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Katuic Branch (403 items)
baal   two   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~149-2
bat   vegetable, grass   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~327-2
bit ʔuuh   light fire   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~328-2
biʔ   sleep, lie down   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~857-2
blaaj   white   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~50-2
bruu   mountain dweller   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1199-2
buh   fry   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1163-2
buul   drunk   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1096-2
bɔɔj   seek   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~911-2
bɯaʔ   little   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~490-2
bɯɯn   have   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~373-2
bɯʔ   wound   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~513-2
caa   eat   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~7-2
campiaʔ   civet   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~706-3
caŋkɔ̤ŋ   calf   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~961-2
caʔ   body (human)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~240-2
ca̤l   resin   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~309-2
ca̤ʔ   to spread, disperse   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~183-1
ceem kuu   owl   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1205-2
ceem   bird   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~655-2
ceem   to feed infants   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~804-2
ceen   ripe, cooked   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~657-2
cih ʔakaa   to gut a fish   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~767-1
ci̤t, ca̤t   throw (spear)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~689-1
cke̤eŋ   sleep on one side   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~593-2
cluʔ   mix   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1371-2
coh   to plant   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1164-2
cra̤j   banyan   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~698-2
crɔ̤ɔ   violin   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~883-2
cuaŋ   axe   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1250-2
cuu   to return home   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1071-2
cṳan   offer, repay   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1119-2
cŋaaj   far   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~53-2
cŋɛɛt   cold   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~842-2
cɔh   bore   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1019-1
cɔŋ   burn, set fire   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1056-2
cələ̤əŋ   water leech   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~379-2
cɛh   hatch, break out   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~679-2
cɛh   sneeze   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~432-2
cɛ̤h   deliver a blow fighting (of pig)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~682-1
daaʔ kloom   urine   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1109-2
daaʔ maa   rain   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~13-2
daaʔ   water   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~73-2
dool   carry on back   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1331-2
duum   long time   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1246-2
duŋ   house   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1382-2
dɑɑʔ   to put aside, keep   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~924-2
dɛɛl   lick   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~586-1
dɯŋ   hold, dɯaŋ know   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~377-1
habɔh ceem   beak of bird   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1021-2
habəə   crocodile   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~350-2
hadɔɔj   finger   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~909-2
hadəəjʔ   itch, tickle   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~356-2
hahaaŋ   bone   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~110-2
hakool   knee   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1101-2
hamil   cloud   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~524-2
hanaa ta̤ap   at the bottom   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~142-2
hanaa tom   on the right   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~481-1
hanaa vɛɛl   left side   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~826-1
hanaa   direction   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~19-2
hanaa   way   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~18-2
hanɛɛn   child   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~811-2
hapaj   woman   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~229-2
hapɛh   to harrow   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~628-1
havaaj   soul, spirit   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~67-2
havii   spin (wheel)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~702-2
havɯɯj   trunk of elephant   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~451-2
haɲuam   hair bun   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1239-2
huun   smell, sniff   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1247-2
hɔɔŋ   hornet   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~966-2
hɔɔʔ   choke on food   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~925-2
hɛɛʔ   tear   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~583-2
hɯɯt   inhale, smoke   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~477-4
juh   insane   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1360-3
kaat   to blaze   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~166-2
kahoojʔ   whistle   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1316-2
kalaaŋ   vulture, hawk   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~122-2
kan khial   honeybee   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~789-2
kan kɔŋ klaap   butterfly   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~143-1
kan   female   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~274-2
kan   insect   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~270-2
kandɛɛl   wife   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~791-2
kantri̤am   roasted sticky rice   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~806-3
kantruah   male, man   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1269-1
kantrɛ̤ɛh   nail   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~832-2
kap   bite, prick   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~300-2
ka̤aŋ   chin   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~119-1
kbin   thick   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~541-2
kbɛh   blink   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~625-2
kcaŋ   laugh   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~288-2
kcoh   spit out   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1168-2
kdaa   thin   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~25-2
kdəəp   south, downstream   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~470-2
kisɛɛ   moon   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~230-2
kjaal   wind   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~88-2
kjaaʔ   husband   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~78-2
klah   split   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~211-2
klaj   penis   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~571-2
klbɔʔ   brain   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1177-2
kliaʔ   forehead   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~709-2
