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bak   Mister, Miss   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:12
banuih   Human being   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:38
bat   grass   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:14
baŋam   cool   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:13
baʔ   carry hanging   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:11
baʔ   carry hanging   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~741
baːr   two   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:15
baːr   two   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~599
bic siwit   live   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:17
bic   exist, have, get   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:16
bic   get, have, exist   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2141
bih   snake   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:18
bit   to turn   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2277
bit   turn   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:20
biŋ   full (container)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:19
biŋ   full   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2241
blaːj   cotton   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~210
blaːj   thread   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:21
blaːŋ   insipid   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~490
blaːŋ   tasteless, insipid   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:22
bluː puaih   leg   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:25
bluː   thigh   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:24
bluː   thigh   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4777
blɔːk   speak   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:23
blɔːk   speak   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2725
brah   spirit   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:33
briː kajuː   wind   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:35
briː mmɨə   rain fall   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:36
briː   forest   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:34
bruih   Human being   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:37
bruː   betel   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:39
buac   water gourd   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:41
buar brun   mouth   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:42
buar   lip, edge, mouth   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:43
buar   lip, edge, mouth   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4335
buih   boil   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:45
buom giek   taro   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:47
buom kɛːw   sweet potato   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:48
buː   drunk   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:50
buː   drunk   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3833
bɔh   salt   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:27
bɔk   Mister, Miss   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:28
bɔk   Mr., Miss etc.   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3075
bɔːk   white   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:29
bərux   person   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4215
bəʔ   father   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:26
bəʔ   father   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4447
bəːm mɨəl   cultivate rice field, transplant seedlings   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:32
bəːm ŋaːj   why   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:30
bəːm, bɨːm   do, make   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4501
bəːm   do, make; to punch   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:31
bəːm   punch   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4509
bɨh   come, come back   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:44
bɨk   tie   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:46
bɨt   fall and break   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:49
bɨt   fall and break   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5298
bɨʔ   evening, late morning   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5135
bɨʔ   evening   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:40
cadaːk ~ radaːk   wet   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:54
cah   dig   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:55
cah   dig   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~813
cahɛː   listen   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:56
caj   head louse   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:67
cak dɨm   cow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:58
cak   body, flesh, animal   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:57
cakaw   bear   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:59
cakəːt   moon   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:60
camrɔh   stream   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:61
candraih   comb (hair)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:62
caw blɔŋ   fox   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:66
caw blɔŋ   fox   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3177
caw   grandchild   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:65
caw   she   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1448
cax sɔk   to comb the hair   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~623
caŋ daŋ   straight   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:63
caʔ   good, beautiful   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~746
caʔ   good   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:51
caʔaːw   laugh   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:53
caː   eat, chew   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~19
caː   eat   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:52
caːr   they two   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:64
caːr   they(dual)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~607
ceh   sneeze   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:71
ceh   sneeze   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1994
cet   pierce   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:70
ceːl   rent   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:68
ceːm   bird   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:69
ciaŋ   lean (to the side)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:74
ciaŋ   to lean   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2434
cin   nine   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:75
cin   nine   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2225
cit   astringent   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:76
coh ʔuɲ   light a fire   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:77
creːŋ   sing   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:83
criŋ   beeswax   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2255
cuʔ   lie on ground (   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:84
cuʔ   lie on ground(under house)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3951
cɔk   cup, glass   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:79
cɔk   early morning   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2954
cɔk   early   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:80
cɔk   take, gather   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:78
cɔk   take, receive   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3082
cɔŋ pual   eat (rice)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:81
cɔː   dog   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:82
cɔːŋ   eat(rice)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3181
cədaːk, rədaːk   wet   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~351
cəkaw   bear   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1455
cəmrɔh   stream   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3012
cənaː   food, meal   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~42
cəndraj   comb   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~628
cəʔaːw   laugh   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~362
cəʔəːk   happy   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4454
cɛh   paddy rice   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:73
cɛh   request permission   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:72
cɛh   to request permission   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1709
cɨʔ   fight, war   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:85
cɨʔ   return   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:86
cɨʔ   return   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5108
dah   slap with the hand   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~826
dah   slap   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:96
daj   able   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:98
