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bɔŋ kʰṳŋ   diarrhea   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:580-5
bɨh   just   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:162-5
doː   still   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1720-5
dɔŋ   dense jungle   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:767-5
dɔŋ   to dry (rice) over a fire after having boiled it and drained off the water   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:614-5
haːj kənoːˀj   millet   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1136-5
haːn   rasp (worm)   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:2053-5
hiːt   yes or no   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1307-5
həːp   suggest   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1766-5
hɨh   or   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:499-5
jṳəŋ   calyx of flower or fruit   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:748-5
kadam   to order   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1455-5
kadɨŋ   bell   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:277-5
kakroːŋ   to devour   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:640-5
kakuə   lead (metal)   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1134-5
kakʰaj   kind of ladle   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1040-5
kakʰuːt   firewood (clf.)   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:2044-5
kala̤ːj   bunch of coconuts (clf.)   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:385-5
kalɔːˀŋ   broad-walk   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1311-5
kamlṳŋ   chasm   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:415-5
kamo̤ːp   greedy   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1968-5
kamɛːk   fin   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:728-5
kanaˀj   spur   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1700-5
kane̤ʔ, kani̤ʔ   word (clf.)   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:2047-5
kane̤ʔ   mouthful of food (clf.)   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:760-5
kanoːˀj   shell (animal)   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1582-5
kaprɔŋ   skirt   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1624-5
kapuk   cluster of fruit (clf.)   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:481-5
kapʰaˀŋ   scab   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1547-5
kapʰeːˀt   hips   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:912-5
kapʰəˀt   to gore   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1339-5
karɨt   walking stick   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1718-5
kasuˀʨ   button   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:392-5
kataːk liəm   winged bean   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:261-5
katɨj   crock, jug-like basin   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1014-5
katʰiw   grasshopper   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:846-5
katʰoːn   spittoon   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1690-5
katʰɔ̤ːŋ   bunch of bananas (clf.)   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:384-5
katʰə̤ːj   tussock moth   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:996-5
klaːm   muscle   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1190-5
kla̤ː   to dare   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:567-5
kluh   lump (clf.)   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1106-5
klɔːn   intestinal worm   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:2057-5
kləː   friend   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:775-5
kraːm   molar tooth   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1821-5
krɔːˀk haːj   ear of paddy   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1473-5
kɔːj   cane sugar   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1762-5
kəmla̤ŋ   pimple   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1345-5
kəsɔːˀh   stair   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1711-5
kətʰo̤ːj   noon   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1768-5
kɛː   you   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1409-5
kʰabuːj   roof   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1506-5
kʰajaːt   lips   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1082-5
kʰamraː   mother's sibling   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1914-5
kʰamuːˀj   powder   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1394-5
kʰanaɲ   fishnet   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1227-5
kʰaːˀʨ   six   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1246-5
kʰeːn ʨʰuː   descendents   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:429-5
kʰeːŋ   basket made of interwoven bamboo slivers   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:248-5
kʰeːˀm   bastard cardamom   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1358-5
kʰe̤ːw   para rubber   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1521-5
kʰiː kʰlaːt   cowardly   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:692-5
kʰiːˀn   gourd   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:825-5
kʰiːˀt   to pour   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1391-5
kʰi̤ː   there   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1828-5
kʰluj   flute   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:750-5
kʰoː pʰoːj   nonglutinous rice   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1481-5
kʰoːj kʰiew   canine tooth   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1820-5
kʰrɨŋ   to imprison   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1404-5
kʰuː   to threaten   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1842-5
kʰɛ̤ːp   to toast   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:505-5
lah   affirmative final particle   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:2071-5
la̤ːj   stripes   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1751-5
leʔ   hat   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:880-5
lo̤k   it   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1412-5
luʔ   complete   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:496-5
lɔː   affirmative final particle   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:2072-5
lə̤t   headland   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:890-5
lɛh   to slice   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:555-5
lɨi   brother   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1607-5
lɨŋ kəhaːj   sister   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1606-5
matʰaːn   story   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1742-5
me̤ːˀw kloːˀj   snake-head fish   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:731-5
