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aːu ktʃaɁ   smell bad   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:776
aːu ŋur   smell good   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:815
baŋ, bənnaŋ   to eat   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:2
bej jaːo, gjaːo   maternal grandmother   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:122
bni   month   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:21
brəː, brəːu   person   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:26
brɛj   sky   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:28
burɔm   respect   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:816
daːo   grove   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:323
deaŋ   tree   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:82
diɁ, dənniɁ   to go, walk   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:95
duɁdɨt   small   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:93
dɔjn   fire   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:90
dəu   TRUE   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:817
eiɲ   to sleep   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:819
gni   this one (fem.)   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:259
gteɁ   that one (fem.)   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:636
gum   water, river   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:750
gətat   frog   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:830
haruɁ   turtle   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:553
hbu kʰɔn kɔraŋ   younger brother   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:831
hbu raːo kmaːo   younger sister   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:832
hmɨn kʰɔn kɔraŋ   elder brother   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:833
hmɨn raːo kmaːo   elder sister   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:834
hndə   now   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:835
hnju   seven   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:113
hə.poɁ   downward   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:109
hən niɁ   here   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:117
hərəː   six   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:114
  house   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:137
kait   banana   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:839
khndaj   nine   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:223
kiat   liquor   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:842
kiju   they   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:245
kloŋ snam   heart   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:250
kmaːo   mother   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:386
kmjaŋ   mud, earth   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:843
kniaɁ   heavy   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:207
koit ləɁ   enough   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:844
kraŋ   neck   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:511
kraʔ   to speak   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:845
kreaɁ   to prepare (food)   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:234
kroŋ   cave   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:291
kseiɲ   drum (on the ground)   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:91
ksuː   dog   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:307
ktɔn   word   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:311
ktəj   hand   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:314
kwi   betelnut   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:318
kwit   seed   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:846
kɔraŋ   male, husband   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:56
kɔraːo   bachelor   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:231
kəllɔt   female bachelor   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:227
kəmboɁ   big   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:840
kəɟat   leg   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:248
kʰa   paternal relative   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:186
kʰeiɲ   to think   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:841
kʰla   tiger   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:210
kʰlaːo   stomach, belly   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:790
kʰlim akɔr   without manners   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:736
kʰliɁ   head   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:216
kʰlɔr   star   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:214
kʰmat   eye   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:380
kʰnaj   rat   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:221
kʰnjaŋ   insect   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:225
kʰɔn thaːo   wife   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:786
kʰɔn   child   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:196
laj   three   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:321
laŋkʰa   paddy field   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:359
laɁur   vegetable   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:847
liaŋ   seed   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:349
liəŋ   boat   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:340
ləmɔr   mouth   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:383
ləŋɁir   wind   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:848
ləɁɔɁ   cloud   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:374
ləːkur   ear   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:49
ləːmut   nose   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:220
ləːu tʰap   forest   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:788
lɛjɲ taŋdoŋ   greas, marrow   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:217
mama   elder maternal uncle   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:375
marlɔk   friend   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:332
maʧoŋ   to sit   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:42
mejt.sŋej   east   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:394
mim   tuber   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:393
mɔn   will   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:381
mɔɁ naːo   yesterday   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:849
məllək   salt   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:850
mərriaŋ   beautiful   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:399
məsə   cow   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:390
nej   to come   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:851
njoŋnja   dark   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:852
noŋprəj   rock   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:853
ntaɁ   sharp   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:638
  I   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:408
paː   father   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:430
phraː   eight   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:858
prɔk   all   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:521
pədaj   love   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:854
pəlləŋ   egg   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:484
pənhiar hənsɔm   to exhale   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:480
pənkɔjt   to cure, heal   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:855
pənnur   to blow (fire)   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:856
pərnɔn   bridge, ladder   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:502
pərtɔk   to tell, narrate   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:857
pʰat   to clean   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:446
rim   old   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:540
riŋ hənsɔm   breath, inhale   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:575
rətip   tomorrow   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:859
rəŋwi   to sing   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:554
san   five   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:562
saːo   four   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:559
sip sŋej   west   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:589
slap   rain   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:596
slaː   leaf   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:595
snam   blood   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:600
sniaŋ   pig   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:605
suki   slowly   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:861
sŋɛj   sun   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:617
sɁɛr   fowl   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:632
səniɁ   skin   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:603
səniɔk   hair   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:52
sənnaɁ   to enter   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:584
səntʰəɁ   flower   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:613
sənɔr   intestines   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:602
səŋu siɁ   sad   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:590
səŋu thuɁ   to understand   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:681
səŋu   to hear   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:615
səŋəɁ   tasty   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:860
taj təmmun   right hand   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:179
taj təmmɨŋ   left hand   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:87
teːɁ   that one (fem.)   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:862
thaːo   maternal grandfather   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:864
thəmmin   old, ancient   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:696
tu   that one (fem.)   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:648
tuwar   footpath   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:102
tɔmhur   dove   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:116
  upward   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:650
təllɔjt   tongue   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:694
təllɔn   sharp   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:334
təmma   to remember   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:863
tənnɔm   to take   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:669
tətɔɁ   south   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:643
tətəj   north   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:651
təŋŋam   cold   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:421
tʃɁiaŋ   bone   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:67
tʰam   crab   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:658
tʰəmmaj   new   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:686
tʰəndej   to fly   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:780
tʰəneŋ   to cook   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:653
wata   to know   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:865
Ɂe   difficult   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:866
Ɂim   to be, have   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:737
Ɂɛŋ maːo riɛŋ   knee   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:769
ɉali   brain   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:836
əbɛj   mother   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:818
əcim   bird   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:587
ədɔm   hill   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:330
ədɛt   a little bit   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:224
əkur   clan   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:316
əkʰa   fish   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:185
əkʰaːo     (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:188
əlliŋ   to forget   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:821
əlliɁ   white   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:341
əlup     (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:806
əmaːo   stone   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:376
əmpʰi   tired   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:822
əmɔjn   tooth   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:356
ənjam   spider   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:401
ənnaj   to give   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:726
ənnajt   ripe   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:823
ənnjoŋ   black   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:127
ənsaːo   red   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:558
ənsiɁ   morning   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:824
ənta   today   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:635
ənɔt   liver   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:406
əpaːo   ashes   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:100
əpɔr   river   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:826
əreŋ   horn   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:530
əroŋ   color   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:522
əsan   become, grow, be   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:827
əsur   voice   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:828
ətɔr   lungs   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:829
ətʰɔt   root, nerves, veins   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:668
əwə   one   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:719
əŋjap   dead   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:125
əŋkʰɛt   painful   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:825
əŋnɨm   alive   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:745
əɟa   cooked rice, food   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:118
əɟaiñ   cloth   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:124
əɟin   ginger   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:820
ɟaŋ əmmɔt   eveing   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:387
ɟhur   vegetable   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:837
ɟiroŋ   long   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:155
ɟnoŋ   village   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:53
ɟoŋ ɟiŋhaj   illness   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:838
ɟraj   millet   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:505
ɟɔ   to see, look at   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:121
ɟəba   paddy   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:170
ɟəkaiɲ   mosquito   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:166
ʔaːr   two   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:725
ʧat, ʧənnat   to dance   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:38
ʧə phu   ten   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:457
ʧə sphaɁ   hundred   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:581
ʧə   one   (Lyngngam [Rongrin])   Dal2009:C:45