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Bahnaric Branch (2118 items)
bak   carry on one shoulder   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:128
bak   carry on one shoulder   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~994
bal   war   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:129
bal   war   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1043
ban   thousand   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:130
bat kruac   type of tall grass   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4252
bat   grass   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:132
bat   occasion   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:133
baŋ   some   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:131
baːt   blessing, offering for monks   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:135
baːt   wound, scar   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:134
baːw   kite (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:136
beːŋ   grill, toast   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:146
biam   corner of mouth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:152
biam   corner of mouth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2382
bic   able, can, get   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:147
biel   mat (woven)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:153
biel   mat(woven)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2064
bih tuːr   cobra   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3921
bih   snake   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:149
bih   snake   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2153
biŋ   Melastomataceae plant species   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:148
biːl   forget   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:150
biːl   forget   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2200
biːŋ   full (moon)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:151
biːŋ   full   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2238
blaw   thigh   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:177
blaːk   tiny freshwater carp fish variety.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:178
blaːŋ   insipid, tasteless, clear, colourless (soup)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:179
blaːŋ   insipid; clear(soup)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~488
bleh   used to, accustomed, ever   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:182
bliep blaŋ   lightning   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2081
bliep   bright light, flash   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:183
bloː   dandruff   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:184
bluŋ blaːj   firefly   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~205
blɔːk   ivory   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:180
bləw   thigh   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4773
blɛn   wool   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:181
blɨə mat   wash one's face   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4808
blɨː   wash (face); ablutions   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:186
blʌŋ   spark, cigarette lighter   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:185
boːt   duck down, curl down (to avoid detection)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:155
boːŋ   shin (bone)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:154
brah   spirit, ghost   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:194
brah   spirit, ghost   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~804
bran   earthworm   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:189
braw   Brao (people)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:191
braw   call, cry, sing(of birds), make a noise   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1439
braw   sound, noise (of thunder, bird, cow, elephant, snail, frog etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:190
braŋ saːj   lemongrass, citronella   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~264
braŋ   Person's name (male or female)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:188
braŋ   lemongrass, citronella   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:187
braʔ   taxon for a plant possibly Saffron (Zingiberaceae) Curcuma sp.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:193
braː   fish trap (small vase-like with little legs)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:192
braː   small bamboo fishing creel with legs   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~11
braːj   thread (cotton)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:195
braːk   peacock   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:196
braːw   coconut   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:199
braːŋ maŋ   dawn   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~496
braːŋ   outside, environment; blue (sky colour)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:197
braːŋ   roof beam (or any horizontal house beam)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:198
breh   fishing rod   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:203
briah   Person's name (possibly female only)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:205
briat   Person's name (male or female)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:206
brit   five days/months/years (in future)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:204
broːj   sprinkle, drizzle (rain)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:207
bruac   quail   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:211
bruan   banana variety   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:212
bruan   four days/months/years (in future)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:213
bruk   ashes   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:208
bruon   tapeworm (intestinal worm)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:214
bruː   mountain   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:209
bruːl   pigeon   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:210
bruːl   pigeon   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3817
brɔh   young girl   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:200
brɛj   forest, savanna, land without crops, houses, or jungle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:201
brɛj   forest   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4659
brɛː   three days/months/years (in future)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:202
brɛː   three(days) in the future   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1579
brʌh   broadcast seeds   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4644
brʌŋ   fishing rod   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:215
brʌːh   broadcast, scatter seeds   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:216
brʌːŋ   in two days time   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4575
brʌːːŋ   two days/months/years (in future)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:217
buaj   accompany, escort   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2664
buaj   accompany, together, with   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:162
buar   lip   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:163
buar   lips   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4332
buat   cool, cold (water, air)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:164
buh   roast (in fire); roasted   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:158
buom   tuber, taro   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:165
buom   tuber   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3844
bus   boil (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:161
bus   boil   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4202
but   Person's name (possibly male only)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:156
buʔ   a pile, mound   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:157
buʔ   pile, mound   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3777
buːl   Person's name (male or female)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:159
buːl   drunk; queasy, nauseous   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:160
buːl   drunk   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3829
bɔh   salt   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:140
bɔh   salt   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2987
bɔŋ   fall over (to ground), crash   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:138
bɔŋ   fall over, crash(down)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3172
bɔŋ   sprig (leafy branch of a bush)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:137
bɔː   see, meet   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:139
bɔːn   place   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:141
bəʔ   carry on back   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~738
bəːr   two   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:166
bəːr   two   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~595
bɛɲ   quickly   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:142
bɛʔ   Miss, Ms.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1638
bɛʔ   respect title for middle-aged/young woman   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:144
bɛː   raft   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:143
bɛːp   similar to, like   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:145
bɨh   come   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:173
bɨh   come   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5120
bɨk   tie, attach   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:171
bɨʔ   soon, when (future); in a while (temporal adverb)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:172
bɨːm   beat, fight   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4506
bɨːm   do, make   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4497
bɨːm   punch, beat, fight   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:174
bɨːm   work, make, do   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:175
bʌːc ceh   already, finished   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4451
bʌːc   already (Perfective Aspect)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:167
bʌːn hmɔh   relatives, family   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3025
bʌːn   friend   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:169
bʌːn   other, reciprocal marker   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:168
bʌːn   others, each other   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4566
bʌːp   father   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:170
bʌːp   father   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4594
bʔeːw   strap (belt)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:176
cah   dig (with spade), scrape   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:227
caj   heart, soul, mind   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:218
cak   body   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:219
cak   body   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~999
cam   dried (fish)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:221
cam   guard, wait for   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1089
cam   wait for; guard, protect   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:220
cas   comb (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:232
caw   grandchild   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1446
caw   grandchildren   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:225
caŋ ʔlɔːŋ   strip bark from tree   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1230
caŋ   great-grandparents   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:222
caŋ   indeed, so, since, as if, perhaps   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:224
caŋ   peel off (bark), cut   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:223
caː   eat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:226
caː   eat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~15
caːk   Pandanus (Pananaceae) Pandanus Furcatus.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:229
caːk   Pandanus furcatus   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~310
caːk   from   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:228
caːn   dish (bowl, plate)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:230
caːr   cast out (net)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:231
cec   great great grandkin   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1961
cec   great-great-grandkin   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:242
ceem braːk   peacock   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~281
ceh   finished   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:246
ceh   finished   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1988
ceh   sneeze   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1991
cel   rapids, cascade, waterfall   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:243
cep   thrilled, happy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:249
cet   ten   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:244
ceʔ   after, in a while (temporal adverb)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:245
ceːm   bird   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:247
ceːn   cooked, ripe   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:248
ceːn   cooked, ripe   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1818
ceːr   employ (person), hire, rent   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:250
ceːr   hire, rent, employ   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1875
ceːt   love   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:251
ceːw   spicy sauce, dip (for dipping sticky rice into)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:252
ciam   feed (v.), nurture, raise (animals/children)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:256
cian   pick (teeth)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:257
cian   pick with sharp instrument   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2412
ciat   slice (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:259
ciat   slice, cut into portions   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2516
ciaŋ   carry (in hand), hold, take (in hand)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:258
cie   paper   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:260
cieŋ   hip, the side of the torso at the waist   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:261
ciŋ   obliged, must   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:253
ciʔ   return, go back   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5105
ciʔ   return   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:254
ciːn   nine   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:255
ciːn   nine   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2221
claː   thorn   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:287
claːp   arrow, arrow feathers   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:288
clieŋ   peer at, examine, stare   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:289
cmat   serious, try hard to   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:290
cmʌw   vine, creeper   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:291
cmʌw   vine, creeper   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5320
cnah   jealous   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:292
cnoːr   blowpipe; bamboo straw for drinking wine   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:293
coh   burn (, set alight   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:267
cok   hoe (large)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:262
con   until, to the point of (result)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:263
cop   immerse, submerge in water   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:265
cos   douse fire (extinguish with water)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:269
cot   jot down   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:266
coŋ huaj   spoon   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4280
coŋ   steam (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:264
coːm   ask where someone is, worry, miss   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:268
cram   dry   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:296
cram   dry   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1096
craŋ   taxon for tree varieties (Gramineae)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:297
craːn   taxon for tree species (Anacardiaceae)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:298
creɲ   curly, wavy (hair)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:301
crok   body louse, bedbug   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3585
croːj   sprinkle (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:302
cruaɲ   short hair, fur   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:305
cruaɲ   short hair, fur   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4327
cruh   dive (person); cascade, pour down (a verticle drop waterfall)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:303
cruh   dive, pour, jump down   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3989
cruom   mount ( (animals copulating)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:306
cruop   wear clothes, cover up (with a hat, large jumper, sarong, blanket etc.); wear a ring   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:307
cruːt   push (away)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:304
crɔŋ   spear (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:300
crɔʔ   early morning   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:299
crɔʔ   morning   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2951
crəm   wish for, grant; ask for something   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:308
crɨh   douse, extinguish a fire with water   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:310
crɨh   plow (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:309
cuat   pierce   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4397
cuaɲ   spider   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:275
cuh   enough   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3985
cuh   full,   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:272
cuok   thresh; pound up (with small pestle)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:276
cur   pig   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:270
cuːc   great-great-great-grandkin   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:271
cuːm   cover, spread   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3349
cuːm   spread, cover   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:273
cuːt   rub, polish   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:274
cŋaːj   chilli   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:294
cŋuːr   bored   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:295
cɔh   chisel out, pierce, puncture   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:236
cɔh   pierce, puncture   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3005
cɔk   take, get; marry (take partner)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:233
cɔk   take, get   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3078
cɔŋ   eat (rice/meal)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:234
cɔŋ   eat(rice)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3178
cɔː blʌŋ   fox   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3176
cɔː   dog   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:235
cɔː   dog   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2590
cɔːk   glass; classifier for measuring liquids   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:237
cəhɔŋ   carry in one hand; one handful (measurement)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:285
cəhɨːm   breathe; heart, mind   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:286
cəhɨːm   heart, mind   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4515
cəŋaːj   pepper   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~216
cɛh   insert; put on (sarong)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:240
cɛh   put in   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1708
cɛh   rice (unhusked)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:241
cɛh   unhusked rice   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1715
cɛj   louse (head)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:238
cɛj   louse   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~871
cɛt   stab, insert, pick (teeth)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:239
cɛt   stab, poke   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1778
cɨh   abandon, throw away, discard   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:281
cɨh   rinse hair, wet hair   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:282
cɨŋ   so that, in order to, therefore, and then   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:279
cɨː   remember   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:280
cɨːr   further (distance), more than (comparative)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:284
cɨːr   further, furthermost, more than   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5019
cɨːr   work (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:283
cʌŋ   straight-edged   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:277
cʌŋ   straight   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4711
cʌːp   they (3p.plural)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:278
cʌːp   they   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4599
daj   final expressive meaning   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:312
