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ba  ba   part of a whole   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:93
babak  babak   means a person of strong words   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:96
baj  bae   to want, accept   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:97
bal  bal   together, with   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:99
balɛ  bale   like, just as; too   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:100
bam daː  bam daa   flood, rising, the water which surrounds   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:101
ban  ban   to meet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:102
bap  bap   father   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:106
bar  bar   to double strength, to support   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:107
bar  bar   two   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:108
barbɛt  barbet   swallow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:109
bas  bas   how to lose face, be the laughing stock of others   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:110
basil  basil   to lose face, have shame   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:111
baŋ  bang   to slice with one blow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:103
baɲ  bany   not (imperative prohibitory)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:104
baː  baa   not possible! (exclamation)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:94
baː  baa   softened by water   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:95
baːj  bai   basket   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:98
baːw  bao   husband, wife, partner   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:105
be     as, like   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:142
be     goat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:143
bedɔ  bêdo   like this, thus   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:144
begələh  bêgölöh   how? how to make, how that it is done?   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:147
begɛn  bêgen   like that   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:146
behə  bêhö   thus   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:148
belah  bêlah   how, what? what do you say?   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:149
beləh  bêlöh   how, how to make?   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:150
beː  bêe   buffalo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:145
bi  bi   elder, oldest   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:153
bia  bia   shovel, spade   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:154 < Vietnamese
biaj  biae   fabric   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:155 < Vietnamese
biap pruŋ  biap prung   species of legume   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:157
biap rəhum  biap röhum   kind of wild watercress   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:158
biap  biap   generally anything that is eaten with rice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:156
bic kwɛŋ  bic kueng   to lie down curled up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:160
bic rɔ  bic ro   lazy in the morning; half awake   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:161
bic  bic   to lie, lie down to sleep; (by extension) to sleep   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:159
bil draːj  bil drai   Vietnamese mat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:163
bil  bil   mat (woven in cane)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:162
bir  bir   to be afraid; not to dare   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:166
biŋ  bing   full, filled   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:164
biŋliaŋ  bingliang   the face   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:165
bla  bla   ivory   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:167
bla  bla   timber cross-piece under the floor of house   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:168
blac  blac   lie   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:170
blah sa  blah sa   span of extended arm to the middle of the chest (measurement)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:172
blah  blah   to split, cleave   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:171
blan  blan   solar eclipse   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:173
blaŋ  blang   kapok (bombax malarica)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:174
blaː  blaa   to present, offer   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:169
blu  blu   large leech   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:182
bluh  bluh   hole in something such as clothing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:183
blun  blun   to cut, in the sense of opening a Ricefield dike to drain water   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:184
blur  blur   stink badger (Mydous melicép)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:185
blɔ  blo   oleaginous plant   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:176
blɔh  bloh   sign of the past, of completed action   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:178
blɔt  blot   short (of clothing)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:181
blə  blö   vicious (in the sense of liar or thief)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:177
bləhɔŋ  blöhong   papaw, papaya   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:179
blən  blön   eggplant   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:180
blɛj  blei   to buy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:175 < Chamic
bo     mud, swamp   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:187
boat  boat   piece, end   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:189
bol  bôl   tired, harassed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:217
bom  bôm   swelling   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:221
bou gəsaŋ  bou gösang   yoke   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:306
bou  bou   the head   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:305
boumat  boumat   bud that opens   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:307
bout  bout   island   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:309
bouŋ  boung   measure of length for the roof of straw hut   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:308
bra  bra   peacock   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:311
brah  brah   mythological person   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:312
bras  bras   sand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:313
bri  bri   forest, bush   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:314
bri  bri   to pay, rent (transitive)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:315
briat  briat   flexible, springy object   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:317
briaŋ  briang   spirit of the rainbow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:316
bris  bris   kind of lizard   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:319
brjoal  brioal   kind of marsupial   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:318
brjuh  briuh   fog, mist   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:320
broa  broa   work   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:322
bru sə  bru sö   put the hood back   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:325
bruh  bruh   spit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:326
brutas  brutaih   the first day of the month   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:327
brɔ  bro   indicate the direction one goes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:321
brɔŋ  brong   hollow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:323
brɔː  broo   gourd, broken necked gourd bottle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:324
bu  bu   to drown   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:328
buaj  buai   petiole   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:329
bubi  bubi   to feel, finger   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:330
buc  buc   tomb, cemetery   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:331
buh ʔɨn  buh ün   saddle (a horse)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:333
buh  buh   to roast   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:332
buk  buk   fallen   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:335
bum  bum   tuber; potato   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:336
bun  bun   pregnant; full (animals); fertilized (plant)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:337
bup  bup   reed for drinking from earthenware jar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:342
bup  bup   small bag of woven bamboo to save fish and shellfish   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:343
bupac  bupac   to touch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:344
bur  bur   to fill, clog, stop, block   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:345
but  but   kidneys   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:346
buŋ triŋ  bung tring   cobweb   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:339
buŋ  bung   spider   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:338
buən  buön   easy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:340
buəŋ  buöng   piece of cloth used as a scarf   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:341
buːh  buuh   ash   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:347
bwi  bui   kind of algae   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:334
 bo   to crush to reduce to powder   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:186
bɔh bər  boh bör   to speak, to talk   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:201
bɔh  boh   make offering of something due   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:198
bɔh  boh   salt   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:199
bɔj  boe   cured   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:196
bɔl  bol   several (the plural form of pronouns)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:216
bɔr  bor   night orchestra of six gongs   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:246
bɔŋ kɔj  bong koe   cylindrical tank of woven bamboo (for paddy granary)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:227
bɔŋ  bong   anointing, rubbing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:225
bɔː  boo   white   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:243
bɔːŋ nkɔj  boong nkoe   the back crease   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:244
bɔːŋ sur  boong sur   pig trough   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:245
    to draw   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:188
bəbɔ  böbo   tree with hard, reddish wood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:190
bəcah  böcah   broken   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:192
bəcaj  böcae   to drive out, put to flight   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:191
bəchou  böchou   to mislead, induce error   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:193
bəcəw  böcöu   to insult   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:194
bədih  bödih   outside   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:195
bəh  böh   of (provenace), since   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:200
bəhian  böhian   awkward, unable   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:202
bəj ba  böe ba   anyhow, no matter   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:197
bəja  böya   kind of iguana   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:310
bəkah  bökah   good (taste, odor)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:206
bəkap  bökap   to fasten, hook   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:211
bəkaːw kras  bökao kras   kind of lilac   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:208
bəkaːw pra  bökao pra   sort of wallflower-snapdragon   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:210
bəkaːw pəraŋ  bökao pörang   beautiful red flowers, of the rainy season   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:209
bəkaːw  bökao   flower   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:207
bəkiar  bökiar   to adjust   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:213
bəklaw  böklau   husband   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:214
bəklən  böklön   to force, oblige (with idea of injustice)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:215
bəkɛr  böker   to aim   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:212
bəla  böla   plant with tuber and broad leaves   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:218
bəlil  bölil   hedge bindweed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:219
bəlɔ  bölo   copper container to draw water   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:220
bənah  bönah   piece, share   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:223
bənaŋ  bönang   night   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:224
bənaːŋ  bönaang   levelled ground   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:222
bənha  bönha   hearth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:231
bənu  bönu   hen, chicken   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:235
bənus  bönus   a human being (less general than drönya), a person in the country   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:237
bənuŋ  bönung   young (said of plants)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:236
bənɔ  böno   earring   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:232
bənɔp  bönop   lid (of pot, of hood; by extension can indicate a stopper)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:234
bənəm  bönöm   mountain, cline   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:233
bər  bör   jaws, mouth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:247
bərjɔh  börioh   to burst   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:248
bərkal  börkal   a form of prohibition, taboo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:250
bərkoat  börkoat   to make a knot   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:251
bərkol  börkôl   to defend, prohibit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:252
bərkuŋ  börkung   species of lizard, small size   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:253
bərlah  börlah   foreign seeds (grass, ryegrass) mixed with paddy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:254
bərlaŋ kaŋ  börlang kang   rainbow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:256
bərlaŋ  börlang   plover (Sarcogramus indicus) (very noisy, informs other birds of the approach of a man)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:255
bərlim  börlim   small bell such as shamans attache to cord-talisman   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:257
bərliŋ bərlaŋ  börling börlang   universal upheaval with atmospheric disturbances (according to tradition)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:259
bərliŋ  börling   thrush-magpie (Copsychus saularis mussicus)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:258
bərlu  börlu   to scramble   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:261
bərluh  börluh   still young (said of individuals, plants)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:262
bərlɔŋ  börlong   large bell, such as one attaches to horses   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:260
bərnan  börnan   adultery, lust   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:263
bərnɔh  börnoh   the Master of the land, who governs the culture (specific to certain villages)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:265
bərsɔŋ  börsong   monitor (Varanus salvator) (large water lizard greenish or mottled yellow)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:271
bərsɛl  börsel   to make fun, joke   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:270
bərtul  börtul   anthill   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:273
bərtum  börtum   species of water lizard   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:274
bərtɔ  börto   son-in-law; husband of niece   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:272
bərŋəl  börngöl   ignoramus, incompetent   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:264
bərɟɔŋ  börjong   ragout (rice, meat and vegetables cooked together)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:249
bərɲaŋ  börnyang   accident which causes death   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:266
bərɲoal  börnyoal   species of lizard   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:267
bərɲul  börnyul   drunk   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:268
bərɲuŋ  börnyung   species of lizard   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:269
bəs klan  bös klan   python   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:276
bəs praːw  bös prao   viper   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:277
bəs tur  bös tur   poisonous snake with crest on head   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:278
bəs  bös   snake   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:275
bəsak  bösak   malicious, cruel, fierce   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:279
bəsap  bösap   insipid   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:280
bəsi  bösi   edible plant   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:281
bəsia  bösia   to cough   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:282
bəsiaŋ  bösiang   projecting outstretched arm   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:283
bəsir  bösir   medicinal plant whose fruit is used to treat infections, wounds (Orchidaceae)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:284
bəsit  bösit   edible mushroom   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:285
bəsram  bösram   to exert; by extension: to study, learn   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:288
bəsɔh  bösoh   to change, transfer, pay   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:286
bəsɔt  bösot   poisonous fungus   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:287
bəta  böta   thing (general term)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:289
bətaw  bötau   the supreme leader, the government, the state   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:293
bətaw  bötau   upright   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:294
bətaŋ  bötang   bitter, acrid   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:291
bətaː  bötaa   pillar, corner column   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:290
bətaːw  bötao   to test, try   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:292
bəthi  böthi   to eat sacrificed meat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:297
bətoah  bötoah   satisfaction at always finding what one seeks   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:300
bətuŋ  bötung   to initiate (the shaman with his functions)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:304
bətɔ  böto   to teach, explain   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:298
bətɔʔ  böto'   when one is on the way   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:299
bətəj  bötöe   to excite reaction, to irritate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:301
bətər  bötör   a chief, powerful one   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:302
bətət  bötöt   to block a river to fish with net or lift net   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:303
bətɛ-sur  böte-sur   to call pigs for swill time   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:296
bətɛh  böteh   silk   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:295
bəŋ  böng   large earthenware jar (frayed with short collar and four ears)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:226
bəŋan  böngan   small bowl   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:228
bəŋe  böngê   common name for two species of Oleaceae shrubs (one uses leaf or tuber as a remedy for malaria)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:229
bəŋe  böngê   paludic fever   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:230
bəɟaːj  böjai   impossible   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:203
bəɟu  böju   to invite to spend the night together   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:205
bəɟəw  böjöu   sorcerer, witch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:204
bəɲa  bönya   oil for hair   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:238
bəɲar  bönyar   plant whose leaf has properties similar to soap (used for the first bath of newborns)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:240
bəɲaŋ  bönyang   myrtle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:239
bəɲi  bönyi   muddy water   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:241
bəɲul  bönyul   drunk   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:242
bɛp  bep   father   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:151
bɛt  bet   edge of knife that is not straight   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:152
ca  ca   to drive out, put to flight   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:348
cah  cah   separation (what is in confusion)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:354
caj  cae   to drive out, put to flight   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:353
cak  cak   perhaps   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:356
cak  cak   solid, resistant   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:357
cam  cam   who is not afraid, intrépile   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:358
can  can   to borrow, rent   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:359
cap  cap   to bind, tie up, attach   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:367
car  car   coiled, twist (a vine)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:368
caran  caran   be important, wanting to give an appearance of being greater   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:369
carap ti  carap ti   hands clasped, crossed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:371
carap  carap   inserting a tool, bringing the blade into a prepared hole and securing with a pin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:370
caras  caras   a ceremony to atone for an insult or offence that ends with drinking a jar of rice beer   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:372
cat  cat   to leave, spring, bloom, grow, squirt   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:373
caw laŋ  cau lang   common man (as opposed to leaders)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:376
caw laːc  cau laac   Montangards of the area of Dalat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:375
caw maː  cau maa   a Montangard tribe   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:377
caw səmri  cau sömri   mythological men can take an appearance of tiger   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:378
caw  cau   name by which the Srê are designated   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:374
caŋ-nkɔ  cang-nko   hoarse, scratchy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:365
caŋ-saŋ  cang-sang   part of the roof extending beyond walls of the house   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:366
caŋ  cang   to wanting, to prefer   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:360
caŋ  cang   wall, partition   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:361
caŋlar  canglar   small bee with painful sting   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:362
caŋlir  canglir   viper   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:364
caŋlɛr  cangler   board for house, placed laterally at the door   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:363
caʔ  ca'   ah! (interjection)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:349
caː  caa   evil spirit, spirit of death, demon   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:350
caːj  cai   resin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:355
caːl  caal   wind   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:351
caːŋ  caang   to wait   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:352
cere  cêrê   wild watercress, unsed in native diet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:383
cereː  cêrêe   to tear   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:384
cha  cha   European umbrella   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:386
chah  chah   ember, coal   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:389
chaj  chae   skilful, clever erudite   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:388
cham  cham   strong, who has strength, strong, tough   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:390
chap  chap   to thin bevel ends of timbers to bind them together   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:391
chaː  chaa   resolute, bold, who did not shy; decided   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:387
che brəm səna  chê bröm söna   crossbow string   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:393
che klɔt  chê klot   very tough and elastic vine   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:394
che krapur  chê krapur   strong linkage made with the bark of a tree cut into strips   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:395
che plasah  chê plasah   large vine   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:396
che plus  chê plus   thin vine   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:397
che priŋ  chê pring   large vine (thickness of an arm)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:398
che prəjoal  chê pröyoal   large and long vine   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:399
che ruj  chê rui   twists connected to bamboo clappers for scaring birds in the rice field   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:401
che rətaɲ  chê rötany   to twist a vine or cord before tying it   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:400
che siaŋ  chê siang   crossbow string   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:402
che səmaːj  chê sömai   very fibrous vine from which thread is made   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:403
che sərliŋ  chê sörling   species of vine, widely used in construction   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:404
che tanɔŋ  chê tanong   vine employed in house construction   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:405
che tuːŋ dou  chê tuung dou   large vine not very flexible   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:408
che tələːj  chê tölöi   a species of vine used in the construction industry   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:406
che tərnoaɲ  chê törnoany   link to attach straw hut   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:407
che-blu  chê-blu   rubber band, elastic wire   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:409
che-braj  chê-brae   thread (to sew)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:410
che  chê   vine; bond, cord, wire   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:392
chi brus  chi brus   hardwood that we don't use   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:414
chi guɲ  chi guny   large tree with red berries   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:415
chi jar  chi yar   tree whose bark is used to weave blankets   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:431 < Maa
chi joaŋ  chi yoang   stilts   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:432
chi klac  chi klac   very high tree   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:416
chi klandiŋ  chi klanding   species of tree, very hard with reddish wood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:417
chi klɔːŋ  chi kloong   a resinous tree ('dâu' in Vietnamese)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:418
chi kroac  chi kroac   orange tree   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:420
chi kələwaŋ  chi kölöwang   species of large tree   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:419
chi mut  chi mut   hammer   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:421
chi panat  chi panat   jackfruit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:422
chi panha  chi panha   wood shavings   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:424
chi paŋgir  chi panggir   tree with good solid timber for construction (Dipterocarpée)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:423
chi puŋ  chi pung   a tall tree   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:428
chi pənhat  chi pönhat   wood chisel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:425
chi pəɔ  chi pöo   mango tree   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:426
chi pəʔous  chi pö'ous   guava tree   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:427
chi rədap  chi rödap   eretrine (tree species)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:429
chi sakap  chi sakap   pliers (tool)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:430
chi  chi   neutral pronoun   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:412
chi  chi   tree; wood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:413
chil  chil   to peel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:433
chir  chir   to blow nose   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:435
chit  chit   to grip; squeeze between fingers   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:436
chiŋ  ching   tip, end   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:434
chiʔu  chi'u   earthenware jar (cylinder shaped with narrow neck)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:437
choul  choul   to push   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:446
chu  chu   idiot, a little insane   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:447
chu  chu   to light, burn   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:448
chuŋ  chung   marrow (of bones)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:449
chɔ  cho   to draw; to catch an object in a liquid   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:438
chɔh  choh   to spit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:439
chɔl  chol   not very deep (in particular fording a river)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:440
chɔp  chop   to raise, elevate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:443
chɔɲ  chony   squatting   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:441
chɔː  choo   merry, merry, content   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:442
chət təs  chöt tös   to announce the death of somebody   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:445
chət  chöt   to die   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:444
chɛːw  cheo   turban   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:411
chɨŋ  chüng   open bill. Wading heron with grey plumage   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:450
cih  cih   to trace; to write   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:451
cil  cil   a Montangard tribe living on mountain slopes and very poor   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:452
cim bər  cim bör   to close the mouth by external means (e.g. by gripping the lips between two fingers)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:453
cira  cira   shining, dazzling   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:456
cit  cit   kind of small cricket   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:457
ciw  ciu   to accept, support, endure   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:458 < Vietnamese
ciw  ciu   very low   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:459
ciŋ-kur  cing-kur   gong of lower quality   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:455
ciŋ  cing   gong   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:454
coan  coan   cup, small pot   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:461
cos  côs   first plowing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:488
couh  couh   place, place   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:492
cout  cout   to stumble, to fall   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:494
couŋ  coung   the end, the appendix, secondary   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:493
