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Palaungic Branch (1044 items)
"nil   needle   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~36
-saih   down   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1035
-seh   down   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1036
-seh   down   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1037
-ʔŋai   eye   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~944
-ʔŋai   eye   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~945
(ra)ndo   large bottle, gourd   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~825
(thoaŋ ?)   light (in weight)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~473
(ʔa)ndïak   palm, sole   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~248
Fieʔ   needle   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~35
ahuang   rice-steamer   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~482
cai   to pay   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~950
cak   sambhar deer   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~242
cak   sambhar deer   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~241
cak   sambhar deer   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~243
caup   to put on, to wear   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~644
caup   to put on, to wear   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~643
caup   to put on, to wear   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~645
cea   to pay   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~949
chauŋ   light (in weight)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~474
chauŋ   light (in weight)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~475
cheʔ   after   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~212
cheʔ   moon, month   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~209
cheʔ   wood, firewood   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~206
chiaic   ashamed, shy   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~491
chiat   to bite   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~558
chis   salt   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~873
chiŋ   to sew   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~351
choŋ   to stand (up)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~357
chuaŋ   foot   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~353
chuaŋ   foot   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~354
chïan   heavy   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~603
cian   heavy   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~602
cian   heavy   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~601
ciŋ, chiŋ   to sew   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~350
coŋ   to stand (up)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~355
cuaŋ   foot   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~352
cuŋ   to stand (up)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~356
cïŋ   to sew   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~349
  cucumber   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~812
cɛs   ibex   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~865
fiək   dark   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~276
fiək   dark   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~275
fiək   dark   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~277
fïak   to take off (clothes)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~281
fïaʔ   monkey   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~134
fïaʔ   monkey   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~133
fïaʔ   monkey   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~135
haic   to scratch (self)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~511
haic   to scratch (self)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~510
haic   to scratch (self)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~512
hak   skin   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~312
hak   skin   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~311
hak   skin   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~313
han   many   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~630
han   many   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~631
hao   to vomit   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~856
hauk   hair   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~323
hauk   to climb   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~320
hauk   to climb   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~321
haum   to bathe   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~767
haum   to bathe   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~766
haum   to bathe   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~768
haun   a tuber   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~627
haun   a tuber   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~628
haïk   arrive   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~515
haïk   hair   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~322
haïŋ   a tuber   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~626
haʔ   to burn (intr.)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~214
haʔ   to burn (intr.)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~213
haʔ   to burn (intr.)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~215
heu   to go   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~858
heu   to go   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~859
hiaŋ   clever   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~479
hiaŋ   clever   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~480
hlaiʔ   rain   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~168
hlat   to fear   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~582
hlat   to fear   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~581
hlat   to fear   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~583
hlaut   deaf   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~588
hlauŋ   high   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~453
hlauŋ   high   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~454
hlaïk   deaf   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~586
hlaït   deaf   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~587
hlaʔ   leaf   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~173
hlaʔ   leaf   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~172
hlaʔ   leaf   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~174
hleic   iron   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~295
hleʔ   rain   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~169
hleʔ   rain   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~170
hlɒŋ   cool   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~445
hlɒʔ   tree bark   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~177
hlɔŋ   cool   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~446
hlɔŋ   cool   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~447
hlɔʔ   tree bark   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~178
hlɔʔ   tree bark   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~179
hləi   thin   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~845
hləic   iron   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~293
hlɛic   iron   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~294
hma   bamboo strips   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~833
hmaic   sand   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~498
hmaic   sand   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~499
hmaim   fingernail   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~759
hmaim   fingernail   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~760
hmaiñ   fingernail   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~758
hmaiñ   male   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~405
hmaiñ   male   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~406
hmaiñ   to ask   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~537
hmaiñ   to ask   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~536
hmaiñ   to ask   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~538
hmaun   ten thousand   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~614
hmaïŋ   ten thousand   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~613
hmoʔ   lung   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~126
hmoʔ   lung   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~127
hmɒuʔ   lung   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~125
hmɒŋ   to hear, listen   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~407
hmɔŋ   to hear, listen   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~408
hmɔŋ   to hear, listen   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~409
hmət   to catch, feel, grope   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~574
hmət   to catch, feel, grope   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~575
hməïk   to catch, feel, grope   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~573
hnam   blood   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~706
hnam   blood   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~705
hnam   blood   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~707
hoak   to climb   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~319
hoak   to take off (clothes)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~280
hoaŋ   to steam rice   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~481
hoic   finished   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~513
hre   thin   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~847
hŋap   to yawn   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~639
hŋap   to yawn   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~640