daj   which? (interrogative)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:311
dam   mock, imitate   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:313
dap   cork, stopper   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1315
dap   cover (face/doorway)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:317
daŋ   hunt for, look for   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:314
daŋ   stool, wooden chair   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:316
daŋ   tighten (string/wire), make straight   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:315
daŋ   tighten,(make) straight   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1244
daː   duck   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:318
daː   duck   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2
daːk haːj   saliva   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~238
daːk   water   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:319
deːr   Personal name (male or female)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:333
dial   flick (tail/tongue)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:336
dian   candle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:337
dian   candle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2416
diŋ   lemur, loris   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:334
diːŋ   bamboo tube   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:335
diːŋ   bamboo tube   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2245
doːc   tip, point, top (of tree); pointy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:338
doːc   tip, point, top(of tree)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3249
doːl   Person's name (male or female)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:339
draː ~ graː   two days/months/years (in past)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:357
draː ~ graː   two(days) ago   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~104
draːj hnaː   barrel of crossbow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~236
draːp   River name and village name   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:358
driaŋ   stagger   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:361
drit ~ grit   five days/months/years (in past)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:360
droːm   Lao (people)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:362
druan ~ gruan   four days/months/years (in past)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:363
drɛː ~ grɛː   three days/months/years (in past)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:359
drɛː ~ grɛː   three(days) in the past   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1585
drʌːŋ   two days ago   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4578
duaj   front basket (small, tied around waist)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:344
dual   pubic bone   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:345
duk   living (person), alive   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:340
duok   boat, canoe   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:346
duok   boat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3781
duŋ   eel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:341
duŋ   eel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4161
duːm   red, ripe   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:342
duːɲ   long (time)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:343
duːɲ   long time   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4144
dɔh   break off by bending, pinch off   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:321
dɔh   crack knuckles, pop bones out of socket by pulling   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:322
dɔh   pluck, pinch off   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3017
dɔː   armpit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2601
dɔː   underarm, armpit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:320
dɔːk   hide (tr.), conceal   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:323
dɔːk   hide, conceal   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2727
dɔːk   of course not; emphatic negative   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:324
dɔːn   island   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:326
dɔːŋ   python   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:325
dəh   last (night/time), just now   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:349
dək   go, walk   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3088
dək   walk, go   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:347
dəl   thresh rice with feet   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:348
dəːr   mud   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:350
dɛc   mosquito   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:327
dɛc   mosquito   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1963
dɛh   final emphatic request particle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:331
dɛh   split, part (v.); lightning bolt (lit. 'sky split')   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:332
dɛj   living, fresh, alive   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:328
dɛʔ   final interrogative particle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:330
dɛː   too, also (final emphatic agreement particle)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:329
dɨk   rise, arise, jump up   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:352
dɨk   rise, jump up   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5150
dɨŋ   obstruct, block (a road)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:353
dɨəl   Person's name (possibly female only)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:356
dɨəː   herbs   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:355
dɨʔ   much, many   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:354
dʌʔ   put, placekeep   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4635
dʌːʔ   put, place, keep   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:351
gah   make a vow/offering to a spirit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:364
giaw   chew   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:368
gloŋ   cross-eyed, deformed eye   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:373
gluh   force or beat one's way through the jungle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:374
glɨŋ   edge of road   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:375
goŋ   bracelet, necklace   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:369
goʔ   hunchbacked, bent over (person)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:370
goːk   a large cattle variety (male or female)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:371
goːk   female(animal)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3305
graŋ   sap, lacquer, oil from particular tree species.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:376
graŋ   stick lac, tree sap   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1253
grəp   a back basket   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4744
grəːp   basket variety   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:377
gɔk   pump (water)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:365
gɔːk   basket variety   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:367
gɔːk   basket   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2732
gɔːŋ   gong   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:366
gɔːŋ   gong   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2841
gən   transport (v.), carry   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:372
haj   harvest (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:378
han   he, she, it   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:379
hap   shirt   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:380
hap   shirt   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1319
haw   climb, rise   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:381
haw   climb   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~688
haː hɨəp   yawn   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~569
haː   open mouth (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:382
haː   open mouth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~61
haːn   goose   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:383
hbaj htaːk kɲɛː   small bean variety   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1561
hbaj htaːk   bean, pea   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~219
hbaj   bean classifier (peanut, longbean, soyabean)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:430
hbaːj   cloth, material, cotton   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:432
hbaːj   cloth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~941
hbaːj   well, healthy, easy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:431
hbaːŋ   footstep   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:433
hbiːw   tamarind   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:435
hbiːw   tamarind   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2194
hboːk   buttock   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3310
hboːk   buttocks   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:436
hbroːŋ   papaya tree variety   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:442
hbuac   taxon for Theaceae tree variety Schima wallichii.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:437
hbuot   compress, squeeze   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:438
hbɔh   bubble (n.); blow bubbles (fish); pop (fire)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:434
hbɔh   bubble; simmer, boil   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3552
hbəl   tripod (metal)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:439
hbəl   tripod(metal) for cooking   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5199
hbɨəʔ   lean on someone; trip and fall   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:441
hbɨʔ   afternoon, evening   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:440
hbɨʔ   evening   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5132
hciːt   cluster of round fruit (classifier) (used for coconuts, eggfruit only)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:443
hdaj   borrow (˅ return)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:444
hdan   tender, soft   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:445
hdaː   span of thumb tip to middle finger tip   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:446
hdaː   span of thumb to tips of middle or little finger   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~26
hdaːt   very short height   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:447
hdeːŋ   star   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:449
hdeːŋ   star   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1841
hdiac   spurt (v.), squirt   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:450
hdiah   noisy, raucous, irritating (the ear)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:451
hdieŋ   rainbow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:452
hdieŋ   rainbow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2075
hdɛː   Graminea oxytenanthera parvifolia   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1502
hdɛː   rattan (Gramineae)Oxyternanthera parvifolia.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:448
hdʌw   flee from, run away, leave   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:453
hdʌw   run   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4783
heːl   smooth, polished (surface)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:390
heːɲ   pour away, spill   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:389
heːɲ   pour, spill   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1843
hgal   understand, know   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:454
hgal   understand   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1058
hgoːk   small long-scaled fish variety.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:455
hguar   drum   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5288
hiat   hate, detest   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:421
hiaw   left (side/direction)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:422
hiaŋ   yellow wasp   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:392
hien   study   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:393
hiet   fry (v.), cook in a pan   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:423
hiːp   chest, large box, coffin   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:391
hiːr   talkative   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:420
hiːɲ   disgusted, feel repulsed; filthy, disgusting   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:419
hjaːw   backpack, knapsack   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:457
hjaːw   chase   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~723
hjaːw   run   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:456
hjuor   leave behind, lose (drop possession)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:458
hkaj   taxon for a fruit tree (Mimosoideae) Entada tonkinensis Gagn.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:461
hkaw   bear   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:462
hkaw   bear   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1453
hkiat   itch, scabies   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2521
hkiat   scabies; itch   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:464
hkoːj   mousedeer (Tragulus pygmacus)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:465
hkoːj   mousedeer   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3291
hkoːl   knee   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:466
hkoːl   knee   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3326
hkrik   inhale, snore   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:469
hkuaj   chameleon   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4270
hkuan   youth, children (address term to young strangers if you are older than their parents)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:467
hkuat   back (person)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:468
hkuat   back(person)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3948
hkuat   monitor lizard   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2938
hkɔŋ   carry load (hanging)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:463
hlah   clear (sound, voice)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:474
hlaj   trap (v.) (on land only)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:470
hlak   Alak (people, language)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:471
hlaː   ask, question, demand   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:472
hlaː   however, but (conjunction)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:473
hlaːj   overflow, fall over the side (liquid or solid matter)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:475
hlaːp   dye (hair) (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:476
hlaːp   scales (of fish, anteater etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:477
hlaːp   to dye(hair)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~579
hlaːŋ   water pipe   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~502
hleh   fall involuntarily, slip (one's legs from under oneself), collapse (due to weak knees)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:480
hleːɲ   straw   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:481
hliaŋ   slippery, slide   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:484
hliaŋ   slippery, slide   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2439
hliew   wild fruit tree with edible fruit (Phyllanthus emblica Linn.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:486
hlieŋ   cease, stop   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:485
hliː   corn (Gramineae) Zea mays L.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:482
hliːɲ   ticklish   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:483
hliːɲ   ticklish   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4980
hluoŋ   ear wax   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:489
hluoŋ   earwax   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3875
hluoʔ   ragged, torn   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:488
hluːc   flood (n., v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:487
hlɔŋ   neck   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:478
hlɔːŋ   bridge   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:479
hlɔːŋ   bridge   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2836
hləp   dark, cloudy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:490
hlɨk   muddy (water)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:491
hlɨk   muddy, murky   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5140
hmaʔ   ride (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:493
hmaː   right (side/direction)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:492
hmaː   right side   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~30
hmeh   move (figet, breasts shaking, etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:496
hmeh   move(figet, shake etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2001
hmeːt   yellow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:497
hmeːt   yellow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1920
hmoʔ   fear, afraid   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:498
hmoːc   ant(small)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3266
hmoːc   ant   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:499
hmun   combine; jumble; mix together (ingredients)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:500
hmuːɲ   suffering (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:501
hmɔh   name, call by name   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3008
hmɔh   relatives, family; related to   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:494
hmɔːk   bark (of tree), shell (egg), rind/peel (fruit)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:495
hmɔːk   tree bark   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2742
hməl   cloud   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:502
hmɨə   bat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4847
hmɨəː   bat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:503
hnas   comb (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:510
hnas   comb   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~626
hnat   pineapple (Bromeliaceae) Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:506
hnaŋ   persimmon fruit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:505
hnaː krah   a squirrel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~96
hnaː paʔ   large flying lemur/squirrel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~789
hnaː ʔaːk   arms of crossbow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~273
hnaː   bow (n.), crossbow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:507
hnaː   crossbow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~143
hnaː   rhinoceros   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:504
hnaːj   trousers; to wear trousers   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:508
hnaːj   trousers   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~222
hnaːt   gun, rifle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:511
hnaːt   gun   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~654
hnaːŋ   fruit tree taxon   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:509
hnaːɲ   thread   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~467
hnie   kind, type, sort   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:513
hnie   way, kind   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2025
hnoŋ   sticky, glutinous (rice)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:514
hnoːc   needle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:515
hnuaj   dibble stick   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:516
hnuon   getting better, recovering health   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:517
hnuor   banana stalk (classifier)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:518
hnɔh   creek, stream   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:512
hnɔh   creek, stream   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3009
hnəm   hammer (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:519
hnəːm   house   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:520
hnəːm   house   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~431
hnɨm   forge (n.); metal tripod for cooking   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:521
hoːl   point; index finger   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:424
hoːm   bathe (intr.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:394
hoːm   smell (nice) (v.intr.); perfume   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:425
hoːn   Personal name (possibly male only)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:395
hoːŋ   pelvis (bone)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:397
hoːɲ   corner (inside)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:396
hpaʔ   blanket, covering   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:525
hpaʔ   blanket   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~752
hpaːk   kind of tree (Lagerstroemia sp. (Lythraceae))   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:526
hpaːŋ   palm of hand, sole (underside of foot)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:527
hpaːŋ   palm, sole   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~546
hpeːt   kind of tree with pine-cone like seedpods   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:529
hpiːt   ear   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:530
