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Bahnaric Branch (681 items)
badṳur   cobra   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3920
bah   cotton plant/fibre   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~799
bahaːm   blood   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~416
baheʔ   full from eating   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1687
bahoːr   sweat   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3443
ban   thousand   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1155
baːr   two   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~594
ba̤n   thousand   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1154
ba̤t   grass   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1401
beɲ   fast, quickly   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1185
be̤ːʔ   mother   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1785
bih   snake   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2152
biː   rain   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4797
bi̤ər   rim, edge, bank   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2499
bi̤ːl   mat   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2063
bi̤ːŋ   full   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2237
blṳu   thigh   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4772
blu̯ɔk   ivory   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2714
blɔːʔ   ivory   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2715
blɔ̤ɔ   ashes   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2587
boh   yeast for making whisky   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3718
boːm   hogplumb, olive   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3347
bo̤ːm   hogplumb, olive   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3346
braŋ   soot, lampblack   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1229
bra̤h   guardian spirit, god, angel   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~803
bra̤ːj   thread   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~207
bra̤ːw   coconut   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~671
bra̤ːŋ   morning   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~495
bra̤ːʔ   peacock   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~280
bruː   mountain   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3634
brɔ̤h   young woman   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2997
buŋ bṳuj   fruit fly   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3288
bṳaʔ   pile(classifier)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3776
bṳuh   yeast for making whisky   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3717
bṳŋ bla̤ːj   firefly   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~204
bɔ̤h   salt   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2986
bɤːʔ   father   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4445
bɯ̤l   intoxicated   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3828
bɯ̤ʔ saj   yesterday   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~934
bɯ̤ʔ saː ŋaj   tomorrow   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~137
bɯ̤ʔ saː ŋaj   tomorrow   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~904
bɯ̯ɤp   father   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4593
cabɛːt   ring   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2546
caj   louse   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~869
cak   body   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~998
cak   body   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~997
cakaw   bear   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1452
canaː   food   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~40
canaː   food   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~39
canaːh   comb   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~625
caw   grandchild   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1445
caw   grandchild   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1444
caŋaːj   chilli   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~215
caŋaːj   far   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~226
cet   ten   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2279
ceː   louse   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~870
ceːm   bird   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1798
ceːm   bird   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1797
ceːn   cooked   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1817
ceːn   cooked   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1816
char   resin, sap, dammar   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1360
chilaː   thorn   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~66
chirhɔːj   spoon   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4278
chiəŋ   gold   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2445
chruok   wild boar   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3801
chruoŋ   high, tall   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3609
chruʔ   deep   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3955
chuəj   cone   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3772
chu̯oʔ   sour   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3680
chu̯ɔp   horsefly, gadfly   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2894
chɯŋ   foot, leg   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5241
cit   ten   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2280
ciːn   nine   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2220
ciːn   nine   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2219
claː   thorn   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~67
cram   dry   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1095
cram   dry   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1094
cruok   body louse   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3584
crɔŋ   wooden spikes set in pitfalls   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3186
crɛɲ   kinky, frizzy   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1191
cuŋ   eel   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4159
cuəj   cone   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3774
cuːr   pig   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4189
cuːr   pig   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4188
cuːŋ   axe   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3869
cu̯oŋ   axe   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3868
cɔː blɔŋ   fox   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3175
cɔː pluɔŋ   fox   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3174
cɔː   dog   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2589
cɔː   dog   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2588
cɛh   sting with pain   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1742
cɛh   unhusked rice   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1714
cɛh   unhusked rice   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1713
cɛʔ   tender new opened leaves; vegetable   (Tarieng)   The2001:C:tdf-2
damɔk   malevolent spirit   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3165
dawah   wide   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4894
dawaŋ   bamboo shoot   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1297
da̤ː   duck   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1
da̤ːk mɯɯt   dew   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~5084
da̤ːk   water   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~285
da̤ːp   short   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~557
dimaŋ   late at night   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1241
di̤ən   candle   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2415
doːj krɤːŋ   crisp cooked rice crust   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4571
do̤ːc   tip; peak, top, highest point; last   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3248
driəm   spade, mattock   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2401
duaʔ   boat   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3780
duŋ   eel   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4160
dṳuɲ   long time   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4143
dɛh   cold(of weather)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1734
dɯm   ripe   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4106
dɯ̤k   bran   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~5159
d̪aː   duck   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3
gada̤h   frying pan   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~834
gaɟeep   centipede   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2003
gaːŋ   mouth   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~508
goh   long   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3494
graŋ   lac   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1252
graːŋ   flat bamboo basket for drying things   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~482
gruh   coconut shell   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4005
grɔŋ   back of a blade   (Alak)   The2001:C:alk-3
grɤŋ di̤i   middle   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4670
gɔʔ   bent, crooked   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3492
gɔ̤ːk   pen(for buffalos)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2731
gəʔaːk   crow   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~296
hakɔŋ   ear of rice   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3198
halaː   leaf   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~50
halaː   leaf   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~49
haliaŋ   slippery   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2437
halɔŋ   neck   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3202
halɔŋ   neck   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3201
halɔːŋ   loose(as of clothes)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2846
halɯɯɲ   feel tickling   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4978
hamaw   shadow   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3317
hap   upper garment   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1318
hapiət   tongue   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2530
haŋaː   sesame   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~129
haʔuːr   have a cold   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3907
hoːr   sweat   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3442
həʔat   tight   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1393
jaːj   older sibling   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~242
jaːj   older sibling   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~241
joŋ   black   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3599
joŋ   black   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3598
jriəm   spade, mattock   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2402
kabo̤ːr   lime   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3434
kabɤ̤ː   crocodile   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~5306
kacah   charcoal   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~829
kachi̯ep   centipede   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2002
kaciər   sideway, to one side   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2501
kaciər   sideway, to one side   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2500
kadiəm   onions-like herbs   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2389
kadiəm   onions-like herbs   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2388
kadɛh   nail   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2328
kadɤ̤ːl   heel   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4486
kadɯ̯ɤ   heel   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4485
kahaːk   phlegm   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~306
kajɔːŋ   snail   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2848
kajɯɤ   air, wind   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4933
kalaj   sting(of insect)   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~888
kalaʔ   bloom(of flowers)   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~775
kalaː   owner   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~75
kalaːŋ   hawk   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~521
kalaːŋ   water pipe, spout   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~501
kaliəŋ   sliding bolt or lock   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2463
kaliəŋ   sliding bolt or lock   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2462
kaliɛh   lymph glands in the groin   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2324
kalɛː   egg   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1541
kaman   daughter-in-law   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1174
kaman   daughter-in-law   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1173
kamoŋ moːj   fruit fly   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3287
kamoʔ   scaly, shredded dry skin   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3538
kampɤɯ   thick   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4703
kamɔʔ   scaly, shredded dry skin   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3539
kamɔː   year   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2620
kamɔː   year   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2619
kamɔːt   weevil   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2927
kamɔːt   weevil   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2926
kamɔːŋ   door   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2864
kanchuəc   light(weight)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3253
kanchɯk   heavy   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5161
kanniəh   nail   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2327
kanoːm   urine   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3371
kantiɛr   termite   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2502
kanti̯ak   wet   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~348
kanuːr   lover   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3913
kanɤŋ   cage   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5253
kanɯp   lid, cover   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4746
kanɯŋ   cage   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~5254
kapaːŋ   crowd, group, flock, herd(classifier)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~530
kapuoh   foam, bubbles   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3551
kapɛːt   tick   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2543
kapɤɯ   crocodile   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5305
kasiah   charcoal   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~828
kasiɲ   gums   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2258
kasoːm   nest   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3383
kasoːm   nest   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3382
kasɛː   string, rope, cord   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1572
kasɛː   string, rope, cord   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1571
kataːm   crab   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~398
kataːw   sugarcane   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~680
katiap   cork, bottle stopper   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1314
katiər   termite   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2503
katiːŋ   bone   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4988
kati̯am   crab   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~397
kati̯aw   sugarcane   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~679
kati̯aŋ   tube skirt   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~512
katup   lid, cover   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4740
katɤːr   cock's comb   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4602
katɤːr   cock's comb   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4601
kawiət   distorted, misshapen(of lips)   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2551
