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bak   to notch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1353
baw   smoking pipe   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1867
baː   Mr., Master   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1311
baːk   ceremony (water)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:306
baːp   sin   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1831
biaj / bjaːj   greenbean   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:919
biajh / bieh   mushroom   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1317
bial   have no appetite   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:75
bih   to plant   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1494
bih   to wake up (trans.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2268
bit kuːt   to tighten   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2127
bit   to twist   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2205
bok   to dig, plow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:562
bot sih   to rebel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1622
bot   cloud   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:374
buh   to drill hole   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:620
báː jɛːŋ   strength   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1994
báː   to complain   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:401
báːk   smoking pipe   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1866
béːk   to brake   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:241
béːŋ   to be haughty, arrogant   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:967
béːŋ   to shout loudly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1811
bíat   to pounce on   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1527
búːn   to drill a hole   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:619
búːt   to be smelly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1865
bɔːŋ   former rice field   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:819
bək bal   to be sweaty (very)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2042
bək   sweat (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2040
bəl   sweat (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2041
bə́k   former rice field   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:820
bɨːt   to oppress, persecute   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1393
cah   to call   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:283
caj nɔːj   to visit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2259
caj ʔɨa   to visit someone   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2258
caj   to use, send   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2237
cak cim   lizard (house)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1201
cak lɔːʔ   Godspeed (a blessing)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:888
cak tɔː   to go by oneself   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:884
cak   to go   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:887
cam wiː   to curse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:493
can   level   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1158
cap kamweːn   marriage day   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1255
caɰ   to flow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:782
caʔ   basket   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:149
caːn   porch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1520
ceːm ɲəm   lineage   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1183
ceːm   to taste   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2061
ciawh   to split (bamboo)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1928
cin   even if   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:679
ciŋ məc saʔ   to see good again   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1749
ciŋ   to see good again   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1748
ciʔ   to dip (rice into curry)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:564
ciː   to snatch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1875
coh   to spit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1923
cok   hoe (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:999
cok   shovel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1813
cok   to dip out of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:566
cot   to nail   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1323
coːj   needle's eye   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1337
coːk plɨːt   to absorb   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:25
coːk   to suck, smoke   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2018
coːm   to forget   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:816
coːp cəŋ   foot   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:801
cuah   to be long   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1212
cup   to pierce   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1474
cuʔ khwan   to lull (child to sleep)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1231
cuʔ ɲɨːm   to calm, soothe   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:285
cuʔ ɲɨːm   to lull, soothe   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1232
cuʔ   to be wet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2315
cuʔ   to deceive, lull   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:537
cuʔ   to provoke   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1562
cuː cəŋ   adultery, immorality   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:33
cuː cɛh   cloth   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:371
cuː lot   to get out of a car   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:868
cuː tóːt   to punish   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1580
cuː ŋklaŋ   to have menstrual period   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1276
cuː   adultry   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:34
cuː   down, go down   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:610
cwáːŋ   frog (long legged)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:834
cwɛ́ːŋ   corner   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:430
cám   to remember   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1631
cáːk   leftovers   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1152
cáːŋ   to be able, capable   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:22
céː   to soak   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1881
céːn   generation   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:865
cín   odor (bad)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1369
cín   odor   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1367
cóm   to curse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:494
cóːk   to be luck, lucky   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1230
cóːt   to inherit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1061
cúːt   to drag foot, swoop down   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:613
cɔh   to draw water   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:616
cɔʔ kuːt   to be shortened   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1807
cɔʔ   to be short   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1806
cɔːk   bannana stalk   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:143
cɔːl   to be light in weight   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1174
cɔːm   to be narrow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1330
cɔːt   to be complete   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:403
cɔ́ːj kam   to help, support   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:990
cɔ́ːj wajh   to rescue   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1642
cɔ́ːj ɲɨːm   to encourage   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:664
cɔ́ːj   to help   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:991
cɔ́ːk   cup, glass   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:488
cəm məɰ   to be weak   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2302
cəm ɲɨːm   to be humble   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1032
cəm   to be soft   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1883
cən   to be bright (of light)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:264
cən   to be slow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1858
cəŋ   adultery   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:31
cəŋ   foot   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:800
cəː   correct   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2
cəːŋ   to fornicate, adultery   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:822
cɛhcɛh   cloth, clothes   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:373
cɛːɰ   ragcloth   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1609
cɛ́ːŋ   coner post   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:408
cɨa cáːt   race, lineage   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1607
cɨa cáːt   race, nationality   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1608
cɨa láːj   lineage   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1180
cɨh theːm   to be very heavy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:985
cɨh ɲɨːm   to be depressed   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:551
cɨh   to be heavy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:987
cɨː   to remember, understand   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1634
cɨ́ː cám   to remember   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1632
dah   question word   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1602
dak   as little as   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:97
diŋ   sound of banjo   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1901
dáːj   don't you see, for sure   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:604
dɛn   to shoot (gun)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1801
dɛ́ːk   to push through crowd   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1590
dɨɰ   over there   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1404
hah   to pull string apart   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1572
ham   to cure   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:489
hat híaw (nhíaw)   to delay   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:541
hat   to tie tighter   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2120
haŋ   to be rich   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1665
haʔ nuaʔ   now, at this moment   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1357
haʔ ʔineː   therefore   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2083
haːw   wind storm   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2345
haːŋ   boundary   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:230
haːŋ   to be rich   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1666
haːɰ   to be able, can   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:21
hep   to be wedged in (vice)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2309
heʔ   imperative marker   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1048
hian   chloasma   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:330
hian   skin disease   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1837
hin   afterwards   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:38
hoʔ cuʔ   to be better from sickness   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:179
hoʔ maʔeː   or whatever (happens)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1397
hoʔ siat   to be lighter in weight   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1175
hoʔ   better (health)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:178
hoʔ   or   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1396
hoːn   to expand   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:692
hák   to buckle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:271
hák   to disappear   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:573
háʔ tɔː   self, oneself   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1756
háʔ   and, will, with, by   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:60
háːk   to be separated, different   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1765
híːt   box, coffin   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:239
hóː   to shout   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1812
hún ŋklaŋ jaʔ   to make a vow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2264
hún   actions, manners   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:28
hɔt   stinger (of insect)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1971
hɔŋ   to lift up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1171
hɔː   also   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:50
hɔːk   spear   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:6
hən   a short while ago   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:17
həɰ   to convulse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:420
həɰ   to drag   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1576
həɰ   to pull   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1575
hə́p   trap (to scare animals)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2167
hə́t   to be enough   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:666
hɛp   to carry wedged in armpit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:295
hɨːj   to be afraid   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:35
jah   flower bud   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:786
jak láː   to take care of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2053
jak phɔʔ   to take pleasure in   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1504
jak   to love   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1226
jap tóːt   to be punished   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1583
jaɰ   to roll up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1683
jaʔ weːn   to avenge, revenge   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:109
jaʔ   to place   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1489
jaːj   to be dangerous   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:520
jaːj   to be strict   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2002
jaːm   whithered rice kernels   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2329
jaːp   to drive out, drive away   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:624
jaːŋ ʔaːl   flower   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:784
jaːŋ   to be similar to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1829
jaːŋ   to divorce, be divorced   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:598
jeːŋ   crab   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:448
jhaj   rice steamer   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1662
jhuŋ saː   rice (nongluttinous)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1656
jhuŋ   to boil rice   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:217
jháːm   to carry by two people   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:290
jih khɔːn mɛːʔ   to be resurrected   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1648
jih leh mɛːʔ   to be resurrected   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1649
jih leh   to come back to life   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:391
jih ŋklaŋ   to behave   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:170
jih   to be alive, green, raw   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:43
jim   to be at edge   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:648
jiw   eyebrow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:702
jiw   to singe, hold over fire   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1833
jiʔ lɔːɲ   to confess   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:410
jiʔ   to be diligent   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:563
joh   question markder   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1600
joh   to bark (of dog)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:145
jop   to fight, argue   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:734
joŋ joʔ   to sit cross legged   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1834
joʔ kamweːn   to be lonely for   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1209
joʔ   to think, to have thought   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2100
joː   question particle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1601
joː   to fine   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:744
joːt   to drag out, pull out from   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:614
juah   to descend into water   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:553
juaŋ   Yuang Day (name of day)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2392
jujh   to crush   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:479
juɰ   to be drooping, sagging   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:627
juː   to be clever   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:355
juːjh   to wiggle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2338
juːm   shoot, sprout (bamboo)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1803
jáː   death caused by disease   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:530
jáːŋ   thing, object   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2095
jíːt jɔːj   traditions   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2161
jíːt   custom, tradition   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:500
jóːk   to swagger   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2037
júat   joist, beam   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1093
júːp jáːŋ   form   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:818
júːp mpɔːl   puppet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1586
júːp phaʔ   idol   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1044
júːp   picture, form   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1471
jɔːj   tradition   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2159
jɔːk   toad   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2137
jɔːm jiw   valley, gully   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2242
jɔːm   to gather, collect   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:863
jɔːn ɲɨːm   to be hot hearted, angry   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1024
jɔːn   hot   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1023
jɔːŋ jan   to dress body   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:618
jɔːŋ sɔː   differently   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:558
jɔːŋ ʔieh   solution   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1884
jɔːŋ   way, path, road   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2297
jɔ́ːm jiw   valley   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2240
jɔ́ːm   ditch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:593
jɔ́ːp   to be around   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:86
jɔ́ːt   to arrive at   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:88
jəm ŋkhɛːp   to conceal   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:406
jəm   to conceal   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:405
jəm   to hide, conceal   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:995
jət   sparrow type bird   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1909
jəʔ jəʔ   trash   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2168
jəʔ   trash, garbage   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2169
jəːm   to cry, protest, deny   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:481
jɛːŋ   to be strong   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2009
jɛːɰ   cataract (of eye)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:299
jɛːɰ   to sprout   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1939
jɨh tɔh   to dismantle completely   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:583
jɨh   to dismantle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:584
jɨŋ jɨajh   to walk on tiptoe   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2269
jɨŋ jɨjh   to tiptoe   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2132
jɨːk thɨk thɨk   to mutter   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1322
jɨːk ʔaj lɔʔ lɛːm   foul talk (v.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:823
jɨːk ʔot ʔot   to murmur   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1315
jɨːk   to speak   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1914
jɨ́a jən   to disperse, distribute   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:589
jɨ́a   to disperse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:588
jɨ́ːj jən   to scatter, disperse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1723
kajh khjuːt   to have sores, scabies   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1897
kajh khlaːm   to be lazy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1133
kajh khɔːn   to come into existence   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:392
kajh kjɔʔ   to be dangerous   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:521
kajh miam kajh muː   to be bloody   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:206
kajh miam   to be bloody   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:205
kajh ŋaɰ   to have fever   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:730
kajh ŋkjak   slices   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1855
kajh ŋklaŋ   to become an object   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:164
kajh ŋkət   to be shiny   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1798
kajh ŋkɨː   friend, companion   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:829
kajh   to be (am, is, are, etc)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2135
kam   Kharma   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1101
kam   to support   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2031
kam   word   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2359
kamweːn   wedding day   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2305
kan   if   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1045
kan   some   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1885
kap   box   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:238
kap   to be tight fitting   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2124
kat   some   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1886
kat   to cut (animal hair)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:501
kat   to play (banjo)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1498
kaw ʔéː nuaʔ   always   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:53
kaw   as far as   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:94
kaɰ lɔʔ   to be righteous   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1671
kaɰ   to be straight   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1988
kaʔ lat   to lay crossways   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1128
kaː   only   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1379
kaː   trade (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2158
kaːjh   comb (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:388
kaːm   molar tooth   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1284
kaːn   to be defeated   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:540
kaːp   to hold in beak   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1006
kek   to be crosseyed   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:471
kep   to collect   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:384
ket sín   to judge, decide   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1094
