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" >dəmli>  damli   continuity, perpetuity   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:188.1.1
'ahet   name   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:13.9.1
'udin; 'ud(u)in   a minister   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:20.14.1
'upposatthā   a war elephant   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:22.14.1
(d)luṅ'ek   trumpet-flower tree   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:206.1.1
(di)k   article of offering   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:191.2.1
(j)ñaḥ   unclear   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:128.1.1
(kc)um   unclear   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:56.2.1
(kirlo')   ? nesting place   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:42.1.1
(kyā)m   unclear   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:60.1.1
(m)ahecaraṁ   a pagoda   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:291.3.1
(p)irnik   device for securing door, perh. a padlock   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:233.3.1
(pu)n(jaiṭhā)n(a)   place name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:236.1.1
(slar)¹   an architectural element or decorative motif   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:398.2.1
(ta)s(a)r   kind of mat   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:147.1.1
(ta)²   title   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:139.1.1
(yiy[o]')   to invoke   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:310.3.1
baleṅ   sima   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:261.1.1
bhānahā(rā)   a class of animals   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:280.5.1
biñcal   part of post   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:264.3.1
cakkawāde   name   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:91.4.1
cana(k)   ? perfection   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:93.6.1
celā   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:107.7.1
ci' peh   a queen   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:98.1.1
da¹, da'; nda, nḍa   predicative particle, etc.   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:184.1.1
dyaṅgan   a donor   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:204.1.1
ga(lā)y   ? seeking   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:75.2.1
gaṁmpa(wa')   monsatery   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:74.1.1
gigit   Baya weaverbird   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:76.6.1
gih   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:78.1.1
khāḥc, khāḥca, khāḥp   then   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:69.1.1
klaḍiṅ   thousand   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:63.1.1
kmur   unclear   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:59.1.1
korapparāc   Koravya king   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:54.1.1
ku(n) ko(')   relic of Buddha kept in Brahma world   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:46.2.1
kuṁ²   you   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:47.1.1
las   occasion   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:333.1.1
mahātāpana   seventh of eight principal hells   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:288.7.1
manoduccarit     (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:286.9.1
maṇḍagiri   a mountain   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:285.6.1
michāy   class of devotees   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:294.2.1
muggaliputtatissatther²   a monk   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:297.2.1
nibā   thatch of nipa palm   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:214.2.1
nray   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:217.4.1
nuṅ   vessel for holding liquids   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:215.8.1
pleñ'   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:253.1.1
poy²   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:241.1.1
rājāyatana   a tree at Buddh Gaya   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:316.7.1
sa(d)assa   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:360.5.1
santhāy   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:362.2.1
sey   to be happy 'happiness'   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:386.1.1
sik(eai)   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:372.8.1
sin   steal   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:374.2.1
siwakayakkhasenāpati   Yakkha captain   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:377.7.1
siṅga'   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:373.1.1
st(o')   compare with, find a comparison or equal for   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:392.1.1
sujāt   fifteenth of twenty-eight Buddhas   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:380.1.1
t(j)eh, t(j)eḥ   ritual object perhaps representing ceremonial spear or flowering branch   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:168.1.1
timān   vulture   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:153.1.1
to'²   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:164.1.1
wanna   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:346.6.1
ban dun  bān d(u)n   a village   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:263.1.1
bgu  bgū   shower down   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:272.6.1
biyaŋ  (bi)yaṅ   kind of tree   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:265.3.1
blah  blaḥ²   to be relieved, come to an end   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:279.1.1
blaiŋ  blāṅ²   ? moment   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:278.1.1
bnɔs  bnas   spear   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:273.1.1
boy  boy   adverbial phrase head, esp. for direction and location   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:271.4.1
brac  brāc   variety of canna   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:275.8.1
bruˀ  bru'   make a noise   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:276.4.1