hpoŋ   cucumber, watermelon   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3890
hpoŋ   cucumber   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:531
hpuac   finger   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:532
hpuac   finger   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4258
hpɔːŋ   fence   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:528
hpɔːŋ   fence   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2874
htaː   wash (hands, dishes); develop film   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:533
htaːk   bean, pea   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:534
htaːk   bean   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~335
htiːt   similar   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:536
htok   brain   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:537
htoːɲ   fern, bracken (Blechnaceae sp. Woodwardia cochinchinensis Ching.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:538
htoːɲ   fern   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3397
htuc   rub(hands) whilst washing   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3706
htuːc   wash hands   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:539
htɔʔ   lazy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:535
htɔʔ   lazy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2949
htəp   bury in grave; burial   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:540
htɨŋ   downpour, continuous or heavy rain   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:542
htɨəl   classifier for tribe, community, variety   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:544
htɨəŋ   thin   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:545
htɨəŋ   thin   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5006
htɨːp   reach in ˅ take something out, dig out   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:543
htʌw ksɔk   tomb   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4768
htʌw   hole (ground)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:541
hu nɛː   now   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:404
huac, kəhuac   whistle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4248
huac   whistle (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:410
huaj   spoon   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:411
huan   spring (water), well   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:412
huan   sprout (v.), grow (plants, teeth)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:413
huan   sprout, grow(seedling, teeth)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2790
huat   hoarse, whisper   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:426
huat   remove, take out   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:414
huat   remove, take out   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4399
huok   lie   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3789
huok   tell lies, deceive   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:415
huor   spear (v.), throw a spear   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:416
huʔ   immediately, when (just now), whilst   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:405
huː   when (conj.), whenever   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:403
huː   when   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3639
huːc   flesh (of coconut)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:406
huːp   picture   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:407
huːr   cold (sick), influenza   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:408
huːt   rice steaming basket   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:409
hwaj   cicada   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~885
hwak   change; turn (direction), exchange (money, goods); send (by mail)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:546
hwak   exchange   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1038
hwal   small back basket for carrying wood   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:548
hwal   turn, revolve (tr.); dizzy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:547
hwaː   oar, paddle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~46
hwaː   row a boat (loose oar)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:549
hwaːj   mango (Houei Kong Loven)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:550
hwaːj   mango   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~266
hwaːr   entwine, climb up (vine); crawl (snake)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:551
hweːr   wander   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:552
hwial   turn, bend   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:556
hwial   turn, bend   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2372
hwiaŋ   side   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:557
hwit   crazy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:553
hwit   crazy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2311
hwiː   Chinese cabbage (Cruciferae) Brassica chinensis L. var. pekinensis Benth.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:555
hwiːl   confused   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:554
hwər   throw, toss, discard   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:558
hŋaːj   far, distant   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:522
hŋaːj   far   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~227
hŋɔː   pine tree taxon (Podocarpaceae)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:523
hŋɨəl   forehead   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:524
hŋɨəl   forehead   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4947
hɔʔ   in, at, inside   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3527
hɔʔ   in, at   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:385
hɔːk   wear (shirt)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:386
hɔːm   more than (comparative), surpass; soon   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:387
hɔːŋ   room   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:388
həŋ   all, only, truely   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:398
hɛː ~ hɛʔ   Focus Particle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:384
hɟuaʔ   wet   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:459
hɟuaʔ   wet   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3700
hɟʌːc   light weight   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:460
hɟʌːc   light(weight)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3254
hɨəp   yawn (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:402
hɨːt   to smell something   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5063
hɨːt   smell something   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:401
hʌːj   to, at, toward, where   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:399
hʌːj   to, toward, at   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4460
hʌːɲ   Nyaheun (people)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:400
hʔaŋ   hard, sturdy, strong   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:417
hʔaːl   laugh, smile   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:418
hʔaːl   laugh, smile   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~358
hʔuːj   steam (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:427
hʔəːr   egg white   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:428
hʔɨːt   shade   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:429
jam   vacant, empty (house)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:559
jaːj   elder sibling   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:560
jaːj   older sibling   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~243
jaːŋ   resin; plastic (like fishing line); tar (road)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:561
jeːl   ages, long time   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:564
jeːŋ   gold   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:565
jeːŋ   gold   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1848
joːl   rich, wealthy, fortunate   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:566
juat   wall (of house)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:568
juːt   dark grey, dark blue (colour)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:567
jɔh   sarong classifier; some speakers also use it as a shirt classifier   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:563
jɔk   hiccup   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:562
jəw   wake, startle   (Laven)   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4819
jəːn   Person's name (possibly male only)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:569
jɨh   pour down forcefully, heavy (rain)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:570
jɨk   raise, lift up   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4930
jɨːk   lift (up/out), raise (glasses in a toast)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:571
kam laŋ   beginning, starting to; Inchoative Auxiliary   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:608
kap   and, with   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:610
kap   bite   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:609
kap   bite   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1324
katɯəŋ   bone   (Lavi)   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4987
kaː blaːk   a tiny fish   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~276
kaː   fish (n.) (generic), classifier for fish.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:611
kaːn   work (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:612
kbah   crunch (sugarcane etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:663
kban   massage, knead   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:660
kbaw   crocodile   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:661
kbaŋ   bamboo shoot; taxon for large bamboo   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:659
kbaŋ   bamboo shoot   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1298
kbaʔ   large wide metal bowl   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:662
kbeːt   squeeze with fingers, break up (rice) by squeezing   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:666
kbeːt   take with pinched fingers   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1880
kbiak   carry (child) in arms on hip   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:667
kbiak   carry(child) on hip, in arms   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2375
kboŋ   beetle (scarab-like)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:668
kboːc   hairbun; tie hair in a bun; tops of pineapples   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:669
kboːt   curled up in ball, bent over (forwards) when asleep   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:670
kbreh   blink   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:675
kbreh   blink   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1998
kbuat   fist   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:672
kbuat   fist   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4404
kbuoʔ   bend down   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3696
kbuoʔ   bent over, folded, sleep on stomach   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:673
kbuːj   mole (animal)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:671
kbɔh   bubble (v.), boil   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:664
kbɔːŋ   wooden torch   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:665
kbəl   thick   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4704
kbə…   thick, dense   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:674
kbʌw   crocodile   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5307
kceh   ready, fully ripened   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:678
kceh   sneeze   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:679
kceːt   kill   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:680
kciat   scrape; brush teeth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:681
kcieh   rhinoceros beetle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:682
kcieŋ   lopsided, lean to one side; squint (one eye)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:683
kcoh   spit (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:685
kcoh   spit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3554
kcoː   crush, rub in hand   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:684
kcəŋ   truthful, really, truely   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:686
kcɛʔ   green   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:676
kcɛʔ   green   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1643
kcɛʔ   innards, guts   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:677
kcɛʔ   node of bamboo   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1640
kcɛːt   kill   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1883
kcɨəːj   finch, small nervous bird variety   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:687
kdah   frying pan, shallow cooking pot   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~835
kdaː   guava (Myrtaceae) Psidium quajava L.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:688
kdaːk   heat up food   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:689
kdaːk   heat up food   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~312
kdaːr hdʌːl   heel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4487
kdaːr   heel (foot)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:691
kdaːŋ   sarong   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:690
kdaːŋ   tube skirt   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~513
kdec   to pinch, pinch off   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1969
kdeːt   squeeze, pinch together; to speak abruptly/strictly   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:695
kdeːt   squeeze   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1900
kdiam   spring-onion, shallot, garlic   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:697
kdiam   spring-onions, shallots   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2390
kdiat   pinch, pinched   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2526
kdiat   pinch, squeeze; squash; be pinched, be squashed   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:698
kdiat   wall panel, roof baton (bamboo, bark or thatch)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:699
kdik   jug (for liquid)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:696
kdoŋ   hare, rabbit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:700
kdoŋ   rabbit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3191
kdoː   large waterfall   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:701
kdoːm   carry in the scoop of two hands, two handsful (measurement)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:702
kdoːp   hornet   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:703
kdroːl   corral   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:712
kduop   grow over, cover   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:706
kdut   chubby; common personal name or nick name (male or female)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:704
kduʔ   stamp feet (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:705
kdɔh   variety of rice (possibly broken rice)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:692
kdəh   cook (v.), reheat (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:708
kdəp   lid, cover (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:707
kdəp   lid   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4741
kdɛj   middle; midland (dwellers)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:693
kdɛj   middle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4671
kdɛːŋ   langur (monkey)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:694
kdɨŋ   shade (v.) (with an umbrella)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:709
kdɨəŋ   cross over (water); cross (a fallen log)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:711
kdɨəːm   back (body), lower back; top of mountain   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:710
kec   little, a little bit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:618
kec   little   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1972
keŋ   very well, strong   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:619
khac   Person's name (male or female)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:889
khaj   moon, month   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~890
khaj   moon   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:890
khan   if   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:891
khaː   value, cost, price   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:892
khaːk   money, price   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:893
khaːn   classifier for pens, pencils   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:894
khaːŋ   frame for supporting choko vines   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:895
khien   write   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:899
khuk   emprison, prison, jail   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:900
khut   Person's name (male or female); possibly kind of animal   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:901
khuʔ   bucket   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:903
khuː   classifier for a pair   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:902
khɔm   ancestors, ancient name for Mon-Khmer/Khmer civilisation   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:896
khɔːŋ   possessive particle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:898
khɔːŋ   thing   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:897
khəːj   ever, accustomed to   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:904
khɨt   think, consider   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:905
khɨəŋ   goods, clothes etc. sold in market   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:908
khɨː   such as, that is   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:906
khɨːp   thumb length (measurement)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:907
kiak   he, she, it   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:631
kian   cart   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:634
kiaŋ   elbow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:632
kiaŋ   elbow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2456
kiaŋ   orange, citrus   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:633
kic   few, little   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:626
kip   Kip   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:628
kiŋ   classifier for counting single items of a natural pair   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:627
kiːn   Person's name (possibly female only)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:629
kiːr   gnaw (seed, hard object)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:630
kjaʔ   ugly   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:717
kjoŋ   lift/carry in arms against chest   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:721
kjoːk   loincloth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:722
kjɔh   knock, bash (with object), tap (table with fingers)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:718
kjɔːt   wrist   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:720
kjɔːŋ   shellfish, snail, shell   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:719
kjɔːŋ   snail   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2849
kjɨəl   wind (n.); weather   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:723
kjɨəl   wind, weather   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4934
klah   spread out fingers   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:740
klaj   penis   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:736
klam   hundred   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:738
klam   hundred   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1122
klaː   own   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:739
klaː   to own   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~76
klaːk   stomach, intestines   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:741
klaːw   testicles (human or animal)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:744
klaːw   testicles   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~697
klaːŋ   eagle, hawk, kite   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~522
klaːŋ   eagle, hawk; generic for any large bird of prey (including fish-eating birds)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:743
klaːɲ   braid, plait (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:742
kleh   fall   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:755
kleh   fall   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2049
kleːɲ   male animal (bird)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:756
kleːɲ   male(fowl)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1867
kleːɲ   swamp, large lake   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:757
kleːɲ   swamp, pond   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1864
kliaŋ   shout, scream with joy; oink (pig), neigh (horse)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:759
kloːj   egg yolk   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:762
kloːm   blow (person, wind etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:764
kluaj   summit (of mountain)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:768
kluas   birthmark, mole (facial), freckle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:767
kluoʔ   anus; rear end (any object)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:769
kluːn   pen, fenced yard for keeping cattle or horses   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:766