hŋɒʔ   rice plant   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~32
hŋɔʔ   rice plant   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~33
hŋɔʔ   rice plant   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~34
hɒk   to dry sth. in the sun   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~317
hɒuh   more   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1043
hɔic   arrive   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~516
hɔic   arrive   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~517
hɔic   finished   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~514
hɔk   to dry sth. in the sun   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~318
həu   to go   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~857
həum   bedbug   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~765
həïŋ   many   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~629
  bee   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~807
  bee   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~806
  bee   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~808
kah   to untie, separate   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~996
kah   to untie, separate   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~995
kah   to untie, separate   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~997
kaih   ibex   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~864
kaiñ   head   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~335
kaiñ   head   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~334
kaiñ   head   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~336
kak   branch   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~231
kak   branch   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~230
kak   branch   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~232
kap   chin, jaw   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~638
kat   thorn   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~552
katɒm   right (side)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~684
kau   cotton   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~938
kau   ten   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~814
kau   ten   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~815
kau   wind   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~785
kauh   porcupine   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~866
kauŋ   to dig   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~338
kauŋ   to dig   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~339
kay   to have   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~935
kaï   wind   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~784
kaï   wind   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~783
kaïk   hot   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~486
kaŋgrum   under   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~728
kaʔ   fish, N.   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~10
kaʔ   fish, N.   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~9
kaʔ   fish, N.   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~11
kean   small finger   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~596
keh   to be born   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1001
khaiʔ   after   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~210
khaïk   to wash (self)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~521
kheʔ   after   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~211
khlïak   to lick   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~298
khok   to eat (of animals)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~237
khoʔ   tree   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~217
khoʔ   tree   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~218
khrai   gold   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~844
khrak   buffalo   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~282
khraum   fish-trap, fish-basket   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~724
khraïŋ   drum   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~427
khraʔ   road, way   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~148
khrea   gold   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~842
khroʔ   new   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~159
khrɒuʔ   new   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~157
khrɒʔ   enough (food)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~154
khrəih   a bear   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~906
khrəih   unmarried woman   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1023
khrəŋ   clothes, tools, belongings   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~431
khuat   old (human)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~561
khyai   gold   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~843
khyak   buffalo   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~283
khyaïŋ   drum   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~428
khyaʔ   road, way   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~149
khyoʔ   new   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~158
khyɔʔ   enough (food)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~155
khyəŋ   clothes, tools, belongings   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~430
khyɛi   thin   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~846
khyɛih   unmarried woman   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1024
khïah   to give   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1004
khïaŋ   mouse   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~342
khɒuʔ   tree   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~216
khɔic   to wash (self)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~522
khɔic   to wash (self)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~523
khəiʔ   moon, month   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~207
khəiʔ   wood, firewood   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~205
khɛiʔ   moon, month   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~208
kiat   to bite   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~557
kiat   to bite   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~556
kih   salt   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~872
kih   salt   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~871
kik   ashamed, shy   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~489
klep   shoulder   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~658
klep   shoulder   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~657
klep   shoulder   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~659
kloiñ   fat   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~543
kloiñ   fat   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~544
kloŋ   river   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~451
kloŋ   river   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~452
klïak   to lick   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~297
klïak   to lick   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~296
klɒm   to carry on shoulder   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~733
klɔm   to carry on shoulder   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~734
klɔm   to carry on shoulder   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~735
klɔŋ   rice-bowl   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~442
klɔŋ   river   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~450
kləiʔ   penis   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~164
klən   python, rock snake   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~619
kləïŋ   python, rock snake   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~618
koa   ten   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~813
koat   cold   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~553
koh   to get up   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~999
koh   to get up   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1000
koi   slow, slowly   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~941
koih   to cook   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~869
kok   to eat (of animals)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~236
krak   buffalo   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~284
kraum   fish-trap, fish-basket   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~725
krauŋ   drum   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~429
kraʔ   road, way   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~150
kreh   unmarried woman   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1025
kres   a bear   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~907
krɔʔ   enough (food)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~156
kua   slow, slowly   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~942
kuan   child   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~597
kuan   child   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~598
kuat   old (human)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~560
kuat   old (human)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~559
kuic   ashamed, shy   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~490
kïah   to give   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1003
kïah   to give   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1002
kïaŋ   mouse   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~341
kïaŋ   mouse   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~340
kōaŋ   to dig   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~337
  strong   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~780
kɒk   to call   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~233
kɒuh   to get up   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~998