ket   to be itchy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1078
ket   to cut   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:506
keːl-j ŋklah   broken kernels   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:267
keːɰ   type of tree   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2211
khaj luh   speak wrongly, not true   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1913
khaj lɔʔ   to speak reasonably   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1910
khaj lɨ́ːn   to tease   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2063
khaj mphɨʔ   to blaspheme name   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:199
khaj sih   to scold   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1727
khaj tɔː   to say by oneself   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1717
khaj ʔaj lɔʔ   to speak unreasonably   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1912
khaj ʔaŋ sih   to scold   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1728
khaj ʔaŋ   to tell off, scold   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2064
khaj   to say, speak   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1719
khaj   would like to, will   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2371
khal ɲɨːm   to be depressed (feeling)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:550
khal   to be cloudy, muddy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:375
khal   to punish   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1581
khap   with   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2351
khat   to oppose, be difficult   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1391
khaw cám   shaman   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1779
khaɰ khaɰ   to have palsy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1425
khaɰ   to be shaken   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1777
khaʔ naːt   to unable to understand   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2218
khaʔlat   to lay crossways   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1129
khaː   fish   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:761
khaːw   guest   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:944
khaːŋ   sand   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1711
khaːɰ puc   liquor ceremony   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1187
khaːɰ   Whiskey Ceremony   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2325
khet ntiːk   to tickle the ear   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2117
kheː   fin   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:740
kheːt   to be deaf   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:528
kheːɰ   fig   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:732
khiak   greens, vegetable   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:922
khiat   to be stingy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1973
khiaw kɛ́ː   green, bright green   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:917
khiaw   green   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:915
khiaŋ   lamp   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1121
khieh kjɔh   to be amusing   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:58
khieh sih   to laugh at, ridicule   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1125
khieh   to laugh   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1126
khiː khaː   servant, slave   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1766
khiː khjáːk   leprosy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1156
khiː miaŋ   rust (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1701
khiː tiː   to be stingy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1972
khiːl   wild banana   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2339
khjaːk   water buffalo   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2286
khjoh   green bamboo peelings   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:916
khjoːt   pimple   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1478
khjuŋ   to be fat   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:719
khjuɰ   fig   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:733
khjuːt   sore (n.), inflamed lump   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1895
khjáːk   leprosy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1157
khjɔːk   fish trap   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:763
khjɔːŋ   sheaf (machete)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1788
khjɔːɰ   to repair roof   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1635
khjɔ́ː ʔoːj   to petition   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1461
khjɔ́ː   to petition   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1460
khjɨŋ   to stretch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1998
khjɨːt   glue   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:879
khjɨ́ŋ   to be stretched out   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2001
khlah   to be cracked   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:450
khlak   to be awaken   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:112
khlan ɲɨːm   to be sad   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1704
khlan   to be breathless   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:259
khlat   to button   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:280
khlaː khlaːm   slave   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1847
khlaː   slave   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1846
khlaːh   to be cracked   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:449
khlaːj   to disappear   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:574
khlaːm   slave   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1848
khlaːm   to be lazy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1134
khlih   to fall   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:713
khlip   to be frown, angre   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:838
khloh   termite hill   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2070
khloʔ   banjo   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:138
khloː   fish trap   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:764
khloːt   to be loosen   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1219
khloːt   to break, to be broken   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:252
khloːt   to dismantle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:585
khluaj   banana   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:141
khluak   worm   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2363
khluaŋ   bullet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:272
khluaŋ   seed (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1752
khluaŋ   sound of gun shooting   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1902
khluaʔ   snail   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1870
khluh mɔːj   to remember   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1633
khluh   to leak; hole   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1473
khluh   to pierce   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1441
khluwaːj   bannna   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:142
khlɔŋ   male   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1246
khlɔʔ tiaʔ   to be tender toward   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2068
khlɔː   banana leaf   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:137
khlək   chaff, husk   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:307
khləm   circle (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:335
khləm   globe, circle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:878
khlət   to close   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:370
khlɛːn   horn, musical instrument   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1022
khlɛːn   to be without, poor   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2354
khlɛːp   to hold in armpit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1004
khoh   to cut into pieces   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:505
khol   to dip in, mix in, enamel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:565
khon   to transport   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2164
khop jam (jám)   to respect   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1643
khop   to be complete   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:404
khop   to respect, worship   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1644
khot   to coil   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:382
khoː   to be tired   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2133
khoːj theh   to sleep, be asleep   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1850
khoːj   to lie down   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1161
khoːn kjɔh   to crow (of rooster)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:475
khoːn   to tighten   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2128
khoːt   shrimp   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1815
khoːt   to scrape, shave   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1736
khuah   spoon (large)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1933
khuak   woodworm   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2358
khuan ŋaː   infant   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1057
khuan   younger sibling   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2391
khuap   tenth day after death   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2069
khuaŋ saʔ   forest (middle of)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:814
khuh khuh   to stumble   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2016
khuh   to stumble   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2015
khuh   virgin forest   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2256
khujh   to sit down   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1836
khwak khwan thiː noːj   hook with little finger   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1018
khwan thiː   little finger   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1192
khwan   child   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:322
khwat ʔək   to fold arms across chest   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:791
khwat   to embrace   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:659
khwaɰ   ax, axe   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:113
khwaːj   root (an edible)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1689
khwaːn   headman, village headman   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:977
khwek   to break, to be broken   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:253
khwiː   to bother   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:226
khwáj   junction in path   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1099
khwáːŋ mphuŋ waːŋ   to be crosswise with others   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:472
khwáːŋ   arrow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:90
khwɛːl   to be black   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:193
khwɛːn   to blaspheme   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:200
khwɛ́ːt   backfire (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:125
khám   to persecute   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1452
kháːj   to man gun position   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1251
kháːm   to cross over, step   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:468
kháːŋ   molar   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1
khéŋ   basket   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:150
khéːw   portable bed   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1524
khíː   to ride   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1667
khúap   to cover over   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:440
khúap   to overturn   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1410
khúaŋ   front of house; patio, porch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:837
khɔh   to be dry   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:632
khɔk   to fold   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:792
khɔl   back of neck   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:121
khɔŋ   back side of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:123
khɔːj taː pləp   to lie on chest   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1164
khɔːk   a fruit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:16
khɔːl   Korn River   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1118
khɔːm   north of, above   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1346
khɔːm   over, on, above   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1405
khɔːn kiaŋ   to enter house   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:668
khɔːn   to return (something) to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1650
khɔːn   to up, go up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2233
khɔːŋ lhɔʔ   to be in middle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1280
khɔːŋ   back of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:120
khɔ́ːj   to be jealouse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1084
khɔ́ːp   ring (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1674
khɔ́ːŋ   thing   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2091
khəl   to axe, fell, cut   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:115
khəm   to burn, set fire to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:275
khəɰ   thunder   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2113
khə́ŋ   forest (large)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:813
khɛh   wild goat   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2340
khɛk pluː   crooked leg   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:466
khɛk   to be paralytic   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1430
khɛp   shoe, sandle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1799
khɛːl   cucumber   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:484
khɛːt cəŋ   to be close to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:367
khɛːt   to bite   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:187
khɛːw   to chew, fang, eyetooth   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:319
khɛ́k   guest   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:945
khɨaŋ thiː   weapon   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2303
khɨaʔ   to spit up, vomit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1922
khɨh   to gather clothes in   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:859
khɨt   to think   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2098
khɨː   beam (of house)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:156
khɨːk   to speak softly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1911
khɨːŋ   ginger   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:871
khɨ́ː   beam (of house)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:157
khɨ́ːk   tapeworm   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2059
kiap   to doze   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:611
kiaw   sickle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1822
kiaŋ   house   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1026
kih   to scratch (oneself)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1737
kiw   valley, foothills   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2241
kiŋ   to sew   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1769
kiːk   to be burning   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:277
kiːm   pincers, pliers   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1480
kiːt   to wipe off   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2350
kiːŋ   to dance   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:514
kjak   tomorrow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2144
kjaw hanuaʔ   always   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:54
kjaw noːj   to be equal to each other   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:671
kjaw   as much as, as far as   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:99
kjaŋ khjoh   to be hard, very   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:963
kjaŋ   to be hard (solid)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:960
kjaːjh   soul of rice festival   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1898
kjaːm   greenbean   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:920
kjaːw   occurance   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1364
kjaːŋ mpjaːŋ   to forbid   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:806
kjaːŋ ʔaŋ   to oppose   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1389
kjaːŋ   to be obstacle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1360
kjaːŋ   to be stingy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1974
kjaːɲ tuɲ   to be embarressed   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:655
kjaːɲ   to be shy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1816
kjoŋ   to sprout   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1940
kjoːc   soul of rice festival   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1899
kjoːɲ   termite, white ant   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2071
kjoːʔ   to be loud   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1224
kjua   personal belongings   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1458
kjuʔ   to be deep   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:538
kjuː   Katha Power   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1100
kjuː   joint   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1088
kjáːm   meal   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1260
kjéːw   to be equal to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:670
kjɔh   to cluck (of chicken)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:377
kjɔʔ   danger   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:518
kjɔːk kjua   things, belongings   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2097
kjɔːk   things, belongings   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2096
kjəc   to cut   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:507
kjək kíːt   to be crowded hence narrow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:476
kjək   to be narrow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1333
kjəp   to clasp (of bird claw)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:338
kjɛ́ːt   reed (giant)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1626
klajh   occurance   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1365
klaːw   scrotum   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1739
klet klɨʔ   dandruff   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:516
klet   scale (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1720
kleːj   to break (one person)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:247
kleːjh oɰ kləːh   to fall downward   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:708
kleːŋ   sugar cane   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2021
klia thaːɲ   to weave   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2304
klia   to fold   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:793
kliw   water leech (small)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2287
kliːp   honey section of beehive   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1015
kluaj   basket, tray (large)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:153
kluaj   manger   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1252
kluak   to be white   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2327
klám   young male   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2390
klɔh   to walk   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2270
klɔʔ   to deceive   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:534
klɔːj thɛː   to be eroded   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:673
klɔːj   to flow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:783
klɔːŋ   joint   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1089
klɔːŋ   to filter   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:739
kləjh   to make bamboo ties   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:136
kləjh   to peel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1445
kləjh   to split   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1930
klət   to be clever   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:357
klɛh   to gnaw   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:881
klɛːn   to be scarce   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1721
klɨl   to lick   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1160
klɨʔ ŋkjɔːŋ   kneecap   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1111
klɨʔ ŋkəɰ   joint between fruit and stem   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1090
klɨʔ   head   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:973
klɨʔ   hundred   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1033
klɨ́ak tɔŋ   to divine with egg   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:596
klɨ́ak   to pass by   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1435
kon   person   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1455
kon   to stir   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1976
kop   to be stuck together   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2014
kop   twin(s)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2200
kot   to dip out   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:568
kot   to have pain   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1421
koŋ   to covet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:446
koɰ   to scoop out   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1733
koʔ   basket (fish), creel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:152
koʔ   then (clause particle)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2082
koːm ʔojh   flashlight   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:769
kuaŋ   ring (finger, etc)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1673
kuj   to hit with fist   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:997
kum céːn   to be lifelong   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1168
kum ɲɨːm   to be proud   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1561
kum   to protect   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1560
kum   to rule over   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1698
kut   to lack   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1120
kuŋ haʔ nuaʔ   until now   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2231
kuŋ paləŋ   until morning   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2230
kuː lɔŋ kuː naŋ   each and every person   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:635
kuː   each, every   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:636
kuːj   to beat   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:159
kuːl   rice mortar   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1659
kuːm   to winnow husk   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2348
kuːt   to enter   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:669
kuːŋ   until   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2228
kwac   to dig with hands   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:560
kwak   hook (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1017
kwaːl   to prepare food   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1538
kwaːt   to wave hand   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2292
kweh   Kwet Village   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1119
