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(c)kaŋ   purlin (timbers resting on posts supporting rafters)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:4
(c)kaːr   to crow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2
(c)keɲ   insolent, smart-alecky   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:5
(c)kɑːŋ   to carry on one end of a shoulder pole   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1
(c)kɑːɁ   to be cold (of weather only)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:3
(c)lah   morning   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:7
(c)loh   torch (of wood dipped in or coated with resin)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:12
(c)lɑːŋ   to cross (a road, water-course, mountain)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:6
(c)lɔːt   to stumble forwards (and almost fall on one's face)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:8
(c)lɛh   to change, exchange   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:9
(c)lɛh   to exchange, trade (goods of a different kind)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:10
(c)lɤːɁ   to scoop or scrape up with a flat instrument   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:11
(c)nap   pretty, beautiful, handsome   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:13
(c)tɑːŋ   peas, beans (in general)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:16
(c)ŋaɲ   thrill of ecstatic pleasure (e.g. as experienced during sexual intercourse)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:14
(c)ŋɛːt   cool, cold (objects, weather)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:15
(c)Ɂɑːp   well, comfortable, relaxed; pretty; fun, entertaining, exciting, pleasurable   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:17
(ch)ma̤t mṳaj   fact, really, very; sure, certain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:18
(ch)phɯ̤k   sluggish, lackadaisical, listless (of animals and people)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:19
(ch)thi̤a   span from tip of thumb to tip of middle finger with hand extended   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:21
(ch)thi̤ː   spinach (Amaranthaceae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:20
(k) tɔːr   ear   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:22
(k)baɁ   tray (round or rectangular)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:23
(k)biat   I (male) used when talking to elders   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:24
(k)biat   to chew   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:25
(k)blɔɁ   brain; top of head (of infants)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:26
(k)boːj   coconut shell   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:27
(k)buŋ   ashes of burnt outer layer of a banana tree which are used in silk-dyeing process   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:28
(k)bʌn   close together, thick (hair, skin, etc.); tight (weave)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:29
(k)cah   charcoal   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:31
(k)cah   to crack (ground, when dry; one's lips, in winter)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:32
(k)caj   to spin, rotate, turn   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:33
(k)caŋ   to laugh   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:34
(k)ceh   to sneeze   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:40
(k)ceːh   naughty   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:38
(k)ciː   gunpowder   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:41
(k)cɑːn   to be small and short (for one's age)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:30
(k)cɔh   to spit (out)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:36
(k)cɔɁ   to spill, splash out   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:37
(k)cɔːm   cone-shaped cap worn in certain ceremonies   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:35
(k)cɛːt   to kill   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:39
(k)daːj   who   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:42
(k)daːr   to probe with beak (birds); to probe with circular motion into something soft (e.g. sand, with a finger, stick)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:43
(k)dia   thin (people or things)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:44
(k)diat   paper   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:45
(k)duac   tickling sensation and twitching moments resulting from being tickled   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:47
(k)duam   to gather up, scoop up with two hands; a double-handful (e.g. of rice)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:48
(k)duap   under, underneath, below   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:49
(k)dɯɁ   ash-pumpkin or white gourd (Cucurbitaceae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:46
(k)jaːl   weather, air, wind   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:50
(k)jaːɁ   husband   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:52
(k)jɑːr   to carry things having a handle, e.g. suitcase, basket, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:51
(k)jɔːl   to swing (something) back and forth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:53
(k)lap ~ kʌlap ~ clap   to flip over (as a kite in the wind); to turn over (while reclined)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:55
(k)len ~ kʌlen   odor, scent, smell   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:57
(k)liːn ~ kʌliːn   lymph glands in groin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:58
(k)liːt ~ kʌliːt   to jinx, to bring bas luck to, e.g. someone who tags along on a hunt   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:59
(k)luːc ~ kʌluːc   to twist and tie   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:60
(k)lɛh thni̤ːm   to throw off yoke of a cart (of a struggling buffalo or ox)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:56
(k)lʌː ~ kʌlʌː   friend, comrade (a pledge of friendship is made in ceremony)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:61
(k)maw   scaly or shredded dry skin (except dandruff)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:64
(k)moːc   corpse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:66
(k)moːc   curse word   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:67
(k)mɑːj ~ tmɑːj   stranger, visitor   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:62
(k)mɑːt   to clinch (hand, fingers, fist); fistful   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:63
(k)mɔːr   young girl, a single woman; girlfriend   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:65
(k)naj   rat, mouse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:69
(k)naː   way, path, road, street, route, trail   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:68
(k)noŋ   in, inside   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:73
(k)nɛːɲ   tooth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:71
(k)paw   suitcase, satchel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:76
(k)paːh   cotton (plant, fiber, cloth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:74
(k)puk   lamp, lantern   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:77
(k)pɑŋ   tin, can   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:75
(k)saj   cord, rope, string (of jute, plastic)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:80
(k)sat   to extinguished, to go out   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:82
(k)saw   red   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:83
(k)saɲ   snake   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:81
(k)saːj   ginger   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:78
(k)suːj   shuttle of a loom   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:88
(k)sɑːɁ   bottle stopper, cork   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:79
(k)sɛːr   to blow (one's nose)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:84
(k)sɛːɁ   to string; classifier, as a string (of beads), a garland (of flowers), etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:85
(k)sɤː   book   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:86
(k)sɯːt   to sniff, sniffle, to suck in air   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:87
(k)sʌː   bench at end of a loom where weaver sits   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:89
(k)taw   hot   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:94
(k)taːm   crab   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:91
(k)taːr   board, plank   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:92
(k)thaː   magic words, a magic chant or verse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:98
(k)tik   thermos bottle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:100
(k)tiːt   to press or hold (arms or legs) together or against   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:99
(k)tum   button   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:102
(k)tuːm   sugar-cane   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:101
(k)tɑːh   to strike sharply with knuckles or a hammer   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:90
(k)tɑːr   to rub or crush with hand or foot (e.g. an insect, cigarette)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:93
(k)tɛh   to shake (one's) hand (as when in pain or to shake something off)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:97
(k)tɛːɁ (t)wɛːɲ   graphite pencil   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:96
(k)tɛːɁ   earth, soil; tract of land   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:95
(k)wac   to beckon (someone) by waving hand (usually with palm down)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:106
(k)wak   to spin (thread) thread onto or off an oblong wheel; spinning wheel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:107
(k)waːr   to feel around (in search of something in water)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:103
(k)waːr   to stir   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:104
(k)waːt   to scratch   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:105
(k)wiːn   sickle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:111
(k)wɛːn   easy, nature   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:108
(k)wɛːn   to be used to, accustomed to (e.g. weather, food; of people, animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:109
(k)wɤːj   trunk of an elephant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:110
(k)Ɂuːt   to vomit, throw up, puke   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:112
(k)ɟia   to call   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:54
(k)ɲap   to move a little bit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:70
(k)ɲɛːt   to close (eyes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:72
(ka)paj   female (of persons)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:113
(kh)cha̤c   to rock or sway (as a moving train)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:114
(kh)chi̤aj   rhizome of ginger family (Kaempferia pandurata Zingiberaceae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:115
(kh)chi̤aɁ   to jerk or snatch loose or off, e.g. a necklace   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:116
(kh)chṳh   to shake (a cloth, mat, paper)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:117
(kh)haːc   to have a fishy smell   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:118
(kh)hɑːc   to whistle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:119
(kh)hɛːp   centipede   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:120
(kh)lɑ̤ːɁ   to roll (eyes) up or back   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:121
(kh)ne̤ː   to think about   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:123
(kh)ni̤a   each other, one another, mutually, together, severally   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:124
(kh)ni̤a   friend, companion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:125
(kh)nɔ̤ːr   rectangular stack of rice sheaves   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:122
(kh)pho̤ːk   firecracker   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:126
(kh)tha̤c   to beat one's arms (bent at elbow) against rib cage (as when excited or highly pleased)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:127
(kh)thi̤ːm sɑː   garlic   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:131
(kh)thi̤ːɁ   armpit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:132
(kh)thṳŋ   pocket (of shirt, trousers)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:135
(kh)thɔ̤k   to masturbate (for males only)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:128
(kh)thɤ̤ːr   irritated, itchy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:129
(kh)thɤ̤ːr   to be embarrassed (in an awkward or unfamiliar situation)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:130
(kh)thɯ̤ːn   to ripple (of water), to shake, vibrate (of a shock wave)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:133
(kh)thɯ̤ːp   to stamp, to stomp (with foot)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:134
(kh)wi̤ː   to shake (one's head); to twirl, wave, around, e.g. sword, lasso, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:136
(m)mraːj   benefit, profit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:137
(mṳːj) ɲɛh   for a moment, a minute   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:138
(ph)ji̤ah   to be hungry for, to have a craving for   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:160
(r)huːl ~ sruːl   to be loose (too large)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:161
(t)bɔɁ   bulging, protruding   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:162
(t)bɯː   late afternoon, early evening   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:163
(t)jɤŋ   to stand   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:164
(t)kaːw   to sit (down)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:167
(t)kɑːj   horn (of animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:165
(t)kɑːŋ   neck of people, animals, bottles, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:166
(t)kɔh   ill, sick   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:170
(t)kɔm   finger, a toe, a digit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:171
(t)kɔː   kettle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:168
(t)kɔːl   knee   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:169
(t)lap   small round box consisting of two periscope halves (for tobacco etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:173
(t)laːt   market   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:172
(t)loh   navel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:177
(t)luː   scincoid lizard   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:178
(t)luːt   cylindrical container for lime used in betel chewing   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:179
(t)lɔp (t)lɛːɲ   deceitful, unreliable   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:175
(t)lɔːn   anus   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:174
(t)lɛːp   older sister-in-law (used by both male and female)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:176
(t)maj   new   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:180
(t)mɔŋ   alive (people, plants, animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:181
(t)mɤː   to cut down (a tree)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:182
(t)nɔːl   post, large diameter pole   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:184
(t)pal   mortar (of certain types)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:187
(t)poːn   to go get, go find   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:189
(t)pɛːl   buttocks   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:188
(t)waːŋ   to argue   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:190
(t)weːɁ   dark (excluding color); night   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:192
(t)wɛːɲ   black (except for dogs)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:191
(t)ŋaj   day   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:185
(t)ŋaj   late in the morning   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:186
(t)ɲɑŋ   to hang (things with a strap, handle) on a peg or nail   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:183
(th)khṳal   eight   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:193
(th)khṳam   to be skinny, thin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:194
(th)pha̤ŋ   pond   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:195
(th)phi̤an   bridge   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:196
(th)phi̤h   to gush out, spurt out (when something breaks, bursts, tears, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:197
(th)pho̤ːl   seven   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:198
(th)pho̤ːt   corn (vegetable)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:199
(ŋ)kheː   tilting, leaning, out of line; to stagger, wobble (e.g. a cart wheel)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:142
(ŋ)khɔm   negative response indicating complete lack of interest   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:141
(ŋ)kraːw   outside (of)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:143
(ŋ)krɔːj   back, behind; at the end, rear; after   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:144
(ŋ)kɑh   to chop by bringing both wood and knife down sharply onto hard surface   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:139
(ŋ)kɛːl   class term for cucumbers and melons   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:140
(ŋ)ŋi̤aj   easy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:150
(ŋ)ŋi̤am   sweet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:151
(ŋ)ŋi̤aw   fireplace or stove of horizontal and vertical holes joining underground   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:152
(ŋ)ŋi̤ːt   meat, fish, etc. dries in sun   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:149
(ŋ)ŋi̤ːɲ   hook, barb   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:148
(ŋ)ŋlɑ̤h   east   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:153
(ŋ)ŋo̤ːm   long slender sweet potato pounded up and roasted in banana leaves   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:154
(ŋ)ŋo̤ːr   bee   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:155
(ŋ)ŋṳac   to creep, sneak, walk quietly, e.g. as a burglar   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:157
(ŋ)ŋṳac   to drink   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:158
(ŋ)ŋṳː   fireplace or stove consisting of three chunks of dry clay   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:156
(ŋ)ŋɛ̤ːt   to be asleep   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:146
(ŋ)ŋɛ̤ːɲ   tree whose young leaves are used as a vegetable (Hypericaceae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:145
(ŋ)ŋɤ̤ːn   to stretch one's neck out to see (something at a distance)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:147
(ŋ)ɁeːɁ   to lean oneself or something against)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:159
(Ɂa)baŋ   bamboo shoot   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:201
(Ɂa)baːj ni̤ː   yesterday   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:200
(Ɂa)buɁ   large edible tuber similar to caladium   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:202
(Ɂa)caw   grandchild   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:205
(Ɂa)caːn   high-ranking teacher (priest or layman)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:204
(Ɂa)ceːɲ   stink of urine   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:206
(Ɂa)chi̤ːɲ   term of address for a former novice   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:209
(Ɂa)chɤ̤ːl   tiger   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:208
(Ɂa)ciːɲ   elephant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:210
(Ɂa)cɑː   dog   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:203
(Ɂa)cɛːɁ   medicine; astringent taste characterized by puckering   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:207
(Ɂa)dɛh   pot (earthenware, metal)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:211
(Ɂa)dɯh   past tense indicator, a final particle for events hours previously   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:212
(Ɂa)hal   to pant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:213
(Ɂa)ham   hot and spicy (taste)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:214
(Ɂa)har   hot burning taste of ginger, galangal, lemon grass, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:215
(Ɂa)hoː   raw, uncooked   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:217
(Ɂa)hoːr   fever, a cold   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:218
(Ɂa)huːt   cone-shaped bamboo container for steaming rice   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:220
(Ɂa)hṳːr   sweat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:219
(Ɂa)hɤːɁ   bitter, acrid, biting taste   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:216
(Ɂa)jah   exclamation of surprise   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:221
(Ɂa)ji̤l   bat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:222
(Ɂa)kaː   fish   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:223
(Ɂa)kriːm   millet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:226
(Ɂa)kuːt   frog (of various kinds)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:227
(Ɂa)kɑːj   chameleon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:224
(Ɂa)kɔːɲ   term of address for brothers of one's paternal grandparents   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:225
(Ɂa)la̤Ɂ   to fall down, fall over   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:228
(Ɂa)li̤ːɁ   pig   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:229
(Ɂa)lo̤ːn   sarong-like lower garment worn by woman   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:231
(Ɂa)lṳaŋ   wood   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:233
(Ɂa)lṳːŋ   uncle (mother or father's older brother)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:232
(Ɂa)lɯ̤Ɂ   bran, husks (of rice)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:230
(Ɂa)mi̤ɲ   pimple   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:235
(Ɂa)mɛɁ   mother   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:234
(Ɂa)nṳa   while ago, a few minutes ago   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:240
(Ɂa)nṳɁ   father (used primarily (?) by Kui in Samrong Thap district, Surin)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:241
(Ɂa)nṳːc   bamboo strips   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:239
(Ɂa)nɛːt   bottle gourd   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:237
(Ɂa)paː   aunt, either parent's older sister   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:244
(Ɂa)phɑ̤ːɁ   term used to address elderly distant relatives   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:246
(Ɂa)phɛ̤Ɂ   muddy place; mud, mire   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:247
(Ɂa)piː   either parent's younger sister, i.e. aunt   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:248
(Ɂa)praːj   to be salty   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:249
(Ɂa)priːɁ   to be wet, slushy, watery   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:252
(Ɂa)priːɲ   climbing edible tuber of yam family   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:251
(Ɂa)prɛːt   tall ghost; giant demon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:250
(Ɂa)pɔŋ   potato, yam and some other edible roots   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:245
(Ɂa)rak   guardian spirits of trees, watercourses, termite mounds   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:256
(Ɂa)ra̤j   rattan   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:255
(Ɂa)ra̤ŋ   to be hard, stiff   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:257
(Ɂa)ra̤ːw   taro   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:253
(Ɂa)rṳaj   housefly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:258
(Ɂa)rɑ̤ːɁ   to leak   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:254
(Ɂa)siːp   cockroach   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:262
(Ɂa)sɑŋ   to be shy, embarrassed   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:260
(Ɂa)sɑːm   sticky rice cooked with coconut milk, banana, peas and wrapped leaves   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:259
(Ɂa)sɛh   horse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:261
(Ɂa)teː   hand   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:263
(Ɂa)teːr   cicada   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:264
(Ɂa)tha̤ːɁ   rattan or bamboo basket with handles   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:265
(Ɂa)tiːh   bland, tasteless, unseasoned   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:266
(Ɂa)trɑːɁ   small, narrow-necked wicker basket for keeping freshly caught fish   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:267
(Ɂa)trɤːɁ   to have, give off a strong odor   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:268
(Ɂa)tuːŋ   to be afraid of   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:269
(Ɂa)wa̤ːr   vines, climbing plants (in general)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:270
(Ɂa)wṳaɁ   monkey (in general)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:272
(Ɂa)wɛ̤ːɁ   shallow coconut-shell ladle with a wooden handle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:271
(Ɂa)ŋaː   term of address for a small child or one's youngest child   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:243
(Ɂa)Ɂɔːɲ   term of address for sisters of one's paternal grandparents   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:273
(Ɂa)ɲa̤k   giant, ogre   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:236
(Ɂa)ɲi̤ː   brother-in-law (younger than ego); uncle (parent's younger brother)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:238
(Ɂa)ɲṳɁ   age   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:242
bac   soup, stew, curry; food “with rice”   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:276
bac   to bud (of leaves); to put out (leaves)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:277
bah   exclamation used when one feels annoyed   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:278
bak thaw   solid steel headed axe or hatchet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:280
bam   cheek   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:281
bap (nɔh duaɁ)   to keep shut; to shut, close (mouth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:286
bat   card   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:287
bat   grass (in general)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:288
bat   grass (in general)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~327-1
baw   burlap bag, or a bag of similar coarse weave   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:289
baŋ bʌt   sorcerer who (with minimum of ceremony) diagnoses illness and suggests cure   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:285
baŋ   to block, obstruct   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:283
baŋ   to fight, battle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:284
baŋ~ʔabaŋ   bamboo shoot   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~286-1
baɁ chɔ̤ːr   to sweat profusely   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:293
baɁ   to cut notches or steps in a tree trunk to climb it more easily   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:290
baɁ   to hang on a nail or peg, e.g. a shirt   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:291
baɲ   well-behaved, not fretful, not fussy (of a child)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:282
baʔ   cut notches   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~239-3
baː daːn   underground; region under earth where serpents and demons reside   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:274
bdaːw blɑŋ   yeast used to ferment rice for making whisky   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:301
bdɑh   popped or puffed rice   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:302
beep   fold or pull one's lips inward   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~872-1
beːp (nɔh)   to fold or pull one's lips inward, compressing them   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:305
bia   two   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:324
bia   two   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~149-1
biap   sin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:326
biat   alms bowl of Buddhist priest   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:327
biaŋ   canal, a small stream   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:325
bic   lie down   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~857-1
bic   to lie (down)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:328
bih   well-behaved, not fussy or fretful (of children, babies)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:329
biim   to hold (e.g. food) in the mouth causing the cheeks to bulge   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~803-1
biiʔ   few, a little   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~490-1
bit   to twist; wring (except clothes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:331
biɁ   not, don't; exclamatory particle used in a warning   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:332
biɲ   not…at all   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:330
biː   heads-or-tails game usually played at funerals to kill time or keep awake   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:316
biː   newly-hatched silkworm moth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:317
biːm   to hold (food) in mouth (chewing it and) causing cheeks to bulge   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:318
biːn   constantly moving to evade being seen using a barrier (hide and seek etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:319
biːt   to pinch (as when caught in something)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:321
biːt   to rub against   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:322
biːɁ   little (quantity), few, a little, a little bit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:323
biːɲ (sbaːj)   to wear a cloth or sash crossed over left shoulder and under right arm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:320
bliaj   white-skinned, light-complexioned (of people only); white (of milled rice)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:338
bliiaj   white skinned, albino   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~50-1
bluh   termite mound, or any cone-shaped mound of hard earth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:340
bluh   termite mound   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1084-1
blæh   blink   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~625-1
blɑk   to have rings under eyes because of lack of sleep   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:333
blɑŋ tho̤ː   kind of home-made whisky made with sticky rice in an earthen jar   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:335
blɑŋ   liquor, whisky   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:334
blɛh ma̤t   to blink (one's eyes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:337
blɛːɲ   arm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:336
blɯɯ   burst into flames, flame up, blaze   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~349-1
blɯː   to burst into flames, to flame up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:339
boːk kɑːn cɛː   padlock or fixed lock   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:346
boːk   game of chance (bets are placed on whether split seed will be flat side up)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:344
boːk   hump on backside of an ox's or buffalo's neck   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:345
boːt   church, a temple   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:347
boːɁ   to hit or bounce with the head   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:348
briaŋ   bright   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~114-1
briaŋ   to be bright, light, lighted; dawn   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:353
briaɲ   side of rib cage   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:352
brih   particles of dirt, dust, small bits of paper, wood, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:354
brih   particles of dirt, specks of dust   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~862-1
briː   factory-made or hand-made cigarette   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:351
bruc   to blink (eyes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:357
bruu   hill, mountain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1199-1
bruː   hill, a mountain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:356
brɛh   to be all right (not ill)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:350
brɛːɲ   to be dry and crispy (as fried fish, toast, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:349
brɯː   to be drowsy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:355
buaj   seek, look for, find   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~911-1
buaj   to seek, to look for, to find   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:364
buan   place (where)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:365
buar   to spread (as of a fire)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:366
buaɁ   to peel (fruit vegetables) with a knife or hands   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:367
buaɁ   white (except skin color)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:368
buh   burn, cremate   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1163-1
buh   to burn; to cremate   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:369
bun   kindness for which one is indebted   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:370
bun   merit; any of various merit-making festivals, ceremonies, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:371
buul   drunk   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1096-1
buɁ   to throw in, at (powder-like substances)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:372
buː   lotus   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:358
buːl   to be drunk (from alcohol, marihuana, etc.); dizzy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:359
buːt   to enter priesthood, to be ordained   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:362
buːt   to pull something long and wet through fingers to squeeze out liquid   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:363
buːŋ   loop, a snare, a noose   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:360
buːŋ   spoon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:361
bæh   fishing rod with hook and line   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~314-1
bææ   goat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~580-1
bɑh   to throw out, throw away, abandon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:279
bɑɁ   to move a fishing rod up and down (to move bait and attract fish)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:292
bɑːr   to drive (a car, bicycle, cart, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:275
bɔm   hold (in mouth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1108-1
bɔm   to hold in mouth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:297
bɔŋ (Ɂa)kaː   to fish with a casting net   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:298
