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baap, paap   evil, to disrespect, disbelieve   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~140-3
baar   two   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~149-19
bak   to pierce   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~239-8
bat   leafy vegetable eaten with meat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~327-9
baŋ   to scoop 'water   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~287-2
baʔ   carry slung over one shoulder   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~238-13
beḛt   light (fire), ignite   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~328-10
biʔ   lie down, sleep   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~857-25
boon   okay; to have, obtain or associate with   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~373-16
bo̰h   put into fire to roast (corn)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1163-17
bo̰ojʔ   tapered, pointed   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1076-8
bo̰ol   drunk   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1096-20
buajʔ   fish (general)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1314-2
buuʔ   store, cache   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1210-2
bɔajʔ maaŋ   wash face   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1313-10
bɔap   snout or nose of animal   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~981-3
bɔɔ   rain   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~882-7
bɔɔj   follow tracks, track an animal   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~911-4
bɔɔj   salt   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~910-10
bɔɔŋ   many (stars, fruit); abundant   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~958-4
bəjʔ   dip finger 'into something then lick e.g. salt   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~189-2
bə̰k   cut arrow for feather   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~513-7
bɛaŋ   a kind of trap for wild chickens   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~815-2
bɛaʔ   few, little   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~490-8
bɨam   chew on hard object (bone)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~95-6
caa   eat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~7-17
caceeŋ   leaning on an angle   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~659-5
cah   cut, chop small stems as hemp   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~202-7
caʔ   body, tuber (WC) caʔ trunk, stalk   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~240-17
cḛen   cooked   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~657-22
cḛet   dead   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~671-8
cḛh   to cut open, dissect   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~767-4
ciiŋ   to stink like skunk   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~739-3
cil   put out (fire)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~527-2
cit   ten   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~874-18
co̰h   to plant   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1164-12
co̰o   to return   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1071-16
co̰ojh   to put out fire with water   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1143-4
co̰ol   hurt (from fall, etc.), received injury   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1291-4
co̰op   fold, enclose   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1129-3
co̰ot   shove into ground   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1152-4
cuujh   tell person to stay away, put person out of house   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1271-2
cɔah   sand   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1319-5
cɔŋ   burn off field   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1056-13
cɔɔj   to cover seed over   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~912-5
cɔɔjh   kick straight   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~991-2
cɔɔm   know   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~939-11
cəjh   sneeze   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~432-17
cəm   able   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~411-5
cən   big rain, downpour   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~419-2
cət   stab, make hole with dibblestick   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~436-4
cɛam ban   feed, raise   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~272-10
cɛam ban   feed, raise   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~804-12
cɛh   birth   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~679-12
cɛh   burn, ignite   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~680-2
cɛɛŋ   lime   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~592-2
cɨm   to chop brush so as to cover or block road   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~533-2
daaj   put on loincloth or skirt   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~54-6
daaʔ   water   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~73-21
dah   daring   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~207-5
deep   glutinous rice   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~666-7
deh   kill louse between fingernail   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~681-11
diiʔ   ride, e.g. horse   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~707-7
diʔ   squeeze out   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~853-10
dooŋ   take, bring   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~377-9
do̰h   to break someone's neck   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1022-5
do̰l   float   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1185-4
do̰oj   cook staples, principally rice   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1087-10
do̰om   ripe   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1104-14
duan   conical hat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1338-3
duut   stuffed-up nose   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1275-2
duŋ   house   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1382-20
dɔal   carry over one shoulder   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1331-18
dɔŋ   give   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1060-9
dɔŋ   middle finger, toe   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1059-3
dɔɔ   he, she, it   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~884-6
dɔɔʔ   call, name   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~923-6
dəjh   to break   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~484-2
dɨh   quick, rapid   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~503-4
dɨm   fallen, tumbled down   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~531-6
dɨɨɲ   long time   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1246-15
haaɲ   to hear news second-hand, kahaaɲ news   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~104-6
hal daaʔ   to thirst   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~250-2
hom   bathe   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1105-9
ho̰k   to spill (food); pour out   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1180-4
ho̰or   to roast inside section of bamboo   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1299-10
huujʔ   drink water off soup etc.   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1214-9
huujʔ   to believe   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1213-2
huuɲ   kiss (sniffing not smacking)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1247-13
hɔal   steam   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1332-12
hɔɔj   flow, run (of liquid)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~914-14
hɔɔn   grown   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~948-3
hɔɔŋ   large bee, wasp - red and black, lives in ground   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~966-13
hɔɔʔ   catch in throat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~925-13
hɛŋ   sharp   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~636-2
hɛɛ   we (pl.)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~569-16
hɛɛŋ   drain (water)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~594-2
hɛɛŋ   to warm over fire   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~116-7
hɛɛʔ   tear   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~583-6
hɨɨt   tobacco, ʔahɛt to smell   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~477-13
jaaŋ   spirit of dead person; luck   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~117-11
jah   apart   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~42-5
jaŋ cɛɛʔ   large jar   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~618-3
jiah   healed (of a visible wound)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~494-7
jooŋ   far   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~378-5
jo̰ol   pangolin, anteater   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1095-10
jo̰or   to get up, arise   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1300-16
jo̰ot   to take off of fire   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1303-3
juan   stretch oneself   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1236-5
juh   crazy, insane   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1360-9
juŋ   to hold on to, cling to   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1383-7
jɔa   to tell or order   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1305-2
jɨɨm   price, amount sold for, saleable, in demand   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~457-2
kaar   to bore a hole   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~150-8
kaat   burned (food)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~166-16
kaat   cut (vegetables)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~167-4
kaaŋ   language   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~119-10
kabee   to carry child in arms   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~644-2
kabiip   close mouth   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~872-10
kabɛam   to hold in beak or mouth, between teeth   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~803-3
