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-ŋəŋ   habitual suffix   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:795
baːu   a stick   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:753
baːŋ   to eat   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:2
biː mɨŋ   name   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:754
bmja   cheek   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:756
bni   month   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:21
brə rəukmau   person   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:757
brə   man   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:26
bəseɲ   snake   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:31
bɨnsir   cold   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:755
caːt   dance   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:38
cipnət   broom   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:759
cnoŋ   village   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:53
coŋ ne   permanent   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:412
coŋ   to sit   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:42
cəʔspaʔ   hundred   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:581
cɨnnoŋ   to dwell, live   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:758
cɨppheu   ten   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:457
cʔeŋ   bone   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:67
deit   to drink   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:94
di, dənni   to go, walk   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:95
diʔ   future marker   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:761
djəŋ   tree   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:82
dom ba   mountain   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:762
dom   hill   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:330
doŋ   tail   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:645
du, gdu   she   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:763
də-pam   axe   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:760
er-rəŋba   fowl   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:632
eŋkriŋ   breast   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:764
gulai   horse   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:765
heʔ kən   to know   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:766
hrɨ-rə   six   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:114
hɨnɲu-rə   seven   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:113
jaːu rei   sun   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:768
jaːu   we   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:767
jeŋ morjəŋ   knee   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:769
jeɲ   house   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:137
jət   who?   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:770
kap   to bite   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:169
kawa   cow   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:775
kaːda   monkey   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:774
kcaʔ   bad   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:776
khillai   liver   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:226
khla   tiger   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:210
khmat   eye   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:380
khoit ljəŋ   seed   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:349
khom   to bind   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:778
khon dəin   boy   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:779
khon   child   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:196
khɨljəp   a fold   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:777
khɨnɲaʔ   heavy   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:207
kmjəŋ   earth   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:785
konthau   spouse   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:786
koraŋ   husband; to be male   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:56
ksu   dog   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:307
kudu   they   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:787
kwi   betelnut   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:318
kɟu   they   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:784
kɨndei   to fly   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:780
kɨndur   to want   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:781
kɨnnoit   can, may   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:782
kɨnsan   hard   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:783
kɨrriɲ   breadth   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:273
laʔ   past tense   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:327
laʔtap   forest   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:788
laːr   to come   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:322
leiʔleiʔ lala   quickly   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:789
ləkur   ear   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:49
ləwba   belly   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:790
lɨngba   through   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:791
lʔoʔ   cloud   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:374
mat   what?   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:793
maː   plural pronoun marker   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:792
mi   you (masc. singular)   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:385
mjəu   cat   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:392
mot   night   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:387
mərhjəŋ   good   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:399
  I   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:408
nən   continuous aspect   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:794
phe   you (fem. singular)   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:459
prək sop   all   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:521
punɟɨŋ   urinary bladder   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:796
pət   to sweep, clean   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:446
pɨllɨŋ   egg   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:484
pɨnɲap   to kill   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:415
rjəŋkhoŋ   dry   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:545
rəuk maːu   woman   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:797
rəʔtrei   servant   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:293
san   five   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:562
saʔ   shall, future marker   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:566
sla   leaf   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:595
snam   blood   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:600
snaːr   chisel   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:800
snieʔ   bark of tree   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:606
snət   comb   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:557
soʔot   dysentery   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:801
sŋgeʔ   stop   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:616
sŋgu   to hear   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:615
sənɲu   night   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:422
sɨndiʔ     (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:573
sɨntim   yellow   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:798
sɨrpaːi   to rub   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:799
sɲjək   hair   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:52
thaŋ   to burn   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:664
thom   to take   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:669
thɨlloit   to lie   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:802
tnom   above   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:803
torsim   claw   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:704
toŋkoʔ   to limp   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:690
tu   he   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:649
təbaːr   outside   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:3
uwe   one   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:719
wau   one   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:804
wən naː   to chase   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:712
ŋɨnnaːi   to swim   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:153
ɟeʔep   sand   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:68
ɟiŋgaːn, ɟəŋaːn   near   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:772
ɟu, ʔənju   sour   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:129
ɟu   he   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:773
ɟɨmbaːt   wet   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:771
ɲap   to die   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:125
ɲjəŋ   to stand   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:131
ʔaːr   two   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:725
ʔeŋgi   neck   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:809
ʔincor   to be clean   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:812
ʔobon   many   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:37
ʔoŋ   to say   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:730
ʔəgaːp   mouth   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:417
ʔəkot   book   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:805
ʔəlliʔ   white   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:341
ʔəllup   hot   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:806
ʔəmim   meat   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:393
ʔəmmir   be fat   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:807
ʔəmoin   tooth   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:356
ʔənot   heart   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:406
ʔənɟi   not, negator   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:136
ʔənɟuŋ   to urinate   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:161
ʔəpaːu   ashes   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:100
ʔəsim   bird   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:587
ʔəthot   root   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:668
ʔəŋ   to build   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:808
ʔɨljaŋ   first   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:810
ʔɨmbəi   to blow   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:811
ʔɨmphak   to blossom   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:474
ʔɨn-daːp   full   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:71
ʔɨndəŋ   alone   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:813
ʔɨnnaːi   to give   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:726
ʔɨnthək   smoke   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:814
ʔɨnɲoŋ   black   (Lyngngam [Nangstoin])   Nag1996:C:127