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babu  babu   to meet, to find, to discover, to encounter   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:149
babɔ  babo   female, woman, girl   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:148
babə  babe   man, boy, male   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:147
bacak  bacakh   to repeat, to reiterate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:151
bacaʔ  bacak   to pray, to utter magic formulae, to commune with deities or supernatural beings   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:150
bacu  bacu   to imitate, to copy, to mimic   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:153
bacʌ  bace   to read, to understand writing (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:152
bad  bad   to nurse, to suckle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:154
badaʔ  badak   tapir   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:155
badoʔ  badok   the sap of wild rubber tree, the sap of the jelutong tree which is collected to make chewing gum   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:156
bajam  bayam   spinach, a leafy vegetable used for food (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:227
bajaɹ  bayar   to buy, to purchase, to obtain by payment (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:228
bajeʔ  bayek   to choose, to select, to pick out   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:229
bakau  bakau   a tropical tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:161
bakɔh  bakoh   penis, testicles   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:162
bakɔʔ  bakok   monkey trap (made of rubber)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:163
bala  balag   to squint, to look with eyes partly closed   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:164
balak  balakh   widow, widower   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:165
balalaŋ  balalang   grasshopper, locust   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:166
balap  balap   plant, bush, shrub   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:168
balas  balas   to cut one side of a tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:170
balas  balas   to reply, to answer, to retort, to avenge   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:169
balaŋ  balang   bottle, a vessel with narrow neck for holding liquids (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:167
balel  balel   to fold, to roll up   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:173
bali  bali   earth, world   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:174
balig  balig   sky, air, weather, space   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:175
baliiʔ  baliik   sky, air, weather, space   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:176
balu  balu   widow (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:178
balɔk  balokh   bill, beak, horn (of animals or birds)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:177
balʌi  balei   hall, building, station (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:171
balʌiau  baleiau   country, nation, region   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:172
bas  bas   bus (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:215
basah  basah   wet, moist (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:216
basɔk  basokh   the base of a dart used in a blowpipe   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:218
basɪkal  basikal   bicycle (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:217
batak  batakh   a Temiar drum   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:219
batel  batel   rock, stone   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:220
batu  batu   stone, rock, milestone, a mile in distance (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:223
batɔi  batoi   first, foremost, leading   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:222
batɪn  batin   chieftain, headman   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:221
bawaŋ  bawang   a generic name for onions, leeks, etc. (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:225
bawaɟ  bawajh   monkey, any of a member of species of long-tailed mammal primates   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:224
bawɔr  baworr   fishing rod, fishing tackle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:226
baŋau  bangau   egret, heron (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:180
baŋaŋ  bangang   mad, insane, mentally retarded   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:179
baŋkuʔ  bangkuk   knife   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:181
baŋsa  bangsa   race, tribe, ethnic grouping, nationality   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:182
baɟi  baji   kind, sort, variety, species, genus   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:158
baɟi  baji   to ask, to enquire, why   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:157
baɟi  baji   wedge (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:159
baɟu  baju   shirt, coat, blouse (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:160
baɹ  bar-   prefix indicating action movement or portability, e.g. barjam, wrist watch   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:183
baɹ  bar   people, persons   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:184
baɹah  barah   tumor, a morbid over-growth of tissue   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:185
baɹat  barat   west (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:188
baɹaŋ  barang   things, baggage, materials, goods (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:187
baɹaʔ  barak   beam, cross-bar, joist, ridge-pole   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:186
baɹca  barca   to endure, to suffer, to have pain without complaint   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:189
baɹcɔʔ  barcok   to care for, to take care of, to assume charge of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:191
baɹcɨ  barceu   to echo, to repeat a sound   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:190
baɹcɨ  barceu   to echo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:339
baɹcɨ  barceu   to make a sound, to make a noise   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:655
baɹdʌiʔ  bardeik   house holder, a member of a family group living in a house   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:192
baɹhalab  barhalab   to go down river   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:194
baɹhalaʔ  barhalak   to have a magic power, to control the spirits   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:193
baɹhup  barhup   to be kind, to be brave, to exhibit good character   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1089
baɹhup  barhup   to have mercy, to be kind, to have compassion   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:195
baɹiel  bariel   the ipoh tree, the dart-poison made from the ipoh tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:196
baɹis  baris   scurf, ring worm, a fungus infection of the skin   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:197
baɹkui  barkui   to speak, to talk, to make a speech   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:200
baɹkʌtɔʔ  barketok   entwined, tangled, braided   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:199
baɹleh  barleh   to have a wife   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:201
baɹlot  barlot   to bleed, to draw blood, to lose blood   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1654
baɹlot  barlot   to bleed, to shed blood   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:202
baɹnaɹ  barnar   two people, a couple people   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:203
baɹneʔ  barnek   three people, a trio   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:204
baɹpel  barpel   bald-headed, balding   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:206
baɹpol  barpol   a jungle bird related to the pheasant, partridge   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:207
baɹsog  barsog   hairy, covered with hair   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:209
baɹsop  barsop   to have a nest, to make a nest   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:210
baɹsɔp  barsop   lime-stone   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:211
baɹtau  bartau   to have a husband, to married (for a woman)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:212
baɹtau  bartau   to have a husband   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2506
baɹudʌɹ  baruder   to wish to travel slowly, to desire a slow pace of travel   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:213
baɹugeh  barugeh   to cause trouble, making trouble   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:214
baɹɔh  baroh   down stream, down river   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:205
baɹɟam  barjam   to wear a wrist watch   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1128
baɹɟam  barjam   to wear a wrist watch   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:198
baɹɹʌiu  barreiu   rhinoceros   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:208
baː  baa   rice plants, husked rice   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:145
baːk  baakh   fur, beard, mustache   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:146
bedbɔd  bedbod   suckling an infant, nursing an infant at the breast   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:252
bedbɔːd  bedbood   being lazy, being indolent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:253
bedbɨd  bedbeud   heating, warming   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:251
bednod  bednod   the nursing of an infant, breast-feeding   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:257
bedəɹ  beder   width, wideness, breadth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:254
beg  beg   bag, suitcase, travel bag (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:263
begsɪg  begsig   poisonous, toxic, noxious   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:267
beksɪg  beksig   poisonous, toxic, noxious   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:268
bekunciʔ  bekuncik   to lock, to secure with lock and key   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:303
bel  bel   when, at the time that, at which time   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:304
beltop  beltop   palm branch (often split to make wattled house panels)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:329
belwal  belwal   discussing, exchanging opinions   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:332
benalas  benalas   answer, reply, rejoinder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:334
benaŋ  benang   thread, yarn (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:335
benaŋsuteɹa  benang sutera   silk cloth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:336
benaɹhup  benarhup   kindness, generosity, compassion   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:340
benbɨd  benbeud   heat, warmth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:341
bendeɹa  bendera   flag, banner (< Portuguese)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:342
benhud  benhud   effect, consequence, result   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:349
benhuɟ  benhuj   guilt, the state of having committed a crime or an offense   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:348
beniɟ  benijh   drool, saliva coming from the mouth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:351
beniɹ  benir   clothing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:443
bensad  bensad   roughness, coarseness, unevenness   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:353
benseh  benseh   an error, a mistake, a lie, falsehood   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:355
bensʌg  benseg   copulation among animals, the sexual act among animals   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:354
beswas  beswas   ugly, offensive to the sight   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:416
bet  bet   to nurse a baby, to suckle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:418
betsat  betsat   squash, a gourd-like vegetable   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:422
betsun  betsun   squash, a gourd-like vegetable   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:423
beŋdʌiʔ  bengdeik   space around a house, the house lot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:343
beŋkali  bengkali   perhaps, maybe, possibly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:344
beŋkʌt  bengket   sweat, perspiration, moisture emitted through the skin   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:345
beŋlɨʔ  bengleuk   memory, recollection, remembrance   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:346
beŋsat  bengsat   to advise, to counsel, to give information to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:347
beɟ  bejh   great-grand-mother   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:289
beɟseɟ  bejsej   the hair growing on bamboo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:290
beɹabat  berabat   dressing, wearing clothing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:357
beɹabʌː  berabee   contagious, communicable to other individuals, such as a disease   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:358
beɹaʌg  beraeg   with feeling, deeply, intensely   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:359
beɹbot  berbot   a small edible mushroom   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:364
beɹnam  bernam   a fish spear   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:388
beɹsabid  bersabid   concerning, relating to, with reference to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:396
beɹsalah  bersalah   finding fault, scolding   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:397
beɹwal  berwal   a woodpecker, a bird which taps and bores with its bill in search of insects   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:404
beʔ  bek   forest, jungle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:291
beʔsɪg  be'sig   poisonous, venomous   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:447
bidai  bidai   a water lizard   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:431
bidat  bidat   midwife (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:432
bieg  bieg   white, the lightest color   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:433
bigaknɔh  bigak noh   many times, often   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1917
bigaʔ  bigak noh   often, frequently (< Perak)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:435
bigaʔ  bigak   many, much, always, great in number, great in quantity   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:434
bijut  biyut   same, alike, similar   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:450
bil pʌdiʔ  bil pedik   noon, mid-day   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:439
bil  bil   when, at the time that, at what time?   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:438
bilɔ  bilo   later, afterwards, subsequently, after that time   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:440
binjaʔ  binyak   oil, fat, grease (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:441
bis  bis   to fail, to be unsuccessful, to be lacking   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:444
bis  bis   to overflow, to run over (as rivers or water)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:445
bisa  bisa   poison, venom (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:446
bisɪg  bisig   to whisper   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:448
biɟ  bijh   to drool (of babies), to have saliva run out of the mouth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:437
biɟeh  bijeh   tin, tin ore, a silvery metal with a low melting point (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:436
biɹ  bir   to wear, to wrap, to put on clothing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:442
biʔaʔ  biak   a wild plant which smells like sireh (the bark is used as a substitute for the sireh leaf)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:430
biʔug  biug   white   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:449
bod  bod   women's breast, bosom   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:452
bog  bog   to carry on the hip   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:453
bot  bot   a woman's breast, a bosom   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:467
bot  bot   milk   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:466
bot  bot   to suck, to obtain milk by sucking   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:465
boɟ  bojh   to lie, prevaricate, to make a false statement   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:456
boʔ  bok   and, added to, together with   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:457
boːt  boot   leaves used for decoration or fragrance   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:463
buban  buban   object, thing, load, burden   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:468
bubol  bubol   to sow seed by casting, to broadcast seed   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:469
bubu  bubu   a basket-type fish trap   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:470
bud  bud   to get, to secure, to obtain, to acquire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:471
buhjaʔ  buhyak   crocodile   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:472
buku  buku   book, volume, a literary publication   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:473
bumbʊn  bumbun   a tent of leaves usually made for the halak trance dance   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:474
buŋa  bunga   flower, blossom, the reproductive organ in plants (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:475
buŋlai  bunglai   a variety of leafy plant   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:476
buːs  buus   to overflow, to bubble over, to fill too full, to flood   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:480
 bo   mother, female, the numeral coefficient for trees or plants   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:451
bɔhntɔ  bohnto   no one, no body   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:454
bɔla  bola   ball, any round body (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:458
bɔr  borr   bird lime, a sticky substance used to trap birds   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:464
bɔɟ  boj   to lick with   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:455
bɔːd  bood   idle, indolent, lazy, disinclined to exertion, relaxing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:459
bɔːd  bood   to be lazy, to relax, to avoid exertion   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:460
bɔːɟ  booj   same as, identical   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:461
bɔːʔ  book   a river junction, the branch of a river   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:462
 be   male   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:230
bəd  bed   hot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:426
bət  bet   ant, a small insect living in colonies   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:417
bəɹ  ber-   the numeral coefficient or classifier for small vegetables and edible plants   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:356
bəɹabes  berabes   contagious   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1135
bəɹagi ɹagi  beragi-ragi   kind, genus, sort, variety, class   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:360
bəɹakah  berakah   kingfisher bird   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:361
bəɹalaŋ  beralang   grass hopper   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:362
bəɹanɔʔ  beranok   drum   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:363
bəɹcaɹʌh  bercareh   barren desert, a desolate place   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:366
bəɹcaː  bercaa   to feed, to give food, to feed a baby   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:365
bəɹcet  bercet   to cook, to prepare food by boiling or heating   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:368
bəɹcib  bercib   to accomplish, to achieve   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:658
bəɹcib  bercib   to advance, to move forward   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:369
bəɹco  berco   to keep a pet, to care for domesticated animal or bird   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:370
bəɹcoʔ  bercok   to rear, to bring up a child   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:371
bəɹcʌmes  bercemes   fungus, a spongy growth, a variety of edible fungus   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:367
bəɹdɔs  berdos   to owe someone something, to be indebted   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:373
bəɹehkah  berehkah   breakable, fragile, easily broken   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:374
bəɹenchib  berencib   advance, accomplishment, achievement   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:376
bəɹges  berges   to sin, to transgress moral law   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:378
bəɹgʊh  berguh   to break in two, divide   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:379
bəɹhalaʔ  berhalak   to have magic power, to invoke magic powers   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:381
bəɹkes  berkes   to make a mistake, to err   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:385
bəɹkumbʌi  berkumbei   to abort, to have a miscarriage, to discharge a fetus before term   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:386
bəɹpaku  berpaku   fern tops   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:392
bəɹpog  berpog   a mushroom, a toadstool   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:393
bəɹsɪl  bersil   strong, powerful   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:398
bəɹteŋleʔ  bertenglek   education, teaching, instruction   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:401
bəɹteŋleʔ  bertenglek   to teach, to instruct, to educate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1592
bəɹtʌʔ  bertek   to perch, to alight (by birds)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:400
bɨd  beud   hot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:425
bɨs  beus   to throw away, to discard, to cast off as useless, to scrap   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:428
bɨʔ  beuk   to carry, to convey, to transport by human effort   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:427
bʊnta  bunta   globe fish   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:477
bʊp  bup   book, volume, monograph (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:478
bʊs  bus   sugar cane   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:479
bʌbalas  bebalas   cutting the second side of a tree when felling   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:232
bʌboʔ  bebok   different, unusual, forbidden (of certain foods)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:236
bʌbɔ  bebo   of babo, women, ladies, girls   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:235
bʌbə  bebe   men, gentlemen   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:233
bʌbʌʔ  bebek   mouth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:234
bʌcag  becag   to say, to speak   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:237
bʌcanʊŋ  becanung   hammering, pounding   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:238
bʌcatu  becatu   coming together, gathering together   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:239
bʌcod  becod   to hate, to detest, to abhor, to bear malice   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:241
bʌcok  becokh   mouse-deer, small chevrotain deer   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:242
bʌcuc  becuc   sour   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:243
bʌcut  becut   salty, impregnated with salt or sea water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:244
bʌcɔ  beco   when, at that time, at which time, then   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:240
bʌd  bed   impotent, powerless, without sexual power (for a male)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:245
bʌdadoʔ  bedadok   running away, fleeing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:247
bʌdadɨit  bedadeuit   committing adultery, having sexual relations outside of marriage   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:246
bʌdajʊŋ  bedayung   to row or paddle a boat or canoe   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:250
bʌdal  bedal   to hit, to strike   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:249
bʌdaʔ  bedak   face powder, powdered make up   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:248
bʌdɔ  bedo   also, in addition, likewise   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:258
bʌdɔa  bedoa   holy, divine, sacred, pious   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:259
bʌdɔʔ  bedok   shattering, breaking into many pieces   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:260
bʌdɪl  bedil   gun, rifle (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:255
bʌdɪl  bedil   to shoot, to discharge a gun (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:256
bʌg  beg   to tie up a small parcel   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:264
bʌgalʌg  begaleh   to argue, to dispute   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:265
bʌgʌh  begeh   to snap, to break with a sharp sound   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:266
bʌheːd  beheed   sweet, tasting like sugar   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:270
bʌhiʔ  behik   satisfied, gratified, free from hunger   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:273
bʌhkɔ  behko   white pigeon   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:274
bʌhod  behod   to kick, to hit with the foot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:275
bʌhoɟ  behoj   distant, far away, away, remote   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:276
bʌhoːɟ  behooj   soft (of sound), quiet, low   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:277
bʌhud  behud   to affect, to influence, to cause change, to prompt   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:278
bʌhumled  behumled   to be near death, to approach death   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:281
bʌhumlʌd  behumled   nearing death   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1086
bʌhut  behut   to affect, to influence, to cause change, to prompt   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:279
bʌhuɟ  behuj   guilty, judged to have committed a crime   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:280
bʌhər  beherr   thin, slim, lean, sparse (of objects)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:272
bʌhʌd  behed   to cut bamboo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:269
bʌhʌic  beheic   to itch, to feel irritation in the skin   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:271
bʌiman  beiman   faithful, dependable, trustworthy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:283
bʌiʔ  beik   an uncle younger than parent, term of address to an uncle younger than parent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:282
bʌjaʔ  beyak   betel leaf (the leaf of the areca palm used for chewing as a stimulant)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:429
bʌkah  bekah   broken, cracked, fractured   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:294
bʌkenleɹ  bekenler   to be happy, to be glad, to be joyous   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:297
bʌket  beket   to sweat, to perspire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:300
bʌkeɹɟeɹ  bekerjer   dancing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:298
bʌkoŋ  bekong   the branch of a river, a tributary of a river   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:302
bʌkunciʔ  bekuncik   to lock   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1529
bʌkɔ  beko   grey, the color between white and black, ash color   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:301
bʌkʌbə  bekebe   to bear fruit   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:295
bʌkʌbə  bekebe   to bear fruit   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1321
bʌkʌlʌi  bekelei   quarreling, squabbling   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:296
bʌladeɹ  belader   yellow, the color of gold or lemons   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:305
bʌlahjeɹ  belahyer   blue, the color of the sky   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:308
bʌlai  belai   to appear, to come into sight, to be visible   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:309
bʌlalaŋ  belalang   grasshopper, locust   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:311
bʌlalʌi  belalei   trunk of an elephant (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:312
bʌlanɟaʔ  belanjak   expense, cost, expenditure (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:313
bʌlap  belap   bush, plant, shrub   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:315
bʌlap  belap   tasteless, insipid, bland   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:314
bʌlau  belau   blowpipe   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:316
bʌlaɟaɹ  belajar   to study, to learn (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:310
bʌlaʌg  belaeg   green, the color of grass   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:306
bʌlaʌs  belaes   stupid, foolish, unintelligent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:307
bʌleŋɟɨ  belengjeu   to slit, to rend, to lacerate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:319
bʌleʔ  belek   black, the darkest color, the color of coal (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:317
bʌli  beli   to buy, to purchase, to obtain by payment (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:321
bʌlian  belian   comrade, companion, friend, term of address of an adult to equal   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:322
bʌliʌl  beliel   rope, cord, lanyard   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:323
bʌlɔʔbabɔ  belok-babo   mother-in-law   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:327
bʌlɔʔbabʌ  belok-babe   father-in-law   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:326
bʌlɔːʔ  belook   thigh   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:328
bʌlɟɨ  beljeu   to split, to cut lengthwise, to cleave   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:325
bʌlɨʔ  beleuk   to remember, to recall, to realize, to be conscious of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:320
bʌlɪŋkeŋ  belingkeng   snipe, long-billed game-bird frequenting marshy places   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:324
bʌlʊd  belud   eel (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:330
bʌlʊn  belun   to pounce, to spring upon suddenly, to sweep upon   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:331
bʌlʌʔ  belek   to lick with the tongue   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:318
bʌnacə  benace   a reading, a recital passage from a book   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:333
bʌnaɹ  benar   both, the one and the other   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:337
bʌnaɹcɨ  benarceu   echo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:338
bʌnigaʔ  benigak   number, a sum, an indefinite collection of things   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:350
bʌniug  beniug   white, whiteness   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:352
bʌpaɹaʔ  beparak   staying, remaining   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1984
bʌpusiʔ  bepusik   whirling, spinning   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2135
bʌpəɹnɪm  bepernim   relating a story, telling a legend   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2092
bʌpɪnɟam  bepinjam   borrowing, lending   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2106
bʌpʌhad  bepehad   nailing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2008
bʌpʌlau  bepelau   jumping, leaping   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2030
bʌpʌlɔh  bepeloh   applying, spreading   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2038
bʌpʌŋal  bepengal   chopping, cleaving   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2054
bʌpʌŋoŋ  bepengong   aiming at, shooting for   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2104
bʌpʌɹlai  beperlai   treating, giving medical help   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2085
bʌpʌɹlui  beperlui   making fun of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2090
bʌpʌʔel  bepe'el   changing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2000
bʌr  berr   bird lime, a sticky substance to trap birds   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:395
bʌsab  besab   to trap birds   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2214
bʌsabɔ  besabo   guessing, supposing, estimating   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2220
bʌsabɪd  besabid   concerning, referring to, with respect to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2217
bʌsad  besad   rough, rugged   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:405
bʌsahɨɹ  besaheur   dragging   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2227
bʌsatʌh  besateh   collapsing, breaking down   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2257
bʌsud  besud   an anthill, a nest of ants   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:412
bʌsumoʔ  besumok   to repent, to feel regret, to desire to change   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:413
bʌsuɹ  besur   the kapok tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:414
bʌsɔr  besorr   a sugar palm   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:411
bʌsɔʔ  besok   dirty (of things), foul, unclean   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:410
bʌsə  bese   to follow, to go after, to move behind   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:406
bʌsʊt  besut   rough, unfinished   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:415
bʌsʌg  beseg   to have sexual intercourse (among animals)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:407
bʌsʌh  beseh   to help, to assist, to aid, to escort   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:408
bʌsʌmanɟʌ  besemanje   to ask about, to inquire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:409
bʌtabʌ  betabe   adding, increasing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2454
bʌtadol  betadol   throwing, fling   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2461
bʌtajod  betayod   lifting, raising   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2513
bʌtaloʔ  betalok   measuring, sampling   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2475
bʌtalud  betalud   squeezing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2550
bʌtanɔʔ  betanok   cooking in a pot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2487
bʌtatiːʔ  betatiik   snoring, groaning   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2504
bʌtaŋkʌb  betangkeb   challenging, disputing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2481
bʌtaŋɟol  betangjol   hanging, suspending   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2484
bʌtaɟag  betajag   carrying by hand   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2465
