramayana) (n)ទូភីtuuphiiKhmerHea1997:C:5529
bugle, trumpet (n)ត្រែtraeKhmerHea1997:C:5006
building in the royal palace complex which contains the royal living quarters (n)ខេមរិន្ទ្រkhaemaʔrɨnKhmerHea1997:C:1620
building manager / superintendent, concierge (n)គេហាភិបាលkeihaaphiʔbaalKhmerHea1997:C:2134
building, construction; structure, building; installation, fitting out (n)សំណង់sɑmnɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:14345
bull; Taurus, the sign / constellation of the bull (in the zodiac); 2nd month in the Khmer solar calendar (corresponds to May) (n)ព្រឹសភៈprɨhsaʔpheaʔKhmerHea1997:C:9280
bump, protuberance (n)កន្តុបkɑntopKhmerHea1997:C:248
bunch, bundle (of sugarcane, firewood), sheaf (of corn) eg. ឧសមួយបាច់ one bundle of firewood (n. & clf.)បាច់bacKhmerHea1997:C:7082
bunch, crowd (n)កញ្ចោមkɑɲcaomKhmerHea1997:C:108
bundle of pieces of sugar palm leaves tied at the ends. (These bundles are carried by the child in the កាត់​សក់​ ceremony) (n) ퟁបងពេជ្រdɑmbɑɑŋ pɨcKhmerHea1997:C:4261
bunker (n)បុងគ័រboŋkoaKhmerHea1997:C:7264
buoy; life preserver; inflatable water toy (n)ពោងpouŋKhmerHea1997:C:9094
bureaucracy (n)ការិយាធិបតេយ្យkaareʔjaathiʔpaʔtajKhmerHea1997:C:521
bureaucrat (n)ការិយលេខានុការkaareʔjaʔleikhaanuʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:520
(bureaucratic) rank, military leader (rank formerly given to certain government officials; e.g. ស័ក្តិ ៩ ហ៊ូពាន់ commander of 9,000 soldiers; ស័ក្តិ ១០ ហ៊ូពាន់ commander of 10,000 soldiers) (n)ហ៊ូពាន់huu poanKhmerHea1997:C:15519
(burial) mound, grave, tomb (n)ផ្នូរpnooKhmerHea1997:C:8509
Burmese (specifically Shan from Burma; esp. those who settled at Pailin where they mine gems) (n)កុឡាkoʔlaaKhmerHea1997:C:648
burnt, scorchedខ្លោចkhlaocKhmerSho2006:C:858a-1
bursar's / treasurer's office (n)អគារូបដ្ឋានʔaʔkieruupatthaanKhmerHea1997:C:15834
bursar, treasurer (of a college); steward (n)អគារូបដ្ឋាកʔaʔkieruupatthaakKhmerHea1997:C:15833
business, job, occupation, profession (n)អំរស់ʔɑmrɑhKhmerHea1997:C:17410
businessman, merchant, tradesman (n)ឈ្មួញcmuəɲKhmerHea1997:C:3911
bust (statue) (n)ឧទ្ឋកាយʔuttheaʔkaajKhmerHea1997:C:17607
but, however (conj)ប៉ុន្តែpontaeKhmerHea1997:C:7314
butterfly (n)ប្ល៉ាក់ប្ល៉ាតplak - plaatKhmerHea1997:C:8253
buttocks (n)គគូទkɔkuutKhmerHea1997:C:1938
buttocks (n)គូទkuutKhmerHea1997:C:2117
buttocks, anusក្ដិតkdɤtKhmerSho2006:C:1007-1
buttocks; bottom (of anything); hips (n)ត្រពោកtrɑpoukKhmerHea1997:C:4876
buttocktpòəl kuutKhmerHuf1971:C:1161-152-1
buttress (n)ទឡ្នាគមtoallaʔhaakumKhmerHea1997:C:5342
by guess, by trial and error (adv)ព្រាវprievKhmerHea1997:C:9250
by leaps and bounds (as a deer fleeing through the woods) (adv)ភ្នែលៗpnɛɛl - pnɛɛlKhmerHea1997:C:9583
by touch, gropingly, blindly. (adv)ពពីមពពើមpɔpiim - pɔpəəmKhmerHea1997:C:8737
by, by means of, through, with, along; in accordance (with), following (2) adverbial marker in a ... manner (prenp)ដោយdaojKhmerHea1997:C:4204
cacao (n)កាកាវkaa kaavKhmerHea1997:C:436
cackle (of a chicken) (i)ខ្ញកkɲɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:1680
cactus; barbary fig (n)ដំបងយក្ខdɑmbɑɑŋ jeakKhmerHea1997:C:4262
cadre, official (term used by the KR in place of the more conservative ក្របខ័ណ្ឌ ) (n)កម្មាភិបាលkammaaphiʔbaalKhmerHea1997:C:395
cage, coop, pen, small enclosure; prison (n)ទ្រុងtruŋKhmerHea1997:C:5783
cage, penទ្រុងtrùŋKhmerSho2006:C:697-2
Calcutta (n)កាល់គុត្តាkalkuttaaKhmerHea1997:C:536
calendar (n)ប្រក្រតិទិនprɑkrɑdəjtɨn, prɑkkrɑteʔtɨnKhmerHea1997:C:7708
calf (of leg), forearm (n)ភ្លត់plʊətKhmerHea1997:C:9594
calf (of the leg) (n)ផ្លួតpluətKhmerHea1997:C:8537
calmly and motionlessly; without agitation and without motion (adv)ទ្រមឹងtrɔmɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:5744
cambium (n)ឯធាʔaethieKhmerHea1997:C:17849
Cambodia (n)កម្ពុជាkampuʔcieKhmerHea1997:C:391
Cambodian food made of fried fish with coconut milk, lemon grass, red pepper, and garlic (n)ឈូឈីchuu chiiKhmerHea1997:C:3878
Cambodian musical performance with dialogue and singing accompanied by drums of various sizes; also the kind of large round drum associated with these performances (n)យីកេjii keeKhmerHea1997:C:10403
Cambodian stringed fiddle or bowed lute (n)ទ្រtrɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:5705
Cambodian three-stringed zither in the shape of a crocodile (n)តាខេtaa kheeKhmerHea1997:C:4491
camel (n)ឩដ្ឋʔootKhmerHea1997:C:17774
camp; tent, temporary shelter, lean-to (n)ជំរំcumrumKhmerHea1997:C:3754
camping (n)ខន្ឋវារកិច្ចkhanviereaʔkəcKhmerHea1997:C:1539
Canada (n)កាណាដាkaanaadaaKhmerHea1997:C:455
canal, creek, stream, small river, tidal river (common element in Cambodian place names) (n)ព្រែកprɛɛkKhmerHea1997:C:9315
cancer (n)កង់ស៊ែរkɑŋ sɛɛKhmerHea1997:C:66
cancer, ulcer, scrofulamreñmrèɲKhmerSho2006:C:923-3
cane, walking stick; long wooden pole (n)យដិ័joattheʔKhmerHea1997:C:10342
cangue (heavy wooden board worn around the neck as punishment) (n)ឃ្នាងknieŋKhmerHea1997:C:2401
Canton (Guangzhou) (n)កន្តាំងkɑntaŋKhmerHea1997:C:259
Canton, Guangzhou (China) (n)កង់តុងkɑŋ toŋKhmerHea1997:C:65
capacity, contents, load, cargo, volume (n)ចំណុះcɑmnohKhmerHea1997:C:2912
capillary (n)កេសនាkeesaʔnaaKhmerHea1997:C:710
capillary action (n)កេសភាពkeesaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:711
capital city; town, city; district (n)ធានីthieniiKhmerHea1997:C:5873
capital investment; unused funds (n)មូលនិធិmuuleaʔniʔthiʔKhmerHea1997:C:10095
(capital) city (n)ភារាphierieKhmerHea1997:C:9440
capitalist (n)មូលធនិកmuuleaʔtheaʔnɨkKhmerHea1997:C:10093
(capitation) tax on foreigners (n)ដំរៀតdɑmrietKhmerHea1997:C:4290
caprice, whim, quirk, fancy (n)កបិចិត្តkaʔpeʔcətKhmerHea1997:C:375
captain (of a ship); ship-owner (n)នាវិកាធិបតីnieviʔkaathɨppaʔdəjKhmerHea1997:C:6074
capture, seizure; grip, hold; prisoner, hostage (n)ចំណាប់cɑmnapKhmerHea1997:C:2884
capture, trapping (n)ទំនាក់tumneakKhmerHea1997:C:5639
carambola (Averrhoa Carambola, kind of tree with edible sour fruit) (n)ស្ពឺspɨɨKhmerHea1997:C:14858
carat (unit for measuring gems; = 205 milligrams) (n)ការាត់kaaratKhmerHea1997:C:512
carefully / diligently and quickly or timely (adv)រវៀសរវាំងrɔvieh - rɔveaŋKhmerHea1997:C:11093
carefully, attentively, conscientiously, scrupulously, in a concentrated manner; raptly (adv)ស្បេតsbeetKhmerHea1997:C:14840
carefully, stealthily, furtively; in a tottering / unsteady manner (as a person who has been ill when just beginning to walk again) (adv)ទទីមទទើមtɔtiim - tɔtəəmKhmerHea1997:C:5250
carelessly (of writing or work) (adv)ខ្វៀកៗkviek - kviekKhmerHea1997:C:1878
carelessly, unthinkingly (in speaking) (adv)ពព្រតpɔprɔɔtKhmerHea1997:C:8756
carelessness, indifference (n)អយោនិសោមនសិការʔaʔjouniʔsaomeaʔneaʔseʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:16639
carelessness, negligence, indolence, inattention. (n)ប្រមាទprɑmaatKhmerHea1997:C:7997
cargo, load; burden; responsibility, duty; function; sponsorship (n)បន្ទុកbɑntukKhmerHea1997:C:6734
carpenter's try square (n)កែងkaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:717
carrier, courier (n)ហារិនhaarɨnKhmerHea1997:C:15442
carrion; rot; putrefaction. (n)គំរង់kumrʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:2187
carry (on back)liiKhmerHuf1971:C:1210-159-1
carry (on shoulder pole)rɛɛkKhmerHuf1971:C:1221-160-1
carry (transport)dəkKhmerHuf1971:C:1225-162-1
(carrying something on one's head) back and forth in a trotting manner (adv)អង្កើកʔɑŋkaəkKhmerHea1997:C:15889
cart, chariot, vehicle; wagon [plate 3] (n)រទេះrɔtehKhmerHea1997:C:10808
cartographer (n)ឃ្នូរផែនទីknuu phaen tiiKhmerHea1997:C:2405
carton (esp. of cigarettes)សុងsoŋKhmerHea1997:C:13900
carving, sculpture, frieze (n)ចំឡាក់cɑmlakKhmerHea1997:C:2991
Caryota mitis ទន្សែ tùənsaeKhmerSho2006:C:245-6
Caryota urens ទន្សែ tùənsaeKhmerSho2006:C:245-5
Caryota urensអន្សែʔɔnsaeKhmerSho2006:C:245-4
casein (n)ខីរជាតិkhəjreaʔcietKhmerHea1997:C:1581
cassette (n)កាសិតkaasətKhmerHea1997:C:544
caste, class (n)កុលវគ្គkoʔlaʔveakKhmerHea1997:C:638
casting (of metals) (n)សំណិតsɑmnətKhmerHea1997:C:14361
casual advice (n)សិថិលានុសាសន៍seʔtheʔlienuʔsaahKhmerHea1997:C:13752
cat (when someone is compared to a cat it means that he / she is considered to be a hypocrite) (n)ឆ្មាcmaaKhmerHea1997:C:3363
catalysis (n)កាតាលីកម្មkaataaliikamKhmerHea1997:C:464
catalyst (n)កតលិករkaʔtaʔliʔkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:224
catalyst, catalyzer (n)កាតាលីករkaataaliikɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:465
catastrophe, disaster, terrifying distress (n)ភយូបទ្រពpheaʔjuupaʔtrupKhmerHea1997:C:9390
category, kind, type; group(ing); division; chapter, section, part (n)ចំពូកcɑmpuukKhmerHea1997:C:2947
cathode (see also ឧទ្វារ 'anode') (n)និទ្វារnittvieKhmerHea1997:C:6132
causalism (n)សហេតុនិយមsaʔhaetoʔniʔjumKhmerHea1997:C:13549
causality, cause and effect (n)សហេតុធម៌saʔheetoʔthoaKhmerHea1997:C:13548
cavalry (n)អស្វានិកʔahsvaanɨkKhmerHea1997:C:16829
cavalry, mounted warriors (n)ហយានីកhaʔjienɨkKhmerHea1997:C:15393
cavalryman; cavalry detachment (n)អស្សានិកʔahsaanɨkKhmerHea1997:C:16842
cave, grotto; natural well or crater in a mountain (often used as a storage place for rain water) (n)រអាងrɔʔaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:11220
ceaselessly, without stopping, tirelessly (adv)អន្ត្រាក់ʔɑntrakKhmerHea1997:C:16429
celestial dancers (usually regarded as the lowest class of devas), gandharva (a class of Indian demigods) (n)គន្ឋព្វkʊənthup, kʊənthoapKhmerHea1997:C:2015
cell (of an organism, jail or beehive) (n)កោសិកាkaoseʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:752
census, population (n)សមណោគ្រួsaʔmaʔnaokruəKhmerHea1997:C:13199
center of a city / palace (n)ក្លាងមឿងklaaŋ mɨəŋKhmerHea1997:C:1441
centipede (Scolopendre morsitans) (n)ក្អែបkʔaepKhmerHea1997:C:1513
ceremony to consecrate a Buddha image (n)ពុទ្ឋាភិសេកputthiephiʔsaekKhmerHea1997:C:9021
certificate of authorization, warrant (n)អធិបត្រʔaʔthiʔbatKhmerHea1997:C:16145
certificate, diploma, license; letter of reference (n)ប្រកាសនីយបត្រprɑkaasaʔniijeaʔbatKhmerHea1997:C:7691
Cervidae (n)សារង្គសត្វsaareaŋkeaʔsatKhmerHea1997:C:13650
Cervus aristotelisរមាំងrəmɛ̀əŋKhmerSho2006:C:645-3
Cervus aristotelisល្មាំងlmɛ̀əŋKhmerSho2006:C:645-7
Ch'ao Chou, Tae Chiu, Chiu Chou (name of a region in southern China and the dialect of Southern Min Chinese spoken there; many Tae Chiu speakers migrated to Southeast Asia where they settled in the major cities) (n. & adj.)តៀជីវtie ciiv, taʔciivKhmerHea1997:C:4638
chaff, husks of paddyអង្កាមʔɔŋkaːmKhmerSho2006:C:1313-9
chain; fetters; tread, tractor / tank track (n)ច្រវាក់crɑvakKhmerHea1997:C:3102
Cham (an Austronesian ethnic group which once dominated most of southern Vietnam) (n)ចាមcaamKhmerHea1997:C:2735
chance, luck; fate, destiny; good fortune, blessing, success (n)សំណាងsɑmnaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:14352
chance; reputation (n)យីអ៊ុនjii ʔunKhmerHea1997:C:10410
change, replacement, substitute; transfer, move; change (of clothes, linens), set (e.g. of linens); spare(part); shift (e.g. of workers) (n)បន្លាស់bɑnlahKhmerHea1997:C:6761
channel, ditch, area between ditchescanʼuərcɔŋʔuːəKhmerSho2006:C:1556-6
channel, ditchចង្អូរcɔŋʔoːKhmerSho2006:C:1556-3
chariot ornamentation / decorations (n)រថាលង្ការreaʔthaaleaŋkaaKhmerHea1997:C:10793
charioteers; unit of chariot troops consisting of 3 chariots with 4 soldiers riding in each (n)រថានិកreaʔthaanɨkKhmerHea1997:C:10792
charm (n)ប្រមោហនprɑmaohanKhmerHea1997:C:8017
charm, luck, happiness, blessing (n)ស្វស្តិកsvahsteʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:15291
chasing, hunting; pursuit; raising the price; bidding (at an auction or for a contract) (n)ដំណេញdɑmnəɲKhmerHea1997:C:4243
chasm, deep pool, hollow (n)ចំហុងcɑmhoŋKhmerHea1997:C:2978
chebulic myrobalan, Terminalia chebula Retz.sram̱asrəmɔːKhmerSho2006:C:1654-2
CHECK GLOSSតាំង-, ទាំង-[យូ]taŋ-, tɛ̀əŋ-[jùː]KhmerSho2006:C:586-7
cheek(s) (n)ថ្ពាល់tpoalKhmerHea1997:C:5164
Chenla (ancient Cambodian kingdom centered around southeastern Laos and north central Cambodia; originally a vassal state to the north of Funan, Chenla conquered Funan around A.D. 550 and lasted until about A.D. 802) (n)ចេនឡាceenlaaKhmerHea1997:C:2829
chest (of the body) (n)ទ្រូងtruuŋKhmerHea1997:C:5792
chest, breast (n)ឱរាʔaoraaKhmerHea1997:C:17895
Chey Chettha II (king of Cambodia, 1618-1624) (n)ជ័យជេដ្ឋាទី២cejceitthaa tii piiKhmerHea1997:C:3517
chicken's ear (n)តតtɑɑtKhmerHea1997:C:4435
chief of a Buddhist monastery, superior of a wat, abbot (n)សង្គ្រាជsɑŋkriec, saŋkriecKhmerHea1997:C:12917
chief of a Buddhist temple (n)អារាមាធិការʔaaraamaathiʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:17086
chief of the elephant keepers (n)កុញ្ជរាធិបតីkoɲcɔɔriethɨppaʔdəjKhmerHea1997:C:603
chief of the forestry service (n)អដវិកាធិបតីʔaʔdaʔviʔkaathɨppaʔdəjKhmerHea1997:C:16047
chief royal advisor; prime minister (n)អមាត្យាធិបតីʔaʔmaatjaathɨppaʔdəjKhmerHea1997:C:16594
chief, leader, most important person (n)ខ្លោងklaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:1841
chieftainmèː kɔntrìːəɲKhmerSho2006:C:918-2
child (of someone; cf. ក្មេង 'child' - in general); offspring, progeny. (n)កូនkoonKhmerHea1997:C:656
child (youth)koun kmeiŋKhmerHuf1971:C:1300-173-1
child of one's sibling, nephew, niece; affectionate term of address for young people of one's children's generation (n)ក្មួយkmuəjKhmerHea1997:C:1119
child's small mattress (n)ម៉ក់mɑkKhmerHea1997:C:9646
child's spouseប្រសាprəsaːKhmerSho2006:C:248a-1
child, boy (n)កុមារាkoʔmaaraaKhmerHea1997:C:620
child, young person ; page, servant. (n)ក្មេងkmeeŋKhmerHea1997:C:1121
children, sons and daughters (n)បុត្តាpottaaKhmerHea1997:C:7285
chimney of a kerosene lamp; light bulb (n)អំផូងʔɑmphooŋKhmerHea1997:C:17381
chin (n)ចង្កាcɑŋkaaKhmerHea1997:C:2570
china, porcelain (n)ពរ្សឺឡែនpɔɔksəɨlaen, poasəɨlaenKhmerHea1997:C:8820
Chinese theater; Chinese dance (n)ងីវŋiivKhmerHea1997:C:2497
Chinese turnip (n)ឆៃថាវchaj thaavKhmerHea1997:C:3279
chip, shaving, sliver; small remnant. (n)រំកាច់rumkacKhmerHea1997:C:11485
chirping sound (such as made by a cricket); sound of a policeman's whistle (i)ច្រេកcreekKhmerHea1997:C:3179
chisel outckəhKhmerHuf1971:C:1307-174-1
chisel, cold chisel (n)ពន្លាកpʊənliekKhmerHea1997:C:8699
choice, selection, things that have been picked up or tidied up. (n)ជំរើសcumrəəhKhmerHea1997:C:3747
cholera (n)អហិវាតរោគʔaʔheʔvietaʔroukKhmerHea1997:C:16862
cholera (n)អាហិវាតរោគʔaaheʔvietaʔroukKhmerHea1997:C:17179
Chong (name of a Mon-Khmer ethnic group). (n)ជងcɔɔŋKhmerHea1997:C:3430
chop (with ax)kapKhmerHuf1971:C:1334-177-1
chop (with knife)cəɲcramKhmerHuf1971:C:1324-176-1
chopsticks (n)ចង្កឹះcɑŋkəhKhmerHea1997:C:2582
Chou Ta-Kuan (a 13th century Chinese traveller who wrote an account of his visit to Angkor) (n)ចាវតាកួនcaav taa kuənKhmerHea1997:C:2751
Christ. (n)គ្រិស្តkrɨhKhmerHea1997:C:2309
chronological history (of a family) (n)សាវតារsaaveaʔdaaKhmerHea1997:C:13693
chrysalis (of the silkworm moth) (n)ដក់ដឿdɑk dɨəKhmerHea1997:C:4069
CIA (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency)សេ. អ៊ី. អា.NOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:14148
cicada (Cicada cantatrix) (n)រៃrejKhmerHea1997:C:11455
cigarette (cl.)daəmKhmerHuf1971:C:1346-180-1
cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum cambodianum) (n)ទេព្វិរូteipruu, teippiʔruuKhmerHea1997:C:5576
circle, round / circular marking, round opening / frame; cycle, circuit; curve; edge, brim; interior side (of a round object or container) (n)រង្វង់rʊəŋvʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:10624
circulation, traffic (n)ចរាចរណ៍cɑraacɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:2698
circumference (n)នេមិneimiʔKhmerHea1997:C:6264
circumference; perimeter (n)បរិមាត្រpaʔreʔmaatKhmerHea1997:C:7009
circumstance, point in time (n)កាលៈទេសៈkaalaʔteisaʔKhmerHea1997:C:534
cistern, metal containerធុងthùŋKhmerSho2006:C:791-2
citrus fruit, orange (n)ក្រូចkroocKhmerHea1997:C:1388
(city) wallកំផែងkɔmphaeŋKhmerSho2006:C:626-7
(city) wallកំពែងkɔmpɛ̀ːŋKhmerSho2006:C:626-5
city, capital city (occurs in many place names such as អង្គរធំ, អង្គរវត្ត etc.); Angkor (n)អង្គរʔɑŋkɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:15908
city, town (n)ក្រុងkroŋKhmerHea1997:C:1383
civet (this term probably refers to various small civet-like mammals of the genera Prionodon, Viverricula, Viverra, Paradoxurus, Paguma, and Arctogalidia, most of which produce musk) (n)សំពោចsɑmpoucKhmerHea1997:C:14444
civil servant, official, functionary, employee, mandarin, dignitary (n)នាម៉ឺនnieməɨnKhmerHea1997:C:6061
clapping / slapping sound (i)ម៉ាច់macKhmerHea1997:C:9906
clarity, distinctness (n)ទំហែងtumhɛɛŋKhmerHea1997:C:5694
clarity, limpidness, transparency. (n)តំឡាtɑmlaaKhmerHea1997:C:4748
clasp, buckle, fastener, clamp; peg / pin used to join two objects together, paper clip (n)កន្លាស់kɑnlahKhmerHea1997:C:355
classical language; inflected language (e.g. Sanskrit or Pali) (n)តន្តិភាសាtɑnteʔphiesaaKhmerHea1997:C:4463
classification (n)វគ្គីករណ៍veakkiikɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:12074
classification; analysis (n)វិភាគបទviʔphiekeaʔbatKhmerHea1997:C:12489
clattering sound (such as that of a car driving over a very rough road) (i)រឃុករឃាក់rɔkhuk - rɔkheakKhmerHea1997:C:10568
clattering sound made by something loose (i)រឃិករឃុកrɔkhɨk - rɔkhukKhmerHea1997:C:10565
clause initial interrogative marker occurring in fairly formal speech; it indicates that the following clause is a question, and may sometimes be translated by expressions like `Tell me ...?' or, in subordinate clauses, `if' or `whether' (conj)តើtaəKhmerHea1997:C:4630
claws, tongsដង្កៀប​ តង្កៀបdɔŋkiəp, tɔŋkiəpKhmerSho2006:C:1236-11
clay pot, pitcher (n)ក្អមkʔɑɑmKhmerHea1997:C:1494
clean (adj.)sʔaatKhmerHuf1971:C:1362-183-1
clean and smooth, polishedរលីងrəlìːŋKhmerSho2006:C:758-1
clean shaven person; one who shaves people's heads; shaved head (n)កំណោរkɑmnaoKhmerHea1997:C:820
clean, nice-looking, beautifulស្អាតsʔaːtKhmerSho2006:C:950-1
clean, pureជ្រះcrɛ̀əhKhmerSho2006:C:2056-3
cleaning, scouring, wiping, polishing; spot which has been cleaned / scoured / wiped / polished / rubbed (n)ដំណុសdɑmnohKhmerHea1997:C:4232
clear (air)srɑlahKhmerHuf1971:C:1371-184-1
clear (water)tlaaKhmerHuf1971:C:1386-185-1
clear, certain, sure, clearly… .ស្បាន់sbanKhmerSho2006:C:1211-7
clear, evident, shingingcpās'cbahKhmerSho2006:C:1920-1
clear, free from impedimentល្អះlʔahKhmerSho2006:C:7-13
clear, freeស្រឡះsrəlahKhmerSho2006:C:2064-9
clear, pureថ្លាthlaːKhmerSho2006:C:2077-6
cleared awaycumreahKhmerHuf1971:C:1389-186-1
clearly, distinctly (adv)ស្ទោងstouŋKhmerHea1997:C:14773
clearly, distinctly, conspicuously (adv)ស្ទេងsteiŋKhmerHea1997:C:14765
cleaver (n)បុ័ងតោpaŋ taoKhmerHea1997:C:6314
cleaver (n)បុ័ងតោpaŋ taoKhmerHea1997:C:6317
cleaver, chopping-knife [plate 8] (n)ផាងphaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:8318
clergy; clergyman, monk, coreligionist (n)សហធម្មិកsaʔhaʔthoammɨkKhmerHea1997:C:13503
clergyman (n)សហធម្មចារីsaʔhaʔthoammeaʔcaarəjKhmerHea1997:C:13502
clerk, secretary, clerical assistant, scribe (n)ស្មៀនsmienKhmerHea1997:C:14916
climbing bird(s) (n)ឧល្លុម្ពបក្សីʔullompeaʔbaksəjKhmerHea1997:C:17755
climbing perch[ត្រី]​ ក្រាញ់[trɤj] kraɲKhmerSho2006:C:915-1
clitoris (n)ឆ្តេញcdəɲKhmerHea1997:C:3324
close (door)batKhmerHuf1971:C:1400-188-1
close (together)biətKhmerHuf1971:C:1415-189-2
close (together)cɨtKhmerHuf1971:C:1414-189-1
close friend (between women); friend's wife (term used by a man) (see ក្លើ `friend between men') (n)ម្រាក់mreakKhmerHea1997:C:10270
close together, in close ranks, in orderly rows (adv)ត្រៀបtriepKhmerHea1997:C:4996
closely following, right on someone's heels. (adv)ប្រជាន់prɑcoanKhmerHea1997:C:7751
closely woven lattice; specif. a woven basket for placing offerings to forest spirits (n)ប្រដឹសprɑdəhKhmerHea1997:C:7786
closing, sealing; patch, seal (n)បំណិទbɑmnətKhmerHea1997:C:7529
cloth cover of caskettùːKhmerSho2006:C:80-1
cloth hanging on which is painted a picture of the Buddha (n)បបត់bɑbɑtKhmerHea1997:C:6801
cloth, fabric, dry goods (n)ក្រណាត់krɑnatKhmerHea1997:C:1186
clothes-line (esp. for monks) made of string or strips of rattan (n)ស្តៀងsdieŋKhmerHea1997:C:14700
clothesline; tightrope, high wire; small bridge, footbridge, catwalk, plank / board (for crossing something); pole, bar (n)ស្នួsnuəKhmerHea1997:C:14807
clothing worn below the waist (e.g. skirt, pants), lower garment (n)សំលៀកsɑmliekKhmerHea1997:C:14517
clothingkhao ʔaawKhmerHuf1971:C:1435-191-1
cloud (n)ពពកpɔpɔɔkKhmerHea1997:C:8726
cloud, sky, air (n)នភីneaʔphiiKhmerHea1997:C:6005
cloudy, overcast[ទូ] ទឹម​​ [tùː] tɯ̀mKhmerSho2006:C:1360-2
clove plant (n)ក្រាំពូkram puuKhmerHea1997:C:1427
clove tree (Cinnamomun sp., Caryphyllus aromaticus or Eugenia caryophyllata; kind of tree the bark of which is used to prepare a tonic and in certain medicines) (n)ក្លាំពូklam puuKhmerHea1997:C:1469
clown, comedian, pantomimist, fool, jester (n)ត្លុកtlokKhmerHea1997:C:5024
club (formerly the main offensive weapon of the Cambodian infantry), cudgel, staff, stick, bat (n)ដំបងdɑmbɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:4260
club, stick, stake; blow / stroke (with a stick or club) (n)ព្រនង់prɔnʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:9178
clump [of trees]គុម្ពោតkùmpòːtKhmerSho2006:C:1035-3
clump of roots under water where fish or snakes may hide (n)សើកsaəkKhmerHea1997:C:14112
cluster / bunch (e.g. of flowers); colony (e.g. of bacteria) (n)កញ្ចុំkɑɲcomKhmerHea1997:C:109
cluster, bunch (esp. of fruit); sheaf / string (e.g. of fish) (clf)ចង្កោមcɑŋkaomKhmerHea1997:C:2579
cluster, bunch (n)ដង្គួរdɑŋkuəKhmerHea1997:C:4085
cluster, bunch, stem (of bananas) (n. & clf.)ស្ទងstɔɔŋKhmerHea1997:C:14729
co-chairman, joint chairman (n)សហប្រធានsaʔhaʔprɑthienKhmerHea1997:C:13515
coachman, driver; crew (of a vehicle) (n)យានិកjienɨkKhmerHea1997:C:10381
coalition, league (n)សហពលកម្មsaʔhaʔpʊəlleaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:13521
coast, shore, beach; bank, edge (of a body of water). (n)ឆ្នេរcneeKhmerHea1997:C:3343
coastwise trade, coasting (n)តីរនាវាចរtəjraʔnieviecɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:4577
Cobra (attack helicopter) (n)កូប្រាkoopraa, koobraaKhmerHea1997:C:660
cocaine (n)កូកាអ៊ីនkookaaʔiinKhmerHea1997:C:651
coccyx (n)កញ្ចូញkɑɲcooɲKhmerHea1997:C:103
Cochin China, Southern part of Vietnam (n)កូសាំងស៊ីនkoosaŋ siinKhmerHea1997:C:667
cock (name of the 10th year of the 12-year cycle) (n)រកាrɔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:10522
cockroach; chestnut-color, light brown, maroon (n)កន្លាតkɑnlaatKhmerHea1997:C:354
coconut-shell measure, weight of rice (600 grams) so measuredនាល??nìːəlKhmerSho2006:C:1750-3
code of laws (esp. those governing royalty) (n)អយ្យការʔajjeaʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:16644
coexistence (n)សហជីវភាពsaʔhaʔciiveaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:13495
coexistence (n)សហត្ថិភាពsaʔhattheʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:13499
coexistence (n)សហវិជ្ជមានsaʔhaʔvicceaʔmianKhmerHea1997:C:13532
coffin, casket (usually in ក្តារមឈូស ) (n)មឈូសmɔchuuhKhmerHea1997:C:9710
coil (of rope); coiled rope (n. & clf.)រវេញrɔvɨɲKhmerHea1997:C:11096
coil, ring, something coiled or spiraled (n)ភ្នេនpneinKhmerHea1997:C:9579
coil, sheaf, bunch, skein, hank (n)ចង្វាយcɑŋvaajKhmerHea1997:C:2602
cold to the touchស្រេត??sreːtKhmerSho2006:C:1073-1
cold water (n)សីតោទកsəjtaotʊək, səjtaoteaʔreaʔKhmerHea1997:C:13830
collaboration, coordination. (n)សហការsaʔhaʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:13478
collar / tag (for animals) (n)ប្រឡៅprɑlavKhmerHea1997:C:8121
collard greens (Brassica juncea) (n)ខាត់ណាkhat naaKhmerHea1997:C:1551
collateral (n)តំណាំងtɑmnaŋ, dɑmnaŋKhmerHea1997:C:4717
colleague; comrade (n)សហភាតរ៍saʔhaʔphietKhmerHea1997:C:13523
collect togethergaṁkùmKhmerSho2006:C:1320-5
collect togetherphgaṁphkùmKhmerSho2006:C:1320-4
collection of offerings presented to the monks during the បុណ្យពិសាខបូជា (the offerings consist of bathing garments and various other items such as dishes and money) (n)សារផាត់saaraʔphatKhmerHea1997:C:13657
collection, gathering; specif. collection of religious writings (n)គន្ថៈkoanthaʔKhmerHea1997:C:2007
collective work, collaboration; community, commonality (n)សហកម្មsaʔhaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:13475
collectivization (n)សមូហភាវកម្មsaʔmuuhaʔphievaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:13270
collectivization (n)សមូហភាវូបនីយកម្មsaʔmuuhaʔphie-vuupaʔniijeaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:13271
colloquial form of អី or អ្វី q.v.ស្អីsʔəjKhmerHea1997:C:15343
colloquial pronunciation of កន្ទ្រោក q.v.កន្ទ្រោបkɑntroupKhmerHea1997:C:330
colloquial pronunciation of ស្រៈអស្រៈអា the first two vowels in the Cambodian alphabetស្អស្អាsʔɑɑ sʔaaKhmerHea1997:C:15332
colonization (n)ឧបនិវេសនកម្មʔuʔpaʔniʔveihsaʔnaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:17666
colonizing; colonizer (n)ឧបនិវេសក៍ʔuʔpaʔniʔveihKhmerHea1997:C:17664
colony; camp (n)ឧបនិវេសន៍ʔuʔpaʔniʔveihKhmerHea1997:C:17665
column, line, row; furrow; formation, rank; family line, lineage. (n)ជួរcuəKhmerHea1997:C:3639
column, pillar, post, pile, shaft (n)សសរsɑsɑɑ, təsɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:13424
combustion, burning (n)ចំហេះcɑmhehKhmerHea1997:C:2987
comedy (n)ហសនាការhaʔsaʔnaakaaKhmerHea1997:C:15409
comma ( , ) (n)កណ្ដកសញ្ញាkandaʔkaʔ saɲɲaa, kɑndɑk saɲɲaaKhmerHea1997:C:183
command to encourage draft animals to move forward (i)ហ៊ឺយhɨɨjKhmerHea1997:C:15499
common faith (n)សហធម៌saʔhaʔthoaKhmerHea1997:C:13501
common ideal (n)សហឧត្តមគតិsaʔhaʔotdɑmkeaʔteʔKhmerHea1997:C:13540
commonwealth (n)សហធនsaʔhaʔthʊənKhmerHea1997:C:13500
communist. (n)កុម្មុយនិស្តkommujnihKhmerHea1997:C:632
community; association; collaboration; tie, link, communication; joint estate (of a husband or wife) (n)សហគមន៍saʔhaʔkumKhmerHea1997:C:13484
companion (n)សហចរsaʔhaʔcɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:13489
companion, age-matesrakarsrəkɔːKhmerSho2006:C:24-8
companion, associate, colleague; comrade (used as a title among members of the National Socialist Alliance Party), fellow member, party member (n)សហជីវិនsaʔhaʔciivɨnKhmerHea1997:C:13496
company grade officer, subaltern, officer ranks including and below the rank of captain (n)អនុសេនានីʔaʔnuʔseenaaniiKhmerHea1997:C:16383
company, groupពួកpùːəkKhmerSho2006:C:362-4
comparison, similarity; counterpart (n)បដិភាគpaʔdeʔphiekKhmerHea1997:C:6594
comparison, similarity; counterpart (n)ប្រតិភាគprɑteʔphiekKhmerHea1997:C:7849
competition (n)ជំនែងcumnɛɛŋKhmerHea1997:C:3726
complaint, lament; weeping, moaning; wail (n)ទំនួញtumnuəɲKhmerHea1997:C:5651
complete cutoff / break (n)ឧបច្ឆេទʔuʔpaccheet, ʔuʔpacchaetKhmerHea1997:C:17635
complexion, skin color, color (referring to people or animals), pigment (n)សម្បុរsɑmbol, sɑmbaoKhmerHea1997:C:13297
compliance by drawing lots (n)សលាកានុវត្តន៍saʔlaakaanuʔvoatKhmerHea1997:C:13407
compost (n)អំពុកʔɑmpukKhmerHea1997:C:17395
compound noun (n)អព្យយីភាពʔapjeaʔjiiphiepKhmerHea1997:C:16560
computer, calculator (n)គណិតចរkʊənneʔtaʔcɑɑ, keaʔneʔtaʔcɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:1996
concealment; illusion (n)បរិយាបន្នកម្មbɑɑreʔjaapannaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:7015
concentration (n)ឯការម្មណ៍ʔaekaarɑmKhmerHea1997:C:17840
concentration on a single point (n)ឯកោទិភាពʔaekaotiʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:17846
concentration on the Dharma (n)ធម្មាធិដ្ឋានthoammiethiʔthaanKhmerHea1997:C:5854
conception; rebirth, reincarnation (n)ប្រតិសន្ឋិprɑteʔsanthiʔKhmerHea1997:C:7865
condensation (n)កំហាប់kɑmhapKhmerHea1997:C:975
condition, norm, standard; part, section; limit, bounds; clauses, terms (n)លក្ខខ័ណ្ឌleakkhanKhmerHea1997:C:11624
condition, state, status, position (n)លក្ខថានleakthaanKhmerHea1997:C:11628
condominium (n)សហវិជិតរាជ្យsaʔhaʔviʔciʔtaʔriecKhmerHea1997:C:13531
condyle (articular prominence on a bone) (n)ពន្លួញឆ្អឹងpʊənluəɲ cʔəŋKhmerHea1997:C:8715
confederation, joining together (n)សហពន្ឋន៍saʔhaʔpʊənKhmerHea1997:C:13519
confidence, lack of doubt (n)និក្កង្ខាnikkaŋkhaaKhmerHea1997:C:6097
confirmation (n)សទិសានុញ្ញាតsaʔtiʔsaanuɲɲaatKhmerHea1997:C:13055
confirming words; evidence (n)បញ្ញាណpaɲɲaanKhmerHea1997:C:6559
confiscation, seizure (esp. of a criminal's property); person whose property has been confiscated; slave; criminal. (n)របឹបrɔbəpKhmerHea1997:C:10868
confusion, disorder; foolishness (n)ល្បែlbaeKhmerHea1997:C:11954
conical / pyramidal pile (n)ស្តូបstoopKhmerHea1997:C:14697
conical straw or leaf hat (n)ដួនduənKhmerHea1997:C:4171
conjunctiva (of the eyes) (n)យុជាjuʔcieKhmerHea1997:C:10428
connection, joint, knot, link; joining (together), junction; successor; extension; continuation, descent; future; period of transition. (n)តំណtɑmnɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:4703
connection; conjunction (n)ឈ្នាប់cnoapKhmerHea1997:C:3898
connoisseur, well-educated person. (n)វិញ្ញូviɲɲuuKhmerHea1997:C:12390
connotation (n)ចិន្តន័យcəntaʔnejKhmerHea1997:C:2769
consequence which remains; sin for which atonement must be made (n)វិបាកាវសេសviʔpaakaʔviʔseehKhmerHea1997:C:12456
consideration, thoughtfulness (n)អកោធនៈʔaʔkaotheaʔneaʔKhmerHea1997:C:15798
consistency (n)សង្គតភាពsɑŋkeaʔtaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:12899
consonant (n)ព្យញ្ជនៈpjʊəɲceaʔneaʔKhmerHea1997:C:9136
conspiracy (n)សហក្បដsaʔhakbɑtKhmerHea1997:C:13482
constant popping sound (i)ប៉ប្រែះpɑpraehKhmerHea1997:C:6854
constant pounding noise (i)ប្រភឺសprɑphɨɨhKhmerHea1997:C:7981
constantly asking (for); constantly begging (for); slowly and steadily, persistently without ceasing (adv)អន្ថោចៗʔɑnthaoc - ʔɑnthaocKhmerHea1997:C:16436
constantly on the move; restlessly; relentlessly (adv)ប៉ប្លើកpɑplaəkKhmerHea1997:C:6866
constantly, unceasingly (adv)ផ្អូចៗpʔooc - pʔoocKhmerHea1997:C:8593
container (made of silver, copper or wood) for plates and bowls (n)កន្តូkɑntooKhmerHea1997:C:251
contemporary era / period (n)សហសម័យsaʔhaʔsaʔmajKhmerHea1997:C:13537
contingent, quota (n)សមាយាតsaʔmaajaatKhmerHea1997:C:13236
continuous crunching sound (e.g. as produced by walking on dry leaves) (i)ប៉ប្រែកប៉ប្រោកpɑpraek - pɑpraokKhmerHea1997:C:6848
continuous loud, thunderous sounds (i)គគ្រុមkɔkrumKhmerHea1997:C:1959
continuous mumbling sounds made by beggars, petitioners, etc.. (i)ងងូសŋɔŋuuhKhmerHea1997:C:2470
continuous rhythmic sound of drums or music (i)គគ្រឹមkɔkrɨmKhmerHea1997:C:1956
continuous sound made by a baby or by birds (i)ចេចៗcəc - cəcKhmerHea1997:C:2820
continuous sound of chains clanking (i)ប៉ប្រេវប៉ប្រាវpɑpreev - pɑpraavKhmerHea1997:C:6847
continuous sound of music or of waves hitting the beach (i)គគ្រាំkɔkroamKhmerHea1997:C:1966
continuously raising and lowering, in a rocking / swaying manner; unsteadily. (adv)ផ្ងាក់ផ្ងើកpŋak - pŋaəkKhmerHea1997:C:8401
continuously, in a constant stream (as bees leaving a hive); in short, quick spurts (adv)ប៉ប្រូចpɑproocKhmerHea1997:C:6843
continuously, incessantly, uninterruptedly; one after the other (adv)រពុយrɔpujKhmerHea1997:C:10919
continuously, repeatedly, in succession (adv)តៗtɑɑ - tɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:4413
continuously, without interruption, ceaselessly (adv)ញញាយɲɔɲiejKhmerHea1997:C:3953
contracted word or phrase eg. ផ្ទះខ្ញុំ . 'my house' for the longer ផ្ទះរបស់ខ្ញុំ (n)មជ្ឈេលុបmaccheilupKhmerHea1997:C:9709
contractor, entrepreneur, owner of an enterprise; employer; enterprise (n)សហគ្រិនsaʔhaʔkrɨnKhmerHea1997:C:13488
contradiction; opposition (n)បដិកម្មpaʔdeʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:6569
contrary, againstcāscaːhKhmerSho2006:C:1896-3
convection (n)រង្វល់rʊəŋvʊəlKhmerHea1997:C:10625
cook (v.)damKhmerHuf1971:C:1495-198-1
cook (v.)sŋaoKhmerHuf1971:C:1499-198-2
cooked rice; food, meal. (n)បាយbaajKhmerHea1997:C:7139
cooked riceបាយbaːjKhmerSho2006:C:1480-1
cooking pot, kettle, pan, casserole (n)ឆ្នាំងcnaŋKhmerHea1997:C:3350
cool greeting (n)សិថិលាភិវាទន៍seʔtheʔliephiʔvietKhmerHea1997:C:13753
cooperative (organization) (n)សហករណ៍saʔhaʔkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:13476
copulation, coitus (n)កំទុតគ្នាkɑmtut knieKhmerHea1997:C:828
copy; draft, outline; (printer's) proofs; transcription; reproduction; making a copy of an original. (n)សំណៅsɑmnavKhmerHea1997:C:14379
coquette, frivolous girl; prostitute (n)ពិលាសិនីpiʔlieseʔnəjKhmerHea1997:C:8971
coral tree (Erythrina orientalis; it has red flowers, thorns and light, porous wood, which is used for floats; the young leaves are edible) (n)រលួសrɔluəhKhmerHea1997:C:11032
cord to which string or leaves are attached and which is strung between two trees / posts to frighten animals away (n)រយាលrɔjielKhmerHea1997:C:10974
cord which runs through the pierced nasal septum of an animal (esp. an ox) (n)កន្លុះkɑnlohKhmerHea1997:C:366
core, center, middle, inner part; heartwood (of a tree), pith; marrow; essence, ideal (n)បណ្ដូលbɑndoolKhmerHea1997:C:6637
cork, cork tree (n)ត្យក្សាtjaksaaKhmerHea1997:C:4789
cork, stopper, plug (n)ឆ្នុកcnokKhmerHea1997:C:3334
corn, maize (Zea mays) (n)ពោតpoutKhmerHea1997:C:9096
corner, angle; barb (on a hook) (n)កោណkaonKhmerHea1997:C:736
corner, angleជ្រុងcrùŋKhmerSho2006:C:689-1
corner, angleមុំmùmKhmerSho2006:C:1379-1
corner; inlet (n)កៀនkienKhmerHea1997:C:689
corpse; ghost, spirit; the late...., the deceased (n)ខ្មោចkmaocKhmerHea1997:C:1811
corral / stable for elephants (n)ព្នៀតpnietKhmerHea1997:C:9132
correction, reform, repair; correcting, repairing (n)កំណែkɑmnaeKhmerHea1997:C:815
correction, reformation; repentance (n)ចំណាលcɑmnaalKhmerHea1997:C:2887
correlation (n)សហសម្ពន្ឋsaʔhaʔsɑmpʊənKhmerHea1997:C:13533
correlative (n)សហសម្ពន្ឋីsaʔhaʔsɑmpʊənthiiKhmerHea1997:C:13534
corridor, veranda, porchរបៀងrəbiəŋKhmerSho2006:C:658-5
corrosion (n)កំណូតkɑmnootKhmerHea1997:C:805
corruption, depravity, perversity; destruction, damage, injury; failure; corrupt person. (n)កំហូចkɑmhoocKhmerHea1997:C:981
cost, price, fare; value, worth; quality (n)តំឡៃtɑmlajKhmerHea1997:C:4751
cotton (plant)kapaahKhmerHuf1971:C:1550-206-1
cotton (thread)ʔɑmbɑhKhmerHuf1971:C:1551-207-1
cotton (wool)sɑmlajKhmerHuf1971:C:1542-205-1
cotton thread / yarn (for sewing or weaving) (n)អំបោះʔɑmbɑhKhmerHea1997:C:17380
cotton threads tied round corpsepāsbaːhKhmerSho2006:C:1915-8
counter-valuation, examination, experiment, re-survey (n)បដិកោសលវិច័យpaʔdeʔkaosɑlviʔcajKhmerHea1997:C:6573
counterclockwise movement (n)ឧត្តរាព័ត៌ʔuttaʔraapoatKhmerHea1997:C:17574
counterintelligence (n)ប្រតិចារកិច្ចprɑteʔcaaraʔkəcKhmerHea1997:C:7833
country, land, territory, region, jurisdiction (n)ដែនdaenKhmerHea1997:C:4195
country, nation; district (subdivision of a province); village; countryside, rural area; homeland (n)ស្រុកsrokKhmerHea1997:C:15187
countryman, neighbor(s) (n)ព្រៀងលានprieŋ lienKhmerHea1997:C:9308
cover (v.)krɔɔpKhmerHuf1971:C:1572-211-1
cover, covering, carpet, mat; sheet (n)កំរាលkɑmraalKhmerHea1997:C:943
cover, covering; cape, shawl (n)ឃ្លុបklupKhmerHea1997:C:2431
cover, folder, envelope (n)កំរបkɑmrɑɑpKhmerHea1997:C:940
covered with dirtស្រមកsrəmɔːkKhmerSho2006:C:382a-1
covetously, longingly, hungrily; in a glaring manner (refers to the expression on a person's face, esp. in the eyes, when he / she looks at something desired; often describes angry children who do not get their way) (adv)ភ្លៀកៗpliek - pliekKhmerHea1997:C:9626
cowardice. (n)កំសាកkɑmsaakKhmerHea1997:C:964
cowbell of bamboo with seeds inside which rattle ត្រដោកtrədaokKhmerSho2006:C:341-4
crab; cramp (n)ក្តាមkdaamKhmerHea1997:C:1041
crab; zodiacal sign of the crab (= Cancer) corresponding to July (n)កក្កដkakkaʔdaʔKhmerHea1997:C:24
crack of a whip (i)ប៉ាប់papKhmerHea1997:C:7136
crack, fissure, crevice (n)ក្រហែងkrɑhaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:1289
crack, split eg. ជំរែកដី . crack in the ground (n)ជំរែកcumrɛɛkKhmerHea1997:C:3751
crack, split, cleft, fissure (n)ចំរេះcɑmrehKhmerHea1997:C:2971
cracking / crackling sound (i)ជ្រិចcrɨcKhmerHea1997:C:3815
cracking or splitting sound (i)ប៉ផូសpɑphoohKhmerHea1997:C:6879
crackling (n)បំរេះbɑmrehKhmerHea1997:C:7650
crackling / sizzling sound produced by frying oil or fat (i)ប្រាច់pracKhmerHea1997:C:8143
crackling sound made by frying (i)ប៉ប្រាច់pɑpracKhmerHea1997:C:6830
crackling sound resembling that of salt popping in a hot frying pan (i)ប្រែះៗpraeh - praehKhmerHea1997:C:8239
crash, slap, thud, smack; sound of a tree falling or of a rock thrown into a bush (i)ប្រូសproohKhmerHea1997:C:8199
crawl (child)wiəKhmerHuf1971:C:1583-213-1
crawl (snake)luunKhmerHuf1971:C:1580-212-1
crawling animal; reptile, snake (n)ល្មូនlmuunKhmerHea1997:C:11972
crayfish (n)បង្កងbɑŋkɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:6321
crazy about women (n)ឥត្ថុម្មត្តកៈʔetthommattaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17483
creaking sound (i)រង៉ឺតrɔŋəətKhmerHea1997:C:10589
creaking sound made by ox carts (i)ង៉េតៗŋeet - ŋeetKhmerHea1997:C:2531
creeper yielding arrow-poisonchveḥchvehKhmerSho2006:C:2082-1
creeping animals (e.g. snakes, eels, millipedes) (n)សរីស្រឹបsaʔrəjsrəpKhmerHea1997:C:13398
cremation (n)ឈាបនកិច្ចchiepaʔnaʔkəcKhmerHea1997:C:3863
crematorium (n)ឈាបនដ្ឋានchiepaʔnatthaanKhmerHea1997:C:3864
crevasse, depression between mountains, ravine, valley; waterfall, mountain spring / stream (n)ជ្រោះcrʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:3851
crevice, crack, fissure; rocky gorge (n)រហែងrɔhaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:11187
cricket (n)ចង្រិតcɑŋrətKhmerHea1997:C:2598
criminal, evildoer (n)ឱមសត្តʔaomeaʔsatKhmerHea1997:C:17889
criminal, guilty party, culprit (n)ពិរុទ្ឋិកជនpiʔrutthiʔkaʔcʊənKhmerHea1997:C:8963
cripple, crippledខ្វិនkhvɤnKhmerSho2006:C:1208a-1
criticism / mockery of a holy person (n)អរិយុបវាទʔaʔreʔjoʔpaʔvietKhmerHea1997:C:16671
croaking sound of frogs (i)វ៉ែបៗvaep - vaepKhmerHea1997:C:12769
crocodile (when someone is compared to a ក្រពើ it means that he / she is considered ungrateful); ingrate (n)ក្រពើkrɑpəəKhmerHea1997:C:1215
crops, (cultivated) plants, vegetables (n)ដំណាំdɑmnamKhmerHea1997:C:4253
cross (v.)clɔɔŋKhmerHuf1971:C:1592-215-1
cross-legged sitting position (n)ភ្នែនpnɛɛnKhmerHea1997:C:9581
cross-section (n)ពំនុះpumnuhKhmerHea1997:C:9121
cross-shaped object. (n)ចាងណាងcaaŋ naaŋKhmerHea1997:C:2719
crossbow (n)ស្នាsnaaKhmerHea1997:C:14785
croupier; partner (n)សមាជិកូបត្ថម្ភsaʔmaaciʔkoopatthamKhmerHea1997:C:13222
crow (bird)kʔaekKhmerHuf1971:C:1616-218-1
crow (Corvus sp.), raven. (n)ក្អែកkʔaekKhmerHea1997:C:1512
crowd, group, side ; herd, flock (n)ពពួកpɔpuəkKhmerHea1997:C:8746
crowded dwelling (n)សម្ពាធាវាសsɑmpiethieviehKhmerHea1997:C:13315
crown (of the head) (n)បន្ទូលbɑntuulKhmerHea1997:C:6737
crown prince; under king, viceroy, vice king (n)ឧបរាជʔuʔpaʔraac, ʔoʔpaʔraacKhmerHea1997:C:17685
crowned gibbon (Hylobates pileatus) (n)ទោចtoucKhmerHea1997:C:5613
cruel / wicked / evil person (n)ទុជ៌នtuʔrəcʊən, tuʔreaʔcʊənKhmerHea1997:C:5475
cruelty, brutality; wildness, savagery, barbarity; mean / cruel / evil person. (n)កំណាចkɑmnaacKhmerHea1997:C:796
crunching or snapping sound (as when something heavy collapses) (i)គ្រឹបkrɨpKhmerHea1997:C:2314
crunching sound (i)គ្រួបៗkruəp-kruəpKhmerHea1997:C:2329
crunching sound as someone chewing a piece of hard candy (i)ក្រុបៗkrop - kropKhmerHea1997:C:1385
crunching sound made by biting something crisp (i)គគ្រួបkɔkruəpKhmerHea1997:C:1962
crunching sound made by walking on dry leaves, eating potato chips, etc. (i)ក្រៀបៗkriep - kriepKhmerHea1997:C:1401
crunching sound produced by objects such as seashells being broken (i)ស្រួបsruəpKhmerHea1997:C:15203
crushing, grading, leveling (n)កំណិនkɑmnənKhmerHea1997:C:804
cry of a frog (i)កូបៗkoop - koopKhmerHea1997:C:658
cry of a new-born baby or a rabbit caught in a trap (i)ឆ្វាcvaaKhmerHea1997:C:3398
Cuba (n)គុយបាkujbaaKhmerHea1997:C:2106
cucumber (Cucumis sativus) (n)ត្រសក់trɑsɑkKhmerHea1997:C:4901
Cucurbita pepoល្ពៅlpɤ̀u, rəpɤ̀uKhmerSho2006:C:1835-1
cult, worship (n)កំណោតkɑmnaotKhmerHea1997:C:818
cunning. (n)កំហិលkɑmhəlKhmerHea1997:C:977
cup. (n)ពែងpɛɛŋKhmerHea1997:C:9083
curiosity (n)ញាណិច្ឆតាɲienəcchaʔtaaKhmerHea1997:C:3980
current (of wind, water or electricity), tide; system, network (n)ចរន្តcaʔrɑnKhmerHea1997:C:2694
current / stream / flow (of water) (n)ស្រោតាsraodaaKhmerHea1997:C:15225
curse (v.)ceeKhmerHuf1971:C:1631-222-1
curse (v.)prɑməətKhmerHuf1971:C:1632-222-2
curse; insult; outrage; blame, words of retribution, words explaining what punishment will follow a given act (n)បណ្ដាសាbɑndaasaaKhmerHea1997:C:6631
curse; prediction, prophecy (n)ទំនាយtumniejKhmerHea1997:C:5643
curtain, screen, shade; blind, sliding shutter (n)រនាំងrɔneaŋKhmerHea1997:C:10826
curve, curvature (n)កំណោងkɑmnaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:817
curved digging instrument used to dig crabs and frogs out of their holes (n)កង្វាវkɑŋvaavKhmerHea1997:C:80
curved end (of something), the extremity of a curve, apex of a curve; sharp angle of the elbow or shoulder (n)ចង្កួយcɑŋkuəjKhmerHea1997:C:2575
cushion, mattress (n)ពូកpuukKhmerHea1997:C:9042
cushion, pad, protective device, napkin; bandage (n)ស្នាប់snapKhmerHea1997:C:14793
custard apple (Annona reticulata) (n)មាក់បាតmak baat, meak baatKhmerHea1997:C:9891
custard apple (Annona squamosa) (n)ទៀបtiepKhmerHea1997:C:5563
customs; customs duty (n)គយkɔɔjKhmerHea1997:C:2039
cut (hack)cəɲcramKhmerHuf1971:C:1670-227-1
cut (scissors)katKhmerHuf1971:C:1680-228-1
cut (slice)cətKhmerHuf1971:C:1658-225-1
cut way through crɛ̀ːk pùhKhmerSho2006:C:404-14
cut way through crɛ̀ːk pùhKhmerSho2006:C:404-6
cutting board, chopping block (n)ជ្រញ់crʊəɲKhmerHea1997:C:3784
cycle of birth and death (n)បុនប្បុនក្កម្មpoʔnapponnaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:7300
cyclopousse, 3-wheel pedicab, bicycle-powered rickshaw (n)ស៊ីក្លូsiiklooKhmerHea1997:C:13820
cāpī (kind of two-stringed musical instrument resembling a banjo with a long neck) (n)ចាប៉ីcaapəjKhmerHea1997:C:2728
dacron (n)ដាក្រុងdaakroŋKhmerHea1997:C:4123
daily page of a diary / log-bookឱង្ការʔaoŋkaaKhmerHea1997:C:17869
dam, dike, barrier; obstruction, blockage; person who blocks a passage or impedes the progress of a legal action (n)ទំនប់tumnupKhmerHea1997:C:5638
damp, moistសើមsaəmKhmerSho2006:C:1419-14
dampness, humidity, state of being humid; moisture (n)សំណើមsɑmnaəmKhmerHea1997:C:14371
dance (v.)ròəmKhmerHuf1971:C:1683-229-1
dance, dancing; classical ballet; theatrical performance (n)របាំrɔbamKhmerHea1997:C:10900
dancer (n)លាសកliesɑk, liesaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:11725
dancing (n)លាសនliesaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:11726
dark [sky etc.]sradaṁsrətùmKhmerSho2006:C:1360-7
