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(Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2117
baha   if   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:10
baháh   spit out, expel or eject from the mouth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:11
bahîːŋ   rainbow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:13
bahôː   soaked with sweat, hot as when it is going to rain   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:14
bahûː   sweat, perspiration   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:15
bahɛ̰̂ːtpíh   thunderbolt, streaked lightning   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:12
baláh   spit out   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:18
balâ̰ːt   crushed, fire, bland taste   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:17
balûː   leg   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:21
balûː banɛ̂ːn   spine, arm and leg   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:22
balûː tôːj   upper leg   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:23
balɔ́k balɛ́k   bad people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:19
balɨ̂ːj   rain, raining   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:20
banɛ̂ːn katɛ̰̂ːp   polio, a disease that atrophies the limbs   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:25
banɛ̂ːn   lower leg   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:24
bat lîː   now   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:30
baŋ kaphôːk   a kind of toy made from bamboo   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:27
baɁûːn   tired of   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:31
baːp   sin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:6
baːt   when   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:7
baːŋ   flying squirrel   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:4
baːŋ   thin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:5
betûː   grandmother, elderly woman   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:52
bin baːt   to receive offerings as monks   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:59
biŋ / biɲ / kabiŋ   firm muscled, young and fit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:62
boːk   a muddy stretch of land having mud-holes   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:66
buaŋ khadô̰ː   large spoon for dipping out rice or soup   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:70
buaŋ   spoon   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:69
bun bâ̰ːn   annual religious festival   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:74
buət   to ordain   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:72
bák   cut   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:16
bát   to be overgrown with grass or climbers, jungle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:29
bâŋ Ɂadúh   a kind of bamboo container used for making rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:28
bâŋ   bamboo shoot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:26
bâ̰ː   an address term used for addressing a man who is a little older   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1
bâ̰ːj   shy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2
bâ̰ːn   village   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:3
bâ̰ːt   baht (Thai currency)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:8
bâ̰ːt   wound   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:9
béɁ   mother   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:53
bìt   to recover   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:64
bìː   gall, bile   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:54
bít   to have dysentery   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:63
bḭ̂aŋ   side, way   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:56
bḭ̂ŋ   bat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:61
bḭ̂ːp / Ɂabḭ̂ːp   to squeeze pimples   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:55
bôː   owl   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:65
bô̰ŋ   morning glory, a small semi-aquatic creeper with tender arrow-shaped leaves   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:67
búh   pus   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:73
búɁ   area   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:76
bûn Ɂacɛ̰̂ːm ɲapuː   ceremony or festival when offerings are made to ancestor spirits   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:75
bûək   hole, cavity   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:71
bṵ̂ːn   to ripple, ripply (to describe water moving when fish come to surface to breath)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:68
bɔhɔ́k   hell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:35
bɔn   place   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:36
bɔn   to complain   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:37
bɔŋkɨː   galiey-worm, centipede   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:38
bɔɁ   conjunction   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:39
bɔɁ   final question particle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:40
bɔːn mɛ̰̂ː Ɂân   kitchen   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:34
bɔːn   place   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:33
bɔ̰̂ːj   salt   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:32
bəŋ   a final particle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:49
bəŋ   look at, listen to   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:50
bə̂ŋ   an emphatic final particle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:51
bə̰̂ː cɛ̰̂ːm kanɔ̂ːn   mother with a baby   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:42
bə̰̂ː dâ̰ːk   river   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:43
bə̰̂ː hák   a foster mother   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:44
bə̰̂ː kamâːj   widow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:45
bə̰̂ː kiŋkɔːj   a kind of large flying ant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:46
bə̰̂ː tamɲɛ̂ː   a midwife   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:47
bə̰̂ː   mother   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:41
bɛːŋ   to divide   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:48
bɨ́h   to open   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:57
bɨ́k   to dip up or out with a spoon   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:58
bɨ̂ŋ   an animal which looks like a spider   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:60
cabɔ̂ːŋ   roof   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:93
cadâŋ   straight   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:94
cadḭ̂ː   to point   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:96
cadɔ̰̀ːj   to point   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:95
cahân   monk's breakfast   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:97
cahûa   monk   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:99
cahṵ̂ːt   to tie the hair back   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:98
cak nɔj   in a minute   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:101
cak ɲák   how many people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:100
cakhɔ́Ɂ   bamboo fish container   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:105
cakûː   bear   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:107
cakə̂ːn   to stroke (hair) downwards, to smooth down   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:102
cakɛ̀ːŋ / cakhɛ̀ːŋ   to lean to one side, side   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:103
cakɛ̰̂ːt   ugly, disgusting   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:104
cakɨ̀ŋ   ginger   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:106
calíh   to be exhausted   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:110
calûŋ   fat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:111
calɔ̰̂ːk   canal, stream   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:108
calɔ̰̂ːŋ / calɔ̰̂ŋ   fresh, uncooked/unripe   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:109
caníh   gum (of teeth)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:113
capàːj   to carry on the shoulder   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:118
catɔ̀ːj   tired, be exhausted   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:121
cawít / Ɂawít   to swing one on a swing   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:125
cawḭ̂ːn   hair band   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:124
caŋ jɨ̂ː   how   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:116
caŋ lîː   this   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:117
caŋ   then (show determination)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:114
caːk láɁ   from there after that   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:79
cia   to hold (a baby) in the arms   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:156
cian   to tumble down, to collapse   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:157
ciŋ kajṵ̂ː   red ant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:160
ciː poːm   a kind of cricket   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:149
ciː   to grill   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:145
ciːlɔː   a kind of cricket   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:150
ciːp   to fold   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:155
cua   novice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:171
cuciː   dung beetle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:172
cuhiː kús   charcoal   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:173
cuk can   cicadas   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:174
cum   to soak in water   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:175
cutîːt / sutîːt / tutîːt   bottom of a container   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:184
cuɁíɁ   brain   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:186
cuːt   to make a mocking sound   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:169
cás / Ɂacás   to comb, to cuts into strip (the bamboo shoot) by using a comb   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:120
cás   to comb (hair)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:119
cân   burnt   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:112
câw câ̰m   go-between doctor (spirit doctor who acts as a medium)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:123
câŋ   to hate   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:115
câːj   yellow, pale   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:77
câ̰w   we   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:122
câ̰ːk   to buy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:78
câ̰ːw jɔ̰̂ːk   cooked sticky rice mixed with sesame   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:81
câ̰ːw kam   black glutinous rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:82
câ̰ːw kasâːj   uncooked rice (normal rice)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:83
câ̰ːw khûa   fried uncooked rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:84
câ̰ːw mâw   roasted or popped rice cleaned off the husks and then pounded flat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:86
câ̰ːw mâ̰j   fried uncooked rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:85
câ̰ːw saŋ khaɲâː   virgin's rice (prepared by a virgin to be offered to Buddhist monks)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:88
câ̰ːw suː khûan   propitious or auspicious rice, i.e. rice offered to the mysterious psyche hopping to bring fortune   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:89
câ̰ːw sûaj   lunch   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:90
câ̰ːw tâm   cooked sticky rice mixed with sesame   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:91
câ̰ːw tɔ̂m khɔ̂ːm / câ̰ːw tɔ̂m khôːm   soft boiled rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:92
câ̰ːw ɲâ̰ːŋ   glutinous rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:87
câ̰ːw   cooked rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:80
cék   Chinese   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:144
cîːŋ   foot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:154
cḭ̂ŋ   Vietnamese   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:159
cḭ̂ːm   to pick one's teeth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:151
cḭ̂ːn   cooked, ripe   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:152
cḭ̂ːn   nine   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:153
còːk kɛ̂ːw   glass of water   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:164
còːk   cup, glass   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:163
côːm   to hold or support carefully (as with both hands to prevent something topping over)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:165
cô̰ː lin lâːn lɔːt   child, grandchild, great-grandchild, great-great-grandchild   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:162
cô̰ː   grandchild   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:161
cúɁ   clan, group   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:185
cûm   family   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:176
cûp   to lay one thing on top of another (such as a stack of boards)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:183
cûŋ jɔ̂ŋ jɔ̰̂ː   to squat on one's heels   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:178
cûŋ khat thamaːt   to sit across-legged   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:180
cûŋ kháknɛː   to sit with both legs tucked back to one side   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:179
cûŋ sân Ɂɔ̂ːk Ɂakûːn   to sit with the knees close to the chin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:181
cûŋ thamɔːp malûː manɛ̂ːn   to sit with the legs tucked back to one side   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:182
cûŋ   to sit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:177
cûː   sour   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:166
cûːn   to give   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:167
cṵ̂ːp   to suck (a kind of shell), to kiss   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:168
cṵ̂ːt   to burn (a field)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:170
cɔk   to put one's hand into   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:134
cɔtɔ̂ːj   to be tired   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:139
cɔŋ   to have short/long hair   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:138
cɔːk nâ̰ːt   glottis   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:127
cɔːm cúk   spirit, anima   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:128
cɔːt   to stop   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:132
cɔ̀ːŋ   Lao people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:129
cɔ̀ːŋ   spade   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:130
cɔ̀ːŋ   stranger, outsider   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:131
cɔ́h   correct   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:133
cɔ́k   wound   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:135
cɔ̂m phaːn   the past year   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:137
cɔ̂m   year   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:136
cɔ̰̂ː   dog   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:126
cɛːm palɔ̂ːŋ   full moon   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:142
cɛ̂ːm   to look after, to bring up   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:140
cɛ̰̂ːm Ɂacə̂n   Laotian style skirt   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:143
cɛ̰̂ːm   traditional skirt   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:141
cɨː / phacɨː   to remember   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:148
cɨː   to remember   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:146
cɨ́h / Ɂacɨ́h   to dip up, to scoop up (fish)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:158
cɨ̰̂ː   to order, to tell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:147
cʌ̀ŋ   to hate   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:190
cʌ̀ŋ   to hate   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:191
cʌ̰̂ːt lɔ́p lâ̰ːj   to faint   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:188
cʌ̰̂ːt mús lâ̰ːj   to faint   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:189
cʌ̰̂ːt   to die   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:187
daːn Ɂaɲaːŋ   pathway   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:208
daːn ɲùm   "black way" a street or road paved with asphalt   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:207
daːn   way   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:206
diaw lîː   now   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:227
duân   to prick or to be pricked, to be pierced   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:238
duɁ man   diligent   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:241
dâm   five   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:211
dâm   to plant rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:212
dâːt   to swallow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:210
dâ̰ːk kamàŋ   secretions from an ulcer or corpse   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:193
dâ̰ːk kóh   betel saliva   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:194
dâ̰ːk môn   holy water, water consecrated by a priest   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:196
dâ̰ːk mɔːk   fog   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:195
dâ̰ːk panâːŋ   betel saliva   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:199
dâ̰ːk phalʌ̰̂ː   betel saliva   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:200
dâ̰ːk sâ̰j   used water   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:202
dâ̰ːk sâ̰ːŋ   water from a man made well   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:201
dâ̰ːk sə́Ɂ   used water   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:203
dâ̰ːk tîŋ   hot water, boiled water   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:204
dâ̰ːk Ɂakô̰ː   water used to wash rice by hand before boiling it   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:205
dâ̰ːk ɲîn   mucus   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:198
dâ̰ːk ɲîː   saliva   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:197
dâ̰ːk   water   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:192
dâ̰ːŋ / Ɂadâ̰ːŋ   to grill, to expose to fire   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:209
dêː   a final particle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:220
dík   to wig   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:229
dîː ɲîːm   delighted   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:225
dîː   good   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:223
dòŋ   jungle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:235
dôːj   to allow or permit (to go or to do), to agree or consent to (something controversial)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:231
dôːm   to ride   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:233
dô̰ː   boat, ship   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:230
dô̰ːk   boat, ship   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:232
dô̰ːp   to scold   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:234
dúk / padúk   to hide   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:239
dúɁ   often, a lot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:240
dṵ̂ːp   to inhale, to smoke   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:236
dṵ̂ːt   to suck   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:237
dɔ̀ː thɛ́Ɂ   quite a lot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:215
dɔ̀ː   a lot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:213
dɔ́k   earrings   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:218
dɔ̂ŋ   to spout or gush out   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:219
dɔ̂ː   monkey   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:214
dɔ̂ːn / kadɔ̂ːn   to splash   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:217
dɔ̂ːn   land with groves of small trees in clumps   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:216
də́ː   a final particle showing persuasion   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:221
dɛ̂n / kadɛ̂n   to splash   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:222
dɨ̂aj   spur   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:226
dɨ̂əj   tusk   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:228
dɨ̰̂ː   naughty   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:224
fâːk   to place under the care of   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:242
haj   then   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:251
hajɨː   whenever   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:253
halîː   now   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:254
hanaː   an exclamative particle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:256
haŋ   rich   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:257
haː   an epidemic with high mortality   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:243
hom   shade   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:305
hon hûaj   to feel hot then cold, to feel a sickly stiffness, to be perturbed, to be agitated about something   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:306
hoː / Ɂahoː   to hunt   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:301
hoːj / Ɂahoːj   to gargle or rinse the mouth and throat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:304
hum   scabbard, sheath, case   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:311
hum   umbrella   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:312
huːj hûːj   bad smell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:308
hàːj   to drop, to put into, to cram or stuff, to tuck, press down into (to fill a cavity)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:244
hàːŋ   to be abandoned, deserted   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:250
hâj   jar   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:252
hân   to vibrate, tremble, quiver or produce vocal tremors   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:255
hâːn / Ɂahâːn   to ask   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:247
hâːn / Ɂahâːn   two   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:248
hâːn phʌ̀Ɂ   a shelf on which to place Buddha statues   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:249
hâːn   to ask, two   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:245
hâːn   two   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:246
híɁ   then   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:299
