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Bahnaric Branch (431 items)
ba mbar   sticky rice   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~761
bal   pluralizer   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2502
ban   we (incl.)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2377
bar jue   mouth   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2608
bat   grass   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~799
baŋ   bamboo shoots   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~676
baʔ   carry piggy-back with a cloth   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~402
baː   unhusked rice   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2
baːj   goat   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1104
baːp   father   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~288
baːr   two   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~310
beh   snake   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2633
beː, bec   sleep   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1028
beːl   mat   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1185
beːŋ   full   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1197
bhuom   goiter   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2514
blah   cut in pieces fruit or vegetables   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~478
blan   tomato   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2548
blaːk   scar   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~147
bluː   water leech   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1899
boh   roast   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2057
boːk   head   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1712
boːŋ   to fall   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1799
brah   spirit   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~495
bran   earthworm   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~651
braːj   thread   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~114
braːk   peacock   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~159
breh   live   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1018
briː   forest, jungle   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~888
broːŋ   red   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1827
buoh   salt   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1603
buok   white   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1402
buoŋ   coffin   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1482
buŋ   spider   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2175
buːm   tuber   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1983
bɔk   mud   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1662
caːk   witch (male or female)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~134
caːl   wind   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~180
ceːt   pinch   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1231
dak   animal trap   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~557
dak   stand   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2491
daŋ   strong of body, substance, stubborn   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~682
daːk buk   drown   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2102
daːk ndruot   honey   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1578
daːk   water, lake   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~138
deh   cotton   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~908
dhuoc   drift in the current   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1385
dlaːj   bamboo   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1127
doh   hot   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2062
doː buh   ashes   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1941
doːk   monkey   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1718
doːɲ   pick up small things   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1792
droh nu   youngish unmarried people   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2087
duː muoc   flee   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1880
dɔːs   guilt   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1846
dəːp   give or bring   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2387
dɛh   kuon give birth (animals)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2437
dɨk   slave   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2428
dɨm   ripe   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2145
gaːj   thin   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~520
geːŋ   tusk of female elephant   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1282
guk   sit   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2107
gəm   cook (water or vegetables)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2518
gəːm   smile, laugh   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2352
gɛh   have   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2443
hat   crowded, tight fitting   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~803
haŋ   peppery   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~687
haː   to open mouth   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~11
haːj   maggot found in meat   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~118
haːl   sweat   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~175
haːw   ascend   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~364
haːŋ   river bank   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~248
heːp   to snuff or sniff   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1209
hih nam   granary   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2536
hih   house   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1001
hiː   we (incl.)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1110
hoːk   skin that is peeling   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1722
hoːm   full from eating   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1764
hoːm   still, remaining   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1760
hua   gibbon   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~86
hue   fly   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2262
huec   whistle   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2242
huok   vomit   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1407
huon   grow, sprout   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1453
jaw   old   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~823
jaŋ, ɟɔŋ   leg, foot   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2566
jaː   crocodile   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~15
jaːŋ   spirit   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~250
joːk   mountain   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1724
jək   carry with one or two hands   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1252
kac   harvest rice by stripping   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~420
kah kiek   sand   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1256
kah   awaken   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~461
kah   delicious   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~466
kal   chop down a large tree   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~584
kam   arrow   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~599
kap   bite   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~736
kat   tie, fasten   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2667
kaː   fish   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~26
kaːj   horns, antlers   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1122
kaːw   flower   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~376
kaːŋ   chin   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~257
khoːm   blow out (fire)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1768
khɔːɲ   want   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2383
khɛː   moon, month   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~526
khɨt   die, dead   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1099
kiet   itchy   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1329
kiew   left   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1345
koh   to greet   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2068
koːp   skin of certain fruits and vegetables   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1833
koːɲ   mother's younger brother   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1796
krah   grasshopper   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~502
kram   to sink   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~617
kroŋ   knee   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2194
kroːŋ   river   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1518
kruː   wild cow   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1920
krɔː   raːk to curse   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2687
krɔː   to insult   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1376
ku kəːj   back   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2330
kuec   to scratch   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1387
kueh   shave face   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1853
kuol   call   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2271
kuon   animal   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1458
kuop paː   turtle   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1535
kuoŋ   male (animal)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2582
kuoŋ   ring (for wrist, ankle, neck); copper   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1491
kuoŋ   stem, twig   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1494
kɔh   cut with shoulder axe   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1612
kəːp   count   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2391
kɛh   to comb   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2447
kɨt   frog   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1088
lac   to fall   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2432
lah   say, speak   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~470
laŋ bah   to heal   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~452
laː   trunk   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~31
laː   type of bamboo   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~42
laːj nhaːɲ   sharpen to a point   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~231
leh   pick fruit   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2450
leh   to have time   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2448
leːc plier   to hail   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1311
leːk   dissolve   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1172
luok   thorn   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1416
luon   swallow   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2283