kaɖɔːt   bee(nests in tree hollow)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2930
kaɲchaʔ   dirty, filthy   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~757
kaɲeːm   porcupine   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1810
kaɲeːm   porcupine   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1809
kaɲɯɤ   ginger   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4821
kaː   fish   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~71
kaːŋ   mouth   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~507
khaj ~ kahaj   moon, month   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~889
kinɛh   flintstone   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1748
kiŋ klaːw   testicles   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~696
kiət ʔarɔk   toad   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3072
kiət   frog   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2092
klaj   sting(of insect)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~887
klam   hundred   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1121
klaːk   belly, intestines   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~314
klaːk   belly   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~315
klaːŋ   hawk   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~520
kleːŋ   male(fowl)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1866
kleːŋ   swamp, pond   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1863
kliəjh   lymph glands in the groin   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2325
klok   navel   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3115
kloːjh   sweet basil   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3460
klɔk   navel   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3114
klɔː   husband   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2605
klɔː   husband   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2604
klɛː   egg   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1542
klɤːm   liver   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4524
klɤːm   liver   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4523
koːc   almost burnt, dried out   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3238
koːj   chameleon   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4269
kraʔ   old(person), mature(fruit)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~763
kraʔ   old(person), mature(fruit)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~762
kriaŋ   lac   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1251
kriəŋ   jambolan   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2465
kroh   carapace, shell of crustacean; coconut shell   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4004
krom   sky   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5205
kroːm   underneath, below   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3375
kroːm   underneath, below   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3374
kruah   pebble, gravel   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4359
kruɔŋ   back(of knife blade)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3219
kru̯ɔːk   pen(for buffalos)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2730
krɔːt   bee(nests in tree hollow)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2929
krɛl   hail   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2359
krɛː tiɛh   thunderbolt   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1727
krɛː   rat   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1553
krɛːŋ   jambolan   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2466
krɤk   chest   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5169
kuh   back   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3997
kuən   offspring, young of animals   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2793
kɔn   child   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2792
kəʔaːk   crow   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~298
kəʔaːk   crow   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~295
kɛːl tapuːŋ   watermelon   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3889
kɤr   dove   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4198
kɤːt huər   have a cold   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3908
kɤːt   be, become   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4611
kɤːt   moon   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4616
kɲɯə   ginger   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4822
lapiət   tongue   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2531
laʔ   bloom(of flowers)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~774
laʔ   bloom(of flowers)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~773
laːj   fine particles(of dirt)   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~249
laːj   fine particles(of dirt)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~248
laːj   fine particles(of dirt)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~247
laːjh   armspan   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~630
laːjh   armspan   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~629
loːc   firewood   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3276
loːh   sweet basil   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3459
luə   betel vine   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3657
luːc daːk ~ daːk luːc   floods   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3968
lɔːk   kapok fibre   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2752
lɔːk   kapok fibre   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2751
lɤh   hand of bananas(classifier)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4640
lɤk   muddy, murky   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5139
lɤː   very loud, resounding   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4837
l̥eːɲ   rice straw   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1859
mah   cotton plant/fibre   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~798
majuəl   pangolin   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3811
makroŋ   papaya   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4171
mat   eye   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1416
mat   eye   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1415
maŋ   night, late at night   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1261
maŋ   night   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1262
maːm   iron   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~405
maːŋ   a bite(classifier)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~470
maːŋ   a bite(classifier)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~469
mbɔːk   white   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2705
meeʔ   mother   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1784
meh kalɔː   uncle(parent's older brother)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2166
moh   nose   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4009
moːc   ant   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3264
moːj   one   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3753
mpiː   tamarind   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2192
mpraː   day before yesterday   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~89
mprɔːn   three days after tomorrow   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4298
mpu̯ɔk   white   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2704
mpɔːm   round   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2762
muh   nose   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4010
muən   nephew, niece   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2805
muːj   one   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3754
muːn   pimple   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4126
mɔk   pounded flat immature rice   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3140
mɔk   pounded flat immature rice   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3139
mɔk   pounded flat immature rice   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3138
mɔm kiəŋ   elbow   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2454
mɔːn   nephew, niece   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2804
mɯət   vulture   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~5081
mɯət   vulture   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5080
mɯ̯ɤ   rain   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4796
m̥oːl   shadow   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3319
naw   brother/sister-in-law   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1475
naw   brother/sister-in-law   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1474
naː   we   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~100
naː   we   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~99
naːj   loincloth   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~221
naːw   new   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~661
naːw   new   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~660
noːm   urine   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3341
noːŋ   sponge gourd   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3419
noːŋ   sponge gourd   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3418
nsiɲ   gums   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2259
nsowʔ   rotten   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3504
nsɔŋ   shrimp   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3167
ntaːk   peas, bean   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~334
ntian   soft; weak   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1156
ntiaŋ   bitter   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1218
ntiɛh   cold(of weather)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1733
ntiɛŋ   type of freshwater catfish   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2469
nti̯ɤŋ   thin   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5005
ntow   pus   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4786
nuːr   large hand of bananas(classifier)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3911
nɔːr   before   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4347
nɤk   young man   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5187
n̥lɔːŋ ~ hanlɔːŋ   loose(as of clothes)   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2847
n̥uər   large hand of bananas(classifier)   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3912
palaj   sting(of insect)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~886
panam   village   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1145
panar   wing   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1375
panat   gall, bile   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1431
panat   gall, bile   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1430
panoːh   broom   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3468
panoːjh   broom   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3467
paraj   venom   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~911
paran   bait, prey   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1178
parɛːk   discharge from the eyes   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2378
pasaːw   son/daughter-in-law   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~705
pasaːw   son/daughter-in-law   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~704
paseːt   mushroom   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1912
patiɛh   earth, soil, land   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1696
patoːr   star   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2913
patu̯o   termite mound   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3820
patɔːr   star   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2912
patɛh   earth, soil, land   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1697
patɯəŋ tɛh   thunderbolt   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1728
paː   shoulder   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~376
paːl   shoulder   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~377
paːm   cylindrical fishtrap   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~412
phabaj   cloth   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~940
phinuaɲ   hooked end of beak   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3860
phiɛ   husked rice   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1600
pian   thousand   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1153
piat   grass   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1400
pihaːc   sand   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~177
pihaːm   blood   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~415
piheʔ   full from eating   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1686
piluː   betel vine   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3656
pinuːjh   human, person   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4210
pipi̯ɛt   tick   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2542
pirɔh   young woman   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2996
piəm   corner of mouth   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2381
piər   flower   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~5038
piət   knife   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2102
piɲuo   pangolin   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3810
piːt   knife   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2101
piːŋ   full   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2236
pi̤h   snake   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2151
pi̯ar   two   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~593
pi̯aw   coconut   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~670
plai   fruit   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~916
plai   fruit   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~915
plaj pahɤːm   heart   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4514
plak   afternoon   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1019
plaː   sharp edge of blade   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~115
plaː   sharp edge of blade   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~114
pli̯aj   firefly   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~203
pluː   thigh   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4771
plɔː   ashes   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2586
prak   silver   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1024
pran   bait, prey   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1179
praŋ   dry(of weather)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1284
praʔ   silver   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1025
praːŋ   roof beams   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~534
praːŋ   roof beams   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~533
praːŋ   roof beams   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~532
priah   guardian spirit, god, angel   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~802
priaŋ   soot, lampblack   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1228
priək   discharge from the eyes   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2379
priː   forest   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4658
pri̯aj   thread   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~206
pri̯aŋ   morning   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~494
prɔːk   squirrel   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2754
prɔːk   squirrel   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2753
prɯɯt   banana   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5091
prɯ̯ɤ ~ priɛɤ   hail   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2358
puok   pile(classifier)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3775
puɔh   salt   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2985
puən   four   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4313
puː   intoxicated   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3827
