The IPA in Unicode
Build a query or one bracketed allophone set   [abc] = a or b or c, but (ab|cd) = ab or cd.  See the MKED Tutorial and Cookbook for more details.
    V = any vowel, X = any consonant
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 Nasal V  U m     ɱ   ɱ̊   n     ɳ   ɳ̊   ɲ   ɲ̊   ŋ   ŋ̊   ɴ   ɴ̥      
 Plosive V U  I   b   p   ɓ  
  d   t   ɗ  
ɖ   ʈ   ɟ*   c*   ʄ  
ɡ   k   ɠ  
ɢ   q     ʔ
 (Aspirated) A    Coronals      
 Fricative  F S+ ɸ   f   θ   s   ʃ   ʂ   ɕ   ʑ   x   χ   ʕ   ħ   h
 Appx't V  U w*           l   r   j(y)   ɰ   ɰ̊ ʀ   ʀ̥    
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i y ɨ     ʉ     ɯ u
ɪ ʏ   ɤ ʊ
e ø (ɜ) ə o
ɐ       ʌ ɔ
a ɑ ɒ
 Affricates  ʣ ʤ ʥ ʦ ʧ ʨ ɬ ɮ  Fricative vowels ɿ ʮ ʅ ʯ ʋ
*NB: 'ɟ' no longer matches ʣ, ʤ, and ʥ, 'c' no longer matches ʦ, ʧ, and ʨ.   'w' matches w, v, and β (but not ʋ); similar for voiceless.
Tables are derived from IPA, but reflect typical Southeast Asian practice.  Vowel layout is similar to Pullum & Ladusaw (1996), pp. 298-299.
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Please see the MKED Tutorial and Cookbook for more details.
In an exact search:
  B following a vowel requires breathiness.
  C following a vowel requires creakiness.
  D following a vowel requires a diphthong.
  L following a vowel requires a long vowel.
In a normal search: 
 -  diacritics marking tone and phonation are ignored.
 -  long vowels and diphtongs are matched automatically.
 -  script and regular 'g' (ɡ / g) are equivalent.
 -  ordinary 'h' matches IPA ʰ for aspirated.
 -  IPA matches traditional hm for unvoiced.
 -  ':' matches IPA 'ː' for long vowels.
[abc] allow any member of the set a, b, or c.
?  zero or 1 of the preceding.
[abc]? or a?  the set or letter is optional.
*  zero or more of the preceding.
.*  anything; zero or more letters.
[abc].* or a.*  the set or letter followed by anything.
.*[abc] or .*a  the set or letter preceded by anything.
V  matches any vowel.
X  matches any consonant
a|b  and|or in text search only
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Large datasets  In a very few cases (esp. Khmer data) the underlying data set was so large and comprehensive that individually redacting glosses would have greatly delayed getting any data on line. As a temporary solution, we have automatically extracted the leading glosses of all headwords not marked as Indic.

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