brɔw  brow   woman, female   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:277.2.1
byi  byī   to form up in a row   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:274.1.1
bəcaˀ  baca   feed, provide food for   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:258.1.1
bəhøc  buhic   (try to) frighten   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:270.1.1
bəmtaiŋ  buṁtāṅ, buṁteṅ   white   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:269.1.1
bərløp  birlup, birl(i)p   ritual bathing of king at consecration   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:266.2.1
bəsɔh  basah   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:262.1.1
bəton  buton   teach, instruct   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:268.2.1
bətuy  batuy   build, complete   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:259.1.1
bəyøw  bayuiw   famine   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:260.1.1
bəɓɔt  biḅat   test, try, match   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:267.7.1
cap  cāp   title   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:97.1.1
chan  chān¹   pity, have compassion for   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:116.1.1
cho  cho   set   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:117.2.1
ci, cew  cī, cew   arrange, make ready, organize, make arrangements, prescribe a procedure   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:103.2.1
cimci  cimcī, cīmcī   large animal, tapir, rhino   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:101.3.1
cin  cin²   boil, be cooked   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:100.1.1
ciɲ  ciñ   diamond   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:99.1.1
cleŋ  cleṅ   sweet lime end (context)   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:114.1.1
cnow  cnor   row   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:111.2.1
com  com   entirely, all, solely   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:108.1.1
cran  crān   prepration of black oil   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:112.1.1
crɔw  crow   handsome, comely   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:113.1.1
cun søn  (cun suin)   name   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:104.3.1
cwiˀ  (c)wi   betel box of dodecagonal shape   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:115.2.1
cɔn lɔn  can lan   name of hill   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:94.2.1
cɗɔw  cḍow   lamp   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:110.1.1
cəhaiŋ  cuhāṅ, cuheṅ   stand flanking   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:106.2.1
cəlɯŋ  caloṅ   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:96.3.1
cəmbay  cambāy   sling carrier for almsbowl   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:95.2.1
cəmɔt  cu(m)at   bear witness   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:105.1.1
cərmøl  cirmīl   watch for   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:102.1.1
cəɗah  caḍaḥ¹   unit of angular measurement   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:92.1.1
cˀaiŋ  c'āṅ, c'eṅ   other, foreign   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:109.4.1
dak  dak   bind, harness   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:185.2.1
daŋ  daṅ   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:186.4.1
dmɔs  dmas   to be like   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:203.1.1
dnaŋ  (dna)ṅ   horizontal direction   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:202.2.1
dray  drāy   hog deer   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:205.2.1
duŋ  dūṅ, duṅ   receive, accept, accede to   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:198.2.1
døm  dum   lodge for the night   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:197.1.1
døˀ  dui'   stop, halt   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:201.1.1
dɔkøp  dukup, dukip   chief, person in charge   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:196.3.1
dəlaiŋ  dil(āṅ)¹   scum produced in boiling rice   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:195.1.1
dəlɯh  daloh   to rise, stand up, from position long maintained   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:189.2.1
dəndiŋ  dindiṅ, dinḍiṅ   carry [litter], carry in a litter   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:193.1.1
dəni  danī   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:187.1.1
dənŋɔl  dinṅal, diṅṅal   mirror   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:192.2.1
dərdeˀ  dirde'   youngest of siblings   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:194.1.1
dəsam  dasām   temporary pavilion for accommodation of monks   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:190.1.1
dɯk  dok²   uphold, maintain   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:200.2.1
glɯŋ  gluṅ, gloṅ¹   many, much   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:88.1.1
gnaw  gnāw   belly   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:85.1.1
gor  gor   meet, fitting, good   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:82.7.1
grøs  gris     (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:87.1.1
gwuˀ  gwo'   attaining, obtaining   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:89.1.1
gɔlaɲ  gulāñ, gu'lāñ   converse, say   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:80.1.1
gɔp  gap   fit for, pleasing   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:73.2.1
gɔŋ  gaṅ   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:83.2.1
gɔŋ  goṅ¹   brave   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:81.1.1
gəmɔk  (g)umok   to frighten, cow   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:79.2.1
gənhal  ginhāl   ? powdered stone used as abrasive   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:77.1.1
gəniŋ  gaṇḍiṅ, ganḍiṅ, ganiṅ   bell   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:71.2.1
gərgɔr  gragar   comeliness   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:86.1.1
gətøm  gatuim   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:72.1.1