pu̯oh   yeast for making whisky   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3716
pu̯ɔr   lips   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4331
pɔːjh   calf   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4373
pɔːn   four   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4312
pɛː   three   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1590
pɤh   seven   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4647
pɤŋ   tooth   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5263
pɨːt   rear, at the back, behind   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5300
pɯn sraːj   lemongrass   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~263
pɯɯr   flower   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5037
rabɔ̤ːŋ   fence(around garden)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2873
rabɯ̤ʔ   evening   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~5131
racaːk   Pandanus tectorius   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~309
raj   pestle   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~856
rak raːl   butterfly   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~356
rameːt   tumeric   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1919
rawiəl   around, encircling   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2371
raː   person(classifier)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~121
raː   person(classifier)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~120
raːc   grasshopper   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~169
re̯ik   fat   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2056
riəh   root   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2338
ruəh   elephant   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4384
rṳəj   fly   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4285
rɔʔ krɔk   buffalo bell   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2962
rɔːj   fly   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4284
rɔːjh   elephant   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4383
rɔːk   banana blossom   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2760
rɛɲ   kinky, frizzy   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1190
rɛː   rattan   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1612
rɛː   rattan   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1611
rɛː   rattan   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1610
rɛːh   root   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2339
sada̤ː   span of thumb to little finger   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~25
sah   finished   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~136
sakɔː   grey(hair)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2637
sakɤːc   bedbug   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4456
saleːɲ   rice straw   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1858
saliaŋ   slippery   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2438
salɤːp   scales(of fish etc.)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~583
salɯɯɲ   feel tickling   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4979
samaː   right side   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~29
samaːŋ   pedestal tray for food   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~542
samoːc   ant   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3265
samoːl   shadow   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3318
samɯə   bat   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4846
sanaɯ   spur of cock   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~701
sanaː   crossbow   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~142
sanaːm   house   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~429
sanaːt   gun   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~653
sanaːt   gun   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~652
sanowʔ   crossbow   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~141
sanɔh   empty,bare   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3057
sasaj pahaːm   vein   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~945
sasaj pihaːm   vein   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~943
sasaj   tendon   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~944
sasɔːr   sheath   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2925
satow   pus   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4785
saŋaːj   far   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~225
saʔɔːm   scented, fragrant   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2777
saʔɛːw   left(side)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2557
saʔɯɯt   tobacco   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~5062
saːr   odour, smell   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~620
saːr   odour, smell   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~619
seːt   too much   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1926
seːt   too much   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1925
sikiəw ~ ɕikiəw   bear   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1451
simɯɯ   vine, creeper   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5319
sipi̯at   ring   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2545
sisaj   tendon   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~942
sisroh   lungs   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3572
siti̯a ~ ɕiti̯a   span of thumb to little finger   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~24
sok bṳʔ   beard, mustache   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4049
sok   hair   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3147
sok   hair   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3146
soʔ   rotten   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3505
soːh   lungs   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3573
soːl   slave, servant   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3321
soːt   blind   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3485
soːt   blind   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3484
sreː   maggot   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4922
sruət   skin   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4436
srɔːt   skin   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4435
srɛh   horse   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1757
srɤːm   house   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~430
srɯəj   maggot   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4924
srɯəj   maggot   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4921
suəj   tail   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2671
suːt   honey bee   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4239
suːt   honey bee   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4238
sɔk puk   beard, mustache   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4048
sɔk   corpse, dead body   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3131
sɔːj   tail   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2670
sɔːr ~ ɕɔːr   sheath   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2924
səntɔʔ   lazy   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2948
sɛh   horse   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1758
sɛʔ   green, raw, unripe   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1642
sɤːŋ   five   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4581
sɤːŋ   five   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4580
tabiət ~ tawiət   distorted, misshapen(of lips)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2550
tahaːc   thatch(grass)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~189
takal   broken(of sticks)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1066
takaw   knee   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3324
takoːl   knee   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3325
takuəj   horn   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2683
takuəj   horn   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2682
takɔːt   monitor(large brown)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2937
takɔːt   monitor(large brown)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2936
talaːŋ   palm, sole   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~526
taloːc   firewood   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3275
talɤh   hand of bananas(classifier)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4641
taman   boil   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1180
tamɔk   malevolent spirit   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3166
tamɔː   rock, stone   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2645
tamɔː   rock, stone   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2644
tamɛh   moving   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2000
tanam   medicine, drug   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1147
tanoːr   smell bad, stink   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3452
tanɔːj   waist   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2693
tapal   mortar   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1049
tapaː   soft-shelled turtle   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~156
tapaː   soft-shelled turtle   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~155
tapaːŋ   palm, sole   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~545
tapia   mortar   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1048
tapiaŋ   bamboo shoot   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1296
tapiər   rim, edge, bank   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2498
tapiːt   ear   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2301
tapi̯ɛ   whisky, wine   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1532
tapuoŋ   cucumber   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3888
tapu̯om   hogplumb, olive   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3345
tapɔːc   finger   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4257
tapɯʔ   evening   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5130
tarɔː   correct, right   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2656
tasaj   tendon   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~946
tatɔk   brain   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3593
taŋ   bitter   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1219
taŋ   joint(bamboo, sugarcane)   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1304
taŋ   joint(bamboo, sugarcane)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1303
taŋaj saj   yesterday   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~933
taŋaj   day   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~949
taŋaj   day   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~948
taŋaːc   thatch(grass)   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~188
taŋiːl   forehead   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4946
taŋɤl   tree stump   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4698
taŋɯə   forehead   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4945
taʔoːr   small yellow wasp   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3447
taʔɯɯn   goitre   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4969
taːm   on time, in time   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~440
teh   big   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2175
tej   hand   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4681
teːt   vagina   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1930
teːt   vagina   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1929
thaːm   eight   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~447
thoh   seven   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4648
tiaʔ tiː-tiː   middle   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4669
tilɯ̯ɤ   very loud, resounding   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4836
timɔk   malevolent spirit   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3164
titi̯ap   short   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~556
titu̯ɔh   shallow   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4356
tiː   hand   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4682
ti̯ak luːc   floods   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3967
ti̯ak mɤːt   dew   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5083
ti̯ak   water   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~284
toh   breast   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3061
toh   fireplace, stove, hearth   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4026
tok kɛːŋ   elbow   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2455
toŋ   deaf   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4181
toːc   all gone, no more, end   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3278
toːc   all gone, no more, end   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3277
toːc   firewood   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3274
trah   bright, lighted   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~854
trah   bright, lighted   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~853
trap   eggplant   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4755
traw   six   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1482
traw   six   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1481
treː   wife   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2032
treːn   grub   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1832
triː   wife   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2031
troːh   male(animal)   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3472
truəj   cone   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3773
truːŋ   trail, path, way, road, route   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3897
truːŋ   trail, path, way, road, route   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3896
trɔːm   hole, cavity   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2786
tuh ~ touh   breast   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3060
tujh   head   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3926
tuŋ   deaf   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4182
tuːh   head   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3927
tuːm   ripe   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4105
tuːn   long time   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4142
tuːr   cobra   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3919
tu̯oc   tip   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3247
tu̯ok   boat   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3779
tu̯ɔ   armpit   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2600
tɔʔ   hot   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3513
tɔːŋ bre̤ʔ   shoulder pole   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1949
tɔːŋ mbreʔ   shoulder pole   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1950
tɔːŋ   handle, rod   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2885
tɔːŋ   handle, rod   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2884
təmɔːj   guest, visitor   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3298
tɤːm dɔːŋ   tree   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2818
tɤːm lɔːŋ   tree   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2817
tɤːm   on time, in time   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~441
tɯk   bran   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5158
tɯɤh   wide   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4893
ŋaj   tomorrow   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~903
ŋaɯ   tree stump   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4697
ŋaːm   sweet   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~389
ŋaːm   sweet   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~388
ŋaːr   small honeybee   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~617
ŋaːr   small honeybee   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~615
ŋkiət   scabies   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2520