bʌtaɹ  betar   flat beans   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:419
bʌtaɹeʔ  betarek   attempting, trying   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2496
bʌtaʌs  betaes   cursing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2463
bʌteʔ  betek   the papaya fruit (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:420
bʌtiktet  betiktet   standing on one's feet   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2608
bʌtileʔ  betilek   showing, revealing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2611
bʌtiʔaŋ  betiang   poling a raft   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2603
bʌtula  betula   squash, a gourd-like vegetable   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:424
bʌtuloŋ  betulong   helping   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2643
bʌtɨs  beteus   swearing, cursing, in speech to use the names of sacred things profanely   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:421
bʌtɪmbaʔ  betimbak   weighing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2613
bʌtʌgɔs  betegos   hunting game   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2533
bʌtʌlaɟ  betelaj   sharpening   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2546
bʌtʌnlaʔ  betenlak   being subject to a taboo restriction   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2569
bʌtʌɹɔʔ  beterok   ceasing, halting   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2588
bʌtʌʔel  beteel   building, constructing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2530
bʌwaɹ  bewar   dousing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2692
bʌɟalɔ  bejalo   fishing with a net   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:284
bʌɟamu  bejamu   serving, working for, attending to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:285
bʌɟɨl  bejeul   going hunting with dogs   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:288
bʌɟʌnom  bejenom   giving birth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1184
bʌɟʌnom  bejenom   to be born   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:287
bʌɟʌnom  bejenom   to give birth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:286
bʌɹatɔh  beratoh   shaking   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2148
bʌɹcet  bercet   to cook, to prepare food by boiling or heating   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:652
bʌɹdɨʔ  berdeuk   to cause a storm   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:372
bʌɹendaŋ  berendang   frying   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2177
bʌɹensil  berensil   strength, power, energy, force, vigor   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:377
bʌɹhalaʔ  berhalak   to invoke magic powers, to possess claimed powers over supernatural   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1000
bʌɹiaŋ  beriang   weir, a fence of stakes in the stream to catch fish, a low damp   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:382
bʌɹiba  beriba   to drive a motor vehicle (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:383
bʌɹicɔ  berico   to take care of someone or something   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:384
bʌɹkes  berkes   to make a mistake, to be in debt, to have a problem, to have troubles   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1475
bʌɹkui  berkui   to make a sound, to use language   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1521
bʌɹkʌneh  berkeneh   to name, to give name   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1407
bʌɹleʔ  berlek   to change course, to change one's mind, to change one's opinion   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:387
bʌɹmumoh  bermumoh   trapping by pit trap   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2659
bʌɹnaɹ  bernar   two people   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:389
bʌɹnɔs  bernos   to show temper, to have a tantrum   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:391
bʌɹnɔs  bernos   to show temper   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1925
bʌɹpulud  berpulud   exploding, shaking, vibrating   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:394
bʌɹsab  bersab   to trap birds   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2215
bʌɹtakuʔ  bertakuk   throwing a spear   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2472
bʌɹtatiːʔ  bertatiik   snoring, groaning   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:399
bʌɹtʌʔalah  berte'alah   shining, reflecting   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2515
bʌɹugeh  berugeh   making trouble, teasing, annoying   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:402
bʌɹugeh  berugeh   teasing, causing trouble   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2650
bʌɹus  berus   camphor   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:403
bʌɹuŋkʌ  berungke   bothering, pestering   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2665
bʌɹŋɔi  berngoi   scent, smell, odor   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:390
bʌɹʌbus  berebus   boiling   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2158
bʌɹʌʔ  berek   fruit   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:375
bʌʔ  bek   near, close to, close by   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:292
bʌʔ  bek   to carry on the back   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:293
bʌʔaːʔ  be'aak   to flood, to inundate with water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:231
bʌʔʌsi  be'esi   full, filled up   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:261
cab  cab   to hold, to embrace, to hug, to clasp in the arms   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:483
cabak  cabakh   branch of a tree or river, a fork in a river or road   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:484
cabel cabel  cabel-cabel   continually   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:486
cabel  cabel   to continue, to persist, to preserve   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:485
cabol  cabol   to join, to connect with, to communicate with, to associate with   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:487
cabuɹ  cabur   sap, the juice that circulates in plants   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:488
cacat  cacat   to paint   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:524
cacaɹ  cacar   vaccination, the injection of a medical substance designed to generate immunity to a disease (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:489
caceg  caceg   to tear, to split, to rend   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:490
caco  caco   to fight, to quarrel, to dispute   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:492
cacoʔ  cacok   grandchild, a son's or daughter's child   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:493
cacu  cacu   sleepy, drowsy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:494
cacɪːʔ  caciik   a variety of large intestinal worms   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:491
caduŋ  cadung   to wear ear-ring   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:496
cadɔʔ  cadok   to wear a flower in the hair   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:495
caja  caya   to believe, to trust, to have faith in   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:531
cakok  cakokh   trustworthy, accountable, responsible   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:497
cakɔb  cakob   the bark of a tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:498
cal  cal   to tell, to relate, to recount   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:499
calam  calam   to confuse, to baffle, to bewilder, to perplex   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:500
calog  calog   to spear fish   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:501
camoʔ  camok   tomorrow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:502
canaŋ  canang   a small baseless gong (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:505
candu  candu   opium, prepared opium, an addictive narcotic used to induce sleep or relieve pain (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:512
candɔɹ  candor   sunny   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:508
candɔɹ  candor   sunshine, sunlight   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:506
candɔɹ  candor   sunshine, the direct light from the sun   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:511
candɪd  candid   buttocks, the rump   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:510
canʊŋ  canung   hammer, a tool for pounding or driving something such as nails   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:517
cap  cap   to put in a bag, to bag   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:518
capɔi  campoi   eyelid   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:503
cat  cat   paint, coloring matter for putting on a surface with a brush (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:523
catek  catekh   tree buttress, above ground roots supporting a tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:525
catu  catu   collect, to assemble, to gather together   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:526
catʊd  catud   crowded, dense   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:527
cawed  cawed   to wear a loin-cloth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:528
cawoʔ kuɪ  cawok kui   headman, community leader   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:530
cawoʔ  cawok   head, skull   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:529
caŋkul  cangkul   a heavy digging hoe (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:513
caŋteŋ  cangteng   root, the part of the plant or tree which grows into the soil   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:515
caŋtɔʔ  cantok   a bamboo or wood stamping pole   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:516
caŋwoɟ  cangwojh   owl, a night bird of prey   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:514
caɹa  cara   conference, consultation   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:520
caɹa  cara   method, way, style, fashion (< Sanskrit)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:519
caɹeh  careh   rocky, stony   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:522
caɹə  care   to go down, to descend, to flow down   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:521
caʔna  ca'na   food, cooked rice, staple diet   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:504
caː  bercaa   to feed, to supply food   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:482
caː  caa   to eat, to consume, to take and ingest food   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:481
ceb  ceb   fertile, prolific, fecund   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:535
cebcʌb  cebceb   very fertile   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:536
cebɹeb  cebreb   rough textured, abrasive   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:537
cecoŋ  cecong   dozing, sleepy, drowsy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:539
cecʊʔ  cecuk   blind   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:541
cecʊʔ  cecuk   to leak, to lose liquid   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:540
cedgod  cedgod   stubborn, obstinate, fixed in opinion   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:545
cedod  cedod   to wear earrings   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:546
cegcog  cegcog   a jungle cat, a bamboo cat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:554
cegcʊg lawʌh  cegcug laweh   semen, male sexual secretion containing sperm   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:555
cegdʌg  cegdeg   to hiccup, to produce in voluntary sound by spasms of the diaphragm   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:556
ceggeʔ  ceggek   hard to do, difficult, laborious   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:560
cegnog  cegnog   a hole in the ear, nose or septum   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:561
cegɹʌb  cegreb   rough, coarse, abrasive   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:563
ceked  ceked   to pinch   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:568
cel  cel   to tattoo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:571
cempalam  cempalam   confusion, disorder, chaos, bewilderment   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:580
cen  cen   to like, to love, to adore, to admire, to have affection for   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:581
cenabol  cenabol   communication, information transmitted by speech   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:582
cenaja  cenaya   belief, that which is accepted as true, attitudes, faith   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:587
cenal  cenal   story, tale, account   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:583
cenatu  cenatu   a gathering, a meeting, an assembly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:585
cenawed  cenawed   loin-cloth, the traditional Temiar bark-cloth male loin garment   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:586
cenaɹə  cenare   descent, a slope or declivity   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:584
cendɹoʔ  cendrok   forearm, wrist, the carpus   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:589
cendɹɔɹ  cendror   light, illumination   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:588
cener  cenerr   knife, a cutting instrument with a blade   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:591
cenleʔ  cenlek   red   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:601
cenleʔ  cenlek   soot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:600
cenlɔh  cenloh   the raid of a field, theft of goods or property   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:602
cenlɔʔ  cenlok   dye, a coloring matter, a substance used for dying   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:603
centag  centag   junction of a river, branch of a road or trail   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:613
centau  centau   association, meeting, grouping   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:614
centʊd  centud   end, termination, conclusion, extremity   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:616
centʌp  centep   sapling, a young tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:615
cenukak  cenukakh   a person eaten by a tiger, the ghost of a person eaten by a tiger   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:617
cenɹos  cenros   finger nail   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:610
cenɹoʔ  cenrok   hunger, a craving for food   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:608
cenɹɔm  cenrom   roughness, abrasiveness   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:609
cenɹʊh  cenruh   confusion, disorder, bewilderment   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:611
cep  cep   bird   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:619
cer  cerr   to cut, to sever, to divide, to open with an edged instrument   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:643
cescos  cescos   a magic performance, a spirit medium ceremony   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:650
cet  cet   to cook, to heat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:651
ceŋcoʔ  cengcok   a parasitic jungle plant   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:592
ceŋgʌh  cenggeh   strength, the quality of being strong   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:593
ceŋkah  cengkah   charcoal, coal   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:594
ceŋkoʔ  cengkok   a bail, a dipper, a shallow vessel for dipping water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:598
ceŋkʌb  cengkeb   a bamboo quiver for blowpipe darts   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:596
ceŋkʌh  cengkeh   the scales on the skin of a fish   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:597
ceŋleʔ  cenglek   soot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:599
ceɹ  cer   fin, the protruding organ on fish used to control movement   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:621
ceɹbeɹ  cerber   textured, slight fly rough surface   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:622
ceɹbur  cerburr   liquid, fluid, substances which flow like water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:624
ceɹbʌɹ  cerber   young shoots, seedlings   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:623
ceɹdɪʔ hʌnum  cerdik henum   strong hearted, talented   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:626
ceɹdɪʔ  cerdik   clever, intelligent, showing good intellect   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:625
ceɹenwel  cerengwel   a roll, a coil (of rope, wire, rattan, etc.)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:632
ceɹeŋkʌp  cerengkep   cover, lid   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:631
ceɹeʔ  cerek   fig   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:628
ceɹkʌp  cerkep   to close, to shut (a box or bag)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:634
ceɹmɪn  cermin   eyeglasses, spectacles   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:637
ceɹmɪn  cermin   mirror   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:636
ceɹneʔ  cernek   to kill, to murder, to assassinate, to commit homicide with malicious intent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:638
ceɹwar  cerwarr   broad billed bird   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:647
ceɹʌnʔaʔ  cerenak   only, alone, sole, merely, exclusive   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:630
ceɹʌnʔaʔ  cerenak   only, solely, merely   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:629
ceʔ  cek   louse   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:565
ceʔ  cek   stamp (with the feet)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:566
ceʔeʔ  ce'ek   to roast tapioca or sweet potatoes   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:551
ceːd  ceed   to defecate, to void excrement from the bowel   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:549
ceːg  ceeg   to tear, to rip, to split   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:550
cib  cib   to walk, to travel, to journey, to go by foot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:657
cicuʔ  cicuk   house lizard   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:660
cicɪt  cicit   great great-grandfather   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:659
cintag  cintag   plan, design, scheme, decision   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:664
co  co   a pet, a domesticated animal   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:667
co  co   to pet, to stroke   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:668
co  co   who, whom, whoever, whomever   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:666
coco  coco   anyone, some one, any person   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:669
cog  cog   to bore a hole in the nose septum   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:670
coh  coh   split bamboo (used for flooring, walls, etc.)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:672
coh  coh   to eat (by birds, animals, rep tiles and insects)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:671
condɔɹ  condor   sunny   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:509
condɔɹ  condor   sunshine, sunlight   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:507
cor  corr   spicy hot, peppery   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:677
coɟ  cojh   yaws, a tropical contagious disease of the skin   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:674
coʔ  cok   slave trader, slave dealer, slave driver   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:675
coːʔ  cook   to hit, to slap, to strike, to deliver a blow, to smite, to fight   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:676
cuai  cuai   to grow (of plants)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:679
cuaʔ  cuak   to peel, to strip off skin, bark or rind   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:680
cucɔk  cucokh   to inject   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:681
cucʊʔ  cucuk   to implant, to instigate, to persuade, to incite, to prompt   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:682
cukak  cukakh   to choke, to stop the breath by an obstruction   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:686
cuoʔ  cuok   dog   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:688
cupaʔ  cupak   a liquid and volume measurement that is a quarter of a gantang, or about a large half coconut shell, or approximately a quart (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:689
cuɔi  cuoi   to extract something (a nail or a thorn, etc.)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:687
cuʌ̃d  cue"d   to have a cramp, to experience a painful contractions of the muscles   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:683
cuʔ  cuk   blind, devoid of sight   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:684
cuʔ  cuk   to leak, to let fluid into or out of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:685
cuːs  cuus   to choose, to select, to elect   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:691
 co   to bully, to intimidate, to domineer   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:665
cɔi  coi   to pull out a thorn, to extract a nail, to eviscerate (a chicken, fish, etc.)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:673
cɔs  cos   to perform magic, to cast a spell   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:678
cəgod  cegod   firm, hard, solid, rigid   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:562
cəha  ceha   yours, your (singular)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:564
cəkob  cekob   bark   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:569
cəɹtɔ  certo   to strike, to hit, to smite   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:645
cəɹtʌʔ  certek   to close, to shut (a door or entry)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:644
cəɹwel  cerwel   to roll up, to coil (rope, wire, mat, etc.)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:648
cəɹʊh  ceruh   to confuse, to mix up, to muddle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:646
 ceu   a sound, a noise   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:654
cɨi  ceui   to kiss rubbing noses   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:656
cɪnceŋ  cinceng   eyebrow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:661
cɪncɪt  cincit   a finger ring   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:662
cɪŋkaɹ  cingkar   floor   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:663
cʊr  curr   to burn a field   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:690
 ce   belonging to me   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:534
 ce   especially, particularly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:533
 ce   if, on the condition that, in case that   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:532
cʌbʊr  ceburr   sap, the juice that circulates in plants, latex   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:538
cʌd  ced   to plant, to cultivate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:542
cʌdau  cedau   rainbow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:543
cʌdog  cedog   leaf earrings   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:547
cʌdɨd  cedeud   to recall, to remember, to recollect   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:544
cʌdʊb  cedub   to embrace, to cuddle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:548
cʌgaɹ  cegar   a ford, a crossing in a stream   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:553
cʌgeh  cegeh   strong, powerful, robust   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:557
cʌgel  cegel   shallow, having little depth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:558
cʌgil  cegil   shallow, having little depth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:559
cʌkat  cekat   to slice up, to dice, to cut up   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:567
cʌkod  cekod   to tie, to bind   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:570
cʌleg  celeg   to stab, to spear, to pierce, to spear fish   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:572
cʌlnal  celnal   to accuse, to blame   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:575
cʌloh  celoh   to raid a field, to steal a crop   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:577
cʌloʔ  celok   to dye   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:578
cʌlɔg  celog   to reach into something   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:576
cʌlɨʔ  celeuk   red, the color of blood   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:574
cʌlʌʔ  celek   inflamed, reddish (complexion)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:573
cʌmoɟ  cemoj   a boil, a large pimple   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:579
cʌndɹeʔ  cendrek   forearm, wrist   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:607
cʌnen  cenen   kindhearted, merciful, compassionate, benevolent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:590
cʌnoh  cenoh   great grandchild   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:604
cʌnoŋ  cenong   out to, should to, to be bound by moral duty   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:605
cʌnwai  cenwai   growth, the process of growing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:618
cʌnɹeʔ  cenrek   forearm, wrist   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:606
cʌpat  cepat   speedy, quickly, rapid (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:620
cʌs  ces   a pet bird, a baby bird   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:649
cʌtɔʔ  cetok   to make rhythm by pounding with bamboo tubes, to play a bamboo rhythm band   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:653
cʌŋkaɹ  cengkar   floor, the horizontal surface of a room where one walks   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:595
cʌɹdiʔ hʌnʊm  cerdik henum   strong hearted, clever, talented   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1043
cʌɹlah  cerlah   to divide, to separate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:635
cʌɹnur  cernurr   the burning of a field, the burning cycle in the system of swidden agriculture   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:639
cʌɹom  cerom   rough, ragged, coarse, unpolished   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:642
cʌɹoʔ kʌbʌs  cerok kebes   to starve to death   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:641
cʌɹoʔ  cerok   hungry, feeling a craving for food   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:640
cʌɹɹeʔ  cerek   helpless, dependent, vulnerable   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:627
cʌɹʌs  ceress   rib, rib cage, chest, the upper part of the body   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:633
cʌʔet  ce'et   sweet   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:552
dab  dab   to spread a mat, to unroll a mat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:692
daciŋ  dacing   a balance beam, weighing scale (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:693
dada  dada   before, in front of, preceding, previous to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:694
dadaʔ  dadak   breast, the upper torso, the chest, bosom   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:695
dadeg  dadag   breast, the upper torso, the chest, bosom   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:696
dadu  dadu   dice, small cubes, on each of the six faces are dots representing numbers 1-6 and used in games of chance (< Portuguese via Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:698
dadɔʔ  dadok   to run, to move rapidly on legs   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:697
daja  daya   can, able, to have the power   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:705
dajuŋ  dayung   to row (a boat), to paddle (a canoe)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:706
dalag  dalag   to call someone   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:699
damʌ  dameh   name, the term by which any person or thing is known   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:700
dateʔ  datek   just now, a little while ago, a moment ago   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:703
dateː  datee   recently, a short while ago   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:704
daŋga  dangga   dragon   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:701
daŋka  dangka   jackfruit (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:702
dejai  deyai   quickly, rapidly, promptly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:742
deldol  deldol   keeping, retaining, saving   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:720
deldʌil  deldeil   the sole of the foot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:719
demdʌp  demdep   the hunt, the chase   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:721
dendɔs  dendos   debt, obligation, something owed to another   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:723
denjɔt  denyot   still, stationary, unmoving, fixed   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:731
denlɔb  denlob   the dome of a cave, the roof of a cave   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:728
denɹʌb  denreb   a shelter, a small structure providing protection from the weather   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:729
des  des   to follow, to go after, to move behind   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:736
deŋdʌʔ  dengdek   storm, violent weather, tempest, strong wind and rain   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:724
deŋʔan  dengan   slaves trader, one who captures slaves, slave driver   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:727
deɹi  deri   alone, just one, by oneself, singly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1207
dingɹʌb  dingreb   a shelter, a small structure providing protection from the weather   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:730
diʔdeʔ  di'dek   gibbon   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:744
doh  doh   here, at this location   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:751
dol  dol   to keep, to hold, to retain possession   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:754
dos  dos   toe push, to shove, to knock over, to tip over   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:758
dot  dot   ancestor, great-great-grandfather   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:760
doːg  doog   ipoh poison, poison made from the sap of the ipoh tree and used on the tips of blowgun darts   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:755
dudau  dudau   a fallen tree cut to be used as a crossing over a stream   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:762
due  due   to flee, to run away, to retreat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:763
duid  duid   money, coins, currency (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:764
duːl  duul   handle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:765
dɔit  doit   stop, halt, terminate, cancel, arrest, forbid, finish, cease   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:752
dɔs  dos   to owe, to be in debt for   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:759
dɔʔ  dok   to escape, to run away, to retreat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:753
dɔːl  dool   to put down, to put in place   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:757
dɔːʔ  dook   father   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:756
 deu   to flee, to run away, to retreat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:737
dɨic  deuic   always, forever, all the time, eternally   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:739
dɨit  deuit   to copulate, to unite sexually, to engage in sex   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:738
dɨɟ  deuj   to become acquainted with, to make friends with, to become accustomed to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:740
dɨʔ  deuk   to do something to cause a storm   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:741
dɪndɪŋ  dinding   wall, a light partition (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:745
dɪŋjɔt  dingyot   long-house, a long communal house for a cluster of families (< Kelantan)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:749
dɪŋkui  dingkui   honey, the thick fluid collected by bees from flowers   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:746
dɪŋɹʌb  dingreb   hut, shed, lean-to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:747
dʊb  dub   to pile, to heap up   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:761
dʌdal  dedal   to hit, to hammer, to pound   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:707
dʌdbad  dedbad   to travel up river   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:708
dʌdbɔd  dedbod   to light upon, to perch (by a bird)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:709
dʌhod  dehod   to travel by plane or bus   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:710
dʌikjɔt  deikyot   long-house, a long communal house for a cluster of families (< Perak)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:750
dʌiʔ  deik   house, abode, dwelling place, home   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:711
dʌjet  deyet   candle, small flame lamp   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:743
dʌkag  dekag   disorder of the nose, throat and chest characterized by a running nose and coughing, a chill   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:713
dʌkat  dekat   head-cold, a disorder of the nose, throat and chest characterized by a running nose and coughing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:726
dʌkoh  dekoh   a jungle fruit similar to a jack fruit   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:715
dʌkub  dekub   hornbill, a large tropical bird with a very large curved beak, usually with mainly black feathers and a black and white tail   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:716
dʌkuju  dekuyu   hornbill, a large tropical bird with a very large curved beak, usually with mainly black feathers and a black and white tail   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:717
dʌkʊs  dekus   porcupine   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:718
dʌnaja  denaya   ability, skill, capacity, competence, power to act   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:722
dʌnɹʌb  denreb   hut, shed, lean-to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:748
dʌp  dep   to hunt, to go hunting (for birds or game)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:732
dʌŋkat  dengkat   disorder of the nose, throat and chest characterized by a running nose and coughing, a chill   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:714
dʌŋkat  dengkat   head-cold, a disorder of the nose, throat and chest characterized by a running nose and coughing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:725
dʌɹiba  deriba   the driver of a car (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:734
dʌɹlɔh  derloh   to hurry, to run, to move rapidly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:735
dʌʔ  dek   to storm, to raise tempest   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:712
