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a  အာ   to go   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:66
ah  သ္အး   to be clear, clean   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:73
ai  အာဲ   inheritance   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:84
ak  အိုက်   brisket   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:75
ao  အဴ   bur.) standing alone, calls for repetition of utterance: eh?   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:149
ao     vase shaped like truncated cone   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:147
at  အာတ်   to ask, ask for, request, demand   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:79
ba  ၜါ   two   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8586
bah  ၜး   to change   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8589
bak  ၜိုက်   small mortar for grinding currystuffs, long cylindrical mortar used by old people to grind up areca nut   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8591
bao  ၜေါ   to rinse out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8697
bao  ၜဴ   sugar-cane, Saccharum officinarum L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8694
baŋ  တ္ၜိုၚ်   to soak, steep, pickle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8598
baŋ  ၜိုၚ်   galantine, pickle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8596
baŋ  ၜိုၚ်   sambur deer, Rusa unicolor equinus   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8595
bài  ၝဲာ   familiar and friendly term of address, used chiefly between spouses and to persons with whom the speaker is not acquainted   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8706
bea  ၜေဲ   to be out of alignment, out of true, out of the square   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8567
bet  ၜေတ်   to be subjected to pressure crushed, crowded, thronged   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8565
bi  ၜဳ   river, sea   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8552
boa  ၜဲ   bean, pea   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8684
boiŋ  ၜိၚ်   to swim   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8683
bot  ၜေါတ်   to draw out, unsheathe   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8682
bot  ၜေါတ်   to eject, squirt, from the mouth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8680
bòa  ၝဲ   elder sister   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8722
bun  ၜုန်   knife   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8698
bùi  ၝဲို   term of address to females, usually peremptory or offensive   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8729
bɒh  တ္ၜိုဟ်   to sprinkle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8607
bɒh  ၜိုဟ်   to be cool, cold, pleasant, peaceful, quiet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8601
bɒh  ၜိုဟ်   to boil in water   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8599
bɒm  ၜီု   to be blunt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8628
bɒn  ၜိုန်   even, even if, though   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8619
bɒp  ၜိုပ်   brahminy duck or ruddy shelduck, Tadorna ferruginea Vroeg, the Mon national emblem   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8623
bɒt  ၜိုတ်   equivalent quantity, degree, or quality   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8609
bɒt  ၜိုတ်   to be light in colour   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8613
bɒt  ၜိုတ်   to take in one's hand, pick up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8611
 ၜဝ်   basket with padded lining, used to keep teapot warm   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8645
 ၜဝ်   internal or central cavity   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8637
 ၜဝ်   pure metal   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8646
 ၜဝ်   rattan, cane   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8639
bɔh  ၜှ်   to pick, pluck   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8647
bɔk  ၜံက်   cheroot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8649
bɔk  ၜံက်   to chop, (dig with) hoe   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8655
bɔn  က္ၜန်   timber tree with fibrous bark used for coarse ropes, Odina wodier Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8674
bɔn  ၜန်   to twist, braid, plait   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8675
bɔt  ၜတ်   to be soft, tender, delicate, young   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8668
bɔt  ၜတ်   to measure linear dimensions, to survey   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8666
bɔŋ  က္ၜံၚ်   knee   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8659
bɔŋ  ၜံၚ်   to warm oneself at   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8660
bɛk  ၜက်   to pass beyond   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8568
bɛŋ kok  ၜၚ်ကော်   (place-name) Bangkok   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8583
bɛŋ  က္ၜၚ်   ship, large vessel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8569
bɛŋ  တ္ၜၚ်   edible bamboo shoot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8580
bɛ̀ˀ     term of address and reference, usually peremptory or offensive   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8705
 ၜဵု   salt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8630
bɜk  ၜုက်   telinga potato, Amorphophallus campanulatus Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8634
bɜŋ  ၜုၚ်   to hit, strike   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8635
bɜ̀ˀ  ၝောံ   female [animal, bird, etc.]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8707
bɜ̀ˀkɒt  ၝောံကိုတ်   royal head-dress   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8721
ca eaŋ  ကျာအေၚ်   (place-name) Kya-in   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4899
ca  ကျာ   air   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4884
cah  စး   back   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4904
cah  စး   to oppose, go against   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4909
cai  စဲာ   to punch, strike with the fist, box   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4929
caik  ကျာ်   sacred being or thing, Buddha, pagoda, image of Buddha   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4930
caik  စာ်   to be torn, to tear   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4947
caiŋ  စာၚ်   fowl   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4948
cak  စိုက်   bundle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4912
cak  စိုက်   to make into a bundle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4914
cam  ကျာံ   crocodile   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4926
cam  စာံ   switch of hair for incorporation in coiffure, postiche   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4927
cam  စာံ   to make holes in the ground for transplanted rice seedlings   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4928
camərɔe  စာမရဳ   (lF.)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4900
cao  စဴ   to return, go back, come back   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5126
caŋ  ကျိုၚ်   to adorn oneself   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4917
caˀ  ကျ   to be defeated, beaten (by), to lose (to)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4902
càiŋ  ဇါၚ်   to catch with a stake-net, by holding it before the body, partly immersed in shallow water, and trampling with the feet so as to scare fish into it   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5251
càn  ဒျာန်   to be outstretched, to stretch out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5247
càŋ  ဂျိုၚ်   to be raw   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5237
càŋ  ဂျိုၚ်   to live, be alive   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5236
càŋ  ဇိုၚ်   lower limb, leg, foot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5210
ce  ကျေဝ်   to be pretty, nice-looking, pleasant, nice   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4806
cea  စေဲ   crop of bird   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4826
ceaŋ  စေၚ်   to decline   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4829
ceh  စှေ်   small jar of demijohn shape   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4818
cep cep  စေပ်ပ်   to cheep   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4825
cep  ဇါပ်   to taste   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4824
ceˀ  စေအ်   cold chisel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4816
cèn  ဇေန်   unit of twelve leaves of palm-leaf manuscript, inga   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5174
cha  ချာ   split bamboo fibre   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5417
cha  ချာ   swift of loom   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5418
cha  ဆာ   to be thin in consistency, insipid   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5419
chah  ချး   charcoal   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5427
chah  ချး   donkey   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5430
chai  ဆဲာ   to be separated, scattered, to spread out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5449
chai  ဆဲာ   to empty, pour out, tip out unload, transfer   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5445
chaiŋ  ဆာၚ်   cymbals   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5457
cham  ချာံ   head cold   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5443
chan lan  ဆာန်လာန်   to be admirable, remarkable   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5439
chan  ဆာန်   to love, feel affection for   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5436
chao  ဆော   pair   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5527
chao  ဆော   to curse, swear at   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5528
chat  ဆာတ်   water-snake   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5434
chaˀ  ချ   malay chestneut, Castanopsis javanica De Candolle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5420
chaˀ     only   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5424
chaˀ     to weigh in one's hand, feel the weight of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5425
chaˀ     whoever, whatever, as much as, (not) even   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5422
chàik  ဆာ်   to claw, scratch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5590
che lao  ဆေဝ်လဴ   pomela   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5386
che pəle  ဆေဝ်ပလေဝ်   lightning   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5383
cheaŋ  ချေၚ်   kind of tree, Millettia atropurpurea Bentham   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5398
cheh  ချေံ   horse   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5387
chi  ဆဳ   to shake, quake, quiver, rock, be loose in a socket   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5366
chim  ဆီ   blood   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5372
chiˀ  ဆိ   labia pudenda   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5371
choa  ချဲ   grass, weeds, any small plant growing close to ground, hay   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5519
chok  ဆော်   corner, interior angle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5511
chom  ချောံ   cinders, clinker   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5516
chot  ချောတ်   to be thorough   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5515
chot  ဆောတ်   to whistle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5514
chu  ချူ   quanting-pole   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5531
chu  ချူ   to sharpen, whet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5539
chu  ဆူ   to write, draw, paint, engrave   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5533
chui  ဆဲု   to move from one's position, move aside   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5583
chut  ဆုတ်   emission of wind   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5577
chut  ဆုတ်   to go back, retrace one's steps, to go backwards   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5579
chuˀ  ဆု   tree, log, wood, timber   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5541
chɒ  ချဵု   to be fleecy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5458
chɒm  ချဳု   to be dark blue   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5468
chɒn  ဆိုန်   to knead   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5467
chɒt  ချိုတ်   to be dead, to be numb, cold, to run down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5460
chɔh  ချဟ်   to spit, expectorate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5478
chɔik  ဆေက်   kinds of timber tree, species of Litsaea Jussieu   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5499
chɔk  ဆံက်   straw, esp. rice straw   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5480
chɔn  ဆန်   to bind, join together, to compose [literary work]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5490
chɔp  ချပ်   to consider, think over, make plans, plan to, decide to   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5493
chɔt  ဆတ်   to put in, insert   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5488
chɔŋ  ချံၚ်   to be lame   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5482
chɔŋ  ဆံၚ်   to build in tiers   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5481
chɔˀ  ဆအ်   to insert   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5475
chəlaˀ  ဆောဝ်ည   sometimes   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5586
chəlɔˀ  ဆောဝ်လအ်   (in questions) when   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5587
chɛ̀a  ဇျာ   to be slow, late in arriving   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5588
chɜ  ဆဵု   to find, meet, to discern, to find out, learn, that   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5469
chɜŋ  ဆုၚ်   to sniff, smell, embrace in token of affection   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5474
chɜ̀p  ဇျိုပ်   to be overcast, dull   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5592
ci  စဳ   to turn a light on, search for with a light   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4781
cih  စှေ်   to go down, descend   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4794
cin  စိန်   to be cooked, to boil   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4800
cintəmao  စိန္တမော   kind of medicinal plant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4802
cìm  ဇီ   to be swampy, marshy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5168
cìp klip  ဇိပ်ကၠိပ်   to be subtle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5166
cìp  ဇိပ်   measure of capacity equal to a quarter of a basket (nɛ̀ˀ) or four kəlɔt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5165
cìˀ  ဂျိ   poison   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5162
co  ကျောဝ်   to peep at   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5090
co  စောဝ်   small creek or stream   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5089
coa  စဲ   louse   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5118
coa  စဲ   to dry in the sun, spread out to dry   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5122
coiŋ  စိၚ်   elephant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5105
coiŋ  စိၚ်   ridgepole of house   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5113
cok  စော်   scabies   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5092
cot  စောတ်   sledge   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5097
coŋ  စောၚ်   grains of paddy left among cleaned rice   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5096
cò  ဇဝ်   blossom of types of fruit-bearing tree   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5312
cò  ဇဝ်   to be in leaf   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5314
còa  ဇဲ   to be crooked, awry, oblique   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5347
còh  ဇှ်   to have a fever   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5318
còik  ဇိက်   safety-pin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5342
còik  ဇိက်   to harrow, prepare for cultivation, to cultivate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5343
còiŋ  ဇိၚ်   to sew, stitch, thread   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5344
còn  ဇန်   spoon, spoonful   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5330
còn  ဇန်   string of beads   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5334
còn  ဇန်   to string together   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5335
còp dɔp  ဇပ်ဍပ်   to be definite, settled, cut and dried   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5339
còt  ဇတ်   to dry up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5328
còŋ  ဇံၚ်   bedstead   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5319
cuh  စှော်   tens   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5137
cum  စုံ   set, pair   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5144
cun  စုန်   to prop oneself on one's elbow or with a stick   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5142
cut  စုတ်   to put in, into, to contribute, to put on   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5139
cut  လစုတ်   short time, moment   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5138
cù  ဇေါဝ်   to rest, stop work   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5348
cùt  ဇုတ်   bone   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5352
cùˀ  ဇု   great-grandmother   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5351
cɒp  စိုပ်   to arrive (at), rech, attain   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5029
cɒˀ  စွံ   part   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4960
cɒˀ  စွံ   to place, put (down), leave, refrain from removing, to keep, maintain, to abandon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4962
 စဝ်   to pour   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5038
cɔh  စှ်   ten   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5043
cɔk caŋ  စံက်စိုၚ်   shuttlecock   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5047
cɔn  စန်   to bind, tie   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5066
cɔntəmao  စန္တမူ   kind of medicinal plant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5071
cɔp  စပ်   to touch, be touching, to adjoin, adhere to, be joined to, connected with   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5074
cɔt  စတ်   to prick, sting, to stick in, plant upright, to (propel with) pole   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5060
cɔŋ  စံၚ်   to set light to, burn, to roast, bake, to be burning   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5053
cəmùˀ  ယၟု   name, reputation   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5364
cɛkkhao  စက္ခော   (piece of) paper   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4863
cɛŋ khrɛŋ  စၚ်ခြၚ်   to hold a consultation, confabulate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4879
cɛŋ ɲoa  စၚ်ညဲ   horizontal projection at bow of canoe level with top of hull   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4883
cɛŋ  စၚ်   to pierce, prick, to thread through   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4875
cɛˀ     particle denoting generic or habitual aspect   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4848
cɛˀ     to eat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4831
cɛ̀ak  ဇက်   to pull, draw (away), to cart (away)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5199
cɛ̀arìˀsaŋ  ဇါဒိသိုၚ်   see 'cɛ̀atìˀsaŋ.'   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5193
cɛ̀atɔeˀ  ဇါတိ   (lF.) race, lineage   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5190
cɛ̀aŋ mài  ဇၚ်္မှဲာ   (place-name) Chiengmai   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5206
cɛ̀aŋ rài  ဇၚ်ရဲာ   small variety of horsefly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5207
cɛ̀h  ဇး   to be diffused, wafted   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5195
cɛ̀ˀ     great-grandfather   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5194
 စဵု   to cover over, to wall   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5032
cɜk  စုက်   to come in contact (with), touch, collide (with), to push with the horns   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5036
cɜ̀  ဇဵု   to attack, set on, fight   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5261
cɜ̀  ဇဵု   transverse rod, rod   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5252
cɜ̀k  ဇုက်   string, cord, rope, lashing, creeper   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5263
cɜ̀m  ဇီု   marsh, swamp   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5308
cɜ̀m  ဇီု   to collide (with), charge, ram   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5309
cɜ̀t  ဇိုတ်   to wipe with a cloth, to rub out, erase   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5303
da  သ္ဍာ   to be shallow, to be unimportant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6423
dah  ဍး   to cease to fall   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6427
dai  ဍဲာ   to be red-hot, to be bright red   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6449
daik  ဍာ်   water, liquid   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6452
daiŋ  က္ဍာၚ်   steel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6521
dak  ပ္ဍိုက်   to mount, ride (on, in), to wear on one's feet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6428
dam  သ္ဍာံ   to hit a point aimed at, hit the mark, to be true, correct   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6447
dan  ဍာန်   path   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6442
dap dao  ဍာပ်ဍဴ   to be green   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6446
dap  ဍာပ်   spot, marking, of animal   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6443
dap  ဍာပ်   to be dappled, marked with large spots or mottlings   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6444
dap  ဍာပ်   to touch, adjoin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6445
dat  တ္ၚာတ်   to be sweet, to be cooked without strong seasoning   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6440
daŋ  ဍိုၚ်   tube   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6437
daŋ  ဍိုၚ်   umbrella   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6434
daŋ  သ္ဍိုၚ်   to be sluggish   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6438
daˀ     distance spanned by thumb and middle finger when extended   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6424
daˀ     to measure by spans of thumb and middle finger   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6425
deak  ဍေက်   to be damp, wet (with)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6412
deaŋ  ဍေၚ်   to be wet, waterlogged   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6416
deaŋ  ဍေၚ်   to move, follow round, in a circle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6414
deh  ဍေံ   he, she, it, they   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6407
den  ဍေန်   shallow flat-bottomed basket, smaller than kənai   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6408
den  ပ္ဍေန်   to light, kindle, to be lit by   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6409
den  ပ္ဍေန်   to memorize   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6410
dep  ဍေပ်   adverbial describing snapping sound   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6411
deˀ  ဍေအ်   distance spanned by thumb and forefinger when extended   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6406
dit  dit²   to be silent, taciturn, to be motionless   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6402
dit  dit¹   to spin, rotate, revolve   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6401
doa  ပ္ဍဲ   in, on, into, on to, to, among, in the possession of, in the company of, with, formerly in, from   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6627
doik  ဍိုက်   slave, chiefly in respectful phr. of auto-reference oa doik I, your slave, poi doik we, your slaves   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6624
dot  ဍောတ်   to be small, young, immature   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6622
doŋ  ဍောၚ်   blossom   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6617
doŋ  ဍောၚ်   to be tired, to be tiresome, wearisome   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6619
du  ပ္ဍူ   to be bruised   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6632
duh  က္ဍုဟ်   to hate, dislike, live at enmity with   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6639
duh  ဍုဟ်   to be, grow, ripe   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6637
dun  ပ္ဍုန်   to cook, stew, simmer, distil   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6647
dun  ပ္ဍုန်   to descend from the air, alight, settle, perch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6649
dut  ဍူတ်   tail of bird   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6642
dɒh  သ္ဍိုဟ်   to be sharp-witted, intelligent, clever, bright   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6524
dɒm  ဍီု   to be blue, violet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6554
dɒn  ဍိုန်   to be soft, yielding, flexible, pliant, mild   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6530
dɒp dao  ဍိုပ်ဍဴ   to be green   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6553
dɒp  ဍိုပ်   head, upper end, summit, fore-end   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6532
dɒt  ဍိုတ်   brick   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6527
dɒt  သ္ဍိုတ်   to be powdered, composed of small particles   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6528
 က္ဍဝ်   to be profuse   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6582
dɔh  က္ဍဟ်   brain   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6586
dɔh  က္ဍဟ်   summit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6588
dɔik  တ္ၚေက်   to nip off with one's nails   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6609
dɔiŋ  ဍေၚ်   cup made from bamboo joint, used for collecting sap of toddy palm and for carrying water or other drink   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6611
dɔk  ဍံက်   to be mottled   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6591
dɔk  ဍံက်   to hammer   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6589
dɔn  က္ဍန်   to be narrow, restricted in size   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6604
dɔn  ဍန်   to catch with hook and line, angle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6606
dɔt  က္ဍတ်   to hatch out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6602
dɔt  ဍတ်   notch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6598
dɔt  ဍတ်   to be solid, to be reliable   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6600
dɔŋ  ဍံၚ်   to hang down and swing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6595
dɔˀ  ဍံ   to take, force, out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6583
dɛk  ဍက်   to be pure, uncorrupted   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6417
dɛŋ  က္ဍၚ်   to be expensive, dear, precious   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6420
dɛŋ  ဍၚ်   intensifier, in pɔiŋ dɛŋ to be complete, praˀ dɛŋ to be definitely true   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6422
 ပ္ဍဵု   to press (down on), crush, squeeze, to type, print   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6555
dɜk  ဍုက်   to be wet, damp, sappy, green   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6559
dɜŋ  ဍုၚ်   town   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6560
dɜŋ  ပ္ဍုၚ်   to be salt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6581
e  အေ   particle introducing statement or request, with general approbatory colour   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:31
ea  သ္အေဲ   to wither, become withered, dry up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:40
eh  သ္အေဟ်   neg. limiting particle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:39
ekaˀ  ဨက   acre   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:32
ha  ဟာ   absolute question particle, usually final, sometimes foll. queried sent. component   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:539
ha  ဟာ   to gape open, to open wide   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:538
hah  ဟး   to overflow, to be very plentiful   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:540
hai  ဟဲာ   expletive in 'hui hai' to be mixed together   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:547
haoˀ  သ္ၚု   uncooked husked rice   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:618
hap  ဟာပ်   to eat esp. with the fingers   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:545
hat  ဟာတ်   shallows of river, ford   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:544
haŋ  ဟိုၚ်   hornet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:543
hài  သ္ၚဲာ   to chew   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1781
he  သ္ၚေဝ်   to search for food   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:521
heak  ဟေက်   to be scorched, burnt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:527
heˀ  ဟေအ်   article calling for attention of person addressed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:526
heˀ  ဟေံ   gadfly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:524
heˀ  ဟေံ   pandanus foetidus Roxburgh, shrub growing on beaches and in tidal forests   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:525
hi  ဟဳ   to float, drift   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:511
hi  ဟဳ   to look out of the corner of one's eye, glance covertly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:512
hla  လှာ   pond, lake   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9807
hlai  သၠဲာ   fibrous under-bark of tree, liber   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9830
hlai  သၠဲာ   to change, exchange   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9832
hlaik  သၠာ်   low-grade copper alloy, latten, brass, bronze   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9834
hlaiŋ  လှာၚ်   to be hollow, hollowed out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9836
hlak  လှိုက်   hiccough   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9823
hlak  လှိုက်   to be dirty, covered in dirt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9827
hlak  လှိုက်   to hiccough   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9826
hlak  သၠိုက်   dirt, mud, filth, adhering to something   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9824
hlan  သၠာန်   to be scorched, feel a burning sensation   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9829
hlao  လှဴ   to have a severe speech defect, to be dumb   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9865
hlaŋ  သၠိုၚ်   silver bowl with repoussé decoration   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9828
hlaˀ  သၠ   leaf   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9809
hlo  သၠောဝ်   to propel, shoot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9847
hloa  သၠဲ   to be broad, wide, extensive in the horizontal plane   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9863
hloik  လှိက်   edible moss   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9857
hloiŋ  သၠိၚ်   to rest, sleep   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9858
hlon  လှောန်   inner pith of young thorny bamboo (tùn həlɛ̀ˀ), inner skin, membrane, pellicle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9856
hlɒm  လှီု   to be faded   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9838
hlɒn  သၠိုန်   kind of tree   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9837
hlɔe  သၠဲု   copper   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9791
hlɔik  သၠိက်   to be torn to bits, broken in pieces   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9845
hlɔŋ  သၠံၚ်   expletive in 'hlɔik hlɔŋ' to be torn to bits, broken in pieces   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9842
hlɔŋ  သၠံၚ်   to blaze up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9841
hlɛm  သၠီ   tragacanth tree, esp. neem, Persian lilac, Melia azedarach L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9802
hlɛŋ  သၠၚ်   to be dazed by a shock, struck with amazement   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9800
hlɜŋ  သၠုၚ်   to be high, tall, in a position of social eminence   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9839
hmaik  မှာ်   to hook, draw towards one with a hook or crook   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9075
hmakah  မှာကး   (lF.)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9061
hman  သၟာန်   to inquire   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9070
hmat  မှာတ်   to ruffle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9069
hmen  မှေန်   tick   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9052
hmoiŋ  သၟီ   member of royal house, king, prince   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9085
hmò  ဇၟူ   to be of great strength   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9098
hmòˀ  ဇၟံ   to be stable, firm   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9099
hmui  မှဲု   to be pliant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9096
hmɔeˀ  မှိ   kind of palm, Caryota sobolifera Wallich   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9050