hîat   flying lice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:295
hîn   chili hot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:296
hîː   a word for addressing a girl   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:288
hḭ̂ː   to bare the teeth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:290
hôːj   a heap, to pile up in a heap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:302
hôːj   rotten smell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:303
húp   to close the mouth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:314
húɁ   to know   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:315
hûa   fence   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:310
hûm   to collect or gather together   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:313
hûːj   rotten smell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:307
hûːt   to sip (something hot), to suck   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:309
hɔk   but, because   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:265
hɔŋ   belong   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:267
hɔːk   but, because   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:259
hɔːm sîː   coriander   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:262
hɔːm   narrow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:261
hɔ̀ː   turtle; airplane   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:258
hɔ́h   dry   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:264
hɔ́k   toad   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:266
hɔ́t   then (unexpected event)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:268
hɔ́t   to water, to splash water on; to tie a rope, to make a knot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:269
hɔ́Ɂ   then (unexpected event)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:270
hɔ̂ːk   hen's cage   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:260
hɔ̰̂ːt   intestine; to arrive at   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:263
hə̂ːn   to blow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:272
hɛːŋ   energy, strong, healthy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:273
hɛːŋ…hɛːŋ   the more… the more   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:275
hɛ́h   root   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:276
hɛ́t baɁûːn   a kind of poisoned mushroom   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:279
hɛ́t bɔ́t   a kind of mushroom which grows on wood   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:280
hɛ́t joːk   a kind of mushroom   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:281
hɛ́t katát   a kind of mushroom (whitish kind)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:283
hɛ́t katɛn ɲɛ̂n   a kind of mushroom (eared shape)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:284
hɛ́t kaɲɛ̂n   a kind of mushroom (eared shape)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:282
hɛ́t kɔː   a kind of mushroom (reddish kind)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:285
hɛ́t lîaŋ   a kind of mushroom   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:286
hɛ́t phîaŋ   a straw mushroom   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:287
hɛ́t   mushroom, mould   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:278
hɛ̂n   palm civet   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:277
hɛ̂ː   casting net   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:271
hɛ̰̂ːŋ   dry   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:274
hɨa hɔ́ː   plane   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:294
hɨː   or   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:289
hɨ́t   all   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:298
hɨ̂n nâ̰ːt   to feel bitter in the throat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:297
hɨ̂Ɂ   to open, to take off the clothes   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:300
hɨ̂ːt phalîː   a dried, tasteless tobacco chewed with areca nut and used for cleaning the teeth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:293
hɨ̂ːt   cigarette   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:292
hɨ̂ːŋ   to smell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:291
hʌ̰̂ː   to open (mouth)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:316
ja   will   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:317
jaŋ   then   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:321
jaɁ phàːw   do not yet   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:322
jaː   to finish; to stop; to recover   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:318
jaːk   to want to   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:319
jaːt   to pour water as a token of respect for dead   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:320
jiaw lîː   nowadays   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:333
jiː hîan   lizard   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:330
jiː sip   twenty   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:331
joːŋ jeŋ / joŋ jeŋ / joŋ jɛːŋ   bicycle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:335
jôːn   tall, long   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:334
júp   to catch with the tip of fingers   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:336
jɔːt   to drop   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:324
jɔ́k / Ɂajɔ́k   to take bit by bit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:325
jɔ́p kɔ̰̂ːj jɔ́p kîn   to try to piece something together (i.e. to relate things to one another)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:328
jɔ́p   to touch, to take   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:327
jɔ̂m   to dip into   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:326
jɔ̰̂ːk   to crash, to grid   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:323
jɨ̂ː   how   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:329
jɨ̂ːn   to get up, to rise, to arise   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:332
ka   then, therefore   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:337
kabiŋ   to strain (when defeating)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:359
kabîaŋ   one of a pair   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:357
kabḭ̂aŋ   ceiling   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:358
kabôm   wood tray for turning cooked sticky rice to cool down   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:360
kabûː   thick; stupid   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:361
kabɔ̂ŋ thîː   bamboo segment   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:353
kabɔ̂ŋ   bamboo segment   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:352
kabə̰̂ŋ   to shield   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:356
kabɛ̂ː   plate   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:354
kabɛ̂ːw   to tremble (chin)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:355
kacàːw   to take out; to feel around in search of something   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:364
kacáɁ kacâːj   to be scattered   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:366
kacâŋ / kasâŋ / kasâm   charcoal   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:365
kacâ̰ː   hail   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:362
kacâ̰ːk   squirrel   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:363
kacḛ̂ː   female sex organ   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:369
kacúh kiːp kîːp   a kind of shellfish which resembles a mussel   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:371
kacúh   shellfish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:370
kacɔːn   a kind of traditional earring   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:367
kacɔ́Ɂ   small basket used as betel nut container   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:368
kacʌ̰̂ːt   to kill   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:372
kadaːt   paper   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:373
kadiaŋ   veranda   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:383
kadík / Ɂadík   to wig   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:384
kadít   to close   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:385
kadôːj   to put on the shoulder   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:386
kadôːm   to pay respect by putting the palms to gather   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:387
kadôːn   to whistle; a kind of wild vegetable   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:388
kadúh   chameleon, tree lizard   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:389
kadɔːt   pointed tuft of hair   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:376
kadɔ̂ːŋ   to wag the tail (a dog)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:375
kadɔ̰̂ːj   finger   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:374
kadən cîːŋ   heel   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:380
kadɛ́h kâ̰ː   a kind of fish like a climbing fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:379
kadɛ̰̂ːk   to tell a lie, to cheat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:377
kadɛ̰̂ːŋ   dry   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:378
kadɨːŋ hɔ̀ː   turtle shell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:381
kadɨ̂aj   spur   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:382
kahâːŋ   irritating, stinging   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:391
kahâ̰ːn   tiger   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:390
kahîːŋ   to threaten or intimidate with violent speech or action   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:394
kahɔ̰̂ːj   dust; smoke   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:392
kahɛ́h   cockroach   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:393
kajàːw   to take out; to feel around in search of something   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:395
kajîn   to pinch, nip (with finger nails)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:397
kajîp   to close (the eyes)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:398
kajîːp   the area underneath the house used for sitting or working   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:396
kajúh   to spit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:400
kajṵ̂ː   wind   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:399
kalaːw   to invite   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:404
kalaːŋ   big soup bowl   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:403
kalàw   to boast   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:407
kalàŋ   a continuous marker (as in English V.+ing)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:406
kalàːn   to crawl   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:402
kalân   to restrain, suppress, to hold back   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:405
kalâːj / khalâːj   to become, passed, complete, above   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:401
kalík   to be ticklish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:424
kalíp   to dive   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:426
kalîːm   forehead   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:421
kalḭ̂ŋ   to roll   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:425
kalḭ̂ːm   a quarter   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:422
kalḭ̂ːw   stomach cramp caused by dysentery   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:423
kalûam   to cover   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:428
kalṵ̂ːt   rattan   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:427
kalɔ̀ː   wooden drum or gong   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:408
kalɔ́h hɨ̂ːt   a cigarette   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:411
kalɔ́h   a classifier for a rolled object such as a cigarette   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:410
kalɔ́k / Ɂalɔ́k   to pull out   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:412
kalɔ̂m   round   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:413
kalɔ̰̂ːŋ   to lasso with a rope attached to the end of a piece of wood   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:409
kalə̀ŋ   paper box   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:420
kalɛn   a smell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:418
kalɛŋ   a small cylindrically shape bell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:419
kalɛ̀ːŋ   to carry something between two people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:415
kalɛ́h   to break, broken   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:417
kalɛ́h   to break   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:416
kalɛ̰̂ːm   accompaniment with food or alcohol   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:414
kam   arrow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:429
kamoːm   the area above the sex organ   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:440
kamáh   to find, to see   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:431
kamîː   to feel hate, disgust   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:437
kamôːj   thief   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:439
kamô̰ː   a cupped hand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:438
kamûːt   cricket   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:441
kamɔːŋ   a kind of basket, a kind of fish container (used by woman)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:433
kamɔ́k   piece (of fire wood)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:434
kamɔ̰̂ːn   termite   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:432
kamɛŋ   metal bell, drum or gong   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:436
kamɛ̂n   daughter-in-law   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:435
kan   to open (umbrella)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:442
kanlîəw   to see   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:456
kanâːn   skink, scincoid lizard   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:445
kanŋɔːn   nape of the neck   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:457
kanɔːŋ   heel   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:452
kanɔ̂ːn   young   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:451
kanɛ̂ːt   comb   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:453
kap   and, with   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:459
kapàŋ   palm of the hand or sole of the foot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:463
kapáh   rice bran   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:462
kapás   kapok fluff   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:464
kapâːj   long piece of cloth such as a scarf or phaːkhamá, a Thai all-purpose cloth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:461
kapḛ̂ː   a kind of basket   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:468
kapîaŋ   a piece, a wedge, a petal   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:474
kapóɁ   coconut shell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:476
kapôː   eye socket   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:475
kapûːn   lime   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:477
kapɔː mpîː   a flying chameleon, tree lizard   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:466
kapɔ́h   husk of rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:467
kapɔ̂ː   butterfly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:465
kapə́h   rice bran   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:472
kapɛ́h   fish scale, tick   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:471
kapɛ̂n / kapɛ̂ːn   to patch cloth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:473
kapɛ̰̂ːk   to break, break up; torn   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:469
kapɛ̰̂ːt   to burst (e.g. the skin of a fruit or the seam of a shirt   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:470
kasaːp   cockroach   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:479
kasâm / kasâːm   nail   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:481
kasâŋ   tooth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:482
kasâŋ jôːn   fang, canine tooth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:483
kasâːj   white rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:478
kasâːw   to crumple up in the hand, to squeeze, to knead   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:480
kasík / Ɂasík   to clean out the insides part of a small animal such as a frog, fish, etc.   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:488
kasîw / kasîːw   pimple   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:490
kasḭ̂ːp   centipede   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:487
kasṵ̂ːn   to whistle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:491
kasɔ́h   underdeveloped (grain of rice)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:484
kasɛ̂ːk   to rent   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:485
kasɛ̰̂ːk / Ɂasɛ̂ːk   to tear   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:486
kasɨ̀ŋ   to roar   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:489
kataː   basket   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:492
kataːj   rabbit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:493
kataːp   to mend, to patch   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:496
kathîam   garlic   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:513
kathîap   a trap for small animals   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:514
kathîːt   a trap for small animals   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:512
kathôːŋ   tray   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:515
kathɔ̀ː   a long deep basket   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:507
kathɔ̂m   to fill in a hole   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:508
kathɔ̂ŋ   tray   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:509
kathə̂ː   a kind of basket   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:510
kathɛ́Ɂ   carriage   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:511
katiaw   loin cloth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:524
katiŋ Ɂâ̰ːw   button   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:528
katun bûːn   ash   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:529
katâːm   crab   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:494
katâ̰ːn   testicle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:495
katìŋ / katîːŋ   people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:527
katíh   to pour   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:525
katîːŋ bâ̰ːn   villagers   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:519
katîːŋ câ̰w   our people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:520
katîːŋ cɔ̀ːŋ   visitor   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:521
katîːŋ pʌ̰̂ːm   those people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:522
katḭ̂aŋ   walking stick   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:523
katḭ̂ː   under   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:516
katḭ̂ːŋ   walking stick   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:518
katɔːj   next   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:497
katɔ́t / katɔ̂ːt   wart   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:498
katɔ́Ɂ   a basket collecting wax   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:499
katə̰̂ːp   to stamp on someone else's foot, to press with the foot, to put the foot on   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:502
katɛŋ   phlegm   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:506
katɛ́h   wound (with pus)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:504
katɛ̂ːw   to tie around the waist   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:503
katɛ̰̂n   amniotic fluid   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:505
katɛ̰̂ːn   to patch   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:500
katɛ̰̂ːp   to be underdeveloped (limb, rice grains)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:501
katɨːk   tapeworm   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:517
katɨ́h   a kind of water bird, to capsize, to pour   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:526
kawáh   to have lost teeth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:530
kawâ̰n tam Ɂə́k   to across one's arms   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:532
kawâ̰n   to embrace, to hug   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:531
kawḭ̂ŋ   curly (hair)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:536
kawɔ̂ŋ   peacock   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:533
kawə̂ːn   village   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:534
kawɛ̂n / khawɛ̂n   prostitute   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:535
kaɲaː   words of invitation   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:444
kaɲâw pɨ̂ːn   to think/speak of past years   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:447
kaɲâw saplúh saplɔːn   speak Thai and so   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:448
kaɲâw tanɨ́k   unable to utter a word   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:449
kaɲâw   to speak   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:446
kaɲîaw   to be tough (so cannot be bitten), sticky   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:455
kaɲḭ̂ːp   to close the eyes   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:454
kaɲṵ̂m   to cross the hands and help put them on the head   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:458
kaɲɔːj   cleaning cloth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:450
kaːp   coconut's husk or the layers of the banana tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:350
keːŋ   to throw   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:586
khabîaŋ / Ɂabîaŋ   one of a pair   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:605
khabṵ̂ːn   boiled   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:606
khabɔ́h kasiat   bark of a tree that can be chewed   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:603
khabɔ́h lâm phaj bâ̰ːn   membrane   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:604
khabɔ́h   outer covering, peel, skin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:602
khabɔ̰̂ːt / Ɂabɔ̰̂ːt   to spit out, to expel or eject from the mouth (as bitter medicine)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:601
khadáh   to be in the way, to have an irritated eye   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:607
khalaː / khalaɁ   you (polite)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:611