kwáːt mian   to sweep   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2044
kwáːt   to sweep   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2043
kwɛ́ːn klət   to be very clever   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:359
kwɛ́ːn   to be clever   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:358
kwɛ́ːt   backfire (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:126
kán   to protect   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1559
káːj   to be bored   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:220
káːj   to become   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:165
káːn   work (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2361
káːŋ   to hang net   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:952
kén   to be beyond   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:182
kéŋ   to be stretched out   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2000
kíaw   to be twisted   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2207
kíw mplɔh   mountain range   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1300
kíw   queue   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1604
kíːp cɛh   to pleat   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1505
kíːp   to grip (with forceps)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:927
kíːt   to be narrow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1332
kóŋ   arrow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:91
kúan   rumor (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1699
kúː   couple (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:438
kɔh   to be happy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:958
kɔm   to slice   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1853
kɔt   to be torn   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2153
kɔʔ   hook (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1016
kɔʔ   to embrace   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:658
kɔː   to construct   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:412
kɔːm   to like, invite, accept   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1178
kɔːp   to tie   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2122
kɔːŋ   tubing, pipe   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2187
kɔ́ːk   cage (large), pen   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:282
kɔ́ːp   to enamel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:663
kəj   used to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2238
kək   curry, soup   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:491
kəp   to boil, cook   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:218
kət   to be without rice, food   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2353
kəŋ sih   to touch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2155
kəŋ   to hold, touch, grasp   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1007
kəɲ   to hold as a taboo   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1001
kə́k   to obstruct   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1361
kə́ːk   shoes   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1800
kə́ːk   to be busy working   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:278
kə́ːt   to be born, give birth   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:223
kɛh   cane   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:289
kɛp   trap   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2165
kɛt   fire light   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:754
kɛʔ   armpit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:83
kɛʔ   some   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1889
kɛː ŋklaŋ   to excuse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:690
kɛː   to correct, untie   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:434
kɛːp   to hold in arms   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1005
kɛːw   to hold (in arms)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1000
kɛ́ː ŋual   village headman   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2254
kɛ́ː   to be old   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1374
kɛ́ːn   some   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1887
kɛ́ːp cɔːj   to be narrow, very   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1329
kɛ́ːp   to be narrow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1331
kɛ́ːt   some   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1888
kɨa pluː   partner   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1434
kɨa   close, attached   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:369
kɨn   if, when   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1046
kɨn   to be plentiful   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1506
kɨt jaːj   to have malice   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1250
kɨt sɛʔ   to be troubled emotionally   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2177
kɨt   to think   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2099
kɨʔ   forehead   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:810
kɨːm   to morn, groan   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1291
kɨ́ŋ   wave (of water)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2291
kɨ́ːp   span of fingers   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1908
lahwáːŋ   to be in between   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1052
lal   female sexual organs   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:727
lam ŋɔːk   neck stem   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1336
lam ʔuaŋ jih   green, freshly cut wood   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:918
lam   stick, stem   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1969
lap com coːm   to forget completely   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:815
lap coːm   to forget   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:817
lap tuː   to be victim of socery   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2250
lap   to be correct   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:431
lap   verb passivizer   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2246
laŋ   male   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1247
laː   to take leave of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2054
laːjh   porch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1521
laːjh   to stir   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1977
laːŋ   palm of hand   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1423
leh khɔːn   to come into existence   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:393
leh miaʔ lhɨm   to rain steadily   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1611
leh miaʔ   to rain   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1612
leh nthɨh   to breathe   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:256
leh   to go out of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1400
lem   to chase after   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:313
lem   to pounce   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1526
lhajh   to trim off branches   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2175
lhat   door, doorway   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:606
lhat   gate   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:607
lhaːŋ   leaf, sheet (paper)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1139
lhaːŋ   manuscript, copy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1253
lhiaŋ   cliff, stone   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:360
lhiaʔ   thorn   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2105
lhom   to be loose, loosened   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1217
lhop lhiːk   contradict   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:416
lhop wéːt   to turn   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2197
lhop   to be must, essential   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1320
lhop   to return   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1652
lhoŋ   to lose way, get lost   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1223
lhoːm   to be loose   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1216
lhp lhíːk   to oppose   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1390
lhuaj   used to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2239
lhuh   to fall short of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:709
lhun   to be naked   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1324
lhuːm   to fall through, into pit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:710
lhák   stake (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1949
lháŋ   classifier for house   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:339
lhíːk   to avoid   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:111
lhóːn leh   to widen apart   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2332
lhúh   to be dispersed, scattered   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:590
lhúʔ   head lying in sleep   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:974
lhɔk   to crouch, prostrate   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:473
lhɔʔ juː   to be clever, very   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:354
lhɔʔ   middle of, in the middle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1279
lhɔʔ   to be clever   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:356
lhɔːj   snail   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1871
lhɔ́ːn   to sneak in   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1877
lhɔ́ːt   to drip out, spill out   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:623
lhɔ́ːt   to save   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1715
lhəŋ   to go on leisure trip   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:886
lhəʔ   to be in middle of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1053
lhə́ŋ   to Wander   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2273
lhɛːp   rice ceremony called `Laep'   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:8
lhɨa   to be left over   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1150
lhɨam   to be clean   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:343
lhɨaŋ   to be yellow, ripe   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2381
lhɨm   nothing accomplished   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1354
lhɨːm   to drizzle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:625
lhɨ́k   to be thick (very)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2086
lhɨ́ʔ sɛː   head of rice field   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:975
liah   to lay floor   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1132
liak   to be afraid   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:36
liam   square   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1942
liap   to surround   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2032
liaʔ   grandchild, cousin   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:905
lil   sexual intercourse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1771
liː ɲáːt   to permit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1451
loʔ   to rest   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1646
loːk   to tan (hides), cleanse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2057
loːn maːl loːn khlaʔ   to be sick (loss of soul)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1821
loːɲ khlaːj   to disappear   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:575
loːɲ   to disappear, go bad   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:576
luac ʔəc   already finished   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:49
luac   to be finished, completed   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:753
luat   to be finish, complete   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:750
luh ɲɨːm   to anger   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:61
luh   to be wrong, mistaken   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2378
luk siaŋ   to pick teeth   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1465
luk   to tickle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2118
lul   gourd   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:901
luwíː   to grind, mill   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:926
luː   to snatch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1876
luːŋ   kin, kinfolks   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1104
láj naː   any amount   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:73
láj   to count   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:437
lám   to exceed   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:684
lán   to be over abundant   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1403
lán   to cross water   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:469
láːk   to drag   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:615
láːm   messenger   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1277
líap   to go around, surround   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:883
lóːk   world   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2362
lóːp   to covet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:447
lúː   way, path   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2295
lɔjh ʔet   to steal, take   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1959
lɔjh   to steal   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1960
lɔk   ground underneath house   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:937
lɔŋ   classifier for person   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:340
lɔʔ háh sɛh   to overcome being lazy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1406
lɔʔ khɔ́ŋ   to be delicious   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:542
lɔʔ lɛːm   to be good (very)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:893
lɔʔ mpjam   to be pretty   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1548
lɔʔ múan   to be fun, satisfying   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:849
lɔʔ məc   to be good looking   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:894
lɔʔ nɛːh   to be well from sickness   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2312
lɔʔ wiːt   to become sober   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1882
lɔʔ ŋkiʔ lɔʔ ŋkol   to be happy, in good spirits   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:957
lɔʔ ɲɨːm lɔʔ piː   to be happy (very)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:956
lɔʔ ɲɨːm   to be happy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:959
lɔʔ   good   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:891
lɔːc ŋkɨːj   to go against wind   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:882
lɔːc   end (of object, some thing)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:665
lɔːl   bottom, rear (of person)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:227
lɔːt   side of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1825
lɔːt   to be top of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2150
lɔːŋ   filter   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:738
lɔːŋ   to try, tempt   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2186
lɔːɲ maːl lɔːɲ khuaʔ   to gossip   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:898
lɔːɲ maːl   to gossip   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:897
lɔːɲ   to tell   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2066
lɔ́ː   dangerous animal   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:519
lɔ́ːm   to make candle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1242
lən   to be sharp   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1781
lə́m   to begin   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:169
lɛʔ maːʔeː   why?   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2331
lɛʔ nthɨh   to breathe   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:257
lɛʔ   thing   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2092
lɛʔ   to seek   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1755
lɛːk   smooth, flat   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1868
lɛːm   good   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:892
lɛ́h   rock, stone   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1678
lɛ́ːk   to exchange   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:688
lɛ́ːm   stick, long   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1967
lɛ́ːp   little, small   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1193
lɨat lɔn   to be troubled in heart   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2178
lɨat   to crawl   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:457
lɨːt   to peel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1446
lɨ́aj   to crawl   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:456
lɨ́aj   to saw wood   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1716
lɨ́ak   to choose   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:331
lɨ́aŋ   story, about   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1986
lɨ́ːn cuː lɨ́ːn cəːŋ   to commit adultry   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:396
lɨ́ːn   to play (games)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1499
mah   you (singular)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2388
makwéːn   fruit species   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:18
mal   Mal People   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:9
man   daughter-in-law   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:524
man   to be fun   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:851
mat   eye, face   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:701
mataːm   paddle to stir rice   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1419
maŋ   as far as   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:95
maŋ   soot   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1894
maʔ nteʔ   fellow villager   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:725
maʔ ŋual   fellow villager   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:726
maʔ   to carry child on back   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:293
maʔ   together, same   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2141
maː cóːn   top (toy)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2148
maːj kiaŋ   married woman   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1256
maːj   damsel (girl)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:511
maːj   to separate   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1764
maːl cəm   to be frightened (easily)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:831
maːl phaɰ   to be startled, frightened   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1957
maːl saʔ   animals (forest, wild)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:67
maːl ŋual   animals (domesticated)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:66
maːl   soul, essence of life   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1900
maːw   goiter   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:889
maːʔeː maːʔeː   anything, whatever   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:74
maːʔeː   what?   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2317
mem ŋkaːp   to frown   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:840
meŋklaːj   monkey   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1287
meː   to deceive   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:535
meː   what?   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2318
meːŋ   thing   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2093
mhaːj   to sign, mean, target   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1827
mhaːj   widow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2334
mhaːt   pickled fish   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1469
mhaːw   to pick up with fingers   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1466
mhiaŋ   pickled tea leaves   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1470
mhán   to be secure   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1746
mháw   to pick up with fingers   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1467
mhɔ́ː   doctor   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:601
mhɨaj   weak   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2300
miam   blood   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:204
mian   to sweep   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2045
miaŋ   rust (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1702
miaɰ   to cry   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:482
miaʔ tɔʔ láh   to stop raining   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1984
miaʔ   rain (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1610
miʔ taː ʔɛːm   don't do that!   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:603
miʔ   don't, not   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:605
moh   nose   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1347
moʔ maŋ   skin flakes, crust   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1839
moʔ   scurf, dirt scum   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1740
moːc   ant   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:72
moːn   pimple, cyst   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1479
mpah mat   to open eyes   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1386
mpah   some   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1890
mpah   to be similar   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1830
mpah   to divide   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:595
mpajh   to hurl, thrust   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1037
mpak   to be hard, stubborn   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:961
mpal   to be thick   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2089
mpan   to have itchy sore   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1077
mpat   to blow gentle (of wind)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:209
mpat   to strike, hit, club   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2005
mpaɰ   rice water   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1663
mpaː   rice and husk mixture   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1664
mpaːɰ nɔːj   to forecast   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:808
mpaːɰ   to divine   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:597
mphah   arrow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:92
mphah   to overturn of boat   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1408
mphah   to pour   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1531
mphah   to throw, pitch out   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2112
mphak   to rest (leg, arm)on   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1645
mphan nuaʔ   at the same time   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:106
mphan nuaʔ   to be same time   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1710
mphan   to be only to that point   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1384
mphaɰ nuah   rice planting stick   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1660
mphaɰ   stick of wood   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1966
mphaɰ   stick, piece of wood   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1968
mphaː loh   drum   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:630
mphaː lok   coconut shell   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:380
mphaː loŋ klɨʔ   skull   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1843
mphaː loːŋ   skull   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1842
mphaː lɔh   water trough   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2288
