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Palaungic Branch (520 items)
(blong ?)   roof   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~238
a-li-erh   seven   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~476
a-lu-a   seven   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~478
a-lu-a   seven   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~477
a   two   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~402
an-kŏng   mountain   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~207
ang   not   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~195
ao   I   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~2
ao   I   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~4
au   I   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~3
aw   cooking pot   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~424
ák   bow (N.)   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~143
beng   tooth   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~221
bia   spear (N.)   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~479
bl a   tool, knife (classif.)   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~112
bl a   tool, knife (classif.)   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~111
blao   mountain   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~257
blong   thatching-grass   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~248
blong   thatching-grass   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~247
buh   barking deer   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~466
  goat   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~67
chen   heavy   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~321
ching   head   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~203
chwŏng   to stand (up)   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~212
cong   foot   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~210
da   medicine   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~510
dae   hand   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~41
dai   eight   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~43
dai   skirt   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~499
dai   skirt   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~497
dao   hole   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~51
dawng   jar, cooking pot   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~220
dawng   jar, cooking pot   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~219
dawt   to pull   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~308
de   earth   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~48
de   hand   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~39
dim   nine   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~363
dim   nine   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~365
dim   nine   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~364
dup   flea   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~344
dup   flea   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~342
dwe   breast   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~464
  earth   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~46
  near   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~56
  near   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~57
dāk   tongue   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~153
dāk   tongue   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~151
ek   elder brother   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~140
ek   elder brother   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~138
ek   elder brother   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~139
ek   few   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~136
en-ko   rice (uncooked)   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~11
en-paing   tooth   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~222
en-pun   woman, wife, female   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~327
en-tai   skirt   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~498
en-tē   near   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~58
en   this   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~312
err   fowl   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~399
et   small, a few   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~299
et   small, a few   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~301
gaing   head   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~202
gao   body, classifier for humans   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~15
gao   body, classifier for humans   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~14
gao   rice (uncooked)   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~9
gung   father   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~280
gur   wind   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~413
gur   wind   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~411
gut   cold   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~304
gwe   to have   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~487
gyi   salt   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~456
hak   hair   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~187
hak   skin   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~184
hau   sky   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~395
hawk   to climb   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~185
hawng   ravine, ditch, stream   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~243
hsé   down   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~515
hsāk   sambhar deer   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~146
hsāk   sambhar deer   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~148
huk   hair   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~189
huk   to climb   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~186
hull   to go   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~455
hun   many   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~336
hun   many   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~338
hun   many   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~337
hwe   arrive   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~274
hwit   arrive   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~273
hāk   hair   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~190
hāk   hair   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~188
hāk   skin   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~182
hāk   skin   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~183
hēng   thousand   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~231
in   to come, return   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~191
ing   to come, return   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~194
ing   to come, return   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~192
ing   to come, return   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~193
it   to sleep   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~295
it   to sleep   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~298
it   to sleep   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~296
it   to sleep   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~297
jāk   sambhar deer   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~149
jāk   sambhar deer   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~147
k'sang   elephant   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~260
ka-de   earth   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~47
ka-mull   silver, money   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~447
ka-ne   (Shan) hat   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~60
ka-pull   thick   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~442
ka-ti   one   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~54
ka   fish, N.   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~5
ka   fish, N.   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~8
ka   fish, N.   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~6
kaing   head   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~201
kaing   head   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~204
kall-nye   needle   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~28
kao   rice (uncooked)   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~12
kao   rice (uncooked)   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~10
kao   tree   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~132
kao   tree   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~135
kao   tree   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~133
kat   cold   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~303
kaü   body, classifier for humans   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~13
kaw-al¹   cooking pot   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~425
kawk (kŏk)   to call   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~145
kawn   child   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~320
kich   salt   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~458
kling   fat   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~293
klong   river   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~250
klong   river   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~251
klŏng   river   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~252
klwin, glwīn   fat   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~294
