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bah   heal, be well   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~451
baʔ   carry on back   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~401
baː   paddy   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1
baːr   two   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~309
beːl   mat   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1184
beːŋ   full   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1196
bic   sleep   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1027
biːl   mat   (Stieng)   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1186
blah   to split   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~477
bluː   thigh   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1895
blɨn   tomato   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2547
boːk   head   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1711
bran   earthworm   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~650
braːk   peacock   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~158
briː   jungle, wild   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~887
buk   flood, drown   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2101
bun   pregnant   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2160
but   buttocks, lower back   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2222
buːɲ   Italian squash   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1998
bwaj   to warn   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2249
bɔh   salt   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1602
bɔk   mud   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1661
bək   carry water in gourd   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2488
bən   tomato   (Stieng)   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2549
bən   we (incl.)   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2376
bɛː   goat   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1103
cjat   itch   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1328
cjat   sweet   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1339
cjaŋ   tail   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1296
cɛːw   left side   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1344
dic   slave   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2427
diŋ   tube   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2553
doːk   monkey   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1717
doːŋ   winnowing basket   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1805
druh   young woman   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2086
duh   hot   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2061
dum   ripe   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2144
duː   one   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1884
dək   stand up   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2490
dəːn   accept   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2380
dəːp   bring   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2386
dɛh   give birth   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2436
gar   seed   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~764
git   to know   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1083
glah   kettle, pot   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~482
gluː   leech   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1898
glɛː   bamboo   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1126
grap   seed   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~742
guʔ   sit   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2106
guːŋ   ladder   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2003
gəm   cook   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2517
gər   drum   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2615
gəːm   smile, laugh   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2351
gɛh   have   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2442
hat   crowded   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~802
haŋ   peppery   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~686
haː   to open mouth   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~10
haːw   ascend   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~363
haːŋ   shore   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~247
hoːm   still   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1759
hɔːc   flow   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1384
hɔːc   flow   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1934
hɔːk   vomit   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1406
hɔːn   grow, sprout   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1452
həkaːw   flower   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~375
həɟap   solid, strong   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~731
həːm   full (of food)   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2355
hɛː   we (incl.)   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1109
jaw   grandfather   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~822
kac   strip rice   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~419
kah   delicious   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~465
kam   arrow   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~598
kap   bite   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~735
kaw   bear   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~828
kaː   fish   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~25
kaːŋ   chin   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~256
ket   frog   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1087
khaj   moon   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~525
khit   dead   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1098
khoh   to boil   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1949
khoːm   blow, play   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1767
klaːŋ   eagle   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~268
kləm   wrap up   (Sre [Koho])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2535
kləw   male   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2680
kləːm   liver   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2359
klɛːŋ   forehead   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1278
koːŋ   bracelet   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1490
koːɲ   mother's younger brother   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1795
krah   grasshopper   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~501
krɔː   dry   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1372
krɔːŋ   river   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1517
kwal   call   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2270
kɔːn   child, creature   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1457
kɔːs   shave off   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1852
kəj   behind   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2329
kəndɨl   abdomen   (Chrau)   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2128
kəndɨl   abdomen   (Stieng)   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2127
kəːl   help   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2349
kəːp   count   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2390
lah   say   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~469
lak   spread out   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~561
laː   tusk   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~30
laːɲ   sharpen   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~230
loːt   go   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1864
luh   appear   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2072
luh   appear   (Sre [Koho])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2075
lɔːk   thorn   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1415
lɔːr   first   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1544
lɔːŋ   firewood   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1498
lɛʔ   finished   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2417
mac   biting insect   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~424
mah   gold   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~485
maj   you (masc.)   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~540
mat   eye   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~810
maŋ   night, afternoon   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~693
maɲ   star   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~659
maː   right side   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~51
mhaɨ   afternoon   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~831
mhaːm   blood   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~187
mhɛː   new   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1136
mih   rain   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~995
miː   older sibling   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~883
miː   you (masc.)   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~885
miːr   dry rice field   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~974
mlɔː   dumb, speechless   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1359
moːc   grave   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1700
mpaːŋ   palm, sole   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~277
mpeh   sweep   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~913
mpjat   tongue   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1333
mtaw   king   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~871
mu   bear   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1907
mut   enter   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2231
mɔːn   nephew, niece   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1463
mɛː   mother   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1131
mʔmak   to suspend   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~564
nac   stranger   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~427
nal   recognise   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~580
nam   year   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~609
nar klaːk   day after tomorrow   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~149
nar   wing   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~780
naw   thing   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~842
naː   crossbow   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~59
naːr   sun, day   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~771
ncwət   run, jump   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2320
ndaːr   fishhook   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~315
ndraw   to crow   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~846
ndriːŋ   porch, verandah   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~957
ndroːk   wild ox   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1739
ndrɔŋ   rich   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1690
ndul   abdomen   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2125
ndəp   hidden, secret   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2593
ndəːl   heel   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2339
nhac   light continuous rain   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~429
nhəm   breathe   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2526
nir   fishtrap   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1080
noːŋ   squash   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1818
ntiːŋ   bone   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~965
ntoː, ntəw, ntaw   skin   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2689
ntuk   place   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2116
ntuŋ   steal   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2197
ntəːp   pigeon   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2400
ntɛh   noise, loud   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2480