ŋkoŋ   seed   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4147
ŋkɔh   empty,bare   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3056
ŋkɔŋ   ear of rice   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3199
ŋkɔː   grey(hair)   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2638
ŋkɔːc   bedbug   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4457
ŋkɔːj   chameleon   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4268
ŋkɤːc   bedbug   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4455
ŋoːk   monkey   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3307
ŋoːr ŋaːr   small honeybee   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~616
ŋoːɲ   want to, crave   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3400
ŋɯɯr   front, in front of   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5031
ɕikuɔr   drum   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5287
ɟahuəj   spoon   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4279
ɟawaj   cicada   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~884
ɟeːŋ   gold   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1849
ɟriː   banyan   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4675
ɟroʔ   deep   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3956
ɟuːʔ bɯl   tamarind   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2193
ɟuːʔ   sour   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3681
ɟɔːp   horsefly, gadfly   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2896
ɟɔːp   horsefly, gadfly   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2895
ɟɛːŋ   gold   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1847
ɟɯhɯɯt   tobacco   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5061
ɟɯŋ   foot, leg   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~5242
ɲcɛʔ   tender new opened leaves   (Jeh [Yeh])   The2001:C:jeh-1
ɲcɛʔ   vegetable   (Tarieng [Kasseng])   The2001:C:kgc-1
ɲjuːt   bruised   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3939
ɲom   tasty, delicious   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~5215
ɲu̯oj   smoke   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3731
ɲɯm   tasty, delicious   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~5216
ʔajuːt   bruised   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~3938
ʔaraj   pestle   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~855
ʔaraːc   grasshopper   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~168
ʔarɔːŋ   ladder, stair   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2828
ʔasaːj   fishhoːk   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~196
ʔaw   I   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~964
ʔec   excrement   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2131
ʔeh   swollen   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~1388
ʔeh   swollen   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~1387
ʔgoʔ   bent, crooked   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3493
ʔic   excrement   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2132
ʔiər   chicken   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2487
ʔiəw   gastric juice in cattle gut   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2556
ʔiəw   gastric juice in cattle gut   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2555
ʔoːr   small yellow wasp   (Laven [Juk])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3448
ʔuːɲ   fire   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~4132
ʔɔh nsoːc   youngest sibling   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~3262
ʔɔh   younger sibling   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~2975
ʔɔːŋ   hornet   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~2816
ʔɯ̯ɤ   I   (Lavi)   The2001:C:Sid2003~963
ʔʌːp krʌːŋ   non-glutinous rice   (Laven [Jru'])   The2001:C:Sid2003~4572
Katuic Branch (935 items)
albino   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~922-2
baam   chew   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~95-2
baar bɛʔ   corners (of mouth)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~581-2
baar   two   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~149-11
bajh   fishhook, taʔ bajh 'angle for fish   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~314-5
bak   wound, cut   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~239-4
ban   feed, tend (cattle); raise (animals); rear (children)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~272-1
banuujh   person, people   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1270-2
bat   light (something from a fire)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~328-3
baŋ   bamboo shoot   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~286-4
bic   lie down   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~857-7
bil   missing, lost   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~867-1
bil   tamarind   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~521-6
blah   split, break, chop (with knife)   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~198-3
blat   fold (in half)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~325-1
bloh   termite mound   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1084-4
blɯŋ   eggplant   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~540-1
boh   roast   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1163-6
bool   drunk   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1096-6
boʔ   pull out, pull up (root, grass, post)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1178-4
braak   peacock   (Kantu)   The2001:C:Sid2005~72-4
brɛɛʔ   carry on shoulder pole   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~646-5
buajʔ   wash face   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1313-1
buaŋ   coconut   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1341-2
buuh   yeast for making whisky   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1219-1
bɑɑl   used to, accustomed to, acquainted with   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~933-1
bɔh   ashes   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1014-3
bɔh   salt   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~905-4
bɔɔj   salt   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~910-3
bɛɛʔ   goat   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~580-2
bɤɤn   able to   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~373-6
bɯl   rat, mouse   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~520-3
caa   eat   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~7-12
caajh   to comb   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~154-2
cah   cut grass   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~202-5
cahɔʔ   open (mouth)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1308-1
cakaat   pare in thin slices   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~167-2
cakaç   brittle, fragile   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~318-6
cakɔɔp   hoof   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~983-2
caluut   scald, dip in hot water   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1277-1
canaa   food (eaten with rice)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~9-3
canniin   lean against   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~774-2
cannuuəl   strength   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1330-5
cardɑɑŋ   kind of fowl trap   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~959-2
carhaal   play   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~86-1
carhɑ̤k   spoon   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~927-1
carlaaŋ   shoulder   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~115-2
caw   grandchild   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~338-4
cawiat   twist (body)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~847-4
caŋaaj   far   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~53-4
caʔ   body   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~240-5
ca̤aŋ   wade across   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~118-5
ca̤ʔ   dirty, filthy   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~183-2
ceek   astringent   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~649-2
ceen   cooked   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~657-6
cenʔ   stab, 'prick   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~688-5
ce̤eŋ   finished, completed   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~660-1
ciaŋ   elephant   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~813-6
cih   hatch, break out   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~679-5
cii   look at, watch   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~697-1
ciim   bird   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~655-8
ciiəŋ   cover (body with cloth)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~814-1
cinna hoor   roasted rice in bamboo joints   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1136-2
cit   die, dead, kill   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~671-2
ciʔ   small knife   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~850-2
ci̤il   lick   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~724-5
ci̤t   dip up, draw (water)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~690-3
coh   to plant   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1164-9
coo   to return   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1071-5
coojh   choose, select, elect   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1144-1
coon   narrow (of space)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1118-3
coor   needle   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1260-1
cooŋ   axe   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1250-5
coŋ   serpent-headed fish   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1192-3
craajh   to harrow   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~155-1
craan   draw, paint   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~100-1
crah   arrow   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~203-9
cram   durable, enduring   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~257-1
criat   cool, cold   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~843-1
criat   slice off   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~841-4
cruh   pound rice a second time to remove remaining husks   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1320-4
cruh   pour water on, water (plant)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1364-1
crɛɛŋ   dry   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~602-1
crɯɯŋ   shelf under the roof   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~461-5
cuajʔ   reach into (pocket, bag, pot)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1315-3
cuuç   father-in-law   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1268-4
cṳuj   Malay sambar deer   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1224-1
cɑɑm   know, understand   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~939-2
cɑɑt   stab   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~999-3
cɔh   bore, pierce, punch a hole   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1019-2
cɔŋ   burn (upland field, rubbish); cremate   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1056-5
cɔɔp   horsefly, gadfly   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~979-4
cəluuŋ   calf   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1251-4
cɛt   axe   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~324-3
cɛt   throw (spear-like object)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~689-2
cɛɛr   employ, hire   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~669-1
cɤjh   sneeze   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~432-6
cɤŋ   armspan   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~423-5
cɨndəp   stamp (feet)   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~468-5
daa   duck   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1-10
dak   trap (bird, mouse)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~241-1
deep   sticky rice   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~666-3
deh   broken   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~681-3
dooj   cooked rice   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1087-5
doom   ripe   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1104-6
draa   day before yesterday   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~5-3
dual   carry on the shoulder or back   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1331-6
dɔŋ   give   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1060-2
dɔɔ   he, she   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~884-1
dɔʔ   place, put away   (Ngeq [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~924-9
dɛl   lick   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~586-6
dɤɤʔ luut   flood   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1282-1
dɯk   squash, gourd   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~515-5
dɯm   fall down   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~531-2
dɯɯɲ   long time   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1246-6
dʌŋ pʌŋ   in the middle   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~542-2
dʌʔ   water   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~73-11
gagɔk   toad   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1045-1
garʔʌʌʔ   belch, burp   (Kantu)   The2001:C:Sid2005~354-4
grɤm   thunder   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~532-11
gəmlaaʔ   lightning flash   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~32-1
gəwik   move, wag   (Kantu)   The2001:C:Sid2005~685-2
gɯʌ   chest   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~488-2
haam   blood   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~92-5
haat   hot taste (of ginger); sting with pain   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~164-2
haaŋ   warm (oneself) by fire   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~116-3
haaɲ   make known, spread rumour   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~104-1
habɔɔt   soft, flexible, graceful   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~165-1
hadaa   length from tip of little finger to tip of thumb   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~8-4
hadaaw   take a step, walk   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~181-2
hadajh   jump, leap   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~316-4
hakuuj   person, people   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1225-6
hakɯɯr   drum   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~471-3
halaa   leaf   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~22-16
halii   late morning   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~695-2
haliiʔ   afraid of doing something again   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~721-1
halɤɤŋ   water leech   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~379-3
hamaa   bat   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~21-1
hampat   extinguish, put out (fire)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~336-3
hampiiʔ   civet cat   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~706-4
hamuu   vine, climbing plant, cord, rope, string   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~445-2
hamuuc   ant   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1218-5
hamuur   Indian bison, gaur   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1261-1
hanaat   gun   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~172-6
handejʔ   avoid, move to the side   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~190-1
handoŋ   eel   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1379-5
hantɔŋ   connect, extend (length); glue (broken pieces)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1067-2
har   spicy hot   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~306-5
harbaaŋ   sun   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~113-5
harial dɛɛk   flint rock   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~796-3
