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Katuic Branch (289 items)
sculpt   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~102-3
to weave   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~107-6
biɲ   full   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~422-5
buaŋ   coconut   (Pacoh)   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1341-6
buuʔ   store, cache   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1210-1
bɔɔn   can, able   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~373-8
bəc   sleep   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~857-8
cḛh   burn, ignite   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~680-1
cḛn   cooked   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~657-8
cḛt   die   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~671-1
cɔaŋ   axe   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1250-4
cɔɔl   wounded   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1291-3
cɔɔm   know   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~939-1
cəam   able   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~411-3
cəas   sneeze   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~432-8
cəat cɔɔj   to cultivate   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~436-2
cəat cɔɔj   to cultivate   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~912-2
cəl   put out (fire)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~527-1
daak   water   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~73-7
doh   quick, rapid   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~503-1
do̰m   ripe   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1104-3
dɔɔk   to put (into pot)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~924-7
dɛɛŋ   take, bring   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~377-4
heḛŋ   drain (water)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~594-1
hɔɔj   flow   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~914-7
juŋ   long   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~464-3
jəaŋ   stand   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~549-6
kaas   shave   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~156-1
kaaŋ   language   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~119-2
kadɔɔs   twirl (finger)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~993-1
kadəl   to block, hinder   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~523-1
kadəp   hidden   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~551-2
kakɔ̰h   chop   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1026-6
kallɛɛ   handle (of knife etc.)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~571-5
kammaaj   widow   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~58-4
kammo̰or   virgin, maiden   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1138-6
kapas   cotton plant   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~157-5
kapbən   thick   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~541-7
kapɔat   squeeze   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1351-6
karcaŋ   laughter   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~288-7
kardɛam ram   scorpion   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~805-2
karko̰k   bent, crooked   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1179-5
karlɛas   pull trigger   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~320-4
karnuam   blanket   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1337-3
karruum   under, underneath   (Pacoh)   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1237-12
karrɔk   cow   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1050-4
kat   cut   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~329-5
katdə̰əl   heel   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~366-6
katruu, katrəw   pigeon   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1201-1
kavaat   to scratch   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~168-5
kavəəjʔ   wave (hand)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~355-3
kisɛɛ   moon   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~230-7
kit   sharpen   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~756-4
kitaar   rub, wash   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~151-1
klaaŋ   to pipe water   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~125-1
klḛɲ   gums   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~278-2
klɔɔk   white   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~929-4
kləm   to eat with fingers   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~412-1
ko̰r   row, paddle   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1137-1
krəm   thunder   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~532-7
krəŋ   old forest   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~545-4
kusḛɲ   snake   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~277-8
kɔɔn tɨɨj   orphan   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~450-2
kəl pakklak   to change secretly   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~522-1
kəʔ parrəə   thank you   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~353-4
kɛ̰c   pick, pluck   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~191-6
laas   reed of khên, parlaas talk, word   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~159-3
lalaac   lightning flash   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~41-2
lalaaŋ   lying on back   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~129-3
laləaw   young man - adolescent   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~345-3
llɔɔŋ   wood, tree   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~953-7
lɔat   to peel, skin   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~485-2
lɔɔm   liver   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~942-6
lɔɔn   swallow   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~374-7
lɛas   to break (split apart)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~834-1
mat   eye   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~330-8
mbaaŋ   sky   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~113-8
mbɛʔ   goat   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~580-3
mmaa   race, strain   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~12-2
mmaaʔ   busy   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~33-1
mpah   to slap   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~215-2
muu hɛɛ   we   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~569-6
mət   bile   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~564-7
ndɔɔj   claw (of crab)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~909-6
nləah   half   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~212-1
nnar   wing   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~307-1
nnaʔ   stink, smell bad   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~186-5
nno̰l   post   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1100-8
ntaak   tongue   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~71-4
ntih   that there   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~860-3
ntoop   the beginning   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~386-3
ntrḛɲ   body louse   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~421-6
ntrɛɛ   pestle   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~642-7
nɨɨm   enough   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~458-1
padəam   take by force   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~414-1
pakaaj   watermelon   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~64-1