nus   heart   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2032
nɛh   earth   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2483
nɛːt   comb   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~983
nʔniːk   cold   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~924
par   to fly   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~775
paɲ   shoot   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~665
peh   knife   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1012
peːr, mpiːr   wall, fence   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~978
phaːm   eight   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~193
phɛː   unhusked rice   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1113
pih   launder   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~917
pjaŋ   cooked rice   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1285
plaj   fruit   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~534
ploːk   to skin   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1726
plɔːʔ   to skin   (Sre [Koho])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1729
pləːm   bloodsucker   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2365
plɛːr   hail   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1310
poːn   hide   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1788
pram   five   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~619
prap   prepare   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~745
praw   six   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~854
praŋ   dry   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~707
preːŋ   ashamed, embarrassed   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1206
priːt   banana   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~990
prɔːk   squirrel   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1429
puh   blow   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2082
puh   blow   (Sre [Koho])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2084
pwan   four   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2290
pɔh   seven   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1624
pəŋ   to nail to   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2575
pəːk   to open   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2334
pɛh   pound rice   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2456
pɛː   three   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1146
raːw   wash   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~386
reh   alive   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1017
reh   root   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1247
rwat   buy   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2312
rwɛh   elephant   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2303
rɔːm   desire(able)   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1445
rɔːŋ   raise child/animal   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1514
rəgaj   thin   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~519
rəgan   pass over, pass by   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~639
rəguː   shake smth.   (Sre [Koho])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1890
rəhaːl   sweat   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~174
rəhjaŋ   hundred   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1289
rəhwaj   fly   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2261
rəkhəːc   light   (Mnong [Gar])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2324
rəlaːt   flat   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~350
rəluː   rest   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1903
rəlɔːŋ   test, try   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1503
rəmuːl   make holes for planting   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1980
rənəːm   rice wine   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2370
rəpuŋ   cucumber   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2188
rəpuː   buffalo   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1915
rəswan   nest   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1471
rəsɛː   rope   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1165
rətɔh   crackle, explode   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1656
rəŋal   awaken   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~588
rɛh   rattan   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2465
rɛː   swim   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1154
sah   back basket   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~504
sak ɟan   body   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~569
saw   grandchild   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~862
saɨ   to see   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~867
saː   eat   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~77
saːk   go, return   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~166
sim   bird   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1053
sin   cooked   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1060
sin   nine   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1065
sit   return   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1007
siʔ   return   (Sre [Koho])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1010
sjak   cough   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1258
sjaːl   wind   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~179
soːt   sharp, wound   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1870
soːŋ   eat rice   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1830
sraːt   sour   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~353
srɛh   cut   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2470
su   burn   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1928
sur   pig   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2213
suːŋ   axe   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2015
swat   recede (water)   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2315
sɔk   hair   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1676
sɔŋ   straight   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1693
sɔː   dog   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1377
sɛh   horse   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2473
sɛː   young, tender, green   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1159
tac   sell   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~444
tam   (trans)plant   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~631
tap   egg   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~755
taːk   spear   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~170
taːw   sugarcane   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~396
taːɲ   weave   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~235
teŋ   chase   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1071
teːc   lead by rope   (Chrau)   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1182
thɔːl, thəːl   shallow   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2345
thɔːl   shallow   (Stieng)   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2346
tih   mistake   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1023
tik   deaf   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1035
tiː   arm   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~898
toh   bean   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1963
toːr   ear   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1840
troː kɔː   neck   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1352
troːk   sky   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1743
troːm   hole   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1780
troːm   hole   (Sre [Koho])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1783
trɔːŋ   road   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1520
tuːŋ   carry with shoulder pole   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2020
tɔh   breast   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1650
tɔk   extract   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~575
tɔŋ   hear, listen   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~723
təp   bury   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2603
tər   thunder   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2620
təːm   trunk   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2372
waː   mother's older brother or sister   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~83
wil   round   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1050
wər   fry, simmer   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2625
wɛh   weigh, measure   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~795
ŋan   very   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~646
ŋaːn   bowl   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~215
ŋguː   shake smth.   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1888
ŋih   house   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1000
ŋkaːr   a thin bamboo   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~320
ŋkləm   wrap up   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2534
ŋkwaŋ   male animal   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2581
ŋkɛː   horn   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1121
ŋwaj   one   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2256
ŋɔː   dark   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1368
ŋɔːt   hungry   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1574
ŋəːc   light in weight   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2323
ɟeːŋ   become   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1201
ɟil   barking deer   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1043
ɟiː koːr   sickness   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~877
ɟiːk   to dig up   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~929
ɟur   descend   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2208
ɟur   descend   (Sre [Koho])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2212
ɟɔk   long time   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1666
ɟɔːj   search for   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1394
ɟək   heavy   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2493
ɟət   ten   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2661
ɟəŋ   leg   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2565
ɲar   top level of bamboo floor   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1313
ɲeːt   drink   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1220
ɲiːm   cry   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~951
ɲul   drunk   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2120
ɲup   capture, grasp   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2204
ɲɛh   fingernail   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1242
ʔaj   you (fem.)   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~515
ʔaɲ   I, me   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~654
ʔaːŋ   light, bright   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~240
ʔaːɲ   carry on back   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~225
ʔih   spread to dry   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~904
ʔjar   chicken   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1304
ʔnaɨ   yesterday   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~837
ʔoɲ   fire   (Sre [Koho])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2174
ʔoːj   morning   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1705
ʔoːm   rotten   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1754
ʔum   bathe   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2136
ʔuɲ   fire   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~2170
ʔuːk   clay   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1968
ʔɔh   younger sibling   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1597
ʔɔːt   to saw   (Mnong [Central])   Blo1966:C:Sid2000~1563