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-kauŋ, -gauŋ   pillow   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~219
(h)nam   blood   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~442
(h)ŋoʔ   rice plant   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~22
(k)tìʔ   one   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~43
(s)múʔ   stone   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~74
(t)mauʔ   stone   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~75
(ʔa-)ʔóŋ   hornet   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~208
(ʔə) dai   eight   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~32
bun   woman, wife, female   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~389
byuk   to ride   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~170
byuŋ   horse   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~264
byɛʔ   to steal   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~89
c(ǝ̀)ŋ   to stand (up)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~226
cik   cock's comb   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~139
cuŋ   foot   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~224
cák   sambhar deer   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~140
cìh   salt   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~547
cìŋ   to sew   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~222
cùn   to take something somewhere   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~381
cɔk   to pierce   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~142
cɛ̀t   to bite   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~346
dah   to rest   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~629
dak   palm, sole   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~152
dak   tongue   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~144
daəʔ   hole   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~42
daʔ   tail   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~38
de   near   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~46
deək   to fry   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~150
dut   to be torn   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~353
dəyeh   hundred   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~648
dəʔ   dumb, mute   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~48
dɩm   nine   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~426
fɯəʔ   monkey   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~80
gaung   mountain   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~217
hak   skin   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~190
harrɛ́h   seven   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~579
haw   to vomit   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~539
haɔk   to climb   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~198
haək   hair   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~200
haʔ   to burn (intr.)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~122
hoic   arrive   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~310
hok   to dry sth. in the sun   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~194
hon   a tuber   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~397
hu   to go   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~541
hun   many   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~399
hák   skin   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~189
háʔ   to burn (intr.)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~121
húk   to climb   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~197
húl   to vomit   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~538
húŋ   to steam rice   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~290
hīm   fingernail   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~475
hɔ́k   to dry sth. in the sun   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~193
hɔ̃c, hoc   finished   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~309
hɔ̃́c   finished   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~308
həméʔ   sugar (cane)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~66
hə́l   to go   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~540
hə́n   many   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~398
hɛ̃́l   forehead   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~537
hɯc   to sting   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~312
hɯm   to bathe   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~482
hɯ́c   to sting   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~311
hɯ́k   hair   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~199
hɯ́m   to bathe   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~481
hɯ́t   to smell sth.   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~372
jet   to bite   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~347
ka(ɔ)ŋ   to dig   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~211
kaiɲ   head   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~209
kam   husk (of grain)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~419
kat   thorn   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~343
katɔ́m   egg   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~431
kau   ten   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~515
kauh   to get up   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~626
kaəʔ   body, classifier for humans   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~12
kaʔ   fish, N.   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~6
keaŋ, kyɛŋ   mouse   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~214
khauʔ   tree   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~124
khiʔ   moon, month   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~120
khoc   to wash (self)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~316
khráʔ   road, way   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~85
khríh   a bear   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~570
khríh   unmarried woman   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~637
khróʔ   enough (food)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~90
khrúk   ribs   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~171
khrɯ́ŋ   drum   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~266
khìʔ   moon, month   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~119
khúc   to wash (self)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~315
khúʔ   tree   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~123
kih   salt   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~548
kih   unmarried woman   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~638
kla   testicle   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~484
klih   a bear   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~571
kliʔ   penis   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~97
kloŋ   rice-bowl   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~274
kluɲ   fat   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~336
kláw, klãw   testicle   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~483
klóŋ   river   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~277
klɔm   to carry on shoulder   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~457
klɔŋ   river   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~278
klɔ́m   to carry on shoulder   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~456
klə́ɲ   fat   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~335
kmɔ́l   earth-worm   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~503
koc   hot   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~298
kot   old (human)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~349
koy   to have   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~592
kpɯ́ŋ   to bury   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~244
krɔ́ŋ   bowl, cup   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~262
ktèŋ   navel   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~233
któŋ   cooking pot   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~229
ktɯ́ʔ   hole   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~41