kacaŋ   laugh, smile   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~288-21
kaciik   to comb   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~722-5
kadah   to bite a hard object   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~208-4
kadil   to block, hinder   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~523-7
kadɨk   red squash (pumpkin)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~515-14
kadɨp   hidden   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~551-12
kadɨɨp   the back, behind   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~470-10
kah   divide, give part   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~210-4
kahoʔ   open (mouth)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1308-5
kajəʔ   husband   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~78-19
kakɨɨt   shake back and forth   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~502-5
kaldɔɔjh   twirl (finger)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~993-3
kallaaŋ   a pipe (water) of bamboo   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~123-8
kallah   pieces split lengthwise   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~211-12
kalluŋ   in   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1385-12
kallɔɔŋ   cl. for seed, small round objects   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~968-21
kamaŋ   soot   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~297-7
kambual   pinked-necked green pigeon (Treron vernans griseicapilla)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1335-3
kammaaj kammɔk   widow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~58-11
kampaj   wife   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~229-5
kamɔar   termite   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1346-9
kan   classifier for animals   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~270-6
kan   girl, female, woman   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~274-17
kanaa   friend, you (intimate)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~11-4
kancɔɔp   hoof of buffalo   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~983-6
kandool   heel   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~366-14
kandɛəm ram   scorpion   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~805-9
kannɔh   other (person)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1028-7
kanteeŋ   belt   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~661-5
kantuup   extensions on end of roof   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1257-2
kap   bite   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~300-19
kapeeŋ   behind, the back   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~663-2
kapiajh   to brush off, dust off, e.g. dirty place on shirt   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~840-8
kaplḛh, kaplaajh   blink   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~625-5
kapo̰or   lime   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1139-7
kapɔat   to hold in fist   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1351-15
kapɛat   tick   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~845-7
karbəə   alligator, dragon   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~350-10
karhaajʔ   whisper   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~40-12
karlo̰ŋ   wooden cowbell   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1125-9
karnaa   road   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~18-16
karnɛan   to be born (of the child)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~811-8
karriaŋ   fence   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~741-3
karrɔɔt   small bee, in trees, good honey   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1000-9
karrɔʔ   cow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1050-14
karrək   to boil (of water)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1054-7
karrɛajh   fingernails, toe nails   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~832-19
karsaaŋ, kisaaŋ   sound, kasaaŋ to make a sound   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~126-8
karɔh   fox-like animal   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1036-2
kasḛek   to string   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~650-12
kasḛer   blow nose   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~670-15
kat   cut in two, e.g. a vine   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~329-15
kataŋ   to fell trees across the path (involuntarily); to partition, put up wall   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~289-7
kato̰or   ear   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1140-21
katruu   spotted dove   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1201-7
katuut   to shove, slide over, e.g. ring onto finger, etc.   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1281-13
katuŋ   carrying sack   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1386-8
katɛat   squeeze, press out (sugar cane juice)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~844-5
katɛt   to weight down so can't move or blow away   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~640-2
kavaat   to scratch   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~168-10
kavaaŋ   surround   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~124-11
kavəəjʔ   wave (hand)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~355-7
keer   arm of crossbow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~560-5
keʔ   pick, pluck   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~191-14
khooc   whistle for someone   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1316-17
kho̰k   sound of coughing   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1048-7
kiap   trap that snaps shut   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~823-4
kicih   to kick with bottom of foot, kick to the side   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~682-4
kidaa   thin   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~25-16
kiduh   bump, stub (foot)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1361-6
kii   horn   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~700-4
kiit   sharpen   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~756-16
kijial   kind of bee (builds hive on limb of tree)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~789-9
kil   barter, exchange   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~522-4
kinɛɛŋ   tooth   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~596-19
kir   rod or pole (fish pole, trap pole)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~559-4
kirɛɛ   rattan   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~570-14
kisaj   moon, month   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~230-19
kitaaw   warm (a warm shirt)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~344-7
kitɨʔ   lift up, raise   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~514-4
klaat   to cut (vegetables)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~170-5
klaaŋ panah pleeŋ   kite (bird)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~122-13
klaaŋ   to pipe water   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~125-3
klaaɲ   braid   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~105-10
klajh   early in the morning   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~319-2
klak   to forget (what doing because someone is bothering you)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~395-8
klap   to plug a hole   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~301-8
klḛɲ   gums   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~278-9
kloh   to put ring in buffalo's nose to tie rope to   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1086-4
klooŋ   walking stick   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~381-5
klo̰h   pound or hull grain   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1169-10
klo̰h   put ring in buffalo's nose to tie rope to   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1029-6
klo̰jʔ   to sharpen down to nothing, of cigarette to burn down   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~901-7
klo̰m   urinate   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1109-10
klo̰ojh   fangs of dog, tusks of boar   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1326-12
klo̰ŋ, klɔŋ   pool or wide place in stream   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1191-7
kluaŋ, taluaŋ   lower leg, calf of leg   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1251-10
kluŋ   flat, level   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1387-2
klɔŋ   back (of body)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1124-2
klɔɔ   type of snail   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~886-9
klɔɔjh   compensate for, return, repay for lost or broken article   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~994-3
klɔɔm   hamper-type basket used for storage   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~941-2
klɔɔŋ   (animal) path   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~965-6
klɔɔʔ   white (animals)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~929-7
kləm   to put whole piece in mouth   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~412-2
klɛaw, kliaw   to carry anything tied around waist   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~848-6
klɛɛw   to sting   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~610-5
klɨp   over the top, e.g. water over head   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~553-6
klɨŋ   many (of people)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~546-5
ko̰h   mountain   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1167-18
ko̰k   bent, curved almost double   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1179-10
ko̰oh   to top trees, cut branches while tree still stands   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1165-8
ko̰ojʔ   to lasso, to hang in noose, tie with noose   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1286-8
ko̰om   black, dark (of colour, skin)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1107-7
ko̰on   to lie in wait, to ambush, to wait in hiding to meet   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~947-4