mphaːc   arrowhead   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:93
mphaːc   to claw, scratch; rake(n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:342
mpheːŋ   to lean, tilt, cock ear   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1147
mphluat   to agree finally   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:42
mphlɛːn   to shine   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1795
mphok tum   control   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:417
mphok tum   to cover   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:442
mphok ŋam   to govern, rule over   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:902
mphok   to cover, conceal   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:445
mphoːj   bird's nest   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:186
mphuaj   wet, cause to be wet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2316
mphuaŋ ndiɰ   friends   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:830
mphuaŋ   group   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:940
mphuaʔ   treebark, eyelid   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2173
mphuk   trim (wooden, around wall)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2174
mphul ŋkiʔ   child moves in womb   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:323
mphul   stomach   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1981
mphuŋ   grave, sky   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:912
mphuɰ   cement, stucco   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:304
mphuɰ   stucco, white powder   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2012
mphɔʔ   to dream, dream (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:617
mphɔːl   to overturn, cause to fall   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1412
mphəm   to crouch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:474
mphət   to extinguish fire   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:700
mphəɰ   to cast fish net   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:297
mphəɲ   fly (insect)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:788
mphɛːt   flax, hemp   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:773
mphɨh   fast, early   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:716
mphɨʔ haʔ   to be named   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1327
mphɨʔ ncah   reputation   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1639
mphɨʔ   name   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1325
mpiap   ridge (of mountain)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1668
mpiaŋ   split bamboo siding   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1929
mpiaɰ   parent-in-law of child   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1432
mpjah   diarrhea   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:555
mpjam mpjuaʔ   pretty (very)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1547
mpjam   to be pretty   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1549
mpjaʔ   straw   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1993
mpjaː   to chew   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:318
mpjaːŋ   to forbid   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:807
mpjia   greenbean   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:921
mpjieh   to stamp with foot   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1951
mpjoʔ   person   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1456
mpjoːn   ashes   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:102
mpjoːŋ mat   raise eyebrows (surprise)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1614
mpjoːʔ   to be pretty   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1551
mpjuah   to scold, tell off   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1726
mpjuak   wolf, wild dog   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2355
mpjuaʔ   to be pretty   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1550
mpjuːk   dove   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:608
mpjɔːj   to place on   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1487
mpjɔːm   to gather together   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:862
mpjək   fence   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:729
mpjɛh   parent-in-law   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1431
mpjɛp   to meet together   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1271
mpjɛʔ   to scold   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1729
mpjɛː   mouse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1303
mpjɨh   to expel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:693
mpjɨːp   to grope for   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:933
mplah ŋkɨj   to breathe out, exhale   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:255
mplah   to release, cause escape   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1628
mplat   to tie knot   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1116
mplaːŋ   fat, lard   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:718
mpliah   to fill up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:736
mpliah   to spread   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1938
mpliak   to deceive   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:533
mpliak   to threaten, warn   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2107
mpliaŋ   bamboo planks (split)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:130
mplih   to give (supernatural)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:873
mplih   to lower   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1229
mplih   waterfalls   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2290
mpliːt   to be quiet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1605
mploːt   hemorrhoids   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:993
mpluat   to stroke (pet)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2008
mpluh   to drill hole   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:621
mpluk mplɛːk   grave, well   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:913
mpluk   hole in ground   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1009
mplɔh sɛʔ   foothill, knoll   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:802
mplɔh   mountain   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1299
mplɔk   location   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1203
mplɔl ŋklaŋ   to lean backward   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1143
mplɔl   afternoon   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:37
mplɔl   to lean backward   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1142
mplɔŋ ŋklaŋ   to lean body on   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1145
mplɔŋ   to lean   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1148
mplɔːj   fruit, produce   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:844
mplɔːjh   to slither (e.g. snake)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1856
mplɔːk   place   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1482
mplɔːk   to roll eyes   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1681
mplɔːl   rectum, asshole   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1623
mplɔːt mat   to roll eyes   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1682
mplɔːŋ   to fall, doze on back   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:712
mpləp   to dip, immerse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:570
mpləːj   to break (in two)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:246
mplə́ːn   to be level with   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1159
mplɛʔ   to show, reveal   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1814
mplɛː   mat   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1258
mplɛːk   well   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2311
mplɨʔ   kind, species   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1106
mpoh   to slap, clap   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1845
mpuat ŋkaːp   taste bad, not delicious   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2060
mpuat   bee species   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:166
mpuat   to be rough to touch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1694
mpuh   rotten, fertile   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1693
mput   to be together   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2142
mpuŋ ntuɰ   rooftop   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1687
mpuŋ   pool of water   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1517
mpuŋ   roof   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1685
mpuː   to crawl on hands or knees   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:455
mpɔʔ   to increase   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1056
mpɔːh   to talk, noise of talk   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2056
mpɔːl khaː   fish trap   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:765
mpɔːl   cylinder   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:509
mpɔːm   cheek   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:315
mpɔːt   cloth fragments   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:372
mpəl   to kill   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1103
mpət   to cut, clear away   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:508
mpəŋ   to curtain, partition   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:497
mpəŋ   to partition, curtain   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1433
mpəɰ   mud   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1314
mpɛm ŋkaːp   to be tight lipped   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2125
mpɛm ŋkaːp   to be tight lipped   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2126
mpɛm   to close mouth   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:366
mpɛːp   lip   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1184
mua   to have poor eyesight   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1518
mual   plant rice in hill field   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1492
muap cak   to grope, feel one's way   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:934
muap   to be dark   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:523
muj   ax, axe, hammer   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:114
muk   to smell, sniff   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1864
muʔ   betel nut   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:177
muː   rubber   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1697
muːj   axe, hatchet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:116
muːl   wild pig   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2341
móːj sáːw   twenty   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2199
móːj ŋual móːj nteʔ   people of same village   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1448
móːj   one, formerly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1377
múan man   to have fun   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:852
múan   to be fun   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:850
mɔː   not yet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1352
mɔːj   ear   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:637
mɔːk   to be same length as   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1709
mɔːl   stairs, ladder   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1948
mɔːn maːj   maiden, teenage girl   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1239
mɔːn maːj   unmarried woman   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2225
mɔːn   damsel (girl)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:512
mɔ́ːp   fly (horsefly?)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:787
mɔ́ːp   to deliver over   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:545
məc kɛː ŋklaŋ tɔː   to be selfish   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1758
məc mphɨʔ   to know, understand   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1117
məc saʔ   to see clearly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1747
məc sih   to see unexpectedly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1750
məc   to see, understand   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1751
mət   to massage   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1257
məɰ   to be weak, soft   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2301
məːj klaːj   gibbon   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:870
məːj mhaːj   widow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2333
məːj mpiaɰ   mother-in-law of child   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1298
məːj mpjɛh   mother-in-law   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1296
məːj naːj   grandmother (maternal)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:907
məːj ntuɰ   top of roof edge   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1686
məːj ŋaː   maternal confinement   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1259
məːj ɲaː   mother-in-law (paternal)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1297
məːj ʔijah   female, woman   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:728
məːj   mother   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1295
mɛm   to twist and tie   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2202
mɛːp   to prostrate oneself   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1557
mɛːŋ khɔ́ŋ   scorpion   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1734
mɛ́ːn   to be correct   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:432
mɨaŋ thɨh..sək   heaven   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:984
mɨaŋ thɨh   heaven   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:983
mɨaŋ   city, town   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:337
mɨʔ   creeper plant   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1263
mɨːŋ   would like to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2367
nah   legend, myth   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1154
naj   in   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1051
nam   he, she   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:972
naŋ   body, person   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:216
naː   which? where?   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2322
naːj   grandmother (maternal)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:908
naːjh tuaŋ   pointer   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1510
naːjh   comb (n.), pin, needle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:389
ncah   reputation   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1640
ncan   to tilt, lean   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2129
nciŋ lit   push-cart toy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1593
nciŋ lət   to be dangling   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:522
ncoŋ loʔ   to jump   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1097
ncoŋ lɔŋ   to hang up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:955
ncoɰ   to blow fast   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:208
ncoːp   umbrella   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2215
ncuk mat   to bow (head)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:232
ncuk mat   to bow head in shame   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:235
ncuk   to bow head   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:236
ncun   to lean up against   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1146
ncuɰ   to be exposed to sun   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:699
ncuɰ   to warm oneself   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2274
ncɔŋ lɔŋ   to hang up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:954
ncəm ɲɨːm   to become calm of heart   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:284
ncəm   to be quiet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1606
ncəm   to become calm   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:286
ncɨh   to be pregnant   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1537
ndəl mɔːj   to close ear   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:363
neː nih   suddenly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2019
neː   this, here   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2104
nham nhaʔ   medicine   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1269
nham   medicine   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1268
nhaʔ mat   to frown   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:841
nhaʔ   medicine   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1270
nhaːŋ   boundary   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:231
nhep   to insert   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1064
nhiː   to be in debt   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:531
nhiːm   wedge (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2308
nhoːt   to be blown by wind   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:212
nhu mat   to frown   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:842
nhu   to twist and tie   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2203
nhuaj   grain (head of)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:904
nhuam   bamboo strips for tying   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:135
nhuat   to whisper   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2326
nhíː   to be in debt   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:532
nhíːt   to insert   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1065
nhúm   young (male)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2389
nhɔːŋ   pond, lake   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1515
nhəm   to lay egg   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1130
nhəp   to fall through   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:711
nhɛːn   to be firm   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:759
nhɨaj   to be tired   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2134
nhɨːt   to be irrational   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1074
nian   sound, story   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1905
niaɰ   side (of person), rib   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1823
niː tɔːjh   day after tomorrow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:525
noh   meatboard, chopping board   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1267
nojh   nipple   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1340
nop   to prostrate   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1558
noː   right??   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1670
noːj   together   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2139
noːjh   lip   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1185
noːjh   to peck   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1442
nsaŋ   intestines   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1071
nsaːh   thunderbolt   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2114
nsaːw   son-in-law   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1893
nsiaŋ   sound, voice   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1906
nsil   to wash   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2281
nsiːk kuːt   to inhale   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1060
nsiːk   to insert   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1066
nson   to move something ahead   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1309
nsoɰ   to blow nose   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:210
nsoɰ   to blow nose   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:211
nsoːk mum   mustache   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1321
nsoːk mun   moustache   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1307
nsoːk   hair, fur   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:949
nsoːm   mouse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1304
nsoːm   rattan   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1618
nsoːn   vegetables, greens   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2244
nsuah   to splash water   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1925
nsuj   to stretch out hand   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1996
nswajh   to sharpen   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1783
nsɔh   to flee, disappear   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:775
nsɔjh   locust   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1204
nsɔːŋ   to twist   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2206
nsɔːɰ   wasp (red)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2283
nsən leh   to pull back from   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1569
nsən lɔːl leh   to back out, pull back   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:122
nsən   to opposite side, shift   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1392
nsən   to shift   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1791
nsəɰ   wall   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2272
ntak   to be as little as   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:98
ntak   to pretend   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1546
ntap   shingle of roofing grass   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1797
ntaŋ   noon, midday   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1345
ntaɰ ŋɔːk   to be pant, out of breath   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1426
ntaɰ   to snore   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1879
ntaː   Ban Ta Village   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:7
nteh   cup, bowl   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:486
ntek   to press   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1543
nteʔ   village   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2252
nthah   to jerk toward self   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1086
nthajh tɔŋ   to lay egg   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1131
nthajh   kidney   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1102
nthan   to be startled   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1958
nthap   to cause to put on top of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1598
nthaːl   to shine   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1796
nthiah   to winnow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2349
nthiak   to wash hair   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2278
nthiaŋ   to be flat   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:771
nthiaɰ   fingernail, claw   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:749
nthieh   ground leveled for threshing   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:935
nthieh   threshing place   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2106
nthiw liw   to suspend   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2035
nthiː kɨːm   to morn, groan   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1292
nthiː ɲiɰ   to groan   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:929
nthiː   to groan, mourn   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:930
nthoh ɲɨːm   to sigh   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1826
nthoh   to pull suddenly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1573
nthok   to loosen   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1218
nthok   to pull, cause to come out   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1574
nthok   to take off, loosen   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2055
nthoʔ   sound, noise   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1904