palaa   to wedge   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~20-6
panaas   jackfruit   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~161-3
papaat   crushed   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~171-5
paraaj   thread   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~49-7
parlaaj   antidote, medicine   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~51-3
parniis   broom   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~717-2
parraaŋ   bridge   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~131-1
partat   industrious   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~333-1
patəl   to compensate, fill a void   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~525-1
paŋ pək   butterfly   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~518-5
paɲɔɔh   deer   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~996-7
pḛɲ   shoot   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~279-8
pihɔɔm   breathe   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~370-6
pihəj   otter   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~235-4
piis ŋaam   orange   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~753-1
pilaw   thigh   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~339-4
pilɔh   turn over   (Pacoh)   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1033-8
pilɛɛ   fruit   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~234-7
pinnah pijaaw   spirit, demon   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~199-4
piruj   insect, worm   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~449-6
pirɛaŋ   rainbow   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~601-3
piŋɛɛ   poison   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~576-1
pluu   head   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~352-7
plɔac   to take off (shirt)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1317-2
plɔɔm   leech   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~371-5
pləj   to buy   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~403-1
pləm   fat   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~536-6
praa   cutting knife   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~6-3
praan   strength, might   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~103-1
praaŋ dəp   house beam   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~132-3
prooŋ   red   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1123-1
prəh   stubborn, willfull   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~401-1
puaʔ   sunlight, sunshine   (Pacoh)   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1307-6
puul   hide   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1235-3
pɔan   four   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1339-8
pɔaŋ   a tuber   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1193-7
pɔŋ daak   swim   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1065-1
pɔɔŋ   to bridge, panɔɔŋ 'a bridge   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~971-1
pəah   launder   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~495-3
pəc   dig, scoop   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~858-6
pəəl   period of time   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~368-1
rapuuʔ   storm   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1211-2
rvaaj   vital spirit   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~67-7
rɔɔŋ   edge, shore (of river)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~973-4
sam   nest of bird   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~303-1
sasaaj   chief, ʔachaj elder brother   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~68-3
sḛŋ   hear   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~429-8
səat   to tie in a bundle, nsəat a bundle   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~440-4
səp   put on clothes   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~556-5
sɛɛ   sated   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~236-7
sɛ̰c   meat   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~195-5
taal   to clear land   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~91-2
tabaaŋ   cheek   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~136-3
tadɔh   split (with axe)   (Pacoh)   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1040-7
tak   to make, do   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~245-5
takɯɯl   support   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~456-4
talap   to fit, assemble   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~301-4
taləə̰ŋ   walking stick   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~381-2
tammat   to press, push 'down   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~335-1
tammɔh   to ask   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1041-6
tammɛɛ   new   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~579-6
tanaa, nnaa   cooked rice   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~9-2
tap   to prick   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~304-3
tapaa   tortoise   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~23-5
tapbɨr   lips   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~558-4
tappah   split kindling   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~43-6
tappat   six   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~334-8
tappuʔ   bunch, cluster (of flower, fruit)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1357-1
tapɔɔl   seven   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1099-8
taraan   write   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~100-3
tarap   prepare, get ready   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~305-1
tarcəl   war   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~526-1
tarhaw   medicine   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~347-2
tarkɔɔŋ   (banana) bunch   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~962-2
tarlaaŋ   shoulder   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~115-1
tarlii   equal, even   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~701-1
tarruŋ   coop   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1391-4
tarrɔh   burned (house)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1035-3
tatdaa   to span, a hand span   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~8-3
tatdas   flit (bird)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~316-5
taŋ   stretched out (arms)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~298-2
taŋŋaaj   far   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~53-3
tḛh   tighten   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~632-1
tidɨɨl   shallow   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~455-4
tihɔɔ   sharpened bamboo trap   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~891-1
tiiʔ   old (things)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~492-6
tikɛaʔ   nine   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~838-7
tiraaŋ   coffin   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~138-3
tiŋ mɔŋ   rainbow   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~740-4
tiŋɛɛ   day   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~237-7
tiʔ miʔ   slowly, bit by bit   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~855-1
traak   hair wash, shampoo   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~76-2
trii   mushroom   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~489-7
trəm   seize, grab   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~538-1
tulan   boa   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~275-1