ko̰or   back of bushknife blade   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1301-3
ko̰oɲ   male, man, father   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1121-20
kraaj, kraj   yes, true, correct, accurate   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~232-15
kraaŋ   carry pole between 2 persons   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~127-14
kreeŋ   mature, e.g. bamboo, fruit   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~776-15
kriih   large (of vines, etc.)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~714-4
kro̰h   bark (of dog)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1170-4
kro̰ŋ   a large fish   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1187-2
kruaŋ   river valley   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1254-15
krɔŋ   back   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1063-4
krɨm   thunder   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~532-15
krɨp   cover, to cap (as with inverted pot)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~550-9
kuam   to wrap in blanket, to put on clothes, cover   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1337-4
kubin   thick   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~541-16
kubo̰om   hold (in mouth)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1108-15
kucah   black rice   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~206-16
kucḛet   dead   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~672-21
kuco̰oh   to spit   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1168-18
kujaa   parents of wife   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~14-7
kujəʔ   smoke   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~479-11
kulaa   tiger   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~17-5
kulaj   fruit   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~234-20
kulam   hundred   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~258-14
kum   to shackle, tie leg to heavy stick so can't run away   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1375-5
kumo̰or   virgin, maiden   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1138-15
kumuujʔ   corpse (dead of natural causes)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1215-11
kumɔɔ   year   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~887-21
kunɛɛ   wild game (pig)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~572-7
kupiajh   lychee   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~833-2
kusḛɲ   snake   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~277-21
kusɔɔ   red   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~442-14
kut   to cut in pieces   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1395-7
kutaar   rub between hands   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~151-4
kuto̰ojʔ   wound, make ill   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1078-9
kutɛak   earth   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~781-20
kutɛar   smooth, slick, slippery   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~827-13
kutɛl   rub between hands, wash   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~770-10
kuuj   to carry on back   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1367-8
kuun   power or breath to heal, magical power   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1242-2
kuut   to bend down, pull down, e.g. tree   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1278-4
kuvaan, karvaan   brave, courageous   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~101-10
kɔaj   lizard (finned)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1325-14
kɔajh   shave, plane wood   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1348-5
kɔaŋ   male 'elephant   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1342-2
kɔh   chop   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1026-15
kɔŋ   to wear on wrist, bracelet   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1062-6
kɔɔjh   spear   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~992-4
kɔɔjʔ   to curve, sharpen   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~900-9
kɔɔk   cold (of hands, feet)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~928-2
kɔɔl   eight   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~938-19
kɔɔp   catch, grab   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~982-18
kɔɔŋ   gong   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~963-14
kɔɔʔ   enclosure, pasture   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~894-7
kəhḛep   centipede   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~668-15
kəl   fell large trees   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~410-10
kən krɛam   crunchy, chewy - roasted corn   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~806-11
kərhooŋ   hot coals   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~380-7
kərpuŋ   a bundle wrapped in cloth for carrying   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1381-2
kərro̰oŋ   citadel, fortress, wall   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1127-3
kərrɔɔŋ   fence   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~964-7
kət   measure from elbow to fingertips   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~437-6
kɛaʔ   follow around as a child his brother, to watch over, shepherd   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~780-4
kɛh   mountain goat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~624-7
kɛh   short (in length)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~622-11
kɛh   to strike flint or lighter   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~621-9
kɛt   small   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~638-10
kɨɨ   I   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~444-12
kɨɨp   cave   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~469-11
kʌŋ   hard   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~426-7
laaj   cast a net, unroll something like rope, thread, etc.   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~60-7
laaŋ   an entire field; classifier for leaf; to unwrap e.g. leaves around food   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~128-6
labɔɔt   soft, pliable, responsive (of heart)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~165-7
lah   if   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~213-3
lah   split (bamboo)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~212-3
lajh   to fire, to trigger, to trap   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~320-6
lalaʔ   spread-eagle position   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~185-3
laliaŋ   face up position   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~129-5
lalleem   good, flourishing (of plants)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~807-6
laləw   young man - adolescent   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~345-4
lam   footprint   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~262-3
leek   melt, dissolve   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~768-5
leeʔ   to wallow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~480-3
leh   to untie   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~683-11
lii mmɔɔ   how many   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~351-7
lii, tarlii   equal   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~701-6
lilaajʔ   lightning flash   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~41-7
llaa   possessive (emphasis)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~16-6
llo̰ŋ   doorway   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1194-8
llɔam   to eat huge bite of meat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1238-3
looj   to leave or throw out   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~361-2
loon   swallow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~374-17
lo̰k   to pull off or out, to fall off (leaves)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1183-4
lo̰oh   take off pants/clothes   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1288-5
lo̰ojh   to wrong someone   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1146-11
luajʔ   to take off (shirt)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1317-4
luat   to get past   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1003-7
luh   run   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1365-12
luk   mix together (ingredients)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1371-9
lum   cover completely with cloth or blanket   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1377-7
luʔ   pull   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1355-5
lɔat   to peel   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1352-11
lɔɔm   liver   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~942-18
ləjʔ   no   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~397-2
lɛah   to lick   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~159-4
lɛajh   to break (split apart)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~834-3
lɛar   anus   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~797-2
maan   to mold   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~102-10
maaɲ   borrow for short time   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~106-7
maj   you   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~233-17
mat   eye   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~330-20
mbeʔ   broken, crushed   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~851-2
mbɛʔ   goat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~580-11
meel   spleen   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~654-2
meh   stay up, awake   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~321-6
mḛʔ   almost, about to   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~855-3
mit   bile   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~564-15
mmaa   species, breed, strain - of seed, breeding stock, chickens, species, kind, type, category, sort   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~12-8
mmaaʔ   busy   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~33-2
moor   to crawl   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~388-5
mo̰h   nose   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1172-19