nthoːm   to pile   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1477
nthuaʔ   to puncture   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1579
nthuj   spirit, demon   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1919
nthuk   to overturn, throw away   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1409
nthuk   to pour   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1532
nthum jám   to pray, bless   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1536
nthum   ear of grain   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:639
nthun jám ʔaŋ   to bless   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:201
nthun jám   to pray   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1535
nthuŋ   bell. gong   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:172
nthuː lɔːl   tail   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2052
nthuː mɔːj   earflap   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:640
nthuː ʔuaŋ   vegetable   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2243
nthuː   leaf   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1138
nthuːt ʔojh   to start fire   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1956
nthɔl khɛŋ   elbow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:652
nthɔl paklaː   shoulder joint   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1810
nthɔl   edge, boundary   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:647
nthɔl   section   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1744
nthɔŋ cəŋ   ankle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:68
nthɔŋ thiː   wrist   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2376
nthɔʔ   joint, wrist   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1092
nthɔːk   ear of grain   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:638
nthəjh   to strike, bump against   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2006
nthən   to be born prematurely   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:221
nthəp ləp   to lie or fall on stomach   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1165
nthəp   to bow down   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:234
nthət   to cut at base   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:502
nthəːj   to pant   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1427
nthɛp   sandal   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1712
nthɨh   to breathe   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:258
nthɨh   to cause upward   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2234
nthɨɰ   bat (animal)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:154
ntiah   to cleanse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:345
ntiet   thresh by stomping feet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2109
ntiw liw   to suspend   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2036
ntiɰ   group   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:942
ntiː   to stare at   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1955
ntiːk   to be deaf   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:529
ntiːɰ   group   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:941
ntok   to jerk out   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1085
ntoʔ   occurence   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1366
ntoːl   to bounce off of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:229
ntoːp   withered, undeveloped   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2330
ntuah   to tell, command, teach   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2065
ntum   cloak (long)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:362
ntum   wrap around with blanket   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2374
ntun   to stack clothes   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1947
ntuɰ   rooftop   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1688
ntuː wáː   branch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:242
ntuː   joint of branch to trunk   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1091
ntuːn   former rice field   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:821
ntuːp   hut (field)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1042
ntɔh   to place on top of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1486
ntɔk   establish, stand upright   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:676
ntɔʔ   to goad   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2136
ntɔːl cəŋ   heel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:989
ntɔːl   heel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:988
ntɔːp ɲɔːm   to gather in   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:861
ntɔːp   to dip out, scoop   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:567
ntɔːŋ jɔːm   to gather in   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:860
ntɔːŋ   wood section   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2357
ntɔːɰ ɲɨːm   to hurt feelings   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1038
ntɔːɰ   to be shaken, upset   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1778
ntəl   trunk (tree), begin   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2182
ntən   to not know   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1350
ntəŋ ɲɨːm   to satisfy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1713
ntɛh   cup, bowl   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:487
ntɛːp   to be on top of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1376
ntɨk ŋkjɔŋ   to kneel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1112
ntɨk   to bow the knee   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:237
ntɨk   to set exmple   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1767
nuaj   loins, waist   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1208
nuan   bridge   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:262
nuaʔ   now   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1356
nujh   stool, bench   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1982
nul   lump   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1233
nuwan   bridge   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:263
náŋ   area   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:78
náːk   otter   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1399
náːp   to twist, weave hair   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2204
núŋ khaj   about to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:23
nɔk   time, occurance   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2131
nɔl   load (across shoulder)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1202
nɔɰ   type of fruit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2209
nɔːj khliːp   to look in anger   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1214
nɔːj phɨʔ   to be as if   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:96
nɔːj tuwaj   to oversee   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1407
nɔːj   to look at   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1213
nɔ́ːk   outside   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1402
nɔ́ːk   to be out   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1401
nəc   knife   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1113
nəh   okay?   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1358
nək khaj   only   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1381
nəp   package (small)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1416
nəŋ   to be equal to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:672
nɛp nɛp   eyelid   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:703
nɛʔ   to be clean   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:344
nɛːh   to be well, healthy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2313
nɛːm   to be orderly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1398
pacuak   spittal   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1924
pah pajaːɰ   lightning   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1177
pah   to be light, bright   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1173
pajaːɰ   lightning   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1176
pajh léŋ   to be troubled (in mind)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2176
pajh nsɔh   to flee   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:776
pajh   to run, flee   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1700
pak laː   collarbone   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:383
pak ʔɨːt   to suffer hardships   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2020
pak   bamboo pole   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:131
pak   to lead   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1136
paklaː   shoulder   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1808
pakun   lineage, clan   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1181
pakún   lineage, descendents   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1182
pal   to lead, encourage   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1137
palah   to share with   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1780
paloː   prostitute   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1556
palɔʔ palɛːm   not good not bad, average   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1349
paləŋ   morning, early   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1293
palɛːʔ   core, nucleus   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:428
palɛ́t cəŋ   sprained ankle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1936
palɛ́t   sprained   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1935
palɨːŋ   type of vegetable leaf   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2213
pamuat   this time tomorrow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2103
panəɰ   wing   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2347
panɛːm   disease   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:579
panɨh panɛːm   diseases and illnesses   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:582
panɨh   disease   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:580
patak   shin   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1792
pathiaʔ   evening   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:682
patɔŋ   loincloth   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1207
patɔːt   crackle (hen's)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:453
paŋ   to listen, obey   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1188
paŋaʔ   paddy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1420
paɲáːt   disease   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:578
paʔ kjak   future, in the   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:854
paʔ láːt   to mistake, be mistaken   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1282
paʔ lɔːʔ   to be better, a little   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:180
paʔ lɛːm   average in feeling good   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:110
paʔ ʔojh   firewood   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:755
paʔ-   stick   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1965
paːl   to shine (forth)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1793
paːm   they (dual)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2085
paːw   deer   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:539
paːʔ   you (dual)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2386
peːl   to cramp, muscle cramp   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:454
phak   sheaf (knife)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1787
phalóːt   to slough off   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1857
phalɛʔ   ball   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:128
phat ŋɔːk   to strangle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1992
phat   to squeeze   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1944
phaʔ buan   line, procession   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1179
phaʔ buan   procession   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1554
phaʔ lɛːʔ   ball   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:129
phaʔ nɛːm   disease   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:581
phaʔ thɨŋ   owner, lord   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1413
phaʔ ɲaː   king   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1107
phaʔ ʔojh   firewood   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:756
phaʔ   to play banjo   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1500
phaʔiː   owner, lord   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1414
phaʔjuŋ   rainbow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1613
phaʔojh   firewood   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:757
phaː   victim   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2249
phaːp   aunt   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:108
phaːt   to sharpen   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1784
pheʔ   how many?   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1028
pheʔ   to be sick   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1820
phiah məːj ʔijah   bride, bride's side   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:261
phiah ʔaw khlɔŋ   groom, groom side   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:932
phiah   side (of)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1824
phiah   to open   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1388
phiap   to compare   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:398
phiːŋ   to roast   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1677
phiːɰ   worm   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2364
phjam jaːj   terrorist, thief   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2072
phjam khɛk   cripple person   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:464
phjam kləː   Spirit of Yellow Leaves   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:15
phjam kɛ́ː phjam thaw   elderly people   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:654
phjam loːɲ   to die   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:557
phjam mal   Mal People   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1245
phjam móːj   forefathers   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:809
phjam phjeːm   people of former time   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1447
phjam saʔ   communist (forest person)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:397
phjam wɛːl   paralytic   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1428
phjam ŋok   cheater, crooked person   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:314
phjam ŋual   villager   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2255
phjam   person   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1457
phjan   seed (planting), species   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1753
phjaɰ   to stretch out   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1997
phjeːm   old, former   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1373
phjoh   thunderbolt, lightning   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2115
phjut   to shake off, down   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1775
phjuːt   to be born prematurely   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:222
phjɔh   to straighten   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1989
phjɔːk   squirrel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1945
phjəp phjəp   chickens are frightened   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:321
phjəŋ   wax, beeswax   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2293
phjɛːw   to arrive at   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:89
phlah jɨ́a   to scatter, disperse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1722
phlah ɲɨːm   to trust   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2184
phlah ʔaŋ   to allow, permit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:45
phlah   strip (cloth)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2007
phlah   to throw away   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2110
phlajh   to convulse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:422
phlajh   to play banjo   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1501
phlak   mousetrap (field)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1305
phlaw   to be empty   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:661
phliaŋ   floor   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:780
phliːk   to turn around   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2190
phliːn   to overturn   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1411
phloːŋ   to shave (hair off head)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1786
phluŋ   locust   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1205
phlɔːŋ   finger section   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:747
phləjh phləjh   to splash   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1926
phləjh   lay (egg)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1127
phlək   Ploek Day (name of day)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:11
phlən   to be sharp, sharpened   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1782
phlɛʔ khɔːk ŋɔːk   Adam's Apple   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:30
phlɛʔ maːcóːn   top (toy)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2149
phlɛʔ ʔiaŋ   button   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:279
phlɛʔ ʔuaŋ   fruit, produce   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:845
phlɛʔ   fruit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:843
phlɛːn saʔ   to be bright, very   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:265
phlɛːn   to shine (of light)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1794
phlɨaŋ   to consume   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:413
phoh   to slice, cut   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1854
phot leh kajh   to change into   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:308
phoːj   to pile up, stack   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1475
phoːn   four   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:824
phuaj kamlaŋ   semen   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1760
phuaj   water   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2284
phuaŋ   sweets, sweetmeat   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2047
phuh   to wash (clothes)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2276
phuŋ phaːŋ   to be scattered   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1724
phuŋ   to blow (horn)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:207
phuː   navel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1334
phwáːj   cotton, string   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:435
pháːm   temporary shelter   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2067
pháːŋ   shore of river, sea   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1804
phían   to change   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:309
phíap   to compare   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:399
phóːt   graciously, be gracious   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:903
phún   dust, powder   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:634
phɔjh   barking deer   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:146
phɔk jɛːŋ   to grit (teeth)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:928
phɔk   to bite   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:189
phɔʔ cuʔ   to tell a lie   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1166
phɔʔ pəŋ   to be suitable   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2024
phɔʔ ʔɔh ɲɨːm   to hope   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1019
phɔʔ   because   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:163
phɔʔ   to be suitable   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2023
phɔːl kləːjh   to fall apart   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:706
phɔːl   to fall down   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:707
phɔːn kiŋ   dance with joy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:513
phɔːn kiːŋ   to dance   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:515
phɔːŋ   to accuse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:26
phəj   to spit out   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1921
phək   to dig   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:561
phəl   to convulse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:421
phət   to glean, gather   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:877
phəŋ   to be suitable   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2025
phəɲ   to shoot (gun)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1802
phɛʔ nɛː   swollen gland on leg   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2049
phɛʔ   three   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2108
phɛʔ   to pound, husk   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1528
phɛ́ːn   plan (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1491
phɨ   same as, similar to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1707
phɨa   for, in behalf of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:804
phɨan   tray   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2171
phɨk sáː   to confer, counsel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:409
phɨʔ cuʔ   to tell a lie   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1167
phɨʔ noːj   to be also, in same manner   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:51
phɨː pik   flank man in hunt party   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:768
phɨːl   crossbow, bow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:470
phɨːn   paddle for stirring   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1418
phɨ́ːt   to have asthma   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:103
piak   bear (animal)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:158
piaŋ   snake (tiger snake)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1872
pih   musical instrument called `Pih'   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:10
pik   to turn over   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2194
piʔ   to be full, filled with   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:848
piː   heart, chest   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:982
piːn   banjo   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:139
pjan   sore (on skin)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1896
pjaː   machete   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1237
pjaːw   flow (of water)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:781
pjoːj   elder, elderly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:653
pjoːŋ mat   to raise eyebrows   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1615
pjɔŋ   early, before   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:641
pjɔːm pjɔːm noːj   altogther at same time   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:52
pjɔːm   to meet together   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1272
plah   to escape from   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:674
plaw   type of tree   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2212
plaːw   coconut   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:379
plian   to be clear of logs   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:350
plik mat   to turn around   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2191
plik   to turn over   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2195
ploː   ground, dirt   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:938
plua   Pua (name)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:13
