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Palaungic Branch (81 items)
(ka)takˉ   tongue   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~19
(kă)-way-   tiger   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~78
(ñ)-hɔŋ-   horse   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~33
haŋˉ   to be light, clear   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~32
heˑpˉ   grass   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~47
hu-nɔkˉ   blind   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~20
hweˉ   to go   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~64
hyaˉ   leaf   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~14
hyʊkˉ   ear   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~24
hɔŋteːʔ   eight   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~5
hʉkˉ   hair   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~27
hʉmˉ   to bathe   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~56
hʊʔˉ   to climb   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~26
ka-meʔˍ   male   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~9
ka-nyah_   to smile   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~66
kateˑʔ   one   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~7
kayˉ   far   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~75
kaŋˉ   mouse   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~29
khakˉ   buffalo   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~21
khehˉ   a bear   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~70
khiʔˉ   wood, firewood   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~17
kihˉ   salt   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~65
konˉ   father   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~40
kulˉ   ten   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~61
kunˉ   child   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~42
kă-kʊ⁻ʔ   rice (uncooked)   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~0
kă-mean_   (wild) cow, buffalo   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~77
kă-muyˉ   ant   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~38
kă-mɔ_   banana   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~68
kă-nyohˉ   charcoal   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~72
kă-puˑnˉ   woman, wife, female   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~45
kă-tamˉ   egg   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~50
kă-tayˉ   earth   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~6
kă-wahˉ   door   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~12
layˉ   two   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~58
le_   to go down, fall   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~80
leŋˉ   long (time)   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~34
leˑkˍ   pig   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~22
luyˉ   three   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~73
lɪh_   six   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~71
ma-maʔ   mother   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~11
mahˉ   dry ricefield   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~60
meʔ_   goat   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~8
mwaˉ   shoulder   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~63
mʉhˉ   nose   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~69
namˉ   blood   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~51
ngwaɛ_   fire   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~62
nyaʔ_   house   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~2
nyʊˍ   to drink   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~3
phakˉ   vegetable   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~25
phʉənˉ   five   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~46
punˉ   four   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~44
pwe_   person   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~76
pəhˉ   to flower, to blossom   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~79
pʉəhˉ   to fly   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~59
sakˉ   full (with food)   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~23
setɩmˉ   nine   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~49
simˉ   bird   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~52
siʔˉ   head louse   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~15
soʔˉ   dog   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~16
sumˉ   to eat (rice)   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~53
sə̆-kɪnˉ   heavy   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~43
sə̆-yuŋ   light (in weight)   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~36
sə̆-ʔuənˉ   snake   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~39
sə̆ŋi_   sun, day   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~1
thyoˑˉ   new   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~13
tyaŋˉ   elephant   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~35
tyuŋ_   foot   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~30
təhˉ   breast   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~67
təyʔˉ   hand   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~4
yum_   to die, dead   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~54
yuŋˉ   village (small)   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~37
ñ-himˉ   fingernail   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~55
ñ-tawngˉ   brain   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~31
ŋayˉ   eye   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~74
ŋoʔˉ   neck   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~18
ʔinˉ   to come, return   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~28
ʔitˉ   small, a few   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~41
ʔumˉ   water   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~48
ʔumˉmeˉ   sugar (cane)   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~10
ʔɛhˉ   fowl   (P'uman)   Fer1971:C:Dif1980~57