hmɛp  သၟိပ်   double handful as measure of capacity, as much as can be put in the cupped hands, sometimes reckoned as half a kəreh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9055
hmɜk  မှုက်   measles   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9076
hmɜk  မှုက်   to look through a restricted aperture, peep   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9078
hmɜk  သၟုက်   expletive in 'hman hmɜk' to question   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9080
hna  သၞာ   to fry   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7049
hnai  သၞဲာ   linchpin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7057
hnaik  သၞာ်   double-edged sword forming part of royal regalia   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7059
hnam  သၞာံ   skin, leather   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7056
hnam  သၞာံ   year   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7055
hnap  ဏှာပ်   kind of tree, Kurrimia pulcherrima Wallich   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7052
hnat  သၞာတ်   to bend, pull, back   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7051
hnaˀ  သၞ   enmity, hostility   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7050
hne  သၞေဝ်   rudder, helm, steering-wheel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7019
hneak  သၞေက်   ear-plug, ear-ring   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7035
hneaŋ  သၞေၚ်   wing, feather, fin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7038
hnem  နှီ   weight for use with scales   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7034
hnep  သၞေပ်   hoof   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7032
hneˀ  သၞေအ်   short time   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7023
hnì  ဒၞဳ   pillow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7087
hno  သၞောဝ်   (ruled) line   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7076
hno  သၞောဝ်   bar, bolt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7075
hnoa  သၞေဲာ   omen, portent   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7081
hnoiŋ  သၞိၚ်   rust   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7079
hnok  နှော်   to itch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7077
hnò  သၞောဝ်   hanging banner or streamer, prayer flag, ornamental paper tassel attached to stick and offered at pagoda   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7091
hnòa  ဒၞေဲါ   crest, comb, of bird   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7098
hnòik  သၞိက်   casting-net   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7097
hnòk  ဇၞော်   to be large, great, full-grown, adult, old   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7093
hnòt  နှောတ်   to foment with short applications of bundle of herbs heated in water   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7096
hnɔe  နှဳ   to spill over, be spilt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7018
hnɔh  သၞဟ်   temper of metal   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7063
hnɔŋ  ကၞံၚ်   longitudinal timber supporting floor-joists (wɜ̀n), summer   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7064
hnɛ̀h  ဇၞး   to be victorious   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7089
hnɜk  သၞုက်   monk's bathing-garment   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7061
hoa  သ္ၚေဲယ   to be burnt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:617
hoa  ဟဲ   to cease, die down, be over   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:616
hot  ဟောတ်   to taste bitter   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:615
hòa  သ္ၚေဲယ   to be far, distant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1782
hui  ဟဲု   to mix, associate with   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:634
hum  ဟုံ   loss   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:628
hum  ဟုံ   to suffer loss, to lack   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:629
hup  ဟုပ်   to gather round   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:626
hut  ဟုတ်   to deteriorate, decay, dwindle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:624
hùˀ  ဟွံ   particle of verbal negation   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1783
hwa  သွာ   to be easy, at ease, to improve in health   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10009
hwa  သွာ   waterlily   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10008
hwah  သွး   floating debris, flotsam, driftwood   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10017
hwaiŋ  သွာၚ်   branch of road or river   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10022
hwat  သွာတ်   to shred with a sharp instrument   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10021
hwàik  ဇွာ်   serrations, serrated edge   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10054
hwàik  ဇွာ်   to be serrated   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10055
hweak  သွေက်   to wane   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10006
hwìt  သွိတ်   to chafe gently, stroke   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10047
hwìˀ  ဇွိ   to run one's hand over   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10046
hwoiŋ  သွိၚ်   to wave about, wave one's arms about, gesticulate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10041
hwò  ဇွောဝ်   to flow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10060
hwɔeˀ  သွိ   duckweed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10005
hwɔt  သွတ်   chew, quid   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10034
hwɔt  သွတ်   to be small, immature   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10036
hwɔt  သွတ်   to prepare a chew of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10035
hwɛk  သွက်   to lift, carry, by a handle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10007
hwɛ̀a  ဇွာ   close male friend, particular companion   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10049
hwɛ̀ak  ဇွက်   to purge, to take, administer, purgative   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10053
hwɛ̀ˀ  ဇွ   corpse, carase   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10050
hwɜ̀n  ဇွိုန်   low ridge or wall   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10059
hwɜ̀ˀ  ဇွိုအ်   provisions (for journey), rations   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10056
hwɜ̀ˀ  ဇွောအ်   to be distributed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10058
hɒm  ဟီု   to say, speak   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:553
hɔ klaŋ  ဟဝ်ကၠိုၚ်   great hornbill, Buceros bicornis cavatus Shaw   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:590
 ဟဝ်   lookout platform   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:589
hɔe  သ္ၚဳ   to faint, lose consciousness   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:476
hɔeˀ  သ္ၚိ   house, of wood, bamboo, or thatch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:478
hɔh  သ္ၚဟ်   to be singed, burned, burned down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:594
hɔh  ဟှ်   xpletive in   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:596
hɔm pòm  ဟံဗံ   coriander, Coriandrum sativum L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:611
hɔn pòn  ဟန်ဗန်   sweepings, rubbish   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:610
hɔt  ဟတ်   rotary mechanism with horizontal axis and operated by turning crank, spinning-wheel, cotton gin, windlass of well, sugar-cane crusher   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:602
hɔŋ  ဟံၚ်   to fish up, to save from drowning   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:598
hɔŋsa  ဟံသာ   brahminy duck, esp. the heraldic representation serving as the Mon national emblem   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:600
həa  လအာ   framework covered with leaves, shaped so as to protect head and back from rain   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:655
həah  ထအး   skin affection resulting in loss off pigmentation around pores, accompanied by itching   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:658
həai  ဖအဲာ   to pound up with salt in preparing fish-paste (həròk)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:666
həaiŋ  ထအာၚ်   enclosure round house, compound   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:667
həaiŋ  သ္အာၚ်   (that which is) other   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:668
həap  ဒအာပ်   to yawn   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:665
həbah  ထ္ၜး   to point out, show   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1427
həbah  ထၜး   tong-shaped bamboo clappers used in orchestra   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1426
həbaik  ဒၜါ်   to close   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1437
həbat  ထၜာတ်   to be flat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1434
həbaŋ  ထၜိုၚ်   moat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1433
həbaˀ  ထ္ၜ   to lift, lift up, hold up, to present, offer, to exalt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1423
həbeˀ  ထၜေံ   to be dented   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1415
həbeˀ  ဗၜေံ   goat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1412
həbih  ဂၜိဟ်   to break, break off, break open   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1410
həbo  ဗၜေါဝ်   to gather together, collect   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1456
həboa  လ္ၜဲ   to blink   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1460
həbom  ထ္ၜောံ   to be cylindrical   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1459
həbom  ထၜောံ   log, esp. as quantifier   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1458
həbu  ဗ္ၜူ   to be dizzy, drunk, intoxicate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1462
həbut  ခၜုတ်   species of Zingiberaceae   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1466
həbɒh  ဗၜိုဟ်   foam, froth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1439
həbɒn  ထၜိုန်   to be haughty, offhand   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1445
həbɒp  ဂၜိုပ်   to croak   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1446
həbɒt  ဇၜိုတ်   bhojpatr tree   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1443
həbɒt  ထၜိုတ်   exudation of tree, gum, latex, loose fibre   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1442
həbɔm  ထ္ၜောံ   to place, have, hold, in one's mouth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1455
həbɛŋ  ထၜၚ်   to lift, heave up, lift with an effort   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1420
həbɜ  ဗၜဵု   wild cat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1448
həcam  ဒတံ   eight   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:922
həcaŋ  ဒစိုၚ်   to be restless   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:913
həcaŋ  ဒစိုၚ်   to bow the head, bend, stoop   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:911
həcàiŋ  ဒဇါၚ်   pandanus furcatus Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1859
həcàŋ  သဇိုၚ်   responsibility   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1858
həceh  ဂစှေ်   scale   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:835
həceh  ဂစှေ်   to scale, scrape off   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:836
həcem  ဂစေံ   bird   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:839
həcep  ဂစေပ်   roselle, Hibiscus sabdariffa L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:837
həcit  ဒစိတ်   nine   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:829
həcìm  ဓဇီ   to chop up, mince   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1849
həcìp  ဓဇိပ်   dubba grass, Cynodon (Panicum) dactylon Persoon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1847
həcoa  ခစဲ   species of Laurus   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:952
həcot  ဂစောတ်   to make a repeated labial noise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:951
həcòm  ဗဇမ်   amulet worn as protection against disease   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1873
həcòˀ  ဒဇံ   to sit, sit down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1866
həcù  ဓဇူ   to percolate through, drip   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1876
həcùh  ဗဇုဟ်   to set fighting   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1877
həcùn  ဂဇုန်   to sit, lie, crouch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1878
həcɒm  ဗစီု   dibber used in transplanting rice seedlings   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:936
həcɒt  ဂစိုတ်   to flavour, season   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:933
həcɒˀ  ဂစိုအ်   chebulic myrobalan, Terminalia chebula Retz   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:928
həcɛk  ဂစက်   chinchok, house lizard, Hemidactylus Cuvier   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:898
həcɛ̀ak  ဓ္ဇက်   expletive in 'deak həcɛ̀ak' to be wet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1855
həcɜk  ဓစုက်   splinter   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:939
həcɜ̀h  ဓဇိုဟ်   loofah gourd, Luffa aegyptiaca Miller   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1863
həcɜ̀p  ဒဇိုပ်   dubba grass, Cynodon (Panicum) dactylon Persoon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1865
həda waˀ  ခ္ဍါဝ   kind of shrub, Baliospermum axillare Blume   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1156
hədah  သ္ဍး   to go away, depart, to be separated, at a distance   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1157
hədai  ဖ္ဍဲာ   to prise apart, prise open   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1176
hədaik  ခဍာ်   house crow, Corvus splendens Viellot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1181
hədak  သ္ဍိုက်   to take pleasure in   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1165
hədan  ဗဍာန်   veil, canopy, ceiling cloth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1170
hədaŋ  ထ္ဍိုၚ်   basket with hood, used for teasing out cotton   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1168
həde  ထဍေဝ်   miniature cymbals operated with one hand   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1136
həde  ဖဍေဝ်   to extend, spread, be spread   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1138
hədep  ဖဍေပ်   to pull in   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1140
hədiˀ  ထ္ဍိ   expletive in 'thiˀ hədiˀ' to be complete   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1132
hədiˀ  သဍိ   drongo, Dicrurus   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1127
hədoiŋ  သ္ဍိၚ်   to trip, stub one's toes, stumble   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1243
hədok  ထဍော်   four-toothed sea porcupine, Xenopterus naritus Richardson   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1225
hədon  ဂဍောန်   foot measure, normally reckoned as length of foot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1239
hədon  သဍောန်   to pace out, measure by setting the feet successively heel to toe   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1240
hədop  ဂဍောပ်   to be closed up, folded, to close, fold   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1241
hədot  ဗဍောတ်   to recite   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1238
hədoŋ  ဂဍောၚ်   eggplant, Solanum melongena L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1226
hədut  ထ္ဍုတ်   to tease, joke, play about   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1254
hədɒh  သ္ဍိုဟ်   to strain, filter, sift   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1189
hədɒp  ဖဍိုပ်   to fold over, close   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1194
hədɔ  သ္ဍဝ်   small dugout canoe   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1197
hədɔh  ထ္ဍဟ်   to pull back, out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1203
hədɔik  ခ္ဍေက်   lamp   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1222
hədɔk  ခဍံက်   to spell out, spell aloud   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1206
hədɔm  ခ္ဍံ   to be round   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1220
hədɔn  ဗဍန်   kernel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1217
hədɔŋ  ထဍံၚ်   bathing-garment   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1208
hədɔŋ  ဖဍံၚ်   to be distended   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1209
hədɔˀ  ဖဍံ   to rise under the action of heat, blister   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1201
hədɔˀ  သဍအ်   betel-box, (Siam) small tin or container   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1198
hədɛk  သ္ဍက်   to cough, to have a cough   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1145
hədɛŋ  ခ္ဍၚ်   correlative particle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1153
həeaŋ  ခအေၚ်   to list, be canted over, out of the vertical   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:652
həeh  ခအှေ်=¹+ဂအှေ်=²+ဇအှေ်=¹+ဒအှေ်=²+   particle of emphatic denial   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:647
həeh  ဇအှေ်   to stink, smell unpleasant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:645
həeh  ဒအှေ်   to neigh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:646
həem  ဂအေမ်   to hem, clear the throat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:650
həet  သ္အေတ်   to be parsimonious, niggardly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:648
həi  ဂအဳ   cucumber. həi iˀlɛŋ soap acacia creeper, Acacia concinna de Candolle (syn. 'kəpo, pərop¹')   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:640
həi  ဂအဳ   large mortar for cleaning rice husked in quern (həwùt)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:639
həi  ထအဳ   to snore   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:642
həim  ခအီ   to stink, smell unpleasantly esp. of decay   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:643
həkah  ဒကး   to be broken, get broken, burst, split, crack, to break, break into fragments   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:750
həkam  ဗကာံ   (place-name) Pagan   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:756
həkam  ဗကာံ   kind of waterweed, species of Vallisneria   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:755
həkao  ဂကူ   family, kin, race, nation   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:803
həkao  ဒကဴ   corner   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:802
həkaoˀ  ဇကု   person, body, self   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:807
həkap  ဂကာပ်   indian roller, Coracias benghalensis affinis McClelland   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:754
həkaˀ  ဖက   to be speckled   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:749
həkaˀ  ဗ္က   parched rice or other grain   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:745
həkaˀ  သ္က   to fend off esp. from bank in passing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:748
həkaˀ  သ္က   toothstick, twig or slip of wood for cleaning teeth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:746
həkàk  ဂဂိုက်   water-snake   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1796
həkàt  ဓဂါတ်   to be bare of leaves   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1797
həke  သ္ကေဝ်   to cause to tingle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:730
həkeaŋ  ထကေၚ်   womb   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:739
həket  ဗ္ကေတ်   to be red   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:731
həkèp  ဗ္ဂာပ်   day   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1790
həkèt  ဒဂေတ်   conduct, habits, character   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1786
həkèt  ဒ္ဂေတ်   to observe, comply with, act in accordance with   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1788
həkì  ဓဂဳ   centipede   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1784
həkìt  သ္ဂိတ်   bed-bug, also as term of opprobrium   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1785
həko  ဖကောဝ်   lead   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:791
həko  သ္ကောဝ်   bark of tree, fibrous outer husk of coco-nut   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:792
həkoa  သ္ကဲ   side, vertical face, flank   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:800
həkot  ဖကောတ်   varan, 'iguana'   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:796
həkoŋ  ဒကောၚ်   ear of grain   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:795
həkò  ဗဂေါဝ်   mongoose, Herpestes Illiger   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1811
həkòa  ဗဂဲ   cat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1822
həkòh  သာ်ဂှ်   thus, so   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1813
həkòn  ဂဂန်   to be slender, waisted   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1818
həkòŋ  ဗဂေါၚ်   beam, baulk of wood   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1815
həkòŋ  ဗဂေါၚ်   bulb, corm   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1816
həkròˀ  ဒဂြအ်   species of gourd   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1845
həkrɜ̀m  ဗဂြီု   to pounce on   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1844
həkuh  ဗကှော်   pencil, esp. steatite pencil   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:809
həkuh  သကှော်   to whittle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:812
həkui  ဒကဲု   bloodsucker lizard, Calotes versicolor Daudin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:820
həkùi  ဗ္ဂဲု   to smoulder, smoke, to cause to smoulder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1836
həkùt  ထဂုတ်   quail, Coturnix   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1832
həkùt  ဗဂုတ်   to haggle over, beat down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1834
həkɒ  ဒကဵု   to stir   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:757
həkɒt  ဖကိုတ်   to scare by making a noise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:759
həkɒˀ  ဒကောအ်   cylindrical container of wood or bamboo   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:758
həkɔ  သကဝ်   mat of woven grass   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:768
həkɔh  ဒကှ်   lotus, Nelumbo nucifera Gaertner   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:778
həkɔn  ဒကန်   expletive in 'həkut¹ həkɔn' to be cut in pieces   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:786
həkɔn  ဗ္ကန်   to instruct, issue instructions ('kɒ' to), send a message requiring action   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:784
həkɔp  ဗ္ကပ်   to turn over, overturn, upset, turn upside down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:787
həkɔt  ဒကတ်   to knot, tie a knot in, tie in a knot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:781
həkɔˀ  သ္ကံ   company, companion, herd, chiefly in ɲɛ̀h həkɔˀ each other   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:773
həkɔˀ  သ္ကံ   to be grey-haired, white-haired   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:775
həkɛ̀a  ခဂါ   kind of timber tree, Gardenia coronaria Hamilton   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1791
həkɛ̀h  ဒဂး   to pare, trim down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1795
həkɜ̀  ဓဂဵု   stump   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1800
həkɜ̀  ဓဂဵု   thunder, thunderbolt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1798
həkɜ̀  ဗဂေါ   (place-name) Pegu   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1801
həkɜ̀h  ဗ္ဂိုဟ်   to blow (on, through)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1803
həkɜ̀m  ဘဂီု   green imperial pigeon, Ducula aenea sylvatica Tickell   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1808
həkɜ̀n  ဓဂိုန်   fourth lunar month, roughly corresponding to July, on first waning day of which Lent (wòh) begins   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1805
həkɜ̀n  ဓဂိုန်   to observe, keep, undertake   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1807
həkɜ̀t  ဒဂိုတ်   quail, Coturnix   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1804
həla  ခလှာ   arrowroot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1688
həla  ခလှာ   wheel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1684
həlah  သၠး   to be free, unoccupied, free from obstruction   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1689
həlaik  သၠာ်   to leap, jump   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1709
həlaiŋ  ခလာၚ်   looseness   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1713
həlam  ခလာမ်   cylinder of glutinous rice baked in joint of thorny bamboo   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1708
həlan  ခလာန်   coin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1706
həlao  ခလဴ   to mix in   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1755
həlaoˀ  ခလု   to rinse, wash by dipping in water   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1756
həlat  ထလာတ်   green, piece of open ground in village   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1704
həlat  ထလာတ်   to be bare, bald, shaven   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1705
həlaŋ  သလိုၚ်   to fall into (a cavity)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1701
həlaŋ  သၠိုၚ်   to put on   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1703
həlài  ဓလဲာ   to recline, propped on one's elbow or with the back against a support   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2294
həlài  ဗလဲာ   spring of water   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2292
həlàiŋ  ဒလာၚ်   stone altar in vicinity of pagoda, on which offerings are placed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2298
həlàiŋ  ဒလာၚ်   to scoop up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2300
həlàn  ဂၠါန်   word, saying   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2289
həle  သလေဝ်   to be oblique, out of the straight   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1674
həlèh  ဂလှေ်   to hit backwards with the elbow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2264
həlin  ခလိန်   to be viscid, mucilaginous   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1673
həloa  ခလဲ   three-leaved caper tree, Crataeva roxburghii R. Brown   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1751
həloa  သလဲ   to hold on to for support or guidance   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1754
həlon  ခလောန်   spindle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1745
həlot  ဖလုတ်   to slip, come, off   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1741
həloŋ  သလောၚ်   to be pleased (with), to take pleasure in   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1740
həlò  ဒလဝ်   to cover one's head with, wear on one's head, hold over oneself or another   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2310
həlòiŋ  ဓလိၚ်   to carry between two men on a pole   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2321
həlòk  ဂလံက်   measure of length from shoulder to fingertips of opposite hands when arm is extended sideways   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2312
həlòm  ဒလောံ   kind of creeper, Jasminum pubescens Willdenow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2318
həlòn  ဒလန်   pomegranate, Punica granatum L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2316
həlòn  ဗလန်   to be protuberant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2317
həlùm  ဂလုံ   plant with fibrous stem used in making sleeping-mats, Clinogyne dichotoma Salisbury   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2326
həlɒ  ခလဵု=¹+သာ်လဵု=¹+   calling attention on meeting   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1717
həlɒh  ခလိုဟ်   to be foolish, silly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1720
həlɒˀ  ဂလိုအ်   to stutter, stammer   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1719
həlɒˀ  သလောံ   to be wrinkled   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1718
həlɔeˀ  ဖလှိ   spleen   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1672
həlɔk  ခလံက်   indentation, hollow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1727
həlɔk  ဓလံက်   to be sunken, low-lying   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1729
həlɔp  ခလပ်   to fold, to pleat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1736
həlɛ̀ˀ  ဒမၠ   to rob [person], commit dacoity   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2275
həlɛ̀ˀ  ဓလ   thorn   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2271
həlɜk  ဂလုဉ်   to hide, slip under something   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1721
həlɜk  သလုက်   to make into a paste, mash   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1723
həlɜ̀m  ဂလီု   monitor lizard, Hydrosaurus salvator Laurenti   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2307
həlɜ̀m  ဒလီု   to cover the face, veil oneself (with)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2309
həlɜ̀ŋ  ဒလုၚ်   small variety of eel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2303
həlɜ̀ŋ  ဓလုၚ်   to set up, mount   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2305
həlɜ̀ˀ  ဗၠောံ   to instruct   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2301
həmah  သမး   to be bare, empty, naked, unoccupied, useless   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1515
həmah  သၟး   to resemble   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1517
həmai  ခမဲာ   to lay an egg   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1535
həmai  ခမှဲာ   egg   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1528
həmai  ထၟဲာ   cooking-pot, cauldron   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1522
həmaik  ခၟါ်   gills   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1540
həman  ဓၟါန်   son-in-law   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1519
həmao  သမူ   roll   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1577
həmao  သမူ   to roll, roll together, roll up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1578
həmao  သမှဴ   beak, bill, muzzle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1572
həmàn  ဒမာန်   reason, cause, chiefly in həmàn nù because (of)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2074
həmit  ဂမိတ်   mosquito   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1471
həmìh  ဒမိဟ်   kind of creeper   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2058
həmo  သမောဝ်   mucus of the nose   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1548
həmoiŋ  ထမိၚ်   to wind round, coil round, swathe   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1571
həmok  ဒမှော်   wide hat of palmyra leaf, straw, or similar material, usually conical in shape, worn as protection against sun and rain, Shan hat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1551
həmom  ဗမှောံ   bud   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1566
həmon  သမောန်   rim, edge   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1564
həmot  သမတ်   small black ant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1554
həmot  သၟတ်   to be true, to assert as truth, to promise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1558
həmot  သၟတ်   young creature, child   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1556
həmot  သၟုတ်   portion of food, esp. one offered to kəlok   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1557
həmò  ဇမောဝ်=²+ဇၟောဝ်=²+   chebulic myrobalan, Terminalia chebula Retz, a timber tree from fruit of which a black dye is prepared   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2093
həmò  ဇၟောဝ်   flow, current, flood   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2095
həmù  ဇၟူ   to be of great strength   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2110
həmùh  လၟုဟ်   now   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2111
həmùi  ဂမဲု   sharpened stakes to catch game, set on game-trail or in gap at angle of V-shaped brushwood obstacle against which game are driven   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2112
həmùi  ဗၟဲု   witch, sorceror, afflicting victims with wasting disease and seen at night as will-of-the-wisp   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2113
həmɔe  ဂမှဳ   monk   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1467
həmɔh  သၟဟ်   to be alike, equal   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1542
həmɔn  သမုန်   to be untruthful, tell falsehoods, to be untrue   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1546
həmɔt  ခမတ်   kind of medicinal plant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1545
həmɛk  ထမက်   to snap at   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1474
həmɛp  သၟိပ်   chin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1484
həmɛŋ  သမၚ်   (sides of) jaw   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1476
həmɛŋ  သမၚ်   to be barren, childless   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1479
həmɛ̀a  လၟာ   herdsman   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2060
həmɛ̀ak  ဗမက်   to joke with, banter   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2065
həmɛ̀aŋ  ဓမၚ်   funnel-shaped fish-trap of basketwork, moored to stake so as to swing with tide   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2070
həmɛ̀aŋ  ဓမၚ်   tie-beam joining tops of opposite house-posts (həyàŋ¹) and supporting wallplates (hənaˀ)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2067
həmɛ̀h  ဇၟး   surf   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2063
həmɜk  ထမုက်   to pound in a mortar   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1541
həmɜ̀ŋ həlɛ̀aŋ  ဒမုၚ်ဒလေၚ်   foetus   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2089