dark [sky etc.]ជញ្ជាំ??cùəɲcɔ̀əmKhmerSho2006:C:1337-21
dark gloomy place, made dark by overhanging branches etc.kandrupkɔntrùpKhmerSho2006:C:1273-1
dark, almost black, in colourក្រមៅkrəmauKhmerSho2006:C:140-5
dark, dimងងឹតŋəŋɯ̀tKhmerSho2006:C:974-8
darting here and there, in fits and starts; hastily (adv)រ៉ុយrojKhmerHea1997:C:11373
(darting in and out) in confusion (as busy traffic at an intersection), feverishly, hurriedly. (adv)ឆ្វាត់ឆ្វែងcvat - cvaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:3404
dash, hyphen (n)អនុកលាʔaʔnuʔkaʔlaaKhmerHea1997:C:16256
dashing from side to side, playfully, friskily, in a gambolling manner (adv)អង្កែលអង្កៃʔɑŋkael - ʔɑŋkajKhmerHea1997:C:15894
date-palm tree (Phoenix dactylifera) (n)លម៉ើleaʔmaəKhmerHea1997:C:11672
date-palm tree (Phoenix dactylifera) (n)ល្ម៉ើlmaəKhmerHea1997:C:11975
daughter of a noble family / prince (n)អយ្យធីតាʔajjeaʔthiidaaKhmerHea1997:C:16646
daughterkoun srəjKhmerHuf1971:C:81-17-1
dawn, daybreak (n)ពព្រឹលpɔprɨlKhmerHea1997:C:8764
dawn, daybreak, sunrise (n)ព្រលឹមprɔlɨmKhmerHea1997:C:9202
dawn, rising of the sun (n)អរុណោទ័យʔaʔruʔnaotejKhmerHea1997:C:16673
day of the full moon (n)បូណ៌មីboorəməjKhmerHea1997:C:7379
daybreak, early morning. (n)ភ្លឺplɨɨKhmerHea1997:C:9611
dazedស្លាំងslaŋ [kaŋ]KhmerSho2006:C:761-2
dead skin that flakes off; dust, dirt, grime (n)ក្អែលkʔaelKhmerHea1997:C:1514
deadfall trap (n)អង្គប់ʔɑŋkupKhmerHea1997:C:15907
deaf person or animal; deafness. (n)តំឡង់tɑmlɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:4747
deal, agreement; affiliation (n)អង្គីករណ៍ʔɑŋkiikɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:15915
dean of the diplomatic corps; rsident suprieur (n)ឯកាធិបតីʔaekaathɨppaʔtəjKhmerHea1997:C:17835
dear, darling. (n)ភានphienKhmerHea1997:C:9430
dear, kindរាក់rɛ̀əkKhmerSho2006:C:391-1
death-rattle; sound of sighing just prior to death (i)ង៉ឺសŋəɨh - ŋəɨhKhmerHea1997:C:2504
debt, loan (n)បំណុលbɑmnolKhmerHea1997:C:7531
decision, order, decree; solution, agreement, resolution (n)អនុក្រឹត្យʔaʔnuʔkrətKhmerHea1997:C:16262
deck (of a house); balcony (n)យ៉jɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:10324
decomposed food in the body of a corpse; time it takes for food in the stomach of a recently dead person to become spoiled; short interval of time (n)របើរrɔbaəKhmerHea1997:C:10878
decorated stand supporting the coffin of a high-ranking dignitary (n)បញ្ចាbɑɲcaaKhmerHea1997:C:6490
decoration on the head of an elephant (n)ក្បែនkbaenKhmerHea1997:C:1111
decoration, medal (n)ឥស្សរិយាភរណៈʔəhsaʔriʔjiepheaʔreaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17518
decoration, ornament, jewelry; regalia (n)អលង្ករណ៍ʔaʔlaŋkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:16683
decoy, bait; Judas goat. (n)ធ្នាក់tneakKhmerHea1997:C:5923
decoy, lureធ្នាក់thnɛ̀əkKhmerSho2006:C:330-13
decree, order, law, statute, rule (a ក្រឹត្យ is a law based on an already existing law or ក្រម ) (n)ក្រឹត្យkrətKhmerHea1997:C:1377
deficiency, lack (n)កំហានkɑmhaanKhmerHea1997:C:974
deficit, shortage (n)ឧនភាពʔuʔneaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:17619
definite agreement; dogma (n)សិទ្ឋន្តsətthoanKhmerHea1997:C:13757
deftly and hurriedly (describing the movements of hands) (adv)រញឹកrɔɲɨkKhmerHea1997:C:10681
dejectedly (of the manner of walking away) (adv)ថ្ងុងtŋoŋKhmerHea1997:C:5133
dejectedly, despondently, hopelessly (adv)ភ្លឹះៗplɨh - plɨhKhmerHea1997:C:9636
delegate, representative, envoy (n)បដិភូpaʔdeʔphuuKhmerHea1997:C:6596
delight; (sensual) desire / pleasure, passion, lust; longing, envy. (n)តំរេកtɑmreekKhmerHea1997:C:4743
deliquescence (n)វិលីយនភាពviʔliijeaʔneaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:12536
demineralization (n)វិខនិជកម្មviʔkhaʔniʔceaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:12323
demon, devil, evil spirit, ghost. (n)របាលrɔbaalKhmerHea1997:C:10859
demonstrator, protestor (n)បាតុករpaatoʔkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:7114
denial, abolition (n)បដិសេធន៍paʔdeʔsaetKhmerHea1997:C:6615
dental enamel (n)កាចាធ្មេញkaa caa tmɨɲKhmerHea1997:C:442
dentition (n)ទន្តុប្បាទtoantobbaatKhmerHea1997:C:5285
department of agriculture (n)អាវបនាធិការʔaavaʔpaʔnaathiʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:17117
departure, leaving (n)ចំណាកcɑmnaakKhmerHea1997:C:2879
depreciation (n)វិម្មូលវិចារណ៍vimmuuleaʔviʔcaaKhmerHea1997:C:12511
depth, draft (of a ship); profundity. (n)ជំរៅcumrɨvKhmerHea1997:C:3753
deputy ambassador (n)ឧបទូតʔuʔpaʔtuutKhmerHea1997:C:17650
deputy secretary (n)អនុលេខាធិការʔaʔnuʔleikhaathiʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:16360
descendant, offspring (n)មច្ឆាញាតិmacchaaɲietKhmerHea1997:C:9686
describes the act of (walking) with great difficulty (e.g. through thick mud) (adv)ផ្អឺបៗpʔəɨp - pʔəɨpKhmerHea1997:C:8589
describes the manner of chewing by someone who has no teeth (adv)ផ្ញោញៗpɲaoɲ - pɲaoɲKhmerHea1997:C:8427
describes the manner of chewing with the mouth very full (adv)ផ្ញាញpɲaaɲKhmerHea1997:C:8422
describes the manner of someone who desperately wants to show that he / she is as good or rich as someone else (adv)រអើបរជោរrɔʔaəp - rɔcouKhmerHea1997:C:11238
describes the manner of someone with very long thin legs walking or the manner of monkeys climbing using their long arms and legs (adv)រតេវរតាវrɔteev - rɔtaavKhmerHea1997:C:10779
(describes the rattling up and down movement of the lid of a pot in which something is being boiled or the repeated wrinkling up of the face of a crying child) (adv)ផ្អែបៗpʔaep - pʔaepKhmerHea1997:C:8601
describes the way of chewing as an old person without any teeth (adv)ផ្លោញៗplaoɲ - plaoɲKhmerHea1997:C:8550
(describing the action of a spurting liquid) in a strong stream or spurt (adv)ពព្រលpɔprɔɔlKhmerHea1997:C:8757
descriptive of infant learning to walk, parents say this to encourage them (i)តាក់ទីងណយtak tiiŋ nɑɑjKhmerHea1997:C:4521
designating, ordering; sending (n)ចំណាត់cɑmnatKhmerHea1997:C:2882
desire, intention, tendency, wish, inclination; whim (n)ចំណង់cɑmnɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:2875
desire, will, ambition; need; lust, passion, unbridled desire; impulse; freedom (n)ទំនើងtumnəəŋKhmerHea1997:C:5653
desperately, urgently; in a desperate / vain struggling manner; indecisively (adv)ឡេះឡះleh - lahKhmerHea1997:C:15777
despondency, dejection, dissatisfaction. (n)កន្ទក់អង្កាន់kɑntʊək ʔɑŋkanKhmerHea1997:C:284
dessert, snack (n)ខាទនីយាហារkhaateaʔniijiehaaKhmerHea1997:C:1553
dessert, sweet food (n)បង្អែមbɑŋʔaemKhmerHea1997:C:6462
deterioration, wearing out, weathering (e.g. of rocks) (n)របេចrɔbəcKhmerHea1997:C:10884
determination, expectation (n)មនស្ការmeaʔnoahskaaKhmerHea1997:C:9749
development, growth, progress (n)វិវឌ្ឍនាការviʔvoattheaʔniekaaKhmerHea1997:C:12545
deviation, variation (n)លំងាកlumŋiekKhmerHea1997:C:11860
device for cleaning cotton; cotton gin (n)ផ្នោះpnɑhKhmerHea1997:C:8519
device made of bunches of grass or twigs used to catch small fish (n)កន្សុំkɑnsomKhmerHea1997:C:371
device on a loom consisting of a long curved piece of wood that stretches the finished cloth and prevents it from puckering (n)ចន្ទាល់cɑntoalKhmerHea1997:C:2668
device used to card or scutch fibers after the dying process (n)ខ្នួតknuətKhmerHea1997:C:1761
devilbəj saacKhmerHuf1971:C:1779-240-2
devotion (n)ភក្តិpheaʔKhmerHea1997:C:9337
dew, dampសន្សើម, អន្សើមsɔnsaəm, ʔɔnsaəmKhmerSho2006:C:1419-21
dewlap (hanging from the neck of a bull) (n)បួរbuəKhmerHea1997:C:7412
Dharma which keeps people from doing bad deeds (n)នីវរណធម៌niiveaʔreaʔnaʔthoaKhmerHea1997:C:6241
Dhatarattha (King of the East; name of one of the mythical guardians of the four cardinal points) (n)ធតរដ្ឋtheaʔtaʔroatKhmerHea1997:C:5831
diacritical mark (ះ) which represents a final [h] (n)វិសជ៌នីយviʔsacceaʔnii, viʔsaɲceaʔniiKhmerHea1997:C:12564
diagonal (line) (n)វិជ្ឈកោណviccheaʔkaonKhmerHea1997:C:12375
diagram, chart (n)វិជ្ឈលេខviccheaʔleikKhmerHea1997:C:12377
diagram, graph (n)ពិន្ទុរេខីយpintuʔreikhəjKhmerHea1997:C:8937
dialogue, colloquy (n)សំវាទsaŋvietKhmerHea1997:C:14523
diameter, bore (n)វិជ្ឈមាត្រviccheaʔmietKhmerHea1997:C:12376
diamond; bolt of lighting; thunderbolt (weapon of Indra). (n)វជិរៈveaʔciʔreaʔKhmerHea1997:C:12090
diaper, loincloth; rag (n)កន្ទបkɑntɔɔpKhmerHea1997:C:287
diaphragm, midriff (n)ឧរុប្រាចីរ៍ʔuʔruʔpraacəjKhmerHea1997:C:17751
dictionary, pocket dictionary, lexicon, glossary (n)សទ្ទានុក្រមsattienuʔkrɑmKhmerHea1997:C:13057
didactic saying; good counsel (n)សុភាសិតោវាទsoʔphieseʔtaovietKhmerHea1997:C:13998
difference, disagreement, dissent, opposition; objection; contradiction; veto; ban, prohibition (n)ទំនាស់tumnoahKhmerHea1997:C:5645
difference, remainder (n)នានត្តnienatKhmerHea1997:C:6056
different group, foreign group, enemy (n)វិបក្ខviʔpakKhmerHea1997:C:12442
different parts of a chariot (n)រថាង្គreaʔthaaŋkeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:10791
difficultpi baaʔKhmerHuf1971:C:1809-244-1
diffusion (n)សំណាយsɑmnaajKhmerHea1997:C:14358
digestive juices (n)ជីរណិកciireaʔnəkKhmerHea1997:C:3605
digit (finger or toe) (n)ម្រាមmriemKhmerHea1997:C:10272
dimផ្លឺម??phlɯ̀m phlɯ̀mKhmerSho2006:C:1411a-1
diphtheria (n)ខាន់ស្លាក់khan slakKhmerHea1997:C:1561
diploma; bill of sale (n)បដិញ្ញាណpaʔdeɲɲienKhmerHea1997:C:6582
dipper, ladleបោយbaojKhmerSho2006:C:1490-1
Dipterocarpus cordatus crispatusខ្លុងkhloŋKhmerSho2006:C:734-1
directly, in a straight forward manner, without turning, unswervingly. (adv)ស្លៅslavKhmerHea1997:C:15276
disappearance, loss (n)ខីណភាពkhəjnaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:1579
disappearance; setting of the sun (n)អស្តង្គមន៍ʔɑhsdɑŋkumKhmerHea1997:C:16817
disarmament (n)និសព្វាវុធការniʔsappievuttheaʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:6214
disc, plate, platter, tray, discus; (phonograph) record (n)ថាសthaahKhmerHea1997:C:5073
discharge, release, acquittance (e.g. of a debt). (n)និមុត្តិniʔmut, niʔmutteʔKhmerHea1997:C:6159
disciple of the Buddha (n)អនុពុទ្ឋʔaʔnuʔputKhmerHea1997:C:16332
discipline / rule (of monks) (n)សភាគាបត្តិsaʔphiekiepatteʔKhmerHea1997:C:13179
discoloured, stained, bruised, dark in colourជាំcɔ̀əmKhmerSho2006:C:1337-14
discourse about the Dharma; a discourse / dissertation / essay / commentary on law; explanation of the law (n)ធម្មាធិប្បាយthoammiethipbaajKhmerHea1997:C:5856
discovery; windfall, godsend (n)អលភ្យលាភʔaʔlaʔpjeaʔliepKhmerHea1997:C:16691
disease, illness; pain (see also the more formal var. រោគ ) (n)ជំងឺcumŋɨɨKhmerHea1997:C:3685
disease, illnessជំងឺcùmŋɯ̀ːKhmerSho2006:C:32a-1
diseases of the nose (n)នាសិករោគnieseʔkaʔroukKhmerHea1997:C:6085
disgusted [expression]ស្ញូង??sɲoːŋKhmerSho2006:C:896-1
dish, trayជាមcìːəmKhmerSho2006:C:1331-1
dish-support, dish-standក្បានkbaanKhmerHea1997:C:1091
dishonorable person. (n)កញ្ជ្រក់kɑɲcrʊəkKhmerHea1997:C:156
dislocation, to dislocategreckrècKhmerSho2006:C:1058-44
disorderly, in a tangle, in a mess; awkwardly; rudely (adv)ច្រងេងច្រងាងcrɑŋeeŋ - crɑŋaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:3063
dispensary; clinic (n)ឱសថាល័យʔaosoʔthaalajKhmerHea1997:C:17903
displeasure, irritation (n)រឱសrɔʔaohKhmerHea1997:C:11257
dispute caused by words (n)វិវាទាធិករណ៍viʔvietiethiʔkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:12554
dispute, disagreement; (law)suit; strife, discord, dissension; fault, crime; aggression (n)អធិករណ៍ʔaʔthiʔkɑɑ, ʔaʔthiʔkaʔraʔnaʔ-KhmerHea1997:C:16126
disrespect, disregard, insolence; offense (n)អគារវៈʔaʔkiereaʔveaʔKhmerHea1997:C:15831
dissection (n)មតសរីរច្ឆេទនសាស្ត្រmeaʔtaʔsaʔrəj raccheeteaʔneaʔsaahKhmerHea1997:C:9726
distance, separation; range. (n)ចំងាយcɑmŋaajKhmerHea1997:C:2872
(distant) lightning, heat lightning; flashes of lightning (n)បន្ទោរbɑntouKhmerHea1997:C:6743
distended, bloatedស្ពីងspìːŋKhmerSho2006:C:635-1
distillation; sharpening (n)បំណិតbɑmnətKhmerHea1997:C:7528
distinctness / sharpness (of writing or printing); a distinct / sharp impression (n)ដំណិតdɑmnətKhmerHea1997:C:4228
distinguished lady, wife of an important dignitary or high official; sometimes used in the titles of female spirits, e.g. ជំទាវម៉ៅ់ (n)ជំទាវcumtievKhmerHea1997:C:3690
distributed evenlyរាចrìːəcKhmerSho2006:C:837-7
ditch, hole, caveអណ្ដៅ ʔɔndauKhmerSho2006:C:72-1
ditch, hole, pit, foxhole; pool; gulf, abyss; deep spot / hole in the bed of a body of water. (n)អន្លង់ʔɑnlʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:16478
ditch, trench, long pond (esp. one beside a canal) (n)រំលិចrumlɨcKhmerHea1997:C:11558
dividing wall, partition, septum (n)ខ្នាន់knanKhmerHea1997:C:1749
divine beings by birth (e.g. those born in heaven) (n)ឧបបាតិទេពʔuʔpaʔpaateʔteipKhmerHea1997:C:17673
divine beings by religious attainment (e.g. Buddhas, saints) (n)វិសុទ្ឋិទេពviʔsotthiʔteipKhmerHea1997:C:12594
divinerneək tiəjKhmerHuf1971:C:1849-250-1
division (n)បំណែងbɑmnaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:7536
Djarkarta (n)ហ្សាការតាzaakaataaKhmerHea1997:C:15671
do not ... (pvp)កុំkomKhmerHea1997:C:768
do, maketwəəKhmerHuf1971:C:1871-253-1
document for circulation, memorandum, circular, official paper (n)សារាចរsaaraacɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:13659
document, notice, certificate, letter (esp. one written by a monk); ticket. (n)លិខិតliʔkhətKhmerHea1997:C:11731
dog (n)សុនខsoʔnɑkKhmerHea1997:C:13961
dog (when someone is compared to a dog it means that he / she is considered to be crude) (n)ឆ្កែckaeKhmerHea1997:C:3301
dog, as year namecɔːKhmerSho2006:C:41-25
doll, any toy shaped like a human (n)តុក្កតាtokkaʔtaaKhmerHea1997:C:4594
doll; scarecrow (n)តាដុងtaa doŋKhmerHea1997:C:4499
dolphin, porpoise (n)ផ្សោតpsaotKhmerHea1997:C:8571
domestic bovine animals (e.g. cattle, water buffalo) (n)កោណសត្វkaonaʔsatKhmerHea1997:C:738
(domestic) animal. (n)បសុpaʔsoʔKhmerHea1997:C:7057
Don't bother, Forget it, That's it, Then, Well then, That's enough (i)ណ្ហើយnəhaəjKhmerHea1997:C:4410
done (cooked)cʔənKhmerHuf1971:C:1887-255-1
dots, dotted line (...) (n)មច្ឆណ្ឌសញ្ញាmacchandeaʔsaɲɲaaKhmerHea1997:C:9679
doubt, suspicion (n)កង្ខាkɑŋkhaaKhmerHea1997:C:73
downfall, failure; misfortune, reverse; bad luck; bankruptcy (n)អលាភʔaʔliepKhmerHea1997:C:16693
downpour (quantifier)មេmèːKhmerSho2006:C:127-1
dragonfly; helicopter (n)កន្ទំរុយkɑntum rujKhmerHea1997:C:312
drain (pipe), gutter, rainspout (n)tɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:5204
drain, drainpipe, drainage tube; duct; blood vessel (specif. an artery) (n)ប្រណាលីprɑnaaliiKhmerHea1997:C:7805
drained, drysras'srɔhKhmerSho2006:C:160-9
draining off (n)ជំនាត់cumnoatKhmerHea1997:C:3706
drama (n)វិនាដកម្មviʔniedaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:12426
Dravidian (n)ដ្រាវិឌdraavɨtKhmerHea1997:C:4315
draw-plate, device through which flour paste is drawn into noodles (n)ប៉ែនpaenKhmerHea1997:C:7473
drawee, one who receives a check from the drawer and cashes it (n)បហារិតpaʔhaaretKhmerHea1997:C:7064
drawer (of a bill of exchange), person by whom a check or bill of exchange is drawn (n)បហារ័កpaʔhaarakKhmerHea1997:C:7063
drawing instruments (n)ឃ្នូសknuuhKhmerHea1997:C:2406
drawing, carving, design, pattern; embellishment (n)ក្បាច់kbacKhmerHea1997:C:1090
drawn up, huddled up, in a cowering manner (adv)ក្រញោនkrɑɲaonKhmerHea1997:C:1179
dream (n)សប្តិsɑpKhmerHea1997:C:13154
dressed cottonសម្លីsɔmlɤjKhmerSho2006:C:228-1
dried rice (n)ក្តាកktaakKhmerHea1997:C:1036
dried shrimp (n)ហៃប៊ីhaj piiKhmerHea1997:C:15585
dried upsɔh-kəkrɔhKhmerSho2006:C:2086-2
dried upស្ងួតsŋuːətKhmerSho2006:C:980-1
drill (bit), gimlet, auger (n)កណ្ដារkɑndaaKhmerHea1997:C:191
drill, auger. (n)ខួងkhuəŋKhmerHea1997:C:1604
drinkable water, beverage. (n)បានីយៈpaanəjjeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:7134
drinking together (n)សហបានsaʔhaʔbaanKhmerHea1997:C:13508
drizzling sound, sound produced by rain drops falling on a surface; sound produced by walking on crisp objects (i)ស្រិបៗsrəp - srəpKhmerHea1997:C:15171
drop (e.g. of sweat), tear; bubble; pustule, blister, skin rash (n)ដំណួចdɑmnuəcKhmerHea1997:C:4235
drop (of a liquid); dot, period (n)តំណក់tɑmnɑk, dɑmnɑkKhmerHea1997:C:4704
drop by drop (adv)តំណក់ៗtɑmnɑk - tɑmnɑkKhmerHea1997:C:4705
drop, dotbɔntɔkKhmerSho2006:C:314-6
drop, falling droptɔmnɔkKhmerSho2006:C:314-5
drowsiness; sloth and torpor; apathy (n)ថីនមិទ្ឋthəjnaʔmɨtKhmerHea1997:C:5079
drum (n)ស្គរskɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:14620
dry (season)praŋKhmerHuf1971:C:1963-264-1
dry seasonប្រាំងpraŋKhmerSho2006:C:588-2
dry upreəŋKhmerHuf1971:C:1947-263-1
dry, dried upkhaḥkhahKhmerSho2006:C:1970-7
drying; dryness, drought (n)សំងួតsɑmŋuətKhmerHea1997:C:14322
duck (n)ទាtieKhmerHea1997:C:5346
dull (edge)rɨlKhmerHuf1971:C:1968-266-1
dully (of aching) (adv)ឆៀវchiəvKhmerHea1997:C:3265
dully (of pains); appearing gradually eg. ឈឺពោះឆេវ to begin to get a stomach ache (adv)ឆេវcheevKhmerHea1997:C:3270
dumbbell (weight) (n)អាល់តែរʔal taeKhmerHea1997:C:17101
duration, long period of time. (n)អំលុងʔɑmloŋKhmerHea1997:C:17412
dusk (n)សន្ឋាៈ(កាល)sɑntjie(kaal)KhmerHea1997:C:13116
dusk, sunset, twilight (n)ប្រទោសកាសprɑtʊəhskaalKhmerHea1997:C:7916
dusk, twilight (The divisions of ព្រលប់ are: ព្រលប់ធំ early in the night, sometime after dusk, ក្បាលព្រលប់ at dusk, in the early evening, and ពន់ព្រលប់ at night) (n)ព្រលប់prɔlupKhmerHea1997:C:9195
dust, powder (n)ល្អងlʔɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:12040
dustthuu liiKhmerHuf1971:C:1982-268-1
duty / function of a dean of the diplomatic corps / rsident suprieur (n)ឯកាធិបតេយ្យʔaekaathɨppaʔtajKhmerHea1997:C:17836
duty, assessment, tax; court costs; fine (n)ខ្វាត់kvatKhmerHea1997:C:1860
dwarf, midget. (n)តឿtɨəKhmerHea1997:C:4636
dwarfish, stunted, shrivelledកុញkuñKhmerSho2006:C:892-3
dwelling place of the pure in heart (n)សុទ្ឋាវាសsotthieviehKhmerHea1997:C:13948
each / every / all (in sequence) (prenp)រាល់roalKhmerHea1997:C:11312
each, each one, every one, various, all (postnp)នីមួយៗniimuəj - niimuəjKhmerHea1997:C:6238
each, everyរាល់rɔ̀əlKhmerSho2006:C:1700-3
eagle; Indrī (name of a fabulous mythological eagle) (n)ឥន្ទ្រីʔəntriiKhmerHea1997:C:17497
ear (of corn), pod (n)កួរkuəKhmerHea1997:C:674
ear, podguə(r)kùːəKhmerSho2006:C:1577-2
ear; generic term for many kinds of (esp. paired) projections such as hinges (e.g. of a door) or handles (of clay pots) (n)ត្រចៀកtrɑciekKhmerHea1997:C:4819
early morning sunlight (n)អរុណោភាសʔaʔruʔnaophiehKhmerHea1997:C:16674
early morning, dawn, sunrise (n)ព្រហាមprɔhiemKhmerHea1997:C:9220
earth (n)អចលាʔaʔcaʔlaaKhmerHea1997:C:15963
earth, ground, land, soil, territory; specif. large administrative areas into which Cambodian was formerly organized (by 1875, there were six ដី, but earlier there had been 12); each ដី consisted of between six and ten provinces and was governed by a ស្តេចត្រាញ់ (n)ដីdəjKhmerHea1997:C:4140
earth, land (n)ភុម្មphummeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:9477
earth, world; the surface of the earth; ground, territory (n)ផែនដីphaen dəjKhmerHea1997:C:8371
earthen furnace for melting gold (n)ឆ្គ័រckoaKhmerHea1997:C:3306
earthenware jug (n)កំប៉ុកkɑmpokKhmerHea1997:C:845
earthworm (n)ជន្លេនcʊənleinKhmerHea1997:C:3507
earthwormṛsrɯ̀h [dɤj]KhmerSho2006:C:1926-1
easily, freely (of swallowing) (adv)ភ្លនplɔɔnKhmerHea1997:C:9595
easily, freely, fluently, without effort / strain (adv)រ៉ិលrəlKhmerHea1997:C:11331
eating from one's own bowl (one of the 13 dhutangas) (n)បត្តបិណ្ឌិកង្គៈpattaʔpəndiʔkaŋkeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6677
eating together (n)សហភោជsaʔhaʔphoucKhmerHea1997:C:13526
eaves, roof that extends beyond the outside wall of a building (n)ញ៉ាបɲaapKhmerHea1997:C:3989
ebb tide, low tide. (n)នាចniecKhmerHea1997:C:6052
ebbing, falling (e.g. of the tide) (n)លំនាចlumniecKhmerHea1997:C:11867
ebony tree (Dalbergia sp.) (n)គ្រញូងkrɔɲuuŋKhmerHea1997:C:2234
ecosystem, environment (n)បរិស្ថានbɑɑreʔsthaanKhmerHea1997:C:7038
ecthyma, impetigo, skin disease of the scalp (characterized by the presence of blisters filled with pus) (n)ទែលម៉ូវtɛɛl məvKhmerHea1997:C:5608
edge of the lips / mouth, rim (n)ប្របេរprɑbeeKhmerHea1997:C:7936
edge, fringe, hem, border; outskirts (n)ជាយciejKhmerHea1997:C:3562
edge, rim, lip, border, hem (n)គែមkɛɛmKhmerHea1997:C:2138
edge, rimរឹមrɯ̀mKhmerSho2006:C:1383-1
edge; bank, shore, beach; the other side, the far shore, opposite bank; place of sanctuary, Nirvana (n)ត្រើយtraəjKhmerHea1997:C:4993
edge; opening side (of a container), added side or edge to increase the capacity (of something), boards / planks for increasing the capacity of a boat by raising the sides (n)សណ្ដsɑndɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:13009
edible spider[ho]pìːŋKhmerSho2006:C:630-3
editor, compiler (n)គន្ថរចនាចារ្យkoanthaʔraʔcaʔnaacaaKhmerHea1997:C:2013
education, knowledge; know - how; ability, learning, experience (n)ចំណេះcɑmnehKhmerHea1997:C:2913
eel (n)អន្ទង់ʔɑntʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:16438
effectiveness, exactness, precision, accuracy; punctuality (n)ចំហុតcɑmhotKhmerHea1997:C:2979
effectiveness; blessing (this form sometimes confused with the verb form ប្រសិទ្ឋ ) (n)ប្រសិទ្ឋិprɑsət, prɑsetthiʔKhmerHea1997:C:8075
effort, difficulties (n)អដ្តʔatdaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16050
effort, struggle, hard work, determination (n)បំរឹងbɑmrəŋKhmerHea1997:C:7643
effort; striving, concentration of mind, exertion (n)ប្រធានានុយោគprɑthienienuʔjoukKhmerHea1997:C:7923
egg; testicles, scrotum (n)អណ្ឌៈʔɑndeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16067
eggfruit (kind of vine with edible yellow fruit shaped like persimmons Cissus repens) (n)សេដាseedaaKhmerHea1997:C:14157
eggshell (n)កណាណូkaʔnaanooKhmerHea1997:C:180
eight groups of monks (n)អស្តារ្យសង្ឃʔahsdaajaʔsɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:16820
eighteenth letter of the Cambodian alphabettɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:5203
eighth letter of the Cambodian alphabetcɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:3428
either ... or ..., whether ... or ... (fp)... ក្តី ... ក្តី... kdəj ... kdəjKhmerHea1997:C:1046
elbowកែង[ដៃ]kaeŋ [daj]KhmerSho2006:C:891-8
elder brother. (n)ហ៊ាhieKhmerHea1997:C:15421
elder sibling (n)រៀមriemKhmerHea1997:C:11424
elder sibling of one's parent. (n)អ៊ំʔum, ʔomKhmerHea1997:C:17348
elder sibling. (n)បងbɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:6311
elder sister (n)ជេដ្ឋភគិនីceitthaʔpheaʔkiʔniiKhmerHea1997:C:3657
electrical substation (n)កាប៊ីនភ្លើងkaabiin pləəŋKhmerHea1997:C:484
electron (n)អសន្យាណូʔaʔsɑnjaanouKhmerHea1997:C:16783
elephant (n)ករីkɑrii, kaʔriiKhmerHea1997:C:403
elephant hobblesទន្លីងtùənlìːŋKhmerSho2006:C:745-6
elephant's trunk (n)ប្រមោយprɑmaojKhmerHea1997:C:8016
elephant; often used adjectively to indicate a very large species of some animal (n)ដំរីdɑmrəjKhmerHea1997:C:4282
embargo, quarantine, blockade (n)និន្និវារណ៍ninniʔvieKhmerHea1997:C:6138
ember, live coal (n)រងើកrɔŋəəkKhmerHea1997:C:10594
embossment; relief (as on a map), relievo, elevations / inequalities on a land surface; prominence (n)ឱនិន្នភាពʔaoninnaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:17882
embrace; embracing (n)អាលិង្គនʔaalɨŋkʊən, ʔaaliŋkeaʔneaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17109
emergence (n)ឧទាបទʔuʔtiebatKhmerHea1997:C:17593
emigrant (n)និរប្រវេសន្តniʔreaʔprɑveihsɑnKhmerHea1997:C:6188
emigration, migration (n)និរប្រវេសniʔreaʔprɑveihKhmerHea1997:C:6186
emperor (n)សំរាជsɑmraacKhmerHea1997:C:14473
emphatic final particle be sure to ..., make sure you ..., won't you ... (fp)អ្ហឺʔhəəKhmerHea1997:C:17442
emptiness, lack (n)ទំហេងtumheiŋKhmerHea1997:C:5693
empty / vacant house; quiet house (n)សុញ្ញាគារsoɲɲaakieKhmerHea1997:C:13923
empty, void, hollow, immense, deepធេងthèːŋKhmerSho2006:C:790-8
empty, voidធោង??dhoṅKhmerSho2006:C:790-2
en masse, in a crowd (adv)សស្រេកសស្រោកsɑsreek - sɑsraokKhmerHea1997:C:13464
enamel glaze (n)កាចាkaa caaKhmerHea1997:C:441
enclosure, palace, to encloseវាំងvɛ̀əŋKhmerSho2006:C:767-3
end (peak)kampuulKhmerHuf1971:C:2095-281-1
end (point)coŋKhmerHuf1971:C:2082-280-1
end of a meal (n)ភត្តាវសានphoattaaveaʔsaanKhmerHea1997:C:9370
end, tip; extremity, farthest point, top, peak, apex; limit (n)ចុងcoŋKhmerHea1997:C:2793
end, tipចុងcoŋKhmerSho2006:C:529-1
end; to cease, to end, exceed, come up toផុតphotKhmerSho2006:C:1113-2
endlessly, over and over, repeatedly (adv)ចែៗcae - caeKhmerHea1997:C:2838
endurance (in bearing hardship), patience, perseverance; calm resignation. (n)អំណត់ʔɑmnɑtKhmerHea1997:C:17350
enemy; vengeful or hostile person (n)ពៃរីpejriiKhmerHea1997:C:9090
energy, power, force (n)ឋាមពលthaameaʔpʊəlKhmerHea1997:C:4330
engineering (n)វិស្វកម្មviʔsvaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:12604
engraved design, decorative bas-relief design (n)លំហួតlumhuətKhmerHea1997:C:11889
enjoying (something) together, sharing happiness together (n)សហហាសនៈsaʔhaʔhaasaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:13543
enlightenment (n)សម្មាសម្ពោធិញ្ញាណsammaasampouthiʔɲienKhmerHea1997:C:13357
enterprise; business, firm, undertaking (n)សហគ្រាសsaʔhaʔkriehKhmerHea1997:C:13487
entertainment, amusement (n)ហសាភិប្រាយhaʔsaaphiʔpraajKhmerHea1997:C:15412
enthusiasm (n)ឥដ្ឋានុមោទនាʔətthaanuʔmouteaʔnieKhmerHea1997:C:17464
entirely, all together (adv)ភ្មាសpmiehKhmerHea1997:C:9586
entrance / opening to a fish trap (composed of a funnel-shaped arrangement of bamboo strips directed inwards so that fish which enter cannot leave); valve (n)ប្រឹសprəhKhmerHea1997:C:8180
entry, (act of) entering, going in, penetration; landing (n)ចំណូលcɑmnoolKhmerHea1997:C:2899
epidermis (n)អធិត្វច្ចʔaʔthiʔtvacKhmerHea1997:C:16139
episode (n)ឧបកថាʔuʔpaʔkaʔthaaKhmerHea1997:C:17624
epithet of Indra (n)កោសិយkaosəjKhmerHea1997:C:753
equal power; people who have equal power (n)សមានានុភាពsaʔmaanaanuʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:13230
equal to, up to the same point asត្រឹមtrɤmKhmerSho2006:C:1394-1
equation (n)សមិការsaʔməjkaaKhmerHea1997:C:13254
Equidae (n)អស្សសត្វʔahsaʔsatKhmerHea1997:C:16839
equipment used on ships (e.g. sails, anchor), tackle (n)នាវូបករណ៍nievuupaʔkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:6076
equipment, provisions; objects specially prepared for use in rituals / ceremonies / parties / etc.; present / gift (esp. small gifts for monks who have conducted a ceremony) (n)រណ្ដាប់rʊəndapKhmerHea1997:C:10750
equipment, tool, implement; mechanism, device, apparatus; component, accessory; thing; ingredient, supplies / parts (for building something, e.g. a house); spice, seasoning (n)គ្រឿងkrɨəŋKhmerHea1997:C:2334
equivocating; specif. false doctrine which advocates evasive speech (n)អមរាវិក្ខេបʔaʔmaʔraavikkheepKhmerHea1997:C:16591
Era of the Five Buddhas (n)ភទ្ទកប្បphoatteaʔkapKhmerHea1997:C:9375
era, age, generation, time, period; level (n)ជំនាន់cumnoanKhmerHea1997:C:3707
erectly, (standing) straight up, bolt upright; with the feet up, with the roots sticking up (adv)ច្រោងcraoŋKhmerHea1997:C:3189
error, bad deed (n)អាកុលកម្មʔaakoʔlaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:16884
error, fault, mistake, negligence; guilt, wrong (n)កំហុសkɑmhohKhmerHea1997:C:980
eruption (n)ឧទ្ឋគមន៍ʔuttheaʔkumKhmerHea1997:C:17609
(esp. of a baby) to be fussy (adj)ញញេញɲɔɲəɲKhmerHea1997:C:3962
(esp. of a wound or boil) to be swollen (from infection) (adj)ដរdɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:4115
(esp. of animals) to gallop, run at full speed, dart away, scamper (v)បោលbaolKhmerHea1997:C:7508
(esp. of animals, such as water buffalo, cats, and monkeys) to be vigorous, strong, powerful; in prime condition (adj)ត្រោសtraohKhmerHea1997:C:5012
(esp. of elephants) to butt, strike with the head / tusks, gore, trample; to attack (v)ព្រេចprɨcKhmerHea1997:C:9312
(esp. of grain) to be fruitless, empty, hollow; to be empty of contents, be unproductive; to be stunted, underdeveloped, dried out; to be sterile, barren (adj)ស្កកskɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:14587
(esp. of peddlers) to aggressively try to sell something, shout (in order to attract attention and sell one's wares) (v)ពពាយនាយpɔpiej - niejKhmerHea1997:C:8732
(esp. of the face) to be swollen, soft and puffy, flabby with fat (adj)ស្ពុលspulKhmerHea1997:C:14863
(esp. of the top of the head) to be bare, smooth, hairless; devoid of vegetation; topless (as a tree) (adj)ត្រងិលtrɑŋəlKhmerHea1997:C:4812
(esp. of very small animals) in short jerky / bobbing movements, in a darting manner; in a dainty / mincing fashion (adv)ឆ្មេរcmeeKhmerHea1997:C:3370
(esp. of women) to sulk. (v)ងរŋɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:2478
essence (of a matter), hidden motive, underlying reason, the rights and wrongs of a situation. (n)សេចគ្រេចsac - krɨcKhmerHea1997:C:14154
estimate, specification, bill of quantities (n)អាគណនាʔaakeaʔnaʔnieKhmerHea1997:C:16899
etc. (et cetera), and so forth, and so on។ល។laʔKhmerHea1997:C:11618
eunuch, neuter (n)នបុំសកៈneaʔpoŋsaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6000
Europe. (n)អឺរ៉ុបʔəɨropKhmerHea1997:C:17235
evacuation. (n)ជំលៀសcumliehKhmerHea1997:C:3759
evasion, twisting / embellishing the truth (n)អញ្ញវាទកម្មʔaɲɲaʔvieteaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:16040
even (if), even though, though it were (conj)ទោះtʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:5704
even if, even though, no matter that (conj)នាបីniebəjKhmerHea1997:C:6058
even, even if, in spite of, including; although (conj)សូម្បីsoombəj KhmerHea1997:C:14085
even, smooth [road]រហិលrəhɤlKhmerSho2006:C:1803a-6
evening, late afternoon (usually around 5:00 - 6:00, but occasionally later) (n)ល្ងាចlŋiecKhmerHea1997:C:11924
event / happening / phenomenon (usually bad), manifestation (n)បាតុភាពpaatoʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:7115
event, incident; story, narration of a past occurrence (n)ដំណានdɑmnaanKhmerHea1997:C:4223
every សព្វ*sɔpKhmerSho2006:C:1292a-4
everybody; each person, each one, every one of them. (pron)ម្នាក់ៗmneak - mneakKhmerHea1997:C:10250
everyday, day by day, day after day (adv)ប្រតិទិនprɑteʔtinKhmerHea1997:C:7838
everywhere; back and forth, to and fro; in an intertwining / crisscross manner; here and there (adv)រង្គាត់rʊəŋkoatKhmerHea1997:C:10616
evidence, proof, testimony, verification, support; witness (n)ភស្តុតាងphoahtaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:9408
evidence, testimony, proof (n)សំអាងsɑmʔaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:14565
evil / destructive knowledge (n)ទុព្វិជាtuppɨccieKhmerHea1997:C:5491
evil / mean person; witch (n)កាឡកិណីkaalkeʔnəjKhmerHea1997:C:551
evil person (n)កាឡកណ្ណីkaalkannəjKhmerHea1997:C:550
evil spirit (n)កំរោលkɑmraolKhmerHea1997:C:954
evil spirit, demon (female) (n)អសុរីʔaʔsoʔrəjKhmerHea1997:C:16806
evil spirit, demon (male) (n)អសុរាʔaʔsoʔraaKhmerHea1997:C:16803
exact(ly), directlyចំcɔmKhmerSho2006:C:1326-7
(exactly) the same / as before (adv)ថ្វាត់tvatKhmerHea1997:C:5197
exactly, right on the spot, right on top (adv)ញ៉ាច់ɲacKhmerHea1997:C:3976
exactly, right on the spot, right on top ចំប៉ាច់ exactly! correct! (adv)ប៉ាច់pacKhmerHea1997:C:7083
example (n)ឧបមានុបមេយ្យʔuʔpaʔmaanuʔpaʔmejKhmerHea1997:C:17679
example, model, pattern; method; sample, specimen (n)គំរូkumruuKhmerHea1997:C:2196
example, model; proof, evidence; commentary. (n)ឧទាហរណ៍ʔuʔtiehɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:17596
example, sample, model, pattern; manner of behavior, habits (n)តំរាប់tɑmrapKhmerHea1997:C:4734
excavating, burrowing; things found by excavation (e.g. fossils, archaeological artifacts) (n)កំណាយkɑmnaajKhmerHea1997:C:802
excess population (n)ល្បើសlbaəhKhmerHea1997:C:11952
exchange (e.g. of gifts), bartering (n)ដំណូរdɑmnooKhmerHea1997:C:4234
excitement, ardor, desire, passion; tumult (n)កោតុហលkaotoʔhɑlKhmerHea1997:C:740
exclamation expressing amazement or stupefaction look, look there (2) nah, nəh (i)ហ្នnɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:15619
exclamation expressing anger, surprise, or shock (i)អះʔahKhmerHea1997:C:17420
exclamation expressing happiness, sarcasm or irony (i)ហឺhəɨKhmerHea1997:C:15492
exclamation indicating doubt or suspicion (i)អ្ហាះʔhaahKhmerHea1997:C:17451
exclamation indicating satisfaction or surprise aha! (i)អ៎ʔɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:15781
exclamation of anger / surprise / teasing (i)យ៉ើjaəKhmerHea1997:C:10457
exclamation of anger or surprise, heyពះpeahKhmerHea1997:C:9124
exclamation of complaining or hardship, ouch! (i)អ៊ីះʔiihKhmerHea1997:C:17422
exclamation of disagreement, opposition, or admiration (i)អូះʔoohKhmerHea1997:C:17428
exclamation of joy / happiness at achieving something (i)អឺតʔəɨtKhmerHea1997:C:17231
exclamation of mild pain, ouch (i)យុយjujKhmerHea1997:C:10441
exclamation of pain or despair (i)អីយ៉ូយʔəj joojKhmerHea1997:C:17216
exclamation of pain, ouch (i)អូយʔoojKhmerHea1997:C:17283
exclamation of pain; sound of groaning and moaning (i)ហ៊ឺhɨɨKhmerHea1997:C:15493
exclamation of pleasant surprise (i)យ័រjoaKhmerHea1997:C:10358
exclamation of surprise (i)បេយ្យក៍pajjaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6925
exclamation of surprise (i)យេjeiKhmerHea1997:C:10466
exclamation of surprise (i)ហាហាhaa - haaKhmerHea1997:C:15447
exclamation of surprise (i)អៃʔajKhmerHea1997:C:17340
exclamation of surprise as when one finds something that one has searched for a long time (i)ចុំcomKhmerHea1997:C:2863
exclamation of surprise or admiration (i)វោvouKhmerHea1997:C:12777
exclamation of surprise or disagreement (i)រ៉ាកraakKhmerHea1997:C:11262
exclamation of surprise, anger, regret, joy, mockery or scorn (i)អុញʔoɲKhmerHea1997:C:17248
exclamation of wonderment (i)អ្ហ៊ៈʔheaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17436
exclamation roughly equivalent to `sic em!' used to provoke a dog to bite, also used to provoke a fight or to mock someone (i)អៅʔavKhmerHea1997:C:17346
exclamation used at the beginning or ending of religious or magical formulae meaning `It is right, it is correct' (i)ស្វាហៈsvaahaʔKhmerHea1997:C:15315
exclamation used in healing rituals, `May it be cured, may it be gone' (i)ស្វាហាយsvaahaajKhmerHea1997:C:15318
exclamation used to attract someone's attention (i)អ្ហʔhɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:17435
exclamation used to chase an animal away (i)យ៉សjɑɑhKhmerHea1997:C:10361
exclamation used to chase animals (i)វ៉សvɑɑhKhmerHea1997:C:12167
exclamation used to chase cattle and water buffalo (i)ហ៊ុយhujKhmerHea1997:C:15513
exclamation used to shoo people or animals away (i)វ៉ូសvoohKhmerHea1997:C:12683
exclamation uttered when lifting something (i)អឺះʔɨhKhmerHea1997:C:17425
excrement, faecesអាចម៍ʔacKhmerSho2006:C:794-15
excuse, apology; forgiveness (n)ខមាទោសkhɑɑmietouhKhmerHea1997:C:1542
executioner, hangman; butcher (n)ពេជ្ឈឃាដpɨccheaʔkhietKhmerHea1997:C:9070
executor (one who carries out an assignment) (n)សាធកsaathʊək, saatheaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:13599
exercise, drill (n)លំហាត់lumhatKhmerHea1997:C:11887
exercise, problem, question; accusation, indictment, statement of charges (n)ចំណោទcɑmnaotKhmerHea1997:C:2907
exhaustedly (of breathing), in a panting manner (adv)ត្រហេបត្រហបtrɑheep - trɑhɑɑpKhmerHea1997:C:4926
exhibition, show, display, exhibit (n)ពិព័រណ៍piʔpoaKhmerHea1997:C:8944
exhortative exclamation used to coordinate groups of workers heave ho (i)ហេៈហ៏heʔ hɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:15552
exhortative particle well, let's go, come on, let's .... (តស់ is derived from the verb ទៅ `to go') (i)តស់tɑhKhmerHea1997:C:4484
existence; being; presence (n)អត្តិភាពʔatteʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:16086
exoneration (n)វិពិរុទ្ឋកម្មviʔpiʔruttheaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:12479
expanse, (wide open) space, immensity (n)ប្រវាលprɑvaalKhmerHea1997:C:8051
expiration, exhalation (n)អានៈʔaanaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16981
explanation, clarification, demonstration (n)ព្យាក្រឹតិpjiekrətKhmerHea1997:C:9149
explanatory talk, discussion, conversation, argument. (n)សាកច្ឆាsaakacchaaKhmerHea1997:C:13559
explosion, (volcanic) eruption (n)បន្ទុះbɑntuhKhmerHea1997:C:6748
exponent, interpreter, representative (n)និទស្សន្តniʔtʊəhsɑnKhmerHea1997:C:6121
expression of dissatisfaction / anger / suffering; sound produced by moderate laughing (i)ហ៊ិះhihKhmerHea1997:C:15611
expression of scorn or contempt; imitates the sound of spitting (i)ថ្វឺយ1tvəɨjKhmerHea1997:C:5201
expression used by the coxswain who sits at the front end of a racing boat telling the rowers to speed up (during the race) (i)វ៉កvɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:12067
expression used to order people to do something together and simultaneously, heave ho (i)ហ៊ឹបhɨpKhmerHea1997:C:15487
expropriation (n)អស្សាមីករណ៍ʔahsaamiikɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:16846
extent, length; period, stretch (n)សង្វែងsɑŋvaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:12952
extent; amplitude (e.g. of a current) (n)ទោលនាtouleaʔnieKhmerHea1997:C:5620
extract, excerpt, any product (such as an essence or concentrate) prepared by extraction (n)និស្សារណាnihsaareaʔnaaKhmerHea1997:C:6231
extradition (n)បត្យាប័នpatjaabanKhmerHea1997:C:6680
extremely, abundantly, exceedingly, very, to the highest degree (adv)ក្រៃkrajKhmerHea1997:C:1417
(eye)witness; (piece of) evidence, proof; testimony; alibi (n)បន្ទាល់bɑntoalKhmerHea1997:C:6730
eye; bud (of a tree). (n)ភ្នែកpnɛɛkKhmerHea1997:C:9580
eyebrow (n)ចិញ្ចើមcəɲcaəmKhmerHea1997:C:2758
face down (with the bottom sticking up) (adv)គ្រហីតkrɔhiitKhmerHea1997:C:2281
face down in rows (as people sleeping on the floor). (adv)រតេតrɔteetKhmerHea1997:C:10777
failure, failing; relapse (n)កំហកkɑmhɑkKhmerHea1997:C:969
failure, misfortune. (n)រិត្តrittaʔKhmerHea1997:C:11325
fainting spell, petit mal (epileptic) seizure (n)ប្រឆ្ងិតprɑcŋətKhmerHea1997:C:7748
fall / length (of clothing) (n)សំរុងsɑmroŋKhmerHea1997:C:14491
fall overduəlKhmerHuf1971:C:2190-295-1
(falling) brusquely, abruptly, suddenly; topsy-turvy (adv)ត្មោលtmaolKhmerHea1997:C:4787
(falling) head first, head down (adv)សង់ទ្រយុងsɑŋ trɔjuŋKhmerHea1997:C:12849
familial ties, bonds of kinship (by blood or marriage); (n)កុលសម័្ពន្ឋkolsɑmpoan, koʔlaʔsɑmpoanKhmerHea1997:C:641
familiar or impolite term of address to womenមេmèːKhmerSho2006:C:131-22
familiar or impolite term of address to womenមេmèːKhmerSho2006:C:131-5
familiar vocative particle used after names of persons, titles, kinship terms and certain other words to indicate affection, pity, depression, or despair. In some cases, with inanimate words, it may serve to personify them. It may also be used in calling someone or trying to attract someone's attention (i)អើយʔaəj, ʔəəjKhmerHea1997:C:17299
family crisis (n)កុលវិបត្តិkoʔlaʔviʔbatKhmerHea1997:C:639
family of King Manu (according to Indian beliefs, Manu was the progenitor of mankind) (n)ឱកាកʔaokaakaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17864
family wealth (n)កុលសម្បត្តិkoʔlaʔsɑmbatKhmerHea1997:C:640
family, extended family, lineage; marriage; the month and year relationship between a man and a woman which determines the success of their marriage (as determined by fortune tellers based on the month and year of their births) (n)សម្ពង្សsɑmpʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:13307
family, house, home. (n)គ្រួkruəKhmerHea1997:C:2328
family, lineage (n)ប្រយូរprɑjuuKhmerHea1997:C:8023
family, raceត្រកូលtrəkoːlKhmerSho2006:C:1708-3
family, relatives, kindred, clan; kinship, race, consanguinity (n)ផៅphavKhmerHea1997:C:8379
family; spouse (n)គ្រួសារkruəsaaKhmerHea1997:C:2331
fan, pinwheel, wind wheel, propeller (of an airplane); vane (of a windmill) (n)កង្ហារkɑŋhaaKhmerHea1997:C:87
fang(s), canine tooth, eyetooth (n)ចង្កូមcɑŋkoomKhmerHea1997:C:2574
fangs (n)អាសិរʔaaseeraʔKhmerHea1997:C:17155
farewell, parting, leaving; goodbye (n)អាបុច្ឆនៈʔaapocchaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17006
farm (n)កសិដ្ឋានkaʔsetthaanKhmerHea1997:C:428
farm (where vegetables or fruit crops are grown), truck-farm, market-garden, plantation, orchard; clearing, cleared field (n)ចំការcɑmkaaKhmerHea1997:C:2867
farm guard (n)ក្សេត្រារក្សkseetraareakKhmerHea1997:C:1491
farm rice (v.)twəə sraeKhmerHuf1971:C:4654-613-1
farmer, peasant (n)កសិករkaʔseʔkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:426
farming equipment (n)កសិភណ្ឌkaʔseʔphoanKhmerHea1997:C:431
fast (quickly)chapKhmerHuf1971:C:2196-296-2
fast (quickly)rəhahKhmerHuf1971:C:2195-296-1
fast and purposefully (of a gait) (adv)ប៉ាត់ញ៉ាត់pat - ɲatKhmerHea1997:C:7110
fastening by clamping / bending (n)បំណត់បង្ខាំbɑmnɑt bɑŋkhamKhmerHea1997:C:7520
fasting, giving up (n)តំណមtɑmnɑɑmKhmerHea1997:C:4706
fat (grease)klaɲKhmerHuf1971:C:2217-298-1
fat (grease)preiŋKhmerHuf1971:C:2218-298-2
fat, grease, lard; oil (n)ខ្លាញ់klaɲKhmerHea1997:C:1824
fat, greaseខ្លាញ់khlaɲKhmerSho2006:C:928-3
fatback (of hogs), thick meat on the shoulder of a hog (n)ផ្នង់pnɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:8502
fate, destiny (n)ជោគវាសនាcoukviehsnaaKhmerHea1997:C:3673
father (n)ជីនកcii nʊəkKhmerHea1997:C:3591
father (n)បិតរbeʔdɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:7213
father (n)ប៉ាpaaKhmerHea1997:C:7067
father (n)ប៉ៃpajKhmerHea1997:C:7479
father (n)ឳពុកʔəv pukKhmerHea1997:C:17790
father (obsolete) (n)ជីពុកcii pukKhmerHea1997:C:3595
father (used as a term of address by Chinese and Sino-Cambodians) (n)ទៀtieKhmerHea1997:C:5558
father especially of animals; onomastic prefix for junior generationបាbaːKhmerSho2006:C:112-4
father, dad (affectionate form of ឪពុក​) (n)ʔəvKhmerHea1997:C:17784
father-in-lawʔəupuk kmeikKhmerHuf1971:C:214-29-1
fauna; wild animals (n)ម្រឹគីម្រឹគាmrɨkii - mrɨkieKhmerHea1997:C:10277
fear (v.)klaacKhmerHuf1971:C:2225-299-1
fear (v.)phɨjKhmerHuf1971:C:2226-299-2
fear, dread, fright; timidity. (n)កំលាចkɑmlaacKhmerHea1997:C:956
fearlessness (n)និព្ភយភាពnippheaʔjeaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:6149
feces, excrement (n)ឧច្ចារʔuccaar, ʔuccaaraʔKhmerHea1997:C:17545
fee, rent; salary, pay; tip; monetary compensation (n)ឈ្នួលcnuəlKhmerHea1997:C:3903
feebly, helplessly, timidly, wretchedly, miserably (adv)ជ្រហមcrɔhɔɔmKhmerHea1997:C:3804
feeding up (n)អធ្យាហារូបត្ថមʔaʔtjiehaaruupatthamKhmerHea1997:C:16177
feeling of dislike / disgust (n)អនិដ្ឋារម្មណ៍ʔaʔnitthaarɑmKhmerHea1997:C:16233
feeling, sensation (n)ញាណារម្មណ៍ɲienaarɑmKhmerHea1997:C:3979
feeling, sensation (n)បសាទpaʔsaat, paʔsaateaʔKhmerHea1997:C:7055
Felidae, cat family (n)វិឡារសាទិសviʔlaasaatɨhKhmerHea1997:C:12631
fellow citizen, fellow townsman, fellow countryman (n)សហពលរដ្ឋsaʔhaʔpʊəlleaʔroatKhmerHea1997:C:13522
fellow member, colleague (n)សហភាតាsaʔhaʔphietaaKhmerHea1997:C:13524
