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Bahnaric Branch (631 items)
ba   to carry on back   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~405
baja   iguana   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~19
bar   two   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~314
baːp   father   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~291
be   goat   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1108
biaŋ   spread apart   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~284
bic   sleep   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1032
biŋ-liaŋ   forehead   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1281
biːl   mat   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1188
biːŋ   full   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1200
bla   tusk, ivory   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~33
blah   to split   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~481
blaŋ   kapok [bombax malabarica]   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~267
blu   large leech   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1902
bluh   hole, gap   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1619
blən   eggplant   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2551
bo   mud   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1665
boh   salt   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1606
bol   pluralizer   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2506
bom   goiter, swelling   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2516
bou   head   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1716
bouŋ   large (of rabbits)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1804
boʔ   pound (stuff other than rice)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1588
boː   white   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1405
bra   peacock   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~163
brah   mythological person   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~498
braːj   thread   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~117
bri   forest, wild   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~891
brjuh   mist   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1946
broaʔ   work   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2241
broŋ   red   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1828
bruh   squirt, spit   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1958
bu   drown   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2105
buh   roast, grill   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2060
bun   pregnant   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2163
but kaː   feel for fish   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2039
but   kidneys   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2227
buŋ   spider   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2176
buːh   ashes   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1944
buːm   tuber   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1986
  fetch (water)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2489
bəkah   delicious   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~468
bəkaːw   flower   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~380
bənaŋ   night   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~702
bənəm   mountain   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2540
bər   mouth   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2612
bərnoh   landlord, teacher of culture   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1623
bərtoh   split, crackle, explode   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1660
bərtul   ant/termite hill   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2135
bərtum   small aquatic lizard   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1989
bərɲoal   species of lizard   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2276
bəs   snake   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2636
bəsaːp   insipid   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~301
bəsiaʔ   cough   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1262
bəsit   mushroom   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1239
bət   to bend   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2651
bət   to dam up   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2652
bətaw   government   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~873
bətaŋ   bitter   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~722
bəɲul   drunk   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2124
caː   demon   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~137
caːl   wind   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~183
chah   charcoal   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~512
che   cord, rope, string   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1169
chiːt   squeeze   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1235
choh   to spit   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1646
choul   push, shove   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2132
chu   burn, to light   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1929
chòl   urge   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1750
chɔ   fetch, dip water   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1675
chət   die   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1102
chə̀l   shallow   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2348
coŋ ləkɔ̀t   treetop cluster   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1571
cəlik mərèt   chill, shivering   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~928
dam   male, masculine   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~597
daŋ   only   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~681
daʔ   snare trap   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~560
daː   water   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~141
deh   give birth, breed   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2441
dit   small   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1219
diŋ   tube   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2556
diʔ   servitude   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2431
dou   monkey [macacus cynomologus]   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1721
dous   debt, fine   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1849
dra   roasting rack   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~76
drap   tall jar   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~741
draːw   howl, cry out   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~851
du   flee, escape   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1883
duh   hot   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2066
duj   draw, pull   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2098
dum   ripe   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2148
dà tərluŋ   well   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2187
  sailboat   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1975
dɔɲ, duɲ   gather, amass   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1794
də duŋ   coconut palm   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2178
dəlam   interior   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~604
dəp   to cover   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2588
dər krɔŋ   thick forest, jungle   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1519
dərkaj   tick   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~533
dərpa   water turtle   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~69
dərpaːj   hare   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~113
dərɲum   confluent   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2155
dəːn   obey, listen, eavesdrop   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2382
dəːp   catch with the hand   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2389
gah   side (direction)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~460
gan   pass over, pass by   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~641
gar   grain, stone   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~767
gaʔ   stammer   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~407
geh   have, obtain   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2446
git   to know   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1086
glah   cooking pot   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~484
gle   medium, common type   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1130
groːj   watch, guard   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1399
gu   cage, coop   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2110
guːŋ   road   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2007
gəcira   dazzle   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~165
gəhaː   split, torn   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~146
gəla   idiot   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~35
gəltaw   skin   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2692
gəm   cook (other than rice)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2521
gəneŋ   eye tooth   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1284
gər   vein, axis, line of partition   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2614
hat   narrow   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~806
haŋ   salty   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~689
haʔ   vomit   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~144
haː   to open, widen (mouth)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~13