pluk   grave   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:911
pluː   leg   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1153
pluːt   to insert   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1067
pláː   ground meat   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:936
pláːk   hoe (hand size)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:998
pláːk   to be distracted   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:592
plɔːŋ mɔːn   to court girls   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:439
plɔːŋ   to visit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2260
plɔ́ːm   to be fake   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:705
plɔ́ːp ɲɨːm   to console, persuade   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:411
plɔ́ːp   to comfort   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:395
plɛːk   to be clear of logs   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:349
plɛ́ːk   to be strange   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1991
plɨːt   to swallow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2039
poh   gas (in stomach)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:857
pok   claw, pincher   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:341
pon   to escape from   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:675
pop sih   to meet unexpectedly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1273
pop   to meet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1275
poʔ   nipple, udder, to suckle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1341
poː   container (five litre)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:414
poːm   jar (small)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1083
puah   ash, firepot   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:101
puaʔ   to be nothing   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1355
puc   whiskey   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2324
pucaː   sacrifice, offering   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1703
puk dik   to somersault   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1891
puk   pomelo   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1514
pukluŋ   kin, kinfolks   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1105
puliːw   Pliu (village name)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:12
pun   to burglerize   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:274
pun   to get held up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:867
puŋ   basket   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:151
puʔ   to spurt up (of water)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1941
puː   to spread out   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1937
puːj   tree name   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:5
páːj   and   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:59
péːn   to be clear (visible)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:352
péːŋ   lampstand   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1122
péːŋ   to be clear   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:353
píaw   flame   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:767
píaw   unmarried   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2224
píaɰ ɲɨːm   to be unfaithful   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2223
píaɰ   two   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2208
póŋ   to cremate, bury   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:459
póː   to converse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:419
pún pu   to bubble   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:270
pún   section   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1745
pún   to divide (into piles)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:594
pɔh cak   to go early, before   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:885
pɔh mphɨh pɔh luac   to be finished early   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:751
pɔh   before   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:167
pɔk   to hack, ax, cut   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:948
pɔŋ khɛ́k pɔŋ khaːw   to have wedding feast   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2307
pɔŋ khɛ́k   to have wedding feast   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2306
pɔŋ líaŋ   to feast   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:722
pɔŋ lɔːʔ   eat well! (a blessing)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:645
pɔŋ ŋən   to spend wastefully   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1915
pɔŋ ɲɨːm   to be wary   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2275
pɔŋ ʔɔːk   to drink water   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:622
pɔŋ   to eat   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:646
pɔʔ   to plant   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1495
pɔː   to be enough   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:667
pɔːj   bamboo shoots   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:133
pɔːn ŋeːŋ ŋkjɔh   to smell odor   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1863
pɔːn   to get, be able, can   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:869
pɔːɰ   to cry out, holler   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:480
pɔ́ːŋ   hole, open place   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1012
pək   to dip, draw   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:569
pəl   to die   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:556
pəp ləp   to drown   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:629
pət   to be bumpy, uneven   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:273
pəŋ   to be suitable   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2022
pəɲ   to pass by, be saved   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1436
pəʔ   emphatic particle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:660
pə́n   to be at side of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:105
pə́ːp   to flee   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:777
pɛp   to be flat   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:772
pɛː   you (plural)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2387
pɨa   for, in behalf of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:805
pɨh   to carry on back   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:291
pɨk náː   to be stubborn   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2011
pɨk   to be hard, stubborn   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:962
pɨk   to be stubborn   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2010
pɨt pɨːt   to be sick at stomach   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1819
pɨʔ   same as, similar to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1708
pɨːc   tree name   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:4
pɨ́aj   to be liquid   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1186
pɨ́aŋ   tradition   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2160
pɨ́ŋ   to depend upon   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:548
pɨ́ːn   underneath   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2221
sa mplɔh   mountain range   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1301
sadéːn   to glance, bounce off   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:875
sadéːn   to glance, bounch off   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:876
sah   to splash, bail out   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1927
saj   to gather (vegetables)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:858
sajh   to sting (of medicine)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1970
sak sak   to be stuck (in throat, etc)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2013
sam   right (side, hand)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1669
sam   to curse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:495
samaː   to excuse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:691
sanáːt   gun, rifle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:946
sanəŋ lɛːʔ noːj   lean against each other   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1140
sanəŋ   to lean against   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1141
sap   arm   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:81
sap   perform spirit ceremony   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1450
sat sih   to press down into   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1540
sat   to be astringent   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:104
sat   to poke, sew, put on pants   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1513
sataː khaj   almost   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:46
satiaŋ   plain, flat area   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1490
satiːl   to be small, little   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1861
saŋ ʔijak   intestines   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1072
saŋ   to be bitter   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:190
saʔ phlaw   to be empty   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:662
saʔ thɨh   high, dry ground   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:996
saʔ   forest   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:812
saʔ   will, should   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2343
saː lhuh   nongooey sticky rice   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1344
saː   gluttinous rice (cooked)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:880
saːk loːk   to deceive   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:536
saːk   to tear (cloth, etc)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2062
saːlɔːp   cup   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:485
saːm   basin, bowl (wash)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:148
saːn   to fly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:790
seh ɲɨːm   to be cool tempered   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:425
seh   to be lazy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1135
sen   stalk, stem   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1950
seːm   bird, fowl   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:185
seːn   strain of hair   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1990
seːp   to be raw (vegetable)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1621
seːɰ   monkey (long tail, grey)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1288
siah   to disappear (rain, fever)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:572
siak   to be raw (of meat)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1620
siam   Siam, Thai   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1818
sian   skin disease   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1838
sian   yesterday   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2383
siat   little (of amount)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1189
siaw   to be sweet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2046
siaŋ khíaŋ   chopping board   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:333
siaŋ   tooth   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2146
siaɰ   to toss, flick off   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2154
sih jaːj   to slander   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1844
sih taː mphul taː piː   to remember in your heart   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1629
sih taː ɲɨːm lɔːʔ   to remember well   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1630
sih tóːt   to accuse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:27
sih ŋuaʔ   to plant rice   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1493
sih   to place, put on   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1488
sik sik   to hold back sobs   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1002
sin   to be cooked, done(of food)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:424
siʔ   long duration   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1211
siː sɛ́ːt   locust   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1206
siː   porcupine   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1522
siːjat   little, small (amount)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1194
siːm   to prop up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1555
siːn   muscle, tendon   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1316
siːt   very little (of amount)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2247
soh   to head out (of grain)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:976
sol   to stir   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1978
soʔ khaj ʔɛːm ʔaj lɔʔ   lust   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1235
soʔ mɨːŋ   would like to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2368
soʔ pɔːn   would like to get   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2369
soʔ saː   to be hungry   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1034
soʔ ɲɨːm   to be expensive   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:696
soʔ ɲɨ́ːm   to hurt, be hurt   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1039
soʔ ʔɔːk   to be thirsty   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2101
soʔ   to be expensive   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:695
soʔ   to have pain   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:969
soʔ   would like to have   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2370
soː cəm   tan color   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2058
soː   red, brown   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1624
soːp nɔːj   to inquire, ask   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1063
soːp pal   to invite   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1073
soːp   to request, ask for   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1641
soːt   porcupine (small)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1523
suaj   to wash   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2282
suak   to put on clothes   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1595
suam   to tie (bamboo strips)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2119
suaʔ   dog   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:602
suh   to water, be rained on   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2289
sul   food   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:799
sum   to fill in   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:735
sun   flesh   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:778
sup   to put hat on   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1594
sut   last, end   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1123
suwak   to put on clothes   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1596
suɰ   to be rotten, decayed   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1692
suʔ   to be rancid   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1617
suːm   to cover, fill with dirt   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:441
swak   spool of thread   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1931
swak   to put on clothes   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1597
swaɰ   to twist (into rope)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2201
swaɰ   to wrap around, bandage   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2375
swaː   baboon, langur   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:117
sweːl   breeze of air   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:260
swɛːl   to trample, tread on   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2162
sámjaːj   to be worse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2365
síaw kɨ́a   close friend   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:365
síaw   friend, close friend   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:828
sín mpləp   to be baptized   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:144
sín   ceremony   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:305
síw   chisel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:329
síː   color   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:387
síː   to play banjo   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1502
sóŋ khlɛːn   to send away hardships   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1761
sóŋ   to send   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1763
súak   to be mean, dangerous   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1261
súːn   to inspire   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1069
sɔk   to strike (snake), peck   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2004
sɔk   way   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2294
sɔɰ   to wrap around (bandage)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2373
sɔːj kɔʔ   important spirit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1049
sɔːj pɔŋ   spirit caused illness   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1917
sɔːj teŋ   to be caused by spirit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:302
sɔːj   spirit, demon   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1920
sɔːk   habitation of nocturnal   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:947
sɔːk   way, path   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2296
sɔːl   to vomit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2263
sɔːm   to clear rice field   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:351
sɔːt   to be thick, gooey, clayish   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2087
sɔːt   to be thick, sticky   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2088
sɔ́ːt   to hunt (alone)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1035
səc   meat   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1266
sək   to be big, large   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:183
sən sən   to chew, eat slowly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:317
səp səp   moth   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1294
səp ʔeːp   type of insect   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2210
səɰ   to roast, barbeque   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1676
səːʔ   will, should   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2344
sɛh   to be cool, cold   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:426
sɛh   to scrap off   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1735
sɛʔ lɔjh   to embezzle, pilfer   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:656
sɛʔ lɔjh   to embezzle, steal   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:657
sɛʔ mɨaŋ   Thai villages and towns   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2075
sɛʔ pjuaʔ (puaʔ)   only, that's all   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1385
sɛʔ ɲɨːm   to be expensive (very)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:694
sɛʔ   to be much, many   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1313
sɛː   rice field (dry)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1657
sɛːh   to sharpen   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1785
sɛːl   to cause to put to sleep   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1599
sɛːm jɛːŋ   vulture   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2265
sɛːɰ   monkey (long tail, grey)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1289
sɨt   to mourn, be sad   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1302
sɨːt   to saltless, tasteless   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1706
sɨ́ŋ   to be possessed   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1525
sɨ́ː kaɰ   to be righteous   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1672
sɨ́ː   straight, honest   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1987
sɨ́ːp   to inherit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1062
tah   forehead   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:811
tam   area   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:79
tam   low, below   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1227
tan   to be punctual, on time   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1578
taw   turtle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2198
taw   until   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2229
taŋ kajh   to appoint   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:76
taŋ   to establish   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:677
taɰ   to visit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2261
taʔ haːn   army, soldier   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:84
taʔ lɛ́ːŋ   to change   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:311
taʔwal   groin   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:931
taː khaj   thing said/the   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2094
taː luh   evil, bad, sin, mistake   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:683
taː lɔːʔ taː lɛːm   excellence, goodness   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:685
taː lɔːʔ   goodness   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:895
taː   place (n.), at   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1483
taːláw   to hunt (game)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1036
taːlɛ́ːŋ   to change   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:310
taːlɛ́ːŋ   vision   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2257
tek   to press   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1545
tem   to be full   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:847
teŋ noːj   to disagree, fight   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:571
teŋ tek   to persecute   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1454
teŋ ŋklaŋ   to behave   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:171
teŋ   to cause   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:301
teʔ   to measure   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1265
teːp   to fold   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:795
thajh   to hatch (chicken)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:966
thajh   to strike (match)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2003
thak   to anoint, pour on   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:69
tham   tomb, cave   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2143
thap káː   to brand, seal   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:245
thaw   Thao Day (name of day)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2076
thaɰ hát nuaj   belt   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:174
thaɰ   rope, string   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1691
thaɲ   to be weedy, grass (thick)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2310
thaʔ haːn   army, soldier   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:85
thaʔ léːw   charm to ward off evil   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:312
thaʔ nɨɰ   rope   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1690
thaːj   to transmit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2163
thaːk   paint, to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1422
thaːk   to chop, chip   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:332
thaːŋ   earring   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:642
thaːɰ   to expose to sun   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:697
theh   to sleep   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1849
theʔ   true, truly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2180
theːm   to be heavy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:986
theːm   to pick up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1468