kuh   to cook   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~546
kul   ten   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~514
kvàʔ   door   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~78
kya(ə)ŋ   clothes, tools, belongings   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~267
kyak   buffalo   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~167
kyəʔ   road, way   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~86
kàh   to give   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~627
kàŋ   mouse   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~213
káh   to untie, separate   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~624
kák   branch   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~134
kám   husk (of grain)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~418
káp   chin, jaw   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~402
kát   thorn   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~342
káʔ   fish, N.   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~5
kúc   hot   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~297
kúh   to get up   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~625
kúy   to have   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~591
kúŋ   to dig   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~210
kɔn   child   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~377
kɔt   cold   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~345
kɔ̀k   to eat (of animals)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~135
kɔ̀t   old (human)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~348
kɔ̀y   slow, slowly   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~595
kɔ́l   strong   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~491
kɔ́n   child   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~376
kɔ́t   cold   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~344
kəmèʔ   male   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~64
kəmùʔ   dream (V., N.)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~73
kəmɔh   banana   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~561
kəmə̀n   wife, bride, daughter in law   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~391
kəpə̀l   thick   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~524
kəsáŋ   elephant   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~281
kətam   crab   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~427
kətéʔ   earth   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~33
kətìŋ   big   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~231
kətóm   liver   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~434
kətə̀l   stomach   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~523
kətɯ̀m   ripe   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~439
kəvàŋ   thigh   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~254
kəvə̀j   whirl in hair   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~616
kəŋàʔ   sesamum   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~20
kə́h   to cook   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~545
  cucumber   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~513
kɯc   to burn (tr.)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~300
kɯy, kuy   cotton   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~594
kɯɪ   wind   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~493
kɯɲ   father   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~321
kɯ̀c   to burn (tr.)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~299
kɯ́l   wind   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~492
kɯ́y   cotton   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~593
kɯ́ŋ   country, lowlands, whet rice-field   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~212
kɯ́ʔ   dove, pigeon   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~13
laŋ   long   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~270
laʔ   leaf   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~102
leah   six   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~578
lek   iron   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~179
lik   pig   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~176
lik   pig   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~177
loh   to exchange   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~644
lom   sharp   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~455
loy   three   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~586
loʔ   snail   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~104
loʔ   tree bark   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~105
loʔ   voice, language   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~106
luŋ   black" (perhaps also: "blue")   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~273
láy   squirrel   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~617
láŋ   long   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~269
léŋ   long (time)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~268
lɔh   loud   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~582
lɔ̀t   to take out, draw out   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~364
lɔ̀ŋ   black" (perhaps also: "blue")   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~272
lɔ́h   loud   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~581
lɔ́n   sharp   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~454
ləʔál   two   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~487
ləʔɔ̃́y   three   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~585
lɛ̀h   six   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~577
lɪh   to go out   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~642
lɪ̀h   to go down, fall   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~640
lɪ̀h   to go out   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~641
lɯt   deaf   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~366
l̥haʔ   leaf   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~101
l̥heʔ   rain   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~99
l̥hát   to fear   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~361
l̥hét   iron   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~178
l̥híl   thin   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~533
l̥húŋ   high   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~279
ma khɛ́ʔ   wood, firewood   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~118
ma-tɔ́ŋ   jar, cooking pot   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~236
ma(ə)   silver, money   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~530
maiɲ   male   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~250
maiʔ   you, Sg.   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~63
mauʔ   rope   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~72
may   with   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~609
mbyaɔk   wild dog   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~175
miʔ   male   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~65
mo   earth-worm   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~504
moŋ   to hear, listen   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~252
mu   to crawl   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~502
muh   to love   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~567
muk   to cut down, to slash   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~158
màʔ   mother   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~68
mók, múk   to sit   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~159
mùl   to crawl   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~501
mɔah   banana   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~562
mɔm   good, beautiful   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~451
mɔnɔʔ   who?   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~70
mɔy   (wild) cow, buffalo   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~611
mɔy   axe   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~613
mɔ̀k   to cut down, to slash   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~157
mɔ̀ɲ   mouth   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~328