bɔŋ   fish with a cast net   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~427-1
bɔɁ   cushion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:299
bɔɁ   to pull out, to pull up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:300
bɔʔ   pull out, pull up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1178-1
bɔː rphaː   sweet basil, a seasoning herb   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:295
bɔː   question particle, usually expressing doubt on the part of the speaker   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:294
bɔːl   food that has not been touched (i.e. eaten) by anyone yet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:296
bɛh   fishing rod complete with hook and line   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:308
bɛh   to be congested (of breasts)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:309
bɛh   to be somewhat loose; to have a strong desire (often sexual)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:310
bɛh   to break off, pick, e.g. tender tops of vegetables, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:311
bɛɁ   to complain, to grumble, to say (something) repeatedly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:312
bɛː   goat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:303
bɛːɁ   to put out a new shoot (bananas, bamboo, rhizomes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:306
bɛːɁ   to separate (intransitive)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:307
bɛːɲ   to share, divide into shares   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:304
bɤː   underground lottery (number)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:313
bɤːt   to be narrowed squinting half-closed (eyes, eyelids)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:314
bɤːɁ   to open, to turn on, to switch on   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:315
bɨʔ   to pierce, prick, puncture, to be cut by something   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~513-1
bɯɁ   to be sharp-edged   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:342
bɯɁ   to pierce, prick, puncture; to be cut by something   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:343
bɯɯn   able, can   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~373-1
bɯːn   to be able, can, to get, obtain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:341
bʌl   to borrow and pay back with same thing later   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:373
bʌn   to make a pledge or vow, promise a thank-offering if desire is granted   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:374
bʌt   light (a candle etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~328-1
bʌt   to light (a cigarette, candle, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:375
cabɑh   the hooked end (of a birds or chickens beak)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1021-1
cah   clear (a wooded area); cut away (vegetation)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~202-1
cah   to clear (a wooded area), cut away (vegetation)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:390
caj   skein   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:391
cak   sewing machine   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:392
cakɑɑŋ~kɑɑŋ   to carry on one end of a shoulder pole   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~960-1
cam ɲṳːŋ   wait a moment   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:396
cam   to be confined, remain at   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:393
cam   to remember, recall   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:394
cam   to wait   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:395
cap   beautiful (dress, manner, movement)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:403
cat   to kneel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:404
cat   to pick, jab, poke (with finger, short stick, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:405
cat   to place at bet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:406
cat   to stab   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:407
cat   to thread   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:408
caw   to come back   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1071-1
caw   to come   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:409
caw~ʔacaw   grandchild   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~338-1
caŋ raj   mean, evil, wicked   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:402
caŋ   to trim or dress surface of by chipping   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:399
caɁ   body (human, animal)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:410
caɁ   classifier for tubers, taro and other edible roots   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:411
caɲ   to be allergic to, to have an allergic reaction   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:397
caɲ   to be beaten by, defeated   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:398
caː prɔːj   to marry   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:377
caː   to eat (rice, meat), take (medicine), get   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:376
caːk   nipa palm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:379
caːp   to catch or hold between forefinger and thumb   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:384
caːr   tree with crimson or orange-scarlet flowers (Butea frondosa Leguminosae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:386
caːŋ   shavings or chips of woof produced by trimming a piece of wood   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:381
cbɑh   hooked end (of a bird's or chicken's beak)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:413
ceeɲ~ʔaceeɲ   to stink of urine   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~739-1
ceh   to hatch   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:428
ceh   to sharpen, trim   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:429
cek   Chinese   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:430
ceːt   to slice off (small pieces); to chop into, chop off   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:426
chak   merit-making ceremony for a deceased one in which priests offer prayers   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:445
chan   grade or class (in school)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:447
chan   to eat (of priests only)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:448
chap   to snatch, grab up quickly (lying object)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:452
chat   to be skillful, expert   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:454
chaw   to rent   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:456
chaː   to fry (in fat)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:431
chaːk   curtain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:435
chaːr   cracked (glass, wood)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:438
chaːt   to pass going in opposite directions   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:440
chaːt   to walk back and forth (so as to be seen by others)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:441
chaːɁ   to fly, whiz very close, graze (e.g. bullet, insect, vehicle)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:443
cha̤j   to pay off (a loan, debt)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:444
cha̤m   to be bruised   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:446
cha̤n   story, floor (of buildings)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:449
cha̤n   to be steep (upward direction)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:450
cha̤p   to be tough, sinewy, durable (rope, cloth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:453
cha̤t   to place a weir of plaited bamboo to obstruct flow of water and trap fish   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:455
cha̤ŋ   to weight (transt.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:451
cha̤ːh   to throw or splash (a liquid with hand or a container)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:433
cha̤ːr   sap, resin, gum esp. from trees of Dipterocarpaceae family   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:439
cha̤ːw   to stop   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:442
cha̤ːŋ   barn, storehouse (for rice)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:436
che̤ː   to scold, curse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:461
chit   almost, nearly, about   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:482
chiw   to pass by closely   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:483
chiŋ chap   pair of small cup-shaped cymbals   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:481
chiːt   to inject, inoculate   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:473
chiːɲ   oblique, slanted, leaning   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:470
chi̤at   expression referring to a person who brags but actually does very little   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:476
chi̤at   nation, race, life   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:477
chi̤aw   twenty   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:478
chi̤aŋ wa̤ːw   to be a fluent, expressive speaker   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:475
chi̤aŋ   artisan, craftsman   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:474
chi̤h   to ride (an animal, cycle)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:479
chi̤m   all gone, none remaining   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:480
chi̤ː   nun   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:468
chi̤ːm   to taste   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:469
chi̤ːn   to slice into small pieces, strips   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:471
chi̤ːr   fertilizer (chemical or organic)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:472
chlaːk   raffle, lot   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:484
chlɔːm   loosely-woven bamboo basket (strands at top bound to form a handle)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:485
chmɛ̤h   civet cat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:489
choːh   to plane (wood)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:490
choːp   just a moment, just now   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:492
cho̤ːk   fortune, luck   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:491
cho̤ːɁ   to be soaking wet, drenched; saturated (of earth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:493
chpha̤n ksaw   copper   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:494
chpha̤n lɯːŋ   brass   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:495
chuc   to poke with a finger   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:506
chun   word used to tease a person who asks for something but is refused it   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:508
chuː   to come or go in (of crowds)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:496
chuːj   to snatch, grab   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:498
chuːl   to lick (of flame of a fire)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:500
chṳap   horsefly, a gadfly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:505
chṳap   horsefly, gadfly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~979-1
chṳaŋ   interval (distance)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:504
chṳm   a group (people, animals), bunch (e.g. mushrooms)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1376-1
chṳm   to gather, have a meeting; group (people, animals), bunch (e.g. mushrooms)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:507
chṳp   to immerse, dip (something) in (salt, sugar, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:509
chṳun   offer, repay   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1119-1
chṳː   to be weak (physical or mental powers)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:497
chṳːj   to help   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:499
chṳːn   to return (something borrowed)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:501
chṳːn   to see someone off   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:502
chṳːt   to wipe   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:503
chɑɁ   to pick up with fingers   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:457
chɑɁ   to touch   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:458
chɑː   to cheat (in playing cards)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:432
chɑːŋ rɑːŋ   irrigation or drainage ditch (usually narrow)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:437
chɑ̤ɑh   strike, knock with knuckles   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~991-1
chɑ̤ːh   to strike, knock with knuckles   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:434
chɔ̤k   to punch (with a fist), box   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:459
chɔ̤ŋ   big serpent-headed fish (Ophicephalidae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:460
chɛːh   exclamation used when a tossed object hits something   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:462
chɛ̤ːɁ   word used to chase dogs away   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:463
chɤ̤ːn   to invite   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:464
chɤ̤ːŋ   command to an ox or buffalo to pick its foot up off a rope   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:465
chɤ̤ːŋ   foot, base   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:466
chɤ̤ːŋ   to go (to a place) and return, make a round trip   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:467
chɯ̤ː chɯ̤ː   reserved, calm, passive; nonchalant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:487
chɯ̤ː   to believe   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:486
chɯ̤ːn   to increase in amount or volume, e.g. by adding to get a full pot or jar   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:488
chʌ̤l   to collide, hit, run into   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:510
chʌ̤n   to have a double chin, or folds of fat on belly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:511
cih   come on, let's go (now)!   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:513
ciɁ   go (mildly imperative) go ahead   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:514
ciː   to go   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:512
clɑɁ   furious, raging; burning with emotion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:515
clɔɁ   to feel angry and empathetic to one who brings trouble on himself through carelessness   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:516
cmɑːp   midwife   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:517
cnaŋ   featherless wing of bird, chicken   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:518
con   until   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:519
cot   to write, jot down   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:521
coŋ pho̤u   chef, cook (male, female)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:520
coɁ   to plunge into, e.g. a knife into chest, a shovel into sand   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:522
crɤːn   to prosper, progress   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:523
ctaŋ   neem-tree (Melia indica Meliaceae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:524
ctiːh   edible wood lizard   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:525
cuuŋ   axe   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1250-1
cuɁ   to pound (vegetables, fruits) with mortar and pestle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:535
cuː   novice (Buddhist)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:526
cuːc   to reach into, stick one's hand in (a hole, container, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:527
cuːl   to hire   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:528
cuːn   to meet (along the way, on the path), run, into   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:529
cuːp   to come together at one point, to come back to starting point   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:531
cuːr   to grope in the water for   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:532
cuːr   to plow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:533
cuːt   to put on (trousers, sarong, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:534
cuːŋ   axe   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:530
cææm   bird   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~655-1
cææm   to feed   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~804-1
cææn   ripe, cooked   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~657-1
cŋææt~ŋææt   cool, cold (objects, weather)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~842-1
cɁoːh   to be careless   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:537
cɑŋ   a measure by extending both arms   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~423-1
cɑŋ   ignite, burn (upland field, rubbish)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1056-1
cɑŋ   linear measure (equal to two yards) measured by extending both arms   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:400
cɑŋ   to ignite, burn (e.g. rubbish, grass, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:401
cɑɁ   to punch a hole in, to bore   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:412
cɑɑt   poke (with finger, gun)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1152-1
cɑɑt   to fuse, weld, glue (broken pieces together); to solder (e.g. a hole in a pot)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~998-1
cɑːc cɑːc   to tickle (with fingers)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:378
cɑːk   glass, cup (of plastic, metal)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:380
cɑːp   hoe   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:385
cɑːt   to fuse, weld, glue (broken pieces together), to solder (e.g. a hole in a pot)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:387
cɑːt   to peck   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:388
cɑːt   to strike (as a snake)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:389
cɑːŋ   to spin a web or cocoon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:382
cɑːŋ   to weave, plait   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:383
cɔh   to plant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:418
cɔh   to plant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1164-1
cɔɁ   to drop, put in (drops)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:419
cɔːm   to swoop down, dive (at), e.g. a bird, kite, airplane   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:414
cɔːn   thief, robber, bandit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:415
cɔːr   intensifier used with clear (water, eyes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:416
cɔːt   to be sloping downward   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:417
cəkɑɑʔ-kɑɑʔ   to be cold (of weather only)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~928-1
cɛɛʔ~ʔacɛɛʔ   astringent taste   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~649-1
cɛː   corner, angle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:420
cɛːh   exclamation when one hits a target   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:421
cɛːm   bird   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:422
cɛːm   to feed (to the mouth), spoon-feed   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:423
cɛːn   to be ripe, cooked   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:424
cɛːp   tight (of closed containers, door, window, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:425
cɛːw   to dip (vegetables) into (a sauce)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:427
cʌŋ ŋkɑh   porcupine   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:536
cʌŋ ŋkɑh   porcupine   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~390-1
dah   crack with the teeth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~208-1
dah   to bite down on (a bone, seed, nut, ice, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:542
dan   to push (a person, object)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:544
dat sɔɁ   to have one's hair curled or waved   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:546
daːl   much, many, several, a lot (of), a great deal (of)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:538
daːŋ   to be spotted, variegated (of a dog)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:539
daːɁ ɁaɲṳɁ   to reduce one's age (when serious ill, through a sorcerer's ceremony)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:541
daːɁ   to lay, place, put   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:540
deet   pinch with the fingers   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~609-1
deːl   remnants, leftovers, remainder   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:550
deːt   to pinch with fingers   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:551
diaɁ wi̤ːr   saliva   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:561
diaɁ ɟan   liquid produced by fermenting rice, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:560
diaɁ   water   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:559
diaʔ   water   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~73-1
dic   to pick by pinching and breaking with two fingers   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:562
diɲ   to know, learn   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:563
diːt   to spring back   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:558
dooj   rice   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1087-1
doːj   rice   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:567
doːn taː   to offer food to ancestral spirits   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:568
doːr   blistered (by fire)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:569
doːt   to move (one end) up and/or down   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:570
duaŋ   times   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:576
duaŋ   to dip up, to net (slowly, carefully, cautiously)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:577
duaɁ   to put up, keep, store   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:578
duaʔ   to put up, keep, store   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~924-1
duh   to touch (a wound, sore)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:579
dul   to round (as a ball, egg, fruit)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:580
dum kɑŋ   hub of a wheel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:581
duuɲ   long time   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1246-1
duŋ   house   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:582
duŋ   house   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1382-1
duɁ   fierce, vicious (of animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:583
duɁ   often (sometimes reduplicated)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:584
duː thuːk   to look down on, insult   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:571
duːn   whoa! (to an elephant)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:572
duːt   to suck (with a straw)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:575
duːŋ   grub   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:574
duːɲ   long (of time)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:573
dæh~ʔadæh   pot (earthenware, metal)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~614-1
dɑh   burst, explode   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1032-1
dɑh   to burst, explode (a balloon, tire, popcorn, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:543
dɑŋ   still, not yet, yet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:545
dɔk dɛː   chrysalis, pupa   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:549
dɔɔl   carry on shoulder or back   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1331-1
dɔːl   to carry on shoulder (sacks, logs, box, a child, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:547
dɔːŋ   pickled, preserved; to pickle, preserve (fruits)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:548
dɛh tha̤ːɁ   frying pan   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:554
dɛh   to flick, snap; to fly up, off, to bounce up, off (e.g. gravel, rocks, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~316-1
dɛh   to flick, snap   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:552
dɛh   to fly up; to bounce up, off (e.g. gravel, rocks, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:553
dɛɁ dɛɁ   shaking or swaying as a duck or person with fat buttocks   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:555
dɤː   particle indicating one is going to do something   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:556
dɤːɁ   here! catch! (signal for someone to catch or take something)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:557
dɯk   late (at night)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:566
dɯː   naughty, stubborn   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:564
dɯːj   spur of a cock   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:565
dʌl   crop, craw, gizzard (e.g. of a chicken)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:585
dʑiaj   distribute   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~56-1
dʑial   lick (with the tongue)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~724-1
dʑiaŋ   step across, over   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~118-1
dʑih   sew   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~765-1
dʑuup   to suck (like sucking on a seed)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1258-1
dʑææɲ   gold   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~595-1
dʑɑʔ   drip   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1354-1
dʑɔʔ   suck   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1181-1
dʑɯɯŋ   foot, leg   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~463-1
dʑʌt   to dip, draw (water)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~690-1
fah ~ swah   to loosen (rice)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:590
faj faː   electricity   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:591
faː ~ swaː   to snatch, grab (something laying or hanging)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:586
faːj ~ swaːj   wild mango   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:587
faːŋ ~ swaːŋ   to subside, get better (a physical disorder)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:588
feet~sweet   to wilt, wither, shrivel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~639-1
feɲ ~ sweɲ   rack where silkworm trays are kept   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:593
feːt ~ sweːt   to wilt, wither, shrivel; be wilted, shriveled, pale, droopy, undeveloped   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:592
fih ~ swih   chipped, nicked (rim of dishes, cups, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:597
fih~swih   chipped, nicked (rim of dishes, cups etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~837-1
fiil~swiil   be dizzy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~752-1
fiːl ~ swiːl   to be dizzy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:596
fiːl   to stand around in a circle e.g. as people waiting to draw water   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:594
fiːl   type of a game of tag   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:595
fraŋ ~ paraŋ   westerner   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:598
fɑːŋ ~ swɑːŋ   castor-oil plant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:589
fʌt ~ swʌt   strong, tough (rope, hide, vegetables, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:599
haa   open mouth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~15-1
haj   I, me (male or female)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:612
haj   I   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~569-1
hal~ʔahal   pant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~249-1
hap   shirt, blouse, jacket   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:613
har~ʔahar   hot burning taste of ginger/galangal/lemongrass   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~306-1
hat   to practice   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:614
haː sip   fifty   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:601
haː   to open one's mouth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:600
haːm   to prohibit, stop   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:603
haːn   brave, courageous   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:604
haːw   to be in heat (of animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:608
ha̤w   command to quieted down a restless or stamping elephant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:615
ha̤ːɁ   utterance used when one embraces an animal   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:609
hen haːj   extravagantly, wastefully (to use, spend, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:630
heː   to have someone take (one's) money or gift to ceremony one is unable to attend   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:623
heːp   coffin decorated with thin colored paper in which previously buried remains are cremated   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:626
heːw   gorge, chasm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:628
hiːl   to move back and forth, to and fro (e.g. as when looking for something)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:636
hiːp   trunk, box (of metal, wood, leather, rattan)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:637
hoj   to steam, give off steam, vapor   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:642
hok sip   sixty   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:643
hom   to cover, place (a cover or lid) over   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:644
hootɕ   to sip or suck   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1214-1
hoɁ haɁ   bumpy, rough, uneven   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:646
hoɁ   to sink; sunken, depressed, dented   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:645
hoːc   to sip or suck a hot liquid from a cup, bowl, or spoon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:639
hoːt   to pull a slipknot (in a rope) loose   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:640
ho̤h   exclamation used when something occurs contrary to one's expectation   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:641
huar   to spread (as of a fire)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1345-1
huc   narrow (of opening or hole leading into a larger cavity)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:653
hun haːj   irritated, annoyed   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:655
huuɲ   to smell, sniff   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1247-1
huːt   to lash, to whip with a switch, whip   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:652
huːŋ   to be possessive, to guard, protect, care for   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:651
huːɲ   to kiss   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:649
huːɲ   to smell, sniff (something close up) e.g. a flower, soup, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:650
hṳj   utterance used to chasse away oxen or buffaloes   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:654
hṳur~phṳur   to sweat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1134-1
hṳː   to run up together in crowds, to throng   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:647
hṳːc   to walk   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:648
hææʔ   tear, break open   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~583-1
hɑɑj   flow, leak   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~914-1
hɑɑŋ   a kind of large hornet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~966-1
hɑɑʔ   bone stuck in throat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~925-1
hɑːj   to flow, run, ooze, exude, e.g. mucus, pus, sap, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:602
hɑːn   to sprout   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:605
hɑːt   to strip off (leaves or fruit by pulling one's hand along branch or stem)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:607
hɑːŋ   kind of large hornet with a large round nest   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:606
hɑːɁ   to fly through air (excluding birds and insects)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:610
hɑːɁ   to get (a bone) stuck in one's throat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:611
hɔɁ   to spill (intrans.) (including non-liquids)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:621
hɔɔl   hold over a flame, hold flame under something   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1299-1
hɔɔl   steam, vapour   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1332-1
hɔː   to cheer, hail, boo   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:616
hɔːl   to hold over a flame or to hold a flame under something   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:617
hɔːm theːt   fennel, whose aromatic leaves are used as seasoning   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:618
hɔːŋ   room   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:619
hɔ̤Ɂ   utterance expressing an invitation to someone to join one in some activity   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:622
hɔ̤ːp   "whoa!" utterance used to halt a walking or running buffalo or ox   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:620
həəʔ~ʔaahəəʔ   a bitter, acrid, biting taste   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~27-1
hɛː   to parade, to walk in a procession   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:624
hɛːl   to hover (in flight)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:625
hɛːt   stingy (of one who refuses to give money, etc. when requested)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:627
hɛːɁ   to tear, rip; to break or force open   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:629
hɤj wa̤ːw   exclamation similar to "that's what I think"   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:635
hɤːj   particle used to intensify (often rendered by exclamation point)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:632
hɤ̤ːh   utterance given in answer to a call   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:631
hɤ̤ːŋ   merry, gay, cheerful   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:633
hɤ̤ːɁ   to hold up a kite and release it, letting wind take it up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:634
hɯː   utterance used (to get someone's attention) when giving someone something   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:638
hʌh   "huh?" utterance used to ask question, get response to unanswered question   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:659
hʌɁ   particle adding emphasis to an affirmative response   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:660
hʌː   utterance used (to get someone attention) when giving someone something   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:656
hʌːm   damp, moist, wet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:657
hʌːɁ   to show a strong desire (of a woman)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:658
jak   to select, sort or pick out (perhaps to keep for oneself)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:667
jaŋ   will, shall, to be going to   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:669
