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Bahnaric Branch (40 items)
bat təŋaːc   thatch   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~195
briː krɨŋ   thick forest   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~5257
buh   yeast for wine making   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~3720
bɔk   that(which)   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~3076
caŋ   cut notches   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~1232
chuot cɛh   harvest rice   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~2935
cədaː   span from thumb to mid-finger   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~28
cəndaːw   diagonal roof batton   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~1047
cənɔh   watercourse   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~3016
dam   a man's name   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~1088
gənaːŋ   beam supporting floor of house   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~506
kaːp   roofing battens   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~576
khaj kəːt   new moon   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~4622
kriaŋ   Myrtacées: Syzygium spp.   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~2468
krɔw trɨː   poison for fishing   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~1471
krɔŋ   back of axe blade   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~3223
kuːr   lover   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~3918
kəcheːm   medicinal plant: Garcinia gracilis Pierre   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~1815
kəcɔŋ   small shrimp   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~3171
kədaːm   crab   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~404
kədiam   garlic   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~2392
kəntiar   termite   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~2510
kəntiaŋ   a man's name   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~2471
kənɔːm tuh   hearth   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~1137
kəɲɨː   ginger   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~4825
laih   fathom   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~635
muih   slash(forest)   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~4209
  near future(prefix)   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~88
prak   silver   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~1032
pəndraj   large tree used for arrow poison   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~914
pənɔŋ   woven bamboo component of thatch panel   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~3232
pɛːn cɛh   tread rice   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~1829
trəchuk   bellows   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~4100
trəpɨːŋ   barrel of crossbow   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~5016
tɔːŋ   handle(of tool)   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~2890
təmeːw   pregnant   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~1948
təŋaː   ask   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~163
təːm   origin   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~4553
wɛː   you plural   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~1635
ɟriː   banyan tree   (Brao)   Mat1983:C:Sid2003~4680