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ba   agentive marker, passive marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:876
bam   eat; food   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:2
bamsap   corrupt   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:946
bamtʰijaŋ   sweet   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1150
ban   than   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1159
bar   out   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:3
bas   bus   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:912
beit   fool; mad   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:984
bej   mother   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:818
bia   marry   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1051
biaŋ   again; back   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:873
bnaj   moon   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:21
bru   body, person, man   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:26
bɔl   ball   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:892
bɔr     (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1241
bɨta   part   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1079
bʰa   good, well; intensifier   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1001
cat   because   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:900
chaʔa   to cut   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1176
cʔɔʔ   throat   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1167
cʰa-den   behind   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:85
cʰa   all   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:879
cʰa   passive marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1082
cʰa   tea   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1153
cʰa   to   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1170
cʰait̻   healthy   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1005
cʰaja   make   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1048
cʰapɔʔ   in, inside   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1022
cʰaŋ   bark   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:895
cʰaʔ   passive marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1081
cʰaʔ   perfective aspect marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1086
cʰet, set   to cook   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1172
cʰi   discontinuous reduplication marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:957
cʰiljsaŋ   across   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:869
cʰim   take, pick   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:47
cʰini   sugar   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1145
cʰinraŋ   man, boy   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:56
cʰipaw   ten   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:457
cʰispa   hundred   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:581
cʰitaj   there   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1161
cʰitɔm   punishment   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1097
cʰitʰi   letter   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1038
cʰnɔŋ   village   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:53
cʰpɔʔ   inside   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1024
cʰraj   angry   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:529
cʰuki   chair   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:925
cʰut̻   hit   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1008
cʰɔŋ   sit down   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:42
cʰɔʔ   already   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:880
cʰɔʔ   fight   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:978
cʰɛ   no   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1065
cʰɛj wan   where   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1208
cʰɛt   to cook   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1171
da   agentive marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:875
da   by, with; instrumental marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:918
da   perfective aspect marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1088
dadep, dadɛp   complementizer   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:939
dadep   perfective aspect marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1087
dait tʰaʔ   cold   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:938
dajo   see   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:121
dalaj   both   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:905
dap, dɛp, dep   finish, perfective aspect marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:982
dat lawakɔr   datlawakor (name of game)   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:951
dat   beat   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:73
daw   future marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:991
daw   instrumental preposition   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1025
daŋ   progressive marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1093
daɲ   to cut   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1175
dej   by   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:917
deɲ, dein   tree   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:82
deʔ   go   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:999
di   to drink   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:94
dia   younger   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1233
diaʔ   sister   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1126
doʔ   lose   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1046
doʔ   superlative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1147
du   only, just   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1074
dukan   shop   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1121
duna   least   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1036
dur   face   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:856
dut   milk   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1056
dɔj   curd   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:949
dəkʰa   fish   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:185
dɨt   hit   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1009
flim   film   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:979
ha   instrumental preposition   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1027
ha   on, locative preposition   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:103
haden   after   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:871
hajwan   where   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1209
ham   negator   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:105
hap   fall   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:974
hapoʔ   inside, locative preposition   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:109
hati   elephant   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:967
haɟroŋ   on, locative preposition   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1072
hej bɨnta   for   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:985
hej dɔr   only   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1073
hej pɔr   in   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1021
hi-me   you (2nd masc. singular)   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:385
hikaj   teach   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1154
hɛj ni   here   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:117
hɛj por   during, while   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:963
hɛj taj   there   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:636
hɛj tʰaw   where   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1207
hɛj wɔn   whom   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1217
hɛj, hej   to, locative   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1182
hɛʔ   big   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:903
ja   accusative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:868
jaleʔ ke   play   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1089
jam   to cry   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:119
jap   die   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:125
jarəp   help   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:133
jaw   see   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1113
jaw   shop   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:134
jaŋ   give   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:996
jaŋ   wait   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1193
je   abilitative (permissive) marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:867
je   glass   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:998
je   not   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1068
je   shall   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1115
jej   topicalizer, accusative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1186
ji   copular   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:945
ji   no, negator   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:136
joluti   expect   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:972