klwing   fat   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~291
klwīn   fat   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~292
ko-aw   bamboo   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~1
ko-karr   strong   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~409
ko   ten   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~426
ko   tree   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~134
kok   to call   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~144
kom, kōm   heart, mind   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~391
kŏm   heart, mind   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~393
kŏn   child   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~317
kŏn   child   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~319
kŏt   old (human)   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~306
krāk   buffalo   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~165
krāk   buffalo   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~168
krāk   buffalo   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~166
krāk   buffalo   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~167
krāk   red   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~170
krē   gold   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~449
kun   child   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~318
kung   country, lowlands, whet rice-field   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~206
kurr   wind   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~412
kut   old (human)   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~307
kuwin   father   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~279
kwe   to have   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~486
kwi   salt   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~459
kwāt   old (human)   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~305
kyi   moon, month   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~131
kyi   moon, month   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~130
kyi   salt   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~457
kyu we   gold   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~450
  fish, N.   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~7
  wind   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~410
köŋ   country, lowlands, whet rice-field   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~205
l'mo   dream (V., N.)   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~95
l'tak   tongue   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~152
la-al   two   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~403
la-oi   three   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~484
la   leaf   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~113
la   leaf   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~114
la   leaf   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~115
lai   skirt   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~496
lan   earring   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~329
lawng, laung   high   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~253
lawng, lwŏng   black" (perhaps also: "blue")   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~244
le   armpit   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~175
le   rain   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~107
le   rain   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~110
le   rain   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~108
le   rain   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~109
lek   iron   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~172
lek   iron   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~173
lep   flea   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~341
li-ă   six   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~473
lit   iron   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~174
loi   three   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~482
long   black" (perhaps also: "blue")   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~245
long   cool   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~249
long   high   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~256
long   high   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~254
long   high   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~255
lŏk   inside   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~176
lu-a, lu-erh   six   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~475
lu-a   six   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~474
lu-ong   black" (perhaps also: "blue")   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~246
lun   to go   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~331
lun   to go   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~330
lāk   jungle, hill, wilderness" (a semantic shift from the original MK meaning :"water, river")   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~154
lāk   tongue   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~150
m'blawng   horse   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~239
m'long   horse   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~240
m'long   mountain   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~258
m'lŏng, l'lŏng   horse   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~242
ma-wang   thigh   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~229
ma   dry ricefield   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~417
ma   mother   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~82
ma   mother   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~85
ma   mother   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~83
ma   mother   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~84
ma   sky   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~86
ma   sky   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~87
ma   who?   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~88
maing   male   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~224
maing   male   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~226
mao   rope   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~89
mao   rope   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~90
mar   dry ricefield   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~420
mar   dry ricefield   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~418
marr   dry ricefield   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~419
maw   dream (V., N.)   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~93
mawk (mŏk)   to sit   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~160
mawk   hat   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~159
mawk   hat   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~157
mawt   ant   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~278
me   you, Sg.   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~77
ming   male   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~225
mo   rope   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~91
mo   stone   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~100
moi   (wild) cow, buffalo   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~503
moi   (wild) cow, buffalo   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~505
moi   (wild) cow, buffalo   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~504
mok   hat   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~158
mow   rope   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~92
mow   stone   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~98
mŏm   good, beautiful   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~376
mpāi   medicine, tobacco   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~502
mra ("strong (of persons)")   big   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~104
mu-win   wife   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~288
mu   nose   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~469
mu   round, classifier for round objects   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~444
mu   silver, money   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~446
muchs   name   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~472
mur   silver, money   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~448
mus   nose   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~470
mut   cloud, smoke   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~310
mut   cloud, smoke   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~311
mwe   axe   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~508
mwe   nose   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~471
mwet   ant   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~276
mwé   axe   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~506
mwē   axe   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~507
mwē   wife   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~289
mwēt   ant   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~275
  male   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~78
  male   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~81
  male   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~79
  nose   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~468
  silver, money   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~445
  you, Sg.   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~76
müt   ant   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~277