klɔɔ   caurie   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~886-2
klɔɔŋ   grain   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~968-2
kləʔ   forget   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~395-2
kmbool   chalk   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1139-2
kmool   young woman   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1138-2
kmuujʔ   spirit   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1215-2
kmɔɔ   year   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~887-2
kmɔɔt   weevil   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1001-2
knaj   rat   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~572-2
knuŋ   in, inside   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1385-1
knɛɛŋ klɔh   decayed tooth   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1027-2
knɛɛŋ   tooth   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~596-2
knɯm   brood   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~264-2
koop   take   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~982-2
kooɲ   male (small animal)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1121-2
krɔŋ   back   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1063-1
krɔ̤h, kalɔ̤h   buffalo bell   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1029-1
krɔ̤h   buffalo bell   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1023-1
krɯp   cover (with lid)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~550-2
krɯ̤m   thunder   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~532-2
ksan ʔapɯɯ̤t   python   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~475-2
ksan   snake   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~277-2
ksaw   red   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~442-2
kseeʔ   to tread (flowers)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~650-2
ktaam   crab   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~96-2
ktaw   hot   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~344-2
ktool tuŋ   deaf   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1390-2
ktool   ear   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1140-2
kto̤h   stumble on, trip over   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1361-2
kto̤h   stumble   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1150-1
ktɛh   criticise, reproach, blame   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~839-1
ktɛh   to strike (a person)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~619-2
ktɛɛʔ   earth   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~781-2
kuaj   person, human being   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1225-2
kuam   to cover   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1337-2
kuat taaʔ   clamping plate   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1350-1
kuat taaʔ   toad   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~83-2
kuuj   to put on the back   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1367-2
kṳm   to supervise   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1375-1
kɔh   chop   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1026-2
kɔh   forest   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1167-2
kɔɔn   child   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~949-2
kɔ̤ɔŋ   gong   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~963-2
kəkɔ̤h   to strike, sound   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1042-1
kəlaa   tiger   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~17-1
kəraah   tree shrew   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~158-2
kəəm   thumb   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~529-2
kɛh   brittle, crumble, break off   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~318-2
kɛɛt   small   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~638-2
kɛ̤h   to hustle somebody   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~621-1
kɯɯp   cave   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~469-1
kɯ̤t paaj   to hope   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~65-2
kɲɛet mat   close eyes   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~758-2
kʔaaʔ   crow   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~75-2
laaŋ   leaf (clf.)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~128-2
lampaaʔ   shoulder   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~79-2
luu   thigh, leg   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~339-1
lɔh kɔɔn   bear child   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1030-2
lɔɔm   liver   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~942-2
ləəj   swim   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1088-2
lɯŋ   may   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~546-1
lɯɯn   swallow   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~374-2
maan   borrow   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~106-1
mancit   ten   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~874-2
mantool   star   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1298-2
mat manaaŋ   sun   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~113-2
mat   eye   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~330-2
mit   bile   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~564-2
mlua   betel   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1304-2
mpan   shoot (gun)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~279-2
mpaw   dream   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~441-2
mpa̤ʔ   wear (shirt)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~238-2
mpiah   to rub (to wash)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~495-2
mpra̤a   coupe-coupe   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~6-1
mpre̤eʔ   carry on pole   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~646-2
mpṳʔ   father   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~879-2
mpɯat   knife   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~500-2
muaj   one   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1290-2
muh   nose   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1172-2
muut   enter   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1153-2
mɔh   to ask   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1041-2
mɔɔh   mosquito   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~995-2
mɛɛ   to see   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~574-2
mɯat   vulture   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~501-2
naʔ   clf. for one persn   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~242-2
ncee   head louse   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~402-2
ncruat srɔɔ   to harvest   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1009-1
nsaajʔ   pour (water)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~38-2
nsaj   cord   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~227-2
nsoʔ   feel bad   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1159-2
nsɔɔʔ   straw   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~921-2
nsɛɛŋ   oil   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~590-2
ntaan   to weave, braid   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~107-2
ntaaʔ   tongue   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~71-2
ntap   to husk (rice)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~304-2
ntra̤m   to soak   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~267-2
ntre̤e   pestle   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~642-2
ntrin   body louse   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~421-2
ntri̤il   to lay   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~784-2
ntruaj   chicken   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1223-2
ntruh   fall down, drop   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1363-2
