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Pearic Branch (195 items)
(sa) ŋî̥ː kʰlák   west   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:2012-3
cat tpʰûːt   spirit   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1682-3
caːk   to pare   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:556-3
ciŋlit   cricket   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:533-3
cnoːn   navel   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1204-3
cóh   angry   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:178-3
cóːp   to hatch   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:883-3
cúk   to cover   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:523-3
cáh   to cut (grass) with a sweeping motion   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:551-3
câːp   stinking   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1258-3
cɔ̤̂ː kâːl   hog plum   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1379-3
cɔ̤̂ː pajâːk   Garcinia   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1364-3
cɯ́h   to ride   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1491-3
cʰâːŋ, câːŋ   cool   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:508-3
cʰîːm tnɨ̂t   turtle dove   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:286-3
cʰɯ́h   old   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:143-3
cʰɯ́h   ripe   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1494-3
haːl moːl   paddy   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1483-3
hoːt   all   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:172-3
hrâj   chicken mite   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1143-3
huəl   beriberi   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:280-3
jéh   dry   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:616-3
jɔːn   intestine   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1001-3
kalâh   worm   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:2054-3
kaːm malṳː   clove   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:480-3
kcɨ̂ː   closely woven bamboo basket, about a foot high, formerly used as a measure for grain   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:244-3
klaː tiː   fingerprint   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:719-3
klaːm ʔíc   buttock   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:390-3
klaːm   hips   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:913-3
kók   to gather (fruits) from a tree by using a long stick   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1790-3
kpo̤ːj   bill (of animal)   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1181-3
kreː   small basket   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:249-3
kroː   shell (animal)   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1584-3
krák   Pterocarpus   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1368-3
krɯ́p   basement   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:239-3
ksìc   lazy   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1054-3
ksɨ̂m cʰɯ́h   old man, woman   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1269-3
ksɨ̂m troŋ   honest   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:933-3
ksɨ̂m ták   adult   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:160-3
kteːn   crest   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:532-3
ktiɲ   gums   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:859-3
ktoŋ ŋɛːŋ   mouse deer   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:576-3
ktʰêː   low, short   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1102-3
kuən kwêːn   belt   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:278-3
kuən kwêːn   girl   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:434-3
kuː   to shout   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:398-3
kwít   to butt   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:386-3
kàː kɔ́ːk   back part of the skull   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:220-3
kêː   unruly   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1928-3
kɔ̂ːc   liquid   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1978-3
kɔ̤ː   foolish   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:761-3
kə̂ːp   many   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1115-3
kɛːm   to chew   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:427-3
kɛ̂ːp   short   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1103-3
kɯ́h   awake   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1960-3
kʰajâːŋ   sand   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1539-3
kʰam snàː   arrow   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:50-3
kʰem   needle   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1215-3
kʰeːn   sprout   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1696-3
kʰlâː pla̤ːŋ   fin   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:727-3
kʰlâːj   floor   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:741-3
kʰmaː   rainbow   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1439-3
kʰmáh loŋ   fog   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:751-3
kʰnɯh   spur   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1698-3
kʰók   alarmed   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:691-3
kʰôn   condensed   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1834-3
kʰran   leg muscle   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1061-3
kʰraː   stripes   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1752-3
kʰrâː kʰnêːw   vagina   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:694-3
kʰuː   to stir   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1728-3
kʰîː pót   given to lying   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1069-3
lahâːŋ   bore(d)   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:340-3
lawaː   ficus   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1363-3
lawiː   to fan   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:682-3
liə   to lick   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1071-3
lkɛːn   Hopea   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1365-3
lkɛ̂t   to slice   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:559-3
llah   santol   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1542-3
lláh   tussock moth   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1172-3
lmɔːt   to follow   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:752-3
lnaːj   have an ague (fever)   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:971-3
loŋ   adverb indicating downward direction   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:607-3
ltṳːt   bear   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:265-3
líc   to scold   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1553-3
lŋâːp   dew   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1979-3
lŋò̤ŋ   perplexed   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:497-3
lŋɔːl tóh   brain   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:357-3
lɔː   to cheat   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:421-3
lɔːŋ cʰɯəm   boiled bananas in syrup   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:232-3
lɔːŋ sôːl kti̤ː   whole bananas boiled in coconut cream   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:231-3
lɔːŋ tàːk   dried banana   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:230-3
lɔːŋ tʰâːw   shoes   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1593-3
lɔ̂ːn   small earthen jar   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1019-3
lʔɔːŋ   dust   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:627-3
méːt   far   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:594-3
mkʰuə   pimple   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1346-3
mlɔː kɔː   papaya   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1301-3
môːy hát   elbow   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:649-3