dam təːm   plant a tree   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:93
dam   bachelor; man's name   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1087
dam   bachelor   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:92
daw   able, get; past tense   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:97
daw   able   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1460
daŋ   bitter   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:95
daŋ   catch fish   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1237
daŋ   seek, hunt   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:94
daʔ   where   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~751
daː   located, where   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:87
daːk həːm   well for water   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:91
daːk manaj   river   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:89
daːk mənaj   river   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~866
daːk məːt   dew   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5088
daːk məːt   fog, mist, dew   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:90
daːk   water   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:88
den   soft   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:100
den   soft   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1159
deːn   hold   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:101
diap   near   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:102
diː   that, which   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:103
diː   that, which   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2018
doʔ ~ toʔ   hot   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:106
doʔ   long   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:105
doːc   arrow tip   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:104
doːc   tip of arrow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3251
draːp   hold   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:112
duak   boat   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3784
duk   know   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:114
duk   know   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4064
duok   boat   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:119
duŋ   eel   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:118
dɔk   go, walk   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:107
dɔŋ suk   rabbit   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:108
dɔŋ suk   rabbit   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3195
dɔŋ   hear   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:109
dəːp   low, short, under   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~561
dəːp   low, short   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:111
dɛc   mosquito (small)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:99
dɛc   mosquito(small type)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1966
dɨk   climb   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5153
dɨk   go up, ascend   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:115
dɨm   red, yellow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4111
dɨm   ripe, red   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:116
dɨŋ   hear   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:110
dɨŋ   hear   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4715
dɨəʔ   vomit   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:117
dɨəʔ   vomit   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4879
gliw   leech   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2315
gliːw   leech (water type)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:122
haluː   stop   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:125
ham   salty   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:126
har   peppery   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:124
har   peppery   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1356
harɔː   neck   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:127
haːp   yawn   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:123
haːp   yawn   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~572
hmuoʔ   liar   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3678
hoʔ   in, at   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3530
hoʔ   towards   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:130
hoːm daːk   bathe   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:129
hoːm daːk   bathe   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3354
hŋaːj   where?   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~255
hɔː nɛʔ   here   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1672
hɔːk   spear   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:131
hɔːk   spear   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2737
hɛːt   very   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:128
jaŋ maː   because   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:554
jaʔ cɛh   pound rice   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:550
jaʔ   master, chief   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:551
jaʔ   master, chief   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~733
jaː daːk   crocodile   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:552
jaː daːk   crocodile   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~64
jaː hɨːt   smoke cigarette   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5067
jaːŋ jaŋ   if, how   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:553
jaːŋ jaŋ   if, how   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1217
jeʔ   noon   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:555
jit   dip, draw (water)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:556
joːt   dance   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:560
juaʔ sut   honey   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:561
juaʔ sut   honey   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3704
juaʔ, ʔjuoʔ   sour   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3685
jɔm   happy   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:559
jɔŋ   stand up   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:558
jɔː, ʔjɔː   grandfather   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2583
jɔː   grandfather (paternal)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:557
kabɔʔ   embrace   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:157
kacɛt   kill   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:158
kadaj   kay, easy   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:159
kadaːm   crab   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:160
kadaːw   sugar cane   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:162
kadaːŋ   skirt   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:161
kadiː   lazy   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:163
kadɨəŋ   bone   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:164
kaham   black   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:166
kajaʔ   thatch grass   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:186
kajɔʔ   run   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:187
kalaw   call   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:168
kalɔː   man, male   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:170
kalɛː   egg   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:169
kamam   fear   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:172
kaman   daughter-in-law   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:173
kamlaŋ   continuous aspect   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:175
kamom   scared   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:174
kamɔː   year   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:171
kandiaw   mat   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:176
kaniah   nail   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:177
kap   and, together with   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:180
kap   bite   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:179
kap   bite   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1328
kapuat   pinch   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:181
kapɨː   buffalo   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:182
katuo   slave   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:183
katəːl ʔiel   comb   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:185
katəːn   take out   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:184
kaɟɔh   spit   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:167
kaʔaːk   crow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:156
kaʔɔːk   cough   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:178
keh   salty   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:189
ket   die   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:190
keʔ   small   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:188
keːt   south   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:191
khaj   month   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:194