həmɜ̀ŋ  ဓမုၚ်   bellows   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2080
hənah  သၞး   substitute, deputy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1298
hənai  ခၞဲါ   horse-radish   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1307
hənaiŋ  ခနာၚ်   to fork, branch out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1309
hənan  သၞာန်   [Fire] to spread   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1303
hənat  ဖၞာတ်   sweetness, sweet thing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1301
hənaˀ  သန   timber supporting ends of rafters, wallplate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1290
hənaˀ  သၞ   earth lizard   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1296
hənaˀ  သၞ   flame   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1291
hənài  ဒၞဲါ   place, locality   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1986
həne  သၞေဝ်   green vegetables   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1262
həneaŋ  ဂၞေၚ်   kind of tree, Inga (Mimosa) dulcis Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1279
həneh  ဓနှေ်   heel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1268
hənem  သၞေံ   nail, claw   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1275
hənen  သၞေန်   to adhere, be attached   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1272
hənet  ခနေတ်   to be ready for use, available, at call   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1271
hənèˀ  ဓနေံ   creeper with large disk-shaped seeds, Entada scandens Bentam   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1958
hənì  ဓနဳ   large timber tree, Lagerstroemia flos-reginae Retz   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1949
hənì  ဗနဳ   to have the lower half covered, to cover the lower half of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1953
hənì  ဗၞဳ   equator, circumference, circle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1951
hənoik  ထၞိက်   powder, dust   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1327
hənoik  ထၞိက်   to kick   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1330
hənoiŋ  ခနှိၚ်   bell   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1332
hənoiŋ  သၞိၚ်   shadow, shad   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1333
hənon  ထမၞန်   digest, epitome   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1324
hənon  သၞန်   fish-hook, angle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1325
hənòa  ဗၞဲ   zinziber barbatum Wallich   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2013
hənòik  ဗၞိက်   trade, trade goods, merchandise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2010
hənòp  ဂနပ်   desire   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2007
hənòp  ဂၞပ်   to desire, to like   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2009
hənòp  ဒနပ်   sandal, shoe, boot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2001
hənòt  ဗနောတ်   awl   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1994
hənuh  ထၞဟ်   drop, small quantity of fluid   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1337
hənuh  ထၞဟ်   to drip   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1338
hənɔm  ခၞံ   noodles   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1318
hənɔp  ခၞပ်   sheath, scabbard   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1317
hənɔt  ခနတ်   to taper, to converge   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1316
hənɛk  ထၞက်   to elbow, strike with the elbow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1280
hənɛm  ထၞီ   to fall ill through supernatural agency   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1282
hənɛn  ဗဏိန်   to insert, carry, in one's waistband   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1281
hənɛ̀a  လၞာ   to hinder, obstruct, prevent the passage of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1963
hənɛ̀aŋ  ခနၚ်   humming-moth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1983
hənɛ̀h  ဇၞး   to be victorious   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1976
hənɛ̀h  ဗမၞး   brahmin, member of class of astrologers of Indian descent   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1973
hənɜk  ခနုက်   slotted log struck with club as summons in monasteries, slit-drum   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1310
hənɜŋ  ခနုၚ်   slit-drum   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1312
hənɜŋ  ဖနုၚ်   saltness   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1313
həoik  သမ္အိက်   to sob voicelessly, sigh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:698
həot  ဖအောတ်   to grill lightly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:695
həpa  သပါ   flat surface, back [of hand, foot]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1354
həpa  သပါ   to see imperfectly, to be dazzled, to be dimly lit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1355
həpao  ခပူ   auger   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1404
həpao  သပူ   to apply pressure with a rotary motion, screw, bore   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1406
həpaŋ  သ္ပိုၚ်   monk's lower garment, a broad waistcloth worn with the upper portion rolled down over the girdle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1360
həpài  ခဗဲာ   head-rope, halter   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2035
həpàiŋ  ဗဗာၚ်   vessel fashioned from plantain stalk, in which offerings are placed, particularly to avert disease   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2036
həpàk  ထဗိုက်   fine powder or dust   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2028
həpàn  ခဗာန်   skirting-board round outside of house at floor level   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2032
həpàn  သဗာန်   paved or made road, highway   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2033
həpàt  ခဗာတ်   belt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2031
həpàŋ  ဂဗိုၚ်   kind of tree, Pistacia coccinea Collins and Hemslow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2029
həpàŋ  ဓဗိုၚ်   to fell   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2030
həpe  ဗပေဝ်   matting   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1343
həpea  ခပေဲ   hat, cap   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1345
həpeaŋ  ခပေၚ်   sweetmeat of glutinous rice and sessamum   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1349
həpeaŋ  ဗပေၚ်   indian coral tree, Erythrina indica Lamarck   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1347
həpip  ခပိပ်   to emit a high-pitched whine   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1342
həpìˀ  ဂဗိ   pangolin or scaly anteater, Manis javanica Desmarest   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2016
həplùˀ  ဇဗၠူ   betel leaf, areca nut wrapped in leaf of Piper betle for chewing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2057
həpoa  ခပေဲါ   species of Ficus   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1403
həpoa  သပေဲါ   nest   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1402
həpoi  ထပဲို   buddhist novice   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1401
həpòk  လ္ဗံက်   dining-table with short legs, round which diners sit on mats   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2047
həpòt  ဗဗတ်   to bump into, strike against, rub against   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2050
həpraoˀ  ခပြု   water dillenia tree, D. indica. L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1409
həpràk  ဓဗြိုက်   to grow in clusters or tufts   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2053
həprùi  ထဗြဲု   expletive in 'həpràk həprùi' to have unkempt hair   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2056
həpùi  ဂဗဲု   kind of timber tree with bark used in tanning, as source of fiber, and as remedy for snakebite, Careya arborea Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2052
həpɒ  ဂပဵု   lime, slaked lime   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1366
həpɒ  ဒပဵု   animal horn fitted with reed and sounding note of fixed pitch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1367
həpɒt  ခပိုတ်   to twitch, to thrash about, flounder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1374
həpɒt  ဇပိုတ်   bhojpatr tree   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1369
həpɒt  ဗပိုတ်   notebook, esp. one consisting of a continuous folded sheet, in which magical and other formulas are recorded   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1368
həpɔ  ဗပဝ်   to go round, make a detour   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1377
həpɔ  လဖဝ်   to let down, put down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1382
həpɔe  သ္ပဳ   pumpkin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1339
həpɔh  ထပှ်   seven   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1385
həpɔh  လဖှ်   to pick up, pick out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1387
həpɛk  ဒပက်   to force in, poke, stabe, gore, stoke   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1352
həpɛ̀ak  ဗဗက်   to hurry   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2024
həpɛ̀aŋ  ဗဗေၚ်   almsbowl, iron bowl carried by monk on daily almsround, in which offerings of rice are placed by the laity   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2026
həpɛ̀h  ဂဗး   to slap, strike with the flat of the hand   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2023
həpɛ̀ˀ  ထဗ   (siam) wooden tray on which curry bowls are laid out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2017
həpɛ̀ˀ  ဓဗ   to meet, encounter, come upon, come to, to meet the case   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2018
həpɜ̀h  ဗဗိုဟ်   dust, powder, earth thrown up by animal in digging hole, spoil   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2038
həpɜ̀h  ဗဗိုဟ်   to powder, sprinkle powder on   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2039
həpɜ̀ŋ  ဗဗုၚ်   lychee   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2040
həra  သရာ   trumpet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1608
hərai  သရဲာ   class of spirits living in ground and causing disease   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1628
hərai  သရဲာ   wild beast   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1627
hərak  ခရိုက်   hollow, depression   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1612
hərak  လရိုက်   to shake   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1613
həram  ဖရာံ   dust, powder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1623
hərao  ခရု   kind of creeper, male Olax scandens Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1667
hərap  ခရာပ်   bamboo clappers used in orchestra   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1622
hərap  ဖရာပ်   pigeon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1621
həràiŋ  ဂရာၚ်   to be unsteady, to sway, rock   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2202
həràk  ဂရိုက်   to ride, drive, steer, in a race   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2196
hərea  ဓရေဲ   small bell, bicycle bell   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1592
həreaŋ  သြေၚ်   cloth sling suspended from ceiling, used as cradle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1593
hərèm  ဓရာံ   large cylindrical storage bin for grain, of wickerwork plastered with mud   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2173
hərì  ဓရဳ   large jar in which water is stored for domestic use   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2163
hərì  ဗရဳ   requisite   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2166
həroa  ဗရဲ   to pour out gradually, to lustrate, to sprinkle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1665
hərok  ဖရော်   kind of round-stemmed grass used for mats   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1662
hərok  ဖရော်   swelling of the extremities   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1661
hərot  ဖရောတ်   kind of bee nesting in hollow trees   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1663
həròh  ဒရှ်   spurs of cock   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2232
həròiŋ  ဓမြိုၚ်   to rumble   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2242
hərùi  ဓရဲု   pine, Pinus merkusii Jungholtz   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2248
hərùi  ဗရဲု   to fall in, spatter with, drops   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2249
hərùˀ  ဂရု   caution, care, heed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2246
hərɒ  သရဵု   mucus   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1632
hərɒm  သြဳု   mud   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1639
hərɔe  ဖရဳ   to separate out, shake out, winnow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1586
hərɔeˀ  ခရိ   the vowel sign {ဣ}   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1588
hərɔk  ဖြံက်   pressed salted fish usually made into a paste, ngapi   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1643
hərɔn  သရန်   to smart, sting   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1654
hərɔt  ခရတ်   annular ridges on horns of buffalo   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1652
hərɔt  သရတ်   to pull tight, to close by a string   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1653
hərɔŋ hərao  ခရံၚ်ခရဴ   to be flustered   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1651
hərɛp  ပြိပ်   wink   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1604
hərɛp  ဖရိပ်   to wink   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1606
hərɛt  သရိတ်   expense, expenditure on a particular object   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1600
hərɛ̀a  ဓရာ   to spin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2179
hərɛ̀ak  ဒရက်   to (be in a) hurry, to cause to hurry   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2190
hərɛ̀aŋ  ဂရၚ်   to beg   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2193
hərɛ̀ˀ  ဓရ   earthenware bowl or basin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2180
hərɛ̀ˀ  ဗရ   to carry over the shoulder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2184
hərɛ̀ˀwəta  ဓရဝတာ   kinds of gourd, Alsomitra (Zanonia) sarcophylla Wallich and Zanonia zehneria Endlicher   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2186
hərɜŋ  သြုၚ်   to step over   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1640
hərɜ̀h  ဒရိုဟ်   to push   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2210
hərɜ̀m  ဒမြီု   marsh, marshy banks of stream   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2225
hərɜ̀m  ဓရီု   to assemble, come together   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2226
hərɜ̀t  ဗမြိုတ်   bronze, brass   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2220
həta  ဂတာ   underpart, bottom   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:994
hətah  ဂတး   to burst, explode   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1010
hətah  ထတး   to reverse, turn about, turn upside down, to turn around, be reversed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1002
hətai  ဗတဲာ   hare   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1016
hətaiŋ  ဗ္တာၚ်   to be white (chiefly of natural species and minerals)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1017
hətak  သ္တိုက်   cluster, bunch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1011
hətam  ဂတာံ   crab   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1015
hətao  ဂမ္တဴ   to heat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1107
hətao  ဒတူ   skin eruption endemic in cold weather   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1103
hətaoˀ  ဂိတု   moon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1110
hətaˀ  ဂတ   space in front, future time   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:999
hətaˀ  ဂတ   to turn [face] towards   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1001
hətaˀ  ဗတ   tail of animal or reptile   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:998
həte pah  ဂတေပး   velvet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:973
həte  ဂတေဝ်   to lament   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:971
həteak  ဂတေက်   mallet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:977
hətoa  ခတဲ   to put forth fruit buds, knit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1100
hətoa  ဒတဲ   to twist fibres ito single-strand rope   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1102
hətoa  သတေဲာ   developing fruit bud   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1099
hətom  ဖတုံ   to fall, fall down, to knock down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1087
həton  ခတောန်   expletive in 'hətot həton' to be wrinkled   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1086
həton  ဗ္တောန်   to learn, to teach   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1082
hətot  သတောတ်   to be wrinkled   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1078
hətòm  ဂဒံ   (rare) room   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1940
hətòn  ဒဒန်   bridge, jetty, wharf built on piles over water   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1932
hətòn  ဗ္ဒန်   to conceal oneself, hide behind something, disappear, to hide, block the view of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1935
hətòt  ခဒတ်   small tree wood of which, chopped fine, is mixed with tobacco in certain kinds of cheroot, Ficus hispida L. f   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1930
hətòˀ  ကဒအ်   funnel, tunnel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1923
hətù kəta  ဖဒူလတာ   kind of medicinal plant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1945
hətùt  ခဲါဒုတ်   leper   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1947
hətùˀ  ဓဒု   to bang on, to stamp   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1946
hətɒ  ဂတဵု   board, plank   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1018
hətɒ  ဂတဵု   to provide, supply   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1030
hətɒh  ဗတိုဟ်   to suppurate, fester, to burst, break out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1033
hətɔ  ဂတဝ်   to float   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1054
hətɔ  ဇတဝ်   to shiver, tremble, quake   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1051
hətɔ  ဗတဝ်   swarm   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1050
hətɔe  ဗ္တဳ   sand   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:967
hətɔh  ဂတှ်   debt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1056
hətɔh  ဒတှ်   fish-trap constructed by damming section of ditch or small creek and baling out water, so that fish leaping dam are stranded   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1058
hətɔik  ခတောက်   to saw   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1075
hətɔik  သတေက်   saw   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1071
hətɔm  ဗ္တံ   night, nighttime   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1069
hətɔn  ခတန်   to be barren   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1064
hətɔn  ဂတန်   kind of gourd, Cephalandra (Bryonia) grandis L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1062
hətɔn  ဗတုန်   go-between, marriage broker   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1063
hətɔp  ဂတပ်   grasshopper   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1065
hətɔt  ခတတ်   sand lizard, Liolepis guttatus Cuvier   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1059
hətɛk  ဂမ္တက်   miser   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:978
hətɛk  ဂမ္တက်   to be miserly, parsimonious, niggardly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:979
hətɛk  ဗ္တက်   to tumble, turn a somersault   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:980
hətɛŋ  ခတၚ်   kind of flowering plant, Spilanthes acmella L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:987
hətɛŋ  ဗတၚ်   window   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:984
hətɛ̀aŋ krì  သဒၚ်ဂြဳ   deputy superior of monastery   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1905
hətɛ̀aŋ  ဗဒၚ်   (wall or partition of) twilled texture made from bamboo strips   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1901
hətɜ̀  ခဒဵု   to smoke, kipper   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1909
hətɜ̀  ဂဒဵု   musk, civet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1908
hətɜ̀k  ဂဒုက်   hut, shelter for watchman to sleep in on threshing-floor   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1914
hətɜ̀ŋ  ဓဒုၚ်   promontory   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1916
hətɜ̀ˀ  ဂဒိုအ်   ferry   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1910
həu  ခအူ   female Olax scandens Roxburgh, climbing plant with bark used as febrifuge   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:699
həuh  ဓအုဟ်   to be raised in the centre, to be heaped up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:702
həui  ဂအဲု   vegetable substance dried or otherwise prepared for medical or other use, medicine, tobacco   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:709
həum  ဖအုံ   to pile up, heap up, stack, to collect together   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:707
həum  ဗအုံ   heap, pile   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:706
həuˀ  ဒဥ   to make a concerted noise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:700
həwa  ခဝါ   (siam) administrative district, ampho'   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1764
həwai  ထဝဲါ   to sit cross-legged   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1772
həwai  ထွဲာ   lap   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1770
həwao  ဖဝူ   term of address and reference-in-address used by women to brothers and familiar male acquaintances   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1778
həwài  ဓဝဲါ   (place-name) Tavoy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2345
həwàk  ဂဝိုက်   to wave, wag, shake, worry   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2339
həwàk  ဗွိုက်   to put on [lower garments]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2337
həwe mù  həwe မူ   the vowel sign {ေ}   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1759
həweaŋ  ခဝေၚ်   to skim, throw discuswise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1760
həwoa  ခဝေဲါ   kind of gourd, Luffa (Cucumis) acutangula L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1775
həwoa  သဝဲ   to turn round an axis, to wave   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1776
həwùi  လွဲု   to shake, sway, to cause to sway, swing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2361
həwɔ  သွဝ်   to be blown away   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1773
həwɛ̀aŋ  ဂဝေၚ်   to propel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2333
həwɛ̀h  ဂဝး   hibiscus esculentus L., cultivated for its edible pods   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2331
həya  သျာ   urine   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1581
həyaˀ  ခယျ   to guess   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1583
həyàik  ဒယာ်   yellow varnish tree, Garcinia cowa Roxburgh, yielding gamboge   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2140
həyàiŋ  ဂယာၚ်   wood-oil tree, Dipterocarpus turbinatus Gaertner f   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2141
həyàŋ  ဒယိုၚ်   post, pillar   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2120
həyàŋ  ဒယိုၚ်   spouse   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2131
həyàŋ  ဒယိုၚ်   weight   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2133
həyàŋ  ဖယိုၚ်   to be dark brown   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2138
həyèh  ဒယှေ်   to sing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2115
həyèp  ဗယာပ်   to flap, flutter   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2116
həyiˀ  ဂယိ   to run on [the head], anoint with   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1580
həyòh  ဓယှ်   to be well known   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2155
həyut  ခယုတ်   lever used to spread hull of dug-out during construction   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1585
həyù  ဓယူ   eaves, area under eaves or overhanging roof of house, verandah   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2158
həyɜ̀h  ဇယိုဟ်   to deepen   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2149
həyɜ̀h  လျောဟ်   depth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2148
həyɜ̀m  ဓယီု   to flourish with a wrist movement, weigh in the hand, move up and down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2151
həyɜ̀n  ဓယိုန်   to carry on the shoulder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2150
həɒn  ဒအိုန်   to be nauseated through satiety, glutted, to dislike, have a distaste for   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:675
həɒt  ဇအိုတ်   to be revolted, nauseated   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:674
həɒˀ  ဒအိုအ်   to belch, eructate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:671
həɒˀ  ဖအိုအ်   rafter   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:670
həɔh  ဂအှ်   daughter-in-law   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:683
həɔh  ထအှော်   to sneeze   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:686
həɔk  ဖအံက်   (place-name) Pa-auk   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:687
həɔt  ဂအတ်   to roar, rumble   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:691
həɔŋ  ပ္အံၚ်   to hold the breath   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:688
həɛŋ  ဖအၚ်   (place-name) Pa-an   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:653
həɛŋ  ဖအၚ်   to expose to the warmth of a fire, to toast   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:654
həɲao  ခညှု   to penetrate in coition   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:966
həɲon  ဓညောန်   to snarl, to emit a low sustained growl or purr   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:965
həɲot  ထညောတ်   to be deeply wrinkled, furrowed, flabby   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:964
həɲò  စညဝ်   chaste tree, Vitex trifolia. L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1883
həɲòik  ဓညိက်   to bend forward, nod   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1885
həɲòk  ဓညံက်   to bend forward, nod   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1884
həɲɒˀ  ခညောအ်   to be wrinkled   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:962
həɲɔik  ခညေက်   to ruck up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:963
həɲɛk  ထညက်   to snap at, to reprove abruptly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:958
həɲɛ̀ˀ  ဓည   to respect, revere, fear   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1879
hɛt  ဟိတ်   to be quiet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:535
hɛŋ  ဟၚ်   large cylindrical storage bin of wickerwork plastered with mud   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:530
hɛŋ  ဟၚ်   timbers supporting hull of boat under construction, stocks   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:533
 ဟဵု   (women) to put on, wear [waistcloth]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:585
hɜŋ hɜŋ  ဟုၚ်ၚ်   adverbial descriptive of sound of gong   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:587
hɜŋ  ဟုၚ်   to ride up and down over waves, pitch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:586
hɲɔh hɲɔh  ညှဟ်ဟ်   adverbial describing nasal speech   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5639
i  အဳ   hog-plum, Spondias mangifera Willdenow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:1
innəsɔe  ဣန္နသဳ   saltpetre, nitre   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:30
    (always followed by 'raˀ') perfect particle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5
iˀci  ဣစဳ   parent's younger sister   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:11
iˀkòh  ဣဂှ်   that, esp. in reference to subject of discourse mooted but not physically present   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:360
iˀnài  ဣနဲာ   parent's elder sister   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:364
ka  ကာ   tea-pot, tea-kettle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2414
kah  ကး   to scrape off, up, to shave   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2481
kai kənai  ကဲာတဏဲာ   to be destitute   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2501
kak  ကိုက်   to be humpbacked, bent   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2483
kam  ကာံ   chaff, husks of paddy, bran   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2497
kan  ကာန်   flax   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2491
kan  ကာန်   to keep close together   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2493
kao  ကဴ   to flower, blossom   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2723
kao  ပ္ကဴ   flower   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2691
kaowao  ကဴဝဴ   koel, black cuckoo, Eudynamys scolopaceus malayana Cabanis and Heine   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2724
kap ke, kap kai  kap ကေဝ်, kap ကဲာ   tuctoo lizard, Gecko guttatus Daudin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2495
kat  သ္ကာတ်   to be strong, harsh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2490
kaŋ  ကိုၚ်   ribs of boat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2485
kaŋ  ကိုၚ်   to be arched, bent   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2486
kaˀ  က   fish   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2432
kaˀ  က   short prop, fulcrum   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2477
kài  ဂဲါ   to slant, go out of the straight   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4038
kàn  ဂါန်   to bar (with), to put up a barrier   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4037
kàt  ဂါတ်   expletive in 'wàt kàt' to be very difficult   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4036
kàŋ  ဂိုၚ်   to grasp, to keep, to take, take away, put away   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4023
kàŋ  ဂိုၚ်   to row   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4033
ke  ကေ   to be clear, transparent   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2377
ke  သ္ကေဝ်   to weigh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2374
keak  သကေက်   to be sharp, pointed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2404
keaŋ  ကေၚ်   manner, customary way of doing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2406
keaŋ  ကေၚ်   to have had occasion to, to happen to   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2407
keh  ကေဟ်   hortatory particle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2382
keh  ကေဟ်   to write with a stylus on palm-leaf   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2381
kem  သ္ကေံ   girth of forearm   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2397
kem  သ္ကေံ   to grasp in the hand   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2400
kep  သ္ကေပ်   to grasp with the claws, to take between finger and thumb, to pinch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2396
ket  ကေတ်   to take, fetch, obtain, to wish to have, want   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2385
ket  ကေတ်   to walk, go, round   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2388
keˀ  ကေအ်   exclamatory nominalizing particle with intensive force   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2380
kèm  ဂါံ   pace   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4006
kèm  ဂါံ   to step   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4007
kèp  ဂါပ်   fork of tree   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4002
kèp  ဂါပ်   to be forked   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4004
kèt  ဂေတ်   to turn, rotate, revolve   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4000
kha  ခါ   spinach   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4554
khai  ခဲါ   to dig (up, out)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4580
khaik  ခါ်   to hawk, clear the throat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4581
kham pòm  ခါံဗောမ်   coriander, Coriandrum sativum L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4578
khamsɔe  ဂမျှဳ   parent-in-law   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4579
khan  ခါဏ်   stack of sheaves ready for threshing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4569
khat  ခါတ်   to kilt up, by passing hem between legs and tucking in behind   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4566
khep  ခေပ်   to cut with scissors, to get cut   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4548
kheˀ  ခေံ   to limp, go lame   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4545
khlɔˀ  ခၠံ   to warp, be warped   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4673
khrɛk  ခြက်   to be hard, rigid   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4638
khut  ခုတ်   to name, bestow a name on   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4636
khutsəra  ခုဿရာ   yellow tourmaline   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4637
khɒh  ခိုဟ်   to be good, auspicious   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4588
khɒˀ  ခိုအ်   to prop up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4587
khɔ  ခဝ်   small cup in which offerings to tèwətao are placed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4610