mêɲ   beautiful   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:269-3
mûək kʰlaː cʰaːk   hat worn by Thai peasant women, made of bamboo and palm leaves   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:879-3
mûəŋ   purple   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1424-3
mɔ̤̀ːk   shredded rice grain.   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1463-3
nalà̤ːk   peacock   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:297-3
naːŋ kʰoŋ kʰaː   goddess of water   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1684-3
naːŋ pʰosop   goddess of grain   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1683-3
naːŋ tɔːlàniː   Mother Earth   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:632-3
naːɲ   to gnaw   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:639-3
na̤ːŋ   maternal grandmother   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:836-3
nî̤w klaːŋ   middle finger   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:713-3
nɛːn   tight   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1855-3
pa̤ːŋ   convex   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:548-3
plrâ̤ːk   to sliver   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:560-3
plêːw   Solanum   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1369-3
plûːn   basket   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:242-3
pnáh   stove   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1744-3
póp   to run   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1524-3
póːc   to fence   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:697-3
pôːt   soft   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1653-3
psúk   to quarrel   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:197-3
ptɯl   crock, jug-like basin   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1387-3
puŋ siə   diarrhea   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:581-3
púːt   gourd   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:823-3
pêːh   want   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1971-3
pɛ́ːt   to toast   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:506-3
pɛ̤̂ː   sling bed made of rattan   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:270-3
pʔuː   ashes   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:209-3
pʰliː lát   millet   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1137-3
pʰliː majom   otaheite goose-berry   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1356-3
pʰliː mpuj   pigeon pea   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1314-3
pʰneːl   bee   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:275-3
pʰôːn ləim   square   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1703-3
pʰrâː   priest   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1402-3
pʰrɔ̤ːj   reed organ   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1281-3
pʰɔ̂ːŋ   crown of the head   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:889-3
raːj cʰúh   thousand   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1249-3
raːŋ   to carry swinging from the middle of a pole   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:404-3
ra̤h   itchy   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1011-3
rnà̤ːŋ   field   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:700-3
rnɛːŋ   mouth   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1182-3
rûːl   good smell   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1256-3
rɔ̂ːn lí̤c   melon   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1126-3
rɔ̂ːŋ   to sing   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1621-3
salôːp   shirt, blouse   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1591-3
salɛ̂ːk   grasshopper   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:844-3
saráːŋ   spear   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1672-3
sawîːt   to wither   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:2033-3
saŋ hmòːc   pangolin   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1297-3
saːl   screw pine Pandanus   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1295-3
sen hâːm   blood vessel   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1939-3
sen   ligament   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1940-3
skûː maŋkhút   brown   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:381-3
skɛ̂ŋ   wing   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:104-3
smrâːk   lead (metal)   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1135-3
smɔː   diligent   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:2050-3
sníc   light weight   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1079-3
soːl   hill   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:906-3
soːn   to return   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1459-3
sôːm/ 'to pulverize   to pulverize/ pound   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:918-3
srâːm   husk   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:962-3
srɔ̂ːj   to stitch   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1732-3
srɔ̂ːŋ   to tell   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1668-3
síːt cɔ̤̂ː sɔ̂ːk   kind of fungi   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1194-3
síːt cʰɯ́ə   kind of fungi   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1195-3
sûən   to sew   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1571-3
sûːn càp can   lunar eclipse   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1154-3
sŋát   to order   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1454-3
sŋâːp   bamboo   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:228-3
ta̤ːk mê̤ːl   fish sauce   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:729-3
tiː mṳː   trunk (of animal)   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1898-3
tkaj   scissors   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1551-3
tkáp   to shut up   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1602-3
tmnih   mole   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1147-3
tóh (ta) pêː   early in the evening   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:661-3
to̤k ceːw   paddle boat   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:329-3
to̤k kʰrɯəŋ   packet boat   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:328-3
to̤ŋ   to be left   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1452-3
trók   well, pond   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1998-3
tuŋ tʰɔ́ːt   omelet   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:647-3
tŋe̤ːt krúː   early morning   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1162-3
tɔːn ŋe̤ːt   morning   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1165-3
tɔ̤ːn   touch   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1878-3
tʰal kcâːt   rag   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1437-3
tʰaːj puŋ   diarrhea   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:582-3
tʰl pɯ̤l   simple skirt   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1626-3
tʰoŋ lɛːŋ   dragon fly   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:989-3
tʰáːt   train   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1882-3
tʰɔ́ːc   to find   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:707-3
wók   to dip up   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1554-3
ŋala̤ːk sɔːŋ   to spread his tail   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1694-3
ŋɛ̂ː   sleep   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1631-3
ŋɯː   to growl   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:853-3
ɲâl   to shiver   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1576-3
ʔuən   fat (not skinny)   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1047-3
ʔàj túk   fish trap   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1890-3
ʔíc sêːp   running nose   (Chong [Kasong])   Nop2003:C:1234-3