  strong   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~781
  strong   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~782
kɔi   cotton   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~939
kɔi   cotton   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~940
kɔi   to have   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~936
kɔi   to have   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~937
kɔic   hot   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~487
kɔic   hot   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~488
kɔk   to call   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~234
kɔk   to call   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~235
kɔt   cold   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~554
kɔt   cold   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~555
kəs   to cook   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~870
kəuh   to cook   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~868
kəïŋ   thumb   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~599
  cucumber   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~811
  cucumber   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~810
l-/ɣakɨaʔ   to get thin   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~26
la a   two   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~776
la a   two   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~775
lah   to slice   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1029
lah   to slice   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1030
lak   side, direction, (river) bank   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~300
lak   side, direction, (river) bank   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~299
lan   earring   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~617
lapaïŋ   forty   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~607
laphaum, ɣaphaum   heart, mind   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~762
lasaum, ɣasaum   night   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~749
lathiŋ, ɣathiŋ   navel   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~375
lau   to speak   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~771
laum   pus   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~738
laum   pus   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~739
laŋ   house (classif.)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~435
laŋɔŋ   knife   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~345
laɣɔih   fat, grease   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~862
laʔak   crow (N.)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~228
laʔauh   fat, grease   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~861
laʔaum   water   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~665
laʔaŋ   rock   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~329
laʔoi   three   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~930
laʔua   three   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~932
laʔuai   three   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~931
leic   pig   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~292
liaŋ   to raise (animals)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~433
liaŋ   to raise (animals)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~434
loih   to answer   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~926
luat   to take out, draw out   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~584
luat   to take out, draw out   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~585
lɒm   knife   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~729
lɒn   sharp   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~730
lɒŋ   black" (perhaps also: "blue")   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~439
lɒʔ   snail   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~175
lɔm   sharp   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~731
lɔm   sharp   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~732
lɔŋ   black" (perhaps also: "blue")   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~440
lɔŋ   black" (perhaps also: "blue")   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~441
lɔʔ   snail   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~176
ləic   pig   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~290
ləih   to go down, fall   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1028
ləs   to answer   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~927
lətaiʔ   eighty   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~45
ləuh   to answer   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~925
lɛic   pig   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~291
maiʔ   you, Sg.   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~107
mau   silver, money   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~841
mau   to crawl   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~804
mau   to crawl   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~803
mau   to crawl   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~805
maus   name   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~905
maus   nose   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~902
maï   silver, money   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~840
maï   silver, money   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~839
maïh   name   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~903
maïh   nose   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~901
maïh   nose   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~900
maʔ   mother   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~116
maʔ   mother   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~115
maʔ   mother   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~117
mbai   watermelon   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~793
mbiaŋ   tooth   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~384
mbiaŋ   tooth   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~385
mbiŋ   mud   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~399
mbiŋ   mud   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~400
mblan   Burman   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~616
mblauŋ   mountain   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~456
mblauŋ   mountain   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~457
mbloaŋ   mountain   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~455
mboŋ   stairs, ladder   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~391
mbran   Burman   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~615
mbraʔ   to steal   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~151
mbraʔ   to steal   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~153
mbrɒŋ   horse   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~421
mbrɔŋ   horse   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~423
mbrəïŋ   body louse   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~542
mbuak   pierce, stab   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~261
mbuak   pierce, stab   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~260
mbuak   pierce, stab   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~262
mbyaʔ   to steal   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~152
mbyɔŋ   horse   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~422
mbəiñ   mud   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~398
mbək   to snap, to break (tr.)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~255
mbək   to snap, to break (tr.)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~256
miʔ   you, Sg.   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~108
moi   (wild) cow, buffalo   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~966
mua   (wild) cow, buffalo   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~967
mɔih   name   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~904
mək   cow   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~270
mək   cow   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~271
məup   cow   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~269
naiʔ   muscle, meat   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~73
nauk   full   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~253
naum   urine, urinate   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~714
naum   urine, urinate   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~715
naʔ   sour   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~79
naʔ   sour   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~78
naʔ   sour   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~80
ndai   skirt   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~952
ndai   skirt   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~953
ndak   tongue   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~245
ndak   tongue   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~246
ndeiñ   wall   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~363
ndeum   to begin, to start, to just V   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~697
ndeʔ   last (as in: last year)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~61
ndiam   short, low   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~698
ndoh   to fall (off, down)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1014
ndoŋ   jar, cooking pot   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~381
ndoŋ   jar, cooking pot   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~382
ndoʔ   dumb, mute   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~69
ndoʔ   dumb, mute   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~70
nduat   to smoke (tr.), to swallow   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~566
nduh   to fall (off, down)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1013