cu  cu   to be afraid   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:495
cuh  cuh   fire a gun (the idea of striking, piercing the cartridge)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:496
cuh  cuh   to bore with a punch (leather one wants to sew)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:497
cuj  cui   pearl necklace (amber or simulated)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:498
cum  cum   to embrace, kiss   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:500
cumpha  cumpha   trousers   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:501
cun  cun   to walk stooped   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:502
cup blup  cup blup   to stumble; to fall head forward   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:503
cur  cur   lime (to be chewed)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:504
curup  curup   tweezers   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:505
cut kuj  cut kui   to fall asleep (literally)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:506
cuʔi  cu'i   interjection marking astonishment   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:499
cuː  cuu   to thread   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:507
cuːn kəltaŋ  cuun költang   to kneel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:509
cuːn  cuun   what does not leave open (said of clay a pick does not penetrate, or wood fiber a blade does not penetrate)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:508
 co   semicircular percussion movement, such as of axe or pickaxe   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:460
cɔc  coc   to tickle (transitive)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:462
cɔk cɛk  cok cek   anyhow, no matter how vaguely   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:466
cɔk  cok   to give a kick   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:464
cɔp  cop   to visit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:483
cɔt  cot   rickets (said of domestic animals)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:490
cɔŋ mɔŋ  cong mong   elbow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:474
cɔŋ  cong   to point finger   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:472
cɔː  coo   to lead (by a current)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:481
cɔːŋ  coong   bumping, knocking   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:482
cəgaŋ  cögang   tripod to put the pots on fire   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:463
cək  cök   very superior (superlative)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:465
cəlda  cölda   flick   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:467
cəldu  cöldu   room, compartment   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:469
cəldɛ  cölde   lizard   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:468
cəm  cöm   to throw (violent movement)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:470
cəməraŋ  cömörang   pole ending in a wooden cross (to raise or support an object)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:471
cənhaŋ  cönhang   to go quickly, with great steps   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:475
cənoa  cönoa   a step   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:476
cənoa  cönoa   to span   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:477
cənɔŋ  cönong   any furniture with a flat surface surface   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:478
cərap  cörap   to make a hole in a piece of wood to make a peg   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:484
cərap  cörap   together, tie up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:485
cərɔh  cöroh   flowing abundantly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:487
cərəac  cöröac   to turn downwards, turn over   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:486
cəs  cös   to lift earth with the feet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:489
cət  cöt   short, narrow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:491
cəŋ  cöng   testimony, pledge, guarantee   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:473
cəɲaras  cönyaras   to rake   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:479
cəɲəru  cönyöru   waterfall, cascade   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:480
cɛh  ceh   to press, touch, massage   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:379
cɛk  cek   a little   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:380
cɛr  cer   cup   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:382
cɛt  cet   collar (of clothing)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:385
cɛŋ  ceng   to take, bring, carry   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:381
da  da   there   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:510
da  da   to extend, unfold, unroll   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:511
dal  dal   kind of forest fern   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:526
dala  dala   a Montangard tribe   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:527
dam  dam   male   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:529
dan  dan   to ask, demand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:530
dap lɔh  dap loh   partition of house, under the living room floor   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:535
dap  dap   gap between two fingers (measure)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:533
dap  dap   pass an object from one place to another (from hand to hand)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:534
dar  dar   slowly, deliberately, taking its time   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:536
dar  dar   turn, time   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:537
darɔ  daro   blister, pocket of liquid, swelling   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:538
das  das   kind of basket   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:539
daŋ  dang   only, just   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:531
daɲ  dany   unnecessary, non-essential   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:532
daʔ  da'   trap with lace   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:512
daː diaw  daa diau   saliva   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:514
daː kuː  daa kuu   water that surrounds, covers everything; flood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:516
daː kəmhaj  daa kömhae   muddy water, sludge   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:515
daː liaŋ  daa liang   waterfall (origin of many place names)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:517
daː man  daa man   brine   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:518
daː mbɔr  daa mbor   cascade   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:519
daː mɨk  daa mük   ink   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:520 < Vietnamese
daː səkə  daa sökö   water that brings something to the bank   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:521
daː  daa   water; by extension, all liquid, all that runs   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:513
daːj  dai   to beat, strike   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:525
daːm  daam   measure for betel leaves, value of 10 thi   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:522
daːp  daap   lower; to place low   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:524
daːŋ  daang   to crack   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:523
di lah  di lah   if   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:585
di mə  di mö   gently, slightly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:586
di  di   it is necessary, duty to agree, be right   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:584
dia  dia   tax, corvée   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:587
dian  dian   ring passed through muzzle of the buffalo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:588
diaŋ  diang   interest, benefit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:589
diaŋ  diang   to attach (an animal with lanyard)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:590
dil  dil   not wanting to do something   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:591
dinɔ bap  dino bap   kinship in the line of the paternal uncle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:597
dir  dir   kind of large rat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:600
dis  dis   cotton   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:601
dit  dit   small   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:602
diŋ do  ding dô   species of bird   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:593
diŋ dol  ding dôl   plant, whose rough leaves are used for polishing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:594
diŋ gɔr  ding gor   musical instrument made up of six pipes of bamboo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:595
diŋ tɔp  ding top   curved pipe, bamboo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:596
diŋ  ding   tube, pipe; all things lengthened and hollow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:592
diə  diö   hour   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:598 < Vietnamese
diəŋ  diöng   it is possible, it is suitable   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:599
doa  doa   loan with interest, the rate 100%   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:608
dou  dou   monkey (all the macaques and semnopithèques)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:638
dous  dous   debt, fine   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:640
douŋ  doung   ritual pole, erected in the paddy field   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:639
doː  dôo   never mind, it does not matter   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:625
dra  dra   a shelf fixed at the roof of the house for storage   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:641
dra  dra   said of animals born in the year   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:642
dra  dra   wood of cross-piece, engénéral   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:643
drap kəŋ  drap köng   large earthenware jar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:648
drap ɟərɔ  drap jöro   variety of earthenware jar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:647
drap  drap   earthenware jar (more or less oblong)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:646
draː  draa   market, shop   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:644
draːw  drao   to shout, make noise   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:645
drian  drian   Alopecia   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:650
dril  dril   many   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:651
drim  drim   morning   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:652
driŋ  dring   stretch a rope across rice field and finish with a bamboo clapper to scare the birds   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:653
druh  druh   to expire, exhale air from the lungs   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:659
drɔwa  drowa   now; the present   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:658
drɔŋ  drong   counter for gongs   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:654
drəŋ  dröng   ready response; stand up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:655
drəɲa  drönya   man (in general)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:656
drəɲəm  drönyöm   a hide or watchtower for hunting   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:657
drɛh  dreh   about to leave   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:649
du  du   to flee, escape   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:660
du  du   to measure (in the vertical dimention)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:661
dudil  dudil   gran-duke owl (Ketupa ceylonesis) (by extension) all night owls   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:662
dudrɔm  dudrom   neighbors, close kin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:664
dudəp  dudöp   movement of the male buffalo which does not want to return to the cattle shed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:663
duh  duh   hot   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:665
duh  duh   to be useful, be in the service of   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:666
duit  duit   a little   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:668
duj  dui   to draw, pull oneself   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:667
duk  duk   onomatopoeia to express the sound of the drum   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:669
dul rətu  dul rötu   ten thousand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:671
dul  dul   one (number, not article)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:670
dum  dum   ripe   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:672
dum  dum   yellow, of yellow color   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:673
dun  dun   leprosy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:674
dur  dur   put on its back to carry   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:676
durəh  duröh   born together   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:677
dus  dus   to tear off, extract, uproot   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:678
dut  dut   hopeless; who does not go further   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:679
duəh  duöh   chopsticks   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:675
duːh  duuh   to fall   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:680
dɔ ti  do ti   forearm   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:607
dɔ ɟəŋ  do jöng   calf   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:606
 do   here   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:603
dɔp  dop   take an object that is presented, catch a flying object   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:626
dɔr  dor   hill, covered with undergrowth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:628
dɔŋ  dong   piastre   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:616 < Vietnamese
dɔŋ  dong   to help, assist   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:617
dɔː  doo   to thread   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:624
    particle of direction and attribution: with, towards, for   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:604
    times   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:605
dəh  döh   each   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:609
dəh  döh   rest   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:610
dək səŋgər  dök sönggör   to strike drum for a death   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:611
dəlam  dalam, dölam   interior   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:528
dəlɛ  döle   one stroke, without stopping, at once   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:612
dəm ɟəŋ  döm jöng   place in front of the ladder that goes up to the house   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:614
dəm  döm   piece of wood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:613
dən  dön   docile pet, manageable, easy to tame   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:615
dəp  döp   efficient, effective   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:627
dər  dör   forest, wood, bush   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:629
dərka  dörka   to break, break into two with a sharp movement   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:630
dərkaːj  dörkai   tick   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:631
dərklɔ  dörklo   to tear off, extract   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:632
dərna  dörna   crushed bamboo; flooring made with bamboo thus treated   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:633
dərnan  dörnan   small box at the bottom of cemeteries where offerings are deposited   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:634
dərpa  dörpa   large fresh water tortoise, round form   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:635
dərpaj  dörpae   hare (largest species)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:637
dərpaː  dörpaa   straight   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:636
dəŋ ndul  döng ndul   to help with childbirth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:622
dəŋ ʔit  döng it   larger   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:621
dəŋ  döng   according to, depending, same   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:618
dəŋ  döng   large; high   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:619
dəŋ  döng   responding to what is expected   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:620
dəŋi  döngi   grease, fat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:623
dɛh  deh   to generate, bring into the world   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:580
dɛk  dek   talisman; genetic name shaman's tools   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:581
dɛn  den   there   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:582
dɛŋ  deng   lamp   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:583 < Vietnamese
ga  ga   occupied; prevented by work   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:687
gac  gac   kind of large cane   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:689 < Vietnamese
gah  gah   side, edge; bank, bank; limit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:690
gal  gal   many, in great number   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:694
gam  gam   still, yet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:695
gan  gan   to cross, through   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:696
gap  gap   to assemble, to finish basketwork by making a braided edge   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:698
gar  gar   seed, grain, kernel, pip   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:699
gar  gar   to feed at home   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:700
gaw  gau   phalanx   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:701
gaŋ  gang   straight, rigid, inarticulate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:697
gaʔ  ga'   stammer, stutter   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:688
gaːj rədɔ  gai rödo   undersized stick, poor wood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:693
gaːj ɟira  gai jira   cane   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:692
gaːj  gai   stick, stake; by extension: all long objects   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:691
ge     to give horn a blow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:702
giga  giga   here and there, in all directions   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:706
gir  gir   to fish with a basket   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:707
git  git   to know, to understand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:708
gla  gla   notch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:709
gla  gla   to curl, make a circle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:710
glah kaŋ  glah kang   small copper pot   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:714
glah ɓuŋ  glah bbung   large pot   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:713
glah  glah   pot; pan   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:712
glaj  glae   to atone, to satisfy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:711
glar  glar   tired   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:716
glaŋ  glang   collar of tool   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:715
gle nɟut  glê njut   bamboo species without holes (Arundinaria falcata)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:720
gle ŋan  glê ngan   ordinary bamboo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:719
gle ɓaŋ  glê bbang   kind of bamboo with edible shoots   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:718
gle  glê   bamboo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:717
glɔh  gloh   hunger   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:722
glɔm  glom   to crush between the teeth and swallow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:723
gləŋ  glöng   small pheasant   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:724
glɛŋ  gleng   to hold between the teeth and carry away   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:721
gol  gôl   sort of phoenix (plant), one eats the heart   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:764
gou rɔmis  gou romis   horn of rhinoceros (very rare and sought after)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:838
grap  grap   to supervise   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:843
graŋ kɔj  grang koe   carry two baskets of paddy one above the other   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:842
gri  gri   a small earthenware jar (short-necked, opening without lip, of indigenous manufacture)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:845
grih  grih   large black bear (Melursus ursinus)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:846
gru bou  gru bou   covered from the top of the head (only face left uncovered)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:850
gru  gru   many, many things   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:849
gruŋ  grung   bell   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:851
grɔj  groe   to supervise, pay attention   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:847
grəh  gröh   to stand as guarantor, to swear   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:848
grɛ  gre   small low earthenware jar, without collar, of indigenous manufacture   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:844
gu  gu   cage   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:852
guaŋ  guang   part of a machine being used for directing it; (by extension) handlebar, wheel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:853
guc rəgul  guc rögul   hiccup, stop the heart   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:854
guh  guh   to go up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:855
gul  gul   to throw (with the hand)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:856
guluah  guluah   everywhere   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:857
gur  gur   hard earth (kaolin) from which one extracts a colorant   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:860
gut dar  gut dar   around   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:862
gut gah  gut gah   at the edge   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:863
gut ləgar  gut lögar   in the vicinity   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:864
gut  gut   express the idea of “around”   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:861
guŋ wɛ  gung we   road junction   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:859
guŋ  gung   path, road, track   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:858
guːl  guul   half; medium   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:865
 go   to see   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:725
gɔh  goh   shining, clearly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:751
gɔj  goe   nothing; for nothing, free   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:749
gɔp  gop   a wooden syphon for transferring liquid   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:799
gɔp  gop   species of scorpion   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:800
gɔr  gor   rib, axis, dividing line   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:814
gɔŋ  gong   very large earthenware jar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:783
gɔɲ  gony   early, early morning   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:795
gɔʔ  go'   pinch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:727
gɔːŋ  goong   Vietnamese gong, bulges in the center   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:798
gɔːŋ  goong   fruit of the kapok, pod containing kapok   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:797
    neutral pronoun, pejorative for people   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:726
gəba  göba   stretch, relax (used for people)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:728
gəbam  göbam   flood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:730
gəbaŋ  göbang   coffin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:731
gəbaːj  göbai   gaur   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:729
gəbruh  göbruh   to come out as a jet (said of liquids)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:734
gəbua  göbua   species of vine   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:735
gəbut  göbut   young bamboo, still very thin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:736
gəbɔh  göboh   it is done, it is finished   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:732
gəbɔh  göboh   loving, fond of, cherish, be happy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:733
gəcaraŋ  göcarang   pains, rheumatism   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:737
gəcira  göcira   to dazzle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:738
gəcout  göcout   to fall while slipping   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:741
gəcuaj  göcuai   of varied color; striped   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:742
gəcərɔh  göcöroh   said of a liquid that is cascading   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:739
gəcəs  göcös   to butt   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:740
gədah  gödah   here and there   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:743
gədan  gödan   to obey, listen to, take advice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:744
gədan  gödan   to want, feel like   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:745
gədi  gödi   idiom with very vague sense: “about”, "exactly."   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:746
gədəp  gödöp   effective   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:748
gədəŋ  gödöng   slack, calm (said of undisturbed water)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:747
gəgli  gögli   stiff neck   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:750
gəha  göha   to split, tear (said of wood fibers)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:752
gəhal  göhal   to cut, slice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:753
gəhaːw  göhao   express a progression   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:754
gəhɔh  göhoh   to run   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:755
gəjɔ  göyo   foetus   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:841
gəkar  gökar   to fasten, hang   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:761
gəklah  göklah   to break, yield   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:762
gəkrət  gökröt   rough, that grips   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:763
gəl  göl   piece, part   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:765
gəla  göla   awkward, idiotic   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:766
gəla  göla   thickness measurement: thumb and middle fingers apart and supported on a surface   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:767
gəlal  gölal   to dazzle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:768
gəlan  gölan   random, chance   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:769
gəlaŋ  gölang   so that   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:770
gəlcɔt  gölcot   to limp   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:771
gəlit  gölit   to close the hand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:772
gəltat  göltat   song of chicken   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:773
gəltaw  göltau   leather, skin of animal   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:774
gəltuŋ  göltung   to shoot oneself   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:775
gəluŋ  gölung   to strike, to beat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:776
gəm louŋ  göm loung   to cook with water, to boil   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:778
gəm  göm   to cook (other than rice)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:777
gəna  göna   diadem; retains girl's hair around her head   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:779
gənap  gönap   bamboo tapered to assemble hut   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:780
gənar  gönar   grains, counter for small and round objects   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:781
gəniŋ  göning   to take refuge with a protector   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:787
gəniːŋ  göniing   stockade, setup leading animal into the trap   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:786
gənoar  gönoar   to be able, have authority   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:788
gənrəh  gönröh   wonder, miracle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:792 < Cham
gəntuŋ  göntung   to strike (by collision)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:793
gənuŋ  gönung   ripe ear of corn   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:794
gənɔr  gönor   pinna of the ear   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:790
gənər  gönör   nerve, vein   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:791
gənəŋ  gönöng   small fetish pole (near the village or house to draw the attention of the spirits)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:789
gənɛŋ  göneng   fang   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:782
gəp  göp   companion, comrade, neighbor   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:801
gəpar  göpar   to fly (bird)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:803
gəpatlaŋ  göpatlang   gimpy leg   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:804
gəpaɲ  göpany   to slacken (bent wood, spring)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:802
gəpluc  göpluc   to release   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:806
gəplɨ  göplü   to stumble, falter, lose balance   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:805
gəprah  göprah   to lose, mislay   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:809
gəprou  göprou   intestines, spleen   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:810
gəpruh  göpruh   to escape   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:811
gəpuh  göpuh   writhe (like a leaf with the wind); to float with the wind (like a flag)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:813
gəpə  göpö   goose flesh (when cold)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:807
gəpən  göpön   to brood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:808
gəpɨ  göpü   to bend, topple, collapse   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:812
gər  gör   rib, axis, dividing line   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:815
gəra  göra   muscles   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:816
gəriat  göriat   kind of red wood, very hard   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:817
gərit  görit   to tighten   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:818
gərjoa  göryoa   to muddle, get mixed up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:823
gərkɔn but  görkon but   hunchback   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:819
gərɔ  göro   to run, circulate (like blood in veins)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:820
gərət  göröt   bald vulture (otogyps calvus)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:822
gərəʔət  görö'öt   to shiver   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:821
gəs  gös   to be   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:824
gəsih gəsac  gösih gösac   many (slang)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:826
gəsop  gösôp   many   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:827
gəsət  gösöt   to kill, exterminate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:828
gəsɛŋ  göseng   wrong   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:825
gətar  götar   to bud   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:829
gəthul  göthul   powder   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:831
