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katɕet   kill   (Lavi)   The1977:C:Sid2003~1882
ket   die   (Lavi)   The1977:C:Sid2003~1892
puih   hot   (Lavi)   The1977:C:Sid2003~3979
rarɤh   launder   (Lavi)   The1977:C:Sid2003~3561
tai   see   (Lavi)   The1977:C:Sid2003~983
tiniɛm   good   (Lavi)   The1977:C:Sid2003~2393
trɯɯ   fish   (Lavi)   The1977:C:Sid2003~4867
tɕoh   light fire   (Lavi)   The1977:C:Sid2003~3543
tɕuɔk   take   (Lavi)   The1977:C:Sid2003~3077
ʔatiɛ   bamboo, type of   (Lavi)   The1977:C:Sid2003~1501