josuk   like   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1039
jotroʔ   nuisance   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:147
joŋ   fem. singular   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:976
joŋa   my   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1058
joʔ   to get   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1179
ju   what, who   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1204
jusuk   beautiful   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:898
juŋ bicʰar   court   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:947
juŋ   house   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:137
jɔt̻əroj   hated   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1003
jɔŋ, joŋ   genitive maker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:993
jɔŋ   black   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:127
jɔɲ   hate   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1002
jɔʔ   get   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:994
jɛt   glass   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:997
ka bru   women   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1223
ka   she (3rd singular fem. agreement marker or clitic)   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1117
ka   she (3rd singular fem.)   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1118
kader   turn   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1188
kadwan   which, how much   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1211
kam   work   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1226
kammɔn   sometime   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1134
kamwan   what   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1203
kap   walk   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1195
kari   subject agreement marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1141
kariŋ   wife   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1220
karma   room   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1105
kat   while   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1212
katari   knife   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1033
katiar-kitar   anything   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:884
katni   now   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1069
katta-kalnej   some   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1133
katu katni   some   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1132
katwa   but, when   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:915
katwɔn   how   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1014
kat̻t̻u katni   some   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1131
kaɟar   nail   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1059
kaɟat   leg   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:248
ke   to roam   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1181
kedni   today   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1184
kem   catch   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:920
khat-doʔ-doʔ   least   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1035
ki bru   women   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1222
ki noŋ hikaj   teachers   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1156
ki tu   fem. singular   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:975
ki   they   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:245
kintʰaj   woman   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:278
kjuŋ   work   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1227
klam   speak   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1136
klas   class   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:931
klɔŋ   bottle   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:250
koit   running   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1108
kot   coat   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:934
kper   garden   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:285
kros   cross   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:948
krɛʔ kɔt   study   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1139
krɛʔ   work   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:293
ksaw   dog   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:307
kulle   horse   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:765
kulom   pen   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1085
kura   hit   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1010
kut   end, be over   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:317
kwaʔ   want   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1196
  she (3rd fem. singular subject agreement marker or clitic)   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1116
kɔm bo   child   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:928
kɔpʰi   coffee   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:936
kɔt   book, paper   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:805
kəm   as   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:886
kɟak   little, some   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1043
kɟut̻, kuɟut   sick, pain   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1124
kɨlljaŋ   change   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:926
kɨnrat   master   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:270
kɨntʰiar   jump   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1030
kʰaj   wake   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1194
kʰajri   fever   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:977
kʰam   little   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1041
kʰana   certainly   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:924
kʰana   tell   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:201
kʰannaʔ, kʰɨnnaʔ   child   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:929
kʰawaj   party   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1080
kʰaŋ   close   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:192
kʰaɟak   little   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1042
kʰaɲ   break   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:911
kʰian   small, little   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1129
kʰlo   forest, jungle   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:986
kʰmat   face, front   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:380
kʰo   rice   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:188
kʰoit   clean   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:194
kʰoŋ   pen   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1084
kʰt̻e   dirty   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:956
kʰut   to call   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:241
kʰɔn bo   baby   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:889
kʰɔn   offspring   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:196
kʰɨne   rat   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:221
kʰɨntʰaj   girl   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:995
kʰɨɫlot   young   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:227
kʰɫli   speak   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1135
la   passive marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1083
lada   if   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1018
ladaw   banana   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:894
lait   out, vacant   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1078
laj   go   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:338
laki laku   furiously   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:990
lat   finish   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:981
laŋdoŋ   round   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1106
leʔ   to do   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1177
leʔ   white   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:341
lipait   cinema   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:930
lipiat   see   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1112
liwan   go back   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1000
loit   take   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1152
lok   friend   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:987
lreʔ   white   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1214
lut   all   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:878
lut̻i   road   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:362
  three   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:321
lɛʔ ke   play   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1090
lɛʔ   why   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1218
mahaɟan   rich man   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1103
maja   to love   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1180
man, mən   after   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:872
man   dependent verb marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:954
man   hold   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1011
man   subject agreement marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1142
man   to be   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:379