ndïah   to slap, to clap hands   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1010
ndïah   to slap, to clap hands   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1011
ndïak   to fry   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~247
ndïaŋ   pot, kettle   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~379
ndɒuh   to fall (off, down)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1012
ndɒuʔ   dumb, mute   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~68
ndɔm   right (side)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~685
ndəm   to begin, to start, to just V   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~696
ndɛiñ   wall   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~362
neum   thunder   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~710
neum   year   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~713
ngɒ   to cut down (trees)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~816
niʔ   muscle, meat   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~75
  face   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~82
  face   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~83
nɔʔ   he, this   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~84
nəm   thunder   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~709
nəm   year   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~712
nəum   thunder   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~708
nəum   year   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~711
ñjiʔ   pine tree   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~24
pai   watermelon   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~792
paiʔ   you Pl.   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~86
pau   grey, blue   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~829
pauh   barking deer   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~892
paun   four   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~605
paun   four   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~606
paus   barking deer   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~893
pauŋ   to blow (instr.)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~394
paï   grey, blue   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~828
païk   put away, take off (clothes)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~495
païŋ   four   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~604
païŋ   to blow (instr.)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~393
païŋ   to blow (instr.)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~392
paŋ   bamboo cluster   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~386
peu   to fly   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~795
peu   to fly   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~796
peʔ   goat   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~95
peʔ   you Pl.   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~87
peʔ   you Pl.   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~88
phak   vegetable   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~315
phak   vegetable   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~316
phak   wash dishes   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~314
pheum   to fart   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~764
pheʔ   goat   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~97
phiaiñ   white   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~535
phit   sticky, glutinous (rice)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~572
phlias   spear (N.)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~924
phloʔ   betel   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~182
phluʔ   betel   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~181
phoan   five   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~623
phoŋ   bamboo shoot   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~403
phoʔ   each other   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~103
phraiñ   ancient   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~719
phraiʔ   sharp, harsh taste   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~139
phraŋ   roof   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~415
phreʔ   forest, outside, sky, weather   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~142
phreʔ   forest, outside, sky, weather   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~144
phruʔ   cloth, blanket, clothes   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~160
phruʔ   cloth, blanket, clothes   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~162
phrəuh   to blossom   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~914
phrəïk   bird wing   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~506
phrɛ   hail   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~848
phu   evening   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~799
phu   thick   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~832
phuh   to beat, pound, launder   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1019
phui   person   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~962
phuk   to tie   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~265
phuŋ   bamboo shoot   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~402
phuʔ   younger sibling   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~106
phyaim   ancient   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~720
phyaŋ   roof   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~416
phyeʔ   sharp, harsh taste   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~140
phyiʔ   forest, outside, sky, weather   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~143
phyoic   bird wing   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~507
phyuʔ   cloth, blanket, clothes   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~161
phyɛ   hail   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~849
phïaʔ   father   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~100
phïs   to carry on back   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~896
phɔn   five   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~624
phɔn   five   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~625
piaŋ   tooth   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~383
pit   sticky, glutinous (rice)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~571
pit   sticky, glutinous (rice)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~570
piŋ   white   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~533
piʔ   goat   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~96
plah   classifier for sheet-like objects   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1031
plah   classifier for sheet-like objects   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1032
plai   liquor   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~984
plai   liquor   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~985
plaum   land-leech   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~736
plaum   land-leech   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~737
plaʔ   tool, knife (classif.)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~171
plea   liquor   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~983
pleh   spear (N.)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~922
pleʔ   fruit   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~167
pliah   spear (N.)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~923
ploʔ   betel   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~180
plɒŋ   thatching-grass   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~443
plɔŋ   thatching-grass   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~444
pləiʔ   fruit   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~165
plɛiʔ   fruit   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~166
poh   to beat, pound, launder   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1018
poiñ   to shoot   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~531
poiñ   to shoot   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~532
poŋ   bamboo shoot   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~401
poʔ   each other   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~101
praim   ancient   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~721
praŋ   roof   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~417
preʔ   sharp, harsh taste   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~141
proic   bird wing   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~508
prəs   to blossom   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~915
prɛ   hail   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~850
pu   evening   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~798
pu   evening   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~797
pu   thick   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~831
pu   thick   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~830
pui   person   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~961
pui   person   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~960
puih   to carry on back   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~895
puiñ   white   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~534
puk   to tie   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~264
puk   to tie   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~263
puʔ   each other   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~102
puʔ   younger sibling   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~105
puʔ   younger sibling   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~104
pïaʔ   father   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~99
pïaʔ   father   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~98
pïh   to carry on back   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~894