khaliaŋ khiaŋ khaːŋ   things   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:629
khalàm   a taboo activity   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:616
khalàw   the rope put through a buffalo's nose to lead it   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:619
khalàŋ   in   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:617
khaláh   to make a cut on surface before coking   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:614
khaláh   to scrape, to scratch with claw   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:615
khalás   to scrape, to scratch with claw   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:618
khalâː   old   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:610
khalâːŋ   light, sunlight   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:612
khalâ̰ːt   to scrape, to scratch with claw   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:613
khalíh   hard   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:632
khalík   to be ticklish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:634
khalîːm   forehead   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:627
khalḭ̂ak / kalḭ̂ak / Ɂakḭ̂ak   to be rolling in something   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:628
khalôːt   skin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:636
khalúh   to fall down; to bark   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:641
khalúp   to clap with one hand or with both hands, to crush with its teeth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:644
khalûa   to slice, to butcher   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:640
khalûm   to turn up side down   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:642
khalûŋ   belly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:643
khalûːj   to boast   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:637
khalûːp   to bend down, turn the face downwards, to turn face down   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:638
khalṵ̂ːt   to shave   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:639
khalɔ̀ːŋ   seed   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:620
khalɔ̀ːŋ mat   an eye   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:621
khalɔ́p   to turn over   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:625
khalɔ̂m   to set on or to lie on (so as to cover), (a hard) to set   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:622
khalɔ̂ŋ   particle for bulbs   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:623
khalɔ̰̂ŋ   seed, lump   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:624
khalɛ̰̂ːk   to break, break up   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:626
khalɨh   future, in the (time) ahead   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:633
khalɨŋ   straight, middle, half   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:635
khalɨəŋ sommàː   conciliatory gift   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:631
khalɨəŋ   things   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:630
khalʌ̰̂ː   orphan   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:645
kham   gold   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:646
khamás   laugh   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:648
khamâ̰ːj   young woman   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:647
khamɔ̰̂ːn   termite   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:649
khan panâːŋ   betel nut container   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:652
khan thɛ̀ː   a soil ridge that divides rice fields   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:653
khan   if   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:650
khanàː   a kind of ruminating stomach   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:654
khanɔ̂m   sweet, candy, dessert   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:655
khawḭ̂ŋ   curly (hair)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:660
khaɁân   belly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:662
khaɁâ̰ːk   crow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:661
khaɁḭ̂am   to belch, to erucate   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:665
khaɁə̰̂ːj dâ̰ːk   swim   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:664
khaɁə̰̂ːj   play   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:663
khaɲûm / Ɂaɲûm   to grab   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:657
khaɲɔ̂m   to hold in the fist, to grasp in the hand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:656
khia khɔhɔ̂ː   a species of climber (Tinospora crispa)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:715
khia sabûː   a kind of creeping plant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:716
khilîː   this   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:721
khimîːn   turmeric   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:723
khisîː   resin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:724
khiː hít   scabies, a kind of skin disease   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:698
khiː hîan   leprosy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:697
khiː kathəː   phlegm   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:701
khiː katɨ́h   parasitic worm   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:703
khiː katɨ́ːk   parasitic worm   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:702
khiː kaːk   ring worm   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:700
khiː kḭ̂an   a skin disease   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:705
khiː kɛːp   rice husk   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:704
khiː mahîn   itchy rash   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:706
khiː phoːn   belly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:709
khiː phɔ̂ːj   bamboo fiber   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:708
khiː   soft dorsal fin of a fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:694
khok mɔːŋ   pestle maneuvered by the foot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:728
khulên   to stir, to feel around, to mix   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:739
khulêː / kholêː   to stir, to feel around, to mix   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:738
khuân   connecting point where the stem meets the fruit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:736
khuː / kuː   pair   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:729
khàj   recover   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:608
khà̰ːŋ   to put on the fire   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:598
khák   (listen) clearly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:609
kháp   tight, narrow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:658
khân   a bowl in which offerings in spirits are placed   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:651
khât   to cross something   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:659
khâːŋ ɁúɁ   a place for setting a water container   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:599
khâːŋ   chin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:597
khâ̰ːt   rake harrow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:600
khḛ̂ː   a kind of tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:684
khít   to scratch someone lightly to get their attention   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:725
khîa   creeping plant, liana   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:714
khîan   to cut a long, thin strip, to shred   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:718
khîat   to upset   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:720
khîaŋ   chopping board   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:719
khîm   salty   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:722
khîː mɔ̰̂ːn   termite   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:707
khîːm   bamboo shoot shredder   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:711
khîːŋ   body   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:712
khîːŋ   classifier for animals   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:713
khúp   complete   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:740
khút   to dig   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:741
khúɁ   tin, can   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:742
khûa   bridge; to break up soil   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:731
khûaj   buffalo   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:733
khûak / kûak   to summon by waving one's hand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:734
khûam   to go across, to cross   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:735
khûaŋ   to be in the way, to be across   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:737
khûːt   scratch   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:730
khṵ̂a   a kind of dish that is fried without oil   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:732
khɔj   to wipe the bottom after defecating (using a kind of wood)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:679
khɔm   to threaten, to pin down   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:680
khɔɁɔ́Ɂ / khɔɁɔ̂ː / khɔɁɔ̂ːɁ   to urinate   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:683
khɔː litát   Eucalyptus   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:670
khɔːn kheːt   concrete   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:674
khɔ̀ːŋ   gong   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:675
khɔ́t   to coil up, to roll into a coil   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:682
khɔ̂m   to be rancid, spoiled (of food)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:681
khɔ̂ːt   to coil up, to roll into a coil   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:677
khɔ̂ːŋ   the Mekong river   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:676
khɔ̰̂ː camoːŋ   field knife   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:667
khɔ̰̂ː cɛːŋ wɛ̂ːŋ   machete   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:668
khɔ̰̂ː lṵ̂ːj   dull knife   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:671
khɔ̰̂ː lɔ̂ːn   sharp knife   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:669
khɔ̰̂ː   knife   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:666
khɔ̰̂ːj   a steep descent   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:672
khɔ̰̂ːn   hammer, drum beater   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:673
khɔ̰̂ːt / Ɂakhɔ̰̂ːt   to smooth, to trim, to sharpen   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:678
khəlîː   this   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:688
khəŋ   bamboo trap for catching small fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:689
khə̂ːj   used to   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:686
khɛɁɛ́Ɂ / khɛɁɛ̂ː / khɛɁɛ̂ːɁ   defecate   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:690
khɛɁɛ́Ɂ mɛːŋ mɔ́s   freckle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:691
khɛɁɛ́Ɂ phathɛ̂ːn   cloud   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:693
khɛɁɛ́Ɂ ɲîn   nasal mucus, snot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:692
khɛ̂ːp   narrow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:687
khɛ̰̂ː   crocodile   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:685
khɨː   beam   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:695
khɨː jɨ̂ː   how (to do something)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:699
khɨ́t   to think   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:726
khɨ́t hɔ̰̂ːt   to miss somebody   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:727
khɨ̂aj   son-in-law   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:717
khɨ̂ː Ɂalîː   this   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:710
khɨ̂ː   similar, same   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:696
kiaw   sickle; to cut with sickle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:747
kiw kîːw   bat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:757
kiŋ kajṵ̂ː   red ant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:754
kiŋ kɔ̂ːŋ   back, behind   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:755
kiː   loom   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:743
kiːp   piece, a petal   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:744
koːŋ Ɂalɔ̰̂ː   ear of paddy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:761
ku mɨ̂ː   everyday   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:774
kuaj   to cross (the hands etc.), to be twisted   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:788
kuaŋ   a kind of trap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:790
kun côŋ   man   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:794
kun kə̰̂ː   woman   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:795
kun Ɂḭ̂ːt   children   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:796
kus   fire, firewood   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:797
kuː jaːŋ   everything   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:776
kuː thɨa   normally   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:778
kuː ɲák   everybody   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:777
kàːŋ   jar   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:349
káp   rat bamboo trap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:460
kân   I   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:443
kâː mahîː   forest chicken   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:342
kâː   chicken   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:338
kâːn   to catch (green frog)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:348
kâ̰m   to cut (oneself)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:430
kâ̰ː calôːn   a kind of fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:340
kâ̰ː kadəːt   a kind of fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:341
kâ̰ː pabîn   a kind of fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:344
kâ̰ː palɔ́t   a kind of eel fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:345
kâ̰ː pasîam   a kind of fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:346
kâ̰ː paːk hâːw   a kind of fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:343
kâ̰ː takɔ̂ː   a cat fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:347
kâ̰ː   fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:339
kâ̰ːt   to bite   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:351
kêːŋ   wag the tail   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:587
kḛ̂ːn / kɛ̰̂ːn   waist   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:578
kìn   the bulb or roots of a plant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:752
kíh   rock   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:750
kîan   to cut a long, thin strip, to shred   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:746
kîaw   sedan chair   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:748
kîn   alcoholic drink   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:753
kîw   twist   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:756
kîːw   twist   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:745
kḭ̂aw / kalḭ̂aw   coiled, to coil, to coil around, to court   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:749
kóh sô̰ː   the So language   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:764
kóh   classifier for a word   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:763
kók   group   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:765
kôn khâ̰   the Kha people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:767
kôn mahîː   forest people (communists)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:768
kôn pîa kôn lɔːj   a handicapped person   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:770
kôn sô̰ː   the So people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:771
kôn thawɨ̂ːŋ   the Thavung people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:773
kôn thàj   the Thai people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:772
kôn ɲɔ̰̂ː   the Nyoh people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:769
kôn   people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:766
kôː   island   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:758
kôːn   hollow or hole, to shave   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:759
kô̰ːn   mortar   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:760
kô̰ːt   local soup   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:762
kúk   to burn a corpse   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:793
kús cân   to be on fire   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:798
kút   monk's hut   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:799
kûan   to stir up a situation   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:789
kûaŋ   deer   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:791
kûː   a roll   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:775
kûːm   to bend down   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:779
kûːn mahîː   wild pig   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:782
kûːn   pig   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:780
kṵ̂a   father's younger sister   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:787
kṵ̂aŋ   wide   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:792
kṵ̂ːn   male   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:781
kṵ̂ːt cúk cík   a small green frog   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:784
kṵ̂ːt Ɂalɔ̰̂ː   a green frog which lives in rice fields   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:785
kṵ̂ːt Ɂiː mô̰ː   a small green frog (used as bait in fishing)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:786
kṵ̂ːt   green frog   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:783
kɔj kɔːj   lightly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:566
kɔŋ / Ɂakɔŋ   curve   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:568
kɔːj   lightly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:538
kɔːn hûak   tadpole   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:542
kɔːn kamɛ̂n   daughter-in-law   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:543
kɔːn khalɔ́h   Adam's apple, trachea   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:545
kɔːn khamâ̰ːj   daughter   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:546
kɔːn kuncoŋ   son   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:550
kɔːn kunkə̰̂ː   daughter   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:551
kɔːn kíh Ɂabîn khɔ̰̂ː   sharpening stone   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:549
kɔːn kíh   a rock, a piece of stone   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:548
kɔːn kḭ̂an   younger generation relatives (child and grandchild)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:547
kɔːn kɔ́k   first child   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:544
kɔːn sanâ̰ː   arrow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:554
kɔːn sâːm   nephew or niece   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:553
kɔːn thanâ̰ː   arrow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:557
kɔːn tâːj   nephew or niece   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:555
kɔːn tɔ́h   new-born baby   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:556
kɔːn Ɂalâ̰ːŋ   twin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:558
kɔːn Ɂathíh   middle child   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:559
kɔːn Ɂḭ̂ːt   small children (son, daughter)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:560
kɔːnkhɨ̂aj   son-in-law   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:561
kɔːŋ / Ɂakɔːŋ   to pile up into a heap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:562
kɔːŋ kɔŋ   prawn   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:563
kɔːŋ lɛ̂ːŋ   drum (at a Buddhist monastery)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:564
kɔ́h   glass   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:565
kɔ́p   frog   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:569
kɔ́Ɂ   to cut with a sickle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:571
kɔ̂k kɛ̰̂ː   gecko   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:567
kɔ̂p kɛ̰̂ː   gecko   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:570
kɔ̂ː   clump of growing plants or trees   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:537
kɔ̂ːn lâ̰ː   the youngest child   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:552
kɔ̂ːn   before; child   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:541
kɔ̰̂ːj   the end or tip of something   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:539
kɔ̰̂ːk   sty for animal   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:540
kəːp boːk   court shoes   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:589
kəːp tɛ́Ɂ   sandal   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:590
kəːp   shoes   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:588
kə̰̂n / Ɂakʌ̰̂n / Ɂakâ̰ːn   to squeeze   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:593
kə̰̂ː   near   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:573
kɛn hum   umbrella   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:594
kɛŋ / keŋ   to be capable   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:595
kɛːn khûːn   heart of a Khun tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:580
kɛːn sɔːk   elbow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:583
kɛːn   the heart of wood, hard wood   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:575
kɛ́h   swollen   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:592
kɛ́Ɂ   to pick off   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:596
kɛ̂ːm / Ɂakɛ̂ːm   bank of a body of water   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:574
kɛ̂ːn lûːn   large cucumber   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:581
kɛ̂ːn pɨ̂ː   cucumber   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:582
kɛ̂ːn   cucumber   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:576
kɛ̰̂ː   to untie   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:572
kɛ̰̂ːn hɨ̂ːŋ   large-teethed ant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:579
kɛ̰̂ːn sûːn   aggressive black ant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:584
kɛ̰̂ːn tɔ́h   red ant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:585
kɛ̰̂ːn   to choke on water; ant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:577
kɛ̰̂ːw   glass   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:591
kɨh   to go up, rise up   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:751
kʌ̀ːŋ katíh   beard   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:803
kʌ̀ːŋ katə́Ɂ   chin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:802