fellow worker, colleague, associate; collaborator (n)សហការីsaʔhaʔkaarəjKhmerHea1997:C:13479
fellow-student (n)សមានាចារ្យsaʔmaanaacaaKhmerHea1997:C:13229
fellow-worker, collaborator (n)សហករណិកsaʔhaʔkaʔraʔnəkKhmerHea1997:C:13477
fem. of នាយក​ (n)នាយិកាniejiʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:6064
fem. of មនុស្សមនុស្សីNOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:9764
female (animal)ɲiiKhmerHuf1971:C:2248-302-1
female [animal]ញីɲìːKhmerSho2006:C:151-17
female animal (that has given birth); mother; woman; term of address to a younger woman or to a woman of lower status (n)មេmeiKhmerHea1997:C:10135
female bird (n)សកុណីsaʔkoʔnəjKhmerHea1997:C:12825
female demon (n)ឌាកិនីdiekeʔniiKhmerHea1997:C:4335
female servants in the Royal Palace (n)កងចៅkɑɑŋ cavKhmerHea1997:C:61
female sex organscdəɲKhmerHuf1971:C:2256-303-1
(female) collaborator, assistant, employee, official (n)ការិនីkaareʔnəjKhmerHea1997:C:514
fence, boundary; marker, stake (n)ចំណារcɑmnaaKhmerHea1997:C:2886
fence, hedge; edge; belt, perimeter (as a defense perimeter around a strategic point) (n)របងrɔbɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:10843
fence, palisade (n)រនៀតrɔnietKhmerHea1997:C:10821
fenced enclosurebɑntiəjKhmerHuf1971:C:2274-305-1
fencedāp'Khmer [Middle]Sho2006:C:1258-4
fender (of a boat) (n)កុងទូកkoŋ tuukKhmerHea1997:C:593
feral smell, stink of urine etc.ចំអេះcɔmʔehKhmerSho2006:C:1960-3
feral smell, stink of urinecaṁʼɛscɔmʔaehKhmerSho2006:C:1960-6
ferment, fermenting agent, yeast, leavening (n)ដំបែdɑmbaeKhmerHea1997:C:4272
fermented sticky rice (n)ត្រប៉ែtrɑpaeKhmerHea1997:C:4866
ferrous metal, iron, steel; generic term for various metal tools. (n)ដែកdaekKhmerHea1997:C:4193
fetlock (n)កកែបkɑkaepKhmerHea1997:C:19
fever (n)ឧណ្ហាពាធʔunhaapietKhmerHea1997:C:17560
fever. (n)គ្រុនkrunKhmerHea1997:C:2322
few, littletəcKhmerHuf1971:C:2290-307-1
fez, woman's capកន្តឹប​ [ស្រី]kɔntɤp [srɤy]KhmerSho2006:C:1261-49
fibrocement (mixture of cement and asbestos used in construction) (n)ហ្វីបប្រូស៊ីម៉ង់ត៍fiibroosiimɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:15653
fibrous / stringy material. (n)សំណាញsɑmnaaɲKhmerHea1997:C:14353
Ficus bengalensisជ្រៃcrèjKhmerSho2006:C:170-4
Ficus septicabhlūvphlùːKhmerSho2006:C:221-1
field where seeds are started (esp. for rice), nursery, seed bed; mound for a row of plants (n)ថ្នាលtnaalKhmerHea1997:C:5150
fifteenth letter of the Cambodian alphabetnɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:4357
fifth letter of the Cambodian alphabetŋɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:2454
fig treeល្វាlvìːəKhmerSho2006:C:241-2
fight / combat (between animals) (n)ជំនល់cumnʊəlKhmerHea1997:C:3702
fighting, battle, war, warfare (n)ចំបាំងcɑmbaŋKhmerHea1997:C:2939
figurative expression; proverb; metaphor; saying, aphorism, maxim (n)ទំនឹមtumnɨmKhmerHea1997:C:5648
figure, shape; image, portrait; structure (esp. in the sense of a pleasing shape, a beautiful figure) (n)ឆោមchaomKhmerHea1997:C:3285
file, rasp (n)អង្រូសʔɑŋruuhKhmerHea1997:C:15944
filter, filtering device, strainer; container (n)តំរងtɑmrɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:4731
filtering, decantation; erosion (n)ចំរោះcɑmrɑhKhmerHea1997:C:2972
final colloquial interrogative particle equivalent to ឬ (fp)អ្ហ៊ៃʔhejKhmerHea1997:C:17448
final emphatic clause marker. (fp)អ៊ីថាʔii thaaKhmerHea1997:C:17215
final emphatic or hortatory particle in informal, friendly speech; it indicates that the speaker is requesting agreement or compliance and is similar to English `OK? do you hear? don't you agree? don't you know? isn't that right? come on! indeed (it's so)! that's right!' Sometimes it is best left untranslated especially when it seems to merely make the statement less abrupt. (fp)ណា៎naaKhmerHea1997:C:4363
final hortative particle (intimate; used with children, close friends, or subordinates; it may indicate a warning, e. g., in the case of children, not to do something again) (fp)វ៉ីvəjKhmerHea1997:C:12633
final interrogative marker (usually used by singers in the musical conversations called អា​យ៉ៃ ) (fp)រ៉ីrəjKhmerHea1997:C:11334
final interrogative marker, or not? (fp)ទេហៈteihaʔKhmerHea1997:C:5599
final interrogative particle (fp)ហនូhaʔnuuKhmerHea1997:C:15385
final interrogative particle (spoken form of ឬអី) (fp)ហ្អីhəjKhmerHea1997:C:15678
final interrogative particle, `like this?' (fp)ហ្អេះhehKhmerHea1997:C:15681
final interrogative particle, `may I?' (fp)រ៉េះrehKhmerHea1997:C:11612
final interrogative particle, huh? what was that? និយាយយ៉ាងម៉េច ហ៎ះ ? Huh, what was that you said? (fp)ហ៎ះhah, ʔəhKhmerHea1997:C:15610
final particle indicating emphasis or surprise (fp)អ៊ីតើʔii taə, ʔəj taəKhmerHea1997:C:17214
financier (n)ហិរញ្ញាធិការីheʔraɲɲaathiʔkaarəjKhmerHea1997:C:15468
fine [rain], to sprinkle lightlyprisprɤhKhmerSho2006:C:2051-113
fine and close togetherស្មេsmeːKhmerSho2006:C:243-5
fine powder, dust (n)ខ្ញមkɲɑɑmKhmerHea1997:C:1682
(finger or toe) nail, claw, talon (n)ក្រចកkrɑcɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:1138
finger, toe (n)អនុជង្គʔaʔnuʔcʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:16275
fingermriəm dəjKhmerHuf1971:C:2299-308-1
finish, end; finishing; exhaustion (n)អំណស់ʔɑmnɑhKhmerHea1997:C:17353
finished (complete)cɑpKhmerHuf1971:C:2327-310-1
finished, alreadyហើយhaəjKhmerSho2006:C:1539-4
fire (and, by extension, any substance which has a burning taste or effect); flame; light, flare; electricity (n)ភ្លើងpləəŋKhmerHea1997:C:9620
fire piston (device made of wood or ivory used for making fire) (n)អែមផ្លែមʔaem - plaemKhmerHea1997:C:17333
fire, conflagration (n)អគ្យន្តរាយʔakjʊəntaʔraajKhmerHea1997:C:15849
fire; light (n)អគ្គីʔakkiiKhmerHea1997:C:15842
firearm, gun (n)កាំភ្លើងkampləəŋKhmerHea1997:C:1002
firewood (n)ឧសʔohKhmerHea1997:C:17758
firework; missile, rocket (n)កាំជ្រួចkamcruəcKhmerHea1997:C:999
first customer of the day (n)កៅឆាយkav chaajKhmerHea1997:C:755
First in the World (epithet of the Buddha or Brahma) (n)លោកេសloukeehKhmerHea1997:C:11833
first letter of the Cambodian alphabetkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:1
first princess of bloodទាវ??tìːəvKhmerSho2006:C:1829-3
first secretary (at an embassy), deputy ambassador (n)អនុទូតʔaʔnuʔtuutKhmerHea1997:C:16289
fish (n.)trəjKhmerHuf1971:C:2351-313-1
fish (with line)stuucKhmerHuf1971:C:2355-314-1
fish paste (very salty paste made by fermenting salted fish in earthenware jugs) (n)ប្រហុកprɑhokKhmerHea1997:C:8096
fish spear, harpoon; javelin (n)ស្នsnɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:14780
fish tail palm (Caryota mitis or C. urens) (n)ទន្សែtʊənsae, ʔɑnsaeKhmerHea1997:C:5314
fish-weir or fish-crawl of branchesធ្នស់thnùəhKhmerSho2006:C:1902-3
fisherman (n)មច្ឆព័ន្ឋmacchaʔpoanKhmerHea1997:C:9680
fisherman's floatបន្លង??panḷaṅKhmerSho2006:C:752-5
fishing basket, kind of cylindrical fish trap made of woven vine (n)ជុចcucKhmerHea1997:C:3622
fishing equipment (rod, line and hook); fishing (with a rod or pole) (n)សន្ទូចsɑntuucKhmerHea1997:C:13092
fishing net, cast net (n)សំណាញ់sɑmnaɲKhmerHea1997:C:14354
(fishing) float (n)កំសួលkɑmsuəlKhmerHea1997:C:966
five ( 5 ) (num)ប្រាំpramKhmerHea1997:C:8231
fixedly, in a concentrated or single-minded manner (adv)មមៃmɔmejKhmerHea1997:C:9807
flag, banner (n)កេតុkaetKhmerHea1997:C:702
flame; heat of a flame (n)រស៊ោលrɔsoulKhmerHea1997:C:11133
flammability; action of burning (n)ដំណុតdɑmnotKhmerHea1997:C:4231
flat nose (n)កន្ទ្រឹបkɑntrɨpKhmerHea1997:C:321
flat surfaceṭaṁpārdɔmbaːKhmerSho2006:C:1639-2
flatulence, nausea; to overeatchʔɔlKhmerSho2006:C:1695-10
flea, tick (n)ដង្កែdɑŋkaeKhmerHea1997:C:4079
flesh, meat (n)មំសីmeaŋsəjKhmerHea1997:C:10209
flesh, meat; muscle (n)សាច់sacKhmerHea1997:C:13575
flesh, meatសាច់sacKhmerSho2006:C:871-3
flexible tongs of wood, metal or bamboo used to hold meat for grilling (n)តំបុតtɑmbotKhmerHea1997:C:4725
float (along)ʔɑndaetKhmerHuf1971:C:2400-319-1
float (stationary)tɔehKhmerHuf1971:C:2393-318-1
floating [hair]សម្យូល??sɔmyòːlKhmerSho2006:C:1783-2
floating mass of debris that resembles solid ground (n)ពើកpəəkKhmerHea1997:C:9056
floating mat of vegetationត្រឹបtrɤpKhmerSho2006:C:1269-6
flooded forest, marsh land; thick mass of floating aquatic plants (n)ត្រឹបtrəpKhmerHea1997:C:4973
flooded plain (n)រំហាចrumhaacKhmerHea1997:C:11585
flooded plain, waterlogged land, swamp (n)លំហាចlumhaacKhmerHea1997:C:11886
floor / level / story (above the ground floor) (n)ឧបរិភូមិʔuʔpaʔreʔphuumKhmerHea1997:C:17687
floor joist, stringer (n)រនូតrɔnuutKhmerHea1997:C:10819
floral pattern, lacejarcɔ̀ːKhmerSho2006:C:1604-3
flower (n)បុស្បbohKhmerHea1997:C:7362
flower. (n)ផ្កាpkaaKhmerHea1997:C:8383
flowering shoot of the banana tree, banana flower, banana flower pod (n)ត្រយូងtrɑjooŋKhmerHea1997:C:4893
flowing slowly over a shallow area (adv)រិញៗrɨɲ - rɨɲKhmerHea1997:C:11324
fluently (adv)ត្រិលtrəlKhmerHea1997:C:4968
fluently (of a baby which has just learned to talk or someone who is learning a foreign language); easily (of laughing) (adv)កក្អិលkɑkʔəlKhmerHea1997:C:34
fly (insect). (n)រុយrujKhmerHea1997:C:11372
fly (n.)rujKhmerHuf1971:C:2426-323-1
fly (v.)haəKhmerHuf1971:C:2424-322-1
flying ant (n)ខ្មើរkmaəKhmerHea1997:C:1807
flying high into the distanceច្រៀវ-ច្រៃ criəv-crajKhmerSho2006:C:169-3
flying squirrelchmaː baːKhmerSho2006:C:1594a-7
foam, bubble(s), lather (n)ពពុះpɔpuhKhmerHea1997:C:8755
foam, scumពពុះpəpùhKhmerSho2006:C:2038-4
fog, mist, haze (n)អ័ព្ទʔapKhmerHea1997:C:16549
fold (esp. of the female genitalia), base (esp. of the male genital organ) (n)គិលkɨlKhmerHea1997:C:2075
fold, crease, pleat, tuck, wrinkle, line; attitude, habit, way (n)ផ្នត់pnɑtKhmerHea1997:C:8503
fold, crease; scale-like plates (esp. of reptiles) (n)ផ្នន់pnɑnKhmerHea1997:C:8504
fold, pleat (hanging from the knot in a Cambodian skirt); sack / pocket made from a square piece of cloth with the opposite corners tied together; curve, bend (n)ថ្នក់tnɑkKhmerHea1997:C:5143
following (advice), obeying (a command) (n)ដំណោយdɑmnaojKhmerHea1997:C:4249
food (for Buddhist monks) (n)ចង្ហាន់cɑŋhanKhmerHea1997:C:2605
food (n)អាឡារʔaalaaKhmerHea1997:C:17183
food consisting of a skinned frog or rabbit that has been stuffed with seasonings and barbecued or grilled. (n)បោបbaopKhmerHea1997:C:7499
food, meal (esp. referring to food of people with high status) (n)ក្រយាkrɑjaaKhmerHea1997:C:1239
food, meal (n)ម្ហូបmhoopKhmerHea1997:C:10312
(foot or trunk of) tree, beginningដើមdaəmKhmerSho2006:C:1343-6
foot, legជើងcɤ̀ːŋKhmerSho2006:C:538(I)-21
footnote, reference (n)នយលក្ខណៈneaʔjeaʔleakkhaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6012
for groups of forty (used in counting fruit and vegetables) eg. ស្វាយមួយផ្លូន . forty mangoes (clf)ផ្លូនploonKhmerHea1997:C:8534
for groups of four (esp. pieces of fruit or vegetables) eg. ផ្លែស្វាយបីដំប . a dozen mangoes (clf)ដំបdɑmbɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:4259
for hands of bananas (clf)ស្និតsnətKhmerHea1997:C:14798
for loads carried on a shoulder-pole. (clf)ម្រែកmrɛɛkKhmerHea1997:C:10286
for moments, instants (clf)ភ្លែតplɛɛtKhmerHea1997:C:9630
for ordinary people (clf)នាក់neakKhmerHea1997:C:6043
for pieces of cloth about four yards long (clf)ភឺនphɨɨnKhmerHea1997:C:9470
for piles (esp. of paper) (clf)ចំភ្លុះcɑmpluhKhmerHea1997:C:2953
for piles of paddy rice (clf)ឆ្នឹមcnəmKhmerHea1997:C:3333
for the amount of food that can be cooked in a skillet, skilletful (clf)មែញmɛɛɲKhmerHea1997:C:10166
forced labor, fatigue duty (n)ភារិយការphieriijeaʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:9441
forehead, skullralārəlìːəKhmerSho2006:C:1699-8
forehead; Mount of Venus, pubis (n)ថ្ងាសtŋahKhmerHea1997:C:5131
forelegkmɔɔŋ cəəŋKhmerHuf1971:C:2482-330-1
forelock, top-knot; long tuft of hair that a child wears until age 7 (n)ជុកcukKhmerHea1997:C:3621
forest residence (n)វនាវាសveaʔnieviehKhmerHea1997:C:12125
forest, scrubព្រៃprèjKhmerSho2006:C:181-2
fork, confluence, junctionប្របែកprəbaekKhmerSho2006:C:352-28
fork, confluence, junctionប្របែកprəbaekKhmerSho2006:C:352-49
fork, crotch (of a tree), forked stick; any tweezer-like device (n)ចំពាមcɑmpiemKhmerHea1997:C:2944
form, shape, image, figure; specif. objects such as dummies or fortifications made of wickerwork and used as targets for training war elephants (n)រាងrieŋKhmerHea1997:C:11270
formal language, literary language (n)បោរីភាសាpaorəjphiesaaKhmerHea1997:C:7507
formation, creation (n)កំណkɑmnɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:790
former spelling of សម្តេច q.v.សម្តេជNOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:13278
former title of the governors of Siem Reap province (n)ភូរាំងphuureaŋKhmerHea1997:C:9500
former title of the three assistants to the មេឃុំ (chief of a district) (n)ជំទប់cumtupKhmerHea1997:C:3687
fort, enclosure; precinct (n)គព្ពវតីkoappeaʔveaʔtəjKhmerHea1997:C:2025
fortress wall, rampart; fence, stone wall; fortress, fortification(s); precinct, enclosure (n)កំពែងkɑmpɛɛŋKhmerHea1997:C:915
fortune / luck accumulated by giving one's property away (n)ទានូបនិស្ស័យtienuupaʔnihsajKhmerHea1997:C:5363
fortune / luck accumulated by observing the precepts or through moral conduct (n)សីលូបនិស្ស័យsəjluupaʔnihsajKhmerHea1997:C:13847
fortuneteller, astrologer (n)ជោតិកាចារ្យcouteʔkaacaaKhmerHea1997:C:3679
(fossilized vocative plural of the Pali bhikkhu 'monk') all you monks (used by the Buddha to address his followers) (n)ភិក្ខវោphikkhaʔvouKhmerHea1997:C:9449
four (num)បួនbuənKhmerHea1997:C:7410
fourteenth letter of the Cambodian alphabetthɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:4352
fourth great-grandparents, relative in one's great-great-great-great-grandparents' generation (n)ជីប៉ាcii paaKhmerHea1997:C:3594
fourth letter of the Cambodian alphabetkhɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:2364
fowl, chicken (n)មាន់moanKhmerHea1997:C:9932
fragility (n)សំរួយsɑmruəjKhmerHea1997:C:14500
fragment / broken piece / shard (esp. a piece of pottery or glass that can still be used esp. as a tray for grilling or roasting), splinter (n)អំបែងʔɑmbaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:17375
fragrance, sweet smell. (n)សុគន្ឋsoʔkʊən, soʔkʊənthɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:13896
frame, crucible tongs, cramp-ironកាបkaːpKhmerSho2006:C:1242-5
frame; crucible tongue, cramp-iron (n)កាបkaapKhmerHea1997:C:476
free of, avoidphotKhmerHuf1971:C:2506-334-1
freezer (for making ice), icebox, refrigerator (n)សីតូបករណ៍səjtoopaʔkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:13829
freezing, coagulating, solidifying, setting; coagulation, solidification; something which has solidified (e.g. as cement) (n)កំណកkɑmnɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:792
Freon (refrigerant) (n)ហ្វ្រេអុងfreeʔoŋKhmerHea1997:C:15670
frequent clear, resonant sounds (i)រញ៉ែrɔɲaeKhmerHea1997:C:10691
frequent sound of a kind of noisemaker which is attached to a kite (var. អន្តឺត (2)) (i)អន្តឺរ៉ឺរ៉ឺតʔɑntəɨ - rəɨ - rəɨtKhmerHea1997:C:16418
frequently, often, continuously, constantly (adv)រឿយៗrɨəj - rɨəjKhmerHea1997:C:11418
fresh water shrimp (n)កំពឹសkɑmpɨhKhmerHea1997:C:905
fresh, greensras'srɔhKhmerSho2006:C:1925-16
freshwater shrimpkaṁbɨskɔmpɯ̀hKhmerSho2006:C:1919-1
friendly / kind words, words of welcome (n)សម្មោទនីយកថាsammaoteaʔniijeaʔkaʔthaaKhmerHea1997:C:13359
friendly rɛ̀ək-tɛ̀əkKhmerSho2006:C:391-2
friends, mates; crowd, gang, group (n)កនkɑɑnKhmerHea1997:C:233
friends, pal(s) (n)ភុំភឿនphum phɨənKhmerHea1997:C:9538
friendship between people after they have become reconciled (n)សាពិភ័ក្តិsaapiʔpheakKhmerHea1997:C:13624
frog (including members of the genera Rana and Megalophrys); term for a Chinese Type 72 anti-personnel mine; (so called because of the chirping noise it makes just before it explodes) (n)កង្កែបkɑŋkaepKhmerHea1997:C:71
from now untilទម្រាំtùmrɔ̀əmKhmerSho2006:C:1394-5
from place to place, aimlessly (adv)តត្រុកtɑtrokKhmerHea1997:C:4452
from place to place, darting here and there, darting about (adv)អន្ត្រោកʔɑntraokKhmerHea1997:C:16433
from side to sideក្រងក់??krəŋɔkKhmerSho2006:C:286-8
from, out of; of, about, concerning; for, on behalf of; since; at / in (some past time) (prenp)ពីpiiKhmerHea1997:C:8991
front of the lower leg (from the knee to the ankle), shin (n)ស្មងsmɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:14873
frowning, displeasedក្រញូវkrəɲoːvKhmerSho2006:C:62-3
frowning, glowering, scowling (n)សង្កោចនsaŋkaocaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:12880
frozen ocean (n)សីទន្តរsəjtoandɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:13831
frozen, congealkɑɑʔKhmerHuf1971:C:2534-337-1
fruit stem, peduncle (n)សណ្ដង់sɑndɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:13011
fruit. (n)ផ្លែplaeKhmerHea1997:C:8545
fruits (n)ផលាphɑllaa, phaʔlaa-KhmerHea1997:C:8303
fruits (n)ផលាផលphaʔlaaphɑlKhmerHea1997:C:8306
frustratingly; furiously; very, extremely (adv)ណឺងnəɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:4378
full (sated)cʔaet KhmerHuf1971:C:2543-339-1
fully roundedកំពុង??kɔmpùŋKhmerSho2006:C:108-13
Funan (n)ហ្វូណនfuunɑɑnKhmerHea1997:C:15658
function, profession; role, title; work, business, duty (n)ងារŋieKhmerHea1997:C:2487
funeral music (at a burial) (n)ទាំមីងtoam miiŋKhmerHea1997:C:5698
funeral music (n)ឆ្នាកcnaakKhmerHea1997:C:3328
funnel (n)ជីវឡាវciiv laavKhmerHea1997:C:3612
funnel (n)ជីឡាវcii laavKhmerHea1997:C:3598
furrow (in a plowed field); gutter; area of land between ditches (n)ចង្អួរcɑŋʔuəKhmerHea1997:C:2613
furrow, fissure; track, trace; trail, way; path, trajectory; orbit; procedure, rule, law; measure; tradition; specif. trail habitually used by animals (n)គន្លងkʊənlɔɔŋKhmerHea1997:C:2017
furrow; line. (n)ចង្ហូតcɑŋhootKhmerHea1997:C:2607
gadānuraksa (former title of the governors of Battambang Province) (n)គទានុរក្សkeaʔtienuʔreakKhmerHea1997:C:2004
gaff, fish spear (esp. for spearing eels) (n)ចង្រប់cɑŋrɑpKhmerHea1997:C:2597
gain, profit, benefit, advantage, good result; use; compensation, earning; remission; discount, reduction (n)កំរៃkɑmrajKhmerHea1997:C:953
galactic nebula; Milky Way (n)នីហារិកាតារាវលីniihaariʔkaadaaraaveaʔliiKhmerHea1997:C:6243
galanga (Alpinia galanga; kind of plant with a tuberous aromatic white root; it is used as a seasoning and to make medicines) (n)រំដេងrumdeeŋKhmerHea1997:C:11516
gallbladder (n)ប្រមាត់prɑmatKhmerHea1997:C:7995
galvanized iron, tinplate (n)ស៊ីវិឡាតsiiviʔlaatKhmerHea1997:C:13852
game, pastime, amusement, playing; gambling (n)ល្បែងlbaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:11955
Gandhabbādhipa (king of the gandharvas and guardian of the east) (n)គន្ឋព្វាធិបkʊənthoappiethɨpKhmerHea1997:C:2016
Ganesha (son of Shiva) (n)ឍុណ្ឍិthunthiʔKhmerHea1997:C:4356
gap, interval (n)ច្រឡោះcrɑlɑhKhmerHea1997:C:3136
garbage, trash, litter, rubbish, debris, waste, sewage; midden (n)សំរាមsɑmraamKhmerHea1997:C:14478
garden, park (n)ឱទ្យានʔaotjienKhmerHea1997:C:17878
garden, plantationcaṁkārcɔmkaːKhmerSho2006:C:1581a-2
garland / bouquet / bunch / bracelet / necklace (of flowers), lei (n)ភួងphuəŋKhmerHea1997:C:9505
garland of flowers (n)មាលmielKhmerHea1997:C:9953
garland, wreath (n)ក្រេដkreetKhmerHea1997:C:1405
Garuda (king of the birds) (n)វិហគាធិបviʔhaʔkiethɨpKhmerHea1997:C:12617
gas, steam, vapor; heat (n)ឧស្ម័នʔusmanKhmerHea1997:C:17765
gasp, sound of labored breathing (i)ពភឺតpɔphɨɨtKhmerHea1997:C:8788
gasping for breath, breathlessly, breathing heavily (adv)ម្ហេបម្ហបmheep - mhɑɑpKhmerHea1997:C:10316
gathered togetherក្ដុំkdomKhmerSho2006:C:1344-9
gathering / rounding up (e.g. of animals) (n)កំណៀងkɑmnieŋKhmerHea1997:C:810
gathering up / together; anything that has been gathered up (n)កំនៀរkɑmnieKhmerHea1997:C:830
gathering, assembling; collection, pile / block of something; unification. (n)បណ្ដុំbɑndomKhmerHea1997:C:6646
gathering, conference, meeting; discussion; crowd. (n)ជំនុំcumnumKhmerHea1997:C:3728
gaur, kind of wild bovine (Bos gaurus) (n)ទន្សោងtʊənsaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:5315
genealogy (as a field of study) (n)ពង្សាវិទ្យាpʊəŋsaavitjieKhmerHea1997:C:8659
genealogy, family history lineage, family line (n)ពង្សាវលីpʊəŋsaaveaʔliiKhmerHea1997:C:8658
(General) Lon Nol (leader of the 1970 coup d'tat against Prince Sihanouk) (n)លន់នល់lʊən nʊəlKhmerHea1997:C:11661
generally untranslatable exclamation used esp. in poetry and songs to finish out a line (i)អឺយʔəɨjKhmerHea1997:C:17234
generation; offspring, descendants (n)ព័ន្ឋុpoanthuʔKhmerHea1997:C:8682
generator (n)ជនិតាceaʔniʔtaaKhmerHea1997:C:3487
generic name for any coupling or fastening device (e.g. hook, clasp, buckle); bolt, peg; latch; coupling pin; handle; firing pin, striker. (n)គន្លឹះkʊənlɨhKhmerHea1997:C:2022
generic name for certain kinds of flat, shallow baskets [plate 9] (n)កញ្ច្រែងkɑɲcraeŋKhmerHea1997:C:117
generic name for certain large water animals such as whales, dolphins, etc. (n)ពិន្ទងpɨntɔɔŋKhmerHea1997:C:8934
generic name for certain skin diseases (herpes, scabies, mange or psoriasis) (n)ត្រអកtrɑʔɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:4943
generic name for certain skin diseases or diseases of the mucous membrane including pituita, pip, thrush, candidiasis, as well as a kind of skin disease which occurs on the palms and soles (n)តានtaanKhmerHea1997:C:4527
generic name for certain, usually hard-shelled, turtles (including members of the genera Testudo, Emys, Geoemyda, Cyclemis, and Pyxidia and poss. the soft-shelled genus Trionyx) (n)អណ្ដើកʔɑndaəkKhmerHea1997:C:16062
generic name for fish used to make ព្រហក់ (fishermen's slang) (n)គ្រលាក់krɔleakKhmerHea1997:C:2254
generic name for melon-like fruit, e.g. squash, pumpkins, watermelons (n)ខ្លូតklootKhmerHea1997:C:1833
generic name for several wading birds including the plumed egret (Egretta intermedia) (n)កុកkokKhmerHea1997:C:585
generic name for snakes (n)ពស់pʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:8832
generic name for the eggplant (Solanum Melongena) and related plants (n)ត្រប់trɑpKhmerHea1997:C:4858
generic name for various, usually large, members of the cat family, tiger (n)ខ្លាklaaKhmerHea1997:C:1822
generic term for bamboo, esp. species of the genus Bambusa; it occurs in many place names (n)ឫស្សីrɨhsəjKhmerHea1997:C:17822
generic term for cabbage and cabbage-like vegetables esp. of the genus Brassica (n)ស្ពៃspejKhmerHea1997:C:14867
generic term for certain sweet salad-like foods (n)មៀងmieŋKhmerHea1997:C:10131
generic term for potatoes and other similar tuberous plants (n)ដំឡូងdɑmlooŋKhmerHea1997:C:4301
generic term for several internal, usually worm-like, parasites (n)ព្រូនpruunKhmerHea1997:C:9290
generic term for several kinds of large, rectangular gill nets varying in length from about 22 or 26 feet to nearly two miles and in height from 7 - 60 feet; (spider) web (n)មងmɔɔŋKhmerHea1997:C:9669
generic term for several kinds of vulture including the white-backed vulture (Pseudogyps bengalensis) and poss. the long-billed vulture (Gyps indicus); police (n)ត្មាតtmaatKhmerHea1997:C:4783
generic term for various birds of prey, e.g. hawk, kite, eagle (n)ខ្លែងklaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:1839
generic term for various kinds of luffa gourds (n)ននោងnɔnouŋKhmerHea1997:C:5996
Geneva (n)ហ្សឺណែវzəɨnaevKhmerHea1997:C:15676
germ, microbe, virus, any disease-causing agent; chicken louse (n)ក្រមីkrɑməjKhmerHea1997:C:1230
germination, growth, development (n)ដំណុះdɑmnohKhmerHea1997:C:4256
get, ablebaanKhmerHuf1971:C:2578-344-1
get, ablekaətKhmerHuf1971:C:2579-344-2
ghost, spirit, devil (esp. used in insults or curses) (n)រំលេះrumlehKhmerHea1997:C:11578
ghost, spirit, devil, phantom (sometimes used as a familiar term of address); contagion, infection; epidemic (n)រំបល់rumbɑlKhmerHea1997:C:11520
ghostស្រមោល ??srəmaol khmaocKhmerSho2006:C:1779-4
giants, monsters (n)យក្សាjeaksaaKhmerHea1997:C:10334
gift given to Buddhist monks (esp. a gift given as a memorial to a deceased relative) (n)បន្លុងbɑnloŋKhmerHea1997:C:6767
gift or prize awarded to a teacher or doctor in recognition of some service (n)ខាន់ខៅkhan khavKhmerHea1997:C:1556
gift, present, donation, contribution; giving (n)អំណោយʔɑmnaojKhmerHea1997:C:17357
gifts (of merit or good deeds) offered to the spirits of one's ancestors or patrons (n)ដារdaaKhmerHea1997:C:4132
giggling or laughing sound (i)រកឹកrɔkəkKhmerHea1997:C:10523
gill (of fish) (n)ស្រកីskəj, srɑkəjKhmerHea1997:C:14942
ginger (Zingiber officinale) (n)ខ្ញីkɲəjKhmerHea1997:C:1689
girder / beam which passes through or is fastened to the columns of a house and supports the floor joists (n)រតrɔɔtKhmerHea1997:C:10757
girdle / sash / belt (around the waist to hold up the skirt) (n)បង្គត់bɑŋkʊətKhmerHea1997:C:6366
girl's friend of same sex, man's friend's wifeម្រក់mrɛ̀ekKhmerSho2006:C:391-8
give birthkaət kounKhmerHuf1971:C:2621-349-1
giving advice frequently (n)ឱវាទានុសាសន៍ʔaovaatienuʔsaahKhmerHea1997:C:17901
giving up, capitulation, relinquishing (n)ធុរនិក្ខេបthuʔreaʔnikkhaepKhmerHea1997:C:5892
giving; gift, donation; alms, charity; favor (2) tien polite or respectful particle often occurs in sentence final position. (n)ទាន (១)tieneaʔKhmerHea1997:C:5356
gladness, happiness, satisfaction, joy, merriment, gaiety (n)ប្រមោទprɑmaotKhmerHea1997:C:8015
gladness, happiness; satisfaction, contentment, indulgence; acquittal. (n)សន្តោសsɑndaohKhmerHea1997:C:13077
gland; air bubble in water. (n)ក្រពេញkrɑpɨɲKhmerHea1997:C:1216
gland; bunch, cluster (n)កន្សោមkɑnsaomKhmerHea1997:C:370
glass (the substance and the container), crystal, jewelry; lens. (n)កែវkaevKhmerHea1997:C:721
globe, the earth (n)ភូគោលphuukoolKhmerHea1997:C:9481
glory, magnificence; glorious sign (n)រោចនាការroucaʔnaakaaKhmerHea1997:C:11465
glossy, velvety, softphūrKhmerSho2006:C:1692-1
gnat, midge (n)មមង់mɔmʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:9786
gnat, midge (tiny flying insects that are abundant during the rainy season) (n)សុចsocKhmerHea1997:C:13904
gnatមមង់məmùəŋ, məmùŋKhmerSho2006:C:644-1
goad (of an elephant driver), ankus; hook (in general) (n)កង្វេរkɑŋveeKhmerHea1997:C:83
goal, plan, wish, desire (n)ភ្នានpnienKhmerHea1997:C:9575
goal, purpose, aim (n)គោលkoulKhmerHea1997:C:2160
goat (n)ពពែpɔpɛɛKhmerHea1997:C:8753
god, deity (n)ទេវteiveaʔKhmerHea1997:C:5582
god, sacred being or thingពហរះprɛ̀əhKhmerSho2006:C:2060-2
gold / silver chain (used as jewelry) (n)សូsooKhmerHea1997:C:14058
gold; gold bracelet (n)កម្ពុkampuʔKhmerHea1997:C:389
golden chain worn over the shoulder (n)ចាមង្គcaamɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:2736
golden color (n)ហៃមពណ៌hajmaʔpoa, hajmeaʔpoaKhmerHea1997:C:15586
gonorrhea (n)ប្រមេហរោគprɑmeehaʔroukKhmerHea1997:C:8010
good / close friend, buddy; love, mutual friendship. (n)សំឡាញ់sɑmlaɲKhmerHea1997:C:14545
good / correct advice (n)សុន្ទរោវាទsonteaʔrouvietKhmerHea1997:C:13968
good and bad luck, fortune and misfortune (n)លាភាលាភliephieliepKhmerHea1997:C:11714
good deeds performed by (or appropriate to) a father (n)បិតុគុណpeʔtoʔkunKhmerHea1997:C:7215
good deeds that are done continuously (n)និពទ្ឋកុសលniʔpʊəttheaʔkoʔsɑlKhmerHea1997:C:6147
good grooming, elegant appearance (n)សំងួនsɑmŋuənKhmerHea1997:C:14323
good health (n)អរោគ្យʔaʔroukKhmerHea1997:C:16679
good horse; fast horse (n)ហយោត្តមhaʔjoutdɑmKhmerHea1997:C:15396
good luck, good fortune, happiness (n)អនុគាមិកនិធិʔaʔnuʔkiemiʔkaʔniʔthiʔKhmerHea1997:C:16265
good manners, courtesy, politeness (n)គំនួរkumnuəKhmerHea1997:C:2183
good shape, beautiful figure. (n)សុភង្គsoʔpheaŋKhmerHea1997:C:13989
good spirits, happiness (n)សាតារម្មណ៍saataarɑmKhmerHea1997:C:13588
good taste, deliciousness (n)ចំងាញ់cɑmŋaɲKhmerHea1997:C:2871
good time / opportunity / chance (n)វរោកាសveaʔroukaahKhmerHea1997:C:12153
good, prettyល្អlʔɔːKhmerSho2006:C:193-1
goods, merchandise, thing bought (n)ទំនិញtumnɨɲKhmerHea1997:C:5647
goose, swan (n)ក្ងានkŋaanKhmerHea1997:C:1017
gorge, passage, path, corridor; (material used for) stuffing / packing / filling; plug; action of stuffing / filling; ramrod. (n)ចំរកcɑmrɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:2955
(government) clerk, file clerk, records officer, recorder; third-in-command in a ស្រុក with special responsibility for documents (n)យោក្ប័តjoukbatKhmerHea1997:C:10476
governmental official (n)ស្រែន្យsraenKhmerHea1997:C:15220
gracefully, lithely (adv)ទន្ទេtʊənteiKhmerHea1997:C:5297
grain (of cereal) (n)ធញ្ញthoaɲɲeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:5830
grain, pit, seed; pill, tablet; bullet, projectile, bomb (n)គ្រាប់kroapKhmerHea1997:C:2300
grain, seed, nutគ្រាប់krɔ̀əpKhmerSho2006:C:1276-1
granary (n)យុងjuŋKhmerHea1997:C:10427
grandeur, greatness; size, dimension (n)មហ័ត្វmeaʔhatKhmerHea1997:C:9846
grandfather (n)ជីតាcii taaKhmerHea1997:C:3588
grandfather, ancestor (often used in the names of spirits). (n)តាtaaKhmerHea1997:C:4487
grandly, with an air of importance, arrogantly, ostentatiously (adv)ស្តាstaaKhmerHea1997:C:14678
grandly, with an air of importance, with a dapper / debonair manner (adv)ភីphiiKhmerHea1997:C:9463
grandmother (n)ជីដូនcii doonKhmerHea1997:C:3587
grandmother (n)អយ្យកាʔajjeaʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:16643
granite (n)កិណសិលាkeʔnaʔseʔlaaKhmerHea1997:C:563
grantee, grant holder, scholarship holder (n)អាហារូបករណិកʔaahaaruupaʔkɑɑreaʔnəkKhmerHea1997:C:17177
grantor, assignor (n)អនុប្បទាយីʔaʔnuppaʔtiejiiKhmerHea1997:C:16319
grass plot, lawn; glade, clearing (n)ត្រាញ់traɲKhmerHea1997:C:4958
grass, generic term for grasses and grass-like plants (n)ស្មៅsmavKhmerHea1997:C:14927
grasshopper (n)កណ្ដូបkɑndoopKhmerHea1997:C:200
grating / creaking / screeching sound (i)ង៉ឺតŋəətKhmerHea1997:C:2503
gratitude (n)កតញ្ញូគុណkaʔtaɲɲuukunKhmerHea1997:C:221
gratitude for a monk's good deeds (n)សង្ឃានុស្សតិsɑŋkhienuhsaʔteʔKhmerHea1997:C:12930
gratitude toward the Buddha (n)ពុទ្ឋានុស្សតិputthienuhsaʔteʔKhmerHea1997:C:9020
gratitude. (n)កតញ្ញុតាkaʔtaɲɲuʔtaaKhmerHea1997:C:219
gratuity, bonus, extra pay, reward (n)ធនានុគ្រោះtheaʔnienuʔkrʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:5841
great diligence / perseverance (n)មហុស្សាហៈmeaʔhohsaahaʔKhmerHea1997:C:9869
great disaster, horrible calamity (n)ព្យតោបាតpjeaʔtaobaatKhmerHea1997:C:9139
great king, king of kings, emperor (n)មហិស្សរាធិបតីmeaʔhehsaʔriethɨppaʔdəjKhmerHea1997:C:9865
great wise man, venerable scholar; epithet of the Buddha (n)ភគវន្តមុនីpheaʔkeaʔvoantaʔmuʔniiKhmerHea1997:C:9345
great-grandfather (n)បយ្យកៈpajjaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6924
green pigeon, Treron nipalensis vernaxពពូលpəpùːlKhmerSho2006:C:1766-2
green woodpecker (Picus vittatus, P. xanthopygaeus, P. erythropygius) (n)ត្រសេះtrɑsehKhmerHea1997:C:4924
green, fresh, new, young [plants, animals]ខ្ចីkhcɤjKhmerSho2006:C:47-1
greenbaj tɔɔŋKhmerHuf1971:C:2715-362-1
greeting (n)ស្វស្តិsvahsdeʔKhmerHea1997:C:15290
grey fish-pasteប្រហក??prahakKhmerSho2006:C:481-2
grilling, toasting, warming (n)អំណាំងʔɑmnaŋKhmerHea1997:C:17359
groan(ing), moan(ing), lament, supplication; murmuring; humble prayer. (n)តំអូញtɑmʔooɲKhmerHea1997:C:4754
groan, moan. (n)ងង៉េសŋɔŋeehKhmerHea1997:C:2473
groin (n)ក្រលៀនkrɑlienKhmerHea1997:C:1244
groove, slot; hole, excavation, hollow, cavity. (n)ក្រហូងkrɑhooŋKhmerHea1997:C:1283
grooving plane (n)ល្បកlbɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:11932
gropingly, blindly, without definite direction (adv)ពពើកពពើមpɔpəək - pɔpəəmKhmerHea1997:C:8747
group (esp. an informal, ad hoc group), detachment, herd, gathering, association; (with place name) native / resident of ....; squad (of 3 to 5 men); often merely conveys the idea of plurality (n)ពួកpuəkKhmerHea1997:C:9048
group (of people united by kinship or common dwelling), nuclear family, household (n)ក្រានkraanKhmerHea1997:C:1358
group / team sport (n)សហកីឡាsaʔhaʔkəjlaaKhmerHea1997:C:13481
group of consonants (n)វគ្គក្ខរៈveakkeakkhaʔraʔKhmerHea1997:C:12071
group, flock, herd (n)ហ្មូmooKhmerHea1997:C:15636
group, lump, wad, blockដុំdomKhmerSho2006:C:1344-3
group, team, council, unit, platoon; service; body (of people); administrative service (subdivision of a ក្រសួង ); corps (a ក្រុម is generally a more formal and better organized group than a ពួក​ ) (n)ក្រុមkrom, krommaʔ-KhmerHea1997:C:1386
growth, increase, progress (n)កំណើនkɑmnaənKhmerHea1997:C:808
grub, larva, caterpillar; maggot, worm (n)ដង្កូវdɑŋkəvKhmerHea1997:C:4077
grudge, revenge; rancor, spite, vindictiveness, malice (n)គំនុំkumnumKhmerHea1997:C:2184
grunting and groaning sound (i)អ្ហ៊ឹះʔhɨhKhmerHea1997:C:17452
guard, guardian, watchman (n)ឆ្មាំcmamKhmerHea1997:C:3372
guard; guarding / caring for property (n)ធនានុរក្សtheaʔnienuʔreakKhmerHea1997:C:5842
guardian angel(s) (n)ទេព្រក្សteipreakKhmerHea1997:C:5575
guardian spirit of a house (n)ជនាងផ្ទះcənieŋ pteahKhmerHea1997:C:3481
guardian; deputy (n)ឧបាទេសិកʔuʔpaateisəkKhmerHea1997:C:17715
guava (Psidium Guajava) (Originally this word designated the tree Lagerstroemia floribunda, but after the introduction of the guava it has come to mean that tree) (n)ត្របែកtrɑbaekKhmerHea1997:C:4867
guest, visitor; client (esp. of a prostitute) (n)ភ្ញៀវpɲievKhmerHea1997:C:9568
guidance, leadership; transportation, conveyance, cartage (n)ដំណឹកdɑmnəkKhmerHea1997:C:4229
guiding oneself toward the right / truth (n)ទិដ្ឋុជុកម្មtitthoʔcuʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:5400
guitar (n)គីតាkiitaaKhmerHea1997:C:2083
gulping sound (i)ឃុបkhupKhmerHea1997:C:2380
gum(s), gingiva (n)អញ្ចាញʔɑɲcaaɲKhmerHea1997:C:16013
gum, (poisonous) sapជ័រcɔ̀əKhmerSho2006:C:1601-2
gun (n)អគ្នន្យ័ស្ត្រʔaknoanjoahKhmerHea1997:C:15846
gunpowder (n)រំសេវrumseevKhmerHea1997:C:11581
gurgling / rumbling / growling sound; sound of snoring (i)គ្រកៗkrɔɔk - krɔɔkKhmerHea1997:C:2223
gymnosperms (n)អច្ឆន្នបុប្ផាណ្ឌជាតិʔacchannaʔbopphaandeaʔcietKhmerHea1997:C:15984
hail (n)ព្រឹលprɨlKhmerHea1997:C:9276
hail, long live, hurrah, viva (i)ជយោceaʔjouKhmerHea1997:C:3520
Hainan (Island). (n)ហៃណាំhaj namKhmerHea1997:C:15584
hair (n)កេសkaeh, keehKhmerHea1997:C:709
hair (of the head) (n)សក់sɑkKhmerHea1997:C:12801
hairpin (n)ពិនpɨnKhmerHea1997:C:8929
hairpin decorated with precious stones (n)សិរោមណីseeroumeaʔnəjKhmerHea1997:C:13800
Hakka (Chinese) (n)ខិកkhəkKhmerHea1997:C:1571
half a. (clf)កន្លះkɑnlahKhmerHea1997:C:365
hall, pavilion, large building, shedរោងròːŋKhmerSho2006:C:670-4
halo, circular arrangement of light or illumination emanating from the body of the Buddha (this halo had a diameter of one ព្យាម​) (n)ព្យាម​ប្បភាpjiemappaʔphieKhmerHea1997:C:9159
halt, stop (i)ថុចthocKhmerHea1997:C:5080
halt, wait (i)អ្ហ៊ែៈʔhɛʔKhmerHea1997:C:17446
halting-place, encampmentដំណាក់dɔmnak, tɔmnakKhmerSho2006:C:306-8
hammer, mallet (n)ញញួរɲɔɲuəKhmerHea1997:C:3959
hammock litter, cradleសលៀងsaliəŋKhmer [royal]Sho2006:C:701-5
hammock litter, cradleអង្រឹងʔɔŋrɯ̀ŋKhmerSho2006:C:701-1
hammock; cradle (n)អង្រឹងʔɑŋrɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:15942
hand of bananas (cl.)snətKhmerHuf1971:C:712-87-1
hand span (measurement of length from the tip of the middle finger to the tip of the thumb when hand is flat and fingers are spread, usually from seven to nine inches) (n)ចំអាមcɑmʔaamKhmerHea1997:C:3002
hand span (measurement of length from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the extended index finger) (compare ចំអាម ) (n)ទោមtoumKhmerHea1997:C:5615
hand span (n)ចង្អាមcɑŋʔaamKhmerHea1997:C:2610
hand tool; set of hand tools (n)ហត្ថូបករណ៍hatthuupaʔkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:15379
(hand) fan (n)ផ្លិតplətKhmerHea1997:C:8530
hand, armដៃdajKhmerSho2006:C:66-4
handful (of something); the hands placed together with the palms facing each other (e.g. as a salutation) (n. & clf.)កំបង់kɑmbɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:832
handle of a paddle or oar (n)ភ្នាំpnoamKhmerHea1997:C:9585
hanging down unevenly from something (as a garland) (adv)រតោងrɔtaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:10783
hanging down, droopingyārjìːəKhmerSho2006:C:1657-8
hanging on to; any object that one can hang on to; support (n)តំណោងtɑmnaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:4716
(hanging) unevenly / sloppily (as the uneven hem of a skirt) (adv)ស្តោstaoKhmerHea1997:C:14707
Hanoi (capital of Vietnam) (n)ហាណូយhaanoojKhmerHea1997:C:15427
haphazardly (adv)ច្រងេវច្រងូវcrɑŋeev - crɑŋəvKhmerHea1997:C:3064
happening; creation, birth; spontaneous generation. (n)ឧប្បត្តិកʔuppatdəkKhmerHea1997:C:17727
happiness from giving a gift (n)បត្តិទានមយៈpatteʔtieneaʔmeaʔjeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6679
happiness from receiving a gift (n)បត្តានុមោទនាមយៈpattaanuʔmouteaʔniemeaʔjeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6678
happiness, gladness, joy, rejoicing, triumph (n)អំណរʔɑmnɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:17352
happy life (n)ផាសុវិហារphaasoʔviʔhieKhmerHea1997:C:8330
hard, hard, firm, severeរឹងrɯ̀ŋKhmerSho2006:C:657-2
hardly breathing (from tension or fear) (adv)ផ្អឹះៗpʔəh - pʔəhKhmerHea1997:C:8605
hardship; oppression; severity; calamity (n)ទុរកម្មtuʔreaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:5495
hare, rabbit (prob. Lepus peguensis) (n)ទន្សាយtʊənsaajKhmerHea1997:C:5313
harness; harnessing (n)អស្សាភរណ៍ʔahsaateaʔnəjKhmerHea1997:C:16843
harpoon, fish spear (n)តាវាំងtaa vaŋKhmerHea1997:C:4508
harrow, rake (n)រនាស់rɔnoahKhmerHea1997:C:10816
harshly, loudly (adv)ខ្ជាំងៗkceaŋ - kceaŋKhmerHea1997:C:1678
harvest (v.)croutKhmerHuf1971:C:2786-374-1
harvest, crops; produce (n)ផលានុផលphaʔlaanuʔphɑlKhmerHea1997:C:8305
harvester (n)លាវកlievʊək, lieveaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:11721
hastily, hurriedly, in a hurry / panic (adv)ឆ្លេឆ្លាclee-claaKhmerHea1997:C:3389
hat worn by Muslims, turban, fez; garrison cap (n)កន្តឹបkɑntəpKhmerHea1997:C:245
have, existmiənKhmerHuf1971:C:2809-378-1
having a bad smell (referring to body odor) (adj)ក្តឹះkdəhKhmerHea1997:C:1067
having a burned or scorched smell, to smell burnt / as if on fire (adj)ឈ្ងៀមcŋiemKhmerHea1997:C:3891
having a dry throat, limpsoḥsɔhKhmerSho2006:C:2086-1
having a small opening / orifice / slot; to be small, round and tube-shaped (as the pursed lips) (adj)ក្រហួចkrɑhuəcKhmerHea1997:C:1285
having developed ahead of time; to be larger than normal, overgrown (adj)ដំឡោកdɑmlaokKhmerHea1997:C:4304
having no grain (e.g. as an ear of corn); to be rough / crude (of speech) (adj)ស្គោតស្គៀតskout - skietKhmerHea1997:C:14634
hawk, falcon, kite, any of various hawk-like birds of the family Accipitridae (n)រអាតrɔʔaatKhmerHea1997:C:11221
hazily, unclearly, indistinctly (adv)ស្ទុងstuŋKhmerHea1997:C:14750
haziness, nebulosity; obscurity (n)អព្ភបរិមាណʔappheaʔpaʔreʔmaanKhmerHea1997:C:16552
he / him / his, she / her; they / them / their (formal / polite 3rd person pronoun); you / your (intimate) (pron)គាត់koatKhmerHea1997:C:2054
head (n)ត្បូងtbooŋKhmerHea1997:C:4779
head / peg box (of the sayedovor ចាប៉ី guitar-like stringed instruments) which has the shape of a naga (n)បង្គានbɑŋkienKhmerHea1997:C:6370
head ; crest; summit, top, end; comb (of a rooster) (n)សិរseeKhmerHea1997:C:13790
health center, infirmary, clinic (n)គិលានុបដ្ឋានkilienuʔpatthaanKhmerHea1997:C:2078
health, well-being (n)សុខាsoʔkhaaKhmerHea1997:C:13887
heap, moundពំនូកbɔmnoːkKhmerSho2006:C:350-7
hearing distance (n)សវនូបចារsaʔvaʔnoopaʔcaaKhmerHea1997:C:13420
heart (of a fish) (n)តើកtaəkKhmerHea1997:C:4631
heart ; soul (n)បេះដូងbeh dooŋKhmerHea1997:C:7663
heart, mind, feelings, will (n)ទ័យtejKhmerHea1997:C:5324
heart, mindcətKhmerHuf1971:C:2855-383-1
heart; chest (n)ហទយhaʔtej, haʔteaʔjeaʔ-KhmerHea1997:C:15380
hearth, base for a fireplace (n)ទំពាន់tumpoanKhmerHea1997:C:5666
hearthcəəŋ kraanKhmerHuf1971:C:2861-384-1
heat and cold (n)សីតុណ្ហsəjtonhaʔKhmerHea1997:C:13828
heaven (n)សួគ៌ាល័យsuəkielajKhmerHea1997:C:14099
heavily (of falling); speedily; with all one's strength (of jumping) (adv)សង់គោលsɑŋ koulKhmerHea1997:C:12845
heddle (on a loom) [plate 1] (n)តង្ករtɑŋkɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:4428
heel (of the foot) (n)ចង្កោយcɑŋkaojKhmerHea1997:C:2580
height, elevation, altitude; stature; loftiness (e.g. of feelings); level (n)កំពស់kɑmpʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:898
helicopter (formal; more common terms are អេលីកូ, កន្ទុំរុយ ) (n)ឧទ្ឋម្ភាគចក្រʔutthoamphiekeaʔcakKhmerHea1997:C:17613
hello there, here I am (usually shouted out to someone from a distance) (i)កូ៎កkookKhmerHea1997:C:649
help, assistance (n)អនុគ្គហធម៌ʔaʔnukkeaʔhaʔthoaKhmerHea1997:C:16268
helter-skelter, impetuously, in a mad rush (adv)តក់ក្រហល់tɑk krɑhɑlKhmerHea1997:C:4417
helter-skelter, in disorder / confusion, in a straggling or uncoordinated manner. (adv)រប៉ាត់រប៉ាយrɔpat - rɔpaajKhmerHea1997:C:10850
helter-sketter, in all directions, scattered and mixed up, in scattered outbreaks (describing a crowd where scattered fights break out) (adv)ប្រសេចប្រសាចprɑsəc - prɑsaacKhmerHea1997:C:8083
hem of the sampot (Cambodian skirt) rolled together and passed back between the legs where it is tucked in. (n)ក្បិនkbənKhmerHea1997:C:1097
herbivore (n)តិណាហារសត្វteʔnaahaaraʔsatKhmerHea1997:C:4565
herdsman, guardian, guard, keeper (n)គង្វាលkʊəŋvielKhmerHea1997:C:1982
here (adv)ណេះnehKhmerHea1997:C:4408
here and there, all over the place (adv)ងងើកŋɔŋəəkKhmerHea1997:C:2471
here and there; now here now there, haphazardly, in a disorganized / disorderly manner (adv)រហេតរហូតrɔheet - rɔhootKhmerHea1997:C:11181
here, over here, on this side. (adv)អាយʔaajKhmerHea1997:C:17047
heresy (n)អញ្ញទិដ្ឋិʔaɲɲatittheʔKhmerHea1997:C:16035
heritage, inheritance, legacy, heirloom; estate; personal secret (n)កេរkeeKhmerHea1997:C:704
heron (Ardea sp.) (n)ក្រសារkrɑsaaKhmerHea1997:C:1267
heron, egretកុកkokKhmerSho2006:C:280-1
herpes, shingles (n)រើមrəəmKhmerHea1997:C:11411
hesitantly, in a stammering or halting manner (adv)ទាក់ៗteak - teakKhmerHea1997:C:5350
hesitantly, slowly, stealthily (adv)វើមៗvəəm - vəəmKhmerHea1997:C:12687
hesitantly, uncertainly. (adv)ទីមទាមtiim - tiemKhmerHea1997:C:5450
hesitantly, with difficulty, in a stammering manner; unevenly (adv)រតិបរតុបrɔtəp - rɔtopKhmerHea1997:C:10772
hesitantly; in a tongue-tied / stammering manner (adv)តតាក់តតុបtɑtak - tɑtopKhmerHea1997:C:4437
hesitation (n)សំទាក់សំទើរsɑmteak - sɑmtəəKhmerHea1997:C:14394
heterodoxy (n)អញ្ញប្បដិបត្តិʔaɲɲappaʔdeʔpatKhmerHea1997:C:16037
heterotrophe. (n)បរជីបpaʔraʔciipKhmerHea1997:C:6929
hey (exclamation used by older people or people of higher status to warn or attract the attention of younger people or people of lower status) (i)នែអ្ហឺnɛɛ ʔəɨKhmerHea1997:C:6274
hey (exclamation used to attract someone's attention or to express surprise, wonder or amazement) (i)ណែ៎naeKhmerHea1997:C:4391
hey (interjection used to attract someone's attention; it is rather abrupt and is used only with people of lower status or children) (i)ហឺយhəəjKhmerHea1997:C:15498