jaɁ cuːh   ancestral or guardian spirits; house built for such spirits   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:676
jaɁ cuːh   small figurines which are placed in a spirit house   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:677
jaɁ dial   to pity, sympathize with   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:678
jaɁ   final particle expressing approval   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:672
jaɁ   to want to   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:673
jaːj   to move (to another house, town); to transfer (to a new assignment)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:661
jaːm   cloth bag with a shoulder strap   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:662
jaːŋ   degree, manner   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:663
ja̤h tɔh   to wean   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:666
ja̤h   to separate, e.g. two objects stuck together, two people fighting   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:665
ja̤ŋ daɲ   to be unable to restrain (oneself) any longer, to lose (one's) patience with   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:671
je̤ː   word expression "don't (do that)"   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:681
jhaj   village headman   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:685
jhoː ~ sjoː   dust devil, whirlwind   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:687
jhɤːt ~ sjɤːt   to feel a tingle, shiver, awe, as looking down from a very high place   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:686
ji̤am ŋkha̤l   handle portion of a plow shaft   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:694
ji̤am   guard, watchman   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:692
ji̤ar   sagging, drooping   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~152-1
ji̤ar   to be sagging, dropping   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:696
ji̤at   to be worthless, useless, good-for-nothing (person)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:697
ji̤h   exclamation expressing surprise, disbelief   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:698
ji̤ː   exclamation of displeasure   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:688
joːŋ   flower cluster of the banana tree   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:711
joːŋ   large cluster of bananas before being separated into smaller bunches   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:710
jo̤ːn ji̤a   swing, ferris wheel; to swing   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:709
jo̤ːn   Vietnamese   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:708
jo̤ːŋ   to put up, hang up (of rope, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:712
jṳam   to allow, agree, yield to; to be willing   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:716
jṳar   to try to take all the credit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:718
jṳaŋ   taste   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:717
jṳp   to collapse, subside, sink (ground, floor, etc.); to shut down (e.g. business)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:720
jṳu   get up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1300-1
jṳŋ   to hang on to, to swing from (by hands)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:719
jṳŋ   to hang on to, to swing from (by the hands)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1383-1
jṳː   to get up (from reclining or sitting position)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:713
jɑ̤ŋ   to slacken, to be slack, e.g. rope, a kite string   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:670
jɔ̤Ɂ   to tease, to play with   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:679
jɤɤr   foxbat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~472-1
jɤː   mildly imperative particle expressing invitation   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:683
jɤːr   fox-bat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:684
jɯ̤h   as fast as your legs will carry you (of running)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:705
jɯ̤t   to seize, confiscate; to bend down or back   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:706
jɯ̤ɯ   raise (the hand, a weapon) in a threatening gesture   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~447-1
jɯ̤ː   to raise (hand, a weapon) in a threatening gesture   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:700
k(ʌ)laj ~ tlaj   pin wheel (a type of fire-works)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:723
k(ʌ)laːŋ   hawk   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:722
k(ʌ)liːɁ   forehead   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:724
kaa suum   shrimp   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1294-1
kaa tɕɔɔr   a long slender eel-like fish   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1135-1
kaar   to crow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~312-1
kaat   burn (v. intr.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~166-1
kaa~ʔakaa   fish   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~2-1
kabiat~biat   chew   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~169-1
kablɔʔ   brain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1177-1
kac   to cut, harvest (rice, grass)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:751
kajaaʔ~jaaʔ   husband   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~78-1
kal   to put (something) under in order to raise or make higher   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:753
kam kcɑːn   pulse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:756
kam   arrow, dart   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:754
kam   arrow, dart   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~259-1
kam   spoke of a (bicycle, cart, spinning) wheel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:755
kamɑɑt   woodborer   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1001-1
kan diaɁ   mosquito larvae   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:760
kan kreːɲ   woman who is always envious or jealous of others   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:761
kan thɯ̤Ɂ   duckweed   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:762
kan Ɂaːr   cow which strays from a herd with calves or males tagging along   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:763
kan   collective term for insects (may precede name of some insects)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:757
kan   collective term for insects   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~270-1
kan   female (animals); sometimes used by elders or intimates for a girl or woman   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:758
kan   female (animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~274-1
kan   to carry, hold (in hands), e.g. a gun, book, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:759
kap   bite   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~300-1
kap   spring trap (for rats)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:765
kap   spring trap   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~299-1
kap   to bite   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:766
kat   cut (cloth, paper, hair)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~329-1
kat   to cut (cloth, paper, hair, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:767
katɕ   cut, harvest (rice, grass)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~191-1
kaw   I (impolite form used with intimates and paired with [mài])   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:768
kaw   I (polite)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~444-1
kawatɕ   beckon, summon by waving hand   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~355-1
kaɁ   to estimate, guess (time, money, etc. needed to do something)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:769
kaː phaːk   parasitic plants of various kinds   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:727
kaː sum   shrimp, prawn   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:728
kaː ɲɑ̤Ɂ   dish consisting of small pickled fish   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:726
kaːc   to be very brave, courageous   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:729
kaːl   betel nut tree, areca palm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:731
kaːm puː   Rain Tree (Leguminosae, with feathery foliage and circular twisted pods)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:732
kaːp   processing of singing and dancing festival participants   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:747
kaːt   to burn (of a fire)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:750
kaːŋ   to stretch out   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:745
kbʌn~bʌn   close together, thick (hair, skin)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~541-1
kcah~cah   charcoal   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~206-1
kcaŋ~caŋ   laugh   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~288-1
kceh~ceh   sneeze   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~432-1
kcææt~cææt   kill   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~672-1
kcɔh~cɔh   to spit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1168-1
kdaːt   kind of edible tuber (Caladium) used in soups   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:776
kdiat   hairy caterpillar   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:778
kdia~dia   thin (people or things)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~25-1
kdiː   monk's quarters   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:777
kduam diaɁ   to scoop up water with two hands   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:779
kduap nthro̤ːm   open space underneath a house (built on posts or stilts)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:780
kduap~duap   under, underneath, below   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~470-1
kduatɕ~duatɕ   the tickling sensation and twitching movements   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~356-1
kduaɁ   palate   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:781
kduaʔ   palate   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~363-1
kdɯʔ~dɯʔ   ash-pumpkin or white gourd (Cucurbitaceae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~515-1
keh   to bend in order to break   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:793
ken sɑː   to mill rice, usually with a homemade mill   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:794
keɁ kaɁ   to be in someone's way, underfoot   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:797
keːr   property, estate, inheritance   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:788
khaak   hawk up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~74-1
khaj   final particle expressing imperative or confirmation of an order   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:811
khaj   to unlock   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:812
khal   bowl, dipper (with a handle)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:815
khap   type of folk singing usually accompanied by khene flute   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:822
khat   sprain, pulled muscle (only neck or back)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:823
khat   to interrupt   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:824
khaŋ   to pen up, shut up, cage or pen, e.g. a bird, dog, chicken, ox, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:819
khaɁ   wood boiled to make dark brick-red dye for silk thread (Cudrania javanensis Urticaceae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:828
khaːj   net (for trapping birds)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:802
khaːk   to hawk up and spit out   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:803
khaːr   to insert into and probe, drill or bore with a rotating back and forth motion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:806
khaːt   to miss, lose; missing, lost   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:807
khaːw   news   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:808
khaːw   to ask for a girl's hand in marriage through an intermediary   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:809
khaːŋ   plow blade, plowshare   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:804
kha̤c   to flip, pitch, toss out or way to one side, e.g. rice from winnowing basket   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:810
kha̤j   exclamation indicating one's wish been fulfilled   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:813
kha̤k   clearly, distinctly; sure, certain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:814
kha̤l   to know, understand, to be acquainted or familiar with   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~252-1
kha̤l   to know, understand; to be acquainted or familiar with   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:816
kha̤l   tree trunk; element preceding names of trees and plants   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:817
kha̤m   fibrous pulp of fruits, vegetables, leaves, after being chewed   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:818
kha̤t   to dam up, block (flow of water) with earth, grass, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:825
kha̤t   to protect, guard against (using an obstruction of some kind)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:826
kha̤t   to trip (someone)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:827
khcha̤Ɂ   to jerk downward (with a swift hard motion), e.g. a vine in a tree   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:832
khec khec   gourd-like vine with long slender fruit (Cucurbitaceae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:849
khet   to be afraid (especially because of a previous bad experience)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:852
kheu   green (color)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:853
kheŋ   large bamboo basket; shallow round bamboo tray   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:851
kheːt   boundary, border; area, sector, zone   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:846
kheːt   to draw (a line)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:847
khe̤ːn   to proffer, to hand to with both hands   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:842
khhaatɕ~haatɕ   fishy smell   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~39-1
khhææp~hææp   centipede   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~668-1
khhɑɑtɕ~hɑɑtɕ   to whistle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1316-1
khiil   a kind of hornet with a nest made of clay and built in trees   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~789-1
khiː hɯan   mange   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:860
khiː khi̤a   undertaker   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:862
khiː ɟaː   alcoholic   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:861
khiː   to scratch; to flick off, remove, dislodge with a slight movement   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:859
khiːl   kind of hornet with a nest made of clay and built in trees   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:863
khiːn   to write   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:864
khiːt   marks on balance (each indicating 100 grams)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:866
khiːɲ   cutting board, chopping board   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:865
khi̤a   fee, cost   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:868
khi̤am   stuck   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:869
khi̤aŋ   chin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:870
khi̤aɁ   fork (of a tree)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:871
khi̤ːw   eyebrow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:867
khji̤at   slave   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:872
khjṳur   pangolin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1095-1
khjṳːr   pangolin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:873
khlaŋ   very, extremely, intense; forcefully, severely   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:874
khla̤Ɂ   base of penis   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:876
khlo̤ːn   mud   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:878
khlṳaŋ   trace, mark, crack, track, imprint   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:879
khlṳaŋ   trace, mark, crack, track, imprint   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~965-1
khlṳm   to cover up, put a cover over   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:880
khlɑ̤ŋ   carpenter bee   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:875
khlɔ̤Ɂ   vigorously   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:877
khnaːt   size (clothes, container); very (with certain words, e.g. very rich, very large)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:886
khnaːŋ   to wart off, as a possessive bull keeps other males away from cows   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:885
khni̤a   friend, companion; each other, mutually   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~11-1
khnɛːn   marks, points, grade, score   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:887
khot   coiled, curled or hunched up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:899
khoːc   to break down, to be out of order   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:889
khoːt   to scratch, scrape or rub against (e.g. tree branches against roof)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:895
kho̤ː   ox, cow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:888
kho̤ːm lɔ̤ːj   large smoke-filled balloon released at end of Buddhist Lent   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:891
kho̤ːm   bowl, plate, dish   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:890
kho̤ːn   base (of a tree or plant)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:892
kho̤ːt   lineage, ancestors   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:896
kho̤ːŋ ŋkha̤l   curved portion of a plow handle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:894
kho̤ːŋ   curved; a curve   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:893
kho̤ːɁ   forested area with not very many large trees   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:897
kho̤ːɁ   land above water level; high, elevated ground   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:898
khraj   lemongrass (Gramineae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:902
khra̤c   sprained, strained   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:901
khra̤ŋ   lac, stick-lac   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:903
khra̤ŋ   stubble (of rice)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:904
khra̤ːn   somewhat, fairly (used to modify tasty, fun, pretty)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:900
khri̤ap   to hide (oneself-of animals also)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:910
khri̤aw   period (of time during a day)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:911
khri̤aŋ   wide, flat shallow basket or tray used for drying fish, seed, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:909
khrom   to jabber, blabber; a chatterbox, talkative   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:916
khrṳap   to cover (with a lid); a lid   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:919
khrṳh   woven bamboo water-basket or bucket smeared with dammar   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:920
khrṳː baː   Buddhist abbot (of a temple)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:918
khrṳː   teacher   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:917
khrɑ̤Ɂ   fortune, luck   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:905
khrɔ̤p   every, all   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:906
khrɛ̤ː   to growl (a dog)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:907
khrɤ̤ːt   refrain in certain types of singing like “oh...oh...oh”   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:908
khrɯ̤ŋ   half, one half   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:914
khrɯ̤Ɂ khra̤Ɂ   high-spirited, merry, lively (of a festival, a group taking a trip, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:915
khrɯ̤ːŋ   machine, mechanical device, tools, equipment; ingredients   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:912
khrɯ̤ːŋ   rafter, side beams of a roof   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:913
khtho̤ːn   spittoon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:922
khthɤ̤ːj   homosexual, gay   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:921
khthʌ̤l   to rub using an elbow or chin (latter as when cuddling a baby)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:923
khuɁ   to smolder; intensifier for hot)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:946
khuː   method of preparing food like laap except ground parched rice is not added   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:924
khuːp   to reach end of a period or process (e.g. pregnancy, whiskey-ageing)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:929
khṳaj   slowly, carefully, softly, gradually, little by little   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:933
khṳan   any piece of wood thrown at or used to hit a person or animal   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:934
khṳan   hammer   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:935
khṳar   kapok tree (domesticated)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:938
khṳaŋ khṳar   large temple drum   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:937
khṳaŋ   gong   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:936
khṳaŋ   gong   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~963-1
khṳaɁ   garden, orchard, plantation   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:939
khṳaɁ   pen (for oxen, buffaloes, horses)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:940
khṳaʔ   enclosure, pasture   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~894-1
khṳk   jail, prison   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:941
khṳm khi̤a   to be worth (effort or cost)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:943
khṳm   to guard, watch over; to be in charge or in control of, to operate   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:942
khṳn muaj   to put up (one's) guard (in boxing)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:945
khṳn   kindness, charity   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:944
khṳː   ditch, moat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:925
khṳː   pair, couple   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:926
khṳːn   Indian laburnum (Cassia fistula Leguminosae), tree whose chipped up core is chewed with betel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:928
khṳːn   should (not), (not) appropriate (always used with [biɁ])   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:927
khṳːt   coccyx   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:930
khṳːɁ khṳːɁ   command for a buffalo to lie down   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:932
khṳːɁ   kind of large brown grasshopper   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:931
khwaːk   wooden spikes set in a pitfall to trap animals or people   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:948
khɑŋ   element indicating possessive   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:820
khɑː   hooks of various types for fastening or catching (excluding fishhooks)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:800
khɑːŋ   "that's right" response given in jest to something that may not be true   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:805
khɑ̤ŋ   mango   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:821
khɑ̤ːh   to knock, tap on   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:801
khɔɔh   to scrape, grate (e.g. coconut)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1145-1
khɔː kɔɁ   hook, snap (of trousers, blouse, brassiere)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:829
khɔːh   to scrape, grate (e.g. coconut)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:830
khɔ̤p   shell of certain nuts   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:834
khɔ̤p   to apply heated leaves as a compress in case of bruises   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:835
khɔ̤p   to invite, to persuade   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:836
khɔ̤p   to take (somebody) to   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:837
khɔ̤ŋ   having magical or supernatural powers   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:833
khɔ̤Ɂ   crooked, bent, winding; crooked, dishonest   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:838
khɔ̤ʔ   crooked, bent, winding   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1179-1
khɔ̤ːr   to lay out or lay down (sheaves of rice) gradually forming a stack   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:831
khɛːk   Indian (from India)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:840
khɛːl diaɁ   water stain (lines, ridges, rings e.g. left by receding flood waters, coffee in a cup, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:841
khɛ̤h   to pry up, pry open, to level   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:850
khɛ̤ː   small quick growing tree with tender leaves used in soup or as vegetable (Sesbania grandiflora Leguminosae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:839
khɛ̤ːn   reed flute or mouth organ (consisting of reeds bound together)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:843
khɛ̤ːp   corners of mouth (of people or animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:845
khɛ̤ːɁ   exclamation of displeasure when someone interrupts what one is doing   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:848
khɛ̤ːɲ   sideways   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:844
khɤj   exclamation expressing "serves you right"   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:856
khɤŋ   to stretch (tight)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:857
khɤɁ   to be thick (of liquids)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:858
khɤː   beam, joist   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:854
khɤ̤ːj   to have (ever) done (something), to be used to   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:855
khɯ̤t   to think   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:884
khɯ̤ː   in other words, that is to say   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:881
khɯ̤ː   might, probably, likely, should   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:882
khɯ̤ː   same, similar, like   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:883
khʌ̤l   loop of rope connecting arm of a plow to swing-tree   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:947
kip   hair-pin, bobby pin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:951
kit   very small, tiny   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:952
kiːt   to nibble on, eat a little at a time (of people and animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:949
kiːw   to cling to, perch, hang on to (with hands, feet, or claws)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:950
ki̤aŋ   flat bamboo tray for drying things   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~133-1
kjaal~jaal   air, wind   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~88-1
klaaŋ~kʌlaaŋ   hawk   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~122-1
klah   to cleave, split open (nut, fruit seed)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~211-1
klah   to split open (nut, seed) by rapping seed and knife on a hard surface   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:968
klaj   penis; wooden pestle-like plunger   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:971
klaj   penis   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~571-1
klam   exactly, precisely (quantity)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:972
klam   large, well filled out (of rice grains)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:973
klaːj   to change form, be transformed   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:954
klaːm   muscle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:956
klaːw   raw, green (of fruit)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:967
kleːp   petal (of flowers)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:978
kliiʔ~kaliiʔ   forehead   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~709-1
kloh   grind or pound finely (in a mortar)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1169-1
kloh   to grind or pound finely (in a mortar)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:981
kloːɲ   to group together; in groups, herds, swarms, schools, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:980
klum   group (of people), ball (e.g. of thread)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:982
klɑh   nicked (of a knife edge only)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:969
klɑh   to fall out, to be missing (of teeth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:970
klɑh   to fall out, to be missing (of teeth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1027-1
klɑɁ   to forget (a fact or object), to lose (one's way)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:974
klɑɑ   shellfish (of all kinds); snail   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~886-1
klɑɑj   fang, tusk, crooked, protruding tooth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1326-1
klɑɑŋ   seed, grain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~968-1
klɑʔ   to forget (a fact or object)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~395-1
klɑː   shellfish (of all kinds), snail   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:953
klɑːj   fang, tusk; crooked, protruding tooth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:955
klɑːŋ faːj   Adam's apple   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:960
klɑːŋ ksaɲ   gums   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:961
klɑːŋ lhaː   betel nut, areca nut   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:963
klɑːŋ lɛː   clitoris   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:962
klɑːŋ ma̤t   eyeball   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:964
klɑːŋ mpiːɁ   soot, smoke particles (especially that on walls or ceiling)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:965
klɑːŋ rṳaj   mole (on he skin)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:966
klɑːŋ   feces, excrement; to defecate   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:957
klɑːŋ   residue (such as sawdust , wood shavings, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:958
klɑːŋ   seed, grain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:959
klɔɔm   urinate, urine   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1109-1
klɔːm   to urinate; urine   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:975
klɔːn   sliding bolt (lock) on doors and windows   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:976
klɛːm   appetizers taken with or between drinks (of whiskey)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:977
klɤɁ   torpid (of a heavy sleeper)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:979
klʌt ~ kʌlʌt   to roll or fold up, fold back, turn inside out   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:983
kmaw   black, tarnished smudged (of things)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:987
kmootɕ   ghost, corpse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1215-1
kmuːn   beeswax; wax (usually yellow) in small card-size sheets   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:988
kmɑɑj~mɑɑj   stranger, visitor   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~917-1
kmɑɑn   nephew, niece   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~951-1
kmɑːn   nephew or niece   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:985
kmɑːt   weevil (in rice, bamboo, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:986
kmɔɔr~mɔɔr   young girl   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1138-1
knaa~naa   way, path, road   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~18-1
knaj~naj   rat, mouse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~572-1
knææn   child, kid, youngster   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~811-1
knææɲ~nææɲ   tooth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~596-1
knɛːn   child, kid   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:989
koh   back or back side   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:994
koh   to cut off (branches of a tree near trunk)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:995
koh   to cut off (the branches of a tree near the trunk)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1165-1
koj   to carry someone piggy-back   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:996
koj   to carry someone piggy-back   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1367-1
kon   tricks, sleights of hand   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:997
kooc   put a noose around the neck   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1286-1
kot   umbrella, especially one with a metal shaft and frame, covered with cloth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:998
koːc   to put a noose around neck; to rope, lasso, e.g. elephants   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:990
koːk   to halloo, call out, yell   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:991
koːt   ten million   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:992
koːt   tree whose leaves cause rash and itching   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:993
kpaah~paah   cotton (plant, fiber, cloth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~157-1
kpaj~paj   female (of person)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~229-1
kpiɁ   shrimp paste   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:999
kraah   a comb, to comb   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~154-1
kraah   tree shrew   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~158-1
kraaj   element indicating "passive"   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~232-1
kraɲ   kinky, frizzy (of hair)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1007
kraːh   comb, to comb   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1002
kraːj   element indicating “passive”, equivalent to “(to be) past participle (+by)”   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1003
kraːj   right, correct(ly)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1004
kraːp   to prostrate oneself   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1006
kreeɲ   ripe (fruit)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~776-1
kreːt   to slash, make an incision or gash (with point of a knife)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1012
kreːɲ   to be hard-headed, insolent, sassy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1009
kreːɲ   to be mature (of fruits)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1010
kriim   burnt and dried out   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~806-1
kriim~ʔakriim   millet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~733-1
kriːm   dried out, almost burnt (by sun or fire)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1013
kroh   to bark (of a dog)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1015
krom   thunder   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~532-1
