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Palaungic Branch (110 items)
-yom   young   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~73
a-mê   male   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~16
ali   seven   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~100
äk   bow (N.)   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~28
bon   four   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~67
bun   woman, wife, female   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~68
bǭng   stairs, ladder   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~46
da   grand father, old man   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~9
di   eight   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~7
di   hand   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~6
dim   nine   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~74
  near   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~12
  meat, vegetables, foodstuffs, curry   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~10
go͗ng   mountain   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~41
góng   pillow   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~42
ho͗k   to climb   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~37
hu   to go   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~95
hóng   rice-steamer   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~57
hük   hair   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~38
jo͑ng   foot   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~43
jāk   sambhar deer   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~30
k(r)ak   red   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~34
ka tū   stomach   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~94
ka dam   crab   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~75
ka de   earth   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~8
ka nä   muscle, meat   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~13
ka sāng   elephant   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~54
ka wai   tiger   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~106
ka   fish, N.   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~0
kha   road, way   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~20
khan   child   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~66
khü   moon, month   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~26
king   head   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~39
kot   hot   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~58
ko͑   tree   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~27
ko͗   ten   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~90
ko͗   to get up   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~107
kuat   cold   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~63
kui   a bear   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~98
  rice (uncooked)   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~1
  penis   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~22
kāk   buffalo   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~33
kāng   mouse   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~40
la   rain   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~23
li   six   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~99
lom   sharp   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~77
long   cool   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~52
long   high   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~53
lo͑̄ng   black" (perhaps also: "blue")   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~51
  to go down, fall   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~108
lük   pig   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~35
lāng   long   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~50
lāt   to fear   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~65
mo͑̄ng   horse   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~49
muan   mouth   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~60
mui   axe   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~105
muk   cow   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~31
mun   star   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~61
  nose   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~97
mōng   to hear, listen   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~48
ngai   eye   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~102
ngai   twenty   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~84
ngi   day   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~2
ngok   neck   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~29
ngo͑   rice plant   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~4
ngo͑m   to sit   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~72
ngo͑̄   fire   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~92
ngā   green   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~91
num   year   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~76
nya   grandmother   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~25
nya   house   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~5
o   cooking pot   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~89
o   elder sister   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~88
o͑i   three   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~101
o͑̄m   water   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~71
o͑̄p   cooked rice   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~70
pa   father   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~14
pa   to eat   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~21
peng   tooth   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~45
phān   white   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~59
pi   forest, outside, sky, weather   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~19
po   to wrap   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~85
po   younger sibling   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~15
pong   to speak   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~47
prom   land-leech   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~78
pu moi   banana   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~96
pu   to fly   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~86
pui   person   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~104
pün   five   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~69
pī(yai)   bee   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~87
sa ngai   far   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~103
sangi   sun, day   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~3
si   down   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~109
sim   bird   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~79
sināt   gun   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~64
so͑   dog   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~24
so͗̄m   to eat (rice)   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~80
tamo   stone   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~17
ti   one   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~11
tung   big   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~44
tün   to run   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~93
wa   monkey   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~18
wēk   earthworm   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~32
yai   fowl   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~82
yong   to know   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~55
yo͑ng   village (small)   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~56
yām   to weep   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~81
yōk   ear   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~36
ā   two   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~83
īt   to sleep   (Khalo)   Fla1970:C:Dif1980~62