khɔk  ခံက်   compartment of ricefield demarcated by bunds (càŋ¹ nɛ̀aŋ¹)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4611
khɔm  ခံ   small basket for offerings to spirits   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4621
khɔn  ခန်   to be muddy, dirty, turbid, viscous, thick   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4620
khɔt  ခတ်   cowry   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4616
khɔt  ခတ်   to dry, harden   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4618
khɔŋ  ခံၚ်   to excel, succeed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4615
khəretsəmat  ခရေတ်သမာတ်   christmas   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4680
khɛk  ခက်   to catch on, snag, stick, stick in mud   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4549
khɜk khɜk  ခုက်က်   adverbial describing coughing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4595
ki  ကဳ   to bark (at)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2363
kit  သ္ကိတ်   to bite   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2369
kìˀ  ဂိ   to ache, hurt, be painful, to cause to ache   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3996
kla  ကၠာ   time before   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2926
klah klah  ကၠးကၠး   intensifier with neg. statements   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2942
klah  ကၠး   to be distinct, clear, elegant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2938
klai  ကၠဲာ   forest clearing after first year   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2951
klai  ကၠဲာ   to translate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2953
klaik  ကၠာ်   wedge   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2955
klaiŋ  ကၠာၚ်   large water-jar with wide neck   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2956
klak  ကၠိုက်   to be dun-coloured, dirty, dusty   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2943
klan  ကၠာန်   to lick, taste   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2950
klao  ကၠဴ   flower of palmyra or toddy palm (ta)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3046
klao  ကၠဴ   large species of tortoise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3047
klao  ကၠဴ   to be dumb   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3048
klaoˀ  ကၠု   to be dark in colour   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3049
klat  ကၠာတ်   to be tame   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2948
klat  ကၠာတ်   to spit out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2949
klaŋ  ကၠိုၚ်   to bore   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2945
klaˀ  ကၠ   tiger   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2929
klài  ဂၠဲါ   to look for, search for, seek   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4267
klàk  ဂၠိုက်   to emit smoke, to be overcome by smoke, stifled   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4254
klàn  ဂၠါန်   to be restless, fidget, make aimless movements   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4266
klàŋ  ဂၠိုၚ်   to be much, many, numerous   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4262
kleaŋ  ကၠေၚ်   sweet lime   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2910
kleaŋ  ကၠေၚ်   to bind (together)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2912
kleh  ကၠေဟ်   to wear over one's shoulder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2903
klet  ကၠေတ်   to be close together   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2907
klet  ကၠေတ်   to be glutinous, sticky, adhesive   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2908
kleˀ  ကၠေံ   to be lost, mislaid, out of sight   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2896
klèh  ဂၠေဟ်   to carve up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4234
klèm  ဂၠါံ   to feel, test   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4236
klèt  ဂၠေတ်   expletive in 'bet klèt' to be crowded   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4235
klèˀ  ဂၠေံ   to be short   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4228
klèˀ  ဂၠေံ   to take part in a loan transaction, borrow, lend   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4230
klìn  ဂၠိန်   to rub one's body against   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4219
klìˀ  ဒၠိ   to be firm, immovable, abiding   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4217
klo  ကၠောဝ်   to suffer extreme hunger, to be starving   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3032
kloa  ကၠဲ   wild yam, Dioscorea daemonum Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3045
kloik  ကၠိက်   pig   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3041
klon  ကၠောန်   to make, fabricate, work, cultivate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3035
kloŋ  ကၠောၚ်   large timber tree with rough bark used as remedy for diarrhoea, Terminalia tomentosa Wight and Arnott   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3034
klò  ဂၠဝ်   to lie on one's back   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4294
klòa  ဂၠေဲါ   to stand, move, in a group   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4333
klòh  ဂၠဟ်   to lever up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4295
klòik  ဒၠိက်   man's waistcloth, longyi, puhso   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4327
klòiŋ  ဒၠိၚ်   to be long   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4330
klòk  ဂၠံက်   to take out with the hand, scoop out, up, to insert one's hand   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4296
klòm  ဂၠံ   (chiefly in specialized senses) inner room or chamber   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4321
klòn  ဂၠေါန်   crest, tuft   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4314
klòn  ဂၠေါန်   provision of public utility, such as road, well, or zayat, undertaken to acquire merit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4317
klòn  ဂၠေါန်   to stoop in going through a low passage   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4318
klòt  ဂၠတ်   to carve, chisel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4312
klòŋ  ဂၠေါၚ်   to thrust with a pole, to pierce   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4311
klòŋ  ဂၠံၚ်   road, track, way, direction   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4300
klùi  ဂၠဲု   prisoner of war   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4342
klùi  ဂၠဲု   to take prisoner   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4343
klùˀ  ဂၠု   first-born, chiefly in foll. phr   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4335
klùˀ  ဂၠု   to be dark   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4339
klɒh  ကၠိုဟ်   (with measures of time) entirety   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2967
klɒh  ကၠိုဟ်   to be penetrated, pierced, to penetrate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2968
klɒm  ကၠဳု   to be dense   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2973
klɒˀ  ကၠောံ   to cross   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2960
klɔeˀ  ကၠိ   to be muddy, soiled with mud   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2889
klɔh  ကၠဟ်   expletive in 'pòh klɔh' to recollect   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2995
klɔh  ကၠဟ်   to throw, throw with force, at, away, to abandon, forsake   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2994
klɔik  ကၠေက်   to rub [one's eyes]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3017
klɔiŋ  ကၠေၚ်   to be oily, fatty   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3031
klɔiŋ  တၠောၚ်   oil, fat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3018
klɔm  ကၠံ   hundred   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3014
klɔm  ကၠံ   land leech   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3016
klɔn  ကၠန်   python   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3011
klɔp  ကၠပ်   to eat [salad leaves] dipped in sauce   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3013
klɔt  ကၠတ်   raised central part of building surrounded by lower structures, ornamental roof of monastery or palace   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3004
klɔt  ကၠတ်   to steal   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3007
klɔt  ကၠုတ်   to germinate, sprout   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3009
klɔŋ  ကၠံၚ်   to ring out, resound   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2999
klɔˀ  ကၠံ   garden esp. market garden, on open unirrigated land, plantation   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2987
klɛk  ကၠက်   to be filled in, closed, blind   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2915
klɛm  ကၠဳ   tree yielding light wood used for boxes, Sterculia villosa Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2925
klɛŋ hak  ကၠၚ်ဟိုက်   common owl   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2923
klɛŋ  ကၠၚ်   side of polygon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2919
klɛŋ  ကၠၚ်   time recently elapsed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2918
klɛŋ  ကၠၚ်   to be orphaned   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2922
klɛ̀a  ဒၠဴ   ox   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4239
klɛ̀ak  ဂၠက်   to stick   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4249
klɛ̀aŋ  ဂၠေၚ်   to carry on, in baskets slung from, a yoke   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4251
klɛ̀aŋ  ဂၠၚ်   expletive in 'klàŋ klɛ̀aŋ' to be numerous   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4253
klɛ̀h  ဒၠး   expanse, broad flat surface   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4248
klɛ̀ˀ  ဂၠ   to lie on one's back   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4247
klɛ̀ˀ  ဂၠ   to put, place   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4246
klɜ  ကၠဵု   dog   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2975
klɜŋ  ကၠုၚ်   to come   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2980
klɜ̀k  ဂၠုက်   to duck, walk crouched   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4279
klɜ̀n  ဂၠိုန်   long deep pool   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4292
klɜ̀n  ဂၠိုန်   to hold water   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4293
klɜ̀ŋ  ဂၠုၚ်   canoe, small boat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4281
kok  ကော်   to call, name, summon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2611
kom  ကောံ   company, assembly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2675
kom  ကောံ   to assemble, come together, be close together   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2677
kon  ကွေန်   child, offspring, young person, young of animals   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2618
kò  ဂေါဝ်   to be handsome, comely   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4064
kòh  ဂှ်   particle marking nn. and nominal phr., esp. in initial prominence position, and occasionally complete sents   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4071
kòik  ဂေက်   to pull violently   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4093
kòiŋ  ဂေၚ်   to go from place to place, go around the countryside   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4094
kòk kɛ̀a  ဂံက်ဂါ   kingfisher   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4082
kòk  ဂေါ်   kiln   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4076
kòk  ဂံက်   to be crooked, lame   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4078
kòk  ဂံက်   to feel cold, to shiver, to be cold to the touch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4080
kòn  ဂန်   to be original, primal   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4088
kòp  ဂပ်   to suffice   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4090
kòt  ဂတ်   to knot, tie   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4085
kòŋ  ဂံၚ်   to be brave, bold, daring, presumptuous   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4084
kra  ကြာ   tripod, derrick, from which winnowing sieve (kənai) is suspended   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2784
kra  တြာ   seal, stamp   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2785
krai  တြဲာ   bilingual Pali-vernacular text   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2806
kraiŋ  ကြာၚ်   to file (down)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2809
krak  ဂြိုက်   to suit, be suitable   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2788
kran  ကြာန်   to be gnarled, twisted, cross-grained, knotty, tangled   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2804
krao  ကြဴ   arum   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2871
krao  ကြဴ   to rinse out, wash, to wash oneself   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2876
krao  တြဴ   to be subsequent   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2875
kraoh  တြုံ   man, male, husband, chiefly as final element in noun phrase, denoting sex of persons   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2883
krap  ကြာပ်   to press between two surfaces, press together   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2805
krat  ကြာတ်   species or variety of cotton tree, Bombax L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2798
krat  ကြာတ်   to wash by pouring water over, to swill   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2799
kraŋ  ကြိုၚ်   shed for domestic animals   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2793
kraŋ  ကြိုၚ်   to store, to shut up, imprison   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2794
kraŋ  တြိုၚ်   to wander about   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2795
kraˀ  ကြ   expletive in 'krɔm kraˀ' to behave lawlessly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2787
krài  ဒြဲာ   hog deer, Axis porcinus   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4146
kràiŋ  ဂြာၚ်   level plot of ground, threshing-floor in house compound   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4148
kràk  ဒြိုက်   final in v. phr., to do to excess   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4143
kràk  ဒြိုက်   to fit, fit close   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4140
kràk  ဒြိုက်   to low   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4142
kràk  ဒြိုက်   to sift   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4141
kràt  ဒြါတ်   to sow broadcast   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4145
kràŋ  ဂြိုၚ်   to laugh (at)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4144
krea  ကြေဲ   sarus crane, Grus antigone sharpei Blanford   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2763
kreaŋ  ကြေၚ်   eugenia tree   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2764
kreh  ကြေဟ်   pebble, gravel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2759
kren  ကြေန်   to be of small diameter, thin, slender, worn down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2761
krep  ကြေပ်   to be interposed between two surfaces, jammed, cramped   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2762
kret  ကြေတ်   to creak   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2760
krèh  ဂြေဟ်   expletive in 'krùi krèh' to be emaciated   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4113
krèm  ဂြာံ   to erect [barrier, trellis-work] across, along side of, road   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4116
krìp  ဒြေပ်   to run, run away (from)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4107
kro  ကြောဝ်   expletive in 'krɛŋ kro' to wander   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2859
kroa  တြဲ   to be excellent   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2870
kron  ကြောန်   species of lizard with wide dark brown stripe along side   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2862
krop krop  ကြောပ် ကြောပ်   with a crackling sound   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2867
krot  ကြောတ်   cylindrical box with lid   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2861
krot  ကြောတ်   oak, Quercus L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2860
krò  ဒြဝ်   violin, fiddle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4170
kròa  ဂြဲ   to pull, tow, to lead, conduct   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4202
kròh  ဒြဟ်   to growl, grumble   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4176
kròiŋ  ဂြေၚ်   to chew the cud, ruminate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4200
kròiŋ  ဒြိၚ်   sooty deposit on bottom of cooking-pots   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4198
kròn  ဂြန်   handbook of medical or allied subject   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4182
kròn  ဂြန်   storage rack under roof of house, platform in inner compartment of kəlok dance booth (hɔeˀ kəna)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4181
kròn  ဂြန်   to compound, mix   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4183
kròp  ဂြောပ်   to cover, to be covered, to conceal   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4193
kròt  ဂြောတ်   to fit closely   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4178
krùi  ဂြဲု   to be emaciated, wasted   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4213
krùn  ဒြုန်   white ant, termite   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4209
krɒp  ကြိုပ်   to wallow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2814
krɒˀ  ကြိုအ်   to be stout, robust, burly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2810
krɔe  တြဲု   to sprinkle, scatter   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2748
krɔe  တြဳ   to be (flat and) thin, to be sparse   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2746
krɔik  ကြေက်   cochineal, lac   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2856
krɔiŋ  ကြေၚ်   large parakeet, Psittacula eupatria avensis Kloss   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2857
krɔm  ကြံ   to behave badly, be bad, of bad character   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2853
krɔp  တြပ်   to be near, to keep close ('kɒ' to)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2850
krɔt  ကြတ်   to cross (the path of), intercept, hinger   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2844
krɔt  ကြုတ်   cochineal, lac   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2839
krɔt  ကြုတ်   intestine, inner portion, heart, core, heartwood, pith   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2834
krɔŋ  တြံၚ်   to be hard, firm to the touch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2831
krɔˀ  တြံ   to be mad, insane   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2829
krɛk  ကြက်   heartwood   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2773
krɛk  ကြက်   to suit, be of a suitable colour, match   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2776
krɛŋ  ကြၚ်   to wander   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2777
krɛ̀a  ဂြဴ   to crow, coo, hiss   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4119
krɛ̀ak  ဂြက်   to be constricted   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4126
krɛ̀aŋ  ဂြၚ်   horn, tusk   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4129
krɛ̀aŋ  ဂြၚ်   to understand   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4138
krɛ̀h  ဂြး   to comb, to harrow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4122
krɛ̀ˀ krùt krɛ̀ˀ krùt  ဂြဂြုတ်ဂြဂြုတ်   adverbial describing progress of tortoise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4121
krɛ̀ˀ  ဂြ   to gather up, collect   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4120
krɜk  ကြုက်   chinese   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2826
krɜk  ကြုက်   mango   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2817
krɜŋ  ကြုၚ်   creek, small river, stream   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2827
krɜ̀h  ဂြိုဟ်   liver   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4150
krɜ̀m  ဂြဳူ   to bind the edge of [basket]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4167
krɜ̀p  ဂြိုပ်   forest, jungle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4162
krɜ̀ˀ  ဂြိုအ်   to grunt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4149
kui  ကဲု   to rock   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2743
kuli  ကူလဳ   coolie   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2727
kum  ကုံ   kinds of small plant with tuberous rhizome   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2738
kun  ကုန်   dwarf   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2733
kun  သ္ကုန်   to be humpbacked   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2735
kut  ကုတ်   to cut off, amputate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2728
kù  ဂူ   market garden, cultivated forest clearing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4095
kù  ဂူ   to rain   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4098
kùh  ဂုဟ်   to swell (up)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4099
kùi  ဂဲု   to spread out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4104
kùm  ဂုံ   to winnow, to clean [husked rice] by tossing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4102
kwah  တွး   disciple, pupil   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3077
kwai  ကွဲာ   yam   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3091
kwai  တွဲာ   to present to   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3094
kwaik  တွာ်   to walk, go   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3098
kwaiŋ  ကွာၚ်   confection prepared from flour, (loaf of) bread, cake, pudding, biscuit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3106
kwan  ကွာန်   adze used in tree-felling   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3090
kwan  တွာန်   village   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3084
kwaŋ  တွိုၚ်   to be tired, weary, stiff   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3082
kwaˀ  ကွ   spanner   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3075
kwàn  ဒွါန်   to climb   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4364
kwàt  ဂွါတ်   to scratch, rake   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4362
kwàŋ  ဂွိုၚ်   hollow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4360
kweh  ကွေံ   large timber tree yielding resin used in medicine, Hopea odorata Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3062
kweh  ကွေံ   truly, indeed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3064
kwet  တွေတ်   belief, conviction, principle, course of conduct, superstitious belief   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3065
kwi  ကွဳ   half-hundred   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3061
kwi  ကွဳ   wheeled vehicle, cart, bullock-cart   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3050
kwì  ဂွဳ   bundle, packet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4347
kwì  ဂွဳ   to wrap up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4349
kwìˀ  ဂွိ   freshwater turtle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4352
kwoa  ကွဲ   yeast, leaven   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3147
kwoiŋ  ထွိၚ်   to bind round something, bind something round   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3143
kwòiŋ  ဒွိၚ်   to worry, be anxious, concerned ('kɒ' about, for)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4381
kwòn  ဒွန်   power, measures, means   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4379
kwòp  ဂွပ်   to preserve, salt, pickle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4380
kwòˀ  ဒွံ   small kind of palm, Licuala peltata Roxburgh, leaves of which are used for roofing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4372
kwòˀ  ဒွံ   to touch, feel, palpate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4375
kwòˀ  ဒွံ   to wager   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4377
kwòˀ  ဒွံ   wager   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4373
kwui  တွဲု   expletive in 'kwaŋ kwui' to feel weary   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3148
kwùˀ  ဂွု   to be white   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4385
kwɒ  ကွဵု   crow-bar, used as digging implement, spade   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3123
kwɒ  ကွဵု   to turn a handle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3124
kwɒn  ကွိုန်   strip of palm thatch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3126
kwɒt  တွိုတ်   back part of esp. of blade of cutting tool   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3125
kwɔ  ကွဝ်   to bind [strips, lengths, of bamboo] together   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3129
kwɔh  တွံ   to sweep   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3131
kwɔh  တွံ   to utter formally, address to an assembly, preach   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3130
kwɛk  ကွက်   matter of importance   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3070
kwɛk  ကွက်   to hang up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3071
kwɛt  ကွိတ်   wood-apple, Gardenia erythroclada Kurz   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3072
kwɛ̀h  ဒွး   to scratch, dig, scoop, up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4355
kwɛ̀ˀ  ဂွ   to be bashful, shy, ashamed ('kɒ' of, in front of), condemn, look down on   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4354
kwɜ̀  ဒွဵု   stroke   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4366
 ကဵု   to give, to pay   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2504
 ကဵု   with, by, to   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2517
kɒh  ကိုဟ်   to leak   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2523
kɒh  သ္ကိုဟ်   to be white   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2521
kɒm  ကဳု   to accompany, usually as va., also   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2534
kɒn  လကိုန်   kind of lily   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2528
kɒp  ကိုပ်   time   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2531
kɒp  ကိုပ်   to catch with a pair of fish-baskets (kərɔt², kərɔik)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2532
kɒt  ကိုတ်   elephant apple, Feronia elephantum Correa   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2525
 ကဝ်   to carry hanging loosely over the shoulder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2544
 ကဝ်   to snap, break in two under the stress of bending   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2542
 သ္ကဝ်   viscid substance, pulp, paste, syrup, residue obtained by evaporation   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2539
kɔh  သ္ကဟ်   to be dry   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2566
kɔk  ကံက်   to mould in the hand   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2575
kɔk  လကံက်   bracelet, anklet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2571
kɔm  ကံ   bullet, cartridge   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2600
kɔm  ကံ   karma, the cumulative product of a person's past actions determining his destiny at any given time   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2602
kɔmmərao  ကမ္မရူ   variety of Crinum with fragrant bulb   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2608
kɔt krai  ကတ်ကြဲာ   scissors   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2596
kɔt  ကတ်   class of medicinal herbs   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2579
kɔt  ကတ်   to study   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2594
kɔŋ  ကံၚ်   piece of faecal matter   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2578
kɔˀ  ကံ   neck, throat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2545
kɔˀ  လ္ကံ   island, raised mound formed by village site in low-lying areas   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2553
kəcaŋ  လစိုၚ်   slow loris, Nycticebus tardigradus F. Cuvier   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3164
kəchao  လချဴ   red ant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3181
kəche  တဆေဝ်   to slip   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3170
kəchoiŋ  လဆိၚ်   female dancer   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3180
kəchɔm  တဆံ   to repeat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3178
kəchɔŋ  လဆံၚ်   to launder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3177
kəci  ကြုတ်စဳ   papaya   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3159
kəcin  လ္စိန်   ring   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3160
kəcoiŋ  လစိၚ်   slow loris   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3167
kəcòk  လဇံက်   tier   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4420
kəcòk  လဇံက်   to build in tiers   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4422
kəcòˀ  လဇအ်   wild indigo   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4419
kəcut  လစုတ်   repeated action in series, stroke, round of gunfire   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3168
kəcùi  လဇဲု   to be, arrive, late, be slow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4423
kəcɔk  လ္စံက်   to be black   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3165
kəcɔŋ  လစံၚ်   kind of waterlily   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3166
kəcɛ̀ˀ  လဇ   to pause, to suspend, interrupt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4417
kəhàiŋ  လဟာၚ်   cupped hand   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4398
kəhèh  ဂဟှေ်   to neigh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4388
kəhèn  ဂၚေန်   to gnaw, nibble at   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4390
kəhìm  ဂဟဳ   to give a short open growl   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4387
kəhom  သ္ၚံ   to regret, be regretful, remorseful   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3158
kəhon kəhea  ကဟောန် ကဟေဲ   to be in a nervous state   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3157
kəhò  ဒၚေါဝ်   glass   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4404
kəhòiŋ  ဂဟေၚ်   (honorific) to (go on) tour, go on a progress   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4410
kəhòn  ဇဟန်   husked rice   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4409
kəhùi  လဟဲု   to sway, swing, to cause to swing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4414
kəhɔt  သၚတ်   to crush juice out of, to extract nourishment from by chewing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3156
kəhɛk  လဟက်   to pant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3152
kəhɛ̀a  တၚာ   rake   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4393
kəhɛ̀ak  တဟက်   expletive in 'həpɛ̀ak həpɛ̀ak kəhɛ̀ak kəhɛ̀ak' helter-skelter   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4397
kəhɛ̀ak  လဟေက်   bridle, halter   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4395
kəhɛ̀h  လ္ၚး   harness, trappings   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4394
kəhɜ̀  လဟဵု   to blaze, chiefly in foll. phr   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4401
kəhɜ̀  လဟဵု   to renovate, restore, renew   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4399
kəla  ကလာ   container with lid, box, chest, tin, cupboard   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3751
kəla  ကလာ   third day from that of utterance   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3758
kəlaiŋ  ကလာၚ်   kinds of small hardwood tree, Antidesma diandrum Roth and velutinum Tulas   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3770
kəlaiŋ  ကၠာၚ်   to soar through the air, fly without wing movement   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3772
kəlaiŋ  စၠာၚ်   membrane enveloping organ   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3771
kəlak  စလိုက်   to splash about, be scattered   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3766
kəlao  ကလော   kinsman   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3832
kəlaˀ  တၠ   lord, master, owner, possessor   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3760
kəlàt  လလာတ်   bolt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4527
kəleak  ကလေက်   fifth day from that of utterance   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3729
kəleaŋ  ကလေၚ်   to return, to bring, send, back, (usually as first element of v. phr.) to reciprocate, repeat, an action   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3730
kəlem  ကလေမ်   to taste   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3728
kəlen  ကၠေန်   to gather, suppurate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3726
kəli  ကလဳ   day after tomorrow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3718
kəlì  လလဳ   lightning   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4521
kəloiŋ  ကလိၚ်   fever-nut creeper, Caesalpinia bonducella Fleming   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3830
kəloiŋ  ကၠိၚ်   myna, Acridotheres   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3827
kəloiŋ  တလိၚ်   gaur, bison, Bibos gaurus readei   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3826
kəloiŋ  တၠိၚ်   to be mistaken   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3831
kəlok  ကၠော်   spirit, daemon, nat, esp. one attached to a family or to a group of families related in the male line, which inhabits the south-east post (həyàŋ hərɔŋ, həyàŋ kəlok) of the senior member's house   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3812
kəlot  ကလောတ်   expletive in 'kəlɛt kəlot' to be smooth, fluent   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3821