hey you (i)ហៃhajKhmerHea1997:C:15583
hey! come (on!), let's ... (informal; ម៏ is a spoken variant of មក់ if used when speaking to a person of a higher status it would be very rude and abrupt) (i)ម៏mɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:9640
hey, hello, testing (exclamation used to attract someone's attention; also used when testing a loudspeaker system) (i)អំភោʔɑmphouKhmerHea1997:C:17407
hey, listen, see there (exclamation used among friends or to people younger than the speaker to warn or attract attention); um, uh (exclamation used when one is searching for the correct word) (i)នែnɛɛ, nɛʔ, naeKhmerHea1997:C:6273
hey, really, so, it's like that (i)ហ៊ឺៈhɨʔKhmerHea1997:C:15494
hey, watch out (as a warning of close danger or signal of alarm) (i)យូយjuujKhmerHea1997:C:10450
hey, watch out, don't do that, keep away, exclamation of warning or to attract someone's attention (i)អ្ហា៎ʔhaaKhmerHea1997:C:17438
hey; particle used to attract attention (intimate) (i)វ៉ឺយvəɨjKhmerHea1997:C:12665
Hibiscus rosa-sinensiscpācbaːKhmerSho2006:C:1646-2
hidden wealth, buried treasure, something buried, cache (n)កំណប់kɑmnɑpKhmerHea1997:C:794
hide (intr.)puənKhmerHuf1971:C:2906-390-1
hide (tr.)lèəʔKhmerHuf1971:C:2896-389-1
hiding place, shelter, cover; nook, tight corner; the space behind an open door; the area of a fold or joint on the human body (n)កន្លៀតkɑnlietKhmerHea1997:C:359
high / raised bed; specif. the avoidance of sleeping on a raised bed (one of the Eight or Ten Precepts for Buddhist monks and nuns) (n)ឧច្ចាសយនៈʔuccaasaʔjaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17548
high ladder made of a single pole with crosspieces attached for climbing tall trees, scaffolding (n)បង្អោងbɑŋʔaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:6463
high water; flood, inundation (n)ជំនន់cumnʊənKhmerHea1997:C:3701
highly decorated pack saddle of a royal war elephant (n)គជាធារkʊəcciethieKhmerHea1997:C:1986
hill / high ground in the midst of low ground that is subject to flooding (n)រលាំងrɔleaŋKhmerHea1997:C:11055
hill on flat plainក្រាំងkraŋKhmerSho2006:C:676-3
hill, high ground (n)ទ្រនួលtrɔnuəlKhmerHea1997:C:5727
hill, knoll, small mound turned up by earthworms (n)ត្រោកtraokKhmerHea1997:C:5011
hill, mound, knollទួលtùːəlKhmerSho2006:C:1738-13
hillock, mound, anthillដំបូកdɔmboːkKhmerSho2006:C:350-5
Hindu, Indian (n)ឥណ្ឌូʔənduuKhmerHea1997:C:17472
hip (n)សុសោណីsoʔsaonəjKhmerHea1997:C:14052
hip(s), haunch, side of the body below hip bone (n)ត្រគាកtrɑkiekKhmerHea1997:C:4805
hip; waist; narrow part of something; middle (n)ចង្កេះcɑŋkehKhmerHea1997:C:2584
history, chronicle, record of events (n)ពង្សាវតារpʊəŋsaaveaʔdaaKhmerHea1997:C:8657
hit (with fists)dɑl, dəlKhmerHuf1971:C:2948-395-1
hit (with stick)wajKhmerHuf1971:C:2934-394-1
HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) (n)ហ៊ីវhiivKhmerHea1997:C:15483
hoarse sound, whisper (i)ខ្សាវksaavKhmerHea1997:C:1902
hoarsely (adv)ខ្សាបksaapKhmerHea1997:C:1900
hoarsely, in whispers / murmurs (adv)ខ្សាវៗksaav - ksaavKhmerHea1997:C:1903
hog butcher (n)សូករិកsookaʔrək, sookaʔreʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:14066
holder, stand, support (n)ក្នាន់knanKhmerHea1997:C:1079
hole (cavity)runKhmerHuf1971:C:2967-398-1
hole (cavity)ruuŋKhmerHuf1971:C:2968-398-2
hole (esp. in a body of water where fish congregate) (n)ម្លុងmluŋKhmerHea1997:C:10297
hole (in the ground), cavity, depression, ditch; excavation; cave; groove. (n)រណ្ដៅrʊəndavKhmerHea1997:C:10754
hole (perforation)prɑhaoŋKhmerHuf1971:C:2977-399-1
hole in stream-bedអន្លង់ʔɔnlùəŋKhmerSho2006:C:724-12
hole which has been dug in the ground. (n)ចំណូកcɑmnookKhmerHea1997:C:2896
hole, cave, burrow, tunnel. (n)រូងruuŋKhmerHea1997:C:11378
hole, opening, orifice; interval, hollow. (n)ប្រហោងprɑhaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:8104
hole, opening, slot, mortise; recess (n)ដំណាប់dɑmnapKhmerHea1997:C:4224
hole, pit; pot-hole; cave; bottom of a gully or depression. (n)ជង្ហុកcʊəŋhukKhmerHea1997:C:3437
hole; cave; well (n)អវាដʔaʔvaatKhmerHea1997:C:16740
Holland. (n)ហុឡង់ដ៍hoolɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:15517
hollow sound of two empty containers striking one another (i)ភូសphuuhKhmerHea1997:C:9503
hollow, cave, den; to hollow outរូងrùːŋKhmerSho2006:C:666-8
hollow, depression, puddle (n)ប្រឡង់prɑlɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:8107
homeland, native land; hometown, birthplace (n)ស្វទេសsvaʔteehKhmerHea1997:C:15284
homonym (n)កល្បសព្ទkɑlpaʔsapKhmerHea1997:C:416
honeytɨk kmumKhmerHuf1971:C:2983-400-1
Hong Kong (n)ហុងកុងhoŋ koŋKhmerHea1997:C:15503
honorific initiating verb used when the subject of the verb is a member of the royalty or has a very high status; honorific particle used preceding names of royalty or pronouns referring to royalty (initverb)ទ្រង់trʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:5708
honorific title used by a lay person to address a monk who is a close friend or relative (n)ជីតុនcii tonKhmerHea1997:C:3589
honorific words added to the end of an official title in formal letters (n)គោរមងារkourumŋiaKhmerHea1997:C:2158
hood (of a snake, esp. a cobra) (n)ពពារpɔpieKhmerHea1997:C:8733
hoodlum, bad person, gangster (n)យូកូងjuu kooŋKhmerHea1997:C:10446
hook (e.g. latch hook, fishhook); ring in which to hook or tie something (n)ស្រយូវsrɑjəvKhmerHea1997:C:15060
hook (n)ទំពក់tumpʊəkKhmerHea1997:C:5663
hook (v.)tpuəʔKhmerHuf1971:C:2990-401-1
hook made of antler or horn (it is attached to the end of the lariat used in capturing wild elephants) (n)ក្រងាវkrɑŋaavKhmerHea1997:C:1134
hook, crook, hooked stick for picking fruitទំពក់tùmpùək, tɔmpùəkKhmerSho2006:C:375-4
hook, gaff; curette; any instrument for picking / probing / digging; specif. wire bent into a hook at one end, used to catch frogs in their holes (n)កង្វារkɑŋvaaKhmerHea1997:C:79
hook, gaff; punting pole (n)ថ្នោលtnaolKhmerHea1997:C:5158
hook, pole with a hook at one end (used esp. for picking fruit); proboscis (of insects) (n)ដង្កាវdɑŋkaavKhmerHea1997:C:4076
hooked, hook-shapedក្ងក់khŋɔkKhmerSho2006:C:286-6
hooligan; person who is an expert with swords (may have a bad connotation, i.e. a bandit who is an expert swordsman) (n)ហួម៉ៃhuə majKhmerHea1997:C:15528
hoop-net, bird trap (n)លប់lupKhmerHea1997:C:11668
horizontal wooden framework around the wheels of a Cambodian oxcart [plate 3] (n)ប្រែកpraek, prɛɛkKhmerHea1997:C:8224
horn (animal)snaeŋKhmerHuf1971:C:3003-402-1
hornbill (prob. Rhyticeros undulatus) (n)កេងកងkeeŋ kɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:697
hornet, wasp (n)ញាំងɲeaŋKhmerHea1997:C:4050
hornet, wasp (n)តាហ៊រtaa hɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:4509
horse (n)អស្វ​ʔahsvaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16827
horse (n)អស្សតរʔahsaʔdɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:16835
horse (n)អស្សពាហ៍ʔahsaʔpieKhmerHea1997:C:16837
horse (the 7th year of the 12 year cycle) (n)មមីmɔmiiKhmerHea1997:C:9795
horse rider; cavalryman (n)ហយិនhaʔjinKhmerHea1997:C:15394
horseback rider; horseback riding (n)អស្វារោហៈʔahsvaarouhaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16830
horsefly (n)របោមrɔbaomKhmerHea1997:C:10894
horsefly (n)ល្បោមlbaomKhmerHea1997:C:11956
hospitality (n)សណ្ឋារកិច្ចsɑnthaaraʔkəcKhmerHea1997:C:13028
hot (spicy)hərKhmerHuf1971:C:3014-405-1
hot season in the solar calendar (lasting from March 21 to June 21); spring (n)និទាឃៈniʔtiekheaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6122
hot water (n)ឧណ្ហោទកʔunhaoteaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17563
hot, pepperyhörhaəKhmerSho2006:C:1684-3
hour, time of day; clock (n)ម៉ោងmaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:10180
house (classifier)knɑɑŋKhmerHuf1971:C:3027-409-1
house / building in the forest (n)អរញ្ញាវាសʔaʔraɲɲaavaahKhmerHea1997:C:16654
house of refuge, charitable institution (n)សមាវសថាគារsaʔmaaveaʔsaʔthaakieKhmerHea1997:C:13240
(house) painter; dyer (of cloth) (n)រជកreaʔcʊək, reaʔceaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:10647
house, residence; building; shop, store; establishment. (n)ផ្ទះpteahKhmerHea1997:C:8499
housemaid, female servant; concubine; (n)សាវជៃsaav cejKhmerHea1997:C:13687
how many/muchpon maanKhmerHuf1971:C:3060-412-1
how much, how many (adv)ប្លាblaaKhmerHea1997:C:8248
how much, how many. (num)ប៉ុន្មានponmaanKhmerHea1997:C:7316
how, whyməcKhmerHuf1971:C:3032-410-1
howdah (roofed seat carried on the back of an elephant) (n)កូបkoopKhmerHea1997:C:657
however, to whatever extent, how(ever) many, how(ever) much (adv)ប៉ុណ្ណាponnaaKhmerHea1997:C:7278
howjaaŋ məcKhmerHuf1971:C:3047-411-1
Hue (ancient city in Central Vietnam; imperial capital of Annam) (n)ហ្វេveeKhmerHea1997:C:15662
human being (represents the colloquial pronunciation of មនុស្ស ) (n)ម្នឹសmnɨhKhmerHea1997:C:10257
human being, person (n)នរូnɔruuKhmerHea1997:C:6022
human body (n)កាយិន្ទ្រិយkaajɨntriiKhmerHea1997:C:502
human faults and frailties, human defects (n)បុរិសទោសboʔrihsaʔtouhKhmerHea1997:C:7337
humanitarian (n)ជនូបត្ថម្ភកceaʔnuupatthamphʊək, ceaʔnuupat-thammeaʔpheaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:3491
humility (n)នតិភាពneaʔteʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:5988
humility, submissiveness; honesty, artlessness; simplicity; gentleness, tenderness, docility; righteousness (n)សំឡូតsɑmlootKhmerHea1997:C:14553
humorous dialogue consisting of a series of questions and answers usually sung by a man and a woman; kind of theatrical piece somewhat similar to an operetta (n)អាយ៉ៃʔaajajKhmerHea1997:C:17066
hump, protuberanceពោងpòːŋKhmerSho2006:C:108-6
hump; lump, knob, bump; goiter; lobe (of the brain). (n)កំពកkɑmpɔɔkKhmerHea1997:C:892
humpដំបូក ??dɔmboːk kòːKhmerSho2006:C:350-6
hunchback, humpback (n)គំនមkumnɔɔmKhmerHea1997:C:2171
hundred (num)រយrɔɔjKhmerHea1997:C:10965
hunger, starvation; violent desire (for something) (n)គំលានkumlienKhmerHea1997:C:2206
hunt forrɔɔkKhmerHuf1971:C:3118-419-1
hunter (n)ប្រមាញ់prɑmaɲKhmerHea1997:C:7990
huntbɑɑ baɲKhmerHuf1971:C:3105-417-1
hurriedly, hastily, in a fast-talking manner, over and over quickly. (adv)ឡប់ៗlɑp - lɑpKhmerHea1997:C:15691
hurriedly. (adv)តះtahKhmerHea1997:C:4761
husked riceʼaṅkarʔɔŋkɔːKhmerSho2006:C:1820-8
hut, cottage; kiosk, stand, stall; pavilion; small shrine; (n)តូបtoopKhmerHea1997:C:4621
hut, shelterខ្ទមkhtɔ̀ːm (and khtùm)KhmerSho2006:C:1359-3
hydroelectricity (n)ជលាគ្គិសនីceaʔliekkihsniiKhmerHea1997:C:3528
hygiene, sanitation; health (n)អនាមយʔaʔnaamajKhmerHea1997:C:16223
I / me / my (Cham 1st person singular polite pronoun; used in stories and plays to indicate that a Cham is speaking) (pron)ឡិនlənKhmerHea1997:C:15718
I / me / my (intimate, addressing close friends or those younger or equal in age, status, or position) (pron)អញʔaɲKhmerHea1997:C:16009
I / me / my (male speaking to respected persons, persons of higher status / rank) (pron)ខ្មាតkmaatKhmerHea1997:C:1791
I / me / my (pron)ញ៉ុមɲomKhmerHea1997:C:4012
I / me / my (pron)អាចក្តីʔaac kdəjKhmerHea1997:C:16916
I / me / my (replaces ខ្លួន in compounds such as ខ្លួនអញ and ខ្លួនឯង​) (pron)អាត្មាʔaatmaaKhmerHea1997:C:16957
I / me / my (used by Buddhist monks addressing laymen; Surin dial. var. of អាត្មា ) (pron)ត្មាtmaaKhmerHea1997:C:4782
I / me / my (younger brother, younger sister, sweetheart or wife--about themselves); you / your (intimate or familiar address form for younger sibling, for one's wife or girl friend, or for a close friend who is younger) (pron)អូនʔoonKhmerHea1997:C:17279
I / me / my ; (pron)ខ្ញុំkɲomKhmerHea1997:C:1703
ice, snow, frost (n)ហិមានីheʔmaaniiKhmerHea1997:C:15465
idler, loafer, good for nothing; person without a definite occupation (n)អកម្មិកជនʔaʔkammiʔkaʔcʊənKhmerHea1997:C:15791
idly, aimlessly (of a gait) (adv)អន្ត្រតʔɑntrɑɑtKhmerHea1997:C:16428
if, if only, in case of (conj)ប្រសិនprɑsənKhmerHea1997:C:8077
if, in case of, probably, sometimes (conj)មរកល់mɔrəkɑlKhmerHea1997:C:9820
if, may be; although (conj)បើbaəKhmerHea1997:C:7415
ill-omened, unlucky; bad luckចង្រៃcɔŋrayKhmerSho2006:C:168-4
illiterate person (n)អនក្ខរជនʔaʔnakkhaʔraʔcʊənKhmerHea1997:C:16185
illumination, brightness, (ray / flash of) light. (n)ពន្លឺpʊənlɨɨKhmerHea1997:C:8706
immature flowers of rice (swollen but still contained within spathes). (n)បង្ហើមbɑŋhaəmKhmerHea1997:C:6426
immediately, at once, right away (adv)ភ្លាមpliemKhmerHea1997:C:9601
immobility, stillness, tranquility. (n)អចលនៈʔaʔcaʔlaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:15962
impatience, uncontrolled anger, lack of restraint; unforgivingness (n)អក្ខន្តីʔakkhantəjKhmerHea1997:C:15807
impetuously, headlong, quickly, in a scurrying manner (as a small animal when frightened); taking effect quickly (of hot spices) (adv)ញ៉ិលɲəlKhmerHea1997:C:3997
importer (n)អាហារិនʔaahaarɨnKhmerHea1997:C:17175
impunity (n)និទ្ទណ្ឌភាពnittoandeaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:6125
in a babbling / chattering manner (as that of many people all talking at the same time) (adv)រញ៉rɔɲɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:10664
in a babbling, nonsensical manner (adv)ប៉ប៉ា្លញpɑplaaɲKhmerHea1997:C:6858
in a bewildered / half-awake manner (adv)ស្រមើងsrɑmaəŋKhmerHea1997:C:15042
in a bobbing / rocking / tottering manner. (adv)ប្លេងប្លោងpleeŋ - plaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:8277
in a bobbing up and down manner (adv)ប៉ផ្តិតប៉ផ្តូងpɑptət - pɑptooŋKhmerHea1997:C:6890
in a bouncing manner, moving up and down (adv)ប៉ផ្ងាក់ប៉ផ្ងើកpɑpŋak - pɑpŋaəkKhmerHea1997:C:6883
in a bouncing manner, with frequent bending and straightening up, with repeated bows (adv)ផ្តិតផ្តូងptət - ptooŋKhmerHea1997:C:8439
in a bouncing up and down manner (adv)ផ្ងើកៗpŋaək - pŋaəkKhmerHea1997:C:8406
in a broken and drooping manner (of a tree or branch) (adv)ស្រយាកsrɑjaakKhmerHea1997:C:15055
in a bubbling up manner (e.g. as boiling water or porridge) (adv)ពភលpɔphɔɔlKhmerHea1997:C:8783
in a bulging / protruding manner (of the erect penis) (adv)ភ្លែលplɛɛlKhmerHea1997:C:9632
in a burrowing manner (as an insect darting into a hiding place or a baby snuggling down under a blanket) (adv)រសុលrɔsolKhmerHea1997:C:11124
in a circle, going round (in circles) (adv)ឆ្វៀលcvielKhmerHea1997:C:3406
in a completely nonplussed manner; stupidly (adv)ច្រកក់crɑkɑkKhmerHea1997:C:3049
in a constantly complaining / scolding manner (adv)រង៉ែរង៉ូវrɔŋae - rɔŋəvKhmerHea1997:C:10602
in a constantly drizzling / continuously flowing manner (adv)ពព្រិចpɔprɨcKhmerHea1997:C:8762
in a constantly moving / squirming manner, actively (adv)រវើកrɔvəəkKhmerHea1997:C:11085
in a constantly slowly flowing or seeping manner (adv)រហាមrɔhaamKhmerHea1997:C:11155
in a constantly trembling / shaking / jerking manner (adv)ពព្រាក់ពព្រើតpɔpreak - pɔprəətKhmerHea1997:C:8758
in a continuously oozing / trickling / dripping / drizzling manner (adv)សស្រិចsɑsrəcKhmerHea1997:C:13452
in a cowering manner, timidly, obsequiously, furtively (adv)ញ៉បៗɲɑɑp - ɲɑɑpKhmerHea1997:C:3969
in a crowd, in a heapដុមដុម??domdomKhmerSho2006:C:1344-7
in a crush, in disorder (a.w: ជ្រហឹតជ្រហម ) (adv)ជ្រហិតជ្រហមcrɔhɨt - crɔhɔɔmKhmerHea1997:C:3805
in a curled-up manner (adv)គ្រវៀនkrɔvienKhmerHea1997:C:2271
in a daze, in a stupefied manner (as a person awakened from a deep sleep) (adv)សើងមម៉ើងsaəŋ - mɔmaəŋKhmerHea1997:C:14122
in a disorderly / unorganized manner, hurriedly (but not getting anywhere), headlong (in all directions); vigorously, energetically (adv)ឆ្លាclaaKhmerHea1997:C:3375
in a disorderly and drooping manner (adv)ប្រណែងប្រណោងprɑnaeŋ - prɑnaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:7815
in a disorderly crowd, helter-skelter (adv)រទីសរទាសrɔtiih - rɔtiehKhmerHea1997:C:10798
in a drawn-out / droning manner. (adv)រអឺតrɔʔəɨtKhmerHea1997:C:11228
in a dribble, in a small amount. (adv)ច្រចៗcrɑɑc - crɑɑcKhmerHea1997:C:3069
in a drizzling / slowly dripping manner (adv)ស្រិចៗsrəc - srəcKhmerHea1997:C:15168
in a dumbfounded manner, in a completely nonplussed manner, in a daze (adv)ច្រងាំងcrɑŋaŋKhmerHea1997:C:3067
in a fine mist (of rain falling); growing fine and sparsely (of hair) (adv)ព្រុយៗpruj - prujKhmerHea1997:C:9285
in a firmly supported manner, sturdily braced (adv)សង់ជ្រោងsɑŋ crouŋKhmerHea1997:C:12846
in a flash, instantly. (adv)ប្រិចprəcKhmerHea1997:C:8164
in a flickering manner (as a flame) (adv)ពភ្លែតpɔplɛɛtKhmerHea1997:C:8810
in a fluttering manner (as leaves fluttering in the wind or floating in the water) (adv)រប៉ោយ(ៗ)rɔpaoj (-rɔpaoj)KhmerHea1997:C:10897
in a fluttering, loosely swinging, or dangling manner (adv)តោករខាកtaok - rɔkhaakKhmerHea1997:C:4682
in a frustrated manner as a result of getting stuck in an argument or as a result of boredom (adv)អេះអុះʔeh - ʔohKhmerHea1997:C:17431
in a gasping manner (adv)ម្ហបៗmhɑɑp - mhɑɑpKhmerHea1997:C:10309
in a gently bubbling / boiling manner; in a wiggling / squirming manner (as many maggots in a piece of rotten meat) (adv)គ្រិចៗkrɨc - krɨcKhmerHea1997:C:2308
in a gradually decreasing manner (adv)របោយ(ៗ)rɔbaoj (- rɔbaoj)KhmerHea1997:C:10896
in a gradually increasing / more intense manner (esp. describes a panicky feeling which grows ever more intense) (adv)ស្រឺតៗsrəɨt - srəɨtKhmerHea1997:C:15186
in a gradually sinking / weakening manner; (appearing) gradually; losing money gradually (of a business) (adv)ស្រិមsrəmKhmerHea1997:C:15173
in a hasty / superficial manner, not quite, not very thoroughly, slightly, almost (adv)ព្រួលៗpruəl - pruəlKhmerHea1997:C:9300
in a hobbling manner, in a jerky manner (of a person's gait) (adv)ទទ្រតtɔtrɔɔtKhmerHea1997:C:5266
in a hopping manner (like a frog) (adv)ប៉ប្លោតpɑplaotKhmerHea1997:C:6869
in a hurry / rush, hurriedly, hastily. (adv)ម្នីម្នាmnii - mnieKhmerHea1997:C:10256
in a hurry to, quick to. (initverb)រវៀសrɔviehKhmerHea1997:C:11091
in a jerky / suddenly slipping manner (of walking, running etc.) (adv)តើតៗtaət - taətKhmerHea1997:C:4633
in a light but continuous manner (of rain falling), drizzlingly (adv)ប៉ប្រុយpɑprojKhmerHea1997:C:6841
in a loping manner, in a leaping manner; with long strides (adv)ផ្នាលៗpnaal - pnaalKhmerHea1997:C:8506
in a lumbering manner (adv)អន្ទ្រតʔɑntrɔɔtKhmerHea1997:C:16453
in a mumbling manner (when talking to oneself) (adv)រង៉ូវrɔŋəvKhmerHea1997:C:10592
in a nodding manner (as an old person) (adv)ងងក់ŋɔŋʊəkKhmerHea1997:C:2460
in a palsied or trembling manner (adv)រញីរញ័រrɔɲii - rɔɲoaKhmerHea1997:C:10678
in a protruding / jutting out manner, partially, precariously (e.g. something trembling on the brink of a hole) (adv)ស្ប៊ឹមspəmKhmerHea1997:C:14830
in a reeling / staggering manner; in a limping manner (adv)ប៉ិនប៉ាន់pən - panKhmerHea1997:C:7227
in a repeated and obvious manner (vulgar; refers to the penis becoming erect and showing through the clothing) (adv)ពភ្លែលpɔplɛɛlKhmerHea1997:C:8811
in a roaming / loitering manner (adv)រវ៉ើកrɔvaəkKhmerHea1997:C:11086
in a roaming / wandering manner (as a vagrant); back and forth (adv)សស្លើតsɑslaətKhmerHea1997:C:13469
in a rocking / swinging manner, in a trembling / shaky manner, with jerky movements (adv)ទទ្រើតtɔtrəətKhmerHea1997:C:5275
in a rocking manner; in a staggering manner (adv)រំប៉ើកrumbaəkKhmerHea1997:C:11522
in a scrabbling manner (as a small insect crawling) (adv)រសេវរសាវrɔseev - rɔsaavKhmerHea1997:C:11131
in a scrambling manner, fighting with one another (adv)រញ៉ីrɔɲəjKhmerHea1997:C:10677
in a severely stammering / stuttering manner (adv)ឡិបឡុបləp - lopKhmerHea1997:C:15719
in a severely throbbing manner (adv)ខ្ទើតៗktəət - ktəətKhmerHea1997:C:1728
in a severely throbbing manner (used with ចាប់ and ឈឺ​) (adv)ខ្ទោកៗktouk - ktoukKhmerHea1997:C:1733
in a shapeless, dirty, and vaguely menacing heap (describes some vague form sitting or standing which appears to be unkempt and menacing) (adv)ស្រខូវsrɑkhəvKhmerHea1997:C:14949
in a single roar (as a crowd shouting in unison at a sporting event) (adv)ក្រេវkreevKhmerHea1997:C:1408
in a skipping / hopping manner (adv)អញ្ឆើលʔɑɲchaəlKhmerHea1997:C:16023
in a slanting / oblique position (adv)ថ្ងូវtŋəvKhmerHea1997:C:5137
in a slippery manner (adv)ប៉ប្លូចpɑploocKhmerHea1997:C:6865
in a slipshod manner, carelessly; little by little, drop by drop (adv)តេះតោះteh - tɑhKhmerHea1997:C:4766
in a sloppy / messy dribbling manner (esp. of nasal secretions or saliva); in a bouncing and panting manner (describes the manner of someone running with the tongue hanging out) (adv)រឡាក់rɔlakKhmerHea1997:C:11197
in a slow stalking manner (adv)រទោងៗrɔtouŋ - rɔtouŋKhmerHea1997:C:10804
in a slowly dragging / shuffling manner; in an exhausted / worn out manner; with great difficulty (of breathing) (adv)ម្លឺតៗmləɨt - mləɨtKhmerHea1997:C:10296
in a slowly falling manner at a great distance (adv)ស្រយឺលsrɑjəɨlKhmerHea1997:C:15058
in a slowly opening and closing manner; in a sobbing manner (adv)ម្រីកៗmriik - mriikKhmerHea1997:C:10274
in a slowly plodding and sidling manner (as a turtle or crab) (adv)រគើមrɔkəəmKhmerHea1997:C:10558
in a solitary or lonely manner. (adv)ម៉ង់ៗmɑŋ - mɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:9670
in a staggering / unsteady / shaky / rocking manner (as the walk of a drunken person) (adv)ទទ្រេតទទ្រោតtɔtreit - tɔtroutKhmerHea1997:C:5276
in a stammering / stuttering / tongue-tied manner (adv)តាដិតtaa dətKhmerHea1997:C:4498
in a struggling manner, with great difficulty (adv)ទទ្រីបទទ្រាបtɔtriip - tɔtriepKhmerHea1997:C:5271
in a struggling manner; in a scurrying manner (adv)ឡះlahKhmerHea1997:C:15776
in a struggling manner; straining with great effort (as oxen straining to pull a heavy load) (adv)ប៉ផ្អឺបpɑpʔəɨpKhmerHea1997:C:6894
in a suddenly emerging manner; unexpectedly, suddenly (adv)ប៉ឺមpəɨmKhmerHea1997:C:7255
in a surging manner, in an uproar (adv)រជោរrɔcouKhmerHea1997:C:10656
in a swift dash, in a bouncing / springing manner (referring to the actions of a happy person) (adv)សស្រ៊ាសsɑsriehKhmerHea1997:C:13450
in a thickly tangled / tightly knotted manner. (adv)ស្រមូលsrɑmoolKhmerHea1997:C:15039
in a thin superficial layer, lightly on the surface; briefly, not thoroughly (adv)សើsaəKhmerHea1997:C:14108
in a thrashing / jerking manner (adv)ខ្ញិលៗkɲəl - kɲəlKhmerHea1997:C:1688
in a thrashing about manner (as a bird trying to escape from a net) (adv)រញ៉ិលrɔɲəlKhmerHea1997:C:10675
in a throng, in a crowd, as a group, all together. (adv)ត្រសងtrɑsɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:4902
in a trembling / shaking / unsteady manner (esp. of walking) (adv)ប៉ប៉ាក់ប៉ប៉ើកpɑpak - pɑpaəkKhmerHea1997:C:6804
in a trembling or violently shaking manner; back and forth or up and down frequently (adv)តះៗtah - tahKhmerHea1997:C:4762
in a trickling manner, in a fluttering manner (adv)រហិចrɔhəcKhmerHea1997:C:11160
in a twitching / jerking manner (adv)រវីកវើកៗrɔviik - vəək vəəkKhmerHea1997:C:11077
in a twitching / pulsating manner; sporadically (adv)ព្រើតៗprəət - prəətKhmerHea1997:C:9303
in a very scattered mannerរសាចrəsaːcKhmerSho2006:C:872-19
in a waddling manner (adv)តិញតុញtəɲ - toɲKhmerHea1997:C:4560
in a waddling manner (like a duck walking); in a squatting position (adv)តេបតាបteep - taapKhmerHea1997:C:4657
in a wagging / swishing manner; in a rocking / swinging / back and forth motion; frantically (adv)រវិចrɔvɨcKhmerHea1997:C:11070
in a wasteful manner; abundantly / in large quantities (as rain falling or fruit dropping off of trees) (adv)ខ្ជោកខ្ជាកkcouk - kciekKhmerHea1997:C:1674
in a waving / heaving / swaying / fluttering manner (adv)ល្វិចៗlvɨc - lvɨcKhmerHea1997:C:11995
in a whisper (adv)ហ៊ឹមៗhɨm - hɨmKhmerHea1997:C:15488
in a whisper, under one's breath; in a mutter / mumble (adv)អេចអូចʔəc - ʔoocKhmerHea1997:C:17313
in all directions, erratically, helter-skelter, crisscrossed, crisscrossing (adv)ច្រវាត់crɑvatKhmerHea1997:C:3103
in all directions, helter-skelter (adv)រសាចrɔsaacKhmerHea1997:C:11111
in all directions, in a disorderly manner (adv)រពាយrɔpiejKhmerHea1997:C:10913
in all directions, in different directions (adv)រប៉ែករប៉ាយrɔpaek - rɔpaajKhmerHea1997:C:10887
in an aggressive / intimidating manner (adv)ក្រទឺតkrɑtɨɨtKhmerHea1997:C:1192
in an aggressive / strutting manner (referring esp. to the courting behavior of certain animals such as the cock) (adv)ទទែtɔtɛɛKhmerHea1997:C:5262
in an agitating manner, in an interfering manner, in a badgering / troublesome / pestering manner. (adv)អុកឡុកʔok - lokKhmerHea1997:C:17240
in an itching / prickling / tingling manner (as the movements of lice or the feeling of rough cloth on the skin) (adv)រសូវrɔsəvKhmerHea1997:C:11126
in an orderly / well organized / attractive manner (describes people sitting, flowers, e.g. tulips, standing up in bloom, or many people sticking their heads out of windows at the same time) (adv)រហង់rɔhɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:11141
in an uncoordinated manner, in a disorderly or haphazard manner, scattered here and there (adv)រប៉ាយrɔpaajKhmerHea1997:C:10857
in an undulating / bobbing up and down manner (adv)អង្កឺលʔɑŋkəɨlKhmerHea1997:C:15881
in an unending stream, (to flow, stream, pour) endlessly; profusely (adv)សស្រាក់sɑsrakKhmerHea1997:C:13447
in ancient Cambodian civil law, the price of a woman as determined by her age, bride price (n)ក្រសៀនkrɑsienKhmerHea1997:C:1271
in and out; in circles, circling, around and around (adv)ឆែលchaelKhmerHea1997:C:3276
in any one day, per day, daily, all day long (adv)ម្ង៉ៃៗmŋaj - mŋajKhmerHea1997:C:10229
in brief, briefly, concisely (adv)យ៉ៗjɑɑ - jɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:10325
in complete disorder; in confusion; unclearly, vaguely. (adv)ទទាស់ទទែងtɔtoah - tɔtɛɛŋKhmerHea1997:C:5245
(in composition) flower; floral (n)បុប្ផbopphaʔKhmerHea1997:C:7318
(in compounds) central, middleមជ្ឈmaccheaʔKhmerHea1997:C:9692
(in compounds) mother (n)មាតុmietoʔKhmerHea1997:C:9926
in disorder (adv)រប៉ាត់រប៉ែងrɔpat - rɔpaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:10852
in disorganized groups (usually refers to groups of children) (adv)រងែកrɔŋɛɛkKhmerHea1997:C:10603
in every nook and cranny. (adv)ក្រឡុកក្រលៀតkrɑlok - krɑlietKhmerHea1997:C:1311
in gasps, in a sobbing / gasping manner (adv)ប៉ផ្តាក់ប៉ផ្តឺតpɑpdak - pɑpdəɨtKhmerHea1997:C:6889
in great numbers (adv)ក្រួនថួនkruən - thuənKhmerHea1997:C:1394
in great numbers, in a crowd (adv)មមួរមមាmɔmuə - mɔmieKhmerHea1997:C:9802
in huge quantities, in large numbers, slowly and en masse (e.g. as a crowd of people moving somewhere together) (adv)រងួយrɔŋuəjKhmerHea1997:C:10593
in line, in rows / ranks, in formation. (adv)បង្ហែbɑŋhaeKhmerHea1997:C:6431
(in negative clauses) at all, in the least, completely, utterly, absolutely; finally (fp)សោះsɑhKhmerHea1997:C:14586
in order to, so that. (conj)ដើម្បីdaəmbəjKhmerHea1997:C:4175
in order tothnāsthnaːhKhmerSho2006:C:1905-4
in process ofkɑmlaŋKhmerHuf1971:C:3156-424-1
in procession, in succession, one after the other; continuously (adv)ហែៗhae - haeKhmerHea1997:C:15575
in puffs (of smoke) (adv)ផុយៗphoj - phojKhmerHea1997:C:8340
in puffsផុយ-ផុយ??phoy-phoyKhmerSho2006:C:1546-1
(in questions) where? (in / at) what place? (in negative statements or indefinite clauses) anywhere; (in emphatic clauses) wherever, anywhere (n)ណាnaaKhmerHea1997:C:4361
in slow undulating movements (adv)ផែលៗphael - phaelKhmerHea1997:C:8374
in small amounts, little (adv)អន្តាក់អន្តិចʔɑntak - ʔɑntəcKhmerHea1997:C:16413
in spurts (describes the oozing of some thick liquid, such as pus) (adv)ព្រែលprɛɛlKhmerHea1997:C:9316
in terror / panic (adv)សស្លោsɑslaoKhmerHea1997:C:13470
in that case, so, then, therefore. (conj)ច្នឹងcnəŋKhmerHea1997:C:3022
in that case, so, then, therefore. (conj)អញ្ចឹងʔɑɲcəŋKhmerHea1997:C:16016
in the manner of licking off the lips (adv)ភ្លែមៗplɛɛm - plɛɛmKhmerHea1997:C:9631
in the opposite directionច្រាសcraːhKhmerSho2006:C:1896-7
in the shape of a cross; side-shoot, bud, twigខ្នែងkhnaeŋKhmerSho2006:C:496-38
in tight coils (e.g. of a snake) (adv)ស្អៀចsʔiecKhmerHea1997:C:15349
in tight waves (from the name of a kind of tree with tiny leaves arranged along a stalk) (adv)រង្គាដីrʊəŋkiedəjKhmerHea1997:C:10615
in turmoil, in panic; in great excitement / animation, noisily, boisterously (adv)រញ៉ាល់rɔɲalKhmerHea1997:C:10670
in turn; in line; in a row (adv)រតូតrɔtootKhmerHea1997:C:10774
in whispers, in a low voice (adv)រអ៊ូសរអ៊ូrɔʔuuh - rɔʔuuKhmerHea1997:C:11234
in, inside; during + (time word) (prenp)ក្នុងknoŋKhmerHea1997:C:1082
in, insideក្នុងknoŋKhmerSho2006:C:593-2
in-law (of the first ascending generation), parent-in-law (n)ក្មេកkmeekKhmerHea1997:C:1120
in-law of a descending generation, son / daughter-in-law (n)ប្រសាprɑsaaKhmerHea1997:C:8068
inaccurately, inexactly, unclearly, indefinitely, indecisively, hesitantly (adv)ង៉ែង៉រŋae - ŋɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:2537
inactivity (n)និស្សកម្មnihsaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:6222
inappropriate laughter (n)ឧបហាសាការʔuʔpaʔhaasaakaaKhmerHea1997:C:17706
inauguration, opening ceremony (n)សម្ពោធន៍sɑmpoutKhmerHea1997:C:13322
inception, beginning, commencement; basis, cause; reason (n)សមុទយៈsaʔmuʔteaʔjeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:13262
incessantly, continuously, repeatedly (of stepping, trampling, raindrops hitting the ground) (adv)ជញ្ជ្រំcʊəɲcrumKhmerHea1997:C:3467
incision (n)ចំណូតcɑmnootKhmerHea1997:C:2897
inclination, slope; decline, setting (of the sun) (n)ជំរេcumreiKhmerHea1997:C:3749
inclination, tendency (n)ទំនោរtumnouKhmerHea1997:C:5661
including, together / complete with (prenp)ទាំងteaŋKhmerHea1997:C:5699
incoherent, garrulousឈ្លានchlìːənKhmerSho2006:C:1204-3
income, profit, gain, revenue (n)បដិលាភpaʔdeʔliepKhmerHea1997:C:6601
income, profit, gain, revenue (n)ប្រតិលាភprɑteʔliepKhmerHea1997:C:7857
incompletely threshed rice straw, rice straw that has grains of rice remaining after threshing; rice plants that are left in the field after the harvest (n)ជៅcɨvKhmerHea1997:C:3682
inconvenience, difficulty, drawback (n)ទុប្ផលtupphɑlKhmerHea1997:C:5482
indecisively, hesitantly (adv)ឆ្អើសឆ្អើមcʔaəh - cʔaəmKhmerHea1997:C:3422
indefinite pronoun (n)អសាកល្យត្ថវាចកʔaʔsaakaljatthaʔviecɑkKhmerHea1997:C:16791
independent vowel representing the Sanskrit and Pali vowel ū (words with ឩ may also be spelled with អូ​ or អ៊ូ )ʔuu, ʔooKhmerHea1997:C:17772
independent vowel representing the Sanskrit and Pali vowel ū (words with ឳ ʔəv may also be spelled with អូវ)ʔəvKhmerHea1997:C:17783
independent vowel representing the Sanskrit and Pali vowel: u (words with ឧ may also be spelled with អុ and អ៊ុ )ʔoʔ, ʔuʔKhmerHea1997:C:17529
India (n)ក្លិង្គ្រាស្ត្រkləŋkriehKhmerHea1997:C:1448
India. (n)ឥណ្ឌាʔəndieKhmerHea1997:C:17470
indication, trace, sign, mark, trail; clear evidence (n)លំអានlumʔaanKhmerHea1997:C:11897
indicator, pointer, index; sign, mark (n)ដំរឹងdɑmrəŋKhmerHea1997:C:4283
indifference (n)សង្ខារុបេក្ខាsaŋkhaaruʔpeekkhaaKhmerHea1997:C:12892
indifference, lack of concern, apathy (n)បំណាំbɑmnamKhmerHea1997:C:7538
indifferently, carelessly; with delays, with procrastination; anyhow, any old way. (adv)ឡូយថូយlooj - thoojKhmerHea1997:C:15745
indifferently, in a daze. (adv)វ្ហីvhiiKhmerHea1997:C:12793
indifferently, nonchalantly; wearily, weakly, feebly (adv)ទ្រមើយtrɔməəjKhmerHea1997:C:5750
indigo; indigo plant (Indigofera tinctoria) (n)ត្រុំtromKhmerHea1997:C:5013
indistinctly, unclearly (adv)ងាំៗŋoam - ŋoamKhmerHea1997:C:2550
indistinctly, vaguely, weakly (e.g. as far-away shouting) (adv)ខ្វើយៗkvaəj - kvaəjKhmerHea1997:C:1876
individual pronunciation (n)សកាយនិរុត្តិsaʔkaajaʔniʔrut, saʔkaajaʔniʔrutteʔKhmerHea1997:C:12821
individually; on one's own. (adv)ប្រទាល់prɑtoalKhmerHea1997:C:7903
Indochina (all the countries between India and China including Burma, Thailand, Malaya, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam) (n)ឥណ្ឌូចិនʔənduu cənKhmerHea1997:C:17473
Indochinese (n)ឥណ្ឌូចិនិកʔənduucənnɨkKhmerHea1997:C:17474
Indonesia (n)ឥណ្ឌូណេស៊ីʔənduuneeziiKhmerHea1997:C:17475
Indus (River) (n)ឥណ្ឌុសʔənduhKhmerHea1997:C:17471
infant, baby (n)ង៉ាŋaaKhmerHea1997:C:2480
infantry soldier; infantry unit (n)សេនីយ៍seenəjKhmerHea1997:C:14171
inflammation of the throat (n)ខន្ទរាkhanteaʔrieKhmerHea1997:C:1537
inflammation of the throat which makes swallowing difficult (n)ខាន់បៀតkhan bietKhmerHea1997:C:1558
inflated, puffed upប៉ោងpaoŋKhmerSho2006:C:101-6
inflated, puffed upប៉ោងpaoŋKhmerSho2006:C:108-8
inflorescence, raceme , a cluster of coconut or areca flowers (n)ខ្ពkpɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:1777
influence of people in high positions (n)ឥស្សរានុភាពʔəhsaʔraanuʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:17514
information, report, story, tale, account (n)អារោចនៈʔaaroucaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17095
ingot / bar (of gold) (n)ឆ្តោរcdaoKhmerHea1997:C:3326
inhabited area, countryស្រុកsrokKhmerSho2006:C:394-7
inheritance, gift, donation (n)ទាយៈtiejeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:5368
injunction, order, behest; subpoena (n)អធិបញ្ជាʔaʔthiʔbɑɲcieKhmerHea1997:C:16142
innovation, reform, reorganization (n)ប៉ុន្នការponnaʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:7315
inscribing, scratching; inscribed line; scratch; place which has been scratched (n)ចំណូរcɑmnooKhmerHea1997:C:2898
insect (n)ខុទ្ទកសត្វkhotteaʔkaʔsatKhmerHea1997:C:1593
insect (n)បាណកៈpaanaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:7101
insight, general idea (n)ខណិកទស្សន៍khaʔneʔkaʔtʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:1524
insinuating, insinuation (in a pejor. sense); staring out of the corners of the eyes (n)ដំណៀងdɑmnieŋKhmerHea1997:C:4240
insipid, tasteless; fresh [water]; powerless, ineffectiveសាបsaːpKhmerSho2006:C:1292-1
insistence; persistence; suit (n)កតាវសានkaʔtaaveaʔsaanKhmerHea1997:C:225
inspector general (n)អគ្គាធិការʔakkiethiʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:15838
instability; fragility, brittleness; lack of durability (n)អស្ថិរភាពʔaʔstheʔreaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:16822
instantly, in a moment, very quickly (adv)ឆាល់chalKhmerHea1997:C:3234
institute, academy (n)បណ្ឌិត្យbandɨtKhmerHea1997:C:6655
insulting (n)អក្កោសនាការʔakkaosaʔnaakaaKhmerHea1997:C:15801
insurance (n)ប៉ាវកេpaav keeKhmerHea1997:C:7168
integration, vertical trust (of allied industries) (n)សមាហរ័ណsaʔmaahaʔran, saʔmaahaʔraʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:13243
intellect, mind, wit, comprehension, eloquence (through knowledge); radiance; bravery, courage (n)ប្រតិភាណprɑteʔphienKhmerHea1997:C:7850
intelligence, acumen; ភាតិសាមបហិដ្អា Patisambhidā (the twelfth book of the Khuddaka Nikaya, part of the Buddhist canon) (n)បដិសម្ភិទាpaʔdeʔsamphiʔtieKhmerHea1997:C:6612
intelligence, expertise, skill (n)យោគ្យភាពjoukjeaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:10481
intelligence; facility of speech (n)ឱដ្ឋʔaot, ʔot, ʔaotthaʔ-KhmerHea1997:C:17873
intend tokɨtKhmerHuf1971:C:3194-428-1
intensely (of itching). (adv)រញៀវrɔɲievKhmerHea1997:C:10686
intensive or emphatic final particle (part)ន៏nɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:5972
intention, will, aspiration, desire; authority (n)លំពាំងlumpeaŋKhmerHea1997:C:11884
intention, wish, desire; prayer, vow. (n)បំណងbɑmnɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:7519
intentional lying (in order to hide a mistake) (n)សម្បជានមុសាវាទsampaʔcienneaʔmuʔsaavietKhmerHea1997:C:13282
interception (n)សំកាត់somkatKhmerHea1997:C:14299
interjection indicating anger; sound of a groan (i)ហ៊ឹះhɨhKhmerHea1997:C:15612
interjection used to call someone's attention, hey! (i)អម្ភោʔɑmphouKhmerHea1997:C:16618
interjection used when poking someone in the ribs (i)ឈូចchuucKhmerHea1997:C:3881
interlaced, heaped upប្រព័ន្ធprəpɔ̀ənKhmerSho2006:C:1177-3
intermediary, go-between, contact; fastener, clasp, clip, buckle (n)ព្រនឹងprɑnɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:9182
intermittently (of a pain) (adv)ឆៀបchiepKhmerHea1997:C:3264
interpretation; interpreting (n)បំណកស្រាយbɑmnɑɑk sraajKhmerHea1997:C:7518
interrogative particle (spoken form of ឬ) (fp)ហៈhaʔKhmerHea1997:C:15359
interrogative word (e.g. ឬ?, ដែរឬ?, ដែរឬអ្វី?, ទេដឹង?, ទេដឹងឬ? ) (n)សំសយត្ថវាចកsaŋsaʔjatthaʔviecaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:14531
intertwined, meanderingខ្វាត់-[ខ្វែង]khvat-[khvaeŋ]KhmerSho2006:C:1090-27
intertwined, to intertwineប្រទាក់prətɛ̀əkKhmerSho2006:C:324-6
interval, gap, space between two limits / poles; fissure (n)ប្រឡោះprɑlɑhKhmerHea1997:C:8128
interval, gap; period of time, opportunity, occasion (n)ឆោងchaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:3283
interval, space; specif. the space between two fingers or toes (n)ចង្វែកcɑŋvaekKhmerHea1997:C:2603
intestinal worm (more commonly spelled ព្រូន ) (n)ភ្រូណpruunKhmerHea1997:C:9590
intestinal wormព្រូនprùːnKhmerSho2006:C:1194-2
intrigue; secret plan, scheme; secret agent (n)សំឡិចsɑmləcKhmerHea1997:C:14547
invariable word, uninflected word (n)ព្យសសព្ទpjeaʔsaʔsapKhmerHea1997:C:9144
invertebrate (n)និបិដ្ឋៈដ្ឋិកniʔbetjaathəkKhmerHea1997:C:6141
investigator (n)សមេសីsaʔmeesəjKhmerHea1997:C:13273
invitation, hospitality, friendly relations (n)អាមន្តនៈʔaamɑntaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17029
invocation, spell; method of witchcraft to harm a person by using some article, e.g. clothing, hair, nail trimmings, footprint, etc., of his and performing certain spells on it eg. ត្រូវឆ្លោងគេ to be under an evil spell (n)ឆ្លោងclaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:3391
iron (the metal) (n)អយʔaʔjaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16626
irrigated rice fieldស្រែsraeKhmerSho2006:C:185-1
irrigation ditch; ditch, trench; gully (n)អំពាចʔɑmpiecKhmerHea1997:C:17386
Islam; Moslem. (n)អិស្លាមʔihslaamKhmerHea1997:C:17193
island (n)កោះkɑhKhmerHea1997:C:1013
Israel (n)អ៊ីស្រាអែលʔiisraaʔaelKhmerHea1997:C:17219
Isuzu (Japanese auto maker) (n)អ៊ីស៊ុយស៊ុយʔiisujsujKhmerHea1997:C:17218
it does not seem right that ..., how can it be that ..., it cannot be true that ...; probably (adv)ម្រ៉ាង(ឡើយ)mraaŋ (laəj)KhmerHea1997:C:10271
it's because of ... (conj)ញ៉នɲɑɑnKhmerHea1997:C:3968
Italy (n)អ៊ីតាលីʔiitaaliiKhmerHea1997:C:17213
itch (n.)kɑɑn rɑmòəhKhmerHuf1971:C:3234-434-1
itch (v.)rɑmòəhKhmerHuf1971:C:3231-433-1
jack (to change a tire). (n)គ្រីបkriipKhmerHea1997:C:2311
jackal, wolf (n)សរភូsaʔraʔphuuKhmerHea1997:C:13383
jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) (n)ខ្នុរknol, knaoKhmerHea1997:C:1758
jackpot (in gambling) (n)កៅអូវkav ʔəvKhmerHea1997:C:766
Jain (n)នគ្គសមណៈneakkeaʔsaʔmaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:5985
Jambolan Plum (kind of tree with dark purple fruit resembling cherries; Syzygium jambos; there are many varieties which may also include Mimusops elengi and Kayea and Eugenia species) (n)ព្រីងpriiŋKhmerHea1997:C:9261
January (n)មករៈmeaʔkaʔraʔKhmerHea1997:C:9651
Japan. (n)ជប៉ុនceaʔponKhmerHea1997:C:3510
jar (n)ខ្លklɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:1820
Jarai (an Austronesian ethnic group in northeastern Cambodia and adjacent Vietnam) (n)ចារ៉ាយcaaraajKhmerHea1997:C:2742
jasmine (Jasminum sambac) (n)ម្លិះmlihKhmerHea1997:C:10300
jaundice (n)ខាន់លឿងkhan lɨəŋKhmerHea1997:C:1559
Java (n)ហ្សាវ៉ាzaavaaKhmerHea1997:C:15672
Jayavarman (name of several important Cambodian kings) (n)ជ័យវរ្ម័នceijeaʔvɑrmanKhmerHea1997:C:3518
jazz (n)ហ្សាសzaahKhmerHea1997:C:15673
jellyfish (Medusa sp.) (n)បង្រៃbɑŋrajKhmerHea1997:C:6390
jeopardy, risk (n)ហានិយភ័យhaaniʔphejKhmerHea1997:C:15434
jerkily, in spurts (adv)យ៉ើរjaəKhmerHea1997:C:10459
Jesus Christ (n)យេស៊ូjeisuuKhmerHea1997:C:10468
Jetha (seventh month of the Cambodian lunar calendar corresponding to mid-May - mid-June) (n)ជេដ្ឋceit, ceitthaʔ-KhmerHea1997:C:3656
job which takes a long time to complete, long term project (n)ចិរស្សការceʔrahsaʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:2775
Job's tears (kind of plant, Coix lacryma-jobi; the seeds are used as beads) (n)ស្កួយskuəjKhmerHea1997:C:14610
Job's tearsស្កួយskuːəjKhmerSho2006:C:1447-1
joining, uniting, braiding together; union, junction (n)គំនួបkumnuəpKhmerHea1997:C:2182
joint , articulation (of bones) (n)សន្លាក់sɑnlakKhmerHea1997:C:13135
joint action, cooperation (n)សហប្រតិបត្តិsaʔhaʔprɑteʔbatKhmerHea1997:C:13514
joint of roof-truss or raftersចែងcaeŋKhmerSho2006:C:521-3
joint property; shareholder's contribution to the assets of a company (n)ឧបហារិតʔuʔpaʔhaaritKhmerHea1997:C:17704
joint welfare (n)សហសង្គ្រោះsaʔhaʔsɑŋkrʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:13535
joint, point of articulation; node or ring (of bamboo, sugar cane, etc.); bulge (n)ថ្នាំងtnaŋKhmerHea1997:C:5160
journey; path, trajectory (n)ចំណរcɑmnɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:2878
joy, exultation, happiness, satisfaction (n)ប្រីតាprəjtaaKhmerHea1997:C:8175
joy, pleasure (n)តុស្តីtohsdəj, dohsdəjKhmerHea1997:C:4617
judge (n)វិនិច្ឆយាមាត្យviʔnɨcchaʔjaamaatKhmerHea1997:C:12435
judge; lawyer, attorney, legal counsel (n)ធម្មាធិការីthoammiethiʔkaarəjKhmerHea1997:C:5853
judo (n)យូដូjuu dooKhmerHea1997:C:10448
jug, pitcher; bamboo scoop for measuring palm wine (n)តយtɑɑjKhmerHea1997:C:4477
jumbled sounds of several conversations, murmuring. (i)រអេៈរអុៈrɔʔeʔ - rɔʔoʔKhmerHea1997:C:11254
jumping / squirting / darting out suddenly (e.g. from under cover, out of a crack or hole, as a rabbit darting out of its burrow) (adv)ប្រូចproocKhmerHea1997:C:8192
junction, square (of a mat); seam, row of stitching (n)ឈ្នុលcnulKhmerHea1997:C:3899
jungle, forest, woods, wilderness (n)ព្រៃprejKhmerHea1997:C:9317
junior and senior bhikkhus (n)ថេរានុត្ថេរៈtheeraanuttheeraʔKhmerHea1997:C:5091
junior student monk (n)បព្វជ្ជន្តេវាសិកbappaccoanteeviesəkKhmerHea1997:C:6909
junk, rubbish; junk yard (n)ឡាប់សងlap sɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:15708
jurisdiction (n)យុត្តាធិការjuttaathiʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:10431
just now, just a moment ago (adv)អំបាញ់មិញʔɑmbaɲ mɨɲKhmerHea1997:C:17365
just nowʔɑmbaɲ məɲKhmerHuf1971:C:3251-436-1
just, merely, only (adv)បាន់banKhmerHea1997:C:7132
jute (Corchorus capsularis) (n)ក្រចៅkrɑcavKhmerHea1997:C:1144
jute (n)កាចៅkaa cavKhmerHea1997:C:443
Jūjaka (name of a greedy brahmin in the Vessantara Jataka) (n)ជូជកcuu cʊəkKhmerHea1997:C:3626
Kae Quak (kind of music played by the retainers of a sorcerer when the sorcerer is calling some spirit into his body) (n)កែអួកkae ʔuəkKhmerHea1997:C:715
Kailāsa (name of a mountain in the Himalayas) (n)កៃលាសkajlaahKhmerHea1997:C:724
Kampot (province in southeastern Cambodia) (n)កំពតkɑmpɔɔtKhmerHea1997:C:894
Kampuchea Krom var. of យើងអេងʔeeŋKhmerHea1997:C:17311