haːw   mount, ascend   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~368
haːŋ   ravine, precipice, escarpment   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~249
he   we   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1112
hiət   (walk) tip-toe   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2416
hiːw   house   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1005
hoac   whistle   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2245
hor   streaming water   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1543
houm   still, yet   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1763
hoːn   germinate, shoot   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1456
huc   drink water   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1937
huiʔ   forget   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2052
hwa   ape (semnopithèque gris)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~89
hòm   full   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1765
həːm   satisfy   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2358
jaw   ancient   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~827
jaʔ   accuse   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~409
jaːŋ   good spirit   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~253
joas   knife with curved blade   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1851
jou   pair   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1892
jouŋ   suspend, hang   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1816
jəjoŋ   daughter-in-law   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1813
ka   fish   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~29
kac   harvest mountain rice   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~422
kah   awaken   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~464
kam   arrow   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~602
kap   bite   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~739
kaːŋ   jaw   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~261
ker   aim   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1217
kho   snail   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1358
khoum   blow   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1771
khual   to bark   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2274
khuh   boiling (water)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1951
khɔm sɔh   lungs   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1642
kian   gnaw   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1264
kiaw   left side   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1348
kiaŋ   corner   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1277
kit   frog   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1091
kla   jaguar   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~41
klak   penis   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~153
klan   python   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~645
klaw   husband   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~384
klaw   male   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2683
klaŋ   eagle, sparrow hawk   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~272
klo   to understand, comprehend   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1363
kloʔ   navel   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1592
klun   tadpole   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2168
kluŋ   stomach   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2010
klɔ daŋ   strong   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~684
kləːm   liver   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2364
koh   cut, chop   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1614
kol   help   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2350
kon   child   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1462
kop   turtle   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1538
kouɲ   maternal uncle   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1798
koŋ   bracelet; copper   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1493
koɲ   want, desire   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2385
koː   white fur, albino   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1414
koːp   sickness   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1534
kram   sink, immerse   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~618
kraw   call, crow   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2688
kraŋ   clam   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~286
kraː   old (person)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~74
kriaw   castrate   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1350
kriːŋ   large hornbill   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~964
krot   beehive   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1581
kru   wild cow   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1921
kuah   shave, scrape   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1856
kuat   grasp with tallons   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2311
kuaŋ   chief   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2586
kuaɲ   gibbon   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2300
kuh   naked   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2071
kuj   sleep, copulate   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2100
kwaːc   scratch self   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~94
kwaːj   scratch   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~126
kɔh   hilltop, slope, sand dune   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1615
kəl   to fell trees   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~587
kəldəp   cover over, block   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2592
kəljap   solid   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~734
kəltaŋ   knee   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~730
kəmboat   musical instrument with six pipes   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2309
kəmboŋ   large bill of bird   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1683
kəmho   rind, wrapping   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1422
kəmoːn   nephew, niece   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1467
kənap   termite   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~298
kənas   thunder   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~335
kəndol   heel   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2344
kənduh   bark   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2067
kənhaj   moon   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~530
kənrou   cow   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1742
kənɗa   crow   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~133
kənɟə   heavy   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2496
kəp   stop, stay   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2597
kəras   squirrel [sciurus rodolphi]   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~343
kərip   scorpion   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1077
kərla   bamboo with spines   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~45
kət   tie up, chain   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2670
kətəp   pigeon   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2404
kəːp   count   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2394
la   unfold   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~563
lah   to say   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~473
laːs   fathom, armful   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~333
laːŋ   dark and white (dog etc.)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~274
laːɲ   make thin, trim to a point   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~234
leʔ   suitable, proper   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2421
liap   lick   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1303
liŋ   military   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2562
liː   melt, dissolve, unfold   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1175
liːŋ   sea   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1205
loan   swallow   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2285
los   iron   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1556
lot   go   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1867
loŋ   firewood   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1502
loŋ   to try, endeavour   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1505
loːʔ   thorn, spine   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1419
luh   return   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2076
luːp   question, inquire   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2203
lùn   dull, blunt   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1993
  bran   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2500
ləha   betel   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~38
ləp   to flood   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2598
ləʔiː   basket   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~876
ləʔu   coconut   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1876
ma   right side   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~55
mah   metallic shine, golden   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~487
mat   eye   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~815
maŋ   night, evening   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~698