mo̰oj   one   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1290-22
mo̰ot   enter   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1153-17
mo̰ŋ   young, tender, green   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1197-21
mpaaŋ   fly larvae, maggots   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~111-12
mpaj   tick   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~226-6
mpḛeh   scabies (between legs)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~766-9
mprə̰əjh   contagious or seasonal sickness   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~473-2
mpuaŋ   a roof, tapuaŋ to roof   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1249-4
mpɔal   bundle of rattan or bamboo which can be carried over shoulder   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1329-6
mpɔɔ   to dream   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~441-16
mpɨŋ   in the middle   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~542-7
mrḛh   small worm (parasite)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~627-2
mɔat   to fill up high, heap up and press down   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1283-4
mɔɔjʔ   to hunt   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~902-4
naa   direction, place   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~19-3
naʔ   clf. for people   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~242-8
nduu   shady, protective covering of trees   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1206-3
ndɔah   snail shell   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1321-4
ndɔɔj   fifth finger, toe   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~909-15
nkal   stuck, caught, hard labour in childbirth   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~251-4
nnar   wing   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~307-6
nnaw   who   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~346-6
nnaʔ   bad odour, stench   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~186-12
nniar   rib   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~153-5
noh   name, word   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~505-8
nsiil   very dull   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~866-5
nso̰ʔ   spoil. e.g. fruit, meat etc. rotten   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1159-17
nsɔar   to tell a myth; a myth   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1344-4
nsɛal   fish scales   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~786-14
nsɛɛŋ   fat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~590-17
nsɨŋ   tick   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~544-8
ntaaʔ   tongue   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~71-16
ntaŋ   heavy   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~424-12
ntih ~ tih   there (far) ahead; up stream   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~860-5
ntoom   stalk, trunk   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~372-18
ntoop   the beginning   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~386-11
ntraa   day before yesterday   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~5-10
ntraj   pounding pole   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~642-19
ntrḛɲ   body louse   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~421-13
ntruaj   chicken   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1223-18
nunɔh   empty   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1039-10
nɨɨm   that's all, only   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~458-4
paajh   to separate fibers   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~157-13
padɔh   explode, to fire (gun)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1032-10
padɔɔʔ   goitre   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~930-9
padəm   take by force   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~414-2
pah   to slap   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~215-6
paho̰or   perspiration   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1134-5
pakaaj   watermelon   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~64-3
paleeŋ   sparrow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~775-6
palhoom   heart   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~370-15
pallo̰h   blowgun (uses arrows furled on end instead of feathered)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1362-9
pallo̰h   blowgun   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1359-8
pallɔh   east (direction of sunrise)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1034-11
paloo   to kindle fire   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~349-4
palo̰o   to roll (a log)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1073-6
paluŋ   trunk, stalk   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1380-9
palɔɔʔ   tusk of elephant   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~893-17
panajh   jackfruit   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~161-7
panam   set eggs   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~264-13
pankrɨp   to rock up and down, e.g. boat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~552-2
pantɨɨj   orphan   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~450-8
papaat   flat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~171-7
par   fly   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~311-18
paraa   cleaver   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~6-10
paraaj   thread   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~49-16
parbaaŋ, rbaaŋ   sky   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~113-17
parjur   of baggy clothing on a number of people   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~152-6
parlaaj   antidote, medicine   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~51-4
parnaaj   word, matter   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~66-8
parneeh   broom   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~717-9
parnoo   tomorrow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~348-7
partat   confident   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~333-2
partɨm jɨm   dimly lit, dusk or dawn   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~537-5
pat   extinguished, dark of moon   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~332-11
patrɛal   pain, swelling in glands transferred from a sore   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~795-2
paŋ   cast fish net   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~427-10
peel   meal, part of the day   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~653-2
peel   period of time   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~368-2
peet   wax of a small stingless bee   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~674-3
peeʔ plən   type of large banana   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~540-6
peh   to gather (as in net)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~715-12
pḛɲ   to shoot   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~279-22
piah   wash (clothes); to rub   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~495-11
piajh kaam   orange   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~753-2
piar   flower, blossom   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~750-19
pidaaj   to hide something behind you so someone won't see it   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~57-3
pidɨɨl   shallow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~455-7
piih   tree that is poison for arrows or traps   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~712-2
piih   venom   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~713-9
piiŋ   grave (large and decorated)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~742-7
pikeʔ pirree   thank you   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~353-5
pilaw, pulaw   thigh   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~339-11
pilɔŋ lɛŋ   ceiling of the sky   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~637-2
pinah   demon or ghost who eats people   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~199-6
pinaŋ   fish net for throwing   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~428-9
pinuŋ   boil, pimple   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1388-14
piriaw   red whiskered bulbul (Pycnontus jocosus paltani)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~849-5
pirɛɛŋ   rainbow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~601-11
pirɨɨj   caterpillar   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~449-12
pisaj, pihəj   otter   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~235-9
pit   be lost, disposed of   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~565-10
pitɛɛ   type of bird   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~577-2
piŋɛɛ klɔɔh   poison   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~576-2
piʔ   dig a hole   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~858-19
plaa   saw blade   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~20-14
plaaj   white   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~50-8
plah   sheet, leaf, classifier for shirt   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~197-5
plaŋ   roofing grass   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~293-14
ploh   to ask, to question   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~357-2
ploo   head   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~352-18
ploom   forest leech   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~371-15
plo̰ot   (sun) set   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1151-2
pluaʔ   grey hair   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1230-12
plɔŋ   blow, play (wind instrument)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1195-6
pləj   to buy   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~403-3
pləə̰t   inside out, to turn backwards   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~439-2
plɨk   Mountain Imperial pigeon   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~519-3
plɨm   fat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~536-11
poc   pull (grass, hair, etc.)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1081-9