tulia   late morning   (Pacoh)   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~695-4
tɔɔm   trunk, stalk   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~372-5
tɔɔr   border, edge, shore   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~988-3
tɔɔŋ ʔabas   fishing 'rod   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~314-7
tɔ̰ŋ   to tie   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1067-1
təak   arrive   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~409-5
təak   come   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~396-3
təp   bury   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~557-7
tə̰ŋ   stretch (arms)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~482-1
tɛ̰c   sell   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~196-4
tɨ̰h ʔaɟəp   wet   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~871-1
vaajh   change, turn into   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~163-1
vɛɛ   have, to be   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~406-2
ŋhaaŋ   bone   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~110-6
ŋhiil   light weigh   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~85-6
ŋkaak   branch   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~70-3
ŋkəm   thumb   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~529-6
ŋkəəs   porcupine   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~390-6
ŋkəə̰r   eyelash   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~387-2
ŋŋaam   sweet   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~98-6
ɟaaj   disperse   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~56-5
ɟaaŋ   cross (river)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~118-4
ɟuŋ   foot, leg   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~463-7
ɲaŋ   we two   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~291-1
ɲcḛe   head louse   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~402-7
ɲiim   weep   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~97-7
ɲo̰n   narrow   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1118-1
ɲsil   dull   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~866-1
ʔaaw   shirt   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~174-1
ʔabəl do̰ŋ   house mouse   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~520-2
ʔacaaj   brother   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~46-3
ʔacaw   nephew   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~338-5
ʔacim   bird   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~655-6
ʔaciʔ   knife   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~850-1
ʔacɛɛ̰k   acrid   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~649-3
ʔadaaʔ   duck   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1-6
ʔadək   squash, gourd   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~515-6
ʔahaam   blood   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~92-6
ʔahaat   peppery   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~164-1
ʔajəj   uncle, husband of sister of parent   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~693-4
ʔakaam   husk, chaff   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~94-3
ʔakaaʔ, kaaʔ   grandmother   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~28-1
ʔakḛɲ   sand   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~280-1
ʔaklɔɔ   type of crayfish   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~886-7
ʔakooɲ   father   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1121-7
ʔakut   cut off, short   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1395-2
ʔakuu   I   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~444-4
ʔakər   drum   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~471-5
ʔakəŋ   eggplant   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~543-5
ʔalaa   leaf   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~22-6
ʔalaaʔ   dartre   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~29-2
ʔaliim   grasshopper   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~732-1
ʔalə̤ʔ   bran   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~511-4
ʔalɛp   brother-in-law   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~606-5
ʔamaa   aunt   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~3-2
ʔamɔɔ   stone   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~443-6
ʔamɔɔn   nephew, niece   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~951-6
ʔamɔʔ   older sister   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~892-2
ʔamɛaŋ   elder brother   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~737-2
ʔanəh   long ago   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~399-1
ʔap   cook   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~431-3
ʔapal   mortar   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~254-6
ʔapoom   chest   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~369-5
ʔapəj   cabbage   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~405-2
ʔaraac   grasshopper   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~35-4
ʔarus, ʔaruus   wild forest   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~474-2
ʔarɔɔʔ   raft   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~885-2
ʔas   swollen   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~313-5
ʔasaaj   ginger   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~47-5
ʔasiiw   fish   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~762-1
ʔasək   grass   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~407-3
ʔat   stay, live   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~323-1
ʔataam   crab   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~96-4
ʔataaw   sugarcane   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~177-3
ʔataŋ   bitter   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~285-8
ʔatəah   insipid, not enough salt   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~493-5
ʔatəam   right side   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~481-5
ʔaŋ   to roast meat   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~284-5
ʔaŋaaj   who   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~63-1
ʔaɟɔaʔ   sour   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1309-7
ʔaʔaj tarmaa   sickness   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~228-9
ʔaʔeḛm   younger sibling   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~587-5
ʔaʔɔk   toad   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1044-1
ʔidɛal   wife   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~791-5
ʔijɛak   husband   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~78-8
ʔijɛak   smoke   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~479-3
ʔikɔɔn tallo̰c   youngest born   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1079-2
ʔikɔɔn   child   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~949-5
ʔimaaj   daughter-in-law   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~62-1
ʔipɛɛ   you all   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~568-1
ʔirɛaw, pirɛaw   red whiskered bulbul   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~849-2
ʔisaaw   son-in-law   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~179-2
ʔitaaŋ   bee (small)   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~134-1
ʔitruus   uncle   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1269-2
ʔiɲɨɨ   you two   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~486-2
ʔiʔaap   yawn   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~146-8
ʔooj   answer, reply   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~359-3
ʔo̰s   firewood   (Ta'Oi [NVL])   Ngu1986:C:Sid2005~1267-7