kʌ̀ːŋ   mouth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:801
kʌ̰̂ː   bee; louse   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:800
kʌ̰̂ːp   to hold or seize in the teeth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:804
la   final particle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:805
laj cʌ̰̂ːt   a kind of disease (that causes people to die while sleeping)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:816
laŋ mát   face   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:840
laŋ ɲák   some people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:841
laɁ   to emphasis   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:845
laːj khât   a mat design   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:808
laːj tamɔːŋ   a mat design   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:809
laːj   to speak or act while asleep   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:806
laːw   Lao people/language   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:814
lek làj   nail   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:881
liak   gum   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:893
lot   then   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:909
loːk khalɔ̀ːŋ mat câːj   jaundice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:899
loːk kunkə̰̂ː   syphillis   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:900
loːŋ / ləːŋ   to go down   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:905
lup lâ̰ːŋ   lose totally   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:929
lut   to be detached from, to be untied or loosened   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:930
láh   to open   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:815
lás   tongue   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:842
láɁ / ɁaláɁ   that   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:846
lâm campâː   pagoda tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:818
lâm cík   a kind of tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:819
lâm dia pɔːŋ   a kind of fig   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:821
lâm dɛ̂ːŋ   a kind of tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:820
lâm kabɔ́k   a kind of tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:822
lâm kaɲâːŋ   a rubber tree (Dipterocarpus family)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:823
lâm khalûːŋ   a kind of tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:825
lâm khɔlitát   Eucalyptus tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:826
lâm kûŋ   a kind of tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:827
lâm kɔ́h   a kind of grass   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:824
lâm lâj   a kind of plant used for making a mat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:828
lâm maːk dɨa   a fig tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:829
lâm maːk tâːn   sugar palm, toddy palm   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:831
lâm maːk ŋîːw / lâm maːk ŋîw   a kind of kapok   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:830
lâm phai bâ̰ːn   bamboo   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:833
lâm phak kuːt   fern   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:834
lâm phâ̰ːj   a kind of kapok   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:832
lâm phɨ̂ː   a kind of water plant used for making a mat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:835
lâm sabɛ̂ːŋ   a kind of tree (Dipterocarpus family)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:836
lâm tawên   rain tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:837
lâm thʌ̀ŋ lâmkɔ́h   plants   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:839
lâm thʌ̀ŋ   tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:838
lâm   classifier of tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:817
lâw   a gun   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:843
lâːn / lâ̰ːn   shop   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:810
lâ̰w   a rice granary   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:844
lâ̰ːj   to return   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:807
lâ̰ːp   to shop finely   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:812
lâ̰ːt   a bamboo strip used for making baskets   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:813
lâ̰ːŋ / Ɂalâ̰ːŋ   to wash   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:811
lên boːk   to play a game with tamarind seeds   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:883
lên phâj   to play cards   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:884
lík   to release, to take off, to unite   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:894
lîa   to be left over   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:892
lîː / Ɂalîː   this, here   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:886
lḭ̂ːn / talḭ̂ːn / tadḭ̂ːn   to stick the tongue out   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:890
lót hɔ́t   then (unexpected event)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:910
lôː / Ɂalôː   a long time   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:895
lôːn   sharp   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:903
lôːt / Ɂalôːt   to skin, to peel   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:907
lôːŋ / kalôːŋ   coffin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:904
lô̰ːj / Ɂalô̰ːj   a taxonomic term to group fish, snakes, turtles, and monitor lizards, to go (these animals)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:896
lô̰ːj / Ɂalô̰ːj   to float, to swim   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:897
lô̰ːk   disease   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:898
lô̰ːm wɨ̂ːn   to hide, to come   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:902
lô̰ːm   to steal   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:901
lô̰ːt khîəw   flirtatious   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:908
lô̰ːt   male sex organ   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:906
lúh   to sprout, to grow, to send up shoots   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:914
lúk kantâːw   poisonous snake   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:916
lúk khàːn   earthworm   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:917
lúk talɛ̂ːn   the reticulated python   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:919
lúk tham thàːn   a kind of poisonous snake   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:920
lúk ŋuː puak   cobra   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:918
lúk   snake   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:915
lûŋ katḭ̂ː   underneath   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:922
lûŋ khalàŋ   inside   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:923
lûŋ kiŋ kɔ̂ːŋ   at the back   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:924
lûŋ nɔ̰̂ːk   outside   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:925
lûŋ tâm   on the left   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:926
lûŋ wɛ̂ːn   on the right   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:927
lûŋ ɁaɁɔ̰̂ːk   above, upper floor   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:928
lûŋ   way, at   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:921
lûːj   to be worn away through friction, to produce a condition of attrition   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:911
lṵ̂aŋ   rat trap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:913
lṵ̂ːt   to miscarry   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:912
lɔp lâ̰ːj   to become, to return   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:855
lɔːt   temperature   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:852
lɔːŋ   to dip up, to scoop up   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:850
lɔ̀ːm   liver   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:848
lɔ́k / Ɂalɔ́k   to withdraw, to pull off   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:853
lɔ́p wɨ̂ːn   to return   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:856
lɔ́Ɂ   along   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:857
lɔ̂ŋ   to forget   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:854
lɔ̂ːn   to enter   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:849
lɔ̰̂ːk   white   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:847
lɔ̰̂ːp   fish trap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:851
ləːŋ wàt   to make merit by listening to a sermon at the temple   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:860
lɛːŋ kaɲɨ̂ː   yesterday   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:859
lɛ̀h   final particle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:863
lɛ́h câw lɛ́h naːj   to be the head, to be the leader   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:864
lɛ́h khaː lɛ́h khɔ̂ːm   to be Kha/Khom (indigenous people)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:865
lɛ́h khɨː jɨ̂ː   how it is?   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:866
lɛ́h lom   to be fall unconscious   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:868
lɛ́h lɔːj   feeling of weakness and numbness   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:867
lɛ́h mɛ̂ːŋ   decayed tooth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:869
lɛ́h phák lɛ́h hâ̰ːn   to have terraces on the hill   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:870
lɛ́h sɔ̰̂ːŋ   to be menstruating   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:871
lɛ́h tacûŋ   the seat is inviting   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:873
lɛ́h tacə̀ŋ lɛ́h tapɛ̀ːŋ   to look lovely   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:872
lɛ́h tacʌ̀ŋ   to look ugly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:874
lɛ́h takaɲâw   to be nice to talk to   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:875
lɛ́h tanâm   to look comfortable to sleep on   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:876
lɛ́h tanɨ̂ːj   to be nice to live in   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:877
lɛ́h tasalə̰̂ːn   fearful, violent   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:879
lɛ́h taŋɔ̂ːn   to look delicious, (to be) inviting (food)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:878
lɛ́h thanûː makmâj   chicken pox   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:880
lɛ́h   to be   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:862
lɛ̂m   a classifier for a tooth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:882
lɛ̂ːm   to sharpen (pencil)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:858
lɛ̂ːw / lɛːw   already   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:861
lɨːaj   to saw   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:887
lɨːn   more than   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:889
lɨ̂ː   to ask   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:885
lɨ̂ːj   to saw   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:888
lɨ̂ːŋ   familiar   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:891
maháh   five days after tomorrow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:996
mahíh   four days after tomorrow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1003
mahîː   jungle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1000
mahîːn   beautiful   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1002
mahúh   three days after tomorrow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1005
mahûː   sweat, to be sweaty   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1004
mahɔ́ːŋ   hungry   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:997
mahɛ́h   two days after tomorrow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:999
mahɛ̂ːŋ   the malevolent ghosts of those who have died suddenly or violently   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:998
mahɨ̀ː   (romantic) love   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1001
mak cók   a hoe   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1013
mak kalôːŋ   a children's game   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1014
mak katɔ̂j   cataract, a corneal ulcer   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1015
mak phɛ́t   chili   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1016
makhuŋ   papaya   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1017
malàŋ   to open (the eyes)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1019
maláh   to go across the way   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1018
malíp   disappear   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1020
malʌ̀ːŋ   dead person   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1021
man saphàw   yam-bean   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1025
man Ɂatûŋ   a kind of yam   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1026
man   diligent   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1022
mankɛ̂ːw tɔ́h   red yam   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1030
mankɛ̂ːw   sweet potato   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1029
manɛ̂ːn   legs   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1027
mat katɔ̀j   sty, inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the eyelid   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1034
mat tɔ́h   a class of malevolent ghosts   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1041
mat tɔ̰̂ː   sty, inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the eyelid   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1040
mat Ɂakûː   a condition in which the vision is dim, indistinct or blurred, westerner (unclear eyes)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1044
mathajak   tetanus   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1046
matáh   to spit out, to expel or eject from the mouth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1045
maŋáh   to raise one's face or head   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1031
maŋɨ́h / maŋɨ́k / Ɂaŋɨ́k   to nod   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1032
maɲíp mát   to wink   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1028
maːk / mak   classifier for fruit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:932
maːk capîːŋ   as pumpkin or white gourd (bonincasa hispila)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:933
maːk cûː Ɂíh   pomelo   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:935
maːk cûː   orange   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:934
maːk dúk   a kind of children's game   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:936
maːk kabâ̰ː   ankle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:937
maːk kacúh tâ̰ŋ   a kind of shellfish (Viniparadoliaris)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:938
maːk kadan khâː   inguinal glands   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:939
maːk kaliŋ   a small cylindrically shape bell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:940
maːk kanɔ̂ːj   long eggplants   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:941
maːk kasəːk thḛ̂ːp   Neptunia oleracea, a floating aquatic plant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:943
maːk kasəːk   leucaena glauca, the wild or horse-tamarind (acacia)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:942
maːk kathân   a kind of fruit (Phutthra in Thai)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:944
maːk katiŋ / maːk tiŋ   button   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:945
maːk khaːm pɔ̰̂ːm   Phylanthus emblica or emblica officinalis   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:950
maːk khaːm pɛ̂ː   Manila tamarind   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:951
maːk khâːm   tamarind   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:949
maːk kṵ̂aj   banana   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:952
maːk kɔːk   olive   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:946
maːk kɔːŋ   a kind of sour fruit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:947
maːk kɛ̂ːn   cucumbers, melons and the like   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:948
maːk len   tomato   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:953
maːk mun   an apple-like fruit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:956
maːk muəŋ   mango   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:955
maːk môː   watermelon   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:954
maːk nam tâw   gourd   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:957
maːk nát   pineapple   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:958
maːk phalʌ̰̂ː   betel nut   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:962
maːk phâ̰ːw   coconut   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:961
maːk phîaŋ   star fruit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:963
maːk píh   jackfruit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:965
maːk pîː   the bud end of a flowering banana stalk (used as a vegetable)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:964
maːk pús   a kin of fruit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:966
maːk sabʌ̀ː   corn   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:967
maːk salót   a kind of fruit (noinong in Thai)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:968
maːk sidâː   guava   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:970
maːk siŋ sûŋ   a kind of children's game   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:971
maːk sâŋ   carilla fruit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:969
maːk tam ɲɛ̂ː   a plant that causes itching when in contact with the skin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:972
maːk thaŋɔ̰̂ːk   dish-rag gourd, sponge gourd   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:974
maːk thuədîn   peanut   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:975
maːk thʌ̀ŋ   fruit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:976
maːk toːn   green gourd   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:979
maːk tîːw tâ̰ŋ   sparrow's brinjal fruit, used as vegetable   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:978
maːk tîːw   a kind of cherry eggplant used in curries   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:977
maːk tùh paː   winged bean   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:981
maːk tùh   rope bean   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:980
maːk tɔ̰̂ːŋ   a kind of fruit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:973
maːk wâ̰ː   a kind of fruit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:982
maːk ŋɛ̂ːw   a kind of fruit like a lychee, but sour   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:960
maːk Ɂahâːŋ hɔ̀ː   a kind of bitter eggplant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:984
maːk Ɂahâːŋ jôːn   a kind of long eggplant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:985
maːk Ɂahâːŋ ŋɔ̰̂ːt   a kind of long sweetened eggplant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:986
maːk Ɂahâːŋ   eggplants, tomatoes   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:983
maːk Ɂakɔŋ   a small cylindrical bell hung on the necks of large animals   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:987
maːk Ɂasâːn   a kind of fruit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:988
maːk ɲôm   star gooseberry   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:959
maːm   to feed (a baby)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:989
maːɁɨ̰́Ɂ   pumpkin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:995
miː sḭ̂ːn / min sḭ̂ːn   a climber belonging to the yam family (poisonous, large variegated leaves, edible tubers but very nauseating)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1087
mít kapɔ̰̂ŋ   one hundred   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1095
mít khalàːw   in a minute   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1096
mít lɔ̰̂ːj   one hundred   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1097
mít pàn   one thousand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1098
mít   one   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1094
muak / kamuak   hat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1103
muan   amusing, fun   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1104
mun   very fine   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1108
muŋ Ɂacɔ̂ːj   bird's nest   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1110
muː   friend   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1099
muːp   to kneel, to crouch on the floor   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1101
muːt / moːt   one   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1102
máj kalɛ̂ːŋ   a pole or a stick used for carrying loads on the shoulder   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1007
mák   love   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1012
mát khalâːŋ   sun   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1035
mát mús   face   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1036
mát salḭ̂aŋ   squint-eyed   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1038
mát salɔ́Ɂ   blind with   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1037
mát taɁûːm   infected-eyes   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1039
mát tûːn   blind   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1042
mát Ɂahôːm   unhappy face   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1043
mát   eye   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1033
máɁ   do not   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1047
mâj kadâ̰ːm   a spatula for stirring cooked glutinous rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1006
mâj kḭ̂ːw   a stick for hitting paddy rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1009
mâj kɛnkhɔ̂ː   a hooked stick, a crook   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1008
mâj phâːj   a paddle, a spatula   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1010
mâj takhiap   chopstick   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1011
mân   cassava   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1023
mâːm   the spleen   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:990
mâːn   to have to be pleased   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:991
mâːŋ   elder sister-in-law (as address by younger sibling)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:993
mâːŋ   to damage, to clear a field   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:994
mâ̰n   sterilization   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1024
mâ̰ː   horse   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:931
mâ̰ːn   to borrow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:992