poh   to open   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1085-2
poh   to open   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~358-10
pooŋ   elder   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~382-18
po̰ojh   bloated (dead or stomach bloated with gas)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1302-2
po̰on   navel, center   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1297-9
po̰ŋ   vegetable, taro, leaves and root eaten   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1193-18
praan   strength, might   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~103-3
praŋ dɨp   house beam   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~132-7
praʔ   silver   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~187-16
preel   mango (medium size variety)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~771-6
priah   spring rainy season   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~716-2
priat   banana   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~759-19
prik   pepper   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~864-13
pruŋ   large deep hole, pit trap   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1389-15
prəh   stubborn, willfull   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~401-2
prɛal   flint - hard stone for striking steel   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~796-4
prɛal   hailstone   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~794-22
prɛɛŋ   dry   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~602-7
prɨp   to fall   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~555-2
puul   to cover, hide, shelter   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1235-9
pɔajh   miniature deer   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~996-11
pɔan   four   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1339-23
pɔar   to unwrap, take apart, unweave   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1347-2
pɔŋ daaʔ   swim   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1065-3
pɔɔ   roofing leaves of rattan   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~880-6
pɔɔh   salt   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~905-10
pɔɔj   give daughter (sell) for marriage   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~915-3
pɔɔm   to roll up   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~945-3
pɔɔr   to help   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1142-9
pɔɔŋ   to bridge, panɔɔŋ 'a bridge   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~971-3
pəjʔ   to chop   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~193-7
pən   to wait   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~420-6
pənkɔɔŋ   mountain ridge   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~972-2
pər   wind around, coil around and crush   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~483-10
pərlɛh   hook, button   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~626-8
pəsɔɔm   body hair   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1296-2
pəɲ   full   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~422-18
pɛal   to roll up, to fold up tightly as sleeping bag   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~793-9
pɛam   craw of fowl   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~802-4
pɛɛ   three   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~575-17
pɨk   to fan   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~518-9
pɨɨt pɛɛt   many, large amount, big   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~476-11
pɨɨŋ   wear on one's head   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~465-10
raak   peacock   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~72-5
raak   yellow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~81-14
raap   able   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~145-12
raaw   wash   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~175-16
rajo̰ŋ   mosquito   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1128-3
rak   to cook meat with only a little water   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~244-2
rakəl   acquaintance, to recognize, well known and relatives   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~252-4
rap   to prepare for guests   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~302-2
rapuuʔ   storm   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1211-3
raŋ   dried up, wilted   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~294-4
rbɛɛk   corners of lips   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~581-6
rḛet   tie up   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~691-10
rḛew   castinets, small bells   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~779-5
rih   sprinkle (water)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~861-6
riil   to take corn off cob   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~727-5
rirɔɔj   a fly   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~908-20
rlam   the flood   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~260-6
rlət   to say wrong thing - mistake   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~438-3
rmaajh   rhinoceros   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~162-8
roojh   choose   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~392-5
roop   go to, come to (someone nearby)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1133-2
rooŋ   red   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1123-7
rtaŋ   a wall   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~425-10
rvaaj   soul   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~67-18
rɔh   burned (house)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1035-11
rɔɔjʔ   intestines   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~904-14
rɛajh   root   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~836-24
rɛh   to slash or cut through   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~631-5
rɨh   many, e.g. flock of strong, prolific animals   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~507-3
rɨɨʔ   to pull up, e.g. manioc   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~448-3
rʔɔɔ   bamboo raft   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~885-6
saal   blindness from cataract   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~90-9
saj   full stomach   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~236-12
sak   grass   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~407-8
sap   nest of bird, animal   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~303-3
sasaaj   biggest brother, chief   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~68-6
saŋ   sense, feel, hear, taste   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~429-24
seel   smooth, shiny   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~772-7
seet   sap, resin   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~778-8
sḛel   to peel skin (fruit, vegetables with knife)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~728-9
sooŋ   five   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~383-21
so̰k   hair, tail feather of bird   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1184-20
so̰oh   abandoned hive   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1174-6
so̰ojʔ   pointed   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1318-8
so̰ol   slave   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1097-13
so̰ol   to call   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1293-8
so̰om ʔakaj   placenta   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1113-5
sua   seek, look for   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1202-7
suu   hut   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1203-7
sɔah   to wash (dishes)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1323-2
sɔh   lungs   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1038-11
sɔɔj   tail   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~916-17
sɔɔt   pick rice by stripping head into basket   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1009-9
sɔɔŋ   odour of urine   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~974-2
sət   to tie in a bundle - as bamboo for carrying, etc.   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~440-6
sɛɛʔ   ask for   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~782-15
sɛ̰c   meat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~195-16
sɨajʔ   to splash water on self or other   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~38-18
sɨp   put on clothes   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~556-12
taal haal   expressive of having nothing   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~87-2
taal   chop down small trees, to clear off brush   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~91-6
taaɲ   to weave   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~107-15
taaʔ   iron   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~34-12
tabaaj   towel   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~52-2
tabaaŋ   cheek   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~136-5
tadii   half, and a half   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~704-5
tah   to abandon, throw away   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~218-11
tahaw   to give medicine   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~347-4
tajɨŋ   stand   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~549-19
tak   do, make   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~245-18
takəh   to cause landslide   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~504-8
takəjh   to break something brittle   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~318-9
takɨɨl   put up off the ground   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~456-12
talkɛɛŋ   elbow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~604-11
tallaaŋ ʔatii   classifier for foot, ankle   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~137-10
tallah   hand of bananas   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~220-5
taltiah   outsider   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~496-5
tambir   lips   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~558-9
