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baar   two   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~149-5
baaç   hook   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~314-6
bic   sleep   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~857-6
bruu   mountain   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1199-5
bual duŋ   roof   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1235-5
bɔh tpɛh   ashes   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1014-4
bɔɔ prəah   rain, ksaj ɓɔɔ rainy season   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~882-3
bɔɔk   white   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~922-1
caa   eat   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~7-5
cak   body   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~240-6
cat   axe   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~324-4
ceen   ripe   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~657-7
ciɛm praw   pray to spirits   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~804-6
coh   to plant   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1164-5
cual   strong   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1330-1
cuuŋ   axe   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1250-6
cŋəaj   far   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~53-5
cɛt   stab   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~688-6
deet   pinch   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~609-4
deh   break   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~681-2
diiʔ   ride (horse)   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~707-2
doom   ripe   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1104-2
dual   carry on pole   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1331-7
duuj   cooked rice   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1087-7
duŋ   house   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1382-7
dəəʔ krcoh   saliva   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1171-3
dəəʔ pnuŋ   pus   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1388-6
dəəʔ   water   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~73-6
dɛh   cooking pot   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~614-5
dɛɛl   lick   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~586-2
halaa   leaf   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~22-5
hanaat   gun   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~172-2
hawɛt   whip   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~641-1
haʔaam   yawn   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~146-7
hlɔŋ   doorway   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1194-2
hndaaw   walk   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~181-1
hooj   flow   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~914-5
hoot   blow, play (instrument)   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1394-1
hrbɔɔŋ   answer   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~978-4
hrwaaj   soul   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~67-6
hrʔɔɔ   raft   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~885-1
hɔɔʔ   cough   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~925-7
həkɨɨr   drum   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~471-4
hərpuu   mango   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1200-2
hətoh   fall   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1175-2
həŋkaak   harsh   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~77-3
həɟoŋ   upper   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1188-3
hɨk   to smell smthing   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~516-1
jaaj   distribute   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~56-4
jaa̰ŋ   spirit   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~117-4
jiʌl   lick   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~724-4
juur   get up   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1300-5
juut   wipe   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1276-6
jɔɔʔ   go   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~926-2
jɛɛk   tear   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~584-1
jʌʌʔ ptɨŋ   raise, lift up   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~447-4
kaaw   call   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~176-2
kahaak   to spit   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~74-6
kahuɛc   whistle   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1316-7
kajaal   wind   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~88-5
kajok   suck   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1181-9
kalaj   fruit   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~234-6
kalam   hundred   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~258-4
kaluŋ   inside   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1385-4
kanceet   kill   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~673-2
kap   bite   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~300-6
karhaac   whisper   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~40-4
karɲiiʔ   smoke   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~479-4
kataaw   sugarcane   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~177-2
kbuur   cover   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1266-2
kbɨn   thick   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~541-6
kcah   charcoal   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~206-6
kcakŋ   laugh   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~288-9
kceet   die   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~672-8
kcoh   to spit   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1168-6
kdah   ashamed   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~207-1
kdaʔ   thin (things)   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~25-6
kdɨp   to shut   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~551-5
kdʌʌj   flick   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~356-6
kiit   sharpen   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~756-3
kiɛl   cucumber   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~785-6
kjɨɨŋ   long   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~464-2
klah   split   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~211-6
kliaw   to carry at waist   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~848-3
klɔɔʔ   white   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~929-5
kmɔɔ   year   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~887-7
kndrɔɔ̰ŋ   stairs   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~956-5
koh   mountain   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1167-7
koojh   sharpen   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1145-6
krhɔɔk   cough   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1048-4
krlaç   shoot crossbow   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~320-3
krlooŋ   buffalo bell   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1125-3
krməə   cord   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~445-1
krnaa   road   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~18-7
krsɛɛ   cord   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~573-3
kruuŋ   forest   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1254-5
krwaaŋ   to roll up   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~124-3
krɛɛ   rattan   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~570-5