mankʰpɔr̰   always   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:881
me   you (2nd singular masc. nominalizer)   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1232
meit̻   table   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1151
met   night   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:387
mi   masc. singular   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1052
mi   you (2nd singular masc. agreement marker or clitic)   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1231
miat, miat̻   good, beauty   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:391
mincʰwa   before   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:901
minstep   tomorrow   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1185
miʔ   go out   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:394
mjaw   cat   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:392
muna   bag   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:891
mut   think   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1162
  uncertain   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1191
mɛnitu   day-by-day   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:952
mɨnnu   when   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1206
mɨntu, mint̻u, mentu   today   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1183
na   from, ablative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:989
na   locative preposition   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1044
naden   back   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:890
naw, nɔʔ   throw   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1168
nej bitʰa   benefactive marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:902
nej bʰaʔ   because   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:899
nej t̻u   from   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:988
ni   proximal demonstrative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:407
noŋ hikaj   teacher, coach   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1155
noŋ kreʔ   clerk   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:932
noŋ tɨn jap   killer   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1031
noŋ   agentive marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:874
nɔŋ   nominalizer   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1067
nɔʔ   now   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1070
  uncertain   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1190
pa   father   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:430
pait   watch   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1198
paju kintʰaj   elder sister   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:966
paju   sibling   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1123
paralɔk, paralok   friend   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:332
parjam kʰti   finger   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:980
parom   story   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1138
pat   fall   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:973
pcem   verandah   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1192
pi   lets   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1037
pia   break   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:910
pirkʰat   think   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:490
pisa, poisa   money   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1057
prcʰaʔ   against   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:41
prtuit   name   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1060
psiaʔ   to enter, come   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:584
psut̻   to enter   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1178
purɛ   read, study   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1100
puŋ   lake   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:499
pɔj   reach   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1099
pɔʔ   in   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1020
pɨn   causative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:921
pʰa   you (2nd plural fem. nominalizer)   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:459
pʰaʔ   causative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:923
pʰi   you (2nd plural masc./fem. agreement marker or clitic; nominalizer)   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:458
pʰimepʰo   singular   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1125
pʰipʰɔ   you (2nd fem. plural agreement marker or clitic)   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1230
pʰɔʔ   bloom   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:904
pʰɛr   doubt   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:960
pʰɛt   run   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:456
pʰɨɫla   subject agreement marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1144
pʰɨɫla   wonder   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1225
ra   bring, carry   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:516
rap   quite; comparative degree marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:512
rbɛn   thick   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:518
ri   country   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:534
roŋ   color   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:522
rut̻i   bread   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:909
rɔwaj   to sing   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:554
rʔum   juicy   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1029
r̰ap   help   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1007
sahɛp   office   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1071
sait   wash   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1197
sakʰiat   true   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1187
sakʰijat   tell   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1157
sapoɲ   turban   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:618
sapɛɲ   mango   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1050
saʔ   stay   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:566
sd̻aj   axe   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:888
seit   bamboo   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:893
senbʰalaŋ   organization   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1075
siaw   whistle   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1213
sinduk   box   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:907
sinraj   autumn   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:887
sintu   flower   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:613
siʔ   bad   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:590
siʔilɔŋ   ill-natured   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1019
skur   school   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1111
slait   rape   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1098
slap   rain   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:596
slaʔ   leaf   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:595
slem   slowly   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1127
smat   early, soon, fast   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:964
snam   blood   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:600
snem   year   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:604
so   four   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:559
so   red   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:558
step   morning   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:626
sudoŋ   round   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1107
suk   easy   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:965
suki   slowly   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:861
sula poʔ   shirt   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1119
sula ɟroŋ   coat   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:935
sula   shirt   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1120
surok, sur̰ok   road   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1104
suɲbeɲeɲ   weather   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1199
sŋaw   wonder   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1224
sŋem   wet   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1200
  fruit   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:572
sɨnrum   cold   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:937
sɲaw bʰa, sɲobʰa   please   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1091
sɲaw suk   like   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1040
ta   after   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:635
taj   proximal demonstrative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1096
tam   superlative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1146
tan kawa   but   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:913
tarɛk   date   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:950
taŋ wa   but   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:914
taŋ   but   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:637
tdɔŋ   tail   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:645
