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Pearic Branch (60 items)
ckʰɛːp   to gather (fruits) from a tree by using a long stick   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1788-1
cʰeːŋ   to blame   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:314-1
cʰiːˀm rɔːk   egret   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:288-1
jîəm   to visit   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1954-1
jɯət tiː   reach a hand   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1450-1
jɯːn   to stand   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1713-1
kcʰuˀŋ taŋ   village   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1949-1
kdom   rice stack   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1488-1
kkeːˀp   small frog   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:777-1
klac   to pick   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1325-1
kma̤h   Mrs., Miss   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:2034-1
kma̤h   maid   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:2037-1
kme̤ʔ   name   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1200-1
kmi̤ːŋ   moustache   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1178-1
kmlah   lad   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:432-1
kmlɔh   Mr.   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1111-1
knṳˀj pŋɤ̤am   sting (of insect)   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1723-1
kpʰok   to pour   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1392-1
kte̤ːŋ   simple skirt   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1625-1
kɔʔ taŋ   area below house   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1925-1
kəlaːˀm   corn   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:509-1
kəluːj   fly (insect)   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:991-1
kəluːŋ   mud   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1187-1
kəpɯˀt   loincloth, scarf   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:473-1
kɯ̤əˀj   to hate   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:886-1
kɲaʔ   skinny   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1836-1
kʰat   to lever   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1068-1
kʰeːn snaː   arrow   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:207-1
kʰreːn   bat   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:256-1
kʰək   to stab, pierce   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1333-1
kʰɤ̤aˀw   to tell   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1546-1
loː   greedy   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1972-1
lɛːk kʰəluk   tattletale bird   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:301-1
lɯŋ riː   above   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1934-1
ma̤t sŋeːˀt   blind   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:320-1
mnṳk   story   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1741-1
mɯ̤əˀn tɯ̤əˀn tṳːn   day before yesterday   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:2076-1
mɯ̤ˀt   dense jungle   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:771-1
pak   to gore   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1337-1
paw   big, wide   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1049-1
phiːt   to dust (house)   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:464-1
pra̤c   fat (not skinny)   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1048-1
pʰlaːn   to spit   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1689-1
pʰɔk ktuː   root out grass   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1420-1
pʰɔt   to come out   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:668-1
riːŋ   to sew   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1572-1
ruəŋ haːj   ear of paddy   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1472-1
ruːk taŋ   door   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:603-1
saːʔ   ginger   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:803-1
suːˀc lkiːt   ant   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:189-1
sɔː   to complain   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:181-1
ta̤t   to push   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1427-1
tɤ̤ak kra̤k   muddy water   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1993-1
tʰnaːˀ   lesser squirrel, tree shrew   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1707-1
tʰɔk mɯən   different   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:586-1
tʰɔŋ   to fish   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:959-1
we̤ːŋ   unripe   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1926-1
ŋaː   tusk   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:940-1
ɲom mah   elder sister   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:2038-1
ɲom   elder sibling   (Chong [of Kanchanaburi])   Isa2007a:C:1613-1