mîː   you (polite)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1080
mḭ̂aŋ   a kind of northeast Thai salad   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1092
mḭ̂ːn   to pick fruit from a tree with a stick   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1090
múp / kamúp   to close, to cover   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1111
mút   to dive   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1112
mûj   to have sexual intercourse   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1106
mûm   to cover   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1107
mûŋ   mosquito net   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1109
mûːn   to crash, pound   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1100
mṵ̂an   to roll   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1105
mɔ̀ː   to be still left   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1048
mɔ́k   lap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1051
mɔ́k   to cook something under fire   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1052
mɔ̂ː   doctor   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1049
mɔ̂ːŋ   net for catching fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1050
mɔ̰̂ŋ   place, at   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1053
mɛŋ mɔ́s   fly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1077
mɛŋ mʌ̰̂ː   a kind of grasshopper   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1078
mɛŋ pɔːt   butterfly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1079
mɛːn   to be   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1058
mɛːŋ cuŋâːm   a large worm that attacks trees, a grub   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1062
mɛːŋ kabîa   butterfly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1063
mɛːŋ kapɛː hɛ̂ː   cockroach   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1064
mɛːŋ kasô̰ː   a kind of aquatic animal   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1065
mɛːŋ kiːnûːn   a kind of insect   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1066
mɛːŋ lḭ̂am   a Burprestid beetle, any green beetle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1067
mɛːŋ maɲṵ̂ː   flying termite   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1069
mɛːŋ miː   a fruit fly of the genius Drosphila   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1070
mɛːŋ mâ̰ː   a kind of insect similar to a grasshopper but smaller   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1068
mɛːŋ tot toːt   one kind of cicadas   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1072
mɛːŋ ŋɔ̂ŋ ŋɛ̰̂ŋ   mosquito larvae   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1071
mɛːŋ Ɂadâm samàː   one kind of grasshopper   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1073
mɛːŋ Ɂîː   cicadas   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1074
mɛ́h   a final particle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1076
mɛ̂ː mân   to sterilize   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1055
mɛ̂ː Ɂahʌ̂ː   why   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1056
mɛ̂ː Ɂân   to cook   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1057
mɛ̂ː   to do   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1054
mɛ̂ːn   gizzard   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1059
mɛ̂ːw   cat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1075
mɛ̂ːŋ   to have a decayed, rotten tooth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1060
mɛ̰̂ːŋ   human or animal flesh (bird, dog, etc.)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1061
mɨaj   tired   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1091
mɨː jɨ̂ː   when   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1084
mɨː láɁ   that day   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1085
mɨːn   rice measurement, slippery   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1088
mɨ̂n   numbness, anesthesia of the skin, stubborn   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1093
mɨ̂ː lôw   previous day   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1086
mɨ̂ː   gun-powder   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1081
mɨ̂ː   one   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1082
mɨ̂ːn   a kind of disease   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1089
mɨ̰̂ː   female animal   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1083
nam plaː   fish sauce   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1132
naŋ jɨ̂ː   how much (in price)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1137
naŋ sîan naŋ sɨ̂ː   book   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1138
nian   to mould glutinous rice into a small lump before eating   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1170
nuaj   classifier for a thing   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1176
nàm   with   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1129
nàɁ   it   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1143
nàː   rice field   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1113
nà̰ː   mother's younger sibling   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1114
nát / sanát   a cold   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1142
nâm Ɂəːp   to lie straight   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1133
nâm   to lie, to sleep   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1130
nâːj   parents' elder female sibling   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1116
nâ̰ŋ   heavy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1135
nîaw   sticky   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1171
nô̰ːp   to scold   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1173
nûm / nɨ̂m   to take   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1178
nɔ̂m   to mould glutinous rice into a small lump before eating   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1150
nɔ̂ːŋ   a swamp or marsh, low flooded land   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1147
nɔ̰̂ːk   outside   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1145
nɛː   a final particle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1152
nɛːw nɛ́psɔ́k   a hair clip   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1157
nɛːw Ɂân   food   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1158
nɛːw   a thing   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1156
nɛ́h / Ɂanɛ́h / Ɂannɛ́h / manɛ́h   to see   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1159
nɛ̂ːp / nɛ́p   to attach, to insert, to tuck into   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1155
nɨ̂ː   who   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1160
nɨ̂ːj hɔm nɨ̂j hîaŋ   to stay in the shade   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1165
nɨ̂ːj khalâm   to remain by a fire after parturition   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1166
nɨ̂ːj   to stay, to live   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1164
nʌ̰̂ːt / nâ̰ːt / kanâ̰ːt   neck   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1179
pachum / pasum   meeting, to have a meeting   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1201
pacuː   house post   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1203
pacôŋ   husband   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1202
padɛːk   fermented fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1204
pahḭ̂ː   to escape, to run away   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1205
pahɨ̂ːn   to stimulate, to irritate   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1206
pajɨ̂ːn   to wake up   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1207
pak hâːŋ   rib cage   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1208
pak kɨːk / pakɨːk   dump   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1209
pak pâm ɲîːm   sorry, upset   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1210
pakuː   owl   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1213
pakòː   to hug, to embrace vehemently with the intention to rape   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1212
pakûm   to burn   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1214
pakə̰̂ː   wife   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1211
paláh   to separate   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1215
palîəŋ   to use excessively, to be consumed rapidly or lavishly (as money or funds)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1221
palḭ̂ːn   to turn face up, to turn inside-out   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1220
palûː   betel leaf   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1222
palûːk   white, light blue, or grey color   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1223
palɔ̀ːŋ   moon   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1217
palɔ̀ːŋ Ɂahòːm   dark moon, the waning period of the moon   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1219
palɔ̰̂ːj   to release, to escape   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1216
palɔ̰̂ːŋ   the length or space between two joints (as of bamboo)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1218
panjɨ̂ː   when   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1227
panâːŋ   betel nut   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1226
pasaŋ sâŋ   thin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1231
pasáh   mat; to weave   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1230
pasát / Ɂasát   to extinguish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1232
pasâ̰ːm   to inhale   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1228
pasâ̰ːn   to spread a mat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1229
pasîː   to be full   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1233
pasṵ̂ːn   navel   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1234
pataj   to tell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1235
patîŋ   warm   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1238
patɔ̀ː   a hornet, a species of bee   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1236
patɨ̂ŋ   to place, to set up   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1239
patɨ̂ːj   to tell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1237
paɁíh   to place   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1241
paɁḭ̂ːn   to lie flat on the back (with the face turned up)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1240
paːn jɨ̂ː   how much   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1199
pek peːk   ice cream   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1263
peːm   moon   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1254
pha katiaw   loin cloth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1266
phacâ̰ːw   a tray of dishes and rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1277
phadâ̰ːn   wood floor   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1278
phadíh / phadík   to explode up (chili) after burning   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1281
phadɔ̂ŋ kahɨ̂ːn   very hot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1280
phadɔ̂ŋ   hot, boiled   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1279
phadʌ̀ː   to become pregnant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1282
phaj pâ̰ːj   to thatch with grass   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1283
phajɔ̂ŋ khamâ̰ːj   lovers (man and woman)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1285
phajɔ̂ŋ   young man   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1284
phakhɔ̂ːŋ   the Mekong river   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1300
phalaŋ   westerner   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1302
phalâ̰ːj   to spread out   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1301
phalík   wrong, incorrect, differ, unlike, displace   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1307
phalîː   to be drunk   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1306
phalṵ̂ː   six   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1308
phalɔ̂ŋ   forget   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1304
phalɔ̰̂ːm   together   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1303
phalɛ̰̂ː Ɂatɔ́k   fish hook   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1305
phalʌː ɲîːm   heart   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1309
phalʌ̀ːŋ   to open the palm of the hand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1310
phalʌ̰̀ːt   slippery   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1311
phanṵ̂ː ŋûa   canned milk   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1314
phanṵ̂ː   milk   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1313
phap   to fold   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1317
phaphàːn   tray   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1318
phasáh   mat; to weave   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1320
phasâ̰ːm   to inhale   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1319
phat   then, become(unexpectedly)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1321
phathɛ̂ːn bɔ́t   cloudy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1324
phathɛ̂ːn Ɂacɨ̂ːp   lightning   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1325
phathɛ̂ːn Ɂatɛ̰́ːn   thunder   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1326
phathɛ̂ːn   sky   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1323
phaŋáh   to turn the face up   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1316
phaɲaːm   to try   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1312
phàːt   to beat the paddy rice, to make the fruit fall down   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1276
phák buə   onion   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1288
phák bɔ̂ŋ   ipomoea aquatica, morning glory   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1287
phák hûan   a tray for receiving the body's spirit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1290
phák hɔːn hɛ̰̂ːt   a kind of edible plant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1289
phák kacêː taɁùːm   a kind of small smelly edible plant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1291
phák kadâw   a neem tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1292
phák kasêː knâw   a kind of vegetable   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1293
phák lík / maːk lík   pumpkin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1294
phák naw   a kind of small smelly edible plant (chaom in Thai)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1295
phák siɲûːj   a kind of small smelly edible plant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1296
phák Ɂituː thàj   a kind of mint   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1298
phák Ɂiɲɛ́Ɂ   a kind of good odor vegetable   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1297
phák Ɂum lûm   a kind of smelly edible plant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1299
phát   to brush (tooth)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1322
phin   opium   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1345
photûː   wife's father, elderly male people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1348
phoŋ sulôt   monosodium glutamate   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1347
phumɛː   transsexual   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1356
phuː   people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1351
phák   vegetable   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1286
phâŋ   to bury   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1315
phâː tûːm   towel   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1272
phâː wɔ̰̂ːŋ   pot lid   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1273
phâ̰w   to watch over   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1327
phâ̰ː ciaŋ   monk's loin cloth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1267
phâ̰ː kapɛːk   cleaning cloth, rags   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1268
phâ̰ː katiaw   loin cloth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1269
phâ̰ː katúp   thick blanket   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1270
phâ̰ː khûm   monk's robe   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1271
phâ̰ː Ɂasɔ́p   blanket   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1274
phâ̰ːk / Ɂaphâ̰ːk   to place under the care of   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1275
phêː   collapse   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1332
phîa / Ɂaphîa   to cling, to be close to one another in an affectionate manner   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1343
phîaŋ   straw   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1344
phóɁ tɨ̂ː   an older man is often addressed as (name of first child's) father rather than by name   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1350
phóɁ   father   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1349
phô̰ːt   too much   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1346
phúɁ   a bamboo hunting weapon that when blown shots a dart   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1357
phûa   a farmer's curved spade shovel combined   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1354
phûa   classifier for a bunch of mangoes   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1355
phûː   mountain   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1352
phûːt   classifier for a piece of land   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1353
phɔɁɔ̂ːk mɛ̂ːɁɔ̂ːk   term of addressed (address for followers of Buddhist)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1331
phɔːŋ bûa phɔːŋ wɛ̂ːŋ   to be in a group   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1329
phɔ̂ŋ   to splash up (as waves over the side of a boat, to rebound, to bound ups)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1330
phɔ̂ːj   the fine fibers which cover a corn cob (silk corn)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1328
phɛːŋ   to pour (water)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1337
phɛ́t khûa   finely crushed fried chili   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1338
phɛ́Ɂ   goat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1339
phɛ̂ː   to feel morning sickness   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1333
phɛ̂ːn khâːm   a kind of rough cloth died in blue color   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1335
phɛ̂ːn ɲûm khâːm   a kind of rough cloth died in blue color   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1336
phɛ̂ːn   a kind of rough blue cloth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1334
phɨːn   rash on the skin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1342
phɨ̂ː   a collective term for clumps, bunches of reeds, sedges, rushes, growing flag like a long the blanks of waterways   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1340
phɨ̂ː   to carry on the back   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1341
piŋ pɔːt   butterfly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1368
plɔ̰̂ːŋ / plɔ̰̂ŋ / palɔ̰̂ːŋ / pɔ̰̂ːŋ   piece   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1370
puː   grandfather, ancestor spirit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1378
  to take to   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1195
pàn   thousand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1224
pân   to twist, to squeeze, to build   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1225
pâː   three   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1196
pâ̰ːj   thatch grass, imperata cylisdrica Var. Koenigi and other species   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1197
pâ̰ːn   to sell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1198
pâ̰ːt   to cut open, to slice, to cut off   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1200
píh   seven   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1364
píh   to split   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1365
pín   to turn to   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1366
pít   to pick, to pluck with the hand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1369
pîːn   arm, he/she/they; to climb   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1360
pḭ̂ŋ   to shoot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1367
pḭ̂ːŋ   to grill, roast   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1362
pôːj   field, plantation   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1371
pôːŋ sabɛ̂ːŋ   the floated dried flower of kapok or silk cotton   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1374
pôːŋ saleteː     (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1375
pôːŋ thian   a kind of flower (rampheuy in Thai)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1376
pôːŋ Ɂinthawaː     (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1377
pôːŋ   a piece of wood struck from time to time as a signal; flower   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1373
pô̰ːn   four   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1372
púh / Ɂapúh / kapúh   heavy pouring rain   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1382
pús / Ɂapús   to sweep   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1384
pûa   to look after   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1381
pûn khaɁân   to feel like vomiting   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1383
pûː   stupid, stubborn   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1379
pûːn sɔ́k   a hair bun, to make a hair bun   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1380
pɔŋ Ɂḭ̂am   window   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1252
pɔːn kâ̰ː   a kind of food made from fish and chili   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1247
pɔːn   to put forward, to offer food to a Buddhist monk   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1246
pɔːŋ   clever   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1248
pɔ̀ː   enough   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1242
pɔ̀ːk   to tie   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1244
pɔ̀ːm   cheek   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1245
pɔ́h   to hit, to beat, to punch   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1249
pɔ́k   the upper container of the sticky rice cooker   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1250
pɔ̂n   to mix   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1251
pɔ̰̂ːj   to scold   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1243
pɛ̀ːŋ   to love   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1257
pɛ́h / Ɂapɛ́h / kapɛ́h   to break, broken   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1262
pɛ́h   to break   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1261
pɛ́Ɂ   close to   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1265