gɲat  gñāt   adorn oneself   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:84.4.1
ha     particle of precatory address   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:401.5.1
han  hān²   company   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:402.1.1
heŋ  heṅ   noun suffix, noun particle, marking end of noun phrase   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:403.1.1
hyəmɯˀ  yamo', 'imo', himo', yimo', simo, yamo   name, to be named, called   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:307.2.1
høt  het²   to be negligent (context)   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:404.1.1
jap  jāp¹   all, every, each   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:121.2.1
jip  jip   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:123.1.1
jmur  jmūr, jmur   subject to must, full-grown male (elephant)   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:129.2.1
jra  jrā   name of district   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:130.2.1
jwiˀ  jwi   left   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:131.1.1
jɔw  jar¹   blossom   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:120.2.1
jɔy sabhaŋ  jey sabhaṅ   court officer   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:127.8.1
jəkal  jukāl   entertain   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:125.1.1
jəkem  jakem, jakeṁ, jakeṁm   grasp, power   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:118.2.1
jəmkɔh  jamkah   dry   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:119.3.1
jənjeh  jiñjeḥ¹, jiñjeh   singer; singing, song   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:122.1.1
jənok  -(ju)nok   ?s(ju)nok increase   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:126.1.1
jərnah  jirnaḥ   victory   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:124.1.1
kale  kāle   Kalemyo, a Shan dependency   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:36.7.1
ken daw  ken dau   king of Pegu   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:51.5.1
kew  kew   bright, fair, handsome   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:52.2.1
khaŋ  khaṅ   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:68.1.1
khlup  kh(lu)p   construct over   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:70.1.1
kleŋ  (k)leṅ¹   spin   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:64.1.1
kløŋ  kluiṅ   headgear   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:65.1.1
knaiŋ  knāṅ   branch   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:58.1.1
kom  kwom¹   areca nut   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:66.1.1
kon  kon   child, etc.; young or immature etc.   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:53.2.1
kray  krāy    sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:61.2.1
krom  krom   Cambodian   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:62.1.1
ksu  k(ṣū)¹   kind of cloth   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:67.1.1
ktac  ktāc   smooth, level with hands   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:57.2.1
køp  kuip¹   class of plants?   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:55.2.1
kɔs  kas, kassapa, kasapa   twenty-seventh of twenty-eight Buddhas   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:34.1.1
kəbaiŋ  (k)abāṅ   a sima at Kabin   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:30.6.1
kəcøt  k(u)cit   kill   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:45.4.1
kədøw  kaduiw   coverlet   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:29.1.1
kəjnuˀ  kajnu, kajnu'   Mesua ferrea   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:28.4.1
kəlo  kulo   kinsman   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:50.1.1
kəlɯˀ  kalo'   harden, form a block   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:33.2.1
kəlˀaik  kil'āk, kil'ek   crow   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:43.2.1
kəmlɔc  kuṁlac, kuṁmlec, kaṁlec   theif, robber   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:49.1.1
kəmraw  kamrau   announce   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:31.6.1
kəmør  -kumir   to roof   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:48.1.1
kənlɔp  kinla(p)   book, volume   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:40.1.1
kəntap  kintāp   have time to, finish   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:38.2.1
kənteh  kinteḥ   primitive dust from which the earth developed   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:39.1.1
kənˀuy  kin'uy, kin'ūy   medicine, medicinal herb   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:37.5.1
kəriˀ  kar(i)   guide   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:32.3.1
lah  laḥ³   enumerative suffix; either ... or, whether ... or, both ... and   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:341.1.1
lak khrɔik  (l)a(k) khre(k)   a district   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:328.1.1
las  lās   lay out, spread, inlay   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:334.1.1
leh  leḥ¹, leḥh   time   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:338.2.1
lhaw  (l)h(ā)w   which, what   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:344.1.1
ljaˀ  (l)ja'   halt, rest   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:342.1.1
lor  -lor¹   ? lie supine   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:340.1.1
lot  lot   fall down prone   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:339.6.1
lwar  (lwā)r   stalk and bulbous root of lotus or similar plant   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:343.1.1
løɲ  liñ, līñ   ravaged, destroyed, dissipated, lost, dispelled   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:335.1.1
ləceh  laceh   piece of land   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:330.2.1
ləlah  ra(laḥ)   extend, stretch out   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:315.1.1
ləmcɔk  lamcåk   black   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:332.1.1
ləmih  (lamih)¹   number   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:331.1.1