klɔh   call someone   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:750
klɔk   dig with hoe   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:746
klɔk   hoe, dig with hoe   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3120
klɔk   navel, umbilical cord   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:745
klɔk   navel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3116
klɔʔ   come out(baby, teeth, sun)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2957
klɔʔ   give birth, excrete, come out; tooth loss; dawn, sunrise   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:749
klɔː   husband   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2606
klɔː   man, husband, male   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:747
kləh   flow from, flowing (water)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:771
kləːh   flow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3725
klɛː   egg, set (eggs)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:752
klɛː   egg   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1543
klɨə   tiger   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4826
klɨəː   tiger   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:776
klʌːm   liver, brave   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:773
klʌːm   liver   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4525
kmaːj   widow, widower   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:777
kmaːj   widow, widower   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~245
kmaːk   chin, jaw   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:778
kmaːk   chin/jaw   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~325
kmaːl   ashamed, embarrassed, shy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~371
kmaːl   shy, embarrassed   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:779
kmaːn   large flat wooden tray for serving food   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:780
kmaːr   taboo ritual; forbid (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:781
kmaːŋ   wooden food tray   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~543
kmoʔ   scaly dry skin   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3540
kmoːk   shell (coconut); skull   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:785
kmuok   fog, mist, frost, snow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:786
kmuok   mist, fog   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3806
kmɔː   year   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:782
kmɔː   year   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2621
kmɔːŋ   door   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:783
kmɔːŋ   door   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2865
kmɛɲ   firewood   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:784
knah hnaː   crossbow wire   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~836
knam   wood surrounding the hearth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:787
knaːn   miserly, person who doesn't share   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:788
knias   nail (finger), claw   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:791
knias   nail   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2329
kniaŋ   boar tusk   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2435
kniaŋ   tusks (of boar)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:790
knok   hug   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:792
knoːm   urinate   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:793
knoːm   urinate   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3372
knuat   knot (n.); tie a knot   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:796
knuj   bed   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:794
knuo hnəːm   family   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3650
knuo   family   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:795
knɛː   rat, mouse   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1554
knɛː   rat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:789
knɨk   mind, soul   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:797
knɨŋ   cage for chickens   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5255
knɨŋ   chicken coop, cage   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:798
knɨəm   molar   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4954
knɨəːm   molar (tooth)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:799
koh   chop finely, mince; hack (forest)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:637
koh   floor (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:638
koʔ   thorny bamboo variety   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:639
kpaw   medium sized sack (of rice, coffee etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:806
kpaːŋ   group of people classifier; pronoun pluraliser   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:807
kpaːŋ   group of people(classifier), pronoun pluraliser   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~531
kphɛː   coffee   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:815
kpiet   tick (insect)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:808
kpos   stroke, smooth (one's hair)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:811
kpoŋ   fermented food (in a sealed container)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:809
kpoːr   limestone   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:810
kpoːr   limestone   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3435
kpum   cluster   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4116
kpuːm   cluster (coconuts, children, etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:812
kpəh   half (round obj.); retarded, slow brained (slang)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:813
kpʌw   buffalo   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:814
kpʌw   buffalo   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5309
kraw   Taxon for tree variety. Elgelhartia sp. (Juglandaceae).   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:818
kraw   vegetable poison   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1469
kraŋ   prohibited, forbidden; prohibition, abstinence (as ordered by witchdoctor or monk)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:816
kraŋ   stomach lining   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:817
kraʔ   old(person)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~764
kraʔ   old   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:819
krec   cut with scissors   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:825
krec   cut with scissors   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1977
krel   cantaloup (melon)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:826
kriaw   tiny white fish variety ground when dried for eating.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:829
kriaŋ   black plum tree (Myrtaceae)Eugenia jambolana.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:828
kriaŋ   black plumb(Eugenia jambolana)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2467
krieŋ   tribe, race, ethnic community; tribal leader, wiseman, witchdoctor   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:830
kriːɲ   surround, border something (with a hedge)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:827
kroːm   under, below, low; downstream   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:831
kroːt   restless, agitated, persistant   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:832
kruac   kind of tall grass   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:835
kruas   pebble   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4360
kruas   pebbles; facial freckles   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:836
kruat   bee(nests in tree hollow)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2931
kruat   kind of small wild bee   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:837
kruh   carapace, turtle shell   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:834
kruh   carapace   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4006
kruop   cover something; put the lid on   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:838
kruːc   lime (fruit)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:833
krɔh   tall tree taxon (Anacardiaceae) with little yellow fruit used for fish poison or soap.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:824
krɔk   cow, ox   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:821
krɔk   cow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3124
krɔŋ   back of knife blade   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:822
krɔŋ   back(of knife blade)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3220
krɔː   three stringed violin   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2631
krɔː   three-stringed bamboo violin, fiddle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:823
krəm   sky   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:839
krəm   sky   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5206
krɛː dɛh   thunderbolt   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1563
krɛː dɛh   thunderbolt   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1729
krɨk   chest (body)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:843
krɨk   chest   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5170
krɨət   scratch (v.), claw (v.); scrape out (a bowl)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:845
krɨəːm   carry something with two hands   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:844
krʌːs   taxon for a plant used for producing dye (Liliaceae) Smilax china Linn.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:842
krʌːːŋ   polished rice   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:841
ksar   tremble, shake (from fear)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:846
ksaw   shake a tree branch (so fruit falls down)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:847
ksaːm   large serving platter   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:848
kseːt   territory, field   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:854
ksiaw   mole (facial)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:856
ksie   Taxon for Fagaceae tree varieties. 1. Castanopsis sp.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:857
ksiː   corrugated iron (for roofing)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:855
ksoh   lung   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3574
ksoh   lungs   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:859
ksoʔ   prahok, rotten fish sauce   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:858
ksoːm   nest   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:860
ksoːm   nest   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3384
ksoːr   grind, grate, pulvarise   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:861
ksoːt   close one's eyes   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:862
ksuh   pole with small blade for cutting down fruit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:863
ksɔh   remove, pull down someone's sarong/pants   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:850
ksɔk   corpse, ghost   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:849
ksɔk   corpse, ghost   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3132
ksɔːp   wrap up, wrapped; classifier for large bags of rice/coffee etc.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:852
ksɔːp   wrap up   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2898
ksɔːŋ   small box, package   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:851
ksɛː   string, rope, cord, wire   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:853
ksɛː   string, rope, cord   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1573
ksɨːr   rake (n./v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:864
ksɨːr   rake up   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5021
ktaj sut   barb of bee, beesting   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~898
ktaŋ   Katang (people/language)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:865
ktaː   small woven basket (deep with handle)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:866
ktaːj   pubic hair   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:867
ktaːw   sugarcane (Gramineae) Saccarum officinarium L.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:868
ktaːw   sugarcane   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~681
kthun   shanghai, slingshot   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:884
ktiak   wear behind the ear   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:875
ktiar   termite   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2504
ktiaw   loincloth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:876
ktiaŋ   type of freshwater catfish   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2470
ktip   basket, small container for sticky rice   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:874
ktiŋ   button (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:873
ktos   stumble but not fall   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:877
ktuac   Yeti, hairy human-like animal (male/female varieties) that lives in forest and eats the intestines and liver of people.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:883
ktuk   brush, touch lightly when passing   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4065
ktɔːn   weight, sinker (for fishing)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:869
ktɔːŋ   mat (traditionally woven but now applies also to any sheet of material used for sitting on)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:870
ktəʔ   east (direction)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:878
ktəːm   crab   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:879
ktəːm   crab   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~399
ktɛh   flick away   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:871
ktɛːk   cockspur   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:872
ktɨəŋ   bone.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:882
ktɨəŋ   bone   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4989
ktɨəː   below, under; lowland plains   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:881
ktɨɲ   south (direction).   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:880
kuaj   carry on one shoulder   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2666
kuaj   carry on shoulder   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:651
kual   bark (dog)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:652
kual   to bark   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4296
kuan   child, offspring (animal or person)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:654
kuan   child, offspring   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2794
kuaŋ   large deer (like in Europe)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:653
kuaɲ   gibbon   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:655
kuaɲ   gibbon   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4328
kuj   lie down   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:647
kuj   sleep   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4038
kum   support (a family)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:648
kuo   reside, at, located   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:656
kuo   reside, live at, be located   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3641
kuŋ   papaya   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:649
kuŋ   papaya   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4172
kuːr   boy/girlfriend   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3914
kuːr   lover, boyfriend, girlfriend   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:650
kwal   ball   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:885
kweɲ   snail shell   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:886
kwiat   winding (road)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:887
kwiet   scissors (wooden)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:888
kwiet   scissors   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2099
kɔh   chop, cut off   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3033
kɔh   cut (off)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:635
kɔr   egret (bird variety)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:636
kɔŋ   carry in the mouth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3214
kɔʔ   hang on hook; scorpion   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:613
kɔːk   cigarette (classifier), pipe   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:614
kɔːk   frozen, congeal, solidify   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:615
kɔːŋ   gong   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:616
kɔːŋ   gong   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2856
kɔːŋ   stalk (of vine etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:617
kəhaːk   spit out, vomit (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:713
kəhaːk   spit out, vomit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~307
kəhuac   whistle (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:715
kəhuaj   charcoal; fuel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:716
kəhuaj   charcoal   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4282
kəhɔʔ   direction 'north'   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:714
kəlaj   bullet   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:737
kəliaŋ   catfish (silurid) variety.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:761
kəliaŋ   joint (wrist, ankle etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:760
kəliːŋ   Person's name (possibly female only)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:758
kəloːk   shout from fear (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:763
kəloːt   peeling skin (large flakes)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:765
kəluok   gate (yard/stable)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:770
kəlɔː   high (cleared) ground   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:748
kəlɔːk   peeling skin (small flakes)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:751
kəlɔːk   peeling skin(small flakes)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4472
kəlɛh   morsel (meat)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:753
kəlɛh   morsel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1746
kəlɛːŋ   Person's name (possibly female only)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:754
kəlɨŋ ~ pəlɨŋ   west (direction)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:775
kəlʌw   above, upwards   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:772
kəlʌːːŋ   please   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:774
kəp   every, each   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:640
kəp   every   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5279
kər   dove   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4199
kəraːk   crow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:820
kərəh   coals, charcoal   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:840
kət   born, exist, become, have   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:643
kəːp   shoe   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:641
kəːr   dove (bird)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:642
kəːt   born, have, exist   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4613
kɛh   barking deer, serow (Capricornis sumatrensis)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:623
kɛh   serow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1744
kɛw   Vietnamese   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:625
kɛʔ kɛʔ   tiny   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1651
kɛʔ   sheep   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:621
kɛʔ   very small   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:622
kɛː   and you? (final reciprocal question marker)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:620
kɛːt   die, dead; fade (metaphorical)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:624
kɛːt   die   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1893
kɟat   block (a leaking vessel)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:724
kɟaʔ   ugly   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~758
kɟe   sing and dance   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:726
kɟeh   squirt (into eye), sting (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:727
kɟep   centipede   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:725
kɟep   centipede   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2004
kɟieʔ   bend, distort   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:731
kɟik   call the pigs   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:728
kɟiːp   tongs, pincers   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:729
kɟiːr   shine; be immersed in light   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:730
kɟok   squirrel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:733
kɟoŋ   carry water (two buckets and a shoulder pole)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:732
kɟoːp   hoof (horse)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:734
kɟoːp   hoof   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3428
kɟɨk   heavy, be weighed down   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:735
kɟɨk   heavy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5162
kɨŋ   branch (of tree)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:645
kɨəːp   similar, almost same   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:646
kɲe   small bean variety   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:800
kɲeːm   porcupine   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:801
kɲeːm   porcupine   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1811