tammɔɔj   guest, visitor   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~917-11
tampreh   two-stringed instrument   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~684-2
tamprɔh   clap   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~906-6
tampuʔ   bunch, cluster (fruit)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1357-6
tamɛɛ   to make new   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~579-17
tan   to observe taboo   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~276-5
tankah   male buffalo, stag, buck   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~222-8
tankɔɔj   horn, antler   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~918-19
tannaa   food   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~9-8
tanəŋ   straight   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~430-11
tap   push or stick point into   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~304-9
tapiaŋ   adultery   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~746-3
tapuun   follow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1244-7
tarah   arrow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~203-12
tarbɔh   beak of bird   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1021-12
tarcil   to fight each other   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~526-2
tarii   largest land lizard   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~705-5
tarkaap   arrowhead (made from iron or bamboo and used with poison)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~141-4
tarkal   section, portion, piece   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~255-4
tarkḛɲ   dust   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~280-9
tarkooŋ   shin bone   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~961-12
tarko̰ol   knee   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1101-16
tarkɔɔt   large land lizard   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1010-10
tarkɔɔŋ   classifier for house, banana stalk, rice head   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~962-6
tarlaaŋ ʔapaal   shoulder blade   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~89-4
tarlaaŋ   shoulder   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~115-7
tarlaaʔ   bright, dazzling   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~31-4
tarləŋ   transparent, translucent, tarləŋ lɔɔm person who remembers everything   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~290-7
tarmaaj   daughter-in-law   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~62-4
tarnəh   long ago   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~399-2
tarro̰ojʔ   pipe stem   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1077-2
tarruah   something dropped from basket on back   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1324-5
tarruŋ   coop   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1391-11
tarrɨm   wrestle each other   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~530-6
tarrɨɨŋ   attic, loft   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~461-9
tartiiʔ   to fan   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~708-3
tarŋil   stump   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~528-11
taŋ   stretched out (arms)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~298-3
taŋhɔɔk   spoon   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~927-7
taŋʔaam   back teeth, bottom molars   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~99-2
taʄɔh   sprinkle   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1166-9
tee   to shake grain to divide large pieces from small   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~643-3
tḛc   sell   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~196-12
tḛeh   pass wind   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~648-11
tḛek   lead by hand, carry across   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~651-19
tḛeŋ   to join two things   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~664-2
tḛh   tighten   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~632-3
thuur   loose, e.g. strand of wire, slack, relaxed   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1264-7
tiaw   red pepper   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~764-4
tiaŋ   dry in sun   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~745-16
tiaʔ   old   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~492-14
tidaa   to span, a hand span   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~8-12
tidajh   flit (bird)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~316-11
tiduaŋ   tapeworm   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1252-2
tidɔɔl   to walk along the log, e.g. cross a bridge   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~935-2
tihɔɔ, tuhɔɔ   sharpened bamboo trap   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~891-3
tiil-kiil   to rub off or scrape off something dirty, to rub or scrape   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~723-4
tiit   exclamation   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~755-8
tikal   murky, dirty yellow water   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~253-10
tikap   pick up with chopsticks   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~147-11
tikar   to crow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~312-12
tiko̰ŋ   unmarried man, bachelor   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1069-3
tikuaj   person, human being   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1225-14
tikuu   sit   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1205-10
tikɔɔŋ   neck   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~977-15
tikɛajh   nine   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~838-22
til   to fill in a hole   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~525-3
tilɔɔj   to watch, to see   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1091-2
tineen   lean against   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~774-5
tino̰ol   house post   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1100-19
tirap   prepare, get ready   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~305-3
tirḛel   a flute (very small about one span long)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~773-5
tiriaʔ   buffalo   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~710-16
tirɛal   egg   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~800-12
tiɲ   to hit hard something lying across stone, etc.   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~870-16
tiʔooʔ   vomit   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~354-5
tlɨm   dip clean under, immerse, submerge   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~535-3
tooŋ   to talk   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~384-3
toʔ   come   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~409-12
toʔ   to come   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~396-11
to̰h   breast   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1176-15
to̰o ŋo̰o   sitting silently after hard work   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1072-8
to̰om   wrap   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1295-10
to̰on   to falsely accuse   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1120-9
to̰ŋ   to tie to   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1068-10
traaj   to prune away dry leaves and branches   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~69-3
traan   draw or make marks, taraan to paint, decorate', tarraan 'painting   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~100-9
traaʔ   hair wash, shampoo   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~76-8
trah   to leak   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~223-3
trah   to split (animal) into two or so pieces   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~45-2
trḛek   to split into pieces (rattan)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~582-4
tria   mushroom   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~489-16
triaŋ   hornbill   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~748-8
tri̤aŋ   thorny vine used to pison fish (effective for small area)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~821-5
troh   to pour out, truh to water, irrigate, pour water on   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1364-5
truah   diarrhea over period of time (chronic)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1322-4
truah   to pound rice again so well hulled   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1320-11
truaŋ   go by dark without torch   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1253-2
truk, truaʔ   to poke, stick into   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1231-3
truu, cruu   deep   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1207-9
trɔh   fall   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1363-7
trɔɔ   unhusked rice, grain   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~889-16
trɔɔj   red root chewed like betel   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~919-4
trɛal   to chop firewood in length   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~798-3
trɛh   cut, clear path   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~635-4
trɛh   type of bird   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~634-5
trɛɛ   kind of small, white rice ripe first - eaten first   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~578-15
trɨh   to sow seed   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~510-7
trɨm   seize, grab   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~538-2
trɨŋ   virgin forest   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~545-11
tua   treetop, tall, lofty, towering   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1204-5
tuak   boat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1227-9
tuat   flute, oboe (blown into side)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1285-2
tuaŋ   coconut   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1343-7
tuaʔ   to bail   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1310-3
tubat   sticky, e.g. rice, clay   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~337-7
tubɔjʔ   to pinch   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1083-9