luor   first, before   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1545
luoŋ   firewood   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1499
luːp   ask, question   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2201
lək   chaff   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2497
ləːp   lightning   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2397
lɛ-mət   all, every   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2418
mac   mosquito   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~425
mah   gold   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~486
mat   eye   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~811
mat   ten   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2662
maŋ   evening   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~694
maɲ   star   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~660
maː   right   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~52
maːj   mother   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1132
mblɔː   dumb   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1360
mbroːm   underneath the house   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1777
mhaːm   blood   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~188
mhɔː   evening   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~832
mhɛː   new, recent   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1137
mih   rain   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~996
miː   older brother   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~884
moh   nose   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2077
mue   one   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2257
mueh   mosquito   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1557
muon   nephew, niece   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1464
muːt miet   flour weevil   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1698
məw   stone, rock   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2684
mɛː   you (masc.)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~541
mɨt   enter   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2232
mɨt   yellow, orange   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1092
nam   year, season   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~610
nar dɔː   yesterday   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~838
nar   sun   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~772
naŋ   day   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~699
naː   crossbow   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~60
naːj   rat   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1141
ndaːr   fish with pole   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~316
ndrat   be startled   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2657
ndraw   call, crow   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~847
ndriew   call loudly   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1351
ndroːk kuaŋ   cow   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1740
ndrɔŋ   rich   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1691
nduŋ   eel   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2179
ndəːl ɟaŋ   heel   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2340
ndɨl   abdomen, stomach, intestines   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2126
neh   person, people   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2641
nhol   steam   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2277
nhoːŋ   gourd   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1819
nieh   grain sickle   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~934
nieh   toenail   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1243
nier   floor   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1314
niet   comb   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~984
noːk sak   body hair   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1423
noːm   urinate   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1772
nuː niːk   shoulder   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~937
nuː   femur, upper thigh of animals   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1364
nɛː   pestle   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~546
nɨr braŋ   bamboo fishtrap   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1081
pa   large turtle   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~66
pah tluoŋ maŋ   midnight   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2008
pak kue   lizard   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2252
pal   mortar   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~591
par   to fly   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~776
paːj   rabbit   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~111
paːj   three   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1147
paːj   vegetables   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~107
paːk   divide   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~155
paːŋ kaːj   watermelon   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~98
paːŋ tiː   palm of hand   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~278
peh   knife   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1013
peːt ʔɨɲ   turn off lamp by pinching flame; stingy   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1223
phaːj   husked rice   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1114
phaːm   eight   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~194
pieh   cut grass   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~914
piet   tongue   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1334
pih   wash (clothes)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~918
piːk   civette cat   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~942
piːr   wall   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~979
ploːk taːw   to skin an animal   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1727
pluŋ   small boat, canoe   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2184
pləːm   bloodsucker (land)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2366
plɛ bɔh duŋ   coconut   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2177
plɛː nuːs   heart   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2033
plɛː   fruit   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~535
poh   blow   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2083
pon ndap   hide something   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2589
poːŋ ʔaːk   armpit   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1512
pram   five   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~620
pram   tremble   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2543
prap   pack up for moving   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~746
praŋ   stopped raining, sunny   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~708
priːt   banana   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~991
proːk   squirrel   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1430
pruec   intestines   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1389
prɔː   six   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~855
pueh   calf   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1560
pueh   shave off strips from bamboo   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1857
puh   water buffalo   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1916
puok sak   muscle on both sides of backbone   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2246
puon   four   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2291
puŋ   cucumber   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2189
puː   suck from nipple   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1910
pɔh   seven   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1625
pəŋ   to nail to   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2576
pəːk   to open   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2335
pɛh ba   husk rice by pounding   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2457
pɛh   broom   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2644
rac   rice bird   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~434
rah   scatter seeds   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~338
raj   swim   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1155
raɲ   dry (cloth, vegetable, meat)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~669
raːw   wash   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~387
ret   bat   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1096
roh   older sister   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1954
roːm   happy   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1446
ruh   take apart, tear down, untie   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2091
ruot   buy   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2313
ruːŋ   to look at   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1515
rɔː   wrinkled, very dry   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1373
rɛh   root   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1248
sah raŋ   loose woven basket   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~505
sah   charcoal   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~509
saj   louse   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~552
sak ɟan   body   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~570
saw   dog   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1378
saː   eat   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~78
saːc   fish with scoop   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~90
saːj   husband   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~122
saːk ruːk   naked   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1735
saːk   go   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~167
saːp   flat insipid wine   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~299
sek gam   molars   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2522
seːk   front tooth   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1176
seːt   mushroom or other fungus   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1236
siek   cough   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1259
siem   to feed someone, to raise   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1269
siː   flea   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~895
siːr   dig   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~971
soːt   whet; wound, sore   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1871
soːŋ   eat rice   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1831
sraːt   sour   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~354
su truoɲ   loincloth   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1474
sue baː   plant rice (dry field)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2265