theːm   to sew   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1770
thiap   below, underneath   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:173
thiat ɲɨːm   to be discouraged   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:577
thiat   small   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1859
thiaw   to wash face   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2277
thiaŋ   to be smooth   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1869
thih   mushroom   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1318
thithuːt   mole (on skin)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1285
thiː   hand   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:950
thiːm   to be close together   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:368
thiːt thiːt   little (very)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1190
thiːt   small (very)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1860
thoh   to pull off   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1570
thok lhɨ́ːt   to flay (of skin)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:774
thok   fungus   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:853
thoŋ   difficulties   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:559
thoːc   to burn, set fire to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:276
thoːm   to place basket on pole   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1484
thoːn   to buy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:281
thoːp   to package, wrap   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1417
thuah   skin, flesh   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1840
thuah   to be clear (speaking, etc)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:347
thual   to answer   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:71
thuaʔ   moon, month   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1290
thun cóm   to curse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:496
thun   curse   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:492
thun   to complain   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:402
thuɰ   mushroom (mouse ear type)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1319
thwaːj   to offer   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1372
thwaːɰ   bird trap   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:184
tháːj check   to fill, pour into   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:737
tháːj sih   to pour into   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1530
tháːk   to chip off, cut   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:325
thíaʔ   south, below   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1907
thúaŋ   to measure up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1264
thúː   to rub   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1696
thɔh   to lift out of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1169
thɔk ŋɔːk   to hang by the neck   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:951
thɔk   to hang on, up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:953
thɔk   to tie   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2123
thɔl   to join together, combine   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1087
thɔŋ   arm, wrist   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:82
thɔʔ sat sih   to press down into   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1541
thɔʔ sat   to poke, push into   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1512
thɔʔ ʔijah   to have sex with wife   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:970
thɔʔ   to pound   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1529
thɔːt   to insert   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1068
thɔːɰ   to cough   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:436
thɔ́ːj   to go backwards   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:127
thəc ŋklaŋ   to adultery, commit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:32
thəc   to sell   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1759
thəjh   to borrow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:224
thəl   to plant   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1496
thəŋ   to lie leaning   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1163
thɛʔ lɔːl   past (time)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1438
thɛʔ lɔːl   to be final, last   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:743
thɛʔ   imprint, trace   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1050
thɛʔ   to be last   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1124
thɛː sɨːt   deplete, infertile soil   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:549
thɛː ʔeː phaʔ caw kum jaʔ   Kingdom of God   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1108
thɛː   ground, dirt, earth   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:939
thɛːm   even if   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:680
thɛːm   to pry up (with lever)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1564
thɛːŋ ʔɛːm   to correct   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:433
thɛːŋ   to pack up, arrange   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1415
thɛːŋ   to repair , construct   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1636
thɛ́ːk   to pass close by   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1437
thɛ́ːw   to gird up loins   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:872
thɨːm   to cover   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:443
tiah ɲɨːm   to lose heart   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1222
tiah   all, every   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:44
tiam   garlic   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:856
tiam   to prepare   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1539
tian   candle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:288
tiaŋ   flat area   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:770
tiaʔ   to pity   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1481
tih   alone   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:47
tin   even if, including   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:681
tiʔ twaːj   to blame   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:196
tiʔ   to blame   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:195
tiːŋ   gaur, wild ox   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:864
tok klet   to have freckles   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:827
tok toː   grecko   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:914
top   to fold   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:796
toʔ   to come   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:394
tuaŋ   to point   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1509
tuaɰ   to crawl, creep   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:458
tuaɰ   to follow in row   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:797
tuaʔ   cornea   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:429
tuh   to be cracked   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:452
tuk   hardships   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:965
tum (mphok tum)   to control   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:418
tuwaj   to supervise   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2030
tuɲ   to be shy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1817
tuː   magic (black)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1238
twaːj   to blame   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:197
táj cɨh   to have money   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:968
táj kɔt   to be broke (of money)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:266
táj   pocket   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1508
tám   to collide into   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:386
tán   to be holeless   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1013
táŋ   since, from the time of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1832
tén   to jump   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1098
tíaŋ   to argue   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:80
tín   piece (of)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1472
tón   monk   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1286
tóːt   punishment   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1584
túːt   horn   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1021
tɔh jáː   return spirit to field   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1651
tɔh jáː   send off spirit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1762
tɔh ɲɨːm   to pay money   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1439
tɔh   to pay   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1440
tɔk   to step on, thresh   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1964
tɔl   to carry across shoulder   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:292
tɔŋ klaːw   testicle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2073
tɔŋ kluak   eggwhite   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:651
tɔŋ soː   egg yoke   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:650
tɔŋ ʔiaɰ kəp   hard-boiled egg   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:964
tɔŋ ʔiaɰ lɨːt   shelled hard-boiled egg   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1790
tɔŋ   egg   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:649
tɔː   self, oneself   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1757
tɔːŋ   gold   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:890
tɔ́ːn   time section   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2130
tɔ́ːn   to castrate   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:298
tɔ́ːp   to answer   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:70
təjh   to be steep   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1963
təm   to follow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:798
təp   mousetrap (forest)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1306
təp   to wait for, wait upon   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2267
təɲ   cogon grass   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:381
təʔ   not   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1348
tɛʔ   ash trough   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:100
tɛːm   to write, draw   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2377
tɨp   to beat, hit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:160
tɨt   to have stopped up nose   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1985
tɨŋ caʔ   will be   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2342
tɨŋ táŋ   to be delirious, mad   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:543
tɨŋ táŋ   to be delirious   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:544
tɨŋ ɲɨːm   to influence   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1058
tɨŋ   even (this, that)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:678
tɨŋ   to pull, drag   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1577
tɨːn   to disperse, scatter   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:587
wah   to be wrong, mistaken   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2379
waj   to be fast   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:717
wajh ŋən jaʔ   to save money   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1714
wajh   to collect   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:385
wak   to roll up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1684
waɰ   greens, vegetable   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:924
waːj   leopard, tiger   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1155
waːŋ kjak   next year   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1339
waːŋ   to be between legs   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:181
waːŋ   year   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2380
weːŋ   to turn around   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2192
wheh   to break, pull apart   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:250
whek lhop   to bend backwards   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:176
whek   continually   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:415
whek   to break   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:251
whek   to pull apart   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1568
wháj nsoːk   to braid hair   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:240
wháj sáː   to worship   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2366
wháj   to do obeisence   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1359
wháŋ ɲɨːm   to trust, hope   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2183
wháŋ   to hope   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1020
whít   to be short of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1805
whɛ́t   many times, several times   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1254
whɛ́ːt   to surround   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2033
wiak   activity, affairs   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:29
win   to visit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2262
wiʔ   left side   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1151
wiː   to fan rice   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:714
wiːt   to be drunk   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:631
won   to circulate   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:336
wuːl   to stir, be disturbed   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1979
wáː   branch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:243
wáːm   to be dizzy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:599
wéːn   to except, bypass   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:686
wéːt   to turn away, around   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2193
wɔh lɛʔ   to search for   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1741
wɔh nɔːj   to search for   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1742
wɔh   to lift up(one side)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1170
wɔʔ   to raise   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1616
wɔʔ   to stretch hand out   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1995
wɔːŋ   chin, jaw   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:324
wəj nthuː lɔːl   to wag tail   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2266
wəj wəj   to swing   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2048
wəŋ   cave   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:303
wɛː   trousers   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2179
wɛːl   paralytic   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1429
wɛːp   to reduce, recede   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1625
wɛ́ː   to stop it (to visit)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1983
wɛ́ːn   mirror, glass   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1281
wɛ́ːt   to be around   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:87
ŋah   to clear (brush away)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:346
ŋaj   to pry up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1565
ŋal   stump   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2017
ŋan   to meet, discuss   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1274
ŋat   to be dry   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:633
ŋaɰ   to cool, have fever   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:427
ŋaʔ ŋkaːp   to gossip   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:899
ŋaʔ   to be itchy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1079
ŋeh səc jaːj   gangrene   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:855
ŋeh   wound   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2372
ŋeʔ khaj toːʔ phjɛːw   final day, last day   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:742
ŋeʔ kjak móːj niː   day after tomorrow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:526
ŋeʔ kjak   tomorrow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2145
ŋeʔ kəɲ   holy day, sabbath   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1014
ŋeʔ leh   east   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:643
ŋeʔ móːj   the other day   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2080
ŋeʔ nuaʔ   today   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2138
ŋeʔ sian   yesterday   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2382
ŋeʔ thəp   west   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2314
ŋeʔ   sun, day   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2026
ŋeːt   to pour   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1533
ŋeːŋ saʔ   to hear clearly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:978
ŋeːŋ saʔ   to hear clearly   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:979
ŋeːŋ ŋkjɔh   to smell odor   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1862
ŋeːŋ   to hear   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:980
ŋkah   to break(intr.), to be cracked   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:249
ŋkal   to cut branches   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:503
ŋkawh   to bite   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:188
ŋkaŋ sih   to snap at   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1874
ŋkaŋ   to snap at   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1873
ŋkaɰ   to make straight   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1243
ŋkaː   dam up water to make dry   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:510
ŋkaːp ŋaʔ   to gossip   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:900
ŋkaːp   mouth   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1308
ŋkeːl   to obstruct   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1362
ŋkeːt   cricket   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:461
ŋkhah   to be crisp, crispy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:465
ŋkhajh   to sneeze   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1878
ŋkhal   club   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:376
ŋkhat   to pry up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1566
ŋkhaŋ   type of wood or tree   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2214
ŋkhaɰ   bank of river   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:140
ŋkhaɰ   square   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1943
ŋkhaʔ   chips, shavings of wood   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:326
ŋkhaʔ   trash, woodshavings   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2170
ŋkhaː   torch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2151
ŋkhaːm   to persecute   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1453
ŋkheːɰ ŋklaŋ   to lean backward   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1144
ŋkheːɰ   to turn (to see, listen)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2189
ŋkheːɰ   to turn to listen   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2196
ŋkhiam   lizard   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1198
ŋkhiam   lizard   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1199
ŋkhiaɰ   fingernail   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:748
ŋkhoh   to knock on, rap   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1114
ŋkhoːŋ   curve (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:499
ŋkhoːŋ   to fold   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:794
ŋkhul   to be angry   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:65
ŋkhúap   to combine, blend   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:390
ŋkhɔk   to sit cross legged   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1835
ŋkhɔl   curve (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:498
ŋkhɔŋ khɔ́ːt   fly (insect)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:789
ŋkhɔŋ ŋkhɔl   to curl   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:490
ŋkhɔŋ   back (of animal)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:119
ŋkhɔŋ   to tie up firewood   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2121
ŋkhɔʔ   rice (milled)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1655
ŋkhɔːj   lizard (flying)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1200
ŋkhəl   to flood   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:779
ŋkhən   to set hair   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1768
ŋkhəp   to cover , close   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:444
ŋkhɛʔ   tick (parasite)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2116
ŋkhɛːp   to carry in armpit   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:294
ŋkhɛːp   to conceal   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:407
ŋkiap mphɔʔ   to daydream   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:527
ŋkiap   to doze   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:612
ŋkiek ŋkíːt   to oppress   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1395
ŋkih   similar to   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1828
ŋkiʔ ŋkɔːk   to move   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1310
ŋkiʔ   to vibrate, be shaken   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2248
ŋkiːk   to press   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1544
ŋkjah   spike, barb (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1916
ŋkjah   tree species   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:19
ŋkjaŋ sáw khwan   main corner post of house   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1240
ŋkjaː   shelf above firebox   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1789
ŋkjaːjh   finger   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:746
ŋkjaːm   field hut   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:731
ŋkjoh   bamboo shoots (fresh)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:134
ŋkjoh   plants, vegetation   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1497
ŋkjoːm   underneath house   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2222
ŋkjua   to fry   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:846
ŋkjuɰ   chicken basket   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:320
ŋkjuʔ ŋkjɔŋ   knee, kneecap   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1110
ŋkjuːp khuah   spoon (large)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1934
ŋkjuːp   spoon   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1932
ŋkjuːt   to drop (of leaves), molt   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:628
ŋkjɔh cín   to get a scent, smell   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:866
ŋkjɔh   metal   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1278
ŋkjɔh   to smell (sweet) odor   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1370
ŋkjɔŋ   knee   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1109
ŋkjɔʔ   walking stick   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2271
ŋkjɔːk   group   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:943
ŋkjɔːt   from (small)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:835
ŋkjɔːŋ   buttonhole   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1011
ŋkjɔːŋ   hole   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1008
ŋkjəjh   pool   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1516
ŋkjək   to press together   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1542
ŋkjət   cricket   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:462
ŋkjɛʔ   pestle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1459
ŋkjɛːk   pile. pile of wood   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1476