mbar   sticky rice   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~763
mbat   fist   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~801
mbɔŋ   trough   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1485
mbəl   thick   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2505
me   female   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1135
mhaːm   blood   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~192
mhoal   cloud, fog, mist   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2278
mhɔ   evening   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~835
mir   swidden field   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~977
miː   thou   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~886
miːw   rain   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~999
moʔ   weevil   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1699
mpal   mortar   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~595
mpaːw   to dream   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~385
mpiat   tongue   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1338
mpouŋ   door   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1826
mpraŋ   retinue   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~715
mre   red pepper   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2423
mu   wicked spirit, demon   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1909
muh   nose   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2081
mum   to suck   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2143
mus   to clear field   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2221
mut   enter   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2234
məmo   tranquil, silent   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1594
nac   to love   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~428
ndul, kəndul   belly   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2130
nduŋ   eel   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2182
nduː   God   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1887
ndəp   cover, hide   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2595
nhac   drizzle   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~430
nho   pine   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1367
nhouŋ   gourd   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1821
nhəm   breathe   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2531
niam   good, agreeable   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1268
nir   hemispheric basket   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1082
nke   horn   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1125
nko   neck   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1355
nkoŋ   stem of banana tree   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1497
nkɔːj   back   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2333
nol   groin   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1438
ntas   to make a noise   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~794
ntaw   upright   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~395
ntiar   slippery   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1322
ntiːŋ   bone   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~970
ntoat   run   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2322
ntop   pigeon   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2405
ntor   crest (of animal)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2412
ntroɲ   loincloth   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1477
ntuːŋ   ladder   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2027
ntər   thunder   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2624
nus   heart, temper   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2037
nɗias   fingernail   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1246
pac   to chisel, draw   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~433
pah   slap   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~494
paj   to cook soup   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~110
pam   fish net   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~204
par   to fly   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~779
pat   wring   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~818
paŋ   classifier flat objects   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~704
paŋ   palm of hand   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~282
paɲ   shoot   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~668
paʔ   broken, to break   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~568
paː   give, grant, permit   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~157
pe   three   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1151
peh   knock down   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2461
pes   clear field   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~916
phaːm   eight   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~198
phaːw   gun   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~372
phe   husked rice   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1117
pi   civette   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~945
piah   pound rice   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2460
piaŋ   cooked rice   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1288
pic   gather, pick   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1034
pit   ear lobe   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2671
piːh   launder   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~921
piːs   knife   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1016
pla was   oar   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~47
plaj   fruit   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~539
plaŋ   citronella grass   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~692
pliar   hail   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1312
ploh   testicles   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1621
pluŋ   canoe   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2185
pləm   leech   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2369
po   to suck   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1914
poac   flesh, meat   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2247
poh   seven   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1629
pol   prophet   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1440
por   rice gruel   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1551
poun   hidden, secretive   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1791
poː   bundle, package   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1428
pram   five   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~624
pran   strong; energy, force   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~220
prap   to put in order   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~749
praw   six   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~859
praŋ   dry   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~711
priːt   banana   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~994
pro   squirrel [sciurus erythrogaster]   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1433
proc   intestines   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1392
puan   four   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2295
puh lèp   lightning   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2399
puʔ   swell, puff up   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1953
pəni   shoulder   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~941
pənir   partition   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~982
pənɔs   broom   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1860
pəo   mango   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1401
pərɟoːt   shell grains by trampling with buffalo   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1569
pəs   sweep   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2645
pəŋ   hammer on, pound   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2578
pəŋan   bowl   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~218
pəɗah   chase, hunt   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~457
pəː   to open   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2338
rac   sparrow   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~437
ram   warm, contented, wealthy   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~616
ran   earthworm   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~653
ras   to scatter in a fan   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~340
raɲ   dry   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~673
raːw   wash   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~390
re   swim   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1158
reh   make incision   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2464
rhiaŋ   hundred   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1293
riah   rattan   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2469
rias   root   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1251
ris   growth, fresh   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1022
rit   bat   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1097
riːt   clasp   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1228
ro   dry   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1375
roah   choose   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2248
roat   buy   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2314
rom   agree to be together   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1449