kəlot  တလောတ်   short whistle flute of brass or bamboo   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3820
kəlòŋ  လလောၚ်   to call out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4529
kəlùi  လလဲု   to leave (behind), to be left behind   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4532
kəlɒm  ကလဳု   ridge of roof   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3786
kəlɒm  တၠီု   to bathe, in a tank, pool, or stream   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3787
kəlɒn  တလိုန်   to sound with the fingers   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3784
kəlɒp  တလိုပ်   to overflow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3785
kəlɒˀ  ကၠောံ   to be hard, to form a lump   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3777
kəlɔ  ကလဝ်   cassia   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3793
kəlɔe  တလဲု   kinds of wild plum, Phyllanthus emblica L. and P. pomiferus Hooker f   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3707
kəlɔeˀ  ကၠိ   to pass (away), to elapse   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3711
kəlɔn  တလန်   to deceive   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3807
kəlɔt  ကလုတ်   royal or government emissary, ambassador, intelligencer   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3799
kəlɔt  တလှတ်   measure of capacity equal to one-sixteenth of a basket (nɛ̀ˀ), two khok or a quarter of a cìp   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3798
kəlɔˀ  ကၠံ   to pay one's respects esp. in taking leave formally   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3795
kəlɛt  ကလိတ်   weaver's beam   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3747
kəlɛt  တၠိတ်   to be smooth, fluent, to slip   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3749
kəlɛŋ  ကလၚ်   to listen to, heed, obey   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3745
kəlɛ̀a  လလဴ   movement away, flight   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4523
kəlɜk  ကလုက်   fourth day from that of utterance   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3789
kəma  ကမာ   tank, reservoir, cistern   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3449
kəma  ကၟာ   to be geminate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3454
kəmah  ပမး   yoke of cart   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3474
kəmah  လၟး   to be clear, bright, evident, to appear   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3476
kəmai  လမဲာ   present   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3490
kəmai  လၟဲာ   to carry on a shoulder-strap or sling   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3491
kəmaik  လၟာ်   footprint, footstep   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3492
kəmaiŋ  ကၟာၚ်   wall, of brick or stone   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3493
kəmaiŋ  တမာၚ်   foot-rope, foot-chain   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3494
kəmao  တၟူ   to roll up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3576
kəmaoh  လၟုဟ်   to cool, to be cool   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3578
kəmaoˀ  ကၟု   to be white   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3577
kəmat  တမာတ်   vulture   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3485
kəmaŋ  လမိုၚ်   to uproot, to be uprooted   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3480
kəmaˀ  ထၟ   insect   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3457
kəmài  လၟဲာ   to stir   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4492
kəmàn  လမာန်   wild rice   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4488
kəmàŋ  လၟိုၚ်   (place-name) Lamaing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4485
kəme  ကမေဝ်   timber tree of tidal forests, Sonneratia apetala Hamilton   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3423
kəmeaŋ  တၟေၚ်   outer portion of house, in Siam usually without roof, built with interstices between floorboards and used for domestic offices, which may be entered without invitation and without removing footwear   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3434
kəmen  ကမေန်   to climb, using feet and hands   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3432
kəmet  သၟိတ်   to make for the use of another   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3426
kəmeˀ  ကမေအ်   to pull oneself up by the hands   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3425
kəmèn  လၟေန်   cripple   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4478
kəmèp  ဇၟါပ်   every   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4479
kəmì  လမဳ   lid of pot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4474
kəmì  လၟဳ   trunk of tree   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4475
kəmìh  လၟေဟ်   total   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4476
kəmo  လမောဝ်   to begin to put out leaves   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3537
kəmo  လၟောဝ်   embryo   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3536
kəmom  ကမောံ   stud, knob, button   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3564
kəmot  ကၟတ်   grass, weeds   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3552
kəmot  ဗမတ်   fire, lamp, light   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3542
kəmoŋ  လမှောၚ်   weariness   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3539
kəmoŋ  လၟောၚ်   to be weary   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3540
kəmò  လၟောဝ်   to droop   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4494
kəmòh  ဂမုဟ်   loom   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4498
kəmuh  ဂမုဟ်   bamboo chick   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3579
kəmuh  လၟုဟ်   to sprinkle, asperge   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3580
kəmùˀ  လၟု   crest, topknot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4503
kəmùˀ  လၟု   small tree of tidal forests, Sonneratia acida L. f   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4501
kəmɒ  တမဵု   ejected residue of betel chew   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3500
kəmɒh  တၟိုဟ်   to overflow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3502
kəmɒn  တၟိုန်   dam, embankment   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3506
kəmɔ  တၟဝ်   rattan lashing of bamboo floor   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3511
kəmɔe  ကမဳ   to roof, thatch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3414
kəmɔe  လမဳ   roof   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3411
kəmɔe  လၟဳ   to await, hope (for), look forward to, expect   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3415
kəmɔeˀ  တၟိ   to be new   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3419
kəmɔh  လမှ်   bundle of twigs or rice stalks used for sweeping, besom   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3520
kəmɔk  ကမံက်   to scoop up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3526
kəmɔk  လမံက်   handful of rice or another cohesive food   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3525
kəmɔt  ဇမောတ်   to examine, to interrogate, try, bring to trial   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3532
kəmɔŋ  ကၟံၚ်   forehead of elephant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3527
kəmɔˀ  တမအ်   sea eagle, Haliaëtus   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3515
kəmɔˀ  တၟံ   totality   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3516
kəmɛk  ကမက်   handle by which something is lifted or carred   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3436
kəmɛn  ကၟိန်   basket fish-trap, cage trap for large animals   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3447
kəmɛn  စၟိန်   royal power, sovereignty   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3448
kəmɛŋ  တၟၚ်   kind of creeper, Combretum decandrum Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3444
kəmɛ̀ˀ  လၟ   hunter   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4482
kəmɜk  ကမုက်   nightmare   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3507
kəmɜk  လမုက်   to have a nightmare   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3508
kəmɜ̀n  လၟိုန်   to be continual, persistent   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4493
kəna  ကၞာ   to take away   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3295
kəna  တၞာ   temporary shed or booth open at sides   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3290
kənah  တၞး   thin sheet or leaf   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3309
kənai  တၞဲာ   round tray or sieve of twilled bamboo, used for winnowing and cleaning rice   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3314
kənao  ကၞဴ   kind of tree   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3369
kənao  တၞဴ   mosquito-net   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3368
kənaoˀ  ကၞု   shellfish, shell   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3370
kənaˀ  တဏ   (chiefly as quantifier) self-contained piece of rice land, field   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3307
kənaˀ  တန   three days ago   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3308
kəneaŋ  ကၞေၚ်   bonds, lashing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3278
kəneaŋ  ကၞေၚ်   latex-yielding creeper, Aganosma marginata G. Don   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3277
kəneh  စၞေဟ်   to attack, launch an attack (on)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3268
kəneh  တနှေ်   crossbelt, esp. as royal insignia or badge of rank or office, chapras   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3266
kənem  တနေံ   expletive in 'həcem kənem' birds in general   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3276
kənep  တနေပ်   to have a deformed limb   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3273
kəneˀ  ကၞေံ   faeces   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3264
kəneˀ  တနေံ   yesterday   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3262
kəniˀ  တနိ   day before yesterday   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3259
kəno  ကၞောဝ်   famine   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3342
kənoik  တၞိက်   to conceal, keep concealed, keep secret   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3360
kənoiŋ  တၞိၚ်   needle, pin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3365
kənon  စၞန်   to point to   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3357
kənot  ကၞောတ်   top, far or narrow end, culmination   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3343
kənot  စနတ်   to fasten with a pin, to skewer   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3349
kənùh  လၞုဟ်   laziness   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4454
kənùh  လၞုဟ်   to be lazy, indolent, too lazy to   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4455
kənɔeˀ  ကၞိ   nipa palm, Nipa fruticans Wurmb   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3256
kənɔh  တၞဟ်   stick specially shaped for throwing at a small game, boomerang   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3327
kənɔh  တၞံ   to be other, different   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3329
kənɔm  ကၞံ   to boil   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3338
kənɔm  ခၞံ   to build, erect [public buildings], institute, compile   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3340
kənɔn  ကနန်   sting, stinging organ   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3334
kənɔp  ကဏပ်   green vegetables and leaves eaten as salad   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3336
kənɔp  ကၞပ်   sheath, scabbard   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3335
kənɔˀ  ကနအ်   kind of lizard with protuberant eyes   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3323
kənɔˀ  ကေၚ်ဏံ   in this manner   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3325
kənɔˀ  တနအ်   anthill   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3324
kənɔˀ  တၞံ   to ulcerate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3326
kənɛm  တၞဳ   to sink to the bottom   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3288
kənɛn  တနိန်   stair, ladder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3285
kənɛp  ကၞိပ်   head   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3287
kənɛŋ sɔe  တနၚ်သြဳ   (place-name) Tenasserim   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3284
kənɛŋ  ကၞၚ်   (line in) pattern of lines or checks   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3283
kənɛ̀aŋ  လနေၚ်   kite   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4445
kənɛ̀aŋ  လနၚ်   to be transverse, to stand, lie, across   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4448
kənɛ̀aŋ  လၞၚ်   breadth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4447
kənɜŋ  တၞုၚ်   tip, end   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3319
kəpah  လပး   anvil   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3378
kəpak  လပိုက်   to strike, dash   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3379
kəpè  ဂဗေဝ်   to ride low in the water   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4458
kəphɛ̀aŋ  သဘၚ်   festival   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4471
kəpo  လပေါဝ်   soap acacia creeper, Acacia concinna De Candolle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3402
kəpoa  လပေဲါ   kind of flowering creeper, Jasminum pubescens Willdenow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3407
kəpot  လပေါတ်   tools, instruments, gear   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3404
kəpɒh  သပိုဟ်   reeds of Arundo donax L. and other species, used for matting   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3385
kəpɔh  လပှ်   elephant's trunk   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3394
kəpɔh  လပှ်   to pick up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3396
kəpɔh  လပှ်   wave   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3390
kəpɔn  ကပန်   eel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3401
kəpɔt  လပတ်   canal, creek, connecting main waterways   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3399
kəpɔˀ  လ္ပံ   to dream   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3387
kəpɜŋ  လပုၚ်   earthenware pot in which brine is boiled to extract salt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3386
kəpɜ̀t  လဗိုတ်   gale, storm   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4463
kərah  ကရး   marshy ground bordering creek   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3638
kərah  တြး   to spread, scatter, diffuse   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3639
kəraiŋ  စရာၚ်   elephant-goad, ankus   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3657
kərao  တရဴ   six   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3703
kərao  တြဴ   journey, way, route   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3701
kəre na  တြေဝ်နာ   (place-name) Tarana   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3612
kərea  ကရေဲ   to shout with excitement or rage, to squeal, trumpet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3618
kəreak  ကရေက်   part split off, slat, flat piece, sheet, piece, half   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3620
kəreak  သမြေက်   to split, slit open, lance   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3621
kəreaŋ  ကရေၚ်   karen   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3622
kəreh  ကြေဟ်   measure of capacity equal to one sixty-fourth of a basket (nɛ̀ˀ) or half a khok   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3613
kərem  တြေံ   to be old, worn, soiled   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3616
kəroa  ကရေဲာ   top   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3700
kəroa  စြဲ   class of spirits living in ground and causing disease   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3699
kərom  ကြောံ   (in) company (with)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3698
kəron  ကရောန်   to be cracked   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3697
kəron  စရောန်   crack   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3696
kərot  ကြောတ်   to complain, grumble, lament   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3693
kəroŋ  ကရောၚ်   leak, crack   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3690
kəroŋ  ကရောၚ်   to spring a leak   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3691
kəròiŋ  လရိၚ်   to taste pungent, to experience a pungent taste   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4518
kərùˀ  လရု   to shake (out)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4519
kərɒh  တရိုဟ်   to pour out, lustrate, let fall   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3662
kərɔ  ကရဝ်   shed sticks holding upper and lower threads of warp apart in loom   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3673
kərɔh  စြဟ်   to wear in the hair   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3674
kərɔh  တြဟ်   expletive in 'kərem kərɔh' to be old   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3675
kərɔik  ကရေက်   fish-basket   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3689
kərɔk  တရံက်   gutter along edge of roof   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3676
kərɔn  ကရန်   to bristle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3686
kərɔt  ကရုတ်   fish-basket, used in pairs to take mudfish in shallow creeks, with open bottom and hold in top for hand   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3684
kərɛt  တံၚ်ရိတ်   cicada   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3635
kərɛŋ  တရၚ်   doorway, door   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3625
kərɛŋ  သရၚ်   deed, business, affairs   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3633
kərɜ̀h  လရိုဟ်   to defecate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4517
kərɜ̀ˀ  လရိုအ်   to cry, weep, shriek, make a plaintive noise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4513
kəsai  ဒသာဲ   fringe   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3937
kəsan  ကသာန်   olive   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3935
kəsan  တသာန်   sensation of heat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3936
kəsaoˀ  လသု   paddle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3992
kəsaŋ  တသိုၚ်   hole, cavity   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3931
kəsaŋ  ဒသိုၚ်   to take by force   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3932
kəsea  က္သေဲ   to whisper   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3921
kəseaŋ  ကသေၚ်   thorn-apple, Datura metal L., with leaves and seeds yielding narcotic alkaloid   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3923
kəset  ကသေတ်   large timber tree, Pentace burmanica Kurz   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3918
kəseˀ  ဒသေံ   to persuade   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3917
kəso  ကသောဝ်   embankment   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3985
kəsoiŋ  ဒသိၚ်   stocks with slots for hands and feet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3987
kəsɒh  ကသိုဟ်   large softwood tree, Albizzia stipulata Boiv   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3946
kəsɒm  လသီု   rainy season   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3957
kəsɒt  လသိုတ်   to go beyond, decline, slant, go aside   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3951
kəsɔ  ကသဝ်   filament, stamen   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3961
kəsɔ  တသဝ်   to murmur, make a subdued noise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3962
kəsɔk  တသံက်   ringworm   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3972
kəsɔn  ကသန်   kinds of timber tree with cooling fruit, Cordia myxa L. and C. grandis Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3974
kəsɔn  တသောန်   to mourn, lament   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3976
kəsɔp  ကသပ်   expletive in 'kròp kəsɔp' property   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3984
kəsɔˀ  ကသံ   lung   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3969
kəta  ကတာ   foreshore of river below bank   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3199
kətah  လတး   water festival marking beginning of year, and attended by rain-making and fertility ceremonies   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3202
kətaik  လတာ်   tongue   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3216
kətan  က္တာန်   gizzard   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3212
kətao  က္တဴ   to be hot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3245
kətat  ကတာတ်   to rub between the palms of the hands   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3210
kətaŋ  က္တိုၚ်   to be jubilant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3208
kətaŋ  လတိုၚ်   excavation, pit, quarry, mine   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3205
kətàt  ကဒါတ်   kind of yam   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4433
kətàt  ကဒါတ်   three-leaved caper tree, Crataeva roxburghii Brandis   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4431
kətheˀ  ကထေံ   to hop on one foot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3250
kəthɜ̀m  သဓီု   (place-name) Thaton   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4443
kəto  က္တောဝ်   ear   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3234
kətot  က္တောတ်   wart   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3243
kətòp  လ္ဒပ်   to brood, hatch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4438
kətòt  ကဒတ်   calf of leg   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4437
kətù  ဂ္ဒူ   framework covered with leaves, shaped so as to protect head and back from rain   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4439
kətɒp  လတိုပ်   dew mist   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3229
kətɔt  ကတတ်   to cluck, cackle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3232
kətɛk  ကတက်   to be miserly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3197
kətɛk  က္တက်   nape of neck   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3192
kətɛk  လတက်   to put on oneself or another, to wear   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3193
kətɛŋ  က္တၚ်   to be bitter, to experience a bitter sensation   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3198
kətɜ̀  ဂဒဵု   to cover up, cover over, close   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4434
kəwah  ကွး   to coil   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3868
kəwah  လဝး   coil   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3867
kəwak  လဝိုက်   to wave   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3869
kəwan  ကွာန်   cinnamon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3878
kəwaˀ  ကဝ   bat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3863
kəwài  လွဲာ   while   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4538
kəwàk  လွိုက်   to blow away, down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4537
kəwe  ကဝေဝ်   kind of gourd, Momordica charantia L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3845
kəweak  ကဝေက်   potsherd, sliver of glass   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3852
kəwi  လွဳ   retinue   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3839
kəwoa  ကဝဲ   to turn round, twist, screw in   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3906
kəwoa  ကဝဲ   twirl, twist   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3905
kəwòiŋ  လွိၚ်   to whirl round the head, brandish, flourish   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4540
kəwut  ကဝုတ်   to buy on credit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3912
kəwɒ  တွဵု   limit, boundary, area or period within limits   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3884
kəwɒt  ကဝိုတ်   to wrestle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3893
kəyan  ကယျာန်   to dispute, argue   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3589
kəyao  တယျဴ   heddles of loom   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3605
kəyaoˀ  တျု   maggot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3606
kəyàŋ  လျိုၚ်   weight, burden   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4506
kəyeak  ကယျေက်   to tickle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3582
kəyi  ကယျိ   to be waterlogged   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3581
kəyo  ကယျောဝ်   height of man standing with upstretched hand, as linear measure   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3599
kəyo  လယောဝ်   to stretch, reach for, to bend forward, to slope   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3600
kəyòh  လယှ်   to shake off   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4508
kəyòt  လျတ်   to oscillate, whip back and forth, to cause to oscillate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4509
kəyòˀ  လျံ   snare   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4507
kəyɒh həmɛŋ  ကယျိုဟ်ခၟၚ်   kind of creeper, Combretum decandurum Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3592
kəyɔ  ကယျဝ်   blind aloes   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3593
kəyɛ̀ˀ  လျ   shallow basket with cane sling for suspending from yoke (həlɛ̀aŋ¹)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4504
kəɲot  လညောတ်   expletive in 'əpot kəɲot, kəpot kəɲot' gear   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3185
kəɲòˀ  လညောအ်   to be loose, to loosen, slacken   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4428
kəɲɛŋ  လညၚ်   dry season   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:3184
kɛŋ ki  ကၚ် ကဳ   centipede   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2413
kɛŋ  ကၚ်   brass gong   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2409
kɛŋ  ကၚ်   to stare, be wide open   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2410
kɛ̀a  ဂါ   cangue   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4009
kɛ̀aŋ  ဂၚ်   to be caught in falling   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4022
kɛ̀h  ဂး   to say   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4020
kɜk  ကုက်   to stick one's nails into   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:2538
kɜ̀  ဂဵု   to blaze up, shine, glow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4042
kɜ̀h  ဂိုဟ်   to regret the loss of, miss, to go short of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4052
kɜ̀k  ဂုက်   gaol   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4053
kɜ̀m  ဂဳု   balloon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4060
kɜ̀m  ဂဳု   to be warm   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4061
kɜ̀p  ဂိုပ်   to cover   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4059
kɜ̀t  ဂိုတ်   to make a valiant effort, try hard (to)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4056
kɜ̀ˀ  ဂွံ   to get, obtain, procure, receive   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4046
laˀ     time when   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9553
lài  လဲာ   to dissolve, be dissolved, to come loose, untied, to part, give way   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9658
làik  လာ်   to fall down through decay, fall to pieces, to cave in   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9665
làik  လာ်   to split into fibres   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9666
làk  လိုက်   flowering tree bearing long twisted pods, Dolichandrone stipulata Bentham   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9652
làk  လိုက်   to be torn, punctured   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9653
làn  လာန်   to be decetiful, evasive, dishonest   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9657
làŋ plòa  လိုၚ်ဗၟဲ   (place-name) Hlaingbwè   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9656
lelan  လေလာန်   auction   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9532
lèh  လှေ်   time, occasion   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9604
lèh  လှေ်   to dance   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9605
lèm  လာံ   to grow by putting out tendrils, to twine round   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9618
lèp  လေပ်   to be versed in   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9613
lèt  လေတ်   to apply plaster, ointment, or lotion to   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9610
lèˀ  လေံ   stick, rod   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9590
limao  လဴမှဴ   orange   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9531
lì  လဳ   (in many areas subject to bilingual tabu occasioned by Burmese 'li 'penis') to wash   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9576
lìm  လီ   to twist, be twisted   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9580
lìn  လိန်   expletive in 'lɜ̀ lìn' to roll about   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9579
lò  လဝ်   to place, deposit, leave   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9691
lò  လော   to be dumb   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9696
lò  လော   to be prostrate, to lie on one's back   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9693
lòa  လေဲာ   friend   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9770
lòa  လေဲာ   to be easy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9771
lòh  လှ်   to pick up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9702
lòiŋ  လိၚ်   to hire, rent   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9764
lòiŋ  လေၚ်   destruction, undoing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9759
lòiŋ  လေၚ်   to be dissolved, dissipated, lost   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9760
lòk  လံက်   to paint, apply liquid to   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9703
lòn  လန်   time   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9719
lòn  လန်   to go from place to place, esp. making a proclamation   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9727
lòt  လောတ်   to fall prone, esp. as result of exhaustion or weakness   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9716
lòt  လွောတ်   drawplate used in wire manufacture   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9714
lòˀ  လံ   to be long in time   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9700
lòˀ  လံ   when   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9701
lùi  လဲု   to wade through   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9786
lùn  လုန်   protrusion of bowel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9777
lùp  လောပ်   to go in, enter   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9778
lùt  လုတ်   to commit a fault, offence, to sin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9774
lùˀ  လု   to be unstable, unsteady   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9772
 လှဵု   which, what, whichever, whatever, any   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9559
lɔk chɔŋ  လက်ဆံၚ်   sweetened infusion or gruel made from rice, distributed by leading families at end of harvest   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9565
ləcaik  လကျာ်   term of reference and reference-in-address to monks   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9573
ləcho (ləcho)  လဆောဝ် (လဆောဝ်)   sometimes   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9574
ləkùn  လဂုန်   term of reference and reference-in-address to monks, also prefixed as title to their names   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9787
lɛk hɔt  လက် ဟတ်   reed of loom   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9546
lɛ̀a  လေဲ   to go away   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9623
lɛ̀a  လေဲ   to pay back   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9626
lɛ̀a  လဴ   arrow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9621
lɛ̀a  လဴ   to tell, relate, recount   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9624
lɛ̀ak  လက်   kind of tree, Heterophragma adenophyllum Seemann   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9637
lɛ̀ak  လက်   to abuse, use abusive language to   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9642
lɛ̀aŋ  လေၚ်   to carry on one's hip, to look after, feed, nourish   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9646
lɛ̀aŋ  လၚ်   to melt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9645
lɛ̀aŋka  လၚ်္ကာ   guava   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9649
lɛ̀h lɛ̀h  လးလး   neg. intensifier   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9636
lɛ̀h  လး   to spread, lay out, unroll, lay down, to floor   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9634
lɛ̀ˀ     grandfather, elderly person   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9627
lɜ̀  လော   to roll (along)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9675
lɜ̀  လဵု   gourd   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9672
lɜ̀h  လိုဟ်   to come untwisted, uncoiled, undone, to ravel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9679
lɜ̀k  လုက်   to touch, come in contact with, collide with   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9681
lɜ̀m  လီု   to be damaged, spoilt, broken, destroyed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9687
lɜ̀n  လိုန်   to tread, walk, on, to massage by treading   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9684
ma  မှာ   quantity   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8749