mə̀ɲ   wife   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~331
mə́h   to love   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~566
mɛ̠ʔ   mother   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~69
mɯc   ant   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~314
mɯh   nose   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~564
mɯ̀h   name   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~565
mɯ̀h   nose   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~563
mɯ̀l   silver, money   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~529
mɯ̀ɪʔ   you, Sg.   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~62
mʊɲ   wife   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~332
m̥hál   dry ricefield   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~499
m̥híŋ   male   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~249
m̥húm   heart, mind   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~476
m̥hũʔ   rope   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~71
m̥hɔ́ŋ   to hear, listen   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~251
m̥hə́t   to catch, feel, grope   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~358
m̥hɯ́y   axe   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~612
nat   gun   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~355
niʔ   muscle, meat   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~50
num   year   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~444
nèʔ   muscle, meat   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~49
nùn   soft   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~385
nəm-pùl   evening   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~497
nəm   year   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~443
nəmkúʔ   yesterday   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~10
nəŋ-súm   night   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~464
nɯm   urine, urinate   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~446
n̥hám   blood   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~441
n̥háʔ   face   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~53
n̥hɯ́m   urine, urinate   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~445
o   elder sister   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~510
pam   to chew   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~448
pauʔ   each other   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~60
paŋ   bamboo cluster   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~240
paɲ   white   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~327
paʔ   cheek   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~56
phak   wash dishes   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~192
phraŋ   roof   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~259
phràʔ   to eat   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~87
phrèʔ   forest, outside, sky, weather   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~82
phrím   ancient   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~452
phríʔ   sharp, harsh taste   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~81
phrùʔ   cloth, blanket, clothes   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~93
phrə́c   bird wing   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~306
phrə́h   to blossom   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~574
phrʌc   bird wing   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~307
phum   to fart   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~479
phya   bee   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~508
phák   wash dishes   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~191
phɔn   five   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~396
phɔ̀k   to ride   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~169
phɔ́n   five   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~395
phə́m   to fart   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~478
pih   to sweep   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~556
pim   ancient   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~453
pit   sticky, glutinous (rice)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~357
piŋ   to roast" (tr.)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~238
plak   side, direction, (river) bank   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~180
plak   side, direction, (river) bank   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~181
play   liquor   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~619
pli   hail   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~536
pliʔ   fruit   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~98
ploŋ   thatching-grass   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~276
pláy   liquor   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~618
pláŋ)   clear, fine (weather)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~271
plóh   to exchange   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~643
plɔ́ŋ   thatching-grass   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~275
plɯm   land-leech   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~459
plɯ́m   land-leech   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~458
pn-sɔm   night   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~465
po   evening   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~498
pon   four   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~387
pouʔ   younger sibling   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~61
psɔ́h   charcoal   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~583
punkɔʔ   yesterday   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~11
puy   person   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~608
puɲ   to shoot   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~325
pyaŋ   roof   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~260
pyuʔ   cloth, blanket, clothes   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~94
pàm   to chew   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~447
pàŋ   top, above   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~246
pàɲ   white   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~326
pìt   sticky, glutinous (rice)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~356
píh   to pick, to pluck   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~633
píh   to sweep   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~555
pòn   to be able, to get   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~390
pòŋ   to speak   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~248
púc   put away, take off (clothes)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~303
púh   barking deer   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~558
pún   four   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~386
  to wrap   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~496
pɔ́l   to wrap   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~495
pɔ́ŋ   window   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~241
  thick   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~525
pəh   to carry on back   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~559
pəyoŋ   rainbow   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~286
pəyɯm   to kill   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~473
pə̀y   person   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~607
pə́k   to snap, to break (tr.)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~155
pə́ɲ   to shoot   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~324
pɛʔ   goat   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~59
pɯh   to carry on back   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~560
pɯ̀h   to beat, pound, launder   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~634
pɯ̀m   fence, garden   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~449
pɯ́ŋ   to blow (instr.)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~243
pɲèʔ   needle   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~23
ra(ɔ)k   ribs   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~172
ra͗ŋ   tooth   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~257