dʌʔɹi  de'ri   alone, solitary, single   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:733
ga  ga   bamboo percussion tube used in a rhythm band   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:856
gabag  gabag   to sing, to utter with musical modulations of the voice   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:858
gadɔh  gadoh   to dispute, to quarrel (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:861
gadɪʔ  gadik   ivory   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:860
gadʌi  gadei   to pawn, to deposit something valuable as security for money borrowed (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:859
gageʔ  gagek   quickly, swiftly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:862
gagid  gagid   amidst, in the middle of, among, amongst   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:863
gagɔh  gagoh   to visit, to go to see, to go for a sojourn   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:864
gah  gah   concerning, regarding, with respect to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:866
gah  gah   news, information, report of recent happenings   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:865
gahel  gahel   tired, weary, exhausted   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:867
gahɔl  gahol   hollow in a mountain, a depression in the earth, a cave   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:868
galag  galag   greedy, having a desire for things or food in excess   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:869
gandɪʔ  gandik   elephant tusk   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:871
gantam  gantam   a large crab   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:874
gantan  gantan   edible shoots of certain wild jungle plants   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:875
gantaʔ  gantak   a measure of volume measuring 5 katis, a measure of approximately a gallon (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:873
gap  gap   boiling   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:878
gap  gap   to boil (water or food), to heat water until it emits steam   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:877
gapɪd  gapid   side by side   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:881
gapɪd  gapid   to lean against   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:879
gapɪd  gapid   to squeeze, to press or crush   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:880
gas  gas   to pick fruit with a stick or a pole   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:884
gasek  gasekh   a bamboo sliver, a thin shaft of bamboo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:885
gasul  gasul   cockroach   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:886
gatah  gatah   plane, to shave wood   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:887
gatuʔ  gatuk   a small snail   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:889
gatʌid  gateid   ground-roach   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:888
gau  gau   to cheat, to deceive, to defraud, to trick   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:891
gau  gau   to lie, to tell lies, to make a false statement, to prevaricate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:892
gau  gau   wild pig, boar, jungle swine   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:890
gawaɹ  gawar   fence, a wall or barrier for enclosing an area   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:893
gaŋau  ganau   to pester, to bother, to annoy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:870
gaŋgɔŋ  ganggong   Adam's apple   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:872
gaɲap  ganyap   to wipe, to rub so as to clean, to rub lightly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:876
gaɹbʌlo  garbelo   morning, the time of the day when the sun is rising   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:882
gaɹuc  garuc   termites   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:883
gaːs  gaas   ringworm, a contagious fungus infection of the skin often spreading in rings   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:857
ged  ged   to forbid, to prohibit   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:896
gednoɟ  gednoj   necklace   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:899
gegɔh  gegoh   proud, self-respecting   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:901
gehnɪh  gehnih   other, another, someother   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:902
gel  gel   to cut brush, to clear undergrowth, to cut dead wood, to cut sugarcane   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:909
gempas  gempas   a common variety of jungle tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:918
genabag  genabag   song, a vocal musical rendition, a vocal melody   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:919
genamaʔ  genamak   feeling, supposition, assumption, opinion   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:920
genawaɹ  genawar   fence, a wall or barrier for enclosing an area   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:921
gencol  gencol   the upper reaches of a river, the head waters, tributaries   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:922
genhuŋ  genhung   bamboo tubes used for cooking   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:923
gentoh  gentoh   spittle, saliva   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:925
gentoʔ  gentok   ear   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:926
genɹaʔ  genrak   comfort, pleasure, benefit, luxury   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:924
gep  gep   to paint the face with cosmetic decoration, to winnow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:927
ges  ges   sin, transgression against moral law, incest   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:940
getah  getah   rubber, latex (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:941
getgib  getgib   to rob, to take by force or stealth, to plunder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:942
getnoi  getnoi   necklace   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:943
getoh  getoh   to split, expectorate, to cough up   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:944
geɟgeb  gejgeb   immediately, just now, at once   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:907
geɹaʔ  gerak   pleasant, comfortable, promoting or enjoying comfort   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:928
geɹbɔʔ  gerbok   ridge, flat top of a hill, small plateau   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:929
geɹempeh  gerempeh   wall, partition, the side of a building   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:931
geɹeʔ  gerek   like, the same as, quite similar to, resembling another   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:930
geɹiŋ  gering   fig, a pear-shaped pulpy fruit   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:934
geɹjeʔ  geryek   common tropical lizard   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:939
geɹlod  gerlot   long, thin, spindly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:936
geɹlɪd  gerlid   to roll a cylindrical object over something with some force   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:935
geɹtas  gertas   paper, material made into thin flat sheets for writing or printing upon (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:938
geɹtaʔ  gertak   bridge (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:937
geʔ  gek   few, a small number, some, not many   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:908
geːl  geel   to stop supplying, to deprive, to boycott   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:900
giːd  giid   to rub, to wipe, to remove by friction, to massage   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:950
giːs  giis   to scratch, to score or mark the surface, to abrade skin or the surface of something with claws or nails   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:951
go  go   bamboo cooking pot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:954
gob  gob   a Malay or Malays   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:955
goh  goh   bamboo (as referred to in songs)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:956
gol  gol   to carry as much as possible, to be fully loaded   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:959
gol  gol   to charge in attack (by a wild animal such as a tiger, wild boar or elephant)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:960
gop  gop   to set a fish-trap, to fish by a basket trap   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:965
gos  gos   to live, to be alive, to be healthy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:967
goŋ  gong   cassava, tapioca root, sweet potato   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:962
goɟ  gojh   to wear, to carry clothes on the person   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:957
goɹɪŋ  goring   fry (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:966
gu  gu   same, like, identical, of like kind   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:968
guha  guha   the domed area in a cave   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:970
gul  gul   mortar   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:974
gulap  gulap   to carry on the shoulder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:975
guloʔ  gulok   chopping knife, food chopper, cleaver (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:976
gunaʔ  gunak   useful, handy, serviceable (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:977
guni  guni   gunny sack, gunny cloth, strong coarse cloth made from jute (< Hindi)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:978
guntiŋ  gunting   scissors (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:979
guoʔ  guok   cave   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:980
guɟ  gujh   to burn forest, to burn brush, to burn a field   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:971
guɹu  guru   friend, equal comrade, term of address between equals   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:981
guʔ  guk   to fell trees   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:973
guː  guu   to fell trees, to cut down trees   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:982
gɔl  gol   a deep pool of water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:958
gɔlap  golap   to carry on the shoulder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:961
gɔːl  gool   a pool in a river, a place in the river where the water flow slows and the water is deeper   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:964
gɔːɟ  gooj   resin   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:963
gɨl  geul   keep still, don't move   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:948
gɨl  geul   to sit, to stay, to live, to maintain residence   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:947
gɪd  gid   as far as, to the distance of, how far, how long, how distant   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:949
gɪt  git   fetch water, to dip water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:952
gɪtaɹ  gitar   guitar (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:953
gʌb  geb   completely, entirely, perfectly with no part lacking   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:894
gʌceʔ  gecek   moon   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:895
gʌd  ged   to wound, to cut   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:898
gʌhoːɹ  gehoor   cruel, unkind, fierce, hardhearted, ferocious   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:903
gʌiɟ  geij   quickly, hurriedly, promptly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:904
gʌiɟ  geijh   to burn some thing, to scorch, to set alight   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:906
gʌlah  gelah   necklace   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:910
gʌlas  gelas   a drinking glass (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:912
gʌlat  gelat   large intestinal warms   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:913
gʌlaʔ  gelak   bracelet, anklet   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:911
gʌlendeŋ  gelendeng   slimness, thinness, small in diameter   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:914
gʌlod  gelod   to crave (certain foods), to long for, to have a strong desire for   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:915
gʌloh  geloh   throat, neck   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:916
gʌloh  geloh   voice, vocal utterance   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:917
gʌtɔɟ  getojh   broken, severed, split apart   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:946
gʌtɔɟ  getojh   to break, to sever, to fracture, to split apart   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:945
gʌɹencəb  gerenceb   west, the direction of the setting sun   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:932
gʌɹesmas  geresmas   small intestinal worms   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:933
ha  ha-   marker used with haa you, (attached as a prefix to the verb)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:983
ha  ha-   used with ha you will, (used to make 2nd person singular indicating future tense of the following verb)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:984
hab  hab   to defecate, to void excrement   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:991
habɔg  habog   ashes, fertilizer, material to enrich the soil for growing plants   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:992
had  had   but, yet, unless, notwithstanding   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:994
had  had   except, leaving out, excepting   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:993
hajok  hayok   lightweight, not heavy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1016
hak  hakh   cured, healed   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:997
hak  hakh   to heal, to cure, to get well   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:996
hal  hal   affair, matter, news, event, happening   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:998
halap  halap   to go down stream, to drift with the current   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1001
halaʔ  halak   magic, the occult powers claimed to be exercised over nature or the future events, sorcery   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:999
haleʔ  halek   ever, at any time, unceasingly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1003
halʌi  halei   alone, by oneself, without others   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1002
ham  ham-   you will (used with ha to form the second person singular indicating future tense of the following verb)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1005
hamoh  hamoh   actually, exceedingly, too   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1006
hamoh  hamoh   expensive, costly, dear, excessive   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1007
hamoʔ  hamok   greedy, acquisitive, stingy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1008
hanjoʔ  hanyok   lightweight, not heavy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1009
hasɪl  hasil   price, cost, the amount of money demanded by the seller for purchase of an item   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1012
hatop  hatop   past, last, previous   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1013
hawed  hawed   awhile, for a time   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1014
haweddeh  haweddeh   for a while, later, after the usual time   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1015
haɔʔ  haog   a jungle fruit tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1010
haɟab  hajab   poor, needy, miserable, wretched, destitute, impoverished, woeful   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:995
haɹnaɹ  harnar   two people   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1011
haː  haa   (following a noun), your   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:987
haː  haa   you (singular), your, (used with pronoun markers)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:985
haː  haa   yourself   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:986
haːb  haab   luck, fortune, fate, chance   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:988
haːd  haad   to regret, to be sorry about, to sympathize with, to deplore   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:989
haːp  haap   to regret, to be sorry about, to sympathize with, to deplore   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:990
helikoptəɹ  helicopter   helicopter (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1025
hellaʔ  hellak   to protect, to defend, to guard   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1026
hemhop  hemhop   happiness, joy, contentment   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1028
hemhʊm  hemhum   to breathe, to inhale and exhale air   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1029
hempiŋ  hemping   almost, nearly, not quite, very nearly, closely   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1031
hempoʔ  hempok   soft, mushy, decayed, rotting   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1032
hen  hen   yes   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1033
henhab  henhab   diarrhea, excessive looseness of the bowels   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1038
henhɔi  henhoi   failure, deficiency, a deficit, a dearth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1040
henwɔɟ  henwojh   whistle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1045
hewoɟ  hewojh   to whistle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1058
heŋdʌiʔ  hengdeik   house grounds, building lot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1034
heŋhak  henghakh   recovery, cure, restoration of health   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1035
heŋhoŋ  henghong   breeze, a light or moderate wind   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1036
heŋkaʔ  hengkak   to play, to participate in a game, to frolic, spontaneous fun activities of children, to engage in recreation   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1037
heɟ  hej   finch, a small seed-eating bird   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1021
heɹwaɹ  herwar   were tiger, a human (in traditional belief) capable of assuming the form of a tiger   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1055
heːʔ  heek   to fly, to soar   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1017
hilud  hilud   to paint, to put paint on   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1065
hilɔʔ  hilok   god, a Temiar deity associated with thunder, the supreme being, the creator, the principal deity for animist believers   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1063
hiwɔh  hiwoh   god, a Temiar deity associated with thunder, the supreme being, the creator, the principal deity for animist believers   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1064
hiːs  hiis   to lose one's temper, to become angry, to become enraged   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1060
hiːt  hiit   to swell, to become larger, to increase in size   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1061
ho  ho   to follow, to go after, to move behind   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1066
hod  hod   to desire, to wish, to want, to need, to yearn for the possession of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1067
hok  hokh   to tell, to relate, to recount, to narrate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1073
hol  hol   cavity, pit, hole   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1074
hop  hop   happy, glad, pleased, delighted   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1077
hoɟ  hoj   (used with verb to form the past tense), already, before this, previously, at last, finally after some time   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1072
hual  hual   to come, to appear, to arrive   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1094
hual  hual   to come, to arrive, to appear, to approach   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1080
huaʔ  huak   to love, to cherish, to admire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1078
huaʔ  huak   to love, to cherish, to admire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1092
hui  hui   to burst (from inside pressure), to fly asunder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1082
humlʌd  humled   to be near death   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1085
hup  hup   heart, mood, feeling, emotion, character, individuality, identity, moral quality   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1088
hus  hus   to over flow, to fill too full, to flood   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1090
huwal  huwal   to come, to appear, to arrive   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1093
huwal  huwal   to come, to arrive, to appear, to approach   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1081
huwal  huwel   to expel, to put out, to force out, to eject   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1095
huwaʔ  huwak   to love, to cherish, to admire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1079
huwaʔ  huwak   to love, to cherish, to admire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1091
hõĩ  hoi"   to lack, to be destitute of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1068
hũl  hul   to blow, to produce a current of air   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1084
hɔi  hoi   empty, containing nothing, void, vacant   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1070
hɔi  hoi   no, not any, expresses a negative reply to a question or request   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1069
hɔit  hoit   to go, to move along, to be in motion, to proceed   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1071
hɔː  hoo   coconut shell, coconut shell dish   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1075
hɔːɹ  hoor   to drill a hole, to perforate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1076
həɹta  herta   possessions, property, wealth, things owned, ownership   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1054
 heu   yes, (a word expressing affirmation or consent)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1056
hʊnteʔ  huntek   simply, foolishly, naively   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1087
hʊɟ  huj   to sip, to drink in small quantities, to taste   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1083
hʌi  hei   greetings (used to call attention or as a response of recognition)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1018
hʌiɹ  heir   to pull, to drag, to draw towards one   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1020
hʌiʔ  heik   only, sole, merely, exclusively, being the one specimen   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1019
hʌjes  heyes   to sneeze   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1059
hʌlhul  helhul   wind, current of air, air in motion   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1024
hʌmbɔ  hembo   to see, to observe the whole thing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1027
hʌmpʌlam  hempelam   mango   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1030
hʌnhiːs  henhiis   anger, resentment, provocation   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1039
hʌnjes  henyes   sneeze   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1046
hʌnwaʔ  henwak   welcome, salutation, hospitality   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1044
hʌnɔʔ  henok   greedy, selfish, avaricious   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1041
hʌnʊm  henum   breath   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1042
hʌwaʔ  hewak   to love, to admire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1057
hʌɹaʔ  herak   to pick fruit with a pole   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1047
hʌɹeʔ  herek   shallow (usu. of water), not deep   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1048
hʌɹga  herga   cost, price, the value in money of an object as set by the seller (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1049
hʌɹgob  hergob   entirely, completely   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1051
hʌɹgob  hergob   whole, all, entire, complete   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1050
hʌɹhait  herhait   gasp for air, to breath the last breath   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1052
hʌɹhait  herhait   to disappear, to vanish   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1053
hʌʔ  hek   yes   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1023
hʌʔɟeʔ  he'jek   also, in like manner, likewise, already, before this   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1022
i  i-   his, hers, its, etc. (indicating possession, used as a prefix with a noun or pronoun)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1096
ic  ic   to slander, to defame, to injure by maliciously uttering false report   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1097
ic  ic   to slander, to injure by maliciously uttering false report   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1105
ideh  ideh   to waste, to squander, to expend uselessly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1099
ipɔh  ipoh   a jungle tree the sap of which is used to make poison for blowgun darts   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1101
is  is   day, the period of the sun's transit around the world   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1102
iteʔ  itek   duck, a water bird with broad beak webbed-feet and short legs (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1103
itu  itu   to slander, to defame, to injure by maliciously uttering false report   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1098
itu  itu   to slander, to injure by maliciously uttering false report   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1104
iwoh  iwoh   to feast, to celebrate, to offer a feast in honor or commemoration   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1108
ja  ya-   marker attached to the verb and used with yar (we two not you)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2711
jai  yai   steam, smoke, vapor   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2714
jajah  yayah   crazy, mad, insane, absurd   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2719
jakal  yakal   tomorrow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2716
janjʌl kalʌh  yanyel kaleh   the ghost of a wild pig   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2717
jap  yap   to mend, to repair, to renovate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2718
jaɟ  yaj   noise, a loud sound, din   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2715
jaːp  yaap   to weep, to cry, to shed tears   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1110
jaːp  yaap   to weep, to cry, to sob   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2713
jaːʔ  yaak   grandmother   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2712
jebjib  yeyib   passing the time   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2720
jeh  yeh   I (weak form of yeik), the word by which a speaker denotes himself   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2722
jehjah  yehyah   morning   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2723
jel  yel   left, on the side which is westward when one is facing north   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2727
jeːʔ  yeek   to the back   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2721
ji  yi-   marker used with yeik (I) attached as a prefix to the verb   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2729
jib  yib   to pass the time of day, to transpire (usually in reference to time or a day), to come to pass, to occur   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2730
jijʌɹ  yiyer   a swift, a quick-flying migratory bird resembling a swallow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2736
jiliʔ  yilik   to swallow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2731
jim  yim-   [yi+m] marker used with yeik (I),   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2732
joh  yoh   to chase, to pursue, to arouse, to disturb   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2733
jɔjʌɹ  yoyer   a swift, a quick-flying migratory bird resembling a swallow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2735
jɔt  yot   together, in company with, jointly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2734
jɨʔ  yeuk   last, following all the rest, final, behind   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2728
jʌijɔi  yeiyoi   stupid, foolish, unable to provide an explanation   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2725
jʌiʔ  yeik   I, (in reference to the speaker as a subject)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2724
jʌʔ  yek   my, belonging to me   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2726
ka  ka   in order to, for the purpose of, so as to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1221
ka  ka   whether, if (used to introduce the first of two alternatives)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1222
kab  kab   to bite, to cut or crush with the teeth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1225
kabat  kabat   among, amongst, mixed with, amidst   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1226
kabed  kabed   ant, a small insect living in colonies in wood or on the ground   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1227
kaboʔ  kabok   otter   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1228
kabu  kabu   kapok   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1229
kacaʔ  kacak   peanut, bean (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1230
kaceid  kaceid   to be uninformed, not to know, to be ignorant, to be unaware   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1231
kadaŋ  kadang   at times, occasionally, once in a while   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1232
kadeb  kadeb   to climb a tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1233
kadoɟ  kadojh   bent, crooked, twisted   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1235
kadɔh  kadoh   fish hook   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1234
kag  kag   to stutter, to stammer   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1237
kah  kah   either, or, one or the other, one of two   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1238
kah  kah   perhaps, maybe, perchance, possibly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1239
kahʊl  kahul   earthworm, the common worm, tadpole, the young frog just after hatching before gills and tail are absorbed   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1240
kail  kail   rope, a heavy cord   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1241
kaja  kaya   ginger   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1307
kaja  kaya   rich, wealthy, powerful (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1306
kajeʔ  kayek   the fingers   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1308
kajod  kayod   pregnant (of animals)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1309
kaju  kayu   tapioca root, cassava   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1312
kajɔh  kayoh   to swim, to propel oneself in water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1310
kajɔɹaja  kayo-raya   rich, powerful, important (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1311
kakeʔ  kakek   to beware, to be careful, to take care, to be concerned   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1244
kaku  kaku   cuckoo bird, a migratory bird named from its call   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1247
kakɔd  kakod   to hide (oneself), to keep out of sight, to remain concealed (preferred term in Perak)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1245
kakɔh  kakoh   to spill, to cause to flow out   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1246
kal  kal   later on, afterwards, subsequently   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1248
kaloːn  kaloon   to pity, to forgive, to have compassion, to pardon, to cease to bear resentment against   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1254
kaloːʔ  kalook   a small black river snail   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1253
kalʌh  kaleh   wild pig, boar   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1250
kalʌik  kaleikh   enclose, to block, to shut in, to obstruct   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1252
kam  kam   rat trap   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1255
kamar  kamarr   a twin, twins, one of two born together   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1257
kamaɹ  kamar   common variety of palm plant   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1256
kambik  kambik   goat (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1258
kampoʔ  kampok   village, settlement, a cluster of houses (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1259
kamus  kamus   dictionary (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1260
kanar  kanarr   to carry a person by a single-pole sedan chair between two bearers   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1262
kanaɹ  kanar   you two, both of you   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1261
kandeʔ  kandek   we (exclusive), we but not you (excluding the persons addressed)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1263
kaniɟ  kanij   grater, an instrument with a rough surface for scraping off particles (usually for food)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1265
kanjoŋ  kanyong   elbow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1269
kanjɪh  kanyih   to love, to admire, to show affection for, to have devotion for the opposite sex, to cherish   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1268
kanneʔ  kanek   we (inclusive), we including you (including the persons addressed) (preferred term in Perak)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1264
kantan  kantan   wild ginger shoots (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1266
kantɔŋ  kantong   knee   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1267
kapal  kapal   boat, ship, a vessel (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1270
kapas  kapas   cotton plant (< Hindi)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1271
kapoʔ  kapok   large axe (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1273
kapuɹ  kapur   chalk, lime (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1275
kapõʔ  kapo"k   cheek   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1274
kapʌiɟ  kapeij   to scratch, to score with claws, nails or anything painted   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1272
kasai  kasai   a common plant supplied for its pleasant odor during dancing time   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1288
kasod  kasod   fire ant   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1290
kasɪŋ  kasing   deer   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1289
kasʊd  kasud   shoe, boot (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1291
katak  katakh   the node of bamboo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1292
kati  kati   a unit of weight equal to one and one-third pounds (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1294