mə̤ːm   bulb   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1906-5
mɛːŋ pɔː   dragon fly   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:988-5
mɨː   meal (clf.)   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:755-5
niːk   piece of meat (clf.)   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1330-5
nuh   affirmative final particle   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:2073-5
nɔːˀn   alone   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:175-5
nə̤ːn   hill   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:905-5
nɛp ʨʰaː   beriberi   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:965-5
padɨŋ   north   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1232-5
panih   when   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:2015-5
paŋa̤ːj   ahead   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:169-5
pluːk saː   married   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1120-5
plɔn   to rob   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1792-5
plɔŋ peːˀw   dinner   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:758-5
priʨ   parsley   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:900-5
pʰak puːt   Ceratopteris   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1360-5
pʰak puːt   fern, Polypodiaceae   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1362-5
pʰaluːŋ   kind of mineral   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1140-5
pʰa̤ŋ   furrow   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:791-5
pʰi̤ʔ   to hate   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:884-5
pʰliː kʰa̤ːŋ   spin   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1679-5
pʰliː kʰa̤ːŋ   spin   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1680-5
pʰlɔ̤ːi   gemstone   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1734-5
pʰri̤ː nɔ̤ːŋ   woodland   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:768-5
pʰuˀŋ   melon   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1127-5
pʰuːj   to burn   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:722-5
ra̤ːp   to stir (rice) with the hand in water   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1726-5
ro̤p   to fight   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:705-5
sabuːn   womb   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1225-5
sak   teak tree   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1817-5
sen tiː   fingerprint   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:720-5
siːt ʨoːj   kind of fungi   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1191-5
son   pine tree   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1347-5
soːˀj   to soft boil   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:336-5
sɔ̤ːk nɔ̤ːŋ   gully   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1937-5
teʔ   to kick   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1023-5
tiː nɛː   index finger   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:982-5
tiː tak   thumb   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:709-5
tiːn nɔ̤ːŋ   foothill   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:908-5
tiːˀp   kerosine can   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:400-5
tuh   to break an egg   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:363-5
tuŋlɛːk   ankle bone   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:183-5
tɔːˀj prʔoː   day before yesterday   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:2078-5
tʰawa̤ːn   vagina   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:695-5
tʰa̤p kʰlɨ̤ŋ   Crinum   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1361-5
tʰa̤ːk kəmra̤ːp   dew   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1981-5
tʰa̤ːk kətuːt   running nose   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1186-5
tʰa̤ːk mə̤t   tears   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1818-5
tʰa̤ːk tʰuɲem   flood   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1987-5
tʰe̤ːw   crock, jug-like basin   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1015-5
tʰi̤ːŋ tʰoːj   back part of the skull   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:219-5
tʰo̤ːŋ   swing   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1782-5
tʰuəj cʰaː tʰa̤ːk   glass   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:812-5
weːj   response   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:186-5
wi̤ː wa̤ːt   altercate   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:706-5
wo̤k kʰuma̤ː   loincloth   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:470-5
wo̤k sin   simple skirt   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1627-5
wɔ̤ŋ   bangle (clf.)   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:233-5
ŋa̤p   to shut up   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1604-5
ŋo̤k   to visit   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1953-5
ŋṳəŋ   trunk (of animal)   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1899-5
ŋɔːn   crest   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:530-5
ɲaːˀm ʨʰoːp   toes   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1867-5
ɲa̤k   have a spasm   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:977-5
ɲa̤m   to mix with the hand   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1144-5
ɲṳm ɲa̤ːj   to consult   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1666-5
ʔen   ligament   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1942-5
ʔic pʰṳŋ   intestine   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1003-5
ʔoːj   Caladium   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1357-5
ʔuːʨ ma̤ːj   very little   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1640-5
ʔɔʔ   father   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:688-5
ʔɔː   marsh, big swamp   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1771-5
ʔɨt jɨːm   to lend   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:809-5
ʨaw ʨʰuː   philanderer   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1101-5
ʨiʔ   touch   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1880-5
ʨoːŋ   bank (of river)   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1497-5
ʨɔ̤ːˀŋ ʨoːj   robber   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1503-5
ʨɔ̤ːˀŋ ʨuh   thief   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1794-5
ʨʰap   to pick   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1324-5
ʨʰeːw   to lever   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1067-5
ʨʰiːˀm məcɔːk   house sparrow   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:300-5
ʨʰiːˀm ʨuːʨ   bulbul   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:285-5
ʨʰo̤ːˀŋ kʰə̤t   patient   (Chong [of Chantaburi])   Sir2001:C:1313-5