lənuk; lən̓uk  ranuk¹, ranḍuk   hidden (context); lost from sight or knowledge   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:314.2.1
lətaˀ  luta   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:336.1.1
ləŋɔh  laṅah   then, at that time, next   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:329.1.1
ləɓɔc  luḅac   to adorn   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:337.1.1
man  mān¹   potter's establishment   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:292.5.1
maŋ  maṅ², ma(ṅg)   onomastic prefix for persons of rank of either sex   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:284.1.1
maˀ  (ma)²   seed   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:282.1.1
maˀ  ma⁴   female onomastic prefix   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:283.1.1
mbɔy  mb(a)y   elder sister   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:302.2.1
mlaˀ  mla   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:304.1.1
mrɔm  mr(a)m   a district   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:303.1.1
møc  mic   to desire   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:293.5.1
mɔy broɲ  (may) broñ   a locality   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:287.4.1
mɔy  mey   look at, look into   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:299.4.1
 ma¹, ma'   who, which, that   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:281.4.1
mənɔs  munas   to inform   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:298.1.1
mərnɔs  mirnas   remember   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:295.1.1
mɯh  moḥ¹, moh   nose   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:300.2.1
mɯˀ; mə  mu, mo'; ma   what   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:296.3.1
mˀir  m'īr, m'ir, ma'īr   forsake the world, become a recluse or monk   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:301.1.1
na  nā¹   away   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:211.9.1
naiŋ  nāṅ¹   negative intensifying particle   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:212.7.1
nar  nār¹   a god   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:213.4.1
naŋ  naṅ¹   definitely (true, in context)   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:210.3.1
naˀ  na¹, na'²   ritual or ceremonial vessel   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:209.5.1
ne luˀ laŋ  ne lu laṅ   ? of the dawn   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:216.4.1
paik  pāk   shattered, cut open   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:229.10.1
pan  pān   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:230.6.1
paˀ  pa²   how   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:218.1.1
pcɔn  pcan   send word   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:244.1.1
pdɯk  padūk   to oppress   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:224.5.1
phih  phih   fathom, prob. four cubits, 6.5 feet   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:256.1.1
phlɔc  (phlac)   ? to take up, put on   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:257.1.1
phum  p-hūm, p-huṁ, phūṁ, phum, phhum   bathe   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:254.1.1
phɔw  phaw   personal name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:255.8.1
piˀ  pi²   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:231.1.1
pkɔt  pkat   teach, set to study   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:243.1.1
plat  plāt   cloths (or kind of cloth?)   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:252.1.1
pnaŋ  pnaṅ   unclear   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:247.1.1
pran  prān   ? shoot, transfix   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:250.4.1
praŋ  praṅ   send   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:248.4.1
preŋ  preṅ²   have prepared, have arrangements made, prepare, arrange   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:251.1.1
ptak  p(t)ak   turn upside down, turn downward   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:245.2.1
ptit  ptīt, ptit   take out, extract, express, produce   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:246.1.1
pun  (pun)³   ? to rebel   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:235.10.1
pur  pūr   surround with, bind round   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:240.2.1
puŋ  pūṅ, puṅ   cooked rice   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:239.6.1
pɔtcew  paccer   (wood of) species of Cordia   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:220.8.1
pədak  padak   to have (re)built   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:223.13.1
pəkew  -pakew   make clear   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:219.4.1
pəkɔp  pu'kap   overturn, turn upside down   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:234.5.1
pəmnos  puṁnos   naked ascetic   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:238.3.1
pəmɔs  pumas   heart, mind, as theater of covert behaviour   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:237.7.1
pəmɔw  (pamar)   bring to fruition, develop   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:225.7.1
pəndɔŋ  pindoṅ, pinḍoṅ, pundoṅ   send; escort, send on one's way   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:232.3.1
pəreh  pareh   kind of basket   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:228.3.1
pərwaˀ  prawa   unclear   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:249.2.1
pərɔy  paray¹   existence   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:226.4.1
pəɗaik  paḍāk²   pitcher, ewer   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:222.1.1
pˀɔp  p'ap   commit to the charge of   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:242.2.1
ray  rā(y)¹   a queen   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:317.9.1
rhap  rhāp   food (unclear)   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:327.1.1
riˀ  ri   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:318.8.1
rløm  rlim, rlaṁ   be in ruins   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:326.1.1