kati  kati   selfish, quarrelsome, lacking consideration for others, egotistic, abrasive in demeanor   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1295
katiː  katii   to deprive, to take away, to dispossess   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1296
katiː  katii   to fight (among small boys), to quarrel (among children)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1298
katiː  katii   to make trouble, to create dissention, to cause discord   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1297
katoŋ  katong   knee   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1300
katɪʔ  katik   knee   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1299
katʊd  katud   the node of a tree branch, a segment of a parasite plant   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1301
katʊʔ  katuk   snail   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1302
katʌʔ  katek   nipah palm, a jungle palm prized for making thatch roofing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1293
kau  kau   to call out loudly, to shout, to yell   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1303
kawẽt  kawe"t   bat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1304
kawɪd  kawid   bear   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1305
kaɟeʔ  kajek   a variety of ant   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1242
kaɹau  karau   to yell, to scream, to shout   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1278
kaɹaŋ  karang   venereal disease, a disease of sexual organs usually transmitted by sexual intercourse   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1277
kaɹeʔ  karek   paralysis, the loss of the power of movement or sensation, rigor mortis (stiffening of the body after death)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1283
kaɹjed  karyed   greedy, stingy, miserly, selfish   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1287
kaɹol  karol   knee   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1285
kaɹãɟ  kara"j   tortoise, a land turtle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1276
kaɹɔu  karou   to acquire, to accumulate, to collect   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1286
kaɹɨʔ  kareuk   to turn the back on, to turn a way from, to ostracize   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1284
kaɹʌh  kareh   dry, without water, free from moisture   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1279
kaɹʌi  karei   god, the supreme being, a transcendental divinity   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1281
kaɹʌi  karei   thunder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1282
kaʔ  kak   unsuccessful, not succeeding, unfortunate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1243
kaʔeb  ka'eb   centipede   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1340
kaʔʌb  ka'eb   centipede   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1236
kaː  kaa   fish (preferred term in Perak)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1223
kaː  kaa   fish (preferred term in Perak)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1354
kaːb  kaab   to count, to sum up, to calculate, to estimate, to enumerate, to compute   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1224
keb dab  kebdab   to adhere, to stick on, to stick fast   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1318
kedɟed  kedjed   startling, surprising, astonishing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1337
kedɟed  kedjed   to be startled, surprised, astonished   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1336
kedʔis  kedis   lit. "birth of the day", east, the direction of the rising sun   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1335
kek  kekh   a scraping sound   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1355
kem  kem   a squirrel trap   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1379
kembeʔ  kembek   bag, cushion, a bag used for an airdrop   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1383
kembɔh  kemboh   the barking of a dog   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1386
kenaleʔ  kenalek   a crossing, an intersection, a place of crossing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1395
kenalʌik  kenaleikh   enclosure, containment   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1394
kenaɲih  kenanyih   love, affection, devotion   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1398
kenaɹɔu  kenarou   collection, assembly, accumulation   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1399
kendeʔ  kendek   seat, chair   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1403
kendɨʔ  kendeuk   a monthly period   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1405
kendɨʔ  kendeuk   a place to stay, a domicile   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1404
keneʔ  kenek     (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1409
kenhɔi  kenhoi   a yawn   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1414
kenhɔl  kenhol   cough   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1415
kenilad  kenilad   lightning   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1418
kenilɪʔ  kenilik   around, near to, on all sides, about   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1419
kenjaɹ  kenyar   fin, a paddle-like organ of fish used to propel and balance   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1437
kenjeg  kenyeg   wing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1438
kenlag  kenlag   truth, honesty   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1422
kenlahi  kenlahi   argument, quarrel, controversy, dispute   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1423
kenlok  kenlokh   spirit, soul, ghost, the vital force and immortal part of a human being, the apparition of a dead person   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1426
kenlʌɹ  kenler   happiness, joy, gladness   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1425
kennem  kennem   mint   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1427
kentab  kentab   deafness, one who is deaf   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1433
kenɪɟ  kenij   grater   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1416
kenɪʔ  kenik   we (exclusive of listener), we not you   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1417
kenɹob  kenrob   thatch, roof   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1431
kenɹuʔ  kenruk   the numerical coefficient for animals and non-human living things   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1432
kes  kes   mistake, debt, problem, troubles   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1474
ketkʌig  ketkeig   to grind, to abrade   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1481
keŋaŋ  kengang   rapids   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1410
keŋjɔk  kengyokh   the act of listening, hearing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1413
keɹbus  kerbes   to kill, to murder, to assassinate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1445
keɹleʔ  kerlek   to drop, to let fall   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1461
keɹlʌih  kerleih   to roll freely, to rotate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1460
keɹseb  kerseb   to squint, to look with eyes partly closed   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1465
keɹtas  kertas   a variety of rattan   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1467
keɹtas  kertas   paper, thin flat sheets made from pulp and used for writing upon (< Arabic)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1466
keɹɟeɹ  kerjer   to dance   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1458
keɹɟeɹ  kerjer   to dance   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:299
keʔ  kek   fish(preferred term in Kelantan)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1353
keː  kee   to look for, to hunt for, to seek out   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1338
keːd  keed   buttock, rump, anus   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1341
keːk  keekh   to warn, to caution, to admonish, to put on guard   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1343
ki  ki-   pronoun marker for kenik (preferred term in Perak), (exclusive "we"); pronoun marker for kanek (preferred term in Kelantan), (exclusive "we")   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1490
kilad  kilad   the flash and sound produced by electrical discharge between clouds or from a cloud and the earth, a flash of light   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1493
kilaŋ  kilang   shop, factory, workshop, mill (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1494
kim  kim   we will, indicates the future tense when used as a marker with the exclusive pronouns kanek / kandek (we)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1495
kioʔ  kiok   to hear, to perceive with the ear, to listen to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1496
kisaɹ  kisar   to roll, to revolve, to turn over and over (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1498
kiɟ  kij   to grate, to scrape into small bits, to shred   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1491
kiɹɪp  kirip   to send, to cause to go, to transmit, to forward (of things, not persons)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1497
kiʔ  kik   to keep, to retain, to maintain care of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1492
kobɔi  koboi   cowboy (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1499
kod  kod   to receive, to receive guests, to host, to celebrate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1500
kot  kot   to get, to receive, to take, to celebrate (preferred term in Perak). same as kod   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1508
kuad  kuad   strong, powerful, having physical force (< Malay., prefered term in Perak)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1509
kuap  kuap   to hold, to grasp in the hands   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1510
kuaɹ  kuar   nipah palm, a trunk less fan-leaf palm commonly used for thatch   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1511
kubuŋ  kubung   flying lemur   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1513
kubɔŋ  kubong   flying lemur   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1512
kubɔɹ  kubor   grave, cemetery, burial, tomb, crypt   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1514
kucɪʔ  kucik   cat, kitten   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1515
kuda  kuda   horse (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1516
kudis  kudis   scar   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1517
kuhɔi  kuhoi   famine, starvation, scarcity of food   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1519
kui  kui   headman, chief, leader   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1522
kui  kui   language, speech, sound, noise   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1520
kujan  kuyan   rich, wealthy, affluent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1534
kujau  kuyau   to travel, to go on a trip, to tour, to make a journey   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1535
kuku  kuku   turtle dove, a variety of pigeon (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1523
kuleh  kuleh   wife's sister, sister-in-law (more exclusive)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1524
kuli  kuli   common workman, laborer (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1525
kuman  kuman   a senior nephew or niece (about 12 years or more)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1526
kumbʌi  kumbei   to abort, to miscarriage   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1527
kunciʔ  kuncik   key   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1528
kundʌiʔ  kundeik   under the house   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1530
kunjɪd  kunyid   wild turmeric, a form of spice   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1531
kuːs  kuus   porcupine, hedgehog   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1533
kũẽs  kue"s   child of, offspring of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1518
kɔh  koh   to spill, to cause overflow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1501
kɔhɔi  kohoi   to yawn   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1502
kɔi  koi   cake, a sweet kind of loaf   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1503
kɔlam  kolam   pond, reservoir, tank, fish pond, swimming pool, wallow (< Tamil)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1505
kɔptʌɹ  kopter   helicopter (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1507
kɔʔ  kok   to vomit, to throw up, to eject contents of the stomach by mouth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1504
kɔːi  kooi   to roast something in ashes, to cook meat over coals wrapped in leaves   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1506
kəaɟ  keaj   wet, full of moisture, dank   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1313
kəɹaloglog  keraloglog   the sound of footsteps   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1443
kəɹbau  kerbau   water buffalo (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1444
kəɹedlud  keredlud   wavy, ripple   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1447
kəɹʔahabhab  kerahabhab   to eat noisily, to slurp   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1441
kɨl  keul   to collapse, to break down, to deteriorate, to lose strength   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1483
kɨt  keut   to move over or up, to ascend, to change position   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1484
kʊp  kup   to get, to obtain, to acquire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1532
kʌan  kean   term of address by men to a son-in-law or a brother-in-law   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1315
kʌan  kean   the two of you   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1316
kʌbaɹ  kebar   double objects, a man with two wives   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1317
kʌbuh  kebuh   python   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1326
kʌbɔh  keboh   to bark, to utter a cry like a dog   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1324
kʌbɔʔ  kebok   mosquito   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1325
kʌbə  kebe   fruit, the edible produce of a plant   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1319
kʌbə  kebe   the numerical coefficient for most fruit, vegetable products and personal possessions   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1320
kʌbəs  kebes   dead, deceased   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1323
kʌbəs  kebes   to die, to pass away, to cease to live   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1322
kʌbʊt  kebut   a temporary shelter made of leaves or thatch   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1327
kʌd  ked   pregnant (in reference to humans)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1328
kʌd  ked   to cause, to bring about, to induce, to produce   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1329
kʌdeg  kedeg   bitter, acrid to the taste   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1332
kʌdeʔ  kedek   to sit, to rest upon haunches   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1334
kʌdʌi  kedei   shop, store, business   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1330
kʌdʌi  kedei   town, city, hamlet, urban area   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1331
kʌdʌig  kedeig   mouse, rat, rodent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1333
kʌgʊm  kegum   warm (of objects), heated   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1344
kʌhab  kehab   to snap up, to snatch, to seize suddenly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1345
kʌhed  kehed   to eat noisily   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1347
kʌhol  kehol   to cough   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1349
kʌhɔi  kehoi   to yawn, to gape   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1348
kʌhʌb  keheb   tight firm, compressed, close fitting   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1346
kʌi  kei   to choose, to select   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1350
kʌiɟ  keij   to grate, to scrape, to abrade   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1351
kʌjed  keyed   vagina   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1488
kʌjok  keyokh   to listen, to pay attention to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1489
kʌl  kel   to fall, to drop, to descend   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1356
kʌlab  kelab   spleen   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1357
kʌlag  kelag   correct, accurate, true, corresponding to reality   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1358
kʌlasi  kelasi   sailor, mariner, seaman   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1361
kʌlat  kelat   wild, not domesticated, living in a state of nature   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1362
kʌlaɟ  kelajh   wild, untamed, rampant, uncontrolled   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1359
kʌlaʔ  kelak   eagle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1360
kʌleg  keleg   porcupine, hedgehog, a member of the rodent family and covered with spines   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1363
kʌlinɪk  kelinikh   clinic (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1367
kʌlkʌl  kelkel   to topple, to tip over   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1368
kʌllaʔ  kellak   to protect, to defend, to guard   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1369
kʌlmatʌʔ  kelmatek   to capsize, to turn over (a boat)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1370
kʌlod  kelod   into, expresses a motion to a point within   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1371
kʌloɟ  keloj   in, within, inside of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1373
kʌlu  kelu   a variety of banana   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1375
kʌluaŋ  keluang   bat, flying fox (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1376
kʌlubɔŋ  kelubong   a bamboo rat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1378
kʌlubɔŋ  kelubong   a long head cloth, a form of turban   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1377
kʌlɔit  keloit   inside, within the sides of, in the interior   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1372
kʌlɔʔ  kelok   older sibling   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1374
kʌlɨʔ  keleuk   to fall, to stumble   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1366
kʌlʌi  kelei   to quarrel, to dispute angrily   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1364
kʌlʌʔ  kelek   to fall, to stumble   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1365
kʌmad  kemad   liver   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1380
kʌman  keman   younger sibling's children   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1381
kʌmbes  kembes   death   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1384
kʌmbɨʔ  kembeuk   every, each of all, all possible   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1385
kʌmbʌ  kembe   all, every, the whole number or extent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1382
kʌmeɹwʌs  kemerwas   family   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1388
kʌmoŋ  kemong   the lower leg, the calf of the leg   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1392
kʌmɔi  kemoi   worm   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1390
kʌmɔn  kemon   pimple, boil, a pustule inflammation of the skin   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1391
kʌmɨt  kemeut   lice, bedbug, vermin   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1389
kʌmʊɹ  kemur   maggot, slug   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1393
kʌmʌn  kemen   really, truly, certainly, actually   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1387
kʌnalɔːn  kenaloon   pity, sympathy, regret   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1396
kʌnanar  kenanarr   sedan chair, a chair with poles for transporting a person with bearers   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1397
kʌnas  kenas   pineapple (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1401
kʌnau  kenau   to yell, to shout   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1402
kʌnaɹʌh  kenareh   dryness   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1280
kʌneh  keneh   name   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1406
kʌnis hup  kenis hup   jealous, envious   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1420
kʌnjaŋ  kenyang   quick, fast, rapid, hasty   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1436
kʌnkʌit  kenkeit   cause, that which produces a result, the motive behind an act   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1421
kʌnlʌi  kenlei   quarrel, dispute, a1tercation   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1424
kʌnoːm  kenoom   urine   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1429
kʌnuin  kenuin   wife's older brother   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1434
kʌnujau  kenuyau   trip, journey, a travel from one place to another   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1435
kʌnɔin  kenoin   wife's younger brother   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1428
kʌnɔp  kenop   the inner peeling of tapioca root   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1430
kʌnɔr  kenorr   to carry a person on a pole by two people   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1400
kʌp  kep   to bury, to cover with earth, to soak in water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1440
kʌsed  kesed   freckles, a small brownish spot on the skin   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1476
kʌtab  ketab   deaf, hard of hearing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1477
kʌtapi  ketapi   but, without, only (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1478
kʌtoʔ  ketok   to braidhair   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1482
kʌtʌg hup  keteg hup   sad, unhappy, depressed, sorrowful   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1480
kʌtʌg  keteg   sorrow, distress, pain of mind   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1479
kʌwai  kewai   tapioca, cassava   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1485
kʌwap  kewap   to hold, to keep fast, to grasp, to carry in the hands   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1486
kʌwoːʔ  kewook   pheasant, a game bird about the size of a chicken and with multi-colored plumage   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1487
kʌŋkeʔ  kengkek   careful, cautious, pains taking   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1411
kʌŋlaʔ  kenglak   protection, guard   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1412
kʌɔʔ  keok   ironwood, an extremely hard and dense tropical wood which will not float in water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1439
kʌɟ  kej   finch, a small seed eating bird that is often yellow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1352
kʌɹalad  keralad   a fragrant tropical flower   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1442
kʌɹdɨʔ  kerdeuk   to hide, to put or keep out of sight (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1446
kʌɹek  kerekh   ancestor, forefather, progenitor, great-great-grandfather   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1450
kʌɹenlen  kerenlen   curls, ringlets   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1452
kʌɹenwaːʔ  kerenwaak   frame, the skeleton of a structure, the main timbers in a house   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1453
kʌɹeːʔ  kereek   surprised, startled, astonished   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1448
kʌɹjol  keryol   to erupt, to shake violently, to explode   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1473
kʌɹlaʔ  kerlak   to protect, to safeguard, to preserve   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1459
kʌɹmi  kermi   to be happy, to be glad, to be pleased   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1463
kʌɹmi  kermi   to wear special clothes, to dress well   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1462
kʌɹunlɔʔ  kerunlok   under a fallen tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1470
kʌɹwaːʔ  kerwaak   to frame, to build a house   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1471
kʌɹwɪʔ  kerwik   king crow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1472
kʌɹɔp  kerop   underneath, below, in a lower place   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1464
kʌɹɟaʔ caʔna  kerjak ca'na   to cook food   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1457
kʌɹɟaʔ  kerjak   to work, to labor, to do a job (< Sanskrit)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1456
kʌɹɨʔ  kereuk   result, consequence, outcome   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1455
kʌɹʊm  kerum   below, beneath, less than   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1468
kʌɹʊndʌiʔ  kerundeik   the space under a house, the void deck   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1469
kʌɹʌnɟaʔ  kerenjak   work, labor, job   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1451
kʌɹʌta  kereta   cart, wagon, car, vehicle (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1454
kʌɹʌʔ  kerek   back, the upper hind part of the trunk of a person or animal   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1449
kʌʔeb  ke'eb   centipede   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1339
kʌʔʌɟ  ke'ejh   wet, full of moisture, dank   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1314
kʌʔʌɟ  ke'ejh   wet, moist, drenched with water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1342
lab  lab   to wipe the face with water or cosmetics   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1537
laboʔ  labok   edible shoots, sprouts   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1540
labu  labu   wax gourd   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1541
labɔh  laboh   harbor, port   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1539
labɪʔ  labik   large river turtle, a form of turtle that lives in river banks   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1538
lada  lada   pepper, a pungent spicy condiment   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1542
lagu  lagu   the same color   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:969
lah  -lah   suffix for emphasis, an exclamatory emphasis (usually suffixed to the emphatic word or at the end of the sentence)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1544
lahɔʔ  lahok   serious, severe condition (usu. in reference to a cut, wound or injury)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1545
laiɟ  laij   to come, to approach, to arrive at, to reach   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1546
lajaɹ  layar   to sail, to operate a boat with sails (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1570
lajaʔ  layak   to borrow, to get temporary possession of something   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1569
lajeg  layeg   night   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1571
lakaɹ  lakar   river bank, river shoreline   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1551
lakɔʔ  lakok   to come out, to get out, to emerge, to come into view   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1554
lakəɹ  laker   old, worn out, decrepit, broken down (of things)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1552
lakʌs  lakes   dirty (of people), disheveled, filthy (of people)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1553
lalah  lalah   open space, a clearing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1555
lalaŋ  lalang   a variety of tall coarse grass (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1556
lalu  lalu   to pass by, to elapse (of time), to pass on (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1557
lambuɹ  lambur   porch, veranda, sitting deck   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1558
lampan  lampan   ditch, drain, trench   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1559
lantiu  lantiu   across, from side to side, athwart   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1561
lapan  lapan   eight (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1563
lapaʔ  lapak   animal trail, animal run, path   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1562
las  las   were tiger, a human who is supposed to be able to turn into a tiger or who shares a soul with a tiger   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1564
lau  lau   to be accustomed to, to be familiar with, to act continuously   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1565
lau  lau   to emerge, to appear   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1566
laud  laud   sea, ocean (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1567
lawaɹ  lawar   cave swallows, cave birds   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1568
laŋɔi  langoi   terrorists, guerrilla, jungle fighter   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1560
laəs  laes   bad, naughty, wicked, evil   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1543
laɟ  laj   to arrive unexpectedly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1547
laɟaɹ  lajar   to teach, to instruct, to educate (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1548
laɟes  lajes   always, at all times, perpetually (preferred term in Perak)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1549
laʔ  lak   to cook without oil or water, to roast, to broil, to dry fry   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1550
laːʔ  laak   to cut a tree on one side only   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1536
leautau  leautau   youth, a young person, angel, a heavenly messenger, a lovable person   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1573
leb  leb   to hunt game or birds   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1574
lebleb  lebleb   to flash (of light), to strike (of lightning)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1580
leh  leh   wife, married woman   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1585
lemjʊm  lemyum   a variety of carp, a variety of fresh water fish   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1607
lemjʌp  lemyep   thatch of palm leaves   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1606
lemsuap  lemsuap   marrow (of bone), the soft substance in the cavities of bones   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1603
lemʌs  lemes   tired, weary, fatigued   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1597
lenlot  lenlot   tuberculosis   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1613
lenos  lenos   fat (of meat), lard, edible oil   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1615
lentag  lentag   tongue, the flexible muscular organ in the mouth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1617
lenwot  lenwot   long house, the traditional communal house of jungle-living Temiar (preferred term in Kelantan)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1618
lenɟsid  lengjsid   gum   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1612
lep  lep   taste   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1620
letlot  letlot   to shave   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1626
leŋlaʔ  lenglak   sideways, laterally, crosswise   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1609
leŋloʔ  lenglok   hole, opening, window, perforation   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1610
leŋluʔ  lengluk   to squint, to look with eyes partly closed   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1611
leɟgeɟgeɟ  lejgejgej   often, always, continuously, frequently, regularly, invariably   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1588
leɟʔnaːg  lej'naag   to touch skin lightly to excite nerves and induce laughter   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1589
leʔ  lek   to know, to understand, to learn   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1590
lima  lima   five (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1633
lima  lima   pomegranate (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1634
limau  limau   lime (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1635
linta  linta   water-leech, horse-leech   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1636
lisɔ  liso   raft sweep, a long oar used for steering and maneuvering rafts floating down stream   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1637
litau  litau   youthful, young, not yet old, vigorous, immature   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1638
liu  liu   late, slow, tardy, not quick, gradual   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1639
liɟʌi  lijei   ourselves   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1632
liːg  liig   to swallow some thing, to transmit into the stomach through mouth and throat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1631
lo  lo   where, at or to the place in which   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1640
lo  lo   which, who, whichever, whoever   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1641
lob  lob   cave   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1642
log  log   to wear, to use, to make use of, to employ   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1644
los  los   to return something, to give back   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1652
lot  lot   blood   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1653
lug  lug   to laugh, to smile, to express mirth spontaneously   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1655
lujeɟ  luyej   giddy, dizzy, light-headed, faint   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1664
luleau ʔaɟɔi  luleau ajoi   forever, everlasting, for eternity   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1658
lundaŋ  lundang   lake, sea, reservoir   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1660
lunʌiu  luneiu   a length of time, a long time (< Senoi/Semai)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1661
lut  lut   to grow, to swell to increase in size, to mature   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1663
lɔceŋ  loceng   bell, the sound of a bell, a hollow cup-shaped metal vessel which gives forth a clear musical note when struck (< Chinese)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1643
lɔi  loi   to arrive, to reach a destination   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1645
lɔiɟ  loij   bow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1647
lɔkmon  lokmon   why, because, for the reason that   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1650
lɔɟ  lojh   to shave   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1648
lɔʔ  lok   to change, to alter, to exchange, to replace something with another   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1649
lɔːi  looi   to cross a stream, to ford   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1651
ləak  leakh   afternoon, the time from about 2 p.m to about 6 p.m   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1572
ləmoʔ  lemok   magic, spell, incantation, in vocation of spirits   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1599
lɨd  leud   to glare at, to stare in a fierce and hostile manner   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1627