rɔh   lose   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1631
rɔŋ   raise, look after   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1516
rəbut   storm   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2229
rəgaj   thin, lean   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~524
rəhaːj   a fly   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~121
rəhip   inhale through nose   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1212
rəjuː   fear   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1894
rəkaŋ   roof beams   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~264
rəlac saʔ   everybody go   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~169
rəlou   relax   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1906
rələm   fall in, form gullies   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2533
rəm   tremble   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2546
rəmis   rhinoceros   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~912
rəmit   yellow, saffron   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1095
rəmol   dibble stick   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1436
rəmul   to make holes with pole   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1982
rənaj   pestle   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~549
rənɔŋ   throat   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1685
rəpas   rib   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~791
rəpout   rub with the hand   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1869
rəpu   buffalo   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1919
rəpual   gourd   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2281
rəpuŋ   cucumber   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2192
rəsi   comb   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~987
rəsiaŋ   type of rattan   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1295
rəsoːn   nest   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1473
rətu   lid, cover   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2050
rətuh   shake   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2097
rəwas, roas   elephant   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2307
rəŋal   awaken   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~590
rɛh   break off kernels   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2463
sa   eat, earn   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~82
sac   choose   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~440
sah   large basket   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~508
saj   louse   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~553
sas   clean, tidy, sound   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~346
saw   grandchild   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~866
saŋ   throw away, abandon   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~717
saʔ   body   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~574
saːc   bail water   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~93
se   young ones   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1164
siam   to feed, raise   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1272
sil   peel   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1049
sin   cooked   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1064
sin   nine   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1070
siː   tooth   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1180
siːm   bird   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1057
siːn   control, examine   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1195
siːr   chisel, engrave   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~973
so   dog   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1382
sol   to light up   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1442
sop   to peg, to pin   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1541
sor   tell, send   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2302
sout   sharp, to wound   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1874
soŋ   straight; fair, just   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1696
soʔ   hair   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1681
srah   cicada, grasshopper   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~503
sreh   cut (bamboo), slaughter   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2472
suat   to flow no more   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2319
sur   pig   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2218
sut   small bee   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2239
suːh   humid   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1962
suːŋ   axe   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2019
səkar   bamboo (straight)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~323
səkoh   to sort rice   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1617
səma   porcupine   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~58
səmac   mosquito   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~426
səmaɲ   star   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~664
səmoan   medicinal plant   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2289
səmpit   stopper, cork   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1226
səna   crossbow (long)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~62
sənam   year   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~613
səntiːl   seed, semen   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~950
sənɔ̀   hairs   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1426
sənɗoh   leap, jump   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1611
sənəŋ   to think   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2574
səraːt   sour, ferment   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~358
sərdaŋ   sugar   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~246
sərmah   generous, charitable   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~489
səŋgər   drum   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2619
səɗam   handspan   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~608
səʔə   hiccough   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~556
ta   extract   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~579
tac   sell   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~448
tac   short, broken   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~443
tah   cut up (meat)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~514
tam gəl   exchange   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2508
tam   cultivate   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~635
tam   reciprocal marker   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~638
tap   egg   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~760
tap   layer   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~751
tat   solid, dense   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~821
taɲ   weave, knit   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~239
taːm   crab   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~208
taːp   strike, smack   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~308
taːw   sugarcane   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~400
taːʔ   spear   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~173
te   imperative particle   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1171
teh   knock, bump   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2479
ti   hand, arm   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~903
ti   remove husk   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~947
ti   this   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1042
tiah   earth, ground   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2487
tiaŋ   tail   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1300
tip   cockroach   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1079
tis   mistake   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1026
tiŋ   follow, chase   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1073
tiʔ   deaf   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1039
tiː   lead by rope   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1183
tiːl   sign, trace   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1192
tiːp   to meet   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1215
toh   breast, pimple   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1655
tom   tree trunk   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2375
tour   ear   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1845
tram   soak   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~630
traw   taro   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~861
truː   sky   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1748
truːm   excavation, orifice   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1784
tuh   pour water   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2095
tuŋ   to root around   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2200
tuʔ   time, moment   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2119
tuːc   end of the last quarter of the month   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1939
tuːl   skillful, clever; sharpen   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1753
tuːn pis   thickness of knife blade   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1997
tuːŋ   porter   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2024
tɔh   split lengthwise   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1649