pɛ̂n / Ɂapɛ̂n   to fly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1264
pɛ̂ː   flat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1253
pɛ̂ːn   wood for making house walls or floor   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1255
pɛ̂ːt pôː   to take finger-print   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1260
pɛ̂ːŋ   dear, expensive   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1258
pɛ̰̂ːn   to stab, to cut   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1256
pɛ̰̂ːt   to build, to plant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1259
pɨ̀ː / kapɨ̀ː   millipede, hairy caterpillar   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1359
pɨ̂ː   to coil around the head   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1358
pɨ̂ːn   the past   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1361
pɨ̂ːt   to open, to lift   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1363
pʌ̰̂ːm   he/she/they   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1385
sabɛh / khabɛ́h   mustache   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1399
sabɛ́h   moustache   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1398
sabʌ̀ː   corn   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1400
sadṵ̂ŋ / kadṵ̂ŋ   a fish trap with dipping net   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1402
sadəːt   to be startled, convulsed, shocked or shaken suddenly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1401
sak / sák   to be imprisoned   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1406
sak thɨa / sak thia   one time   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1407
sakaɁ lɛ́h   just be   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1409
sakaɁ   just   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1408
sakɛ́h   beard   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1410
saliːŋ khâ̰ːŋ   rip   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1416
salít   to shake oneself   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1417
salə̰̂ːn   to fear, to be frightened   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1411
salɛ́h   to cut off thorns or small branches   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1415
salɛ̂ːw kanɔ̂ːn   light green   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1413
salɛ̂ːw khalâː   dark green   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1414
salɛ̂ːw   green   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1412
samák   to choke or to be choked (as by food going down the windpipe), to be strangled or suffocated   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1419
samâ̰ː   a kind of rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1418
samút   to suffer from colic   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1421
samɔ̰̂ːt   ghost, spirit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1420
sanáɁ   triangular pillow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1425
sanâ̰ː / thanâ̰ː   crossbow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1423
sanâ̰ːt   gun   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1424
sanṵ̂ːj   lip   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1427
sanɛ̂ːŋ   evil, misfortune, wickedness   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1426
sapḛ̂ː   hair band   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1433
satíh   to sleep   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1436
satɛːk   greedy, gluttonous   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1435
saŋ kalîː   temple boy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1429
saŋ   to weigh   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1428
saŋáh   to rest, to stay overnight   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1431
saŋâ̰ːj   far   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1430
saŋɔ̰̂ːn   to snore   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1432
saɁḭ̂ːt / ɁaɁḭ̂ːt   a little   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1440
saɁɔ̂ːn   jealous   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1438
saɁɛ̰̂ːŋ   good food   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1439
saːŋ   an artisan, a skilled man   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1395
sia   mattress   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1470
siat   to squeeze or press into   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1473
silɛ́Ɂ   sticky   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1475
sip   ten   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1480
siː sûːm   purple   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1467
sua   bad   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1492
sum   a kind of fish trap (cage shape)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1496
susâːj / Ɂasusâːj   ear   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1504
susâːj jôːn   long ear (referring to a rabbit)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1505
susâːj tɛ̰̂ːk   deaf   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1506
sutîːt maːkkacúh   the extreme end or tapering spiral of a conch-shell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1507
suː khûan   a ceremony for restoring a person's spirit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1487
sṵ̂am / Ɂasṵ̂am   room   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1493
sàːŋ   follicular pharyngitis or laryngitis common to children   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1396
sát   to throw   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1434
sáɁ   a kind of shallow well   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1437
sâj hɛː   the umbilical cord   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1405
sâj   a kind of fish trap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1403
sân   to emphasize   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1422
sâː   marijuana   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1386
sâːm kamɛ̂n   younger sister-in-law   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1390
sâːm khamâ̰ːj   younger sister   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1391
sâːm khɨ̂əj   younger brother-in-law   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1392
sâːm kuncoŋ   younger brother   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1393
sâːm kunkə̰̂ː   younger sister   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1394
sâːm   younger sibling   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1388
sâ̰j   to use   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1404
sâ̰ː   slow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1387
sâ̰ːm   eight   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1389
sâ̰ːt   to throw water, to splash, to drain   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1397
sìn   a final particle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1476
sìn   a lot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1477
sîa   to cut grass   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1471
sîaŋ   sound   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1472
sîŋ   bird trap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1478
sîː lɛ̰̂ː   darkly violet   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1466
sîː   hand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1463
sîː   to brush   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1464
sîːt   to inject   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1468
sîːw   green   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1469
sòw   I (polite)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1486
sôːŋ Ɂâ̰ːw   clothes   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1484
sô̰ː   So language   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1481
sô̰ːŋ salít   underwear   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1483
sô̰ːŋ Ɂîːt   underwear   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1485
sô̰ːŋ   trousers   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1482
súh, pasúh   lung   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1495
súp   soup   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1503
súɁ   every   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1508
sûm câ̰w   we   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1498
sûm mîː   you (plural, polite)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1499
sûm pʌ̰̂ːm   they   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1500
sûm thòw   you (plural)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1501
sûm   plural marker used with pronouns to indicate we, you, they   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1497
sûŋ   an Indian lute   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1502
sûːn   to be angry   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1489
sûːn   wet   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1490
sûːt   to sting   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1491
sṵ̂aɁ   a kind of food   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1494
sṵ̂ːm   dark color (brown, dark red)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1488
sɔm phák   pickled (sour) vegetables   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1450
sɔŋ   to take someone to   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1453
sɔːj   to help   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1441
sɔːŋ   to make a hole   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1443
sɔ́k khawɨːŋ   curly hair   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1445
sɔ́k kúːt   curly hair   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1446
sɔ́k takúh   thick hair   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1447
sɔ́k   hair   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1444
sɔ́p   to cover with a blanket   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1456
sɔ́t   most, at the end   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1457
sɔ̂m   to set fire   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1448
sɔ̂n cîːŋ   heel   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1451
sɔ̂n nɔːŋ   heel   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1452
sɔ̂ŋ   to be suspicious   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1454
sɔ̂ŋ   to water   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1455
sɔ̂ːj / Ɂasɔ̂ːj   to slice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1442
sɔ̰̂m   a metal pole with one or more points used to spear fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1449
səŋ   to expose or hang in the sun or before a fire   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1462
səː   to put in   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1458
sə̂ːn   to invite   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1460
sɛ̂n   thread   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1461
sɛ̰̂ːk   to tear   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1459
sɨŋ   corresponding to   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1479
sɨː   to be quiet, to be still, name   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1465
sɨ́k   to trip or stumble, to fight against, to attack   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1474
sʌ̂n / sâːn / sân   to weave   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1509
tabàn   to roll   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1515
tabâ̰ːt   to kindle the fire, to turn on the light, a torch, battery   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1514
tabṵ̂ːk   mud   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1520
tabɔ̂ːŋ / kabɔ̂ːŋ   torch   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1516
tabɔ̰̂ŋ   to soak glutinous rice before cooking it   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1517
tabə́k   flesh   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1518
tabɛ̂n   good luck   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1519
tahôːm   stingy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1523
tahôːn   greedy, gluttonous   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1524
tahô̰ːt   to steam   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1525
tahûːn   ax   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1526
tahɔ̂ːp   to yawn   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1522
tajɔːt   to keep to drop a liquid into or upon   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1527
takhîːw / takhîw   eyebrow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1533
takhɛː   a place to sit made from bamboo, bamboo bench   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1532
takoːŋ   the low dyke of earth around rice fields   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1541
takók / takɔ́k   stump   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1542
takôː   scorpion   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1534
takôːk banɛ̂ːn   shin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1536
takôːk meːt   the collar bone, the clavicle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1537
takôːk phîaŋ   paddy stump   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1538
takôːk Ɂamɛ̰̂ːn   soft bone   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1539
takôːk   bone   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1535
takô̰ːn   to support, to sustain, to prop up or reinforce by putting something under   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1540
takɔ́k   soldier   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1530
takɔ̂ːj   horn of buffalo or ox, a term for calling buffalo and ox   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1528
takɔ̰̂ːt   monitor lizard, iguana   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1529
takɛ̂n   to crow (rooster)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1531
takʌ̀ː   thorn   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1543
talḭ̂m   to put out, to stick out   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1546
talṵ̂ːn   egg   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1547
talɔ̂ːŋ   clear   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1544
talɛ́h   a taboo referring to sex organ   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1545
tam   to weave   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1548
tamaw phîak   prominent bones of the ankle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1552
tamàŋ   to listen   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1551
tamâː   new   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1550
tamík   flea   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1555
tamúk   fat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1559
tamṵ̂ː kɔ̂ːn   to suffer from a flow of blood   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1557
tamṵ̂ː mús   blood flowing from the nostrils   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1558
tamṵ̂ː   blood   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1556
tamɔ́k   to strike, to slash, to beat, to hammer down   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1553
tamə̂ːk   to raise, to look up, to turn up   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1554
taphaŋ   bank (of a river or a canal)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1571
tapáh   to slap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1568
tapíh   a piece of bamboo put at the bottom of the sticky rice container   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1574
tapíɁ   eyelid   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1575
tapḭ̂ːn   to hang, to suspend to be suspended in a circle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1572
tapḭ̂ːn   to put on (the neck)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1573
tapɔ̂ŋ   to put on (the neck)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1569
tapɛ̂n   to beat the wings   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1570
taw kâː   kettle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1577
taw kús   fire-place for cooking   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1578
taŋ tɛ   since   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1564
taŋ   bench   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1561
taŋɔ̂ːn / taŋɔ̂ːn   delicious   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1565
taŋɛ́p nɛ́p sɔ́k   hair clip   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1567
taŋɛ̂ːp   to catch or squeeze by means of forceps, tongs, pincers or nippers   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1566
taɁân   look delicious   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1579
taɁíh   to place   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1580
taɁûːm   rotten   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1581
taːp   to mend, to patch   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1513
taːŋ   to be different   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1512
tha joːn   to swing, to hang, to sway while suspending   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1615
thabɔ̰̂ːt / khabɔ̰̂ːt   very itchy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1620
thajoːn   to stand on tiptoe   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1623
thalót   a kind of fruit (noinong in Thai)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1634
thalâ̰ːk   to wake up, frightened   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1625
thalík   to be detached from, to be untied or loosened   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1633
thalḭ̂ː   broken milled rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1630
thalûaŋ   hollow (all the way through)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1635
thalɔ̰̂ŋ   head (of plant)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1628
thalɔ̰̂ː   to make a hole, hole   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1626
thalɔ̰̂ːk   white cattle egret   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1627
thalə̰̂ː   to cut off   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1629
thalɨ̂ːj   to fall down   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1631
thalɨ̰̂ːj ɲîːm   to be frightened   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1632
thamít thamîan   in the old days, the very first time   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1639
thamít   or   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1638
thamɛː hʌ̂ː   why   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1637
thanûː   to be unwell, to have fever   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1643
thanṵ̂ː   to fart, a fart   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1644
thanɛ́h cṵ̂at   a match   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1641
thanɛ́h kɛ́t   a match (use with gas)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1642
thanɛ́h   matches   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1640
thawâ̰ːk   armpits   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1648
thawîːŋ   to cast, to throw   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1649
thawɨ̂ːŋ   mosquito   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1650
thaŋ…thaŋ   both…both   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1645
thiaŋ   straight, still   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1667
thuam   being (progressive)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1672
thuk   poor   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1673
thàw   edible aquatic moss   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1646
thàː   to paint, to rub   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1616
thák   shallow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1624
thâj khôn   to do the second plowing   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1622
thâj   the low dyke of earth around a rice field   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1621
thâːn   toilet   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1617
thâːŋ   to weed, to cut off small plants along the way   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1618
thâ̰m   cave   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1636
thâ̰w   old (of humans)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1647
thâ̰ːŋ   month   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1619
thòw   you (impolite)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1669
thô̰ː   taro   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1668
thûː   deep   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1670
thṵ̂ːn   to blow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1671
thɔk jaːk   to be poor   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1657
thɔk   poor   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1656
thɔláɁ   only   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1658
thɔm   being (progressive)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1659
thɔː jɨ̂ː   how much   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1651
thɔːŋ   appropriate   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1654
thɔːŋ   bronze, copper   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1655
thɔ́Ɂ   a final particle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1662
thɔ̂ŋ / thɔ̀ŋ   bag   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1660
thɔ̂ŋ kathîaw   cloth bag carried on the shoulder   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1661
thɔ̂ːk   a condition of distension of the abdomen   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1652
thɔ̰̂ːk   to pour   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1653
thə̂ːn   to learn; to carry on the head   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1665
thɛ̂ː   to shave (hair)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1663
thɛ̰̂ː / thɛ́Ɂ   true   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1664
thɨa   classifier for time   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1666
thʌ̀ŋ jɔ̰̂ːk dâ̰ːk   a piece of wood for digging for water   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1675
thʌ̀ŋ   wood   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1674
to jɨ̂ː   which one   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1698
ton tôː   body   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1707
tot toːt   a kind of insect that looks like a cicada   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1708
toːŋ   a kind of fish trap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1705
tujiː / tuciː   a kind of fly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1724
tuk kús   kitchen   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1726
tuk Ɂatáh   to carve, to chisel out a sculpture   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1727
tuk   only   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1725