harkɔɔŋ   shin   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~961-5
harkɔɔŋ   to carry on one end of a shoulder pole   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~960-3
harlii   thorn   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~487-6
harmaajh   rhinoceros   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~162-4
harmianʔ   turmeric   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~760-3
harmpaajh   kind of fowl trap   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~160-1
harnɑh   empty   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1039-2
harpuu   mango   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1200-1
hartaŋ   wall   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~425-5
haruaj   leak   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1327-1
harwaaj   soul, spiritual essence   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~67-12
harwial   lemongrass   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~792-1
harwii   spin yarn   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~702-4
harŋɔɔk   snore   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~932-2
harɔɔ   rice (plant), paddy, unhusked rice   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~889-11
harɛɛ   paddy field   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~578-9
hataaŋ   bee (Apidae)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~134-2
hatoh   fall down, drop (leaf, fruit)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1175-1
hatɔ̤h   split (with axe)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1040-5
hawah   part, put aside   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~204-1
hawiəjh   chipped, nicked (rim of dishes, cups etc.)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~837-2
haŋeeŋ   Hypericaceae (kind of edible plant)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~818-2
haŋkaaʔ   rough, coarse (of a surface)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~77-2
haŋkaw   bear   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~342-2
haŋkeɲ   catfish   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~282-4
haŋkeɲ   sand   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~280-2
haŋkɔɔj   mouse deer   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~913-1
haŋʔaam   yawn   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~146-6
haʔ   spicy hot   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~27-2
haʔluanʔ   molt, slough   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1352-3
haʔlɨh   collapse (of earth)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~504-1
haʔraak   homemade shampoo (from soaking rice)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~76-3
haʔɤʔ   hiccup   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~408-4
hiiəŋ   hornet (kind of)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~817-1
hool   hold over a flame, singe   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1299-3
hoom   bathe   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1105-1
hut   blow, play (instrument)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1394-9
huuc   sip (hot liquid from cup or spoon)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1214-4
huɲ   smell, sniff   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1247-7
hɑɑj   leak   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~914-8
hɔk   stuck in throat (of bone)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~925-6
hɔɔr   drag, pull   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~985-4
hɔɔŋ   hornet   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~966-5
hɛɛ   we   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~569-5
hɯj   saliva   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~55-1
hɯɯt   tobacco, cigarette   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~477-5
jaar   sagging, slack   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~152-2
jaaŋ   guardian spirit   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~117-3
jeeh   sew   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~765-5
joon   give   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1119-4
juh   crazy, insane, mad   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1360-4
juun   stretch (back and forth)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1236-1
juur   get up, stand up   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1300-8
jɑ̤ɑʔ   go   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~926-3
jɔɔjh   stretch (arm, leg)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~990-1
jɔʔ   sour   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1309-8
jɤɤŋ   far   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~378-2
jɨɨh   healed (of wound); recover, get well   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~494-1
jɯ̤m~hajɯ̤m   night   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~537-1
kaanʔ   on fire, burnt (as of cooked rice)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~166-6
kaaŋ   mouth   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~119-4
kabimʔ   close (one's mouth)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~872-3
kabliiŋ   turn over   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~130-3
kaboor   lime   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1139-5
kabɤɤ   crocodile   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~350-3
kacah   charcoal   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~206-5
kacaŋ   laugh   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~288-6
kaciik, kanciik   comb   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~722-3
kaciit   die, dead, causing death   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~672-13
kacoh   spit out   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1168-5
kacɔɔn   earrings (kind of)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~950-2
kadial   wife   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~791-7
kah   no, not, yes-no question word   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~209-1
kahaa   open mouth   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~15-5
kahaajʔ   fishy smell   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~39-2
kaheep   centipede   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~668-5
kahial   honeybee   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~789-6
kahuuəc   whistle   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1316-12
kaj   child, offspring   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~225-2
kajiil   wind, air   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~88-7
kajoom   wrap   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1106-2
kajoŋ   black   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1189-1
kajɯk   husband   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~78-11
kajɯɯŋ   long   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~464-1
kajʔ   pick (vegetable flower) by pinching, pinch off   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~191-4
kaliaŋ   glimpse, glance sideways   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~819-1
kallaa   owner   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~16-1
kallaap   winged termite   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~143-2
kallʌʌm   urine   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1109-5
kaluŋ~luŋ   inside   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1385-3
kaluʔ   mud   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1370-5
kamooc   ghost, corpse   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1215-5
kampuuj   bamboo rat   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1226-1
kamuar   termite   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1346-3
kamɔɔt   weevil   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1001-5
kamʔ   bite   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~300-5
kan   female   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~274-6
kan   insect   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~270-5
kanceet   kill   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~673-1
kandrɯn   stamp (feet)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~534-1
kanduh   stumble on, trip over   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1361-5
kandɤjh   strike downwards   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~434-2
kandɤɤl   heel   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~366-5
kandɨp   lid, cover (n.)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~551-1
kandɯk   loosen (soil with hoe, spade)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~453-1
kantiiŋ   belt, sash, waistband   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~661-1
kanɔʔ   think; think of, miss (somebody)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1012-1
kanʔ   cut (cloth, paper, hair)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~329-4
kanʔjəəlʔ   stand on toes   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~367-3
kapaajh   cotton plant   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~157-4
kapiat   tick (big kind)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~845-5
kapuat   fist with closed thumb   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1351-5
karcoh   saliva   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1171-2
karcɛɛŋ   leaning to one side   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~659-2
kardɔh   flick, snap   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1022-2
karhaajʔ   whisper   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~40-3
karhaak   hawk up, phlegm   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~74-5
karhɤɤŋ   burning charcoal   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~380-2
karlaj   brother-in-law   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~231-2
karlɑ̤h   wood or bamboo bell tied to cattle's neck   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1029-2
karnaa   path, way   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~18-5
karniəjh   nail   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~832-6
karpiiw   water buffalo   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~763-1
karrɑk   cow, ox   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1050-5
karsɛɛ   vine, climbing plant, cord, rope, string   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~573-2
kartoomʔ   turn upside down   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1131-3
kartuŋ   pocket of garments, bag, sack   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1386-2
karɲiiʔ   smoke   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~479-2
karʔuh   sultry, burning hot (body heat), extremely hot   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1161-3
kasaajʔ   throw (water) at, scoop (water) up   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~38-5
kasaaŋ   sound, noise   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~126-4
kasaj   moon, month   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~230-6
kaseek   to string   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~650-5
kaseer   blow nose   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~670-5
kasɔʔ   red   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~442-5
kasɛɲ harluŋ   common green snake   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1384-1
kasɛɲ tuur   cobra   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1263-5
kasɤɤk   fold up (tube skirt)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~365-1
kataamʔ   hit (with hand, wings); slap   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~144-1
kataar   rub hard with both hands   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~151-2
kataaw   sugarcane   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~177-7
kataaŋ   spread apart (legs, fingers)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~121-3
kataŋ   close (door)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~289-2
kataʔ   vomit   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~26-7
kata̤ʔ   thin (things)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~25-11
katel   crush or rub (eye with hand)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~770-4
katiar   slippery   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~827-2
katoor   ear   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1140-12
katoŋ   pull on, pull tight (rope, arm)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1068-4
katruu   dove   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1201-2
katuut   push   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1281-2
katɑɑr   tickling sensation   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~986-4
katɔɔnʔ   wart   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1002-4
kawaanʔ   to scratch   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~168-3
kawəəjʔ   beckon, summon by waving hand   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~355-2
kaç   lead by rope, connect (vehicle, vessel)   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~317-1
kaɓin   thick   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~541-5
kaɓoom   hold (in mouth)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1108-5
kaɓuur   cover up (with dirt)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1266-1
kaɗiʔ   squeeze   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~853-2
kaɗɤɤc   tickle with fingers   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~356-5
kaɟoŋ, haɟoŋ   high, tall   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1188-1
kaɟuup   suck (mango seed)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1258-4
kaɲoom   tie the hair up   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1239-4
kaʔdiam   scorpion   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~805-3
kaʔdɔɔm   scoop up (with two hands)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~940-2
kaʔdɯl   block off, cut from view   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~523-2
kaʔiit   shy, embarrassed   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~757-1
kaʔjaa   father-in-law   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~14-2
kaʔjok   suck   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1181-4
kaʔlaaŋ   hawk   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~122-5
kaʔlɛɛn   clitoris   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~588-1
kaʔlɛɛw   sting (of insect)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~610-2
kaʔmaaj   orphaned   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~58-3
kaʔmoor   young girl   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1138-5
kaʔmɔɔ   year   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~887-6
kaʔnam   brood   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~264-6
kaʔnɔh   other, another   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1028-4
kaʔnɛɛŋ   tooth   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~596-6
kaʔwaa   echoing, resounding   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~24-1
kaʔwaa   paddle, row   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~10-1
kaʔwaan   brave, courageous   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~101-2
kaʔɲiit   close (eyes)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~758-6
kdeen   crush (under foot)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~658-5
kial   melon, cucumber   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~785-5
kial   nibble, gnaw   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~790-5
kiit   sharpen   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~756-8
kiiəp   spring trap   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~823-1
kirɛɛ   rattan   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~570-11
klaanʔ   pare in thin slices   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~170-1
klaaɲ   braid, plait   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~105-2
klam   hundred   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~258-3
klam   submerged in   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~260-1
klap   small box fitted with lid   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~301-3
