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baːr   two   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:7
baːw   night   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:987
biɛt   to put out (fire)   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:24
biː   bear   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:616
blaːw   leg   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:31
bluːŋ   village   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:729
boː   father   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:1000
braː   knife   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:34
braːj   alcohol   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:731
brtaː   rope   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2756
btɛj   earth   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:428
bun laːw   young man   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:653
bun rɛː   young girl   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:766
bun   young   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2757
buːŋ   meat   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:733
bɔː   ashes   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:12
bɔːl   to die   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:689
bɔːn   thick   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:835
caj   head louse   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:66
cap paː   to eat   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2758
caw   dog   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:62
caːj   yellow   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:990
ciɛŋ   pig   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:69
cluː paj   river   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2759
clɔːŋ   boat   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:969
cŋaj   sun   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:74
cɔn   to drink   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:691
cɔːr   civet   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:57
cʌw   ill   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:54
diluːŋ   back   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:737
dua   to bring   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2762
duːl   to hear   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2761
dɔːp   iron   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2760
dɔːŋ cŋar   copper   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:1038
dəːj   one   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:736
gam   gold   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:1059
gliːŋ   stone   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:119
graːm   red   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:739
guam   to winnow   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:135
hɨːn   to go up   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:705
jaːl   casting net   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2763
jiːŋ   house   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:648
jɔːr gəbɛːj   rain   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:741
jɔːŋ   male   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:744
jɨːn   lead   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:1137
kaj   finger   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2765
kaj   moon   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:654
kaː   fish   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:223
kaːʔ   ear   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:630
kbɔːl   to kill   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:697
kcɔːn   earring   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:803
kdaːɁ   frog   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:747
khruŋ   gun   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2766
kiɛn   cooked rice   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2767
kiɛw   green   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:1003
klɔːŋ mat   eye   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:255
klɔːŋ mat   eye   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:339
knaːj   rat   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:266
kndraːŋ   pole   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:367
kndroːŋ   nine   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:751
kngoːl   ten   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:106
knguːl   seven   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:133
kntɛj   eight   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:527
knʔɔː   cooking pot   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2768
kriːh   to laugh   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:206
kruːŋ   road, path, way   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:130
ktoː   skin   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:673
kulap   to shut   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:310
kun jɔːŋ   man   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:743
kun kʷɛː   woman   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:758
kun   man, person   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2769
kup lup   butterfly   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:755
kuːn   son   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:291
kuːp   turtle   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:1006
kɔːl   mortar   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:131
kʷɛː   female   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:757
kʷɛːn   wife   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2770
laːŋ   dry field   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:760
laːŋ   long   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:652
lkaːl   oil   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:745
luər   to go   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2773
luː   white   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:248
luːjʔ   to go   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2772
lɔːn   mountain   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2771
maː   horse   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:1132
maːl   soul   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:335
mbaːʔ   necklace   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2774
mbua   spirit   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2775
mbʌw   areca   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:730
meː   mother   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:655
meːʔ   ant   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:485
miːm   blood   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:334
mpɔːj   to run   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:706
mpɔːr   to fly   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:385
muː   nose   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:354
mɔːr   snake   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:337
naː   field   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:1011
ncaŋ   foot   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:181
ndaː   thin   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:89
ndraː   pestle   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:458
nkaːjʔ   sand   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:210
ntaː   tongue   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:156
ntaːw   leaf   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:650
nɁoːŋ   tree   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:80
nɔr   wing   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:409
nɛw   south, downstream   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2776
paj   water   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:762
pan, pɛːn   four   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:430
pan   door   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:890
paːj   to open   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2780
paːŋ   mouth   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:657
phram   person   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:658
phraːjʔ   banana   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:419
piɲ   salt   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2781
pkaː   flower   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:400
plaː   fruit   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:406
pliːŋ   land leech   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:903
plɔːŋ   calf   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:403
plɨː   taro   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2782
pruː   mushroom   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:764
ptaːw   smoke   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:429
puː   hot   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:389
puːm   belly   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:765
pɛj   three   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:397
raːp   crab   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:740
ria   root   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:460
riŋ   tooth   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:494
rmuːŋ   forehead   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2784
roːj   tiger   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:472
ruːj   fly   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:449
rɛw   skirt   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2783
rɲaːw   charcoal   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:464
sjaːŋ   elephant   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:985
snaː   crossbow   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:486
snniː   comb   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2785
srmeːɲ   star   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:484
suʔ   husk   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2787
swaːn   axe   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:768
sŋʔian   a ring   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2786
sɔːŋ   five   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:479
sɔːɁ   body hair   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:621
taː   tail   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:157
taːj   hand   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:526
tek   to cut transversely   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:508
thraː   buffalo   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:549
tia   deer   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:528
tmaː   flea   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:538
tmpeɲ   mosquito   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:771
tmuk   knee   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:772
tnap   shoulder   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2790
tneː   lip   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:544
tuan   direction   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2791
tuː   body   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:947
tuːl   six   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:561
tɔːj   to plait   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2788
tɔːl   to plant   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:712
tɔːŋ   horn   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:754
təːp   large   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:773
tɛɁɛː   to light (fire)   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2789
waː   monkey   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:169
ŋar   silver   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2778
ŋaː   branch   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:377
ŋaːw   paddy rice   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:379
ŋglɛːj   hair   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:121
ŋiɛr   cold   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:378
ŋkaw   neck   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:225
ŋkaː   nail   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:634
ŋkʌw   husked rice   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:272
ŋɁiɲ   bone   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:202
ŋɛːŋ   black   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:761
ŋɨː   dragon   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2779
Ɂiar   chicken   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2
Ɂɛː   fire   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:635
ɟlaːw   ox, cow   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:622
ɟrɔːŋ   to look at   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2764
ɟuːr   to go down   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:201
ɟɔː   gibbon   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:954
ɟɔː   jacket   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:742
ɲia   weed   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2777
ɲiɛm   to cry   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:365
ʔaː   to take   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:1833
ʔaːp   duck   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:213
ʔeː   firewood   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:1
ʔua   to come   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2793
ʔuaj   deer   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2794
ʔuːj   breast   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:2792
ʔɔsɔːj   wind   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:752
ʔɛː   short   (Tai Hat)   Fer1970:C:989