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Katuic Branch (72 items)
ho̰ot 'blow (breath)   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1394-2
bat   grass   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~327-5
buəŋ   coconut   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1341-1
carah   arrow   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~203-2
ciəŋ   elephant   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~813-7
coom pal   shoulder   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~89-3
cɔət   stab   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~999-2
dulʔ   float   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1185-1
dɔŋ   give   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1060-1
hajoŋ   tall   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1188-2
hamaa calaj lɔɔŋ   seed   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~12-1
harmɨh   name   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~508-5
hraaw   wash   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~175-6
huar dəəʔ   river   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1345-3
jɔɔ təʔ   to come   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~396-2
jɔʔ paiɲ   hunt   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~926-1
kaat   burn   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~166-7
kaboom maak   betel chew   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1108-6
kacḭit   die   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~672-7
kadial   wife   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~791-4
kajok   suck   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1181-5
kanḛeŋ   tooth   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~596-7
karnaa krih   road   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~18-6
karɔɔk   cow   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1050-3
kasaiŋ   snake   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~277-7
katiər   smooth   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~827-3
katṵur   ear   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1140-7
kiil   rub   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~770-2
koh   mountain   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1167-6
lah   if   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~213-1
leemʔ ceem   animal   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~655-5
mat mpaaŋ   sun   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~113-6
mpaak   shoulder   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~79-5
mpuəl duŋ   roof   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1235-4
mpɛɛ   thou, ye (familiar)   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~568-2
muŋ   live   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1197-6
muəj   one   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1290-7
nsoʔ   rotten   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1159-7
nsɛɛŋ   fat   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~590-6
ntruəj   chicken   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1223-7
ntrɔh lɔɔŋ   bark   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1016-4
paiɲ   shoot   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~279-7
parlaw   thigh   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~339-3
paɲɔh   deer   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~996-6
piiŋ paaŋ   spider   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~735-5
pric   red pepper   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~864-2
puut   many   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~476-6
pɛŋ   full   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~422-4
rakool   knee   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1101-7
saroʔ   wet   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1354-5
sɛŋ   hear   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~429-6
tamiiŋ   crossbow   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~747-3
tamən   near   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~273-1
tariəl   egg   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~800-4
tavaaŋ krih   lake   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~714-2
taviʔ, viʔ   squeeze (wring)   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~856-2
taŋoo   sit   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1072-1
tiŋ   hit, beat   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~870-6
tlah   split   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~211-3
təbɨ̰ɨ   night   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~446-8
ŋiih   count   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~835-2
ŋkaar   scratch   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~150-3
ŋko̰oc   black   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1075-4
ŋkɔh   fear   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1018-2
ŋkɔʔ   I   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1011-3
ŋkər   skin   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~308-8
ɲɔɔt   narrow   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~1005-1
ʔaaj bɨ̰ɨn   want   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~373-7
ʔaməh   what?   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~398-1
ʔarɔɔj   fly   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~908-7
ʔən   not   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~418-1
ʔəəjh   dirty   (Ta'Oi [of Salavan])   Mil1988b:C:Sid2005~391-1