kɲuom   astringent, spicy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:803
kɲuː   umbrella   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:802
kɲɨə   ginger   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4823
kɲɨəː   ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:805
kɲʌŋ   beautiful   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:804
kʌn   happy, pleased; trust, believe; think of (s.o.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:644
kʔɔk   cough   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:657
kʔɔk   cough   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3102
kʔɨəc   copulate (animals or people)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:658
lap   accept, receive   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:911
laŋ   house (classifier)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:910
laɲ   get bogged (in mud)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:909
laʔ   spit out   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:914
laʔ   spit out   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~777
laː   ask for   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~78
laː   leaf; classifier for sheets of paper   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:912
laː   leaf   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~51
laː   request, ask for something   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:913
laːc   taxon for: 1.Anacardiaceae tree   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:915
lbɨːt   bomb   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:934
leh   detach, untie(a knot)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1750
lial piat   lick, roll tongue   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2353
luan   mold (rice in hand)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:920
luat   forearm   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4407
luat   upper arm; humerus (bone)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:921
luoŋ   classifier for scoop nets   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:922
lus   bubble, simmer, boil (liquid)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:917
luːj   angry   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:916
luːk   sauce for dipping food; to dip food into sauce   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:918
luːɲ   dear, precious; youngest child/kin; common personal name (male or female)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:919
lɔh   polar question particle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3040
lən   stare (eyes)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:923
ləːj   often, keep on (doing) (durative/iterative Aspect); indeed, certainly   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:924
lɨp   Person's name (male or female)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:930
lɨŋ   behind, back (direction)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:929
lɨək   choose   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:933
lɨː   or (conjunction)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:931
lɨːn   swallow (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:932
lʌh   hand of bananas(classifier)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4642
lʌw   on top   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:925
lʌw   resound (gun); loud (sound)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:926
lʌːh   hand (banana classifier)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:927
lʌːɲ   say, tell, inform   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:928
mah   tree variety (sticky sweet bright orange fruit like pincushions)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:941
mam   brave; guts(anat.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1138
mam   guts; brave   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:935
mat   eye   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:938
mat   eye   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1417
maw   enough   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:939
maw   enough   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1472
maŋ rɔːŋ   ladder   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:936
maŋ rɔːŋ   ladder   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2829
maŋ   night   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:937
maː   future marker   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~84
maː   future, will   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:940
maːk   betel chew   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:942
maːt   fleshy, fluffy (rice)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:943
maːt   fleshy, fluffy rice   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~644
meʔ   final emphatic expressive   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:946
meːl   level, flat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1791
meːl   stretched out; long (neck); level, flat; area   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:947
meːw   cat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:948
meːw   cat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1939
miak   son-in-law, daughter-in-law   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:956
miak   son/daughter-in-law   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2350
mien   clean up, tidy (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:957
mieŋ   sour spicy fruit dish   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:958
mih   Name of river   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:953
mih   aunt, uncle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:951
mih   sky , heavens, atmosphere; large   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:952
mih   uncle, aunt   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2167
mit   few, small number of (people)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:949
miʔ   only, that's all (usually reduplicated)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:950
miːr   bow (hunting tool)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:954
miːw   Person's name (possibly female only)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:955
moŋ moːj   gnat, fruit fly   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3289
moŋ moːj   gnat, small insect   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:959
moːr   pass underneath   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3440
moːŋ   clock, watch   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:960
muan   nephew, niece   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:971
muan   nephew, niece   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2806
muar   body hair   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:972
muar   body hair   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2902
muh   nose   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:964
muk   kiss   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:961
muk   kiss   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4070
mum hbaj   beanshoots   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4118
mun   confused, mixed up, destroyed   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:962
muok   hat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:973
mus   slash and burn, clear forest for swidden   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:969
mus   slash undergrowth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4207
muŋ   mosquito net   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:963
muːj   one   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:965
muːj   one   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3755
muːm   sprouts   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:966
muːn   pimples   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:967
muːn   pimples   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4127
muːt   enter; sharp; into   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:970
muːt   enter   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4227
muːt   sharp   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4234
muːɲ   want to (do), like to   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:968
mɔh   name   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:944
mət   dip, plunge (into water)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:974
məʔ   mother   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:975
məːm plaːt   plate steel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:977
məːm   iron   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:976
məːm   iron   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~406
mɛj   allow, permit, transmit, pass on (message etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:945
mɨər   ricefield(dry)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5023
mɨəŋ   district, country, province   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:982
mɨːn   ten thousand   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:980
mɨːr   swidden, ricefield (dry)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:981
mʌːm   give a mouthful (food to baby)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:978
mʌːt   love, agree (together)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:979
mʌːt   love   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4623
nan   only, instead   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:983
naw   elder sibling-in-law   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:984
naw   next, further   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:985
naʔ   still (continuing); yet   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:987
naʔ   still   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~781
naː   page   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:986
naːw   lemon   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:989
naːŋ   Miss, Mrs.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:988
ne   this, these, here (in sight and yonder)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:993
neʔ   this, these, here (in sight and very close)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:994
niah   pulverise, grind into a powder   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:996
niam   good   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2394
niam   improve, well; get better (illness)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:997
niːɲ   swollen and red (eyes)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:995
nop   salute, bow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:998
noːŋ   loofah, a kind of squash (Luffa cylindrica, Roehm.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:999
noːŋ   loofah   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3420
ntok   brain   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3594
nuam   male shirt   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1000
nuar   before, first, earlier   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1001
nuar   before   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4348
nɛh   look at, watch, guard   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:991
nɛɲ   visit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:990
nɛɲ   visit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1195
nɛːŋ   cardamom (fruit is medicinal used for nausea because it is menthol smelling)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:992
nʌh   know how, understand   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3047
nʌːh   know, able   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1002
nʌːn   gourd   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1003
nʌːn   mound, knoll, bump in ground   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1004
pal   direction (i.e. to the left, towards the forest, on my mother's side of the family, etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1031
par   fly (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1032
pat   set (sun), wane (moon)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1033
pat   wring out, squeeze; finger print (in ink), extinguish (fire)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1034
pat   wring, squeeze out   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1429
paːl   shoulder   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1035
paːl   shoulder   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~378
pceh   complete (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1080
pciam   feed someone, feed someone a mouthful of food as a bonding ritual   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1081
pcruop   wear, dress up in (clothes)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1085
pcuaj   sow (seeds) (with dibble stick); feed birds   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1082
pcuaj   sow seed   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4272
pcuar   transplant rice seedlings   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1083
pcuar   transplant rice seedlings   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4353
pcuo   burial preparation ritual (offerings to the coffin/home before burial)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1084
pdal   bend, flex (joints)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1086
pdap   smother, extinguish a fire (with water or other means)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1087
pdiː   slow, late   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1088
pdiː   slow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2022
pdiːl   compare something   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1089
pdiːl   compare, contrast   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2066
pdos [tuih]   to blame   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3462
pdos   blame someone   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1092
pdoŋ   draw back (to fire a crossbow)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1090
pdoŋ   draw bow string   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3605
pdoː   request, ask a favour   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1091
pdrɔh   pole over fire for drying things   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1099
pdrɔh   poles over fireplace for drying   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3054
pdrɨəːm   side-by-side   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1116
pdrɨəːm   side-by-side   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1131
pduh   burning (wood)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1093
pduk   carry something   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4052
pduor   undo a rope   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1095
pduːk   carry a load, transport (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1094
pdəl   belly, stomach   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1096
pdəl   stomach   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5195
pdɨk   climb (; stay awake (ie. 'stay up')   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1132
pdɨk   climb, ascend   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5180
pdʌːc   story, tale, traditional epic dance or narrative   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1129
peh   weed (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1042
peːk   beat (with an object), strike with stick   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1043
peːt   tree taxon (Magnoniaceae) Michelia champaca L.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1045
peːw   roar (of deer, tiger, elephant)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1046
peːŋ   grill, roast, toast   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1044
phak   vegetable   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1208
phaːc   sand (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1209
phaːc   sand   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~178
phaːm   blood   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~417
phaːw   hurry, urgent   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1210
pheːŋ   expensive   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1219
phit   false, wrong, faulty   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1220
phoːm   fart   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1221
phoːm   fart   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3392
phoːr   sweat (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1222
phoːr   sweat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3444
phoːt   too much   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1223
phɔː baːn   chief of village   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1211
phɔːm   help, assist   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1212
phɔːm   help   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2775
phɔːn   dance   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1213
phəːm   blood.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1224
phɛʔ   full (sated)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1217
phɛʔ   full, sated   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1688
phɛː   break down (car, machine etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1215
phɛː   cloth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1216
phɛː   husked rice   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1601
phɛː   rice (husked)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1214
phɛːn   classifier for wall panels   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1218
phɨːn   story, rumour   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1225
piat, kpiet   tick   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2544
piat   tongue   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1049
piat   tongue   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2532
piaŋ   extent of, up to (measurement)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1048
pic   let go of hands, release hand holding   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1047
pie   paralysed, lame   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1050
pien   change, exchange   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1051
piet   knife (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1052
piet   knife   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2103
piːt səːp tial   ear lobe   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2366
pjaʔ   younger distant   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1130
pjaːl   fishing float   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1098
pjoːc   sparrow variety which builds a hanging fibrous nest (bird of Passer family)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1105
pjuol   pangolin   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1097
pjɔh tɛj   stretch out the hand   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3029
pjɔh   stretch out (legs, hand, fingers)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1102
pkuj   dream   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1114
pkuj   to dream   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4046
plah   break (v.intr.), pop or spite (of fire)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1111
plah   break(intr.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~841
plaj kruːc   lime(fruit)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3712
plaj pɔk   fig tree   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3141
plaj pɨəs   variety of citrus   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5055
plaj   classifier for fruit, ears of corn, pots, pans, baskets   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1101
plaw   find, discover; gather, pick up   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1113
plaː   blade (knife); classifier for knives and hooks (fishing instrument)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1107
plaː   blade(of knife)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~116
pleh   make fall, drop something   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1119
pliaʔ   civet variety (Customs palm civet)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1118
plie   leave, divorce   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1120
ploh   halfcaste   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1126
plot   flip over, fold over (v.intr.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1123
ploː   small edible eggplant variety   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1121
plun   tadpole   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4129
pluŋ   inflate, swell(after death)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4179
pluŋ   inflate, swell, gas (indigestion), blow the khene (pipe instrument)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1127
pluːn   tadpole   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1122
plɔː   fruit tree variety (Dillenia sp.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1115
plɔːŋ   rambeh fruit (Pierardia motleyana)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1117
pləʔ   young (person)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1133
plɨh   reversed, wrong way, inside out (shirt); turn over (cassette)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1138
plɨk   spread out, lay   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1136
plɨm   blunt (knife), stubby (esp. nose)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1137
plɨəŋ   variety of small edible eggplant   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1140
plʌːm   leech (land)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1135
plʌːm   leech(land)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4535
pnam   village   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1141
pnar   wing   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1142
pnar   wing   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1376