gəthər  göthör   extraordinary man and legand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:830
gətoa  götoa   to flee, escape   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:832
gətrəs  götrös   release of bow, crossbow; (by extension) firing of gun   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:834
gətrəs  götrös   to tremble, to shiver   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:835
gətup  götup   to stumble:   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:836
gətəp  götöp   that propagated by contagion   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:833
gəw  göu   low earthenware jar, wide, with six handles   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:837
gəwa  göwa   onset of leprosy, spots of leprosy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:839
gəwaɲ  göwany   to stir up, struggle, make jerky movements   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:840
gəŋga  göngga   to shout, growl (said of animals)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:784
gəŋoa  göngoa   to shout, bellow (said of buffalo)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:785
gəɟiŋ  göjing   tightened, shrivelling in the sun   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:757
gəɟur  göjur   to dirty oneself   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:759
gəɟuru  göjuru   many, abundant   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:760
gəɟəŋ  göjöng   to strike, to ram down   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:758
gəɲɔm  gönyom   black, blackened, of dark color   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:796
gəːj gru  göi gru   abundant, very many   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:756
gɛh  geh   to have   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:703
gɛn  gen   that, that there   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:704
gɛŋ  geng   pushed to come through   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:705
ha  ha   "Forthcoming" - in the expression manh ha cett nui   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:866
ha  ha   what, how, what did you say? (interrogative interjection)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:867
hal mpiat  hal mpiat   to learn the language   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:873
han  han   onion   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:874 < Vietnamese
hat  hat   narrow; small   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:877
haw  hau   grains of paddy remaining unhusked and cooked together   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:878
haŋ bɔh  hang boh   saturated (of salt)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:875
haʔ  ha'   vomiting   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:868
haː  haa   remove, open, split (wood)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:869
haːl  haal   to slice, make an incision   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:870
haːw  hao   to climb   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:876
haːŋ  haang   elegant, beautiful, put well   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:871
haːŋ  haang   ravine, chasm, escarpment   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:872
he     us, pronoun 1st person plural   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:879
hihih  hihih   to neigh   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:881
hip  hip   accuse unjustly, slander   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:886
hit  hit   at the moment   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:887
hit  hit   burning   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:888
hiw rɔtun  hiu rotun   large house with several rooms (two rooms connected together, with one or two entries)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:891
hiw ɲəhaŋ  hiu nyöhang   reception house, hotel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:890
hiw  hiu   house (generic term)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:889
hiŋ naw  hing nau   later, in the future   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:883
hiŋ  hing   tomorrow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:882
hiər  hiör   dried (said especially of meat)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:884
hjou  hiou   above; located higher, upstream   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:885
ho     negation   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:892
hoa  hoa   offering   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:896
hoac  hoac   to whistle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:897
hoaj  hoae   to shoot oneself   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:898
hop  hôp   small box   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:915 < Vietnamese
hou  hou   to undo, loosen, untie   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:918
houl  houl   to heat, to cook   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:919
houm  houm   still, yet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:920
huc  huc   to drink (used only for water)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:921
huj  hui   to forget (not remember something one knew)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:922
hum  hum   when, at the moment when   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:925
hun  hun   to sulk, be angry or annoyed with somebody   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:926
hup  hup   to bring rice bag to one's mouth, to eat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:928
hur  hur   to devine, predict   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:929
hur  hur   to pass pine wood, bamboo, through fire to harden it and resist vermin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:930
huət  huöt   quickly finished   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:927
huːm  huum   small child who can not walk   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:931
hwit  huit   to prick, bore, make a hole   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:924
hwiŋ  huing   shadow, reflection, mirror image   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:923
hɔh  hoh   cry of the roe-deer (onomatop)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:905
hɔj  hoe   acidic, spicy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:902
hɔj  hoe   to call   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:903
hɔk  hok   to study, learn   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:908 < Vietnamese
hɔl  hol   to threaten   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:909
hɔn  hon   to germinate, grow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:911
hɔp  hop   to wish, to want, to want to imitate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:914
hɔr  hor   flow, trickle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:916
    demonstrative: this, one of which we speak   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:893
    particle indicating the place: in   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:894
    to answer   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:895
həgah  högah   next   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:904
həhe  höhê   silence!   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:906
həhjou  höhiou   above, upstream   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:907
həm  höm   satisfied, sated   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:910
hən  hön   to want to be together   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:912
həne  hönê   there, over there   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:913
hərum  hörum   under the house   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:917
həɗap  höddap   opposite, face to face   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:900
həɗaŋ  höddang   above, on   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:899
həɗəm  höddöm   under, below   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:901
hɛr  her   good, well   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:880 < Maa
jah  yah   residue, waste, ashes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2936
jaj  yae   rocking movement   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2935
jajɔŋ  yayong   kinship term for close family   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2946
jal  yal   to say   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2937
jam  yam   kind of wild onion   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2938
jamhum  yamhum   wild mint   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2940
jamɛ  yame   edible shrub leaf, kind of mint wild   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2939
jan  yan   sad, painful   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2941
jar  yar   to catch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2944
jaw  yau   old, formerly, distant (in time)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2945
jaŋ  yang   benevolent spirit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2942
jaŋ  yang   low jar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2943
jaʔ  ya'   to accuse, sue   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2933
jaː  yaa   to raise, elevate, offer   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2934
joa  yoa   as always, since always   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2951
joam  yoam   grater shaped part of buffalo mouth for rumination   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2952
joan  yoan   Vietnamese   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2953
joas  yoas   machete   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2954
jou  you   pair, couple   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2962
jou  you   yoke   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2963
jout  yout   thin strap in buffalo skin to connect the yoke to tiller of plough   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2966
jouŋ  young   to suspend, hang   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2965
ju  yu   dip net for fishing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2967
jul  yul   fifteen to twenty ears of corn tied together to dry   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2968
jun  yun   to play, have fun, pass the time   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2969
jur  yur   to lower   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2971
juŋ  yung   a small bridge   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2970
 yo   fresh, still fresh   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2947
 yo   jealous   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2948
jɔm  yom   to have market value, represent a price   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2957
jɔt  yot   grooved   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2961
jɔŋ  yong   to ask, beg   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2959
jə saːw  yö sao   prepare what it is necessary to eat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2950
    eh? - sentence final term to make sure that one was understood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2949
jəh  yöh   bad, unpleasant   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2955
jəl  yöl   to instruct another to his place   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2956
jəm  yöm   to poison, give poison to be eaten   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2958
jər  yör   the height of the body plus an arm raised vertically   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2960
jəw  yöu   badly; not well   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2964
k  k'   abbreviation of khai, 3rd person pronoun   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1057
ka nɟaŋ  ka njang   species of large river fish   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1061
ka ɟut  ka jut   a species of small fish   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1060
ka  ka   fish   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1058
kac  kac   to harvest mountain rice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1064
kah rəŋal  kah röngal   waking during the night, awarenesses during sleep   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1068
kah  kah   remember, have memory, regret, longing to have   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1067
kaj  kae   peck after scraping the ground   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1065
kaj  kae   supervisor, foreman   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1066
kal  kal   cross, crossing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1070
kal  kal   lock (the door of the house) by placing timber across   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1071
kalkɛ  kalke   teasing, joking   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1072
kam  kam   arrow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1073
kaman ti  kaman ti   to close the fist   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1074
kambərlih  kambörlih   ridge pole in the honor of the spirits   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1075
kamlah  kamlah   to deny, dispute   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1076
kan  kan   painful, difficult, sad   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1077
kanap  kanap   species of black ants (young adults and fly to the end of the rainy season)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1078
kanbaːj  kanbai   roll of narrow width fabric for making loincloths   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1079
kap  kap   counter for clothes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1083
kap  kap   to bite   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1084
kaphɛ  kaphe   coffee   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1085 < French
kar  kar   like, as well as   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1086
karmaːj  karmai   scab (of a wound)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1087
kas  kas   expensive, high price   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1088
kas  kas   to open   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1089
kaw  kau   hatchet with very short handle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1090
kaɲ  kany   placenta   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1080
kaɲ  kany   rice flour   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1081
kaʔ  ka'   barter, trade, buy to resell   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1059
kaːc  kaac   ray (of sun)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1062
kaːj  kai   level, bar, degree   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1069
kaːw  kao   wooden peg   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1082
kaːŋ  kaang   jaw, jawbone   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1063
kel  kêl   to chew, graze   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1093
kha jou  kha you   dowels to tie the buffalo to the yoke   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1101
khaj  khae   accuse, bring charges against someone   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1104
khaj  khae   vibrating plate of musical intruments   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1105
khak  khak   ten cent piece   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1107
kham  kham   to attach the buffalo for the sacrifice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1108
khap  khap   container with broad opening, bucket   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1110
khar  khar   letter   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1111
khat  khat   to follow; according to   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1112
khat  khat   to seek a lost object   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1113
khaŋ  khang   small bee   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1109
khaː  khaa   witness post reserving place (eg fisheries)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1102
khaːj  khai   it; he, it (3rd person pronoun)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1106
khaːr  khaar   bottle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1103
khel  khêl   internal organs of animals   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1114
khiaŋ kaːŋ  khiang kaang   ruminate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1115
khin  khin   to dare   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1116
khoa  khoa   to close with key   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1118 < Vietnamese
khoah  khoah   bean   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1119
khoaj  khoai   prostrate, supplicate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1120
khouŋ  khoung   system of lasso through hollow tube to keep an animal from biting   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1125
khɔ  kho   shoes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1117
khɔk  khok   trotter (horse)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1121
khɔm  khom   to collect (to put side, to gather)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1122
khɔŋ  khong   the back of a fatty buffalo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1123
khɔː  khoo   difficult, painful   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1124
khɨl  khül   crop, trim   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1126
kih  kih   poison, rotteness   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1127
kik  kik   fart, stink   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1128
kiot  kiôt   bent, warped (as a plank under weight)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1130
kir  kir   to have giddiness   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1132
kis  kis   to live; living   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1133
kit təjɔŋ  kit töyong   large frog green with long legs and good to eat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1136
kit  kit   frog   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1134
kit  kit   wooden plaque (made during the köriang festival when the buffalo is eaten)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1135
kitləkat  kitlökat   anyhow, anyway   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1137
kiŋ  king   end; corner; edge   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1129
kjouŋ kiaŋ  kioung kiang   small hornbill (Anthracoceros albirostris)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1131
klac  klac   to make a ball   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1138
klah  klah   to divide, separate, split   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1139
klam  klam   the moon in its second quarter   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1140
klan  klan   pretend to squeeze the neck in play   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1141
klan  klan   small caddis worm; often clings to animal's snout when drinking at stagnated or muddy water   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1142
klap  klap   bush, undergrowth, thicket, covered place   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1145
klar  klar   old, worn   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1146
klas  klas   miss what was expected   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1147
klas  klas   no longer be what we were before; change; resign, completing a function, a contract   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1148
klaw  klau   man; masculine   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1149
klaŋ  klang   eagle (halioetus leucoryplus), goshawk (astur poliopsis), sparrowhawk (accipiter virga-tus) (generic term)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1143
klaŋdar  klangdar   kind of windmill that children make from bamboo; wind vane, propeller   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1144
kli  kli   to throw   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1152
klir  klir   cf döng   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1155
klis  klis   to shell   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1156
kliw səntur  kliu söntur   royal tiger (felis tigris)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1158
kliw  kliu   tiger (generic designation for all the wild cats)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1157
kliŋ  kling   kinfd of kite (play)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1153
kliŋ  kling   tied together   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1154
kloat  kloat   mute   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1161
kloun  kloun   to fold, make folds   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1168
klun  klun   tadpole   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1169
kluŋ  klung   stomach   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1171
klɔ  klo   navel; umbilical cord   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1159
klɔ  klo   to hear; to understand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1160
klɔh  kloh   clean, pure   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1162
klɔŋ  klong   water hole in a river   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1166
klɔː  kloo   to rub, scrape, to skin (by friction)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1167
kləh  klöh   to harm   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1163
kləm  klöm   liver   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1164
klən  klön   crash on meeting; collide, topple   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1165
klɛ  kle   to catch with a stick, a pole   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1150
klɛt  klet   tiny grain (as sand)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1151
klɨn  klün   circular plate at mid-height of the pillar of the house which is opposite the entrance   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1170
koaj  koae   to scrape with nails   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1175
koat  koat   mollusc   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1176
koat  koat   to bind, make a knot   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1177
koj ti  kôe ti   to beckon with the hand by making a sign with fingers   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1190
kol  kôl   to obstruct; to block, stop, wedge   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1194
kop hian  kôp hian   chest complaint, tuberculosis   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1279
kop kraŋ  kôp krang   canker disease   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1281
kop maŋ  kôp mang   medicinal plant curing certain fevers (clerodendron – verbénacée)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1282
kop mtaːw  kôp mtao   St. Vitus' dance (disorder effecting children)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1284
kop mɔj  kôp moe   disease of the skin, covered in pimples   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1283
kop raŋ  kôp rang   smallpox   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1285
kop ɟərəwa  kôp jöröwa   very sick, fatal illness   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1280
kop ʔut  kôp ut   epidemic disease manifested by a rash   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1286
kop  kôp   patient   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1276
kous  kous   to fray, cut   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1306
kouɲ  kouny   maternal uncle; grand uncle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1305
kra  kra   hard, tough; difficult   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1311
kraj  krae   shrub whose burnt wood is used for blackening teeth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1313
kram  kram   to sink (in water), to be immersed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1314
krap  krap   silently   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1316
kraw  krau   to supervise   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1317
kraː  kraa   old   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1312
kraːw  krao   to castrate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1315
kriam  kriam   said of a strong necked buffalo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1321
kriŋ  kring   bamboo species very straight, with close nodes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1323
kriːŋ  kriing   large hornbill (dichoceros bicornis)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1322
kru  kru   wild ox (bos banteng)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1329
kruh  kruh   kind of small basket   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1330
krun  krun   a species of stag   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1331
kruwəl  kruwöl   promontory, riverbank projecting into a stream   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1333
kruŋ  krung   also, too   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1332
krɔt  krot   variety of bee, intermediate size   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1328
krə  krö   cover pot   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1324
krə  krö   to lock up, contain   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1325
krəh  kröh   glass, pane   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1326
krəm  kröm   to sleep intertwined   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1327
krɛh  kreh   inappropriate, poorly led, rickety, weaned too early   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1318
krɛj  krei   other, different   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1319
krɛːw  kreo   mahout's goad   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1320
ku  ku   knuckle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1334
kua tɔrnɔm  kua tornom   to empty the bottom of the rice beer jar, after having drunk   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1335
kuac  kuac   to take a handful   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1338
kuah  kuah   to scrape   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1339
kuan ti  kuan ti   to close the hand, grab by hand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1340
kuar  kuar   measure thickness (of a tree trunk, for example): two arms in front of the chest with joining hands   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1344
kuat  kuat   to take in its claws   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1345
kuaŋ  kuang   chief   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1341
kuaɲ  kuany   a large monkey   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1342
kuaɲ  kuany   grab (with the hand or foot), grip   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1343
kuh  kuh   naked   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1353
kuj  kui   kind of cinnamon   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1354
kuj  kui   to get pregnant   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1355
kuj  kui   to sleep   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1356
kukul  kukul   too much, too many, too large   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1359
kul  kul   too much, too many, too large   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1360
kun  kun   to drop; to lean bending   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1361
kup  kup   length of forearm (measurement)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1363
kup  kup   to take, seize, catch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1364
kur  kur   Cambodian   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1365
kur  kur   hatched bud, leaf in its initial state, small leaf (of fern for example)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1366
kus  kus   to catch with the hand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1367
kut  kut   small shelter of rice plantation; narrow, short house   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1368
kuŋ kim  kung kim   butterfly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1362
kuː  kuu   elevated shelter of rice plantation; watchtower in field   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1369
kuːh  kuuh   ashy gray (color)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1370
kwaːc  kuaac   to scratch (self)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1336
kwaːn  kuaan   small bowl   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1337
kwil  kuil   meadow; clearing, open ground   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1357
kwit  kuit   to curve; curved   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1358
kwɛ  kue   curved, crooked   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1346
kwɛ  kue   to hang, catch an object with a stick, a pole   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1347
kwɛk  kuek   match   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1349 < Vietnamese
kwɛl  kuel   to curl, circumvent   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1350
kwɛt  kuet   bent   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1352
kwɛŋ  kueng   to replace, succeed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1351
kwɛːŋ  kueeng   to know the manners of, to be accustomed to   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1348
 ko   small wooden bell suspended on the neck of buffalos   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1172
kɔh  koh   to split, cut down   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1191
kɔj gəltaw  koe göltau   species of red paddy with small seed (lowland or mountain field)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1182
kɔj hu  koe hu   kind of sticky rice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1183
kɔj krɔːŋ  koe kroong   species of maintain rice with long red seed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1185
kɔj kɛ  koe ke   species of paddy (red in lowland plantation, white in mountain plantation, small glazed seed, pleasant odor)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1184
kɔj phaŋ  koe phang   early lowland paddy with white seed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1186
kɔj rhiam  koe rhiam   name of paddy variety   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1187
kɔj rɔn  koe ron   paddy which grows badly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1189
kɔj rəkuŋ  koe rökung   kind of white mountain paddy with round seed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1188
kɔj ɓih  koe bbih   paddy gone bad   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1181
kɔj  koe   paddy (rice unhusked)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1180
kɔl  kol   to help, come to assistance   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1193
kɔn phat  kon phat   small idiot   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1229
kɔn pɔr  kon por   larva, foetus   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1230
kɔn  kon   small (of people and animals); boy, girl, child   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1227
kɔndis  kondis   demon who punishes mismatched unions   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1239
kɔnɗɛ  kondde   biceps   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1237
kɔp  kop   small ground tortoise   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1274
kɔp  kop   sphere; spherical object   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1275
kɔt  kot   relax by relieving weight of basket on its supports   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1302
kɔŋ raj  kong rae   engraved copper bracelet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1249
kɔŋ  kong   bracelet of copper and, by extension, any bracelet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1245
kɔŋ  kong   copper   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1246
kɔŋ  kong   to endure, undergo, accept   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1247
kɔɲ  kony   to want, wish   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1271
kɔː  koo   white hair, albino   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1273
    firm, solid   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1173
    flag, emblem, post   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1174 < Vietnamese
kədaŋ  ködang   discuss, take seriously   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1178