ntrṳun   termite   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1245-2
ntrɔ̤ɔŋ   ladder   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~956-2
ntɔŋ   heavy   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~424-2
nɛɛ   this, here   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~675-1
paah   split   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~43-2
pahuam   smell good   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1240-2
paj   three   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~575-2
pajʔ   to chop, pnajʔ chisel   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~193-2
pal   fly   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~311-2
pa̤n   thousand   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~271-2
pbat   chew   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~169-2
pceet   kill   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~672-2
pcṳan   conduct, accompany   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1243-2
pdɔɔʔ   goitre   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~930-3
pen   to wait   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~420-3
phaloŋ   door   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1194-1
phanəə   tomorrow   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~348-2
phəniaʔ ʔuuh   smoke   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~479-1
pial ʔalɔɔŋ   flower, blossom   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~750-2
pit   disappear (object)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~565-2
pje̤e   otter   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~235-1
plaa   edge of blade   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~20-2
plaj ctɔɔŋ   haricot   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~955-2
plaj lavɯŋ   sesame   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~547-2
plaj pahəəm   heart   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~370-2
plaj pəriat   banana   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~759-2
plaj tuaŋ   coconut   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1343-2
plaj ŋkɛɛl   cucumber   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~785-2
plaj ɲoʔ mpi̤l   tamarind   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~521-2
plaj   fruit   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~234-2
plaŋ   thatch grass   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~293-2
ploŋ   blow, play (wind instrument)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1195-2
pluaʔ   grey haired   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1230-2
plɔ̤ɔʔ   tusk of elephant   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~893-2
pləə   head   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~352-2
pləəm   forest leech   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~371-1
pooh   deer   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~996-2
pooh   to sweep   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1149-2
poon   four   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1339-2
poŋ raw   taro   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1157-2
poŋ   tuber   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1193-2
po̤ʔ   to sprinkle   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1160-2
pra̤aj   thread   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~49-2
pra̤h   sky   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~200-2
pruŋ   pit, hole   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1389-2
prɔɔʔ   squirrel   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~896-2
psaj   sated   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~236-2
puaʔ   shone upon   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1307-2
puhṳul   to sweat   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1134-2
pṳŋ   stomach   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1380-2
pɔ̤ɔh   salt   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~905-2
pəpial   roll up, coil up   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~793-3
pəraʔ   silver   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~187-2
pərɛɛl   hailstone   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~794-2
pərɯɯj   caterpillar   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~449-2
pəəh   to open   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~358-1
pəəŋ   uphill, north   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~382-2
pɨam   crop   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~802-2
pɯɯ̤t   big   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~476-2
raa   thorn   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~487-2
raj   rattan   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~570-2
rajʔ   slice (corde)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~194-2
rap   accept, receive   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~145-2
rit   fasten   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~691-2
rmah   rhinoceros   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~162-1
room pəraʔ   save money   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1112-2
rɔɔjʔ   intestines   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~904-2
rɛɛh   root   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~836-2
saal   to cover   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~90-1
sasɯal   smooth   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~772-1
saŋkaal   skin   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~308-2
sdaw   night   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~180-2
slaa   leaf   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~22-2
slaaj   overflow   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~59-1
smuujʔ   ant   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1218-2
smɯ̤h   name   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~508-2
snaat   gun   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~172-1
snoh   cocoon, nest   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1174-2
sntɛɛl   to slip   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~827-1
snɯaŋ   sound   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~126-1
soʔ   hair   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1184-2
sraaʔ   to wash head   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~76-1
srɔŋ   construction bamboo   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1058-1
srɔɔ   paddy   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~889-2
srɛɛ   paddy field   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~578-2
sual   speak   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1344-1
sɔh   ascend   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1037-2
sɔh   liver   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1038-2
sɔŋ   hear   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~429-2
sɔɔj   tail   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~916-2
səsɛɛl   scales (of fish)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~786-2
səəŋ   five   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~383-2
sɛɛm saaj   brothers, sister, cousins   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~68-2
sɛɛm   little bother   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~808-2
sʔããp   yawn   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~146-2
taaʔ   iron   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~34-2
tah   throw   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~218-2
tahoʔ   tip over (container of liquid)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1180-2
taj   sell   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~196-2
tamaw   stone, rock   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~443-2
tampual   roof of house   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1235-2