pnaʔ   stink, odor (bad)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1143
pnaːj   punish, ask compensation (when divorcing)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1144
pneh   swollen (stomach)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1146
pneːŋ   grilled bread   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1147
pniam   repair (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1148
pniam   repair, cure   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2408
pnos   broom   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1150
pnoŋ   casting net   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3229
pnoːr   broom   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1149
pnoːs   broom   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3469
pnuaj   waist, lower back   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1153
pnuoɲ   beak, bill (of bird)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1154
pnuoɲ   beak   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3861
pnus   human, person   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1152
pnus   human, person   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4211
pnuːk   a spread out pile   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1151
pnɛh   flesh (fruit), piece of meat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1145
pnɨəː   some, half   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1157
pnɨːm   labour, work in a field   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1156
pnʌŋ   large, woven back basket with 2 straps, used for carrying firewood   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1155
pos   sweep   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1055
poː   thumb-length (measurement)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1053
poːr   participate, join in an activity   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1054
poːs   sweep   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3463
prah   rib   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1166
praj   awaken; wake up someone   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1163
praj   poison (plant/snake)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1162
prak   silver, money   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1164
praŋ   dry (season)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1165
praŋ   dry(season)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1285
praːk   taxon for a giant leafy creeping plant (Araceae) Epipremmum giganteum Schott.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1167
preh   pluck, flick   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1171
prial   hail   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2360
prial   hailstone, hail   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1174
prias   plant taxa of unclear meaning used for a) small hot kind of ginger   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1175
prien   instruct, teach (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1176
prien   teach   (Laven)   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2420
prih   stir, mix   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1172
priːl   pumpkin (Houei Kong Loven)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1173
pros   release (animal), set free   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1180
proːm   Suay (people)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1178
proːm   reunite, join, encircle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1177
proːp   cry of barking deer   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1179
pruk   mix together, combine   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1181
pruk   mix together, combine   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3587
pruoŋ   cook (rice) in a bamboo tube   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1182
prɔk   pluck (hair)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1168
prɔːk   squirrel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1169
prɔːk   squirrel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2755
prək   seal (v.), tar (a road)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1183
prɛh   pick, dig out; chisel out   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1170
prɨət   banana   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1187
prɨət   banana   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5092
prɨəːm   twins   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1186
prɨːm   enjoy, joyful   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1185
prʌːh   reach; attain; fully   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1184
psaː   Laap   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1188
psaːt   usually   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1189
psaːw   son-in-law, daughter-in-law   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1190
psaːw   son/daughter-in-law   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~706
pseːt   mushroom   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1193
pseːt   mushroom   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1913
psien   clear away (dishes)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1194
psoːm   combine (ingredients which still remain intact)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1195
psrəp   decorate   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1196
psɔh   remove, change (clothes)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1191
psɔːŋ   curse, insult, scold   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2871
psɔːŋ   scold, curse, insult (v., n.); swear, take an oath (a water ritual like a christening)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1192
ptaːj   photograph (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1197
pthɛːt   country, nation   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1207
ptieh   lower, take down   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1199
ptoːc   finish (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1200
ptoːc   to complete, finish   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3241
ptuaj   place end-to-end   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1203
ptuar   star   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1202
ptuar   star   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2914
ptuol   hill, mound   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1204
ptuol   hill, mound   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3821
ptuːj   elder distant relatives/cousins   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1201
ptɛh   earth, ground   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1198
ptɛh   earth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1698
ptɨəː   lower (lip)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1206
ptʌːl   float (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1205
pual   single cigarette   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1062
puan   four   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1063
puas   calf, foreleg   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1064
puas   calf   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4374
puat   cut, slice with knife   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4416
puat   slice with knife, cut   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1065
puk   oil, fat, grease   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1061
puk   oil, fat, grease   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4076
pŋuat   hungry   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1161
pŋuət   hungry   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4420
pɔh   spear (v.), stab   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1037
pɔh   spear, stab   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3051
pɔk   fig variety (Moraceae) Ficus hispida.L. F. var. hispida.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1036
pəh   split, cleave, cut in half   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1058
pəhaw   raise; lift onto (v.ditr.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1104
pəhoːm   bathe (tr.) relatives/cousins   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1106
pək   Kind of bamboo sp. (Gramineae) Cephalostachyum virgatum Kurz.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1056
pəlaː nɛː   just now   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1110
pəlaː ʔɛː   then (coming)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1109
pəlaː   moment   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1108
pəlaːŋ   bird variety (small)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1112
pəliaw   bird variety (Bulbul)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1125
pəloːc   after, last (time/space)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1124
pəluo   betel leaf   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1128
pəluo   betel leaf   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3658
pəlɨəː   startle (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1139
pəlʌw   upper   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1134
pənuaj   waist   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2694
pət   fan (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1057
pəːj   be bruised, squashed   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1059
pəːm   cylindrical trap for fish & small animals   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~413
pəːm   fishtrap (long cylindrical bamboo creel)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1060
pɛh   gather, pick (with hands), pick off (dead leaves)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1041
pɛh   pick, pluck off(fruit)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1752
pɛɲ   shoot   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1038
pɛː   three   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1039
pɛː   three   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1591
pɛː   you (plural) (2pl.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1040
pɟʌŋ   set up, install, establish   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1100
pɟʌːc   clean (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1103
pɨh daːk   bank of river   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5128
pɨh   riverbank   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1072
pɨŋ   tooth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1071
pɨŋ   tooth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5264
pɨəs   kind of citrus fruit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1077
pɨəŋ   above, over, on top   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1076
pɨəːj   naked   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1075
pɨːr   flower   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1073
pɨːr   flower   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5039
pɨːt   after, behind; traces, prints   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1074
pɨːt   after, behind   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5301
pɲaːt   disabled, diseased   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1158
pɲeːt   make someone drunk, force someone to drink alcohol   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1159
pɲieh   extract (, remove   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1160
pʌh   seven   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4649
pʌw   grapefruit (Houei Kong Loven) (Rutaceae) Citrus grandis Osbeck.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1066
pʌːh   seven   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1067
pʌːk   open (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1068
pʌːk   open(v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4475
pʌːm   success; victory, conquest   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1069
pʌːːŋ   valley, upward or downward slope   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1070
pʔuac   window   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1079
pʔɔʔ   burp up (food), vomit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1078
rah   clear (speech), polite or correct speech   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1230
rap   catch, get, touch; hold hands   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1227
raŋ   Taxon for various Fagaceae tree varieties.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1226
raʔ   free up, empty (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1229
raː   classifier for people; tribes   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1228
raːj   bad   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1231
rec   chop through (with axe)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1236
rec   chop through(with an axe)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1980
reh   fishhook   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1237
riak   large net   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1243
riap   count   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1244
riap   count   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2482
rias   root (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1245
rias   root   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2340
riek   fat (size)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1246
riek   fat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2057
rien   dizzy, dazed   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1247
riet   bind wood together (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1248
riːn   regret, feel upset about, miss   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1241
riːt   ritual, tradition   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1242
roh   launder, beat clothes   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1250
roh   launder   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3562
roːc   unravel, disembowel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1249
roːj   tell, narrate   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1251
ruaj   fly (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1253
ruaj   fly   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4286
ruas   elephant   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1254
ruas   elephant   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4385
ruat   buy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1255
ruh   fall down (fruit); collapse (house); fall off (petals)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1252
ruh   fall(fruit), collapse(house)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4023
ruoh   occasion, time(in counting)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3729
ruoh   occurrence, occasion   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1256
ruot   pay a visit, drop in on the way to somewhere else   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1257
rɔh   undo (knot), unravel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1233
rɔʔ   large cowbell   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1232
rɔːm   granary (for rice)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1234
rɔːŋ   ladder   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1235
rəh   flame   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1259
rəp   good, beautiful, nice, pure etc.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1258
rɛʔ hweːr   wander   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1878
rɛʔ   go   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1239
rɛʔ   small variety of banana   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1240
rɛː   swim   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1238
rɛː   swim   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1619
rɨh   happy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1262
rʌŋ   grasp, hold, catch   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4733
rʌŋ   hold, grasp, catch   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1260
rʌːŋ   joke, pleasure, entertain, sing   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4591
rʌːːŋ   entertain (joke, play, kid around, tell a tale); sing   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1261
saj   pay (bill)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1264
saj   previous, yesterday   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1263
saj   put in, insert; put on bracelet   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1270
sar   bushland (small trees)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1265
sat   stretcher, palanquin (for carrying people)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1266
saw   you(sg.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~974
saː   oneself, reciprocal marker   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1267
saː   pond   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1269
saː   tea   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1268
saːk   tear (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1271
saːw   you (singular) (2sg.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1272
seŋ   level (of education)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1283
seːl   wild areca fruit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1281
seːn   hundred thousand   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1282
siar   thread (flowers on string)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1289
siar   thread, skewer   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2511
siaŋ   voice, sound   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1287
siaŋ   whittle, cut   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1288
siaŋ   whittle, sharpen   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2475
sic   crush (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1284
sie   defeated   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1290
siew   comrade, good friend   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1292
sieʔ   how many   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2043
sieʔ   how many?   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1291
sim   taste, sip (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1285
siː   colour classifier   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1286
smʔoː   grapefruit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1319
smʔoːŋ   hour, o'clock   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1320
sok   hair   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1293
sok   hair   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3148
sok   punch, hit with fist   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1294
soŋ wian   large spotted civet   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2426
soŋ   civet taxa   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1295
soʔ   rotten   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1296
soʔ   rotten   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3506
soːc   last born child, youngest/smallest child   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1297
soːl   slave, servant   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3322
soːl   slave   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1298
soːt   blind   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1299
soːt   blind   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3486
sraː   slender   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1321
sraːj   toss cooked rice on platter to mold it   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1322
sraːj   tree taxon: 1. tall tree variety (Manglieta sp.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1323
sraːŋ   flakes of skin, scab   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1324
sriːl   slide (v.), slip (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1328
srok   pour out (liquid)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1329
sroːl   taxon of Moraceae tree variety with small yellow fruit and large hairy leaves   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1330
srual   taxon of large softwood Betulaceae tree variety with aspirin smelling bark.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1331
sruat   harvest (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1333
sruat   harvest(rice by hand)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2932
sruat   skin (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1332
sruat   skin   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4437
srɔh   digest, to empty the stomach   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1326
srɔʔ   pity, sympathise, feel sorry for   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1325
srəp hap   put on a shirt   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1344
srəp   put on, wear (shoes, shirt, sarong, earrings)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1334
srɛh   shave (facial hair)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1327
srɨəːj   maggot, worm (in fruit)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1335
suaj   tail   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1306
suaj   tail   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2672
suan   assist in emergency, aide   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1307
suon   garden, orchard   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1308
suon   garden   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3858
sup   stew (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1300
sut   extremely   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1301
sut   occasion, time, moment   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1302
suː   cabbage   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1303
suːc   sting (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1304
suːt   bee (honey)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1305
swəː   choko (vine/fruit)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1337