lɨi  leui   to unroll, to spread a floor mat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1628
lʊk  lukh   cousin, the son or daughter of an uncle or aunt   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1656
lʊk  lukh   dead wood   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1657
lʊmboŋ  lumbong   mine, a pit in the earth from which minerals are extracted (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1659
lʊs  lus   bald, destitute of hair or feathers on the head   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1662
lʌbad  lebad   plentiful, abundant, fully sufficient   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1575
lʌbaɹ  lebar   wide, broad, ample, far across   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1577
lʌbaʔ  lebak   mud, swamp, morass   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1576
lʌbʌt  lebet   a variety of rattan   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1579
lʌbʌt  lebet   immature (of plants)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1578
lʌg  leg   a quiver for arrows   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1581
lʌgeb  legeb   riverbed, the bottom of a river   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1582
lʌges  leges   rambutan   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1584
lʌgʌp  legep   lowlands, river plain   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1583
lʌhoɟ  lehojh   industrious, diligent, hard-working   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1586
lʌjeʔ  leyek   earthen ware cooking pot, clay pot (preferred term in Perak)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1630
lʌjʌb  leyeb   to thatch a roof, to lay thatch   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1629
lʌkʌt  leket   rough (conduct), coarse (behavior), boorish, vulgar, rude   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1593
lʌmat  lemat   a long time   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1594
lʌmbeʔ  lembek   cushion, pillow a case filled with something soft as a prop for the head or to sit upon   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1595
lʌmbu  lembu   ox, cow, bullock (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1596
lʌmon  lemon   because, for the reason that, since   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1601
lʌmpah  lempah   disobedience, the refusal to do what is commanded   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1602
lʌmunɟ  lemunj   tame, domesticated, subdued   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1605
lʌmuʔ  lemuk   magic, spell, incantation, in vocation of spirits   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1600
lʌmɲɪm  lemnyim   most, nearly, all but   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1598
lʌmʊg  lemug   secondary forest, jungle, tangled undergrowth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1604
lʌnsɨit  lenseuit   endurance, perseverance, persistence   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1616
lʌos  leos   oil, fat a light viscous liquid obtained from plants and minerals and used for fuel and lubrication   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1619
lʌpah  lepah   to disobey, to refuse to comply with orders, to violate prescribed law   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1622
lʌpas  lepas   after, past, ago, since (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1623
lʌt  let   a drop of liquid   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1625
lʌŋgɹi  lenggri   country, nation, nation-state (< Sanskrit via Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1608
lʌŋleʔ  lenglek   to comprehend, to understand   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1591
lʌɟəʔ  lejek   a large bat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1587
lʌɹkʌɹ  lerker   to quiver, to shake, to shiver   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1624
lʌʔnog  le'nog   clothes, an article of clothing worn   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1614
lẽp  le"p   to touch, to come into contact with, to reach out to, to be in contact with   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1621
ma  ma   for, to, at, on, with, by means of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1665
mabɔʔ  mabok   down river, down stream   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1667
mad  mad   a numeral coefficient for very small objects   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1671
mad  mad   a page (of a book, magazine or paper)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1670
mad  mad   eye, seed, grain   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1669
mad  mad   face, the front of the head, the chief part of the head   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1668
madoh  madoh   here, at this place, to this point   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1672
madu  madu   honey   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1673
mahal  mahal   difficult, expensive, costly (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1674
majah  mayah   day after tomorrow, two days hence   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1704
majʊʔ  mayuk   neighbor   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1705
malajeg  malayeg   tonight, this night   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1675
malɔ  malo   where, at the place which, at what place? at which   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1676
mamɔi  mamoi   elsewhere, at some other place, to some other place   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1677
mamɔs  mamos   to chew, to masticate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1679
man  man   to play, to amuse oneself, to trifle with, to pet   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1680
manah  manah   old (of things), advanced in age, belonging to an earlier period, preceding in time, former   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1682
mandaɹ  mandar   the place for dancing or performing trance dance in the longhouse   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1683
manejah  maneyah   three days hence, the day after the day after tomorrow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1686
maneɟ  manej   beauty, an inherent quality pleasing to the eye ear or mind, handsome, a fine specimen   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1684
maneʔ  manek   small beads, small spherical objects pierced for stringing (< Sanskrit)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1685
mangɔ  mango   a sweet fleshy tropical fruit (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1692
manijah  maniyah   three days hence, the day after the day after tomorrow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1687
mankɔ  manko   pregnant (of humans)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1693
mantal  mantal   a pillow, a cushion (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1695
manɔʔ  manok   a jungle fowl similar to a partridge   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1694
mas  mas   gold (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1701
masɔi  masoi   ahead of, before (in time or progress), in front of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1703
masɪʔ  masik   the punishment incurred when a taboo is broken, the penalty suffered as a result of incurring the wrath of supernatural spirits   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1702
maŋkoŋ  mangkong   a fruit that grows on a tree and is similar to jack fruit   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1691
maŋkɔʔ  mangkok   basin, tub   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1690
maŋkʌi  mangkei   wound, scar, scabies, injury   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1689
maŋʔai  mangai   scorpion   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1688
maɹeʔ  marek   an exclamation of fulfilled prediction, it serves you right, "you reap what you sow"   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1698
maɹeːk  mareekh   dam, weir, a fence in the water to deflect fish to a trap   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1696
maɹkʌt  market   market, a trading center (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1699
maɹop  marop   several, many, a number of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1700
maɹʌh  mareh   left, the side of the body which is westward when facing north   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1697
maʔmɔʔ  ma'mok   a variety of wild banana   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1678
maʔna  ma'na   the meaning, that which is meant, significance   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1681
maːʔ  maak   to return home   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1666
megah  megah   famous, glorious, distinguished (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1709
mejanɟ  meyanj   to be bored, to be fed up, to lose patience   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1759
mejanɟ  meyanjh   to hate, to detest, to dislike   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1760
mekmʌn  mekmen   to clean, to purify, to clean from dirt   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1717
mem  mem   a woman's breast, bosom   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1721
mempʌlam  mempelam   mango fruit, mango tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1724
men dʌiʔ  men deik   a house compound, a house plot, a lot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1738
men  men   real, true, right, correct   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1726
menaca  menaca   a reading   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1728
menaleh  menaleh   a young girl, a maiden, a young woman   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1732
mendaŋ  mendang   lake, a pond, a body of water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1733
mendəɹ  mender   wide, broad, ample, far across   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1734
menlaʔ  menlak   at first, in the beginning, initially   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1742
menmen  menmen   really good, exceptionally fine, absolutely true   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1743
menmen  menmen   very true, precisely correct   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1727
mensau  mensau   son-in-law, younger sister's husband, one's wife's elder brother   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1744
menwaːʔ  menwaak   world, the earth and its inhabitants   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1747
menɟhenɟ  menjhenj   scabies, a skin disease caused by a parasite   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1741
mes  mes   a small amount, a few, a little, a small number   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1754
mesʌɹʔah  meserah   endurance, stamina, perseverance   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1756
meŋhaɹ  menghar   kind, good-hearted, generous   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1739
meɟ  mej   good, fine, nice, clean, agreeable, attractive   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1712
meɟlah  mej-lah   all right, fine, O.K., great, proper   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1713
meɟmeɟ  mej-mej   beautiful, in good health   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1714
meɟmʌn  mej-men   very good, excellent, well done, that's fine   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1715
meɲanɟ  menyanj   boredom, apathy, monotony   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1748
meɹges laʔʌs  merges laes   danger, exposure to evil or injury, peril, jeopardy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1751
meɹges  merges   animals that are not to be eaten   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1749
meɹges  merges   the cat family of animals, a tiger   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1750
meʔ  mek   clean, free from dirt, pure   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1716
minjaʔ  minyak   oil (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1763
misan  misan   honey (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1764
misau  misau   son-in-law, sister's husband   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1765
misɪʔ  misik   taboo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1766
miɟa  mija   table (< Portuguese via Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1761
mog  mog   to like, to desire, to yearn for   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1768
moh  moh   a term address by children to an older sister   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1769
mon  mon   why, for what reason? on which account?   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1775
moʔ  mok   to have, to be in possession of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1774
mu  mu-   future pronoun marker of unak (they)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1707
mudɪʔ  mudik   to go up river, to travel upstream (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1779
mukaʔ  mukak   face   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1782
mumes  mumes   very little, smaller than, miniscule   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1783
mustahaʔ  mustahak   important, conveying great meaning or consequence (< Arabic)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1786
muɹah  murah   cheap (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1784
muɹɪb  murib   pupil, student, disciple, apprentice (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1785
mɔinɟ  moinj   tooth, teeth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1771
mɔit  moit   to enter, to go or come into, to pass within   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1772
mɔs  mos   to gather, to collect   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1777
mɔtɔkaɹ  motokar   motorcar, automobile, auto, car (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1778
mɔŋ  mong   a spice, which one?   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1776
mɔɟ  mojh   to enter, to go or come into, to pass within   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1773
mɔ̃i  moi   different, unlike, not the same, other, unique   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1770
məɹgul  mergul   expert, a skilled person, an authority, a specialist   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1752
mɨh  meuh   nose, nostril, one of the external openings of the nose   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1757
mɨn  meun   to put in bamboo (for cooking)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1758
mɪsti  misti   must, ought, to be obliged, to be bound by moral obligation or duty (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1767
mɪŋgu  minggu   week   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1762
mʊh  muh   to bathe, to wash by immersion   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1780
mʊɟ  muj   to eat sweets, to eat sweetened food, to eat candy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1781
 me-   future pronoun marker of unak (they)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1706
mʌgmed  megmed   straight, without bend, in a direct line   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1710
mʌimɔi  meimed   other (thing or person), not this, others, people not present   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1711
mʌm  mem   food left over, extra food, food chewed for consumption by the baby   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1718
mʌm  mem   some, a few, several, certain   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1719
mʌmuɹbi  memurib   plural of murib   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1725
mʌmɔi  memoi   others, some other   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1720
mʌnah  menah   one's husband's elder sister   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1729
mʌnai  menai   one's wife's younger brother   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1730
mʌneh  meneh   seed, ovule, that from which anything grows   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1735
mʌneŋsat  menengsat   advice, counsel, opinion offered as to what one should do   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1736
mʌntʌɹi ɹajaʔ  menteri rayak   prime minister, the political leader of the government   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1745
mʌnu  menu   big, large, enormous, important   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1746
mʌnɨi  meneui   one's husband's brothers and sisters, one 's wife's elder brothers   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1737
mʌŋka  mengka   east   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1740
mʌɹop  merop   a few, not many, lacking, meager, sparse   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1753
mʌʔeŋ  me'eng   very little, small in degree or quantity, very small, minuscule   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1708
mʌʔmaʔ hãnaʔ  me'mak ha"nak   goodbye, farewell (preferred term in Kelantan)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1722
mʌʔmɔʔ  me'mok   possessions, property, belongings, personal effects   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1723
mʌʔnaʔ hãnã  me'nak ha"nak   goodbye, farewell (preferred term in Perak)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1731
na  na-   marker for nanak, (he, she, it)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1787
nabi  nabi   prophet, one who foretells future events, an inspired teacher or revealer of Divine Will (< Arabic)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1788
nacoʔ  nacok   slave   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1789
nadɔh  nadoh   this, denoting a person or thing nearby or just mentioned   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1790
najʊb  nayub   evening   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1805
nakal  nakal   afterwards, later, subsequently   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1792
nakʌl  nakel   a fallen tree, dead wood   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1793
nalos  nalos   epidemic, a common affliction affecting a whole community   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1795
nalɔ  nalo   which? which one? who? which   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1794
nam  nam-   marker of nanak, (he/she/it will)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1796
nanaʔ  nanak   he/she/it   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1797
nanɔh  nar noh   twice, two times   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1915
nanɔi  nanoi   menstruation, the monthly discharge from the uterus of the female   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1799
nanʌ  nane   he/she/it   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1798
nawoʔ  nawok   infection   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1804
naɔʔ  naok   breadfruit, a large tropical fruit that grows on a tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1800
naɹ  nar   two   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1801
naɹajaʔ  na-rayak   senior, elder, one who gains status and respect with age   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1803
naɹajaʔ  narayak   senior, elder, distinguished   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2151
naɹnɔh  narnoh   twice, two times, second, one which follows the first   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1802
naʔ  nak   that, that one, the one there   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1791
nebcib  nebcib   backwards, onto or towards the back, back to front   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1807
nebcib  nebcib   journey, trip, excursion   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1808
nebkab  nebkab   a bite   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1809
neblab  neblab   the application of cosmetics, applying makeup to the face   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1810
nebleb  nebleb   a project, the coordinated activity of many people, operation, hunting or military maneuver   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1811
necaʔna  neca'na   a meal, food served at a regular time   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1812
nedbad  nedbad   protection, safeguard, safety   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1814
nedbɔːd  nedbood   laziness, indolence, the indisposition to exertion   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1815
nedced  nedced   the act of planting seeds with a dibble stick, dibble planting   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1816
nedged  nedged   prohibition, interdict, the act of forbidding, a law or rule which forbids some action. (Note pronunciation difference with nedged 2)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1818
nedgʌd  nedged   slaughter, butchering, the killing of animals or fowl for food   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1819
nedhod  nedhod   one thing, something (desired)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1820
nedkod  nedkod   celebration, a ceremony marking an event or festival, a ritual feast   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1821
nedwaːd  nedwaad   the design on a woven mat, a traditional geometric pattern   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1822
nedʔʌid  nedeid   invitation, a verbal request to come for a visit, offer   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1817
neglʊg  neglug   a smile, a laugh, laughter   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1823
negpɔg  negpog   an opening, a hole, a cleared space, a gap   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1825
negɔg  negog   gift, present, donation, a thing given   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1824
neh  neh   to see, to observe, to watch   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1826
nehop  nemhop   happiness, gladness, merriment   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1856
nehtʊh  nehtuh   talk, discussion, conversation, debate, the act of exchanging opinions and information   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1827
nelaːl  nelaal   profanity, the quality of being irreverent, obscene utterances   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1845
nelcal  nelcal   information, knowledge, intelligence, news   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1846
nelcʌl  nelcel   tattoo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1847
nelhul  nelhul   wind, air in motion, breeze   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1850
nelkɨl  nelkeul   collapse, downfall, disintegration   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1851
nemcab  nemcab   a hug, an embrace   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1854
nemcen  nemcen   desire, need, necessity, requirement, requisite   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1853
nemgʌp  nemgep   face paint, make-up, cosmetics   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1855
nemkʊp  nemkup   acquisition   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1858
nemkʌp  nemkep   burial, interment   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1857
nemlʌp  nemlep   touch, to come in contact with   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1859
nemnikan  nemnikan   wedding, the ceremony of marriage   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1860
nemnɔːm  nemnoom   urination   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1862
nemnɪm  nemnim   mind, opinion, thought, reasoning, belief   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1861
nemtap  nemtap   the planting, agriculture, cultivation   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1864
nemtʊh  nemtuh   conversation, communication, the ability to speak and understand a language   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1865
nemɔːp  nemoop   a hug, an embrace   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1863
nenunɟ  nenunj   scent, odor, smell   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1878
nenɔh  nenoh   seldom, not often, rarely   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1876
nescuːs  nescuus   choice, the act of choosing, the power to choose   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1882
nesgos  nesgos   welfare, security, freedom from care or fear, well-being   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1883
nesmɔs  nesmos   collection, assortment, mixture   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1884
neŋ  neng   before (in time), formerly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1866
neŋhak  nenghakh   cure, recovery, treatment   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1867
neŋheːʔ  nengheek   flight, flying, airline   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1868
neŋkeːk  nengkeekh   a warning, a caution, admonition   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1869
neŋleː  nenglek   knowledge, information, understanding, practical skill   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1870
neŋneŋ  nengneng   first, before, formerly, long ago   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1871
neŋɔd  nengod   a fast, the act of going without food   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1872
neɟgʌiɟ  nejgeijh   a burn, burning   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1835
neɟkʌiɟ  nejkeij   scraper   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1836
neɟlaiɟ  nejlaij   approach, arrival   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1837
neɟmeɟ  nejmej   health, the general condition of the body   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1838
neɟmuɟ  nejmuj   sweets, candy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1840
neɟmɔɟ  nejmojh   entrance, a passage to enter, the main door   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1839
neɟoɟ  nejoj   ascent, climbing up, the act of rising   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1841
neɟɔɟ  nejojh   a request, expression of desire for   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1842
neɹcer  nercerr   surgery, medical operation treating injuries with cutting instruments   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1880
neʔ  nek   three   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1843
neʔmaːʔ  ne'maak   the return home, homecoming   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1852
neʔniːʔ  ne'niik   the wearing (of clothes), wearing ornaments, fashion, style of dress   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1875
neʔnɔh  ne'noh   three times, thrice   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1877
neʔpoʔ  ne'pok   a dream, vision, images and thoughts of the mind of a person asleep   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1879
nidʌh  nideh   waste, useless consumption, neglect   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1900
nikah  nikah   to wed, to marry, to join in wedlock (< Arabic)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1903
nilɔʔ  nilok   what, that which, which kind, that   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1904
nincaʔ  nincak   request, plea, appeal, in vocation   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1908
nipah  nipah   nipah palm, a common material for thatched roofs   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1910
nis  nis   a bamboo floor, a platform of bamboo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1911
niːʔ  niik   to wear (clothes, etc), to dress, to put on clothes   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1902
noh  noh   odor, smell, aroma   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1913
nom  nom   from, out of way   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1919
nompaːk  nompaakh   by, beside, at, near, aside   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1921
noŋ  nong   way, path, route, road, street   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1922
nui  nui   to copulate, to have sexual intercourse   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1926
nɔh  noh   time, occasion, interval   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1914
nɔmlɔg  nomlog   whence, where from? from where?   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1920
nɔs  nos   temper, anger   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1924
nɔːm  noom   to urinate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1923
nəɹdoɹ  nerdor   a jungle bridge, a log felled across a stream for a foot crossing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1881
nɪm  nim   to think, to ponder, to deliberate, to muse, to reason   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1905
nɪn  nin   over there, over yonder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1906
nɪŋneŋ  ningneng   formerly, in times past, some time ago, before then   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1909
nʌaku  neaku   confession, admission   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1806
nʌi  nei   one, the lowest cardinal number, unity, a single specimen   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1828
nʌicɨi  neiceui   a kiss   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1830
nʌigʌlɔʔ  neigelok   to surround, to encircle, to be on all sides of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1831
nʌilɔi  neiloi   to wade, to walk in water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1646
nʌin  nein   first, coming before others in order, before anyone or anything else   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1832
nʌinoh  neinoh   once, at one time, formerly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1829
nʌinui  neinui   adultery, the violation of marriage vows   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1834
nʌinɔh  nei noh   once, on one occasion   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1916
nʌinɔh  neinoh   once, one time   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1833
nʌinɔh  nek noh   thrice, three times   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1918
nʌlgau  nelgau   deception, deceit, fraud   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1848
nʌlgɨl  nelgeul   living conditions, standard of living, livelihood   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1849
nʌŋtuːʔ  nengtuuk   fear, dread, terror, panic   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1874
nʌŋɹi  nengri   country, nation, a people inhabiting an area under the same government (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1873
nʌʔcɔʔ  ne'cok   injection   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1813
nʌʔnɔh  ne'noh   three times, thrice, the third in a set   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1844
nʔnui  n'nui   deed, action, feat, act, event   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1912
ok  okh   to drink, to swill   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1945
ol  ol   a cloud, low lying fog   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1946
op  op   to warm up (food), to re-heat food   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1951
ot  ot   to increase, to enlarge, to amplify, to expand   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1955
 ong   water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1948
 oj   to ascend, to go up, to climb   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1942
padau  padau   a variety of bee   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1959
padaʔ  padak   pasture, a grazing area for animals, herbage for feeding livestock   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1958
pag  pag   to split, to cut with a knife, to whittle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1960
pageʔ  pagek   a little bit, particle, tidbit, trifle, fragment   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1961
pahoŋ  pahong   small jungle fowl   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1962
pai  pai   new, contemporary, modern (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1963
pajaʔ  payak   mud, swamp, muck, silt   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1990
pajoŋ  payong   umbrella (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1992
pajʌh  payeh   a small bird similar to a robin   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1991
pakad  pakad   to discuss, to consider, to deliberate, to ponder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1964
paku  paku   top, the highest part of anything   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1965
pala  pala   a jungle fruit   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1966
palɔʔ  palok   log   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1967
pamɔi  pamoi   difference, variation, deviation, disparity   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1968
pandaʔ  padak   the name commonly given to the fifth-born child   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1970
panenɔh  panenoh   seldom, not often, infrequently, occasionally   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1972
panik  panikh   navel, the midpoint, the median, the core   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1973
panoh  panoh   a tent of leaves constructed for the halak trance dance   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1974
pantai  pantai   beach, seashore, sand bank (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1975
pantaʔ  pantak   go away! depart! "get lost"!   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1976
pantɪl  pantil   field, playground, compound, meadow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1977
panʌi  panei   to know, to understand, to comprehend, to discern, to perceive (< Senoi/Semai)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1971
papat  papat   plank, board, timber, beam (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1978
papoh  papoh   to blossom, to bloom, to flower, to sprout   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1980
papɨt  papeut   child (up to 4 years old), toddler, tyke, tot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1979
pasiɹ  pasir   sand, beach (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1987
pataʔ  patak   to get away, to depart   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1988
patud  patud   ought, should, to be proper (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1989
paɹ  par   to run, to jog, to trot, to race, to dash   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1981
paɹa  para   to smoke meat over a fire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1982
paɹas  paras   rank, position, standard, prestige, precedence, station   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1986
paɹaŋ  parang   a chopper, a machete, a heavy knife used as a tool and a weapon (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1985
paɹaʔ  parak   to remain, to stay, to tarry, to dally   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1983
paʔnaʔ  pa'nak   later, afterward, subsequently, thereafter   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1969
paːg  paag   to slap, to spank   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1956
paːk  paakh   above, up, over, on top of, overhead   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1957
pempap  pempap   cold, frigid, cool, lacking warmth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2043
pempup  pempup   the position of being face down   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2044