kəh  köh   inclined, precipice, steep   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1192
kəjan  köyan   maize still developing so the cob is just coming up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1309
kəjoa  köyoa   cloth, fabric   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1310
kəl  köl   to cut, slice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1195
kəldaŋ  köldang   hard, solid, resistant, stiff   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1196
kəldiŋ  kölding   to hide self   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1199
kəlduŋ  köldung   wallet, purse   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1201
kəldəp  köldöp   cover, stopper   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1200
kəldɛt  köldet   kind of flute with three holes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1198
kəlhi  kölhi   sweat, perspiration   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1202
kəlhou  kölhou   scented wood (burnt gives off a smell similar to incense)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1203
kəlhɨr  kölhür   crane (gru antigona)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1204
kəlik  kölik   the small side of house triangular at its top   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1205
kəlin  kölin   to hide, to play   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1206
kəljɔh  kölioh   to limp   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1207
kəlpaŋ  kölpang   flat face   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1211
kəltaw  költau   skin of animal   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1213
kəltaŋ  költang   knee   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1212
kəltuŋ chi  költung chi   fell a tree by pulling a rope   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1216
kəltɔŋ  költong   large mat of braided bamboo to dry paddy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1215
kəltək  költök   scarecrow in the rice field   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1214
kəluj  kölui   to think, reflect   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1217
kəlɗa  köldda   fulcrum, resistance   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1197
kələwaŋ  kölöwang   stag beetle (Cyclommatus tarandus)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1209
kələwək  kölöwök   trumpet of buffalo horn to gather the herds   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1210
kəlɟap  köljap   strong, tough   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1208
kəmboat  kömboat   musical instrument with six sound pipes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1218
kəmbuh  kömbuh   powder, dust   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1220
kəmbɔŋ  kömbong   large beak of toucans, hornbills   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1219
kəmdɔh  kömdoh   bottle for carrying fish   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1221
kəmhɔ  kömho   skin; wrap, bark of a tree; cover of a book, book   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1222
kəmluh  kömluh   insufficiency, not enough   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1223
kəmraːw  kömrao   to repeat (news, for example)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1225
kəmuan  kömuan   rhinoceros beetle (oryctes nasicornis)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1226
kəmɔn  kömon   niece, nephew   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1224
kən  kön   to stagnate (said of water)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1228
kənac  könac   counter for necklaces   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1231
kənas  könas   lightning   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1233
kənaw  könau   parent, kin; elders in general   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1234
kənaŋ  könang   tambourine of Röglai style   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1232
kəndrup  köndrup   to carry in two hands   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1242
kəndul  köndul   belly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1243
kəndɔh bou  köndoh bou   the cranium   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1240
kəndɔl  köndol   the heel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1241
kənhaːj  könhai   the moon, lunar month   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1250
kənhu  könhu   larva of beetle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1252
kənhul  könhul   vapor   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1253
kənhəl  könhöl   to play, have fun   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1251
kənin  könin   stocky, fat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1254
kənol  könôl   debt   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1259
kənraɲ  könrany   master of the land - elder who enforces customs relating to crops   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1263
kənroa  könroa   wooden comb   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1265 < Maa
kənrou  könrou   ox   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1267
kənrəŋ  könröng   large beetle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1266
kənrɛːw  könreo   marbled panther (felis nebulosus)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1264
kənuŋ  könung   heartwood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1269
kənɔ  köno   to hear   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1258
kənɔm  könom   child, adsolescent   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1260
kənɗa  köndda   black crow (corvus levaillanti)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1235
kənɗal  könddal   to recognize, read   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1236
kənɗu  könddu   to carry in arms (a child, for example)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1238
kənəm  könöm   package (e.g.: object wrapped in banana leaf)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1261
kənəm  könöm   to be able, possibility   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1262
kənɛ  köne   curved timber used to raise paddy stem to make seeds fall   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1244
kənɟa  könja   dispose of waste when you eat (small bones, foreign material)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1255
kənɟip  könjip   to grab   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1256
kənɟə  könjö   heavy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1257
kənɨ dan  könü dan   wretch who cannot dress himself   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1268
kənɨŋ  könüng   interior of egg   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1270
kəp  köp   to calculate, add   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1277
kəp  köp   waylay, to ensure passage   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1278
kər  kör   to pass a roller over a field   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1287
kəras  köras   small gray squirrel (sciurus rodolphi)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1288
kərgɔs  körgos   the leg   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1289
kəriaŋ  köriang   decorated unit mounted on the occasion of the buffalo festival   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1290
kərip  körip   scorpion (two species: yellow and black; the bite of the seconds is more dangerous)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1291
kərjɔl  köryol   medicinal plant used against snake bites (melodorum schaefferi – anonacée)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1300
kərla  körla   large thorny bamboo (bambusa blueana)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1292
kərnac  körnac   small basket (especially being used for the harvest of the mountain rice, goes on the front of the chest)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1293
kərnal  körnal   wooden bolt, lock   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1294
kərnhaːj  körnhai   rattan surrounding the basket at its upper part   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1296
kərnul  körnul   pile, heap   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1298
kərnɔl  körnol   small mat rush on belt by lower back to avoid rubbing on the basket lid   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1297
kərnɛp  körnep   small post planted with the corner of a rice plantation to draw the attention of the paddy spirit of paddy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1295
kərwəl  körwöl   swirl   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1299
kəs  kös   said of people whom it is inappropriate to call by name (parents, stepparents)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1301
kət  köt   to bind   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1303
kətɔŋ  kötong   chief of an administrative subdivision   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1304 < Cham
kəwaːw  köwao   a flute with six holes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1307
kəwiɲ  köwiny   blame someone, have a grudge, hatred   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1308
kəŋ  köng   the outer ear   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1248
kəɗə  köddö   timber support; stems of bamboo or wood to fix the bottom of house walls   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1179
kəɲaw  könyau   to steal, rob   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1272
 ke   species of antelope (nemorhaedus goral)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1091
kɛh  keh   to cut, notch; to prune   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1092
kɛp  kep   species of fresh water mussel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1095
kɛp  kep   wood frame and rattan in which the horse's mouth is taken   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1096
kɛr  ker   to aim   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1097
kɛr  ker   to comb   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1098
kɛsɔ  keso   kilometre   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1099 < French
kɛt-rəkɛːw  ket-rökeo   amiss, anyhow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1100
kɛŋ  keng   bugle, trumpet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1094 < Vietnamese
la  la   spleen   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1371
lac  lac   large, fatty   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1376
lagən  lagön   wait (especially said to someone who is behind you to give him time to catch up)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1378
lah  lah   imperative (end of sentence)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1379
lah  lah   or   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1380
lah  lah   speak strongly, to thunder, be annoyed, make reproaches   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1381
lah  lah   to say, to speak   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1382
laj  lae   front, in front, previous   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1377
lam  lam   expresses generality in location   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1386
lam  lam   to be the first, to indicate, give the example   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1387
lan  lan   shelter made in the rice plantation, after the harvest, to pile up the crop to be trampled by buffaloes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1388
lanpən  lanpön   weak, does not stand on his own legs   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1392
lap baːw  lap bao   exchange ritual visits at the time of a marriage   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1395
las  las   spur of dog's paw   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1396
lat  lat   second plowing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1397
laŋ  lang   black and white   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1389
laŋ  lang   so that   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1390
laŋ  lang   to unfold   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1391 < Maa
laɲ  lany   mimosas (Entada scandens); the seed is a talisman of the shaman   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1393
laʔ  la'   to wait   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1372
laʔiŋ  la'ing   to wait, have patience; one moment!   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1385
laːj waːj  lai wai   to go and come, wander   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1384
laːj  lai   leech, tick, swollen with blood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1383
laːs  laas   measure of length (two arms extended outward)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1375
laːw  lao   Laotian   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1394
laːɲ  laany   to prune, thin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1374
laːʔ  laa'   greenish blue   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1373
le     festival   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1399
leː  lêe   who does not see clearly, blind in one eye   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1400
lha  lha   asleep, in a deep sleep   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1406
lhamouŋ  lhamoung   ritual washing of the feet of the buffalo at the completion of the harvest   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1407
li  li   drinking glass   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1408 < Vietnamese
li  li   much, in great number   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1409
liah  liah   short, small, narrow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1410
liap  liap   to lick   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1411
lih  lih   to strike with the hand, to beat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1412
lik  lik   to leave   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1415
lil  lil   cricket   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1416
lil  lil   to throw (stones, ground)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1417
lilac  lilac   much, in great number   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1418
lim  lim   skilful   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1419
lin  lin   to exceed; too much   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1420
lip  lip   to absorb (like a blotter)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1423
lip  lip   touch fingertips   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1424
lir  lir   anoint   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1425
lir  lir   green, fresh (said of plants)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1426
lirluj  lirlui   intersect   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1427
lirwil  liruil   idle, quiet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1428
lis  lis   repair, reparation (moral and legal)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1429
lit  lit   litre   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1430 < French
lit  lit   to stop up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1431
liw  liu   to overflow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1432
liŋ laŋ  ling lang   that and there, this and that   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1422
liŋ  ling   soldier   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1421
liː  lii   to melt (with heat), to dissolve (in water)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1413
liː  lii   to unfold, open, draw aside   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1414
loan  loan   to swallow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1440
louŋ sur  loung sur   pigsty   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1496
lu rədɛh  lu rödeh   gravel, crushed stones   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1502
lu rəhiŋ  lu röhing   gravel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1503
lu  lu   rock, stone   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1501
luc  luc   end; completed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1504
luh  luh   to return   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1506
luj  lui   finished   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1507
lulə  lulö   tree with beautiful wood used to make strong and flexible objects (in particular the porter's pole)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1508
lup  lup   to question, ask   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1512
lur  lur   vagina   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1513
lut  lut   stump, stub   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1514
luŋ  lung   range of animals   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1509
luək  luök   fatty, fat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1511
lwɛŋ lwɛŋ  lueng lueng   speak softly, slowly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1505
 lo   Chinese   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1433
 lo   junior (brother or sister)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1434
 lo   kinship   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1435
 lo   older sister   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1436
 lo   ricefield   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1437
lɔc  loc   penis   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1443
lɔh rəlɛh  loh röleh   end of the second quarter moon   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1450
lɔh  loh   clear, clean   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1447
lɔh  loh   lower part of the house   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1448
lɔj  loe   to leave, forgive, release, except   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1444
lɔkərlɔk  lokörlok   talk incessantly but say nothing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1458
lɔl  lol   strong, energetic   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1459
lɔmɔn  lomon   cousin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1466
lɔs  los   iron   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1486
lɔt grɔŋ  lot grong   walk abreast (walking parallel to another without looking at each other)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1489
lɔt hiət ɟəŋ  lot hiöt jöng   to walk on tiptoe   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1490
lɔt jɔjɛ  lot yoye   to come and go, pacing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1493
lɔt raːn  lot raan   to go, go to the meeting   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1492
lɔt ɟa bri  lot ja bri   to go toilet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1491
lɔt  lot   to walk; to go, come; to leave   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1488
lɔŋ  long   firewood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1471
lɔŋ  long   to test   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1472
lɔː  loo   thorn bushes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1481
    rice bran   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1438
ləbən  löbön   soft, weak, exhausted   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1442
ləbɛh  löbeh   to miss, a thing which missing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1441
ləgah  lögah   fatigue, stiffness of a joint   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1445
ləgar  lögar   country, area, country   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1446
ləh  löh   to make, to do   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1449
ləha  löha   betel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1451
ləha  löha   cowardly, not very stringent   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1452
ləha  löha   thin, not very thick   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1453
ləhɔ  löho   to burn   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1454
ləhɔp  löhop   breathlessness, asthma, lung disease   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1455
ləjat  löyat   said of paddy whose heavy ears lie down   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1500
ləl  löl   bald person   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1460
ləm  löm   only, just (placed at the end of the pharse)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1461
ləm  löm   to give up, get rid of   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1462
ləma  löma   large, fat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1463
ləmbe  lömbê   to eat with small mouthfuls   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1464
ləmbou  lömbou   sleep out   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1465
ləmpɔŋ  lömpong   rectangular, square, - (by extension) floor, ceiling, frame   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1467
ləmɨ  lömü   cockchafer, may beetle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1468
lən  lön   well-behaved, gentle, easy to handle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1469
lən  lön   young, new   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1470
lənhən  lönhön   wise   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1480
lər  lör   lie, falsity   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1485
ləs  lös   strong   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1487
ləw  löu   to fold, bend   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1494
ləwat  löwat   said of an infant who cannot live   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1498
ləwɛ  löwe   species of bees that emigrate in a dense flight   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1499
ləŋa  lönga   itching between toes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1473
ləŋam  löngam   sweetened, very sweet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1475
ləŋap  löngap   thick, dense, tufted (of a particular foliage that surrounds the property)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1477
ləŋaɲ  löngany   to obstruct, deafen (e.g.: to obstruct someone's work by making too much noise)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1476
ləŋaːj  löngai   that which is easy enough, done alone, without fatigue   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1474
ləŋraːj  löngrai   lapping; water which undulates in small waves   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1478
ləŋut  löngut   dragon (mythology)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1479
ləʔa  lö'a   bamboo similar to the körla (Bambusa blu-meana) (but without spine)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1439
ləʔi  lö'i   round hemispherical basket   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1457
ləʔu  lö'u   coconut   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1495
ləʔut  lö'ut   thick   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1497
ləʔɔj  lö'oe   poor, miserable   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1482
ləʔɔr thul  löor thul   dry plowing, plowing a field not yet flooded   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1484
ləʔɔr  löor   to plow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1483
ləːj  löi   easy (initially, of access, purchase)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1456
 le   well, suitable, pleasant, pomp   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1398
lɛh  leh   kidneys   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1401
lɛl  lel   a ten cent piece   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1402
lɛp  lep   to lick   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1405
lɛŋ  leng   to borrow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1403
lɛːw  leo   fun, playful, loves to joke   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1404
lɨɲ  lüny   gums   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1510
ma  ma   right-hand side   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1515
mal  mal   that which is brilliant, which keeps its luster   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1518
man səlɛj  man sölei   if   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1520
man  man   able, skilful   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1519
mas  mas   to fail, go wrong (eg missing a goal that we aim)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1522
mat səriŋ  mat söring   eyes squinting   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1524
mat təŋaːj  mat töngai   the sun   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1525
mat  mat   eye; face, frontage; surface   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1523
maŋ  mang   night   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1521
maʔ  ma'   cover the back, covered   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1516
maː bəkaːw  maa bökao   tobacco   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1517
mbar  mbar   sticky   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1526
mbat  mbat   a handful (measurement)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1527
mbe  mbê   mud   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1528
mblaŋ  mblang   explanation   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1529
mbləm  mblöm   to trample   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1530
mbu  mbu   tree species (occupies an important place in legends)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1532
mbur  mbur   shade   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1533
mbən  mbön   to gird self like skirt   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1531
mham  mham   blood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1542
mhar  mhar   quickly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1543
mhi  mhi   oak (Quercuss setulosa) (holds a great role in mythology)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1544
mhoal  mhoal   cloud   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1546
mhua  mhua   to blacken, smear the face with dirty hands   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1547
mhɔ  mho   evening   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1545
mi  mi   degree of kinship: the eldest   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1548
mi  mi   level in the hierarchy: first   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1549
mi  mi   you (pronoun 2nd person singular)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1550
mil  mil   tamarind   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1551
mim bər  mim bör   to close the mouth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1552
mio  miô   turban, longer, reserved for ceremonies   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1554
mir  mir   agree well with, to like   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1555
mir  mir   mountain field   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1556
miw piar  miu piar   hail   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1558
miw rah  miu rah   downpour, first heavy showers before the rainy season   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1559
miw suj  miu sui   drizzle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1561
miw sər  miu sör   downpour, heavy shower   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1560
miw  miu   rain   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1557
miŋ  ming   only, just   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1553
mjɔr  myor   to tickle (intransitive)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1635
mli  mli   to distil   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1562
mlɔ  mlo   paternal aunt; grand aunt   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1563
moat  moat   regret, sadness, melancholy, nostalgia   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1569
mou  mou   roasted rice, ritually eaten in the field   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1591
mour  mour   inflammation, pus   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1594
mouŋ  moung   aquatic beetles   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1592
mouŋ  moung   small gong   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1593
mpal  mpal   mortar to crush rice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1595
mpal  mpal   sheaf, bundle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1596
mpan ɲouŋ  mpan nyoung   plate decorated to the occasion of the great buffalo feast and serves as door-cover   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1598
mpan  mpan   board   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1597
mpar  mpar   kind of biap, vegetables that grow in the wild   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1601
mpaŋ  mpang   central location of the house facing the entrance   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1599
mpaːw  mpao   to dream   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1600
mpiat  mpiat   language   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1602
mplin  mplin   slowly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1603
mpoul  mpoul   family   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1608
mprap  mprap   balcony, on pillars, in front of the door of the house   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1611
mpraŋ kɔj  mprang koe   to sift paddy that has just been trod   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1610
mpraŋ  mprang   procession   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1609
mprəm  mpröm   to tremble   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1612
mpuh  mpuh   ground abandoned after two years cultivation   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1613
mpuŋ daː  mpung daa   to play about in water, to splash   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1615
mpuŋ  mpung   door, window, opening   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1614
mpɔl  mpol   seen in the distance   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1604
mpɔŋ  mpong   echo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1605
mpəs  mpös   usual stopping place (landmark along the main track)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1607
mpəŋ  mpöng   cooked rice, desiccated, old   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1606
mrɔ  mro   aquatic insect flying at the water surface   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1617
mrɛ  mre   pepper   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1616
mu  mu   evil spirit, demon   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1618
muaɲ  muany   small field rat that eats paddy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1619
muc  muc   late, deceased   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1620
muh  muh   nose   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1621
muj  mui   mayflies that swarm at the beginning of the rainy season   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1622
muk  muk   pencil   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1624
muk  muk   to increase   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1625
mul  mul   able, strong, skilful   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1626
mum  mum   corner   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1627
mum  mum   to hold in the mouth; to suck   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1628
mumaŋ  mumang   species of large monkey   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1629
mur  mur   to enter and emerge as something   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1631
mus  mus   to clear, to weed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1632
mut  mut   to enter, penetrate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1633
muɲ  muny   movement of facial muscles   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1630
muʔi  mu'i   measure for betel leaves (= thirteen "hands")   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1623
muː  muu   descend, go down   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1634
mɔ piaŋ  mo piang   bring rice to her mouth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1567
mɔc  moc   slackness, not very resistant; softened   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1570
mɔmɔk  momok   very peitit, tiny   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1574
mɔn  mon   to make, shape, format   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1575
mɔr  mor   to watch for   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1585
