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Bahnaric Branch (34 items)
bət   to bend   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~2649
bəŋkaːj   melon   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~99
bəɲuol   a monitor   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~2275
klon   wriggler   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~2166
klow   land snail   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~1356
kok   cattle egret   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~1412
kəməːr   fish gills   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~2409
kəndrɔːt   wasp   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~1579
kənej   rat   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~1142
ləŋaː   sesame   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~63
ləʔiː   pointed winnowing basket   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~874
maː   uncles, aunts   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~50
noːŋ   gourd, combretum   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~1820
nəsɔh   lungs   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~1639
paːs   kapok   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~336
pləːm   land leech   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~2367
pənir   wall   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~980
pərnoːs   broom   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~1859
pɲɛt   put out fire   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~819
raɲ   withered   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~670
rəkɔːt   black monitor   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~1573
sɔh   dry   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~1634
sərmuon   hog plum   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~2286
səʔak   hiccough   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~554
təmoːk   cheek   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~1730
təp   bury   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~2605
təːp   pigeon   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~2402
təːr   comb of rooster   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~2410
ŋan   true, real, indeed   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~647
ɟar   arrow poison, resinous tree   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~768
ɟmul   plant seed by poking holes with stick   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~1981
ʔaɲ   I, me   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~656
ʔɔːt   to saw   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~1565
ʔɔːŋ   wasp   (Stieng)   Yee1977:C:Sid2000~1479