ruk   toad   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~174
ràk   to moan", "to cry (anim.)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~164
ràʔ   big   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~83
rèŋ   strong   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~255
rāʔ   big   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~84
rɔ̀h   to choose   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~573
rɔ́ŋ   house pole   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~261
rəʔó́ʔ   to crow   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~2
rə̀p   fishing net   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~410
rə́ŋ   horn (animal)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~265
rɛ̀h   root   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~572
rɯh/lɯh   spider   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~569
rɯh   turtle   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~576
rɯ́ʔ   deep   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~95
rʔúh   fat, grease   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~544
s(m)mə́ɲ   star   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~329
sabiʔ   sugar (cane)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~67
sak (tone ?)   to wash clothes   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~184
sak   full (with food)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~183
sat   to comb   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~367
sat   to comb   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~368
sauʔ   new   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~92
saŋ   elephant   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~282
saəʔ   grand-child   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~113
saəʔ   pain, disease   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~112
saɯ   to pour, to water   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~506
se(h)   down   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~645
si(ʔ)   head louse   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~107
si   gold   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~532
sim   bird   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~461
sin   cooked, ripe   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~394
sivit   to twist   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~360
siʔ   head louse   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~108
skoʔ   wet   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~8
skóʔ   wet   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~7
sli   thin   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~534
smʔuɲ   star   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~330
snàk   vein   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~154
soh   to cut grass   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~647
soŋ, shoŋ   bitter   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~284
soʔ   dog   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~110
spa(ə)ŋ   to bury   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~245
spuy   shadow   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~606
spɯm ("garden"), pɯm ("fence")   fence, garden   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~450
spɯ́y   shadow   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~605
ssak   sambhar deer   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~141
sum   to plant (e.g. a tree)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~467
sut   to pick up   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~371
svɛʔ   door   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~79
sák   full (with food)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~182
síl   gold   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~531
sím   bird   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~460
sín   cooked, ripe   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~393
sóh   to cut grass   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~646
sóm   to eat (rice)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~462
sóʔ   dog   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~109
súʔ   new   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~91
sŋaiʔ   sun, day   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~17
sɔh   charcoal   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~584
sɔm   to eat (rice)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~463
sɔ́l   civet-cat   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~505
sɔ́ŋ   bitter   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~283
sə-/təway   tiger   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~615
səbeʔ   clothes   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~57
sədah   medicine   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~630
səgày   far   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~598
səkhrák   red   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~168
səkʸɛ̀n, səcɛ̀n   heavy   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~379
səmàl   seed   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~526
səpáʔ   cheek   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~55
səpíʔ   millet   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~54
sətim   nine   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~425
sətáʔ   tail   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~37
sətíʔ   eight   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~31
səyoŋ   rainbow   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~287
səyúŋ   light (in weight)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~288
səŋay   far   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~599
səŋàl   green   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~517
səŋə̆ìʔ   sun, day   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~16
səʔnát   gun   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~354
səʔə́l   warm   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~489
sə́t   to pick up   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~370
sɯ́ʔ   pain, disease   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~111
sʔaŋ   bone   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~207
sʔoh   to be dry   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~623
sʔoy   to smell (intr.)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~588
sʔu   warm   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~490
sʔuɲ   snake   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~319
sʔáŋ   bone   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~206
sʔóh   to be dry   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~622
sʔúy   to smell (intr.)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~587
sʔə́m   rotting   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~417
sʔə́ɲ   snake   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~318
t(ə)oh   to fall (off, down)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~632
taiʔ   hand   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~30
tam (tan ?)   crab   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~428
tay   flower   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~602
taɲ   to weave, to plait   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~323
taʔ   grand father, old man   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~36
teak   jungle, hill, wilderness" (a semantic shift from the original MK meaning :"water, river")   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~149
teɪŋ/ɲ   navel   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~234
teʔ   hand   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~29
thók   to spit out   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~195
thɔK   to spit out   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~196
tiʔ   one   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~44
tmu   round, classifier for round objects   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~528
to   to run   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~521
tàh   buttocks   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~631
tày   flower   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~601