mɔs  mos   idiot   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1589
mɔŋ  mong   intend to try; be on the point, begin to   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1577
mɔʔ  mo'   weevil   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1565
mɔː  moo   grandmother (maternal and paternal); grandmother   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1583
mɔːŋ  moong   be used to, be accustomed to   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1584
mə, ma  mö, ma   with   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1568
    at once, instantly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1564
məj  möe   maternal aunt, stepmother   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1571
məl  möl   bring, piling into a container (jar, bamboo tube)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1572
məmɔ  mömo   quiet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1573
məni  möni   shoulder   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1579
mənruj  mönrui   ferment plant used for making rice beer   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1581
mənrɔŋ  mönrong   trap; trap door, pit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1580
mənu  mönu   thigh   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1582
mənɛ  möne   pretty   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1576
mər  mör   almost   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1586
məraŋ  mörang   tie a wooden X at the end of a pole to provide support   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1587
mərit  mörit   cold, fresh   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1588
məsut  mösut   tomato   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1590
məŋ  möng   engage, hire   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1578
məʔ  mö'   sickle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1566
mɛ miw  me miu   beetle named because its output "causes" the rain (kind of Capricorn, like "Rosalia alpina")   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1537
 me   female animals   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1534
 me   origin, generator, cause   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1535
 me   qualification of all that is central, most important, part of a whole   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1536
mɛdɔŋ  medong   stretcher   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1538
mɛn  men   ring   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1540
mɛː  mee   mother   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1539
mɛːw  meo   cat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1541
n  n'   often precedes place names (could be the last consonant of bbon “village”)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1637
n  n   interrogative particle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1636
na  na   individual, counter for people   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1638
nac  nac   to like (love of benevolence, with a nuance of pity, compassion)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1641
nal  nal   mark, scar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1643
nal  nal   place mark; notch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1644
nam  nam   year   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1645
nap  nap   to count, check for account   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1647
naw  nau   expresses kinship   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1648
naw  nau   finger   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1649
naŋ  nang   harms (time measure)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1646
naːj  nai   grain, counter for small round objects   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1642
naːm  naam   span (length measure)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1639
naːŋ  naang   length   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1640
ncal  ncal   embrace of arms, to hug   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1650
ncat  ncat   to scour, to skin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1651
ncaw  ncau   who?   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1652
ncum  ncum   to jump on the spot   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1654
ncər  ncör   placenta   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1653
nda  nda   there   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1655
ndah  ndah   raised pole to draw the attention of the spirits at the time of ritual festival   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1657
ndar du  ndar du   day before full moon   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1660
ndar mɛ  ndar me   full moon   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1661
ndar  ndar   to whirr   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1659
ndaw  ndau   to cover self, take shelter   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1662
ndaːj  ndai   far, further; foreigner   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1658
ndaːr  ndaar   fishhook   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1656
ndi  ndi   broad; great width   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1666
ndoup  ndoup   width of a hand (measure)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1670
ndrup  ndrup   fist, closed hand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1673
ndrɔm  ndrom   similar, equal   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1671
ndrɔp  ndrop   to support, rely on   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1672
ndu  ndu   God (spirit higher than all yang)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1674
ndul  ndul   the belly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1675
nduŋ  ndung   eel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1676
ndɔ  ndo   here   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1667
ndəp  ndöp   to cover; to hide   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1669
ndəŋ  ndöng   pus   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1668
ne     there   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1677
nha cəraːw  nha cörao   kind of leaf used to roll cigarettes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1717
nha tərgləm  nha törglöm   tree leaf used to drive away flees, lice, mosquitos   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1718
nha  nha   leaf of tree   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1716
nhac  nhac   drizzle, very fine rain   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1719
nhap  nhap   covered, woody, bushy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1720
nhɔ laː  nho laa   resinous pine lumber   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1722
nhɔ  nho   pine   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1721
nhɔŋ daː  nhong daa   confluence   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1726
nhə ti  nhö ti   the present moment   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1723
nhəl  nhöl   to play, have fun, pass the time   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1724
nhəm  nhöm   air, wind   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1725
ni səni  ni söni   about to   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1727
niam behut  niam bêhut   remarkable, beautiful   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1730
niam  niam   good, fine   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1729
nias  nias   nail, horn, hoof   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1731
nih  nih   place, location   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1732
nin  nin   truth, okay, agreed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1733
nini  nini   always   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1734
nir  nir   hemispherical basket (used for tobacco or fishing scoop net)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1735
nit  nit   to desire, want to   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1736
njaː  niaa   slow, dawdling   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1728
nkap  nkap   scales (e.g. fishscales)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1741
nkar  nkar   how?   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1742
nkar  nkar   shell   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1743
nke muŋ  nkê mung   soft horns (of deer)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1745
nke  nkê   horn, timber   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1744
nkiak  nkiak   to draw and suck (like venom from a wound)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1746
nkra  nkra   inside of coconut   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1751
nkur  nkur   bud of leaf, branch; leaf starting to emerge   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1752
nkɔ  nko   neck   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1747
nkɔj  nkoe   the back   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1748
nkɔŋ  nkong   heart of the banana tree   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1749
nkər  nkör   handle of tool; counter for tools   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1750
noan  noan   stringy, tough   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1755
noat  noat   to be cold   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1757
noaŋ  noang   Montangard tribe (area of Dran)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1756
nol  nôl   the groin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1759
noup  noup   a Montangard tribe (Giabak area)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1766
nrah  nrah   not wanting to have together, keep aside   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1767
nraŋ  nrang   counter bamboos and jars   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1768
nraŋkɔ  nrangko   plank to keep jars stable against wall of house   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1769
nraːw  nrao   cock's crow the morning   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1770
nri  nri   Customary law (oral)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1771
nrɔŋ  nrong   narrow passage   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1772
nrət  nröt   to be surprised, startled   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1773
nsap  nsap   timber forced into an opening of slightly smaller diameter   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1774
nse pis  nsê pis   knife guard   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1776
nsiap  nsiap   hollow, empty (said of seeds)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1777
nsir prit  nsir prit   hand of bananas   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1778
nsoup phaːw  nsoup phao   casing of cartridge   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1779
nsrum  nsrum   length, lengthened   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1781
nsrɔŋ  nsrong   sudden start, spasm of agony   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1780
nsuc  nsuc   a red hot iron awl   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1782
nsum  nsum   frayed bamboo, garland of frayed bamboo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1784
nsɛ  nse   fine, thin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1775
nsɨc  nsüc   disturbance of water by the wind   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1783
ntal  ntal   cubit (measure)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1785
ntas  ntas   to make noise, to resound, explode   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1786
ntaw  ntau   to get up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1787
nti chi  nti chi   tree branch, twig   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1790
ntiar  ntiar   slip, slippery, smooth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1791
ntir  ntir   one of two parts joined by a seam   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1796
ntit  ntit   to approach   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1797
ntiŋ  nting   to tell, to charge a commission   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1794
ntiŋ  nting   where?   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1795
ntiːŋ rəna  ntiing röna   small bone from panther's armpit used as drug for stomach problems   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1793
ntiːŋ  ntiing   bone   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1792
ntoat  ntoat   to run   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1799
ntrwiɲ  ntruiny   to jump down   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1808
ntrɔɲ  ntrony   loincloth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1807
ntrən ʔasɛh  ntrön aseh   to alternate horse pasture   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1806
ntum  ntum   group of men working together; troop   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1809
ntur  ntur   unmarried person   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1811
ntuŋ  ntung   stair, ladder   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1810
ntɔp plu  ntop plu   wood pigeon   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1803
ntɔp  ntop   turtledove   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1802
ntɔr  ntor   peak   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1804
ntə ʔouj  ntö oui   coverage, night   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1798
ntəh  ntöh   chest, breast   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1800
ntər  ntör   thunder   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1805
ntəŋ  ntöng   to shake, make vibrate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1801
ntɛŋ  nteng   sheath (botanical)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1789
ntɛːŋ  nteeng   bunch of fruits   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1788
nur  nur   kinship term   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1812
nus  nus   heart   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1813
nɔ kouɲ  no kouny   cousin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1754
nɔj  noe   family   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1758
nɔnɔ  nono   always   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1763
nɔŋ  nong   rectangular   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1762
nɗɔ dɔŋ  nddo dong   how much, what price?   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1664
nɗɔ na  nddo na   how many people?   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1665
nɗɔ  nddo   how much?   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1663
    next; until   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1753
nəm  nöm   counter for things, objects and animals   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1760
nənaːŋ  nönaang   to lengthen   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1761
nəriŋ  nöring   internal disagreement among kin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1764
nərəŋ  nöröng   paling to attach the buffalo to sacrifice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1765
nɛh  neh   sign of the past (used absolutely means completed; before a verb means past tense)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1678
nɟup  njup   whirlwind, typhoon   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1739
nɟəl  njöl   stick placed under basket as a support to rest on a journey   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1737
nɟər  njör   held near the fire, to warm   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1738
nɟɨr  njür   to stand up, rear up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1740
pa ti  pa ti   measure of length   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1864
pa  pa   interrogative pronoun, who, what?   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1861
pa  pa   new; young   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1862
pac  pac   to carve with knife (bracelets, pipes, …)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1868
pah  pah   each, every   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1869
pah  pah   space, interval   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1870
paha  paha   to authorize, allow, give to   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1871
paha  paha   to push aside (e.g. a bracelet, to enter)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1872
pak  pak   bamboo clapper in the rice fields to drive out sparrows   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1874
pak  pak   straight, smooth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1875
pal  pal   equivalent with, the equivalent of   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1876
palaːj  palai   lost, wasted! (interjection)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1877
pam  pam   wide-mouthed fish trap   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1878
pan  pan   to hem   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1879
pan  pan   to tie padding at ends of roof to finish a straw hut   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1880
panah  panah   square   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1881
panal  panal   wood decorated to adorn the head of sacrificial buffalo (one frontal, two temporal)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1883
panar  panar   middle part of the main spirit pole   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1885
panaŋ  panang   areca   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1884
panaːj  panai   counter for rounded objects   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1882
panhɨ  panhü   proud   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1890
par  par   to fly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1892
pas  pas   rich, fortunate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1893
pat be lah  pat bê lah   to suppose that   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1895
pat be pɔm  pat bê pom   if   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1896
pat  pat   complex movement produced by traction, torsion, pressure   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1894
paŋ gle  pang glê   bamboo shoots   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1888
paŋ  pang   counter flat objects, leaves etc   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1886
paŋ  pang   older generation   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1887
paŋgar  panggar   paling, fence   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1889
paɲ  pany   to unbend by projecting   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1891
paʔ  pa'   broken into two, broken   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1863
paː  paa   to give, make gift; to grant, allow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1865
paː  paa   to open   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1866
paːj  pai   to mix and cook a long time (cooking term)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1873
paːl  paal   pale, faded   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1867
pha  pha   the strongest one, the winner   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1904
pham  pham   eight   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1907
phan  phan   business, good, property (very general sense)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1908
phaːt chi  phaat chi   to perforate, bore, work a piece of wood with a chisel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1906
phaːt  phaat   to give due; to pay, reward   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1905
phaːw  phao   rifle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1909
phi  phi   bad, malicious   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1913
phiŋ  phing   otter (Lutra sumatrana)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1914
phul  phul   as soon as   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1918
phun  phun   variety of cane, thin and very tough   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1919
phut  phut   evil spirit, demon (especially posessing animals)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1921
phuŋ  phung   red, scarlet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1920
phɔ  pho   inclined, steep   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1915
phən  phön   to hide, conceal   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1916
phər  phör   brave man, who does not fear anything   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1917
phɛ mbar  phe mbar   sticky rice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1911
phɛ  phe   husked rice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1910
phɛp  phep   rite, permission; ritual blessing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1912 < Vietnamese
pi tərnɔl  pi törnol   bearcat (artictis ater)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1923
pi  pi   generic name of civet, skunk, weasel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1922
piah  piah   beat rhythmically   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1924
piam  piam   paralysis   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1925
piaŋ pəriw  piang pöriu   desiccated rice, from the day before   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1927
piaŋ  piang   cooked rice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1926
pic  pic   to pick, detach with the hand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1928
pih  pih   to paint; anoint   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1929
pil pɔl  pil pol   swinging of the body; movements right and left   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1933
pin  pin   to believe   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1934
pipir  pipir   as long as is broad   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1938
pipir  pipir   dirty, unwashed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1939
pis  pis   knife   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1940
pit tour  pit tour   the ear lobe   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1941
piŋ  ping   said of liquid overflowing; pay overboard   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1935
piə  piö   the mould board of plow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1936
piər  piör   stakes, pickets   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1937
piːh  piih   to wash (linen)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1930
piːn  piin   to fasten (self) to the ground   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1931
piːt  piit   to wish, covet; to take greedily   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1932
pla  pla   image, allegory, metaphor   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1942
plaplal  plaplal   tongue hanging out (for a dog)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1961
plaŋ  plang   kind of wild leek   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1958
plaɲ  plany   to thin, prune   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1959
plaːj dəklɛ  plai dökle   edible fruit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1944
plaːj gəʔal  plai gö'al   kind of crab apple   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1945
plaːj kras  plai kras   Paddy grains are developing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1947
plaːj kroac buŋ  plai kroac bung   grapefruit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1949
plaːj kroac can  plai kroac can   lemon fruit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1950
plaːj kroac  plai kroac   orange fruit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1948
plaːj kəja  plai köya   carambole fruit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1946
plaːj nca  plai nca   wild kind of mangosteen   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1951
plaːj nhouŋ  plai nhoung   water-bottle gourd   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1952
plaːj nti  plai nti   fruit of shrub that has the properties of soap (Oleaceae)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1953
plaːj prin  plai prin   wild edible fruit, small plum in bunches   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1954
plaːj prwi  plai prui   kind of small prune   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1955
plaːj riw  plai rio   small edible berries in bunches (sought by children)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1956
plaːj səɲəraɲ  plai sönyörany   species of wild apple   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1957
plaːj  plai   fruit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1943
plaːw  plao   callus   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1960
pluc  pluc   to release, detach and fall   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1968
pluh  pluh   in abundance, a crowd   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1969
pluk  pluk   through and through, completely   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1970
pluŋ  plung   small boat, dugout   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1971
pluːŋ  pluung   large belly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1972
plɔh bə  ploh bö   the moult (of the snakes)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1964
plɔh  ploh   sexual parts of the man and the male animal   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1963
plɔm  plom   leech   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1966
plɔt  plot   to fold, fold up inside (e.g.: the edge of a bag, sleeve of a shirt)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1967
plək  plök   only one blow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1965
plɛh  pleh   make way; withdraw, depart   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1962
po     Master, owner   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1974
poa  poa   chief of village   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1978
poac  poac   meat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1979
poaclu  poaclu   firefly (luciola lusitanica)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1980
pogru  pôgru   teacher (master in many things)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1995
pol  pôl   take auguries, question the spirits   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2003
pou  pou   indicates in-laws   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2077
pou  pou   to present, offer (ritual)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2078
poun  poun   to hide, conceal   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2080
pout  pout   to roll up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2082
pouʔ tɔh  pou' toh   suckle at breast   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2079
pra pəni  pra pöni   scapula   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2087
pra ɗam  pra ddam   sort of bridge at top of granary to pour the rice into the bins   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2086
prah prɛŋ  prah preng   to do indiscriminately; haphazardly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2089
prah  prah   make a sacrifice to demons on the road to the village   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2088
prak  prak   said of rice beer when it is strong and good without being bitter   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2090
pram  pram   five   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2091
pran  pran   strength, vigor, energy, health   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2092
prap  prap   store, keep, take care of   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2095
praw  prau   six   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2096
praŋ ɓɔn  prang bbon   procession around the village at the buffalo sacrifice ritual   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2094
praŋ  prang   dry (of time; e.g. dry season))   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2093
pri mpar  pri mpar   shrub with large red flowers   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2099
pria  pria   to call, name; to give a name   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2100
priaʔ  pria'   money (currency)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2101
prit  prit   banana   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2102
pru  pru   caught, cooked too abruptly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2108
pruh  pruh   to make squirt, sprinkle, vaporize   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2109
prum  prum   Cham (people, language)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2110
prɔ  pro   squirrel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2103
prɔc  proc   intestines; internal organs   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2104
prɔh  proh   kind of rush   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2105
prɔp  prop   bamboo clappers to frighten the birds in the field   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2107
prɔŋ  prong   sector (administrative division)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2106
prɛh  preh   to tamp the soil   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2097
prɛŋ  preng   dish, plate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2098
pu bri  pu bri   hornet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2112
pu  pu   to swell   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2111
pual  pual   to rest on, wrap around (like a vine on the trunk)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2113
puan  puan   four   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2114
puh  puh   to remove   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2115
pukrah  pukrah   skin which peels   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2116
pulɛp  pulep   lightning (in the sky)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2117
pupac  pupac   to roll between fingers   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2119
pupɛh ti  pupeh ti   to deny by making the sign with the hand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2120
put  put   junior, the born last, the youngest child   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2121
puŋ piŋ  pung ping   shrub with sought after small bitter plums (Limacia velutina-ménispermacée)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2118
puː  puu   to strike, deliver blows   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2122
 po   to pick   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1973
pɔh  poh   seven   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1996
pɔm  pom   thing, affair   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2007
pɔm  pom   tiger   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2008
pɔr  por   boiled rice, rice soup (staple food of pigs; of human cases of scarcity)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2047
pɔt  pot   passage, perforation   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2075
pɔtluŋ  potlung   plant considered private residence of spirits (plays a role in mythology)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2076
pɔʔoum  po'oum   stink   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2046
pɔː  poo   to wrap, pack; bouquet, package   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2045
pə daʔ  pö da'   to set (a trap)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1977
    to develop, recover, to grow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1975
    to open   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1976
pəar  pöar   paper (for wrapping)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1981
pəbaŋ  pöbang   kind of lagoon formed by rice bund, to take fish   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1982
pədah  pödah   to seek, to devine   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1983
pədam  pödam   to feed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1984
pədaw  pödau   to dictate, to make do   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1986
pədaŋ  pödang   shrub with mauve flowers – plays a part in mythology   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1985
pədin  pödin   tinder (used in lighters)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1989
pəduŋ  pödung   to float   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1991
pədəŋ  pödöng   what is offered to the spirits to come and eat, the sacrifice, the spirits' share   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1990