māk   hat   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~156
mōk   cow   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~161
mōm   good, beautiful   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~374
mōm   good, beautiful   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~375
n'rāng   horse   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~241
nam   blood   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~370
nawm   to sit   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~354
ne   (Shan) hat   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~61
ne   you, Sg.   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~75
nga   green   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~428
nga   twenty   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~415
nga   twenty   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~414
ngai   day   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~16
ngai   eye   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~488
ngai   eye   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~491
ngai   eye   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~489
ngai   eye   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~490
ngai   far   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~492
ngai   far   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~495
ngai   far   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~493
ngall   fire   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~433
ngall   fire   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~432
ngall   green   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~429
ngaw   rice plant   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~24
ngawm   to sit   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~355
nge   day   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~18
nge   sun, day   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~20
ngo   fire   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~430
ngo   fire   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~431
ngo   rice plant   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~22
ngo   rice plant   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~23
ngu   rice plant   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~25
ngyé   needle   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~26
nha   house   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~33
noi   price   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~460
noi   price   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~461
num   plant (N)   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~372
num   plant (N)   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~373
nya   house   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~30
nya   house   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~31
nya   house   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~32
nyawm   young   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~360
nyawm   young   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~358
nyawm   young   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~359
nyé   day   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~17
nyo   to see   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~127
nyom   delicious, sweet   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~362
nyom   delicious, sweet   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~361
nyu-a   to drink   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~35
nyu   to drink   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~37
nyu   to drink   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~36
nyur   needle   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~29
nyur   needle   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~27
  (Shan) hat   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~59
nām   blood   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~369
nām   blood   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~371
o   elder sister   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~422
oi   three   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~485
oi   three   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~483
om   water   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~350
om   water   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~353
om   water   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~352
pai   to use medicine   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~501
paing   white   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~281
paing   white   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~284
paing   white   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~282
paing   white   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~283
pan   five   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~332
pan   five   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~334
pao   grey, blue   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~438
paw   father   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~71
pawn   five   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~335
pe   goat   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~69
pe   you Pl.   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~63
pi   person   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~65
pi   you Pl.   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~64
pindai   eight   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~42
plur   spear (N.)   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~481
plur   spear (N.)   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~480
po   barking deer   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~465
po   thick   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~443
po   younger sibling   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~72
po   younger sibling   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~73
pra   to eat   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~105
pre   forest, outside, sky, weather   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~103
pre   forest, outside, sky, weather   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~101
pri   forest, outside, sky, weather   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~102
pro   cloth, blanket, clothes   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~106
pu-on   five   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~333
pu   thick   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~440
pu   thick   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~441
pu   to beat, pound, launder   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~511
pu   to suck breast   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~74
pul   grey, blue   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~439
pun   four   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~322
pun   four   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~324
puss   barking deer   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~467
  goat   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~70
  goat   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~68
pāng   top, above   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~223
  you Pl.   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~62
pōm   heart, mind   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~390
pōm   heart, mind   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~392
ra-me, ru-me   male   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~80
ra-mwin, ramwin   wife   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~290
ra   two   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~401
rang   to be light, clear   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~235
rang   to be light, clear   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~234
rao   sky   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~396
rao   sky   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~394
reng   strong   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~232
ri   thin   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~451
ri   thin   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~454
ri   thin   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~452
ring   tooth   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~236
ring   tooth   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~237
rip   grass   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~346
rip   grass   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~347
rum   iron   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~378
rum   iron   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~377
rup   fishing net   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~349
rup   fishing net   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~348
rāng   to be light, clear   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~233
rēp   grass   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~345
s'be   clothes   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~66
s'mao   dream (V., N.)   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~94
s'mao   stone   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~97
s'mo   dream (V., N.)   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~96
s'nga   green   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~427
s'ngai   sun, day   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~19
sa-mol   stone   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~99