tubɔɔŋ, tarbɔɔŋ   call, reply   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~978-7
tujɛɛk   carry in one hand   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~652-11
tulan   python (winds around)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~275-4
tuluk   fog   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1372-15
tulɔɔj   earthworm   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1090-13
tuman   near   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~273-11
tumat   to press   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~335-3
tumiaŋ   crossbow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~747-8
tumuh   meet   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1041-11
tupaa   tortoise   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~23-9
tupah   split kindling   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~43-9
tupal   mortar   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~254-15
tupat   six   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~334-22
tupiaʔ   striped civet   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~706-8
tupo̰ol   seven   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1099-23
tupɛh   fireplace, stove   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~633-11
turaaŋ   coffin   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~138-9
turo̰o   index finger, toe   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1074-4
tuun   to follow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1241-5
tuur   cobra   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1263-16
tuvɛat   to pinch (twist)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~847-7
tuŋ   deaf   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1390-16
tuŋɨh   breathe   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~509-13
tɔɔ   to set trap   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~890-5
tɔɔr   border, edge, shore   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~988-9
tɔɔŋ   handle (for spear, knife, etc.)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~975-11
tɔɔŋ   to pour (water)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~976-7
tɔ̰ŋ   to tie   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1067-7
tɔ̰ɔjʔ   to steal (of a specific act)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1287-13
təjh   strike, reach   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~434-4
tərkɔal   pillow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1333-4
tɛah   lowland field, open field   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~219-5
tɛan tamar   candle   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~809-2
tɛh   to forge metal, pound out after heating   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~619-11
tɛŋ   to stretch wire, string, etc. from one place to another   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~686-2
tɛɛk   tear, rip   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~585-4
tɨm   hit with bottom of fist as with knife, but not use knife   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~415-8
tɨp   bury   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~557-17
tɨɨk   (of pig) to root ground   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~454-5
tɨɨm   sun shaded by clouds   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~459-5
tɨɨŋ   beat a drum   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~462-2
vaajh   becomes, appears   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~163-4
vaat   to draw and set bowstring   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~173-12
val   to measure (volume, capacity)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~256-7
vaʔ   borrow indefinitely   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~188-7
vḛel   village   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~730-10
vḛɲ   to braid, twist to make rope   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~283-8
viaʔ   to twist, wring   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~856-5
vii   to have, to be   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~406-8
vɛan   to lie in a circle, to curl up   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~734-2
vɛar   to avoid, go around   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~830-8
week   to pick up (weeds etc.) by hand   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~769-2
wiih   to turn or twist out of the way a little   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~719-3
wil   round and flat like a wheel   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~868-4
wɛɛŋ   to chase   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~605-2
ŋaaj   they   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~63-12
ŋah   neck or mouth of hole, inside top of jar, rim (hole) of basket   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~214-3
ŋhaaŋ   bone   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~110-19
ŋhial   light weight   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~85-13
ŋkar   skin, hide   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~308-20
ŋkoojh   porcupine   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~390-13
ŋkɔajʔ   jew's harp   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1312-5
ŋkɔal   long hair tied in knot behind head   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1334-2
ŋkɔɔ   bamboo pipe for carrying water   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~878-4
ŋkəə̰r   eyelash   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~387-5
ŋkɨm   thumb, bid toe   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~529-11
ŋool   to cut off all hair   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~936-2
ŋoot   blue or green (almost black)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1154-2
ŋŋaam   sweet   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~98-15
ŋŋɛat   cool, cold   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~842-7
ŋɔɔjʔ   drink   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~903-16
ŋɛajh   count   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~835-5
ŋʔaap   yawn   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~146-16
ŋʔoot   dried or wrung out even if not completely dry   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~394-5
ɟaaj   disperse   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~56-9
ɟo̰on   give   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1119-8
ɲaŋ   we two   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~291-4
ɲcḛe   head louse   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~402-19
ɲḛeŋ   to sight, aim   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~662-5
ɲiam   weep   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~97-15
ɲo̰n   narrow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1118-7
ɲɔɔm   tender, young (of plants, trees)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~943-10
ɲɔɔt   narrow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1005-2
ɲɛʔ kaa   all   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~612-2
ɲɨp   evening   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~554-4
ɲɲo̰op   bad, ugly   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~385-3
ʄaaŋ   wade   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~118-10
ʄip   wet, drenched   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~871-4
ʄit   to dip out water   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~690-8
ʄo̰k   suck (boiled snails)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1181-16
ʄo̰om, kiʄo̰om   wrap   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1106-6
ʄuat   wipe with cloth etc.   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1276-18
ʄuup   to suck, e.g. as a popsickle   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1258-8
ʄuʔ   wet   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1354-11
ʄɔɔŋ   a type of starling, grackle   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~967-3
ʄəət   deer   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~393-8
ʄɛam   delicious   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~801-12
ʄɛp   to taste, touch with tongue   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~667-3
ʄɨɨŋ, ʔaʄɨɨŋ   foot, leg   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~463-19
ʔaaŋ   dawn, morning light   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~109-8
ʔabaŋ   shoots, sprouts (bamboo)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~286-12
ʔabeh   to fish   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~314-18
ʔabil   rat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~520-10
ʔabo̰k   brain   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1177-7
ʔabuk   rotten   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1369-6
ʔabuŋ   large bamboo   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1378-4
ʔabɔh   ashes   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1014-13
ʔabɛɛŋ   small branch, twig   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~589-6
ʔacaaj   older sibling of same sex   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~46-7
ʔacaaw   grandchild   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~338-12
ʔacat   axe   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~324-5
ʔacḛek   tart, causes to pucker   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~649-9
ʔaciat   shy, embarrassed   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~757-6
ʔacit, cət   to stick, pierce, stab   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~688-19
ʔacuajh   great grandfather   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1268-9
ʔacɔɔ   dog   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~877-17
ʔacəŋ   to measure with arms outstretched   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~423-12
ʔacɛal   heart   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~787-3
ʔacɛɛ   great-grandchild   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~566-2
ʔadɛh   cooking pot   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~614-10
ʔahaam   blood   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~92-18
ʔahar   hot, peppery   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~306-11