pəga  pöga   plant whose sap is used by children like soap bubbles   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1992
pəgan  pögan   to cross, intersect   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1993
pəgap  pögap   until, towards   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1994
pəh  pöh   to be notched, like teeth of saw   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1997
pəhin  pöhin   to mislead   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1998
pəjat  pöyat   dangerous; wild   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2083
pəjoa  pöyoa   send, give, designate a mission, a commission   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2084
pəjɔm  pöyom   to ask a price   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2085
pəl  pöl   to scrounge rice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2004
pəlin  pölin   wonder, miracle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2005
pəloa  pöloa   buttonhole   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2006
pən  pön   to brood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2009
pən  pön   to roll up, twist   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2010
pəndap  pöndap   to yield to, pass (an object) to   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2012
pəndar  pöndar   to force (while inserting, for example, peg into an opening of smaller diameter)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2013
pəndaŋ  pöndang   against, opposite   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2011
pəndum  pöndum   to wash, bathe (the body of another)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2018
pəndɔː  pöndoo   to pass to another, to put on another   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2016
pəndəp  pöndöp   to cover, hide   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2017
pənhaːŋ  pönhaang   well to get dressed, be beautifully done   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2023
pənhur  pönhur   to pose a riddle, a rebus   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2026
pənhɔp  pönhop   hocus-pocus, joke   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2024
pənhər  pönhör   drier, installed above the hearth (in particular used to make dry rice)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2025
pəni  pöni   shoulder   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2027
pəniam  pöniam   to make beautiful, arrange, improve   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2028
pənir  pönir   partition, or surfaces unspecified, in braided bamboo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2029
pənit  pönit   to touch with the end of the fingers   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2030
pənoa  pönoa   the armpit   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2034
pənou  pönou   rag, small piece of fabric   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2037
pənriŋ  pönring   to equalize   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2038
pənrɔ  pönro   to put well, to install well   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2039
pənrə  pönrö   news transmitted mouth to mouth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2040
pənu  pönu   young man, bachelor   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2041
pənua  pönua   to blend in, to mix closely; to like to be together   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2042
pənubaŋ  pönubang   widower   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2043
pənur  pönur   sort of shelf for storing pots   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2044
pənɔj  pönoe   scar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2035
pənɗaŋ ʔous  pönddang ous   torch to light up the night   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2014
pənɗoum  pönddoum   to give taste to food by salting it   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2015
pənəm  pönöm   to take beautiful clothes, be elegant (to answer an invitation, for example)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2036
pənɛ  pöne   hole with fish in the bed of a river after a dam of sticks   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2019
pənɟa  pönja   to split itself (said of wood)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2031
pənɟat  pönjat   forward something to send someone   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2032
pənɟəŋ  pönjöng   base, foot of basket, a basket   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2033
pər  pör   to dry above fire   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2048
pərdu  pördu   to transport   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2049
pərgiŋ  pörging   to deposit, subject to a guarantee   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2050
pərgɔl  pörgol   fix; timber wedge, stilted   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2051
pərgɔn  pörgon   to promise; to promise to come to an appointment; to give assurance of   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2052
pərhi  pörhi   russet-red color, tawny   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2053
pərla  pörla   to bowl, rolling forward, sideways   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2056
pərlac  pörlac   to turn   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2057
pərlaːj  pörlai   to shake, to turn over somebody who sleeps, to wake up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2058
pərlum  pörlum   to mislead   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2062
pərlɔŋ  pörlong   competition   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2061
pərləm  pörlöm   to tumble down, capsize, turn about   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2060
pərləʔ  pörlö'   to make turn, turn over   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2059
pərnaj  pörnae   wooden pallet (usually bamboo) to stir or take cooked rice in the pot   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2063
pərnaŋ  pörnang   rod used to beat the drum   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2064
pərnot  pörnôt   to roll up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2067
pərnut  pörnut   loincloth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2069
pərnuŋ  pörnung   trace left by an animal (stag, gaur, …)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2068
pərnəs  pörnös   broom (made of bound thatches, without handle)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2066
pərnɛs  pörnes   ground which has just been cleared to make a mountain field   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2065
pərsɔŋ piaŋ  pörsong piang   stew (rice, meat and vegetables cooked together)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2071
pəruj  pörui   people whom it is forbidden to call by name   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2072
pərwi  pörwi   to mix; to make together, make at the same time   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2073
pərɟum  pörjum   gathering, collection   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2055
pərɟɔt  pörjot   to make buffalo trample paddy to separate the grains   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2054
pərɲat baːw  pörnyat bao   to accuse, without proof, his spouse of adultery   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2070
pəs  pös   to sweep   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2074
pəŋ  pöng   to insert, strike to insert   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2020
pəŋgur  pönggur   to paint the vibrating blade (of musical instrument) with kaolin paste to regulate its correctness   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2021
pəŋlaŋ  pönglang   curved wood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2022
pəɗah  pöddah   to drive out, put to flight   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1987
pəɗiaŋ kɔn  pöddiang kon   to walk a little, to amuse   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1988
pəɟan  pöjan   to transport (othe than by oneself; e.g. in a car)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1999
pəɟil  pöjil   medicinal plant used for colic (to destroy intestinal worms)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2000
pəɟiŋ  pöjing   to nourish, raise   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2001
pəɟɔh  pöjoh   to tame   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2002
pəʔur  pö'ur   marry   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2081
 pe   three   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1897
pɛh  peh   to strike with a sharp instrument   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1898
pɛlɛl  pelel   bamboo plates attached to a pole that collide to frighten birds in the rice field or decorative purposes (on spirit poles)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1899
pɛs  pes   to clear undergrowth; cut with matchet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1902
pɛt  pet   to pluck with the fingers, to gather   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1903
pɛŋ  peng   to jab with horn or muzzle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1900
pɛːw  peo   cry of deer   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1901
ra  ra   much, very   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2123
rac  rac   sparrow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2130
rac  rac   to pray, invoke, to converse with   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2131
raha  raha   not so tight, loose (fabric, screen)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2134
raj  rae   generation, epoch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2132
raj  rae   to cure, fix, comfort   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2133
ram  ram   keep warm, be nice and warm, be comfortable   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2137
ramde  ramdê   tepid   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2138
ran  ran   earth worm   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2139
ras plah  raih plah   variety of large rattan   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2136
ras ti  ras ti   the finger   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2143
ras  ras   to draw aside, dissipate with a fan   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2142
raw  rau   sign of past (tense)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2144
raɲ  rany   dry, dried   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2140
raʔ  ra'   to punch hard when otherwise just playing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2124
raːc  raac   to prohibit; to veto   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2125
raːj  rai   venom (of any animal whose sting produces inflammation)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2135
raːm  raam   old, hardened   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2126
raːn  raan   again, new; completely   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2127
raːn  raan   possible   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2128
raːn  raan   to roar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2129
raːw  rao   to wash, wash self   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2141
re     always   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2145
re     to swim   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2146
rera  rêra   always   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2149
rhiaŋ  rhiang   hundred   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2152
ri  ri   to return   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2153
riah buh  riah buh   cane species   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2155
riah gadan  riah gadan   kind of large cane   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2156
riah tərni  riah törni   species of very thin cane   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2158
riah ŋan  riah ngan   rattan species with spaced nodes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2157
riah  riah   rattan   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2154
rias  rias   root   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2159
rih  rih   worthy of being sung   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2160
rip  rip   near, close   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2165
ris  ris   fresh, green, raw   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2166
rit  rit   bat (pteropus)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2167
riŋ  ring   Flat, straight, level, equal   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2163
riː  rii   dry   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2161
riːt  riit   tightened, brought closer   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2162
rjou  riou   to shake off the paddy grain separated from the stem   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2164
roah  roah   to choose, to sort   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2170
roas  roas   elephant (elephant indicus)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2171
roat  roat   to buy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2172
roc  rôc   timber of cross-piece (construction)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2182
rom  rôm   adolescent, teenager   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2227
rou  rou   to take away, remove   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2295
roum  roum   the lower part of house   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2296
ru tərnɔm  ru törnom   to make rice beer   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2302
ru  ru   to be available   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2301
ruc  ruc   to move back   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2303
rup raːj  rup rai   shadow, image, soul   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2306
rup  rup   form, image, appearance   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2305
rut  rut   kind of trap to catch winged termites   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2307
ruŋ  rung   to fall (things which to fall to earth)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2304
 ro   dry   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2168
rɔc  roc   to empty the intestines of a chicken   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2181
rɔh  roh   to lose, mislay   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2194
rɔm  rom   agree to be together   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2226
rɔs  ros   harvest of mountain rice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2280
rɔŋ  rong   to raise, maintain   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2247
rɔŋ  rong   to take care of, to have care of   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2248
rɔː  roo   to extend, lengthen   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2265
rɔː  roo   to receive   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2266
    anterior, previous   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2169
rəba  röba   brittle, dry, too dry   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2173
rəbaŋ  röbang   bridge   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2175
rəbaːj  röbai   leguminous plant, similar to podded peas   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2174
rəbu  röbu   thousand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2179
rəbut  röbut   storm, high wind, swirl of air   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2180
rəbɔŋ  röbong   ditch, chanel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2177
rəbəw  röböu   hundred thousand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2178
rəcah  röcah   shake paddy basket to make the grains fall on an area   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2183
rəcoah  röcoah   to rinse   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2184
rədap  rödap   heap, pile   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2186
rədaŋ  rödang   kind of rattan; used to make baskets   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2185
rədeh  rödêh   trigger of the crossbow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2187
rədiŋ  röding   musical instrument made of four between-node bamboo fibers lifted and stretched on the rests   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2188
rəgaːj  rögai   thin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2189
rəglaːj  röglai   Montanard tribe to the east of mount Brah-Yang   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2190
rəguaŋ  röguang   rolled; entangled   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2192
rəgut  rögut   quail (Coturnix sinensis)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2193
rəgəːj  rögöi   able, skilful   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2191
rəh  röh   fly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2195
rəh  röh   to give birth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2196
rəhat  röhat   dried up, drained   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2198
rəhaŋ  röhang   vegetable garden near the house where they grow tobacco, corn, melons, vegetables   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2197
rəhiaŋ  röhiang   bitter   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2200
rəhin  röhin   thin, finely, tiny   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2201
rəhip  röhip   suck, sniff, smell   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2202
rəhoup  röhoup   to draw air through the mouth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2206
rəhɔn  röhon   to wish for something one finds pleasant   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2204
rəhən  röhön   desired (an object), pleased with something   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2205
rəhəːj  röhöi   express the idea of progession   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2203
rəhɛ  röhe   paddy straw   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2199
rəjah  röyah   rattan   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2298
rəju  röyu   cf ngot   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2299
rəjua  röyua   coward   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2300
rəkan  rökan   piece of wood, a clamp to fix plowshear   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2207
rəkaŋ  rökang   forked timber (usually bamboo cut at a junction) used to make roof of house   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2208
rəki  röki   raft; timbers attached together for transport by water   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2212
rəkiat  rökiat   to squeak.   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2213
rəkit  rökit   cf lup   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2214
rəklaːw  röklao   clapper of bell   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2215
rəklun  röklun   to make folds, to fold   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2217
rəkləŋ  röklöng   chief of a group of villages   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2216
rəkoun  rökoun   make folds, bend (involuntary)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2219
rəkuaŋ  rökuang   large, thick   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2220
rəkəm  rököm   ridge of the roof   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2218
rəkɛh  rökeh   to thin out the leaves of a branch or to remove its bark with hatchet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2209
rəkɛl  rökel   musical instrument with six pipes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2210
rəkɛt  röket   soon   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2211
rəlac  rölac   to turn, be turned over   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2221
rəlaw  rölau   more, also (comparative formation)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2222
rəlaw  rölau   the bush   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2223
rəliː  rölii   to spread out   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2224
rələm  rölöm   to erode, crumble   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2225
rəm  röm   to tremble (general sense)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2228
rəmalə  römalö   upper maxilla   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2229
rəmbac  römbac   to boil   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2230
rəmi  römi   give a look, observe (far away)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2231
rəmis  römis   rhinoceros (rhinoceros indicus)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2232
rəmit  römit   medicinal plant whose tubercle (crushed) is to treat the rash caused by the plant bangcal   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2233
rəmit  römit   yellow (tending slightly on the green)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2234
rəmpi  römpi   small shelf for storing bowls   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2236
rəməs  römös   kind of water snake, with white belly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2235
rənan  rönan   cf dornan   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2238
rənaŋ  rönang   generation, time   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2239
rənaːj  rönai   pestle for husking paddy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2237
rənda  rönda   kind of little raised firebox used as lamp to illuminate the pine wood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2240
rəndap  röndap   around   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2241
rəndɛh taw  röndeh tau   sea-going vessel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2246
rəndɛh  röndeh   vehicle, car   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2245
rənoas  rönoas   the largest model basket (eight to nine spans in circumference)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2256
rənu  rönu   field shelter of paddy straw (at ground level, at harvest time)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2260
rənɔ  röno   to groan, moan   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2255
rənɔt  rönot   saw   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2259
rənɔŋ  rönong   channel, corridor, passage   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2257
rənɗiŋ  röndding   talk at night during sleep, dreaming aloud   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2242
rənɗɔ  rönddo   reed bag to contain rice, eggs etc   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2243
rənɗəh  rönddöh   to groan, moan   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2244
rənəs  rönös   cf kuu   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2258
rənɟuŋ  rönjung   vine with very fine fibres being used as darning thread   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2254
rəp  röp   near, on the point of   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2267
rəpaj  röpae   cf dörpae   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2268
rəpas  röpas   parallel longitudinal timbers under the floor of the house, rafters   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2269
rəpoal  röpoal   pumpkin, marrow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2270
rəpout  röpout   to rub (rubbing the body with the hand)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2273
rəpu juh  röpu yuh   buffalo with horns turned down   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2276
rəpu rah  röpu rah   young buffalo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2275
rəpu  röpu   buffalo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2274
rəpuŋ  röpung   cucumber   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2277
rəpɔc  röpoc   to stroke   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2271
rəpət  röpöt   to struggle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2272
rəru  röru   many   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2279
rərəs  rörös   many   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2278
rəs  rös   to undo, pluck, shell   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2281
rəsi  rösi   to comb   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2282
rəsian  rösian   rattan species   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2283
rəswi  rösui   phoenix-like plant that some Montagnard use to cover their homes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2286
rəsɔn  röson   nest   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2285
rəsəh  rösöh   desiccated   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2284
rət  röt   song of the herder to warn that buffalo entered in a rice field   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2287
rətaːj  rötai   to strike the air (with a stick, a cane)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2288
rətu  rötu   lid   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2291
rətuh  rötuh   to shake   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2292
rətus  rötus   cross-pieces under the floor of the house   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2294
rətuən  rötuön   species of wild edible salad   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2293
rətəs  rötös   shake (from top to bottom)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2290
rətɛt  rötet   small parakeet green (loriculus vernalis)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2289
rəwaŋ  röwang   tangled up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2297
rəŋ  röng   balcony in front of Pémsienne house   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2249
rəŋu  röngu   to stir up, agitate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2252
rəŋuːl  rönguul   in the middle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2253
rəŋɔl  röngol   wood to support basket, resting at a halt   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2250
rəŋəl  röngöl   who can not obtain (smth.)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2251
rəɓah  röbbah   poor; unhappy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2176
rəɲa rɔɲɔl  rönya ronyol   of varied color, variegated   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2261
rəɲah  rönyah   furiously   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2262
rəɲal  rönyal   species of bees, nasty, honey plentiful and very sweet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2263
rəɲuŋ  rönyung   measure for extent of roof of hut   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2264
rɛh  reh   to incise; to open with a sharp blade   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2147
rɛs  res   to carry basket by only one strap   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2150
rɛs  res   to equalize, make right   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2151
rɛŋ  reng   along the edge, to go along   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2148
sa  sa   the body; oneself, personality   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2308
sac  sac   to choose   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2316
sah  sah   large basket (it is of various sizes)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2318
saj  sae   to feed chickens with grain   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2317
sak  sak   effective (said of a remedy)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2320
sakam klit  sakam klit   second harrowing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2322
sakam ɟəroa  sakam jöroa   the first harrowing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2321
sal  sal   to return, refund   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2323
salaːw  salao   large plate of wood or metal   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2324
salɔ  salo   tinplate, tin, zinc   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2325
sam  sam   always   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2326
san  san   thin, finely   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2327
sansɨ  sansü   litigious, seeking quarrels and feuds   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2329 < Vietnamese
sar  sar   bush, abandoned land, left fallow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2331
sara  sara   paper (for writing)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2332
sara  sara   writing, paper writing, or simply paper on which to write book   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2333
sas  sas   cf lös   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2334
saw  sau   grandson   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2335
saŋ  sang   to leave, abandon, give up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2328
saː ruj  saa rui   eating rice that is not yet mature in times of scarcity when one cannot wait for the harvest,   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2311
saː  saa   to eat (transitive, always followed by direct object)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2309
saː  saa   to gain   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2310
saːc  saac   to empty water (a pond, a dam in the river) by drawing with a bucket   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2312
saːj  sai   louse, flea   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2319
saːl  saal   shelter at ground level, whose roof has a slope   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2313
saːr  saar   resinous   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2315
saːw  sao   to take a meal; to eat (intransitive)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2330
saːŋ  saang   pure; limpid, transparent   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2314
si  si   to crack and split into thin strips   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2341
siah  siah   pour (a liquid in a container)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2342
siam  siam   to feed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2343
siat  siat   large sharpedged grass, with stem stronger than thatch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2344
siat  siat   to cut, slice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2345
siaw  siau   within a cartridge: wad and powder, by extension: any cartridge   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2346
sih  sih   to sow, throw on the fly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2347
sim tuŋ taŋ  sim tung tang   small fawn-coloured bird with large beak (makes holes in ground)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2356
sim ʔɛhɔŋ  sim ehong   wagtail bird   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2355
sim  sim   bird   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2354
sin  sin   cooked   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2357
sir  sir   enough, sufficient   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2361
sir  sir   medicinal plant (Solanaceae) for treatment of injuries   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2362
sit  sit   skilful   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2363
siw ʔasia  siu asia   refuse, waste, dust   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2364
siŋ ʔous  sing ous   to maintain fire   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2358
siɔ  sio   to waste (money, for example)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2359
siək  siök   Well, well done, well put   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2360
siː tərgləm  sii törglöm   molar tooth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2350
siː  sii   tooth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2348
siːn  siin   to look at, watch, be careful, examine, inspect   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2351
siːr  siir   carve, engrave with a knife and pour dye   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2352
siːt  siit   miserly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2353
siːʔ  sii'   a long time   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2349
soaj  soae   reduce the level of the pot by removing scum in cooking rice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2374
soan  soaan   gold, gilded   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2373
soan  soan   soul breath of life   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2375
sou  sou   number, figure   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2519