tandii   middle   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~704-2
taʔ   do, make   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~245-1
ta̤ah   to beat hands   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~205-2
tbaaŋ   mouth   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~136-1
tbɛh   fishhook   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~314-2
tbɯɯ   evening   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~446-2
teen   tread on   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~658-2
tiah   light a fire   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~718-2
tiaŋ   dry (in the sun)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~745-2
tii   hand   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~694-2
ti̤it   vagina   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~755-2
tjɔʔ   drip   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1354-3
tkal   (cock) crow   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~312-2
tkɔɔj   horn   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~918-2
tkɔɔŋ   neck   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~977-2
tkɔ̤ɔl   eight   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~938-2
tmaj   new   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~579-2
tmoom   turtle, tortoise   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1114-2
tnool   post   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1100-2
toh   breast   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1176-2
tot kɛɛŋ   elbow   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~604-2
tot   joint   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1156-2
tpaa   aquatic turtle   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~23-2
tpal   mortar   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~254-2
tpa̤t   six   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~334-2
tpo̤ol   seven   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1099-2
tria   mushroom   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~489-2
triaʔ   buffalo   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~710-2
tuam   to pack   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1295-2
tuaŋ   frighten   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1256-2
tuaʔ daaʔ   draw water with container   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1310-1
tṳaʔ   canoe   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1227-2
tṳujʔ   wound, make ill   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1078-1
tŋaj   day   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~237-2
tŋɯh   breathe   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~509-2
tɔɔ   to connect with...   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~890-2
təlaaŋ   palm   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~137-2
tələəj, tro̤oj   earthworm   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1090-2
təʔ   come   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~396-1
tɛɛh   fart   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~648-2
tɛʔ   have sexual intercourse   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~613-2
tɯp   bury   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~557-2
tɯʔ   lead by rope   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~651-2
tɯ̤ɯp   to stomp the ground with foot   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~468-2
ŋaj ntra̤a   day before yesterday, mantra̤a day after tomorrow   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~5-1
ŋiit   plunge (into water)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~846-1
ŋkaal   scrape   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~150-1
ŋkaw   scorpion   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~342-1
ŋka̤ʔ   branch   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~70-1
ŋklɯak   to wallow   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~480-2
ŋko̤oŋ   claws of crab   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1122-2
ŋko̤ʔ   curved, twisted   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1179-2
ŋkrɛɛl   corrode   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~798-1
ŋkrɛɛl   nibble, gnaw   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~790-2
ŋkɔŋ   bracelet   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1062-2
ŋkɯ̤ŋ   eggplant   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~543-2
ŋɔɔjʔ   drink   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~903-2
ɟeeŋ   gold   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~595-2
ɟit daaʔ ɟit tɯ̤ʔ   to draw water   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~514-1
ɟit   draw (water)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~690-2
ɟəət   deer   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~393-1
ɟɯɯŋ   foot, leg   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~463-2
ɲaam pəraŋ   dry season   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~292-2
ɲaam   weep   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~97-2
ɲɔɔm   young, tender   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~943-2
ɲɔʔ   sour   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1309-2
ʔabɔh   ashes   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1014-2
ʔaciaŋ   elephant   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~813-2
ʔacuah   grandfather   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1268-1
ʔacɔɔ   dog   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~877-2
ʔadɛh kla̤h   soup pot   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~614-2
ʔahaam   blood   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~92-2
ʔakaa   fish   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~2-2
ʔakii   that   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~699-2
ʔakuat   green frog   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1274-2
ʔaliiʔ   pig   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~720-2
ʔanuŋ   eel   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1379-2
ʔapɛɛt   tick (big kind)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~845-2
ʔaraajʔ   grasshopper   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~35-2
ʔaraam   bow net   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~93-2
ʔaraaw   wash (hands)   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~175-2
ʔaroo   shout   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1070-1
ʔarɔɔj   a fly   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~908-2
ʔasaaj   ginger   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~47-2
ʔasuam   shrimp   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1294-2
ʔasɛh   horse   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~616-2
ʔataŋ   bitter   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~285-2
ʔata̤a   duck   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1-2
ʔatṳŋ hṳul   roasted rice in bamboo joints   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1136-1
ʔaval   vine   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~247-2
ʔaŋ   roast   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~284-2
ʔaɟɯal   bat   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~472-2
ʔii   sick   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~228-2
ʔoon   give   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1115-2
ʔual   choke   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1328-2
ʔuuh   fire, firewood   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1267-2
ʔɔɔ   good   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~876-2
ʔəkii   horn   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~700-3
ʔɛɛm   younger sibling   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~587-1
ʔɛ̃m   delicious, tasty   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~801-2
ʔɯm   winnow   (Souei)   Fer1974a:C:Sid2005~1102-2