kliiəŋ   sliding bolt or lock   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~820-1
kloh   pound (rice)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1169-4
klooj   fang   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1326-5
klɔɔ   shellfish, snail   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~886-6
klɔɔjʔ   wear down, erode   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~901-2
klɛɛ   penis, stinger (of insect)   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~571-6
klɤm   fat   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~536-9
klɤʔ   retreat, go backwards   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~395-5
koh   mountain   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1167-15
kooj   chameleon   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1325-5
koojh   shave   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1145-2
kook   wear (necklace, beads)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1228-1
kooɲ   man, male (of animal); father   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1121-6
kraajh   small 'squirrel, chipmunk   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~158-5
kraaw   cheer, hail   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~176-1
kraaŋ   carry (2 or more people)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~127-7
kraj   correct, right   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~232-5
kraw   poison (fish with plant)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~343-1
kreeŋ   old (of person, animal, fruit)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~776-4
kriam   roasted rice   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~806-4
krian   dwarfed, stunted   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~810-2
krih   big   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~562-2
krlooŋ   wood or bamboo bell tied to cattle's neck   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1125-4
kroʔ   owl   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1182-2
kruah   erode   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1348-2
kruuŋ crɨŋ   jungle   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~545-3
kruuŋ   forest   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1254-10
krɔɔnʔ   bee (kind of)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1000-2
krɔɔŋ   fence   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~964-2
krɛɛŋ   jambolan (Myrtaceae)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~597-2
krɨɨm   under, underneath   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1237-5
krɯɯŋ   galangal   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~466-4
kuat   twist and tie   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1350-2
kunʔ traak   toad   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~83-3
kunʔ   frog   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1274-6
kut   slice lengthwise, slit   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1395-3
kuur   call   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1265-4
kuuʔ   to lasso, put (noose) around the neck   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1286-4
kɔh   chop into, chop off   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1026-5
kɔɔjʔ   sharpen (pencil, wood)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~900-3
kɔɔmʔ   catch, grasp, hold   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~982-6
kɔɔn   offspring   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~949-7
kɔɔr   paddle, row; stir   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1137-2
kɔɔŋ   gong   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~963-5
kɔɔŋ   stalk, stem   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~962-3
kɔɔʔ   pen (for buffalos)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~894-4
kɔʔ   hog plumb, olive   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1043-1
kɔ̤ɔr   elevated ground, hill   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~984-1
kəsɛɲ   snake   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~277-6
kətɛɛʔ   dirt, soil, land   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~781-6
kətɤɤm   crab   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~96-3
kəʔlɔɔŋ   seed   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~968-5
kɛh   mountain goat   (Kantu)   The2001:C:Sid2005~624-6
kɛh   strike against (to make fire)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~621-2
kɛt   smal   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~638-6
kɛɲ cuəh   sand   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1319-2
kɤl   cut down (tree)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~410-1
kɤt   length from elbow to tip of middle finger with open hand   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~437-1
kɤŋ   hard   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~426-2
kɯp   cover.   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~550-3
kɯɯ   I   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~444-3
kɯɯl   put (a support) under head, prop up   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~456-2
laaj   open up, spread out, unfold, unroll   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~60-3
laaw   sparrow   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~178-1
laaŋ   piece (of land) (clf.)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~128-3
lalaajʔ   lightning flash   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~41-1
lalɔh   take off clothes   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1288-1
lampaaʔ   shoulder   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~79-4
laʔ   expel from mouth, disgorge   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~184-1
laʔ   ringworm   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~182-1
laʔŋoor   small bee (kind of)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1141-2
lih   to untie, slip off   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~683-2
lii lii   smooth, level, even   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~701-2
lii-lɨɨ   water leech   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~703-1
liik   melt   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~768-1
liik   pig   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~720-6
liiəm   good, good-looking, handsome, beautiful   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~807-1
liŋ   pour liquid   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~736-5
liʔ   melt   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~854-1
looc   end, last   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1079-1
loojh   basil   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1147-1
loojh   incorrect, wrong   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1146-4
luuj   bottle gourd   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1221-8
luum   cover up, filled up (with smoke, fog)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1377-3
lɑh   exit, go out   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1030-9
lɑɑm   liver   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~942-11
lɑɑt   pass, pass by, go beyond   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1003-2
lɔŋ   open, unlock   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1064-1
lɔɔk   peel (fruit with hand)   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1183-2
lɔɔŋ klɛh   long pole with forked tip for picking fruit   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~626-1
lɔɔŋ   float, drift (in water)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~969-1
lɔɔŋ   wood, tree   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~953-6
lɛc   lay eggs   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~192-2
lɛɛ   bamboo (kind of)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~567-2
lɛɛp   lay down (boards)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~607-2
lɛɛɲ   heart, centre (of wood)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~599-3
lɛɲ   gums   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~278-1
lɯaj   saw, cut with sawing motion   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~497-1
lʌʌn   swallow   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~374-10
maa   aunt (parent's younger sister)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~3-1
maan   mold (dirt, clay)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~102-2
maaŋ   soot (on cooking utensils)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~297-2
maaɲ   borrow   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~106-3
maj   you   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~233-4
malua   betel leaf   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1304-8
mamaaj   daughter-in-law   (Kantu)   The2001:C:Sid2005~62-2
mat   eye   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~330-13
maɲɟit   ten   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~874-5
mbiiŋ   spider   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~735-4
mbool   poison   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1093-2
mbɔɔŋ   banana blossom   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~957-3
miiət   vulture   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~501-5
mmaaj   chicken louse   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~61-2
moh   nose   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1172-13
mooc cooŋ   mosquito   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1080-1
moojh   clear land   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1148-1
mool   shadow   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1098-4
moom   corner, angle   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1103-1
moon   pimple   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1117-1
moot   enter   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1153-5
moŋ   alive   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1197-5
mpaaŋ   maggot   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~111-4
mpeh   scabies   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~766-4
mpual   bundle (of faggots)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1329-3
mpṳuj   very 'fine, powdery   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1222-2
mpɔɔ   dream   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~441-6
mpɔʔ   immature rice pounded flat   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1047-1
muu   how much, how many   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~351-1
mɔɔjh   mosquito   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~995-4
mɔɔjʔ   walk slowly and cautiously   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~902-2
mɔɔn   nephew, niece   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~951-5
mɔɔʔ   older female sibling   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~892-1
mənua   yesterday   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1306-5
məər   to crawl   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~388-2
mɛɛ   to look at, watch   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~574-5
mɯt   gall, bile   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~564-6
mʌʌj   one   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1290-13
nam   granary   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~263-1
nar   wing   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~307-2
naʔ   clf. for people   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~242-6
naʔ   stink, smell bad   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~186-4
ndruuj   chicken   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1223-6
ndrɑh   skin (of banana); bark   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1016-2
ndrɔh   shell   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1023-2
ndɑh   skin (of banana); bark   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1015-2
nnaŋ   wing   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~295-6
nooŋ   sponge gourd, loufah   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1126-3
ntaaɲ   to weave (cloth)   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~107-11
ntaaʔ   tongue   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~71-3
ntaŋ   heavy   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~424-6
ntool   corner, angle   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1094-1
ntrɛɲ   crab louse, body louse   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~421-5
ntəəj   carry in vehicle, move from one place to another   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~362-1
nuur   cluster (of bananas) (clf.)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1262-1
nʔɑɑ   he, she   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~875-1
paak   distribute, share (things)   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~80-1
paaŋ   spleen   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~112-1
pacaw   shellfish, snail, mollusc   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~340-1
padur, pandur   slacken   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1264-4
padɔɔʔ   goitre   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~930-4
pagil   to rub against   (Kantu)   The2001:C:Sid2005~723-2
pakɤjh   awake, awaken   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~433-1
palaj   fruit   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~234-5
palaw   thigh   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~339-2
palee   stomach (organ)   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~404-1
pallɔŋ   door   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1194-3
paloo   roll something along the ground   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1073-2
paluh   blowpipe   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1362-3
paluk   mix   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1371-5
palɔɔʔ   tusk of elephant   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~893-6
palʌh   turn over, turn away   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1033-4
panciam   spoon feed   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~804-5
paniih   broom   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~717-1
pansaj   otter   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~235-3
pantoor   star   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1298-5
pantɯɯj   fatherless or motherless   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~450-1
panuŋ   pus   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1388-5
panɤŋ   cast net   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~428-2
panɤɤ   tomorrow   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~348-6
papəh   wash (clothes)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~495-6
par   fly   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~311-6
parcɔɔt   come together at one point   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~998-3
pardah   germinate, plant seeds   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~216-1
pardajh   splash up, thrown off, fly off, bounce off   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~322-3
pardɑɑk   name   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~923-2
pardʌʌj   use   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~54-1
parheem   heart   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~370-7
parlak   turn over   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~243-1
parlɔh   doorway   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1034-2
parlɤh   deceive, cheat, trick, lie   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~400-2
parnɨh   name   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~505-1
parraaŋ   bridge   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~131-2
parsaaw   son-in-law   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~179-1
partah   divorce   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~218-6
parɟuʔ   incite, provoke   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1356-2
pat   extinguished (fire)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~332-3
patuuŋ   afraid, fear, frightened   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1256-3