mah mah  စၟးစၟး   nothing of importance, for nothing, gratis   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8757
mai  ကၟဲာ   widow, unmarried mother   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8761
maoˀ  ကၟု   to be mildewed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8799
map  ကၟာပ်   to jump and land with the feet together   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8760
mat  ကၟာတ်   to be odd-numbered   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8759
mat  မာတ်   to be closed, shut, to close, shut, stop up, turn off   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8758
maˀ     with negative clause, in order to, so as to, so that   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8756
mài mài  မဲာမဲာ   hoop   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8928
màik  မာ်   job's tears, Coix lachryma-Jobi L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8931
màik  မာ်   to hook, to catch with a fish-spear (həmaik)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8933
màiŋ kɜ̀ŋ  မာၚ်ရၚ်   framework of saplings from which pots are suspended when cooking out of doors over a fire   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8934
màn  မာန်   to win, beat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8913
màn  မာန်   to work [clay]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8914
màt  မာတ်   although, in spite of the fact that   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8909
màŋ  မိုၚ်   lair, den   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8908
meak  တၟေက်   scar   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8735
meaŋ  တၟေၚ်   to wonder, be amazed, to give cause for wonder, be amazing, remarkable, unusual   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8738
mèm  မာံ   title prefixed to personal names of men younger than speaker, and by monks to names of laymen   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8849
mèmè  မေမေ   familiar term of address and reference-in-address to one's mother   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8843
mìh  မိဟ်   crucible   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8816
mìh  မိဟ်   dirt adhering to the person or to surface, body-dirt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8818
mìh  မိဟ်   measure taken from tip of extended them across knuckles of clenched fist, reckoned as equal to eight finger's-breadths (kəpuh) or one-third of a cubit (hɔt), about six and a half inches   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8817
mìh  မိဟ်   to fidget, be restless, unable to keep still   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8821
mìn  မိန်   armful, bundle, faggot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8831
mìn  မိန်   to carry in one's arms, clasp to one's body   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8833
mìp  မိပ်   happiness, joy, enjoyment   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8836
mìp  မိပ်   to be happy, to enjoy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8838
mìt  မိတ်   turmeric plant, Curcuma longa Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8822
mìˀ  မိ   mother, esp. in formal contexts   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8810
mìˀnòa  မိနဲ   kinds of shrub, Clausena excavata Burmann and heptaphylla Wight and Arnott   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8815
mon  မောန်   to be tight, tightly secured, wrapped round tightly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8797
mò  မောဝ်   to be fragrant, sweet-smelling   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8947
mò  မောဝ်   to increase in size or number   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8949
mòa  မွဲ   one, a   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9007
mòa  မွဲ   to guard, watch over   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9016
mòik  မိက်   in neg. only except in phr. listed, (not) to want, wish, to   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9001
mòiŋ  မိၚ်   harpoon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9003
mòiŋ  မှိၚ်   to hear   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9004
mòk  မံက်   to appear, come to light, to wax   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8961
mòk  မၟံက်   day of moon's waxing period   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8960
mòn  မောန်   mon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8998
mòt  မတ်   eye   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8970
mòttəkɔn  မတ္တကန်   (lF.) kind of medicinal plant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8997
mòŋ  မံၚ်   circular gong with central boss   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8963
mòŋ  မံၚ်   to remain, stay, continue in a place or state, live, reside   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8965
mòˀ  မူ   what, anything, any   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8952
mòˀ  မံ   to embrace, encounter   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8956
mù  မူ   parent's younger brother   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9023
mùh  မိုဟ်   (terminal) point, edge, fringe   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9029
mùh  မိုဟ်   nose   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9027
mùi  မဲု   axe   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9037
 တၟဵု   to plant out [seedlings]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8766
mɔe  တၟဲု   guest, visitor   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8730
mɔn  ကၟန်   prickly heat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8796
mɔˀ  တၟံ   stone, rock   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8770
məhneˀ  မွဲသၞေံ   at one moment   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8804
məkì  မဂဳ   (lF.) married woman   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9041
məkɛ̀h  မ္ဂး   (formal) if   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9042
məkɜ̀ˀ  မိက်ဂွံ   to want, wish, to   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9043
mənɛm  မံၚ်ဏဳ   still, in addition, else, besides   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8803
mɛk  ကၟက်   male [animal, bird, etc.]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8742
mɛk  ကၟက်   pendant,   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8740
mɛm  ကၟဳ   himalayan black bear, Selenarctos tibetanus   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8746
mɛn  သၟိန်   kinsman, esp. offspring of sibling   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8744
mɛt  တၟိတ်   post supporting veranda   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8743
mɛ̀a  မာ   cotton teal, Nettapus coromandelianus coromandelianus Gmelin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8851
mɛ̀a  မာ   to crouch, to kneel with bowed head as mark of respect   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8856
mɛ̀a  မဴ   to suck   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8855
mɛ̀ak  မေက်   to be chipped, notched, worn to a jagged edge   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8890
mɛ̀arəkɔn  မာရကန်   kind of medicinal plant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8864
mɛ̀aŋ  မၚ်   brow-antlered deer, Rucervus thamin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8891
mɛ̀aŋ  မၚ်   to wait (for), remain in one place, watch (for, over), lie in wait for, guard   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8901
mɛ̀h  မး   quarter, esp. of standard unit of weight or coinage (həke¹), four annas, twenty-five pyas   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8885
mɛ̀ˀ     (chiefly in formal contexts) father   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8865
mɛ̀ˀ     lit. particle subordinating v. (phr.) to n. head, occurring in spoken language in set phr   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8882
mɛ̀ˀ     seed, kernel, pill, small round object   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8867
mɛ̀ˀsaˀ  မသ   (lF.) kin, kinsfolk   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8883
mɜ̀k  မုက်   persimmon, Diospyros kaki L. f   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8944
mɜ̀p  မိုပ်   to lie face downwards   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8945
na  နာ   to take away, chiefly final in v. phr. in sense away   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6698
nah  ဏး   particle marking deferential statement of intention   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6708
nah  ပၞး   shoulder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6703
naiŋ  ပၞါၚ်   candle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6718
nan  ပၞါန်   army   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6710
naoh  ကၞုဟ်   turtle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6851
nat  ဏာတ်   expletive in 'phat nat' to appoint a rendezvous   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6709
nài  နဲာ   title prefixed to proper names of men older than speaker, and by senior monks to names of junior monks   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6955
nàiŋ  နာၚ်   claw of crustacean   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4764
nàiŋ  နာၚ်   shelf   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6961
nea  ဏေဲ   to pinch the skin of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6676
neaŋ  ဒၞေၚ်   forehead, brow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6677
net  ဏောတ်   pen, nib   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6671
nè  နေဝ်   article calling attention to something produced   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6908
nèh  နေဟ်   eye-tooth, canine, tusk, fang   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6909
nèp  နာပ်   to stitch together, mend   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6911
nì  ဗၞဳ   pillow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6861
nì  ဗၞဳ   to lay one's head on   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6864
nìmàn  နဳမာန်   (lF.)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6869
nìn  ဂၞိန်   woman's waistcloth, htamein   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6904
nìˀləhùt  နိလဟုတ်   (lF.) ten million   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6877
noik  ပၞိက်   fan   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6843
noiŋ  ကၞိၚ်   cluster   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6846
noiŋ  ဂဏိၚ်   cheek   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6845
non  ပၞောန်   line ruled on page   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6840
noŋ  ရောၚ်   particle of future, inferential, or limited assertion   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6837
nòiŋ  ဂၞိၚ်   (rare) jungle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6999
nòiŋ  ဂၞိၚ်   waist   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6992
nòk  နော်   paddle for stirring rice while cooking   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6976
nòt  ဂၞတ်   to carve   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6988
nòt  နောတ်   asparagus acerosus Roxburgh. (not)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6985
nù  နူ   from, after, since, than   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7000
nùh  နုဟ်   odorous medicinal powder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7010
nùh  ဗၞောဟ်   spear   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7009
nùm  နွံ   to be (in existence   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7012
nɔe  ကၞဲု   monkey   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6655
nɔe  ကၞဳ   floorboards, floor   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6654
nɔeˀ  ဂၞိ   rat, mouse   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6662
nɔm  ဏမ်   urine   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6832
nɔp  ကၞပ်   to be silent   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6725
nɔŋ not  ဏံၚ်ဏောတ်   chime of ten gongs mounted in crescent-shaped vertical frame   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6724
nɔŋ  ဏံၚ်   longitudinal timber supporting floor-joists (wɜ̀n), summer   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6723
nɔˀ  ဏံ   this   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6722
nədu  မာမ္ဍူ   gum kino tree, padauk, Pterocarpus indicus Willdenow and macrocarpus Kurz, with fragrant wood   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6858
nɛm  နီ   yet, still, further   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6697
nɛŋ  တၞၚ်   crosspiece   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6693
nɛŋkəsɔe  ဏၚ်ကသဳ   (place-name) Tenasserim   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6696
nɛ̀a du  နာဍူ   gum kino tree, padauk, Pterocarpus indicus Willdenow and macrocarpus Kurz   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6931
nɛ̀a  ဂၞဴ   stomach, bowels   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6916
nɛ̀a  ဒၞါ   shell   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6928
nɛ̀ak  နက်   depth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6939
nɛ̀aŋ  နၚ်   to bring, chiefly in v. phr., indicating motion towards, action for benefit of, speaker   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6952
nɛ̀aŋ  ဗၞၚ်   bund, ridge, between compartments (khɔk) of paddy-field, raised path or standing, hard standing round well   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6949
nɛ̀h pah  နးပး   disorder, random arrangement   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6938
nɛ̀ˀ     rice-basket, basket as measure of capacity, bushel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6933
nɜ̀k  နုက်   to subtract, take away from   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6964
nɜ̀ŋ  နုၚ်   water-pot, chatty   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6967
oa  အဲ   i, me   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:145
oik  အိက်   faeces, excrement   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:127
oiŋ  အိၚ်   to be slow, late   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:144
on  အောန်   to be small in quantity, little, few   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:122
op  အောပ်   to hide, conceal oneself   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:124
pa  ပါ   ring dove, Streptopelia decaocto xanthocycla Newman   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7126
pah  ပး   exclamation of annoyance, disgust, or sympathy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7186
paik  ပါ်   to split, cleave, halve, divide: klòŋ paik fork in road   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7216
paik  လ္ပာ်   side, one of two sides or divisions   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7215
paiŋ  ပါၚ်   mouth, mouthful   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7221
pak  ပိုက်   to blow (on), shake, to fan   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7190
pak  ပိုက်   to pull up against resistance, pluck up, out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7193
pam  ပါံ   to catch in a net or trap   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7206
pao  ပူ   dove   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7372
pao  ပူ   to bind cord or cloth round   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7376
paoriˀsat  ပူရိသာတ်   (lF.) populace   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7383
paoˀ  ပု   to swell   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7384
papa  ပါပါ   familiar term of address and reference to one's father   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7133
paŋ  ပိုၚ်   reservoir fish-trap of permanent type   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7194
paˀ     cause, because, why   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7138
paˀ  လ္ပ   prohibitory particle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7175
paˀ  သ္ပ   to do, perform, to achieve the status of, used chiefly to verbalize nn. where corresponding verbal forms are lacking   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7143
pài  ဗဲာ   spouse's elder sister   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8014
pàik  ဗာ်   to strike with a cutting tool or weapon, slash, cut (down), fell, to clear   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8018
pàik  ဗာ်   to work, function mechanically, to proceed under mechanical power, steam   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8020
pàk səlak  ဗိုက်သၠိုက်   (place-name) Phitsanulok   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7984
pàk  ဗိုက်   to put round esp. lower half of body, wear   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7980
pàn  ဗာန်   pedestal dish, used esp. to hold gifts or offerings   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8008
pàn  ဗာန်   to stick, adhere, to affix   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8009
pàŋ  ဗိုၚ်   circular wall round well   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7988
pàŋ  ဗိုၚ်   elephant or kaing grass, of various species of Saccharum   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7985
pàŋ  ဗိုၚ်   to surround   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7989
peak  ပေက်   to run away, take flight   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7117
peh  ပှေ်   mouse deer, chevrotain, Tragulus kanchil Raffles   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7111
peh  ပှေ်   to kick   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7112
pè  ဗေဝ်   to ride low in the water   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7950
pèh  ဗှေ်   (used principally to inferiors) you   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7953
pha  ဖာ   mountain jack, Artocarpus chaplasha Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8401
pha  ဖာ   side, direction   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8397
phat  ဖာတ်   to appoint a rendezvous, fix [time, place]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8406
phàt  ဘာတ်   to send, chase, away   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8536
pheaŋ  ဖေၚ်   wide-sleeved gown, formerly worn on formal occasions   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8390
pheˀ  ဖေံ   otter, Lutra nair F. Cuvier   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8389
phih  ဖိဟ်   reach of both arms as measure of length, fathom, sometimes reckoned as four cubits (hɔt)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8385
pho  ဖောဝ်   to become soggy, to soften, swell, under the action of water   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8432
phoa  ဖဲ   to have eaten sufficiently, be sated   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8434
phok phok  ဖော်ဖော်   in large drops   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8433
phòt  ဘတ်   sixth lunar month, roughly corresponding to September   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8540
phù  ဘူ   expletive in 'phàŋ phù' to be in a frenzy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8549
phya  ဖျာ   expletive in 'phyi phyi phya² phya²' adverbial descriptive of lightning   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8477
phya  ဖျာ   market(-place)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8473
phyah  ဖျး   to be sour, sharp-tasting   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8478
phyaik  ဖျာ်   to propitiate, perform rites appropriate to an entity or an occasion   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8483
phyam  ဖျာံ   to feed with premasticated food   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8481
phyam  ဖျာံ   to raise one's hand against, offer to strike   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8480
phyea  ဖျေဲ   crop of bird, pouch of pelican, Adam's apple   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8468
phyea  ဖျေဲ   potato, Batatas edulis Rumphius   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8469
phyeˀ  ဖျေအ်   to deck out, to titivate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8467
phyo  ဖျောဝ်   fennel, Nigellum sativum L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8499
phyun  ဖျုန်   flesh, meat, edible pith of fruit, grain of wood, texture of cloth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8506
phyɒ  ဖျဵု   to tickle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8485
phyɒh  ဖျိုဟ်   to be faded, pale, discoloured, sickly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8486
phyɒn  ဖျိုန်   to hand, make, over   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8488
phyɒt  ဖျိုတ်   to be astringent in taste   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8487
phyɔn  ဖျန်   to issue an order, give instructions   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8496
phɔik  ဖေက်   to fear, be afraid (of)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8427
phɔm  ဖံ   drum, drum-shaped container   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8426
phɔrəkùt  ဖဝ်ရဂုတ်   coucal, crow-pheasant, Centropus sinensis intermedius Hume and bengalensis bengalensis Gmelin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8420
phɔrəkɜ̀n  ဖဝ်ရဂိုန်   (lF.) twelfth lunar month, roughly corresponding to March   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8417
phɔt phɔt  ဖတ်တ်   immediately   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8422
phɔŋ  ဖံၚ်   raft   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8421
phɛ̀aŋ  သဘၚ်   festival   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8528
phɛ̀ˀ     to frighten, (perform actions calculated to) scare   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8525
pin  ပိန်   to thresh, with a stick or by trampling with one's feet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7107
pì làk  ဗဳလိုက်   teredo, aquatic worm attacking wood below water-line   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7944
pì lèn  ဗဳလေန်   (place-name) Bilin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7939
pì  ဗဳ   small bottle, box, or tin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7929
pìkha  ဗဳခါ   three-pronged fish spear   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7935
pìtcha  ဗိစ္ဆာ   (lF.) the zodiacal sign Scorpio   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7949
pla  ပၠါ   large kind of horse-fly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7505
plao  ပၠဴ   to be empty   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7540
plaˀ  ပၠ   to show, display   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7506
plài  ဗၠဲာ   bachelor, unmarried male past age of puberty   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8220
plàk  ဗၠိုက်   to sink, be submerged, inundated   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8218
plàŋ  ဗၠိုၚ်   young tree, sapling   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8219
pleˀ  ပၠေံ   to swerve, go from side to side in walking   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7497
plèt  ဗၠေတ်   to miss the mark, go awry, astray, to be wrong, incorrect   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8203
plìn  ဗၠိုန်   to divert, turn aside, deter from a course of action   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8201
plò  ဗၠဝ်   shield used as stage property in kəlok dance   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8228
plòa  ဗၠဲ   zircon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8241
plòn  ဗၠန်   to turn over, overturn, be overturned   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8235
plòt  ဗၠတ်   kind of shade tree, Bassia latifolia Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8232
plòˀ  ဗၠောအ်   to mend holes in, patch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8231
plɒt  ပၠိုတ်   to be extinguished, eliminated, to set   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7514
plɔe  ပၠဲု   wax   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7491
plɔe  ပၠဳ   hail   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7492
plɔe  ပၠဳ   to rub on, into, a surface   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7494
plɔm  ပၠံ   to stalk   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7533
plɔŋ  ပၠံၚ်   to snatch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7526
plɔŋ  ပၠံၚ်   tube, pipe, chimney, funnel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7519
plɔˀ  ပၠံ   to loosen, slacken   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7518
plɛ̀aŋ  ဗၠေၚ်   to be awry, askew, crooked   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8216
plɛ̀h  ဗၠး   to escape, be free from, go free, to pass off   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8207
plɜ̀p  ဗၠိုပ်   to immerse oneself, submerge, dive   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8226
poi  ပဲို   we, us, referring to those for whom speaker is spokesman and normally excluding person addressed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7350
poik  ပိက်   to be fine, nice   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7354
pot  သ္ပောတ်   to rub, stroke, clean   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7345
poŋ  ပေါၚ်   to swell up, rise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7339
pò  ဗဝ်   to be plentiful   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8061
pò  ဗဝ်   to heap up, collect in a heap, stack   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8059
pò  ဗောဝ်   penis   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8058
pòa  ဗွဲ   adverbial phr. head, general in lit., occurring in spoken set locutions   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8097
pòh  ဗှ်   to read   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8065
pòh  ဗှ်   to remember, call to mind, think of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8066
pòik  ဗိက်   (place-name) Mergui   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8096
pòk pèn  ဗံက်ဗေန်   to be fat, plump   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8075
pòk  ဗော်   company, group, sect   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8070
pòm  ဗံ   basketwork container with cover, sometimes coated with black varnish and used to carry oil   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8093
pòn  ဗန်   hinge   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8086
pòn  ဗန်   to embrace, hug, put one's arms round   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8087
pòp  ဗောပ်   to put to soak   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8092
pòt  ဗတ်   expletive in 'pɜ̀n pòt' to be firm, fast   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8085
pòt  ဗတ်   manner, chiefly with nn. of nationality   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8077
pòt  ဗောတ်   small pot or cup   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8078
pòŋ  ဗံၚ်   soap   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8076
pòˀ  သ္ဗံ   hump of bull   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8063
prah  ပြး   to be scattered about, widely distributed, to spread   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7440
prai  ပြဲာ   to be soft, yielding   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7455
praik  ပြာ်   female silk-cotton tree, Bombax malabaricum De Candolle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7456
praik  ပြာ်   to save (from)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7457
prak  ပြိုက်   to put in, insert, pack in, cram in   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7446
pran  ပြါန်   ironwood, Xylia dolabriformis Bentham   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7451
prao  ပြဴ   kind of medicinal plant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7486
prap  ပြါပ်   to approach, come near   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7453
praˀ  ပြ   tower, turret   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7433
pràt  ဗြာတ်   plantain, banana   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8152
preaŋ  ပြေၚ်   buffalo   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7414
prèh  ဗြေဟ်   scrub (jungle)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8135
proa  ပြေဲာ   female friend or companion   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7482
proa  ပြဲ   to be noble, excellent   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7484
proa  ပြဲ   to gain by a transaction, make a profit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7485
proiŋ  ပြိၚ်   to give out sound   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7479
prom  ပြောံ   to be crushed, bruised   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7478
prop  ပြောပ်   to be bruised, broken, splintered   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7476
pròa  ဗြဲ   rain   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8188
pròiŋ  ဗြိၚ်   dropsy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8186
pròk  ဗြံက်   water-dipper, used in bathing or to drink from, made out of cut-down joint of giant bamboo or from cigarette tin or coco-nut shell mounted on handle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8180
pròm  ဗြံ   to be blighted, to fall   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8185
pruh  ပြောဟ်   to squirt from the mouth or trunk   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7489
prùt prùt  ဗြုတ်တ်   adverbial descriptive of breaking wind   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8200
prùˀ  ဗြု   to make a noise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8195
prɒh  ပြိုဟ်   to burst, leak   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7461
prɔe  ပြဳ   to be thin, sparse   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7410
prɔh  ပြဟ်   to fall, be shed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7469
prɔh  မြဟ်   to be early, quick   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7465
prɔn  ပြန်   (place-name) Prome   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7475
prɔˀ  ပြအ်   lean-to at end of house, used for storing paddy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7464
prɛk khaˀ  prɛk ခ   kind of creeper, Acacia concinna De Candolle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7417
prɛp  ပြိပ်   squirrel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7427
prɛŋ  ပြၚ်   more than   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7422
prɛŋ  ပြၚ်   to send   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7419
prɛŋ  ပြၚ်   wild ox, banteng, Bibos banteng birmanicus   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7418
prɛ̀a  ဗြဴ   woman, wife   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8137
prɛ̀ˀ prùt  ဗြဗြုတ်   to be rough, uneven, have a broken surface   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8151
prɜ̀ˀ  ဗြိုအ်   boil, abscess   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8176
puh  ပေါဟ်   to fillip, to propel with a pellet-bow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7392
pù  pù   small tin such as cigarette or milk tin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8098
pùt  ဗုတ်   to operate a rotary mechanical device, to grind in quern, pass through rollers, turn on lathe, make fire by twirling pointed stick in hole   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8103
pùt  ဘုတ်   building containing images of Buddha, attached to monastery or pagoda   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8102
pùˀ  ဗု   to be white   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8099
pyam  ပျာံ   expletive in 'pyoa pyam' to persecute   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7403
pyaŋ  ပျိၚ်   to clown, play the buffoon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7401
pyàiŋ  ဗျာၚ်   to keep in line, walk shoulder to shoulder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8117
pyàiŋ  ဗျာၚ်   to keep in line, walk shoulder to shoulder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8118
pyèm  ဗျာံ   to raise one's hand against, offer to strike   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8116
pyìˀ  ဗျိ   to (put the) blame (on)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8114
pyòt  ဗျတ်   to filter, purify   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8130
pyùˀ  ဗျု   to be old, well on in years, decrepit, dilapidated   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8134
pyɔt  ပျတ်   to whistle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7404
pyɜ̀  ဗျဵု   to be hungry for   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8119
pɒh  ပိုဟ်   to bray in a mortar, grind to powder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7233
pɒt  ပိုတ်   to break, part, give way, to cut, interrupt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7238
pɔ dun  ပဝ် ဍူန်   vertical strut connecting tiebeam (həmɛ̀aŋ and rafter (həɒˀ), strut between two horizontal rods as decorative motif   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7270
 ပဝ်   to begin to ripen   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7267
 ပဝ်   to fly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7268
pɔeˀ  ပိ   three   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7099
pɔh  ပဟ်   barking deer, Muntiacus muntjak and feae   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7272
pɔh  ပဟ်   to be displaced, blown away   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7273
pɔik  ပေက်   to cut up [food]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7333
pɔiŋ  ပေၚ်   to be full, complete   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7334