te   proximal demonstrative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1095
te   then   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1160
tej   distal demonstrative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:959
tes   test   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1158
teʔ   conjuntion   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:942
tikna   sure   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1148
tiŋka   rupees   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1110
tnat   branch   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:908
toit   running   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1109
tre   bottom   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:906
tre   master   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1054
tu   distal/proximal demonstrative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:649
tupri   cap   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:919
tɔʔ   copular   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:944
tɔʔ   should   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1122
  proximal demonstrative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1094
tɛʔ   distal demonstrative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:958
tɛʔ   so   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1130
tɨmmen   old   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:696
tɨn-jap   kill   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:415
tɨn   causative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:922
tɨrsim   nail   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:704
tɨɫleʰ   rope   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:693
tʰaraj, tʰar̰aj   think   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1163
tʰat   cloth   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:933
tʰaw sum   bathroom   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:628
tʰaŋ   burn   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:664
tʰaɲ   knit   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:659
tʰiaŋ, tʰijaŋ   sweet   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1149
tʰiaʔ   sleep   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:673
tʰird, tʰerd, tʰeəd   buy   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:916
tʰŋan   hungry   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1016
tʰɔk   cheat   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:927
t̻in   know   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1034
t̻ip   know   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:683
t̻iɫli, tɨɫli   general classifier (non-human)   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:992
t̻oʔ, toʔ   be; copular   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:897
t̻oʔ   steal   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1137
t̻ŋit   dirty   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:955
t̻ɔʔ   probilitative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1092
t̻ʰlu   hole   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1012
t̻ʰɔʔ   write   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1229
wa   adjectivalizer   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:870
wa   conjunction   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:941
wa   instrumental preposition   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1026
wa   relative particle, complementizer   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1101
wakrɛʔ   servant   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1114
wan   to come   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:712
wan   which   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1210
warɔʔ, waroʔ, war̰oʔ   all   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:877
watrkʰaw   dry   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:962
waw   complementizer   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:940
waʔ   hang   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:715
waʔ   river   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:714
wej di   drank   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:961
wej, wɛj   and, conjuntion   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:883
wi   others   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1077
wum   negative   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1062
wɔm   negative   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1064
wəw   will   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1221
wɛr wɛr   slowly slowly   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1128
ŋa   I (1st singular); agreement marker or clitic; nominalizer   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:416
ŋa   locative preposition   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1045
ŋait   think, agree   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1164
ŋap   face   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:417
ŋia   tire   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1169
ŋu   who   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1215
ŋut, nut   human classifier   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1015
ɔhoʔ   negation, denial marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1061
ɟa   meals   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1055
ɟait   kind, type; different   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1032
ɟan   emphatic marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:123
ɟiŋ   nominalizer   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1066
ɟiŋden   ornaments   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1076
ɟon   John (name of person)   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1028
ɟoʔ   always, ever   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:882
ɟrɔŋ, ɟroŋ   long, tall   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:155
ɟu   ever   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:969
ɟur   heavy   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1006
ɟʰraw   thirsty   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1165
ʔa   subject agreement marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1143
ʔapəl   apple   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:885
ʔar faw sen   twenty five   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1189
ʔar   two   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:725
ʔaʔ   to cut   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1174
ʔe   give   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:726
ʔekɟam   exam   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:970
ʔem   be, copular   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:896
ʔem   have   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:737
ʔi bam   food   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:983
ʔi ni   this   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1166
ʔi   elsewhere clitic   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:968
ʔi   we (1st masc./fem. plural); agreement marker or clitic; nominalizer   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:744
ʔije   what   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1202
ʔiji   what   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1201
ʔikɟam   exam   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:971
ʔim   live   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:745
ʔin   negative   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1063
ʔiɲ   to cut   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1173
ʔiʔ   ripe   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:747
ʔo   he (3rd masculine singular)   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1004
ʔu bru   man   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1049
ʔu je   who   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1216
ʔu taŋ   coordinator   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:943
ʔu   dependent verb marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:953
ʔu   he, she (3rd singular masc./fem. agreement marker or clitic; nominalizer)   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:749
ʔu   masc. singular accusative marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1053
ʔu   subject agreement marker   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1140
ʔum   water, liquid   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:750
ʔuɲ biaŋ   return   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1102
ʔɔ   I (1st subject agreement marker or clitic)   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1017
ʔɔŋ, ʔoŋ   say, tell   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:730
ʔɛm salɔn   innocent   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1023
ʔɛʔ   loud   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1047
ʔɨje   what, who   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1205
ʔɨm   negative   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:738
ʔɨmhoj   wretched   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1228
ʔɨnnin   yesterday   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:741
ʔɨɫle   why   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1219
ʔɨɲ   hot   (Pnar [Jowai])   Cho2004:C:1013