sɔh   empty (v.), remove, demolish (house)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1274
sɔh   empty   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3058
sɔː   pencil   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1273
sɔːk   elbow to finger tip (cubit measurement)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1275
səl   valuable, precious   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1309
səp   ear lobe   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1310
səwit   king   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1336
səʔ   first, before doing something else   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1311
səːm   tired   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1312
səːm   tired   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~427
səːp   waterlizard, monitor lizard   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1313
sɛh   horse   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1279
sɛh   horse   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1759
sɛj   tie back, pull back (hair)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1276
sɛt   attach, fasten   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1277
sɛː   listen, consider   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1528
sɛː   listen; consider, try   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1278
sɛːl   skin (fruit) (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1280
sɨəː   believe   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1317
sɨː   name   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1316
sʌŋ   hear   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1314
sʌŋ   hear   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4736
sʌːŋ   five   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4582
sʌːːŋ   five   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1315
sʔəʔ   burp   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1318
tah   cut out, cut open   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1347
tah   cut(out, open), chop   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~850
tak   roof (n., v.), roofed by   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1338
tal   level (of building), storey (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1339
tam   collide, hit oneself, crash   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1340
tan   hold down, force, block (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1341
tat   cross (river)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1345
taw   see   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1346
taŋ   how, reason   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1343
taŋ   knot (in tree)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1344
taɲ   taxon for very tall (30-50m) tree (Dipterocarpaceae) Anisoptera costata Korth.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1342
taːw   sword   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1349
taːɲ   weave   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1348
taːɲ   weave   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~460
tbak   hang   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1401
tbak   hang   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1009
tbal   cubit, arm length   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1402
tbal   cubit, one armlength   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1062
tbec   game, play   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1407
tbic   be performed, be done   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1408
tblɔk   tease, joke around   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1415
tbuan ʔuɲ   light a fire   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4323
tbuan   light a fire (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1411
tbuʔ   pile up (dirt) (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1409
tbuːc   cover with earth, bury (in grave not in a burial hut); bury seeds when sowing   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1410
tbɔk   cheek   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3158
tbɔk   cheeks   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1403
tbɔŋ   knock down   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1404
tbɔːt   ritual, ceremony; celebrant   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1406
tbɔːŋ   pig's trough   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2881
tbɔːŋ   trough (for pigs)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1405
tbɨh   bring   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1413
tbɨŋ   ceiling   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1414
tbʌːt   touch (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1412
tbʌːt   touch, feel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4631
tdoŋ   jungle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1416
tdək   walk, go by foot   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1417
tec   sell   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1358
tec   sell   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1982
teh   strike, hit (stab, kick, pound, hammer)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1360
teh   strike, pound   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1767
ten   bounce, wobble (breasts)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1359
teːm   paint, draw   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1361
tgɔh   knock   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1418
tgɔh   knock   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3021
thaŋ   and (conj. used in listing items   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1489
thaːm   eight   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1488
thaːm   eight   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~448
thok   poor   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1490
tiaj   loud, noisy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1367
tial   earrings   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1366
tiat   parrot   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1368
tiat   parrot   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2549
tieh   descend   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1369
tieh   descend   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4911
tier   open, porch, back of house   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2088
tier   verandah, open porch   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1370
tiew   title for woman   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2116
tih   big, large, wide   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1363
tih   big   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2176
tiː   final expressive   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1362
tiːr   cricket   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1364
tiːr   cricket   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2274
tiːt   near (ie. close proximity), stuck   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1365
tkal   break, snap, smash   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1422
tkal   snap, break, smash(   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1067
tkiaŋ   lantern   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1424
tkuaj   horn (animal); pincer (rhinoceros beetle)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1426
tkuaj   horn   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2684
tkus   hump (of gaur, zebu, bull)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1425
tkɛj   right now!   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1423
tlaːt   market   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1427
tleʔ   tease   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1959
tlɔk   pot, kettle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1428
tlɔt   owl (bird type)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1429
tman   pimple, boil   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1430
tman   pimple, boil   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1181
tmaː   almost, nearly   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1431
tmaːŋ   mouth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1432
tmeːw   pregnant   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1434
tmeːw   pregnant   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1944
tmom   turtle (land)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1435
tmoŋ   steal (v.); thief   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1436
tmoŋ   steal   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3619
tmoːj   guest   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1437
tmuor   group, cluster; taxon for Agaricus sp. fungus which grows in clusters.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1438
tmɔː   rock, stone   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2646
tmɔː   stone   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1433
tmər   quarrel (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1439
tmət   kind of ritual (at/after childbirth)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1440
tmɨə   axe   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4859
tmɨəː   axe   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1441
tnam   medicine, drug   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1148
tnam   medicine   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1442
tnuol   roof, roof tile; tomb hut (for traditional burial)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1444
tnɔh   high shooting platform for hunting fish   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1443
tnɨk   boy, bachelor   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1445
tnɨk   young man   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5188
toh   breast   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1374
toh   breast   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3062
toʔ   table   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1372
toː   classifier for animals, (esp. insects) or generic inanimate objects   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1371
toːc   all, complete, whole; finished (dead batteries)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1373
toːc   all, every   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3279
toːj   accompany, with (s.o./something)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1375
toːj   escort, accompany   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3300
tpah   clap, hit together (heads/hands)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1452
tpah   slap   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~838
tpal   mortar (bowl)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1449
tpal   mortar   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1050
tpar   fly (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1450
tpat   extinguish (fire)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1451
tpat   extinguish(fire)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1432
tpaːl   shoulder straps (for baskets)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1453
tpeh   slap (down)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1457
tphəːm   bleed, bleeding   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1462
tphɛː   destroy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1461
tplah   break (tr.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1459
tplɔʔ   show (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1460
tpuː   nail (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1458
tpɛh   pound rice (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1456
tpɛh   pound rice   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1770
tpɛɲ   hunt   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1454
tpɛː tʌːm   jar wine   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4554
tpɛː   alcohol   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1455
trah   bright (light), clear (air, water, eyes)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1466
traj   hornet (small, nests in trees)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1463
traw   flesh (meat)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1465
traw   flesh(meat)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1476
traw   six   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1464
traw   six   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1483
traːk   lead metal   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1467
traːk   lead(metal)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~342
trie   wife, woman, female   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1474
trie   wife   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2033
trien   caterpillar, larvae (grub in ground), silkworm   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1475
trien   grub, caterpillar, larva, silkworm   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1833
trik   Taxon for Guttiferae tree varieties with large edible fruit Garcinia cochinchinensis (Lour.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1472
triːn   large fern variety with edible shoots   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1473
tros   male animal (dog, insect etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1477
tros   male(animal)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3473
troŋ   fruit tree variety   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1476
truaj   gaur, wild buffalo   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1478
truong kwak   road changes direction   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1041
truoŋ   road   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1479
truoŋ   road   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3898
trɔː   true, correct, exact   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2657
trɔː   true, correct; exact; strike (target), be struck; cheap   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1468
trɔːm   hole (perforation)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1469
trəm   everything, totally   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1480
trəp   eggplant   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1481
trəp   eggplant   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4756
trɛh   gnaw through   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1471
trɛɲ   flat land, plain   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1470
trɛɲ   flat land, plain   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1208
trɨəŋ   hornbill (bird)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1484
trʌk   store (v.), keep, take away to preserve   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1482
trʌp   crab variety   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1483
tsaj   muscles, tendons   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1486
tsaj   otter, weasel (eats fish)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1485
tsaj   otter, weasel   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~960
tuac   whittle (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1385
tuac   whittle(with knife)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4266
tuc   rub (hands); rinse (hands before eating)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1376
tum   ulcer   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1377
tuol   pile, heap (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1386
tus   head; head of cabbage; hat classifier   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1384
tuŋ   deaf   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1378
tuː   chest (cabinet)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1379
tuːc   uproot, pull out   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1380
tuːc   uproot   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3714
tuːj   classifier for spices with roots   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1381
tuːj   each, every single (counting)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1382
tuːr   cobra   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1383
tuːs   head   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3928
twiːɲ   return (; give back; save (money)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1487
tŋaj brit   five days in the future   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2295
tŋaj drit   five days ago   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2298
tŋaj saj   yesterday   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~935
tŋaj   day   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1446
tŋaj   day   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~950
tŋaː   persuade, urge, entice   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~158
tŋeɲ   brittle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1447
tŋʌːc   thatch(grass)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~190
tŋʌːc   thatch, thatch grass   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1448
tɔh   repair, mend (clothes)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1350
tɔh   take off   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3070
tɔːn   time (of day)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1351
tɔːŋ ʔnaːw   in the future   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1353
tɔːŋ   handle, classifier for tools   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2886
tɔːŋ   handle, tool classifier   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1354
tɔːŋ   must, obliged to   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1352
təblɔk   tease, joke around   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2724
təhaː   pottery jar (medium sized   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1419
təhaːn   soldier   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1420
təhiat   miserly   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1421
təmoːj   guest   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3299
təp   plant, transplant; bury (body)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1387
təʔ   to, toward   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1388
təʔ   to, towards   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2964
tɛj   hand, arm; armlength (measure)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1355
tɛj   hand   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4683
tɛː   but   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1356
tɛːt   vagina   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1357
tɛːt   vagina   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1931
tɨəŋ   dry in sun   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1397
tɨəŋ   dry(in sun)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5012
tɨəʔ   down at ; descend down into   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1396
tɨəː   old (thing); reach a ripe old age (person)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1395
tʌm   ancient; time/occasion (in past); past, former (wife, etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1390
tʌm   from, source of   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1389
tʌːl   answer, reply   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1391
tʌːl   answer, reply   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4490
tʌːl   float (intr)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1392
tʌːl   float   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4494
tʌːm   jar for rice wine   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1393
tʌːm   tree trunk; tree classifier   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1394
tʌːm   tree trunk   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4540
tʔaːŋ   grill, roast (over fire)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1398
tʔoːr   small yellow wasp   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3449
tʔɔk   throat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1399
tʔɨːn   goitre   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1400
tʔɨːn   goitre   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4970
wah   final familiar interrogative particle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1492
wal   round (ball)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1491
waːŋ   Taxon for Rubiaceae plant - effuses white powder on leaves when irritated   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1493
we laː   time (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1495
weh   cut the grass   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1496
weːn   ring (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1497
weːn   spectacles (Compound word /wen ma˅t/   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1498
wian   unanalyseable attributive for civet cat variety   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1500
wiaŋ   routes, directions   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1501
wiːɲ   return (v.intr)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1499
wiːɲ   return   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2263
wur   intelligent   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1502
wɛh   free of, avoid; move out of the way!   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1494
wɛh   move out of the way   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1776
ŋaj   following, tomorrow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1020
ŋaj   tomorrow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~905
ŋas   fast   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1023
ŋaː   sesame   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1021
ŋaːj   we, our, us (1pl.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1022
ŋaːr   small honeybee   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~618
ŋiːw   kapok (tree)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1027