khaj   month   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~893
khalam   goitre   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:193
khaː lɔːŋ   leaf   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:192
khian pɨŋ   bare teeth   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:195
khoŋ   hard   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:196
khoŋ   hard   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3607
khɔː   chop   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:198
khɔːm   blow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:199
khɔːm   blow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3366
khɔːr   scratch   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:197
kiat   frog   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2095
kiaŋ mɔːŋ   cheek   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:200
kiaŋ mɔːŋ   cheeks   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3414
kiet   frog   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:204
kikiʔ   small (very), little bit   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:201
kikiʔ   small, little bit   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1655
klaj   brass   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:209
klaŋ klaŋ   much, extremely   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:208
klaŋ   heavily, much(rain)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1257
klaŋ   strong   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:207
klaːk kluŋ   cigarette paper/leaf   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:206
klaːk   stomach   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:205
klaːk   stomach   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~320
kliah   fall   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2052
klieh   fall   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:211
klɔː   husband, man   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:213
klɔː   husband, man   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2610
kləʔ   bit, piece   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:212
kləːm   liver   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:214
klɨə ~ klɨː   tiger   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:215
klɨː   tiger   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4830
kmɔːŋ   door   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:216
kradɨəŋ   bone   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:165
krasə   angry   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:225
kraʔ   old   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:223
kraʔəːh   charcoal   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:224
kroːj   mousedeer   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3293
krɔːj   mousedeer   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:226
krɛː dɛh   lightning bolt   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:229
krɛː liap   lightning   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:228
krɛː liap   lightning   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1566
krɛː liap   lightning   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2084
krɛː   rat   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:227
krɨat   scratch   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5075
krɨk   chest   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:231
krɨk   chest   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5174
krɨm dɛh   thunder   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:233
krɨm   sky   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:232
krɨət   scratch   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:230
ksoːm   nest   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:234
kua   more than   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:238
kua   sit, located   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3645
kuan ʔnɨk   boy   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5191
kuan   child   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2798
kuan   son, daughter   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:235
kuh   back   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:236
kuh   back   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4000
kuj   sleep, lie down   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4041
kun truk   termite   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:241
kuo   sit down, be located   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:239
kuŋ kaʔ   spider   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:237
kuːj   lie down   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:240
kuːr   boy/girlfriend   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3916
kɔh   cut, chop   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:217
kɔh   cut   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3036
kɔː   grey (hair)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:219
kɔːm   bend   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:220
kɔːŋ   gong   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:221
kɔːŋ   mountain   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:222
kəcɛt   kill   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1887
kədam   crab   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~401
kədaːŋ   sin   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~515
kəjɔːŋ   snail   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2852
kəjɨk   heavy   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5165
kəlaw   call   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1465
kəmam   fear   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1132
kəman   daughter-in-law   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1175
kəmaːw ~ kəmʌːw   shy, embarrassed   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~373
kəmɔː   year   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2625
kəniah tiː   fingernail   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2333
kəpɨː   buffalo   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5313
kərtɨaŋ   bone   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4993
kəsɛː   rope   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1576
kəɟɔh   spit(v.)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3557
kəʔɔːk   cough   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3106
kəːm   think   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:218
kɛkɛʔ   small (thing), a bit   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:202
kɛkɛʔ   small thing, bit   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1656
kɛʔ   small   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:203
kɛːt   dying   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1895
kʔaːk   crow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~301
laj   many   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:247
lamaŋ   meat, game   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:242
laŋ   house   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:246
laː   question particle   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:243
laː   question particle   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~81
lew lew   already   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:248
lip mat   close eyes   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:249
lip mat   close eyes   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2269
luat   arm   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:256
luat   arm   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4410
lɔh   question particle   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:244
lɔh   question particle   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3044
lɔːŋ ʔansɨə   bamboo   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:253
lɔːŋ ʔuɲ   firewood   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:254
lɔːŋ   tree, wood, plant classifier   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:252
lɔːŋ   tree, wood, plant classifier   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2822
lɔːŋ   try, attempt   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:251
ləp   each, every   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:255
ləʔ   and   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:250
lɛʔ, lɛʔ lɛʔ   short   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1665
lɛʔ   short   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:245
lɨː   imperative   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:257
lɨːn   swallow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:258
lɨːn   swallow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4975
maj   silk   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:271
mak ɟuoʔ   citrus   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:265
malɨəŋ   yellow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:264
mat maːt   very   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:270
mat maːt   very   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~638
mat soːt   blind   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:269