tum mɔːŋ   inner and outer malleolus of the tibia   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1731
tum   a small inflamed elevation on the skin, rash   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1728
tun   bamboo rat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1732
tuŋ kʌ̀ːŋ   chin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1733
tuː / Ɂatûː   with   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1711
tuː ɲák   one person   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1713
tùm   to stab   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1729
táh   (to keep) there, (to preserve) there   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1521
tát   to cut into pieces   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1576
tâm   left   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1549
tân   to put or/be cross the line of advance, to obstruct, to oppose, to block   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1560
tâː   uncle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1510
tâ̰ŋ nâ̰ːt   to feel bitter   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1563
tâ̰ŋ   bitter   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1562
tâ̰ː   an elderly man   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1511
tíh   worm   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1690
tík   to be torn   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1692
típ câ̰ːw   bamboo sticky rice container   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1696
tít   to add here, to be attached to, to link up with   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1697
tîn   can, may, might, to be able to   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1693
tîː hoː   to go hunting   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1677
tîː jɔ̂p kâ̰ː   to go fishing   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1678
tîː khalɨŋ khalɨŋ cadâŋ dâŋ   to go straight   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1679
tîː kɨh phûː   to go up the mountain   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1680
tîː luŋ khalàŋ   to go to the jungle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1682
tîː luŋ khôːk   to go to the highlands   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1683
tîː luŋ tâm   to go to the left   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1684
tîː lôw   to go far   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1681
tîː sə̂ː lṵ̂əŋ   to go rat trapping   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1685
tîː Ɂalôːw   to go for a long time   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1686
tîː   to go   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1676
tôː cak khɔ̂ːŋ   oneself   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1700
tôː kṵ̂ːn   male animal   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1701
tôː mɨ̰̂ː   female animal   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1702
tôː ɲák   one person   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1703
tôː   classifier for animals only   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1699
tôːn   to jump (from a tree)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1704
tôːŋ   an Indian lute   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1706
tùh   peanut   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1721
túh phûː   winged bean (prophocarpus tetragouololus)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1722
túh   to peck, to bite (of a snake)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1719
túh   with   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1720
túɁ   with   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1734
tûat   to check   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1718
tûj   fat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1723
tûm   frog trap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1730
tûː kɛ̰̂ːn tûː takô̰ːk   to suffer from a physical indisposition, to feel fatigued and worn out   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1712
tûː   to feel pain, to suffer from pain   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1709
tûːn   a wasp   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1714
tûːt   to set on fire, to start a blaze, to light   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1715
tṵ̂aŋ   to estimate, to predict   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1717
tṵ̂ː   elderly people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1710
tṵ̂ːt   to burn (a field)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1716
tɔŋ kalɔ̂ŋ   dragon-fly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1593
tɔŋ khalɔ́h   air passages (of the lungs), Adam's apple   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1595
tɔŋ khalɔ̂ːŋ   air passages (of the lungs), Adam's apple   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1594
tɔŋ mahɔ́k   mosquito larva   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1596
tɔːj   to hem (as cloth), to break off by means of a forked pole (as fruit)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1582
tɔːn lîː   now   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1586
tɔːn lɛ̂ːŋ   in the evening   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1585
tɔːn   piece; time   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1583
tɔːŋ Ɂɛ̂ːw   belt   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1588
tɔːŋ   to filter, to strain, to separate   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1587
tɔ́h   red   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1589
tɔ́p / Ɂatɔ́p   to slap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1597
tɔ̂m cûː   sour soup   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1591
tɔ̂m   to boil   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1590
tɔ̂ŋ   beam   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1592
tɔ̰̂ːn   to entrust to another, to put in, to place under the care of, to give as a gift   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1584
təmɁə́k / təpɁə́k   breast   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1611
təplə̂ːp / təːplə̂ːp   police   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1613
tə̂ːj   a kind of plant grown in wet land used for making a mat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1602
tə̂ːm   to put on (hat, necklace)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1603
tə̂ːp   very   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1606
tə̰̂ːn   to step on a thorn   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1605
tɛː dɨk   early morning   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1599
tɛː kḭ̂ː   in the old days   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1600
tɛː thambít thambîan   in the old days, the very first time   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1601
tɛː   from, since   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1598
tɛ̀h   leech   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1609
tɛ́h   to occur, to happen, to give birth, to become moldy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1607
tɛ́h   to visit (persuasion word)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1608
tɛ́t   right, correct   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1614
tɛ̂n   to jump   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1612
tɛ̂ːn   to replace   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1604
tɛ̰̂k   deaf, to measure   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1610
tɨːm   to give an extra amount   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1689
tɨ́h   to pour   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1691
tɨ́p   to love   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1695
tɨ̂ŋ   to stand, to have the hackles raised   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1694
tɨ̂ːj   tail   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1687
tɨ̰̂ːj   bowl   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1688
wan sîn Ɂíh   Buddhist sabbath   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1740
waŋ nɨŋ   a minute ago   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1741
waːn   to touch; to sow, cast or scatter grains   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1735
waːŋ lɛ̂ːŋ lìː   this evening   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1737
waːŋ   during, since, when   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1736
wàn / Ɂawàn   to wrap around, to embrace   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1739
wàt   Buddhist monastery   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1743
wát ɲîːm   to feel sorry   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1744
wát   final particle expressing completion or end of usefulness   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1742
wâj   quick   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1738
wít   to throw away, to return money owed   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1759
wîn   to feel dizzy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1758
wîək lapcâːŋ   laborer's work   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1757
wîək   work, job   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1756
wûn   colic, an uncertain feeling in the intestinal tract, attended with acute pain   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1760
wɔ́k / Ɂawɔ̰̂ːk / Ɂawɔ́k   to put the hand into a rice container to get rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1748
wɔ̰̂ːŋ / wɔ̰̂ŋ   pot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1745
wɔ̰̂ːŋ hàːŋ   pan   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1746
wɔ̰̂ːŋ tahô̰ːt   steaming pot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1747
wə̰̂ː   to carry a basket on the head   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1750
wɛː   to make or take a turn or curve   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1749
wɛ́h   a sharp knife   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1753
wɛ̂ːn   left   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1751
wɛ̂ːn   ring   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1752
wɛ̰̂n   piece   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1754
wɨ̂ːn   to come   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1755
wʌ̀ː kûːn   epilepsy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1762
wʌ̀ː thuaŋ kathə̂ːn   half crazy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1764
wʌ̰̀ː nâm   to speak or do something while sleeping   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1763
wʌ̰̂ː   mad   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1761
ŋaː thʌ̀ŋ   branch (of a tree)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1180
ŋaːn kɔː sâ̰ːŋ   construction work   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1181
ŋân   delighted   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1182
ŋîːm   sugar   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1191
ŋûa   ox, cattle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1192
ŋûaŋ Ɂalɔ̰̂ː   ear of paddy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1193
ŋûm   to cover   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1194
ŋɔːn dɔːt   nape of the neck   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1185
ŋɔ̂ːn   delicious   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1183
ŋɔ̰̂ːn   cold   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1184
ŋɔ̰̂ːt   sweet   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1186
ŋən   to press   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1188
ŋɛ̰̂ːn   light   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1187
ŋɨːak   gum (of teeth)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1189
ŋɨ̂ːj   to raise one's head up   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1190
Ɂabîn   to sharpen (knife)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1780
Ɂabùː   wood basket   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1781
Ɂabúh   door   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1785
Ɂabûːm   to be kept or held in the mouth (as a baby holds rice in the mouth)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1783
Ɂabṵ̂an   to eject, to spit, to rinse the mouth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1784
Ɂabṵ̂ː   to be kept and held in the mouth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1782
Ɂabɔn   to bore a hold with anger or gimlet, to worm in or into (as eels in the mud)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1778
Ɂabɔ́h / Ɂabɔ́ː   a final particle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1777
Ɂabɔ́h   beak   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1776
Ɂabɔ̰̂ːk   to put hand into, to feel or things   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1775
Ɂabɨːn   to fumble, to feel for   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1779
Ɂaciː   to grill   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1797
Ɂacáh   to dig   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1786
Ɂacḭ̂ːŋ   stair, staircase   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1798
Ɂacúh   to stir and turn the cooked sticky rice to make it dry, soft and not stick together   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1800
Ɂacús   to sew   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1801
Ɂacɔ́h   to stab, to piece   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1793
Ɂacɔ̂ːj kacíp   a kind of bird   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1788
Ɂacɔ̂ːj kadoːk   wood pecker   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1789
Ɂacɔ̂ːj khaːp   a kind of bird   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1791
Ɂacɔ̂ːj kɛːŋkɛ̂ː   pigeon   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1790
Ɂacɔ̂ːj Ɂatʌ̰̂ːpɛ́t   a kind of aquatic bird   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1792
Ɂacɔ̂ːj   bird   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1787
Ɂacɛ́h   to have a spasm or convulsion   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1796
Ɂacɛ̰̂ːm / Ɂacḭ̂ːm   to feed, to look after   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1794
Ɂacɛ̰̂ːt   to pick out or pry out   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1795
Ɂacɨ̂ːp   a flash of lightning and clap of thunder   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1799
Ɂacʌ̰̂ːt   to die   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1802
Ɂadík   to move (as finger or toes); to shake, to wag   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1815
Ɂadîː   exclamatory particle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1813
Ɂadḭ̂ː   to order   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1814
Ɂadák   to cook (rice)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1803
Ɂadáp   to fumble, to feel for   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1806
Ɂadân   to push   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1804
Ɂadâw   to climb (a tree)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1807
Ɂadâ̰n   to climb up a coconut tree   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1805
Ɂadô̰ː   to make soup, soup   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1816
Ɂadúk   a kind of bamboo found on mountains   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1820
Ɂadûːp / Ɂadúp   to beat, to char, put food on the coal to cook it   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1817
Ɂadṵ̂ːt   to suck   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1818
Ɂadṵ̂ːt   to suck   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1819
Ɂadɔ́h   to cough   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1809
Ɂadɔ̂ːn   bridge   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1808
Ɂadəː   exclamatory particle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1810
Ɂadɛ̂ːŋ   to hole over a firm   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1811
Ɂadɛ̂ːŋ   to put on (a shirt)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1812
Ɂadʌ̰̂ːt   to swallow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1821
Ɂahan   to slice finely   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1827
Ɂahàːŋ   windowed, deserted   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1824
Ɂahâm   crisp   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1826
Ɂahâw   to gossip   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1829
Ɂahâŋ   loud, clear   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1828
Ɂahâːj   to flow out   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1822
Ɂahâːn   bamboo floor   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1823
Ɂahâ̰ːŋ   to lead by the hand, to pull   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1825
Ɂahíh   to shake, to reject and throw away   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1841
Ɂahîa   to lose   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1839
Ɂahîan   to study   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1840
Ɂahîːm   to cry   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1835
Ɂahîːŋ   the short-tailed porcupine   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1836
Ɂahḭ̂ːw / Ɂahîw   to hold by the hand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1837
Ɂahḭ̂ːw samàː   practice of belief in spirits   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1838
Ɂahôːm   dark, cloudy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1842
Ɂahûŋ   water bird   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1844
Ɂahṵ̂ːt   to leak   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1843
Ɂahɔ̀ː taw   turtle shell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1831
Ɂahɔ̀ː   pestle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1830
Ɂahɔ̂n   to carry   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1834
Ɂahɔ̰̂ːk   to put the hand into a vessel, to feel for something   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1832
Ɂahɔ̰̂ːm   to smell good   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1833
Ɂahʌ̂ː   what   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1845
Ɂajoːn   to move the body (in time to a song)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1855
Ɂajâm   to wait   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1847
Ɂajâːj   to give out, to distribute   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1846
Ɂajîːw   tomorrow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1853
Ɂajḭ̂am   to visit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1854
Ɂajɔːŋ   to jump like a frog   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1849
Ɂajɔ́h   to float (on water)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1850
Ɂajɔ̰̂ːk   to joke, to jest, to make fun of, to do with intent, to harass or annoy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1848
Ɂajɛ́h   to shake   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1851
Ɂajɨ̂ː / Ɂiː jɨ̂ː   where   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1852
Ɂakas   to scratch   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1865
Ɂakhàm   to fumble, to feel for   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1877
Ɂakhûːt   to scrape   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1878
Ɂakhṵ̂at   to carve, to dig, to scratch or claw in the ground   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1879
Ɂakàn   a fishing rod   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1863
Ɂakàːj   deer, barking deer; hunter   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1856
Ɂakàːj   to scratch, scrape or dig with the fingers, paws or claws   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1857
Ɂakáh   to carve or cut off the skin   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1862
Ɂakân   to feel like to scratch   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1864
Ɂakâːn   a symptom   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1859
Ɂakâːp   a kind of thorny bamboo   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1861
Ɂakâ̰ːj   to take a lot, greed   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1858
Ɂakâ̰ːn phalɛ̂ː   a fishing rod   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1860
Ɂakîn   loose (of teeth)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1881
Ɂakîːt   to write   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1880
Ɂakôːj   to accumulate by every possible means   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1883
Ɂakôːp   a curve, back part of the hand or foot   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1885
Ɂakô̰ː   husked rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1882
Ɂakô̰ːn   to carry on one shoulder   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1884
Ɂakúh   daytime   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1890
Ɂakṵ̂at   to sweep   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1888
Ɂakṵ̂ət taːt   to sweep the Buddhist temple   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1889
Ɂakṵ̂ː   thick, unclear (liquid)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1886
Ɂakṵ̂ːn   to wash the hair, to rinse the mouth   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1887
Ɂakɔːŋ / Ɂakɔŋ   the claws of a crab   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1869
Ɂakɔ̀ːn   to carry between two persons   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1866
Ɂakɔ̀ːn   to vomit, to throw down into a hole or on the ground violently   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1867
Ɂakɔ́k   curved, hooked, bent, twisted, to be pressed, pulled, twisted or distorted from a normal shape, to lean, to slant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1870
Ɂakɔ̂m   gold   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1871
Ɂakɔ̰̂ːn   star   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1868
Ɂakə̀ːn   to have sensitive teeth, to produce neuralgic, to cause a darting pain   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1874
Ɂakɛ́h   swollen   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1875
Ɂakɛ́p   to collect   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1876
Ɂakɛ̂ːm   around the outside   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1873
Ɂakɛ̰̂ː   to find   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1872
Ɂalakhàm   Mahasarakham province   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1896
ɁaliŋɁalûːj   a kind of animal similar to the ground lizard   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1905
Ɂalâːj baɁûːn   poison   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1892
Ɂalâːj khalɔ̂ŋ   medicine tablet   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1893
Ɂalâːj   medicine   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1891
Ɂalâːŋ   to cut into long thin pieces   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1895
Ɂalâ̰ːk   to peel   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1894