pen  pen   pen (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2045
penapɔh  penapoh   blossom, a flower   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2046
pendiŋ  pending   belt buckle, waist buckle (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2048
pendɪh  pendih   weariness, exhaustion, fatigue   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2047
penhad  penhad   nail, spike, a slender metal shaft hammered through wood to hold pieces together   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2056
penlai  penlai   medicine, drug, prescription, medication   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2058
penpod  penpod   consumption (of food), the act of consuming food   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2064
penpɨt  penpeut   children, very young people   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2063
pensol  pensol   nose flute, a musical wind instrument played by blowing through the nose   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2067
pensɪl  pensil   pencil (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2066
pente  pente   sunshine, sunlight   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2070
penteŋ  penteng   sunshine, sunlight   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2069
penɟpʌiɟ  penjpeij   drought, a shortage of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2057
penɹaʔ  penrak   sunshine, sunlight   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2065
peŋɹaʔ  pengrak   fight, battle, war   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2055
peɹ  per   bunch, cluster   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2072
peɹiʔtap  peri'tap   whole, entire, complete, all   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2083
peːl  peel   shoulder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1998
phonetic  orthography   English   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1
pijed  piyed   to press, to squeeze, to compress   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2109
pimɔi pimɔi  pimoi-pimoi   each, every, all   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2099
pinaŋ  pinang   bet nut, areca-nut, the nut from an East Indian pepper plant that is used for chewing (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2100
pitaʔ  pitak   group, tribe, clan, community   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2108
piŋgaŋ  pinggang   belt, a strip of leather or cord worn around the waist, an endless band that moves over wheels and pulley (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2102
piɟad  pijad   bug, insect   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2098
piɹaʔ  pirak   silver (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2107
pogtog  pegtog   to boil in bamboo tube   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2006
pok  pokh   to cut off something large, to sever a large object   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2118
poʔ  pok   to dream, to have a dream   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2117
poʔdoh  po'doh   at present, right now, immediately, instantly, this instant   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2111
pucuʔ  pucuk   epilepsy, convulsions, nervous disorder causing fits, severe cramps resulting from eating spoiled food   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2124
pukak  pukak   to throw, to fling, to hurl, to pitch, to toss   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2126
pulau  pulau   island, isle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2127
puled  puled   turn, to wring, to squeeze by twisting, to wrench   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2128
pulud  pulud   to burst, to explode, to shatter, to rupture   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2131
pulɔh  puloh   ten (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2130
pulʌi  pulei   a variety of jungle tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2129
pup  pup   to lie face down   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2132
pus  pus   to sweep, to clean with a brush or broom   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2133
pusiʔ  pusik   to whirl, to spin, to cause to spin   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2134
pɔd  pod   consume, to eat, to devour   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2110
pɔdɔʔ  podok   now, at this time, immediately, instantly, at once, right now   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2112
pɔg  pog   to open, to un-lock, to unveil   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2113
pɔi  poi   to dry out over a fire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2114
pɔit  poit   to wait for, to postpone, to delay   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2115
pɔlis  polis   police (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2119
pɔs  pos   post, the post office, the mail service, postal services (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2120
pɔɟ  pojh   to delay, to tarry, to wait   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2116
pəɹleg  perleg   to break a limb, to break an arm or branch   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2086
pəɹlɔi  perloi   star   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2087
pəɹnɪm  pernim   to tell a legend, to recount an allegory, to recite a parable   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2091
pɨd  peud   to hit, to beat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2095
pɨʔ  peuk   younger sibling   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2096
pɨː  peuu   the sound of hitting with bamboo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2097
pɪnɟam  pinjam   to borrow, to lend, to loan, to mortgage (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2105
pɪŋoŋ  pingong   to aim at, to target, to shoot for   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2103
pɪŋʔat  pingat   plate, platter, dish, saucer (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2101
pɹah  prah   a jungle fruit   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2121
pɹaluŋ  pralung   the median time of night-sleep, the still of the night (about 2 a.m.), after midnight   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2123
pɹaʔ  prak   to fight, to battle, to combat, to wage war   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2122
pʊg  pug   to dig, to excavate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2125
pʌcɪʔ  pecik   soft, gentle, delicate, comfortable, sedate, serene   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1993
pʌd  ped   to extinguish, to put out (fire or light), to douse   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1994
pʌdɪh  pedih   ache, pain, agony, injury, soreness   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1996
pʌdɪʔ  pedik   middle, central, median, mean, center, core   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1997
pʌdʌ  pede   afternoon, the time between noon and evening   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1995
pʌennɪm  perennim   the telling of a legend, an allegory, a parable   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2081
pʌgawʌi  pegawei   officer, official, civil servant, bureaucrat (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2002
pʌgaʔ  pegak   to reign, to rule, to govern   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2001
pʌgh  pegh   to dig, excavate, uproot, unearth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2003
pʌgɔh  pegoh   to boil (in a kuali or pot)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2004
pʌgɔp  pegop   to soak, to let stand in water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2005
pʌhad  pehad   to nail, to fix together with a nail, spike or peg   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2007
pʌhdɪh  pehdih   tired, weary, fatigued, worn down   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2009
pʌhenɟ  pehenjh   sharp, honed, cutting   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2011
pʌheŋ  peheng   thin (of paper, cloth, etc.)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2010
pʌheɹ  peher   thin, transparent, gossamer, translucent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2012
pʌid  peid   to attach to, to fix on   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2013
pʌik  peikh   to lead, to guide, to direct, to supervise   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2015
pʌil  peil   the shoulder joint   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2016
pʌipɔi  peipoi   airing, drying   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2017
pʌiɟ  peij   dry (in reference to land), without water, arid, parched, waterless   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2014
pʌkan  pekan   town, city, municipality (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2022
pʌkiʔ  pekik   still, quiet, silent, stolid, stubborn   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2023
pʌlahat  pelahat   slow, tardy, sluggish, dilatory   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2025
pʌlahen  pelahên   slowly, deliberately, leisurely   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2026
pʌlastiʔ  pelastik   plastic, an object made of synthetic or organic material that is molded and shaped when soft and hardened after manufacture (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2028
pʌlau  pelau   to jump, to leap   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2029
pʌlaʔ  pelak   the sound of something breaking   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2027
pʌled  peled   thus, so, to such a degree, therefore   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2031
pʌleh  peleh   very, to a high degree (indicates emphasis with an adjective)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2032
pʌlitoʔ  pelitok   lamp, lantern, light fixture, a device for giving light (< Portuguese)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2034
pʌlog  pelog   leaf or flower used as decoration often over an ear   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2036
pʌlop  pelop   leech   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2039
pʌlud  pelud   the sound of splitting bamboo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2040
pʌluɟ  peluj   to appear suddenly, to make a surprise appearance   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2041
pʌluʔ  peluk   to hit, to beat, to strike, to pummel   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2042
pʌlɔh  peloh   to apply, to spread on, to utilize   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2037
pʌlɟɨl  peljeul   to hunt with dogs   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2035
pʌlʌʔ  pelek   broken, crushed, smashed (as when eggs break)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2033
pʌndɔɹ  pendor   a small bridge, a trestle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2049
pʌne  pene   low, opposite of high, near the ground or floor, near the ground or floor   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2050
pʌneʔ  penek   short, not long, not enough   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2052
pʌnlog  penlog   nose a decorative quill inserted in a hole pierced through the septum of the nose   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2059
pʌnpet  penpet   to wait for, to long for, to await   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2062
pʌnsuʔ  pensuk   a magical curse, a spell induced by magic, a hex   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2068
pʌnɔi  penoi   the process of smoking meat or other food over a fire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2060
pʌnɔit  penoit   guard, protection, defense, security, guarantee, safeguard   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2061
pʌnʌhnʌh  penehneh   an exhibit, a display   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2051
pʌpiɹi  pepiri   sheep   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2071
pʌsuʔ  pesuk   to curse by magic, to bring forth evil by magic formula, to hex   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2093
pʌtpʌit  petpeit   to add, to join, to increase, to make up a total   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2094
pʌŋal  pengal   to chop in two, to cleave, to dissect, to split asunder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2053
pʌɟabad  pejabad   office, government department, a place of business (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2018
pʌɟad  pejad   bug, a small oval-shaped insect   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2019
pʌɟed  pejed   sharp pain, agony   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2020
pʌɟʌl  pejeul   to go hunting with dog   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2021
pʌɹahu  perahu   boat, dugout, canoe, skiff (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2073
pʌɹahwak  perahwakh   lavender, light purple   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2074
pʌɹajɔh  perayoh   boat paddle, oar (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2079
pʌɹat  perat   bait, fish-bait   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2078
pʌɹaŋ luː  perang luu   a bamboo basket-type fish trap   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2077
pʌɹaŋkab  perangkab   fish weir, a fence in the water or stream designed to trap fish   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2076
pʌɹaʔ  perak   to allow, to permit, to let, to consent, to concede   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2075
pʌɹeksa  pereksa   to examine, to test, to scrutinize (< Sanskrit)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2080
pʌɹian  perian   season, time of the year, weather cycle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2082
pʌɹlai  perlai   to treat, to give medicine   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2084
pʌɹlui  perlui   amusing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2089
pʌɹlui  perlui   to tease, to gibe, to taunt, to mock, to entertain with humor   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2088
pʌʔel mɔin  pe'el moin   to change, to put or take one thing in place of another, to alter   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1999
pʌʔpuʔ  pekpuk   to dig, to unearth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2024
sab  sab   a trap for birds   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2213
sabod  sabod   fiber, hemp, coconut husk (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2221
sabɔ  sabo   to guess, to suppose, to estimate, to postulate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2219
sabɪd  sabid   with reference to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2216
sabɪt  sabit   a sickle (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2218
sagol  sagol   thirsty, parched   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2222
sagu  sagu   sago, a dry granulated starch made from the sago palm (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2223
sagub  sagub   cloud, mist, fog   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2224
sah  sah   legal, authentic, genuine, veritable   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2225
sahɨɹ  saheur   to drag, to tow, to draw slowly a heavy object   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2226
sajed  sayed   youngster, boy or girl   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2261
sakai  sakai   slave, the term formerly used by Malays and others to refer to aboriginal peoples (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2228
sakaʔ  sakak   hereditary territory, traditional homeland   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2229
sakɔp  sakop   cover, sarong, envelope, covering of a house or body, outer layer   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2231
salah  salah   to find fault, to blame, to accuse, to scold (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2232
salat  salat   buckle, a metal clasp with a rim and tongue for fastening straps or belt   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2233
saleh  saleh   to bruise, to create injury by a blow, to cause discoloration of the skin by injury   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2234
saluh  saluh   leaf   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2236
salɟi  salji   snow (< Arabic)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2235
sambul  sambul   towel   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2237
samʌl  samel   carton, box, container   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2238
sandul  sandul   to float   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2239
sapal  sapal   the upper arm   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2241
sapiʔ  sapik     (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2242
sapod  sapod   to wrap, to roll up (food), usu. in leaves   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2243
sapoh  sapoh   to fall from a tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2244
sasau  sasau   odd, queer, un usual, uncommon, weird, whimsical   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2252
saseʔ  sasek   loose, untied, jumbled   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2253
sasoh  sasoh   garbage, debris   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2254
sasoh  sasoh   rotten (of food), foul smelling   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2255
satʌh  sateh   to collapse, to breakdown, to disintegrate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2256
sauh  sauh   anchor (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2258
sawid  sawid     (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2259
sawoɹ  sawor   to fish with line and rod   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2260
saŋkɔʔ  sangkok   bird's nest, hen's nest   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2240
saɹ  sar   to follow, to comply, to conform to, to agree with   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2245
saɹol  sarol   bamboo, (usu. in poetic form or song)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2249
saɹoʔ  sarok   jungle, tropical rain forest   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2247
saɹup  sarup   needle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2251
saɹɔŋ  sarong   a cloth sheath usually worn on the lower part of the body like a skirt (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2250
saɹɔʔ  sarok   ghost, a spirit of the dead, corpse   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2248
saɹʌh  sareh   slave, coolie   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2246
saʔdʌh  sakdeh   the actual object, that's the one, the item mentioned, that is it   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2230
saːb  saab   a trap for mouse-deer   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2212
se  se   sweet potato, yam, a sweet starchy tuber   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2262
sel  sel   boil, carbuncle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2296
sembʌi  sembei   sand   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2323
semlup  semlup   tadpole, a young frog in its first state while it still has gills and a tail   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2326
sempol  sempol   to jump down, to leap down   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2329
sempɔʔ  sempok   skin, leather, hide   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2328
senabɔ  senabo   a guess, estimate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2333
senalah  senalah   a scolding, blame   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2334
senawɔɹ  senawar   the act of fishing by line and rod   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2340
senjan  senyan   shy, bashful, timid, demure   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2361
senjau  senyau   shy, bashful, timid, demure   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2362
senjaɹ  senyar   radio broadcast, radio program   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2363
senjeg  senyeg   land's edge, the shore   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2364
senjeɟ  senyejh   theft, robbery, burglary   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2365
senlog  senlog   sleep, slumber   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2352
senmanɟ  senmanj   inquiry, question, investigation   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2353
sentol  sentol   body hair, fur   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2357
sentoɹ  sentor   lip   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2358
senug  senug   frog   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2359
senɹai  senrai   thread, strand, fiber   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2355
setsut  setsut   to wash clothes, to launder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2382
seŋguoʔ  sengguok   paralysis, the loss of one's power to feel and move   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2346
seŋkoʔ  sengkok   the bark of a tree, the skin or peel of fruit   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2347
seŋlɔk  senglokh   success, achievement, triumph   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2348
seŋmoŋ  sengmong   to listen, to heed, to pay attention to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2349
seŋsʌiʔ  sengseik   to sharpen, to hone (an instrument, tool or weapon)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2350
seŋʌŋ  sengeng   sensitively timid, reserved, shy, bashful   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2344
seɟ  sejh   to sharpen, to hone (a knife or a cutting tool)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2283
seʔ  sek   free, liberated   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2284
seːp  seep   bird-lime, a sticky substance used to trap birds   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2269
si  si   to pound, to beat with an instrument   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2390
sigaɹ  sigar   bicycle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2391
sijeʔ  siyek   at once, immediately, right now, this instant, promptly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2410
sijʌd  siyed   variant of siyejh   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2408
sijʌɟ  siyejh   to steal, to pilfer, to embezzle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2409
silag  silag   to change, to alter, to replace, to transform   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2393
siloɟ  silôj   to sprain, to strain, to wrench or twist muscles or ligaments of a joint   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2394
simpɔi  simpoi   lid, covering   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2395
sipaʔ  sipak   to discard, to kick aside, to abandon   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2398
sisa  sisa   to use up, to consume, to expend, to exhaust   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2401
sisal  sisal   to be sorry, to regret, to apologize, to be remorseful   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2403
sisaʔ  sisak   the oldest surviving fore-parent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2402
sisih  sisih   to pound, to hit with an instrument or tool, to pound rice   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2405
sisʌʔ  sisak   to dance   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2404
sitaʔ  sitak   variant of sisak   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2406
siwa  siwa   to rent, to lease (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2407
siɔi  sioi   nose flute   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2397
siɹah  sirah   to give up, to accede to, to quit   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2399
siɹʌh  sireh   salt lick, a place where natural salt exists and attracts wild animals   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2400
sob  sob   after-birth, placenta, the soft spongy substance expelled from the womb after birth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2411
sod  sod   dry   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2412
sop  sop   the place where animals and birds nurture their young, a bird's nest, an animal's den, the lair of a wild animal   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2425
soɹ  sor   cockroach   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2426
soːb  soob   hoarse, rough and harsh sounding (usu. of the voice)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2423
soːɹ  soor   to become thin, to be emaciated   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2424
suaʔ  suak   thin, slender (of people and animals)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2427
subaʔ  subak   ear-button, a decoration worn in the ear   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2428
sudu  sudu   ladle, spoon (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2429
sueh  sueh   uncomfortable, ill at ease   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2430
sui  sui   that's it! oh, I see! exactly! right on! I agree, O.K   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2431
suit  suit   to endure, to suffer, to put up with   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2432
sukad  sukad   to measure, to test length, volume or amount   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2434
sukwad  sukwad   a head-cold, an ailment marked by catarrh, sneezing, coughing and a sore throat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2435
sulaʔ  sulak   to trade, to exchange, to give a present, to barter   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2436
sumil  sumil   deaf and dumb, inability to hear or utter intelligible words   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2437
sunteʔ  suntek   to wear earrings   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2438
suoʔ  suok   variant of "suak"   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2439
susah  susah   difficult, troubled, worried (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2441
sut  sut   to wipe, to rub lightly so as to clean or dry   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2442
suɟ  sujh   to wash, to clean with water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2433
suɹad  surad   letter, correspondence, memo (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2440
suːb  suub   liver   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2443
suːl  suul   a small depression in the abdomen where the umbilical cord was attached before birth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2444
sɔg  sog   hair (on the head of humans)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2413
sɔi ʔis  soi is   west (the direction of the day's end)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2416
sɔi  soi   front, the forepart   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2414
sɔit  soit   to finish, to complete, to conclude   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2417
sɔkad  sokad   to share, to parcel, to distribute   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2422
sɔɟ  sojh   to finish, to complete, to near the end of a task, to end, to terminate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2420
sɔɟaɹ  sojar   soldier, a man engaged in military service (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2419
səwah  sewah   ghost, the apparition of a dead person   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2384
səɹ  ser   sweet potato, yam, a sweet starchy tuber   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2368
səɹdʌb  serdeb   to comfort, to console, to give solace   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2371
səɹib  serib   shriveled, wilted, withered, wizened   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2374
səɹlog  serlog   to arrange a marriage for a daughter   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2376
səɹlog  serlog   to put a baby to sleep   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2375
səɹoʔ  serok   jungle, tropical rain forest   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2378
səɹsəɹ  serser   contagious, spreading from one person to another by direct contact (usu. in reference to disease)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2379
səɹweh  serweh   to bother, to trouble someone   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2381
səɹŋɪl  serngil   to wake, to emerge from sleep, to awaken   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2377
sɪl  sil   strong, powerful, vigorous   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2392
sɪndul  sindul   to drift, to float with the current   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2396
sʌbʌic  sebeic   sand-fly, a small bloodsucking dipteran fly which is the carrier of several human diseases   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2263
sʌbʌit  sebeit   mosquito   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2264
sʌd  sed   to pour out, to spill out   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2265
sʌdag  sedag   wax gourd, the fruit of certain plants whose hard dried shell can be used for bottle, dipper or ornaments   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2266
sʌdjeɟ  sedyejh   thief, robber   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2267
sʌg  seg   to pierce, to puncture, perforate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2271
sʌg  seg   to trap, to snare   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2270
sʌgaɹ  segar   the dart for a blowpipe   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2272
sʌglog  seglog   to lie down, to rest in a horizontal position   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2274
sʌglʌg  segleg   to knot, to secure a rope or cord by tying   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2273
sʌgsug  segsug   to catch frogs   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2275
sʌh  seh   false, wrong, mistaken, erroneous   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2276
sʌhni  sehni   o grind, to wear smooth or sharpen by friction, to grate together   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2277
sʌit  seit   to steal, to pilfer, to burglarize, to take by theft   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2281
sʌiɟ  seijh   fresh, muscle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2279
sʌiɹ  seir   to share, to divide, to portion   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2280
sʌjaɹ  seyar   to broadcast, to transmit voice or sound by radio   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2389
sʌkabat  sekabat   to convulse, to shake violently as with spasms   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2287
sʌkad  sekad   to prevent, to prohibit, to bar   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2288
sʌkin  sekin   poor, destitute, impoverished, indigent (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2291
sʌkul  sekul   shade   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2292
sʌkul  sekul   shady   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2293
sʌkula  sekulah   school, and institution for teaching or giving instruction (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2294
sʌkʌg  sekeg   putrid, rotten, malodorous, decayed   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2289
sʌkʌʔ  sekek     (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2290
sʌl  sel   turtle, any of a group of reptiles having a body enclosed in a shell from which the head, tail and four legs protrude   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2295
sʌla  sela   leaf (of a plant or tree), paper money   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2297
sʌladaŋ  seladang     (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2298
sʌlah  selah   pale, colorless, pallid, sallow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2299
sʌlai  selai   swidden, a hill cultivation made from felled forest, field, garden, tract   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2300
sʌlantap  selantap   misfortune due to someone else's lack of generosity   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2301
sʌlemtip  selemtip   suddenly, abruptly, quickly, immediately   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2304
sʌlendaŋ  selendang   head scarf, shawl   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2305
sʌlenwah  selenwah   the act of fainting, unconsciousness   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2306
sʌleɟ  selejh   smooth, not rough, polished, sleek, slippery   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2302
sʌleʔ  selek   cobra   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2303
sʌlit  selit   slippery, sleek, very smooth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2308
sʌljeb  selyeb   to fold (clothes, mats, etc.)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2320
sʌlo  selo   to lie, to prevaricate, to perjure   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2309
sʌlog  selog   to sleep, to slumber   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2311
sʌloʔ  selok   to trick   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2313
sʌltab  seltab   generous, unselfish, benevolent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2315
sʌluaŋ  seluang   carp   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2316
sʌluboŋ  selubong   scarf, kerchief   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2317
sʌluh  seluh   to shoot by blowpipe   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2318
sʌlwah  selwah   to faint, to lose consciousness   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2319
sʌlɔd  selod   to pant, to puff, to gasp for air   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2310
sʌlɔk  selokh   to be expert, to be proficient, to be accomplished   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2314
sʌlɔɟ  seloj   to winnow sideways   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2312
sʌlɪŋkaɹ  selingkar   to surround, to encompass, to circle, to enfold   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2307
sʌmanɟ  semanj   to ask, to inquire, to question   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2322
sʌmaːʔ  semaak   durian   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2321
sʌmed  semed   a flying insect   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2324
sʌmpaːʔ  sempaak   durian (preferred term in Perak)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2327
sʌmuit  semuit   bee   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2330
sʌmuɟ  semujh   hornet, wasp   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2331
sʌmuɹ  semur   white ant, termite   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2332
sʌmʌn  semen   cement (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2325
sʌnaleh  senaleh   a bruise, an injury due to a blow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2335
sʌnaluh  senaluh   leaf monkey, a variety of small monkey that lives in bands and inhabits tropical jungles   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2336
sʌnamaʔ  senamak   blanket   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2339
sʌnaŋ lʌnaŋ  senang lenang   comfortably, easily   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2338
sʌnaŋ  senang   pleasant, easy, comfortable, cozy, contented   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2337
sʌnilɔg  senilag   change, variation, modification   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2351
sʌntaːʔ  sentaak   tail   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2356