mat   eye   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:268
maŋ   night   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:266
maʔ   mother   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:275
maː   future marker   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:259
maː   future marker   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~86
maːk braːw   coconut   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:261
maːk   areca nut, betel   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:260
maːm   iron   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:262
maːŋ   mouth, language   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:263
mbiːw   tamarind   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:272
mblɔːk lɔːŋ   bark   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:273
meʔ   mother   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:274
meː   they; generic 3p   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1508
mih   uncle, aunt   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:281
mih   uncle, aunt   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2170
mmɨə   rain   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:283
mpat ʔuɲ   put out a fire   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:286
muaih   mosquito   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:287
muax   mosquito   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4366
muh   nose   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:288
muk   smell smth.   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:289
muo   false   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:292
muː saj   you pl.   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:295
muː ɲaː   we, us   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:290
muː ʔaːɲ   we, us   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:291
muː   friend   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:297
muː   they   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3653
muːj klam   hundred   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:299
muːj klam   one hundred   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1126
muːj   one   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:298
muːj   one   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3759
məw   cat   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:285
məːt   love, like   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:284
mɛt   metre   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:280
mɛw   cat   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1941
mɛː brɔh   girl   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3000
mɛː brɔh   young woman   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:277
mɛː daːk   lake   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:278
mɛː   they, general 3rd person   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:276
mɛːn   true   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:282
mɨa   rain   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4802
mɨəl   rice field (wet & dry)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:293
mɨər   rice field (wet & dry)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:294
mɨːr   paddy field   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5026
naj   inside   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:303
nan   only   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:301
naw   young   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:267
naŋ   visit   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:302
naŋ   visit   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1196
naʔ bic   still have   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:300
naʔ bic   still have   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~784
ndrac   half   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:305
ndruat   buy   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:307
ndrɛɲ   together   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:306
ndrɛɲ   together   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1837
ndɛh   cold   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:304
niam həːm   glad   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:320
niam   good, healthy   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:319
niam   good, healthy   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2397
niw   monkey   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2319
niːw   monkey   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:321
noːk   outside   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:323
ntaːk   beans   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:325
ntəːk   tortoise, turtle   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:326
nuːj   worm   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:327
nuːj   worm   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3766
nəːm   can   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:324
nɛː   this, that   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:308
nɛː   this, that   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1520
nɛːm   look, see   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:309
nɨŋ   north   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5259
nɨŋ   upstream/north   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:328
nɲuj ʔuɲ   smoke   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:322
padɛh   earth   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:346
padɨk   go up (cause to)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:347
padɨm   jungle   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:348
pah   seven   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:349
pah   seven   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4653
pahaːc   sand   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:350
pahaːm   blood   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:351
pal   fly   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:352
pamɨːj   swidden field   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:353
panar   wing   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:354
par   fly   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1369
pasaw   son-in-law   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:359
paseːt   mushroom   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:358
patieh   descend (cause to)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:360
patual ~ patuar   star   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:361
paw   blow (on a person) (?)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:363
paw   shoulder   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:362
paw   shoulder   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~382
paŋam   cold   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:356
paŋuat   hungry   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:357
paɲ   shoot   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:355
paɲ   shoot   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1201
paː   bring, accompany   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:344
paːm   fish trap   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:345
paːm   fishtrap   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~414
phap   book   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:367
phaːt cɛh   thresh rice   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:366
phɔːn   dance   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:370
phɛʔ   full, sated   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:368
phɛʔ   satisfied   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1691
phɛː   husked rice   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:369
phɨə   in order to   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:371
piat   knife   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2107
piat   tongue   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:373
piat   tongue   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2536
piet   knife   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:372
plah mat   open eyes   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:374
plaj nkaː   kapok   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:377
plaj trɔp   eggplant   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:378
plaj ɟuoʔ   mango   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:376
plaj   fruit   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:375
praj   causative   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:385
praː   knife(large)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~13
praː   large knife   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:384
priaw   hail   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:386
priaw   hail   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2363
proːm   gong (type of)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:387
prɨat   banana   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:388
prɨat   banana   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5096