rmøŋ  rmeṅ, rmiṅ   to hear (of, that, how)   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:325.2.1
run  run   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:321.2.1
røh  ruih²   to count   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:324.1.1
røm  rim, (raṁ)   to help   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:320.3.1
rɔw  row¹   manner, like, as, to be like   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:323.2.1
rənˀøt  rin'ut   end   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:319.1.1
rəsal  rusāl   lay   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:322.1.1
sak muˀ nəlon  sak mu nalon   a village   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:356.1.1
sak  sa(k)²   mark of branding (or tattoo?)   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:355.1.1
sam mlam  sāṁm mlām   a prince   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:371.3.1
san  sān¹   pour   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:370.6.1
saŋ  saṅ³   harbor [desire]   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:357.2.1
saˀ  sa   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:354.1.1
sgɔc  sgac   ? kind of drum; to beat   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:389.2.1
si  s(i)y¹   class of officers who dug post-holes   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:375.3.1
sjiɲ  sjīñ   mend   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:391.1.1
slop  sloppa, saloppa   article enshrined at pagoda   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:399.1.1
smaiŋ  (s)māṅ   ? proclamation   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:394.1.1
smøn  smin   have compassion for (context)   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:395.2.1
sneŋ  sneṅ   parakeet's wing, green color (context)   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:393.5.1
son  son²   a monk   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:387.3.1
srɔɲ  srañ, sreñ   silver   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:396.2.1
srɯŋ  sruṅ, srūṅ   hole   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:397.1.1
sul  sūl   write, write down, record in writing   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:385.1.1
sun  sun²   fall into decay 'empty, void'   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:381.1.1
swɔs  (sw)as¹   ghee   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:400.2.1
søm  suṁ²   all, the whole, all the others   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:382.1.1
sŋim  sṅim   dark and dull   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:390.1.1
sɔc  sac   fruit, bear fruit   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:358.2.1
sɔn  san   very, indeed, certainly   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:361.4.1
səbluˀ  sablu   betel leaf   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:363.3.1
səlah  salaḥ²   expound (context)   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:369.1.1
səmruh  (samruh)   a village   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:366.6.1
səmtim  samtim   that which denotes, sign, manifestation   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:365.1.1
səmɔh  sumoh¹, sumoḥ¹   cause to conform   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:383.1.1
səmɔw  samar   north   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:364.1.1
səray  (sarāy)   ? material used in building pagoda   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:367.6.1
sərgut  sirgūt, sirgut   interruption   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:376.3.1
səroy  sar(wa)y   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:368.2.1
sərɔp  surap   put ready at hand, bring   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:384.4.1
səɗøk  (saḍik)   gladden   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:359.1.1
səˀør  su'er   seek to harm, lie in wait for   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:379.4.1
sˀør  s'ir, suṁ'ur, suṁ'ūr   to be bad, immoral, evil; suffer harm   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:388.2.1
tbøn  tbin   to dam   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:170.2.1
thapəna  thāpanā   set up, enshrine   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:182.1.1
thɔr  thar   gold   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:181.1.1
thəwas  thiwās   bathed (unclear)   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:183.1.1
tit  tīt, tit   go, come, out (to), issue, depart   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:156.5.1
tiˀ  ti, ti'   earth, soil, ground, land   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:148.4.1
tlaŋ  tlaṅ   side, sector   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:176.1.1
tlɔˀ  tlo'¹   cultivable land   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:177.2.1
tnɔr  (tnar)   stalk   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:169.1.1
tos  tos   utter, proclaim, expound, preach   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:165.1.1
traik  trāk   shout, cheer   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:173.1.1
trus, truh  trūs, trus, truh   male (person)   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:175.2.1
tul  tūl, tul   on, above   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:162.1.1
tup  -tup   resemble, equal   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:158.1.1
tuy  tūy, tuy   adverbial indicating completion or priority of action   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:161.1.1
tuˀ  (tu)   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:157.2.1
twaiŋ  twāṅ   bread   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:178.1.1
twøl  twil   tillage, cultivable land   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:179.1.1
tyaiŋ  tyāṅ, tyeṅ   fowl   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:171.3.1
tøk  tik, tuik   beat   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:149.1.1
tŋek, tŋaik  tṅek, tṅāk   parakeet   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:167.1.1
tɓɔr  tḅar   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:180.1.1
