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Katuic Branch (11 items)
hɔj   flow   (Katang [Na Du])   Mil1988c:C:Sid2005~914-6
jaʔ mɨa   woman   (Katang [Na Du])   Mil1988c:C:Sid2005~4-2
kaɲiit   close (eyes)   (Katang [Na Du])   Mil1988c:C:Sid2005~758-5
kluut   to press   (Katang [Na Du])   Mil1988c:C:Sid2005~1280-1
manaaŋ   sun   (Katang [Na Du])   Mil1988c:C:Sid2005~113-9
tawɨah   wide   (Katang [Na Du])   Mil1988c:C:Sid2005~221-5
taʔnəʌŋ   straight   (Katang [Na Du])   Mil1988c:C:Sid2005~430-4
tɨap   short (height)   (Katang [Na Du])   Mil1988c:C:Sid2005~142-4
wěh   to turn   (Katang [Na Du])   Mil1988c:C:Sid2005~719-2
ŋkɔŋ ʃarəj   calf   (Katang [Na Du])   Mil1988c:C:Sid2005~961-6
ʔɛɛm   younger sibling   (Katang [Na Du])   Mil1988c:C:Sid2005~587-6