puaih   calf of leg   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:389
pual tabal   glutinous rice   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:390
pual ~ puar   cooked rice   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:391
puan   four   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:394
puan   four   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4318
puar   cooked rice   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2908
puax   calf   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4377
puk   oil   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:392
puk   oil   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4080
puː   most   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:393
pɔm   animals cl.   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:380
pɔm   classifier for animals   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2766
pɔŋ   mud   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:381
pɔːc   very much   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:382
pɔːŋ   inter-node   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:383
pəbiaw   tamarind   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2197
pədɛh   earth   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1702
pəhaːm   blood   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~421
pək   fan   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:379
pəlah mat   open eyes   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~844
pəmɨːj   swidden field   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4919
pənar   wing   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1378
pəsaw   son-in-law   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~708
pətuar   star   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2918
pəŋuat   hungry   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4422
pɛt   duck   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:364
pɛː   three   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:365
pɛː   three   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1595
pɨar lɔːŋ   flower   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5043
pɨŋ   tooth   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:395
pɨəl lɔːŋ   flower   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:396
rabaw   elbow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:398
raj   bad   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:402
raj   wake up   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:403
raj   wake up   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~931
rap   catch   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:401
rap   catch   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1340
raŋ   house post   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:400
raŋ   house post   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1275
raŋoːm   moonless   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:399
raː   person (cl.)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:397
raː   person(classifier)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~125
reːt   rhinoceros   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:408
riah lɔːŋ   root   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:411
riam   spade   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:410
riam   spade   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2405
rian   study   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:409
roːp   horizontal beams   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:412
roːp   horizontal beams   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3430
ruaih   elephant   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:113
ruaj   fly   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4290
ruax   elephant   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4389
ruaɟ   fly   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:413
rəbaw   elbow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1064
rɛh cɛh   harvest rice   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:407
rɛʔ   leave   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:404
rɛʔ   leave   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1678
rɛː daːk   swim   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:406
rɛː daːk   swim   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1621
rɛː   rattan   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:405
rɨəm   belch   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:414
sadiaŋ ʔək daːk   rainbow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:415
saduːj ruaih   scorpion   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:416
saj taŋaj   yesterday   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:435
saj   last, previous   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~937
saj   previous, last   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:434
saj   you sg.   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:296
saj   you(sg.)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~978
sakaj   father-in-law   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:418
sakiw   eyebrow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:420
sakiː   mother-in-law   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:419
sakɔr   drum   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:421
samaː   right (side)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:430
sambaːl   cotton   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:422
samɔːc   ant   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:423
sanaːt   gun   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:424
sanɔːp   cloth   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:427
sapuan   ethonym   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:431
sapuŋ   lake, swamp   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:432
sat   animal   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:433
saŋ   dry   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:425
saŋ   dry   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1293
saŋaːj   far   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:426
saɲor   roof   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:428
saʔaːw   soup, curry   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:441
saʔiaw   left (side)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:417
saʔɔːm   fragrant   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:429
saː   thin   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~151
seːt   too much   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:437
seːt   too much   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1927
siaw   friend   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:439
siaŋ   cut bamboo ties   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:438
sieʔ   how many?   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2046
soʔ   crossbow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:442
suaj   tail   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:448
suat   skin   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:447
suk   village   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:449
suo pual   cook rice in water   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:450
sut   bee   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:451
sut   bee   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4243
sɔk crɛɲ   curly hair   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1192
sɔk juək   cloud   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3793
sɔk kɔː   grey hair   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2640
sɔk mual   hair of body   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:440
sɔk ruh   hair falling out   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4025
sɔk ʔgɔh   long hair   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3499
sɔk   hair of head   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:9
sɔk   hair   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3152
sɔʔ   rotten   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:443
sɔːk juok   cloud   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:444
sədiaŋ ʔək daːk   rainbow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2078
səkaj   father-in-law   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~882
səmaː   right side   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~34
səmoːc   ant   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3269
sənap   blanket   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1347
səŋaːj   far   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~231
səʔiaw   left(side)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2562
səʔɔːm   smell good   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2782
səːm   house   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:445
səːŋ   five   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:446
səːŋ   five   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4586
sɛh   horse   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:436