paŋgɛɛŋ   leaning to one side   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~593-4
paɗoom   ripen (fruit, tobacco)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1110-2
paɗɔh   explode, burst   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1032-4
paɲcheeŋ   mongoose   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~744-1
paɲɟoom   gather, combine, put together, get together   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1111-1
paʔduh   blistered, swollen (from friction)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1366-1
pa̤n   thousand   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~271-7
peer   wrap around, wind around   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~483-3
peʔ   slash, cut off twigs   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~676-1
pial   roll up, coil up   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~793-4
pic   dig   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~858-5
piic   hard, difficult   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~711-1
piih   sweep   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~715-1
piih   venom   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~713-5
piir   flower   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~750-5
piiŋ   grave   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~742-2
piʔuus   spoiled (of food)   (Kantu)   The2001:C:Sid2005~1272-4
plaa   sharp edge   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~20-5
plah   cl. for tube skirt, sarong   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~197-2
plaj   overflow   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~59-3
plaŋ   thatch grass   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~293-9
pleeŋ   Indian pipit   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~775-2
plih   wash (clothes)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~499-1
plooh   to perforate   (Katu)   The2001:C:Sid2005~1086-3
pluh   blow (blowpipe)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1359-2
pluuʔ   grey haired   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1230-5
plɔɔ   fireplace, stove   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~881-2
plə̤ək   open (eyes)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~364-1
plɛh   brittle, fragile   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~630-1
plɤɤ   head   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~352-6
plɯat   turn inside out   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~485-3
plʌʌm   land leech   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~371-4
poh   swim (human being)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1173-1
pooc   pluck, pull out (hair, feathers)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1081-5
poon   navel   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1297-1
poop   bend down, bend over, bow   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1130-2
poor   help, assist   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1142-1
poŋ raw   taro   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1157-5
poŋ   yam, potato   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1193-5
po̤ʔ   pile up   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1160-3
praa   large knife   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~6-2
praaj   thread   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~49-6
praaŋ   beam, joist   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~132-2
praaŋ   morning   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~114-4
praʔ   silver   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~187-10
pra̤ac   get better, subside   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~36-1
pra̤h   sky, rain   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~200-9
prial   hailstone   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~794-7
priap   arrange, prepare   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~825-1
priaŋ   rainbow   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~601-8
pric   chilli pepper   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~864-1
priinʔ   banana   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~759-5
priiŋ   log   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~743-1
prooŋ   red   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1123-2
pruuj   caterpillar   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~449-7
pruŋ   pit, hole in ground   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1389-6
prɑŋ   arm (from elbow-finger tips)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1066-2
prɑɑʔ   squirrel (kind of)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~896-7
prəhual   steam, vapour   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1332-4
prɛs   strike (with long object)   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~315-4
prɤɤ   use   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~353-3
puuəl   roll up, coil up   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1336-1
puuən   four   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1339-6
pɑ̤ɑnʔ   mold (sticky rice into lump)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1007-1
pɔɔjh   firewood   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~989-1
pɔɔs   barking deer   (Kantu)   The2001:C:Sid2005~996-10
pɛɛ   three   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~575-10
pɛɲ   shoot (crossbow)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~279-6
pɤh   open, unlock   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~358-4
pɤŋ   fish with a cast net   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~427-3
pɤɤʔ   go   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~895-5
pɯk   to fan   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~518-4
pɯt   missing, lost, lose   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~565-5
pɯɯn   numb, have no feeling   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~460-3
pʌɲ   full   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~422-3
pʌʌm   chest   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~369-4
raajʔ   grasshopper   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~35-3
raak   yellow   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~81-7
raam   kind of bamboo fishtrap   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~93-3
raaw   wash (hands, things)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~175-5
raaŋ   flat bamboo tray for drying things   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~133-2
ramʔ   accept, receive   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~145-5
rih   sprinkle (water)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~861-3
rii   banyan tree   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~698-5
riit   cricket (small kind)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~777-3
riəjh   root   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~836-6
roojh   choose, select, elect   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~392-2
roojʔ   cricket (big kind)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1212-1
room   assemble, gather into a group   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1112-4
rup   pair (clf.)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1392-1
ruuc   pull, haul in (rope)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1216-1
ruuŋ   kind of fishtrap   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1248-3
rɔɔj   housefly   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~908-6
rɔɔjʔ   intestines   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~904-6
rɛh   slash with pointed object   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~631-2
rʌt   tie tightly around something   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~691-5
saaj   ginger   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~47-4
saaj   older male sibling   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~68-4
saal   pale (of face)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~90-4
sak   grass   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~407-2
sal   pant   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~249-4
saruh   nest   (Katu)   The2001:C:Sid2005~1174-5
sasiiəm   younger sibling   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~808-4
saŋ   hear   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~429-5
siamʔ   bat   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~822-3
siar   descend   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~828-1
siit   resin, dammar, sap   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~778-5
siiw   fish   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~762-2
siiəl   peel (with a knife)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~728-6
sil   blunt (of sharp edge)   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~866-2
siʔ   how much, how many   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~852-4
sok   head hair   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1184-6
sool   slave   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1097-4
soom   nest, shelter   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1113-1
soot   blind   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1155-5
sroʔ   wet   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1354-4
srɔŋ   wooden spike (for trapping purpose)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1058-2
srɔɔʔ   collapse, subside, sink (of ground); decrease (amount of water)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~931-1
suajʔ   pointed   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1318-1
suanʔ   slice, dissect   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1353-4
sul   sound, noise; loud   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1293-4
suu   hut, small shelter in the field   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1203-4
suuc   sting   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1217-5
suup   horsefly, gadfly   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~467-1
suut   honey bee   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1284-1
sɑh   to go up, ascend   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1037-6
sɑɑj   tail   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~916-11
sɑɑr   sheath, scabbard   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~987-7
sɑɑt   harvest rice (by stripping off grains)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1009-3
sɔh   lung   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1038-3
sɔɔjʔ   itchy   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~899-5
sɛc   flesh, meat   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~195-4
sɛh   horse   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~616-10
sɛɛʔ   ask for   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~782-3
sɯp   wear, put on   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~556-4
sʌʌŋ   five   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~383-12
taal   to clear land   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~91-3
taaŋ   cock's comb   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~135-1
taaŋ   coffin, plaited bamboo for wrapping corpse   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~138-2
taaʔ   iron   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~34-11
tabec   fast, quickly   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~677-1
tabɨɨ   evening, afternoon   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~446-12
tahuum   fragrant, scented   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1240-5
tajah   lowland field, open field   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~219-2
tajɛɛk   carry (something by its handle)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~652-2
tajɯɯr   flying lemur   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~472-5
takaamʔ   grip, pince, pick up with tongs   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~147-2
takam   lay on top of another thing   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~266-2
takar   to crow   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~312-5
takiamʔ   press, hold (with arm or legs)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~824-1
takiəjh   nine   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~838-5
taklah   brittle, crumble, break off   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~224-1
taklah   cracked (of the ground)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~211-4
takuu   sit   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1205-6
takɑŋ   hold (in the teeth or beak)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1057-1
takɔɔl   eight   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~938-5
takɔɔŋ   neck   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~977-5
takɤl   muddy, murky (of water)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~253-3
taliiʔ   forehead   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~709-6
talooj   earthworm   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1090-5
taluh   run   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1365-4
taluk   cloud, mist   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1372-3
taluu   skink   (Kantu)   The2001:C:Sid2005~1208-4
tambaat   flat   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~171-4
tambaʔ   hang up   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~246-2
tambaʔ   place over, place across   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~238-6
tambɑɑŋ   answer (a call)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~978-3
tameʔ   new   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~579-5
tamoom   turtle, tortoise   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1114-4
tampaaŋ   palm, sole   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~139-1
tamprɑh   clap   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~906-2
tamprɔh   hit hard, thresh   (Ngeq [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1031-8
tampuʔ   bunch, cluster (of flower, fruit)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1357-2
tampɤɤŋ   raise, lift   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~382-6
tamɑk   evil spirit (kind of)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1053-2
tamɑɑj   guest   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~917-5
tamɔɔ   stone   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~443-4
tamɤh   ask, ask for, question, greet   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1041-5
tan   taboo   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~276-3
taniar   split bamboo floor   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~829-1
tap   pound (rice)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~304-4
tapaa   soft-shelled turtle   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~23-7
tapajh   flick off, push away, push off   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~840-4
tapal   mortar   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~254-5
tapat   six   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~334-6
tapool   seven   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1099-6
tapɔ̤ɔn   hog plumb, olive   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1116-3
tapɛh   fireplace, stove   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~633-2
tapɨɨŋ   hold on or over the head   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~465-3
tarial   egg   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~800-3
tarkaap   stick for holding meat, fish etc.   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~141-2
tarkɑ̤h   peel off in chips   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1027-5
tarnəəp   first, the beginning   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~386-2
tarnɛh   hammer   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~620-1
taroŋ   cage   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1391-3
tartak   fight   (Ngeq [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~245-11
tartoojh   stumble on, trip over   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1150-2
tartuŋ   deaf   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1390-9