kroːc   kaffir lime (includes all citrus fruits)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1014
kro̤h   bark (of dog)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1170-1
kruuh   pebbles, gravel, laterite   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1349-1
kruuŋ   forest, wild, of the jungle or forest, the unknown   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1254-1
kruŋ   city   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1018
kruːh   pebbles, gravel, laterite   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1016
kruːŋ   wild of jungle or forest; the unknown   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1017
krɑː   difficult, hard; poor   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1000
krɑː   to be slow, slowly; late   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1001
krɑːŋ ~ trɑːŋ   to filter, strain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1005
krɔːj   afterwards, later   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1008
krɛɛŋ   jambolan (Myrtaceae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~597-1
krɛːɲ   jambolan fruit tree (Myrtaceae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1011
krʌn   dwarfed, stunted (people, animals, plants)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1019
krʌn   dwarfed, stunted   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~810-1
ksaaj~saaj   ginger   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~47-1
ksaj~saj   cord, rope, string   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~573-1
ksaw~saw   red   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~442-1
ksaɲ~saɲ   snake   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~277-1
ksæær~sæær   blow nose   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~670-1
ksææʔ~sææʔ   string, classifier, as a string (of beads)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~650-1
ktaam~taam   crab   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~96-1
ktaw~taw   hot   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~344-1
ktaːj   rabbit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1020
kthoŋ   small container made by folding and fastening banana leaves   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1021
ktiit~tiit   to press or hold (arms or legs) together or against   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~844-1
ktææʔ~tææʔ   earth, soil, tract of land   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~781-1
ktɑɑr~tɑɑr   rub or crush with hand or foot   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~986-1
ktɔɔr~tɔɔr   ear   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1140-1
kut   cut off, amputated, shortened; a stub, stump   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1025
kuu   stay, live, to be   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1205-1
kuuj   people, human being, Kui people in particular   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1225-1
kuut taaʔ   toad   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~83-1
kuut~ʔakuut   frog   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1274-1
kuː   to stay, to live, to be   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1022
kuːj   people, human being; Kui people in particular   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1023
kuːk   shout given in response to [kook]   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1024
kwaat~waat   to scratch   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~168-1
kwəəj~wəəj   trunk of elephant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~451-1
kææt   small, kit very 'small   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~638-1
kææu ɲæ̤æŋ   mirror   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~662-1
kŋææt~ŋææt   close (eyes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~758-1
kɁaɁ   crow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1029
kɑh   jungle (covering a large (perhaps mountainous) area having large trees)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:752
kɑh   mountain, jungle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1167-1
kɑŋ   vehicle wheel, spinning wheel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:764
kɑɁ   rush, reed-like plant growing in wet or marshy areas (for weaving mats)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:770
kɑɁ   to hook, fasten with a hook   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:771
kɑɑn   seedling or young plants or animals   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~949-1
kɑɑp   catch, hold, arrest   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~982-1
kɑː   to get started; to build (a base, foundation), lay (bricks)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:725
kɑːc kɑːc   to tickle (with fingers)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:730
kɑːn caj   pin wheel, windmill or propeller (blade)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:735
kɑːn cuː   novice (Buddhist)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:736
kɑːn duŋ   play house (children's game)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:737
kɑːn khlɑ̤h   twins   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:738
kɑːn kman   daughter-in-law   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:739
kɑːn ktiːm   son-in-law   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:740
kɑːn mphlɤ̤ːŋ   bullet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:741
kɑːn mṳːj   bridge groom's best man; brides maid   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:742
kɑːn nthrṳaŋ   stair step, ladder rung   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:744
kɑːn ɲchi̤c   handkerchief   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:743
kɑːn   one's child, offspring   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:733
kɑːn   seedling or young plants, young of animals   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:734
kɑːp   to attack, wrestle, grab   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:748
kɑːp   to catch, hold; to arrest   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:749
kɑːŋ   round basket of various seizes for holding steamed sticky rice   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:746
kɔɔm   black   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1107-1
kɔɔɲ~ʔakɔɔɲ   father, male (animal)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1121-1
kɔːj   dish of half raw chopped spiced beef with blood (similar to laap)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:772
kɔːm   charred, partly burnt wood; soot on a pot   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:773
kɔːt   root of banana tree   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:775
kɔːŋ   bent, crooked   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:774
kəbooj~booj   a coconut shell   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1289-1
kəi   horn   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~700-2
kəi   that   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~699-1
kəpɔɔt~pɔɔt   handful   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1351-1
kəsaɲ ʔaphɨ̤ɨt   python   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~475-1
kɛp   percussion cap or primer for cap-and-ball rifle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:795
kɛɁ   to pick out (with finger, needle, etc.); to scrape, pick, pry off (small pieces)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:796
kɛː caɁ   to give excuses (perhaps false)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:784
kɛː   to cure (of medicine), to correct a mistake   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:782
kɛː   to drink (whiskey), especially of heavy drinkers to satisfy their craving   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:783
kɛːl kan   to breed (especially as when a cow is being chased around by bulls)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:786
kɛːl khni̤a   to make love (idiom)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:787
kɛːl   to play; for pleasure, not serious   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:785
kɛːt   small, little   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:789
kɛːw ɲɛ̤ːɲ   mirror   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:792
kɛːw   bottle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:790
kɛːw   glass (plate or pane of); broken glass (pieces of)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:791
kɤj hɤːj   right! that's the one   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:799
kɤj   that, there, over there   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:798
kɯːɁ   to be dumb, mute   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:984
kʌɁ   well, so, then; also (often not translatable)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1028
kʌːt   to be born; to happen, occur   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1026
kʌːt   to have, to be   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1027
kʔaaʔ   crow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~75-1
laaŋ   palm, sole   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~137-1
lah   hand (of bananas); to pull or break (bananas) off in bunches   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1050
lah   hand (of bananas)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~220-1
laj thṳj   to twist lower end of loin cloth or skirt and draw it between legs and tuck it in back of twist   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1052
lak   stake, marker, small post   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1053
lami̤it   turmeric   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~760-1
laŋ   large box (paper or wood, a carton, a trunk)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1058
laɲ   tree with black seed that can be boiled and eaten   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1055
laːn   million   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1036
laːn   to be bald   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1037
laːp   dish of raw or half raw chopped spiced beef (or fish, chicken, pork)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1041
laːp   luck, good fortune   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1042
laːŋ   handful, a palmful   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1039
laːŋ   sole of foot; palm of hand   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1040
la̤c   to bear (a child, offspring)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1049
la̤j   to tease, kid, play with   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1051
la̤m   to rub (white) powder on one's face (to lighten one's complexion)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1054
la̤n   to overflow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1056
la̤tɕ   to bear (child, offspring)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~192-1
la̤ŋ   clear (of water, eyes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~290-1
la̤ŋ   to be clear (of water, eyes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1059
la̤ɲ   to pour on, spread out and smooth off evenly (as cement, soil)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1057
la̤ːt   to herd   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1043
la̤ːt   to take a shortcut   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1044
la̤ːw   granary (rice)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1047
leːt   to grind, crush (rice, peas, etc., to make flour) with a hand-driven stone flour mill   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1083
leːt   to remove seeds from cotton or kapok with a roller gin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1084
le̤i   particle expressing approval and encouragement; a sentence conjunction   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1089
le̤m   to trim (e.g. frayed edge of a piece of cloth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1090
le̤ːc   number   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1078
lhaa~slaa   leaf   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~22-1
lhah ~ slah   to be dislocated completely, separated (of shoulder, knee, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1102
lhaj ~ slaj   expensive   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1103
lhan ~ slan   choking caused by something tied or wound tightly around one's neck   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1104
lhaː ~ slaː   leaf   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1096
lhaːp ~ slaːp   wing (of birds, insects, etc.) or wing-shaped objects   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1098
lhaːt   to be good at, bright, clever, intelligent   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1099
lhaːɁ ~ slaːɁ   scrapped, abraded   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1101
lhaːɁ   greedy (of someone eating)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1100
lhec ~ slec   to fall asleep   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1112
lhec ~ slec   to slip, lose one's footing   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1113
lheh ~ sleh   to be dislocated (from a joint), split (as branch of a tree at fork)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1114
lheːt ~ sleːt   phlegm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1111
lheːt   drum-shaped sugar cane press driven by an ox or buffalo   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1110
lhiːt ~ sliːt   to be jinxed by a person or object (as when hunting, gambling, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1118
lhiːɲ ~ sliːɲ   to be crossed (of eyes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1117
lhoh   pass a rope through the septum of the nose of an ox or buffalo   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1086-1
lhoh   to pass rope through septum of ox or buffalo; rope so placed   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1123
lhoj ~ sloj   dry rotten and falling apart, falling to pieces (e.g. wood, decayed leaves)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1124
lhoj ~ sloj   to stink badly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1125
lhoŋ ~ sloŋ   papaya   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1126
lhoː ~ sloː   rolled up and back (of eyes of a dead person or someone in fear)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1120
lhoːc ~ sloːc   all tangled up (of rope, string, thread, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1121
lhoːŋ ~ sloːŋ   to feel relieved, free of worries   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1122
lhuːɲ ~ sluːɲ   small-mouthed jar   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1127
lhɑː   to cook or boil down oil, e.g. from coconut, castor beans, sesame, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1095
lhɑːj ~ slɑːj   to be hungry, thirsty   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1097
lhɔp ~ slɔp   to faint, to lose consciousness   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1106
lhɔɔj~slɔɔj   to float   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1089-1
lhɔːj ~ slɔːj   to float   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1105
lhɛːm ~ slɛːm   extremely sharp-pointed (intensifier used with [miɲ])   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1107
lhɛːɲ ~ slɛːɲ   harmful to one's health   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1108
lhɛːɲ ~ slɛːɲ   kite   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1109
lhɤːj   already (restricted use, may indicate satisfaction by the speaker)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1115
lhɤːɁ ~ slɤːɁ   head wound in which part of scalp has been cut or torn away   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1116
lhɯŋ ~ slɯŋ   saleung, a Thai coin equal to ¼ baht or 25 satang   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1119
lhʌt ~ slʌt   pulled back (e.g. penis with foreskin pulled back)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1129
lhʌɁ ~ slʌɁ   stupid, clumsy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1130
lhʌːj ~ slʌːj   cool and refreshing (of a breeze)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1128
lia̤h   to toss or throw   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~320-1
lip   quickly (descriptive, or in commands)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1155
liːm   side, edge   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1132
li̤a   to say goodbye, take (one's) leave   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1140
li̤ac ma̤t   to wash one's face   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1143
li̤ac   field (usually with only grass growing)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1141
li̤ac   to be cleared, free of (vegetation, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1142
li̤ah   to toss or throw   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1144
li̤aj   bunch or cluster (of certain fruits)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1145
li̤aj   design or pattern   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1146
li̤aj   to boil rice to make porridge   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1147
li̤am   to tie up, hobble, tether   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1148
li̤an   open, level area (e.g. a yard, lawn, a plot used to sow rice seedlings)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1149
li̤ap   to spread or rub on   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1151
li̤ap   to spread or rub on   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~607-1
li̤aw   Lao (people or language)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1152
li̤aɲ   to melt (ice, glass, metal)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1150
li̤c   all the way in (to put)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1153
li̤c   to flood; (floodwaters) to flow very fast and in great quantity   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1154
li̤iɲ   pour   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~736-3
li̤iʔ~ʔali̤iʔ   pig   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~720-1
li̤ː   to crawl, slither, slide along (as a snake, etc. or a person on his stomach)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1131
li̤ːn   to slide, slip, move (without any obvious stimulus)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1133
li̤ːt   to scoop off, spread around, smear (with hand or flat object)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1138
li̤ːɁ   white, albino (of buffaloes only)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1139
li̤ːɲ   afternoon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1134
li̤ːɲ   to feed (a group, guests)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1135
li̤ːɲ   to pour a liquid (slowly, small amount)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1136
li̤ːɲ   very (intensifier for black and cold)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1137
lla̤h   clearly; clear (of sounds, a photograph)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1156
llṳa   to lure, tempt   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1157
lman   oil, gasoline, and other petroleum products   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1166
lmaːk   fermented sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves and eaten as a sweet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1165
lma̤ŋ   brow antlered deer (Cervus eldi)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1167
lmi̤ːt   turmeric   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1169
lmuj   very fine, powdery   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1173
lmṳːc   sleepy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1172
lmɛ̤ːn   smooth, graceful (manner); flexible (e.g. long objects, arms)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1168
lmɯːj   to be stiff and sore   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1170
lmʌ̤l   a cloud   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~524-1
lmʌ̤l   cloud   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1174
loɁ   depression or hole formed by animals lying down and moving back and forth (e.g. a buffalo wallow)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1180
loʔ   mud, wallow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1370-1
loː   last (in a contest or game)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1175
lo̤ː   dozen   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1176
lo̤ːm   to console, soothe, appease   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1177
lo̤ːt   to jump   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1179
lo̤ːŋ   coffin, casket   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1178
luut tuut   a kind of bamboo flute   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1285-1
luː   to howl   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1181
luːm   bite; a spoonful or mouthful   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1184
luːt tuːt   kind of bamboo flute   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1191
luːŋ   animal tracks, path, run   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1186
luːŋ   government, of the government   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1187
lṳac   to wear down, erode   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1193
lṳam lhoŋ   innermost flesh of a papaya around seed cavity   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1195
lṳam priːt   inner core of banana tree trunk   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1196
lṳam   liver   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1194
lṳam   liver   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~942-1
lṳat chṳaŋ   a sweet (string-like noodles eaten in a sweet syrup)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1198
lṳaŋ   to test, to try (out)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1197
lṳaŋ~ʔalṳaŋ   wood   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~953-1
lṳaɁ   to be scalded (by hot water)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1199
lṳh   to tear down, dismantle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1200
lṳp   to be dark, cloudy, become dim   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1201
lṳp   to erase   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1202
lṳp   vaguely   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1203
lṳum   to eat by stuffing whole chunks of food into one's mouth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1238-1
lṳɁ   to mix   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1204
lṳʔ   mix (with hand)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1371-1
lṳː   thigh, lap   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1182
lṳːj   tender, rotten (and falling apart)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1183
lṳːm   to eat by suffering whole chunks of food into one's mouth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1185
lṳːp   to pat, stroke or rub lightly back and forth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1189
lṳːt   wire   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1190
lṳːŋ   to lower head, etc. as if to attack (of horned animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1188
lṳːɁ   word describing crawling motion of large crawling animals   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1192
lwɛ̤ː   method of making soup (juice from finely pounded crab mixed with other ingredients)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1206
læ̤æɲ   heart, centre (of wood)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~599-1
lɁeːt   smooth (not rough), (wiped) clean   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1210
lɁiː lɁʌn   to be limp, yielding (as a person who is exhausted, unconscious, drunk)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1212
lɁiː   soft (of hair, fur, cloth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1211
lɁoh   to be soft (to the touch) e.g. a cushion, mattress   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1214
lɁoːɁ   to look healthy, strong, well-nourished (newly-born baby, newly sprouted plant)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1213
lɁuːt   soft, flexible (wet bamboo strips, leaves, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1215
lɁɑːŋ   fine particles (liquid, dust, dirt)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1207
lɁɑːɁ   muddy, murky (of water)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1208
lɁɔːc   to be fine, pulverized, mashed to pieces   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1209
lɑɁ   to be boiling   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1060
lɑɑj   roll along (intr.); as an object which falls or is tossed   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~60-1
lɑɑn   to shape into a ball with the hands (e.g. clay, dough, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~952-1
lɑː   to cast (in a mold)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1030
lɑːj   to roll along (intransitive), as an object which falls or is tossed   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1033
lɑːk   silkworm cocoons   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1034
lɑːk   to scare, spook, haunt   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1035
lɑːn   to shape into a ball with hands (e.g. clay, dough, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1038
lɑːt   kind of small trees with leaves similar to those of bhodi   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1045
lɑːt   spool, a tube; spool or tube-like   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1046
lɑ̤ɑh   exit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1030-1
lɑ̤ːh   to go, come out, away, off   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1031
lɑ̤ːh   to let flow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1032
lɑ̤ːɁ   to dye   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1048
lɔp   to go, come back; to get (something) back   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1075
lɔɁ   submerged in, surrounded by, enclosed by   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1077
lɔː   to reach for, to hand to (with an outstretched arm)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1061
lɔːc phi̤h   tetanus   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1062
lɔːc Ɂuːh   piece or section of firewood; to pull out firewood so fire will die-down   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1063
lɔːn mɔːm   nape   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1068
lɔ̤m   gently and constantly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1073
lɔ̤m   to be completely covered by floodwaters   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1074
lɔ̤m   to inundate   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~535-1
lɔ̤p tɑː cɛːm   bird snare using a net   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1076
lɔ̤ɔh   incorrect, wrong   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1146-1
lɔ̤ɔj   swim   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1088-1
lɔ̤ɔt   to skin with a knife   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1352-1
lɔ̤ːh   incorrect, wrong   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1064
lɔ̤ːh   to quarrel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1065
lɔ̤ːj kaːŋ   rainbow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1067
lɔ̤ːj   to swim   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1066
lɔ̤ːt   to skin with a knife   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1070
lɔ̤ːŋ   to go up or be high, lofty   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1069
lɔ̤ːɁ   to move one's hand with a piston motion in underwater cavity or hole to force out a fish, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1071
lɔ̤ːɁ   to strip off, to skin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1072
lɛːt tɛːt   oboe   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1085
lɛːɲ mṳh   snot, nasal mucus (dry, hard)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1082
lɛ̤h   to die   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1088
lɛ̤ːu   already, then, afterwards, later   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1086
lɛ̤ːu   finished   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1087
lɛ̤ːɲ   heart, center (e.g. of wood)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1080
lɛ̤ːɲ   high-pitched (sound, voice)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1079
lɛ̤ːɲ   to be tough, strong   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1081
lɤːp   shiny, like glass (intensifier used with something polished or smooth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1091
lɤ̤h   beyond, past   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1093
lɤ̤h   more (than…)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1094
lɤ̤ːɁ   to quit, stop; to raise, lift   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1092
lɨ̤ɨn   swallow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~374-1
lɯː   to be left over, remaining   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1158
lɯːŋ   to be yellow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1163
lɯ̤ŋ   with   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1171
lɯ̤ʔ~ʔalɯ̤ʔ   rice bran   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~511-1
lɯ̤ːj   to saw   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1159
lɯ̤ːk   to choose, select, to elect   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1160
lɯ̤ːn   to be fast   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1161
lɯ̤ːn   to swallow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1162
lɯ̤ːŋ   spoiled; to forget oneself   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1164
lʌ̤t   to pull back (e.g. to pull back foreskin of penis)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1205
lʔuut   soft, flexible (wet bamboo strips, leaves, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1273-1
man khɔŋ   to be muscular, powerful, strong   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1234
man khɔŋ   to be stable, firm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1235
manaaj   word, speech   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~66-1
mari̤aʔ   peacock   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~72-1
maŋ   sound of solid objects striking each other   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1236
maː   signal tocall an elephant "come!"   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1216
maːn   able to obtain a lot (of something)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1221
maːɁ   mother (used when speaking with children)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1225
ma̤h Ɂaj   to be awful big (people, objects, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1230
ma̤h Ɂiɲ ~ mɁiɲ   only …, only this (much, long, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1231
ma̤h   as… (as large, long, small, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1226
ma̤j   you (familiar, vulgar) (paired with [kau])   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1232
ma̤j   you (familiar, vulgar)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~233-1
ma̤k   to love   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1233
ma̤t lhoo   eyes rolled back   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1073-1
ma̤t tweːɁ   to have a dizzy spell, to black out   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1240
ma̤t   classifier for bundles of vegetables except garlic, onions etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1238
ma̤t   eye   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1239
ma̤t   eye   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~330-1
ma̤w   to aim for, to be busily engaged in something   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1241
ma̤w   to buy or sell as a whole   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1242
ma̤ŋ mi̤ː   to be wealthy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1237
ma̤Ɂ   to put on or wear (a ring, a necklace, glasses)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1243
ma̤ʔ   wear (smth. with strap)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~238-1
ma̤ːr   spirit, a ghost   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1223
ma̤ːr   thing, things   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1224
meh ~ mɛh   particle indicating displeasure, criticism (sometimes reduplicated)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1257
mem   to suck (a mother's breast) ("baby talk")   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1258
meŋ meŋ   bell (small or large)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1259
meːɲ   kind of pepper sauce eaten (by dipping) with raw jackfruit or banana   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1251
mhaj   we, us (two or more)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1265
mhak ~ smak   to apply, volunteer   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1266
mhaː ~ smaː   breed, species (plants, animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1262
mhaː ~ smaː   pardon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1263
mheː ~ smeː   to steam   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1270
mhim ~ smim   to be dirty, spattered, smudged   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1272
mhootɕ~smootɕ   ant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1218-1
mhoːc ~ smoːc   ant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1273
mhut ~ smut   notebook   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1274
mhuɁ ~ smuɁ   to have dry and scaly skin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1275
mhɑː ~ smɑː   olive-like fruit of a certain tree   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1264
mhɔp ~ smɔp   to fall face forwards   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1269
mhɔɔl~smɔɔl   shadow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1098-1
mhɔːl ~ smɔːl   chicken louse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1267
mhɔːl ~ smɔːl   shadow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1268
mhɛːr   Cambodia, Cambodian, Khmer   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1271
mhʌː ~ smʌː   to be smooth, even, level   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1276
miɲ   to be pointed   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1291
miː   noodles   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1277
miːl   to be blurred (of one's vision, as when sun shines in one's eyes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1279
mi̤am   spleen   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1285
mi̤an   to form, make   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~102-1
mi̤an   to mold (dirt, clay)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1286
mi̤at mi̤at   idly, leisurely   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1288
mi̤aɲ mi̤aɲ   spinach-like vegetable eaten with pepper sauce (normally pickled)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1287
mi̤c   to dive (into water)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1289
mi̤c   to sink, to be submerged   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1290
mi̤it   vulture   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~501-1
mi̤ː   to be rich   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1278
mi̤ːl   to roll along ground, floor (transitive)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1280
mi̤ːn   to arrange, put (things in place where they're normally kept)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1281
mi̤ːn   to mend, repair   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1282