ʔahaʔ   peppery, hot, spicy hot   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~27-4
ʔahɨk   to smell smthing   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~516-5
ʔajh   swollen   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~313-13
ʔajo̰ŋ, ʔijo̰ŋ   high, tall   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1188-10
ʔakaa   type of fish   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~2-6
ʔakaam   chaff, rice husks   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~94-9
ʔakaaʔ   grandmother   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~28-2
ʔakaj tulɔajʔ   youngest born   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1079-10
ʔakaj   child, offspring   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~225-7
ʔakial   cucumber   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~785-17
ʔakii   this present time   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~699-5
ʔakuat   frog   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1274-16
ʔakɔɔp   turtle   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~980-4
ʔakɛɛk   branch   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~70-7
ʔakɨr   drum   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~471-20
ʔakɨŋ   eggplant   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~543-7
ʔalaaj   brother-in-law   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~231-8
ʔalaaʔ   rash, scabies all over body   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~29-3
ʔalak   bran   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~511-5
ʔalḛh   tired (from carrying heavy load)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~623-6
ʔaliam   grasshopper   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~732-3
ʔaliik   pig   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~720-12
ʔaluh   window   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1358-2
ʔaluʔ   deep muddy   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1370-9
ʔalɔɔŋ   wood, tree   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~953-19
ʔalɛɛ   type of bamboo used for spears   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~567-5
ʔamaa   uncle's wife, term for women   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~3-9
ʔamiaŋ   brother (when ego is female)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~737-5
ʔamo̰oʔ   older sister   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~892-10
ʔamuujʔ   large biting ant   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1218-10
ʔamɔɔn   nephew, niece   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~951-13
ʔaməh   what?   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~398-6
ʔan   3rd person singular pronoun, he, she, it   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~268-4
ʔanɔaŋ   praying mantis (Tenodera aridifolia)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~954-3
ʔap   boil food, simmer for a long time   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~431-8
ʔapiaŋ   spider   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~735-11
ʔapii   vegetable   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~405-5
ʔapoom   chest   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~369-10
ʔapo̰op   to sleep with head on table, lean on table   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1130-5
ʔapur   manioc flour, flour, rice gruel; mush   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1393-3
ʔapɔɔŋ   tassel of banana   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~957-5
ʔapɛɛ   they   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~568-4
ʔaraajʔ   grasshopper   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~35-9
ʔaraam   fishtrap   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~93-8
ʔarah   side   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~217-2
ʔarḛet   cricket   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~777-8
ʔaro̰o   to scream (of injured, etc.)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1070-4
ʔaruaŋ   fish trap (woven, narrow, long)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1248-10
ʔarɔɔj   funeral singing, to have memorial ceremony for ancestors   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~907-2
ʔarɛɛŋ   nipa or elephant grass   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~603-3
ʔarɨɨjh   wild forest   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~474-4
ʔasaaj   ginger   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~47-13
ʔasoojʔ   to itch   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1217-13
ʔaso̰om   shrimp   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1294-7
ʔaso̰ŋ   thorn, barb   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1186-2
ʔasɔɔjʔ   to itch   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~899-6
ʔasɛap   smallest black bat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~822-6
ʔasɛaŋ   porcupine, hedghog (nests in rocks)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~744-5
ʔasɛh   horse   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~616-15
ʔasɨɨp   buffalo fly   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~467-2
ʔat   be at, stay, live at   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~323-11
ʔataa   duck   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1-14
ʔataam   crab   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~96-11
ʔataaw   sugarcane   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~177-14
ʔataaŋ   species of bamboo   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~120-2
ʔataŋ   bitter   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~285-18
ʔatiah   flat, insipid, not enough salt   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~493-10
ʔatiah   to make a fire   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~718-5
ʔatii   hand, arm, finger   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~694-18
ʔato̰ot   joint or section of bamboo   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1156-12
ʔatɔɔŋ   beans   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~955-16
ʔatəm   right side   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~481-10
ʔatɛɛt   rust   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~608-2
ʔaviil   crown of head   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~783-10
ʔavooj   to hand, give, bring   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~360-2
ʔavɛar   left side   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~826-17
ʔawit   to shake   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~873-2
ʔaŋɔɔ   pine tree   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~888-6
ʔaɟɔʔ   sour   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1309-17
ʔaɲii   uncle, man, used to address father-in-law   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~693-9
ʔaʄə̰əɲ   barking deer   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~376-3
ʔaʔaaʔ   crow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~75-14
ʔaʔaj   sick, ache, hurt   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~228-22
ʔaʔii   mother   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~692-4
ʔaʔuut   type of bird   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1279-5
ʔaʔɔh   quiver for arrows   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1020-5
ʔaʔɔk   toad   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1044-3
ʔaʔəjh   dirty   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~391-3
ʔaʔəʔ   hiccup   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~408-11
ʔaʔɛɛm   younger sibling   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~587-14
ʔḛeh   sew   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~765-16
ʔibɨɨ   afternoon   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~446-20
ʔidaw   night   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~180-8
ʔikan   (your) mother in reference   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~269-8
ʔilɛp   sister-in-law (possessive)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~606-7
ʔinoo ntraa   yesterday, in the past, the other day   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1306-8
ʔirii   banyan tree   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~698-11
ʔisɛam   younger sibling   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~808-5
ʔitaaŋ   tiny black bee (little honey, no sting)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~134-6
ʔiteh   water leech   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~678-2
ʔiŋaj   day   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~237-20
ʔiŋo̰or   tiny yellow bee that stings   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1141-9
ʔiɲaa   you two   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~486-4
ʔjɛal   to take, get   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~788-2
ʔmbo̰ʔ   together (adv.)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1160-9
ʔooj   answer, to repay (debt)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~359-7
ʔo̰om   winnow   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1102-16
ʔuk   sky overcast   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1368-2
ʔulaa   leaf   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~22-21
ʔuu   3rd person singular pronoun   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1198-1
ʔuujh   fire   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1267-22
ʔuut   to use fire to bend wood, bone, etc. or straighten   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1273-3
ʔuuʔ   to nurse, suck   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1209-9
ʔɔal   to choke (throat)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~1328-11
ʔɔɔ   good, pretty, nice   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~876-10
ʔɔɔjʔ   thin   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~898-14
ʔɔɔt   to play one-stringed instrument   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~997-9
ʔəŋ   to roast meat   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~284-11
ʔɛajh   to roast (corn. peanuts)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~831-2
ʔɛh   have a bowel movement   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~617-8
ʔɨɨn   not at all (final particle)   (Pacoh)   Wat1979:C:Sid2005~418-3