sɨː   name (n.)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:452
tabuoŋ   cucumber   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:460
tabɔk   cheek   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:459
tagaːw   broken   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:461
tah hərɔːŋ   cut the neck   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~852
taj   see, meet; comp.   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:487
tajaːw   run   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:488
tajaːw   run   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~726
tak ɟahəːm   alarmed   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:462
tak ɟəhəːm   alarmed   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1007
takaw   knee   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:463
takuaj   horn   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:464
talɛj   lake   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:465
tamaŋ   ache   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:466
tamɔː kadaːl   earth   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:468
tamɔː   stone   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:467
tamɨə   axe   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:469
tapaŋ   palm (hand)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:478
tapit tɔŋ   deaf   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:480
tapit   ear   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:479
tapuac   finger   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:481
tapuat   itch   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:482
tarie   female   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:483
tarie   woman   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:484
taw   sword   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:485
tawaŋ   plant (v.)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:486
taŋ   node   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:470
taŋa   ask   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:471
taŋaj ciaŋ   afternoon   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:473
taŋaj lic   sun sets   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:474
taŋaj luc   west   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:475
taŋaj plɔk   sun rises   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:477
taŋaj ɲieh   east   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:476
taŋaj   sun, day   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:472
taŋaːc   thatch-grass   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:499
taʔ   resemble   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:454
taʔɨəh   chin   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:458
taː lɔh   don't know   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:457
taː   negative   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:456
taː   negative   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~791
taːw   sword   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~718
taːɲ kədaːŋ   weave sin   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~463
taːɲ   weave   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:455
tec   trade   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1985
teːn   shoot   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:490
teːn   shoot   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1831
thaːj   gong (type of)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:492
thaːm   eight   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:491
thaːm   eight   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~452
thɔːŋ   copper   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:493
tiah ~ tɨah   descend   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4914
tiah   towards (downhill)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:495
tieh   descend   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:494
tih   big   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:496
tiŋ   following, next(year)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2260
tiː sɔːk   punch with hand   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3591
tiː   hand   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:497
tmɔː   stone   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:498
toʔ   hot, sunlight   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3518
toːc   all, finished, complete   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3283
toːj   accompany   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3302
toːr   smelly   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:508
toːr   smelly   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3454
tram   dry   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:520
tram   dry   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1100
tram   medicine   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:519
tram   medicine   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1151
tramuh   meet, greet   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:521
traw   six   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:523
traw   six   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1487
traŋuː ~ taŋuː   face; forehead   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:522
traːk   carry on pole   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~268
traːk   carry water   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:517
traːk   lead (metal)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:516
traːn   flesh   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:518
tret   seat   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:524
triː ~ trie   wife, woman   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:525
triː, tria   wife, woman   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2037
truaŋ   road   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3902
truːŋ ~ truoŋ   path   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:529
trɔː   correct   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:526
trɔː   correct   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2661
trəmuh   to meet, greet   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4035
trəː ~ trɨː   fish   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:527
trəːn   plain (geog.)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:528
trɨː   fish   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4869
tuaj   waist   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:531
tuaj   waist   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2696
tuaŋ   jar   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:530
tuh   ashes   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:532
tuih prɨat   rhizome of plantain   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:533
tuih   head   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:538
tuən   from   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:537
tuːx   head   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3932
twaːw ~ tawar   mortar   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:539
tɔh   breast   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:503
tɔŋ   packet, sack   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:504
tɔʔ tɔʔ   little bit (drizzling)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:501
tɔʔ tɔʔ   over there   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:502
tɔː   husband   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:506
tɔː   more   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:505
tɔː   more   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2641
tɔːc   all, finished, complete   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:507
tɔːŋ ɟal   crossbow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:515
tɔːŋ   must   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:510
tɔːŋ   tool, arrow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:509
tɔːŋ   tool, arrow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2888
təkaw   knee   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3330
təmɔː kədaːr   earth, ground   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~612
təmɔː   stone   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2650
təmɨa   axe   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4862
təpaŋ tiː   palm   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~550
təpit   ear   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2306
təpuac tiː   finger   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4261
təvaŋ   to plant   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1309
təwiːw   winnowing basket   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2212
təŋaj luːc   west   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3973
təŋaː   ask   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~160
təŋaːc   thatch grass   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~191
təʔ   in, at   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:500
təʔɨəh   chin   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4607
təːk   turtle   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4467