tarwaaʔ   a kind of palm similar to Caryota mitis (Palmae)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~84-1
tarʔnɛɛŋ   bring or take somebody to   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~377-5
tatoŋ   steal   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1196-1
tawah   wide, broad   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~221-3
tawɛt   whip   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~641-4
taŋ   bitter   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~285-6
taŋaw   sit   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1072-3
taŋgɯr   shake (one's head)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~561-1
taŋkah   young and wild (of male cattle)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~222-2
taŋkrɔh   knock or strike with knuckles   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1042-2
taŋkɔɔj   horn   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~918-6
taŋɨh   breathe   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~509-5
taɓooc   hold smth. between forefinger and thumb   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1083-2
taɓɔʔ   cheek   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1052-2
taɗəəlʔ   shallow   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~455-3
taɗɯɯp   below, downstream   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~470-5
taɟrɯm   wrestle   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~530-2
taɲɟoh   drip, drop, put in drops   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1166-2
taʔjɯŋ   stand   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~549-5
taʔlaaŋ   palm, sole   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~137-5
taʔlaaŋ   spout, water pipe   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~123-1
taʔmaaɲ   skillful, good at   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~108-1
taʔnool   house post   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1100-6
taʔnɤŋ   direct, straight, accurate   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~430-2
taʔroo   index finger   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1074-1
taʔwiʔ   twist (body)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~856-1
taʔŋaj   day   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~237-5
ta̤l   prop, hold up, support   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~248-3
ta̤n   near, close   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~273-6
tec   sell   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~196-3
tee   hand   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~694-6
teek   lead by hand   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~651-5
teer   cicada   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~749-4
teew   small herb with onion-flavoured leaves   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~761-2
tic   slash   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~859-1
tii dɑɑj   small finger   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~909-7
tiih   bland, tasteless   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~493-4
tiir   rack above fireplace   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~751-1
tiit   crowd against, crowded   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~844-3
tiiŋ   dry (in the sun)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~745-6
tiiʔ   old (things)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~492-5
tiɲ   hit, beat (with stick)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~870-4
tiɲ   rainbow   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~740-2
ti̤aŋ   taboo   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~816-2
toh   breast   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1176-10
tooc   extreme, finished, ended   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1082-1
toojʔ   boil   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1078-2
toojʔ   to steal   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1287-5
toom   wrap   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1295-5
toon   doubt, suspect   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1120-2
toot   joint   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1156-5
tooɲ   edible wild fern, Diplazium esculentum (Polypodiaceae)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1340-1
toʔ   hot; sunlight, sunshine   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1158-1
to̤ŋ   winnowing basket   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1190-1
trabɔh   beak of bird   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1021-5
trakal   piece (of meat, fish)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~255-1
trakool   knee   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1101-6
trakɔɔnʔ   monitor   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1010-4
trakɛɛŋ   elbow   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~604-4
traliaŋ   walking stick   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~381-3
tralɔɔŋ   bone marrow   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~970-3
tranɯm   length from elbow to knuckles of the fist   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~539-1
trawiiŋ   waist   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~665-1
trawɯɯj   trunk of elephant   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~451-5
traŋɯl   stump   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~528-5
traɓat   sticky   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~337-4
traʔdɤk   boiling   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1054-1
triiŋ   hornbill   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~748-2
truh   garden   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1220-4
trɔh   spread (of a fire)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1035-2
trɛh   woodpecker   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~634-1
trɯh   scatter (seeds, grains); sow   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~510-5
trɯɯ   mushroom   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~489-10
tuaŋ   coconut   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1343-4
tuu   top (of a tree)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1204-1
tuuʔ   dip up (fish)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1233-1
tuʌh   divorce   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1324-1
tṳl   stomach   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1374-1
tṳuk   boat   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1227-6
tɑɑr   edge   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~988-4
tɔɔ   trap (bird, mouse)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~890-4
tɔɔm   fine   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~946-1
tɔɔŋ pareeʔ   shoulder pole   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~647-1
tɔɔŋ   handle, rod   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~975-5
tɔɔŋ   peas   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~955-6
tɔɔŋ   strain   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~976-3
tɛh   forge iron, hit hard against something   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~619-4
tɛɛh   fart, pass wind   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~648-6
tɛɛk   tear, break open   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~585-1
tɛɛt   vagina   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~755-5
tɛʔ   have sexual intercourse   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~613-5
tɤm   hit with fist   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~415-4
tɤŋ   house   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1382-15
tɤɤm   tree trunk   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~372-3
tɤʔ   arrive, reach (a place)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~409-4
tɨ̤aʔ   have fever   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~491-1
tɯp   bury, cover up (with earth)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~557-6
tɯŋ   rain   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~548-1
tʌʔ   again, more   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~396-8
waaŋ   encircle (trapped animal)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~124-7
wal   measure out volume   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~256-2
wal   vine, climbing plant   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~247-3
wanʔ   bend back (bow of crossbow)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~173-2
waʔ   borrow   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~188-3
wial   circle of hair forming the crown   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~783-3
wiar   left side   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~826-2
wiar   roundabout, walk the other way, swerve   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~830-2
wiir   feel dizzy   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~752-4
wəj   have, there is, there are   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~406-1
wɛɲ   wring out (clothes); twist together (strands of fibre)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~283-2
wʌç   measure   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~435-1
ŋaaj   who   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~63-3
ŋaam   sweet   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~98-5
ŋahaalʔ   light weigh   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~85-5
ŋahaaŋ   bone   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~110-5
ŋgaaʔ   branch, twig   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~70-2
ŋgoh   cut off (big branch)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1165-3
ŋgok   crooked, bent, winding   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1179-4
ŋgɨʔ   shake   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~502-1
ŋhaaŋ niir   rib   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~153-2
ŋiiənʔ   dive (into water)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~846-3
ŋiəjh   count   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~835-3
ŋkaaj   wild almond, Irvingia malayana (Simarubasaea)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~48-1
ŋkaam   husk, chaff (of rice)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~94-2
ŋkap   spring trap   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~299-3
ŋkar   skin, hide   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~308-7
ŋkoŋ   claws of crab   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1122-4
ŋkɑɑ   bamboo container for water   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~878-1
ŋkɔ̤h   dry   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1017-1
ŋkɤl   back   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1373-1
ŋkɯm   thumb   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~529-5
ŋkʌʌjh   porcupine   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~390-5
ŋɑɑt   starving   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1006-1
ŋɔɔ   pine tree   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~888-2
ŋɔɔjʔ   drink   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~903-5
ŋɯɯt   faint, lose consciousness   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~478-1
ɟar   resin, dammar, sap   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~309-3
ɟiam   delicious, tasty   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~801-5
ɟiiəŋ   gold   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~595-8
ɟruuʔ   deep   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1207-4
ɟrɑh   flow   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1024-1
ɟuun   send somebody off   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1243-3
ɟuunʔ   wipe, kaɲɟruut scrub (the floor)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1276-5
ɟɨɨŋ   foot, leg   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~463-6
ɲaŋ   we   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~291-2
ɲcaj   tendon   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~227-5
ɲcee   head louse   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~402-6
ɲchial   scales (of fish)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~786-6
ɲchoʔ   rotten   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1159-6
ɲchɛɛŋ   grease, fat   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~590-5
ɲchɯŋ   bedbug   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~544-3
ɲcɔŋ   shrimp   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1055-1
ɲiim   weep   (Kantu)   The2001:C:Sid2005~97-13
ɲool   pangolin, anteater   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1095-5
ɲuuŋ   before, ahead   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1255-4
ɲɔɔm   young, immature   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~943-5
ʔaak   crow   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~75-5
ʔaar   dry (in the sun)   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~148-2
ʔaaŋ   bright, lighted   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~109-2
ʔabooc   long and tapering   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1076-2
ʔacɔɔ   dog   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~877-6
ʔaj   ache, hurt, painful, sick   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~228-7
ʔajh   swollen and inflamed   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~313-4
ʔakan~ʔanʔikan   mother   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~269-3
ʔakɑɑp   turtle   (Kantu)   The2001:C:Sid2005~980-1
ʔalaŋ   clear, clearly   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~290-4
ʔambuk~mbuk   decayed, rotten (of wood)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1369-4
ʔammaa   seeds, grains (kept for cultivating)   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~12-3
ʔandil~ndil~dil   female, woman   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~865-1
ʔandruujh   male, man   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1269-4
ʔanduuk   brain   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1234-1
ʔantre̤j   pestle   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~642-13
ʔap   boil (water)   (Kantu)   The2001:C:Sid2005~431-5
ʔariim   millet (kind of)   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~733-4
ʔariiw   small bell   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~779-2
ʔat   stay, live, since, from   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~323-4
ʔaŋ   warm (oneself) at a fire   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~284-7
ʔaʔuut~ʔuut   stork   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1279-1
ʔijej   uncle (parent's older brother)   (Katu [Dakkang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~693-5
ʔit   to dip, draw (water)   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~563-4
ʔitɯəm   right side   (Katu [Triw])   The2001:C:Sid2005~481-7
ʔjaaj   distribute, share (things)   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~56-7
ʔjɑŋ   direct, straight, accurate   (Ngeq [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1061-3
ʔjɔh   bore, pierce, punch a hole; strike (as snake), peck   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1025-1
ʔjɤɤnʔ   Malay sambar deer   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~393-3
ʔook   pig   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1092-1
ʔoom   winnow   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1102-6
ʔuac   scratch up   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1311-3
ʔual   unable to swallow   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1328-6
ʔuujh   fire   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1267-12
ʔuuʔ   suck   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1209-5
ʔɑɑc   thin   (Ngeq [Kriang])   The2001:C:Sid2005~898-6
ʔɑɑt   slash with pointed object   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~997-2
ʔɔh   dip up (food) out of a pot or bowl   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~1013-4
ʔɛh   excrement, dung   (Ngeq [Chatong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~617-3
ʔɛɛm   younger sibling   (Ta'Oi [of Sekong])   The2001:C:Sid2005~587-4