sʌnulaʔ  senulak   gift, present, donation   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2360
sʌnɔi  senoi   person, man, mankind, human   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2354
sʌpal  sepal   the upper arm   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2366
sʌpɔi  sepoi   mango   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2367
sʌwal  sewal   trousers   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2386
sʌwaʔ  sewak   thin (of people and animals), slender, having a small diameter   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2385
sʌweʔ  sewek   to inspect, to look over, to scrutinize, to examine   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2387
sʌwɪʔ  sewik   the eclipse of the moon or sun   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2388
sʌŋeɟ  sengej   cold (for things), low in temperature, chilly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2341
sʌŋeʔ  sengek   quiet, still, noiseless, silent, hushed   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2342
sʌŋnʌŋ  sengneng   filth on the ground, litter, debris   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2345
sʌŋʌnhup  sengenhup   ashamed, repentant, humiliated   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2343
sʌɟʌʔ  sejek   directly, at once, immediately, right now   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2282
sʌɹah  serah   to endure, to undergo, to experience an ordeal   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2369
sʌɹampoʔ  serampok   a spear for spearing fish or frogs   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2370
sʌɹual  serual   trousers (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2380
sʌɹʌgjɔʔ  seregyok   loudly, boisterously, noisily   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2372
sʌɹʌnlɔg  serenlog   marriage   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2373
sʌʔ  sek   a cigarette butt   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2286
sʌʔil  se'il   dull, not sharp, blunt   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2278
sʌʔuʔ  se'uk   spoiled, spoilt, rotten, putrid   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2383
sʌːloɟ  seeloj   to sprain, to wrench a joint causing injury   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2268
tab  tab   deaf, inability to hear, hard of hearing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2451
tabaʔ  tabak   long tailed grey monkey   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2455
tabaʔ  tabak   the branch of a tree, a tree limb   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2452
tabog  tabog   the mouthpiece of a blowpipe   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2456
taboʔ  tabok   thumb   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2458
tabɔg  tabog   blowpipe mouthpiece   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2521
tabʌ  tabe   to add, to increase, to multiply, to disseminate, to spread disease   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2453
tac  tac   to braid, to plait, to intertwine three strands of hair or flexible strands   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2459
tadol  tadol   to hurl, to pitch, to throw, to fling   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2460
tajod  tayod   to lift, to raise   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2512
taka  taka   slope, hill, incline, gradient   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2468
taki  taki   to protest, to object, to rebuke, to complain   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2469
takoŋ  takong   lake   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2470
taksiɹ  taksir   to compare, to contrast   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2501
takuʔ  takuk   to throw (a spear or javelin)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2471
tali  tali   rattan   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2473
taloʔ  talok   to measure, to sample, to gauge   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2474
tampal  tampal   slow loris, a small, slender, tailless large-eyed nocturnal lemur   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2476
tampel  tampel   a small bat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2477
tanaʔ bʌlau  tanak belau   the inner bamboo tubing of a blowpipe   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2485
tanoŋ  tanong   cicada   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2488
tanɔʔ  tanok   to cook in a pot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2486
taoŋ  taong   wild pig, boar   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2489
tap  tap   to plant vegetables   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2490
tapag  tapag   a large branch, the large limb of a tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2491
tapaɹ  tapar   the palm of the hand   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2492
tas  tas   to spring off, to leap into action   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2500
tataːʔ  tataak   old man   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2502
tatiːʔ  tatiik   to snore, to groan   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2503
tau  tau   husband   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2505
taun  taun   year (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2507
tawag  tawag   moth, butterfly (preferred term in Perak)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2508
tawaʔ  tawak   a small gong or sounding board (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2509
tawo  tawo   small gibbon, a long-armed Asian ape   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2511
tawɪʔ  tawik   spider   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2510
taŋkal  tangkal   amulet, charm, fetish, talisman   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2479
taŋkʌb  tangkeb   to challenge, to dispute, to confront   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2480
taŋkʌi  tangkei   bouquet, a bunch of flowers   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2482
taŋɟol  tangjol   to hang, to suspend   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2483
taŋʌn  tangen   neck, the nape of the neck   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2478
taɟ  taj   to weave, to interlace threads to make fabric, to thatch (a roof)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2466
taɟag  tajag   to carry by hand   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2464
taɟuʔ  tajuk   snake   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2467
taɹat  tarat   the shaft of a spear   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2494
taɹaʔ  tarak   to rest, to pause, to relax, to stop moving   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2493
taɹeʔ  tarek   to try, to attempt, to venture   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2495
taɹog  tarog   spear   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2498
taɹɔʔ  tarok   lizard   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2499
taɹɪk  tarikh   moth, a nocturnal winged insect, the larvae of which feeds on cloth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2497
taʔʌs  taes   to curse, to swear, to utter an obscenity, to utter expletives   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2462
taːb  taab   egg, spawn   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2447
taːs  taas   to tear by biting, to shred by the teeth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2449
taːu  taau   to jump down   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2450
taːʔ  taak   sir, a respectful form of address to an older man, grandfather   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2448
teh  teh   above, higher than, up stream   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2534
tehtʌ  tehte   rain, precipitation, downpour, shower   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2539
tenimbaʔ  tenimbak   weight   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2566
tetɨh  teteuh   to rain   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2593
teŋtoʔ  tengtok   a species of long-tailed bird   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2564
teɟɹuɟ  tejruj   loss, mistake, error, blunder, folly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2540
teɹmeɟ  termej   to put in order, to cure, to remedy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2586
teʔ  tek   earlier today   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2541
teː  tee   earlier, a while ago, lately, just recently   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2525
teːʔ  teek   tear   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2528
tiaŋ  tiang   the pole for a raft   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2602
tibau  tibau   the nightjar bird, a bird noted for its distinctive call chiefly at night   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2604
ticuʔ  ticuk   early in the morning, at sunrise, daybreak   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2605
tiktet  tiktet   to stand, to be on one's feet   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2607
tilam  tilam   mattress (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2609
tileʔ  tilek   to show, to point out, to reveal   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2610
timun  timun   cucumber (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2615
tinag  tinag   to shine, to give out or reflect light   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2616
tiu  tiu   river, tributary   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2619
tiɲau  tinyau   to watch, to look, to behold, to observe   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2617
tiʔ  tik   lower arm, hand   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2606
tiʔdɔh dateː  ti'doh datee   in a little while, momentarily, promptly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2601
tiʔtoʔ  ti'tok   before, in front of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2618
tod  tod   to roast tubers (tapioca, sweet potato, yams) in or over a fire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2620
tog  tog   to tear down, to dismantle, to raze, to demolish   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2621
top  top   formerly, in the past, earlier, previous1y   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2627
tor  torr   to pluck out (feathers or hair)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2628
tos  tos   to pick (flowers or fruit), to pluck   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2629
toŋ  tong   large barrel or bin, a storage container   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2625
toŋgoʔ  tonggok   headman, chief, leader, elder, chieftain   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2626
toʔ  tok   not, no, non-, a word expressing denial or negation   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2624
tuan  tuan   master, boss, sir, an honorific for men of some status (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2632
tuaʔ  tuak   headman, chief, village leader   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2631
tugal  tugal   to plant with a dibble stick (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2634
tuhaʔ  tuhak   ripe, mature, ripened, fully developed   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2636
tui  tui   to scatter (seed), to plant by broadcast (of seed)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2637
tulag  tulag   bone, skeleton, fossil   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2639
tulis  tulis   to write (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2641
tuliʔ  tulik   deaf (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2640
tuloŋ  tulong   to help, to assist (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2642
tuŋal  tungal   single, just one, sole, solitary   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2644
tuŋul  tungul   upright post for a house, pillar   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2645
tuɟɔʔ  tujok   stem, stalk, the slender shaft of a plant   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2638
tuʌi  tuei   crescent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2633
tuʔ  tuk   afraid, fearful, worried   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1107
tuːi  tuui   elsewhere, far away, in another place   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2646
tuːʔ  tuuk   to fear, to be afraid, to be fearful, to be scared   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2647
tɔhaleʔ  tohhalek   never, not ever, at no time   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1004
tɔhat  tohat   one who has saved the life of another, one who rescues, savior, term of address to one who has risked his/her life for another   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2622
tɔi  toi   right, the same side of a person that would be toward the east when facing north   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2623
tɔk bʌʔʌsi  tok be'esi   empty, vacant, bare   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:262
tɔwala  towala   towel, a cloth for drying things   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2630
təɹdɔʔ  terdok   released, liberated, emancipated   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2578
təɹenped  terenped   extinguishment (of a light or fire), the dousing of a fire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2580
təɹgɔs  tergos   to be cured, to be saved, to be healed   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2581
təɹseʔ  tersek   to be freed, to be liberated   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2590
təɹɪʔ  terik   to send down, to go down   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2582
tɨh  teuh   rain, shower   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2596
tɨi  teui   a friend (in reference to a boy or man), a boy or man whom one knows well   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2597
tɨs  teus   to curse, to swear, to utter a blasphemous expression   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2598
tɪmbaʔ  timbak   to weigh   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2612
tɪmbʊʔ  timbuk   road, highway, avenue, route   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2614
tʊh  tuh   to say, to speak, tell, to talk, to narrate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2635
tʌau  teau   to jump down   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2516
tʌb  teb   to light on a perch (of birds)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2517
tʌbal  tebal   thick, stout, more than normal depth between opposite surfaces   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2518
tʌbiʔ  tebik   full, filled to capacity, abundant   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2519
tʌbɔʔ  tebok   blowpipe mouthpiece   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2520
tʌbɔʔ  tebok   the mouthpiece of a blowpipe   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2457
tʌd  ted   to stand, to remain upright, to be on one's feet, to place in an upright position   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2522
tʌdbɨd  tedbeud   heated, warm, being moderately hot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2523
tʌduʔ  teduk   king cobra   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2524
tʌg  teg   to suffer, to undergo pain or anguish   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2531
tʌgɔs  tegos   to hunt for game, to gather food in the wild   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2532
tʌhad  tehad   sick, ill, unhealthy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2535
tʌhat  tehat   to lie down   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2536
tʌhnuh  tehnuh   speech, talk, utterance, oration   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2538
tʌhʌɹʌi  teherei   to wear   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2537
tʌk  tekh   rope, string, twine   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2544
tʌlas  telas   afterwards, later, subsequently, thereafter   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2547
tʌlaɟ  telaj   to sharpen, to make sharper   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2545
tʌldel  teldel   round, circular, shaped like a circle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2548
tʌlud  telud   to press, to squeeze, to compress   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2549
tʌlui  telui   banana   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2551
tʌmbaga  tembaga   brass, copper (< Sanskrit)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2552
tʌmpad  tempad   place, location, area, site   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2553
tʌmtap  temtap   planting, cultivation   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2554
tʌnjuʔ  tenyuk   a pass, a low spot in a ridge permitting easier passage over mountains   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2573
tʌnlaʔ  tenlak   taboo, forbidden, something ritually defiling, something sacred and forbidden for general use   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2568
tʌnmɔ  tenmo   a death taboo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2570
tʌnwag  tenwag   bandoleer, a broad belt or roll of cloth worn over the shoulder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2572
tʌnɟnaɟ  tenjnaj   the act of weaving, making cloth with a loom   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2567
tʌnʔaki  tenaki   object, rebuke   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2556
tʌnʔaʔ bʌlau  tenak belau   the inner tube of the blowpipe   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2555
tʌnʔʌl  ten'el   building, construction   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2557
tʌp  tep   on the right, being on the east side of a person facing north   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2574
tʌtaaʔ  tetaak     (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2592
tʌti  teti   yet, still, up to the present time, up to and including the present time or time mentioned   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2594
tʌtuh  tetuh   saying, mentioning, speaking   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2595
tʌwag  tewag   to wear a bandoleer, to wear a shash over the shoulder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2599
tʌweŋ  teweng   to turn this way (in the direction indicated with reference to a road or trail)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2600
tʌŋkɔh  tengkoh   waterfall   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2558
tʌŋlʌʔ  tenglek   learning, knowledge   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2559
tʌŋtʌk  tengtekh   rattan, cane, a species of palm used for wickerwork and cane furniture   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2563
tʌŋuh  tenguh   hill, mount, bluff   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2565
tʌŋŋal gʌceʔ  tengngal gecek   full moon   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2560
tʌŋɔɹ  tengor   headache   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2561
tʌŋɹiʔ  tengrik   descent, a passage down   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2562
tʌɹai  terai   to try, to endeavor, to strive, please (polite form), a request for a favor   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2575
tʌɹbu  terbu   met, found, discovered   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2577
tʌɹbəɹgʊh  terberguh   broken in two   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:380
tʌɹbɨʔ  terbeuk   to be carried on the back   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2576
tʌɹcenɹʊh  tercenruh   confused, bewildered   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:612
tʌɹguɟ  tergujh   burned (of a field or clearing)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:972
tʌɹhiːt  terhiit   swollen, enlarged   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1062
tʌɹinah  terinah   message, information sent to others, announcement   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2583
tʌɹka  terka   to accuse, to blame, to charge, to condemn   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2584
tʌɹkʌneh  terkeneh   named   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1408
tʌɹlɔi  terloi   to betray, to violate trust and loyalty   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2585
tʌɹpot  terpot   to hide   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2589
tʌɹseʔ  tersek   to be free, to be liberated, to be liberty   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2285
tʌɹsɔit  tersoit   finished   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2418
tʌɹsɔit  tersoit   to be finished, to be completed, to be concluded   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2591
tʌɹsɔɟ  tersojh   finished, completed   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2421
tʌɹɔʔ  terok   to stop, to halt, to cease   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2587
tʌɹʌnbu  terenbu   meeting, rendezvous   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2579
tʌʔ  tek   land, earth, settlement   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2542
tʌʔalah  te'alah   to shine, to reflect light, to have a polish   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2514
tʌʔel  te'el   to make, to build, to construct, to create, to fabricate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2529
tʌʔnɔh  te'noh   law   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2571
wad  wad   to follow, to come or go after, to pursue, to give support to a leader   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2685
wak  wakh   waist, abdomen   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2687
wal  wal   to discuss, to engage in dialogue, to dispute   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2688
wal  wal   whirlpool, turbulence in a river   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2689
was  was   river, tributary   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2693
waŋi  wangi   fragrance, a sweet smell   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2690
waɹ  war   to extinguish a fire, to douse a fire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2691
waʔ  wak   aunt   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2686
waːb  waab   with, in the company of, compared to, in the care of, possessing   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2680
waːd  waad   to peel, to remove the skin   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2682
waːd  waad   to plan, to design, to draft a strategy, to pursue a goal   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2681
waːl  waal   fire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2683
waːs  waas   childless, without offspring   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2684
wed  wed   naked, without clothes   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2695
wei  wei   again, repeatedly, once more, also   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2700
wenaɹ  wenar   they two, those two, (not us)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2703
wenaʔ  wenak   they two, those two, (not us)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2702
weʔ  wek   to go, to leave, to set off for, to depart   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2699
wiːt  wiit   to bend, to curve, to put a curve in something   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2705
woɟ  woj   chopping knife, cleaver, parang, machete   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2707
woɟ  wojh   to limp, to walk lamely, to walk with a halting gate due to injury   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2708
wɔg  wog   to wake up, to arise from sleep, to make someone wake up   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2706
wɔːg  woog   to split open (of vegetables or fruit), to open something   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2709
wɔːʔ  wook   shadow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2710
wɪd  wid   to drift with the current usu. on a raft   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2704
 we-   marker used with the pronoun wenak (they two)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2694
wʌdwʌːd  wedweed   winding in loops   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2697
wʌl  wel   to forget, to fail to remember   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2701
wʌːd  weed   to wind in loops   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2696
wʌːt  weet   giddy, dizzy, faint, light-headed   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2698
ŋau  ngau   foolish, stupid, ridiculous, silly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1885
ŋaŋoh  ngangoh   wavering, vacillating   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1894
ŋged  ngged   forbidden, prohibited   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1887
ŋgeh  nggeh   to worry, to bother, to be troubled, to be anxious   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1886
ŋgop  nggop   to rise, to get up, to become stirred   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1888
ŋnut  ngnut   to vaccinate, to inoculate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1891
ŋnɔʔ  ngnok   gift, present, donation   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1890
ŋnʌt  ngnet   forbidden to children, (for adults only, for example some meats)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1889
ŋob  ngob   to bow, to bend the body in respect   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1892
ŋoh  ngoh   to waver, to flap, to vacillate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1893
ŋom  ngom   to realize, to recognize, to understand, to envision, to discern   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1897
ŋsɔʔ  ngsok   cloth, towel   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1899
ŋsəsaɹ  ngsesar   follower, dependent, compatriot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1898
ŋɔi  ngoi   bad luck, misfortune, adversity, mischance, affliction   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1896
ŋɔi  ngoi   odor, aroma, scent, smell   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1895
ɔd  od   to fast, to refrain from eating   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1938
ɔg tulɔŋ  og tulong   to cooperate, to collaborate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1941
ɔg  og   to give, to hand out, to impart, to offer   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1939
ɔlah  olah   color, a distinguishing quality, such as redness, that an object has when light falls on it   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1947
ɔp  op   one only, single, solitary   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1950
ɔpɪs  opis   office, department, a room used as a place of business (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1952
ɔs  os   fire, blaze, flame   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1954
ɔɟ  ojh   to ask or, to request, to solicit, to beseech   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1943
ɔɹ  or   to order, to command, to direct, to supervise   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1953
ɔːg  oog   to ask or, to request, to solicit, to beseech   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1944
ɔːp  oop   to embrace, to hug   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1949
ɟabɟab  jabjab   each, every, all possible   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1111
ɟabɟab  jabjab   each, every   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1138
ɟag  jag   to step on, to stamp, to trample   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1113
ɟagɔʔ  jagok   corn, maze   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1114
ɟai  jai   a wild inedible banana   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1115
ɟajed  jayed   to sew, to join with stitches   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1147
ɟakal  jakal   tomorrow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1121
ɟalaid  jalaid   firefly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1123
ɟalaʔ  jalak   to bear no fruit, to be barren (of trees and plants)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1124
ɟalaːʔ  jalaak   thorn, prickle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1122
ɟaleʔ  jalek   to linger with lustful purpose, to loiter in anticipation of romance or sexual encounter   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1125
ɟalo  jalo   casting-type fishnet   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1126
ɟam  jam   hour, clock, watch, time (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1127
ɟampɪʔ  jampik   incantation by a halak (shaman)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1130
ɟamu  jamu   to serve, to wait on, to attend to, to minister to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1131
ɟamuɹan  jamuran   verandah, an open porch or gallery at the front of a house (used esp. in kelantan).   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1132
ɟamɔʔ  jamok   mosquito (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1129
ɟanik janjʌi kalʌh  janik yayei kaleh   crazy, insane   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1251
ɟanɟi  janji   to promise, to give one's word to do or not to do something (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1136
ɟanɪʔ  janik   demon, evil spirit, illness, disease   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1134
ɟapɟap  japjap   each, every, all possible   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1112
ɟapɟap  japjap   each, every   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1137
ɟati  jati   teak wood (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1143
ɟau  jau   to dip, to wash   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1144
ɟaujʌɹ  jauyer   swallow, a small migratory insectivorous bird with a forked tail   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1145
ɟawaʔ  jawak   millet   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1146
ɟaŋkaɹ  jangkar   branch of a tree or shrub   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1133
ɟaɟaʔ  jakak   chin   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1120
ɟaɟaːʔ  jajaak   old woman   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1116
ɟaɟe ɟaɟe  jaje-jaje   more (comparative), greater in amount or degree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1119
ɟaɟe  jaje   many, much, abundant, great in quantity or amount   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1117
ɟaɟeʔ  jajek   many, much, abundant, great in quantity or amount   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1118
ɟaɹitʌg  jariteg   finger   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1139
ɟaɹitʌʔ  jaritek   a geometric design woven in mats or carved on quivers, etc.   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1140
ɟaɹup  jarup   needle (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1142
ɟaɹɔd  jarod   to sit, to rest on haunches   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1141
ɟaːp  jaap   to weep, to cry, to shed tears   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1109
ɟed  jed   barking deer, (Cervus unicolor)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1151
ɟehɹʌ  jehre   impossible, that which cannot be done, infeasible, too difficult   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1154
ɟek  jekh   axe, adze   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1161
ɟekaɟeʔ  jekajek   both of us, you and I together   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1160
ɟel  jel   jail, prison, a building for confinement of criminals (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1162
ɟelmol  jelmol   hill, mountain, butte, mountain peak   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1167
ɟemnom  jemnom   birth, the delivery of a new born child   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1171
ɟenlob  jenlob   eclipse   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1181
ɟenwal  jenwal   sale   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1191
ɟenɹap  jenrap   carcass, corpse, a dead body   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1185
ɟenɹe  jenre   difficulty, trouble, obstacle, impediment   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1186
ɟenɹɔʔ  jenrok   distance, dimension (either length, height or width)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1187
ɟewaɟ  jewajh   to chop, to cut into small pieces   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1201
ɟeŋ  jeng   to pull, to drag, to pull towards one   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1177
ɟeɹɔʔ  jerok   far, distant, wide, broad   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1197
ɟeɹʌt  jeret   to test, to try, to evaluate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1195
ɟeʔ  jek   to refuse, to not want something, to decline, to reject   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1158
ɟiʔ  jik   ill, sick, feverish, unwell   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1203
ɟob  job   to roast tubers, to broil on charcoal   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1206
ɟod  jod   to smoke, to smolder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1208
ɟol  jol   to swing, to move to and fro esp. when suspended   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1210
ɟop  jop   alone, just one, by oneself, singly (preferred term in Perak)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1211
ɟual  jual   to sell, to trade in (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1212
ɟulog  julog   a room   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1216
ɟulʌi  julei   unmarried man or woman, a bachelor, a maiden, a spinster, a young single   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1215
ɟuwal  juwal   a large knife with a long blade, a parang, a machete   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1220
ɟuŋjah  jungyah   dawn, early morning   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1217
ɟuɹai  jurai   sunrise   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1218
ɟɔg  jog   to move, to change residence, to move to a new house, to move house possessions   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1209
ɟɨl  jeul   to bark, to bay, to yelp   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1199
ɟɪŋlɪŋ  jingling   to look, to observe   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1205
ɟʊt  jut   to guide, to lead, to direct   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1219
ɟʊʔ  cib juk   to go on foot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1214
ɟʊʔ  juk   foot, feet   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1213
ɟʌaɹ  jear   to storm lightly, to bluster, to have unsettled weather   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1149
ɟʌaʔ  jeak   bone   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1148
ɟʌb  jeb   to weep, to cry with pain or emotion   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1150
ɟʌg  jeg   to stretch out, to be extended, to straighten out   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1152
ɟʌhad  jehad   to become troublesome, to be annoying, to be aggravating   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1153
ɟʌhuh  jehuh   fat, thick, stout   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1155
ɟʌhuʔ  jehuk   tree, wood, timber   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1156