ŋoːk   monkey   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1028
ŋuːɲ   wish to, want to, desire, need, require   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1030
ŋuːɲ   wish to, want to   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3401
ŋɔːj   moment   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1024
ŋɔːk   sit down   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1025
ŋɛn   sleep   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1026
ŋɨəl   before, in front   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5032
ŋɨəl   in front, before (space)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1029
ɟar   resin, polyester, plastic   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1361
ɟat   drip, leak (with drips)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:573
ɟaŋ   aim for   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:572
ɟaŋ   aim for   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1272
ɟeh   sting (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:576
ɟer   soak, macerate   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2008
ɟet daːk   ladle(water), scoop up, draw water   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2290
ɟet   ladle water, scoop up   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:575
ɟeːn   trigger (of gun/crossbow)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:577
ɟeːn   trigger of gun/crossbow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1826
ɟeːr   soak, macerate   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:578
ɟian   large blackscaled marsh fish variety.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:582
ɟiaŋ   copper, brass   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:581
ɟiaŋ   copper   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2446
ɟiʔ huːr   cold, flu   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3909
ɟiʔ   sick, hurt   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:579
ɟiʔ   sick   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2118
ɟiːɲ   sew   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:580
ɟiːɲ   sew   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2248
ɟok   suck, slurp, smoke   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:583
ɟok   suck, slurp   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3098
ɟoːp   horsefly   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:584
ɟoːp   small back basket with two handles, for collecting tree bark.   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:585
ɟriam   spade   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:598
ɟriː   large pottery jar for rice wine   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:596
ɟriːn   beeswax   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2253
ɟriːn   wax (bees wax); variety of waxy yellow edible mushroom   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:597
ɟroŋ   high, tall; highland dwellers   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:599
ɟruok   boar, wild pig   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:607
ɟruok   boar   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3802
ɟruŋ   deep sound (voice)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:604
ɟruʔ   Jruq (Loven) (people/language)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:606
ɟruʔ   deep (space)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:605
ɟrəŋ   smoke meat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:601
ɟrəŋ   smoke meat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4729
ɟrəːm   poker for the fire   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:602
ɟrɛj   fig species (Moraceae), e.g. Ficus altissima Bl. largest fig variety   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:595
ɟrɛj   fig tree   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4676
ɟrɨəːp   body hair   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:603
ɟrʌːj   mortar (bowl)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:600
ɟuh   swim   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:591
ɟuk   necklace   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4067
ɟuon   accompany   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3851
ɟuon   lead, send, accompany   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:594
ɟuot   wipe up, dry, rub   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3941
ɟuːj   deer   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:592
ɟuːj   deer   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3744
ɟuːt   wipe up   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:593
ɟɔh   peck; snake bite   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:574
ɟək   fluent, smooth flowing (speech/moving water etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:586
ɟəːr   you (dual)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:587
ɟɛh   sting, sharp pain   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1743
ɟɨŋ   foot, leg, pillar   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5243
ɟɨŋ   foot, leg; pole (of house)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:590
ɟʌl   trap (water or land) (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:588
ɟʌŋ   stand (intr.), upright; noon   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:589
ɟʌŋ   stand   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4720
ɲak   pull, spin (cotton)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1005
ɲak   pull   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1012
ɲaːk   difficult   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1006
ɲaːk   from, away from   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1007
ɲaːm   season   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1008
ɲeːt   drink(alcohol)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1902
ɲeːt   smell, smoke (v.), drink alcohol   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1011
ɲieh   exit, come out   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1013
ɲieh   exit   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4897
ɲiːl   raw, unripe, uncooked, premature   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2202
ɲiːl   raw, unripe, uncooked; premature; to faint   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1012
ɲon   airplane, helicopter   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1014
ɲoːm   surrender (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1015
ɲuh   stink, smell bad (to someone)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1018
ɲuoʔ   attempt, try   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1019
ɲɔʔ   barking deer (Muntjacus muntjak Zimmerman)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1009
ɲɔʔ   muntjak, barking deer   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2945
ɲɔːn   because of   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1010
ɲəm   tasty, delicious   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1016
ɲəm   tasty   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~5217
ɲɨəm   cry   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4958
ɲɨəːm   cry (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1017
ʔam   give   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:1
ʔam   give   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1074
ʔan   thing, object classifier   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:2
ʔaːj   I, me (1sg.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:3
ʔaːj   I   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~965
ʔaːt   famished, parched   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:4
ʔbaːw   dig   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:43
ʔbreʔ   carry (on shoulder pole)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:47
ʔbɔːk   white   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:44
ʔbəʔ   carry (on back) (two shoulder straps)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:45
ʔbʌːt   hit (   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:46
ʔcɨəŋ   lean on someone   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:48
ʔdrɨt   fish trap   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:52
ʔdrɨəʔ   hiccup, belch   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:53
ʔdəːp   short (height); lowland dwellers   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:51
ʔdɛh   cold(of weather)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1735
ʔdɛh   cold   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:50
ʔdɛʔ   different, other, foreign   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:49
ʔeːr   catch small fish, tadpoles with a scoop net (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:15
ʔeːr   catch with dip net   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1871
ʔeːŋ   jar   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:14
ʔgloː   howl (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:57
ʔgoh   long (space);   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:55
ʔgoh   long   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3495
ʔguar   woven winnow basket (wide and flat)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:56
ʔgɔr   dragonbean   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:54
ʔhar   spicy   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:58
ʔhat   narrow, tight; stuffed (stomach)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:59
ʔhaːt   itch (v.), scratch (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:60
ʔhɨːt   tobacco   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:61
ʔiar   chicken   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:20
ʔiar   chicken   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2488
ʔic   shit (n., v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:16
ʔie ~ ʔjie   grandmother   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:21
ʔih   Negative Auxiliary (Neg.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:19
ʔih   not, negative   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2145
ʔim   respect title for older male/female   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:17
ʔiʔ   large fat variety of banana   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:18
ʔjaŋ   how, reason, what; similar to, kind of   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:62
ʔjaʔ ʔjie   grandmother   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2010
ʔjaʔ   ancestors, old relatives   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~730
ʔjaʔ   ancestors; respect term for very old people   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:64
ʔjaʔ   soup   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:63
ʔjaːn   late morning   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:65
ʔjoŋ   black   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:67
ʔjoŋ   black   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3600
ʔjuo   female (animal); thumb   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:68
ʔjuo   female animal   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3628
ʔjuo   what?, anything; thing   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:69
ʔjuor   follow, come later/after another person   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:70
ʔjɔː   grandfather   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:66
ʔjɔː   grandfather   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2579
ʔjəː   awake, wake up   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:71
ʔjɨə   we dual   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4793
ʔjɨəː   we dual   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:72
ʔkaj   child-in-law (spouse of eldest child); parent-in-law   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:75
ʔkaj   child-in-law   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~881
ʔkaʔ   rough   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:76
ʔkiet   frog   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2093
ʔkiet   small tree frog   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:78
ʔkoːc ʔuːɲ   ignite, burn   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3239
ʔkoːc   ignite, burn   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:79
ʔkuŋ   seed   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:80
ʔkuŋ   seed   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4148
ʔkuːr   trunk (tree)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:81
ʔkɛː   injured; twisted, sprained (back); rolled back (eyes); bruised (buttocks)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:77
ʔliaʔ   short length (space/object)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:86
ʔliaʔ   short   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1661
ʔlɔːŋ pɛɲ   diagonal roof beams   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1206
ʔlɔːŋ   tree, wood   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2819
ʔlɔːŋ   wood; tree classifier   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:82
ʔlɛh   just now (immediate past)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:85
ʔlɛː   Kind of bamboo sp. found to the north of the Plateau. (Gramineae) Gigantochi   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:83
ʔlɛː   soon, in a moment, a short period of time   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:84
ʔmaːt   very (general intensifier); true (ie. blood kin relations)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:88
ʔmaːt   very   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~636
ʔmaːŋ   speak(a word)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~471
ʔmaːŋ   speak; language   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:87
ʔmiaŋ   gift   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2428
ʔmiaŋ   request, take as a present; foster (child)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:91
ʔmiɲ   not permitted, impossible; no!   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:90
ʔmiɲ   not possible   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2233
ʔmɛː brɔh   young woman   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2998
ʔmɛː   generic personal pronoun; impersonal pronoun   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:89
ʔmɨəː   rain   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:92
ʔnal   half, a piece   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:93
ʔnaw   again   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:94
ʔnaːw   new; again, anew   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~662
ʔnaːw   new   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:95
ʔneːr   large scoop net for catching small fish, shrimp or tadpoles   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:96
ʔneːr   scoop net   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1873
ʔnuːj   worm (earth)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:97
ʔok   drink (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:22
ʔop   paint (the skin)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:23
ʔoʔ   variety of banana   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:24
ʔoːk   turn upside down   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:26
ʔoːm   to winnow rice   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:25
ʔoːt   small partridge   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:27
ʔraj   pestle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:105
ʔraj   pestle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~857
ʔral   butterfly   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:106
ʔral   butterfly   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~357
ʔraːc   grasshopper   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:107
ʔraːc   grasshopper   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~170
ʔreːl   throughout, everywhere   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:110
ʔreːɲ   together, with   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:111
ʔrus   mixed up, confused, combine (things which blend); multicoloured /si /rus/   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:112
ʔrus   mixed up, confused   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3924
ʔrɔːk   banana blossom   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2761
ʔrɔːk   toad; kind of nector bat   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:108
ʔrɔːk   toad   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3073
ʔrɔːp   narrow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:109
ʔrɔːp   narrow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2891
ʔrɛːɲ   together, with   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1834
ʔsaːj   fish with a hook and line; fishing line   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:113
ʔsaːj   fish with line   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~197
ʔsieʔ   uterus, placenta; filth, rubbish   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:114
ʔtat   tear, break (string); cut off (object on photograph)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:116
ʔtaŋ   bitter, salty; strong sharp smell/taste   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:115
ʔtaːr   string handle of rice basket   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:117
ʔtoʔ   hot; heat, sunshine   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:119
ʔtoʔ   hot   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3514
ʔtuas   shallow (space); piercing (voice)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:122
ʔtuas   shallow   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4357
ʔtuh   hearth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:120
ʔtuh   hearth   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4027
ʔtuoŋ   carry on shoulder pole   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:123
ʔtuoŋ   carry on shoulder pole   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3865
ʔtuːp   burial hut   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:121
ʔtəʔ   vomit (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:124
ʔtəʔ   vomit(v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4875
ʔtɛʔ   copulate (people), fuck (coarse)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:118
ʔtɛʔ   copulate   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1682
ʔtʌk   small tortoise (Manouna Impressa)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:125
ʔtʌːk   turtle   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4463
ʔuaj   stir (cooking)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:30
ʔual   choke, suffocate   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:31
ʔuas   chestnut   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:33
ʔuaŋ   wide   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:32
ʔuo   respect title for middle-aged or younger man   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:34
ʔuɲ   fire (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:28
ʔuɲ   fire   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4133
ʔuː   hammock   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:29
ʔwian   ricefield (wet)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:126
ʔwiet   deserted, empty (of people)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:127
ʔŋaː   baby, infant   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:102
ʔŋəl   tree stump   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:103
ʔŋəl   tree stump   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4699
ʔŋəːm   sweet   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:104
ʔŋəːm   sweet   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~390
ʔɔh   ladle (v.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:6
ʔɔh   ladle(soup etc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2972
ʔɔh   younger sibling   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:7
ʔɔh   younger sibling   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~2976
ʔɔʔ   shit (n.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:5
ʔənam   gift   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1084
ʔəw   request particle (Req.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:35
ʔəː   yes (interjection)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:36
ʔəːj   hey! (interjection)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:37
ʔɛh   oops! (interjection)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:12
ʔɛʔ   and (conj.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:11
ʔɛʔ   that, those, there (absent, not in sight)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:10
ʔɛː ~ ʔɛʔ   Focus Particle (Foc.)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:9
ʔɛː   he, that, those, there   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~1492
ʔɛː   that, those, there (in sight but far away)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:8
ʔɛːp   watch (someone do something)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:13
ʔɟuoʔ   sour   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:74
ʔɟuoʔ   sour   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3682
ʔɟɔŋ   shrimp, prawn, lobster   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:73
ʔɟɔŋ   shrimp, prawn, lobster   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3168
ʔɨk   warm, hot (weather, object)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:40
ʔɨm   warm (body)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:41
ʔɨːp   tent, shelter, cave   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:42
ʔɲeʔ   this, that   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:99
ʔɲuat   fog   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:101
ʔɲuːj   smoke   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:100
ʔɲuːj   smoke   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~3732
ʔɲɔːŋ   stop, don't!   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:98
ʔʌːn   no   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:Sid2003~4556
ʔʌːn   not, no (discourse negator)   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:38
ʔʌːp   cooked rice   (Laven [Jru'])   Jac2002:C:39