təːm lɔːŋ   tree   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:514
təːm ɟriː   banyan   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:511
təːm   snatch   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:512
təːm   tree trunk   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:513
tɛc ~ tec   sell, trade   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:489
tɨa   away   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4855
tɨə   away   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:534
tɨəh   split   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:536
tɨəʔ tɨəʔ   downstream/south   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:535
waj waj   fast   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:545
wat   hit (w. object in hand)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:544
wian   rotate   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:548
wian   rotate   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2373
wiɲ   return, come   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2266
wiɲ   return   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:549
wuːɲ   forget   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:546
wuːɲ   forget   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4983
wɛh   they pl.(3 people)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1632
wɛh   they three or more   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:547
ŋaj   tomorrow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:312
ŋaj   tomorrow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~908
ŋan   sleep   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:310
ŋan   sleep   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1168
ŋaːj   what, who   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:311
ŋaːj   what, who   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~254
ŋaːm   sweet   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:313
ŋaːm   sweet   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~393
ŋkaw   plow   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:317
ŋoːɲ   desire, want   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3405
ŋoːɲ   want   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:315
ŋəːn   silver   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:314
ŋɛʔ   ricepot   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:316
ŋɨəih   think   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:318
ɟahaːt   lick   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:139
ɟahəːm   breathe, heart   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:140
ɟahɨːt   smoke tobacco   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:141
ɟaʔ cɛh   husk rice   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:138
ɟiaŋ   gold   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2449
ɟieŋ   gold   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:146
ɟih sɛh   go on horseback   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:147
ɟit daːk   to dip water   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2292
ɟit klam   thousand   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:145
ɟit   ten   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:144
ɟit   ten   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2285
ɟiŋ   foot, paws, feet   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:148
ɟiʔ   ill, sick   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:143
ɟriŋ   beeswax   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:151
ɟriək   fat   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2059
ɟroŋ   tall   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:152
ɟroŋ   tall   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3613
ɟuan   send   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:153
ɟuan   send   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3854
ɟuoʔ   sour, acid   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:154
ɟuːj   deer, stag   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:155
ɟɔŋ   stand up   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4724
ɟɔːk ʔəːj   hiccup   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:149
ɟɔːk ʔəːj   hiccup   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3100
ɟəhəːm   breathe, heart   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4519
ɟəkəːt   moon   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4618
ɟəːl prɨət   banana flower   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:150
ɟɛh   grandmother (paternal)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:142
ɲam ɲam   when, what time   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:329
ɲaːk   difficult   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:330
ɲeːn   bat   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:331
ɲeːt   drink (alcohol)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:332
ɲieh   come out(to bleed)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4900
ɲim   tasty   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~5219
ɲuːj daːk   mist   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:336
ɲuːj   smoke   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3736
ɲɔːŋ   don't, stop   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2814
ɲɔːŋ   don't; stop!   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:335
ɲəːk   pig   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:333
ɲɛːt   drink(alcohol)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1907
ɲɨm   tasty   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:337
ɲɨəm   cry, weep   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:334
ɲɨəm   cry, weep   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4962
ʔaj   I, me   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:10
ʔaj   I, me   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~969
ʔaluih   dust   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:2
ʔam   give   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:3
ʔanan   that there   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:4
ʔarac   grasshopper   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:5
ʔaraj   pestle   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:6
ʔarɔːŋ   staircase   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:7
ʔasɔk   hair of head   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:8
ʔaːw   clothes, shirt   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~657
ʔaːw   clothes   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:1
ʔeʔ   older sister   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:120
ʔeːt   name (v.)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:453
ʔgɔʔ   household panier   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2943
ʔiar juː   female (chicken)   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:136
ʔiar juː   hen   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3631
ʔiar klɛŋ   rooster   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:210
ʔiar klɛŋ   roːster   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1869
ʔiar   chicken   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:135
ʔin   this, he, she, it   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:132
ʔin   this, he, she, it   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2215
ʔisaŋ   problem   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:134
ʔiː   she   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:133
ʔiː   she   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2012
ʔiːk   again   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:137
ʔmɛːm   look at   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:279
ʔok   drink   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:342
ʔoːk   drink   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3581
ʔoːm cɛh   winnow paddy   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:343
ʔuɲ   fire   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:540
ʔuː   hammock   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:542
ʔuːm   row, paddle   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:541
ʔɔh   younger sibling   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:340
ʔɔh   younger sibling   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~2980
ʔɔk   young man, brother   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:341
ʔɔʔ   elder brother   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~3674
ʔɔː   exclamation   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:339
ʔənsɨə   bamboo   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4788
ʔəraj   mortar   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~861
ʔəː   yes   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:338
ʔɛʔ   elder sister   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1636
ʔɛː   he, it, that   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~1497
ʔɛː   he, she it, that   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:121
ʔɨːn   many, much, more   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:543
ʔɨːn   many, much, more   (Sapuan)   Jac1999:C:Sid2003~4560