pō̱   mortar   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~827
pɒŋ   window   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~387
pɔic   put away, take off (clothes)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~496
pɔic   put away, take off (clothes)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~497
pɔŋ   stairs, ladder   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~390
pɔŋ   window   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~388
pɔŋ   window   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~389
pəih   to pick, to pluck   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1017
pəu   to fly   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~794
pəup   to snap, to break (tr.)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~254
pəïŋ   to shoot   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~530
rahmaum   nest (N.)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~770
raic   grass   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~652
raip   grass   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~654
rakhɨaʔ   to get thin   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~27
rakoʔ   dove, pigeon   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~21
rakoʔ   rice (uncooked)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~17
ramiʔ   male   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~111
ramiʔ   sugar (cane)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~114
ramoʔ   dream (V., N.)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~124
ramɔic   grave   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~502
ramɔs   banana   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~899
randïap "a cover, a lid" from *rn-dap   to cover (with a roof), to obstruct (a road)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~651
rapas   broom   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~891
rapaun   forty   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~608
rapaun   forty   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~609
rapauŋ   to bury   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~397
rapaïk   bridge   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~259
raphaum   heart, mind   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~763
raphiʔ   clothes   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~94
raphum   fence, garden   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~718
rapɔi   shadow   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~959
rapən   woman, wife, female   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~612
rateʔ   eighty   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~46
rathiŋ   navel   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~376
rathïak   palm, sole   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~249
rauk   toad   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~289
raus   turtle   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~918
rawia   tiger   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~975
rawuy   whirl in hair   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~977
rawïaŋ   thigh   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~412
rawïaʔ   a La, a Lawa, a Wa   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~132
rayoŋ   rainbow   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~472
rayua   gibbon   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~855
raïh   turtle   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~916
raŋguaŋ   pillow   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~343
raʔ   big   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~145
raʔ   big   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~147
raʔaum   water   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~667
raʔaus   fat, grease   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~863
raʔlɔh   to exchange   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1033
raʔlɔh   to exchange   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1034
raʔŋak   crow (N.)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~229
ream   to weed (out)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~722
reup   fishing net   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~656
riaŋ   strong   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~413
riaŋ   strong   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~414
rlgap   chin, jaw   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~637
roak   toad   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~288
roh   to bark   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1027
roi   fly (N.)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~978
rua   fly (N.)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~980
rɒuh   to bark   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1026
rɔih   to choose   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~911
rɔs   to choose   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~913
rəup   fishing net   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~655
rəŋɔŋ   knife   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~346
rɛh   root   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~908
rɛm   to weed (out)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~723
rɛs   root   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~910
saim   bird   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~741
saim   bird   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~742
saiñ   bird   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~740
saiñ   cooked, ripe   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~621
saiñ   cooked, ripe   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~620
saiñ   cooked, ripe   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~622
sak   full (with food)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~301
sak   full (with food)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~302
sak   to wash clothes   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~304
sak   to wash clothes   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~303
sak   to wash clothes   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~305
sakhrak   red   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~285
sakhyak   red   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~286
sakrak   red   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~287
sakɒʔ   wet   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~12
sakɔʔ   wet   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~13
sakɔʔ   wet   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~14
sama   seed   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~835
sama   seed   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~834
sama   seed   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~836
sanak   vein   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~252
sanat   gun   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~568
sanat   gun   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~567
sanat   gun   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~569
sandaiʔ   near   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~63
sandiʔ   near   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~64
sandiʔ   near   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~65
sandoh   to fall (headlong)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1016
sandɒuh   to fall (headlong)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1015
sapaʔ   cheek   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~90
sapaʔ   cheek   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~89
sapaʔ   cheek   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~91
sapiʔ   millet   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~85
sat   sleeping-mat   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~589
sat   sleeping-mat   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~590
sat   to comb   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~591
sat   to comb   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~592
sataim   nine   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~679
sataim   nine   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~680
sataiñ   nine   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~678
sataiʔ   eight   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~42
sataʔ   tail   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~53
sataʔ   tail   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~52
sataʔ   tail   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~54
sateʔ   eight   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~43
sateʔ   eight   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~44
sathoʔ   silk   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~72
satoʔ   silk   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~71
saum   night   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~748
saum   night   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~750
saviat   to twist   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~579
saviat   to twist   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~580
sañiʔ   sun, day   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~30
saŋ   elephant   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~459
saŋ   elephant   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~458
saŋ   elephant   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~460
saŋai   far   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~947
saŋai   far   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~948
saŋaiʔ   sun, day   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~28
saŋeʔ   sun, day   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~29
saŋia   far   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~946