suon ɟrieŋ   tendon   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~221
suor   fish spear   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1552
suot   dry up (flood waters)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2316
suː   blanket   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1926
suːŋ   axe   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2016
sɔk   hair   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1677
sɔk   to take   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1673
sɔː   grandchild   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~863
sɔː   to see   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~868
sɛːj   fresh, young, green, great grandchild   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1160
sɨm   bird   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1054
sɨn   cooked, ripe   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1061
sɨn   nine   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1066
sɨr   pig   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2214
ta ʔəw   here   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2676
tac   sell   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~445
tam ba   plant rice in wet field   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~632
tap bɨt   buttocks   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2223
tap   bury   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2604
tap   egg   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~756
tap   stab, inject   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~752
tar nɛh   thunder   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2621
taw   skin   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2690
taŋ   bitter   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~718
taːm   crab   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~205
taːp   slap   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~305
taːw   sugarcane   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~397
taːŋ   weave   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~236
teːl   footprint, track   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1189
tier   slippery, to slide   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1320
tiet   salty   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1340
tieŋ   tail   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1297
tiː   hand, arm   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~899
tiːŋ nar   wing   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~781
tiːŋ pɛh   rib   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~788
tiːŋ   bone   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~966
tlan   boa   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~642
tlaː   tiger   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~39
tlaːw   penis   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~381
tlaːŋ   eagle   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~269
tlieŋ bok   forehead   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1279
tləːm sɔh   lung   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1638
tləːm   liver   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2360
tlɛh   freed, loosen   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2637
tlɨn   tadpole   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2165
toh   explode   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1657
toh   to pour   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2094
tok   cloud   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2112
toːc   the end   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1938
toːr   ear   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1841
tram   soak in water   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~627
troːk   sky   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1744
troːm   cave   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1781
troːŋ   road   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1521
truh   arrive at   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2093
tuh   bean   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1964
tuom   meet someone   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1450
tuot   jump (off the ground)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2321
tuːm   lizard   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1987
tuːŋ   carry with shoulder pole   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2021
tɔh   breast   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1651
tɔk   pull out (teeth or trees)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~576
tɔŋ   hear, listen   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~724
tɔːr tiː   forearm, muscular proportion   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2630
təm rɛh   rattan   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2466
təm   person, self   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~636
təːp   pigeon   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2401
təːp   to spread contagion   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1213
tɛh   earth, dirt   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2484
tɛh   sneeze   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2481
tɛː   broken in two (string or vine)   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~441
tɨk   deaf   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1036
tɨk   place, where   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1040
waː   mother's older brother or sister   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~84
waːj mat   dizzy   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~127
waːr   pen, enclosure   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~324
wil   round   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1051
wər   fry, stir   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2626
ŋal   recognise   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~589
ŋal   stump   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2512
ŋgar   seed   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~765
ŋgar   type of bamboo   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~321
ŋgaːp   yawn   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~292
ŋguːk siek   have a cold   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1976
ŋgər caːl   sound of the wind   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2616
ŋkɔː, kɔː, kaw   neck   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1353
ŋruon   to confine   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1468
ŋuot   hungry   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1575
ŋɔː   dark   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1369
ŋəːj   say, speak   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~101
ɗaːk   crow   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~130
ɗɔh   pull   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1609
ɟaː   thatching grass   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~21
ɟaːl   lo large fish net   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~184
ɟiep pam   small fishtrap   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~201
ɟiː kuop   sickness of some duration   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1533
ɟiː   be sick, in pain   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~878
ɟiːk   to hoe   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~930
ɟoːk   friend   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1410
ɟoːp   horsefly   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1529
ɟroŋ   posts   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1686
ɟruː   deep   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1922
ɟu ɗam   handspan   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~606
ɟue   to seek, look for   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1395
ɟuot   step on   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1567
ɟuːt   wipe something   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2040
ɟɔk ɟuː nar kəːj   some day in the future   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1667
ɟɨl   barking deer   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1044
ɟɨr   descend   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2209
ɟɨŋ   sew   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2557
ɲap daːk   dive   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2599
ɲeːt   drink   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1221
ɲiːm   cry   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~952
ɲue   smoke   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1967
ɲɨl   drunk   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2121
ɲɨp   capture   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2205
ʔan   give   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~209
ʔat   yet   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2646
ʔaɲ   I, me   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~655
ʔaːw   shirt   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~359
ʔaːŋ   light, bright   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~241
ʔaːɲ   carry on back   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~226
ʔeː   defecate   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2424
ʔiaʔ ʔɨk   dung beetle   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~922
ʔier   chicken   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1305
ʔiet   listen   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1323
ʔiːk   cold   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~925
ʔnham   breathe   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2527
ʔoh   blow an instrument   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2053
ʔoːj   morning   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1706
ʔoːm   rotten   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1755
ʔuot   to saw   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1564
ʔuoŋ   bumblebee   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1478
ʔuʔuːr   female person   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2028
ʔuːk   clay   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1969
ʔuːr ndraw   widow   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~852
ʔɔh   younger brother/sister   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1598
ʔəlah   lazy   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~474
ʔəraː   duck   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~71
ʔəsɛh   horse   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2474
ʔɛh hueɲ   (swelling) lessens   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2296
ʔɛh   swelling   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~785
ʔɨm   bathe   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2137
ʔɨp   centipede   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~1074
ʔɨɲ   fire   (Mnong [Eastern])   Blo1976:C:Sid2000~2171