tɔm  taṁ²   husked and pounded rice (context)   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:143.1.1
tɔn  tan   to be established, subsist, endure   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:141.2.1
tɔw  (tar)²   a district   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:145.1.1
tɔy  tey   upper limb, hand, arm   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:163.4.1
təbaˀ  taba   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:142.2.1
təløm  tulum   drown oneself   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:160.1.1
təmmat; təmman  tinmāt, timmāt, taṁmāt; timan   vulture   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:151.1.1
təmnak  tamn(a)k   pavilion for temporary ammommodation   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:144.2.1
təmwiŋ  tuṁwīṅ, tuṁwiṅ   enclosure, enclosing hedge   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:159.1.1
tənløɲ  (t)inl(iñ), tinleñ   needle   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:152.1.1
tərhim  tarhim   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:146.1.1
tərlaˀ  trala', trila', ta('r)la, tirla, tirla', tarla, tarla', trila, trala   lord, master, owner   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:172.1.1
tərlɔy  (t)riley, tri'le(y), tirley, tarley, traley   lord   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:174.6.1
tərtuy  tirtūy, tirtuy   perfection, perfect state   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:154.1.1
tərwil  tirw(ī)l   attend on   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:155.1.1
tətɔy  titey   lead out   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:150.1.1
təɗak  [t]aḍak   filth, feces   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:140.2.1
tˀeh  t'eḥ, t'eh, ta'eḥ   pronomial plural suffix   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:166.2.1
waiŋ  wāṅ¹, weṅ   pay a visit to, go to meet, welcome on approach and escort to destination   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:347.3.1
wak  wak¹   wear as adornment   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:345.2.1
werwɔy  werwey   enemy   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:352.2.1
wi  wī¹   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:350.10.1
wir  wir   raising of livestock, husbandry   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:349.8.1
woˀ  wo'   this   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:353.1.1
wur  wūr, wur   that which surrounds, around, round   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:351.1.1
wøɲ  wiñ, weñ   play, disport oneself in, visit   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:348.3.1
yam  yām¹   weep   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:309.2.1
yaŋ  yaṅ¹   particle introducing emphatic noun phrase   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:306.1.1
ynuˀ  ('inu)   article (check IPA, sic)   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:18.4.1
yɔs  yas²   kind of post   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:308.4.1
 ya   female onomastic prefix, 'Lady'   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:305.16.1
yəmyøm  yuṁyuṁ   life   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:311.2.1
yəraˀ  (yra)   perfect particle   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:312.4.1
yəɓɔc  'iḅacca   name (perh. Miss Pretty)   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:19.3.1
yˀɔy  'i'ey   revere (context)   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:17.10.1
ŋek  ṅek   tooth   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:90.1.1
ɓun  ḅun   knife   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:406.2.1
ɓɔt  ḅat¹   to match   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:405.2.1
ɗaik  ḍāk, ḍek   water, liquid   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:134.2.1
ɗoc  ḍoc, ḍwac   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:138.3.1
ɗun  ḍūn   perch   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:136.1.1
ɗuŋ  ḍūṅ, ḍuṅ   city, area subject to city, kingdom, principality, country, province   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:135.1.1
ɗɔy  ḍey   introduction location in space or time; beneficiary of action; in, on, at, into, to, toward, for   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:137.1.1
əkhon  'akhon, 'akhwon   land revenue   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:2.1.1
əkra  'akrā   interval, (space) between, within   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:1.7.1
əløw  'aluiw, 'aluir   will, independent volition   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:12.2.1
əma  'amā   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:9.6.1
ənaiŋ  'anā(ṅ)   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:6.4.1
ənɔˀ  'an(o)'   here   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:7.1.1
əprɔk  'apråk   variegation, variegated color or surface decoration   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:8.2.1
ərɔm  'araṁ   retinue of king (context)   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:10.7.1
ərɔŋ  'aråṅ   glitter   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:11.7.1
əthin  'a(th)in   officers of the court (context)   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:5.1.1
əɲi  'añi   sima   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:4.1.1
ɲac  ñāc   see, perceive, become aware of, forsee   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:132.1.1
ɲərɲac  ñirñāc   sight   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:133.1.1
ˀay gam bin  'āy gām bin   a captain   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:15.8.1
ˀaŋ muy  ('aṅ muy)   a decoration   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:3.1.1
ˀet  'et², 'etta   name   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:24.1.1
ˀoh  'oh   firewood, fuel   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:25.1.1
ˀuy  'uy   tend, see to   (Middle Mon)   Sho1971:C:23.2.1
ᵐbar  'bār   kneel   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:27.1.1
ᵑgøm  'gaṁ   come up with, touch   (Old Mon)   Sho1971:C:26.2.1