saʔ   (time to) eat   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~189
saʔaic   centipede   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~632
saʔaip   centipede   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~633
saʔau   to smell (intr.)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~933
saʔaŋ   bone   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~331
saʔaŋ   bone   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~330
saʔaŋ   bone   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~332
saʔbaïŋ   star   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~539
saʔeu   warm   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~778
saʔeu   warm   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~779
saʔeum   rotting   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~671
saʔmoiñ   star   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~540
saʔmoiñ   star   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~541
saʔnaʔ   middle   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~81
saʔoiñ   snake   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~525
saʔoiñ   snake   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~526
saʔŋəʔ   be clean   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~31
saʔɒh   to be dry   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~992
saʔɔh   to be dry   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~993
saʔɔh   to be dry   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~994
saʔɔi   to smell (intr.)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~934
saʔəïŋ   snake   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~524
seam   Shan, Northern Thai, Siamese   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~743
seʔ   head louse   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~188
som   to eat (rice)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~746
som   to eat (rice)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~747
soʔ   grand-child   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~197
soʔ   grand-child   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~198
soʔ   pain, disease   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~194
soʔ   pain, disease   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~195
suak   ear   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~309
suak   ear   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~308
suak   ear   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~310
sɒh   to cut grass   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1038
sɒum   to eat (rice)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~745
sɒuʔ   pain, disease   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~193
sɒŋ   bitter   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~461
sɒŋ   to open a house   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~464
sɒʔ   dog   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~190
sɔih   charcoal   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~928
sɔs   charcoal   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~929
sɔuʔ   grand-child   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~196
sɔŋ   bitter   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~462
sɔŋ   bitter   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~463
sɔŋ   small bag   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~467
sɔŋ   to open a house   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~465
sɔŋ   to open a house   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~466
sɔʔ   dog   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~191
sɔʔ   dog   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~192
səiʔ   head louse   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~186
sət   to pick up   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~594
sət   to pick up   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~595
səum   to plant (e.g. a tree)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~751
səïk   to pick up   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~593
səʔəu   warm   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~777
sɛiʔ   head louse   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~187
sɛm   Shan, Northern Thai, Siamese   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~744
t p   to cover (with a roof), to obstruct (a road)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~650
tah   to rest   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1005
taih   mushroom   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~881
taih   mushroom   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~880
taiñ   to weave, to plait   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~528
taiñ   to weave, to plait   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~527
taiñ   to weave, to plait   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~529
taiʔ   earth   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~47
taiʔ   hand   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~40
tak   tongue   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~244
tam   crab   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~682
tam   crab   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~681
tam   crab   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~683
tas   mushroom   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~882
taus   breast   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~887
tauŋ   to trap   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~368
taïh   breast   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~886
taʔ   grand father, old man   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~51
taʔ   grand father, old man   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~50
tea   skirt   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~951
teap   flea   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~646
teh   to start a fire   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~888
teʔ   earth   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~48
teʔ   earth   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~49
teʔ   hand   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~41
teʔ   one   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~58
thia   flower   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~956
thiam   short, low   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~700
thias   to start a fire   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~889
thiŋ   paternal uncle/aunt, parent's elder brother, father's elder sister   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~373
thiʔ   last (as in: last year)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~62
thiʔ   one   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~60
thom   table, plank   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~702
thu   hill   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~791
thuak   tray   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~251
thui   to take, to bring   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~957
thum   ripe   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~704
thïah   buttocks   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1009
thïaŋ   to cross, to ford   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~378
thïaʔ   to sow (broadcast)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~67
tia   flower   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~954
tiam   short, low   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~699
tik   thrash, tread out (grain)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~494
tiŋ   navel   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~374
tiŋ   paternal uncle/aunt, parent's elder brother, father's elder sister   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~372
tiʔ   one   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~59
to   shallow   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~823
toaŋ   to trap   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~367
toh   to pound   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1007
toih   thunder   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~884
tom   liver   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~693
tom   liver   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~694
tom   table, plank   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~701
toʔ   meat, vegetables, foodstuffs, curry   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~56
toʔ   meat, vegetables, foodstuffs, curry   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~57
tu   hill   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~790
tu   stomach   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~826
tuak   tray   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~250
tual   flower   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~955
tuat   to smoke (tr.), to swallow   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~565
tum   ripe   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~703
tïah   buttocks   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1008
tïaŋ   to cross, to ford   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~377
tïaʔ   to sow (broadcast)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~66
  to run   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~820
tɒm   egg   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~687
tɒm   to give orders   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~690
tɒuh   to pound   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1006
tɒum   liver   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~692
tɒum   to boil (tr.)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~369
tɒuʔ   meat, vegetables, foodstuffs, curry   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~55
tɒŋ   jar, cooking pot   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~380