souc  souc   sting (with a stinger)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2521
soup  soup   kind of small net trimmed with spines to prevent fish escaping   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2522
sour  sour   to order (expresses all the nuances between "ask" and "require")   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2523
sout  sout   sharp, sharpened   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2524
sout  sout   wound   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2525
srah  srah   generic term for several insects   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2527
sras  sras   wood louse, vermin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2530
sraw  srau   small model of crossbow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2531
sraŋ  srang   to throw away   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2529
sraːj  srai   long cord, vine   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2528
sre tou  srê tou   separate, isolated, isolated field that has natural limits   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2533
sre  srê   lowland irrigated rice fieldfield   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2532
sri  sri   wire   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2536
sriŋ  sring   to thread   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2538
sriːŋ  sriing   reddish   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2537
srouŋ  sroung   sharp bamboo planted in the ground or near the village to defend the entrance or at the edge of rice fields to impale deer and wild boar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2544
sruh  sruh   to remake, restore   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2545
srum  srum   cf, sreh   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2546
sruːm  sruum   to thread   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2547
srɔŋ  srong   to temper (steel in forge)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2539
srɔːŋ  sroong   to keep, preserve   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2543
srəŋ  sröng   cf doung   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2540
srəŋ  sröng   cf doung   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2541
srəŋ  sröng   height (or depth in water) of the body plus a raised arm   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2542
srɛh  sreh   to slice, cut   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2534
srɛŋ  sreng   chain   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2535
su  su   species of large rat with light hair   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2548
suak  suak   quickly, at once, instantaneously   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2549
suat  suat   dried up, does not run any more   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2550
suh  suh   new, newly purchased   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2551
sum  sum   always   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2554
sur waj  sur wae   pig crossed with wild boar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2558
sur  sur   pig   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2557
sut  sut   a species of bees   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2559
suŋ  sung   also, then   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2555
suən  suön   garden   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2556
suʔi  su'i   to tease, make fun of   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2552
suː daː  suu daa   swear oath with hand in boiling water   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2560
suːh  suuh   wet, humid   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2561
suːt  suut   cane (with which we make mats, bags, baskets ...)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2563
suːŋ  suung   chopper, axe   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2562
swiŋ  suing   very thin, finely, thread-like   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2553
sɔ rhaːw  so rhao   tawny wild dog (canis primaevus)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2372
sɔ ɲaːj  so nyai   tawny yellowish dog   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2370
sɔ ɲuŋ  so nyung   dog with black fur   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2371
 so   dog   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2365
sɔh  soh   empty   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2383
sɔh  soh   to dress   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2384
sɔl  sol   to illuminate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2394
sɔmpən  sompön   Part of the plow fixing the handle at the tiller   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2422
sɔp  sop   Soak rice seed, wrapped in broad leaves   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2485
sɔp  sop   to insert timber in a prepared hole; wedge   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2486
sɔr  sor   to demolish, destroy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2489
sɔt  sot   to slander   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2517
sɔŋ  song   right, just, true   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2448
sɔʔ  so'   hair   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2368
sɔː  soo   vagina   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2483
sə nuŋ  sö nung   basket of intermediate size   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2369
sə-bənəl  sö-bönöl   narrow and high hood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2378
sə-bəŋa  sö-bönga   very small hood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2377
    domain, residence, property   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2366 < Vietnamese
    small basket (generic term)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2367
səbir  söbir   bamboo species, full, hard, dark   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2376
sədar  södar   to turn, make turns   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2380
sədaŋ  södang   during, for a while   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2379
səgi  sögi   toothpick   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2381
səgən  sögön   hat; hairstyle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2382
səh  söh   dried, dry   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2385
səjɔ  söyo   spoon   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2526
səkal  sökal   impure   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2386
səkam  sökam   harrow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2387
səkar  sökar   species of bamboo (arundinaria species) (becomes very large and used for many purposes)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2388
səkat  sökat   musk deer (Tragulus pygmeus)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2389
səkiŋ  söking   on the side, sideways   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2390
səkruəh  sökruöh   to shake to make fall   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2393
səkɔ  söko   pineapple   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2391
səkɔh phɛ  sökoh phe   sort rice before use   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2392
səl  söl   also, in the same way; nevertheless   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2395
səlaw  sölau   expresses the idea of progession: more   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2396
səlɔ  sölo   backwards; reversal   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2397
sələt daː tɔh  sölöt daa toh   to offer the breast   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2398
səm  söm   to look after, give medications   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2399
səma  söma   porcupine (hystrix cristata)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2400
səmac  sömac   mosquito   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2401
səmaŋ  sömang   cement   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2402 < French
səmaɲ  sömany   star; constellation   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2403
səmba  sömba   medicinal plant whose leaf is used   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2404
səmbah  sömbah   fork, junction   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2405
səmbat  sömbat   catch in flight with the hand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2406
səmbiat  sömbiat   ring   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2407
səmbir  sömbir   eyebrows   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2408
səmblaŋ  sömblang   to jump down   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2409
səmbrih  sömbrih   to spray   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2410
səmbua  sömbua   smear of black smoke   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2411
səmbuc  sömbuc   wooden peg   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2412
səmbur  sömbur   sleepwalker   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2413
səmbut  sömbut   bud   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2414
səmoan  sömoan   medicinal plant (Spondias Mangifera - Anacardiaceae), used to treat itching between the fingers   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2415
səmoar  sömoar   beak of bird   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2416
səmpac  sömpac   thin, fine, weak   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2417
səmpir  sömpir   post to which the buffalo is attached for sacrifice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2418
səmpit  sömpit   stopper   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2419
səmpouc  sömpouc   dart (of bee, wasp...)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2423
səmpraŋ  sömprang   dorsal fin of certain fish   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2424
səmprip  sömprip   weeds, tall grasses   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2425
səmprum  sömprum   sleeve, scabbard   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2426
səmpɔ  sömpo   muscle on and below the ribs   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2420
səmpɔl  sömpol   torch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2421
sən  sön   peg, wedge   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2427
sən  sön   to set (a snare trap)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2428
səna  söna   crossbow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2429
sənac  sönac   to like (with a nuance of: to make like, to love)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2430
sənadac  sönadac   to circle, go around (with motion)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2431
sənam  sönam   year, year   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2432
sənan  sönan   to name, call, give a name   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2433
sənap  sönap   to thread, to force in   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2434
sənat  sönat   to squeeze, pinch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2435
səndaj  söndae   to accompany, lead   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2436
səndaŋ  söndang   cockchafer with two horns   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2437
səndiŋ  sönding   to support an object on another, to rest (people)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2442
səndra  söndra   timber supports   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2443
səndul  söndul   small posts under the floor of the house; short supporting piles   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2445
səndum prit  söndum prit   bunch of bananas   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2446
səndwi  söndui   lips   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2444
səndɛ  sönde   common cockchafer   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2441
səni  söni   to begin, start   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2454
səniː  sönii   portion, batch of mountain rice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2455
sənkrɔh  sönkroh   to shake, agitate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2456
sənoat  sönoat   to roll up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2457
sənraŋ  sönrang   insane, idiotic, foolish   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2465
sənraːŋ  sönraang   embroidery, embroidered   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2464
sənrɔc  sönroc   funnel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2467
sənrɔŋ  sönrong   species of aquatic beetle who sings in the water   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2468
sənrəp  sönröp   beginning   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2469
sənrɛt  sönret   slanting, beveled   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2466
səntaŋ  söntang   a large jar with short broad neck and four handles   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2470
səntaŋ  söntang   coucal, pheasant   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2471
səntil  söntil   seed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2473
səntur  söntur   poisonous fern   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2475
səntəp  söntöp   to insert a post, piles in the ground by their weight   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2474
səntɛŋ  sönteng   give a nudge   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2472
sənuh  sönuh   bellows of forge, pump   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2476
sənɔh  sönoh   to have the idea, initiate; dare   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2458
sənɔm roas  sönom roas   trunk of elephant   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2461
sənɔr  sönor   fish fin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2463
sənɗan  sönddan   to name, call, give a name   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2438
sənɗuaŋ  söndduang   to take great steps, great strides   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2440
sənɗɔh  sönddoh   to jump, make a jump   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2439
sənəm ʔagədən  sönöm agödön   ineffective remedy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2460
sənəm  sönöm   medicine, remedy, herbal remedy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2459
sənəŋ  sönöng   to think, reflect; to make an effort to remember   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2462
sənɛ  söne   birfurcation, junction   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2447
səp  söp   cf sop   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2487
səp  söp   enough, sufficiently,   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2488
sərat  sörat   to play the kömboat without stopping; always play the same tune, an old song   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2492
səraw  sörau   abandoned, which is left to deteriorate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2493
səraːj  sörai   cannibal   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2491
səraːt  söraat   sour, acid   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2490
sərbac  sörbac   quickly, rapidly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2494
sərbi  sörbi   to throw away   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2495
sərbih  sörbih   to squirt, launch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2496
sərbil  sörbil   insolent, ill-mannered   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2497
sərbut  sörbut   to stir up, agitate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2499
sərbəŋ  sörböng   to throw away   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2498
sərdaŋ  sördang   sugar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2500
sərdər  sördör   kind of umbrella   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2501
sərgləm  sörglöm   to run over, topple   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2502
sərklup  sörklup   on the belly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2503
sərliːŋ  sörliing   to lean   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2505
sərluc  sörluc   variety of lizard   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2506
sərlut  sörlut   upside down, head to tail   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2508
sərluŋ  sörlung   long thin earthenware jar, with short neck and decorative motifs   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2507
sərlɛt  sörlet   to exceed (physically and morally)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2504
sərmac  sörmac   cf sömac   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2509
sərmah  sörmah   generous, good; broad (morally)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2510
sərout  sörout   to make a lattice of reeds, weaving to repair   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2513
sərpah  sörpah   insult (by attacking the mother of the speaker)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2514
sərplaŋ  sörplang   on the back   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2515
səruac  söruac   vortex (wind, water)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2516
sərɔ  söro   small fish trap   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2511
sərəp  söröp   to prick with a thin sharp instrument (needle)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2512
sət  söt   exterminate, finish, kill   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2518
səw  söu   service, drudgery   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2520
səŋa  sönga   to choke, can not breathe   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2449
səŋgɔr  sönggor   drum (generally of stag skin)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2450
səŋi  söngi   cf börlah   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2451
səŋiat  söngiat   to crush, compress   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2452
səŋit  söngit   pity, compassion   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2453
səɲar  sönyar   plowshear   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2477
səɲoal  sönyoal   fishing net, species of sparrowhawk   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2479
səɲoan  sönyoan   tree with light wood from which festival poles are made   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2480
səɲur  sönyur   ritual pole planted in the paddies at the end of the harvest cycle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2482
səɲɔ  sönyo   to indicate, show; to point (finger)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2478
səɲɔt  sönyot   to shake (neck) with both hands, lifting   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2481
səʔə  sö'ö   hiccups   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2484
 se   grandson, great-grandson   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2336
 se   to fork, deviate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2337
sɛt  set   torn   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2340
sɛŋ  seng   line, alignment, row, file   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2338
sɛŋ  seng   to throw away   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2339
ta  ta   to extract, remove   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2564
taba  taba   ignoramus   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2571
tac  tac   cut   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2572
tac  tac   to sell   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2573
tah poac  tah poac   to cut up meat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2575
tahən  tahön   goose   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2576
taj  tae   because, owing to the fact that, because of   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2574
tal  tal   cubit (measurement)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2578
tam gərchah  tam görchah   crucible of coals held in the hand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2582
tam ja  tam ya   to dance   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2584
tam tɔh  tam toh   to beface to face, to face   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2583
tam  tam   expresses reciprocity   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2579
tam  tam   in, to, and; during   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2580
tam  tam   to plant; to dibble   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2581
tamaːj  tamai   thing, property acquired by purchase   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2585
tambir  tambir   to scare, scare to put to flight   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2586
tamblah baːw caw  tamblah bao cau   to commit adultery   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2587
tambɔr  tambor   to transfer liquid with a siphon   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2588
tamcaŋ  tamcang   what turns, goes around   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2589
tamcirɔjt  tamciroet   to twist, grip while turning   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2590
tamgəl  tamgöl   to change   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2592
tamklah  tamklah   to divide, apportion   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2593
tamkwɛt ti  tamkuet ti   to engage each other in challenge (a sort of "tope-là")   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2595
tamkɔl  tamkol   to help each other   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2594
tamluh ti  tamluh ti   to visit each service, exchange service   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2596
tampaː  tampaa   to divide (a given object)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2597
tamphaːt  tamphaat   to distribute, give share accruing to each   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2598
tamphən  tamphön   to mutually maintain secrecy on a subject   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2599
tampiːt  tampiit   to covet all, compete for a purpose   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2600
tampən ʔiar tampən ʔada  tampön iar tampön ada   to hatch duck eggs under a chicken   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2601
tampər kɔj  tampör koe   to separate good seed from bad   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2602
tampət  tampöt   to fight (for the pleasure of the competition)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2603
tamtruh  tamtruh   competition of two   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2604
tamɗus  tamdduih   to change, invert, exchange, replace   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2591
tanaw  tanau   pond   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2605
tap kəndəl  tap köndöl   egg not good, not viable   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2620
tap  tap   egg   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2618
tap  tap   superimposed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2619
taptrɔh  taptroh   bird the size of a turtle-dove   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2621
tar  tar   poorly plowed, leaving the land unturned   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2622
tat  tat   blocked, obstructed   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2623
tat  tat   to ache   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2624
taŋ  tang   so then, too   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2606
taŋgɔr  tanggor   to search the view; see from afar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2609
taŋgɔŋ  tanggong   large jar with wide mouth and ornamentation   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2607
taŋgəŋ  tanggöng   stubble, stem of paddy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2608
taŋkɔ  tangko   a large earthenware jar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2610
taŋkɔn  tangkon   jar with almost vertical sides   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2611
taŋlaŋ  tanglang   a plant which plays a part in religious ritual   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2612
taŋliaŋ  tangliang   bell tower   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2613
taŋlɔr  tanglor   large jar slender with long neck and flaring mouth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2614
taŋlɔs  tanglos   short bulbous jar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2615
taɲ  tany   to weave   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2616
taː  taa   to dig   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2565
taːj  tai   still, more   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2577
taːm  taam   crab (in ricefield)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2567
taːm  taam   effective   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2568
taːp  taap   to hit, strike   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2569
taːt  taat   partridge (Tropicoperdrix merlini vivida), francolin (Francolinus sinensis)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2570
taːw  tao   sugarcane   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2617
taːʔ  taa'   spear   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2566
teː  têe   to draw aside, open   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2626
tham  tham   rape (of an young girl)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2633
than  than   saint   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2634 < Vietnamese
thi  thi   to test itself (training with idea of emulation)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2636
thil  thil   measure to count the sheets of bétel = 10 mui   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2637
thit  thit   to comfort   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2638
thiw  thiu   incaculable number; beyond a million   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2639
thoar  thoar   spaced, loose, loosely attached   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2641
thubak  thubak   large container, basin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2645
thubiac  thubiac   large container, basin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2646
thul  thul   powder   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2647
thun  thun   a rut   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2648
thuŋ  thung   barrel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2649
thɔ  tho   to rub, to clean   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2640
thɔt  thot   to rub (e.g. an animal against a tree)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2643
thɔŋ  thong   hollow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2642
thɛp  thep   vehicle spring   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2635
thɨ  thü   bad, malicious   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2644
ti  ti   this, this (demonstrative of time that has passed)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2650
ti  ti   upper limb: arm, hand, finger   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2651
ti  ti   with, of   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2652
tia daː  tia daa   ford   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2655
tia  tia   to chop the end   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2654
tiah  tiah   earth, ground   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2656
tiar  tiar   to forge   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2659
tias mat  tias mat   blind   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2660
tiaŋ ka  tiang ka   light timber for boards decorated for the feast of buffalo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2658
tiaŋ  tiang   tail   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2657
tih  tih   to overflow, flood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2661
til  til   to close   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2668
tim  tim   to cover   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2669
tim  tim   to keep, preserve   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2670
tip  tip   cockroach   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2673
tir  tir   species of palm tree with the very straight trunk   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2674
tir  tir   to have "relations" before marriage   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2675
tis  tis   to be mistaken, make error   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2676
tiŋ  ting   to pursue, hunt   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2671
tiŋ  ting   with, towards (indicates direction)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2672
tiʔ  ti'   deaf person   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2653
tiː  tii   to lead by pulling a rope   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2662
tiː  tii   to lead while drawing by a cord   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2663
tiː  tii   tree whose bark gives a dye of red ocre (Careya sphaeria-myrtacées)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2664
tiːl  tiil   deaf person   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2665
tiːl  tiil   sign, trace; mark, accent, proof   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2666
tiːp  tiip   to meet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2667
toaj  toai   womb, uterus   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2680
toan  toan   bind into bundles to carry on head   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2681
tom nam  tôm nam   year past   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2721
tom  tôm   meet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2716
tou  tou   towards the east   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2812
touj  toui   bent in a hook   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2813
tour nia  tour nia   ears with the pierced lobes of large holes (Maa tribe)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2816
tour  tour   ear   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2815
tout  tout   to plant, insert, install   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2817
touŋ  toung   small musical instrument with vibrating wire   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2814
tra  tra   lead (metal)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2824
trah  trah   sika deer (sika pseudaxis)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2826
trah  trah   to square, trim; to shape with a cutting instrument in the direction of the wood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2827
traj  trae   to shave, cut flush   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2825
tral  tral   without embarrassment, dirty, shameless   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2828
tram  tram   to soak, dampen   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2829
traw  trau   plant with edible leaves growing in uncultivated waterfront (appearance and taste similar to spinach)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2831
traŋ  trang   hairy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2830
tri  tri   to crush, flatten, form a hump, a wound (in bumping)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2835
triah krɔŋ  triah krong   high ground, high plateau   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2836
trit  trit   to whistle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2837
troa  troa   to harness   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2838
tru  tru   to turn   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2843
truc  truc   to pour (a liquid, in a container)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2845
trum  trum   hole, opening   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2846
truʔ  tru'   large tree whose bloom is a sign that one should start working in fields   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2844
truː  truu   sky   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2847
trɔn  tron   to change place of tethered animal   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2840
trəj  tröe   buttocks   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2839
trəs  trös   to tremble, to shiver   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2841
trəʔu  trö'u   burned (said of food)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2842
trɛ  tre   snipe (capella gallinago)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2832