tɔr lɛh   termite   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1319
tɔŋ gər   look around   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~727
təgrɔn   imprison, shut up   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1470
təleh   untie an animal   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2453
təme   new   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1140
təp   bury, drive into earth   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2607
tərgləs   springing of bent timber   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2640
tərgəm   molar   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2525
tərmou   cheeks   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1733
tərnom   alcohol, rice beer   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2371
təsɔh   dry   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1636
təwər   timber beam   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2632
tɨt   arrive at, to   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2675
wa   paternal uncle   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~85
wac   whirlwind, turbulance   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~450
war   set a trap; bend, roll in a spiral   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~327
was   measure   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~798
was   scatter, clear away; row   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~349
waʔ   call for, get   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~415
waʔ   to receive guests, reception ritual   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~414
wil   circle, round   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1052
wər   stir liquid with spoon   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2629
ŋaj   day   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~545
ŋan   certain, exact   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~649
ŋaːj dəla   three days hence   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~151
ŋaːj   far   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~106
ŋgap   yawn   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~296
ŋgum   to fan (rice)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2151
ŋguː   cold, flu   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1977
ŋgɔc   light   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2328
ŋwàj   dizzy   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~129
ɓa   to place one object on another   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~565
ɓaŋ   sprout   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~679
ɓuc   grave, cemetery   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1703
ɗal   recognise   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~583
ɗam   granary   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~200
ɗar   wing   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~784
ɗaw   nearly, enough   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~841
ɗaːr   fish with a line   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~319
ɗe   rat   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1144
ɗis   cotton   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~909
ɗo bəno   thigh   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1366
ɗor   orchid   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2407
ɗoum   urine   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1776
ɗouŋ   flat winnowing basket   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1808
ɗəs   speak, sing, dialect   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2643
ɟa   thatch   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~24
ɟar   plant poison   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~770
ɟat   follow   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~808
ɟaʔ   step, tread   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~411
ɟaːl   large net   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~186
ɟaːw   bring, carry, offer   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~374
ɟi   sick, pain   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~882
ɟiraŋ   tree with fine hard wood   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~706
ɟiraːw   tobacco   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~392
ɟiriː   banyan   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~894
ɟirkaw   bear   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~830
ɟiŋ   sew, embroider   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2560
ɟiː   to pull weeds   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~933
ɟiːŋ   become   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1203
ɟor   siphon, suck with straw   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1838
ɟoʔ   long time   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1670
ɟoːj   to seek   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1397
ɟoːŋ   long   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1489
ɟro   deep   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1925
ɟurum   needle   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2158
ɟuː   black, deep, dark   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1979
ɟuːh   give bad advice so as to cheat   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1948
ɟuːm   tinder   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2153
ɟuːn   deer   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1991
ɟuːt   rub out, erase   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2043
ɟəkiat   scratch self   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1332
ɟənaw   matter, affair, custom   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~843
ɟərke   boar   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1120
ɟərmaːŋ   rooster's ergot   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~276
ɟərəŋ   pillar, post   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1689
ɟət   ten   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2666
ɟəŋ   leg   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2570
ɟəŋo   dark, opaque   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1371
ɲhu   smoke   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2048
ɲhəp   dive   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2602
ɲhət   grass, weeds   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2654
ɲim   weep, close eyes   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~955
ɲoːŋ   necklace   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1511
ɲuŋ   dog with black fur   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1824
ʔada   duck   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~9
ʔaj   thou   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~518
ʔaja   lizard   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~20
ʔan   why?   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~212
ʔanoŋ   carry on shoulders   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1509
ʔara   wild duck   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~72
ʔas   swelling, abscess   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~786
ʔaɲ   I, me   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~658
ʔaɲaj   mock, scorn   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~103
ʔaːw   shirt, clothes   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~362
ʔaːŋ   clear, bright, clear, daylight   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~244
ʔaːɲ   carry on back   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~229
ʔeː   excrement, dirt   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2426
ʔiam   onion   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1266
ʔiar   chicken   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1309
ʔiat   listen   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1327
ʔil   barking deer [cervulus muntjacus]   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1047
ʔin   attributive particle (personal)   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1059
ʔià kənɗu   carry with both hands   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1255
ʔiːs   to dry something   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~907
ʔo   to drain contents of pot   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1586
ʔoh   younger brother/sister   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1601
ʔot   to saw, cut   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1566
ʔoum   rotten   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1758
ʔoŋ   wasp   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1481
ʔu   earth, dirt   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1972
ʔuh   blow, play instrument   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2056
ʔum   bathe   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2140
ʔuːr   woman   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2031
ʔàn   saddle   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~213
ʔədoh   sing with music   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1608
ʔəlah   defeat; lazy   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~476
ʔənrət   jerk, jump, recoil   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2660
ʔəseh   horse   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2478
ʔət   hold back   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~2648
ʔətɔ̀ŋ   orchid   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1528
ʔəwaɲ   twist self   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~675
ʔɛɔh sənnrɔ̀r   first   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~1548
ʔɛ̀ ʔì   gnat   (Sre [Koho])   Boc1953:C:Sid2000~923