krɨjh   big   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~562-1
krɨm   thunder   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~532-6
krʔəəm   to belch   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~498-1
ksaal   wash   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~90-3
ksiir   blow nose   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~670-6
ktaŋ   to shut   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~289-3
ktaʔ   vomit   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~26-3
ktih   outside   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~496-2
ktiɛr   slip   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~827-6
ktooc   boil   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1078-3
ktuut   push   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1281-3
ktɛɛʔ   earth   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~781-7
kuj   to carryover shoulder   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1367-4
kuur   admonish   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1265-1
kvaʔ (?)   scrape   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~168-2
kwaatn   brave, courageous   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~101-1
kɔɔc   sharpen (pencil, wood)   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~900-2
kɔɔp   catch   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~982-7
kɔɔŋ   gong   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~963-7
kɔ̰h   slice   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1026-7
kəlɔɔŋ hanaat   bullet   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~968-6
kəlɔɔŋ priɛl   hailstone   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~794-8
kətəl   crush (under foot)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~770-3
kəɟoom   pack   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1106-4
kɛc   pick, gather   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~191-5
kɛh   mountain goat   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~624-2
kɛt kɛt   smal   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~638-7
kɨl tmiəŋ   arm of crossbow   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~560-1
kɨɨp   cave   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~469-3
leemʔ   animal   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~656-1
loʔ həʔɔh   quiver   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1020-1
luuj   bottle gourd   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1221-3
luʔ   pull   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1355-1
lŋɔɔnʔ   soft   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1004-1
lɔh   evit, go out   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1030-6
lɔɔŋ sraŋ   forest 'bamboo   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~296-1
ləvɨŋ   sesame   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~547-5
ləən   swallow   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~374-8
lɛɛ̰ŋ   seed   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~598-1
mancit   ten   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~874-6
manʔ   eye   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~330-7
mat baaŋ   sun   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~113-7
mbaaw həəm   dream   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~441-5
mbiil   tamarind   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~521-7
mblat   fold   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~325-2
mbrɛɛʔ   carry   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~646-6
mbər   lips   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~558-3
mbɛŋ lɔɔŋ   branch   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~589-4
moh   nose   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1172-5
mopan   thousand   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~271-3
mpat   extinguish, put out (fire)   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~336-4
muuj   one   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1290-6
mɛʔ   to look at   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~574-6
ncəəç   sneeze   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~432-7
ndraj   pestle   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~642-6
ndrɔh lɔɔŋ   bark   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1016-1
nkooc   black   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1075-5
nkraaŋ   carry on beam   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~127-4
nsɔʔ   red   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~442-6
nɨk   kind of fishing net   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~517-1
pah   split   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~43-5
palua   betel leaf   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1304-5
pan   shoot   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~279-9
peʔ   cut, split   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~676-2
pih   sweep   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~715-2
piir looŋ   flower   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~750-6
pkal hndaaw   night   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~180-5
plaaj   overflow   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~59-4
plaŋ   thatch grass   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~293-5
plih, plis   rub, wash   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~499-2
plɯm   fat   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~536-5
pnaŋ   a fishnet   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~428-1
pntuur   star   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1298-6
poh dəəʔ   swim   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1173-2
poŋ   tuber   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1193-6
praa   coupe-coupe   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~6-4
prah maa   rain   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~13-6
prah təŋ   rain   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~548-2
prah   sky   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~200-3
praw   spirit   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~341-1
praʔ   silver   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~187-6
priit   banana   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~759-6
priiŋ ktɛɲ   rainbow   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~601-2
prlɔh   door   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1034-3
prnaaj   word   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~66-4
prnɔh   gong   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1031-4
pruŋ praw   tomb   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1389-7
prɔɔʔ   squirrel   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~896-5
ptiɛŋ   lightning   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~740-1
puan   four   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1339-7
pɔɔʔ dɔɔʔ   lead, guide   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~924-8
pɔɔʔ   go   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~895-6
pələh   to lie   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~400-3
pənaajh   jackfruit   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~161-1
pəŋ pnəŋ   cast fishnet   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~427-4
pəəh   to open   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~358-5
pəəm   chest   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~369-3
pɛɛ   three   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~575-5