trɛh  treh   trace a line   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2833
trɛu  treu   counter for betel leaves = 10 dam   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2834
tu  tu   locked up   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2848
tuan  tuan   to bite, take with the teeth, to hold in mouth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2851
tuc ʔous  tuc ous   to rekindle fire   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2852
tuglur  tuglur   tree with very tender wood   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2853
tuh  tuh   large hairy caterpillar whose contact irritates the skin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2854
tuh  tuh   to pour, sprinkle, to spread   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2855
tul  tul   venereal disease   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2859
tuluh  tuluh   a very long white worm   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2860
tun  tun   at once   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2861
tun  tun   to incline, lean   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2862
tup  tup   to fall through weakness, through inattention   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2863
tur  tur   single person   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2864
tur  tur   to strike, knock fist   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2865
tus  tus   to arrive; until   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2866
tuʔ  tu'   group, team of people working together   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2849
tuʔ  tu'   time, period, moment   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2850
tuʔi  tu'i   exclamation of surprise   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2858
tuːc  tuuc   end of the last quarter moon   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2867
tuːl  tuul   skilful   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2868
tuːl  tuul   two objects rub against each other to use one of them   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2869
tuːn  tuun   thickness of blade   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2870
tuːŋ bra  tuung bra   feather of the peacock tail   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2872
tuːŋ  tuung   to carry on shoulder between two (load hanging on pole)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2871
twi  tui   pocket   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2856 < Vietnamese
twi  tui   to carry on the shoulder   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2857
 to   to throw (earth, stones)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2677
tɔh lət  toh löt   boil, redness   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2691
tɔh tɛt  toh tet   wart, outgrowth of flesh   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2693
tɔh ʔut  toh ut   epidemic disease manifested by a rash   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2694
tɔh  toh   breast, udder   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2687
tɔh  toh   pimple on skin, eruption, scale   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2688
tɔh  toh   to split longitudinally   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2689
tɔh  toh   to take a course which one believes is right   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2690
tɔj  toe   garlic   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2686
tɔk  tok   small basket   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2697
tɔlɔ  tolo   furunculosis   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2712
tɔm chi  tom chi   tree trunk   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2719
tɔm  tom   opposite to wild; domestic   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2714
tɔm  tom   principal, original   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2715
tɔnlɔŋ  tonlong   to attach via a tube running into a hollow bamboo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2750
tɔp ɟiraːw  top jirao   to light cigarette with that of another   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2767
tɔp ʔous  top ous   to transfer fire   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2768
tɔt  tot   species of hornet whose bite is painful   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2810
tɔŋ  tong   to present, to offer, according to the traditional ritual   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2732
tɔʔ daː  to' daa   to apply a damp cloth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2679
tɔː  too   kind of propeller that turns the wind (children's game)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2763
tɔːʔ  too'   sepal (of flower)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2764
    to cover self at night   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2678
təbɨ  töbü   to touch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2682
tədaw  tödau   heap of grass and twigs to burn where one has just cleared of undergrowth to make a mountain ricefield   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2683
təduːh  töduuh   to make fall, drop   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2685
təh piaŋ  töh piang   to put cooked rice that will be eaten into a small cane bag   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2692
təhir  töhir   great desire, violent need   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2695
təjaj  töyae   to swing, to come and go   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2822
təjɔ  töyo   to scare   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2823
təkiat  tökiat   to scratch, itch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2698
təkəltək  tököltök   onomatopoeia describing a slow horse   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2699
təl  töl   each, all them   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2700
təl  töl   enough, sufficient   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2701
təlak  tölak   innumerable quantity   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2702
təlhuŋ  tölhung   a method of cooking (such as omelette)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2704
təlia  tölia   blackbird with buffalo (Gracupina nigricollis)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2705
təliah  töliah   combined movement of massage and traction   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2706
təliaŋ  töliang   rice bird   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2707
təlik  tölik   to emerge, show, appear   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2708
təlir  tölir   blue, green and intermediate colours   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2710
təliw  töliu   to make overflow, squirt, expel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2711
təliət  töliöt   combined movement of massage and traction   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2709
tələ  tölö   to push, make fall   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2713
təlɛh  töleh   to detach, release an attached animal   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2703
təm maŋ  töm mang   to pay debt, expenses of burial   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2720
təm  töm   principal, original   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2717
təm  töm   to return, restore, refund   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2718
təmit  tömit   to search on land   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2723
təmpouʔ  tömpou'   to give the breast, to nurse   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2727
təmut  tömut   to make enter   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2728
təmuː  tömuu   to make descend, to lower   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2729
təmɔ  tömo   to remain in small quantities   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2724
təmɔh  tömoh   to call, name, say the name of (a person)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2725
təmən  tömön   a million   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2726
təmɛ  töme   new, still intact   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2722
tən  tön   clearly, without hesitation, immediately   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2730
tənduh  tönduh   to make hot, to heat (transitive)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2731
tənhoa  tönhoa   elder (brother or sister)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2745
tənhuc  tönhuc   to make drink   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2747
tənhɔ  tönho   ritual incantation by dipping a sacrificed chicken's feather in the jar of rice beer nine times   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2744
tənhɔr  tönhor   to drag on the hindquarters   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2746
təniŋ  töning   phalanx   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2748
tənkah  tönkah   to recall, remember   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2749
tənoa  tönoa   speak during sleep, hallucinations   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2755
tənra  tönra   stopper of jar (of clay and ashes)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2756
tənri  tönri   to return, to leave; out of doors   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2757
tənriŋ  tönring   to equalize, make right   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2758
tənru  tönru   to lower   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2759
tənruc  tönruc   to reverse   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2760
tənruh  tönruh   junior   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2761
tənɔ səŋ  töno söng   down feathers   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2753
tənɔ tip  töno tip   moustache, beard   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2754
tənɔ  töno   hair, feathers   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2751
tənə  tönö   afterwards, behind   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2752
təp  töp   to bury, sink into the ground   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2766
təras  töras   to draw aside, to open   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2769
tərbah  törbah   to interfere (too many objects or persons in the same place that hinder movement)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2770
tərbaŋ  törbang   sort of lagoon along a small floodbank of rice plantation to take fish there   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2771
tərbluh  törbluh   to perforate, make a hole   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2772
tərbu  törbu   to bring water into the paddy field and again pass the buffalo to make the soil looser   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2774
tərbɔ  törbo   to lengthen   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2773
tərgiŋ  törging   to chew, to ruminate, to grind   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2775
tərgla  törgla   to choke self (while eating)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2776
tərglit  törglit   to roll up, turn over   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2777
tərgləs  törglös   to release trigger   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2778
tərgəl  törgöl   to chop into sections   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2779
təriaŋ  töriang   mocker, one who likes to joke   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2780
tərkwɛt  törkuet   to bend   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2781
tərla  törla   part of the wooden floor of house (the front)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2782
tərlah  törlah   to gully, crumble   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2784
tərlaŋ  törlang   to unroll   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2785
tərlaː  törlaa   what remains of a segment of bamboo when one removes fibres used to weave objects   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2783
tərluh  törluh   pit, cave, cavern   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2787
tərlum  törlum   well, water tank   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2788
tərlut  törlut   to batter with sledgehammer   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2789
tərlɛh  törleh   green woodpecker (picus erthropigius)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2786
tərmou  törmou   cheeks   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2790
tərmuaj  törmuai   to seek, search again   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2791
tərnaŋ dɛh  törnang deh   door, bamboo gate (village gate)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2792
tərne  törnê   kind of wild cress (in the ricefield at the beginning of the rains)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2793
tərnuŋ  törnung   stretcher   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2801
tərnwi  törnui   bundle (serves as numeral)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2800
tərnɔm  törnom   rice beer   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2797
tərnɔp  törnop   narrow plank, slat , splice plate   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2798
tərnəh  törnöh   bag to put cooked rice to eat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2796
tərnəs  törnös   nail, tack   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2799
tərnɛh  törneh   lighter   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2794
tərnɛŋ  törneng   tree whose bark chewed with the betel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2795
tərplɔt  törplot   to roll up, fold up inside (e.g. the rim of a bag)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2808
tərɲa  törnya   clamp   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2802
tərɲa  törnya   turban   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2803
tərɲaŋ  törnyang   longitudinale house wall   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2804
tərɲoat  törnyoat   to perform a twist   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2805
tərɲɔjt  törnyoet   to grip while turning   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2806
tərɲɔm  törnyom   kind of bamboo bucket for drawing water to drain a pond or section of blocked stream   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2807
təs  tös   to nail   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2809
tətəwaːw  tötöwao   small bag braided with long wild pineapple leaf   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2811
təwaːj  töwai   to buy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2818
təwər  töwör   piece of timber framing pillers at the top of the house that support the entire roof   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2821
təwɛs  töwes   to harvest (the rice of flooded ricefield)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2819
təwɛt  töwet   a small blackbird (very noisy)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2820
təŋ  töng   to strike, land a blow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2733
təŋac  töngac   to bid farewell wishes at separation   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2734
təŋaːj rəlɛ  töngai röle   the sun goes down (from noon to sunset)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2736
təŋaːj  töngai   sun, day   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2735
təŋga  töngga   to shout, scream, grunt   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2737
təŋgu chi  tönggu chi   tree stump   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2739
təŋguh  töngguh   to raise   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2740
təŋgɔr  tönggor   to catch sight of, look to see   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2738
təŋi  töngi   grease, fat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2741
təŋɔh  töngoh   brain   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2742
təŋɔːj  töngoi   maize corn   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2743
təɗah  töddah   to go from one side to the other   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2684
təɲhəp  tönyhöp   to dive   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2762
təʔɔ  tö'o   to trap deer   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2765
təːj  töi   European, French   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2696
 te   imperative marker (follows the verb)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2625
tɛh  teh   to strike (top to bottom movement), to knock   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2627
tɛj  tei   European, French   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2628
tɛk  tek   finger pressure   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2629
tɛk  tek   long yoke pins, for attachment   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2630
tɛr  ter   movement of elephant that inverts its trunk   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2631
tɛu  teu   swamp grass, of which deer are fond   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2632
wa  wa   much   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2887
wa  wa   parternel uncle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2888
wac  wac   whirlpool; wave (in water)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2895
wah lɔŋ  wah long   area of the house against the lower longitudinal wall where one stores firewood and timber reserves   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2897
wah  wah   passage   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2896
wal bɔŋ  wal bong   luminous halo around the sun, moon   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2900
wal  wal   requesting, begging constantly, for pleasure   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2899
wam  wam   black grime or tan   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2901
wan  wan   to carry around the neck   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2902
war  war   to lay out in spiral, to roll up in spiral (such as loincloth around the, snake around tree)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2906
was  was   measure (lengths or volume)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2907
waw  wau   everyone, you all (vocative expression to invite people to the ritual invocation before drinking jar wine)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2908
waŋ  wang   cattle pen   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2903
waŋ  wang   to scrounge rice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2904
waʔ  wa'   to receive at home   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2889
waː  waa   to draw aside two things   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2890
waːj  wai   quickly   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2898
waːn  waan   to be outraged, offended   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2891
waːn  waan   to swear, undertake, vouch for   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2892
waːr  waar   to bend, stretch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2893
waːs  waas   to draw aside, remove   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2894
waːw  wao   musical instrument, a kind of flute with six holes   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2905
wi kɔj  wi koe   to tread paddy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2916
wi ləki  wi löki   very far (in space or time)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2917
wi ləwi  wi löwi   sleepy when you're drunk   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2918
wih siː rənɔt  wih sii rönot   to sharpen saw teeth   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2919
wil  wil   round, circle   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2921
win  win   to crawl   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2922
wit  wit   narrow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2923
wiwə  wiwö   movement of buffalo balancing its head   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2924
wiː  wii   nightjar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2920
wək  wök   large, vast, plenty   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2925
wəl  wöl   again, anew   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2926
wəl  wöl   to turn, swivel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2927
wər  wör   to stir up a liquid in a container (with ladle, spoon)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2929
wət  wöt   quickly, without wasting time; immediately   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2930
wəw  wöu   hoe   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2931
wəwal  wöwal   requesting, begging constantly, for pleasure   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2932
wəŋ ləwəŋ  wöng löwöng   sleepy when you're drunk   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2928
wɛləwɛ  welöwe   to speak without stopping as one drinks from jar   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2911
wɛr  wer   prohibited, sacred, taboo   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2913
wɛt rəwɛl  wet röwel   wrong   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2915
wɛt  wet   to acknowledge   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2914
wɛŋ  weng   to push, drive out   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2912
wɛʔ  we'   the side   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2909
wɛːt  weet   to be turned over   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:2910
ŋac  ngac   intelligent, ingenuous   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1679
ŋac  ngac   to be well   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1680
ŋaj  ngae   far, distant   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1681
ŋal  ngal   main part of the plow (handle and support of the plowshare); (by extension) all of the plow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1686
ŋan  ngan   truth; sincere, real, right, sure   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1687
ŋaːj dadɔl  ngai dadol   in four days   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1683
ŋaːj didi  ngai didi   in five days   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1684
ŋaːj ɲək  ngai nyök   Sunday   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1685
ŋaːj  ngai   day   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1682
ŋga  ngga   animal noises, grunting   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1688
ŋgal  nggal   latanier palm; umbrella made from curved latanier fronds   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1689
ŋgap  nggap   to yawn   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1690
ŋgu chi  nggu chi   cut stump   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1693
ŋguj  nggui   sat; to sit down   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1694
ŋgum  nggum   to winnow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1695
ŋgur  nggur   rasping (of leaves), rustle (of water)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1696
ŋguː  ngguu   cold, influenza   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1697
ŋgɔ  nggo   where is it?   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1691
ŋgɔc  nggoc   light (weight)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1692
ŋir  ngir   to congratulate, speak in praise   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1698
ŋit  ngit   cooled   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1699
ŋoa  ngoa   to moo, bellow   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1701
ŋoaj  ngoai   be dizzy, have weaknesses   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1702
ŋuj  ngui   return to, befall (including inheritance, estate)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1714
ŋɔ  ngo   fine and long leaf, thatch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1700
ŋɔc  ngoc   to cover self   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1703
ŋɔk  ngok   peacock   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1704
ŋɔt  ngot   to fear, to be afraid   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1713
ŋɔɲ dun  ngony dun   ant which makes very deep tunnels   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1707
ŋɔɲ kəliŋ  ngony köling   large black ant (makes its tunnels very deep)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1708
ŋɔɲ pip  ngony pip   small ant   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1709
ŋɔɲ rəlas  ngony rölas   large ant   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1710
ŋɔɲ tuŋ  ngony tung   species of lizard   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1711
ŋɔɲ  ngony   ant (generic term)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1705
ŋɔɲ  ngony   to want very much   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1706
ŋɔː  ngoo   in continuation, to continue …   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1712
ŋɨn  ngün   too much soft, too sweet   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:1715
ɓa bɔh  bba boh   too salty   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:113
ɓa cih  bba cih   tax chart   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:114
ɓa  bba   to potan object on another   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:112
ɓan  bban   daughter-in-law   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:117
ɓarɛ  bbare   musical instrument (species of ocarina)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:125
ɓaw  bbau   plane   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:126 < Vietnamese
ɓaŋ lɔŋ  bbang long   agreeing, satisfied   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:120 < Vietnamese
ɓaŋ ʔa  bbang a   medicinal plant, infusion of the leaves are used as a malaria prophylactic   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:119
ɓaŋ  bbang   chin   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:118
ɓaŋcal  bbangcal   buchanania (Anacardiacé); the sap produces skin infections   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:122
ɓaŋcaːj  bbangcai   brush   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:121
ɓaɲ  bbany   bread, cake   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:123 < Vietnamese
ɓaːj  bbai   so ... do not   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:116
ɓaːw  bbao   bag   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:124 < Vietnamese
ɓa…ɓa  bba…bba   on the one hand … on the other hand   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:115
ɓe tərnɔm  bbê törnom   to prepare rice beer   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:127
ɓi  bbi   slab   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:128
ɓlaŋ  bblang   clearing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:129
ɓlɔŋ  bblong   come in and out, crossing from side to side   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:130
ɓoah  bboah   jealousy, to envy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:132
ɓou  bbou   to feel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:137
ɓuc rəbul  bbuc röbul   innumerable   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:139
ɓuk  bbuk   skilful, clever (slang)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:140
ɓut  bbut   heap, stack, mound   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:141
ɓɔn  bbon   village, city   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:133
ɓɔp  bbop   small pocket   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:135
ɓɔŋ pis  bbong pis   grove of blade (knife, sabre)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:134
ɓə  bbö   dirty   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:131
ɓət  bböt   to cut, separate, slice   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:136
ɓɨ  bbü   to touch, feel   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:138
ɗa  dda   to launch in the air   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:540
ɗah  ddah   side   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:543
ɗaj  ddae   wooden trunk, bag   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:542
ɗal  ddal   to look at, observe, recognize   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:544
ɗam  ddam   ganary for paddy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:545
ɗar  ddar   wing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:547
ɗaw  ddau   nearly enough   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:548
ɗaːr  ddaar   to fish with the line   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:541
ɗaːw  ddao   sword   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:546
ɗi  ddi   you, pronoun 2nd person singular masculine and feminine   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:550
ɗit  ddit   thick (while speaking about a liquid), sirupy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:553
ɗiʔ  ddi'   servitude, either temporary or perpetual   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:551
ɗiː  ddii   to ride an animal or drive a machine seated upon it   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:552
ɗoac  ddoac   plant whose leaves give a red dye   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:556
ɗoan  ddoan   conical Vietnamese hat   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:557
ɗoum  ddoum   urine   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:573
ɗouŋ kənhiaŋ  ddoung könhiang   sieve   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:575
ɗouŋ tər  ddoung tör   flat basket for drying paddy   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:576
ɗouŋ  ddoung   sieve   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:574
ɗu  ddu   object of buffalo horn   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:577
ɗuh səŋgər  dduh sönggör   to strike drum with two people at the same time   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:578
ɗus  dduih   to change, exchange   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:579
ɗɔ  ddo   bud of banana tree   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:554
ɗɔj  ddoe   orphan   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:558
ɗɔm  ddom   to be agreable, join a game, go for a walk   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:560
ɗɔm  ddom   to copy, imitate, take example of   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:561
ɗɔr  ddor   orchid   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:564
ɗɔs pəruaj  ddos pöruai   to divert the conversation; to speak about another thing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:571
ɗə  ddö   to impose a fine, to claim a debt   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:555
ɗəl  ddöl   to invite to go together   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:559
ɗəm  ddöm   below   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:562
ɗər  ddör   bamboo species (very straight, much used in basketry, and construction, especially by Rogla and Noup)   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:565
ɗər  ddör   to hold thought; to reflect   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:566
ɗəs chɨt  ddös chüt   to brag, put self forward   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:568
ɗəs cirih  ddös cirih   to sing   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:569
ɗəs pənɗik  ddös pönddik   hermetic language and singing tradition   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:570
ɗəs tiŋ  ddös ting   a rhyme sung by tradition   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:572
ɗəs  ddös   to speak   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:567
ɗəŋ  ddöng   to hold firm, hold well   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:563
ɗɛ  dde   rat, mouse   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:549
ɟa  ja   thatch   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:946
ɟak  jak   skilful, strong   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:951
ɟal  jal   important; urgent   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:952
ɟam  jam   fault, offence; punishment, imprisonment   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:953
ɟan  jan   large bowl   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:954
ɟar  jar   quickly; hurry   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:958
ɟar  jar   vegetable poison   (Sre [Koho])   Dou1950:C:959
ɟat  jat   forward (physically and morally)   (Sre [Koho])