ŋkjɨh kɔt   to be torn down   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2152
ŋkjɨh   to destroy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:554
ŋkjɨh   to dismantle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:586
ŋklah khlah   to be cracked   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:451
ŋklaŋ phjam   oneself   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1378
ŋklaŋ tɔː   privately   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1553
ŋklaŋ   body (human, animal)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:214
ŋklɔh taː   to except   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:687
ŋklɔh   to be from   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:836
ŋklɔk   to pull out   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1571
ŋklɔŋ satil   to be little at a time   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1191
ŋklɔŋ   to be alone, oneself   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:48
ŋklɔŋ   trap (bird)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2166
ŋklɛh   boulder, large stone   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:228
ŋklɛː   to roll (of itself)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1679
ŋkoh   fragment, chip   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:825
ŋkoh   to knock   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1115
ŋkuah   base of tree   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:147
ŋkuah   to be hole in tree, hollow   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1010
ŋkuajh   sound of gun or wind   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1903
ŋkuaɰ ŋkuhwaɰ   greens, vegetable   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:923
ŋkuh   top (of something)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2147
ŋkuhwaɰ   vegetables, greens   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2245
ŋkuŋ   to roll (of itself)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1680
ŋkuɰ   to be wheezy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2319
ŋkíːt   to oppress   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1394
ŋkɔh   to peck   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1443
ŋkɔl   nest   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1338
ŋkɔl   to scratch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1738
ŋkɔn   to climb up, over   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:361
ŋkək ŋkíːt   to obstruct   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1363
ŋkəl   to break, to be broken   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:254
ŋkəm   to swagger   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2038
ŋkəm   to touch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2156
ŋkət   shadow, image   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1773
ŋkət   to shadow, conceal image   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1772
ŋkəɰ ʔuaŋ   branch (small), twig   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:244
ŋkəɰ   to prune   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1563
ŋkəɰ   together   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2140
ŋkɛh   frog   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:833
ŋkɨj   wind, windstorm   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2346
ŋkɨː   with, friend   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2352
ŋkɨːŋ   attic   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:107
ŋok   to be crooked   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:467
ŋom   to plunge into   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1507
ŋoː   to be ignorant   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1047
ŋoːp   to be exposed to rain   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:698
ŋual nteʔ   houses, village   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1027
ŋual   village   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2253
ŋuan   body, flesh   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:215
ŋuaʔ lhɨaŋ   rice ripe for harvest   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1661
ŋuaʔ phjan ŋuaʔ maʔ   seed rice   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1754
ŋuaʔ   rice (kernels of)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1654
ŋuː soʔ khoːj   to be sleepy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1852
ŋuː   to be sleepy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1851
ŋuː   to lie down   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1162
ŋuːk   to bow (head)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:233
ŋuːl   lump, stone   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1234
ŋwaːj   to return   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1653
ŋáːw   to unable to speak, dumb   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2217
ŋɔh ŋɔːk   to arch neck up, look up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:77
ŋɔh   look upwards   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1215
ŋɔn ʔuaŋ   to be angry   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:64
ŋɔːj   to turn (body, face)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2188
ŋɔːk nthoː lap   to droop head (sadness)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:626
ŋɔːk ntup lup   to be crestfallen   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:460
ŋɔːk   neck   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1335
ŋɔːn ŋkhul   to be angry, very   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:62
ŋɔːn   to be angry   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:63
ŋɔ́ːm ŋan   to be depressed   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:552
ŋɔ́ːm ŋan   to be lonely   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1210
ŋɛt ŋɛt   cicada   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:334
ŋɛːŋ lɔʔ   truth, good words   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2185
ŋɛːŋ lɔːc   second word in couplet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1743
ŋɛːŋ mal   Mal Language   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1244
ŋɛːŋ ndəl   first word in couplet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:760
ŋɛːŋ pal   urging, encouragement   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2235
ŋɛːŋ phíap   comparson, parable   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:400
ŋɛːŋ siam   Thai language   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2074
ŋɛːŋ tuaŋ   to make a point   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1241
ŋɛːŋ   word, message, meaning   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2360
ŋɨ́ːt ɲɨːm   to be amazed   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:57
ŋɨ́ːt ʔaŋ   to be amazed at   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:55
ŋɨ́ːt   to be amazed   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:56
ɲah   blanket   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:198
ɲah   to open mouth   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1387
ɲal   tree strump   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2172
ɲam khwɛːl   black completely   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:191
ɲam   black, dark blue   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:192
ɲan   grass, weeds   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:910
ɲaŋ   to rest   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1647
ɲaŋ   yet   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2384
ɲaː   shoulder bag   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1809
ɲaːj   older sibling   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1375
ɲaːk   to be gooey   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:896
ɲaːl   rice hull   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1658
ɲaːm   when   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2320
ɲaːw suaj   to wash   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2280
ɲaːw   to wash   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2279
ɲaːŋ   name of tree   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1326
ɲep   to cut hair   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:504
ɲeɰ   fin (of fish)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:741
ɲhah   to break apart (tr.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:248
ɲhah   to pull along   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1567
ɲhajh   to shake off   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1776
ɲham   fist (n.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:766
ɲham   to grasp   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:909
ɲhom   to stare at   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1954
ɲhot   whithered   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2328
ɲhu mat   to frown, knit eyebrows   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:839
ɲhəm   to throw self on ground   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2111
ɲil mpua   beetle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:161
ɲip   to place in   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1485
ɲit dɛ́ːk   to crown in   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:477
ɲit   to push in   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1589
ɲiɰ   to moan, mourn   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1283
ɲiɰ   to roar, growl   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1675
ɲok ɲoːj   steel wool, fibers   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1962
ɲoʔ   son-in-law   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1892
ɲoːt   vegetable species   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:20
ɲuah   finger   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:745
ɲuap   to close (eye)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:364
ɲul   to bother, be bothered   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:225
ɲun ɲun   to jump up and down   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1095
ɲut   to poke into   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1511
ɲuː   broom   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:268
ɲuː   to push   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1592
ɲuːjh   to stoke fire   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1980
ɲuːm   clump   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:378
ɲuːm   underbrush   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2220
ɲuːn   to jump   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1096
ɲáːm   cricket (large)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:463
ɲɔh   to peddle   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1444
ɲɔh   to push away   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1588
ɲɔh   to push   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1591
ɲɔk lə́k   to cancel   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:287
ɲɔk ɲɔːŋ   to praise   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1534
ɲɔk   to lift up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1172
ɲɔŋ   to stand, stand up   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1952
ɲɔːjh mpjɛʔ   to scold   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1731
ɲɔːjh   to scold   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1730
ɲɔːk   fish net   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:762
ɲɔːn khaj   for purpose of   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:803
ɲɔːn   because   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:162
ɲɔːn   spirit likes to 'eat'   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1918
ɲɔ́ːj   to bruise   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:269
ɲɔ́ːj   to crush, pulverize   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:478
ɲɔ́ːj   to rub hard   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1695
ɲɔ́ːk   to lower, let down   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1228
ɲəjh ɲəjh   to shake around   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1774
ɲəjh   to stir around   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1975
ɲək kaː   only   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1380
ɲək taː..   only..   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1382
ɲək   only that   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1383
ɲəm   to cry   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:483
ɲəp   to catch, capture   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:300
ɲəɰ   palsy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1424
ɲɛp ɲɛp   scissors   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1725
ɲɛp ɲɛp   to blink eyes   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:203
ɲɨh   snout   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1880
ɲɨn   to offer   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1371
ɲɨɰ   to howl (of dog)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1029
ɲɨɰ   to howl   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1030
ɲɨːm cɔːl   to be influenced easily   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1059
ɲɨːm khaɰ khaɰ   to be frightened   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:832
ɲɨːm klɔːj   to be absent-minded   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:24
ɲɨːm kíːt   to be narrow minded   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1328
ɲɨːm loːɲ   to lose heart   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1221
ɲɨːm móːj   to be faithful   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:704
ɲɨːm sɨːt   to be unsympathetic   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2227
ɲɨːm thiap   to be vile   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2251
ɲɨːm thiat   to be touchy   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2157
ɲɨːm wáːm   to be down hearted   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:609
ɲɨːm ŋáːj   to be of easy virtue   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:644
ɲɨːm ŋɔːk   disposition, mood   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:591
ɲɨːm ɲam   to be mean   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1262
ɲɨːm ɲɨːm   to be agitated, troubled   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:41
ɲɨːm   heart   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:981
ɲɨːm   price   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1552
ɲɨ́ːt beŋ   bend backwards   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:175
ɲɨ́ːt   to stretch   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1999
ʔah khaj   so they say   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:14
ʔah   they   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2084
ʔaj cáːŋ khaj   to be unable to decide   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2216
ʔaj cəː   incorrect   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:3
ʔaj cəː   to be incorrect   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1055
ʔaj jiʔ loːɲ   to deny   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:547
ʔaj jiʔ lɔːɲ   to deny   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:546
ʔaj jiʔ   to be unwilling   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2232
ʔaj joh   isn't that right?   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1075
ʔaj lhɨa ŋɛːŋ   to be unoppose   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2226
ʔaj mphɨʔ kjaːɲ mphɨʔ tu   to be unashamed   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2219
ʔaj tɔʔ   no, not (absolutely)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1343
ʔaj ŋeːŋ sa ŋeːŋ ɲan   to be inattentive   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1054
ʔaj   no, not   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1342
ʔajh   to be swollen   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2050
ʔat lɔːʔ pɔŋ lɔːʔ   live happily! (a blessing)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1196
ʔat lɔːʔ   live happy! (a blessing)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1197
ʔat pɔŋ ŋkɨː noːj   to live as husband-wife   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1195
ʔat toʔ   afterwards   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:39
ʔat tɔː   to relax, be by oneself   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1627
ʔaw khlɔŋ   male, man   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1249
ʔaw mhaːj   widower   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2335
ʔaw mpjɛh   father-in-law   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:721
ʔaw puː   grandfather (paternal)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:906
ʔaw   father   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:720
ʔaŋ kum céːn   to be firm, sure   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:758
ʔaŋ plɛːk ʔaŋ plian   to clear away all logs   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:348
ʔaŋ   to give, to cause   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:874
ʔaɲuʔ   to be of the age   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:40
ʔaː theʔ   true, truly (very)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2181
ʔaːk   raven, blackbird   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1619
ʔaːk   sunlight   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2027
ʔaːl   flower   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:785
ʔet kɛ́ː   to sympathize   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2051
ʔet tóːt   to punish   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1582
ʔet ɲɨːm mɛʔ   to repent   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1638
ʔet ɲɨːm mɛːʔ   to repent   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1637
ʔet ɲɨːm   to please   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1503
ʔeː   it, itself   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1076
ʔeː   which, that (rel. pro.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2321
ʔeːjh   to be stable, firm   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1946
ʔiah   wife, woman   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2337
ʔiak   to defecate   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:724
ʔiap   to chirp, cheep   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:327
ʔiap   to chirp, cheep   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:328
ʔiaŋ cəm   cartilage   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:296
ʔiaŋ khɔːŋ   backbone   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:124
ʔiaŋ   bone   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:219
ʔiaʔ   to be far   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:715
ʔiaʔ   we (dual)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2298
ʔieh mphɔʔ   to interpret dream   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1070
ʔieh ŋklaŋ   to excuse oneself   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:689
ʔieh   to loosen, untie   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1220
ʔijah   wife   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2336
ʔijak let klɨ   dandruff   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:517
ʔijak maɰ   phlegm   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1463
ʔijak moh   phlegm   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1464
ʔijak mphan   blackhead (on face)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:194
ʔijak   feces   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:723
ʔiŋ   to lean   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1149
ʔiː hiŋ   not wanting to go   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1351
ʔiː   Mrs., Miss   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1312
ʔiː   that (dem)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2078
ʔoh   to steam sticky rice   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1961
ʔot nthɨh   to hold breath   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1003
ʔoːj   bamboo rings (sliced)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:132
ʔoːj   to petition   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1462
ʔoːl   male genitals   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1248
ʔoːm   to urinate   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2236
ʔoːn   to be fragrant   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:826
ʔoːt   to be blind   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:202
ʔua   before, ahead   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:168
ʔuat tɔː   to boast   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:213
ʔuaŋ satil   whip, cord   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2323
ʔuaŋ   to be sad   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1705
ʔuaŋ   wood   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2356
ʔuɰ   pus   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1587
ʔuː sɛʔ   to hem and haw   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:992
ʔuː   skirt (long)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1841
ʔuː   to say   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1718
ʔuːj tóːt   to have punishment   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1585
ʔuːj   to have, there is   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:971
ʔuːt   star   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1953
ʔéː   that (dem)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2077
ʔéːn   that (dem.)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2079
ʔúŋ   jar (large)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1082
ʔúː   baby pen, bed   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:118
ʔɔh   to be hot   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1025
ʔɔjh   odor   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1368
ʔɔːk   water (drinking)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2285
ʔɔːl waːŋ   herb for seasoning   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:994
ʔɔːl   jar (large)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1080
ʔɔːŋ khlɔŋ   husband   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1041
ʔɔːŋ   husband   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1040
ʔɔːɰ   thin   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2090
ʔəc haʔ   then   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2081
ʔəc   to be finished, completed   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:752
ʔəh   question word   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1603
ʔək   chest, bosom   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:316
ʔəm   to bathe   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:155
ʔəɲ   I, me   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1043
ʔəːjh ʔaːk   sunshine   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2029
ʔəːjh   sunlight   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2028
ʔəːjh   to be loud   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1225
ʔə́ɰ   this (demonstrative), here   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2102
ʔɛp   cooked rice basket   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:423
ʔɛː   we (inclusive)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2299
ʔɛːm cəm ɲɨːm   to humble oneself   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1031
ʔɛːm kjoːc ʔɛːm kjaːjh   perform \kyooc\ festival   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1449
ʔɛːm maːl ʔɛːm khlaʔ   to do Maal Soul ceremony   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1236
ʔɛːm   to do, make   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:600
ʔɛ́ːk   yoke   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2385
ʔɛ́ːp   to surround   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:2034
ʔɛ́ːŋ   jar (large)   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1081
ʔɨːl   to scold   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1732
ʔɨːt ɲɨːm   to have grief   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:925
ʔɨːt   poor, harship   (T'in [Mal])   Fil2009:C:1519