táh   to rest   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~628
táɲ   to weave, to plait   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~322
tì( )   paternal uncle/aunt, parent's elder brother, father's elder sister   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~230
tók   to nibble   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~145
tóm   to fill up   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~435
tɔk   to nibble   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~146
tɔm   egg   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~432
tɔm   right (side)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~430
tɔm   table, plank   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~438
tɔm   to give orders   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~433
tɔn   to order   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~384
tɔ̀l   shallow   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~522
tɔ́n   to order   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~383
tək   to hold hand   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~148
təŋtàʔ   finger-span (from thumb to little-finger)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~47
təɯh   breast   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~554
tə́k   to hold hand   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~147
tɛm   short, low   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~437
tɛʔ   earth   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~34
tɛ̀m   short, low   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~436
tɪh   mushroom   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~552
tɪɲ, teɪŋ)   big   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~232
tɯm   ripe   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~440
tɯt   to pull   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~351
tɯy   to take, to bring   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~603
tɯʔ   meat, vegetables, foodstuffs, curry   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~40
tɯ́h   breast   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~553
tɯ́h   mushroom   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~551
tɯ́t   to pull   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~350
tɯ́ʔ   meat, vegetables, foodstuffs, curry   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~39
vak   insect, worm   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~163
vày   tiger   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~614
vàc   sword   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~304
vàh   wide   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~635
vàk   insect, worm   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~162
vèʔ   to buy   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~76
və̀c   belly   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~160
və̀n   angry, mad   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~392
vɛh   wide   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~636
vɛ̀t   to twist   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~359
wac, vac   sword   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~305
wac   belly   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~161
yap   difficult   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~407
yauŋ   village (small)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~289
yauʔ   to see   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~117
yaɔk   ear   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~188
yaɔk   to lift   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~186
yem   to weep   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~469
yeʔ   grandmother   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~115
yuh   to do   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~650
yum   to die, dead   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~471
yàm   to weep   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~468
yàʔ   grandmother   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~114
yòh   to do   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~649
yùk   to lift   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~185
yə̀m   to die, dead   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~470
yɛp   to close one's eyes   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~411
y̥húk   ear   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~187
ŋa   green   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~518
ŋa   sesamum   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~21
ŋaiʔ   day   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~15
ŋay   eye   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~597
ŋaʔ   tusk   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~19
ŋàʔ   tusk   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~18
ŋu   fire   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~520
ŋáy   eye   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~596
ŋãũŋ, ŋaoŋ   rice-steamer   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~292
ŋòk   neck   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~136
ŋòŋ   knee   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~221
ŋùp   early (in morning)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~403
ŋɔh   price   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~549
ŋɔk   neck   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~137
ŋɔm   to sit   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~420
ŋɔp   early (in morning)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~404
ŋɔ̀l   fire   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~519
ŋɔ̀ŋ   knife   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~220
ɣa   two   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~488
ɣah   to bark   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~639
ɣak   to moan", "to cry (anim.)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~165
ɣaŋ   tooth   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~258
ɣɔm   heart, mind   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~477
ɣɔm   water   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~415
ɣɛaŋ   strong   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~256
ɫat   to fear   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~362
ɫauŋ   high   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~280
ɫɛʔ   rain   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~100
ɲa(ə)ʔ   to drink   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~28
ɲac   wet   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~302
ɲacɲàc   wet   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~301
ɲah   to smile   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~550
ɲeʔ   house   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~26
ɲiʔ   day   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~14
ɲiʔ   needle   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~24
ɲom   delicious, sweet   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~424
ɲàʔ   house   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~25
ɲùm   delicious, sweet   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~423
ɲùʔ   to see   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~116
ɲɔm   young   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~422
ɲɔy   waist   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~600
ɲɔ̀ŋ   to know   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~285
ɲɔ̀ŋ   waist   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~228
ɲɯ́ʔ   to drink   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~27
ɲ̥háp   difficult   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~406
ʔ-rɯ́h   spider   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~568
ʔa-cɛ́l   cucumber   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~512
ʔa-hə́m   bedbug   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~480
ʔa-kɯɲ   father   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~320
ʔa-m̥hɯ̃́c   ant   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~313
ʔa-phɛ́l   bee   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~507