mi̤ːn   to prepare   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1283
mi̤ːt   vulture   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1284
mlhaɲ ~ smlaɲ   cast net, edge being weighted with a lead chain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1293
mlhaːp ~ smlaːp   rice seedlings (for transplanting)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1292
mlhiːɲ ~ smliːɲ   to sharpen (a knife)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1295
mlhɛːɲ   to mimic, mock another person's cries, speech, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1294
mmi̤a   rain, to rain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1301
mmi̤a   rain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~13-1
mmlam   to mortgage, to pawn   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1305
mmlan   chief administrator of a tambon (kamnan)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1306
mmlaŋ   progressive adverb indicating action on going   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1308
mmlaŋ   strength, force, power, energy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1307
mmlaːw   to hand, to pass   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1304
mmlin   gourd with a small fruit, leaves used as a vegetable (Coccinia indica)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1310
mmlɑ̤ː   what; what?   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1303
mmlɛ̤h   garbage, rubbish   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1309
mmraː   fortune-teller   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1312
mmra̤k   friend, pal (only girls, a pledge of friendship is made in a ceremony)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1313
mmra̤Ɂ   to discuss, to consult   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1314
mmrɤɤŋ   galangal   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~466-1
mmrɤːŋ   galangal (Alpinia sp.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1315
mnaːj   word, words; speech   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1317
mnaːɁ   scissors-like knife for cutting betel nut   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1318
mna̤h   a malevolent spirit or demon that is respected and feared   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~199-1
mna̤h   malevolent spirit highly respected and feared; may take possession of humans   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1319
mna̤Ɂ   to have a bad odor (like a stink-bug)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1320
mnia̤ŋ   sun   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~113-1
mni̤aŋ   sun   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1323
mni̤ː   one side, one part or portion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1322
mnoŋ   pus   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1324
mnoŋ   pus   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1388-1
mnṳŋ   to put something in folds of a sarong and tuck it in (e.g. money)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1325
mnɑɑ   tomorrow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~348-1
mnɑː   tomorrow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1316
mnɛ̤ːɁ   in front of; next   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1321
moc   course word, literally “(you) demon face”   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1329
moː   person, people (usually a specific group)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1326
moːl   to sweep or rake into a pile (with a broom, rake, or one's hands)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1327
mo̤ːŋ   to be insane, mad (people, animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1328
mpaaŋ   maggot   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~111-1
mpaaʔ   shoulder   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~79-1
mpah   exclamation when finding something one never dreams of getting, or when disappointed   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1335
mpaj   flea   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1337
mpaj   flea   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~226-1
mpar   to be blown by wind   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1339
mpat   the west   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~336-1
mpat   threads, or wrap, left arranged through healds and roller of a loom   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1340
mpat   west   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1341
mpaŋ   to cut off, to block view of (only)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1338
mpaːj   most likely, probably   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1332
mpaːŋ   maggot   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1333
mpaːɁ   shoulder   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1334
mpeet   a knife   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~500-1
mpel   nimbly, speedily (of walking, running, jumping)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1346
mpeːt sdam   sword   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1345
mpeːt   knife   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1344
mpha̤l   swear word (“plague”)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1354
mpha̤m   bridle (of horse)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1355
mpha̤t   switch, a rod (for beating, whipping)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1356
mpha̤t   whip (leather, rope)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1357
mpha̤ːh   to show respect to someone by placing hands palm to palm and raising them to face   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1348
mpha̤ːr mphɛ̤ːɁ   firefly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1349
mpha̤ːw   wound, a cut   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1351
mphe̤ːr   skin (as old person's neck, between duck's toes, flying squirrel's wings)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1364
mphe̤ːɁ diaɁ   river   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1366
mphe̤ːɁ   mother (of animals); large (of female animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1365
mphi̤ah   cone-shaped valve-like opening at mouth of a woven fish trap   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1371
mphi̤aj   to be still, motionless   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1372
mphi̤aɁ   to be entangled, involved; to be a nuisance   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1373
mphlaw   add a length of thread for sewing   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1377
mphlaːp mphlaːp   butterfly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1375
mphla̤ːj   term used in counting number of windings of or cotton thread   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1374
mphli̤a   classifier for meals   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1379
mphli̤a   time, usually a fixed point or period   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1380
mphlo̤ːk   to be greedy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1381
mphlṳː   betel-vine leaf   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1382
mphlɑh   blowgun   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1376
mphlɑh   blowgun   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1362-1
mphlɤ̤ːŋ   gun   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1378
mpho̤o   father   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~879-1
mpho̤ː   father   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1385
mpho̤ːk   elongated (back of one's head)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1386
mpho̤ːl sɛh   to gallop a horse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1387
mpho̤ːŋ   kind of dung beetle commonly found feeding in human excrement   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1388
mphra̤ɲ   mumps, parotitis   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1391
mphra̤ːh toːŋ   dragonfly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1389
mphri̤a   to be orphaned   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1395
mphri̤aŋ saj   moon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1397
mphri̤aŋ saj   moon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~230-1
mphri̤aŋ   women abandoned by her husband   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1396
mphro̤i   fine particles (of dirt or burrowing left by small animals and insects)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1399
mphro̤ːŋ   glutinous rice with coconut milk, black beans and sugar put into bamboo sections and roasted   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1398
mphrṳj   gnat; a species of small fly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1400
mphræ̤æʔ   amount carried on both ends of shoulder pole   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~646-1
mphrɑ̤ːɁ   fish fermented in brine, eaten as is or as an ingredient of various dishes   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1390
mphrɛ̤ːɁ   amount of (water, sand, rice, etc.) carried on both ends of a shoulder pole   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1392
mphrɤ̤Ɂ   to be dirty, stained   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1393
mphrɤ̤Ɂ   to be plain, homely   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1394
mphṳaŋ   call, reply   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~978-1
mphṳaŋ   to call out (to answer someone)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1406
mphṳaɁ   bark, shell, skin (of fruits), husk (of coconuts)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1407
mphṳŋ   bucket suspended from tripod for scooping water into rice field   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1408
mphṳɁ   when, while; period (of time)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1409
mphṳːj   water-cress, an edible aquatic plant used as a vegetable   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1401
mphṳːl   to poison (people or animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1402
mphṳːn   mongoose   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1403
mphṳːr   to steam cook or roast fish wrapped in banana leaf and placed in hot coals   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1405
mphṳːŋ   to nudge (a feed through) with its snout (by pig)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1404
mphæ̤æɲ   new leaves, branches   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~589-1
mphɑːt   dried out (as sugar cane with no juice or sick person who lost weight)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1350
mphɑ̤ːɁ   to germinate, plant (seeds) in a seed bed (transplanting seedlings later)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1352
mphɑ̤ːɁ   wooden peg fastened to loop of leather rope connecting arm of plow to swing-tree   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1353
mphɔ̤p   just (before a verb)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1360
mphɔ̤ŋ   stake to which a buffalo is tied while grazing   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1359
mphɔ̤Ɂ   to leave wet or damp clothes, etc., wadded up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1361
mphɔ̤ɔr   lime eaten with betel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1139-1
mphɔ̤ːr   lime eaten with betel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1358
mphɛːŋ   wall   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1363
mphɛ̤Ɂ   to transplant seedlings from a seed bed (excluding rice) e.g. tobacco   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1367
mphɛ̤ːɲ   new leaves, branches, or plants that sprout after original plant is cut   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1362
mphɤːj ~ fɤːj   intensifier meaning something like "not bad", "O.K."   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1369
mphɤ̤ː   amphoe (administrative district of a province)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1368
mphɤ̤ːk   exclamation e.g. when one sees a very tall person or a completely bald-headed-person   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1370
mphɯ̤ːt   rather large, mature   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1384
mphɯ̤ːŋ   Averrhoa carambola (Geraniaceae), starfruit or cucumber tree   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1383
mphʌ̤l   tamarind   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1410
mphʌ̤l   tamarind   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~521-1
mpiːɁ   smoke, vapor   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1411
mplah   all at once, all the one time   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1414
mplaw   thread   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1416
mplaɁ   to spread out, open up (transitive)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1417
mplaɁ   to unfold, unroll   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1418
mplaʔ   to spread out, open up (transitive)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~185-1
mpleh   pinch, pick off (fruit, vegetables, or their stems)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~629-1
mpleh   to pinch, pick off (fruit, vegetables, or their stems)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1420
mploɁ   to be single, young (of men); boyfriend   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1422
mpluːn   to be soft, cushiony, spongy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1423
mplṳu   betel leaf   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1304-1
mplɑh   blowgun   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1359-1
mplɑh   to turn (right side) up; to lie face up; to turn up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1415
mplɑh   turn (right side) up, to lie face up, turn over   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1033-1
mplɑː   south   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1412
mplɑːɁ   scapula, shoulder blade   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1413
mplɔɁ   to be swollen, to be protruding (of abdomen)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1419
mplɯː   ebony   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1421
mpoh   foam, bubbles   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1426
mpol   frayed end of cloth; paper tassels attached to corners of a kite   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1427
mpom   immature rice, roasted or popped, husked, pounded flat and eaten as a snack   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1428
mpoom   a bundle, package   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~945-1
mpoːl   eaves   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1424
mpoːm   bundle, a package wrapped in a piece of cloth or leaf   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1425
mpraːj khra̤ːn   to get better, feel better; not so hard   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1429
mpriːc   to squeeze with two fingers, e.g. a pimple   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1431
mpri̤am   broom made from a bush-like plant and used for sweeping house yard   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1432
mpruːt   police, a police man   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1433
mprɑːɲ   to run   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1430
mpṳul   poison   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1093-1
mpɑh   well   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1336
mpɑɑ   bic 'dream   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~441-1
mpɑɑ   to roof   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~880-1
mpɑː bic   to dream   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1331
mpɑː   to roof   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1330
mpɔːh ~ ma̤ːr pɔːh   broom   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1342
mpɔːŋ   to be blown up (with air), puffed up (as a toad)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1343
mpɤːɁ   to be blown off (as roof thatch by wind)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1347
mrhah ~ smrah   bundle of dried branches bound together as a “net” for silkworms   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1435
mrhap ~ smrap   set (of things occurring in sets); a pack (of cards)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1436
mrɤŋ   to try to keep one's balance or to keep from falling   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1434
muaj   boxing   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1446
mup map   to move slightly (one's lips)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1453
mṳac   to creep up to, to walk stealthily   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1444
mṳah   mosquito   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1445
mṳah   mosquito   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~995-1
mṳak   hat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1447
mṳan   Indian mulberry   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1448
mṳatɕ   to creep up to, to walk stealthy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~902-1
mṳaŋ   you (singular)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1449
mṳh ma̤t   face, looks   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1451
mṳh   nose   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1450
mṳh   nose   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1172-1
mṳuj   one   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1290-1
mṳut   enter   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1153-1
mṳŋ   mosquito net   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1452
mṳː   to be angry, furious   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1437
mṳːj   one   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1438
mṳːl phṳŋ   nauseous, queasy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1440
mṳːl   Mun river   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1439
mṳːr   to fold (restricted)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1441
mṳːr   to roll (up), to coil (up); a roll, a coil (cloth, paper, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1442
mṳːt   to enter   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1443
mæʔ~ʔamæʔ   mother   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~645-1
mæ̤æ   to look at, watch   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~574-1
mɑː saj   menstruation   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1218
mɑː   spirit-possessed sorcerer who treats a sick person through a ritual   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1217
mɑːm Ɂoŋ   Buddhist priest or monk   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1220
mɑːm   term of address for one who used to be a priest or monk   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1219
mɑːp   to crouch, prostrate oneself (in fear, or for protection)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1222
mɑ̤h   greet, address, speak to   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1041-1
mɑ̤h   to ask for something (borrowed) to be returned   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1227
mɑ̤h   to ask, to question   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1228
mɑ̤h   to greet, address, speak to   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1229
mɔh jɤː   it doesn't matter. forget it!   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1247
mɔɁ Ɂɯm   to lie down, go to bed ("baby talk")   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1249
mɔːŋ   type long net used to catch fish, etc. in shallow water   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1245
mɔ̤m   to suck a mother's breast or teat (of young children or animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1248
mɔ̤ɔt   mold (sticky rice into lump)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1283-1
mɔ̤ːh   to recover, return to normal   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1244
mɔ̤ːt   to form into a lump or ball (as of sticky rice)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1246
mɛh   gallstone, kidney stone   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1255
mɛɁ maːj   widow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1260
mɛɁ mpho̤ː   parents   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1261
mɛːw   cat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1253
mɛ̤h   to wake (someone) up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1256
mɛ̤h   wake someone up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~321-1
mɛ̤ː   to look; to look at, watch; to look after; to look into   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1250
mɛ̤ːn   yes, (it is); that's right   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1252
mɛ̤ːɁ   twig, branch (of a plant, tree, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1254
mɯːn   ten thousand   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1296
mɯːt   intensifier used with sweet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1299
mɯ̤h   name (usually first name)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1300
mɯ̤h   name (usually first name)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~508-1
mɯ̤k   ink   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1302
mɯ̤ŋ   to expect something from others   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1311
mɯ̤ɯr   to crawl   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~388-1
mɯ̤ːr   to crawl (people only)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1298
mɯ̤ːŋ   city, town; Bangkok   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1297
mʌ̤n   to invite a priest (usually to perform or participate in a ceremony)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1454
mʌ̤t   gall, bile   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1455
mʌ̤t   gall, bile   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~564-1
naa   side, way, direction; towards, to   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~19-1
nah   to brag, boast (of one's abilities)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1469
nak   person, one who (bound form)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1472
nat   to make an appointment   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1475
naŋ   movie   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1473
naː rɔ̤k   hell   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1458
naː   part, section, piece; side, way, direction; to, towards   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1456
naːm skun   surname   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1461
naːŋ Ɂeːk   heroine, leading female (in a drama)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1463
na̤h   to win; defeat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1470
na̤w   he, she naw who   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~346-1
na̤w   he, she   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1477
na̤Ɂ   classifier, pronominal referent for people   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1478
na̤Ɂ   like, as   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1479
na̤Ɂ   with, and   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1480
na̤ʔ   clf. for people   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~242-1
na̤ːp   to count (things, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1464
neː rkhṳn   to be ungrateful   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1537
neː   debt   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1535
neːt   piece, slice (cut up, cut or broken off a whole or larger piece)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1540
neːt   very small portion, a dash of   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1541
nhaɁ ni̤a   when?   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1557
nhaɁ ~ snaɁ   mattress   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1556
nhaɲ ~ snaɲ   to strain or exert force in trying to expel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1552
nhaɲ ~ snaɲ   to utter   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1553
nhaː ~ snaː   crossbow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1547
nhaːm ~ snaːm   scar, an identifying mark   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1548
nheɁ ~ sneɁ   how much (i.e. how many kilos, bags, etc. with mass nouns), how many   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1562
nhiːt ~ sniːt   wedge   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1565
nhiːɲ ~ niːɲ   to be side by side, next to   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1564
nhoːr ~ snoːr   graveyard   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1567
nhɑh ~ snɑh   sad, sorrowful   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1551
nhɑːp ~ snɑːp   long slender pole thatch grass is tied to make roof or wall sections   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1550
nhɔm   general term for sweet dainties, candied foods, pastries, puddings   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1558
nhɛh ~ snɛh   to be bored (by, with), tired of   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1561
nhɛː ~ snɛː   magical charm, i.e. a magical potion, object, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1559
nhɛːn   to aim (as with a gun)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1560
nhʌːj ~ snʌːj   pillow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1569
niɁ   term of address to small children expressing endearment   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1582
ni̤a   which   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1574
ni̤aj   master, boss   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1575
ni̤ak   Naga (legendary serpent); a man entering priesthood   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1577
ni̤aŋ   silkworm (larva)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1578
ni̤h   mild warning telling someone to behave properly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1579
ni̤Ɂ   here!   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1583
ni̤ː   this, here; a particle used to get someone's attention   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1570
ni̤ːl   to roll over (when one falls or is living down; or as a horse, buffalo)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1571
ni̤ːt   to strike, smack hard (with hand, an object)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1572
ni̤ːt   to whip, lash (with hand, a rod, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1573
nnal   small brass tube (for decoration) fitted on bridle of an ox or buffalo   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1586
nna̤l   to gamble, to bet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1587
nna̤Ɂ   for each person, per person   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1588
nni̤ːɲ ŋkha̤l   foot section of a plow (including plow blade)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1592
nnʌ̤l   large water-holding jar   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1595
nom   milk (canned or in a bag)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1600
no̤oŋ no̤oŋ   sponge gourd   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1126-1
no̤ːl   to be swollen (after being stung by an insect or being beaten)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1596
no̤ːm   blanket   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1597
no̤ːŋ no̤ːŋ   sponge guard   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1599
ntaaʔ   tongue   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~71-1
ntaw   to warm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1609
ntaɲ   to push, poke, knock (hard) against with long object, e.g. to batter, ram   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1607
ntaː   membrane, skin (as between a duck's toes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1601
ntaːŋ   to be apart, spaced, e.g. fence posts, plants, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1603
ntaːɁ   tongue, flame   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1605
nta̤aŋ   to spread (apart)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~121-1
nteh   strike forcibly, bump against   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~434-1
nteh   to strike forcibly, to bump against   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1612
ntel ntel   short, quick steps (of jumping)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1613
nthaŋ   to obstruct (a path, road) as a log or someone standing   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1625
nthaːp   to threaten   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1620
ntha̤l   stick used to hold up tongue of a cart when parked   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1623
ntha̤l   to close; block flow of water (in small stream, canal, break in a dike)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1624
ntha̤p   to arrange, set in a row (touching each other) e.g. books, bricks etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1627
ntha̤t   ruler, a ruled line   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1628
ntha̤ːh paɲ   to strike (lightning)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1618
ntha̤ːw   shade (of a tree, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1621
ntha̤ːŋ   to spread (apart)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1619
ntheːt phṳŋ   to hole one's stomach in (with or without drawing in one's breath)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1632
nthe̤h   chili pepper   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1633
nthi̤an   tale (usually fiction), legend   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1640
nthi̤aɁ   to fry (rice); to roast, parch, roast (in a frying pan)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1641
nthi̤c   to nudge (shifting one's weight) to signal animal one is riding to start walking   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1642
nthi̤h   to rub, scrub, brush   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1643
nthi̤i   in the middle, in the midst of   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~704-1
nthi̤ː   in the middle, in the midst of   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1638
nthi̤ːr   very loud, echoing, resounding, resonating   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1639
nthoor   loose (of rope or rope-like objects)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1264-1
nthoːr   loose, not tight (of rope or rope-like objects)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1650
ntho̤ːh   to accuse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1646
ntho̤ːj   to slacken (a length of rope)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1647
ntho̤ːm   to be thrown off, bounce off, rebound   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1648
ntho̤ːt   floating aimlessly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1651
ntho̤ːt   moving up and down (as of something floating)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1652
ntho̤ːŋ   bag made of big leaves sewn together   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1649
nthri̤aŋ   to be almost ripe (of fruits)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1661
nthri̤ɲ   body louse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1662
nthri̤ɲ   body louse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~421-1
nthri̤ːm   spade   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1658
nthri̤ːp   cricket   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1660
nthri̤ːɲ   log   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1659
nthrṳaŋ   ladder, stairs   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~956-1
nthrṳaŋ   stairs   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1667
nthrṳh kɑːn   to have a miscarriage   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1669
nthrṳh   fall, drop (except fruit, leaves)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1363-1
nthrṳh   to fall, drop (except fruit, leaves)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1668
nthrṳu   deep   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1207-1
nthrṳuj   chicken   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1223-1
nthrṳuɲ   termites   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1245-1
nthrṳː   deep   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1664
nthrṳːj   chicken   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1665
nthrṳːɲ   termite   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1666
nthræ̤h   nail (of finger, toe, claw)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~832-1
nthræ̤æ   pestle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~642-1
nthræ̤æl   egg, to lay eggs   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~784-1
nthrɑ̤ŋ   diligent, industrious   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1653
nthrɔ̤m   to perch on   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1654
nthrɛ̤h   nail (of finger, toe, claw)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1657
nthrɛ̤ː   pestle (of various shapes for pounding rice, chili, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1655
nthrɛ̤ːl   egg, to lay egg   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1656
nthrɯ̤ːŋ   to be long (length)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1663
nthrʌ̤t   bowl-shaped trap for catching fish in shallow water; a large bamboo coop   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1670
nthur   to be too big, too loose (of clothes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1678
nthṳaj   to point (at) with (finger or object)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1673
nthṳaj   to point, finger   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~909-1
nthṳal   heel (of one's foot or hand)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1674
nthṳal   heel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~366-1
nthṳar   to be shallow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1676
nthṳaŋ   each time, per time   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1675
nthṳŋ   eel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1677
nthṳŋ   eel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1379-1
nthṳː toːŋ   husk of coconuts (after removal)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1671
nthṳːt   star gooseberry   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1672
nthæ̤æl   wife   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~791-1
nthɑ̤ŋ   to drag, to pull   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1626
nthɑ̤ɑh   split, break open, and curl up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1040-1
nthɑ̤ːh   to be almost ripe (of tamarind)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1616
nthɑ̤ːh   to split, break open, and curl up, as dry seed pods   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1617
nthɑ̤ːɁ   to call (a dog, etc.) by clicking or clucking with tongue   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1622
nthɔ̤m   to ripen (e.g. fruits picked green, tobacco) by placing in a container   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1629
nthɔ̤m   to ripen by placing in a closed container   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1104-1
nthɔ̤m   to ripen by placing in a closed container   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1110-1
nthɔ̤p (thi̤ː ~ thi̤h)   just (of action that began or occurred a few minutes before)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1630
nthɛ̤h phṳːɁ   tweezers (for pulling out facial, underarm hair)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1636
nthɛ̤h   small, newly-formed fruit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1634
nthɛ̤h   stinger (of an insect)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1635
