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Bahnaric Branch (55 items)
biɛm   lips   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2383
buor   mouth   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~4339
ciɛt   harvest   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2519
crɑŋ   bamboo stump   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~3190
cərŋuːk   snore   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~3809
cɛh   to put   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~1712
dɑː   armpit   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2603
dəih   pound with fist   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~1769
gɑːŋ   gongs   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2845
gəgiɛt   to itch   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2525
gəw tuih   pillow   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~4484
hɑːm   -er comparative   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2770
kampuː   roof   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~3843
karkuːt   backbone   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~3949
kaːnɨːm   back bottom tooth   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~4957
kaːŋ   jaw   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~511
kdec   to pinch   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~1971
khin   dare   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2230
kiɛŋ   elbow   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2461
klaːk   intestines   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~324
kliː   fall   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2054
klɑː   husband   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2614
kuː pənjɑh ɟɨŋ   sit with legs extended parallel   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~3032
kədih   stamp foot   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2163
luət   forearm   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~4415
mbit cak   twist at waist with chest out; to close   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2278
mih   parents younger brother   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2174
moːr   duck head under something   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~3441
moːŋ   chin   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~3417
mpɑːm   round(ball)   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2768
mum mun   corner(outer aspect)   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~4120
nak   alive; progressive aspect   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~788
pah   strike(gong)   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~840
plaj tuːŋ   heart   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~3882
plak   evening   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~1023
pueh   calf   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~4382
sasap   to cover   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~1346
snaːp   yawn   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~574
sərsoh   lungs   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~3577
taːm   after, behind   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~445
tiː cʔot   index finger   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~3478
truːŋ   road   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~3906
trɑmuh   to meet   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~4036
trəpaːŋ   palm, sole   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~555
tənue   waist   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2700
təweih   pound rice   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~1775
tɨk   distant   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~4892
tɨm   punch with side of fist   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~5225
viɛt   pinch, twist skin   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2554
wiɛr   go around smthing in one's path   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2374
wiɛw   top of head   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2370
wɨːɲ   forget, misplace   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~4986
ɟɨŋ braːn   first light of day   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~500
ʔarɑːŋ   stairway   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2835
ʔik   defecate   (Brao [Krueng])   Kel1977:C:Sid2003~2138