ʔa-phɛ́l   hail   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~535
ʔa-pɛ̀ʔ   goat   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~58
ʔa-rep   grass   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~409
ʔac   elder brother   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~129
ʔah   to say   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~621
ʔak   bow (N.)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~131
ʔak   crow (N.)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~133
ʔakhrák   buffalo   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~166
ʔamɔ̀y   (wild) cow, buffalo   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~610
ʔarɯ́h   turtle   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~575
ʔataʔ   grand father, old man   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~35
ʔatɔ́m   right (side)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~429
ʔaŋ   not   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~205
ʔaə̯ʔ   I   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~4
ʔaʔ-veʔ (tone ?)   left (side)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~77
ʔaʔik   taro   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~125
ʔaʔák   crow (N.)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~132
ʔaʔík   a tuber   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~293
ʔák   bow (N.)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~130
ʔdəəʔ, ɣəəʔ   deep   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~96
ʔeaŋ   dung   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~204
ʔek   taro   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~126
ʔeŋ   to come, return   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~202
ʔih   to need, take, want, wear, eat   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~620
ʔim   to be alive   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~413
ʔin   this   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~373
ʔit   to sleep   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~338
ʔiŋ   to come, return   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~201
ʔmma   dry ricefield   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~500
ʔot   dwell, be located   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~341
ʔuc   all, out of, exhausted   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~296
ʔáɲ   wasp   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~317
ʔét   elder brother   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~128
ʔéŋ/ʔéɲ   dung   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~203
ʔéʔ   we, Inclusive, more than two   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~0
ʔím   to be alive   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~412
ʔít   to sleep   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~337
ʔúm   water   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~414
ʔúʔ   I   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~3
ʔɔ   cooking pot   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~511
ʔɔah   to swell, be swollen   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~543
ʔɔ́h   to swell, be swollen   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~542
ʔɔ́l, ʔɔ̃l   elder sister   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~509
ʔə-pɔ̀ŋ   bamboo shoot   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~247
ʔə-tɛ́p   flea   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~408
ʔəliah   seven   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~580
ʔənnɛʔ   sour   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~52
ʔəntèʔ   near   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~45
ʔəntǝ̀t   to be torn   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~352
ʔəntɔ̀k   blind   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~153
ʔərùk   toad   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~173
ʔəŋcík   cock's comb   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~138
ʔəŋhím   fingernail   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~474
ʔəŋhúŋ   rice-steamer   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~291
ʔəŋkàŋ   scabbard   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~215
ʔəŋkòŋ   mountain   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~216
ʔəŋkùŋ   pillow   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~218
ʔəŋkúʔ   rice (uncooked)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~9
ʔəŋkɔ̀l   to cut down (trees)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~516
ʔəŋkə́n   thumb   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~378
ʔəŋlhɯ́t   deaf   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~365
ʔəŋlò(h)   snail   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~103
ʔəŋl̥hát   to frighten   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~363
ʔəŋmúŋ   to look up   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~253
ʔəŋmə́l   round, classifier for round objects   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~527
ʔəŋnàʔ   sour   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~51
ʔəŋnòm   young   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~421
ʔəŋpáy   medicine, tobacco   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~604
ʔəŋpáŋ   bamboo cluster   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~239
ʔəŋpíh   broom   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~557
ʔəŋpíŋ   to roast" (tr.)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~237
ʔəŋpóŋ)   stairs, ladder   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~242
ʔəŋpə́n   woman, wife, female   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~388
ʔəŋpɯ́k   bridge   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~156
ʔəŋràʔ   to steal   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~88
ʔəŋrɔ̀ŋ   horse   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~263
ʔəŋrə̀ɲ   body louse   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~333
ʔəŋrɯ̀ɲ   termite   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~334
ʔəŋsát   a comb   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~369
ʔəŋsə́m   to plant (e.g. a tree)   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~466
ʔəŋtàk   palm, sole   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~151
ʔəŋtàŋ)   pot, kettle   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~235
ʔəŋták   tongue   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~143
ʔəŋyə̀m   to kill   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~472
ʔəŋɲúl   slippery   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~494
ʔə́c   all, out of, exhausted   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~295
ʔə́m   salty   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~416
ʔɛa   fowl   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~486
ʔɛe̯ʔ   we, Inclusive, more than two   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~1
ʔɛk, ʔɛak   few   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~127
ʔɛt   small, a few   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~340
ʔɛ́l   fowl   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~485
ʔɛ́t   small, a few   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~339
ʔɪk   a tuber   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~294
ʔɯn   to place, to put   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~375
ʔɯp   cooked rice   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~401
ʔɯy   to bring up, raise animals   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~590
ʔɯ́n   to place, to put   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~374
ʔɯ́p   cooked rice   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~400
ʔɯ́y   to bring up, raise animals   (Samtau)   Har1976:C:Dif1980~589
ʦaiɲ   to sew   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~223
ʦauŋ, ʦaɔŋ   foot   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~225
ʦon   to take something somewhere   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~382
ʦuŋ   to stand (up)   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~227
ʦɪn, ʦen   heavy   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~380
ʦɯp   to put on, to wear   (Wa [South])   Har1976:C:Dif1980~405