nthɛ̤ːl   wife   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1631
nthɤ̤ɤl   stand on toes   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~367-1
nthɤ̤ːl   to stand on (one's) toes   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1637
nthɯ̤Ɂ   to separate rice from husks with a winnowing tray   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1645
nthɯ̤ː diaɁ   to make waves in water (by moving one's arms back and forth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1644
nthʌt   to move away from, move over   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1680
nthʌ̤r   smegma, secretion of sebaceous gland specially   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1679
nthʌ̤t   to make movements with buttocks (as male and female in intercourse)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1681
nthʌ̤Ɂ   to hiccup   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1682
ntiɲ   don't know, don't care (negative response)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1683
ntoŋ   to poke (at), touch (lightly) with a long object, e.g. fruit on a tree   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1685
ntoːn   to breed   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1684
ntrah   to gradually be able to distinguish objects as fog lifts or water recedes   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1690
ntraj   scissors   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1691
ntram   to soak in water for a long period (usually of people, water buffaloes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1692
ntraɁ   to pull on, e.g. arm, a large vine, a rope, with a long slow motion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1693
ntraːj   to mix   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1687
ntraːn   to make one's way over or through an obstruction   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1688
ntreɲ Ɂuːh   to coax a fire   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1696
ntroː   to throw a spear or spear-like object   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1697
ntro̤om   under house   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1237-1
ntrɑɑʔ   to feed (something liquid to) a person)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~897-1
ntrɑː   rattan ball   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1686
ntrɑːɁ   to feed (liquid to) a person, or animal unable or unwilling to eat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1689
ntrɔːj   to hunt for prey (of animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1694
ntrɔːl   to push (for objects which are stuck   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1695
ntrʌt   walking stick, cane   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1698
ntɑh   woven bamboo basket with wide mouth and tapering to square bottom   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1606
ntɑŋ   heavy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1608
ntɑŋ   heavy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~424-1
ntɑɑr   star   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1298-1
ntɑːl   to squirm, struggle, wriggle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1602
ntɑːr   star   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1604
ntɑ̤ŋ   pull on, pull tight (rope, arm)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1068-1
ntɔp   to turn over, capsize   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1131-1
ntɔp   to turn over, turn upside down, capsize (trans., intrans.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1610
ntɔ̤p   just (of an action)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~386-1
ntɛːn   to tread down, to tramp upon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1611
ntɤh   roasted rice   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1615
ntɤːɁ   to go under   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1614
nuː   end, point, tip; top   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1699
nṳa~ʔanṳa   a few minutes ago   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1306-1
nɑh   another, other   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1471
nɑh   other, another   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1028-1
nɑ̤ː   what?   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1457
nɔh   mouth (of people, animals, containers)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1494
nɔɁ   particle indicating a question, surprise, agreement   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1534
nɔ̤m   brood   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~264-1
nɔ̤m   to brood   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1530
nɛː   water weeds   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1536
nɛːn   to be crowded, tightly packed; tightly tied   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1538
nɛːn   to be tight   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1539
nɛ̤ːu   kind, type, style   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1542
nɤŋ   all (of them), all (+number)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1544
nɤŋ   in   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1545
nɤŋ   with   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1546
nɯ̤ːɁ   some, a little (bit)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1585
nʌ̤ː   he, she; they   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1708
nʌ̤ːm   too, excessively   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1709
paah   split   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~43-1
paar   fly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~311-1
paat   flat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~171-1
pac   to slash, to cut down or off with a slashing motion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1838
paj   but   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1840
paj   that... as in "he said that..."   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1841
paj   three   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1842
paj   three   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~575-1
paj   to think that   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1843
paj   to think that   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~65-1
pak   to stick in, to insert; to embroider   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1844
pam traː   to stamp   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1845
pan ɲaː   intelligence, wisdom   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1848
pat   to squeeze, to press (to extract, e.g. juice); to wring out clothes   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1849
patɕ   slash, cut down or off with a slashing motion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~193-1
paw trɑːj   to rinse out mouth (to remove betel juice or bad taste in one's mouth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1850
paɁ   to be flat, level (of a surface)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1851
paɁ   to patch   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1852
paɲ   to shine (a flashlight, i.e. turn it on)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1846
paɲ   to shoot   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1847
paɲ   to shoot   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~279-1
paː leː   use of metaphors, create riddles or puzzles for comic effect   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1828
paː   at   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1827
paːh   to split, to cut (with an axe or knife)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1829
paːj   sign, poster, placard   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1830
paːn   birthmark   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1831
paːr   to fly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1834
paːt   to flatten something soft formed into a ball with fingertips   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1835
paːw paːw   to chatter away loudly unaware of whether others are listening or not   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1836
paːŋ   to open up and spread out (e.g. end of casting net then chasing fish into opening)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1832
pec   dig   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~858-1
pec   to dig, to dig up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1871
peh   to break of a piece of (banana, cake, etc.) to eat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1872
peɁ   vagina   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1876
peː   kind of bamboo flute; a crude flute of straw or rolled up piece of paper   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1863
phahɑɑm   heart   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~370-1
phak lɑːk   empty silk worm cocoon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1896
phak   pod (classifier)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1893
phak   to rest   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1894
phak   vegetable   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1895
phat   to fry   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1899
phaː lɯːm   to flash (lightning)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1880
phaː   to go through, to walk through (usually sometime obstacle-like)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1879
phaːj mrhap   pack of playing cards   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1884
phaːj phaː   flashlight   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1885
phaːj   section, part (especially of a village)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1883
phaːk   to leave in care of someone temporarily   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1886
phaːn   to pass (moving in opposite direction) to pass by   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1887
phaːŋ   by the time...; before...   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1888
pha̤n   thousand   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1897
pha̤n   thousand   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~271-1
pha̤n   to wrap around, to wind around   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1898
pha̤t   to bend in order to straighten   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1900
pha̤ːh   stomach (organ)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1881
pha̤ːw   pumpkin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1891
pha̤ːŋ   to hibernate (especially frogs)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1889
pha̤ːɁ   to put on, wear (restricted)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1892
pheɁ   to pretend; to pick on, bully   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1922
pheː daːn   ceiling   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1912
phe̤ɲ   full (of moon)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1921
phe̤ːn   noon, middle; period between 11 a.m. and noon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1914
phe̤ːr   cutch-tree (Acacia catechu Leguminosae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1919
phhɑːm   heart, mind; bold   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1926
phia   gastric juice in an animal's intestines used in some food preparation   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1928
phiaɁ   sound of being slapped or hit with open hands   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1939
phic   sound of something being kicked, hit hard, heavy falling to the ground   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1940
phim   to type, to print   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1942
phiːn   to change, exchange   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1927
phi̤ah   on the verge of overflowing i.e. water in a canal, pond, and the like   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1929
phi̤aj   to row, to paddle; an oar, a paddle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1930
phi̤aj   to wear over shoulder, carry on shoulder   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1931
phi̤ak   cholera; plague (as in a course)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1932
phi̤an   pedestal tray   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1933
phi̤at ɟɯːŋ   to have one's legs crossed (sitting)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1937
phi̤at   to be entangled; to cross (one's legs, arms)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1935
phi̤at   to place across, over   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1936
phi̤aw   to hurry, to hasten   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1938
phi̤aŋ   to talk in one's sleep   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1934
phi̤h   poison, venom   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1941
phi̤h   poison, venom   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~713-1
phi̤ɲ   from (one place to another)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1943
phjṳh   storm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1944
phlah   to change, switch, replace   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1947
phla̤j   a type of herbal root used medicinally   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~51-1
phla̤j   type of herbal root used medicinally   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1948
phla̤ːt   large, flat, round bamboo tray   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1945
phla̤ːw   axle, shaft   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1946
phle̤ːɲ   song   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1951
phli̤a   to chop (into small pieces)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1953
phli̤aŋ ma̤t   to open one's eyes   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1954
phli̤aŋ ma̤t   to open one's eyes   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~738-1
phli̤aɁ   chisel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1955
phli̤u   crocodile   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1956
phloːn   group or set of 40, used to count bundles   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1957
phluɁ   giant firecracker   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1961
phlṳaj   to join in an activity (e.g. after most work has been done) in order to get benefits   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1958
phlṳaɁ   tusk (of an elephant), ivory   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1959
phlṳc   rat hole specially built for escaping dangers   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1960
phlṳɁ   to topple over (as of a tree, pole, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1962
phlɔː   to emerge, come up, come out (esp. from an opening)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1949
phlɔ̤Ɂ   sound of something heavy falling to ground or floor   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1950
phlɛp ~ phlɛːp   flashing (of light), darting (e.g. like a snake's tongue)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1952
phoom   fragrant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1240-1
phoɁ   to be decayed, rotten (wood, book, cloth, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1977
phoʔ   to be decayed, rotten (wood, book, cloth, etc)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1369-1
phoːj   fluff, fluffy material   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1969
phoːm   to be fragrant, sweet-smelling; to smell of (something in particular)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1970
phoːŋ   crowd, group, flock, herd, etc. (classifier)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1973
pho̤on   hog plum, olive   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1116-1
pho̤ː   pipal tree, bo tree (fig family)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1968
pho̤ːn   drum   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1971
pho̤ːn   hog plum, olive   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1972
pho̤ːt   too   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1975
pho̤ːŋ phi̤aŋ   to talk in one's sleep   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1974
pho̤ːɁ   to pile on (mud, cement) on a flat surface or depression with hands   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1976
phraɁ Ɂeːk   hero (in a play or story)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1984
phra̤Ɂ Ɂoŋ   Buddha image (classifier)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1985
phra̤ːh   sky   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1978
phra̤ːt   kind of rope made of buffalo hide or cow hide   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1980
phra̤ːw phra̤ːw   basil, a seasoning herb   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1981
phri̤aj   ball, spool, skein of thread   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1986
phri̤aj   spool of thread   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~49-1
phri̤an   hunter   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1987
phri̤aŋ   to shine a light (at)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1988
phri̤aɁ   turmeric Curcuma (flower)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1989
phri̤aʔ   turmeric Curcuma (flower)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~81-1
phrṳam   to be ready, complete   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1994
phrṳam   to consent, agree   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1995
phrṳaŋ   to braid, to plait (hair, rope)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1996
phrṳː   going or moving in crowds, swarms, flocks; in large numbers   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1992
phrṳːn   parasitic worm (in bodies)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1993
phrɑ̤ŋ kɑːɁ   trachea; esophagus   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1983
phrɑ̤ŋ   cavity; hole, opening, crack (restricted)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1982
phrɑ̤ːh   to scatter (e.g. flowers etc.); to sow (rice etc.); to sprinkle (water) on   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1979
phrɯ̤p   all together, all at once; all of a sudden   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1991
phrɯ̤ŋ   rash; good fresh (from cold, excitement)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1990
phsaj   full (from eating)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1999
phsaj   full (from eating)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~236-1
phsaː   Buddhist Lent (in rainy season)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1997
phsaː   language   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1998
phsɔm   to gather or save up a little at a time, esp. scarce things   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2000
phuj   to blow (smoke)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2016
phuṳʔ   pile up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1160-1
phṳa   enough, sufficient   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2009
phṳa   if   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2010
phṳaŋ   bunch, cluster (of flowers, fruit)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2011
phṳaŋ   to be blistered, swollen (from friction, such as blister from hoeing.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2012
phṳaŋ   to connect, couple (one vehicle or vessel to another for towing)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2013
phṳaɁ   very, extremely, e.g. extremely large, very pretty   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2014
phṳh   to spill over (foam of boiling rice)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2015
phṳŋ sɁɑːt   empty stomach   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2018
phṳŋ   stomach, belly; pregnant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2017
phṳːc   breed (of animals); family, lineage   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2001
phṳːc   sty (inflammation of eye)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2002
phṳːj   to chase after, away   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2003
phṳːn   to pile up, to heap up (threshed rice, sand, earth, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2004
phṳːr   thick rope; trace(s) connecting swing-tree of a plow to yoke   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2005
phṳːɁ doːj doːj   game of hide and seek   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2008
phṳːɁ   mustache, beard, whiskers   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2006
phṳːɁ   stack; to pile, stack up (firewood, bags of charcoal, water melons, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2007
phɑɁ   ashes (of wood, charcoal)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1901
phɑːŋ   to accuse, to sue   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1890
phɑ̤ɑh   salt   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~905-1
phɑ̤ːh   salt   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1882
phɔŋ   dust, dirt particles, usually very fine   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1906
phɔŋ   to raise a baby's bottom and spread his legs in order to wipe his bottom   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1907
phɔː khaː   merchant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1902
phɔːt   to set (a person) free, to release birds, fish, etc. (back) into their   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1903
phɔ̤m   to be in bud   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1905
phɔ̤p   to come across (unexpectedly)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1908
phɔ̤ːt   curled up or hunched up position (sleeping, especially when cold)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1904
phɛɁ   mixture of vegetables, rice and bran cooked until mushy and fed to hogs   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1923
phɛː   to collect (things) for charity   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1909
phɛːn   classifier for sheets paper, boards, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1915
phɛːn   expense, an area of sky, water, etc. (in compounds)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1916
phɛːt   medical doctor   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1920
phɛ̤Ɂ   to be damp, wet, slushy (as rain-soaked earth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1924
phɛ̤ː pha̤t   awful lot (of), plenty (of)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1913
phɛ̤ː   a great deal, plenty (distributed over a large area)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1910
phɛ̤ː   raft   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1911
phɛ̤ːn chɤ̤ːŋ   knees apart and legs crossed under (sitting)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1918
phɛ̤ːɲ blɑŋ   to pour a liquor from a bottle into a sincle glass serving everyone in turn   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1917
phɤ̤ːɁ   to meet; to find; to see; to think (restricted)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1925
phɨ̤ɨt   big, large   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~476-1
phɯːt   intensifier used with yellow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1965
phɯ̤ŋ   to depend on (for help)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1967
phɯ̤ːm   loom   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1963
phɯ̤ːn   legend, story; tale   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1964
phɯ̤ːt   big, large   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1966
phʌ̤n   to go beyond, to be free from   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2019
pih paɁ   to be scattered all over; plenty, lots   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2025
pih   to be full, filled   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2024
piir   flower, blossom   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~750-1
pin toː   food carrier   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2026
piːp   rectangular tin can (for kerosene, cooking oil, water, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2021
piːp   to halloo, call out, yell   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2022
piːr   flower, blossom   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2023
piːɲ   classifier for cakes or wafers of brown unrefined sugar   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2020
pi̤h~mpi̤h   scabies   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~766-1
pjat   warning (e.g. to someone who's being a pest)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2027
pkaː prah sɑː   pair of sticks connected at ends by rope twisted around bundle of rice for threshing   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2029
pkaː   pen (ball point, fountain, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2028
plaa   the cutting edge   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~20-1
plaj (Ɂalṳaŋ)   fruit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2038
plaj   fruit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~234-1
plat   administrative assistant, a deputy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2040
plaŋ   cogon, a tall coarse grass used for thatching (Imperata cyclindrica)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2039
plaŋ   thatch grass   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~293-1
plaɁ   sound of water dripping on something   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2041
plaː mpeːt thɛː   razor blade   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2034
plaː   cutting edge   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2030
plaːt   to move, to slide, to fly in a direction slanted from perpendicular   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2037
ploːh   to swell, bulge, protrude   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2045
pluc   long, tapering to a point (intensifier used with [riiu])   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2047
pluuʔ   grey haired   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1230-1
pluːɁ   to be grey (of hair)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2046
plṳaʔ   tusk of elephant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~893-1
plɑɑ   head   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~352-1
plɑː kɛːw   kind of hemp   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2033
plɑː pho̤ːɁ   lower abdomen   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2035
plɑː   beginning   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2031
plɑː   head; skull   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2032
plɑːm   false, forged, counterfeit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2036
plɔm   fat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~536-1
plɔm   to be fat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2042
plɔŋ   blow, play (wind instrument)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1195-1
plɔŋ   to blow, to pay with a wind instrument   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2043
plɯːŋ   to waste, to be wasteful   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2044
plʌn   to rob, steal (by force)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2048
pmaːt   to be careless   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2049
poh   beat out a fire that is spreading (e.g. with a tree branch)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1031-1
poh   to beat out a fire that is spreading (e.g. with a tree branch)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2059
poh   to use a long thin pole to get something down from a high place (e.g. fruit)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2060
poj   fluffy fiber or fibrous mass; kapok fiber or wool   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2061
pok   section of bamboo or hollowed out wood used for signaling   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2062
pom   knot   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2063
pool   to foretell (events) by going into a trance   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1292-1
pootɕ   pull up or out (e.g. plants, hair)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1081-1
poː   to treat an illness with magic, herbs, etc. (by sorcerer)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2052
poːc   to pull up or cut (e.g. plants, hair)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2053
poːh   to boast, to brag   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2054
poːl   bush, grove of trees; clump   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2055
poːl   to foretell (events) by going into a trance   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2056
poːt   to get a swelling, to raise a lump (as from a bump on head)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2058
poːŋ   balloon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2057
praa̤h   sky   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~200-1
prah praŋ   to be separated and scattered (e.g. frightened cattle; separated family members)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2065
prah sɑɑ   to strike, hit hard with or on the side of a long object or on something flat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~315-1
prah sɑː   to thresh rice   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2066
prah   to strike, hit hard with or on side of a long object or on something flat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2064
pram   fence (of woven bamboo strips) put up around vegetable garden   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2067
prap   to fine   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2069
praŋ   dry (of weather)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2068
praŋ   dry (weather)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~292-1
praɁ pheː niː   custom, tradition   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2072
praɁ theːt   country   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2073
praɁ   money   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2070
praɁ   silver   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2071
praʔ   silver, money   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~187-1
priit   banana   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~759-1
priiɲ~ʔəpriiɲ   a climbing edible tuber of the yam family   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~821-1
prip   completely, fully   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2081
priːp   to compare; advantage   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2079
priːt   banana   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2080
proj   worm, caterpillar   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2082
proj   worm, caterpillar   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~449-1
proŋ   pit, hole (as in ground)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2083
proŋ   pit, hole (as in the ground)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1389-1
pruj pruj   sparsely, finely   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2084
prɑɑʔ   squirrel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~896-1
prɔːh   to release, to let go off, to let loose   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2074
prɔːj   collective term used by husband's and wife's relatives for each other   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2075
prɛːŋ   brush   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2076
prɛːɁ   wooden wheel guard on an oxcart   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2077
prɤːh   to be messy (of hair), disturbed (of bees)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2078
prʌʌ   to use, to send s.o. to do   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~353-1
prʌː   to use, to send someone to do something   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2085
puc   tuft (classifier for grass, hair, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2087
puuʔ   sunlight, sunshine   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1307-1
puːɁ   sunshine, sunlight   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2086
pṳŋ   belly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1380-1
pææt   tick   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~845-1
pɁoːh   to be spoiled (e.g. rice, milk etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2091
pɑh   to hammer, to pound (a post, stake, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1839
pɑɁ   to go, come (used only in certain situations and/or by elder people)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1853
pɑɑŋ   above   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~382-1
pɑʔ   go   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~895-1
pɑːŋ   on, above   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1833
pɑːɁ   feather of an arrow (made of sugar palm leaf)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1837
pɔp   knot   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1861
pɔŋ khi̤ː   kind of Chinese rattan basket for carrying sand, gravel, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1860
pɔŋ~ʔapɔŋ   potato, yam   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1193-1
pɔɁ   to carry, to hold in one's arms   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1862
pɔɔh   barking deer   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~996-1
pɔɔh   to sweep   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1149-1
pɔɔn   four   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1339-1
pɔːh   to sweep   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1854
pɔːj diaɁ   to take a bath   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1856
pɔːj   tufts or tresses of hair left to grow on sides of head (as of children)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1855
pɔːn   four   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1857
pɔːŋ   kind of long cylindrical fish trap woven from certain types of vines   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1858
pɔːɁ   urinary bladder   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1859
pəʔooh   rancid, spoiled (of food)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1272-1
pɛh   push away, push off, tapɛh flick off (cigarette ashes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~840-1
pɛh   to push away, push off; to flick off   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1873
pɛh   to wag, to wiggle, to move   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1874
pɛn   good at; a lot (in certain expressions)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1875
pɛɛŋ   gore   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~600-1
pɛːt sip   eighty   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1868
pɛːt   tick   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1866
pɛːt   to stick on (e.g. to stick a piece of paper on a wall)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1867
pɛːŋ   flour; face powder   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1865
pɛːɁ   left (hand, side, direction)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1869
pɛːɁ   to hit nail on sides to loosen it, kick with side of foot to move something   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1870
pɛːɲ   to gore, to attack with horns   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1864
pɤɁ   to blow, to fan   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1877
pɤɁ   to brush away, to brush off, to dust   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:1878
pɤʔ   to blow, to fan   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~518-1
pɯk   cake(s) or lump(s); a stack of paper money); used as classifier also   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2050