Ɂalḭ̂ak   to choose   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1904
Ɂalôw   that, there   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1909
Ɂalôː təːp   a very long time   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1907
Ɂalôː   a long time   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1906
Ɂalôːj   to sprinkle on, to scatter over   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1908
Ɂalúh   to bear fruit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1912
Ɂalṵ̂ːp   to pat, to stroke or touch tenderly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1910
Ɂalṵ̂ːt   to miscarry   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1911
Ɂalɔ̂ːn   to put into   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1900
Ɂalɔ̂ːŋ   a log   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1901
Ɂalɔ̰̂ː samâ̰ː   planted rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1898
Ɂalɔ̰̂ː   unhusked rice, paddy rice   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1897
Ɂalɔ̰̂ːk / Ɂalâ̰ːk   to peel, to skin, to cheat, to deceive   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1899
Ɂaləːŋ / Ɂaloːŋ   to take down   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1903
Ɂalɛ̰̂ːm   to lick   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1902
Ɂamah hîː / Ɂammah hîː   last night   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1914
Ɂamáh   at night   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1913
Ɂamát   to wash the face   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1915
Ɂamṵ̂ːt   two days after tomorrow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1920
Ɂamɔ̂ːŋ   the flesh of a large animal (ox, buffalo)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1916
Ɂamɛ̂n   to play   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1919
Ɂamɛ̂ː   a final particle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1917
Ɂamɛ̰̂ːn   soft   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1918
Ɂanaː   exclamation (when one can think of something)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1922
Ɂanin / Ɂanian   to press strongly with the hand or foot to make it flat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1933
Ɂanáh   to see   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1927
Ɂanûm   to hold in one's arms   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1939
Ɂaphàk   to chop into pieces   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1955
Ɂapàt   to flip, to flap, to shake   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1949
Ɂapàːŋ   a small hut to stay in the field   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1946
Ɂapâ̰ŋ   to hear, to smell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1948
Ɂapâ̰ːt   to slice, to cut up, to cut off   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1947
Ɂapíh   to split, to slice into long pieces (meat, bamboo shoot)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1957
Ɂapít   to move the body   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1960
Ɂapîn   to accompany together, to joke, to kid   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1959
Ɂapîːɲ / Ɂapîːŋ   shoulder   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1956
Ɂapók   to decay   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1963
Ɂapôː   to dream   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1961
Ɂapô̰ː   metal bead   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1962
Ɂapúh   to wash (clothes)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1964
Ɂapús khaɁân   a condition of distension of the abdomen (from gas)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1966
Ɂapûŋ   stomach   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1965
Ɂapɔːŋ   a religious verse   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1950
Ɂapɔ̰̂ːŋ   a hollow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1951
Ɂapɛ́h   to break   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1954
Ɂapɛ̂ːŋ   wing; fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1953
Ɂapɛ̰̂ː   bracelet worn on the upper arm   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1952
Ɂapɨ́h   to winnow (rice), sift or separate the grain from the chaff   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1958
Ɂapʌ̀k   to carry something on the shoulder   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1967
Ɂapʌ̰̂ŋ kalɛn hôːj   to smell, a bad smell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1968
Ɂasuːbɨ̂ː / cuɁbɨ̂ː   navel   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1981
Ɂasûː mús   nose, nostril   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1980
Ɂasûː   hole   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1978
Ɂasûː   to sneeze   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1979
Ɂasát   to die out gradually or to become extinct   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1970
Ɂasâ̰ːŋ   to breed, to have sexual intercourse (polite)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1969
Ɂasîː   to rub (the eyes) with the hand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1976
Ɂasúk   to pick fruit by breaking it using the forked end of a pole   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1982
Ɂasɔ́h   to scrape off (fish scales)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1973
Ɂasɔ́k ŋít   dog   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1975
Ɂasɔ́k   hair (of body)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1974
Ɂasɔ̂ː   faded, wrinkled   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1971
Ɂasɔ̰̂ːm   thin, slim   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1972
Ɂasɨː   to correct   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1977
Ɂathaːj luːp   to take a picture   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2000
Ɂathâ̰ːk   to chip off the surface by using an axe   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2001
Ɂathíh   to be in the middle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2004
Ɂathɔ́k   to pull with jerk   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2003
Ɂathɔ̰̂ːt   to snore   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2002
Ɂatiŋ Ɂatîw / Ɂatɔŋ Ɂatîːw   fire-flies   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2011
Ɂatuk   to push   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2016
Ɂatáh / Ɂantáh   to leave (it there)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1985
Ɂatáh   to leave it out   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1984
Ɂaták dindaːk   sticky soil (clay)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1987
Ɂaták palɛ̂ːn   level land   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1988
Ɂaták thɛ́h   sand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1989
Ɂaták   soil   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1986
Ɂatás (khalâːŋ)   to expose (to the sun)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1991
Ɂatân   rope   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1990
Ɂatâ̰ːt   a trace, a mark, a track   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1983
Ɂatíh   to collapse   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2008
Ɂatíh   to leave (it there)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2009
Ɂatík   to break vegetables into pieces   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2010
Ɂatîː   to take away   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2005
Ɂatîːt   at the back   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2007
Ɂatôːŋ   to run   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2012
Ɂatúk   to shoot up (of a plant)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2017
Ɂatûŋ sabûː   a kind of creeping plant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2019
Ɂatûŋ   a climbing or creeping plant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2018
Ɂatûː   fat, grease, oil   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2013
Ɂatûːt makdia   very lazy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2015
Ɂatûːt   lazy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2014
Ɂatɔ̀ŋ kalɛ̂ːŋ   a pole or a stick used for carrying loads on the shoulder   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1995
Ɂatɔ́k   to fish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1993
Ɂatɔ́p   to slap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1996
Ɂatɔ̂ŋ   to wrap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1994
Ɂatɔ̰̂ːj   to put on   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1992
Ɂatə̂ːm   to put in   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1997
Ɂatɛ̰̂ːn Ɂə̂ːn   to shout, to call loudly   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1999
Ɂatɛ̰̂ːn   to cry   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1998
Ɂatɨ̂ːj   to tell   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2006
Ɂatʌ̰̀ː   duck   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2020
Ɂawâ̰ːj   spirit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2021
Ɂawâ̰ːn lɔ̰̂ːk   silver   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2023
Ɂawâ̰ːn thɔːŋ   gold   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2024
Ɂawâ̰ːn Ɂakɔ̂m   money valuable things   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2025
Ɂawâ̰ːn   money   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2022
Ɂawôː   to look after   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2030
Ɂawɛ̂ːn   to weed, to clear up the path   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2026
Ɂawɨ̂ː   to blow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2027
Ɂawɨ̂ːn / Ɂanwɨ̂ːn   to take back   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2028
Ɂawɨ̂ːŋ / Ɂawɨ̂ŋ   sesame   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2029
Ɂaŋâ̰ː   to feel like to scratch   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1941
Ɂaŋít   to think, to miss   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1944
Ɂaŋúh   to feel sleepy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1945
Ɂaŋɔ̂m   to grope for something sunk in the water   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1942
Ɂaŋɨ́k   to raise (the hand); to indicate agreement by a nod   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1943
ɁaɁɔ̰̂ːk   north, above the head   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2031
ɁaɁɛ̰̂ːŋ   to grill away from fire   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2032
Ɂaɲaːŋ kadâ̰ːn   to talk a stroll   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1926
Ɂaɲaːŋ   to walk   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1925
Ɂaɲáp   to move a little into a place; to adjust or cause to fit by slight adjustment   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1928
Ɂaɲâ̰ː kóh   to chew nut   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1924
Ɂaɲâ̰ː   to chew; to feel itchy   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1923
Ɂaɲîːŋ   nutty   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1932
ɁaɲúaɁ   to incite or abet; to provoke to action   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1938
ɁaɲúɁ   age   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1940
Ɂaɲûːj   to rub (the eyes) with the hand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1936
Ɂaɲṵ̂ː mát   to feel pity   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1935
Ɂaɲṵ̂ːn   to praise; to glorify   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1937
Ɂaɲɔːŋ   to rub (the eyes) with the hand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1929
Ɂaɲɔ̰̂ːŋ   to praise; to glorify   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1930
Ɂian / jian   an eel   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2094
Ɂian puak   a cobra; lernute eel   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2095
Ɂikə̰̂ːŋ   moon   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2098
Ɂikɛ́p   a kind of raffle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2099
Ɂiː hɛ̰̂ːŋ   vulture   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2080
Ɂiː loːŋ   to go down   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2082
Ɂiː lìː   here   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2081
Ɂiː   a term of address for a young woman   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2079
Ɂiːk   more   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2083
Ɂíh   big   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2097
Ɂîaŋ   to chew grass (of buffalo)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2096
Ɂîːw   to spin cotton   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2093
Ɂḭ̂ːk   rat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2084
Ɂḭ̂ːn   to dip water; to lead by hand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2087
Ɂḭ̂ːt   small, little   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2092
ɁopóɁ   a kind of disease   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2106
Ɂoː   water bowl   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2102
Ɂun   to give   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2113
Ɂuː   a cradle   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2107
Ɂúh pîːŋ   houses   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2112
Ɂúh   house   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2111
ɁúɁ Ɂaták   earthenware   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2115
ɁúɁ   drinking water jar   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2114
Ɂûː   to suckle milk   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2108
Ɂûːm   to take a bath   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2109
Ɂûːp   to born   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2110
Ɂân   to eat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1921
Ɂândɔ̂ːŋ   to have a wedding party   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1931
Ɂânmûːn   the remains of food, leftover   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1934
Ɂâːj   steam   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1765
Ɂâːw   father's younger brother   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1769
Ɂâ̰ːj kuncôŋ   elder brother   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1767
Ɂâ̰ːj sâːm   relatives   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1768
Ɂâ̰ːj   elder sibling   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1766
Ɂâ̰ːw pîn Ɂʌ̂n   short sleeved shirt   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1773
Ɂâ̰ːw pîːn jôːn   long sleeved shirt   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1771
Ɂâ̰ːw pîːn kít   sleeveless shirt   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1772
Ɂâ̰ːw tɔːŋ   underwear   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1774
Ɂâ̰ːw   shirt   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1770
Ɂít   to scrub   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2101
Ɂḭ̂ːn / ɁaɁḭ̂ːn   to lead by hand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2089
Ɂôn   bamboo rat   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2105
Ɂôːŋ ŋaː paː tə̂ːj   animals (elephant, horse, ox, buffalo)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2104
Ɂôːŋ   elephant; bamboo tree; to cut   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2103
ɁɔːnɁɔːn   young   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2049
Ɂɔ́h cɛ̂ːŋ khâːw dâːw huŋ   to feel uneasy, dull   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2053
Ɂɔ́h cʌ̰̂ːt   alive (not dead)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2054
Ɂɔ́h dɔ̀ː   some   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2055
Ɂɔ́h khɨ̂ː cák   different   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2056
Ɂɔ́h mâːn mɨaŋ pɔː   never sufficient   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2057
Ɂɔ́h tàn   not yet   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2058
Ɂɔ́h   no   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2052
Ɂɔ́p   in the area   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2062
Ɂɔ́t   to have patience   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2063
Ɂɔ́Ɂ katâːm   a crab dish   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2065
Ɂɔ́Ɂ   a dish made from crab and chili   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2064
Ɂɔ̂ŋ kamâ̰ːj   widower   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2060
Ɂɔ̂ŋ Ɂahàːŋ   male divorce   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2061
Ɂɔ̂ŋ   father   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2059
Ɂɔ̂ːk cɛ̰̂ːm   upper part of the traditional skirt   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2037
Ɂɔ̂ːk kalâ̰ːn   to be bald   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2038
Ɂɔ̂ːk kathîam   garlic   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2039
Ɂɔ̂ːk khaː   galangal   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2040
Ɂɔ̂ːk kûːn   pig's head   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2041
Ɂɔ̂ːk sɔːk   elbow   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2042
Ɂɔ̂ːk sɛ̂ːn   lemon grass   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2043
Ɂɔ̂ːk thô̰ː   taro   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2044
Ɂɔ̂ːk Ɂakûːn   knee   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2045
Ɂɔ̂ːk Ɂḭ̂ːk   shoulder   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2047
Ɂɔ̂ːk Ɂúh   on the second floor of the house   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2048
Ɂɔ̂ːk Ɂɔːn   the crown of the head   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2046
Ɂɔ̂ːk   head   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2036
Ɂɔ̂ːŋ Ɂahɨ́h   deserted wasp's nest   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2051
Ɂɔ̂ːŋ   a wasp   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2050
Ɂɔ̰̂ː kṵ̂ːn   term of address to an elderly man   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2034
Ɂɔ̰̂ː mɨ̰̂ː   term of address to an elderly woman   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2035
Ɂɔ̰̂ː   term of address to an elderly man/woman   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2033
Ɂəːŋ / Ɂəŋ   not yet   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2074
Ɂə́Ɂ   that   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2078
Ɂə̂ːj kun kə̰̂ː   elder sister   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2068
Ɂə̂ːj sâːm   brother and sister   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2069
Ɂə̂ːj   elder sister   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2067
Ɂə̂ːn   to call   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2072
Ɂɛːk   the yoke of a plough   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2070
Ɂɛ́t   to lift   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2077
Ɂɛ̂n   tendon   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2076
Ɂɛ̂ː   to have   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2066
Ɂɛ̂ːw   to ride on the back, to carry a basket on the shoulder   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2075
Ɂɛ̰̂ːm   to erect a wall,   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2071
Ɂɛ̰̂ːn   next time, next   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2073
Ɂɨŋ   to suffer from a felling of tightness (as in abdomen)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2100
Ɂɨːt   to suffer from a feeling of tightness or fullness in abdomen   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2091
Ɂɨːŋ   a bull-frog   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2090
Ɂɨ̂ːk / ɁaɁɨ̂ːk   before   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2085
Ɂɨ̂ːn   to pull forward   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2086
Ɂɨ̰̂ːn   to lead by the hand   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2088
Ɂʌ̂n   short   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:2116
ɲahâ̰ːj   thread   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1126
ɲak huː   monk   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1128
ɲanâːŋ   a kind of edible plant   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1134
ɲaŋ Ɂɔ́h tàn   not yet   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1139
ɲaŋ   still, to be   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1136
ɲaː puː   ancestor spirit   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1115
ɲâ̰ːj   to shift, to change in place or position   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1117
ɲia   prey   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1169
ɲiː hîan   house lizard   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1163
ɲák   classifier for people   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1127
ɲáp   to move a little into a place; to adjust or cause to fit by slight adjustment   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1140
ɲát   to put in a narrow hollow, to stuff, to load   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1141
ɲâm / Ɂaɲâm   to chop finely, to squeeze   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1131
ɲâːm jɨ̂ː   when   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1119
ɲâːm lɛ̂ːŋ   in the evening   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1120
ɲâːm naɁ sûəj   late morning   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1121
ɲâːm tɛː dɨk   morning   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1122
ɲâːm Ɂakúh   during the daytime   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1123
ɲâːm Ɂamáh   at night   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1124
ɲâːm   when, occasion, period, space   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1118
ɲâ̰ːt / Ɂaɲâ̰ːt   to chop finely   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1125
ɲîː   the short-tailed porcupine   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1161
ɲîːm   heart   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1167
ɲîːŋ   nutty (the taste of coconut milk, close to ripe of green mangoes)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1168
ɲûm   black   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1177
ɲûː   to push away   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1174
ɲṵ̂ː   to drink   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1175
ɲɔːŋ   to rub hard with the hand (as in squeezing a leaf)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1148
ɲɔ́s   grasshopper   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1151
ɲɔ̂ːŋ   very curly (hair)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1149
ɲɔ̰̂ːj   to drip   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1144
ɲɔ̰̂ːk   piece   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1146
ɲɛː   to take out   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1153
ɲɛːŋ   prawn trap   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1154
ɲɨ́k / Ɂaɲɨ́k   to raise the eyebrows (as for a signal of assent in flirting)   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1172
ɲɨ̂ː   to put forward   (Thavung)   Suw2000:C:1162