raak   yellow   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~81-4
rajʔ   reap   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~194-4
rap   accept   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~145-6
riɛh   root   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~836-7
riɛn   to learn   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~812-5
rəəjh   kind of fish trap   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~389-2
saac   discharge water   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~38-6
saj   sated   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~236-6
sakŋ   sound, noise   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~126-2
seŋ   hear   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~429-7
siɛr   descend   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~828-2
so̰h   ascend   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1037-4
sraan   write   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~100-2
srah   arrow   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~203-3
srɔɔ   rice (plant); paddy, unhusked rice   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~889-6
srɛɛ   paddy field   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~578-6
suac   pointed   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1318-2
suu   seek, look for   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1202-1
sɔɔj   tail   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~916-6
sɔɔr   sheath, scabbard   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~987-4
sɔɔʔ   straw   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~921-5
səəŋ   five   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~383-6
sɛh   horse   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~616-5
sɛɛk   beg   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~782-4
taaɲ   to plait   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~107-5
taaʔ   iron   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~34-6
tah   to put   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~218-5
tarhaw   medicine, medicinal plant   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~347-3
taŋ   acid   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~285-7
taʔ   do, make   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~245-4
tbuuc   thief   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1287-6
tbəəŋ   raise, lift   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~382-7
tbɨɨ   evening   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~446-7
tdɨɨp   down   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~470-6
teek   lead by rope   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~651-6
tiiŋ toʔ   dry (in the sun)   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~745-7
tiɛl   mallet   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~799-2
tiɲ   beat   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~870-5
tkapm   to put, place   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~266-1
tkat ʔuujh   light fire   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~166-8
tkiɛh   nine   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~838-6
tkɔɔ̰l   eight   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~938-6
tmbaʔ   hang up/to   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~246-3
tmiiŋ   crossbow   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~747-4
tmɔɔ   stone   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~443-5
tməh   ask   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~398-2
tnɔɔl   post   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1100-7
tnʌŋ   straight   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~430-5
toh   breast   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1176-5
toom   to pack   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1295-4
tpat   six   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~334-7
tpool   seven   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1099-7
tpɛh ʔuuç   fireplace, stove   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~633-3
trii   mushroom   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~489-6
triiʔ   buffalo   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~710-6
trkɯɯl   pillow   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~456-3
trluh   to leave   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1365-3
truuh   garden   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1220-1
trŋɨh   heart   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~509-6
trɨh   sow   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~510-1
tual   mortar   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~254-9
tuŋ   deaf   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1390-6
tŋaj   day   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~237-6
tŋkoʔ prheem   heart   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~370-8
tŋoo   sit   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1072-2
tɔɔŋ   beans   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~955-7
təjɛɛk   carry by hand   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~652-3
təkaap   pinch   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~147-3
təman   near   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~273-4
təp   bury   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~557-8
təəm lɔɔŋ   tree   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~372-4
tɨɨpm   shadow   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~459-1
tɯəjh~tartɯəjh   criticise, reproach, blame   (Ngeq [Kriang])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~839-2
waat   to arm crossbow   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~173-3
weel   village   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~730-3
wiɛr   left side   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~826-3
ŋar   fresh   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~310-1
ŋgaar   scrape   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~150-4
ŋin   wind   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~869-1
ŋiɛt   dive (into water)   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~846-4
ŋkɛh   short (in length)   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~622-6
ŋkɛɛŋ lɔɔŋ   branch   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~591-1
ŋɔɔc   drink   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~903-6
ɟaa̰j   head louse   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~61-1
ɟɔŋ   straight   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1061-1
ɟɔɔʔ   sour   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1309-4
ɟɛɛŋ   gold   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~595-3
ɲaam   weep   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~97-6
ʔaj   sick   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~228-6
ʔat   dwell   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~323-2
ʔit   draw (water)   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~563-3
ʔuujh   fire   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1267-6
ʔuuʔ   suck   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~1209-1
ʔɔɔ   good   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~876-6
ʔɔɔc   thin   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~898-3
ʔəkah   break   (Katang)   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~210-3
ʔəəj   answer   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   FerMSND:C:Sid2005~359-2