pɔk  ပံက်   egret, Egretta alba modesta Gray and E. garzetta garzetta L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7274
pɔk  လ္ပံက်   to be open, uncovered   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7277
pɔn  ပန်   four   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7310
pɔn  ပန်   to shoot, discharge, fire, use a bow, to shoot at, to strike   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7313
pɔn  ပုန်   to rebel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7320
pɔncaˀ kanɔe  ပဉ္စကာဏဳ   (lF.) nut-gall tree   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7324
pɔncaˀkao  ပဉ္စကူ   (lF.) kind of medicinal plant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7325
pɔt  ပတ်   to rub, press, knead, massage, polish   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7298
pɔt  ပုတ်   to (gouge with) chisel, mortise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7300
pɔtce  ပစ္စေဝ်   kinds of timber tree with cooling fruit, Cordia myxa L. and grandis Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7304
pɔŋ lɒt  ပေါၚ်လိုတ်   navel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7296
pɔŋ  ပံၚ်   (place-name) Paung   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7284
pɔŋmaˀ  ပံၚ်မ   kinds of plant seeds of which were formerly used by jewellers as weights, Adenanthera pavonina and Abrus precatorius L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7293
pɔŋmèt  ပံၚ်မေတ်   narcotic thorn-apple weed, Datura metel L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7294
pɔˀ  ပအ်   particle marking tentative statement   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7271
pəcap pəcap  ပစာပ်ပစာပ်   expletive in 'pəcep pəcep pəcap pəcap' twitteringly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7598
pəchak  ပဆိုက်   paragraph, section of writing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7606
pəcut  ပစုတ်   to impinge on one's consciousness, strike, affect   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7603
pəcɔk  လမ္စံက်   to be black   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7601
pəkan  ပ္ကာန်   to strive, contend   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7550
pəkao  ပ္ကဴ   flowers, floral decoration   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7570
pəkìn  ဗ္ဂိန်   to offer ceremonially to a superior   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8247
pəkoa  ပကဲ   to let down, drop, lower   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7568
pəkot  ပကောတ်   leech   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7564
pəkòn  ဗ္ဂန်   to yoke   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8254
pəkòp  ဗ္ဂပ်   to put together, join, to harness, to mend   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8255
pəkɒm  ပ္ကဳု   to inflict   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7558
pəlah  ပၠိုတ်   to be clear, free   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7834
pəlao  ကမၠဴ   dumb person   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7897
pəlap  ပလာပ်   to intervene, interfere, interrupt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7838
pəlaŋ  ပလိုၚ်   well   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7836
pəlàik  လမၠာ်   to open   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8370
pəlàk  မၠိုက်   dust, dirt, filth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8369
pəle  ကမၠေဝ်   continuing noise, racket   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7811
pəle  ပလေဝ်   to make a noise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7813
pəle  ပလေဝ်   to prepare, get ready, to mend, repaire   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7815
pəlea  ပလှေဲ   to glitter, sparkle, be shiny   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7826
pəlet  ပလေတ်   expletive in 'pəle pəlet' to prepare, to repair   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7821
pəleˀ  ကမၠေံ   to lose, get rid of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7820
pəlon  ပလောန်   'Olive' tree, Elaeocarpus wallichii Kurz   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7889
pəlop  ပလောပ်   strand, ply, of rope   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7893
pəlòm  လမၠံ   foreign body in eye   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8382
pəlòŋ  လမၠံၚ်   echo   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8380
pəlɒˀ  ပလောံ   upper garment, jacket, eingyi, shirt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7846
pəlɔeˀ  ကမၠိ   filth, dirt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7809
pəlɔh  ပလဟ်   to pick, pluck, pull apart, cut into bits   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7863
pəlɔiŋ  တမၠေၚ်   glutinous rice, esp. prepared for eating   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7880
pəlɔm  ကမၠံ   nipple, pap   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7875
pəlɔm  ပလမ်   to plant in a nursery bed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7877
pəlɔt  ပလတ်   thief, housebreaker, burglar   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7871
pəlɔt  ပလုတ်   sprout, shoot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7872
pəlɔŋ  ပလံၚ်   expletive in 'pəle² pəlɔŋ²' to make a noise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7868
pəlɔŋ  ပလံၚ်   to send, convey, conduct   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7865
pəlɛk  ကမၠက်   to be blind   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7828
pəlɛk  ပၠက်   sweat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7827
pəlɛ̀aŋ  လမၠေၚ်   porcupine   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8368
pəlɛ̀h  လမၠး   horizontal surface, open plain, floor, deck, platform of pagoda   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8366
pəlɛ̀ˀ  မၠ   small tree with grey soft wood, Grewia microcos L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8364
pəlɜ̀  မၠဵု   jasmine   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8372
pənah  ပၞး   variety of jackfruit with smooth rind   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7684
pənai  ပၞဲါ   place for making salt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7685
pənao  ဗနဴ   lime fruit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7711
pənaˀ  မန   pretence, feigning, impersonation   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7683
pənet  ပၞေတ်   defect, flaw   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7676
pənot  ပၞောတ်   anger   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7705
pənot  မနတ်   to be angry, to harbour resentment   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7708
pənɔk  ပၞံက်   bolt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7696
pənɔŋ  ပၞံၚ်   bamboo float to which baited line is attached for fishing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7699
pənɛk  သၞက်   camp, halting-place   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7677
pənɛm  ပၞဳ   yaws   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7681
pənɛŋ  ပၞၚ်   sedile, throne, lotus-throne pedestal used as altar for offerings   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7678
pənɛ̀h  ဗမၞး   (lF.)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8300
pənɜk  ပၞုက်   to hide, conceal   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7688
pəra  ပရာ   expletive in 'pərao pəra' circumstances   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7748
pərah  တမြး   bar, sandspit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7751
pəraiŋ  ပရာၚ်   to toast, roast, broil   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7772
pərak  စမြိုက်   to molest, attempt to injure, assault   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7762
pərak  ပြိုက်   citrus fruit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7756
pərao  ပရော   circumstances, facts concerning   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7805
pərat  ဗရာတ်   to splash about   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7768
pəraŋ  ပရိုၚ်   news, tidings, report   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7766
pəràik  မြာ်   peafowl, Pavo muticus L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8328
pəràiŋ  မြာၚ်   marian tree, Bouea burmanica Griffith   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8329
pəràt  မြာတ်   to be violent   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8327
pərea  စမြေဲ   to shout   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7739
pərem  သမြေံ   to roll, reverberate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7738
pəret  ကမြေတ်   creak, creaking   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7737
pəreˀ  ပြေံ   to be bad, badly behaved, badly done, to be ugly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7735
pərì  မရဳ   hole bored in bottom of canoe as check on thickness when hollowing out, and afterwards plugged   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8307
pərì  မြဳ   sweetmeat of fried glutinous rice   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8306
pərìˀ pəròn  မြိမြန်   to bring up, foster   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8312
pəroik  ပြိက်   plant used in cookery and medicine, Peucedanum sowa Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7802
pərom  ပရောမ်   to be dry, desiccated, brittle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7801
pərop  ပရောပ်   soap acacia creeper, Acacia concinna De Candolle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7798
pəròik  မြေက်   red pepper, chilli   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8354
pəròn  ဗရောန်   to have an eruption of the skin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8349
pəròn  မြန်   smallpox   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8345
pərùn  မြုန်   intestinal worm   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8361
pərɒˀ  ကမြောံ   savour, pleasant or succulent flavour   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7775
pərɒˀ  ပရိုအ်   kind of small tree, species of Antidesma   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7774
pərɔe  ပရဳ   parched millet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7729
pərɔh  ပရဟ်   to prepare, make read   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7785
pərɔm  ကမြမ်   wickedness   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7793
pərɔn  ပရန်   bait   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7790
pərɔt  ပရုတ်   camphor   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7789
pərɔŋ  ပရံၚ်   expletive in 'pəre pərɔŋ' to pacify   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7788
pərɔŋ  ပရံၚ်   hardness, ripeness   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7786
pərɔŋ  ပရံၚ်   to be dark, hard, to darken   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7787
pərɔˀ  ပရအ်   madman, crazy fellow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7780
pərɔˀ  ပရံ   to distribute, dispense   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7781
pərɛk  ပရက်   wick   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7743
pərɛŋ  ပြၚ်   beach below bank   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7747
pərɛ̀a  မြဴ   to gain in, recover one's, strength, prosper   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8313
pərɛ̀ak  မြက်   to be active, nimble   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8325
pərɛ̀ˀ  မြ   matchet-like knife used as cutting tool, dah   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8315
pəsa  ပသာ   half-hundred   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7905
pəsa  ပသာ   pain, illness   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7906
pəsaiŋ  ရမ္သာၚ်   voice, vocal or musical sound   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7915
pəsan  ဗသာန်   heat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7912
pəsaˀ  ပသ   to stink, to be offended by the stench of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7910
pəsaˀ  မသ   unpleasant smell, stench   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7908
pəse  ပသေဝ်   muslim   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7901
pəsɔn  မသုန်   five   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7916
pətah  ပ္တး   to turn over, upside down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7638
pətài  ဗ္ဒဲာ   dependence   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8281
pətài  ဗ္ဒဲာ   to lean on, against   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8282
pəteak  ပတေက်   to be fresh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7625
pəteh  ပ္တေံ   to believe (in), trust, heed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7624
pətèm  ဗ္ဒေမ်   to place near   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8274
pəthàn  ဗဓါန်   reliance   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8296
pətɒh  ပ္တိုဟ်   fungus, mildew, pus   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7640
pətɒˀ  ပ္တေါံ   to imitate, counterfeit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7639
pətɔiŋ  ပ္တေၚ်   ash, ashes   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7663
pətɛ̀ˀ  ဗ္ဒ   to lean   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8277
pətɜk  ပတုက်   kind of tree, Barringtonia racemosa Blyth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7654
pəyaˀ  ကယျ   defeat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7719
pəye  ကမျေဝ်   beauty   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7715
pəye  ကမျေဝ်   to adorn, decorate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7716
pəyo  ပယောဝ်   puppet, marionette   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7727
pəyɒ, pəyɜ  ဗယဵု, ဗယဵု   boundary, frontier   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7725
pəyɛ̀h  လမျး   light   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8303
pəyɜ̀m  လမျီူ   life   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8304
pəŋa  ပၚါ   wild nutmeg tree   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7575
pəŋan  ပၚါန်   grain in the ear   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7582
pəŋan  ပၚါန်   round eating utensil, plate, bowl, cup, saucer   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7577
pəŋao  ပ္ၚူ   to be straight   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7592
pəŋaˀ  ပၚ   (place-name) Panga   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7576
pəŋò  မၚေါဝ်   oleaster plum, Eleagnus latifolia L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8269
pəŋɒˀ  ပ္ၚေါံ   to hasten, to proceed directly to   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7583
pəŋɔn  ပ္ၚန်   button   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7588
pəŋɔp  ပ္ၚပ်   joint   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7591
pəŋɛ̀h  မ္ၚး   outside   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8260
pəŋɜ̀h  မ္ၚိုဟ်   to be robust, stout, hard, stiff   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8264
pəɲòˀ  မညောအ်   kind of shrub, Morinda angustifolia Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8272
pəɲɔn  ပညန်   cantaloup melon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7614
pəɲɔp  ပ္ညပ်XXX   to command, ordain, appoint, to forbid   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7615
pəɲɛ̀a  ဗညာ   title prefixed to names of royalty and high nobility   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8270
pəɲɜŋ  ပ္ညုၚ်XXX   to show, point out, to inform about   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7612
pɛ̀a  ဗာ   long basket used by Karens, carried on back and suspended by tump-line from forehead   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7959
pɛ̀a  ဗာ   to carry on one's back suspended by a tump-line   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7960
pɛ̀a  ဗဴ   grandmother, old woman   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7956
pɛ̀ak  ဗက်   to follow, chase, send away, banish, to go away with, accompany, keep pace with   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7965
pɛ̀aŋ pùi  ဗၚ်ဗဲု   to be shaggy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7978
pɛ̀aŋ  ဗေၚ်   embankment, earth platform, convex slope   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7976
pɛ̀aŋ  ဗၚ်   matting used to raise sides of cart in which paddy is transported or to form shallow bin on threshing-floor   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7975
pɛ̀ˀ  သ္ဗ   to have one's breathing-passages congested or obstructed, to choke   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7963
pɜŋ  ပုၚ်   cooked rice   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:7248
pɜ̀  ဗဵု   to look at for pleasure, go to see, assist at [entertainment]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8029
pɜ̀h  ဗိုဟ်   to progress in the manner of a leech   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8032
pɜ̀n  ဗိုန်   to be firm, fast, steadfast, certain   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8045
pɜ̀t  ဗိုတ်   to throw underarm, lob, to drop [missile]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8040
pɜ̀ŋ  ဗုၚ်   belly, abdomen, central cavity   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:8033
rao  ရော   intensive neg. p., esp. in correlative construction   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9327
rao  ရော   relative question particle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9326
raˀ     particle of unqualified assertion   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9323
rài  ရဲာ   mustard plant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9408
ràik  ရာ်   field hut, used as temporary dwelling during harvest season   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9413
ràiŋ  ရာၚ်   to open, unfold, expand   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9414
ràk  ရိုက်   sack, bag   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9401
ràk  ရိုက်   to be plentiful, abundant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9402
ràn  ရာန်   to buy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9404
rè  ရေဝ်   (place-name) Ye   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9340
rèh seh  ရှေ်သှေ်   to hold in respect, in reverence   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9342
rèm  ရေမ်   to return to lay status after period as novice or monk   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9355
rèn  ရေန်   sandfly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9346
rèp  ရာပ်   clump, thicket   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9348
rèp  ရာပ်   refuge, shelter   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9351
rìˀ  ရိ   long cylindrical wooden object   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9331
rìˀmòŋ  ရိမံၚ်   (lF.) kind of medicinal plant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9337
ròa  ရဲ   dependant, follower, companion, associate, member of social or occupational group   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9494
ròik  ရေက်   to slice, cut with a sawing motion, to peel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9492
ròiŋ  ရိၚ်   to taste pungent, peppery, hot, to experience a pungent taste   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9493
ròk  ရော်   to repay   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9457
ròk  ရံက်   tilt-lever with weighted butt, used for raising water or tethering cattle at pasture   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9455
ròm  ရံ   to respect   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9490
ròn təmɔˀ  ရန် တၟံ   (lF.) to assign for the use of, for a purpose   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9482
ròp  ရပ်   to hold, handle, take hold of, seize, catch, arrest   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9483
ròt  ရတ်   to reap, cut [standing crops]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9475
ròŋ  ရံၚ်   to look (at)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9461
rùi  ရဲု   housefly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9524
rùm  ရုံ   to suffice, be enough   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9522
rùp  ရုပ်   to collect up [things put out to dry]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9520
rɔmma  ရမ္မာ   clogwood, Gmelina arborea L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9324
rɛ̀a kɛ̀a  ရဴဂဴ   to hold in reverence, worship   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9370
rɛ̀a  ရေဲ   to cut up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9365
rɛ̀a  ရဴ   manner   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9360
rɛ̀a  ရဴ   openwork basket   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9357
rɛ̀aŋ  ရေၚ်   to form a row, extend in line, to place in a row, arrange   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9391
rɛ̀aŋ  ရၚ်   to conduct, to conduct proceedings, preside over   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9396
rɛ̀h  ရး   expletive in 'tɛ̀h rɛ̀h' to be eminently suitable   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9388
rɛ̀h  ရး   to come to an end, terminate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9387
rɜ̀h  ရိုဟ်   root   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9418
rɜ̀h  ရိုဟ်   to count, enumerate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9425
rɜ̀h  ရိုဟ်   to damage, demolish, break into   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9422
rɜ̀m  ရီု   to help, assist   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9449
rɜ̀t  ရိုတ်   talipot palm, Corypha umbraculifera L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9446
rɜ̀ŋ  ရုၚ်   to arrange [monastic robe] so as to cover both arms and shoulders, before leaving monastery precincts   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9445
rɜ̀ˀ  ရောအ်   to be loosely packed, porous   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9417
sa  သာ   borax   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10141
sa  သာ   to be light in weight, moderate in degree, gentle, soft, nimble   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10143
sa  သာ   to spread, unroll   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10149
sah  သြး   to cleanse   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10166
sai  သဲာ   bee   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10199
sai  သြဲာ   to be separate, apart   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10202
saik  သာ်   colour   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10209
saik  သြာ်   to tear (in two, up)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10221
saiŋ  သြာၚ်   (body of water retained by) dam, reservoir, moat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10223
sak hətài  သိုက် hətài   (place-name) Sukhothai   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10177
sak sak  သိုက် သိုက်   gently, gradually   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10178
sampan  သာံပါန်   flat-bottomed oared boat with projecting incurved timbers at stern, sampan   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10196
samənɔe  သာမ္မဏဳ   (lF.) novice   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10156
san lon  သာန်လာန်   (place-name) Salween river   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10191
san  သြာန်   black varnish tree, Malanorrhoea usitata Wallich   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10189
sao cɔn  သောစန်   kinds of tree, Xanthophyllum flavescens Roxburgh and glauca Wallich   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10430
sao  သူ   to measure by capacity or quantity   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10420
sao  သော   to preserve by drying   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10422
saoriˀyɔn  သူရိယျန်   (lF.) sulphuric acid, vitriol   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10432
sat  သာတ်   to feed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10188
sat  သာတ်   to go beyond   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10184
sat  သှာတ်   to scoop up, draw, bale   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10183
saŋ  သြိုၚ်   hole, cavity   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10179
saŋ  သြိုၚ်   to build, esp. of wood or other perishable material   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10181
saˀ  သြ   to have the skin broken, ulcerate, develop sores, to be injured   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10160
sài  ဇြဲာ   to be lean, thin of body   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10469
sàŋ  သ္ဇိုၚ်   to be heavy, to be weighty, abstruse, profound   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10463
se  သေဝ်   to grind   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10087
sea  သြေဲ   mouth-organ consisting of double raft of bamboo pipes passing through gourd windchest, ken   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10097
seaŋ  သေၚ်   (usually neg., not) to be the case, (1) negating nominal sent. or v. in adverbial construction, or rejecting proposition   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10101
seaŋ  သြေၚ်   to be withered, dried up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10102
sem  သေံ   siamese, Shan   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10096
sen  သြေန်   expletive in 'saˀ sen' to suffer hurt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10093
sèh  ဇြေဟ်   circle, ring   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10451
sinla  သိလ္လာ   (lF.) coral   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10086
sìp  သိပ်   expletive in 'mìp sìp' to be thoroughly happy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10450
soa  သဲ   to be slim, of insignificant size   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10418
soiŋ  သြိၚ်   to be wide apart, widely spaced, sparse   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10413
sok  သော်   hair, feather, quill   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10384
son  သောန်   to be brittle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10405
sop  သြောပ်   kind of zinziberaceous plant, Costus argyrophyllus Wallich   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10406
sot  သြောတ်   mortar   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10398
soŋ  သောၚ်   to be clear, transparent, limpd   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10395
sòa  ဇြဲ   pipal, bo-tree, Ficus religiosa L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10490
sòh  ဇြောဟ်   deep ravine, chasm   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10482
sòk  သြော်   lane, alley, narrow unmade street in town   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10483
sòp  ဇြပ်   building, shelter, with open sides, erected for use of travellers at monastery or pagoda or by roadside, often also used as parish hall, zayat, dharamsala. Place-name   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10488
sòt  သြောတ်   to suck (up)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10486
sòŋ  ဇြံၚ်   stand, for cooking-pot (həmai)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10485
sòˀ  သ္ဇအ်   to be overripe, past fit state for harvesting   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10481
sùm  ဇြုံ   snake   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10495
 သဵု   sheep   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10224
sɒh  သိုဟ်   to put out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10255
sɒh  သြိုဟ်   chest, upper part of body   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10253
sɒh  သြိုဟ်   expletive in 'bɒh sɒh' to be at ease, peaceful, cool. Der   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10257
sɒm  သီု   all of a class taken together   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10263
sɒt  သိုတ်   thatching grass, Imperata arundinacea Cyrilli   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10261
sɒt  သြိုတ်   to cover the breasts   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10262
sɒˀ  သွံ   indeed, certainly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10250
sɒˀ  သွံ   paddy, standing crop of paddy, unhusked grain of rice plant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10225
sɒˀ  သွံ   to sell   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10246
 သဝ်   to be low, short of stature   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10281
sɔe lao  သဳ လော   pomelo   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10078
sɔe  သဳ   parent's younger sister   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10070
sɔeˀ  သိ   rice beer, rice spirit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10080
sɔh  သှ်   to untie, untether   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10289
sɔik  သေက်   to quarrel, brawl, fight   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10380
sɔk  သံက်   to peel, skin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10292
sɔk  သြံက်   to plant upright   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10293
sɔm lòm  သံလံ   crow-bar, used as digging implement   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10378
sɔm sɛk  သံ သက်   large tree of hill forests, Stereospermum fimbriatum De Candolle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10379
sɔn  သန်   to be good (to do), meet, proper   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10370
sɔn  သြန်   silver   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10352
sɔt  သတ်   fruit, nut, berry   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10299
sɔt  သတ်   to (bear) fruit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10343
sɔŋ  သောၚ်   kind, sort, way   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10296
sɔˀ  သအ်   lock, key   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10287
sənì  သဳဂၞဳ   spouse's younger sibling   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10519
səŋeak  သ္ၚေက်   green colour   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10440
sɛk  သက်   to draw, draw a line (through), cross out, to make a note of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10106
sɛkkəlat  သက္ကလာတ်   (lF.) woollen cloth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10113
sɛp  သိပ်   to be neat, tidy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10129
sɛt  သိတ်   to be worn, abraded, scratched   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10128
sɛt  သြိတ်   rhinoceros   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10127
sɛŋ  သြၚ်   bank, shore, side, edge   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10118
sɛŋ  သၚ်   to cast in metal, coin, mint   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10120
sɛ̀ak  သ္ဇက်   nominalizing phr. head, that which is the object of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10460
sɛ̀aŋ  သ္ဇၚ်   sword   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10461
sɛ̀ˀ  ဇြ   to wither, be withered, wilted   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10452
sɛ̀ˀhan  ဇြဟာန်   love   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10454
sɛ̀ˀhɔt  ဒြဟတ်   strength, power   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10455
sɜk  သုက်   placenta   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10266
sɜŋ  သုၚ်   to drink, to inhale the smoke of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10273
sɜ̀h  သ္ဇိုဟ်   to be deep, profound   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10470
sɜ̀p  ဇြိုပ်   to be slow, stately   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10480
sɜ̀ŋ  ဇြုၚ်   to cook by steaming   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10479
sɜ̀ŋ  သ္ဇုၚ်   to be clear, pure, calm, serene   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10474
ta  တာ   measure of length equal to seven cubits (hɔt) or about 11 feet 4½ inches   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5711
tah  သ္တး   to level (off), sweep together   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5722
tai prài  တဲာဗြဲာ   maleficent magical influence   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5767
taiŋ  တာၚ်   spine, stalk, of palm frond   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5770
tak  တိုက်   building of brick, stone, or cement, public building, hall   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5730
tak  တိုက်   to discharge [artillery]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5740
tak  တိုက်   walking   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5739
tan  တာန်   to plait, twill, of bamboo, cane, or similar material   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5760
tao  တူ   to be superior ('nù' to)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5952
tao  တူ   to burn, be alight, to get burnt, scalded, feel a burning or stinging sensation   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5947
tao  တဴ   to be stationary, to dwell, be located in   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5953
taoh  တှော်XXX   to rub, scrub, scour   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5957
taoˀ  တု   snail   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5956
tap  တာပ်   to (arrive in time to) catch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5762
taŋ  တိုၚ်   basket, cylindrical or with constricted neck, used by fishermen, creel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5757
taŋ  တိုၚ်   post   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5744
taˀ     (medical) to vomit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5719
taˀ     father   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5718