kanchae (kind of percussion instrument consisting of a long bamboo handle with a basket-like arrangement of bamboo strips at one end; colored cloth strips and small bells are attached to the basket-shaped end; the instrument is played by shaking it or striking the plain end on the ground) (n)កញ្ឆែkɑɲchaeKhmerHea1997:C:136
kancram (kind of percussion instrument consisting of a bamboo pole with one end split and formed into a small cage-like arrangement to which small bells are attached, the cage is topped by half a coconut shell and it is played by striking the plain end on the ground) (n)កញ្ច្រាំkɑɲcramKhmerHea1997:C:118
kaolin (kind of clay used in ceramics) (n)កៅឡាំងkav laŋKhmerHea1997:C:764
Kapilavastu (India; birthplace of the Buddha) (n)កបិលពស្តុkaʔpeʔlaʔpoahKhmerHea1997:C:377
karate (n)ការាត់តេkaaratteeKhmerHea1997:C:513
Kau Hāy (title of a collection of folk tales) (n)កៅហាយkav haajKhmerHea1997:C:761
Kaundinya (legendary founder of early Cambodian kingdom of Funan) (n)កៅណ្ឌិន្យkavdɨnKhmerHea1997:C:756
Kaṇdhī (Buddhist treatise on religious discipline) (n)គណ្ឋីkʊənthəjKhmerHea1997:C:2000
keeping to oneself, regimen of isolation (one of the 13 dhutangas) (n)ឯកាសនិកង្គʔaekaasaʔniʔkɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:17841
kerchief, scarf, towel, napkin (generally smaller than a ក្រមា ) (n)កន្សែងkɑnsaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:368
kernel (of a nut), nut-meat (n)កំពីងkɑmpiiŋKhmerHea1997:C:903
key (n)កុញ្ចែkoɲcaeKhmerHea1997:C:601
khaki (fabric and color) (n)កាគីkaakiiKhmerHea1997:C:440
Khmerization (n)ខ្មែរូបនីយកម្មkmaeruupaʔniijeaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:1810
khua (kind of Cambodian stew; it may be made with corn, crabs, shrimp, or lobsters). (n)ខួkhuəKhmerHea1997:C:1603
khuac (small earthenware or porcelain vessel; often used for storing oil that is believed to have magical properties) (n)ខួចkhuəcKhmerHea1997:C:1605
Khuddakapātha(the first of the 15 books in the Khuddakanikāya) (n)ខុទ្ទកបាឋkhotteaʔbaatKhmerHea1997:C:1590
killing (n)ឌេបនកម្មdeipaʔnaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:4349
kin group, clan, tribe; family, lineage; group of people sharing the same level of education or the same characteristics eg. ភាសា​អំបូរមនខ្មែរ . the Mon-Khmer languages (n)អំបូរʔɑmbooKhmerHea1997:C:17372
kind of (esp. Sanskrit) poetry (n)ឧបជាតិច្ឆន្ទʔuʔpaʔcietəcchanKhmerHea1997:C:17636
kind of a large tailless monkey (the son of ពាលី in the Ramayana) (n)អង្គទʔɑŋkʊətKhmerHea1997:C:15905
kind of a sea mollusk (n)កញ្ឆៀវkɑɲchievKhmerHea1997:C:133
kind of a tree used to make walking sticks (n)ពាន់តាpoan taaKhmerHea1997:C:8863
kind of a very painful disease characterized by swelling of the ends of the fingers or toes (caused by abcesses or boils under a fingernail or toenail) (n)រង់ដឿងrʊəŋ dɨəŋKhmerHea1997:C:10573
kind of agamid lizard (prob. Acanthosaura) about 3 1/2 feet long (n)ជាសciehKhmerHea1997:C:3574
kind of alcoholic drink made by certain Montagnard tribes (n)អេកʔeekKhmerHea1997:C:17307
kind of ancient Cambodian battle flag with the image of a Garuda on it (n)គ្រុធពាហ៍krutpieKhmerHea1997:C:2321
kind of animal disease characterized by frequent muscular spasms of the neck (esp. in dogs) (n)តែវ៉ែtae - vaeKhmerHea1997:C:4667
kind of animal trap (n)លំងកlumŋɔɔkKhmerHea1997:C:11859
kind of animal trap consisting of a handle, rope and trigger device (n)អន្ទោកʔɑntoukKhmerHea1997:C:16446
kind of aquatic bird (n)ព្រហីតprɔhiitKhmerHea1997:C:9223
kind of aquatic bird, snakebird, long-necked diver (n)ស្មោញsmaoɲKhmerHea1997:C:14926
kind of aquatic cereal plant (the grain is used as a rice substitute) (n)ស្រងែsrɑŋaeKhmerHea1997:C:14973
kind of aquatic herb with a fragile stem and a round yellow flower (n)ផ្នក់ទឹកpnɑk tɨkKhmerHea1997:C:8501
kind of aquatic insect (n)កន្ទាទូកkɑntie tuukKhmerHea1997:C:290
kind of aquatic plant (n)នាលnielKhmerHea1997:C:6068
kind of aquatic plant (n)ស្គុះskuhKhmerHea1997:C:14637
kind of aromatic grass (Limnophila conferta; used for seasoning and to prepare medicines) (n)ម្អមmʔɑɑmKhmerHea1997:C:10321
kind of bamboo or rattan basket smaller than កន្តាំង​ (n)ខ្ញឹងkɲəŋKhmerHea1997:C:1691
kind of bamboo with a small interior cavity (n)ពីងពង់piiŋ - pʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:8996
kind of bamboo with long internodesthṅathŋɔːKhmerSho2006:C:1587-1
kind of bamboo with long sections (n)ថ្ងtŋɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:5128
kind of banana (n)ណាំវ៉ាnam vaaKhmerHea1997:C:4404
kind of basket with handles (n)កន្ត្រំkɑntrɑmKhmerHea1997:C:277
kind of basketgruḥkrùhKhmerSho2006:C:2054-1
kind of bee building layered nest in hollow trees etc.ព្រួត, ព្រត់??prùːət, pruːətKhmerSho2006:C:1065-8
kind of bee which lives in the ground (according to a Surin Cambodian legend anyone who drinks of the honey made by this bee will have long life) (n)យុកjukKhmerHea1997:C:10419
kind of bird (n)ត្លុមtlomKhmerHea1997:C:5026
kind of bird similar to a dove with multicolored feathers and a very loud call (n)ទៀវtievKhmerHea1997:C:5564
kind of bird similar to a lark or quail (n)អ៊ឺតʔɨɨtKhmerHea1997:C:17232
kind of bird that fights with cobras and eats their eyes (n)ល្អូតlʔootKhmerHea1997:C:12051
kind of bird, wood pigeon (n)កំប្លុកkɑmplokKhmerHea1997:C:875
kind of bitter-tasting wild cucumber (n)ឈ្មែcmejKhmerHea1997:C:3916
kind of black and white bird resembling a kingfisher (n)កដបkɑɑdɑɑpKhmerHea1997:C:172
kind of black and yellow bird (n)ខ្លូងklooŋKhmerHea1997:C:1832
kind of black ant with a powerful sting (n)សង្អារsɑŋʔaaKhmerHea1997:C:12962
kind of black bird similar to the jay or cuckoo (Eudynamis malayana) (According to Tandart an adulterous man is often called តាវ៉ៅ, a reference to the fact that this bird often lays its eggs in others birds' nests.) (n)តាវៅtaa vavKhmerHea1997:C:4507
kind of black gem (n)កាឡមុក្តមណីkaalaʔmuktaʔmeaʔniiKhmerHea1997:C:553
kind of blow fish or globe fish (Xenopteros naritus, Tetrodon cambodgiensis, or Chonerhinus modestus) (n)ក្រពតkrɑpɔɔtKhmerHea1997:C:1208
kind of boiled / steamed cylindrical cake made of glutinous rice with various fillings (e.g. banana, coconut, pork, and mung beans) and wrapped in fresh (esp. banana) leaves or tinfoil (often has a sexual connotation comparing it to the penis) (n)អន្សមʔɑnsɑɑmKhmerHea1997:C:16493
kind of box made of palm leaves (used as a container for tobacco or areca) (n)ស្មុគsmokKhmerHea1997:C:14904
kind of brown insect about 1.5 in. long found around houses (one kind has an offensive smell while another kind is edible) (n)ខ្ញុងkɲoŋKhmerHea1997:C:1693
kind of bucket made of bamboo strips coated with waterproofing resin used as a water container (n)សៀនsienKhmerHea1997:C:14137
kind of burrowing cricket (n)ក្មូរkmooKhmerHea1997:C:1118
kind of burrowing insect, dung beetle (n)កំពោងkɑmpouŋKhmerHea1997:C:916
kind of burrowing toad (Callula pulchra) (n)ហ៊ីងhiiŋKhmerHea1997:C:15476
kind of bush (Aporosa aurita; the fruit is edible and the bark and roots have medicinal value) (n)កំភ្នៀងkɑmpnieŋKhmerHea1997:C:932
kind of bush (Crotalaria mucronata) (n)សង្ក្រងស្វាsɑŋkrɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:12882
kind of bush (Glycosmis pentaphylla; the fruit are edible and the leaves are used medicinally) (n)ភ្លីងភ្លាំងpliiŋ - pleaŋKhmerHea1997:C:9605
kind of bush (Triumfetta rhomboidea; the bark is used to make cordage) (n)ចវាចcɑvaacKhmerHea1997:C:2708
kind of bush with aromatic flowers (Lawsonia spinosa inermis; the small leaves are pounded and wrapped around the fingernails as a substitute for nail polish) (n)ក្រពេនkrɑpeinKhmerHea1997:C:1217
kind of bush with flowers growing out of the leaves (n)ប្រផេញprɑphəɲKhmerHea1997:C:7950
kind of bush, oleander or rose laurel (Thevetia peruviana) (n)យិតថោjɨt thaoKhmerHea1997:C:10401
kind of bushy broad-leafed plant (it has white resin, and the fruit is poisonous) (n)ឳណុលʔəv nolKhmerHea1997:C:17787
kind of button / fastener made of cord or cloth (n)ក្ឌុំkdumKhmerHea1997:C:1072
kind of cactus (Euphorbia antiquorum or E. edulis) (n)ជន្លាត់cʊənloatKhmerHea1997:C:3502
kind of Cambodian meat or fish salad. (n)ញាំɲoamKhmerHea1997:C:4046
kind of Cambodian wedding music (n)កងសោយkɑɑŋ saojKhmerHea1997:C:63
kind of Cambodian xylophone / metallophone (n)រនាតrɔnietKhmerHea1997:C:10812
kind of carrying frame made of wire, rope, or rattan and attached to the end of a shoulder-pole; hanging basket [plate 8] (n)សង្រែកsɑŋraekKhmerHea1997:C:12940
kind of carved design esp. in copper (n)កញ្ចាំងkɑɲcaŋKhmerHea1997:C:110
kind of carved wooden bowl with a base and lid (it is used to hold offerings in certain ceremonies esp. weddings) (n)តៀបtiepKhmerHea1997:C:4641
kind of catfish (prob. Macrones sp.) (n)ឆ្លាំងclaŋKhmerHea1997:C:3394
kind of cheesecloth or other open weave fabric used to make mosquito netting, gauze, tulle (n)ស្បៃsbajKhmerHea1997:C:14846
kind of chess-like game (n)ស្កាskaaKhmerHea1997:C:14595
kind of chicken (according to Tandart a hybrid between the domestic chicken and fighting cock) (n)ទាងtieŋKhmerHea1997:C:5351
kind of children's game (it is played by tossing a coin against a leaning piece of tile; whoever makes the coin bounce closest to a line about 10 feet from the tile wins) (n)ហឺបhəəpKhmerHea1997:C:15497
kind of children's game in which one person flicks the index finger of another while reciting a rhyme (n)ប៉ិតប៉ុតpət - potKhmerHea1997:C:7212
kind of Chinese egg roll with a wrapper made of mung bean flour (n)ហ៊ុយគឹងhuj kɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:15514
kind of Chinese gambling game (n)កំតាត់kɑmtatKhmerHea1997:C:824
kind of Chinese gambling game played with a wheel of fortune containing 36 letters or pictures (n)ហួយhuəjKhmerHea1997:C:15534
kind of clear yellow semi-precious stone (probably topaz) (n)ប៊ុតbutKhmerHea1997:C:7283
kind of climbing plant used for medicinal purposes (n)រំជែកrumcɛɛkKhmerHea1997:C:11510
kind of climbing plant with fragrant flowers (Artabotrys odoratissimus) (n)ក្រវាន់krɑvanKhmerHea1997:C:1252
kind of cloth cover decorated with beads and sequins used in the កឋិន ceremony to cover the monk's clothing (n)តាខាយtaa khaajKhmerHea1997:C:4490
kind of coarse grass (Imperata cylindrica or Saccharum spicatum, used for thatching roofs and weaving walls) (n)ស្បូវsbəvKhmerHea1997:C:14835
kind of conical bamboo fish trap with an opening at the small end (the wide end is dropped over a school of fish to imprison them while the fisherman reaches through the small end to catch them) [plate 5] (n)អង្រុតʔɑŋrutKhmerHea1997:C:15943
kind of conical-shaped cover (used to cover plates of food or water bowls), lid (e.g. of a pan, pot, or jug) (n)សជីsaʔciiKhmerHea1997:C:12971
kind of container made of bamboo or other plants (it has four legs and two handles and is used to hold offerings esp. offerings of food for monks or spirits) (n)សង្ឃឹកsɑŋkhɨkKhmerHea1997:C:12933
kind of cotton carding device which consists of a long round piece of wood with an X-shaped member attached to one end used to clean raw cotton before it is spun into thread (n)តំពេចtɑmpɨcKhmerHea1997:C:4729
kind of cotton skirt with floral pattern / stripes (commonly worn by young women and girls) (n)ស៊ឹងsɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:13864
kind of creeping plant (Desmos Chinensis) with yellow aromatic flowers (n)សៅយុតsav jutKhmerHea1997:C:14279
kind of crocodile (it is smaller and more aggressive than ក្រពើ and has strongly webbed feet) (n)ក្រពាkrɑpieKhmerHea1997:C:1209
kind of curved knife with a long handle for cutting plants with thick stalks (n)ត្វាងtvaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:5036
kind of cylindrical fish trap [plate 5] (n)លបlɔɔpKhmerHea1997:C:11667
kind of decorated tray with a base (n)ស្រាពក៍sraapKhmerHea1997:C:15156
kind of decorative motif consisting of arabesques or intertwined elements; decorative arrangement of flowers (n)ភ្ញីpɲiiKhmerHea1997:C:9567
kind of decorative motif consisting of notched circles (n)ដកចន្ទន៍dɑɑk canKhmerHea1997:C:4062
kind of deer (poss. Cervus schomburgki) (n)ស្មាន់smanKhmerHea1997:C:14889
kind of deer or mountain goat horns of which are used in medicinekɛḥkaehKhmerSho2006:C:1967-1
kind of dessert consisting of small pieces of dough shaped like rice grains or tear drops about one inch long (They are dipped in a solution of sugar and coconut cream before eating) (n)លតlɔɔtKhmerHea1997:C:11654
kind of dessert made with chicken or duck eggs and sugar (n)វ៉ើយvaəjKhmerHea1997:C:12689
kind of disease characterized by enlarged testicles, elephantiasis (n)កោបkaopKhmerHea1997:C:742
kind of disease, probably a kind of chorea, which affects the nerves and is characterized by uncontrolled muscle movement (esp. of the legs) (n)ប្រគ្រីវprɑkriivKhmerHea1997:C:7722
kind of disease, probably a kind of chorea, which affects the nerves of the legs and is characterized by uncontrolled muscle movement (n)គគ្រីវkɔkriivKhmerHea1997:C:1952
kind of disease, tumor (n)ត្រក់trɑkKhmerHea1997:C:4793
kind of double-headed wooden drum with skin covers on both ends (one end is slightly larger than the other; it is arranged horizontally on a wooden base) (n)សំភោរsɑmphouKhmerHea1997:C:14455
kind of drum (n)ថូនthoonKhmerHea1997:C:5082
kind of earthenware or porcelain pot with a cover used esp. for storing betel leaves or fermented sticky rice (n)ថោthaoKhmerHea1997:C:5102
kind of edible aquatic grass (n)កន្តូឡេតkɑntoo leetKhmerHea1997:C:252
kind of edible aquatic plant (n)កន្ទីងរីងkɑntiiŋ - riiŋKhmerHea1997:C:297
kind of edible aquatic plant (Neptunia oleracea) (n)កញ្ឆែតkɑɲchaetKhmerHea1997:C:137
kind of edible aquatic plant (Sagittaria sagittifolia or Monochoria hastata) (n)ត្រកៀតtrɑkietKhmerHea1997:C:4802
kind of edible aquatic plant similar to watercress (Monochoria vaginalis) (n)ច្រាច់cracKhmerHea1997:C:3147
kind of edible plant (Costus speciosus) (n)ត្រថុកtrɑthokKhmerHea1997:C:4855
kind of edible reed-like aquatic plant, similar to the lotus, with small purple flowers (Limnanthemum hydrophyllum) (n)ស្គន់skʊənKhmerHea1997:C:14618
kind of edible tuberous plant (Arum indicum) (n)ក្តាតkdaatKhmerHea1997:C:1037
kind of egg custard (n)សង់ខ្យាsɑŋkjaaKhmerHea1997:C:12844
kind of elf believed to care for wild animals (esp. elephants) (n)បំសុបិសាចbaŋsoʔbəjsaacKhmerHea1997:C:7652
kind of fabric, satin, velour (n)កាំម្រឹតkam mrɨtKhmerHea1997:C:1007
kind of fat, black aquatic beetle (it is commonly eaten fried) (n)កន្តេះឡង់kɑnteh lɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:260
kind of fence consisting of a rope stretched around an area to keep wild animals out (n)សំឡាញsɑmlaaɲKhmerHea1997:C:14544
kind of fern (Angiopteris crassipes) (n)ប៉េះលេះpeh lehKhmerHea1997:C:7664
kind of fern (Nephrolepis biserrata) (n)ត្រដិតtrɑdətKhmerHea1997:C:4833
kind of fern or parasitic plant (Ceratopteris kalictroides). (n)ប៉ប្រកpɑprɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:6826
kind of fever causing loss of consciousness, pernicious fever. (n)សន្ឋំsɑnthumKhmerHea1997:C:13115
kind of fig tree (Ficus carica, F. glomerata, or F. racemosa; according to tradition the king's throne should be made of wood from this tree) (n)ល្វាlvieKhmerHea1997:C:11992
kind of fine cloth from India containing gold or silver threads (often used for women's head scarves) (n)តាតtaatKhmerHea1997:C:4525
kind of fine imported cloth used esp. for blouses, muslin (n)សារូsaaruuKhmerHea1997:C:13671
kind of fine powdered food made of roasted rice or corn (n)ប្រអួលprɑʔuəlKhmerHea1997:C:8132
kind of fire-making apparatus consisting of two pieces of wood or bamboo and some tinder, a fire-saw (One piece of wood, generally the harder piece, is rubbed against the other to produce hot dust which ignites the tinder) (n)ពំនួតpumnuətKhmerHea1997:C:9118
kind of firework (n)គោហៀkou hieKhmerHea1997:C:2163
kind of fish (Barbus siaja, found in swamps and flooded rice fields) (n)ច្រកែងcrɑkaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:3051
kind of fish (Labeo pleurotoenia or Puntius altus) (n)កាហែkaahaeKhmerHea1997:C:547
kind of fish (Macrones nigroceps) (n)តានិលtaa nɨlKhmerHea1997:C:4505
kind of fish (n)កំផ្លៀវkɑmplievKhmerHea1997:C:889
kind of fish (n)ក្បកkbɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:1085
kind of fish (n)ក្រមមkrɑmɑɑmKhmerHea1997:C:1222
kind of fish (n)ក្រូសkroohKhmerHea1997:C:1391
kind of fish (n)ក្លាំងហាយklaŋ haajKhmerHea1997:C:1470
kind of fish (n)ខ្មាន់kmanKhmerHea1997:C:1792
kind of fish (n)គជ្រាkʊəcrieKhmerHea1997:C:1988
kind of fish (n)ទ្រនេលtrɔneilKhmerHea1997:C:5729
kind of fish (Ophiocephalus striatus; it has a flat head covered with large scales and attains a length of about a yard) (n)រ៉ស់rɑhKhmerHea1997:C:11108
kind of fish found in streams (n)ឆ្ពិនcpɨnKhmerHea1997:C:3355
kind of fish similar to the shad (n)ព្រលូងprɔluuŋKhmerHea1997:C:9203
kind of fish soup. (n)គ្រាក់kreakKhmerHea1997:C:2295
kind of fish trap (dial. ប៉ោង បញ្ឆោត ) (n)ត្រើងtraəŋKhmerHea1997:C:4991
kind of fish-eating bird with a blue head and back, a red breast, and a large red beak (n)ចចាតcɑcaatKhmerHea1997:C:2622
kind of fishing device in the form of a basket or long cage. It is submerged vertically in deep water (n)សៃយ៉ឺនsaj jəənKhmerHea1997:C:14221
kind of fishing implement consisting of pieces of wood tied together and used to chase fish into a spot where they may be easily caught (n)គនkɔɔnKhmerHea1997:C:2005
kind of fishing instrument consisting of a long cylindrical cage made of bamboo strips and tapering at both ends (There are many varieties, including: ទ្រូកំពឹស, ទ្រូព្រៀងធំ, ទ្រូព្រៀងតូច, and ទ្រូកំបុត ) (n)ទ្រូtruuKhmerHea1997:C:5791
kind of fishing net, landing net, scoop net (n)ថ្នងtnɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:5144
kind of fishing spear (n)កន្ទុលkɑntulKhmerHea1997:C:300
kind of flat fish (n)ក្អីkʔəjKhmerHea1997:C:1501
kind of flower (Mirabilis Jalapa) (n)ម៉ោងបួនmaoŋ buənKhmerHea1997:C:10183
kind of flower that usually blooms around 10:00 in the morning (n)ម៉ោងដប់maoŋ dɑpKhmerHea1997:C:10182
kind of flowering aquatic plant, blue lotus (n)លំចង់lumcɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:11861
kind of flowering tree (n)ការកេតkaa keetKhmerHea1997:C:505
kind of flowering tree (n)ខ្សឹងksəŋKhmerHea1997:C:1905
kind of flute-like Cambodian musical instrument used esp. in folk music, kind of (reed) pipe; kind of song which is characteristically introduced with a melody played on the flute. (n)អង្កួចʔɑŋkuəcKhmerHea1997:C:15887
kind of fly with painful bite, mosquito (maringouin)ក្អាតkʔaːtKhmerSho2006:C:947-1
kind of food (n)ណាំព្រិកnam priikKhmerHea1997:C:4402
kind of food consisting of noodles and ណាំយ៉ា sauce (n)ណាំយ៉ាnam jaaKhmerHea1997:C:4403
kind of food made of beef, shrimp, and squid cooked in a sauce (containing coconut milk, salt, sugar, vinegar, peanuts, and spices) and eaten with large, flat noodles and vegetables (n)យ៉ៅហនjav hɑɑnKhmerHea1997:C:10506
kind of forest spirit (n)អារុក្ខអារក្ខʔaaruk - ʔaareakKhmerHea1997:C:17093
kind of fresh water fish (n)កន្ត្រប់kɑntrɑpKhmerHea1997:C:264
kind of fresh water fish, possibly a carp (n)កញ្ជនជៃkɑɲcɔɔn cejKhmerHea1997:C:142
kind of freshwater catfish (Clarias batracius; they have barbs which can inject a poison that causes a painful wound) (n)អណ្ដែងʔɑndaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:16064
kind of freshwater fish (n)ត្រឱនtrɑʔaonKhmerHea1997:C:4947
kind of freshwater turtle (n)ត្រសៃtrɑsajKhmerHea1997:C:4920
kind of fruit tree (Amoora montana or Aglaia sp.) (n)បង្គៅbɑŋkɨvKhmerHea1997:C:6378
kind of fruit tree (Artocarpus nitida; the green fruit is used in cooking) (n)សំព័រsɑmpoaKhmerHea1997:C:14432
kind of fruit tree (Caryota urens) (n)អន្សែʔɑnsaeKhmerHea1997:C:16496
kind of fruit tree (Diospyros chevalieri; the tart fruits can be used as an ingredient in a chew of betel, for dying and as a garnish for various kinds of food) (n)ដង្កោdɑŋkaoKhmerHea1997:C:4080
kind of fruit tree (Diospyros pilosanthera; the hard wood is used for making furniture, the fruit is eaten, and the young leaves are used medicinally) (n)ត្រយឹងtrɑjəŋKhmerHea1997:C:4892
kind of fruit tree (Ficus politoria) (n)កខុបkɑkhopKhmerHea1997:C:46
kind of fruit tree (Grewia tomentosa or G. paniculata) (n)ពភ្លាpɔplieKhmerHea1997:C:8794
kind of fruit tree (Hydnocarpus anthelminthica or Nauclea cordifolia; the seeds are used in the preparation of a medicine to treat leprosy) (n)ក្របេkrɑbavKhmerHea1997:C:1205
kind of fruit tree (Madhuca sp.; the small fruit is sweet and sticky) (n)ស្រគំsrɑkumKhmerHea1997:C:14958
kind of fruit tree (n)ទ្រៀលtrielKhmerHea1997:C:5802
kind of fruit tree (n)មាក់ដោកmak daok, meak daokKhmerHea1997:C:9890
kind of fruit tree (n)មាក់ប្រេងmak preeŋ, meak preeŋKhmerHea1997:C:9894
kind of fruit tree (n)មាក់សាងmak saaŋ, meak saaŋKhmerHea1997:C:9895
kind of fruit tree (Rhodomyrtus tomentosa) (n)ពួចpuəcKhmerHea1997:C:9050
kind of fruit tree (Richardella campechiana) (n)ខេមាkheemaaKhmerHea1997:C:1621
kind of fruit tree (Schleicheria oleosa or S. trijuga; its sour fruits are used as flavoring in stews and soups and the hard wood is used to make mortars) (n)ពង្រpʊəŋrɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:8617
kind of fruit tree (the sweet yellow fruit is similar to a persimmon but smaller and flatter) (n)មាក់ប៉ែនmak paen, meak paenKhmerHea1997:C:9892
kind of fruit tree similar to the ព្នៅ but with smaller fruit (n)ព្និលpnɨlKhmerHea1997:C:9131
kind of fruit tree with aromatic flowers (Mesua ferrea; the red - brown wood is heavy, hard and almost impervious to water) (n)បុសនាគboh niekKhmerHea1997:C:7360
kind of gambling game in which a six-sided die with a pin in the center, similar to a dreidel, is spun on a plate and then covered with a cup or polished coconut shell. People bet on the number that comes up; the six-sided die used in the above game (n)អាប៉ោងʔaapaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:17009
kind of gemstone (n)ផុស្សរាគphohsaʔriekKhmerHea1997:C:8347
kind of gnat often found on the heads of cattle (n)មមាចmɔmiecKhmerHea1997:C:9789
kind of gold or silver item of apparel shaped like a banyan leaf (it was worn by young girls in ancient Cambodia to cover their pubic area) (n)ចាប៉ឹងcaa pəŋKhmerHea1997:C:2730
kind of grass (n)ថ្កាសtkaahKhmerHea1997:C:5119
kind of grass (prob. Eriosema chinense) with edible roots that grows in sandy soil (n)ទិលtɨlKhmerHea1997:C:5418
kind of grass used for making rope (n)ត្រថឿងtrɑthɨəŋKhmerHea1997:C:4856
kind of grass used to make thatch (n)រណ្ដាសrʊəndaahKhmerHea1997:C:10751
kind of grass-like herb used for pickling (Cleome gynandra) (n)មមាញmɔmieɲKhmerHea1997:C:9790
kind of gray and black bird (Gracupica nigricollis) (var. = គ្រលីងគ្រលោង ) (n)គ្រលេងគ្រលោងkrɔleiŋ - krɔlouŋKhmerHea1997:C:2264
kind of gray bird (n)ក្រាក់អាច់krak ʔacKhmerHea1997:C:1353
kind of gray fish-eating bird (Leptoptilos dubius) (n)ត្រដក់trɑdɑkKhmerHea1997:C:4827
kind of gray squirrel (n)កង្ហែនkɑŋhaenKhmerHea1997:C:92
kind of gray-black bird (resembling a crane) with a curved beak (n)ត្រយងtrɑjɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:4889
kind of grayish bird with large feet (n)កញ្ជ្រៀចkɑɲcriecKhmerHea1997:C:162
kind of grayish colored mammal similar to a fox (when someone is compared to a កញ្ជ្រោង it means that he / she is considered wily or crafty) (n)កញ្ជ្រោងkɑɲcrouŋKhmerHea1997:C:166
kind of hand basket made of bamboo or reed strips, woven basket, bag or container (n)ត្រកtrɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:4792
kind of handwoven fabric (usually silk, with multicolored geometric designs) (n)ហូលhoolKhmerHea1997:C:15526
kind of hard wood tree (Dipterocarpus crispalatus or D. intricatus; the wood is used in shipbuilding and the resin is used to make torches and to waterproof boots) (n)ត្រាចtraacKhmerHea1997:C:4956
kind of hardwood tree (Scutula scutellata; the hard reddish wood is used to make pestles) (n)ភ្លងplɔɔŋKhmerHea1997:C:9593
kind of hardwood tree with edible leaf shoots (n)ធ្មាtmieKhmerHea1997:C:5936
kind of hardwood treeនាង-[នួន]??nìːəŋ-[nùːən]KhmerSho2006:C:591-1
kind of hawk (prob. Accipiter sp.) (n)ស្ទាំងsteaŋKhmerHea1997:C:14775
kind of hemp-like plant used to make rope (n)ចចៅcɑcavKhmerHea1997:C:2641
kind of herbaceous plant (poss. Zingiber Cassumunar, with a yellow root having medicinal and magical uses) (n)ពន្លៃpʊənlejKhmerHea1997:C:8721
kind of heron (Nycticorax griseus) (n)ខ្វែកkvaekKhmerHea1997:C:1884
kind of heron (Tantalus bucocephalus) (n)រនាលrɔnielKhmerHea1997:C:10815
kind of high grass used for making thatched roofs and walls (n)ប្រីprəjKhmerHea1997:C:8173
kind of hooked knife, reaping-hook (n)ខ្វែវkvaevKhmerHea1997:C:1887
kind of hornet (n)ឳម៉ាល់ʔəv malKhmerHea1997:C:17791
kind of insect, mole cricket (n)ខ្មុលkmolKhmerHea1997:C:1800
kind of kite (children's toy) (n)បុ័ក​ប៉ៅ​pak pavKhmerHea1997:C:6299
kind of L-shaped wooden or bamboo hay-fork (n)ចង្ហាយcɑŋhaajKhmerHea1997:C:2606
kind of lance?? ទួនlùmpɛ̀ːŋ tùːənKhmerSho2006:C:1157-3
kind of land snail (n)ហៀនhienKhmerHea1997:C:15545
kind of Laotian salad-like hors d'oeuvre made with sliced beef or fresh fish mixed with brown rice powder, galanga powder, lime juice, salt, sugar and eaten with vegetables (such as mint, lettuce, onion) garnished with coriander and red pepper (it is similar to ណែម​) (n)ឡាបlaapKhmerHea1997:C:15706
kind of large (50 X 20 feet) dip net (n)ចៃរ៉ាcaj raaKhmerHea1997:C:2855
kind of large and colorful umbrella (usually made of silk or paper, to provide shade) (n)តាំងយូtaŋ juuKhmerHea1997:C:4758
kind of large apidtra-o etc.taː ʔao, trəʔaoKhmerSho2006:C:1560-3
kind of large bag (similar to បាវ​ ) made of ramie fiber used esp. for milled rice (with a capacity of about 221 lbs.) (n)ប៉ូវតេpətee, pəv teeKhmerHea1997:C:7403
kind of large beetle (Sternocera aequisignata) with bright green and blue wings, and yellow belly (n)កំភេមkɑmpheimKhmerHea1997:C:930
kind of large black ant that lives in round nests made of tree bark (they kill harmful insects in Cambodian gardens and houses) (n)កន្ត្រោកkɑntraokKhmerHea1997:C:274
kind of large black carpenter bee which can give a painful sting (n)កន្លង់kɑnlɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:352
kind of large black monkey (n)ខោរkhaoKhmerHea1997:C:1631
kind of large bowl made of wood inlaid with mother-of-pearl, gold, or silver (it is used to hold ceremonial offerings); kind of small finely woven basket (n)តោកtaokKhmerHea1997:C:4680
kind of large broad-leaved plant (Schumannianthus dichotomus; the stems are used in weaving mats) (n)រុនrunKhmerHea1997:C:11371
kind of large deep bowl (n)ទ្រមេមtrɔmeimKhmerHea1997:C:5752
kind of large deer (n)ទ្រាយtriejKhmerHea1997:C:5776
kind of large drum (n)ទីងtiiŋKhmerHea1997:C:5437
kind of large duck (n)កាប៉ាkaapaaKhmerHea1997:C:479
kind of large edible spider (n)ហុរពីងhol piiŋKhmerHea1997:C:15516
kind of large egg roll made of lettuce, mint, pork skins, and pork, mixed with ground browned rice and powdered galanga (n)ប៊ីbiiKhmerHea1997:C:7237
kind of large fishing net / seine (There are several varieties, some of which may be several miles long) (n)អួនʔuənKhmerHea1997:C:17291
kind of large flat shallow basket used for winnowing, drying, and raising silkworms (n)គ្រាងkrieŋKhmerHea1997:C:2297
kind of large fruit tree (Anthocephalus cadamba or A. chinensis; it has hairy yellow sour fruit; the bark and stems are used to prepare an analgesic and calmative) (n)ថ្កូវtkəvKhmerHea1997:C:5121
kind of large fruit-eating bat (poss. Pteropus vampyrus), fox bat (n)ជ្រឹងcrɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:3817
kind of large hardwood tree (Hopea and Shorea sp.; it is used in construction and the wood is highly water-resistant) (n)គគីរkɔkiiKhmerHea1997:C:1931
kind of large hardwood tree (n)នីniiKhmerHea1997:C:6233
kind of large lizard (Hydrosaurus salvator) that lives near water courses (n)ទន្សងtʊənsɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:5311
kind of large parasol without a fringe (used more often in ancient times for dignitaries such as princes) (n)សប្បធន់sappaʔthʊənKhmerHea1997:C:13158
kind of large red ant which is commonly found on fruit trees (n)អង្ក្រងʔɑŋkrɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:15897
kind of large red parrot (n)ណូរីnooriiKhmerHea1997:C:4387
kind of large round storage container kept inside the house (it is made of palm leaves and used esp. for storing rice) (n)ដោកdaokKhmerHea1997:C:4199
kind of large shrimp, prawn (n)ព្រោនproonKhmerHea1997:C:9321
kind of large spider (n)ព្រវឹងprɔvɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:9216
kind of large stone mortar used with a foot-driven pestle (esp. for polishing rice) (n)ក្តឿងkdɨəŋKhmerHea1997:C:1056
kind of large swallow (Meropa viridis) which lives in holes in the ground (n)ត្រដេវtrɑdeevKhmerHea1997:C:4841
kind of large tree (Dysoxylum cauliflorum) (n)ក្រអឹមkrɑʔəmKhmerHea1997:C:1331
kind of large tree (n)រំជីកrumciikKhmerHea1997:C:11504
kind of large tree (n)សំពង់sɑmpʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:14430
kind of large tree (Schima crenata) (n)ប្រប៉ូវprɑpəvKhmerHea1997:C:7934
kind of large tree (Vateria cocincinensis) (n)ឳឡោកʔəv laokKhmerHea1997:C:17798
kind of large tree (Xylopia vielana or X. pierrei) (n)ក្រាយkraajKhmerHea1997:C:1362
kind of large tree the wood of which is used for building houses (n)ខ្ចូវkcəvKhmerHea1997:C:1652
kind of large tree valued for its wood (n)លាំងleaŋKhmerHea1997:C:11907
kind of large tree with edible fruit (Planchonella obovata; there are several varieties including រំដេញក្អែក and រំដេញភ្លុក) (n)រំដេញrumdəɲKhmerHea1997:C:11517
kind of large tree with edible sour fruit and hard, dense wood (Dialium cochinchinense) (n)ក្រឡាញ់krɑlaɲKhmerHea1997:C:1298
kind of large tree with reddish wood used in house construction and in the manufacture of furniture (Engelhardtia sp. or Podocarpus imbricatus) (n)ឆាំឆាcham chaaKhmerHea1997:C:3287
kind of large tree with small, highly aromatic, yellow flowers used to make wreaths, necklaces, or bracelets (n)ព្កុលpkolKhmerHea1997:C:9127
kind of large tree with valuable hardwood (Afzelia xylocarpa) (n)បេងbeeŋKhmerHea1997:C:7440
kind of large tree with valuable wood (Anisoptera scaphula) (n)ផ្តៀកpdiekKhmerHea1997:C:8452
kind of large tree; an oil is extracted from its seeds (n)ត្រឡាត់trɑlatKhmerHea1997:C:4933
kind of large vine (n)ដកពាយdɑɑk piejKhmerHea1997:C:4066
kind of large wasp or bee, bumblebee (n)តាឱtaa ʔaoKhmerHea1997:C:4513
kind of large, black scorpion (n)ខ្យាkjaaKhmerHea1997:C:1819
kind of large, scaleless freshwater fish (Pangasius pangasius or P. Sutchi) (n)ប្រាpraaKhmerHea1997:C:8134
kind of lathe operated by a treadle (n)កន្ទោកkɑntoukKhmerHea1997:C:310
kind of leech found in damp places in the forest (n)ទាកtiekKhmerHea1997:C:5348
kind of litchi (Litchi chinensis) (n)គូលែនkuulɛɛnKhmerHea1997:C:2123
kind of litchi (n)តាទងtaa tɔɔŋKhmerHea1997:C:4503
kind of long drum (n)ឆៃយ៉ាំchaj jamKhmerHea1997:C:3281
kind of long handled knife, somewhat resembling a billhook (formerly used as a military weapon but currently used for chopping or cutting plants) [plate 7] (n)ផ្គាក់pkeakKhmerHea1997:C:8392
kind of long-bladed knife with a short handle (n)ចែតcaetKhmerHea1997:C:2847
kind of long-handled bamboo tool with a small basket-like device at one end, used for picking fruit (n)កន្តរ៉kɑntɑɑ rɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:236
kind of magic that gives superhuman strength or allows one to give off rays of light; witchcraft, sorcery (n)ស្មិលsməlKhmerHea1997:C:14897
kind of medicinal herb (n)រំពាន់rumpoanKhmerHea1997:C:11529
kind of medicinal plant (Crassocephalum crepidioides) (n)អំជកʔɑmcɔɔkKhmerHea1997:C:17349
kind of medicinal plant having yellow flowers (Cassia alata) (n)កង្ហិតkɑŋhətKhmerHea1997:C:89
kind of medicinal plant which is crushed, mixed with ripe coconut meat, and fried to make an ointment for skin rashes (n)ព្រងាល់prɔŋoalKhmerHea1997:C:9171
kind of medicinal plant with yellow flowers (Cassia alata, C. augustifolia; its leaves are used to treat skin eruptions, a potion made from its blossoms is taken as a drink, and its root and fruit are used as laxatives) (n)ដង្ហិតdɑŋhətKhmerHea1997:C:4093
kind of medicinal shrub (Melastoma normale) (n)អង្រីʔɑŋrəjKhmerHea1997:C:15941
kind of medicinal vine (used as a remedy for constipation) (n)ខ្ញែកkɲaekKhmerHea1997:C:1698
kind of medium-sized flat fish with many bones (Notopterus hapirat) (n)ស្លាតslaatKhmerHea1997:C:15247
kind of medium-sized tree (its bark is very fibrous and was formerly used to make a coarse type of paper) (n)ឳជ្រឹងʔəv crɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:17786
kind of meringue (n)ភឹង (១)phɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:9466
kind of music characterized by continuous drum beats (n)ជើតcəətKhmerHea1997:C:3644
kind of mussel found in marshes. (n)គ្រំkrumKhmerHea1997:C:2351
kind of mythological animal with a dragon's head (n)កីលែនkəjlɛɛnKhmerHea1997:C:578
kind of nettle or plant that causes itching (n)កន្ទេចអាលkɑntɨc ʔaalKhmerHea1997:C:306
kind of nettle plant (the bark is used to make rope and the stems and branches are used for making brooms) (n)កន្ទាំងkɑnteaŋKhmerHea1997:C:314
kind of night bird (it is believed that the cry of this bird is an omen of dire events) (n)ឳឡʔəv lɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:17795
kind of nocturnal bird (n)គូលីតkuu liitKhmerHea1997:C:2122
kind of nocturnal birdពព្លាក់pəplɛ̀əkKhmerSho2006:C:449-2
kind of noise-maker usually made of palm leaves and attached to a kite (n)ង៉ាវŋaavKhmerHea1997:C:2489
kind of owl (Scops stictonotus) (or the Spotted Wood Owl Strix seloputo). (n)ទីទុយtii tujKhmerHea1997:C:5443
kind of palm (Calamus salicifolius) used to weave baskets (n)រពាក់rɔpeakKhmerHea1997:C:10912
kind of palm (Zalacca Wallichiana) (n)ប៉កមpɑkɑɑmKhmerHea1997:C:6294
kind of palm tree (Zalacca Wallichiana) (n)ប៉ាកាំpaakamKhmerHea1997:C:7072
kind of palm with edible fruitឡុកlokKhmerHea1997:C:15727
kind of parasitic vine (n)ឳជំʔəv cumKhmerHea1997:C:17785
kind of partridge (Arborophila cambodiana; the male has a very loud, piercing cry) (n)ទទាtɔtieKhmerHea1997:C:5241
kind of percussion instrument consisting of two small round metal castanet-like plates suspended on a cord (n)ឈឺងchɨɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:3873
kind of persimmon (Diospyros decandra; it has heavily perfumed flowers and yellow apple-like fruit) (n)ច័នcanKhmerHea1997:C:2662
kind of pickled banana (made from a variety of banana known as ចេកជ្វា) (n)សៀមប្រៀមsiem - priemKhmerHea1997:C:14141
kind of pincers, tweezers (n)ចន្ទាសcɑntiehKhmerHea1997:C:2669
kind of pine tree (Pinus sylvestris) with red wood (n)ស្ពង់spʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:14849
kind of plant (Amaranthus bletum; its ashes produce soda from which soap is made) (n)ផ្ទីptiiKhmerHea1997:C:8481
kind of plant (Ampelocissus arachnoidea, the roots of which are used to prepare medications for treating venereal diseases) (n)កក្រោកkɑkraokKhmerHea1997:C:29
kind of plant (Cestrum nocturnum, with highly aromatic pale yellow flowers). (n)ណាគ្រីnaakriiKhmerHea1997:C:4364
kind of plant (Cratoxylon sp.) with edible flowers and shoots (n)ល្ងៀងlŋieŋKhmerHea1997:C:11929
kind of plant (Ixia sinensis) with medicinal roots (n)លំពាន់lumpoanKhmerHea1997:C:11880
kind of plant (n)អំបឹះʔɑmbəhKhmerHea1997:C:17378
kind of plant (Nauclea cadumba, with edible sprouts; it occurs in two varieties, one លៀបធំ has large leaves and the other elob តូច has small leaves) (n)លៀបliepKhmerHea1997:C:11796
kind of plant (Sindora sumatrana) (n)ក្រគរkrɑkɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:1131
kind of plant (Zingiber zerumbet, with a yellowish aromatic rhizome) (n)ផ្ទឺptɨɨKhmerHea1997:C:8484
kind of plant having edible fruit (n)សង្ឃាsɑŋkhieKhmerHea1997:C:12927
kind of plant used for dyeing (poss. Bixa orellana; it produces a reddish-yellow dye) (n)ដកគាំdɑɑk koamKhmerHea1997:C:4061
kind of plant which grows from a bulb and has large, long, thick leaves (n)កំភ្លឹងkɑmplɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:935
kind of plant which grows near river banks, orchid (n)ក្រកីkrɑkəjKhmerHea1997:C:1125
kind of plant with aromatic flowers (the leaves can be woven into sacks, mats, etc.) (n)រំចាកrumcaakKhmerHea1997:C:11498
kind of plant with edible tubers (n)ធ្មៅtmɨvKhmerHea1997:C:5945
kind of plant with fragrant white flowers (Allamanda carthartica) (n)យីហ៊ុបjii hupKhmerHea1997:C:10408
kind of plant with fragrant, white flowers (n)កាកែលkaa kaelKhmerHea1997:C:438
kind of plant with long thin leaves that grows from a bulb or tuber (n)ស្រជែតsrɑcɛɛtKhmerHea1997:C:14978
kind of plant with white flowers; it is used as a vegetable (n)ផ្កាសpkaahKhmerHea1997:C:8386
kind of plant, spurge (Euphorbia sp.) (n)តាសិកtaa səkKhmerHea1997:C:4511
kind of poison (used esp. for killing vermin) (n)សានណូវsaan nəvKhmerHea1997:C:13610
kind of poisonous plant (n)ប្រង់prɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:7723
kind of punishment for Buddhist monks (n)បាចិត្តិយៈpaacəttəjeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:7086
kind of rake or roller (used for leveling) (n)ខ្នៀរknieKhmerHea1997:C:1765
kind of rash that does not suppurate; measles (n)កញ្ជ្រឹលkɑɲcrɨlKhmerHea1997:C:159
kind of rattan (n)អារ៉ិចʔaarəcKhmerHea1997:C:17090
kind of rattle [plate 10] (n)ពីងពាំងpiiŋ - peaŋKhmerHea1997:C:8998
kind of red ant (n)កន្តាវរ៉ាវkɑntaav - raavKhmerHea1997:C:241
kind of reed or rattan (n)ក្រែកkraekKhmerHea1997:C:1411
kind of resin; crude turpentine (n)យៅjɨvKhmerHea1997:C:10503
kind of roofed platform built in a tree (used for protection from wild animals and the weather) (n)ស្រណាងsrɑnaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:14982
kind of round cake made of fried, popped sticky rice mixed with sugar and sesame seeds (n)ក្រពងkrɑpɔɔŋKhmerHea1997:C:1207
kind of salt water shrimp (n)បង្គាbɑŋkieKhmerHea1997:C:6369
kind of salt-water fish (Scomber brachsysoma) (n)កាម៉ុងkaamoŋKhmerHea1997:C:497
kind of saltwater fish (n)ត្រពួចtrɑpuəcKhmerHea1997:C:4875
kind of scaleless fish (n)ខ្ជឹងkcɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:1667
kind of scaleless freshwater fish (n)ឈ្វាតcvietKhmerHea1997:C:3942
kind of scavenger fish (n)ទីពោtii pouKhmerHea1997:C:5449
kind of scoop net (n)ឈ្នក់cnʊəkKhmerHea1997:C:3893
kind of seagull (Anastomus oscitans) (n)រំពេrumpeiKhmerHea1997:C:11535
kind of shackle of wood or bamboo put around the necks of cattle or horses to keep them from going too fast, shaft-bow (part of harness), collar (n)ណែងណងnaeŋ - nɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:4393
kind of shallow flat basket [plate 9] (n)ចង្អេរcɑŋʔeeKhmerHea1997:C:2616
kind of shellfish (n)អុកលាំងៗʔok leaŋ - leaŋKhmerHea1997:C:17238
kind of shellfish, clam, abalone (n)គ្រែងkrɛɛŋKhmerHea1997:C:2344
kind of short cudgel / club (n)ល្បុក្កlbokKhmerHea1997:C:11947
kind of shrub (Columbia auriculata; the bark of which is used to make rope and the leaves of which are used to make torches) (n)ព្រាលprielKhmerHea1997:C:9248
kind of shrub (Connarus cochinchinensis) (n)រពុះrɔpuhKhmerHea1997:C:10925
kind of shrub (Desmodium flexuosum) (n)ម្គីmkiiKhmerHea1997:C:10225
kind of shrub (Gmelina asiatica) (n)រំចាញrumcaaɲKhmerHea1997:C:11499
kind of shrub (Homalium brevidans) used for firewood (n)រទាំងrɔteaŋKhmerHea1997:C:10806
kind of shrub from fruits of which shampoo is madesɔmbuːə kɔkKhmerSho2006:C:1640-3
kind of shrub or tree of the buckthorn family (Rhamnus tinctorius; the fruit is used to make a detergent) (n)ល្វៀងlvieŋKhmerHea1997:C:12000
kind of shrub with aromatic flowers (n)រញាrɔɲieKhmerHea1997:C:10667
kind of shrub with edible leaves and fruit (Leucoena glauca; it is often used for hedges) (n)កន្ឋំkanthumKhmerHea1997:C:348
kind of shrub, the screw-pine (Pandanus Pierrei; the leaves are used for weaving mats) (n)រំចេកrumceekKhmerHea1997:C:11501
kind of silk brocade (n)របើកrɔbaəkKhmerHea1997:C:10877
kind of silk cloth with a small red and black checker-board pattern (n)មក្លាំmeaʔklamKhmerHea1997:C:9660
kind of silk lam material (n)សារបាប់saaraʔbapKhmerHea1997:C:13656
kind of single-stringed musical instrument similar to a guitar (it is played by plucking) (n)សាដៀវsaadievKhmerHea1997:C:13583
kind of six-holed flute; quadruple-reed shawm (n)ស្រឡៃsrɑlajKhmerHea1997:C:15131
kind of skin disease characterized by dark reddish or purplish blisters; wen, sebaceous cyst (n)ផ្តូតpdootKhmerHea1997:C:8447
kind of skin disease, (?) scabiesត្រអកtrəʔɔːkKhmerSho2006:C:273a-3
kind of skin rash, prurigo, psoriasis, prickly heat (n)កញ្ជុសមាន់kɑɲcuh moanKhmerHea1997:C:150
kind of skirt made of brocade with threads of gold or silver woven through it (n)ចរបាប់cɑɑrəbapKhmerHea1997:C:2695
kind of skirt with an elastic waistband (n)ខិងkhəŋKhmerHea1997:C:1573
kind of small aquatic plant with a violet flower resembling a lotus (n)ចង្កុលណីcɑŋkoʔleaʔnəjKhmerHea1997:C:2572
kind of small basket, decorated with flowers, in which gifts for Buddhist monks are placed (n)ក្រចាសkrɑcaahKhmerHea1997:C:1142
kind of small basket-like handbag; platform of a scale (n)អ៊ុយʔujKhmerHea1997:C:17255
kind of small bird (Zosterops siamensis) (n)ពពេចpɔpɨcKhmerHea1997:C:8750
kind of small bird similar to a hummingbird. (n)ច្រឡៃcrɑlajKhmerHea1997:C:3131
kind of small black bird (Crypsirhina varians) (n)រន្ទេបrʊənteipKhmerHea1997:C:10834
kind of small brown porcupine (n)ប្រមោញprɑmaoɲKhmerHea1997:C:8014
kind of small bucket, woven bamboo basket coated with tar or resin (n)គ្រុះkruhKhmerHea1997:C:2358
kind of small caterpillar that feeds on wood, bamboo, and dried fish (n)ព្រយprɔɔjKhmerHea1997:C:9188
kind of small catfish with two barbs or whiskers (Macrones nemurus) (n)កញ្ចុះkɑɲcohKhmerHea1997:C:111
kind of small cucumber (n)កញ្ជ្រៀបkɑɲcriepKhmerHea1997:C:163
kind of small cymbal (n)ឈិងchɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:3867
kind of small deer, hog deer (Cervus porcinus) (smaller than ប្រើស ) (n)ក្តាន់kdanKhmerHea1997:C:1039
kind of small deer-like mammal about the size of a raccoon; it has small horns, a short tail, and hooves (poss. Tragulus sp.) (n)ខ្ចងkcɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:1642
kind of small fish (Catla Buchanani or Catlacarpio siamensis) (n)កាហោkaahaoKhmerHea1997:C:548
kind of small fish (n)ក្អិតkʔətKhmerHea1997:C:1499
kind of small fish (Ophicephalus acanthopterygius) (n)ផ្ទក់ptʊəkKhmerHea1997:C:8469
kind of small fish (poss. a gourami) (n)កន្ឋរkɑnthɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:334
kind of small fish (poss. a loach, Botia hymenophysa or B. modesta) (n)កញ្ជ្រូកkɑɲcruukKhmerHea1997:C:160
kind of small fish (prob. Betta splendens), betta, Siamese Fighting Fish (n)ក្រឹមkrəmKhmerHea1997:C:1379
kind of small fish usually found in mountain streams or in water-filled hollow tree trunks (n)ខ្សានksaanKhmerHea1997:C:1899