ɟʌlaɹ  jelar   thunder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1163
ɟʌleo  jeleo   short tailed monkey, pig-tailed monkey, (Macacas nemestrinus)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1164
ɟʌliɹ  jelir   to rub, to wipe, to subject to friction   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1166
ɟʌlog  jelog   to stamp on, to trample   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1168
ɟʌluʔ  jeluk   to stab, to pierce or wound with a pointed instrument   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1170
ɟʌlɔɹ  jelor   to betray, to be disloyal to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1169
ɟʌlɪŋ  jeling   to watch, to observe, to stare   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1165
ɟʌmuɹan  jemuran   verandah, open porch   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1172
ɟʌnah  jenah   ever, at any time, constantly, unceasingly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1173
ɟʌnaɟe  jenaje   in greater quantity   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1175
ɟʌnaɟe  jenaje   more, much, greater in amount, degree or quality, great in quantity   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1174
ɟʌnkah  jenkah   coal   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1180
ɟʌnod  jenod   a salt lick, a place where natural salt is present which attracts wild animals   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1182
ɟʌnom  jenom   to be born   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1183
ɟʌnulaŋ  jenulang   pulling, a tug-of-war with a pole   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1188
ɟʌnwah  jenwah   sports, game, play, athletic meetings   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1189
ɟʌnwaɟ  jenwajh   chopping knife, parang, cleaver   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1190
ɟʌwah  jewah   to play, to frolic, to amuse oneself, to take part in a game   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1200
ɟʌwal  jewal   to sell (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1202
ɟʌŋliŋ  jengling   oversight, observation   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1178
ɟʌɹaɹ  jerar   a light storm, a shower   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1192
ɟʌɹuʔ  jeruk   high, height, deep, depth, altitude   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1198
ɟʌɹɪŋ  jering   fig   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1196
ɟʌɹʌ  jere   difficult, not easy, laborious, hard to do   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1193
ɟʌɹʌp  jerep   rapids   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1194
ɟʌʔnɪʔ  je'nik   fever   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1179
ɟʌʔnʌʔ  je'nek   wedding, marriage, nuptial ceremony   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1176
ɟʌʔɟiʔ  je'jik   being ill for sometime   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1204
ɟʌʔɟiʔ  je'jik   to be ill, to suffer disease, to be sick   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1157
ɪncaʔ  incak   to implore, to plead, to beg   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1100
ɪtuʔ  ituk   to be afraid, to be fearful   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1106
ɲam  nyam   animals that are permissible to be eaten by humans (according to ritual and taboo classification)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1929
ɲam  nyam   meat, the flesh of animals used as food   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1928
ɲaɲa  nyanya   to persecute, to oppress, to mistreat, to victimize   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1930
ɲaʔ  nyak   mouth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1927
ɲebɲab  nyebnyab   sunset, sundown, dusk   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1931
ɲob  nyob   you (plural)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1932
ɲoh  nyoh   to set fire, to light a fire   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1933
ɲoʔ  nyok   mother, mama   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1934
ɲɔm  nyom   marker of nyob (you)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1935
ɲɔɹ  nyor   coconut (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1936
ɲʊʔ  nyuk   uncle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1937
ɹabaŋ  rambang   grass, a low-growing plant often used for ground cover and characterized by jointed stems and thin narrow leaves   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2140
ɹabuŋ  rabung   a large back-basket, carrying basket having straps for carrying on the back, a large rucksack woven from rattan   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2136
ɹaga  raga   basket, a container made of woven cane or rattan   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2137
ɹagi  ragi   kind, sort, variety, type, genus, category   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2138
ɹajaʔ  rayak   large, important, hefty   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2150
ɹajəɹ  rayer   hibiscus bush, a bush or tree of the malveceous genus having large showy flowers   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2152
ɹakid  rakid   raft, logs or poles tied together and floated on water (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2139
ɹambaŋ  rambang   grass   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2171
ɹantʌi  rantei   chain, necklace (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2144
ɹanɔʔ  ranok   a small back-basket, a small basket rucksack   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2143
ɹapɔh  rapoh   spotted deer, a ruminant quadruped having spots and horns   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2145
ɹatus  ratus   hundred (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2149
ɹatɔh  ratoh   to shake, to cause to move with quick vibrations   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2147
ɹaŋkuʔ  rangkuk   a grey long-tailed monkey   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2142
ɹaɹɔːp  raroop   to fish with cast net   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2146
ɹeg  reg   to cut around, to trim the edges   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2161
ɹeh  reh   below, lower than, down stream, underneath   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2163
ɹejed  reyed   to wash clothes, to launder   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2192
ɹemsem  remsem   sunshine during rain   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2173
ɹemwad  remwad   sand-fly, a small bloodsucking dipteran fly that is the carrier of several human diseases   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2174
ɹendaŋ  rendang   to fry, to cook in a broad pan with oil or dry   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2176
ɹended  rended   fence   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2178
ɹendeʔ  rendek   a mountain, a mountainous area   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2179
ɹentɪʔ  rentik   pestle and mortar to pound rice   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2187
ɹenɹot  renrot   a capture, a catch   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2185
ɹenɹuɟ  renruj   loss, forfeit, waste   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2186
ɹenʔaʔ  renak   as, (showing comparison)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2175
ɹeŋanɟ  renganj   the color red, the color of fresh blood   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2181
ɹeŋboʔ  rengbok   bamboo shoots, the edible sprouts of bamboo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2182
ɹeŋka  rengka   entry ladder to a house, doorway, entry   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2183
ɹeŋɹaʔ  rengrak   old (of people), senile, long lived, elderly, venerable   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2184
ɹeŋʔah  rengah   the color black, the opposite of white, the absence of reflected light   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2180
ɹi  ri-   self, one's own nature or interest   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2193
ɹik  rikh   to descend (steps, a ladder, a tree, etc.), to go down stream   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2194
ɹimʌi  rimei   the underworld, underground   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2195
ɹiŋgit  ringgit   the Malaysian dollar, the basic unit of Malaysian money (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2196
ɹos  ros   to collect, to gather, to acquire, to amass   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2203
ɹot  rot   to catch, to seize, to trap, to ensnare, to capture, to grab   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2204
ɹuai  ruai   spirit, soul   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2205
ɹui  rui   to scatter, to broadcast seed, to disperse   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2206
ɹumed  rumed   turmeric, an aromatic root used as a condiment in curry and which colors food yellow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2209
ɹumlik  rumlikh   a variety of large jungle tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2210
ɹusaʔ  rusak   to spoil, to damage, to be spoilt, to be damaged (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2211
ɹuɟ  ruj   to mistake, to make an error, to sustain a loss   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2207
ɹɔh  roh   to clear brush away, to remove underbrush   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2198
ɹɔh  roh   to fall (of leaves), the process of shedding dead leaves   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2197
ɹɔp  rop   how much, to what extent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2201
ɹɔɟ  roj   to pull up from the ground, to uproot something   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2199
ɹɔʔ  rok   to scold, to be cross   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2200
ɹɔːp  roop   to fish by hand for shrimp   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2202
ɹʊɟ  rujh   to pull from the ground, to uproot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2208
ɹʌb  reb   to make a shelter, to construct a lean-to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2153
ɹʌbah  rebah   difficult, hard, arduous, strenuous, requiring great skill   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2154
ɹʌban  reban   pen for animals, a restrictive enclosure for animals, cage, coop   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2155
ɹʌbanɔʔ  rebanok   drum   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2156
ɹʌbus  rebus   to boil   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2157
ɹʌded  reded   to fence an area, to erect a fence   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2159
ɹʌdig  redig   shade, shadow   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2160
ɹʌgul  regul   a variety of jungle tree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2162
ɹʌic  reic   to eat, to consume, to ingest   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2164
ɹʌiwai  reiwai   embarrassed, ashamed, humiliated, being made a fool of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2166
ɹʌiwai  reiwai   the loss of a soul, a journey by the soul from the body   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2165
ɹʌlai  relai   python   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2169
ɹʌmbaŋ  rembang   grass, a low-growing plant often used for ground cover and characterized by jointed stems and thin narrow leaves   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2141
ɹʌmpaul  rempual   weaver bird, passerine birds related to the finches and building elaborately woven nests   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2172
ɹʌsin  resin   responsible, accountable, dependable, reliable   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2190
ɹʌwai  rewai   the common house fly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2191
ɹʌɹɔh  reroh   the dropping of leaves   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2189
ɹʌʔ naʔ  rek nak   like that, similar to, resembling   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2168
ɹʌʔ  rek     (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2167
ɹʌʔlɔʔ  re'lok   how, in what way, to what extent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2170
ɹʌʔɹi  re'ri   alone, solitary, unaccompanied   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2188
ʃabat  syabat   television   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2445
ʃut  syut   to sting, to wound with the sharp pointed organ of certain animals, insects or plants   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2446
ʔa  a-   pronoun marker for ar, dual "we" (you and I)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2
ʔabad  abad   to protect, to shelter   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:9
ʔabat  abat   cloth, clothes, sarong   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:10
ʔabus  abus   a mischievous boy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:13
ʔabus  abus   my dear, darling, a term of endearment   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:12
ʔabʌiʔ  abeik   uncle, younger brother of parent, term of address by children, term of address by girl to an older man   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:11
ʔacag  acag   to intend, to plan   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:14
ʔacu  acu   to test, to try, to tempt   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:15
ʔadad  adad   custom, tradition, rules of conduct, law   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:16
ʔadad  adad   sleepy, drowsy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:17
ʔades  ades   to exercise, to move about   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:19
ʔadiʔ  adik   the name given to the third born child, boy or girl   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:21
ʔadot  adot   ancestor, progenitor, forefather, great grand-parent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:23
ʔadɔʔ  adok   term of address to one's father   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:22
ʔadɨit  adeuit   to have sexual relations outside of marriage, to commit adultery   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:20
ʔadʌis  adeis   to pass by   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:18
ʔaged  aged   don't, forbidden, prohibited   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:897
ʔaged  aged   don't, stop, desist   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:24
ʔagoʔ  agok   don't, desist (followed by a second verb)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:28
ʔagɔh  agoh   term of address to a little boy or to a much younger person   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:27
ʔagʌiɟ  ageij   help! (a shout for assistance)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:26
ʔagʌiɟ  ageij   hurry up, get moving, faster   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:905
ʔagʌiɟ  ageij   quickly, fast, rapidly   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:25
ʔaincem  aincem   ghost, ghoul, a supernatural incorporeal being   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:29
ʔajah  ayah   thus, like that, in that way   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:137
ʔajak  ayakh   term of address referring to one's great-grandfather   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:140
ʔajam  ayam   chicken, domestic fowl (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:141
ʔajan taman  ayan taman   uncle, brother of one's father   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:142
ʔajaʔ  ayak   friend, an intimate associate, term of address by boys to older brother   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:138
ʔajaʔ  ayak   sieve, strainer (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:139
ʔajaːd  ayaad   to warn, to caution, to forbid, to admonish   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:134
ʔajaːt  ayaat   fellow man, mankind   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:136
ʔajaːʔ  ayaak   grand mother, mother of one's father or mother   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:135
ʔajoh  ayoh   don't disturb, leave it in peace   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:143
ʔajɔʔ  ayok   one's father second wife   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:144
ʔakal  akal   at once, now, immediately   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:39
ʔakal  akal   soon, at once, shortly, immediately   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1249
ʔakau  akau   tobacco, cigarette, cigar, cheroot   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:40
ʔakaːl  akaal   after, behind, following (in reference to place or location)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:38
ʔakeʔ  akek   untrue, false, wrong, lying   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:41
ʔaku  aku   to confess, to accept responsibility   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:43
ʔakɔɟ  akoj   uncle (older brother of parent), term of address by nephews or nieces, term of address by sister to older brother, girl to man or woman to man much older than she   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:42
ʔal  al   to insult, to defame   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:44
ʔaleg  aleg   a large back-basket, a rucksack, a rice bag   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:45
ʔaleh  aleh   term of address by a man to a little girl or young woman   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:46
ʔaliɟ  alij   name given to last-born child, boy or girl   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:48
ʔalul  alul   elephant   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:52
ʔaluɟ  aluj   name of any child after the fifth child born   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:51
ʔalɔŋ  along   the name designating the first-born child   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:49
ʔalɔːi  alooi   unripe, raw, green, premature (of fruit and vegetables)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:50
ʔalʌʔ  alek   to change, to alter, to make different   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:47
ʔamaŋ  amang   a species of large gibbon   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:53
ʔambɔ  ambo   mother, a female parent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:54
ʔambɔiɟ  amboij   to bluff, to feign, to fake   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:55
ʔambɔŋ  ambong   rattan basket for carrying chickens, belongings or produce   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:57
ʔambɔɟ  amboj   wild pig, boar   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:56
ʔame  ame   mother   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:58
ʔames  ames   little, small, not large   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:63
ʔames  ames   not many, a little bit, few, a slight amount   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1755
ʔames  ames   smallest   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:64
ʔameʔ ʔameʔ  amek-amek   ladies, women   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:60
ʔameʔ  amek   term of address by much older person to teenage girl   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:59
ʔamiau  amiau   a domesticated cat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:65
ʔamoʔ  amok   an older girl cousin   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:66
ʔamoʔ  amok   term of address to an older sister by younger sisters   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:67
ʔamoʔ  amok   term of address to woman older than speaker   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:68
ʔampaʔ  ampak   bat (animal)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:69
ʔampe  ampe   to design, to intend   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:70
ʔamʌn  amen   if, on the condition that   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:61
ʔamʌn  amen   who, whoever, whomever   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:62
ʔanai  anai   term of address to older brother-in-law by younger brother of wife, or to sister-in-law by brother/sister-in-law   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:71
ʔanaʔ  anak   there, in that place   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:72
ʔancem  ancem   ghost, ghoul, a supernatural incorporeal being   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:30
ʔancem  ancem   ghost, spirit-soul   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:73
ʔanidʌh  anideh   don't waste   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1901
ʔanin  anin   formerly, in the past, preceding in time, previously   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:82
ʔanjau  anyau   paternal uncle, brother of one's father   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:89
ʔanjoʔ  anyok   my mother, female parent of speaker   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:90
ʔanjʊʔ  anyuk   term of address to uncle or relative older than speaker   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:91
ʔanted  anted   to send, to transmit, to forward   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:85
ʔanteŋ  anteng   ear-ring   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:87
ʔanteŋ  anteng   term of address to one's father-in-law   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:86
ʔanɔh  anoh   here, at this place   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:83
ʔanɔʔ  anok   possessions, things, property   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:84
ʔanɪn  anin   formerly, in the past, previously, prior to, before now   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1907
ʔanʊh  anuh   here, in this place   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:88
ʔanʌh  aneh   foolish, stupid   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:74
ʔaped  aped   short, low   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:93
ʔapel  apel   apple (< English)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:94
ʔapoʔ  apok   bag, sack   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:97
ʔapɪl  apil   sleeping mat, woven floor mat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:95
ʔapɪl  apil   to sleep on a mat   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:96
ʔapʌ  ape   as, like, similar, equal   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:92
ʔasad  asad   pumpkin   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:104
ʔasal  asal   origin, beginning, genesis   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:105
ʔasam  asam   lime with spice (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:106
ʔasam  asam   sour, bitter   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:107
ʔaseh  aseh   term of address between equals   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:108
ʔaskaɹ  askar   soldier, troops, the military (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:109
ʔasod  asod   to provoke, to arouse to anger, to cause a quarrel   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:110
ʔasu  asu   name of fourth-born child   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:112
ʔasɔk  asokh   to dibble, to plant with a dibble stick   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:111
ʔatai  atai   bamboo rat, a jungle rodent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:115
ʔatai  atai   bamboo rat, a jungle rodent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:124
ʔatan  atan   jungle fowl, wild partridge   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:117
ʔatau  atau   term of address to a small boy or someone much younger than the speaker   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:118
ʔataːʔ  ataak   term of address to a much younger person to an old man   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:114
ʔataːʔ  ataak   term of address to one's grandfather   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:113
ʔatel  atel   term of address by a man to his father-in-law   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:120
ʔateŋ  ateng   elephant   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:121
ʔateː  atee   at present, at this time, at this moment   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2526
ʔateː  atee   just now, right now, at this moment   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:119
ʔateː  datee   just now, a few moments ago   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:2527
ʔatod  atod   bamboo rat, a jungle rodent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:116
ʔatod  atod   bamboo rat, a jungle rodent   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:123
ʔatui  a-tui   don't scatter, don't litter, don't strew about   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:125
ʔatuːi  atuui   there, near that place   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:126
ʔatɨi  ateui   a friend, a companion, term of address to a man or boy the same age as speaker   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:122
ʔaugʌh  a-ugeh   don't, don't stop it! (exclamatory order)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:127
ʔawat  awat   bamboo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:130
ʔawaɟ  awaj   parang, chopping knife, machete   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:128
ʔawaʔ  awak   term of address to aunt by children, term of address to slightly older woman than speaker   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:129
ʔawed  awed   bark loin-cloth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:131
ʔaweh  aweh   to wave, to flap something to attract attention   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:132
ʔawen  awen   bamboo   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:133
ʔaŋah  angah   name of second-born child   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:75
ʔaŋap  angap   to take care of, look after, to support, to aid, to assume responsibility for   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:76
ʔaŋgeh  anggeh   don't make trouble, don't bother, be calm   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:77
ʔaŋguɹ  anggur   grape, small fruit grows on vine   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:78
ʔaŋket  angket   to pick up, to lit by hand   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:79
ʔaŋkɨi  angkeui   toad, a brownish frog   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:80
ʔaŋsa  angsa   goose, gander (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:81
ʔaɟau  ajau   to keep dry, to protect from water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:33
ʔaɟaːʔ  ajaak   term of address to one's mother-in-law or wife   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:32
ʔaɟeʔ  ajek   don't refuse, don't reject, (to accept the offer, to agree)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:1159
ʔaɟeʔ  ajek   let us, we ought to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:36
ʔaɟeʔ  ajek   to agree   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:35
ʔaɟɔi  ajoi   tiny, very small, miniscule   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:37
ʔaɟʌg  ajeg   junior, young   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:34
ʔaɹ  ar   we, dual (you and I) (used with pronoun marker a-)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:98
ʔaɹa  ara   fig   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:99
ʔaɹal  aral   obstacle, obstruction, accident   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:101
ʔaɹap ʔaɹap  arap-arap   apparatus, machinery, equipment, gadget   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:103
ʔaɹap  arap   to keep, to hold, to possess   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:102
ʔaɹaʔ  arak   to rest, to relax   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:100
ʔaʔis  a'is   a pet name for husband or wife   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:31
ʔaːb  aab   tiger, a large fierce animal of the cat family that has yellow fur striped with black   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:3
ʔaːd ʔasɔk  aad asokh   dibble stick.   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:5
ʔaːd  aad   stick, pole   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:4
ʔaːl  aal   to curse, to invoke malevolent spiritual powers   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:6
ʔaːnab  aanab   a small burrowing rodent like the hare, often bred for meat and fur pelts (< Malay)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:7
ʔaːs  aas   to hope, to wish for, to look forward to   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:8
ʔe  e-   marker of eek (e:'), we (inclusive of listener)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:766
ʔeged  eged   don't, please desist, (less forceful than agok)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:767
ʔeke  eke   if, on the condition that, whether   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:778
ʔekek  ekekh   to guard, to protect from danger, to take precautions   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:779
ʔelaʔ  elak   across, from side to side, athwart   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:781
ʔelaːl  elaal   to swear, to curse, to utter a wish of evil against, to utter a profanity   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:780
ʔelɔʔ  elok   what?   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:782
ʔem  em-   marker for "ar" (we), indicating future tense of following verb having the prefix "em-"   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:783
ʔembeʔ  embek   beside, along side of, aside, inside of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:814
ʔembeʔ  embek   still in the jungle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:816
ʔembeʔ  embek   within, beside, inside of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:784
ʔembun  embun   clue, hint, a sign indicating partial evidence for an informed supposition, incomplete evidence   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:789
ʔembɔːɟ  embooj   a lick with the tongue   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:787
ʔembɪl  embil   when, at what time, at that time   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:786
ʔembʊn  embun   dew, moisture in the atmosphere condensed on exposed surfaces, esp. at night   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:788
ʔemon  emon   to moan, to groan, to have in mind   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:792
ʔempoɟ  empoj   salt, sodium chloride, the primary mineral substance in sea water   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:794
ʔemɨp  emeup   hint, allusion, tip   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:790
ʔemɨp  emeup   setting of a bird on its eggs   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:791
ʔen is ʌh  en is eh   usually, at that expected time   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:826
ʔen kʌloɟ  en keloj   into, inside, within   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:797
ʔen kʌlɔit  en keloit   into, inside, within   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:798
ʔen  en   in, at, near to, by   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:795
ʔenacu  enacu   temptation, enticement, inducement to do evil   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:800
ʔenacul  enacul   temptation, enticement, inducement to do evil   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:801
ʔenadʌis  enadies   exercise, a stroll   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:802
ʔenah  enah   sort, kind, variety, genus, class   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:803
ʔenampe  enampe   intention, design, aim, purpose   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:806
ʔenanɟ  enanjh   foolish, stupid, crazy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:809
ʔenanɟ  enanjh   foolish, stupid, crazy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:829
ʔenaŋʔap  enangap   to aid, to support, to assist   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:808
ʔenbeʔ  enbek   beside, along side of, aside, inside of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:813
ʔenbeʔ  enbek   still in the jungle   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:815
ʔenic  enic   slander, defamation of character, a false or malicious statement about a person   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:823
ʔenigai  enigai   judgment or belief, evaluative attitude concerning something or someone   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:824
ʔeniwoh  eniwoh   anniversary, festivity, commemoration, celebration   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:827
ʔeniɟ  enij   opinion, attitude, conjecture, estimate   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:825
ʔenjeʔ  enyek   behind, in back of, following to the rear   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:845
ʔenjon  enyon   near, nearly, almost, close, at a short distance, in proximity   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:847
ʔenjuh  enyuh   heavy, serious, important, significant   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:848
ʔenjuh  enyuh   heavy, weighty, weighing much   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:832
ʔenjɔb  enyob   it's up to you all, it's in your hands   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:846
ʔenjɔh  enyoh   heavy, weighty, weighing much   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:831
ʔenlaʔ  enlak   side, part, portion, segment   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:834
ʔenleŋ  enleng   part of, the other side of   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:835
ʔenlog  enlog   to take away, to remove   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:836
ʔenlɔːg  enloog   a quarter of the whole, one fourth   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:837
ʔenpʌiɟ  epeijh   low, short, of little height, not high, near the ground   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:849
ʔensɔi  ensoi   at the end   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:842
ʔensʌʔ  ensek   a cigarette butt   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:841
ʔensʌʔ  ensek   half   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:840
ʔentui  entui   there, over there, in that place   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:843
ʔenugeh  enugeh   teasing, trouble, discard   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:844
ʔenɟanɟ  enjanj   foolish, stupid, crazy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:810
ʔenɟanɟ  enjanj   foolish, stupid, crazy   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:828
ʔenɟɔh/  enjoh   heavy, weighty, weighing much   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:830
ʔenɟʊh  enjuh   serious, severe, critical, grave   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:833
ʔenɹɨs  enreus   kidney   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:838
ʔenɹʊs  enrus   lung   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:839
ʔeses  eses   the late (deceased person), the honored departed (person)   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:850
ʔesnaːs  esnaas   hope, a thing desired, something eagerly anticipated   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:852
ʔesnʌs  esnes   menstruation, the monthly discharge from the uterus of the female   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:853
ʔesnʌs  esnes   something unreasonable, irrationality   (Temiar)   Mea1998:C:854