tài  ဒဲါ   money-belt   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6104
tàik  ဒါ်   to branch, be turned outwards   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6105
tàiŋ  ဒါၚ်   to be outstretched   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6108
tàn  ဒါန်   (future) husband   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6100
tàn  ဒါန်   to read over, check, to edit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6102
tàt  ဒါတ်   to strike with the flat of the hand, slap, to beat out, stamp   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6094
tàŋ  ဒိုၚ်   generic name of kinds of large light-coloured bird including storks   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6087
te tot  တေဝ်တောတ်   red-wattled lapwing, Lobivanellus indicus atronuchalis Jerdon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5659
teaŋ  သ္တေၚ်   to be stretched, taut, firm   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5669
teh  တှေ်   to hew, shape, plane down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5666
teh  ထေံ   to kick backwards, heel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5665
tep  တေပ်   box trap   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5668
teˀ  တေံ   that   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5662
tèp  ဒေပ်   to commit adultery   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6035
tèp  ဒေပ်   to store, treasure up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6033
tèˀ  ဒေံ   younger sibling   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6024
thah  ထး   brass tray, salver, on which curry bowls are sometimes laid out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6287
thaiŋ  ထာၚ်   junction, fork, division of stem   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6309
thak  ထိုက်   to be fitting, worthy, worth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6293
thak  ထိုက်   to pull off, strip   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6290
thao həɲan  ထဴဖညာန်   chisel-handle tree, Dalbergia velutina Bentham   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6370
thao  ထော   to train, to employ in a trade   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6367
thapəna  ထာပနာ   (lF.) to enshrine   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6284
thaŋ sah  ထိုၚ်သး   to applaud, praise, admire   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6306
thaŋ  ထိုၚ်   bag, esp. Shan bag of fabric with shoulder-sling, sack, pocket   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6295
thaŋ  ထိုၚ်   kind of hornet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6304
thaŋ  ထိုၚ်   to drape, hang, let down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6305
the  ထေဝ်   slice   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6271
thea  ထေဲ   to be angry, annoyed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6273
thep  ထေပ်   to pinch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6272
thèp  ဓါပ်   single-headed drum of hour-glass shape, with sling for suspending from shoulder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6384
thiˀ  ထိ   to be complete   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6266
thìˀthan  ဓိထာန်   sal tree, Shorea robusta Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6381
tho  ထောဝ်   kind of hornet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6358
thoa  ထေဲာ   plough   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6363
thoa  ထေဲာ   to plough   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6365
thoŋ  ထောၚ်   to be hollow, to have holes in, be torn   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6359
thò  ဓဝ်   to be direct, directly opposite, in the centre   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6392
thòmmɛ̀ˀsaˀ  ဓမ္မသ   (place-name) Dammatha   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6396
thɒm  ထီု   cave   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6327
thɒˀ  ထွံ   to throw (away), to leave, forsake, to place, put   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6319
thɔ  ထဝ်   gold   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6330
thɔik  ထေက်   to be worth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6352
thɔiŋ  ထေၚ်   to be firm, stable, level   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6354
thɔp  ထပ်   layer, fold, story, concentric ring, rank   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6347
thɔt  ထတ်   to be strong, healthy, vigorous, loud   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6344
thɛŋ  ထၚ်   to thirst after   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6280
thɜŋ  ထုၚ်   pail, usually as quantifier or in phr. listed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6328
thɜ̀ŋ  ဓုၚ်   spirit of fields, controlling rain   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6386
tì  ဒေဝ်   to drive   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6014
tì  ဒဳ   thigh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6007
tì  ဒဳ   tide   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6010
tìn thin tìn thin  ဒိန်ထိန်ဒိန်ထိန်   adverbial describing sound of drumming   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6020
tìˀ  ဒိ   to come in contact with, impinge on, collide, to charge, fight with horns   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6017
toa  တဲ   moment, point of time   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5941
toa  တဲ   upper limb, hand, arm, foreleg   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5916
toik  သ္တိက်   to lie down, go to bed, sleep   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5909
toiŋ  တိၚ်   to pluck [stringed instrument]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5912
toiŋ  တိၚ်   to tonsure and shave [priest]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5914
tok  တော်   drop   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5898
tom  တောံ   to cook, to distil   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5908
toŋ  တောၚ်   castor-oil plant, palma Christi, Ricinus communis L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5902
tò  ဒေါဝ်   middle, in the middle of, in the midst of, among   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6153
tò  ဒေါဝ်   to cover (up), hide, to close   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6155
tòh  ဒှ်   to be (in a state of)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6157
tòik  ဒေက်   to be less than, short of (by)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6186
tòiŋ  ဒိၚ်   crack, report   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6190
tòiŋ  ဒိၚ်   curds   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6189
tòiŋ  ဒေၚ်   to be dazed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6191
tòiŋ  ဒေၚ်   wallplate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6188
tòm  ဒေါံ   to fall from an erect position, be overturned, to lie prone   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6180
tòn  ဒေါန်   to scold, chide, complain   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6174
tòn  သ္ဒန်   to chop (up, off)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6172
tòp  ဒပ်   arm of service, military group, formation, or unit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6177
tòp  ဒပ်   expletive in 'ɔp tòp' to be well suited   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6179
tòp  ဒပ်   fence, stockade, bamboo trellis used for fencing and balustrading, stockade camp   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6175
tòt  ဒတ်   herb used for poisoning fish, Spilanthes paniculata Wallich   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6167
tòŋ  ဒေါၚ်   shaman, often female, called in to organize kəlok dances   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6162
tòŋ  ဒံၚ်   to leap with the feet together, proceed by leaps, to dance while under daemonic possession, to climb   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6163
tut  တုတ်   to whistle, hoot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5960
tùh  ဒုဟ်   fault, blame   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6210
tùn  ဒုန်   bamboo, bamboo plant, length of bamboo   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6215
tùn  ဒုန်   to paddle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6221
 တဵု   to sow, plant, set in the ground   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5772
 တဵု   to stand, be stationary   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5775
tɒm  တီု   to be thick, fat, to be dull-witted, stupid   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5787
tɒm  တီု   trap consisting of plank or beam set to fall and crush animal, deadfall trap   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5784
tɒn  တိုန်   to rise, ascend, go up, to grow in height, increase   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5776
tɒp  တိုပ်   to bury, cover with earth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5783
 တဝ်   shaft, handle, pin, pencil, stalk   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5795
 တဝ်   to face, be opposite   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5808
tɔe  တဲု   to be finished, over, to be ready   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5640
tɔelaˀ  တၠဳ   (lF.) lord   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5641
tɔeˀ  တိ   earth, ground, land   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5642
tɔh  တှ်   breast, udder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5814
tɔk  တံက်   to perform the sexual act   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5824
tɔm  တံ   foot [of tree]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5877
tɔn  တုန်   bamboo rat, Rhizomys cinereus MacClelland   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5855
tɔn  တုန်   to recur   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5862
tɔp  တပ်   to place in sequence, arrange in order, to lay on, inflict, to fold   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5866
tɔp  တုပ်   to be equal, alike, to resemble   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5874
tɔp  သ္တပ်   to be straight   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5869
tɔt  တတ်   to cut across, sever   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5848
tɔt  တုတ်   to weave   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5844
tɔt  တုတ်   warp of cloth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5843
tɔŋ ken  တံၚ်ကေန်   small punt-shaped canoe for carrying rice, etc   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5838
tɔŋ kɒt  တံၚ်ကိုတ်   venereal disease   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5839
tɔŋ yaˀ  တံၚ်ယျ   shin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5841
tɔŋ  တံၚ်   place-names   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5827
tɔŋ  တံၚ်   to pull, draw, lead   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5831
tɔˀ  တံ   mark of definite or limited plural   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5812
təbɔŋ  တဝ်ၜံၚ်   torch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6004
təken  လကေန်   digit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5963
təket  တကေတ်   anus   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5961
təkhai  တခဲါ   to beckon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5984
təkoa  လကဲ   to trail, hang down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5979
təkot  လကောတ်   to crumble, dissolve   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5978
təkot  သကောတ်   paste, plaster, unguent   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5976
təkò  လ္ဂဝ်   root ginger   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6232
təkò  လ္ဂောဝ်   hill stream   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6230
təkù  လ္ဂူ   to be straight, to be straightforward, simple, to be honest, righteous, upright, just   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6233
təkɒm  လကီု   kind of medicinal plant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5969
təkɒt  လကိုတ်   to take fright, be frightened, dismayed, to startle, dismay   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5967
təkɔk  လကံက်   ring round haft of knife at point where it joins blade   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5970
təkɛ̀ˀ  လ္ဂ   intensive   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6224
təkɜ̀ŋ  လ္ဂုၚ်   (place-name) Rangoon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6225
təkɜ̀ŋ  လ္ဂုၚ်   to lie across, span, to lay across   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6228
təŋak  တ္ၚိုက်   oar   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5995
təŋat  တ္ၚာတ်   to be shorn, to shave   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5997
təŋàik  လ္ၚာ်   to look up, upwards   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6248
təŋet  တ္ၚေတ်   digit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5990
təŋet  တ္ၚေတ်   to crush, between rollers or in a mill   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5989
təŋèp  လ္ၚာပ်   back tooth, molar   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6241
təŋèt  လ္ၚေတ်   to squeeze, crush   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6237
təŋò  လ္ၚူ   yoke, pair [of bullocks]   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6254
təŋò  လ္ၚောဝ်   to touch one's forehead with hands joined palm to palm in token of respect, to kneel with joined hands against the floor and touching forehead   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6257
təŋòt  လ္ၚတ်   practice, training   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6260
təŋòt  လ္ၚောတ်   to study, practise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6262
təŋòˀ  တ္ၚံ   to be assiduous, industrious   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6259
təŋùˀ  လ္ၚု   to be lonely, solitary, forsaken, desolate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6263
təŋɒm  တ္ၚီု   to thrust (at)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5998
təŋɛn  တ္ၚိန်   to carry [rigid object] over one's shoulder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5992
təŋɛ̀a  လ္ၚာ   to lie on one's back, to be, to turn, the right way up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6244
təŋɛ̀a  လ္ၚဴ   sessamum, Sesamum indicum L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6242
təŋɛ̀ˀ  လ္ၚ   live coal, ember   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6246
təŋɜ̀  လ္ၚဵု   individual (case)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6250
tɛk  တက်   to strike, hit, beat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5672
tɛm  တီ   to know, be acquainted with, come to know, learn, realize, determine   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5704
tɛt  တိတ်   to go, come, out, issue, emerge, be produced, leave, move away, reach the end of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5697
tɛŋ  တၚ်   joint, section between two joints, stalk   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5683
tɛŋ  တၚ်   pithy wood of Trevesia palmata Visconti, cork   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5689
tɛ̀a  ဒဴ   nobleman, member of royal entourage, courtier   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6036
tɛ̀a  ဒဴ   to run away, stray   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6041
tɛ̀ak  ဒက်   to tie, tether, link, to build in brick or stone   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6062
tɛ̀aŋ tɛ̀aŋ  ဒၚ်ၚ်   adverbial descriptive of creaking or grating   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6082
tɛ̀aŋ  ဒၚ်   pannier for pack animal   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6074
tɛ̀aŋ  ဒၚ်   to be sultry   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6078
tɛ̀h  ဒး   to hit (a mark), meet with, reach [goal], be correct, apposite, to fit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6051
tɛ̀ˀ  သ္ဒ   to be numb   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6047
tɜk  တုက်   to scoop, root, up   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5791
tɜŋ  တုၚ်   to soak, steep   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5792
tɜ̀  ဒဵု   extent   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6113
tɜ̀  ဒဵု   hill, mountain   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6109
tɜ̀h  ဒိုဟ်   to come up from the sea, be deposited by silting   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6130
tɜ̀h  ဒိုဟ်   to guess the answer to a riddle or puzzle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6131
tɜ̀h  သ္ဒိုဟ်   to be ignorant, stupid, foolish   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6128
tɜ̀m  ဒီု   to lodge, stay for the night   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6148
tɜ̀p  ဒိုပ်   to ground, run aground, come to shore   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6145
tɜ̀ŋ  ဒုၚ်   to receive, accept, meet, welcome, bear, suffer, endure, to be enduring, hardy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6134
tɜ̀ˀ  ဒိုအ်   to stop, cease from motion or activity, wait, to complete a quota   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:6115
uh  အှော်   firewood, fuel   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:164
ui  ပ္အဲု   to swing   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:179
ui  သ္အဲု   to be rotten, putrid   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:175
un  အုန်   bamboo rat, Rhizomys Gray   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:168
up  အုပ်   block, billet, of wood   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:169
ut  သ္အုတ်   to be, go, stale   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:167
wài  ဝဲါ   cow-dung   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9934
wài  ဝဲါ   while   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9933
wàiŋ  ဝါၚ်   mint, Ocimum villosum Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9937
wàn  ဝါန်   laterite   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9930
wàt  ဝါတ်   to be difficult, to be difficult to obtain   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9928
wàŋ  ဝိုၚ်   loop, bend, hoop   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9923
wàŋ  ဝိုၚ်   to be bent round, arched round, to be circular in shape, to go round, turn   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9924
wèn  ဝေန်   to be crooked, deformed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9888
wèt  ဝေတ်   to instruct, correct faults of, to rebuke   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9886
wì  ဝဳ   to raise, tend   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9870
wìwòa  ဝဳဝဲ   (lF.) impending or potential calamity, danger   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9874
wìˀ  ဝိ   fig tree, Ficus glomerata Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9875
wò  ဝဝ်   palanquin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9950
wòa  ဝဲ   malice, enmity   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9986
wòa  ဝဲ   whirlpool, eddy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9987
wòiŋ  ဝေၚ်   to play, do for sport, to gamble   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9979
wòiŋ  ဝေၚ်   to visit, to go for a walk   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9980
wòk  ဝံက်   expletive in 'wèn wòk' to be crooked, deformed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9955
wòt  ဝတ်   to lie down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9961
wòt  ဝတ်   to wring out, wring water out of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9960
wòt  ဝေါတ်   kind of medicinal plant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9958
wùn  ဝုန်   bitter cress used in soups   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9995
wùn  ဝုန်   sweet potato, Batatas edulis Rumphius   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9997
wùn  ဝုန်   to be thoroughly cooked   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10002
wùt  ဝုတ်   unmarried girl past age of puberty, spinster, virgin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9989
wətìˀ  ဝဒိ   (lF.) previous time   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:10004
wɛ̀a  ဝါ   open ground not under cultivation, pasture   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9890
wɛ̀a  ဝဴ   kite   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9893
wɛ̀ak  ဝက်   to wear in one's ears   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9909
wɛ̀aŋ can  ဝေၚ်စာန်   (place-name) Vientiane   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9922
wɛ̀aŋ  ဝေၚ်   to shun avoid, abstain from, hold off   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9919
wɛ̀aŋ  ဝၚ်   branch of study or learning   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9916
wɛ̀aŋ  ဝၚ်   compound, enclosure, esp. round official building   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9914
wɛ̀aŋ  ဝၚ်   deep pool in stream   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9917
wɛ̀h  ဝှေ်   to break by bending, break in two, break off   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9905
wɛ̀ˀ     lawa, Wa, pagan hillman practising slash-and-burn cultivation   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9902
wɜ̀  ဝဵု   mark of beating, weal   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9942
wɜ̀  ဝဵု   to deceive, cause false perception or impression   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9943
wɜ̀n  ဝိုန်   floor-joist   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9949
wɜ̀t  ဝိုတ်   to forget, leave behind, omit to do   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9946
yài  ယဲာ   mother, dam   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9199
yàik  ယာ်   to pound in a mortar, in order to remove inner pellicle   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9201
yàk  ယိုက်   to lift, support, carry, esp. in one's arms or on one's shoulder   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9161
yàt  ယာတ်   cloth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9167
yèm  ယာံ   to weep, lament   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9128
yèp  ယာပ်   large timber tree, Carallia lucida Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9124
yèp  ယေပ်   to be speckled   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9125
yòa  ယဲ   illness, disease, symptom of disease   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9252
yòa  ယဲ   to be ill   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9310
yòm  ယောံ   to be dark, deep, in colour   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9251
yòn  ယန်   kind of medicinal herb, Clitoria ternatea L   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9237
yòn  ယောန်   to proceed with caution, to stalk   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9244
yòp  ယောပ်   to be overripe   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9250
yù  ယူ   to leap in the air, to dance under daemonic possession   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9314
yɔk ye  ယျံက်ယျေဝ်   butterfly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9116
yɛ̀a  ယာ   sail   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9132
yɛ̀a  ယာ   to lift up, raise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9140
yɛ̀a  ယဴ   elder sister's husband   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9130
yɛ̀a  ယဴ   to be of poor quality, to deteriorate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9142
yɛ̀ak  ယက်   smoke   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9156
yɛ̀amɛ̀ˀ  ယာမ   sweetened juice of citrus or other sour fruit   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9146
yɛ̀aŋ ŋìn  ယၚ်ၚိန်   (place-name) Yinnyein   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9160
yɛ̀h  ယး   morrow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9150
yɛ̀h  ယး   to shine, give light, to dawn   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9153
yɛ̀ˀ     tar, pitch, tar substitute prepared by mixing wax of dammar bee with petrol or wood-oil   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9148
yɜ̀  ယဵု   to support, carry, on one's head, to lift   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9203
yɜ̀h  ယိုဟ်   preserved fruit, compote, jam   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9210
yɜ̀m  ယဳု   to breathe   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9214
yɜ̀ŋ  ယုၚ်   to smell   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9213
yɜ̀ˀ sɒˀ  ယွံသွံ   to (show) respect (towards)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9208
yɜ̀ˀ  ယွံ   particle of formal address   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:9207
ŋaiŋ  ဇ္ၚါင်   buttock   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4695
ŋaˀ  တ္ၚ   cross-bow, bow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4690
ŋài  ၚဲါ   small black variety of prawn   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4757
ŋàn  ၚါန်   class of virulent diseases   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4755
ŋeak  တ္ၚေက်   parakeet   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4687
ŋep  တ္ၚေပ်   to pinch   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4686
ŋèp  လ္ၚာပ်   back tooth, molar   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4734
ŋì  ဒ္ၚဳ   to search for among undergrowth or hair   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4727
ŋìm  လ္ၚီ   thousand   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4733
ŋìt  လ္ၚိတ်   mouthful, sip   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4731
ŋìt  ၚိတ်   to swallow   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4732
ŋoa  တ္ၚဲ   sun, sunlight   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4699
ŋòt  လ္ၚတ်   to be digested, dissolved, dispelled, to go down   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4766
ŋùh  ၚုဟ်   price   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4771
ŋùh  ၚုဟ်   to wake   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4778
ŋùi  ŋùi   prawn, crayfish   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4779
ŋɔk  တ္ၚံက်   to be bent, curving, crooked   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4697
ŋɛk  တ္ၚက်   to be set, clenched, to grin   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4689
ŋɛ̀a  ၚဴ   cleat   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4739
ŋɛ̀a  ၚဴ   frog, toad   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4735
ŋɛ̀ak  ၚေက်   tooth   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4747
ŋɛ̀h  ဇၚး   to clear away, level, sweep clean, weed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4744
ŋɛ̀h  ၚး   remains of food, leavings, crumbs   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4743
ŋɛ̀ˀ  ဗ္ၚ   rice-land, ricefield   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4740
ŋɜ̀ŋ  လ္ၚုၚ်   to be lost in thought, to mope   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:4765
ɒh  သ္အိုဟ်   to rot, be decayed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:87
ɒp  အိုပ်   to be slovenly   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:97
ɒt  အိုတ်   to be finished, exhausted, consumed   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:92
ɔiŋ  အေၚ်   to fast   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:119
ɔiŋ  အေၚ်   to suffer, endure, tolerate   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:117
ɔp  ပ္အပ်   to transfer to the keeping of another, to hand, make, over   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:114
ɔˀ  ပ္အံ   to feed with premasticated food   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:107
əcaŋ  အစိုၚ်   slow loris, Nycticebus tardigradus F. Cuvier   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:245
əchao  အချဴ   red ant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:267
əche  တဆေဝ်   to slip   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:260
əcut  အစုတ်   short time, moment   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:257
əhan  အဟာန်   goose   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:181
əhmo  အသၟဝ်   lower part, under, underneath, below   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:334
əhum  အဟုံ   anamirta paniculata Colebrooke, a creeper the berries of which are used to poison fish   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:182
əkap  အကာပ်   roller, Coracias benghalensis affinis McClelland   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:186
əkhak  အခိုက်   habit, individual custom, way, manner   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:202
əkla  အကၟာ   before   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:198
əklɛ̀a  အဂၠဴ   aloes wood, Aquilaria agallocha Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:383
əkrɒm  အကြို   boasting, swagger   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:195
əkrɛ̀aŋ  အဂြၚ်   locust   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:380
əlèm  အလေမ်   flag, banner   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:465
əlòn  အလောန်   turn, time   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:471
əma  အမာ   short 'inherent' vowel with final glottal stop, indicated in spelling by the absence of a vowel symbol and realized as   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:327
əma  အမှာ   equal quantity or degree, as much as   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:330
əmù  အမူ   parent's younger brother   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:433
ənài  အနာဲ   parent's elder brother   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:408
ənàiŋ  အနာၚ်   agraea fragrans Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:409
əpa  အပါ   father   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:296
əphi  အဘဳ   calophyllum spectabile Willdenow, tree with clusters of small white flowers   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:319
əphòik  အဘိက်   mudar, Calotropis gigantea R. Brown, shrub yielding root-bark used as purgative and emetic   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:426
əphɛ̀aŋ  သဘၚ်   festival   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:423
əpleˀ  အပၟေံ   (one of a) class of daemons (kəlok)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:318
əpot  အပေါတ်   gear, equipment, utensils, furniture, belongings   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:307
əpɒh  အပိုဟ်   reed used for mats, of various species   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:304
ərè  အရေဝ်   word, words, utterance, speech, spoken language, language   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:444
əròt  အရောတ်   arrowroot   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:463
ərùt  အရုတ်   tortoise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:464
ərɛ̀ak  အရက်   alcoholic liquor, esp. spirits   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:454
əsao  အသဴ   trincomalee wood, Berrya amonilla Roxburgh   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:358
əsɔm  အသမ်   kind of medicinal plant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:357
əsɛm  အသဳ   falcon   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:346
ətah  အတး   new Year festival, attended by water-throwing (wòiŋ daik) and other rain-making and fertility practices   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:270
əthe  အထေဝ်   married man   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:280
ətɔh  အတှ်   pillar, post, standing alone   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:274
ətɛ̀a  အဒါ   duck   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:396
əwài  အဝဲါ   time while   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:475
əwɒ  အဝဵု   regularity, regularly, consistently, always   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:341
əwɛ̀ˀ  အဝ   (place-name)   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:473
əyàŋ  အယိုၚ်   weight, mass   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:437
əyɛ̀a  အယဴ   scorpion   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:434
əŋèp  အၚါပ်   back tooth, molar   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:387
əŋò  အၚဝ်   pair, couple   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:392
əɲɛ̀ak  အညေက်   kind of medicinal plant   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:395
ɛkkìˀyaˀ  အဂ္ဂိယျ   lF.) alchemy   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:45
ɛŋhətɜ̀  အၚ်ဂဒဵု   plaster, cement   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:62
ɲan  ညာန်   din, continuing noise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5597
ɲan  ညာန်   to be noisy, make a noise   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5598
ɲaˀ  ညှ   honorific prefixed to vv. of motion when referring to monks   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5594
ɲàt  ညာတ်   to see, perceive, have sensory perception of   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5619
ɲìˀ  ညိ   to be small in quantity   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5607
ɲòn  ညောန်   to be near, close, to be tight, to be crowded   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5631
ɲòŋ  ညံၚ်   like, as, according as   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5627
ɲɔe  ပ္ညဳXXX   to level, smooth out   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5593
ɲɔh  က္ညဟ်XXX   to pull free, pull away from a hold   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5599
ɲɛ̀h  ညး   person (who), people, they, others   (Mon)   Sho1962:C:5611