tɒŋ   to burn, to roast   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~364
  to run   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~821
  to run   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~822
tɔm   egg   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~688
tɔm   egg   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~689
tɔm   right (side)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~686
tɔm   to give orders   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~691
tɔŋ   to burn, to roast   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~365
tɔŋ   to burn, to roast   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~366
təiñ   wall   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~361
təs   thunder   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~885
təuh   thunder   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~883
təum   to begin, to start, to just V   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~695
təŋ   to boil (tr.)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~370
təŋ   to boil (tr.)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~371
tɛp   flea   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~647
tɛp   flea   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~648
vïak   insect, worm   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~278
vïak   insect, worm   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~279
weʔ   left (side)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~128
wia   to borrow   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~971
wiaic   sword   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~505
wiak   belly   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~273
wiak   belly   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~272
wiak   belly   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~274
wik   sword   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~503
wiʔ   left (side)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~129
wuai   to borrow   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~972
wuic   sword   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~504
wïah   wide   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1021
wïah   wide   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1020
wïah   wide   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1022
yamɔih   banana   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~898
yiap   to close one's eyes   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~661
yiap   to close one's eyes   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~662
yip   to fan, wave the hand   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~660
yoŋ   to know   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~469
yoŋ   to know   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~468
yoŋ   to know   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~470
yoʔ   to see   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~202
yoʔ   to see   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~204
yuak   to lift   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~306
yuak   to lift   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~307
yuh   to do   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1041
yuh   to do   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1040
yuh   to do   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1042
yum   to die, dead   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~756
yum   to die, dead   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~755
yum   to die, dead   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~757
yuʔ   to see   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~203
yïa   grandmother   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~200
yïa   grandmother   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~199
yïa   grandmother   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~201
yïəm   to weep   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~753
yïəm   to weep   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~752
yïəm   to weep   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~754
ñaum   to sit   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~672
ñoŋ   waist   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~359
ñoŋ   waist   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~358
ñoŋ   waist   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~360
ñïah   to smile   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~878
ñïah   to smile   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~877
ñïas   to smile   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~879
ŋap   early (in morning)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~641
ŋaum   to sit   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~673
ŋaum   to sit   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~674
ŋgaus   porcupine   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~867
ŋgiʔ   pine tree   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~23
ŋgloʔ   swamp, pond   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~184
ŋgloʔ   swamp, pond   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~185
ŋglɒuʔ   swamp, pond   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~183
ŋgoʔ   yesterday   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~19
ŋgraum   under   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~726
ŋgreʔ   pestle   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~138
ŋgrəiʔ   pestle   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~136
ŋgrɛiʔ   pestle   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~137
ŋgïm   under   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~727
ŋgïn   thumb   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~600
ŋgɒuʔ   yesterday   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~18
ŋgəiʔ   pine tree   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~22
ŋoih   price   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~875
ŋok   neck   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~239
ŋok   neck   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~240
ŋoŋ   knee   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~348
ŋuah   price   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~874
ŋuas   price   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~876
ŋɒ   fire   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~817
ŋɔ   fire   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~818
ŋɔ   fire   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~819
ŋɔk   neck   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~238
ŋɔp   early (in morning)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~642
ŋɔŋ   knee   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~347
ɣ/lawïaʔ   a La, a Lawa, a Wa   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~131
ɣaip   grass   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~653
ɣakoʔ   rice (uncooked)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~16
ɣameʔ, lameʔ   male   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~110
ɣameʔ   sugar (cane)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~113
ɣamɔic   grave   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~501
ɣapaïk, lapaïk   bridge   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~258
ɣaphïm   fence, garden   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~717
ɣapiʔ, lapiʔ   clothes   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~93
ɣapuŋ, lapuŋ   to speak   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~404
ɣapən   woman, wife, female   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~611
ɣawia, ɣawuai   tiger   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~974
ɣawïaŋ, lawïaŋ   thigh   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~411
ɣaïh   turtle   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~917
ɣaʔ   big   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~146
ɣaʔaum   water   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~666
ɣuai   fly (N.)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~979
ɣɔih   to choose   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~912
ɣəpaɨŋ   to bury   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~396
ɣɛh   root   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~909
ɲum   delicious, sweet   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~675
ɲum   delicious, sweet   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~677
ɲïm   delicious, sweet   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~676
ɲɨaʔ   house   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~38
ɲɨaʔ   house   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~37
ɲɨaʔ   house   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~39
ʔa-lɛ-h   seven   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~920
ʔa-lɛ-h   seven   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~919
ʔa-lɛs   seven   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~921
ʔah   to say   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~990
ʔah   to say   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~989
ʔah   to say   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~991
ʔahmaum   nest (N.)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~769
ʔaic   to sleep   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~546
ʔaic   to sleep   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~545
ʔaic   to sleep   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~547
ʔaih   to need, take, want, wear, eat   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~987
ʔaih   to need, take, want, wear, eat   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~988
ʔaim   to be alive   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~664
ʔaiñ   to be alive   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~663