pɯŋ   book, especially an old one made of palm leaves   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2051
pʌl   pulp or pith found in fruit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2089
pʌt   to disappear, missing, lost   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~565-1
pʌt   to disappear, to be missing, to be lost from sight   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2090
pʌt   to disappear   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~332-1
pʌʌŋ   hold over one's head   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~465-1
pʌːŋ   to hold over one's head or shoulder (balanced on flat hand(s))   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2088
raj   square surface measure equal to 1600 square meters   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2101
ratɑŋ   wall   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~425-1
ratɕ   to saw (crossways); cut with sawing motion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~194-1
rawi̤i   to spin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~702-1
raːm   temple pavilion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2093
raːn   store, shop   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2094
raːt   to be afraid to fight, scared of   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2097
ra̤ap   accept, receive   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~145-1
ra̤aw~ʔara̤aw   taro   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1157-1
ra̤c   to saw (crossways), cut with sawing motion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2098
ra̤h   to harrow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2099
ra̤h   to sprinkle lustral or holy water on a Buddha image or people's head   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2100
ra̤j~ʔara̤j   rattan   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~570-1
ra̤m   to dance (e.g. folk dances)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2102
ra̤ɲ   to feel urge to urinate or defecate   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2103
ra̤ːp   to receive, accept   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2095
rbaŋ   woven bamboo mat in water to prevent fish from moving with current   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2104
rbih   well-behaved, not fussy; conscientious (children or adults)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2106
rbuaŋ   fence   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2108
rbɤːt   bomb, explosion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2105
rbɯː   to spread, become known, be rumored   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2107
rcɛːc   talkative; noisy, boisterous (of people talking, birds singing, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2111
rdap   rank, level   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2114
rdɑːj   to walk or run in line   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2113
rdɤːm rdaŋ   original, at the very beginning   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2115
re̤ɲ   to pressure, hurry (someone) when asking for something   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2119
rhen ~ sren   Surin (a provincial center in north-eastern Thailand)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2122
rhoh ~ sroh   to take off, remove; to fall or slip off (of clothes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2128
rhoː caː mphri̤aŋ saj   lunar eclipse (lit. demon Lahu devours moon)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2125
rhoː   intensifier meaning ‘bright” (of colors)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2124
rhoːt   to go beyond or past   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2127
rhoːŋ ~ sroːŋ   sarong   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2126
rhɛːɁ ~ srɛːɁ   to be torn   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2121
rhɯː ~ srɯː   to untie (a cord or rope)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2123
rit   so, very, extremely, really   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2143
riːw   tapered, long and tapering   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2133
ri̤ac   grasshopper   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2135
ri̤ah   frame (of a basket or kite)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2136
ri̤aj   to be in must, rut   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2137
ri̤an   shelf   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2138
ri̤atɕ   grasshopper   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~35-1
ri̤aw   to wash (dishes, hands, clothes), rinse (out)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2142
ri̤aw   wash (dishes, hands, clothes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~175-1
ri̤aŋ   deserted, abandoned   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2139
ri̤aŋ   figure, shape (of body)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2140
ri̤aŋ   to ruffle feathers (of chicken), to bristle (of a dog) as if to fight   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2141
ri̤in   to learn, to study   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~812-1
ri̤ːn   to learn, to study   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2129
ri̤ːp   to put, lay down (boards)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2131
ri̤ːt   to squeeze out, press on   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2132
ri̤ːɁ   to bloom, open up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2134
ri̤ːɲ   tuberculosis   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2130
rja̤Ɂ   distance, interval (of space)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2144
rkhi̤a   price   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2147
rkɑː   beginning, first   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2145
rkɤj   before now, sometime in the past   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2146
rma̤t rwa̤ŋ   to be careful   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2149
rnaːt   bamboo xylophone   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2150
rna̤h   harrow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2151
rni̤ː ciː   from now on   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2153
rnṳa   now, at present   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2154
rnɛːŋ   lath, batten   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2152
rot   vehicle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2165
ro̤om   assemble, gather into a group   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1112-1
ro̤ːc Ɂuːh   to pull partly burned wood coals out of fire so fire will die down   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2155
ro̤ːh   to be safe, to escape   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2156
ro̤ːh   to slip loose, slip out, get loose   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2157
ro̤ːj   to sprinkle (salt, pepper, etc.) on   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2158
ro̤ːk   disease   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2159
ro̤ːk   to be thin (of body)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2160
ro̤ːl   to singe, hold in a flame   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2161
ro̤ːm   to gather, combine, put or come together   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2162
ro̤ːt   to shrink, contract, hunch up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2164
ro̤ːŋ   building   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2163
rsaj   blood vein, artery   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2168
rsaj   blood vein, artery   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~227-1
rsaː sɑː   flat undeveloped rice, i.e. empty husks   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2167
rsaː   to care for, tend, look after   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2166
rseh   soft and tremulous   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2169
rsuːj   to be loose (of dirt, soil)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2170
rsʌːp   to feel annoyed, e.g. as when a tiny insect is crawling on one's skin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2171
rthɛ̤h   cart, wagon   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2175
rthɛ̤h   unit of measurement (for rice, etc.) equal to 2,000 liters (Kwian)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2174
rtoh   to fall out (of hair-head or body)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2177
rtoːc   to shake, tremble   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2176
rtɑŋ   wall (of plaited bamboo, wood, concrete)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2172
rtɛːl   to be slippery, to slip   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2173
ruh   or   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2187
ruh   since, from (of time)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2188
rum rum   dim, leaden (of light at dawn or dusk)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2190
rṳac   intestines; inside part; a cord   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2182
rṳac   to slip put (of loose bowel containing mucus and blood)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2183
rṳaj   hundred   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2184
rṳaj~ʔarṳaj   housefly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~908-1
rṳap   around, encircling   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2186
rṳatɕ   intestines   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~904-1
rṳaŋ   plot of land (prepared for growing crops)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2185
rṳm   to crowd around, to mob; to swarm or fly around   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2189
rṳuʔ   to go through (obstacles)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1231-1
rṳɁ   to charge into or through   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2191
rṳːc   to fit (in) exactly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2178
rṳːp   picture, form   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2179
rṳːt   to slide, pull, draw   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2180
rṳːɁ   to go through (obstacles)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2181
rwaːɲ   intensifier used with squirm, struggle, wriggle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2193
rwi̤aj   one's psyche or guardian spirit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2196
rwi̤aj   one's psyche or guardian spirit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~67-1
rwi̤ː   to spin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2194
rwi̤ːɲ   vine (leaves of which are added to a boiled bamboo dish)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2195
rwṳn rwi̤aɁ   pell-mell, helter skelter   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2198
rwɯ̤ŋ   sesame (tree, seed)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2197
rwɯ̤ŋ   sesame   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~547-1
ràːp tnuːl   to hire oneself out, to work for pay   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2096
ræ̤h   root   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~836-1
rɁiːɁ   to be tired of , bored with   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2201
rɁiːɁ   to hate, dislike, feel disgust   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2202
rɁɔːɁ rɁaɁ   to move or to act pell-mell   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2200
rɁɔːɁ   to be noisy; widespread, popular   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2199
rɑ̤ːh   to flush animals towards a trap by beating on trees and bushes   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2092
rɔɔŋ   stream (small)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~973-1
rɔːŋ phle̤ːɲ   to sing a song   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2110
rɔ̤p   to embrace, hug   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2112
rɔ̤ːm   to walk in a knot-kneed fashion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2109
rɛ̤h   root   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2118
rɛ̤ːt   to cut (leaves, paper) into various shapes and sizes   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2116
rɛ̤ːɁ   to carry (something) on both ends of shoulder pole   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2117
rɤ̤ːk   auspicious time   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2120
rɯ̤ːŋ   story; matter, subject (e.g. of conversation, a movie, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2148
rʌ̤t   fasten   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~691-1
rʌ̤t   to tie, bind   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2192
saaj   older sibling   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~68-1
saatɕ   bail water   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~38-1
saaʔ   to remove a shell-like covering (e.g. tree bark) by running a spade, large knife, etc. under it   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~82-1
sac   meat; beef (unless otherwise specified)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2236
sah   to be healed (a wound)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2237
sah   to close up holes in a fence, using bamboo branches or other brush   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2238
saj   dry, upland field (as opposed to a rice field)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2240
saj   month   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2241
sak   to tattoo; a tattoo   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2242
sakaɲ   catfish   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~282-1
sam liː   cotton fiber   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2246
sam pheɲ   prostitute   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2247
sam   as little as, merely, just   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2243
sam   equal, the same   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2244
sam   extent, degree, amount   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2245
sap   to cover (with a cloth to keep warm)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2253
sat   to tie   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2254
sat   to tie   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~440-1
satɕ   meat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~195-1
saŋ siː   galvanized iron as used for roofs and fences, or buckets   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2252
saŋ   to be tame   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2249
saŋ   to order   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2250
saɁ   pond, pool   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2255
saɁ   to pick something (submerged) up out of water   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2256
saɁ   to wash (one's hair)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2257
saɲ khṳa   centipede   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2248
saʔoh   flushed, burning hot (body heat)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1161-1
saʔɑɑt   dry, ŋaʔɑɑt hoarse, rasping (of voice)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~394-1
saʔʌʌʔ   belch, burp   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~408-1
saː laː   pavilion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2206
saː nɛ̤ː   then, next   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2207
saː thṳːɁ   it serves (you) right; (you) had it coming   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2208
saː   shout given in unison by parade as they complete each march around temple pavilion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2203
saː   time, occurrence   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2204
saːc   to bail water by dipping or scooping (for irrigation or to catch fish)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2209
saːc   to throw, to splash on   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2210
saːj sɔːj   chain necklace (gold)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2215
saːj   older sibling   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2211
saːk   Buddhist merit-making ceremony in tenth lunar month   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2216
saːl   temporary shelter build for use during festivals   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2217
saːl   to spread out, put down, e.g. a mat, a table-cloth, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2218
saːm sip   thirty   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2219
saːn   court house; court of law   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2220
saːp smlaːp   to prepare and sow rice seedling plots   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2228
saːp   to deteriorate   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2226
saːw   to pull, haul in (rope, kite string)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2230
saːŋ   cactus (plant)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2223
saːŋ   ringworm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2224
saːɁ   name-bestowing ceremony held when a child is seven days old   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2231
saːɁ   to remove a shell-like covering by running a spade, knife, etc. under it   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2232
saːɲ   to have a sharp sudden sensation or thrill of fear   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2221
sa̤ːj   cord, strap, band, line   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2212
sbaaj   a long strip of patterned cloth usually used by men for various purposes (as a towel, loincloth, sash or covering for head)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~52-1
sbaːj   long strip of patterned cloth usually used by men for various purposes   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2258
sboŋ mɑːm   sarong-like lower garment worn by monks under robes   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2261
sbuː   soap   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2262
sbɛːɁ chɤ̤ːŋ   shoes (all type)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2260
sbɛːɁ   skin, hide   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2259
sbʌt   to vow, take an oath   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2263
sdaaw   night   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~180-1
sdac   king   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2278
sdaːw   at night, during night   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2277
sdia   guava   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2279
sduːŋ   cleft palate   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2282
sduːɁ   word descriptive of a tall person lying with arms and legs spread out   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2283
sdɯŋ   wooden hoop used to hold cloth being embroidered   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2281
sdɯːt   muscular rigidity and spasms that occur just before a person dies   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2280
sel   pare in thin slices, peel thinly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~728-1
sel   to pare in thin slices, to peel thinly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2295
sem   pool (in a temple compound)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2296
sen mɯ̤h   to sign one's name   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2300
sen   line, string; classifier for string like objects e.g. wire, thread   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2297
sen   morals; religious rule(s)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2298
sen   to buy on credit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2299
seɁ   stingy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2301
seɁ   thrifty, economizing   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2302
seɁ   to regret   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2303
seːt sɔɁ   to slide pinched fingers along strands of hair   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2292
seːt   leguminous tree with tender shoots and pods used as a vegetable   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2290
siː khrɑ̤Ɂ   to avert or counteract (further) bad luck that threatens by magical means   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2307
siː sip   forty   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2309
siː sɛː   to pay land (rice field) tax   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2308
siː   color, paint, dye   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2306
siːm   Thai, Siam   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2310
siːn   to raise (animals), rear (children)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2311
siːr   to look (at)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2314
siːt   to crowd against; crowded   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2315
siːt   to insert, e.g. a knife into a sheath, a gun into a holster, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2316
siːt   to tuck (behind ear)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2317
siːɲ   sound, voice, noise   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2312
siːɲ   to race   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2313
skah   crack, split (of the lips)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~210-1
skah   to crack, split (of lips)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2320
skap   compact (of soil recently plowed and loosened, after a period of time)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2321
skar   fresh pork fat, or pork skins left after fat has been cooked down   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2322
skar   pork skins   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~308-1
skaːc   sand   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2318
skiːp   to be irritated, itchy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2324
skɑɁ   pieces of meat in a soup   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2323
skɑːɲ   to choke on food, water, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2319
sliw   intensifier used with straight, direct, honest   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2325
slɯm slɯː   to feel sleepy, drowsy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2326
sna̤ːm   field (sports), yard (school)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2329
sneʔ~nheʔ   how much, how many   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~852-1
soc   sand-fly   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2339
soh   nest (of birds, rats, wasps, etc.); (bee) hive   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2340
soh   nest, (bee) hive, placenta (human, animal)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1174-1
soh   placenta (human, animal)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2341
soh   to be overripe (of fruits)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2342
soo   hut, shelter   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1203-1
sooc   sting (insects)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1217-1
sool   loud, speak   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1293-1
soŋ saj   to suspect, doubt   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2344
soŋ   to send, pass (to)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2343
soɁ   village   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2345
soː   shelter or blind made of grass or straw (in cold weather, or to catch birds)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2330
soː   to be sickly (of chickens)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2331
soːc   to sting (insects)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2332
soːl   to be loud   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2333
soːn   to be disgusted (with someone)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2334
soːp   to smoke   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2335
soːt   silk   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2336
soːt   to chant, pray   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2337
soːɁ   to scald, dip in scalding hot water   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2338
spaa   soft-shelled turtle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~23-1
spaː   soft-shelled turtle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2346
speh   to crumble, break off (intrans.), e.g. clumps of earth, cake, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2347
speɁ spaɁ   aimless, rambling   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2348
spoŋ   to fall, collapse (earth covering a pitfall)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2351
spoɁ   to step into a hole (one foot)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2352
spəən   numb, have no feeling   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~460-1
spɤh   to collapse (of earth around edge of a pit)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2350
spɤːn   to have no feeling (in a limb), asleep, numb (due to poor circulation, cold)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2349
suj   sound used to chase away chickens   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2358
sum   to hide, lie in wait   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2359
suum   pubic hair   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1296-1
suŋ   intensifier for dark   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2360
suː   not so …, not very …   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2353
suː   to fight, resist   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2354
suːj   along (a road, watercourse, seam, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2355
suːm   pubic hair   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2356
suːp   to pump   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2357
swaːn   auger, drill; to drill with an auger   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2365
swa̤n   paradise, heaven   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2366
sæh~ʔasæh   horse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~616-1
sææ   a rice field   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~578-1
sææl   scales (of fish, dry skin); flakes   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~786-1
sææm   younger sibling   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~808-1
sŋuuʔ~ŋhuuʔ   snore   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~932-1
sɁam   to be warm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2369
sɁoh   flushed, burning hot (of body heat)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2372
sɁɑːt   to be dry   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2367
sɁɑːɁ   feeling of dryness, tightness in throat caused by something eaten or drunk   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2368
sɁɛːp   kind of small frog   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2370
sɁɤːŋ   stone or clay mortar   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2371
sɁʌt   to be sticky, glue-like (soil, cooked rice; one's body when hot)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2374
sɁʌːɁ   to belch, burp   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2373
sɑh   to ascend, rise, climb, to raise   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1037-1
sɑh   to ascend, rise, climb; to raise   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2239
sɑŋ   hear   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~429-1
sɑŋ   to hear   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2251
sɑɑ   paddy rice   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~889-1
sɑɑj   tail   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~916-1
sɑɑt   slice lengthwise, crosswise, to filet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1353-1
sɑɑʔ mpeet   scabard, knife sheath   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~987-1
sɑː   paddy, unhusked rice   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2205
sɑːj   tail (of animals, airplane, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2213
sɑːj   to fall (leaves, fruit)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2214
sɑːn   to teach   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2222
sɑːp   to take an examination   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2227
sɑːt   to slit; to slice lengthwise, crosswise; to filet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2229
sɑːŋ   to deal (cards), to pay up (gambling)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2225
sɑːɁ mpeːt   sword scabbard, knife sheath   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2235
sɑːɁ   cast-off skin or outer covering; to molt, slough   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2233
sɑːɁ   to plug a hole, a leak; to put a stopper (in a bottle)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2234
sɔp   to be just right   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2274
sɔp   to meet, encounter   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2275
sɔŋ   bamboo   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2273
sɔɁ   hair (head and body, fur, feathers)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2276
sɔɔt   blind   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1155-1
sɔʔ   hair (head and body, fur, feathers)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1184-1
sɔː   chain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2264
sɔːc   to water (e.g. plants), to pour water (on) e.g. as blessing or consecration   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2265
sɔːj   to pull up (clothes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2266
sɔːk   to hit with elbow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2267
sɔːl   seared, withered from heat of a fire   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2268
sɔːm   to practice   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2269
sɔːp   sheath-like, sock-like covering; (cloth) bag   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2271
sɔːt   to be blind   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2272
sɔːŋ   envelope, paper package   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2270
səʔam   warm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~265-3
sɛː   rice field   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2284
sɛːl plɑː   handruff   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2286
sɛːl   scales (of fish, dry skin), flakes   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2285
sɛːm   younger sibling   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2287
sɛːn   to make offerings (to spirits)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2288
sɛːt tlɔːn   to wipe one's bottom after defecating   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2293
sɛːt   to recede, drop (of water level)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2291
sɛːɁ   to hoe up (with spade or hoe)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2294
sɛːɲ   to descend; to be lowered, reduced   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2289
sɤk   to leave monkhood   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2305
sɤːp   to search for information, clues; to investigate   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2304
sɯːk   restless, uneasy, pacing the floor   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2327
sɯːk   to butt in, intrude   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2328
sʌt   extreme, the last; to end   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2364
sʌʌŋ   five   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~383-1
sʌː   to put in; to fasten; at, towards   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2361
sʌːj sɔɁ   to run one's fingers through hair   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2362
sʌːŋ   five   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2363
sʔʌʌʔ   belch, burp   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~354-1
taaɲ   to weave   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~107-1
taaʔ   iron   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~34-1
tac   to sell   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2403
tah   divorce; let go of, release (from one's hand)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~218-1
tah   to divorce   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2404
tah   to let go of, release (something being held in one's hand)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2405
tah   to stop (usually to do something else)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2406
tal   to bump, strike against   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2409
tam bon   tambon, an administrative subdivision of an amphoe, or district   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2413
tam ɲɛː   fever-nettle, devil-nettle (Laportea crenulata Urticaceae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2414
tam   hit, strike, beat (with a stick, a fist, certain tools)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~415-1
tam   right (hand, side, direction)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2410
tam   to brand (cattle, buffaloes)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2411
tam   to hit, strike, beat (with a stick, a fist, certain tools)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2412
tan   to put on (a belt), to tie something around waist   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2415
tap   pound, grind   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~304-1
tap   to pound, to grind   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2421
tapoon   follow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1244-1
tat si̤n   to judge, to referee (sports)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2423
tat   to weaken, to hamper   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2422
tatɕ   sell   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~196-1
taw Ɂeː   chair   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2425
taw   stove (usually charcoal)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2424
taŋ ruh   since (in time)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2420
taŋ ~ ʔataŋ   bitter   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~285-1
taŋ   bitter   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2416
taŋ   stool   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2417
taŋ   to set (up)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2418
taɁ toːŋ   to pick coconuts   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2428
taː ca̤ŋ   scale, balance   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2379
taː khaːj   net (for catching birds, for sports only)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2380
taː priːɁ   discharge from eye   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2381
taː tum   ankle bone   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2383
taːj   to crawl (of insects); to climb (tree, mountain)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2385
taːn   sugar palm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2388
taːp   scar   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2396
taːŋ   money   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2392
taːɁ choːh   carpenter's plane   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2399
taːɁ mlhuːɲ   short metal-tipped rod for prodding oxen buffaloes   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2400