kind of small flower resembling a rose but having no smell (n)យីស៊ុនjii sunKhmerHea1997:C:10406
kind of small fresh water fish (used esp. for making fish paste) (n)កំភ្លាញkɑmplieɲKhmerHea1997:C:934
kind of small fresh-water fish (Rasbora aurotaenia; it is similar to the smelt or gudgeon) (n)ចង្វាcɑŋvaaKhmerHea1997:C:2600
kind of small freshwater clam or mussel (n)លៀសliehKhmerHea1997:C:11799
kind of small freshwater fish, climbing perch (Anabas scandens or A. testudineus) (n)ក្រាញ់kraɲKhmerHea1997:C:1356
kind of small fried cake (n)កន្ទ្រាំkɑntroamKhmerHea1997:C:332
kind of small frog (n)គោរាតkourietKhmerHea1997:C:2159
kind of small fruit tree (Antidesma diandrum; the roots are used to prepare a tonic) (n)ត្រមួចtrɑmuəcKhmerHea1997:C:4882
kind of small fruit tree (Dillenia ovata) (n)ភ្លូpluuKhmerHea1997:C:9614
kind of small fruit tree (Garcinia oliveri; the leaves used as a sour spice) (n)ទ្រមូងtrɔmuuŋKhmerHea1997:C:5745
kind of small gray shark (Scoliodon sorrakowah or Carcharias hemiodon) (n)ឆ្លាមclaamKhmerHea1997:C:3378
kind of small green insect, with a long body and slender legs (it is poisonous to cattle when eaten) (n)ស្រគោមsrɑkoumKhmerHea1997:C:14957
kind of small green tree frog (prob. Limnodytes sp.) (n)កញ្ចាញ់ចេកkɑɲcaɲ ceekKhmerHea1997:C:97
kind of small grey insect common during the rainy season (n)រនោងrɔnouŋKhmerHea1997:C:10823
kind of small hawk similar to the sparrow hawk (n)ប្រមង់prɑmɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:7987
kind of small house gecko (Hemidactylus maculatus) (n)ជីងចក់ciiŋ cɑkKhmerHea1997:C:3586
kind of small insect (n)ពពឹកpɔpɨkKhmerHea1997:C:8739
kind of small insect which lives in colonies (they produce a strong smelling sticky liquid which may be used as a salve for itching skin; the residue of the liquid is used to make torches) (n)ស្អុងsʔoŋKhmerHea1997:C:15345
kind of small long-legged bird that feeds mainly on earthworms (n)ប្រចៀចprɑciecKhmerHea1997:C:7738
kind of small luminescent millipede (n)ក្លឹសkləhKhmerHea1997:C:1453
kind of small mammal resembling a weasel (poss. the yellow-throated marten, Martes flavigula) (n)ស្ការskaa KhmerHea1997:C:14600
kind of small palm tree (Licuala spinosa; the heart is edible and the leaves are used as wrapping) (n)ផ្អាវpʔaavKhmerHea1997:C:8586
kind of small paper umbrella used esp. by Chinese and Vietnamese as an offering to ancestral spirits (n)ឡង់lɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:15687
kind of small plant (Connarus semidecandrus or C. Cochinchinensis; the roots are used as medicine against bubo; the small branches are used to make the frames of fish traps, the young leaves are used in salads, and the mature leaves are used to make a kind of whistle) (n)លំពស់lumpʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:11879
kind of small plant (n)សីរសាច់seeraʔ sacKhmerHea1997:C:13839
kind of small plant (Sesbania javanica, which grows in swamps. It has small leaves and light yellow edible flowers; hats and paper are made from its pith and the roots are used to prepare an anti-malarial medicine) (n)ស្នោsnaoKhmerHea1997:C:14814
kind of small plant (Tephrosia repentina; the fruit are used in certain children's games) (n)ពិកាpiʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:8903
kind of small plant (Tieghemopanax fruticosus; the pleasant-smelling leaves are used for perfuming and decoration; the plant is also used medicinally and in religious rites) (n)ពោល្យំpouljumKhmerHea1997:C:9105
kind of small plant having sweet-smelling flowers (n)លន្តែlʊəntaeKhmerHea1997:C:11662
kind of small round basket [plate 9] (n)ល្អីlʔəjKhmerHea1997:C:12048
kind of small scorpion the sting of which is very painful (n)ខ្នយknɑɑjKhmerHea1997:C:1743
kind of small seine larger than មង used in shallow water (n)អញ្ចងʔɑɲcɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:16011
kind of small slim fish with a narrow, pointed head (usually found in the mud) (n)ឆ្លូញclooɲKhmerHea1997:C:3383
kind of small slim fish with a narrow, pointed head (usually found in the mud) (n)ស្លូញslooɲKhmerHea1997:C:15262
kind of small spiny tree (Alangium salviifolium) which is widely used in medicinal products (n)អង្កោលʔɑŋkaolKhmerHea1997:C:15895
kind of small squirrel-like mammal (n)កង្ហិចkɑŋhəcKhmerHea1997:C:88
kind of small squirrel-like mammal (sometimes called a palm rat) (n)កន្ថឹកkɑnthəkKhmerHea1997:C:279
kind of small thorny bamboo (it is very strong and often used for making ladders) (n)រលៀកrɔliekKhmerHea1997:C:11037
kind of small tray made of woven banana leaves (they are commonly used in rituals connected with the appeasement of supernatural beings. There are several kinds including ពែ​ចែង​, ពែច្រមុះជ្រូក, and ពែម្តាយដើម) [plate 4] (n)ពែpɛɛKhmerHea1997:C:9082
kind of small tree (Caesalpinia sappa; the heartwood is used to make a red-dye and to prepare a medicine to treat skin diseases) (n)ស្បែងsbaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:14843
kind of small tree (Garcinia sp.; the young leaves are used as vegetables) (n)ខ្ចឹងkcəŋKhmerHea1997:C:1651
kind of small tree (Memecylon edule, used mainly for firewood) (n)ភ្ងាសpŋiehKhmerHea1997:C:9546
kind of small tree (Memecylon sp.; the leaves are used medicinally) (n)ឃ្មាសkmiehKhmerHea1997:C:2416
kind of small tree (Moringa oleifera; the young leaves and fruit are used in various soups and the bark is used medicinally) (n)ម្រុមmrumKhmerHea1997:C:10282
kind of small tree (Phyllanthus acidus; the acidic fruits and leaves are used in the preparation of various foods and the poisonous bark is used to kill rabid dogs) (n)កន្ទួតkɑntuətKhmerHea1997:C:302
kind of small tree (Randia dasycarpa or R. tomentosa; the wood is used to make charcoal and the fruit is used to prepare a shampoo) (n)រវៀងrɔvieŋKhmerHea1997:C:11089
kind of small tree of which there are several varieties (one, Morinda citrifolia, has edible fruit and roots which produce a red dye) (n)ɲɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:3946
kind of small tree with edible leaves which have purgative properties (n)ស្មីsməjKhmerHea1997:C:14898
kind of small white bony freshwater fish (prob. Dangila siamensis) (n)លេញləɲKhmerHea1997:C:11812
kind of small wild duck usually of a light gray color (Dendrocygna javanica) (n)ព្រវែកprɔvɛɛkKhmerHea1997:C:9217
kind of small worm that damages plants (n)យាស់joahKhmerHea1997:C:10400
kind of small, flat gong (it differs from គង in that it has no boss in the middle; esp. used in the marriage ceremony and in Bassac theatre performances) (n)ឃ្មោះkmʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:2420
kind of small, wild, fish-eating duck (n)ពូវែកpuu vɛɛkKhmerHea1997:C:9040
kind of soft rock (e.g. talc); plaster of Paris (n)ម្នាងសិលាmnieŋ seʔlaaKhmerHea1997:C:10252
kind of soup consisting of a combination of tender young shoots and spices (n)ស្រឡក់srɑlɑkKhmerHea1997:C:15107
kind of spiny vine with seeds which are used medicinally (Guilandina gemina) (n)ស្វាតsvaatKhmerHea1997:C:15300
kind of stiff grass (n)ស្គាskieKhmerHea1997:C:14621
kind of stinging insectsaṅʼārsɔŋʔaːKhmerSho2006:C:1562a-1
kind of stingless bee (n)ម្រោមmroumKhmerHea1997:C:10288
kind of striped precious stone (n)មោរ៉ាmouraaKhmerHea1997:C:10191
kind of sturdy vine with fragrant yellow flowers that bloom in the early morning before sunrise (n)សាយយុតsaajjutKhmerHea1997:C:13647
kind of sweet potato (n)ខ្មុងkmoŋKhmerHea1997:C:1798
kind of sword (n)មាក់សាន់meak sanKhmerHea1997:C:9896
kind of tall grass (n)ស្មោងsmaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:14925
kind of tall grass which has burrs that stick to clothing (Chrysopogon aciculatus; according to Cambodian legend the burrs contain the souls of girls who died without finding husbands in this life) (n)កន្ត្រើយkɑntraəjKhmerHea1997:C:269
kind of tall reed with a feathery tuft (n)ត្រែងtraeŋKhmerHea1997:C:5007
kind of taro (Alocasia macrorrhiza; it has large leaves and irritates the tongue and inside of the mouth if eaten raw) (n)ហោរ៉ាhaoraaKhmerHea1997:C:15603
kind of temporary container made of twigs or small pieces of wood, used to carry fruit collected in the forest (dial. ស្រោប ) (n)ស្រោកsraokKhmerHea1997:C:15222
kind of thin, silk cloth imported from China often used to make blouses (n)ឡោlaoKhmerHea1997:C:15764
kind of thorny plant (Vanieria cochinchinensis; the fruit and heart of this plant produce a yellow dye) (n)ឃ្លេkleiKhmerHea1997:C:2436
kind of thorny plant (Zizyphus cambodiana) having small round fruit (the fruit are often used as popgun ammunition and the bark is used to make medicines) (n)អង្គ្រងʔɑŋkrɔɔŋKhmerHea1997:C:15934
kind of thorny plant (Zizyphus eonoplia; having edible fruit and medicinal roots) (n)សង្ឃ័រsɑŋkhoaKhmerHea1997:C:12925
kind of thorny shrub (Acacia concinna; it is used ritually and a kind of shampoo is made from the pods) (n)សំបួរsambuəKhmerHea1997:C:14422
kind of thorny tree (Callophylum and Schima sp.) (n)ផ្អុងpʔoŋKhmerHea1997:C:8591
kind of thorny tree with small edible fruit, Madagascar plum (Flacourtia Jangomas or F. indica) (n)ក្រខុបkrɑkhopKhmerHea1997:C:1129
kind of thorny vine with large leaves that are used as vegetables (n)កណ្ដៀkɑndieKhmerHea1997:C:202
kind of tiger (n)អង្គ្រឺតʔɑŋkrɨɨtKhmerHea1997:C:15935
kind of tiger (said to resemble a lion; found in Kampot province) (n)ចហាងcaʔhaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:2710
kind of tiny gray insect / mite (n)ស្រមើលsrɑmaəlKhmerHea1997:C:15043
kind of tough reed or rattan (n)ឈ្វាំងcveaŋKhmerHea1997:C:3944
kind of trap consisting of a noose attached to the end of a pole (n)កញ្ចាមkɑɲcaamKhmerHea1997:C:99
kind of trapdoor or wolf spider (Chilobrachys paviei) (Western Cambodian var. កំពីង, កំព្រីង ) (n)រពីងrɔpiiŋKhmerHea1997:C:10914
kind of tree (Adina cordifolia; the yellow wood is used in the manufacture of furniture) (n)ខ្វាវkvaavKhmerHea1997:C:1867
kind of tree (Aidia Cochinchinensis, Fagraea fragrans or Nauclea speciosa having very hard, durable wood) (n)តាត្រៅtaa travKhmerHea1997:C:4501
kind of tree (Aporosa sphaerosperma; the roots are used in the preparation of medications to treat venereal diseases) (n)គ្រង់krʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:2227
kind of tree (Artocarpus incisa) with edible fruit (n)សាកេsaakeeKhmerHea1997:C:13566
kind of tree (Averrhoa Bilimbi, which has sour fruit used in cooking) (n)ទ្រលឹងទឹងtrɔlɨŋ tɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:5763
kind of tree (Baccaurea sapida, with clusters of edible, acidic-tasting fruit) (n)ផ្ញៀវpɲievKhmerHea1997:C:8426
kind of tree (Careya sphaerica; the bark of which is made into a mat to put under the howdah on an elephant's back; acc. to Martin 1971, if magicians walk in the shadow of this tree they will lose their power) (n)កណ្ដោលkɑndaolKhmerHea1997:C:211
kind of tree (Ceriops species; it is commonly found along the seacoast and is used for firewood. According to Tandart the bark of this tree produces a dye used by the Vietnamese to dye their work clothes) (n)ស្មែsmaeKhmerHea1997:C:14920
kind of tree (Cinnamomum iners; the bark is used medicinally and for making incense) (n)សាមផ្លានsaam plaanKhmerHea1997:C:13626
kind of tree (Cinnamomum sp.; the aromatic bark is used to make incense) (n)ចវាងcɑvaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:2707
kind of tree (Clausena excavata, C. lansium; its leaves have a strong aromatic smell and are used both as medicine and a seasoning) (n)កន្ទ្រោកkɑntroukKhmerHea1997:C:329
kind of tree (Combretum quadrangulare or lacriferum; the dried leaves may be used as a substitute for cigarette paper and the wood is used for firewood) (n)សង្កែsɑŋkaeKhmerHea1997:C:12879
kind of tree (Combretum trifoliatum that grows in wet areas; the young sprouts are used to prepare a medicine to soothe itching and as a seasoning for fish) (n)ត្រស់trɑhKhmerHea1997:C:4900
kind of tree (Crataeva nurvala; it usually grows near bodies of water) (n)ទន្លាtʊənlieKhmerHea1997:C:5306
kind of tree (Cratoxylon cochinchinensis; the leaves are used as vegetables or for making sour soup) (n)រងៀងrɔŋieŋKhmerHea1997:C:10597
kind of tree (Diospyros ebenaster, with black wood and edible aromatic fruit; the leaves and bark are medicinal) (n)ទ្រយឹងtrɔjɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:5759
kind of tree (Diospyros sp.) (n)ខ្ចាស់kcahKhmerHea1997:C:1649
kind of tree (Erioglossum rubiginosum; it has edible fruit and the wood is used to make tool handles) (n)ជន្លូសcʊənluuhKhmerHea1997:C:3504
kind of tree (Garcinia loureiri and G. merguensis; its sour fruit and leaves are much used in cooking) (n)សណ្ដាន់sɑndanKhmerHea1997:C:13014
kind of tree (Garcinia Vilersiana; it has sour fruit, and a yellow-brown dye used esp. for dying monks' robes is obtained from the bark) (n)ព្រហូតprɔhuutKhmerHea1997:C:9224
kind of tree (Garuga Pierrei; the bark is medicinal and the wood is used for carving) (n)ឧជាងʔoʔcieŋKhmerHea1997:C:17553
kind of tree (Irvingia malayana; it has very hard wood; a wax is extracted from the nuts, and the bark is used in the preparation of a tonic for women who have just given birth) (n)ចំបក់cɑmbɑkKhmerHea1997:C:2931
kind of tree (Lagerstroemia calyculata, L. angustifolia or L. duperreana; it has strong flexible wood which is used in making furniture and oars) (n)ស្រឡៅsrɑlavKhmerHea1997:C:15134
kind of tree (Machilus odoratissima; the bark is used to make incense) (n)ឃ្មត់kmʊətKhmerHea1997:C:2410
kind of tree (Markhamia Pierri) with large yellow flowers (n)ដកពdɑɑk pɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:4065
kind of tree (Melanorrhea laccifera, M. glabra, or Augia sinensis; the heartwood is dark red; the lacquer called ម្រ័ក្សណ៍ is obtained from this tree) (n)គ្រើលkrəəlKhmerHea1997:C:2333
kind of tree (n)ក្រោះរមាសkrɑh rɔmiehKhmerHea1997:C:1431
kind of tree (n)ខ្វែតkvaetKhmerHea1997:C:1886
kind of tree (n)ច្រនៀងcrɑnieŋKhmerHea1997:C:3076
kind of tree (n)ច្រមាយcrɑmiejKhmerHea1997:C:3093
kind of tree (n)ត្រៀកtriekKhmerHea1997:C:4994
kind of tree (n)ទ្រាសtriehKhmerHea1997:C:5778
kind of tree (n)ទ្រៀកtriekKhmerHea1997:C:5801
kind of tree (n)សត្បាsattaʔbaaKhmerHea1997:C:13043
kind of tree (Nauclea cordifolia; the fruits are soaked in water and eaten with sugar) (n)សំរងsɑmrɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:14467
kind of tree (Nauclea orientalis or Careya elliptica) (n)ក្តុលkdolKhmerHea1997:C:1052
kind of tree (Nauclea orientalis or Sindora sumatrana, or S. cochinchinensis, the wood of which is used for house-building and making furniture) (n)កកោះkɑkɑhKhmerHea1997:C:23
kind of tree (Ochna Thorelii) with aromatic yellow flowers (n)អង្គាʔɑŋkieKhmerHea1997:C:15910
kind of tree (Oncosperma tigillaria) which grows near bodies of water (n)ត្អោនtʔaonKhmerHea1997:C:5042
kind of tree (Parinari anamensis; the edible nut produces an oil used for waterproofing and the bark is used to make incense) (n)ធ្លកtlɔɔkKhmerHea1997:C:5949
kind of tree (Peltophorum dasyrachis; it has yellow flowers and its wood is used for construction and for making charcoal) (n)ត្រសេកtrɑseekKhmerHea1997:C:4916
kind of tree (Pinus longifolia) (n)ស្រូលsroolKhmerHea1997:C:15197
kind of tree (Polygonum globrum) (n)កន្តងkɑntɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:237
kind of tree (Popowia aberrans or P. diospyrifolia) with fragrant beige flowers that bloom at night; the flowers are used to perfume lip wax (n)រំដួលrumduəlKhmerHea1997:C:11514
kind of tree (poss. Calophyllum inophyllum) (n)ខ្ទឹងktɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:1721
kind of tree (prob. Antidesma diandrum, having small fruit used as sour spice; the roots are used in the preparation of a tonic for women who have recently given birth) (n)ទ្រមួចtrɔmuəcKhmerHea1997:C:5746
kind of tree (Pterocarpus sp.; the hard, reddish wood is used for making furniture, tool handles, and various parts of oxcarts. There are two kinds: ធ្នង់ឈាមមាន់ Pterocarpus cambodianus and ធ្នង់ក្រហម Pterocarpus pedatus) (n)ធ្នង់tnʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:5920
kind of tree (Ricinus sp.); a lubricating oil is obtained from the seeds (n)ខ្វងkvɑɑŋ, tvɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:1852
kind of tree (Shorea obtusa) with very hard durable wood often used in the construction of houses (n)ផ្ចឹកpcəkKhmerHea1997:C:8416
kind of tree (Shorea Talura or S. cochinchinensis; the easily worked wood is widely used for carpentry and boat building and pieces of the bark are put in palm juice as a preservative) (n)ពពេលpɔpeilKhmerHea1997:C:8752
kind of tree (Sindora cochinchinensis; the wood is used in house construction and furniture making) (n)ក្រកោះkrɑkɑhKhmerHea1997:C:1127
kind of tree (Spondias sp.) having acidic fruit (n)ពោនpounKhmerHea1997:C:9100
kind of tree (Streblus asper) with leaves that were formerly used to make paper (n)ស្នាយsnaajKhmerHea1997:C:14795
kind of tree (Terminalia alata, with very dark wood, used to make house posts and boards) (n)ឈ្លីកcliikKhmerHea1997:C:3930
kind of tree (Terminalia chebula) having a bitter tasting fruit which is used as a laxative (There are three varieties of this tree: សម៉ក្អែក, សម៉ភ្លុក and សម៉ពិភេទក៍ ) (n)សម៉saʔmɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:13185
kind of tree (Tethrantera pilosa or Wrightia tomentosa) (n)ស្រឡីsrɑləjKhmerHea1997:C:15114
kind of tree (the wood is used for lumber and the leaves are edible) (n)ច្រេសcreehKhmerHea1997:C:3184
kind of tree (Vateria Cochinchinensis; it has hard, dense wood that resists water damage) (n)ត្រឡកtrɑlɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:4928
kind of tree (Vatica odorata; the wood is used to make house posts) (n)ច្រមសcrɑmɑɑhKhmerHea1997:C:3092
kind of tree (Xylia xylocarpa or X. Kerrii; the tough reddish brown wood is used for making furniture and in various kinds of construction) (n)សុក្រំsoʔkrɑmKhmerHea1997:C:13885
kind of tree or shrub (n)ទ្រមល់trɔmʊəlKhmerHea1997:C:5740
kind of tree that grows along the banks of rivers and lakes; it is used for firewood (Terminalia chebula) (n)ត្អួtʔuəKhmerHea1997:C:5039
kind of tree that produces an aromatic resin; gum benzoin (used as incense) (n)កំញានkɑmɲaanKhmerHea1997:C:785
kind of tree used as firewood (it has edible fruit) (n)ទ្រមែងtrɔmɛɛŋKhmerHea1997:C:5754
kind of tree used for lumber (n)ឃ្មង់kmʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:2409
kind of tree used mainly for firewood (n)ច្រកែងទួយcrɑkaeŋ tuəjKhmerHea1997:C:3052
kind of tree which grows on high ground (it has long, sharp thorns and small dark red edible fruit which have a sweet but somewhat bitter taste) (n)អំព្រំʔɑmprumKhmerHea1997:C:17406
kind of tree with a poisonous resin (n)គគឹតkɔkɨtKhmerHea1997:C:1934
kind of tree with aromatic bark (Cinnamomum sp.) (n)ថ្លាញ់tlaɲKhmerHea1997:C:5183
kind of tree with bitter fruit (n)សមូវsaʔməvKhmerHea1997:C:13268
kind of tree with fine, needle-like leaves and red flowers (the leaves are used to make torches) (n)មុង្គ្រេmuŋkreiKhmerHea1997:C:10038
kind of tree with medicinal leaves (n)មកាmeaʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:9655
kind of tree with thorny bark (n)មោកmoukKhmerHea1997:C:10173
kind of tree with very hard wood (Xylopia sp.) (n)កាឡាវkaalaavKhmerHea1997:C:556
kind of tree with very hard wood, teak (Tectona grandis, Tectona theka, or Quercus indica) (n)ម៉ៃស័កmajsakKhmerHea1997:C:10172
kind of tree with yellow flowers (Cassia Garrettiana; the wood is used to make columns and pegs used in ship building and the flowers are used medicinally) (n)ហៃសានhaj saanKhmerHea1997:C:15589
kind of tree, the Malabar Orange (Aegle marmelos; it has fragrant fruit from which a glue is made and bark which is used to prepare a medicine to treat dysentery; the leaves are used in certain royal ceremonies) (n)ព្នៅpnɨvKhmerHea1997:C:9134
kind of tree; the wood is used for firewood (n)ផ្ទោលptoulKhmerHea1997:C:8496
kind of tropical fruit tree (n)ដកម៉ៃdɑɑk majKhmerHea1997:C:4067
kind of tropical plant the leaves of which are used for roofing houses (n)តោតម៉ាtaot maaKhmerHea1997:C:4687
kind of trout-like fish (poss. Notopterus chitala) (n)ក្រុសkrohKhmerHea1997:C:1387
kind of tuberous plant (Amomum villosum) (n)ក្រកោkrɑkaoKhmerHea1997:C:1126
kind of turtle-dove (Streptopella sp.) (n)លលកlɔlɔɔkKhmerHea1997:C:11676
kind of very scaly fish (n)ឆ្ពង់cpʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:3351
kind of Vietnamese play (n)កៃលឿងkaj lɨəŋKhmerHea1997:C:725
kind of vine (Abrus precatorius) with sweet-tasting stems and leaves and small round seeds which turn red and black when ripe (n)អង្ក្រេមអង្ក្រមʔɑŋkreem - ʔɑŋkrɑɑmKhmerHea1997:C:15900
kind of vine (Adenia sp.) (n)កាណោkaanao, kanaoKhmerHea1997:C:458
kind of vine (Aganonerion polymorphum; with edible sour leaves, fruit, and flowers; the stems are used for cordage) (n)ថ្នឹងtnəŋKhmerHea1997:C:5154
kind of vine (Calycopteris floribunda) with a medicinal sap (n)ខ្សួសksuəhKhmerHea1997:C:1914
kind of vine (Dioscorea bulbifera, with inedible tubers that resemble those of manioc) (n)ដឹសdəhKhmerHea1997:C:4146
kind of vine (Ecdysanthera glandulifera) with a latex-like sap (it is used as a cure for food poisoning) (n)អង្គត់ʔɑŋkʊətKhmerHea1997:C:15904
kind of vine (Entada phaseoloides) from which pods containing large black or maroon seeds are obtained (these seeds are used in playing a popular children's game called ល្បែងអង្គញ់ ) (n)អង្គញ់ʔɑŋkʊəɲKhmerHea1997:C:15903
kind of vine (Gnetum latifolium) (n)ខ្លែតklaetKhmerHea1997:C:1840
kind of vine (n)លែនពែនlɛɛn - pɛɛnKhmerHea1997:C:11822
kind of vine (n)អផ្ទក់ʔaptʊəkKhmerHea1997:C:16535
kind of vine (Nephroia sarmentosa or Tiliacora triandra, used for cordage; the root is used for medicinal purposes) (n)យាវjiev, jieveaʔ-KhmerHea1997:C:10397
kind of vine (Piper lolot; it grows in humid shady places and has heart-shaped leaves, similar to betel; it is used as a vegetable in បាញ់ឆែវ​ and in សំឡកកូរ ) (n)ចាព្លូcaa pluuKhmerHea1997:C:2734
kind of vine (the fresh leaves can be ground and applied to a boil to draw the pus out) (n)អន្លឹបʔɑnlɨpKhmerHea1997:C:16481
kind of vine (Uvaria rufa, with fragrant red flowers and edible fruit) (n)ត្រៀលtrielKhmerHea1997:C:4998
kind of vine (Willughbeia cochinchinensis having yellow, sour, but edible fruit; the stem and sap are used medicinally) (n)គុយkujKhmerHea1997:C:2104
kind of vine having a tough stem (the young shoots are edible) (n)ប្រឡៅអំពែprɑlav ʔɑmpɛɛKhmerHea1997:C:8123
kind of vine that has an edible underground stem resembling the potato but with a sticky substance in the skin (the root has medicinal properties) (n)វើកvəəkKhmerHea1997:C:12684
kind of vine that produces an edible, sour fruit which is used in cooking (n)សន្ទៃsɑntejKhmerHea1997:C:13097
kind of vine used to make rope (the roots are also used as a medicine) (n)ឃ្លាយkliejKhmerHea1997:C:2425
kind of vine with clusters of sweet smelling yellow flowers (it has slender pointed seed pods which contain seeds that are dry and fluffy when ripe) (n)ស្រឡិតsrɑlətKhmerHea1997:C:15113
kind of vine with edible buds (n)ត្រឡុងtrɑloŋKhmerHea1997:C:4936
kind of vine with edible fruit (n)កន្តុលឱkɑntol ʔaoKhmerHea1997:C:250
kind of vine with hairy brown bean-shaped fruit (it causes intense itching when it comes in contact with the skin) (n)ខ្ញែរkɲaeKhmerHea1997:C:1701
kind of vine with hairy leaves that grows near the water (n)ស្លតslɑɑtKhmerHea1997:C:15241
kind of vine with round leaves and bright blue flowers (n)អញ្ជ័នʔɑɲcoanKhmerHea1997:C:16026
kind of vine with small, round, edible, acidic fruits (n)សណ្ដាsɑndaaKhmerHea1997:C:13013
kind of vine with white flowers (n)កង្ក្រមkɑŋkrɑɑmKhmerHea1997:C:72
kind of waspញាំងɲɛ̀əŋKhmerSho2006:C:886-6
kind of water lily with a long, edible stalk (Nymphaea lotus) (n)ព្រលឹតprɔlɨtKhmerHea1997:C:9201
kind of water plant with edible fruits (Iricenos cocincinensis) (n)ក្រចាក់krɑcakKhmerHea1997:C:1139
kind of water snail (2) hɑɑŋ (n)ហោងhaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:15596
kind of white heron (n)សកsɑɑ kɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:12799
kind of white parrot-like bird (n)ត្វាtvaaKhmerHea1997:C:5035
kind of white spiked ceremonial skull cap worn by high-ranking dignitaries or by one about to be ordained as a monk (n)លំផកlumphɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:11876
kind of wicker fish trap, similar to អង្រុត, used by Cambodians in the Mekong Delta (n)ច្រងោមcrɑŋaomKhmerHea1997:C:3066
kind of wild plant with edible tubers (Callicarpia Americana) (n)ចចែតcɑcaetKhmerHea1997:C:2639
kind of wild tree (Croton Joufra, with edible fruit; the leaves are used to treat post-partum illnesses and a tonic is made from the roots) (n)ទំពូងtumpuuŋKhmerHea1997:C:5668
kind of wood-oil treeត្រាចKhmerSho2006:C:848-1
kind of wood-pigeon (n)ហ៊ូពូhuu puuKhmerHea1997:C:15520
kind of woven basket (about 12 in. in diameter) (n)កញ្ជើkɑɲcəəKhmerHea1997:C:152
(kind of) reedត្រែងtraeŋKhmerSho2006:C:693-1
kind, sort, model, type; style, form, shape; aspect; method, way; situation, condition (n)បែបbaepKhmerHea1997:C:7474
kind, type, category, sort, species; class (n)ធុនthunKhmerHea1997:C:5889
king (n)នរាធិបneaʔriethɨpKhmerHea1997:C:6018
king (n)នរេសូរnɔreisooKhmerHea1997:C:6024
king (n)នរេស្សរneaʔreihsaʔraʔKhmerHea1997:C:6025
king (n)ភូមីphuumiiKhmerHea1997:C:9494
king (one who attains the throne, but is not legally entitled to be king because he is not of the royal family) (n)ទេវាភិសេកteiviephiʔseekKhmerHea1997:C:5586
king (one who becomes king with the help of his friends, a political party, or through an alliance with the royal family) (n)សុក្ខាភិសេកsokkhaaphiʔseekKhmerHea1997:C:13880
king (usually in ព្រះរាជា ). (n)រាជាriecieKhmerHea1997:C:11274
King Indra (n)ឥន្ទ្រាធិរាជʔəntriethiʔriecKhmerHea1997:C:17493
king of the monkeys; largest monkey (n)ក្របិន្ទ្រkrɑpɨnKhmerHea1997:C:1198
(King) Sisowath (son of King Ang Doung and founder of the Sisowath royal family; king of Cambodia 1904 to 1927) (n)ស៊ីសុវត្ថិ៍siisoʔvatKhmerHea1997:C:13855
(King) Yasovarman (ruler of Angkor A.D. 889 - 900) (n)យសោវរ្ម័នjeaʔsaovɑɑrmanKhmerHea1997:C:10366
king, noble, warrior; royal (n)ខត្តkhattaʔ-KhmerHea1997:C:1529
king; royalty (n)ពាហុជៈpiehuʔceaʔKhmerHea1997:C:8894
Kirirom (mountain resort in Koh Kong province) (n)គិរីរម្យkiʔriirumKhmerHea1997:C:2074
kite, hawk, falcon (any of various birds of prey of the family Accipitridae) (n)ល្អាតlʔaatKhmerHea1997:C:12044
knee; wooden bushing which supports the axle of the រង្វឹង or រហាត់​ (n)ជង្គង់cʊəŋkʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:3432
kneecùəŋ kùəŋKhmerHuf1971:C:3299-442-1
knife (large)kwawKhmerHuf1971:C:3314-444-1
knife (small)kəmbətKhmerHuf1971:C:3307-443-1
knife [plates 7, 8] (n)កាំបិតkambətKhmerHea1997:C:1000
knife, sword, saber (n)ចរីcaʔrəjKhmerHea1997:C:2701
knock downpduəlKhmerHuf1971:C:3320-445-1
knocking / tapping / banging sound (i)ប៉ូកៗpook - pookKhmerHea1997:C:7369
knocking or banging sound (i)ប៉ផាងpɑphaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:6873
knocking or banging sound (i)ប៉ផូងpɑphooŋKhmerHea1997:C:6877
knot (n.)kɑmnuəcKhmerHuf1971:C:3332-448-1
knot (v.)kuəcKhmerHuf1971:C:3330-447-1
knot / bun (of hair), chignon (n)ផ្នួងpnuəŋKhmerHea1997:C:8511
knot, twist, tightened loop; knotting, twisting, tying (n)កំណួចkɑmnuəcKhmerHea1997:C:806
knot. (n)ក្បួចkbuəcKhmerHea1997:C:1105
knot; short lengths of twisted green bamboo or rattan used to attach thatch to roofs. (n)ខ្នួចknuəcKhmerHea1997:C:1760
know (familiar with)skòəlKhmerHuf1971:C:3350-451-1
knowing neither grief nor sorrow, to have no sorrow, be free from sorrow (adj)អសោកʔaʔsaokKhmerHea1997:C:16812
knowledge (esp. of magic), learning, lore; science (n)របៀនrɔbienKhmerHea1997:C:10881
knowledge, learning, science; subject / field of study (n)វិទ្យាvitjieKhmerHea1997:C:12408
knuckle (of the fingers). (n)ក្រញរkrɑɲɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:1152
Korea (n)កូរ៉េkooreeKhmerHea1997:C:663
Kratie (Cambodian province northeast of Phnom Penh) (n)ក្រចេះkrɑcehKhmerHea1997:C:1145
Kubera (the Indian god of wealth) (n)កុវេរkoʔveereaʔKhmerHea1997:C:644
Kuy (large Mon-Khmer ethnic minority of Northwest Cambodia and adjacent Thailand) (n)កួយkuəjKhmerHea1997:C:673
Kālāpā (another name for Java) (n)កាឡាប៉ាkaalaapaaKhmerHea1997:C:555
labia pudendaពពីរpəpìːKhmerSho2006:C:1648-3
labial consonant; rounded vowel (n)ឱដ្ឋជៈʔaotthaʔceaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17874
lace; open work design (n)ជរcɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:3522
lack of care, scornful attitude, devil-may-care attitude (n)អរក្ខកម្មʔaʔrakkhaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:16650
lack, deficiency, deficit (n)កង្វះkɑŋvahKhmerHea1997:C:85
ladder, stairs, staircase (n)ជណ្ដើរcʊəndaəKhmerHea1997:C:3472
ladle, dipperវែកvɛ̀ːkKhmerSho2006:C:456-1
lady, noblewomanជំទាវcùmtìːəvKhmerSho2006:C:1829-5
lair, den; wallow (for buffalo, pigs, etc.) (n)ខ្នាចknaacKhmerHea1997:C:1745
lake (large)bəŋKhmerHuf1971:C:3372-454-1
lake (large)tùənleeKhmerHuf1971:C:3373-454-2
lake (pond)tlokKhmerHuf1971:C:3363-453-2
lake (pond)trɑpĕəŋKhmerHuf1971:C:3362-453-1
lake, pond, pool; swamp, marsh, bog; lagoon (n)បឹងbəŋKhmerHea1997:C:7246
lake, pool, marshបឹងbɤŋKhmerSho2006:C:602-3
Lakshmanà (the younger brother of Rama in the Ramayana) (n)លក្ស្អណៈleaksmaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:11632
Lakshmi (Vishnu's wife and Goddess of Beauty); deities who give luck and wealth (Brahman) (n)លក្ស្អីleaksməjKhmerHea1997:C:11633
Lambretta (motor scooter) (n)ឡំប្រឺតាlɑŋpətaa, lɑmprəɨtaa, lɑmpraetaaKhmerHea1997:C:15770
lamellibranch, bivalve molluscs (n)សិប្បីជាតិseppəjcietKhmerHea1997:C:13784
lament, lamentationទំនួញtùmnùːəɲKhmerSho2006:C:902-4
lamentation, wailing; roaring (n)យោបំjoubɑmKhmerHea1997:C:10496
lamp chimney (e.g. of a kerosene lamp) (n)លំផូងlumphooŋKhmerHea1997:C:11877
lamp, lantern (n)ចង្កៀងcɑŋkieŋKhmerHea1997:C:2576
lance, pike, spear (n)លំពែងlumpɛɛŋKhmerHea1997:C:11883
land, dry land (n)ថលthaʔlaʔKhmerHea1997:C:5056
land, terra firma(ដី-)ធ្លី(dɤj-)thlìːKhmerSho2006:C:209-3
lantern, balloonគោមkòːmKhmerSho2006:C:1316-2
large bamboo basket (n)ក្រឆេkrɑcheeKhmerHea1997:C:1147
large bell (n)ចួងcuəŋKhmerHea1997:C:2809
large bowl (n)ក្លាំklamKhmerHea1997:C:1467
large brass / copper drum (n)មហោរធឹកmeaʔhaoreaʔthɨkKhmerHea1997:C:9876
large deep earthen cooking vessel / pot (n)ថ្លាងtlaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:5182
large earthen pot used esp.for storing fish sauce. (n)កន្ទិនkɑntɨnKhmerHea1997:C:295
large earthenware cooking-potថ្លាងthlaːŋKhmerSho2006:C:743-4
large earthenware jar (n)ខាប់khapKhmerHea1997:C:1563
large earthenware jar with a small mouth used for storing rice and other grains or betel leaves (n)ខ្វាងkvaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:1857
large earthenware storage jar (esp. for storing water) (n)ពាងpieŋKhmerHea1997:C:8848
large flat open area, clearing, lawn, grounds, (court)yard; main road, wide road (n)ធ្លាtlieKhmerHea1997:C:5950
large flat plain (n)ត្រេញtrəɲKhmerHea1997:C:5003
large flat surface, sheet, panel, slab; tablet, disc; flat piece. (n)ផ្ទាំងpteaŋKhmerHea1997:C:8498
large hitching- or mooring-postសន្លុងsɔnloŋKhmerSho2006:C:764-1
large hornbill with a large black and rose beak (Dichoceros cavatus) (n)ពូវាងpuu vieŋKhmerHea1997:C:9039
large jarlū(v)lùːKhmerSho2006:C:195-3
large kettle, cauldron (n)ខ្វាន់kvanKhmerHea1997:C:1862
large kind of beanប្រពាយprəpìːəyKhmerSho2006:C:1489-10
large rooster (esp. used in cock-fighting) (n)គកkɔɔkKhmerHea1997:C:1926
large sailing ship, large ocean-going sailing junk; small model boats made of bamboo and leaves used in certain ceremonies (n)សំពៅsɑmpɨvKhmerHea1997:C:14445
large scoop, kind of trough-shaped bailing instrument made of bamboo (used for irrigation and to bail out boats), bucket of a water wheel (n)ស្នាចsnaacKhmerHea1997:C:14787
large section of the wall of a building which can be propped open; shutter, transom; opening, burrow, animal's hole, lair (n)ផើយphaəjKhmerHea1997:C:8361
large sledge hammer (used by blacksmiths) (n)ភ្នើនpnəənKhmerHea1997:C:9578
large smooth kind of bambooឃ្លៃkhlèjKhmerSho2006:C:201-10
large two-handled basket (sometimes used for collecting garbage) (n)កញ្ឆេរkɑɲcheeKhmerHea1997:C:135
(large) river (larger than ស្ទឹង ) (n)ទន្លេtʊənleiKhmerHea1997:C:5310
(large) riverទន្លេtùənlèːKhmerSho2006:C:210-1
large, deep bowl (n)ឃ្វើងkvəəŋKhmerHea1997:C:2451
large, wide, long [mouth, slit]ទហរវះtrəvɛ̀əhKhmerSho2006:C:2083-6
larynx, Adam's apple (n)ឃោសិត្រkhousetKhmerHea1997:C:2393
last words of advice (n)អវសានានុសាសនីʔaʔveaʔsaanaanuʔsaasaʔniiKhmerHea1997:C:16730
(last) will, testament (n)មត្តកសាសន៍mattaʔkaʔsaahKhmerHea1997:C:9728
last, just pastməɲ, mɨɲKhmerHuf1971:C:3394-457-1
latania palm (kind of thorny palm tree, Corypha Lecomtei; the leaves can be can be made into a kind of writing paper and the stems can be woven into sail cloth) (n)ទ្រាំងtreaŋKhmerHea1997:C:5813
Latania rhapis leavesរឹតrɯ̀tKhmerSho2006:C:1055-2
later, next, (and) then, only then, thereupon, later (on); first (Surin var. ស៊ាំ ) (conj)សឹមsəmKhmerHea1997:C:13865
lath, slat, batten (for house roofing) (n)រណែងrɔnaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:10743
laths placed on top of the purlins and beneath the battens ( ដៃរណែង ) of a house roof [plate 6] (n)បង្កង់bɑŋkɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:6322
laughing; merriment (n)ហសិកាhaʔseʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:15413
laughter used as a trick (to fool someone) (n)ហសនោបាយhaʔsaʔnaobaajKhmerHea1997:C:15410
laughter, laugh; merriment (n)សំណើចsɑmnaəcKhmerHea1997:C:14370
laundry (n)ធោវនដ្ឋានthouveaʔnatthaanKhmerHea1997:C:5908
laundryman / woman; wardrobe woman (n)ធោវកៈthouveaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:5907
law / permission of the Buddha; that which is permitted by the Buddha (n)ពុទ្ឋានុញ្ញាតputthienuɲɲaatKhmerHea1997:C:9019
law(s) of the state, regulations of a country; constitutional laws (n)បទេសប្បញ្ញត្តិpaʔteihsaʔbaɲɲatKhmerHea1997:C:6690
law, rule, statute, regulation, right conduct (n)នីតិniiteʔKhmerHea1997:C:6236
law; rule, regulation; (legal) code; custom; moral precept, code of conduct; gnomic poem (n)ច្បាប់cbapKhmerHea1997:C:3031
lawyer, attorney-at-law (n)ស្មាក្តីsmaakdəjKhmerHea1997:C:14880
laxative (n)រេចកភេសជ្ជៈreicaʔkaʔpheihsacceaʔKhmerHea1997:C:11432
(layer of) petals, petal; covering; membrane; layer, stratum, level (n)ស្រទាប់srɑtoapKhmerHea1997:C:14994
layer, membrane; petal; eyelid; wrapper, packet. (n)ត្របកtrɑbɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:4860
layer, stratum (n)សន្ទាប់sɑntoapKhmerHea1997:C:13087
layered cake, sheet cake composed of several different colored layers (n)ច័ក្កច័នcakkaʔcanKhmerHea1997:C:2560
layers of covering on top of each other; sheath (around the trunk of certain trees such as banana trees or areca palms) (n)ស្រទបsrɑtɔɔpKhmerHea1997:C:14991
laziness; idleness (n)កោសជ្ជៈkaosacceaʔKhmerHea1997:C:749
lazy person, loafer; laziness, idleness, negligence. (n)កំជិលkɑmcɨlKhmerHea1997:C:779
Laṅkesūra (epithet of Ravana king of the Sri Lankan giants) (n)លង្កេសូរlaŋkeesooKhmerHea1997:C:11641
Laṅkāsūra (mythical giants who lived in Sri Lanka)លង្កាសូរNOIPAKhmerHea1997:C:11640
lead (v.)nòəmKhmerHuf1971:C:3429-460-1
lead, tin, zinc (n)សំណsɑmnɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:14342
leader (part of the fishing line to which the hook is attached). (n)ប្រចីprɑcəjKhmerHea1997:C:7731
leader, organizer (n)ហួណាhuə naaKhmerHea1997:C:15527
leaf-shaped metal plate with a handle and place where a candle may be attached (it is used esp. in the marriage ceremony when it is passed clockwise around a circle of happily married couples to ensure the newlyweds a happy marriage) (n)ពពិលpɔpɨlKhmerHea1997:C:8736
leaf; sheet (e.g. of paper) (n)ស្លឹកsləkKhmerHea1997:C:15251
leaflet, tract, flyer (n)ត្រាក់trakKhmerHea1997:C:4951
leaning (n)ចំរត់cɑmrɑtKhmerHea1997:C:2956
leaning (refers to the manner of standing or sitting), with the head bent down, looking downward (adv)ជ្រងក់crɔŋʊəkKhmerHea1997:C:3781
leaning towardsjiəṅKhmerSho2006:C:532-7
leaning towardsឆៀងchiəŋKhmerSho2006:C:532-10
leaning, to go to one sidejajiəṅKhmerSho2006:C:532-15
leap, bound, dash; strength of a jump, speed of a dash / leap; acceleration; instant, brief moment (n)សំទុះsɑmtuhKhmerHea1997:C:14402
leaving just a small portion visible (as a person submerged in the water with only the head visible) (adv)កំផ្លឹម(ផ្លឹម)kɑmpləm (-pləm)KhmerHea1997:C:886
leech (land)tiəʔKhmerHuf1971:C:3451-464-1
leech (water)cləəŋKhmerHuf1971:C:3456-465-1
left (side), left-handed; incorrect, unconventional, eccentric (adj)ឆ្វេងcveeŋKhmerHea1997:C:3407
left over unhulled rice grains (after the milling process) (n)អង្កាន់ʔɑŋkanKhmerHea1997:C:15874
legacy, heritage; heirloom, memento, keepsake; homeland, ancestral land (n)ដំណែលdɑmnaelKhmerHea1997:C:4246
legal permission (n)សិទ្ឋានុញ្ញាតsətthienuɲɲaatKhmerHea1997:C:13760
(legal) cognizance (n)អាញត្តិʔaaɲatKhmerHea1997:C:16937
legalist; the process of acting according to legal principles (n)ធម្មាធិបតេយ្យthoammiethiʔpaʔtajKhmerHea1997:C:5855
legatee (n)អច្ច័យលាភីʔaccajjeaʔliephiiKhmerHea1997:C:15979
legumes, generic term for beans, peas and bean-like vegetables (n)សណ្ដែកsɑndaekKhmerHea1997:C:13022
leguminous plant, legume (n)សិម្ពិកូលsempiʔkoolKhmerHea1997:C:13789
lemon grass, citronella (Cymbopogon nardus) (n)គ្រៃkrejKhmerHea1997:C:2346
length from fingertip to fingertip of both arms when extended. (n)កាងkaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:449
length of cloth which has been woven and which is so long that the weaver must roll it up before he / she can continue weaving; amount of thread sufficient to weave a piece of fabric the above length (n)ស្បុរsboo, sbolKhmerHea1997:C:14832
length of time it takes to finish chewing a mouthful of areca (n)អន្ទាំស្លាʔɑntoam slaaKhmerHea1997:C:16449
length. (n)បណ្ដោយbɑndaojKhmerHea1997:C:6644
length. (n)ប្រវែងprɑvaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:8062
leper; leprosy. (n)គំលង់kumlʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:2204
leprosy (n)ឃ្លង់klʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:2421
leprosy (n)ព្យាធិ៍pjietKhmerHea1997:C:9153
lessee (n)ភតិកៈpheaʔteʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:9360
lessor (n)ភតិបតីpheaʔteʔpaʔdəjKhmerHea1997:C:9364
lest, for fear that, be careful lest (conj)វរៗvɔɔ - vɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:12150
let (it) be, let (it) go, leave (it) alone (i)ខ្វីkvəj KhmerHea1997:C:1873
level (flat)riəp kmaəKhmerHuf1971:C:3480-469-1
level, layer, stratum, class; step, rung; projection, ledge; rank, degree; order, succession (n)អណ្ដាប់ʔɑndapKhmerHea1997:C:16059
level, step, increment (n)ក្រឺតkrəɨtKhmerHea1997:C:1381
level; class / grade (in school); echelon, rank, step, stage; shelf; floor, story; row (of seats in an auditorium); classroom, lecture hall (n)ថ្នាក់tnakKhmerHea1997:C:5149
lever, crowbar; action of prying up (esp. action of disintering a body); hole, cavity (n)គំនាស់kumnoahKhmerHea1997:C:2178
lever, crowbar; jack (to change a tire) (n)ឃ្នាស់knoahKhmerHea1997:C:2404
liberation, release; scapegoat; evading (an issue); excuse, pretext (n)ដំណោះdɑmnɑhKhmerHea1997:C:4257
licentiate (n)បរិញ្ញាpaʔrəɲɲaaKhmerHea1997:C:6982
licking the lips repeatedly (adv)ប្លែមៗplaem - plaemKhmerHea1997:C:8282
lid, cover; shawl; coverlet, bedspread (n)គំរបkumrɔɔpKhmerHea1997:C:2188
lidded box made of bamboo (n)ខ្នេងkneeŋKhmerHea1997:C:1767
lie downdeikKhmerHuf1971:C:3498-471-1
lie, fraud; liar. (n)កំភរkɑmphɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:926
lieutenant-governor (of a province), deputy chief (of a district); deputy / secretary (to the supreme Buddhist patriarch) (n)បាឡាត់baalat, blatKhmerHea1997:C:7191
life, being, existence; statics (n)ឋិតិtheʔteʔKhmerHea1997:C:4332
life; darling, beloved one (term used by a man for his girlfriend) (n)ជីវាciivaaKhmerHea1997:C:3613
light (n.)pùən lɨɨKhmerHuf1971:C:3531-475-1
light (v.)dotKhmerHuf1971:C:3514-473-1
light (weight)sraalKhmerHuf1971:C:3525-474-1
light fog, haze (n)ខ្សួលksuəlKhmerHea1997:C:1913
light in weightស្រាលsraːlKhmerSho2006:C:1801-3
light-red precious stone (n)ពិទាយpiʔtiejKhmerHea1997:C:8922
lightly and quickly, in a springing / bouncing / trotting manner; light and quick (adv)ប្លើកៗplaək - plaəkKhmerHea1997:C:8273
lightly, gently, delicately; gradually; carefully; affectionately (adv)បន្ថើរbɑnthaəKhmerHea1997:C:6714
lightly, weightlessly (refers esp. to the manner of an insect or spider walking); in a prickling manner (of itching) (adv)រសាវៗrɔsaav - rɔsaavKhmerHea1997:C:11119
lightning bug, firefly (n)អំពិលអំពែកʔɑmpɨl - ʔɑmpɛɛkKhmerHea1997:C:17393
lightning, thunderbolt; peal of thunder; loud rumbling sound (as thunder or distant artillery fire) (n)រន្ទះrʊənteahKhmerHea1997:C:10835
lightningboltរន្ទះrùəntɛ̀əh, ʔɔntɛ̀əhKhmerSho2006:C:2009-6
lightningpleik bɑntooKhmerHuf1971:C:3541-476-1
like that (adv)អញ្ចុះʔɑɲcohKhmerHea1997:C:16018
like that, thus, so (adv)អ៊ីចុះʔiicohKhmerHea1997:C:17208
like that, thus, so, so very (adv)ម្ល៉ឹងmləŋKhmerHea1997:C:10295
like that; that, that much (adv)អញ្ចោះʔɑɲcɑhKhmerHea1997:C:16020
like this; this, this much (adv)អញ្ចេះʔɑɲcehKhmerHea1997:C:16019
likeness, similarity, resemblance; analogy (n)ដំណូចdɑmnoocKhmerHea1997:C:4233
lime, quicklime; plaster (n)កំបោរkɑmbaoKhmerHea1997:C:865
limestone (n)ចុណ្ណីសិលាconnəjseʔlaaKhmerHea1997:C:2796
limit, frontier, boundaryព្រំprùm braṁKhmerSho2006:C:1383-12
limit, limitation; standard (of comparison); dose (of medicine); level, degree. (n)កំរិតkɑmrɨtKhmerHea1997:C:945
limit, restriction, condition; compulsion, constraint, coercion; deadline (n)កំហិតkɑmhətKhmerHea1997:C:976
limping; in a limping manner (adv)ឃ្ញើចៗkɲəəc - kɲəəcKhmerHea1997:C:2398
limply, bonelessly, floppily (adv)ស្ពុចspucKhmerHea1997:C:14859
limply, weakly; motionlessly (adv)ស្តឹកstəkKhmerHea1997:C:14687
line (of writing, of type); page number (n)អង្កាʔɑŋkaaKhmerHea1997:C:15872
line of separation, limit, boundary, landmark, milestone (n)ព្រំprumKhmerHea1997:C:9323
line, rowជួរcùːəKhmerSho2006:C:1605-6
lineage, family line (n)ឆ្នួរcnuəKhmerHea1997:C:3339
lineage, family line, family (n)ពង្សpʊəŋ, pʊəŋsaʔKhmerHea1997:C:8656
lineage, filiationក្រសែkrəsaeKhmerSho2006:C:246-9
linen (n)ទុកូលពស្ត្រtuʔkoolaʔphoahKhmerHea1997:C:5461
linen; piece of cloth, rag (n)ធោវនពស្ត្រthouveaʔnaʔpʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:5909
link of a chain; chain; fetters, shackles (n)ច្រួលcruəlKhmerHea1997:C:3172
lint; compress, (gauze or cloth) pad (n)មួតmuətKhmerHea1997:C:10119
lion (n)តោtaoKhmerHea1997:C:4679
lips, mouth (n)ឱស័ʔaohKhmerHea1997:C:17909
liquid that is bailed out (n)បំណាចbɑmnaacKhmerHea1997:C:7523
list, table, chart (n)តារាងtaaraaŋKhmerHea1997:C:4544
