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Katuic Branch (18 items)
bɔɔ   rain   (Ta'Oi)   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~882-2
doŋ   house   (Ta'Oi)   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~1382-6
dɔɔʔ   to put aside, keep   (Ta'Oi)   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~924-6
kahuac   whistle   (Ta'Oi)   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~1316-6
klɔɔk   white (animals)   ()   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~929-3
kəjɨɨk   husband   (Ta'Oi)   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~78-7
ləən   swallow   (Ta'Oi)   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~374-6
pantsuul   servant   ()   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~1097-3
prɯəl   mango   ()   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~771-3
pɔɔh   salt   ()   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~905-3
tambɔɔŋ   call, reply   (Ta'Oi)   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~978-2
tanəəm   tree trunk   ()   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~372-2
trɔɔ   stringed instrument   (Ta'Oi)   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~883-5
wiil   village   ()   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~730-2
ŋkṳac   jew's harp   ()   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~1312-2
ʔalooŋ   wood   ()   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~953-5
ʔapieŋ   spider   ()   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~735-3
ʔaroo   cry, call; voice   ()   Dif1982:C:Sid2005~1070-3