taːɁ phlɤ̤ːŋ kheːt   matches   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2401
taːɁ poː   nail   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2402
taːɁ   iron (metal)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2398
taːɲ   to weave (cloth, mats, baskets, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2389
ta̤h   hit (with hand, wings)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~205-1
tbaj   file, to file   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2429
tbɔɁ   removed, pulled out; to come loose, fall out (of a bolt, a stake, a nail)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2430
tbɛːɲ   kind of deciduous tree (Diperocarpus intricatus)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2431
tbɯɯ~bɯɯ   late afternoon, early evening   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~446-1
tchthi̤al   herbal root chewed and blown onto child's head to protect against shock   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2442
teer~ʔateer   cicada   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~749-1
tee~ʔatee   hand, arm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~694-1
teh   fart   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~648-1
teh   to fart, pass wind   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2454
teɁ   to reproach, to find fault with, to blame   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2459
teɲ   one thing on top of another thing (to lay)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2458
teː   to tell   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2446
teːp   to be puffed up (of eyes and face) as from sleep or obesity   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2453
thaj   to random, pay a ransom   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2482
tham mdaː   to be ordinary, natural, common, usual, usually   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2487
tharṳŋ   cage   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1391-1
thaw kɛː   go-between who arranges a marriage   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2491
thaw   to be old (of people and things)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2490
thaŋ   bucket, pale; large wooden or plaited container; a measure of 20 liters   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2488
thaɁ   to shrove   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2492
thaː niː   station (police, train, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2464
thaːh   tray (of plastic or metal for dishes of food, glasses, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2465
thaːj   to drain off   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2468
thaːt   bone fragments (after cremation)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2478
thaːt   elements (wind, fire, water, earth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2479
tha̤j   to be different, to differ   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2483
tha̤l   lid, cover   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2484
tha̤l   to support, hold up, prop up (with a pole, board, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~248-1
tha̤l   to support, to hold up, prop up (with a pole, board, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2485
tha̤m   witch-doctor, sorcerer   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2486
tha̤ŋ   to touch or handle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2489
tha̤ːh   to pad one's hand (e.g. with a cloth) before picking up something hot   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2466
tha̤ːh   to slap, to clap; to beat (a drum) with hands   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2467
tha̤ːn   just yet, yet, just now (negative only)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2470
tha̤ːn   to be on time, in time; to catch up with   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2471
tha̤ːp   to (slowly) lay a long object on (something)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2475
tha̤ːp   to dam up, male a dike   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2476
tha̤ːp   to overlay; (to put) on top of   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2477
tha̤ːw   algae (in water or damp places)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2480
tha̤ːɁ rɛ̤ːɁ   shallow baskets with a rattan or wire frame for carrying a shoulder pole   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2481
theː   a small mounted jar   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2501
theːt   kind of cloth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2510
theːw waɁ daː   angel, heavenly spirit   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2513
the̤ː the̤ː   bare, empty   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2504
the̤ː   no (negative response); question particle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2502
the̤ːt   to preach   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2511
thhaːn   soldier   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2516
thiːp   to pedal (a bicycle), to push or shove with feet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2523
thi̤a   duck   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2526
thi̤a   duck   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1-1
thi̤ah   to kick   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2527
thi̤aj   to hypothesize, predict, guess   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2528
thi̤al   to be blunt (of point, end, or edge)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2529
thi̤an   alms, donation; blessing   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2530
thi̤ap   low, low lying (land)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~142-1
thi̤ap   low, low-lying (of land)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2532
thi̤ar   to ask for   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2533
thi̤aɲ   push or propel oneself off a wall or other object with the feet, as a swimmer   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~870-1
thi̤aɲ   to push oneself off a wall or other object with feet (as a swimmer)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2531
thi̤it   vagina   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~755-1
thi̤t   one who has recently left (Buddhist) priesthood   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2534
thi̤t   week   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2535
thi̤ː   high, tall   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2517
thi̤ːm ksaw   small red onion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2518
thi̤ːm phɯ̤ːt   large onion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2519
thi̤ːm Ɂɑː   small red onion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2520
thi̤ːn   candle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2521
thi̤ːt   exclamation or course word referring to male or female sexual organs   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2524
thi̤ːw   to go around, go out (usually for pleasure or fun); to take a trip   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2525
thi̤ːɲ   black (only a dog)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2522
thkhi̤h   broken   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2537
thkhṳal~khṳal   eight   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~938-1
thkhæ̤h   nine   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~838-1
thkhɛ̤h   nine   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2536
thla̤ːp   to do something habitually, e.g. ask for money to buy candy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2538
thla̤ːɁ   to eat a sloppy manner   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2539
thle̤ː   sea   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2540
thli̤a   thorn   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2544
thli̤a   thorn   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~487-1
thli̤aj   to break, collapse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2545
thli̤ːɲ   front leg loop chains for elephants to prevent them from running away   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2542
thli̤ːɲ   loop of rope passed around feet to facilitate climbing trees   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2543
thlo̤oj   earthworm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1090-1
thlo̤ːj   earthworm   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2546
thlṳh   to go through, pierce   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2547
thlṳm   to billow, spread all over (of smoke dust)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2548
thlṳm   to billow, spread all over (of smoke dust)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1377-1
thlṳp   to be everywhere, to fill air (pleasant or unpleasant odors)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2549
thlɤ̤ɤŋ   water leech   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~379-1
thlɤ̤ːŋ   water leech   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2541
thna̤ːp   dam, a dike   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2555
thni̤ːm   yoke (for pulling an oxcart)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2556
thnṳaɁ ~ nnṳaɁ   cloth wrapped around or worn on head; turban   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2558
thnṳː   bow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2557
thom   to fill in (a hole, a low area)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2567
thon   to endure, enduring, patient; durable, lasting (clothes, tools, vehicles)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2568
thoŋ   flag   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2569
thoː waɁ   word used to insult a person who is boastful   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2560
tho̤ː   home-made whisky   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2559
tho̤ːl   man; male (of animals except chicken, duck, goose)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2561
tho̤ːn   drum (in general)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2562
tho̤ːn   to be able (to lift or carry in various ways)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2563
tho̤ːt   penalty   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2565
tho̤ːŋ   male (chicken, goose, duck)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2564
tho̤ːɁ   peak, top, highest point   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2566
thpha̤at   six   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~334-1
thpha̤n ksaw   copper   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2571
thpha̤n lɯːŋ   brass   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2572
thpha̤ːt   six   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2570
thpho̤ol~pho̤ol   seven   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1099-1
thra̤j   banyan (tree)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2574
thra̤j   banyan tree   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~698-1
thra̤ːt   to chop (with a hoe or spade)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2573
thre̤ːɲ   owner; one who has/is (bound stem)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2575
thri̤aj   mid-section of a crossbow having a groove for arrow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2581
thri̤aw   to rinse out (rice before cooking)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2583
thri̤aŋ   film or membrane (covering ulcers)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2582
thri̤p   perfectly (quiet)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2584
thri̤ːh   mat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2579
thri̤ːh   smooth, clean; cleaned out   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2580
thro̤ːc   rot of a tree that has had too much water (from a flood)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2585
thro̤ːj   to loosen (soil with a hoe or spade)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2586
thro̤ːm   clump, bunch (of bamboo, rice plants, onions, grass in ground)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2587
thrṳa   fiddle-like instrument   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~883-1
thrṳa   fiddle-like stringed instrument   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2590
thrṳaɁ   length of cloth (classifier)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2591
thrṳŋ   cage, pen (except for buffalo and cattle)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2592
thrṳː   kind of cylindrical fish trap made of bamboo strips   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2588
thrṳːŋ   chest   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2589
thrə̤əŋ   uncovered verandah, balcony   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~461-1
thrɛ̤h   rust   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2576
thrɤ̤ːp   to seep   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2578
thrɤ̤ːŋ   uncovered verandah, a balcony   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2577
thua din   peanut   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2607
thuːn   exactly, completely (of a numerical quantity   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2597
thuːɁ   to show respect with hands palm to palm raised to face (used with young children)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2604
thṳa   pipe, spout   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2606
thṳal   to hit, box (swiftly)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2608
thṳan   long section or piece (of wood, folded cloth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2609
thṳat nthen   ceremony after Buddhist Lent when new robes are presented to monks   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2611
thṳaŋ   stem (of plants)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2610
thṳaɁ   shell (of crabs, turtles); feed trough   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2612
thṳaɁ   to wear, to put on, around head   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2613
thṳaʔ   to wear, to put on, around the head   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~452-1
thṳh   over there, over yonder   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2614
thṳh   to trip over, stumble over   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2615
thṳh   trip over, stumble over   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1361-1
thṳk   suffering; sorrow; to be poor   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2616
thṳm diaɁ   to splash, paddle water noisily   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2617
thṳn   capital, funds, investment   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2618
thṳp   to strike hard (usually in order to break or crush)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2622
thṳp   to throw at (a target)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2623
thṳr   cobra   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1263-1
thṳuʔ   boat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1227-1
thṳŋ ɲṳː   umbrella   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2621
thṳŋ   bag, sack (paper, cloth, plastic)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2619
thṳŋ   bag, sack   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1386-1
thṳŋ   hollow stem, e.g. of a papaya leaf thùŋ priitɕ   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2620
thṳː   all over, throughout   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2593
thṳːh   over yonder (a long way)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2594
thṳːj teː   to cross one's hands behind back   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2595
thṳːl   to (hold and) carry on head   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2596
thṳːp   incense stick, joss stick   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2600
thṳːr   to hold paper, cloth, etc. over one's head to protect from sun and rain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2601
thṳːt   great-grand-parents   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2602
thṳːt   leprosy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2603
thṳːŋ   to measure (depth of water)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2598
thṳːŋ   to transplant   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2599
thṳːɁ   boat, ship   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2605
thwa̤ah   to be wide   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~221-1
thwa̤ːh   to be wide   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2628
thwi̤ar   door, gate   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2629
thɑːj   to retreat, go backwards   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2469
thɑːn praɁ   to give change (when a purchase is made)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2473
thɑːn   to withdraw, to take back   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2472
thɑːŋ   to poke with elbow in a backwards motion   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2474
thɔŋ   to recite aloud, to repeat (verbally)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2497
thɔɁ   to pour (liquids, trash, sand, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2500
thɔʔ   to pour (liquids, trash, sand, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1180-1
thɔː thec   unreliable, nonsensical   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2494
thɔː   to lie; to trick, to deceive, fool   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2493
thɔːt   to poke (at) with a flame   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2496
thɔːŋ laːŋ   Indian coral tree, tiger's claw (a kind of tree)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2495
thɔ̤p   to fold, to fold in half   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2499
thɔ̤ŋ   to collect, catch (by placing a container underneath)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2498
thɛː   to shave   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2503
thɛːp   region part section   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2507
thɛːp   strips of (cloth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2508
thɛːr   to skitter, to bounce along (on water, ground); to move parallel close to surface   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2509
thɛːw   row; section (of an area)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2512
thɛ̤ːm   to add (usually something extra)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2505
thɛ̤ːn   in place of; to represent   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2506
thɤːk   cheap, inexpensive   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2515
thɤ̤ːh   irritated, bothered by   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2514
thɨ̤ɨp   to stamp   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~468-1
thɯan   to be illegal (e.g. whisky)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2553
thɯan   to be unfashionable   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2554
thɯːn   locality, domain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2551
thɯ̤ːm   two people to stand with their arms around each other's necks   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2550
thɯ̤ːp   to stamp, stomp   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2552
thʌ̤t   nicked; to be cut off, amputated at end or tip   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2625
thʌ̤t   to break, snap (of rope-like and long cylindrical objects)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2626
thʌ̤t   to lose (by gambling)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2627
thʌ̤ːn   more, again   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2624
tiaŋ   bed   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2635
tii   old (things)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~492-1
tiih ʔuuh   to build a fire   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~718-1
tiih~ʔatiih   bland, tasteless   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~493-1
tiiɲ   dry (in the sun)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~745-1
tiː laŋ kaː   to somersault   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2632
tiː   from   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2630
tiː   to be old (of things); the old (one)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2631
tiːh Ɂuːh   to build a fire   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2633
tiːɲ   to dry, to spread (in the sun), to expose (to light or air)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2634
tjəŋ~jəŋ   stand   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~549-1
tkɑɑj~kɑɑj   horn (of animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~918-1
tkɑɑt   monitor   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1010-1
tkɑɑŋ~kɑɑŋ   neck   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~977-1
tkɑːt   large brown lizard; monitor   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2636
tkɔm~kɔm   a finger, a toe   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~529-1
tkɔɔl~kɔɔl   knee   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1101-1
tlap~lap   a small round box   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~301-1
tluu~luu   skincoid lizard   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1208-1
tlææp~lææp   an older sister-in-law (used by both male and female)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~606-1
tmaj~maj   new   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~579-1
tmaw   rock, stone   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2639
tmaw   rock, stone   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~443-1
tmɑɑ   year   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~887-1
tmɑː   year   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2638
tmɔŋ~mɔŋ   alive (people, plants, animals)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1197-1
tmɔɔm   turtle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1114-1
tmɔːm   turtle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2640
tnan   belt   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2642
tnɔɔl~nɔɔl   post, large diameter pole   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1100-1
toh sac   to be frightened, scared   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2651
toh   to pluck, pull put (hair, feather, moustache, beard)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2650
tooŋ   coconut   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1343-1
toŋ waːj   spider (insect)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2654
toŋ   broker's fee collected from a winner in a gambling game   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2652
toŋ   deaf   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2653
toŋ   deaf   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1390-1
toɁ   table   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2655
toːm   to wrap with cloth, leaves, paper   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2643
toːn   to follow; according to; along   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2644
toːp   drooping   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2647
toːr   to buy   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2648
toːŋ   coconut   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2645
toːŋ   long fish net stretched in a cone-shaped or like a bag in running water   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2646
toːɁ teːɁ   to be slow (doing something)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2649
to̤om   wrap with cloth, leaves, paper   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1295-1
tpal~pal   mortar   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~254-1
tphɯt tphɯː   continuously   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2656
tpum tpam   to be uneven   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2657
traaŋ   narrow strips of bamboo plaited to wrap a corpse or cover the bottom of a coffin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~138-1
tram   to soak (in order to soften, or before washing)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2667
tram   to soak (in order to soften, or before washing)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~267-1
traɲ   to sting with pain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2668
traː   seal, trademark; brand (name)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2658
traːc   kind of deciduous tree (Diperocarpus intricatus)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2659
traːj   taboo; to suffer consequences of breaking a taboo   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2660
traːŋ   narrow strips of bamboo plaited to wrap a corpse or cover bottom of coffin   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2662
traːɁ   wild kapok (tree)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2665
treːp   to drink with one's head to the surface and sucking with mouth   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2671
treːɁ   to moan, groan, to growl (a tiger)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2672
triam   to prepare, to make ready   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2677
trii   mushroom   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~489-1
triiʔ   buffalo   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~710-1
triː   mushroom (of any kind)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2675
triːɁ   water buffalo   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2676
trot   rite held during April-May to ask the gods for rain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2683
troŋ   accurate   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2681
troŋ   straight, direct, honest   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2682
troːp   to cover with any kind of bowl-shaped object   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2678
troːt troŋ   flying squirrel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2679
troːɁ   to erode   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2680
truuh   pound rice a second time to remove remaining husks   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1320-1
truːh   to pound rice a second time to remove remaining husks   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2684
truːj   cone (made of banana leaf, plastic, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2685
truːt   to inspect, examine, check, search   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2686
trææl   hail   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~794-1
trææʔ   to strip off, to tear along the stem (some kinds of leaves)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~582-1
trɑɑj   a kind of tree the bark of which is chewed with betel   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~919-1
trɑɑŋ   to filter, strain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~976-1
trɑːj   kind of tree (bark of which is chewed with betel)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2661
trɑːŋ   to filter, strain   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2663
trɑːŋ   to pierce (as a splinter of wood)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2664
trɑːɁ   to pour (a liquid) into a container with a small aperture   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2666
trɔːh   to be young and wild (of buffaloes, cattle)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2669
trɛh   to crack with teeth and eat, e.g. unhusked rice, watermelon seeds, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2674
trɛːl   hail   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2670
trɛːɁ   to strip off, to tear along stem (some kinds of leaves))   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2673
trɛ̤h   to gnaw   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~615-1
tua thɛ̤ːn   representative   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2695
tua   ticket   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2694
tum huː   earrings (ears pierced)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2697
tum   bump (as from a mosquito bite)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2696
tut   stub, stump (of limbs, tail)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2699
tuuc   to hide, to sneak   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1287-1
tuŋ   to be plump (woman)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2698
tuː   cabinet, cupboard   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2687
tuː   name to describe cattle, buffalo with horns bending out instead of in   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2688
tuːc   to hide   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2689
tuːc   to move stealthily, sneak; to sneak in, to smuggle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2690
tuːc   to steal   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2691
tuːl   baht (Thai currency)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2692
tuːl   lump   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2693
twɛːw   large knife with a squared-off end used to chop or cut off tree branches   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2702
tæh   to strike against sharply   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~619-1
tææl   flint rock   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~799-1
tæʔ   have sexual intercourse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~613-1
tɑh   to take off (clothes, shoes, ring, hat, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2407
tɑk ktɑːn   locust (insect)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2408
tɑŋ   to put up, hang up (of rope, string, other rope-like objects)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2419
tɑɁ   pronominal referential for objects   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2426
tɑɁ   to arrive, reach; (from…) to; (talk, ask, etc.) about   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2427
tɑɑ   trap (animals by various means); to fish   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~890-1
tɑɑt   wart   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1002-1
tɑɑŋ   handle   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~975-1
tɑʔ   arrive, reach (a place)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~409-1
tɑː rkhi̤a   to bargain over price   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2382
tɑː   to extend (length, time)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2375
tɑː   to fish; to trap animals by various means   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2376
tɑː   to give odds (in betting)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2377
tɑː   to light one cigarette from another   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2378
tɑːc   to pick up (things not attached to something else, e.g. fruit on ground)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2384
tɑːj   to box, to hit with fist   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2386
tɑːl   cataracts   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2387
tɑːn ŋkhɑ̤ŋ   calf of leg   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2391
tɑːn   to castrate; to propagate   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2390
tɑːt   wart   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2397
tɑːŋ mphrɛ̤ːɁ   pole used for carrying loads on shoulder   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2395
tɑːŋ mphɑ̤ːɁ   long pole used to dip or draw water from a well - preceded by   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2394
tɑːŋ   rod, pole handle (restricted)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2393
tɔh   breast   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2441
tɔh   breast   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1176-1
tɔk kɛː   gecko   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2443
tɔp   bury   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~557-1
tɔp   to burry, cover up (with earth)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2445
tɔŋ tɛŋ ~ toŋ teːŋ   swaying (of hanging of objects)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2444
tɔɔt kææŋ   elbow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~604-1
tɔɔt   joint   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1156-1
tɔː   letters of an alphabet   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2432
tɔːm   stream (larger than [biiaŋ])   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2433
tɔːp thɛ̤ːn   to pay (back-usually for kindness, a favor)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2436
tɔːp ~ tɑːp   to answer   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2435
tɔːt kɛːɲ   elbow   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2439
tɔːt   joint, e.g. of a sugar cane stalk, bamboo, etc.   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2437
tɔːt   to insert, stick into, e.g. joss sticks into a holder   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2438
tɔːŋ   kind of cone-shaped bamboo fish trap   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2434
tɔːɁ tɔːɁ   small bamboo bell tied to cattle's neck   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2440
tɕaa   eat   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~7-1
tɕaʔ   body (human, animal)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~240-1
tɕa̤ar   resin, dammar, sap   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~309-1
tɕeet   slice off (small pieces); chop into, chop off   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~841-1
tɕeh   hatch   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~679-1
tɕha̤ah   to throw or splash (a liquid with the hand or a container)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~44-1
tɕhthi̤a~thi̤a   span from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the middle finger   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~8-1
tɕhṳun   send somebody off   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1243-1
tɕhṳut   wipe   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1276-1
tɕhɔ̤ŋ   big serpent-headed fish (Ophicephalidae)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1192-1
tɕlah~lah   morning   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~319-1
tɕnaŋ   featherless wing of 'bird, chicken   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~295-1
tɕtɑɑŋ~tɑɑŋ   peas, beans (in general)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~955-1
tɕuutɕ   reach into (pocket, bag, pot)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~1315-1
tɕɑɑ~ʔatɕɑɑ   dog   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~877-1
tɛh   brand new   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2455
tɛh   to stretch out long lengths of silk thread in preparation for weaving   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2456
tɛh   to strike against sharply (e.g. as a flint-rock against steel)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2457
tɛɁ   to have sexual intercourse   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2460
tɛɛn   step on   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:Sid2005~658-1
tɛː   tea   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2447
tɛːl   flint rock   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2448
tɛːm   to daub (with paint, mud); to tough up (a photograph, painting)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2449
tɛːn maːc   to step on something soft or liquid   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2452
tɛːn   to step on; (a vehicle) to run over   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2450
tɛːɲ   to compose; to fix up, make up   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2451
tɤɁ   to drag, pull (restricted); to lead (by hand, rope, etc.)   (Kui)   Pra1978:C:2462