sa-ngai   far   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~494
sa-urr   warm   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~407
sa-āng   bone   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~199
sang   to stand (up)   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~214
sao   pain, disease   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~120
sao   pain, disease   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~123
sau   pain, disease   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~121
saung   foot   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~209
sawm   night   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~385
sawm   night   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~383
sawm   to eat (rice)   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~379
sawm   to eat (rice)   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~380
sawm   to eat (rice)   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~381
sawng   foot   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~208
se   down   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~516
semwīn   star   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~287
semwīn   star   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~286
sha   (time to) eat   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~116
si mwin   star   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~285
si-nyi, s'ngi   sun, day   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~21
si   moon, month   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~129
so   dog   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~117
so   dog   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~119
so   dog   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~118
song, shong   foot   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~211
song   to stand (up)   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~215
song   to stand (up)   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~213
su-krāk   red   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~171
su   pain, disease   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~122
su   warm   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~405
sung grāk   red   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~169
sāng   bone   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~197
sāng   elephant   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~259
sōm   night   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~382
ta-som   night   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~384
ta   grand father, old man   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~49
ta   grand father, old man   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~50
ta   medicine   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~509
tai   eight   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~44
tai   hand   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~38
tai   one   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~52
tal   to run   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~434
te   one   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~55
teng   big   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~217
tep   flea   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~343
ti-ya   hundred   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~518
ti   hand   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~40
tim   short, low   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~367
tin   big   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~216
ting   big   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~218
tneak   vein   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~155
tu   stomach   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~435
tu   stomach   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~437
tu   stomach   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~436
tum   short, low   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~368
tum   short, low   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~366
tur   hill   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~416
tuss   breast   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~463
tut   to pull   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~309
twe   to take, to bring   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~500
  earth   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~45
  breast   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~462
  one   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~53
u   bamboo   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~0
u   elder sister   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~421
u   elder sister   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~423
un   to place, to put   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~313
un   to place, to put   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~316
un   to place, to put   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~314
un   to place, to put   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~315
ur   warm   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~408
ur   warm   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~406
vil   thin   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~453
vyek   dark   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~163
vyek   dark   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~164
wa   wide   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~512
wa   wide   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~514
wa   wide   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~513
waik   sword   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~269
waik   sword   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~272
waik   sword   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~270
wait   belly   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~162
walk   sword   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~271
wŏng   thigh   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~227
wun   four   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~325
wun   four   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~323
wun   woman, wife, female   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~328
wun   woman, wife, female   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~326
wāng   thigh   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~230
wāng   thigh   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~228
ya   fowl   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~397
ya   hundred   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~517
ya   to drink   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~34
ya   to see   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~126
yang   to know   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~263
yau   to see   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~125
yauk   ear   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~181
yauk   ear   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~179
yaung   village (small)   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~266
yawk   to lift   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~177
yawm   to sit   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~356
yawng, yaung   village (small)   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~265
yawng   to know   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~261
yawng   village (small)   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~268
ye   we Excl.   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~124
yek   few   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~137
yer   fowl   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~400
yer   fowl   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~398
yet   small, a few   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~300
yit   small, a few   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~302
yo   to see   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~128
yok   ear   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~180
yom   young   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~357
yong   to know   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~264
yong   to know   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~262
yu   to do   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~519
yum, yim   to die, dead   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~388
yum   to die, dead   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~386
yum   to die, dead   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~389
yum   to die, dead   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~387
yung   village (small)   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~267
yɔ̆k   ear   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~178
á   two   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~404
āk   bow (N.)   (En)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~141
āk   bow (N.)   (Tai Loi)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~142
āng kāp   chin, jaw   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~340
āng kāp   chin, jaw   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~339
āng   bone   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~200
āng   bone   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~198
āng   not   (Kentung-Wa)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~196
ōm   water   (Son)   Sco1900:C:Dif1980~351