litterគ្រែ ស្នែង krɛ̀ː snaeŋKhmerSho2006:C:166-2
little (adv)អន្តិចʔɑntəcKhmerHea1997:C:16415
little bit, few (n)ម្ចាក់mcakKhmerHea1997:C:10231
little bit, small quantity, small share (n)តំណិចtɑmnəcKhmerHea1997:C:4711
little bit, trifling amount, little thing (n)លែះlɛhKhmerHea1997:C:11912
little by little, slightly, weakly (as the beating of a pulse); (just about) ready to overturn (adv)ប៉ើកៗpaək - paəkKhmerHea1997:C:7417
little finger (n)អនុជង្គុលីʔaʔnuʔcʊəŋkuʔliiKhmerHea1997:C:16276
livelihood (n)អាជីវោʔaaciivouKhmerHea1997:C:16934
lively, friskily, quickly; (of a leap) suddenly (adv)ប្លោតplaotKhmerHea1997:C:8286
liver (n)យកនៈjeaʔkaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:10329
liver (regarded as a seat of emotions). (n)ថ្លើមtlaəmKhmerHea1997:C:5188
living being, creature; life; body (n)បាណៈpaanaʔKhmerHea1997:C:7100
living room, reception room (n)បាហុនកដ្ឋានpaahuʔneaʔkaʔthaanKhmerHea1997:C:7189
living together (in the same dwelling or village) (n)សហវាសsaʔhaʔviehKhmerHea1997:C:13529
living, existence, being, being alive; career, occupation, profession, trade, livelihood (n)អាជីវៈʔaaciiveaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16932
load / object carried on the head (n)ទ្រនូលtrɔnuulKhmerHea1997:C:5726
load, cargo (n)ដណ្ដូនdɑndoonKhmerHea1997:C:4105
loathing, strong antipathy (n)ក្នែក្នាញ់knae - knaɲKhmerHea1997:C:1084
locking ring, ferrule, collar, hoop (n)ចង្កំcɑŋkɑmKhmerHea1997:C:2581
log. (n)ហ៊ុបhupKhmerHea1997:C:15510
long (space)wɛɛŋKhmerHuf1971:C:3585-481-1
long (time)juuKhmerHuf1971:C:3576-480-1
long boat (used by high officials) (n)វ៉ែតvaetKhmerHea1997:C:12766
long building (esp. one containing servants quarters); hall, corridor; gallery (n)ថែវthaevKhmerHea1997:C:5098
long cotton scarf usually of a checkered pattern; towel (n)ក្រមាkrɑmaaKhmerHea1997:C:1224
long fish-trap tapering at both endsទ្រូtrùːKhmerSho2006:C:178-1
long fishing line to which many hooks are attached; long wooden boards attached to the house columns parallel to the sides (n)រនងrɔnɔɔŋKhmerHea1997:C:10810
long life (n)ទីឃាtiikhieKhmerHea1997:C:5434
long oar or paddle used for rowing backward (n)ក្រជីងkrɑciiŋKhmerHea1997:C:1148
long stick, large club (n)មោងmouŋKhmerHea1997:C:10179
long, young shoot of a tree (esp. a tamarind tree) that grows out of season (it is believed to be a presage of abundant rainfall) (n)ប្រឡៃសកprɑlaj sɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:8120
longan (kind of small fruit tree, Euphoria Longan; the wood is used as firewood and for making tool handles) (n)មៀនmienKhmerHea1997:C:10132
longevity; being alive, continuation / prolongation of life (n) ញ្ជីវ័នsaɲciivoanKhmerHea1997:C:12997
longitude (n)អាយាមន្តរʔaajaamʊəntɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:17056
Longvek (the post-Angkor capital of Cambodia) ; name of an ancient province in the modern province of Kompong Chhnang (n)លង្វែកlʊəŋvɛɛkKhmerHea1997:C:11643
look (var. មើល q.v.) (i)មើməəKhmerHea1997:C:10124
look at, watchməəlKhmerHuf1971:C:3595-482-1
look out, be careful, ouch (i)អុះʔohKhmerHea1997:C:17427
loom, equipment for weaving; weaving (n)តំបាញtɑmbaaɲKhmerHea1997:C:4723
loop (for fastening); cord / rope which is tightened by twisting a short stick in the middle, thereby drawing the two ends of the cord closer together (n)សន្លឹងsɑnləŋKhmerHea1997:C:13139
Lord of the World (epithet of the Buddha) (n)លោកេស្វរៈloukeesvaʔraʔKhmerHea1997:C:11834
lord, master, ruler, king (n)ភូវន័យphuuveaʔnejKhmerHea1997:C:9501
lord, master; supreme ruler; husband (n)គម្តែងkumdaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:2033
loris (Nycticebus coucang or N. pygmaeus) (n)រញីrɔɲiiKhmerHea1997:C:10676
lose, disappearbatKhmerHuf1971:C:3607-483-1
losing, defeat, failure (n)ចំណាញ់cɑmnaɲKhmerHea1997:C:2881
loss(es) (n)កំហាតkɑmhaatKhmerHea1997:C:972
lot, stick drawn to see who must do something (similar to drawing straws) (n)ថាវthaavKhmerHea1997:C:5071
lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) (n)ឈូកchuukKhmerHea1997:C:3879
lotus flower (n)កមលkaʔmɑlKhmerHea1997:C:386
loud response to a distant call (i)វ៉ឺះvəhKhmerHea1997:C:12791
loud roaring sound as waves crashing on the shore (i)គ្រាំគ្រេងkroam - kreiŋKhmerHea1997:C:2355
loud sounds such as a heavy object falling, hammering, or the rumbling of vehicles passing by (i)គ្រាំងៗkreaŋ - kreaŋKhmerHea1997:C:2356
loud talking that sounds like the quacking of ducks (i)កកេបកកាបkɑkeep - kɑkaapKhmerHea1997:C:15
loud, fierceklaŋKhmerHuf1971:C:3620-484-1
loudly (of swearing or cursing), noisily; discordantly, in discord (adv)រចែករចោកrɔcaek - rɔcaokKhmerHea1997:C:10642
loudly (var. ឮនេះឮ this often has the connotation of being uncomfortably loud) (adv)ឮឮlɨɨ - lɨɨKhmerHea1997:C:17828
loudly and clearly (adv)ឡូវៗləv - ləvKhmerHea1997:C:15746
loudly, noisily (adv)កកោកkɑkaokKhmerHea1997:C:20
loudly, strongly. (adv)ង៉ាំងŋaŋKhmerHea1997:C:2552
love and respect, esteem, liking, friendliness; harmony. (n)ប្រាស្រ័យpraasrajKhmerHea1997:C:8163
love, affection (n)ភិសម័យphiʔsaʔmajKhmerHea1997:C:9461
love, happiness, inclination. (n)ពិសម័យpɨhmajKhmerHea1997:C:8974
low armchair where Buddhist monks sit while preaching (n)តៀងtieŋKhmerHea1997:C:4639
low ground, delta, sedimentary deposits (n)ជំនាប់cumnoapKhmerHea1997:C:3709
low level of the working / laborers' class (n)ដំរួចdɑmruəcKhmerHea1997:C:4287
low station, humble birth (spoken form of សញ្ជាតិ) (n)កញ្ជាតkɑɲcietKhmerHea1997:C:146
lowest status person among Khmer Rouge (this person had no rights at all) (n)អនុប្រជាជនʔaʔnuʔprɑciecʊənKhmerHea1997:C:16322
lumbar region of the back, loins (n)ចំឡកcɑmlɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:2988
lung (n)សួតsuətKhmerHea1997:C:14101
lungs (n)បប្ផាសៈpapphaahKhmerHea1997:C:6825
(lurking) silently, (hiding) quietly (e.g. in a corner) (adv)ស្រមៀនsrɑmienKhmerHea1997:C:15044
luxurious food (n)បណីតភោជនpaʔnəttaʔphoucʊənKhmerHea1997:C:6624
lying flat side by side (as many people, poles, etc.) (adj. & adv.)រណែលrɔnaelKhmerHea1997:C:10745
(lying) motionlessly / limply (e.g. from fatigue, from a blow) (adv)ស្រតឹកsrɑtəkKhmerHea1997:C:14988
lyrics (of a song) (n)ទំនុកtumnukKhmerHea1997:C:5649
M-1 (Garand) semi-automatic rifle (n)ការ៉ាំងkaaraŋKhmerHea1997:C:531
M-113 (armored personnel carrier) (n)អិមសង់ត្រីʔɨm sɑŋ trəjKhmerHea1997:C:17191
Machiavellianism (n)ម៉ាក្យាវែលនិយមmaakjaavɛɛlniʔjumKhmerHea1997:C:9897
Madrī (name of Prince Vessantara's wife in the Vessantara Jataka) (n)មទ្រីmoattrii, meaʔtriiKhmerHea1997:C:9738
Magadha (one of the four major kingdoms in ancient India during the time of the Buddha); the language of the Magadha region, the Pali language (n)មគធៈmeaʔkeaʔtheaʔKhmerHea1997:C:9661
magic power (n)មន្តានុភាពmʊəntaanuʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:9771
magic show; juggling (n)ប៉ាហ៊ីpaahiiKhmerHea1997:C:7187
magic spell / incantation (n)ប្លីbləjKhmerHea1997:C:8264
magical drawing (amulet in the form of an inscription enclosed by a line on a piece of white or red cloth or paper; it is believed to confer magical protection on the wearer) (n)យ័ន្តjoanKhmerHea1997:C:10350
magnesium (n)ម៉ាញេសូមmaaɲeisuumKhmerHea1997:C:9909
mahout, one who leads or drives an elephant (n)ទម័កteaʔmeakKhmerHea1997:C:5320
mahout, person who tends elephants (n)ហត្ថិគោបកhattheʔkoupaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:15375
maid (in the royal service), (female) slave (n)ទាសីtiesəjKhmerHea1997:C:5389
main points in a lecture or sermon on the Dharma (n)ធម្មុទ្ទេសthoammutteihKhmerHea1997:C:5861
makeshift pick / shovel (made of a tree branch, etc.) (n)ជ្រនីកcrɔniikKhmerHea1997:C:3786
making a dot on some part of the yellow robe (The object of this is to enable a monk to trace his robe should it get lost by being mixed up with others) (n)ពិន្ទុកប្បៈpintuʔkappaʔKhmerHea1997:C:8936
making a living properly (n)សុទ្ឋាជីពsotthieciipKhmerHea1997:C:13947
making a mark (e.g. scratching a line in a piece of wood), cutting with a chisel; scratch mark (n)ចំណcɑmnɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:2873
making friends, associating; association, tie, bond, liaison, connection, intercourse, contact; addiction, enslavement (to one's passions) (n)សំណែពsɑmnaepKhmerHea1997:C:14376
making pottery (n)កុម្ភការភណ្ឌkompheaʔkaareaʔphoanKhmerHea1997:C:625
making steady progress, with a gradual forward movement (adv)គ្រឿនkrɨənKhmerHea1997:C:2335
Malaya (n)មល៉ាយូmaʔlaajuuKhmerHea1997:C:9833
Malaysia (n)ម៉ាឡេស៊ីmaaleeziiKhmerHea1997:C:9975
male (animal)cmoulKhmerHuf1971:C:3638-487-1
male (human or animal) genitals (n)ដាំងdaŋKhmerHea1997:C:4310
male ascetic (n)តបស្សីtaʔpahsəjKhmerHea1997:C:4472
male bird (n)សកុណាsaʔkoʔnaaKhmerHea1997:C:12824
male elephant which has no tusks (n)គោតkoutKhmerHea1997:C:2147
male genitals (n)ស្វាសsvaahKhmerHea1997:C:15312
(male or female) genitals (n)គុយ្ហៈkujhaʔKhmerHea1997:C:2107
(male) colleague, fellow worker (n)សហសេវិកsaʔhaʔseevɨkKhmerHea1997:C:13539
(male) wolf; jackal (n)សិគាលseʔkielKhmerHea1997:C:13730
male, ungelded [animal]trostraohKhmerSho2006:C:1940-6
malice, evil thoughts, evil disposition (n)ទុច្ឆន្ទៈtucchanteaʔKhmerHea1997:C:5474
malleability, pliability (n)បដិយភាពpaʔdeʔjeaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:6598
mallet, club, drumstick. (n)អន្លូងʔɑnluuŋKhmerHea1997:C:16483
malnutrition, underfeeding (n)ឧនាហារូបត្ថម្ភʔuʔniehaaruupatthamKhmerHea1997:C:17620
maltreatment, brutality, cruelty (n)សម្បីឡនកម្មsampəjlaʔnaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:13296
man of property; wealthy landed farmer; the lands of such a man (n)កុដុម្ពិកkoʔdompii, koʔdompikKhmerHea1997:C:605
mandarin duck, teal (Dendrocygna javanica) (poss. also the spot-billed duck Anas poecilorhyncha) (n)ប្រវឹកprɑvəkKhmerHea1997:C:8056
mane (of an animal); feathers on the neck (of birds) (n)សយsɑɑjKhmerHea1997:C:13362
mango (Mangifera indica) (n)ស្វាយsvaajKhmerHea1997:C:15308
mango (n)អម្ពʔɑmpɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:16609
mangosteen (Garcinia Mangostana) (n)មង្ឃុតmʊəŋkhutKhmerHea1997:C:9676
mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) (n)កោងកាងkaoŋ - kaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:732
Manila (capital of the Philippines) (n)ម៉ានីលmaanɨlKhmerHea1997:C:9938
manioc (Manihot esculenta) (n)ក្តួចkduəcKhmerHea1997:C:1054
manner, method, order, system; custom, practice, habit (n)សណ្ដាប់sɑndapKhmerHea1997:C:13016
Manosāra (name of a hermit who wrote an early treatise on moral law) (n)មនោសារmeaʔnousaaKhmerHea1997:C:9767
Mao Zedong (n)ម៉ៅសេទុងmav see tuŋKhmerHea1997:C:10201
Maoism (n)ម៉ៅនិយមmavniʔjumKhmerHea1997:C:10200
map; model, plan; copy, sample (n)ផែនទីphaen tiiKhmerHea1997:C:8372
Maranta dichotoma reedរុនrùnKhmerSho2006:C:1193-1
March (third month of the solar calendar according to Western reckoning but twelfth month according to Cambodian reckoning) (n)មីនាmiinaa, miinieKhmerHea1997:C:10016
marian plum (kind of fruit tree, Bouea burmanica, with sweet and sour yellow fruit) (n)មាក់ប្រាងmak praaŋ, meak praaŋKhmerHea1997:C:9893
mark from a blow / bite / sting, bruise; inflammation, skin rash; pimple. (n)កន្ទួលkɑntuəlKhmerHea1997:C:303
mark, scar, wound, trace (n)ដំណំdɑmnɑmKhmerHea1997:C:4252
marker of sequential or consecutive action also, so, then, therefore, accordingly (conj)ក៏kɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:3
marker, stake, picket, landmark; surveyor's leveling staff; sign, signal; clue; reference (n)តំរុយtɑmrojKhmerHea1997:C:4738
market basket, woven bag (n)កន្ត្រកkɑntrɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:262
(market) fluctuation (n)ឧច្ចាវចភាពʔuccaavaʔcaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:17546
market, bazaar (n)ហដ្តhatdaʔKhmerHea1997:C:15367
marking (for identification); moxibustion scar (n)ដំណៅdɑmnavKhmerHea1997:C:4251
marking present continuous / progressive action, to be (in the process of) VERB+ing; (with ADJ) to be currently ADJ (pvp)កំពុងkɑmpuŋKhmerHea1997:C:907
marriage, wedding (n)អាវាហៈʔaaviehaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17125
marrow (of a bone) (n)ខ្មងkmɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:1788
masculine gender (n)បុំលិង្គpoŋlɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:7517
massage (n)សម្ពាហនកម្មsampiehaʔnaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:13317
masseur (n)សម្ពាហកsampiehaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:13316
master, boss, ruler (n)អម្ចាស់ʔɑmcahKhmerHea1997:C:16607
mat (woven)kənteelKhmerHuf1971:C:3661-490-1
mat / carpet used by monks to sit on (n)និសីទនៈniʔsəjteaʔneaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6218
maturity (n)ទំនុំtumnumKhmerHea1997:C:5662
May (fifth month of the solar calendar according to Western reckoning but second month according to Cambodian reckoning; it is associated with the zodiacal sign Taurus, the bull) (n)ឧសភាʔoʔsaʔphieKhmerHea1997:C:17760
meaning, significance, sense; expression; word used for emphasis (n)សំនួនsɑmnuənKhmerHea1997:C:14406
meaningless words or speech, frivolous talk (n)សម្ផប្បលាបsamphappaʔlaapaʔKhmerHea1997:C:13304
means to create peace, strategy for peace (n)សន្តុបាយsɑntoʔbaajKhmerHea1997:C:13076
measure of length equal to the width of one finger (n)ធ្នាប់tnoapKhmerHea1997:C:5924
measure of weight (lit., the weight that a raven can carry in its beak) (n)ចំឡៅក្អែកcɑmlav kʔaekKhmerHea1997:C:2998
measure(ment) of length / extent; device for the measurement of length / extent (n)រង្វាស់rʊəŋvoahKhmerHea1997:C:10628
measure(ment) of volume / capacity; device for the measurement of volume (n)រង្វាល់rʊəŋvoalKhmerHea1997:C:10627
measure, rulerខ្នាតkhnaːtKhmerSho2006:C:1018-2
meat on spitជ្រនួចcrənuːəcKhmerSho2006:C:822-3
meat, meat product; prey; bait; food; luck; donation (n)អាមិសʔaamih, ʔaamiʔsaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17038
mechanization (n)យន្តូបនីយកម្មjʊəntoopaʔniijeaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:10351
median line (n)សមឌ្ឍបាតsaʔmattheaʔbaatKhmerHea1997:C:13192
mediatrix (n)សមឌ្ឍរេខាsaʔmattheaʔreikhaaKhmerHea1997:C:13194
medicine; herb; tobacco (Nicotiana Tabacum); paint (n)ថ្នាំtnamKhmerHea1997:C:5159
meditation on the limitlessness of the sky (n)អាកាសានញ្ចាយតនʔaakaasaanaɲcaajaʔtaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16881
Medohrada (the hell for wanton women) (n)មេទោហ្រទmeitoureaʔteaʔKhmerHea1997:C:10151
meeting, encounter; audience; one complete revolution (n)ចំនួបcɑmnuəpKhmerHea1997:C:2929
megalomania (n)យសុម្មាទjʊəhsommaatKhmerHea1997:C:10363
megalomaniac (n)យសុម្មត្តjʊəhsommatKhmerHea1997:C:10362
Mekong River (n)មេកុងmeikoŋKhmerHea1997:C:10136
member of the Shudra (the lowest of the four traditional Hindu classes); common person, laborer, member of the laboring class (n)សូទ្រsootreaʔKhmerHea1997:C:14076
members of one's own group / unit / faction, acquaintances, partisans (n)គ្នីគ្នាknii - knieKhmerHea1997:C:2218
membrane (n)កលាkaʔlaaKhmerHea1997:C:409
membrane, diaphragm; covering of skin / hide (n)ភ្នាសpniehKhmerHea1997:C:9577
memorandum (n)អនុសារណៈʔaʔnuʔsaareaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16378
memorandum, reminder, notebook, memorandum book; memento (n)សារណសញ្ញាsaaraʔnaʔsaɲɲaaKhmerHea1997:C:13652
memory (n)លំនឹកlumŋɨkKhmerHea1997:C:11868
menace, threat (n)សីហលោsəjhaʔlouKhmerHea1997:C:13857
Menam River (Western name for the Chao Phrya River in Thailand) (n)មេណាមmeinaamKhmerHea1997:C:10144
meow, sound made by a cat (i)ម៉ាវៗmaav - maavKhmerHea1997:C:9962
merit based / virtue (n)សីលាទិគុណsəjlaatiʔkunKhmerHea1997:C:13845
merit, merit that comes from good deeds, the fruit of one's good deeds, spiritual reward (n)ផលានិសង្សphaʔlaaniʔsɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:8304
(meritorious) state or condition which merits congratulation; congratulating, congratulatory language (n)ថោមភាពthaomaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:5106
mermaid (n)រក្សសីreaksaʔsəjKhmerHea1997:C:10533
message, object sent to someone through a third person, object entrusted / temporarily given to someone, token; package, parcel; shipment; consignment (n)បញ្ញើbɑɲɲaəKhmerHea1997:C:6561
messenger, trusted aide (a word coined by the KR for their news bearers who, during the 1970-75 guerrilla war, functioned as liaison officers between the front and the rear and between different combat zones; they carried either written or verbal message and acted as live walkie-talkies for KR cadres) (n)នីរសារniireaʔsaaKhmerHea1997:C:6240
messily, quickly and carelessly, frivolously, disorderly. (adv)ច្រកាច់ច្រកូវcrɑkac - crɑkəvKhmerHea1997:C:3050
metal trayថាសthaːhKhmerSho2006:C:1955-4
metallic tinklingច្រាវcraːvKhmerSho2006:C:1847-2
metalloid (n)អលោហៈʔaʔlouhaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16699
metallurgy of iron (n)អយុស្សាហកម្មʔaʔjuhsaahaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:16633
method used to foretell the future (esp. for determining lucky dates for weddings) (n)សម្ភារភ្លឹកsɑmphieplɨkKhmerHea1997:C:13330
method, style, arrangement; ceremony, ritual, rite (n)វិធីviʔthiiKhmerHea1997:C:12420
method, system, order, arrangement, organization; style, way; regime; rules (n)របៀបrɔbiepKhmerHea1997:C:10882
method, way, means, possibility (n)ដំរួយdɑmruəjKhmerHea1997:C:4289
Mexico (n)មិកស៊ិកmɨksɨkKhmerHea1997:C:9976
microclimate (n)សុខុមាកាសsoʔkhoʔmaakaahKhmerHea1997:C:13890
mid-rib or main stem of a sugar-palm leaf (n)ក្បាបkbaapKhmerHea1997:C:1092
middle (part), center, filler, stuffing, filling (e.g. of a pie); axis, axle; pivot; core (member - esp. in comm. usage), pith, xylem; nucleus (n)ស្នូលsnoolKhmerHea1997:C:14806
(midrib of) palm-frondធាងthìːəŋKhmerSho2006:C:789-2
midrib, central rib / spine (of a leaf); spine, dorsal fin, spinal column, backbone; central rib of a kite (n)ទ្រនុងtrɔnuŋKhmerHea1997:C:5724
midwife (n)ឆ្មបcmɑɑpKhmerHea1997:C:3362
Migasira (first month of the Cambodian lunar calendar corresponding to mid November to mid December; it has 29 days) (n)មិគសិរmɨkəsee, miʔkeaʔseeKhmerHea1997:C:9982
migration (n)ទេសន្តរប្រវេសក៍teisɑntaʔreaʔprɑveehKhmerHea1997:C:5596
migratory worker (n)និរប្រវេសក៍niʔreaʔprɑveihKhmerHea1997:C:6187
milch cow (n)ឆ្មាត់cmatKhmerHea1997:C:3364
milder-smelling red kind of fish-pasteផ្អកphʔɔːkKhmerSho2006:C:481-5
military police (for the Fr. abbrev. `P. M.') (n)ប៉េអិមpee ʔəmKhmerHea1997:C:7434
military strategy, military tactics (n)យុទ្ឋោបាយjutthoubaajKhmerHea1997:C:10437
(military) cap (n)កាឡូkaalooKhmerHea1997:C:558
(military) company (n)អនុសេនាធំʔaʔnuʔseenaa thomKhmerHea1997:C:16382
(military) scout car (n)ស្គុតskutKhmerHea1997:C:14628
million (num)លានlienKhmerHea1997:C:11709
millipede (n)ម្រើមព្រះmrəəm preahKhmerHea1997:C:10283
Mimosa ferasampuərsɔmbuːəKhmerSho2006:C:1640-2
mind that is free of worldly passions (n)លោកុត្តរចិត្តloukottaʔraʔcetKhmerHea1997:C:11832
mine for metallic ores (n)លោហាករlouhaakɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:11852
mineអណ្ដូង ???ʔɔndoːŋ raeKhmerSho2006:C:557-7
ministry (of a government), department (n)ក្រសួងkrɑsuəŋKhmerHea1997:C:1270
ministry of agriculture (n)ក្សេត្រាធិការkseetraathiʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:1490
ministry of the interior ; royal officials who serve as deputies to the ចក្រី (n)មហាតថៃmeaʔhaat thajKhmerHea1997:C:9857
miracle, wonder, marvel (n)បាដិហារិយ៍paadeʔhaaKhmerHea1997:C:7097
mirror, (sheet / pane of) glass; (optical) filter; (TV) screen. (n)កញ្ចក់kɑɲcɑkKhmerHea1997:C:95
misanthrope (n)មនុជទេស្សីmeaʔnuʔceaʔteihsəjKhmerHea1997:C:9754
misappropriation (of public funds); extortion (by a public official); speculation (n)វីតិកម្មviiteʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:12637
misfortune, ruin; calamity, disaster (n)ហាយនៈhaajeaʔneaʔKhmerHea1997:C:15439
MISSINGក- [មុង etc.] kaː- [moŋ etc.] KhmerSho2006:C:16-3
mist, darkness, to obscureអាប់ʔapKhmerSho2006:C:1225-1
mistrust, distrust (n)និព្វិស្សាសៈnippɨhsaasaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6153
misunderstanding. (n)ល្គឹកlkɨkKhmerHea1997:C:11919
Mithelā (city in ancient India that figures in Buddhist history) (n)មិថិលាmiʔtheʔlaaKhmerHea1997:C:9995
mixed vegetables (generally with noodles and sauce) (n)របោយrɔbaojKhmerHea1997:C:10895
mixture of boiled resin and wax which is used to fill holes in silver work (n)ព្រមរprɔmɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:9185
mixture of mud and garbage, waste water, sewer water (n)ជ្រាំcroamKhmerHea1997:C:3845
moaning / groaning sound (i)ង៉ូតៗŋoot - ŋootKhmerHea1997:C:2514
mobilization, militarization (n)យោធូបនីយកម្មjouthuupaʔniijeaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:10489
mobilization; reinforcement, recruiting; requisitioning; levy (n)កំណែនkɑmnaenKhmerHea1997:C:816
model, standard; brand, exemplary, copy, duplicate; test, trial, testing. (n)សំណាកsɑmnaakKhmerHea1997:C:14350
moderation; moderate views (n)មជ្ឈត្តារម្មណ៍macchoattaarɑmKhmerHea1997:C:9700
modesty, shame (n)ខ្មុំkmomKhmerHea1997:C:1813
Moggallāna (name of the second disciple of the Buddha) (n)មោគ្គល្លានmoukkoallienKhmerHea1997:C:10177
Mohammed (n)មហាម៉ាត់mɔɔhaamatKhmerHea1997:C:9858
moist, wetល្អួតlʔuːətKhmerSho2006:C:954-1
moisture, dew; dampness, humidity (n)សន្សើមsɑnsaəm, ʔɑnsaəmKhmerHea1997:C:13143
molar (tooth) (n)ថ្គាមtkiemKhmerHea1997:C:5126
moldboard (of a plow, onto which the share is attached) [plate 3] (n)ផ្នៀងpnieŋKhmerHea1997:C:8514
mole, birthmark; beauty mark (n)ប្រជ្រុយprɑcrujKhmerHea1997:C:7761
molecule (n)សំខតបរមាណូsaŋkhɑʔtaʔpaʔraʔmaanooKhmerHea1997:C:14308
mollusc, shell-fish, snail (n)ខ្យងkcɑɑŋ, kjɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:1817
mom, mommy (urban, used esp. by young children) (n)ម៉ាក់makKhmerHea1997:C:9887
moment (n)សំណើsɑmnaəKhmerHea1997:C:14369
moment, instant (n)ស្របក់srɑbɑkKhmerHea1997:C:15003
moment, instant, short period of time (n)ក្សណៈksaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:1474
moment, instant. (n)រំពេចrumpɨcKhmerHea1997:C:11536
moment, time. (n)ក្សិណksənKhmerHea1997:C:1484
momentary concentration (n)ខណិកសមាធិkhaʔneʔkaʔsaʔmaathiʔKhmerHea1997:C:1526
Mon (a Mon-Khmer-speaking ethnic group in Myanmar and Thailand) (n)មនmɔɔnKhmerHea1997:C:9747
monastic bed, sleeping place. (n)សំណិងsɑmnəŋKhmerHea1997:C:14360
(monetary) interest, benefit, something to one's advantage; remuneration (n)សំបាច់sɑmbacKhmerHea1997:C:14413
Mongol (n)ម៉ុងហ្គោលmoŋgoulKhmerHea1997:C:10036
Mongolia (n)ម៉ុងហ្គោលីmoŋgouliiKhmerHea1997:C:10037
monitor lizard (prob. Varanus bengalensis nebulosus) (n)ត្រកួតtrɑkuətKhmerHea1997:C:4800
Monivong (name of a Cambodian king who reigned from 1927 to 1941. He was a son of King Sisowath, and the grandfather of King Norodom Sihanouk) (n)មុនីវង្សmuʔniivʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:10059
monk who has made a vow to meditate without lying down; action of not lying down, refraining from lying down (n)នេសជ្ជិកង្គៈneisacciʔkaŋkeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6270
monk who is a supervising teacher in his temple (n)និស្សយាចារ្យnihsaʔjaacaaKhmerHea1997:C:6228
monk who ordains junior monks as senior monks (n)ឧបសម្បទាចារ្យʔuʔpaʔsɑmpaʔtiecaaKhmerHea1997:C:17698
monk's waistclothស្បង់sbɔŋKhmerSho2006:C:618-1
monkey (esp. of the genera Macaca and Presbytis) (n)ស្វាsvaaKhmerHea1997:C:15292
monomania (n)ឯកុម្មាទʔaekommaatKhmerHea1997:C:17844
monomaniac (n)ឯកុម្មត្តʔaekommatKhmerHea1997:C:17843
monopoly (n)ឯកាធិកម្មʔaekaathiʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:17834
monopoly (n)ឯកាធិភាពʔaekaathiʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:17837
monosodium glutamate (n)ប៊ីចេងbii ceeŋKhmerHea1997:C:7239
month; moon; season; menstrual period (n)ខែkhaeKhmerHea1997:C:1622
moon (n)សសិនsaʔsenKhmerHea1997:C:13430
moral law that leads to escape from the life cycle (n)វិភវធម៌viʔpheaʔveaʔthoaKhmerHea1997:C:12485
morals, virtue and good behavior (n)សីលាចារsəjlaacaaKhmerHea1997:C:13844
more thanciəŋKhmerHuf1971:C:3735-500-1
Morinda citrifolia Linnaeusɲɔ̀ːKhmerSho2006:C:61-2
mortality, death rate (n)មត្តប្បមាណmattappaʔmaanKhmerHea1997:C:9731
mortar for pounding riceត្បាល់tbalKhmerSho2006:C:1757-1
mortar made of wood or stone, small mill (n)ត្បាល់tbalKhmerHea1997:C:4775
mortgage of revenues of a property in payment of a debt (n)ឧបនិធានʔuʔpaʔniʔthienKhmerHea1997:C:17660
mosquito (n)មូសmuuhKhmerHea1997:C:10111
moss, algae, mold, slime (n)ស្លែslaeKhmerHea1997:C:15269
mother (n)កន្លោងkɑnlaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:363
mother (n)ជីនីcii niiKhmerHea1997:C:3593
mother (n)ម្តាយmdaajKhmerHea1997:C:10242
mother, mama. (n)ម៉ែmaeKhmerHea1997:C:10164
mother-in-law (n)សស្សុsahsoʔKhmerHea1997:C:13473
mother-in-lawmdaaj kmeikKhmerHuf1971:C:228-30-1
motionlessly (adv)ស្រទៀកsrɑtiekKhmerHea1997:C:14995
motionlessly, limply (adv)ជ្រលៀកcrɔliekKhmerHea1997:C:3799
motionlessly, without moving a muscle (adv)ឆ្តុបcdopKhmerHea1997:C:3323
mound, knoll, small hill (n)វាមលូរviemeaʔluuKhmerHea1997:C:12236
mound, pile, hill, dune (n)ផ្នូកpnookKhmerHea1997:C:8507
Mount Indra, Mount Meru; structure on which to cremate the corpse of a high dignitary (n)មេរុmeiruʔ, meinKhmerHea1997:C:10158
mountain pass (n)ជ្រលោះcrɔlʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:3803
mountain pass, valley; gully, stream bed; vein / seam (of a mineral) (n)ជ្រលងcrɔlɔɔŋKhmerHea1997:C:3796
mountain, hill (n)ភ្នំpnumKhmerHea1997:C:9584
mountains, hill (n)បព្វតាbappeaʔtaaKhmerHea1997:C:6912
mouse deer (Tragulus javanicus or T. napu); the fawn of the roe deer. (n)ឈ្លូសcluuhKhmerHea1997:C:3931
mouse, rat (n)កណ្ដុរkɑndol, kɑndaoKhmerHea1997:C:198
mouth (and by extension, any action which is accomplished by or with the mouth); opening (e.g. of a jar); passageway (n)មាត់moatKhmerHea1997:C:9916
mouthful; word, utterance. (n)ម៉ាត់matKhmerHea1997:C:9917
move (fidget)kəmraəkKhmerHuf1971:C:3801-506-1
move overkhətKhmerHuf1971:C:3808-507-1
moving picture, movie, film (n)ភាពយន្តphiepjʊənKhmerHea1997:C:9434
mucus, phlegm (n)សេមហកលាseemhaʔkaʔlaaKhmerHea1997:C:14176
mucus, slime, viscous / slippery substance (n)រំអិលrumʔəlKhmerHea1997:C:11596
mud, slush (n)ភក់phʊəkKhmerHea1997:C:9335
muddy water, muckជ្រាំcrɔ̀əmKhmerSho2006:C:1393-2
multiplicand (n)តំណាំងគុណtɑmnaŋ kunKhmerHea1997:C:4718
multiplication; increasing, doubling; progress, improvement (n)ផាតិកម្មphaateʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:8321
mumps (n)សលាទែនsaʔlaa tɛɛnKhmerHea1997:C:13409
murderer, person who employs physical violence (n)ឧឃាតកʔuʔkhietaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:17543
murmuring sound (i)រអិចrɔʔəcKhmerHea1997:C:11223
murmuring sounds of conversation, babbling. (i)រអេៈរអុrɔʔeʔ - rɔʔoʔKhmerHea1997:C:11245
muscles / nerves of the mid-back or lumbar region (n)ច្បាក់cbakKhmerHea1997:C:3029
mushroom, fungus, mold (e.g. on bread) (n)ផ្សិតpsətKhmerHea1997:C:8561
music played by a ពិណពាទ្យ orchestra (n)ស្មឺsməɨKhmerHea1997:C:14902
music, musical composition; orchestra, band, musical ensemble (n)ភ្លេងpleiŋKhmerHea1997:C:9628
(musical) beats, cadence (n)គំនោះkumnʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:2185
must, have to (initverb)ត្រូវtrəvKhmerHea1997:C:4985
mustard (n)កៃឡាត់kaj latKhmerHea1997:C:726
musty, sour-smellingផ្អូមphʔoːmKhmerSho2006:C:1304-7
musty, stuffy, spoiledph'uə(r)phʔuːəKhmerSho2006:C:15-3
mutation (e.g. of bacteria) (n)កំលាយភេទkɑmlaaj pheitKhmerHea1997:C:957
muzzle / snout (of an animal); head (of a fish) (n)ឆ្ពែះcpehKhmerHea1997:C:3359
Māra (the `Tempter') (n)មារាធិរាជmieriethiʔriecKhmerHea1997:C:9950
n.crop, craw (of birds)គែkɛɛKhmerHea1997:C:2135
n.lamp, lanternគោមkoumKhmerHea1997:C:2155
name for several, mainly arboreal, Agamid lizards (belonging to the genera Bronchocela, Draco, and Pseudocalotes and poss. Japalura, Leiolepis, and Physignathus) (n)បង្កួយbɑŋkuəjKhmerHea1997:C:6333
name given to certain male ancestral ghosts (n)ព្រវរprɔvɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:9213
name of an ancient Thai capital, now called Lopburi (n)លវោlɔvouKhmerHea1997:C:11694
name of various small geckos (belonging to the genera Hemidactylus, Cosymbotus, Cyrtodactylus, Gehyra, and Lepidodactylus) (n)ចចក់cɑcɑkKhmerHea1997:C:2619
namely, to wit, that is, which is (conj)មោះmʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:10218
nap, short sleep (n)សមាហារsaʔmaahaaKhmerHea1997:C:13244
napalm, jellied gasoline (n)ណាប៉ាល់naapalKhmerHea1997:C:4366
nape of the neck (n)កញ្ចឹងkɑɲcəŋKhmerHea1997:C:101
narrow valley etc. between hills, path, passជ្រលងcrəlɔ̀ːŋKhmerSho2006:C:739-4
narrow, confined, crampedចង្អៀតcɔŋʔiətKhmerSho2006:C:949-7
nasal mucus (n)សិង្ឃានិកsəŋkhieniʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:13736
nasal mucus; mucus found in human feces as a result of certain diseases (n)សំបោរsɑmbaoKhmerHea1997:C:14426
nasal sound (i)ង៉េសៗŋeeh - ŋeehKhmerHea1997:C:2534
nasal sound (n)នាសិកជៈnieseʔkaʔceaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6083
nasal sound, muffled sound of a stuffed up nose (i)ង៉ោះៗŋɑh-ŋɑhKhmerHea1997:C:2554
nasal sound. (n)នាសិកដ្ឋានជៈnieseʔkatthaaneaʔceaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6084
national economic self-sufficiency, autarky (n)ស្វយាធិបតេយ្យsvajjaathiʔpaʔtajKhmerHea1997:C:15288
nationalization (n)ជាតកម្មcietaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:3545
nations / states under one federal government, confederation (n)សហបាលីប្រទេសsaʔhaʔbaaləj prɑteihKhmerHea1997:C:13510
natural border, border that does not require religious blessing (e.g. the border of a village), water border, forest border (n)អពទ្ឋសីមាʔaʔpoattheaʔsəjmaaKhmerHea1997:C:16541
natural pond, swamp, lagoon (n)ត្រពាំងtrɑpeaŋKhmerHea1997:C:4877
natural rock well or water-filled crater (n)ល្អាងlʔaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:12042
(natural) resources (n)ធនាករtheaʔniekɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:5837
nature of things (n)មូលធម៌muuleaʔthoaKhmerHea1997:C:10094
(naval) lieutenant (n)អនុនាវីʔaʔnuʔnieviiKhmerHea1997:C:16296
navel. (n)ផ្ចិតpsət, pcətKhmerHea1997:C:8415
navy (n)នាវីnieviiKhmerHea1997:C:6075
near, by, next to, beside, at the edge of (prenp)ក្បែរkbaeKhmerHea1997:C:1112
nearly (able to overtake someone) (adv)ប៉ផុតpɑphotKhmerHea1997:C:6876
neck (n)សិរោធរាseeraotheaʔrieKhmerHea1997:C:13798
neck (n)សូរងsuurɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:14087
neck; collar; connecting link (n)kɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:2
nectar (of flowers) (n)ដមdɑɑmKhmerHea1997:C:4114
nectar, honey (n)មករន្ទmeaʔkaʔrɑnKhmerHea1997:C:9653
needle (for sewing, knitting, or giving injections), pin (n)ម្ជុលmcul, ɲculKhmerHea1997:C:10234
needle (n)អញ្ជុលʔɑɲculKhmerHea1997:C:16029
negative particle not, non- (usually requires the final particle ទេ ) Pronounced /man/ in Cambodian dialects of Surin and Buriram in ThailandមិនmɨnKhmerHea1997:C:10000
negative particle not, non-, without ( ពុំ is a stylistic variant of មិន and may replace it in many cases; like មិន it usually occurs with the final particle ទេ់ according the the VK, ពុំ is somewhat more respectful than other negative particles and is commonly used when addressing a superior)ពុំpumKhmerHea1997:C:9108
negative prefix occurring in words of Pali origin. It usually means `not responding to, not returning to, not replying; incomparable'អប្បដិʔappaʔdeʔKhmerHea1997:C:16517
negligently, carelessly; in a cavalier manner; in a disorganized manner (adv)ប្រឡាំប្រកូវprɑlam - prɑkəvKhmerHea1997:C:8125
Negrito (n)នេគ្រីតូneikriitooKhmerHea1997:C:6257
Nemirāja (name of one of the Jatakas)[600:5,19358] (n)នេមិរាជneimiʔriecKhmerHea1997:C:600
neolithic period (n)នវសិលាneaʔveaʔseʔlaaKhmerHea1997:C:6034
Nepal (n)នេប៉ាលneipaalKhmerHea1997:C:6263
nephew (son of a brother) (n)ភាតុបុត្តphietoʔbotKhmerHea1997:C:9427
nephew, niece???kmùːəjKhmerSho2006:C:1497-3
nephew, nieceក្មួយkmuːəjKhmerSho2006:C:1497-2
nerve, veinsarsaisɔːsayKhmerSho2006:C:249a-4
nervously, excitedly, hesitantly and timidly (adv)ច្រិមច្រុមcrəm - cromKhmerHea1997:C:3159
nest (of birds, mice, ants, etc.); lair, den; litter, brood. (n)សំបុកsɑmbokKhmerHea1997:C:14417
neutron (n)ណឺត្រុងnəɨtroŋKhmerHea1997:C:4382
new buds, young leaves, shoots (n)ត្រួយtruəjKhmerHea1997:C:4988
new shoot / sucker (of a tree or plant), side shoot; (bone) spur (n)ខ្នែងknaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:1770
New York (n)ញីវយ៉កɲiiv jɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:4000
newly, recently acquired; just now, this minute, freshly, immediately (adv)លាំងៗleaŋ - leaŋKhmerHea1997:C:11908
newly-formed fruit, bud (of flower or fruit); ovary of a plant ; newly-formed embryo (n)ក្តឹបkdəpKhmerHea1997:C:1047
newly-formed nation (n)នវរដ្ឋneaʔveaʔroatKhmerHea1997:C:6033
news, information, report; knowledge, awareness; learning; witness (n)ដំណឹងdɑmnəŋKhmerHea1997:C:4230
nib of a roofing tile (n)ង៉ាំŋamKhmerHea1997:C:2548
nickel (n)នីកែលniikaelKhmerHea1997:C:6235
nickle (n)និកកែលnɨkkaelKhmerHea1997:C:6096
nicotine (n)នីកូត៍រសniikoorʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:6234
Nidra (Indian goddess of sleep) (n)និន្ទ្រាទេពីnintrieteipiiKhmerHea1997:C:6135
niece (daughter of a brother) (n)ភាតុធីតាphietoʔthiidaaKhmerHea1997:C:9426
niece (daughter of a sister) (n)ភាគិនេយ្យាphiekiʔnejjaaKhmerHea1997:C:9416
night (n)រត្តិroatteʔKhmerHea1997:C:10786
night; evening (n)យប់jupKhmerHea1997:C:10353
nineteenth letter of the Cambodian alphabetthɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:5828
ninety (num)កៅសិបkav səpKhmerHea1997:C:759
ninth letter of the Cambodian alphabetchɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:3855
nitrogen (n)និជ្ជីពnɨcciipKhmerHea1997:C:6116
no sufficient cause / grounds to prosecute, no true bill, no indictment (n)អពិរុទ្ឋʔaʔpiʔrutKhmerHea1997:C:16547
no, not. (pvp)អត់ʔɑtKhmerHea1997:C:16074
noise, sound, voice (n)ស្នូរsnooKhmerHea1997:C:14805
noisily / loudly (of talking) (adv)រអែករអោកrɔʔaek - rɔʔaokKhmerHea1997:C:11249
noisily all over the place (as babies crying or chickens fighting) (adv)រង៉េករង៉ាកrɔŋeek - rɔŋaakKhmerHea1997:C:10600
noisily and repeatedly (adv)ប៉ប៉ោចpɑpaocKhmerHea1997:C:6820
noisily, animatedly (about the movements and sounds of a large crowd), in a sudden panic (as many birds taking flight at the same time), in a rush. (adv)ឈូឆរchuu chɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:3877
noisily, boisterously, loudly (adv)រឡូងរឡាងrɔlooŋ - rɔlaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:11206
noisily, loudly (adv)ខ្វោកខ្វាកkvaok - kvaakKhmerHea1997:C:1890
noisily, loudly, clamorously (adv)ក្តែងៗkdaeŋ - kdaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:1059
noisy sounds / babble (as of children or birds). (i)រញ៉េចរញ៉ាចrɔɲəc - rɔɲaacKhmerHea1997:C:10687
nominalizing suffixed element meaning `-ization, the action of ....' (Note that the initial ឧ usually becomes the dependent vowel អូ when this element is combined with another word). For example, ខ្មែរ + ឧបនីយកម្ម > ខ្មែរូបនីយកម្ម, "Khmerization"ឧបនីយកម្ម-ʔuʔpaʔniijeaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:17669
non-existence (n)នត្ថិភាពnoatthiʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:5990
nonchalance, carelessness, heedlessness, off-handedness (n)ឧទាសីនភាពʔuʔtiesəjnaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:17595
noontŋaj trɑŋKhmerHuf1971:C:3926-521-1
noose (n)រំងកrumŋɔɔkKhmerHea1997:C:11493
northeast direction (n)ឧត្តរានុទិសʔuttaʔraanuʔtɨhKhmerHea1997:C:17573
northwest (n)បច្ឆិមានុទិសpaccheʔmaanuʔtɨhKhmerHea1997:C:6485
northwest (n)ពាយ័ព្យpiejoapKhmerHea1997:C:8870
nose (n)នាសិកាnieseʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:6086
nose; snout (n)ច្រមុះcrɑmohKhmerHea1997:C:3100
not (rare.) (pvp)អង្កឹʔɑŋkəʔKhmerHea1997:C:15879
not as when new or young…, to wither??svɤtKhmerSho2006:C:1095-1
not cold; dewless (adj)អហិមៈʔaheʔmaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16859
not seeing a way out of a situation, undecided, hesitant (adj)កន្ទះរាkɑnteah rieKhmerHea1997:C:315
not to achieve success (v)ក្រសែតkrɑsaetKhmerHea1997:C:1273
not to agree (with someone or something), to contradict; to stand up to (someone), oppose (v)ទើតtəətKhmerHea1997:C:5552
not to have; there is / are not. (v)គ្មានkmienKhmerHea1997:C:2220
not to know one's limits, to be intemperate. (adj)អមត្តញ្ញូʔaʔmattaɲɲuuKhmerHea1997:C:16586
not to obey, to resist; to oppose (v)កៀចkiecKhmerHea1997:C:687
(not) ... at all ..., ever, any more; absolutely (intensifying particle; generally used with the negative particles កុំ, គ្មាន, ពុំ, មិន, អង្គឺ, ឥត, ឥតអង្គឺមាន ) (fp)ឡើយlaəjKhmerHea1997:C:15750
not, never; it is not (pvp)អង្គឺʔɑŋkɨɨKhmerHea1997:C:15918
notary (n)សារានុរក្សsaaraanuʔreakKhmerHea1997:C:13661
notch, indentation; crease; foothold (cut in a tree) (n)គន្លាក់kʊənleakKhmerHea1997:C:2018
notification, notice; voicing (of an opinion) (n)ប្រវេទន៍prɑveetKhmerHea1997:C:8059
noun describing an action (n)ករណនាមkaʔraʔnaʔniemKhmerHea1997:C:398
novel, (work of) fiction (n)ប្រលោមលោកprɑlaom loukKhmerHea1997:C:8040
novelty. (n)នវោត្បន្នneaʔvoutbanKhmerHea1997:C:6037
novitiate (n)នវកភាពneaʔveaʔkaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:6030
now, at the present time, at this time (adv)ឥឡូវʔəjləvKhmerHea1997:C:17521
now, just now, at present (adv)អធុនាʔaʔthuʔnieKhmerHea1997:C:16170
nomɨn teeKhmerHuf1971:C:3913-520-1
nucleus, core, cell (n)នយស្តិneaʔjʊəhKhmerHea1997:C:6013
nudity (n)នគ្គភាពneakkeaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:5984
numeration (n)របាប់rɔbapKhmerHea1997:C:10854
nutrition; nourishing (n)បោសនាpaosaʔnaaKhmerHea1997:C:7511
oar, paddle, blade (of a mill wheel or paddle wheel) (n)ច្រវាcrɑvaaKhmerHea1997:C:3101
object shaped like a crescent or sickle; forked stick in the shape of a “Y” (n)ចំពាស់cɑmpoahKhmerHea1997:C:2945
object(s), thing(s), goods, merchandise; baggage (n)អីវ៉ាន់ʔəjvanKhmerHea1997:C:17200
objection, opposition, disapproval; obstacle (n)ទំនើសtumnəəhKhmerHea1997:C:5656
obligingness, accommodativeness (n)បរញ្ញុតាpaʔraɲɲuʔtaaKhmerHea1997:C:6930
obsequious; in a sneaky manner, surreptitiously (adv)ប្រិនប្រុនprən - pronKhmerHea1997:C:8168
obsequiousness, fawning (n)អច្ចានុរោគʔaccaanuʔroukKhmerHea1997:C:15980
observation of laws / regulations; one who observes the laws / regulations (n)វិនយានុរក្សviʔneaʔjienuʔreakKhmerHea1997:C:12425
observation, examination, scrutiny (n)វិលោកនៈviʔloukaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:12538
observatory (n)ឱលោកដ្ឋានʔaoloukatthaanKhmerHea1997:C:17899
observing, observation, examining (n)គំនន់kumnʊənKhmerHea1997:C:2169
obsolete small coinពៃpèjKhmerSho2006:C:1489-2
obstinate, opinionated, bristling, jammedគាំងkɛ̀əŋKhmerSho2006:C:508-1
occasion, instance, time, moment; period, interval of time; case (n)គ្រាkrieKhmerHea1997:C:2293
occasion, time; era; circumstance; original cause (n)អវសរʔaʔveaʔsaʔraʔKhmerHea1997:C:16727
occurs in several compounds where it indicates rapid darting or flitting movements.ហិចhəcKhmerHea1997:C:15453
odour (bad)klənKhmerHuf1971:C:3966-526-1
odour (fragrant)klən krɑʔoupKhmerHuf1971:C:3975-527-1
(of a boat) to be nearly too full, almost shipping water, low in the water; to be overloaded (adj)ពៀបpiepKhmerHea1997:C:9063
(of a breeze) gently blowing. (adv)ត្រសៀកtrɑsiekKhmerHea1997:C:4915
(of a child) to be whining, crying, bawling (adj)កិកកុកkək - kokKhmerHea1997:C:560
(of a climate) to be subtropical (adj)ឧបនិវត្តʔuʔpaʔniʔvoatKhmerHea1997:C:17663
(of a cow's stomach) to be full and bulging (to the sides) (adj)ច្រអាងcrɑʔaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:3140
(of a crowd of people) in a squatting manner (adv)រង៉ោមrɔŋaom, rɔŋoumKhmerHea1997:C:10606
(of a crowd or a swarm) to wheel, turn / drift to one side (v)រពេនrɔpeinKhmerHea1997:C:10923
(of a facial expression) hungrily, greedily, eagerly (adv)ពភ្លៀកpɔpliekKhmerHea1997:C:8809
(of a flower) to be gamopetalous, have the petals united (adj)យុត្តទលីjuttaʔteaʔliiKhmerHea1997:C:10430
(of a forest) to be thick and tangled / dense; to be unclean, filthy (adj)ស្មោកsmaokKhmerHea1997:C:14923
(of a forest) to be very thick and bushy / dense (adj)ស្មែកsmaekKhmerHea1997:C:14921
(of a head) to be grotesquely or disproportionately large (adj)ទើងមើងtəəŋ - məəŋKhmerHea1997:C:5551
(of a line or road) to be zigzag. (adj)ក្ងិចក្ងុចkŋəc - kŋocKhmerHea1997:C:1021
(of a liquid) to decant, pour out to the last drop, empty completely, drain (also fig., esp. of financial resources), exhaust (v)សំរេងsɑmreeŋKhmerHea1997:C:14506
(of a parent) to ask for someone's child's hand (esp. a daughter) in marriage; to ask a question (v)ដណ្ដឹងdɑndəŋKhmerHea1997:C:4104
(of a person) to be very stout, meaty, fat, big (adj)ស្នលsnɑɑl, snɔɔlKhmerHea1997:C:14784
(of a road or floor) to be rough, rugged, rocky; uneven (adj)រគើលrɔkəəlKhmerHea1997:C:10559
(of a roof) to have two levels. (adj)កិងkəŋKhmerHea1997:C:561
(of a sound) to be sharp, high-pitched, piercing (adj)គ្រលួចkrɔluəcKhmerHea1997:C:2261
(of a surface; e.g. of a road) to be bumpy, uneven; (of speech) to be hesitant; ill-prepared (adj)រដាក់រដុបrɔdak - rɔdopKhmerHea1997:C:10703
(of a tire, balloon, ball) to be deflated, soft, flat, flaccid (adj)ស្វតsvɑɑtKhmerHea1997:C:15283
(of a voice) to be sweet / tender; to be pleasant, (of illumination) soft; smooth; (of a climate) mild (not too warm or too cold), gentle (adj)ស្រទន់srɑtʊənKhmerHea1997:C:14990
(of a woman's bosom) to be large and well developed; well made. (adj)ត្រចើលtrɑcaəlKhmerHea1997:C:4818
(of a woman) to be barren; unfruitful; useless; sterile, fruitless (adj)វញ្ឈៈvaɲcheaʔKhmerHea1997:C:12093
(of a woman) to give birth to sickly children who die soon after birth (v)អារឹសʔaarəhKhmerHea1997:C:17092
(of an illness) to abate, improve, get better; to improve / make (something) better; satisfy partially (v)ស្រន់srɑnKhmerHea1997:C:14999
(of animals, things, or very young children) it; (familiar or contemptuous) he / him / his; she / her; they / them / their (pron)វាvieKhmerHea1997:C:12184
(of babies) to spit up (food, milk, etc.), drool, slobber (v)ក្អែkʔaeKhmerHea1997:C:1511
(of birds) to fluff up (the feathers); to rise up; to throw one's chest out, to strut, swagger (v)ពង់pʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:8616
(of blood) to stream, flow rapidly (v)រលាក់rɔleak, rɔlakKhmerHea1997:C:11003
(of clothing) to be loose / loose-fitting / baggy / puffed up; dishevelled (adj)សោត្រោsao - traoKhmerHea1997:C:14249
(of clothing) to be sticking out / hanging out in a sloppy manner; to be slovenly (adj)រតាកrɔtaakKhmerHea1997:C:10765
(of disease, anger, rain) to abate, calm down, slacken, diminish. (v)ស្បើយsbaəjKhmerHea1997:C:14837
of eg. ទិដ្ឋភាពទូទៅនៃពិភពលោក the general world situation (prenp)នៃnejKhmerHea1997:C:6278
(of eggs) to be infertile (adj)រួនruənKhmerHea1997:C:11400