ʔaiʔ   I   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~6
ʔak   bow (N.)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~226
ʔak   bow (N.)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~225
ʔak   bow (N.)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~227
ʔakɒuʔ   dove, pigeon   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~20
ʔakɒuʔ   rice (uncooked)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~15
ʔakɨaʔ   to get thin   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~25
ʔamaiʔ   male   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~109
ʔamaiʔ   sugar (cane)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~112
ʔamaïk   grave   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~500
ʔamɒuʔ   dream (V., N.)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~123
ʔamɔih   banana   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~897
ʔandïap   to cover (with a roof), to obstruct (a road)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~649
ʔandɒ   large bottle, gourd   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~824
ʔapau   shadow   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~958
ʔapaïk   bridge   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~257
ʔapaïŋ   to bury   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~395
ʔapeʔ   clothes   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~92
ʔaphaih   broom   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~890
ʔaphaum   heart, mind   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~761
ʔapum   fence, garden   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~716
ʔapəïŋ   woman, wife, female   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~610
ʔaup   cooked rice   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~635
ʔaup   cooked rice   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~634
ʔaup   cooked rice   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~636
ʔaut   dwell, be located   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~551
ʔauʔ   I   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~8
ʔawia   tiger   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~973
ʔawuy   whirl in hair   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~976
ʔawïaŋ   thigh   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~410
ʔawïaʔ   a La, a Lawa, a Wa   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~130
ʔayoŋ   rainbow   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~471
ʔayua   gibbon   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~854
ʔayïah   hundred   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1039
ʔaïk   dwell, be located   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~549
ʔaït   dwell, be located   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~550
ʔaïʔ   I   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~7
ʔaŋɒŋ   knife   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~344
ʔbəu   round, classifier for round objects   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~837
ʔdaïk   back of heel   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~509
ʔdaŋ   long   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~436
ʔdea   squirrel   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~981
ʔdïŋ   long (time)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~432
ʔdɒuʔ   deep   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~163
ʔdɒŋ   house pole   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~418
ʔdəïŋ   horn (animal)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~424
ʔdɛ   forehead   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~851
ʔeah   to need, take, want, wear, eat   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~986
ʔeic   a tuber   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~485
ʔeic   taro   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~221
ʔeiñ   to come, return   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~326
ʔeum   salty   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~670
ʔeʔ   we, Inclusive, more than two   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~1
ʔeʔ   we, Inclusive, more than two   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~0
ʔeʔ   we, Inclusive, more than two   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~2
ʔiak   elder brother   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~223
ʔiak   elder brother   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~222
ʔiak   elder brother   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~224
ʔiaŋ   dung   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~327
ʔiaŋ   dung   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~328
ʔlai   squirrel   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~982
ʔlaŋ   long   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~437
ʔlaŋ   long   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~438
ʔloŋ   coffin   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~448
ʔloŋ   coffin   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~449
ʔma   dry ricefield   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~801
ʔma   dry ricefield   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~800
ʔma   dry ricefield   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~802
ʔmai   with   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~964
ʔmai   with   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~965
ʔmau   axe   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~968
ʔmauk   to cough   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~267
ʔmauk   to cough   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~268
ʔmaut   cloud, smoke   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~578
ʔmaïk   ant   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~518
ʔmaïk   cloud, smoke   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~576
ʔmaït   cloud, smoke   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~577
ʔmea   with   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~963
ʔmeu   round, classifier for round objects   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~838
ʔmoak   to cough   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~266
ʔmoʔ   rope   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~121
ʔmoʔ   rope   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~122
ʔmɒuʔ   rope   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~120
ʔmɒʔ   to hide (oneself)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~118
ʔmɔi   axe   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~969
ʔmɔi   axe   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~970
ʔmɔic   ant   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~519
ʔmɔic   ant   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~520
ʔmɔʔ   to hide (oneself)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~119
ʔnaiʔ   (Shan) hat   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~76
ʔneʔ   (Shan) hat   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~77
ʔneʔ   muscle, meat   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~74
ʔnït   to extinguish   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~563
ʔnït   to extinguish   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~564
ʔrɔŋ   house pole   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~420
ʔrəŋ   horn (animal)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~426
ʔrɛ   forehead   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~853
ʔyuaŋ   village (small)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~477
ʔyuaŋ   village (small)   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~476
ʔyuaŋ   village (small)   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~478
ʔyuic   drunk   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~492
ʔyït   to extinguish   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~562
ʔñua   slippery   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~789
ʔñuic   drunk   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~493
ʔŋa   twenty   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~787
ʔŋa   twenty   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~786
ʔŋa   twenty   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~788
ʔŋea   eye   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~943
ʔɒʔ   bamboo   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~3
ʔɔ   elder sister   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~809
ʔɔih   to swell, be swollen   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~860
ʔɔŋ   hornet   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~333
ʔɔʔ   bamboo   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~4
ʔɔʔ   bamboo   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~5
ʔəic   a tuber   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~483
ʔəic   taro   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~219
ʔəiñ   to come, return   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~324
ʔəm   salty   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~669
ʔəum   salty   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~668
ʔɛ   fowl   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~773
ʔɛ   fowl   (Lawa [Bo Luang])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~772
ʔɛ   fowl   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~774
ʔɛic   a tuber   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~484
ʔɛic   taro   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~220
ʔɛiñ   to come, return   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~325
ʔɛt   small, a few   (Lawa [Umphai])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~548
ʔɣɔŋ   house pole   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~419
ʔɣəŋ   horn (animal)   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~425
ʔɣɛ   forehead   (Lawa [Ban Phae])   Mit1972:C:Dif1980~852