(of elephants only) to stand in the shade, seek shelter in the shade (v)ស្រប់srɑpKhmerHea1997:C:15001
(of eyes) to be bulging, protruding (adj)ខ្លោតklaotKhmerHea1997:C:1844
(of facial expression) to be disgusted, disapproving ; despondent, downcast (adj)ស្ញូញsɲooɲKhmerHea1997:C:14661
(of facial expression) to be sullen, gloomy, morose, disappointed, dejected (adj)ត្អួរtʔuəKhmerHea1997:C:5040
(of facial or body hair) to be bushy, shaggy, scruffy, unkempt (adj)ស្រមូវsrɑməvKhmerHea1997:C:15040
(of fish and other aquatic animals) to rise to the surface of the water in order to get air, come up for air (v)ហែបhaepKhmerHea1997:C:15579
(of fish) to come up to the surface (e.g. to gulp air). (v)បន្លៀកbɑnliekKhmerHea1997:C:6771
(of fish) to swim down stream during the dry season (v)សំណុះsɑmnohKhmerHea1997:C:14382
(of fish) to try to swim against the current (v)ស្រងsrɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:14962
(of garments) to get a rip / tear (v)បង្ហោកbɑŋhaokKhmerHea1997:C:6434
(of grain spikes / ears) to be empty, hollow, barren / fruitless (adj)ស្គឺskɨɨKhmerHea1997:C:14627
(of hair) to be messy, tousled, disheveled (adj)សំកេកsɑmkeekKhmerHea1997:C:14305
(of houses) to be scattered about, not in orderly rows; made up of many disparate parts (adj)កន្តេបកន្តូបkɑnteep - kɑntoopKhmerHea1997:C:256
(of kin) to be of the fourth generation from ego (e.g. a great-great-grandchild or great-great-grandparent). (adj)លួតluətKhmerHea1997:C:11782
(of kin) to be of the third generation from ego (e.g. a great-grandchild or great-grandparent). (adj)ទួតtuətKhmerHea1997:C:5543
(of liquids, to gush or spurt out) in a fountain / a powerful jet or spurt (adv)ព្រលprɔɔlKhmerHea1997:C:9194
(of male animals) to mount / mate with a female (v)កាល់kalKhmerHea1997:C:535
(of many lights or jewels) to be bright, twinkling, sparkling, glittering (adj)ប្រុះprohKhmerHea1997:C:8236
(of many objects) dangling or hanging in disarray / in amorphous masses (adv)រតោកrɔtaokKhmerHea1997:C:10782
(of many objects) to be dangling / hanging down on different levels (adj)រណោងrɔnaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:10747
(of many people) unsystematic-ally, in a disorganized / uncoordinated manner, helter-skelter (adv)រទាសrɔtiehKhmerHea1997:C:10797
(of many people) with both arms full (adv)រទែងrɔtɛɛŋKhmerHea1997:C:10803
(of movements) to be quick, rapid, hurried; rushed; nervous. (adj)រន្ថាន់rʊənthanKhmerHea1997:C:10829
(of odors) to be strong, pungent, nauseating; (of animals, reputations, things) to stink, be stinking, fetid, foul-smelling; to be notorious (adj)រហ៊ុមrɔhumKhmerHea1997:C:11165
(of one's health) to improve, get better. (v)ធូរthuuKhmerHea1997:C:5897
of or pertaining to America, to be American (a citizen of the United States) (adj)អាម៉េរិកាំងʔaameeriʔkaŋKhmerHea1997:C:17045
of or pertaining to Laos. (adj)លាវlievKhmerHea1997:C:11720
of or pertaining to mortgage (adj)និក្ខេបគ្គាហកnikkheepaʔkiehokKhmerHea1997:C:6102
of or pertaining to Switzerland. (adj)ស្វីសsviihKhmerHea1997:C:15324
of or pertaining to Thailand, Siamese. (adj)សៀមsiemKhmerHea1997:C:14140
of or pertaining to the eye. (adj)ប្រស្រីprɑsrəjKhmerHea1997:C:8090
of or pertaining to the ocean / river / Indus River; born in the ocean / a river / the land of Sindh (adj)សិន្ឋវៈsentheaʔveaʔKhmerHea1997:C:13773
of or pertaining to the Soviet Union. (adj)សូវៀតsoovietKhmerHea1997:C:14094
of or pertaining to wicked people (adj)អសព្ភិʔaʔsapphiʔKhmerHea1997:C:16787
of or related to food, alimentary; of or pertaining to nutrition, alimentary (adj)អាហារណីយʔaahaaraʔnəjKhmerHea1997:C:17174
(of plant growth) to be overgrown, thick and tangled with vines, (of hair) to be bushy / unkempt, dense, thick (adj)ស៊ុបទ្រុបsup - trupKhmerHea1997:C:13970
(of plants) to be poisonous, toxic; to be contaminated, polluted; to be poisoned; to be sick (from eating contaminated food or some toxic product of vegetable origin or from the motion of a vehicle). (adj)ពុលpulKhmerHea1997:C:9034
(of property) to be immovable, fixed. (adj)អសង្ហារិមៈʔaʔsɑŋhaarɨm, ʔaʔsɑŋhaariʔmeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16772
(of rice) to be undercooked, partially cooked (adj)ដុបៗdop - dopKhmerHea1997:C:4155
(of something black) to polish, shine, bring to a luster (v)សំរិលsɑmrəlKhmerHea1997:C:14484
(of something long and thin like a knife) to insert, push in, thrust in; to carry in the belt; to enter stealthily, slip into (v)សៀតsietKhmerHea1997:C:14136
(of something moist such as fruit, flesh, mucous membranes) to be slimy and repulsive (adj)ស្ទិលstɨlKhmerHea1997:C:14744
(of sounds) to be loud, resounding, rumbling, resonating, reverberating (adj)ខ្ទរktɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:1710
(of speaking or writing) unclearly, indistinctly, sloppily (adv)រុំៗrum - rumKhmerHea1997:C:11483
(of speech) to be hesitant / hesitating / stammering (adj)រដាក់រដឺនrɔdak - rɔdəɨnKhmerHea1997:C:10702
(of speech) to be unclear, indistinct, difficult to understand, nervously mumbled (adj)ឡុបៗlop - lopKhmerHea1997:C:15733
(of speech, due to a tongue defect) to be unintelligible / mumbled / indistinct. (adj)ឡុលៗlol - lolKhmerHea1997:C:15735
(of talk) to be (frivolous and) annoying, inciting, provocative; presumptuous (e.g. speaking to someone of a higher rank as if he / she were of one's own rank) (adj)ឡាចៅlaa cavKhmerHea1997:C:15695
(of tastes, esp. salty) slightly, somewhat (adv)ឡមៗlɑɑm - lɑɑmKhmerHea1997:C:15692
(of the Buddha) to preach, expound; (of the Buddha or the king) to say, announce, declare, state; to order, command (v)ត្រាស់trahKhmerHea1997:C:4965
(of the complexion) to be a beautiful light brown color (considered very attractive) (adj)ស្រអែមsrɑʔaemKhmerHea1997:C:15144
(of the edge of a blade) to be blunt, dull; (of grass, hair) to be close-cropped. (adj)រឹលrɨlKhmerHea1997:C:11348
(of the eyes) to be darting in all directions (because of fear) (adj)ឡេមឡាមleem - laamKhmerHea1997:C:15751
(of the eyes) to be screwed-up, twinkling (adj)លលឹមlɔlɨmKhmerHea1997:C:11685
(of the eyes) to have an irritation, be irritated; to be annoyed (adj)រកាំrɔkamKhmerHea1997:C:10529
(of the face) to be (deathly) pale, cadaverous (adj)ស្លក់slɑkKhmerHea1997:C:15239
(of the face) to be raised upward, looking up; to have a crook / wry neck, have the neck bent to one side (adj)ស្រឡើsrɑlaəKhmerHea1997:C:15124
(of the hair, beard, fur) to be dirty all over, very sloppy and dirty, scruffy, unkempt (adj)ស្រមេមស្រមាមsrɑmeem - srɑmaamKhmerHea1997:C:15046
(of the head) to be grotesquely large and out of proportion (adj)ទ្រមើងtrɔməəŋKhmerHea1997:C:5748
(of the head) to be raised in astonishment; to be gawking (adj)ស្រឡឺកឺsrɑləɨ - kəɨKhmerHea1997:C:15118
(of the head) to be spinning / whirling; lolling / swinging / nodding from side to side (adj)ងីងើŋii - ŋəəKhmerHea1997:C:2494
(of the lips) to be pursed, puckered up, pouting (adj)កំប៉ែបkɑmpaepKhmerHea1997:C:861
(of the neck) to be supple, relaxed, limp, drooping (adj)រងៀកrɔŋiekKhmerHea1997:C:10596
(of the skin) to be calloused, horny. (adj)ក្រិនkrənKhmerHea1997:C:1370
(of the skin) to be smooth plump and soft (to the touch) (adj)ទ្រលន់trɔlʊənKhmerHea1997:C:5761
(of the sky) to be clear, spacious; (of space) open; (of a house) tidy, (of a field or plain) empty (adj)ស្រឡះsrɑlahKhmerHea1997:C:15137
(of the voice, sound) to be harmonious, melodious; soft and sweet (adj)ស្រអែតsrɑʔaetKhmerHea1997:C:15143
(of the wind) to blow / blow away; to scatter, disperse (v)ផាត់phatKhmerHea1997:C:8320
(of the wind) to start to lift something up / blow something away (as a piece of paper, a leaf, a skirt, or hair). (v)ផើតphaətKhmerHea1997:C:8358
(of touching) lightly, superficially (adv)ថើៗthaə - thaəKhmerHea1997:C:5086
(of vegetation) to be dense, thick, impenetrable; (of shade) deep / dense (adj)ត្រសុំtrɑsomKhmerHea1997:C:4923
(of walking) in a hobbling manner; (of chewing, esp. on something with an unpleasant taste) slowly / tentatively (adv)អញ្ចូចៗʔɑɲcooc - ʔɑɲcoocKhmerHea1997:C:16017
(of water) in a shallow and slowly flowing manner (adv)អញ្ចាបʔɑɲcaapKhmerHea1997:C:16014
(of women) to be flighty, fickle (adj)រហើរrɔhaəKhmerHea1997:C:11174
(of women) to be graceful (adj)ល្មន់lmʊənKhmerHea1997:C:11963
(of women) to be svelte, lissom, graceful, sleek and attractive; to be charming, charmingly plump (adj)ល្ពេញល្ពៅlpɨɲ - lpɨvKhmerHea1997:C:11961
(of women) to be trashy, have loose virtue / morals (adj)ល្ហាច់lhacKhmerHea1997:C:12015
(of words) to be pleasant / softly spoken / sweet and modest (adj)ល្ហែមlhaemKhmerHea1997:C:12033
offence, injury, wrong, insult (n)ត្រណាក់trɑnakKhmerHea1997:C:4848
offering, sacrifice, crusade (n)បូជនីយកិច្ចbooceaʔniijeaʔkəcKhmerHea1997:C:7373
offerings, the act of making an offering; the preparation of offerings (n)ពលិការpeaʔliʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:8825
office; cabinet (of ministers or of a department) (n)ខុទ្ទកាល័យkhotteaʔkaalajKhmerHea1997:C:1594
officer in charge, overseer, agent (n)អាណត្តʔaanatKhmerHea1997:C:16942
official serving the king / working in the royal palace, royal servant (n)សេវកាមាត្យseevaʔkaamaatKhmerHea1997:C:14192
offspring, new generation (n)អនុជនʔaʔnuʔcʊənKhmerHea1997:C:16277
ogre, giant; Kumband a (name of a giant in the ខ្យងស័ង្ខ story) (n)កុម្ពណ្ឌkompʊənKhmerHea1997:C:621
oh (exclamation of anger, reproach, astonishment, or disbelief) (i)យើjəəKhmerHea1997:C:10456
oh my exclamation of regret (that something was broken or damaged) (i)អ្ហោះʔhɑhKhmerHea1997:C:17457
oh no, woe is me, alas; Oh shit (Chinese pronunciation of អន្តរធាន ) (i)ឡធាងlɑɑ thieŋKhmerHea1997:C:15684
oh! (exclamation of despair) (i)ឱះឱʔɑh - ʔaoKhmerHea1997:C:17914
Oh, Ah (i)អាះʔaahKhmerHea1997:C:17188
Oh, aha exclamation expressing a sudden realization or a loss of doubt (i)អូʔooKhmerHea1997:C:17261
oh, aha, exclamation expressing understanding, disappearance of doubt, or wonderment (i)អ្ហូʔhooKhmerHea1997:C:17443
oh, oh no, wow (exclamation of astonishment, admiration, fear, shock, anger, or reproach) (i)យីjiiKhmerHea1997:C:10402
oh, there's a nice ... for you (expressing delight, admiration, or praise) (i)យោjouKhmerHea1997:C:10474
oil (n)ប្រេងpreeŋKhmerHea1997:C:8213
oil, fatប្រេងpreːŋKhmerSho2006:C:702-1
old (person)cahKhmerHuf1971:C:3995-530-1
old (thing)cahKhmerHuf1971:C:3986-529-1
old bachelorបុរស ព្រៅboʔrɔh prɤ̀uKhmerSho2006:C:1851a-2
old Buddhist parables / legends (n)សង្គីតិនិទានsɑŋkiiteʔniʔtienKhmerHea1997:C:12915
old maid, spinster (n)សាវកែsaav kaeKhmerHea1997:C:13686
old maidព្រៅprɤ̀uKhmerSho2006:C:1851a-1
older sibling (n)បោងbaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:7494
older siblingbɔɔŋKhmerHuf1971:C:91-18-1
Om, exclamation of solemn affirmation, spoken before and after prayers and magical incantations; roughly equivalent to `hail' and `amen' (regarded by Hindus as a sacred syllable, the absolute essence of the Divine Principle; it is repeated by Buddhist monks to achieve a state of emptiness or detachment from the physical world; the word is popularly believed to be composed of the letters អ , ម which stand for Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma or the Buddha, Dharma and priesthood) (i)ឱមʔaomKhmerHea1997:C:17888
omen, presage, augury; certainty (n)ឧបហេតុʔuʔpaʔhaet, ʔuppaʔhaetKhmerHea1997:C:17707
on one's back, the right way up, looking backphṅārphŋaːKhmerSho2006:C:1590-5
on the far side, over thereនាយnìːəjKhmerSho2006:C:1475-1
on the heels of, close together, closely (adv)ទន្ទាន់tʊəntoanKhmerHea1997:C:5291
on tiptoe; slowly; clumsily (adv)ញើបៗɲəəp - ɲəəpKhmerHea1997:C:4019
on top ofləəKhmerHuf1971:C:4010-532-1
once in a while, from time to time (adv)ម្តងៗmdɑɑŋ - mdɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:10240
once, one time; once and for all, definitely; for a change (contraction of មួយដង ) (Surin dial. mnɑɑŋ) (adv)ម្តងmdɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:10239
one (full) bowl; (in gambling) one spin of the dice in a bowl (the bowl covers the dice and people bet on which numbers are up) (contraction of មួយចាន ) (n)ម្ច៉ានmcaanKhmerHea1997:C:10232
one after another, consecutively, successively, in lines / files / rows (adv)រសោងrɔsaoŋKhmerHea1997:C:11132
one after the other, closely touching (adv)រណ្ដឹករណ្ដំrʊəndək - rʊəndɑmKhmerHea1997:C:10752
one day, if it happens that (contraction of មួយថ្ងៃ ) (adv)ម្ង៉ៃmŋajKhmerHea1997:C:10228
one kind / category / way / method (contraction of មួយយ៉ាង ) (n)ម៉្យាងmjaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:10264
one month (contraction of មួយខែ, ម៉ាខែ ) (n)ម្ខែmkhaeKhmerHea1997:C:10224
one month period during which Buddhist monks may be given robes, from the 1st day of the waning moon of អស្សុជ to the 15th of day of the waxing moon of កតិក​ (n)ចីវរកាលcəjvaʔraʔkaalKhmerHea1997:C:2784
one night (contraction of មួយយប់​ ) (n)ម្យប់mjupKhmerHea1997:C:10263
one of a pair. (n)ឃាkhieKhmerHea1997:C:2369
one of the four persons responsible for assisting a ceremonial leader in cremating a corpse (n)ព្លុកplokKhmerHea1997:C:9330
one person (contraction of មួយនាក់ ). (n)ម្នាក់mneakKhmerHea1997:C:10249
one shift / watch, one period (of time) (contraction of មួយយាម ) (n)ម្យាមmjiemKhmerHea1997:C:10265
one thousand eyes (epithet of Indra) (n)ពាន់នេត្រpoan neitKhmerHea1997:C:8864
one who does useless / unproductive work (n)អហិតេសីʔaʔheʔteesəjKhmerHea1997:C:16858
one who fans (n)វិធូបកviʔthuubɑk, viʔthuupaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:12422
one who has succeeded in purifying his mind and freeing it from all passion, a saint (n)ហតក្កិលេសhaʔtakkeʔlaehKhmerHea1997:C:15371
one who is always victorious (often used in titles) (n)អនុជិតʔaʔnuʔcɨtKhmerHea1997:C:16279
one who is detached (as an ascetic who abandons worldly things); one who is generous or enjoys giving alms (n)ចាគីcaakiiKhmerHea1997:C:2717
one who is involved in a dispute (n)វិវាទាបន្នviʔvietiepanKhmerHea1997:C:12555
one who is not an ascetic (n)អយោគីʔaʔjoukiiKhmerHea1997:C:16635
one who is unable to follow the Noble Eightfold Path (n)អភព្វាគមន៍ʔaʔphoappiekumKhmerHea1997:C:16569
one who reaches old age. (n)ចីរជីវីceereaʔciiviiKhmerHea1997:C:2780
one who seeks to achieve something (n)ហិតេសីheʔteesəjKhmerHea1997:C:15461
one whose senses are subjugated / mastered; self-perfection. (n)ជិតិន្ទ្រិយciʔtentriiKhmerHea1997:C:3577
one, someone, he, theyគេkèːKhmerSho2006:C:26-1
one, two it's gone, one, two it's been taken; expresses the idea of `here!' (take it ...) (i)hɑɑ, hɑʔKhmerHea1997:C:15358
one-hundredth part (n)សតាង្គsaʔtaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:13035
(only of breaking or falling) completely, suddenly (adv)ត្មិលtməlKhmerHea1997:C:4784
only this much, that much ... and that's all, to that extent; so, thus, like that. (adv)ប៉ុណ្ណឹងponnəŋKhmerHea1997:C:7279
only very slight in quantityហោចhaocKhmerSho2006:C:876-5
only, just (adv)តែtaeKhmerHea1997:C:4665
onlypon nohKhmerHuf1971:C:4036-534-2
(onomatopoeic for fine rain)priḥpreh prehKhmerSho2006:C:2051-73
onomatopoeic for reverberating soundsគ្រាំងៗkrɛ̀əŋ-krɛ̀əŋKhmerSho2006:C:679-1
oops (i)កណ្ដុំឆែបkɑndom chaepKhmerHea1997:C:213
opal (n)ភោមីរាphoumiirieKhmerHea1997:C:9535
opal (n)រតនោបលreaʔtaʔnaobɑlKhmerHea1997:C:10763
open (v.)baəkKhmerHuf1971:C:4047-535-1
open sea (n)អណ្ណវប្បទេសʔannaʔvuppaʔteihKhmerHea1997:C:16071
open space (place, location, court, yard); square; rectangular design, checkerboard pattern; (tire) tread. (n)ក្រឡាkrɑlaaKhmerHea1997:C:1295
opening (n)ចំហាcɑmhaaKhmerHea1997:C:2975
opening, aperture, hole (n)ព្រង់prʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:9170
opera (n)សង្គីតនាដន៍sɑŋkiitaʔnietKhmerHea1997:C:12911
opinion, point of view; idea, suggestion (n)យោបល់joubɑlKhmerHea1997:C:10495
opium poppy (n)ពូលវាកpuul viekKhmerHea1997:C:9047
opponent, antagonist, enemy, adversary, opposing party; (as a prefix) anti- (n)ប្រតិបក្សprɑteʔpakKhmerHea1997:C:7841
opportunism (n)កាលានុវត្តន៍kaalaanuʔvoatKhmerHea1997:C:539
orbit of the eye (n)ចក្ខបាយតនៈcakkvaajeaʔtaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:2562
orchard (n)ផលារាមphaʔlaaraamKhmerHea1997:C:8308
orchestra (n)ពិផាតpiʔphaatKhmerHea1997:C:8941
orchestra composed mostly of percussion instruments and used during funeral ceremonies (n)ម៉ូងគ្រុំmooŋ krumKhmerHea1997:C:10073
orchids; Orchidaceae (n)បិនសីផកូលpeʔneaʔsəjphaʔkoolKhmerHea1997:C:7228
order, sequence; rank, level, stratum, class; succession; space of time; way, method (n)លំដាប់lumdapKhmerHea1997:C:11863
ordinary people (who are still far from enlightenment and Nirvana). (n)ប្រថុជ្ជនprɑthoccʊənKhmerHea1997:C:7889
ordinary rice (as opposed to sticky rice) (n)ខ្សាយksaajKhmerHea1997:C:1901
ordinate (n)យាមកាjiemeaʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:10390
ore, mineral;(mineral) deposit; mine (n)រ៉ែraeKhmerHea1997:C:11448
organ / structure (e.g. of the body) (n)សរីរាង្គsaʔrəjrieŋKhmerHea1997:C:13395
organs of knowing / sensing (n)ឥន្ទ្រិយាង្គʔəntriijieŋKhmerHea1997:C:17496
orientation, straightening, directing, aiming. (n)តំរែតំរង់tɑmrae - tɑmrɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:4744
ornamental sash, cord or rope worn over the shoulders and across the chest; Brahman sacred cord worn across the chest from the left shoulder to the right hip (n)ង្វារsɑŋvaaKhmerHea1997:C:12945
ornamentation (n)តំណាក់តំណែងtɑmnak - tɑmnaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:4707
orthodoxy of belief (n)សម្មាមតិsammaamaʔteʔ, sammaameaʔteʔKhmerHea1997:C:13354
orthographic symbol in Pali resembling the និគ្គហិត (n)ឃោសាឃោសវិមុត្តkhousaaakhousaʔviʔmutKhmerHea1997:C:2392
other (people)keeKhmerHuf1971:C:4061-537-1
other (things)ʔae tiətKhmerHuf1971:C:4071-538-1
otitis, infection of the ear (n)អំបេអំបែកʔɑmbav - ʔɑmbaekKhmerHea1997:C:17377
ouch (exclamation of pain) (i)យ៉ាះjahKhmerHea1997:C:10510
ouch, oh (exclamation of pain or fright) (i)យ៉ូយjoojKhmerHea1997:C:10451
out of the vertical, slopingល្អៀងlʔiəŋKhmerSho2006:C:494-1
(out) of all, among all, all the..., the (whole) group of ... (indicator of plurality in constructions which single out one or more objects or people from a greater number; sometimes simply a marker of plurality) (prenp)បណ្ដាbɑndaaKhmerHea1997:C:6625
outline, sketch; chart, diagram; graph (n)គំនូសkumnuuhKhmerHea1997:C:2181
oven, furnace, kiln (n)lɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:15683
oven, stove, furnace, hearth(stone); kitchen (n)ចង្ក្រានcɑŋkraanKhmerHea1997:C:2588
over and over loudly (adv)កោកៗkaok - kaokKhmerHea1997:C:729
over and over slowly (of speaking) eg. និយាយប៉ោចៗ . to say the same thing again and again (adv)ប៉ោចៗpaoc - paocKhmerHea1997:C:7497
over and over, again and again (adv)ខ្ជាន់ៗkcoan - kcoanKhmerHea1997:C:1661
over and over, in a rolling or tumbling manner, higgledy-piggledy (adv)ច្រងាប់ច្រងិលcrɑŋap - crɑŋəlKhmerHea1997:C:3059
overproduction (n)បរិផលិតកម្មpaʔreʔphɑlətaʔkamKhmerHea1997:C:6998
overseer, farm manager (n)រោបនាធិបតីroupaʔnaathɨppaʔdəjKhmerHea1997:C:11471
oversight, observation (n)ឥក្ខ​ណាʔekkhaʔnaaKhmerHea1997:C:17459
overturning (s.t, such as a car). (n)ពន្លូកpʊənluukKhmerHea1997:C:8710
ovum, ovule (n)បុប្ផាណ្ឌៈbopphaandeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:7320
owltiiɲ tujKhmerHuf1971:C:4087-540-2
owner / manager of a bookstore (n)បណ្ណាគារិកpannaakierɨkKhmerHea1997:C:6663
oxide (n)ជារណីយciereaʔnəjKhmerHea1997:C:3567
oxygenation (n)ជារណការciereaʔnaʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:3565
pace, step, stride (n)ជំហានcumhienKhmerHea1997:C:3765
Pacific (Ocean) (n)ប៉ាស៊ីហ្វិកpaasiifəkKhmerHea1997:C:7183
pack saddle (for an elephant), simple roofless elephant howdah (n)ញ៉ែងɲaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:4038
pack, package, parcel (n. & clf.)កញ្ចប់kɑɲcɑpKhmerHea1997:C:96
package (of), parcel (of) (n. & clf.)រវេចrɔvɨcKhmerHea1997:C:11095
package, parcel, bundle; packed bag (n)បង្វេចbɑŋvɨcKhmerHea1997:C:6399
package; wrapping; a pack, something which is wrapped or packed (n)កញ្ចោបkɑɲcaopKhmerHea1997:C:107
packed close togetherត្រៀបtriəpKhmerSho2006:C:1279-2
packet, bundle, roll (e.g. of documents), parcel; handful; sheaf, bunch; chunk, piece; pile; skein, hank (n)សំណុំsɑmnomKhmerHea1997:C:14380
paddy-store under houseពោង??pòːŋKhmerSho2006:C:627-2
Padumvatī (name of the main temple of the Thommayut Buddhist order located in Phnom Penh; usually called វត្តបទុម ) (n)បទុមវតីpaʔtumvoatdəjKhmerHea1997:C:6688
page (of a book) (n)ទំព័រtumpoaKhmerHea1997:C:5664
page, courtier (n)តលិកtaʔləkKhmerHea1997:C:4482
Pailin (a town in western Cambodia famous for its gemstones) (n)ប៉ៃលិនpaj lɨnKhmerHea1997:C:7484
pain (n)ជំហឺcumhɨɨKhmerHea1997:C:3766
paint (v.)liəpKhmerHuf1971:C:4133-545-1
palace official responsible for shrouding a royal corpse, for conducting royal funerals, and for keeping the royal relics room (n)ស្នុំsnomKhmerHea1997:C:14816
palanquin (n)vɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:12063
paleontology (n)ហ្វូស៊ីលវិទ្យាfoosiilvitjieKhmerHea1997:C:15659
palm branch (n)ឈ្លាយcliejKhmerHea1997:C:3927
palm leaf manuscript (manuscripts written on prepared pressed leaves of the latania palm or sugar palm; see also ក្រាំង ) text, document, book ; code of laws (n)សាស្ត្រាsaahstraaKhmerHea1997:C:13706
palm tree (n)តាលtaalaʔKhmerHea1997:C:4545
palm worm (edible worm found in the cabbage palm) (n)ដួងduəŋKhmerHea1997:C:4169
palm-frondធៀន [ស្លឹក]??​thìːən [slɤk]KhmerSho2006:C:1223-1
palpation (n)ពំនាល់pumnoalKhmerHea1997:C:9112
Pandanus laevis or Rhapis flabelliformisទ្រាំងtrɛ̀əŋKhmerSho2006:C:700-1
panel that covers the space between two layers of a roof (n)ផ្តែរpdaeKhmerHea1997:C:8461
panel, leaf, partitionផ្ទាំងphtɛ̀əŋKhmerSho2006:C:580-2
pang (association of Chinese who speak the same dialect) (n)ប៉ាងpaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:7079
pangolin, scaly anteater (Manis javanica) (n)ពង្រូលpʊəŋruulKhmerHea1997:C:8637
panic-stricken, in panic everywhere, milling about (adv)រជើបrɔcəəpKhmerHea1997:C:10655
Pannasajataka (group of 50 Jatakas not included in the Tripitaka) (n)បញ្ញាសជាតកpaɲɲaasaʔciedɑkKhmerHea1997:C:6560
papaya (Carica Papaya) (n)ល្ហុងlhoŋKhmerHea1997:C:12021
papaya, castor-oil plantlhoŋKhmerSho2006:C:793-2
papilla (n)អញ្ច្រាញʔɑɲcraaɲKhmerHea1997:C:16021
papilla; nipple, teat (n)បណ្ឌិកាpandiʔkaaKhmerHea1997:C:6653
paradise; Nirvana (n)លោកុត្តរloukotdɑɑ, loukottaʔraʔKhmerHea1997:C:11831
paragraph, clause, stanza (n)វោតvoutKhmerHea1997:C:12779
paragraph; caption, headline, title, subtitle; article, notice, information (n)និវេទន៍niʔveitKhmerHea1997:C:6211
parallelepiped (n)ឆឡង្សទ្រវែងchɑʔlaŋsaʔ trɔvɛɛŋKhmerHea1997:C:3217
paralytic (n)កង្វិនkɑŋvənKhmerHea1997:C:81
parboiling (n)សំរុសsɑmrohKhmerHea1997:C:14494
pardonable sin (for a monk) (n)សតេកិច្ឆាបត្តិsaʔteekəcchaabat, saʔtee-kəcchaapatteʔKhmerHea1997:C:13039
parent's younge brotherpùːKhmerSho2006:C:122-1
parent's younger brotherមាmìːəKhmerSho2006:C:236-6
parents / congregation (of a Buddhist monk) (n)ញោមɲoumKhmerHea1997:C:4043
Parinarium species, with edible nutធ្លកthlɔ̀ːkKhmerSho2006:C:444-2
Paris (n)ប៉ារីស៍paariihKhmerHea1997:C:7157
parrot (2) saek (n)សេក (១)seekKhmerHea1997:C:14149
part of a horse's accoutrements consisting of cloth drapes worn under the chin (n)ខាន់ជីបkhan ciipKhmerHea1997:C:1557
part of a horse's harness which passes under the animal's chin, poss. the throat-latch (n)គែបkɛɛpKhmerHea1997:C:2137
part of a sentence, phrase, clause (n)វាក្យាង្សviekjaaŋKhmerHea1997:C:12191
part of an elephant's harness consisting of a rope made of rattan used to tie a saddle / howdah to an elephant's back, bellyband (n)ដង្គន់dɑŋkʊənKhmerHea1997:C:4083
part split offចំរៀកcɔmriəkKhmerSho2006:C:402-5
part, fragment; section, division, branch, sector; category; portion; faculty / department (of a school) (n)ផ្នែកpnaekKhmerHea1997:C:8516
part, portion, piece, fragment; section, division (n)បំណែកbɑmnaekKhmerHea1997:C:7535
part, portion, section, share, fragment; compartment; side; subdivision; quotient (n)ចំណែកcɑmnaekKhmerHea1997:C:2903
part, region, area, section, zone; place, lot; level; kind, type; phase, stage (n)អន្លើʔɑnləəKhmerHea1997:C:16485
partially, in a fragmentary manner (of the disclosure of information, secrets, etc.) (adv)រអូចរអើបrɔʔooc - rɔʔaəpKhmerHea1997:C:11232
participant in a discussion, conferee (n)សុភាsoʔphieKhmerHea1997:C:13991
particle, indeclinable word (n)អព្យយʔapjeaʔjeaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16559
parts of the body (hands, feet, etc.) (n)សរីរាវយវៈsaʔrəjraaveaʔjeaʔveaʔKhmerHea1997:C:13396
party, group; pact (n)បក្សpakKhmerHea1997:C:6308
passage, pass, way, path (n)ច្រឡងcrɑlɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:3120
patch / mend (on worn clothing or over a hole in a boat or container) (n)បំណះbɑmnahKhmerHea1997:C:7539
path, trail, scent??lʔaːnKhmerSho2006:C:1123-3
path, trail, scentដានdaːnKhmerSho2006:C:1123-2
path, trail, scentលំអានlùmʔaːnKhmerSho2006:C:1123-5
patience and care in examining a case in order to avoid a hasty decision (one of the four virtues that a judge should have) (n)មណ្ឌុកដmʊənduʔkɑtKhmerHea1997:C:9720
patois (n)អនុគ្រាមភាសាʔaʔnuʔkriemphiesaaKhmerHea1997:C:16269
patron, protector, sponsor; backer, supporter (n)ពំនឹងpumnɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:9114
pattering sound of small objects falling one after the other (i)រពុកrɔpukKhmerHea1997:C:10918
pawn office, pawnshop (n)សន្តិណាគារsɑnteʔnaakieKhmerHea1997:C:13073
pay (bill)bɑŋKhmerHuf1971:C:4156-549-1
pay (debt)sɑɑŋKhmerHuf1971:C:4161-550-1
paying off all debts (n)អបាករណ៍ʔaʔpaakɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:16503
payment for treatment or cure (it is intended for the spirit that effected the cure and may consist of cloth, candles, incense, and rice); gift given to a doctor; tip (n)ទ្រនឹបtrɔnɨpKhmerHea1997:C:5723
Paṇḍukambalasilā (name of the rock on which the Indian god Indra sits) (n)បណ្ឌុកម្ពលសិលាbanduʔkampeaʔleaʔseʔlaaKhmerHea1997:C:6656
Paṭhamāsāḍha (name given to the first of two lunar months which replace the month of អាសាឍ in a lunar leap year; the second month is called ទុតិយាសាឍ) (n)បឋមាសាឍpaʔthaʔmaasaatKhmerHea1997:C:6620
peace, rest; prosperity, well being (n)ក្រសានkrɑsaanKhmerHea1997:C:1266
peaceful mind, peace of mind (n)វិវេការម្មណ៍viʔveikaarɑmKhmerHea1997:C:12560
peacock (n)ក្ងោកkŋaokKhmerHea1997:C:1030
peacock (n)មោរៈmoureaʔKhmerHea1997:C:10189
pear (n)សារីsaa riiKhmerHea1997:C:13664
Pear (name of a Mon-Khmer-speaking ethnic group in western Cambodia) (n)ព័រpoaKhmerHea1997:C:8818
pearl (n)មុក្តាmukkdaa, mutdaaKhmerHea1997:C:10031
pebbles, crushed stone, gravel; calculus (n)ក្រួសkruəhKhmerHea1997:C:1396
pebbles; rocky / gravelly soil (n)រវានrɔvienKhmerHea1997:C:11065
pedal, treadle, stirrup, foot-rest; springboard, stepping stone, means (n)ឈ្នាន់cnoanKhmerHea1997:C:3896
pedestal dishពានpìːənKhmerSho2006:C:1170-3
pedestrian; nomad, wanderer (n)ចរកcɑɑrəkaʔ, caʔreaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:2687
pediment (n)ស៊ុំទ្វារsum tvieKhmerHea1997:C:14295
peg locking spoke in rim of wheelស្នាយsnaːjKhmerSho2006:C:1477-2
peg, sharpened stick, spike, caltrop, punji stake; any object which stands upright in the earth (n)ចំរូងcɑmrooŋKhmerHea1997:C:2965
pelican (Pelecanus sp.) (n)ទុងtuŋKhmerHea1997:C:5471
pen, enclosure; corral; barn, stable; herd (of animals); horde (n)ក្រោលkraolKhmerHea1997:C:1423
pendulum; pommel (of a sword) (n)ប៉ោលpaolKhmerHea1997:C:7509
penicillin (n)ប៉េនីស៊ីលីនpeeniisiiliinKhmerHea1997:C:7453
peninsula, cape, promontory, headland (n)ជ្រោយcroujKhmerHea1997:C:3842
penis (n)ក្តkdɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:1033
penis (n)បង្ហួរbɑŋhuəKhmerHea1997:C:6422
pensioner (n)សោធនិកsaotheaʔnɨkKhmerHea1997:C:14253
Pentace sp.ត្រសៀត??trəsiətKhmerSho2006:C:1103-2
people who are responsible for feeding the royal horses or elephants (n)ទំពុនtumpunKhmerHea1997:C:5667
people who worship together, fellow worshipers (n)សហចារីsaʔhaʔcaarəjKhmerHea1997:C:13491
peopleមនុស្ស ម្នា mənùh mnìːəKhmerSho2006:C:96-2
pepper (black)mrɨcKhmerHuf1971:C:4196-555-1
pepper (whole)mteehKhmerHuf1971:C:4198-556-1
peppery, hot on tonguehɨrhɤlKhmerSho2006:C:1682-1
pepsin (n)បាចីpaacəjKhmerHea1997:C:7088
peptone (n)បាចាpaacaaKhmerHea1997:C:7085
percent, share, part, rate (n)អត្រាʔatraaKhmerHea1997:C:16096
perch, roostទ្រនំtrənùmKhmerSho2006:C:1357-14
performed haphazardly, at random, playfully, carelessly. (adv)លេលាប់lei - loapKhmerHea1997:C:11801
perfuming, embalming (n)អំណប់ʔɑmnɑpKhmerHea1997:C:17351
perhaps, maybe; surely, certainly (adv)នូនnuunKhmerHea1997:C:6251
pericarp (n)បរិផលាpaʔreʔphɑlaaKhmerHea1997:C:6999
perigee (astronomy) (n)សមីសង្គតsaʔməjsɑŋkʊətKhmerHea1997:C:13256
period (mark of punctuation) (n)បរិយានbɑɑreʔjaanKhmerHea1997:C:7014
period (of time); generation. (n)ទំនាន់tumnoanKhmerHea1997:C:5641
period of famine (n)ឆាតកាលchaataʔkaalKhmerHea1997:C:3226
period of time before the noon meal (n)បុរេភត្តpoʔreephoatKhmerHea1997:C:7348
period of waxing moon (first 15 days of the lunar month) (n)ខ្នើតknaətKhmerHea1997:C:1763
periodical (publication) (n)សាមយិកបត្រsaamaʔjiʔkaʔbatKhmerHea1997:C:13632
periodicity (n)កំហួបkɑmhuəpKhmerHea1997:C:982
periodicity (n)សាមយិកភាពsaamaʔjiʔkaʔphiepKhmerHea1997:C:13633
peristyle (n)បរិស្តម្ភbɑɑreʔsdɑmKhmerHea1997:C:7039
permutation, alternation (n)ចំឡាស់cɑmlahKhmerHea1997:C:2992
perplexed, hesitatingអល??ʔɔlKhmerSho2006:C:1694-2
perseverance, diligence, patience (n)វីរិយារម្ភviiriʔjierɑmKhmerHea1997:C:12648
perseverance; endeavor, diligence; business, work (n)អាយោគʔaajoukKhmerHea1997:C:17067
persimmon (Diospyros horsfieldii) (n)ទន្លាប់tʊənloapKhmerHea1997:C:5308
persistently, insistently, relentlessly; very often (adv)ងោចៗŋouc - ŋoucKhmerHea1997:C:2544
person (n.)mɔnuhKhmerHuf1971:C:4204-558-1
person born on the same date (as someone else) (n)សហជាតsaʔhaʔcietKhmerHea1997:C:13493
person in debt, debtor (n)ឥណាយិកʔiʔnaajɨkKhmerHea1997:C:17469
person of equal rank (n)សមានាសនិកsaʔmaanaasaʔnɨkKhmerHea1997:C:13232
person or animal which has uneven legs. (n)កញ្ចកkɑɲcɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:94
person who accompanies, escort, companion (n)សហគាមីsaʔhaʔkiemiiKhmerHea1997:C:13486
person who consciously repays with ingratitude (n)អកតវេទីʔaʔkaʔtaʔveitiiKhmerHea1997:C:15787
person who does much walking or traveling back and forth (n)ចរាចរកcɑraacɑɑraʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:2697
person who guards a fishing area (n)នេសាទារក្សneisaatiereaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6272
person who has thoroughly understood, person who has `seen the light;' person who has achieved illumination (epithet of the Buddha) (n)សម្ពុទ្ឋsamput, samputtheaʔ-KhmerHea1997:C:13319
person who kills elephants, elephant hunter (n)ហត្ថិមារកhattheʔmiereaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:15377
person who lives together with others, person who lives in the same house or village (n)សហវាសីsaʔhaʔviesəjKhmerHea1997:C:13530
person who possesses supreme knowledge, the All Knowing One (epithet of the Buddha); divine prescience, omniscience (n)សពេ៌ជ្ញsaarəpəc, saʔraʔpəcKhmerHea1997:C:13167
person with a concave back and protruding chest (n)គំនាក់kumneakKhmerHea1997:C:2173
person without support (n)អនុបត្ថម្ភកʔaʔnuʔpatthɑmpheaʔkaʔKhmerHea1997:C:16301
person, man, human being (n)នរៈnɔɔ, neaʔreaʔKhmerHea1997:C:6015
personal basis, individual basis (n)ឯកានិយមʔaekaaniʔjumKhmerHea1997:C:17838
personal belonging(s), baggage (n)អានីតភណ្ឌʔaaniitaʔphoanKhmerHea1997:C:16991
personal pronoun (n)បុរិសសព្វនាមboʔrihsaʔsappeaʔniemKhmerHea1997:C:7338
personality, character, attitude, manner (of behaving), conduct, behavior, action. (n)ឫក​rɨkKhmerHea1997:C:17800
pervasive odor; spreading of an odor (n)ចំហួលcɑmhuəlKhmerHea1997:C:2982
pessimism (n)ទុទ្ទិដ្ឋិនិយមtuʔtittheʔniʔjumKhmerHea1997:C:5480
pessimism, wrong belief, erroneous point of view (n)កុទិដ្ឋិkoʔtittheʔKhmerHea1997:C:611
pestle, stamper, rammer (n)អង្រែʔɑŋrɛɛKhmerHea1997:C:15947
petition, application, plea; oral report, statement; message; informing (royalty) (n)ទំនូលtumnuulKhmerHea1997:C:5650
petition, letter of protest; request (n)បដ្ឋនាលិខិតpatthaʔnaaliʔkhətKhmerHea1997:C:6618
petty trickery (n)ខីលោបាយkhəjloubaajKhmerHea1997:C:1582
pha-ak (food item made of chopped fish, salt, sugar, yeast, rice, and spices; it is placed in large airtight jars and allowed to ferment) (n)ផ្អកpʔɑɑkKhmerHea1997:C:8578
Phaggunī (name of a star) (n)ផគ្គុនីphakkuʔniiKhmerHea1997:C:8294
Phalgun (fourth month of the Cambodian lunar calendar corresponding to mid-February - mid-March) (n)ផល្គុនphɑlkunKhmerHea1997:C:8312
pharmacy (n)ភេសជ្ជាគារpheisacciekieKhmerHea1997:C:9522
phenomenon (n)ឧប្បាទធម៌ʔuppaateaʔthoaKhmerHea1997:C:17731
Philippines. (n)ហ្វីលីព្ពីនfiiliippiinKhmerHea1997:C:15654
philology; dialectology (n)និរុត្តិniʔrut, niʔrutteʔKhmerHea1997:C:6198
phlegmកំហាកkɔmhaːk, kɔmhaekKhmerSho2006:C:476-17
phlegmកំហាកkɔmhaːk, kɔmhaekKhmerSho2006:C:476-7
phosphate (n)ហ្វូស្វតfoosvatKhmerHea1997:C:15660
phosphorus (n)ហ្វូស្វ័រfoosvoaKhmerHea1997:C:15661
phrase final negative marker; usually occurs in conjunction with one of the preverbal negative particles មិន, ពុំ, អត់, ឥត or combinations of these particles with other preverbal particles, e.g. មិនដែល់ (fp)ទេteiKhmerHea1997:C:5565
Phussatī​ (the mother of Prince Vessantara) (n)ផុស្សតីphohsaʔdəjKhmerHea1997:C:8346
Phyllanthus emblica and acidusកន្ទួតkɔntùːətKhmerSho2006:C:1012-4
(physical) stability, balance, equilibrium (n)លំនឹងlumnɨŋKhmerHea1997:C:11869
pick, dig outkəhKhmerHuf1971:C:4223-561-1
picket, stake; specif. fence protecting a bathing place from dangerous aquatic animals (n)rɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:10515
pickled lime / lemon (n)ណាំង៉ូវnam ŋəvKhmerHea1997:C:4401
picture, drawing, sketch; design, painting; model, pattern (n)គំនូរkumnuuKhmerHea1997:C:2180
piece of cloth with embroidered designs which is used to cover the prow of a boat (n)ហ្នាប៉ាក់naa pakKhmerHea1997:C:15621
piece of cotton cord used in various blessing ceremonies (the kind used in the wedding ceremony is long enough to encircle the heads of the bride and groom linking them together; in royal ceremonies it is wrapped around the head of the king; in other ceremonies it may consist of a piece of cord two or three inches long which is placed between the top of the ear and the head) (n)ខ្លុកklokKhmerHea1997:C:1829
piece of wood used to clean oneself after a bowel movement (n)ខ្និតknətKhmerHea1997:C:1756
piece of wood, plankក្ដាkdaːKhmerSho2006:C:1620-2
(piece of) writing (esp. legal / official) (n)សំណេរsɑmneeKhmerHea1997:C:14373
piece, chunk, mass; muscle (of calf or forearm) (n)កំភួនkɑmphuənKhmerHea1997:C:928
piece, portion, section; cutting, something cut; log; part (of a day or night) (n)កំណាត់kɑmnatKhmerHea1997:C:799
piece, sheet, disc; flat surface, board, slab. (n)ផែនphaenKhmerHea1997:C:8368
piece, sheet, slab, strip, small plank, small board; chip, sliver (n. & clf.)បន្ទះbɑnteahKhmerHea1997:C:6747
pierced earrings (n)ទុំហូtum hooKhmerHea1997:C:5631
piercing / stabbing with a sharpened stick; sharpened stick, punji stake (n)ជំនង់cumnʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:3699
pig, hog, swine (Sus scrofa) (n)ជ្រូកcruukKhmerHea1997:C:3820
pigeon (n)ព្រាបpriepKhmerHea1997:C:9245
pile of shit / dung (n)កំពាយkɑmpiejKhmerHea1997:C:901
pile or heap (of leaves or other vegetation) (n)រនះrɔneahKhmerHea1997:C:10827
pile, heap, stack; mass; accumulation (n)គំនរkumnɔɔKhmerHea1997:C:2172
pile, stack, heap, mound (n)ពំនូកpumnuukKhmerHea1997:C:9115
pile; lump, tumor, mass, chunk, piece, part; block; cluster, bunch; packet, bundle; knot; hub (e.g. of a wheel); category; group (of people). (n)ដុំdomKhmerHea1997:C:4208
pilgrim (n)បូជនីយេសក៍booceaʔniijeihKhmerHea1997:C:7375
pillow, cushion (n)ខ្នើយknaəjKhmerHea1997:C:1764
pimple, acneមុនmùnKhmerSho2006:C:1186-1
pincers (e.g. of crabs); tweezers (for plucking hairs), forceps, tongs, nippers, pliers; clip; hair pin. (n)តង្កៀបdɑŋkiep, təkiepKhmerHea1997:C:4429
pincers, pliers, forceps (n)ដង្កាប់dɑŋkapKhmerHea1997:C:4075
pincers; press (n)ឃ្នាបkniepKhmerHea1997:C:2403
pinch (n. & clf.)ចំណឹបcɑmnəpKhmerHea1997:C:2893
pinch (of something), tuft (e.g. of cotton). (n)ចឹបcəpKhmerHea1997:C:2786
pinch [of powder etc.]ឆ្ពិត??chpìːtKhmerSho2006:C:1020-10
ping-pong ball; balloon (n)ប៉េងប៉ោងpeeŋ - paoŋKhmerHea1997:C:7442
ping-pong; ping-pong ball (n)ពីងប៉ុងpiiŋ - poŋKhmerHea1997:C:8995
pipe (for smoking); (n)ខ្សៀksieKhmerHea1997:C:1915
pipe, tub made from tree-trunklū(v)lùːKhmerSho2006:C:195-2
pith, heart, core; essence. (n)ខ្លឹមkləmKhmerHea1997:C:1827
place of sacrifice; holy place; memorial, monument, shrine (n)បូជនីយដ្ឋានbooceaʔniijeatthaanKhmerHea1997:C:7374
place to live, dwelling place, home, residence; habitat (n)លំនៅlumnɨvKhmerHea1997:C:11870
place to sleep, bedroom; bed; sleep, rest; lying down (n)ដំណេកdɑmneekKhmerHea1997:C:4242
place where a royal audience is held; royal audience (n)គំនាល់kumnoalKhmerHea1997:C:2177
place where monks dwell; Buddhist monastery (n)សង្ឃាវាសsɑŋkhieviehKhmerHea1997:C:12931
place where the Buddha sat; stand for statues of the Buddha (n)ពុទ្ឋាសនៈputthiesaʔnaʔKhmerHea1997:C:9022
place, location; dwelling; open space, tract of land; territory. (n)កន្លែងkɑnlaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:362
place, residence; birthplace; property, thing, object; wealth; cause; matter, affair (n)ភស្តុphoahKhmerHea1997:C:9407
placenta, afterbirth; (human) fetus / embryo (n)សុកsokKhmerHea1997:C:13872
places on the body where a circular pattern (of hair or lines) occurs (such as the crown of the head or the fingertips), whorl (of hair or pattern of lines on the skin) (n)ក្រយៅkrɑjavKhmerHea1997:C:1240
placing one thing over another (n)គំនងkumnɔɔŋKhmerHea1997:C:2167
plait / braid / lock / tuft (of hair); lock of long hair worn on the back of the head, pigtail (n)កំប៉ោយkɑmpaojKhmerHea1997:C:864
plan (often carries the connotation of a secret plan or one to conduct some clandestine activity) (n)ផែនការណ៍phaen kaaKhmerHea1997:C:8370
plan, outline; draft; structure, project; planning, preparation (n)គំរោងkumrouŋKhmerHea1997:C:2200
plan, project (n)ផែនការphaen kaaKhmerHea1997:C:8369
plane (v.)chuhKhmerHuf1971:C:4289-570-1
planing, using a plane; forward scraping movement (with the foot, etc.); grubbing, rooting (up) (n)ជំហូសcumhuuhKhmerHea1997:C:3767
plant (v.)damKhmerHuf1971:C:4300-571-1
plant (v.)stuuŋKhmerHuf1971:C:4301-571-2
plant similar to egg-plant????nənòːŋKhmerSho2006:C:748-9
plants of the family Nymphaeacea which includes the lotus and water lily (n)ឧប្បលជាតិʔupbɑlcietKhmerHea1997:C:17728
plaque, tartar deposits on the teeth (n)សំអេកsɑmʔeekKhmerHea1997:C:14569
plate (in a book) inset plate (n)ពាហិរូបpieheʔruupKhmerHea1997:C:8893
platform (n)ថែនthaenKhmerHea1997:C:5095
plating / covering with gold; thin metal foil covering (n)សំរោបsɑmraopKhmerHea1997:C:14513
playful term used by children tending livestock to get the animal to raise its tail (i)ឡងៗlɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:15686
playfully, boisterously, frivolously. (adv)លីកលានliik - lienKhmerHea1997:C:11745
playfully, friskily (adv)ប៉ប្រឹលpɑprəlKhmerHea1997:C:6837
pleasant impression / sensation (n)ឥដ្ឋារម្មណ៍ʔətthaarɑmKhmerHea1997:C:17467
pleasure; satisfaction (n)ប្រាមោទ្យpraamaotKhmerHea1997:C:8156
pleat, fold (n)ជំនីបcumniipKhmerHea1997:C:3713
pledging, pawning; locking up of capital; moral commitment; proposal / request to spend money that has been allocated in a budget (n)អវលញ្ជនកិច្ចʔaʔveaʔlaɲceaʔneaʔkəcKhmerHea1997:C:16724
pliers-like instrument with a sharp blade used to split nuts, esp. areca nuts (n)ប្រណាកprɑnaakKhmerHea1997:C:7803
plopping or splashing sound as that made by someone wading through the water (i)ប៉ប្លូកpɑplookKhmerHea1997:C:6864
plow (in riddles) (n)តុកតុលtok - tolKhmerHea1997:C:4591
plow (n.)nèaŋkòəlKhmerHuf1971:C:4323-574-1
plow (v.)pcuəKhmerHuf1971:C:4320-573-1
plug, object used to plug up a hole or as the lining of a bore (to reduce the size of the bore); peg, pin; filling (n)សន្លង់sɑnlɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:13133
plumb-line; pendulum (n)បណ្ដូនbɑndoonKhmerHea1997:C:6635
plutocracy (n)ធនិកាធិបតេយ្យtheaʔniʔkaathiʔpaʔtajKhmerHea1997:C:5843
pod, earkuəKhmerHuf1971:C:4328-575-1
poem, poetry, verse (n)កំណាព្យkɑmnaapKhmerHea1997:C:801
point (e.g. of an awl, goad); linchpin (of a wheel); wedge; tenon, peg; bolt (n)បន្លួញbɑnluəɲKhmerHea1997:C:6769
pointed wooden / metal stick used for piercing, gimlet, awl. (n)អណ្ដោតʔɑndaotKhmerHea1997:C:16066
pole (for tying up climbing plants), trellis; prop, brace, support (n)ជន្លង់cʊənlʊəŋKhmerHea1997:C:3501
pole (of the earth) (n)ប៉ូលpoolKhmerHea1997:C:7399
pole used to carry a load between the shoulders of two or more persons; load carried on such a pole; litter, palanquin. (n)ស្នែងsnaeŋKhmerHea1997:C:14813
pole, mast (n)កើកkaəkKhmerHea1997:C:676
pole, post; handle (of an axe, shovel, knife), neck (of a musical instrument); shaft, tongue (of a plow); yoke; body, torso, trunk (n)ដងdɑɑŋKhmerHea1997:C:4070
police, guard; one who controls (n)តំរួតtɑmruətKhmerHea1997:C:4740
polishing, cleaning (n)កំហាត់kɑmhatKhmerHea1997:C:973
polite final hortatory particle for now, for the time being, for a moment, first (fp)សិនsənKhmerHea1997:C:13764
polite response particle in Sanskrit and PaliអាមʔaamKhmerHea1997:C:17026
polite response particle; yes (used by females and by both male and female members of the royal family; often merely a polite word of acknowledgement, especially at the beginning of a sentence) (i)ចាសcaahKhmerHea1997:C:2752
political division of a town or a district (roughly equivalent to a rural sub-district); quarter (e.g. of a town); area, region; sector; lot, plot; part (of a whole); branch (e.g. of industry); field (e.g. of knowledge) (n)សង្កាត់sɑŋkatKhmerHea1997:C:12862
politics (n)ប្រសាសនោបាយprɑsaasnoubaajKhmerHea1997:C:8073
pollen ; hair ; mane; capillary (n)កេសរkeesɑɑKhmerHea1997:C:712
poncho (n)ប៉ុងសូpoŋsooKhmerHea1997:C:7265
pond, reservoir, pool; man-made pond on the grounds of a temple, ornamental pond; moat (n)ស្រះsrahKhmerHea1997:C:15234
ponderously, slowly and lazily, slowly and gradually disappearing (as a large airplane flying off into the clouds) (adv)ស្ទុយstujKhmerHea1997:C:14751
pony (n)ខ្ចនkcɑɑnKhmerHea1997:C:1643
pool, marshត្រពាំងtrəpɛ̀əŋKhmerSho2006:C:628-3
poor / inferior education (n)អសេយ្យសាស្ត្រʔaʔseejjeaʔsaahKhmerHea1997:C:16809
popping sound (i)ប្រូះៗprooh - proohKhmerHea1997:C:8237
popping sound; hollow clapping noise (i)ប៉ុបpopKhmerHea1997:C:7317
porcupine (prob. Atherurus macrourus); quill (of a porcupine) (n)កាំប្រមាkam prɑmaaKhmerHea1997:C:1001
porphyry (n)ប្រវាឡសិលាprɑvaalaʔseʔlaaKhmerHea1997:C:8054
portable wooden water container carried by a monk on a trip; canteen, water bottle (n)ល័ក្កចាន់leakkaʔca